On Memorial-Weekend Sunday 2012,an American Patriot Explains Why He Hasn’t Reviewed the News Lately

May 27th, 2012

Hi,patriots.I haven’t blogged since April 11th.Before I explain why,I’d like to wish all co-patriots a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.And what a co-incidence that tomorrow-May 28th,Memorial Day 2012,is the 3-years’ anniversary of this blog’s parent website patriotsunitenow.com.It hasn’t felt like 3 years have passed,but passed they have.Now for the reasons for my tardiness in blogging.

It has been a rough year so far for this patriot.My older sister,after a 7-months’ battle with illness and disability,died about 6 weeks ago.I’ve been dealing with a health issue since about mid-January,and will probably know the full extent of it in about 3 weeks.I’ve been beavering away trying to get permission to use material from other works for the book I wrote that I’ll probably self-publish.I spent 4 days in the nation’s capital,fighting the patriot cause on the immigration front.The netbook I’m typing on was scammed about a week ago and some junk was installed when I unwittingly gave access to the scammers(I was able to uninstall the junk via system restore,and I reported the scammers to Microsoft and Federal Trade Commission).And then the whopper came when some malware got inside the desktop I use to type these posts and damaged the computer’s printer software.After about 15 hours of grueling Microsoft tech support from India,the Philippines and I think Mexico,they finally found the problem.The computer’s about 10 years’ old,and I was told that the malware,some of the tech-support procedures,and the computer’s age must’ve killed the memory.It’s too inconvenient and difficult to type at length on this netbook;but I hope to have either a new desktop computer or a better keyboard for this computer within the next couple of weeks.I don’t want to rush into buying another computer without some advice from probably my nephew on which one to get,where to get it and at what price.I’ll have a good deal of news to blog on when I resume reviewing it,hopefully no later than 2 weeks hence.So this is what I’ve been dealing with,and then some,so far in the year of our Lord 2012.When I was scammed,it was via telephone,which I hadn’t experienced before.And the desktop hadn’t been hit with malware or viruses in a long time.So why all this now? I don’t know.But,I can’t help thinking that some anti-patriots may have attacked the desktop and tried to infiltrate this netbook.And since I do think spiritually frequently,I also think that some of these travails that have hit me this year may be demonic attack.After all,as an independent preacher who used to broadcast on shortwave said before he died about 9 months ago,when you fight Satan and his disciples,he fights back.Be that as it may,this patriot still stands! And his websites and blog still stand! And I haven’t left post during this difficult year! I just haven’t been on the offense as much.But,I promise all patriots that if I don’t have a serious health issue,that I’ll be back on the offense! Big time!

So patriots,there you have it.As I type,I’m watching World War 1 in Color on Military Channel.How appropriate on this Memorial Day weekend that this series on “the war to end all wars” shows the brutality,horror and needless carnage and suffering of the Great War that took about 20 million lives.On this Memorial Day,let’s remember those who have given their lives while wearing the uniforms of US Armed Forces.And let’s thank those wearing those uniforms now.Let’s thank them all for their service.And let’s always remember and never forget that just like the fallen have sacrificed,patriots fighting America’s battles today may also be called upon to sacrifice in defense of our nation,our land and our countrymen,possibly even including the supreme sacrifice,just like the signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged their lives in seeking our nation’s freedom.Patriots,I hope to see you in a couple of weeks.Stay safe this weekend,and get home safely.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

April 11th, 2012

Happy Springtime,patriots.We here in the pinko-liberal Northeast are leaving behind what has been called The Winter That Wasn’t.It looks like the Almighty threw us a curve ball last Fall,when temps were colder than usual and we got socked with that brutal snow storm on Halloween weekend that caused such havoc throughout the area.Even Punxsutawney Phil was wrong this year when he saw his shadow and predicted 6 more weeks of cold Winter and no early Spring.BTW,I don’t put much stock in Phil and his Groundhog Day.It’s a dumb,quasi-Masonic ceremony held right around the witch holiday of Candlemas Eve.And now we have all these ersatz Phils running around who claim to have the same powers as Phil.Anyway,Spring is here.Watch we get walloped in May with a blizzard! I believe this is one way the Almighty is trying to get our attention.And before I get into the review and commentary on the news,I appreciate if any of you praying patriots have interceded over my health issue.Some tests have showed there’s inflammation in the GI tract,probably the colon.I had this about 6 years ago and while the inflammation cleared after some medicine,it almost killed me too.Probably cold-turkey withdrawal from the anti-inflammatories the doc prescribed did it.But thanks to Him,I was delivered.The doc wanted me to stay on this medicine for the rest of my life as a preventative.I declined,and weaned myself off the drug the second time around instead of going cold turkey the first time,and I started taking pro-biotics for the first time,per the doc’s recommendation.When the inflammation cleared and the pro-biotics kicked in,I never felt better at 46 than during my whole adult life! I felt fantastic! I may need again some medicine to clear up the inflammation,but I’m trying a supplemental approach first.It’s natural,and a lot less expensive.Some of these drugs are absolute rip-offs! I’ll be at this patriot post and its parent website patriotsunitenow.com(pun.com)until I can’t physically do it any longer,or until I fight America’s patriot cause some other way.Now that that’s out of the way,let’s go to the important news and my analysis and commentary on that news.This blog and pun.com can be described by the acronym NACO:News/Analysis/Commentary/Opinion.

We start with America’s political corruption.The late Ted Stevens-a longtime Republican US senator from Alaska-was indicted in August 2008 on corruption charges and then convicted just 2 months later-just days before he was running for re-election.What makes this case so bizarre is that the GOP presidential administration of Boy George Bush was still in the White House and it was his Justice Department that prosecuted the Republican Stevens.I think Stevens must’ve gotten on the wrong side of Boy George and Daddy Bush too.Democrat Mark Begich won the election for US senator from AK in November 2008;he’s a flaming liberal.In April 2009,President Abomination’s Justice Dept.uncovered prosecutorial misconduct during the Stevens trial,and federal judge Emmett Sullivan cleared Stevens of the convictions and appointed a special prosecutor(in the nation’s capital,they call it “special counsel”)to investigate the misconduct by Bush’s lawyers.The report from the court-appointed prosecutor found serious misconduct and abuse of power from several Justice Dept.lawyers who prosecuted Stevens and wrongfully convicted him.It’s obvious that Bush’s boys wanted Stevens out of the senate,even though it would certainly put a liberal Democrat into that seat.And to add more mystery to this case,Stevens died in a plane crash in August 2010;and one of those lawyers who prosecuted him committed suicide the following month.What a perfect illustration of possible murder,suicide(Or was it suicide?),corruption,wrongful prosecution,political targeting,inter alia that is all too common in the Augean stables of Washington,DC! But it gets better!:The special prosecutor’s report doesn’t recommend that the Justice Dept.lawyers who were guilty of all this misconduct be prosecuted! How convenient! Here’s more proof that Washington covers for its own,even when they wrongfully prosecute one of their own and bring great misery into his life and that of his family.Judge Sullivan-appointed by Ronald Reagan-has apparently done his job,by declaring he had never seen such Justice Dept.misconduct in his 25 years as a judge;it’s the ’special counsel” who has done only part of his job and has been derelict in not only not recommending prosecution of the corrupt prosecutors,but in not asking for the right to prosecute them himself.It’s a disgrace,and more proof that Washington,District of Criminals,the vast majority of the time,can’t be trusted to prosecute itself when criminal charges against their own are brought before a court or “special counsel.” Patriots,government reformers and those who fight crime and corruption in the federal government need an independent,a non-partisan,and an officially chartered legal office to investigate-and prosecute-criminal activity by those in the federal government.Now we go to the Tea Party movement.Thomas R.Eddlem wrote a very good article in The New American(thenewamerican.com)on the Tea Party,with a discouraging title:Tea Party:RIP? While his answer was somewhat ambivalent,he indicated that the very influential and large, anti-corrupt-government protest movement collectively called the Tea Party-which had a fresh and promising start at Boston Harbor in 2007 when Ron Paul supporters re-created the Boston Tea Party of 1773-has been infiltrated by an assortment of rogues and many of its leaders and members have just become blind,anti-Abomination GOP loyalists.Some dingbat Tea Party leader even went so far to say that she’ll support whomever GOP nominates against Abomination.That’s right:anyone but Abomination.Even Boy George! Even Daddy Bush! Even Mark Foley! Remember him! Anyone who still follows that line of thinking that any Republican is worth campaigning for or voting for against Abomination is either dumb,partisan,or just plumb immoral.No more voting for the lesser of 2 evils;that’s still evil.And the GOP anti-patriot establishment has also infiltrated Tea Party,with groups like Tricky Dick Armey’s Freedom Works and neo-con Club for Growth.However,there are still local Tea Parties who are still fighting the patriot cause against corrupt,immoral government,like those in Indiana fighting to get Dick Lugar-another Tricky Dick globalist Republican-out of US Senate by either unseating him in the May primary or voting for centrist Democrat Joe Donnelly in November.And the Tea Parties trying to unseat Orrin Hatch in Utah the same way.Time will tell if the national Tea Party movement has died,or is dying,or is just sick or resting.Meanwhile,I urge patriots to stay active or at least monitor local Tea Parties and/or the national movement.I think there are some patriot activities still occurring with Tea Party,but beware the wolves in sheep’s clothing.And lastly from our nation’s political swamp comes the lovely news out of Little Rock,Arkansas that Little Rock Municipal Airport Commission decided-unanimously,nonetheless-to rename its airport after none other than Billy & Hillary Clinton-the Bonnie & Clyde of America’s criminal politics since the 1970s.Patriots,corruption breeds corruption.Immoral people cling to each other like flies stuck on flypaper.So it’s no real surprise that these morons on this airport commission voted to rename the airport after Bonnie & Clyde Clinton.It’s another way for immoral,corrupt people in positions of power or authority to shove their fingers in the faces of decency and integrity-two traits that Bill & Hill have little of;all they know is the love and pursuit of raw political power.These 2 creeps are the Clinton branch of the Bush/Clinton crime dynasty,especially when it comes to the “foreign policy” of the White House under their rule.I’m convinced Bill & Hill have blood on their hands,whether it’s Vince Foster’s “suicide” or the double homicide in Mena,AR that has been called The Boys on the Tracks.To cite and investigate all the bizarre,untimely,unnatural deaths surrounding Bill & Hill ever since they got into power in Little Rock’s governor’s mansion in 1978 would take years.They should’ve been in jail a long time ago,but the high and the mighty in a corrupt,lawless,criminal government in Washington only get slapped on the wrist,the vast majority of the times.There are a lot of good patriots in the Razorback State.It’s too bad they’ll now have the filthy disgrace of having the state’s largest airport named after the husband-wife crime couple of Bill & Hill,pending FAA approval.

On America’s economic problems,Sarah Bloom Raskin-a governor of the glorified counterfeiters known formally as the Federal Reserve Board-gave a speech in liberal-rich Westport,CT-a suburb with a large Jewish population.The blooming princess(Sarah in Hebrew means princess)expressed her contempt for the American working class and especially on Americans who want to save money by casually dismissing concerns raised about the near-zero interest rates on savings accounts and money-market accounts in banks and other savings’ institutions.According to the surprisingly critical article in The New York Times,what the Federal Reserve princess basically told those assembled and other Americans irate at these hideously low rates that punish savers,is to stop bellyaching.Patriots,this is sheer proof that the vast majority of the Fed’s glorified counterfeiters hate the working class and want to punish them and bleed them as much as possible.The glorified counterfeiters made a profit of $88 billion in 2011,while those with bank accounts see rates and yields on their accounts as low as 0.01%! How generous of the bankers to give us an interest rate of 0.01%! They’re throwing crumbs at us! And telling us to be grateful for that! And the glorified counterfeiters at the Fed want this parasitic,rip-off system of low rates in place until late 2014! They want to weaken us,weaken our families,make us spend like wild and make us dependent on fat-cat creditors to buy virtually anything of any sizable value! And only Dr.Ron Paul is talking about these thugs at Federal Reserve! Isn’t that sheer proof that the political and financial establishment hates us in the working class/middle class?! But at least the blooming princess was honest.But she was probably honest because she thought she was on friendly ground up in liberal-rich Westport-a suburb in the richest state in America per capita.Let’s give thanks to Gretchen Morgenson at the Old Gray Lady(!)for writing this great piece on the glorified counterfeiter/blooming princess who revealed her hate for America and her working men and women.On the unemployment front,Abomination’s supporters in major media were absolutely giddy when the February unemployment numbers were released by Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS).They claimed the rate dropped a whopping 2/10 of a point from 8.5 to 8.3%.They were partying like their favorite team won the super bowl! That’s how desperate they are to puff up Abomination so they can get him re-elected in November.However,Gallup’s survey found the unemployment rate actually increased from 8.5% to 9.1%! So who’s right? I’m led to believe that Gallup is more accurate and that Abomination’s boys in his administration and big media are going to do everything they can,while still being careful that they’re not caught lying or falsifying,to make their president look as good as possible.But this recession is so severe that I think most Americans will know when what we’re told about an improving economy is mostly a fantasy and propaganda.And we close out the coverage on America’s economics and finances by giving the Abomination another pat on the back for 2 more records getting broken under his presidency:the percentage of young-adult Americans with jobs is at its lowest since WW2,and the employment gap between young adults and other age groups is the widest ever.Atta boy,Abomination! He just keeps on rolling as he and his comrades bring America to her knees! I’m aiming to write a separate post on this patriot blog that’ll compile all the negative economic records that have been broken since Abomination entered the White House in January 2009.What a compilation it’s going to be!

MOM.This acronym has just been added to the American lexicon during her moral breakdown,and it stands for Mothers on Meth.In Humboldt County,CA,a woman was sentenced to 6 years in prison for breastfeeding her son with methamphetamine-tainted breast milk.This reminds me of the police supervisor in the once-Golden State who said he knows the power of meth when he investigated a multiple homicide committed by a young woman on meth.But this case adds more barbarity and ghastliness in that a meth-using mother caused the death of her own 6-weeks-old child via breastfeeding.So now,America’s drug-crazed,drug-addicted,drug-obsessed culture has now sunk to the depravity of MOMs killing their kids via breastfeeding.And since we’re on the topic of a drunk out/drugged out culture especially of the younger generation,we now travel to the latest craze or fad to stalk us:Barstool Blackout Tour.At Wellmont Theater in Montclair,NJ,a few thousand moronic college students-male and female-gathered for an orgy of drink and drugs,blasting music,blinding light shows,with most of the females skimpily dressed as if they were going to the beach,even though it was still March.When the animal orgy was finally brought to a close by cops from several police and sheriff departments,about 30 punks were hospitalized-many for alcohol poisoning-and about the same number were arrested for various offenses.The scariest part of this bacchanalia is that these morons are probably going to be our future politicians,lawyers,doctors,executives,radio and television writers and producers,journalists and in other influential positions in our society.And it has been like this since the revolutionary 1960s.Those hippies and junkies who were chanting “We shall overcome!” and “Death to pigs!” and “Burn Baby Burn!” eventually graduated from college and graduate school and filled many of the aforementioned positions.And it’s one big reason why America is so messed up and headed for a big fall.Indeed,let’s call these slobs,these silly girls,these airheads,these immature,spoiled-brat clowns just a part of what can be called…Douche Bag Generation.We’ve had Generation X and Generation Y,but now we have a generation of douche bags so hedonistic,so selfish,so unprincipled,so vain(with their body piercings and tattoos),so confused,so misguided that calling them Douche Bag Generation is probably being too soft.Sorry,patriots,for using crude language,but I’ve seen too much of them for too long and I can’t stand too much of it much longer.Douche Bag Generation and Mothers on Meth are just more symptoms of a nation losing its mind and heading for the cliff.And they’ll try to drag us down the cliff with them! Barstool Blackout Tour may be headed for a theater near you! We finish up on America’s moral breakdown with something immoral and some moral,patriotic reaction to that immorality.The state legislature in Maryland-a state founded by Catholics and named after the Virgin Mary-passed into law homosexual marriage,led by their apostate-Catholic Irish-American governor Martin O’Malley.He has something in common with New York governor Dandy Andy Cuomo-also an apostate-Catholic but Italian-American-who rammed through homo marriage in the Empire State.Also,the Free State,like the Empire State,rejected homo marriage last year but rammed it through this year,just like in New York.The good news is that patriots are collecting signatures to get a repeal on the ballot in November so the voters can decide whether to keep homo marriage or not.So,the lesson to learn and re-learn for patriots is that when evil lawmakers pass evil law,we need to resist them and fight back,or they’ll make a living hell out of our country.

America’s crime wave? Get ready for 12 reports on the blotter.We start inside a building on a college campus in Columbus,OH,where a maniac stabbed 4 people,3 of them critically;in Pittsburgh,PA,another maniac shot 2 dead and wounded 7 others at-how appropriate-a psychiatric clinic at University of Pittsburgh;in Oak Hill,WV,an 83-years-old man was charged with murdering 3 people;in Durham,NC,a man shot 2 dead and wounded 2 others inside a tire shop in the wee hours of the morning;a crime scene in Miami,FL-the “most miserable city in America” per Forbes magazine-was described as “a war zone” when an apparent gang shooting of mourners filing out of a funeral parlor left 2 dead,14 wounded(what remarkable symbolism when 16 people are shot leaving a funeral parlor and 2 of them die);at a campsite in MO,a 37-years-old mom shot dead her 3 kids and then herself;five revelers were shot and wounded on a very warm St.Patrick’s Day in Indianapolis;Rahm Emanuel’s Windy City saw a weekend marked by a “bloodbath of violence,” when 37 separate shootings left 9 dead,and homicides are up 35% from last year;at a -get a load of this name-Nipsey Hustle rap concert in Phoenix,AZ,14 were shot,2 seriously;also in the Grand Canyon State,a dad and his 2 sons(both under 5-years-old)were found shot dead inside a Glendale house in an apparent multiple homicide-suicide;a young man and 2 teens were found shot dead inside a house in Modesto,CA;and finally,5 were found slain inside a home in the City of Saint Francis,also in the once-Golden State.So,patriots,what in Heaven’s name is going on here?! Will it ever end?! Is something demonic or supernatural behind at least so many of these horrible,bizarre murders?

In the slimy pro-sports scene in America comes more anti-Christian hate and censorship from the moral midgets and mental morons at sports network ESPN-the network that I heard has a sign outside their personnel office at their corporate headquarters that reads:”Only morons need apply.” The obviously bigoted,anti-Christian censors at this moron network that worships athletes as if they’re demi-gods refused an ad from NASCAR driver Blake Koch for riseupandregister.com-a website trying to get conservatives and Christians to register and vote.The ad in question wasn’t partisan politically or religiously,but ESPN’s goon-squad censors and monitors traced Koch to his website and found one page on Koch’s Christian faith.That was enough for the ESPN slobs,so they refused the ad.A network spokesman said the ad didn’t meet “their guidelines.” Their guidelines are to help get their boy Abomination re-elected and keep as many Christians and conservatives as they can away from the voting booths.This is the same moron network that employed JAP Dana Jacobson who reportedly blurted out “F… Jesus!” at an award ceremony.And all that happened to her was a one-week suspension(actually,a vacation).Some of their moron reporters have also made sly remarks towards pro-quarterback Tim Tebow re his Christian faith.Oh,ESPN is owned by Disney-a Jewish-owned network.And that’s probably why this anti-Christian bias will get some media play and then die out.Patriots,probably most of us like our sports;but we don’t have to like ESPN and we don’t need them.Please,boycott that moron network that obviously hates Christians,conservatives,and probably anyone who aren’t the radical liberals like they are.

The crazy,abnormal weather that has gripped America for the last few years hit Hawaii,when an “unprecedented” hail storm and record-breaking rain came down.Hail in the Aloha State! Is that a riot or what?! What’s next?: Snow in Puerto Rico?! Patriots,the Almighty is obviously trying to get the attention of America’s people,trying to wake us up to the great immorality and idolatry and corruption throughout the land.I believe we’re going to see more “signs and wonders” as America and the world keeps slouching towards Gomorrah(to cite the title of a book by former judge Robert Bork).

I conclude as usual with reports on patriot activism in the land or consequences of patriot activism.Tea Party patriots are trying to unseat old-cow US senator Orrin Hatch from Utah in the Beehive State’s upcoming primary.They’re supporting 2 candidates against establishment Hatch,and one of them gave a great reason for trying to unseat Orrin:”It’s time for a new generation to step up and lead…Washington will not be changed from the inside.” How right he is.The corrupt,immoral,self-serving US government needs a thorough house-cleaning,not just a dusting.And one way to try to accomplish that is getting as many new people with new ideas into Congress as possible and getting as many old cows like Orrin Hatch out.It’s time for real change,real turnover,in Washington,DC! Not tomorrow,not next week,not next year,not down the road.Patriots need to start now before it’s too late and these old cows and creeps drive us down for good! And on that note,patriots got great news when fat-slob,ugly liberal Gary Ackerman decided not to seek re-election in November,primarily because his old district was redrawn and he would’ve faced some competition that he rarely had before.And get a load of the ethnic-activist group he has headed since 2006:International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians.I’m waiting for International Council of Irish Parliamentarians to form.Good riddance to the ugly fat slob who probably throughout his political life has devoted more time,energy and money towards Israel and international Jewry than to America.And to boot,another ultra-liberal anti-patriot with the appropriate surname of Dicks also decided not to seek re-election.Norman Dicks from Washington State will be leaving Congress next January.So patriots can rejoice that one less Dick will be in power over us.And that makes about 40 congressmen who won’t be running for re-election this year;that’s a good start for getting new bodies and new blood into the corridors of power in Washington.Hopefully,at least some of them will be replaced by patriots and real statesmen.And here’s a wee bit of personal patriot activism.I was going to buy Comet cleanser at the local supermarket,but put it back when I saw Espanol on the label.And how appropriate that the company that makes Comet is Spic & Span.I didn’t buy Ajax also because of Espanol labeling.So,I coughed up 20 cents more and bought Bon Ami,with the label only in good ol’ US English.And when time permits,I’ll be contacting Spic & Span and Ajax to let them know why I didn’t buy their products and won’t in the future if they keep on hispandering for the sake of their profits or actually aiding and abetting La Conquista.Patriots,we all need to make occasional sacrifices in our patriot war to take back America from her enemies and resist those bent on further conquest.And occasionally plunking down a few bucks more so as not to aid and abet La Conquista or any other anti-patriot force is the least we can do.
Patriots,please keep going to patriotsunitenow.com(pun.com) for the important news and commentary of the day from a patriot perspective.And keep spreading the word about the site and this blog and other patriot operations throughout the nation.We need to stick together as the anti-patriots mount their offensive for the November elections and keep waging war against us and virtually everything good America stands for from all the corners of power whence they operate and attack.I’ll see you in a few weeks.Keep fighting.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

March 16th, 2012

Hi,patriots.I’ve been very busy on many fronts fighting the patriot cause over the last month or so,in addition to cleaning up and better organizing some personal records and some patriot resources.I’m going to plow right into the important news and my analysis and commentary on that news from about the middle of January to about the end of February.This’ll be a long post,so get ready.But before I begin,I’d just like to exclaim that 2012 In the Year of Our Lord is already shaping up to be a tumultuous year for American patriots-one fraught with danger and risk,but also one fraught with great opportunity and challenge.I urge all patriots to start preparing now for the fight that’s almost certainly just around the corner for the heart and soul of our country-a country under threat from so many domestic enemies that it’s bound to make us frustrated and weary.But to paraphrase St.Paul in Book of Galatians,chapter 6,verse 9:Let’s not get tired in doing good,for in due time,we shall reap the good,if we don’t retreat from the fight.And if there’s ever a time in our nation’s history for patriots to keep doing good and keep fighting the patriot cause,it’s now.Let’s get to the news.

While the US government’s immoral war in Iraq has subsided since President Abomination withdrew most of the combat troops from that war-torn country,another immoral war in Afghanistan continues to rage.Two high-ranking US Army officers were shot dead in the headquarters of that country’s Interior Ministry soon after an incident where 5 US soldiers reportedly burned some Korans at a base.That’s not very smart in any Muslim nation,especially one as fervent and at times fanatical as the graveyard of empire.While the investigation into the burnings is ongoing,I wouldn’t be surprised if they were ordered to do it as another way to incite Afghans to riot and engage in violence,so the US government and the neo-cons who want to keep terrorizing as many Arab and Muslim nations as they can will continue to claim that they need to keep US/NATO troops in Afghanistan for years to come.The suspect who shot the Army officers has yet to be apprehended,and that he was able to commit these murders inside a headquarters building of the Afghan government shows security is quite lax for US forces there,even high-ranking Army officers.And just a few weeks before these killings,6 US servicemen were killed when the helicopter they were flying in “crashed.” I’ve lost count with how many times the Pentagon and its allies in the establishment media have claimed a US aircraft “crashed” which resulted in the deaths of servicemen.Oh,this helicopter crashed alright.But why did it crash? Pilot error? Did it run out of fuel? A collision with another aircraft? It was probably shot down by enemy fire! Just like almost all the other ones that “crashed”! But as is always the case when a government conducts an immoral,unpopular war,truth is the greatest casualty.I ran into a former co-worker who’s in New York Air National Guard who recently returned from a tour of about 6 months at a US Air Force base in Saudi Arabia.He was frequently assigned to the lovely assignment of morgue duty,and he told me that corpses of US servicemen kept coming in to that morgue when he was stationed there.Apparently the Pentagon is grossly under-reporting US casualties in Afghanistan.And of course,that’s only SOP in an immoral,unpopular war.So,Americans continue to bleed and die in this totally unnecessary war in a country that poses zero threat to us way over there.Let’s hope,patriots,they get out of there ASAP and come home,like most of them have come home or been re-deployed from Iraq.At least the Abomination has done some good in that respect,but his motive was probably just to get re-elected;and he can always return those same troops to Iraq any time he wants.And the last story to report on the nefarious War on Terror! waged by the wicked neo-cons can fall into 2 other news categories on this blog’s parent site patriotsunitenow.com(pun.com):La Conquista and America’s Crime Wave.A US Marine veteran of the war in Iraq was arrested for the stabbing deaths of 4 bums in Orange County,CA.Get a load of his first name:Itzcoatl.His surname is Ocampo-and he’s an illegal immigrant from Mexico.But he was admitted into US Marine Corps to go fight the dirty,imperial war in Iraq.Upon return,probably mentally disturbed from his war experience,he allegedly killed for “thrills.” So,Itzcoatl(Sounds like the name of an Aztec god!)entered America illegally from Mexico(La Conquista),was allowed to join the Corps(the immoral war in Iraq)and upon return to the country he’s not supposed to be living in,has allegedly stabbed 4 men to death for “thrills.” War damages not just the body,but the mind too.So with Itzcoatl’s case,invasion into our country led to his joining US Armed Forces,which led him to kill people who’ve done him or his countrymen no harm,and which has ended with his taking the lives of 4 innocent men who were living on the streets.Such is the vicious cycle in contemporary America of immoral war,immigration invasion and multiple homicide.

Six items on America’s political corruption.Pop singer Whitney Houston died at 48-years-old from supposedly a mixture of drink and drugs.On the day her funeral was held in New Jersey,fatso GOP governor Christopher Christie ordered flags at public buildings to be flown at half-staff.This is done and has probably always been done to honor those who gave their lives in the line of duty,either local lawmen or US servicemen or government executives.But fatso Christie decided for whatever pathetic reason(s)to honor Whitney with the flags flown at half-staff.What an insult to those who’ve died while serving and sacrificing for their fellow citizens and countrymen.But fatso is part of this spoiled-brat yuppie culture that doesn’t even know the meaning of the word sacrifice,of serving and protecting one’s community and one’s country.Fatso must’ve liked Whitney’s singing(she was more of a screamer to me)or he was just a politician seeking to curry favor with a racial group,especially come-re-election time.I think I heard that he’s also a big Bruce Springsteen “fan”(short for fanatic).But it probably never occurred to him that honoring someone who was just a singer,an entertainer,who drank and drugged herself to death,sets a terrible example,especially for the young who idolized Houston.I guess every time a rock “star” from the Garden State dies while Christie is governor,he’ll order the flags lowered.Disgusting.And now we leave the Garden State and head over to the Windy City and the Land of Lincoln.Dick Simpson is a former Chicago alderman and now a professor of political science at University of Illinois.He issued a report that claimed Chicago is the most corrupt city in the nation,and IL is the third-most-corrupt state in the nation.The ghost of Al Capone still haunts Chicago! Excerpts from the report cited the many reasons for the rankings,such as convicted and imprisoned politicians,rigged contracting,illegal campaign contributions,inter alia.I haven’t read the whole report,but I hope it recommends a totally new beginning in Chicago politics.The gangster-like Chicago political machine basically runs the state;this is the head of the evil beast.Cut the head off from the beast and the beast will probably die.And lest we forget,patriots,this is the corrupt machine that brought Barack Abomination into American politics! It is almost-certain that Chicago and the rest of IL will not improve politically unless the Democrat-ruled city and the mostly Democrat-ruled state-along with its weak and at times complicit GOP opposition-face real competition from at least one other viable political party or strongly funded and staffed independent candidates.The corrupt Dems and Reps in Chicago and IL are too set in their ways to change;in short,patriots,they’re too damn comfortable,just like here in New York.Prof.Simpson is to be applauded for his report.He once sat in the belly of the beast of Chicago’s corrupt city council and saw all the sleaze and creepiness for himself.But in a city now ruled by Rahm Emanuel-the Abomination’s former chief of staff and whose daddy belonged to Israeli terrorist group Irgun-and loaded with pinko-radical Democratic voters,it’ll probably take an act of God to shake,rattle and roll the city that Al Capone pretty much made his own during the 1920s and 1930s.We now leave the Windy City behind and all its corruption to the pathetic GOP presidential primary.Newty Gingrich’s campaign probably would’ve died by now if it weren’t for the millions in donations coming from Sheldon Adelson-the self-proclaimed “richest Jew in the world.” This ugly creep from Las Vegas is almost 80-years-old,and his worth is estimated at-get this-$23 billion.And while we just left the city that the Italian mob under Big Al eventually took over from the other ethnic mobs,now we go to Las Vegas,where the Italian mob and the Jewish mob fought it out for control of the city’s gambling and prostitution rackets.When Bugsy Siegel got hit in 1947,that pretty much gave the victory to the Italian mob.But it looks like Sheldon survived,and it appears that he’s a vestige of the Jewish mob in Las Vegas.He has already given Newty $10 million for his campaign in the form of a Super Pac,and has said he may give even more.Shelly owns a big Vegas casino and 2 more in Asia;indeed,about 90% of his profit comes from the Asian operations.And yes,he’s a big Israel supporter.He owns Israel Hayom(Israel Today)-the largest-circulation newspaper in Israel-and his current wife was born in that country.He’s supporting this Israel Lobby suck-up Gingrich because he wants him to be president so he can support Israel’s government regardless of what they do or how harmful their operations are to America.In short,patriots,the man keeping Gingrich’s campaign alive with his gambling empire and probable money from the Jewish mafia in Vegas wants his man to serve Israel,not America;and Adelson should be living in Israel with his Israeli-born wife.Now we leave Las Vegas(”The Meadows”)to what I think is the most corrupt city in America:Washington,D.C.(District of Criminals).David Rubenstein is a billionaire-member of Carlyle Group.This is a super-rich,international equities firm that has made its billions by investing and buying out and taking over companies all over the world.Even though Rubenstein was a member of the Democratic administration of former president James Carter,Republicans Daddy Bush and Baby Bush and Henry Kissinger also belong to Carlyle Group.It’s obviously a Republicrat group of wealthy fat cats whose playground is the world and who live for meddling in as many countries as they can and try to take them over one way or another.Ostensibly,Mr.Rubenstein is upset over the damaged condition of Washington Monument in D.C..And he has decided to donate $7.5 million of his own dough into renovations for this ugly black obelisk built in 1884 by Freemasons to honor Freemason George Washington.The monument suffered such extensive damage from the earthquake that struck the D.C.-area about 16 months ago that it remains closed for safety reasons.Indeed,this pagan image may be irreparable.But that doesn’t deter arrogant,haughty men like Rubenstein.That 555-feet Egyptian obelisk is a monument to the anti-Christ government power out of Washington.And since Rubenstein may be a Freemason himself,he’s pouring in millions to rescue a pagan image that may just result in money going down the drain.But what’s $7.5 million to Rubenstein? A mere bag of shells! Per Ralph Kramden! But that monument is sure important to him and what it symbolizes to him and the rest of his cabal.Patriots,let’s hope and pray that David Rubenstein’s efforts to rebuild this modern-day Tower of Babel fail,just like they failed millennia ago when they tried to build their stairway to the stars,to challenge the Almighty.And maybe that’s what Rubenstein and his Carlyle Group are trying to do right now.Some things never change.Now we head out of America to the Caribbean island of Nevis and the nation of Egypt.On exotic Nevis,Stephen Breyer-one of the 3 Jewish justices on US Supreme Court(SCOTUS)-was robbed by a machete-wielding man in front of his home.So the hot-shot liberal justice has to have a vacation home far away from America’s shores,only to get robbed at machete-point.And then Ruth Bader Ginsburg-one of the other 3 Jewish justices on SCOTUS and one who can easily pass for the villainess in a Gothic horror film-traveled all the way to Egypt supposedly at the request of Hillary Clinton’s US Dept.of State to assist in helping that nation rebuild its legal structure after the fall of US puppet Hosni Mubarak.She was interviewed on Egyptian television and told the interviewer she would not recommend the US constitution as a guide to write up a new Egyptian constitution.But she recommended the constitution of “the new South Africa”! The land of Mandela and his communist/pro-communist African National Congress! There’s more evidence that Ginsburg is a radical Marxist or pro-Marxist who was nominated by President Billy Clinton and confirmed 97-0 by US Senate! And she was nominated by Billy to almost certainly undermine our constitution and help usher in the anti-patriot,anti-Christ radicalism that obviously motivates her and her comrades.What damn business does a US Supreme Court justice have in traveling to Egypt,giving advice on TV and bashing the constitution that she has affirmed to defend?! Well,Egypt borders Israel;that’s why she was probably there.And just like her comrades Adelson,Rubenstein and Breyer,America is nothing to these internationalists but a place to seek and hold power or have access to power.Israel is where they should be living.And lastly on our country’s political cesspool is the relief that Gabrielle(”Gabby”)Giffords finally announced her resignation from Congress to focus on her recovery from getting wounded by Jared Loughner in Tuscon,AZ.She should’ve made this decision much sooner,but again,power is almost everything to the liberal in contemporary US politics.The Loughner shootings remain a mystery,and no clear motive has been established.But federal judge John Roll-appointed by a GOP president-was killed by Loughner,yet we’ve heard very little about him since his murder.But we’ve never heard the end about “Gabby.” And that’s because the political and news-media establishments show favoritism towards her because she’s female,liberal…and Jewish.And they’ve been very quiet about her and her husband’s relationship to a US-China activist group.And even Abomination’s neutered US Navy has already named a ship after her! Patriots,America’s politics is disgustingly immoral and corrupt because the spirit of Anti-Christ has virtually taken over the political and news-media establishments.And we can only expect more and more reports like this to come down the pike as America keeps slouching towards Gomorrah.If a people continues to tolerate criminals and rogues and radical ideologues in government-even supporting them at times-then we are headed for serious trouble.

On the economic front,the Establishment and the pro-Abomination crowd was so giddy and gay over the unemployment rate for January released by Bureau of Labor Statistics.They claimed that unemployment fell from 8.5% to 8.3% as the economy added about 200,000 jobs.But they barely reported the main reason for the drop:1.2 million workers dropped out of the workforce;so the rate dropped 0.2% because there were that many less workers looking for jobs.Regardless,the Establishment that seems to be getting more desperate to hold onto its wealth and power and privilege just threw out that stat and basically told us,”See,things are getting much better.Stop complaining.Start celebrating.” Just as importantly as the Establishment not wanting us to look into the details of many government reports,Abomination’s supporters and propagandists will be pulling every trick out of the hat to get him re-elected in November.While they have to be careful with falsifying government data and reports,they can massage the figures and under-report the negative figures,especially if their big-media allies are more than willing to cooperate.So while the unemployment drop is somewhat positive,it’s nothing to rave about.And what was probably the biggest under-reporting on the economy since Abomination entered the White House,consumer spending for the Christmas month of December increased a whopping 0.1% from the previous year.Big media couldn’t shut up when sales went very high over Black Friday weekend and on “Cyber Monday,” but they barely opened their big mouths when the dismal December spending results came out.Indeed,I asked myself,”Where’s the news on December’s consumer spending? Are they hiding it?” They probably were.And then when it finally came out,it came out with a whimper and then faded away.The lesson to learn here,patriots,is that when a corrupt establishment of government and big business and big media want to preserve and expand their wealth and power-and they don’t want that jeopardized by the angry masses of the working classes-they report with much fanfare seemingly good news while suppressing the bad news.In other words,keep the peasants happy with bread and circuses(like the Roman emperors did)and keep them ignorant about the bad news.However,the December low spending I believe is great news for America! Big government/big business wants the average American to just be a big-spending consumer,not a patriot,not a parent,not a church-goer,not a concerned citizen.So it’s reasonable to conclude that Americans pounced on all the special sales around Thanksgiving,but reined in their spending for Christmas.Great idea! That’s what I hoped for! Let’s keep sticking it in the eyes of the greedy louses running this house of cards,hedonistic,materialistic,anti-Christ economy and society! And then we got the declaration from the glorified counterfeiters at Federal Reserve Board that they won’t raise interest rates(now at near-zero)until late 2014.There we have it,patriots:another declaration of war from the counterfeiters led by baldie Ben Shalom Bernanke on America’s working classes who want to save money and not be dependent on credit from the big banking cartel that Shalom rules.Yes,patriots,they hate us.They don’t want us to get rewarded by earning interest on our savings,but want to plunge us further into debt and dependence on the fat cats.They don’t want us to save to pay cash for a car or a car’s down payment,or a house down payment,or college tuition;they want us to be nation of debtors and a nation of renters.As Dr.Ron Paul declares via the title of one of his books:”End the Fed”! And yet another record has been broken under Abomination’s rule,as America’s housing market continues to slide:in 2011,a record-low number of single-family homes got built.Like I just wrote,the powers that be in big government and big business want us to be a nation of renters,not homeowners(except of course,for the wealthy and the powerful and the upper classes).And the last item on this topic is somewhat economic,but it’s more environmental.The website of UK’s newspaper The Daily Mail-the largest-circulation newspaper in the world-reported that some pro-global-warming climatologists at East Anglia University in England admitted that there has been no significant global warming since 1997.Again,barely a peep about this news in the fanatically pro-global-warming big media in USA,but the seemingly independent-minded The Daily Mail did report it.So now,all the global-warming propagandists have rotten eggs all over their faces.They’ve barraged us with their arrogance and exaggerations and hysteria and even outright lies for about 20 years.They’ve now been forced into a bit of hiding and shame.And that’s where they belong!

Some more good news came from across the pond,this time on the crucial issue of immigration.The British government will start cracking down on out-of-control immigration into UK.Here are some of the measures they’ll be trying to soon implement,hopefully,but not likely,to be followed up by the US government:1)allowing only skilled immigrants from outside Europe to enter UK,2)working with Church of England to detect sham marriages,which are used by some unscrupulous immigrants to gain entry into or citizenship in a country,3)those seeking to immigrate to UK will have to speak at least some English,4)would-be immigrants will have to prove they won’t be dependent on public benefits,5)would-be immigrants will have to pass an income test to determine they’ll be self-sufficient.Bloody good show from the mother country! How sensible! What took so bloody long!? But better late than never.And it behooves us to remember,patriots,that enemies of UK and enemies of US in government positions have been using out-of-control immigration to destroy our countries and create new ones.They’re succeeding rapidly in America.But at least in UK,their anti-patriot plans are being thwarted,at least for now.With the Abomination in the White House,passing similar immigration policies will be difficult in USA.But fight we must!

Ay,caramba! La Conquista marched on the past 4-6 weeks! The Abomination-the “First African-American President”-sure bends over backwards for the 16% of our population that’s now latino-thanks to legal and illegal immigration and higher birth rates.Of the 2.3 million jobs created in America in 2011,60% went to latinos-even though they’re only 15% of the labor force.60%! Isn’t that something! Talk about racial disparity! Whenever there’s an economic stat like that showing such a racial divide,Diversity Gang politicians and journalists throw virtual hysterics,demanding a “level playing field.” But when most of the new jobs are taken by latinos,they’re either quiet about it or actually support it.Again,Diversity Gang and La Conquista are very anti-white.But even though the black population suffers too when La Conquista marches on,it seems like they’re willing to accept that as long as the white population suffers.And this was another stat that was barely reported.I learned of it from amren.com,which posted the article from the latino department at huffingtonpost.com.Now we go to the hispandering from Democratic Party and probably from Abomination too:radical Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa-who, according to immigration patriot Glenn Spencer at americanpatrol.com,reports directly to Mexico City on legislation in LA and in the rest of the once-Golden State-was chosen to be chairman of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.What a perfect sign to La Conquista that Abomination will keep fighting for them if he gets re-elected.Symbolism and psychological games and war are used heavily by powerful politicians.And this sign just doesn’t tell La Conquista that Abomination and his party are on their side.But it also shows patriots that they’re going to fight us! Let’s see if GOP counter-hispanders at their convention.And don’t be surprised if Villaraigosa delivers a bi-lingual speech at the Democratic Convention.Now we follow La Conquista as it travels to the Big Apple-or as they like to call it,La Nueva York.Some latino “community activists” marched through portions of the NYC boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx to publicly demand yet another special congressional district just for their kind.They currently have 2 in the city,but now they want another.Bill DeBlasio-the city’s “Public Advocate” with a goatee to go along with his face that resembles comrade Lenin-marched with them and supported their cause.Patriots,here we have La Conquista literally marching for more racial power.They want one of their own to represent them in a congressional district,and a high-ranking city official supports them.If whites marched in similar fashion,even in a city where whites are only 36% of the population,the mayor would probably call out New York National Guard! Patriots,this is no longer just a double-standard;it’s blatant racial favoritism(in this case,pro-latino and anti-non-latino).This is a potential tinderbox,for when the races of a nation start fighting each other in one way or another,trouble eventually begins.The state legislature and a federal judge are drawing up new congressional districts,so we’ll just have to wait and see if La Conquista triumphs in the Big Apple by acquiring yet another congressional district just for their people.Now we head up to East Haven,CT,where 4 cops on its police department were arrested by FBI agents for allegedly violating the “civil rights” of latinos.Of mostly illegal-immigrant latinos! The story broke about 16-18 months ago that some illegal latinos were being “harassed” by East Haven cops.They were probably just trying to enforce the law! They were probably just trying to determine if they were in our country legally! But that doesn’t matter to La Conquista,Diversity Gag,Amnesty Gang and other anti-patriot forces.So,FBI goons from Abomination’s “Civil Rights Division” at US Dept.of Injustice-led by conquistador Thomas Perez(how appropriate that Abomination chose a black latino to head this division)-swooped down on East Haven-at 6AM nonetheless-and arrested these cops.A pure display of raw government power and terror.The worst that happened to these poor latinos was they were harassed.But,Senor Perez and an anti-patriot/anti-white judge may imprison them for up to 10 years on “civil rights” violations! The big-media reports barely mentioned that the latinos were probably illegally in America,which,again,is irrelevant to them.They,in their anti-white bias and hate,see this as “racist” white cops persecuting the poor,downtrodden “people of color.” Patriots,let’s come to the defense of these cops any way we can.The worst they can be guilty of,unless real evidence comes forth,is harassment.But the anti-white Abomination and his La Conquista Injustice Dept.smell blood-white blood-the blood of “racist” white cops.Now we go to the pathetic GOP presidential primary,where all 4 of the remaining candidates have declared that whatever Puerto Ricans vote for in November re their status with America,they’ll agree to.In other words,whatever Puerto Rico wants,Puerto Rico gets.But what about the American people?! Yes! What about us?! They don’t care what we think on this incredibly vital issue! America needs Puerto Rico to be our 51st state(Israel may be the 52nd)like we need another immoral war or another $5 trillion in national debt! We have virtually nothing in common with that Espanol-speaking island! And the GOP presidential field would love for them to become a state?! Without any input from we the people?! If there’s any proof that the US polity hates the American people,especially the American working class,it’s the government refusing to do what’s right for America by granting Puerto Rico independence! The sooner the better! And this could be yet another reason why patriots will probably have no one to vote for president in November.We may just have to boycott it.And now we end our reporting and commentary on La Conquista by landing in Miami,FL-what can easily be described as America’s first big city to officially become a part of Latin America and no longer be part of USA.The city where Jackie Gleason shot his variety show from back in the good old ’50s and early ’60s has now been ranked by Forbes magazine as “The Most-Miserable City in America.” They cited many reasons for the ranking,like high crime,powerful drug gangs, rampant drug use,corruption in government and law enforcement,huge gaps in income,high costs for housing,etc..These are hallmarks of a corrupt city south of the border,in Latin America,especially the Caribbean.And this is what the bastards in the US government have allowed to happen to what used to be a beautiful tropical city in Florida,thanks to excessive,out-of-control immigration into Miami and throughout south Florida from Cuba,Dominican Republic,Haiti,other Latin America countries,and migration from America’s “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico.Patriots,if those in government in our nation continue to betray us,if they continue to wage war on us with their weapon of illegal immigration and massive legal immigration,especially from Latin America,what has already happened to the most-miserable city in America will happen to many other cities.And it’ll probably happen a lot faster than many patriots think.

America’s moral breakdown continues with J.C.Penney deciding to pick-of all people-lesbian braggart Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesman.As the spirit of anti-Christ continues to spread throughout the land,the sin of homosexuality will continue to be exalted by those in positions of power and influence,whether it’s in government,politics,entertainment-and big business.I’ve already e-mailed JC to let them know I’ll be boycotting their crummy department store as long as they keep Ellen as their spokesman and brag about it to boot.I urge co-patriots to also contact the store one way or another and really go shop somewhere else;fortunately,we still have alternatives,although the numbers are dwindling.Now we go to disgusting broadcast and pay television,even though we got some good news on this one particular disgusting show.American Idol-a show on Fox Network(no surprise)-has one glory-seeking idiot after another stultify himself or herself,looking to become an “American idol.” Yes,they want to be “idols.” To be worshipped,just because they’re entertainers.Well,the ratings dropped 17% in 2011 from 2010.Worship of human beings lasts only so long with the gullible and the naive.But that this junk show has been the #1-rated show for many years is another sign that America’s morality is nose-diving.A show that glorifies and exalts the lust for fame and power and human worship of other humans is nothing to joke about.I firmly believes it brings His judgment down upon us in various ways.But again,maybe the glow is finally wearing off.Back to the sin of Sodom,some mayors have decided to hop on the homosexual bandwagon,trying to convince local governments to pass laws allowing “gay” marriage.How co-incidental this is.I’m listening to pastor Bob Martin on WWCR as I type,and he just said something to the effect that America is on a collision course with the Almighty’s judgment.I don’t think the homos of Sodom demanded to be allowed to marry,but America is now cursed with mayors like Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel marching for “gay” marriage.Mayors like this would’ve been driven from office in the past in America when her people had a much-better moral compass and creed.But now they get elected and re-elected! And praised for their “compassion”! Their “tolerance”! Their support of “marriage equality”! No matter how much people under the spell of anti-Christ euphemize away the evil of homosexuality and the far-worse abomination of homo marriage,it doesn’t change the evil of the act or the blasphemy.And we end America’s slide into moral chaos in the Motor City.Things have deteriorated so badly in what was called the “arsenal of democracy” during WW2 that police stations are only open during the 8-4 day shift.And police sometimes don’t even respond to reports of past crimes or even some crimes in progress.Some Detroiters who are holding out as best as they can are protecting themselves by using force of their own to defend themselves from assault and our hiring their own security to patrol the neighborhoods they live in because Detroit police has become so unreliable to them.Is this what awaits many more American big cities as city and state governments continue to go into the red and have to cut back even essential services like police protection? Patriots,let’s prepare for the worst of times as America keeps slouching towards Gomorrah,to quote Robert Bork-a judge who should’ve been confirmed to US Supreme Court back in the 1980s if President Reagan didn’t play sexual politics by nominating moderate Sandra Day O’Connor.

Nine items on America’s crime wave:1)a “Sweet 16″ birthday party in Antioch,CA resulted in 6 people getting shot,3 of them seriously(Happy birthday,baby!);2)at Karma Lounge in Jackson,TN,1 person was shot dead,18 shot and wounded,and 2 were trampled(”Instant Karma is gonna get you!”);3)in yet another AITF(All in the Family)multiple-homicide/suicide,4 were shot dead in DePere,WI;4)a senorita in Fresno,CA was high on meth when she shot dead her 2 young kids(she wasn’t married,of course),her boyfriend’s cousin and then herself(a police supervisor said he knows “the power of meth”);5)5 people were found shot dead inside a home in Birmingham,AL(there has been no follow-up on these murders,to my knowledge);6)5 Koreans related to each other were shot dead at a health spa,of all places,in the Atlanta suburb of Norcross;7)also in the Peach State,an 11-years-old boy reportedly shot dead another boy;8)a teenager shot dead 3 students in a school cafeteria near Cleveland;9)and Joshua Powell-in the midst of a bitter divorce dispute-blew up the house he was living in with his 2 young kids,killing them all.Patriots,the next time some moron or some neo-con or some warmonger starts screaming that we need to attack Iran because they may attack Israel 30 years from now,just read the aforementioned crime reports to fully understand how little they care about our nation and her people and how they care more about an internationalist,Israel-first agenda.

In corrupt pro-baseball,the sleazebags running the once-great American pastime decided to let Ryan Braun off the hook for testing positive for synthetic testosterone-on a mere technicality.And the name of the “arbitrator” who let Braun off the hook? Get a load of this name:Shyam Das.Alan “Bud” Selig-the liberal Jewish commissioner who has done such incredible damage to our once-great game of baseball-ostensibly likes to hire fellow Jewish liberals for top spots in MLB.But this guy Shyam Das sounds like he hired him right out of a Tel Aviv law firm! Indeed,the 4 men involved in Braun’s hearing-arbitrator Das,the MLB executive,the union head Mr.Weiner and Braun himself-are all Jewish,or have Jewish-sounding names.I think it’s very possible that they all decided to give Braun a pass out of ethnic favoritism.Braun has almost all the times I’ve seen him on the field on TV had a bug-eyed look,like his eyes were going to pop out any second,similar to admitted drug user Jason Giambi when he played for the Yankees.In short,patriots,pro-baseball is full of junkies-and the sleazebag liberals like Selig and Weiner and Das and the rest of them obviously don’t care one whit about it as long as the big money keeps rolling in.Even Manuel Ramirez is coming back to play! It’s painful to see what has happened to Abner Doubleday’s game-and it’s equally painful and sickening to see fans still supporting it regardless of how sleazy and immoral it gets.And now moving to pro-football,the same thing happened in 2012 that happened in 2008 in Super Bowl:New York GIANTS(they actually play their home games in NJ)defeated New England PATRIOTS.And also in 2008,Barack Abomination was elected president.Patriots,this may be an omen for November.Or maybe it’s just co-incidence.Ah,sweet mystery of life.But the fact that the GIANTS(there’s nothing giant about a football team)beat the PATRIOTS-the team that plays their home games not too far from where the US War for Independence began-by coming out of nowhere late in the season and didn’t lose again for the rest of the year and then culminated it with their second defeat of the PATRIOTS,well,this may be an omen of a far more important defeat for patriots this year.But we can’t let this fear or possible omen dispirit us.We fight to the last man standing! But the PATRIOTS didn’t only let themselves down;they let all American patriots down.And did you all get a load of that freak Madonna and her half-time shew?! This ego maniac really thinks she’s a divine being.And that NFL hired her for half-time “entertainment” shows us what immoral morons they are.

With the Almighty possibly continuing to use,or allow,bad weather to judge and punish our nation,tornadoes slammed into IL and MO,killing about 40 people,while hitting 6 states in toto.While in Sin City Reno,NV,another raging wildfire-the second one in about the same location as a few months before-forced evacuations and charred thousands of acres-in addition to Vice-President Biden being forced to cancel a speech he was about to give at a school! Ha,ha,ha! The Good Lord maybe gave the arrogant creep the scare of his life,apart from the stroke he suffered about 20 years ago!

I end this long post on this patriot blog as I usually do:on patriot activism throughout the land.Olympia Snowe-a liberal to moderate feminist Republican US senator from Maine-abruptly decided to not seek re-election in November.The Democrats in the big media went giddy and gay over this one possible pick-up of a GOP seat that they lost their bearings,which isn’t easy to do when people become pollyanish or just get carried away with wistfulness or over-zealotry or political partisanship.Regardless of whether this seat decides whether Dems or Reps take majority control of US Senate is irrelevant.What’s relieving and hopeful for patriots is that a wishy-washy establishment Republican couldn’t take the heat anymore,with all the “partisanship” occurring in that “august” body.Usually that means conservatives are preventing an assortment of anti-patriots from passing evil laws.But,US Senate shouldn’t be a place where a bunch of aloof snobs hobnob over tea and crumpets,praise themselves constantly,constantly call each other “my good friend” and revel in their sinecures while our nation plunges deeper into the abyss.And it’s also a positive that a senator named after Mt.Olympus-where the pagan Greeks worshipped and sacrificed to their pagan gods-is leaving US Senate.Patriots will have to work hard to replace her with a patriot who is willing to not only decline the tea and crumpets and the plaudits and the praises,but is willing to roll up his sleeves and fight the anti-patriots in the senate and in the rest of Washington! Staying in Washington,District of Corruption,patriot soldier/patriot talk-show host Adam Kokesh led an anti-war/anti-Abomination protest march on President’s Day in front of the White House.He also supports Ron Paul for president and has fought in Iraq.He realizes that the “War on Terror!” is a big lie,and he cites the neo-cons as the main villains behind these immoral wars far from our shores.The march got some coverage in big media,and it drew hundreds of servicemen-both active and veterans.And in unison,at Kokesh’s command,they all turned their backs on the White House and marched away-a sign of their refusal to support the war anymore.Off the anti-war front,patriot legislators in Frederick County,MD voted,with one exception(a latino of course)to make English the official language of their county government.This is one powerful tool that patriot citizens and legislators can use to confront and fight back against La Conquista as it aggressively marches on throughout our nation,intimidating us and threatening us every step of the way.Back to the nation’s capital,federal judge Emmet Sullivan ordered the release of a report on the US Dept.of Justice prosecution of late US senator Ted Stevens from AK.This report-as is all too typical in the crime-infested government in Washington,DC-has been kept sealed for about the last 4 years,in an obvious attempt to conceal the crime and corruption of 6 US prosecutors in the department’s “Public Integrity Division.” What integrity?! They make a mockery of integrity! Bravo to Judge Sullivan for ordering the release of the report and may the chips fall where they may.And lastly,Dr.Ron Paul spoke on the floor of US House of Representatives to condemn NDAA-so-called National Defense Authorization Act.And it was great that he alluded to that warmonger,bug-eyed,probable homo US senator Lindsey Graham for being a major player in ramming the bill through,right to the Abomination’s desk and his eventual signature.This law now allows this president and any future president to arrest a US citizen and hold him or her indefinitely,without trial,under mere suspicion of being a “terrorist” or aiding a “terrorist.” Patriots,this is Orwellian.Dr.Paul is very brave in standing up to the War Lobby and Israel Lobby,and hopefully NDAA gets repealed or ruled unconstitutional by SCOTUS.

Patriots,this post has been I believe the longest I’ve written because it covers about 6 weeks of news and trends.It has taken me about 5 days as I near completion.And about 6 weeks ago,I started to come down with a health issue.I should know in a couple of weeks if it’s serious or not;meanwhile,I ask for your prayers for the Good Lord to restore my health.After all,Christ has been called “The Great Physician.” But maybe this bout of ill-health has humbled me,chastened me in some way that was needed because I’ve fallen short somehow or some way.But to paraphrase the title of a song by country band Alabama:”You can’t keep a good patriot down!” If I eventually go down,one way or another,I’ll ask someone to pick up the torch and keep the fight going on this blog and it’s parent website pun.com.This is an incredibly important year to fight the patriot cause in one of America’s darkest hours.Time is running out for patriots to save our land,our culture,our people from domestic oppression and tyranny and us getting reduced to the status of a Third World nation or culture.All patriots,whatever our station or position,wherever we live,need to contribute this year in at least one meaningful way to the patriot cause.And I close out with some great advice from the local head of a community association here in the southeast Bronx,NY:
“If you love our community[our nation]…then you must find the time to be pro-active.Get involved in any way you can.Join us because there is strength in numbers,and with your participation,so much more can be done.Don’t leave the job to your neighbor! Step up!” Well said,MJ Musano,in Bronx Times Reporter,3/1-7/2012.Farewell,patriots.I’ll see you in about 2-4 weeks,the Almighty willing.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

February 12th, 2012

Hello,patriots,it has been too long.But now that Christmas and New Year’s are a month-plus over(”the holidays”)and we’re flush into 2012 A.D.-in the Year of Our Lord-things are getting back for me to a somewhat-regular schedule again.I’ve been busy with other patriot activities,like uncluttering saved e-mails and whittling down my recent issues of The New American from 9 to 3.That was quite an accomplishment,I must say.But the next accomplishment will be taking notes and copying pages of about 30 back issues! I wish we had more time to fight the patriot cause! Too many battle fronts! But,I’ve learned via experience that the best way to deal with a mountain of work like that is to do a little at a time,take some occasional deep breaths,and break it up with other activities.Hopefully,I’ll be finished with that project in about 3 weeks.So,I’m back for now on this patriot blog.This post will cover news from about mid-December 2011 to mid-January 2012.And since I’ll be covering about 35-40 news items and the trends they may be a part of,get ready for a long post.

We start as usual on America’s political-corruption front.And there’s no better place to start than in Illinois-the Land of Lincoln and what may be the most-corrupt state in the Union.Former governor Rod Blagojevich(”Blago,”as his friends and admirers call him)got 14 years in the federal pen for his corruption convictions.He’s the second consecutive IL governor to go up the river,him being the Democrat and George Ryan the Republican.And he’s the 4th governor in the corrupt state in the last 40 years to go to prison.That’s a decennial gubernatorial conviction! Like the decennial US Census,Illinois sends a corrupt governor to the pen every 10 years! What a track record! Of course,Blago comes from the corrupt political underworld of Chicago-the town Al Capone tried to-and at times did-make his own.It was great work by the US Attorney’s Office in the Chicago area to bring Blago to justice.But as long as the corrupt neo-bolshevik Democratic Party in the Windy City continues to rule the state-along with the corrupt GOP in that state-the roots of the corruption will remain and I’m convinced will never be uprooted unless another party or parties or independent candidates get involved,run for office and get elected.The 2 parties are too set in their ways and too comfortable to change;they’ve been at their racket for too long.But at least Blago and his chipmunk face and bushy hair has faced the music and will pay the penalties he so richly deserves for betraying the public’s trust,although the Chicago and Illinois voting public is largely responsible for so much of the corruption and lawbreaking in Springfield and in Chicago.And I haven’t really commented that much on the GOP presidential primaries and caucuses;they start way too early before the general election.I have watched some parts of the debates,and it’s pretty fair to say that patriots are in trouble come November when it comes to voting for president;it looks like,yet once again,we’ll have no-one to vote for.At least Little Ricky Perry and Michelle the Warmonger Bachmann and John Boy Huntsman and Herman Fool-Around Cain have dropped out.That leaves Mitt the Mormon Romney,Newty Gingrich,Little Ricky Santorum and Dr.No Ron Paul.Patriots,Paul is the only one I believe we should even think about supporting and voting for,but even he is slipping away from patriotism and relapsing to the libertarianism that has ostensibly always been near his heart.He has relapsed on the immigration issue and I believe even supports Puerto Rican statehood.He’s also very chummy with Mormon Mitt.He’s good on the immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,the police state that America is fast approaching,the Federal Reserve,runaway federal spending and other issues that clearly differentiate him from the rest of the crowd.Still,he’s sorely lacking in other areas.He’s almost certainly not going to get the GOP nomination.Dr.No(called that because he votes “No” in Congress on so many bills)may run as either the Libertarian candidate or as an independent,and may pick former GOP New Mexico governor Gary Johnson as his running mate,although Johnson is running,or trying to run,his own independent campaign after dropping out of the GOP primaries.There has also been rumor that Mormon Mitt may offer the veep slot to Paul.So come election day,the major choices may be the Abomination,either Mitt or Newt or Rick,or Dr.No.But a lot could happen from now till then.If the economy improves,of course that helps Abomination.If it tarries or worsens,that’ll hurt him.Whoever the candidates are,the poor choices we have now and will probably have on election day is another sign of America’s political corruption and the anti-patriotism of the upper echelon of the Republicrat establishment.

There’s much economic news to cover.A drum roll,please,for the Abomination:2 more economic records get broken under his presidency! He just keeps rolling! The glories of “free trade” that the Abomination and his fellow globalists in both parties support brought a record number of imports into America this past November.And in 2011,Americans spent a record amount on gasoline.And here’s a lulu:For the first time,America’s #1 export is…get ready…fuel! If America is so dependent on foreign oil,why is fuel our country’s #1 export?! Well,I guess it boils down to wherever the profit is,regardless of the harm to our country.So let’s give credit to President Abomination for 3 more records getting broken under his anti-patriot rule from the White House.A report from Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission(FCIC)declared that “house flippers”-greedy slobs who voraciously buy up houses and re-sell them as fast as they can just to make fat profits-and the glorified counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve led by Uncle Ben Shalom Bernanke are heavily responsible for America’s housing crisis.The flippers manipulated prices and sold and resold so often that the market got heavily distorted,and Shalom and his boys knew what was happening and did virtually nothing about it.And what has Congress done about this and about this report? Virtually nothing! Just like Shalom and his boys did nothing while the housing market was crashing! And that’s probably because they didn’t and still don’t care or they had and still have a purpose in crashing the market! Here’s more proof that America’s glorified counterfeiters are running this country,financially,economically and probably even politically.And here’s where Ron Paul stands out from the rest of the bunch,in that he knows that the Federal Reserve is indeed,”The Creature from Jekyll Island”-the title of a book on the Fed by G.Edward Griffin.The 4 states hit hardest from the house flippers and Shalom’s negligence or complicity are FL,AR,NV and CA.Now we go to “The Big 6″-the 6 corporations that virtually control the US news and entertainment media:News Corp.,Time Warner,Viacom,Disney,CBS Corp.and NBC Universal.These 6 control the bulk of what gets produced on TV and in movie theaters,and in much of the publishing industry.This is probably the result of one of Ronald Reagan’s many mistakes as president when he helped “de-regulate” so much of corporate media.And now we have 6 men who head up 6 gargantuan companies who control so much of what Americans see,hear and read over the airwaves and on the printed page.Did these corporations acquire all these other companies just to make more money? I say No! They’re out to control our minds! Change our morals! Especially of the young! They don’t want us to have recourse to media they don’t control! So here’s another battle front that patriots will have to be called up to.And here’s what ominous too:3 of the Big 6-CBS,Disney and Viacom-are Jewish-owned.Murdoch is half-Jewish(his mother was,so current rabbinical law says that makes him Jewish),and fanatically pro-Israel and a good friend of so-called Anti-Defamation League(ADL).I’m not sure about the ownership of the other 2,but Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes fired TV anchorman Rick Sanchez from CNN(Time Warner owns CNN)the very next day after Sanchez claimed on a radio broadcast that the major media is heavily Jewish.They can’t let the cat out of the bag! I read a column on salon.com that claimed Mr.Bewkes isn’t Jewish,although it sounds like a Jewish name.Anyway,he sure did the bidding of his masters in firing Sanchez so quickly,who had about 10 years at CNN.And he also fired executive Jack Martin for being too Catholic at work.Time Warner also owns Turner Classic Movies,and even there they are trying to mold minds and opinions to anti-patriot/anti-Christ liberalism,like putting fat-slob liberal Alec Baldwin on as a guest host on Saturday night,in addition to host Robert Osbourne(he looks and talks like he’s light on his loafers)recently describing the US House Un-American Activities Committee as “infamous.” Yes,patriots,the Reds and their comrades are still mad as hell at Joe McCarthy and the patriots in Congress and Tinseltown who exposed so many of Uncle Joe Stalin’s spies and collaborators.To conclude on this point,the Big 6 are a powerful anti-patriot/anti-Christ force in America.And it’ll probably take only an act of God to thwart their pervasive power and control.Scary stuff,patriots.To conclude on the economic front,the blog The Economic Collapse listed some incredible stats that showed what a terrible year 2011 was for America.Following are what I believe to be the top-10:1)About half of Americans are poor or low-income!;2)the average length of time a worker is unemployed is 10 months;3)40% of jobs are low-come jobs!;4)a record-low number of new homes were built in America in 2011;5)electricity bills have risen for 5 straight years above the inflation rate;6)Americans spend 16% of their income on medical care;7)about half of Americans had trouble paying medical bills or carry medical debt;8)about half of Americans have less than 10 grand saved for retirement;9)about 7% of Americans in 2011 suffered “extreme poverty”;10)about half of Americans in 2011 received some government benefit.There are more scary stats,patriots,thanks to the economic collapse blog.2011 wasn’t a very good year.God knows what 2012 will bring.

Diversity Gang in New York City displayed its typical anti-white bias and hate when Mortimer Zuckerman-owned New York Daily News published an article by a female reporter with an Italian surname(so she’s either some Italian on her pop’s side or married to an Italian)about activists from “communities of color” who are planning on making sure that “their” communities are empowered when the state legislature reconfigures legislative districts this year.The plan from these “activists” they dubbed-get this-”Unity Maps.” These maps they designed for the state legislature to make sure that latino,black and asian neighborhoods are unified and remain or become mostly non-white so they can elect the hard-core radical Democrats who’ve ruled this corrupt city for far too long.They also want to make sure that “their kind” stays in power or even more of them get into power.And that’s what it’s all about,patriots,with Diversity Gang:POWER.This DG bitch at Daily News wrote encomiastically about these racial-empowerment activists as if they were the greatest people in the world.But this proves the anti-white ideology of Diversity Gang.In this city I’ve lived in about 50 years,there’s no majority race;we’re all one,big happy family of co-minorities,according to DG.But if white activists were to do the same exact thing as these DG activists,radical politicians and journalists would scream “Racists!” at them.Patriots,this is no longer just a case of racial favoritism towards non-whites and against whites,most of the time;it’s pure racial hatred of whites.Even when whites are a minority like anyone else,like being 11% here in the Bronx,the anti-patriot liberal establishment doesn’t care at all if they aren’t represented or properly represented;they care about non-whites and their political and racial empowerment.Like I’ve written before on this blog and its parent site patriotsunitenow.com,Diversity Gang is probably Public Enemy #1.Their hatred is towards whites,then Christians of all races,then English-speaking Americans,and lastly,men(their hatred is collective,not in every individual case).As far as this bitch goes at Daily News,I e-mailed her and sarcastically congratulated her for such a great DG agitprop article;she didn’t respond.And it’s fitting that it appeared in a newspaper owned by CFR globalist,ethno-fanatic Morty Zuckerman.The tabloid Daily News blatantly hispanders(yes,it has a “latino” department,but no white or black department),and it’s geared to the “multi-cultural” readership.Patriots,we need to boycott newspapers like this and let them know we are and why.Fight Diversity Gang!

President Abomination desperately wants another 4 years so he can wreak more havoc and destruction on America.And one way a corrupt,power-mad politician like him tries to accomplish that is racial pandering.By making some appointments to his cabinet obviously based on racial and/or ethnic favoritism,he and his comrades believe that the majority of the members of the race or ethnicity of the appointee will be more inclined to vote for him and support him.The Abomination is a big-time supporter of La Conquista;he loves the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in our country because about 80% of them are latino.Again,him being contemporary leader of Diversity Gang in America,if most of the illegals were from Europe,he’d be ordering deportations like wild;that’s part of the race favoritism of his kind Diversity Gang.So the Abomination appointed none other than Cecilia Munoz-a white Bolivian,interesting enough-as director of Domestic Policy Council.But she was a high-ranking official at National Council of La Raza(La Raza in Espanol means The Race in English)before Abomination hired her as director of inter-governmental affairs;and she also co-chaired Abomination’s task force on Puerto Rico’s status vis-a-vis United States.AGAIN,Diversity Gang has no problem with Senora Munoz belonging to a racial-empowerment group as long as it isn’t a white one.So,Abomination is hispandering to get his amigos and amigas to come out November to vote for him and his comrades.And he also probably fired William Daley as chief of staff and hired his budget director Jacob Lew to replace him.So with 2 quick moves,Abomination picks a latino and a Jew to his cabinet,co-incidentally enough just about 1 year before his shot at re-election.With the chief of staff post,he has gone from Rahm Emanuel(I believe from the Jewish mafia in Chicago)to William Daley(I believe from the Irish Mafia in Chicago)and back to a Jew:Jacob Lew! Hey! That rhymes! Just change the first letter of Lew’s surname from L to J and we get Jacob Jew! What a perfect subliminal message Abomination is sending out to try and get the Jewish vote! You gotta love it! So,La Conquista and the Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby marches on.Whether this pandering trick works for Abomination and his neo-bolshevik Democratic Party,time will tell.

More clear evidence has emerged proving that the government of America’s “ally” Israel is actually anti-American and just uses America for their gain and benefit.Its notorious “intelligence” agency Mossad(that’s Hebrew for “Deception”)had some of its agents impersonate CIA agents in trying to recruit Iranian dissidents into its espionage campaign on Iran’s nuclear facilities.How nice of our “ally.” This way they can blame CIA for any screw ups or to keep suspicion away from them.This hasn’t gotten much publicity in the US establishment media because,AGAIN,it makes Israel’s government look bad and anti-American.So to keep the illusion alive in the minds of the American people that Israel is our “ally” and our “friend,” this story gets buried or gets very little follow-up.The sleazy Mossad operation reportedly strained relations between Deception(Imagine giving an intelligence agency such a brazen title!)and CIA,but things will probably go back to peachy keen very soon if they haven’t already.Indeed,Deception is very similar to Murder Incorporated-a Jewish crime gang of professional hit men in Brooklyn,NY in the 1920s/1930s.But no matter how immoral,no matter how anti-American,no matter how vicious Deception or the immoral government it’s a part of shows itself to be,the US government may get mad,but it’s only for a very short time.And then they crawl back like whipped dogs and start kissing their asses again.Why is this the case? Several,but ethnic favoritism towards Jews-especially the Jews in Israel-obviously is the main reason.Also,the imperialists in the US government are using Israel as a base for its own expansionist policies or endeavors in the Middle East.And what’s so infuriating-and so dangerous-for American patriots is that all the GOP presidential candidates except Ron Paul are Israel Lobby suck-ups and Muslim-hating warmongers.Pray the Almighty delivers our nation from these ignorant,evil-minded men and from the dangerous illusion that Israel’s government is America’s friend.Indeed,I read an excellent description of Israel’s government vis-s-vis United States:”America’s bad girlfriend.” Patriots,that says it all.Please spread the word.
The economics of providing health care in this country need to change.” “This system pits doctor against patient.” Those quotes were attributed to doctors cited in an online article about how medical costs and cuts in Medicare re-imbursements to doctors are driving many doctors out of practicing medicine.And Abominationcare or Romneycare will certainly make this much worse(Romneycare has already driven up costs for medical care in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts in the 5+ years it has been law).And the root problem here is,I’m convinced,there’s too much lust for profit and too much government meddling in medical care.Doctors have to hire and retain staff who are extremely overworked due to all the reams of paperwork and red tape that need to be filled out,filed,sent in and approved.It’s almost as if doctors need CPA firms to run their offices! Then we have office expenses,paying all that staff,liability insurance and more chores,in addition to paying off their med-school loans.So clearly,this current “system” of medical care and treatment isn’t working,overall.Mandatory health insurance certainly isn’t the answer.What good is health insurance in covering medical expenses if it’s too damn expensive?! Patriots,while medical care can be quite complicated at times,I believe we need to go back to the times when medical care and drugs and operations and exams weren’t so exorbitant;when patients came before the lust for profit;when doctors didn’t have to work under incredible loads of paperwork and bureaucracy;when government’s role was one of mainly oversight,not master.And as long as America continues down the path of becoming a more anti-Christ nation,we’ll see more nightmares for doctors and the medical profession in general.

Ouch! I think that was my initial reaction after reading the story of how Kasia(Nice name!)Rivera of East Orange,NJ was charged with manslaughter when her boyfriend died from complications after she injected his penis with silicone! Ouch!!!!!!!!!!! What a way for a man to go! It reminds me of a lyric from a song by country singer Ray Kennedy:”Women are gonna be the death of me/But what a way to go!” Kasia wanted a big,strong boyfriend! And he went right along.But this is another crazy,bizarre example of human misbehavior and sexual obsessiveness that is making America resemble a hard-core porno movie.Sexual depravity and fanaticism is another characteristic of a dying society,and anti-Christ Hollywood is heavily responsible for this.And this latest crime stat on America’s moral breakdown is really scary:1/3 of Americans,before they reach the age of 23,have been arrested! One-third! Whether this is from an explosion in juvenile crime or over-policing or a combination of both is less-important than the sheer shock of the numbers.And to boot,about 7 million Americans are either in prison or on probation or parole.In short,patriots,America is becoming a more-criminal place to live.That 7 million of her citizens(in addition to the millions of legal and illegal immigrants living here)are in the “criminal justice” system is proof of that.And this segues into the next news category:America’s crime wave,mostly of horrible multiple homicide.

The multiple-murder wave hit 10 states:near Rochester,NY,a woman shotgunned to death her dad,her 10-years-old daughter and…of course,then herself;a Dominicano with the first name of Adepso shot dead his cheating wife,her boyfriend,his cousin and…of course,then himself in Bayonne,NJ;some gun play at a “Sweet 16″ party near Pittsburgh,PA left 1 dead and 7 wounded(Happy birthday,baby! Bang! Bang!);at a lumber yard in NC,a worker shot 3 co-workers dead,wounded 1 more and….of course,then shot himself dead;5 people were found shot dead inside a home in Emington,IL;during a wave of shootings and homicides in the Big Easy,mayor Mitch Landrieu stated they were in “…a battle for the heart and soul of New Orleans;”in TX,a woman who recently moved there from OH shot dead her 2 young kids and…of course,then herself in a government building after she was denied welfare benefits;also in the Lone Star State,7 Iranians(presumably Christians)were found shot dead inside a home on Christmas morning near Fort Worth;in Ogden,UT,6 lawmen were shot(1 of whom died)by a drug suspect they were trying to arrest inside his home(he’s an Iraq War vet,just like the suspect who shot dead a park ranger in Mt.Rainier in Washington State);and we conclude America’s murder wave in the once-Golden State,where 4 people were shot dead inside a home in an “upscale” neighborhood near San Diego,and a co-worker shot dead 2,wounded 2 and…of course,then took his own life in Irwindale.Patriots,can anyone with a clear,unbiased mind not absorb these ghastly,sickening slaughters and not conclude that America is in deep,serious trouble?! They are hitting virtually every region and state in the country,affecting all the races and classes,although the overall crime rates are much higher among latinos and blacks than among whites and asians.Regardless,patriots need to defend themselves,arm themselves if possible,and stick together to protect themselves from the murder wave.

The sleazy,disgusting pro-sports establishment in America,especially baseball,was lucidly described by columnist Rick Telander in a column in Chicago Sun Times entitled The Twisted World of Sports(and that’s putting it mildly).Rick laced into all the drugs,fat egos,immaturity,greed,unprofessionalism,inter alia in sports today,and called moron Disney-owned network ESPN “…a multi-headed beast.” Mickey Mouse has more brains than the average on-air host at that disgusting network,with its garish sets,obnoxious personalities,moronic shows.And one of MLB’s latest outrages that Rick touched on was Ryan Braun of Milwaukee Brewers-National League MVP in 2011-testing positive for-get this-synthetic testosterone.I’ve reported and commented on the synthetic marijuana that has taken some lives,and now we have synthetic testosterone.And as is usually the case in dying societies,corrupt men in one area of society work hand-in-glove with corrupt men in other areas.So it was just to be expected that,on the very same day,Barroid Bonds was given no jail time for his conviction in his steroids trial;and Dr.Anthony Galea,who has treated many famous athletes like Tiger Woods with steroids and other “performance-enhancing drugs,”was given no jail time either for his conviction on importing illegal drugs into US from Canada.And how perfect that the corrupt Republicrat judicial establishment wants Americans to just forget about the steroids hullabaloo:Barroid’s judge was appointed by a Democratic president,and “Dr.” Galea’s judge was appointed by a Republican president.So the corrupt judicial establishment and the corrupt pro-baseball establishment obviously co-operated to keep the rampant drug use in baseball and other sports as quiet as possible.And that’s because there are just too many greedy men and now women too in pro-baseball and other pro-sports who don’t care what happens to anyone else or the country in general as long as they keep making their huge profits and keep receiving the glory of their corrupt fame.But then the baseball-team owners,with only one exception,put the cherry on the sundae by extending MLB commissioner Alan “Bud” Selig’s contract 2 more years.That says it all,patriots and baseball lovers.Their Bud has presided over MLB for about 20 years,and he has been the commissioner during the splurge in drug use among players;he,as commissioner,is ultimately and primarily responsible for the overall deterioration and corruption of what used to be the great American pastime and has turned into a cesspool.Throw in all the liberal Jewish executives  he has hired to turn the game into a radical social experiment,and we see that the sleazy owners care about two things:money and glory.So,we baseball watchers and rooters have 2 more years of Bud to contend with,even though he’s almost 80-years-old.But the corruption and filth in pro-baseball may very well be a microcosm for America in general and what has happened to her under the likes of creep owners of baseball teams and the 2-legged rats they hire to keep their corrupt game going.And let’s blame the devoted and zealous fans too,for things would improve if they stayed away for just a while from rooting for “their” teams.

The possibility of the Almighty bringing consistently bad weather on America was seen in blizzards killing 7 people in CO and NM;Nome,AL getting “iced-in,”preventing its residents from receiving fuel deliveries until a Russian supply ship along with a US Coast Guard ice-breaker were able to get fuel delivered;staying in Alaskey,the city of Fairbanks hit 50-below-zero around the middle of January(How can anyone live in that kind of cold!),and the city of Cordova was so snowed-in that Alaska National Guardsmen had to be called out to help shovel residents out of their snow-bound homes and businesses;and the Lone Star State had record-drought in 2011.That’s all for possible weather judgment,but another type of divine judgment may have hit the Big Apple:a “Mega-Millions” lottery billboard attached to a  wall of a 7-stories’ building off Brooklyn-Queens Expressway came crashing down,possibly from strong winds.But what remarkable symbolism that was when an anti-Christ city like New York-trying to get so many of its poor people to waste their time and money on lotteries,thereby building up false hopes and false optimism to relieve their financial stress,in addition to making the city government richer-maybe gets a message to stop encouraging people to gamble their lives away.Fortunately,no one was hurt when the huge billboard came crashing down.And there was no follow-up story,to my knowledge,on exactly what brought it down.Was it the wind? Loose bolts? Or something else?

I conclude this patriot post on,appropriately enough,patriot activism(as I usually do).Gallup informs us that 40% of Americans say they’re conservative,while only 20% say they’re liberal;and 40% say they’re moderate.While I’d like to see the conservative number at at least 50%,it’s encouraging that even though anti-patriot liberals and radicals control so much of the positions of power and influence over the minds and opinions of Americans(especially young Americans),that they only have grabbed 20% of us.We patriots and real conservatives must keep “plugging away” in exhorting our countrymen to reject the anti-patriot liberalism of today and embrace a simple patriotism and our traditional Christian morality.With the 2012 elections coming,another Democratic US senator has decided to not seek re-election.Ben Nelson from NE-a centrist most of the time-probably realized he stood little chance of getting re-elected in a heavily GOP,heartland state like Nebraska;so a Republican will probably easily get elected there,hopefully a conservative one.GOP has a good chance,as of now,to recapture majority control in US Senate.But it’ll be all for naught if establishment Republicans are the majority and not patriot Republicans.Patriots continue to fight at the state level,with SC’s attorney general counter-suing Abomination’s Justice Department for trying to block implementation of the Palmetto State’s recently enacted voter ID law,which is simply designed to thwart voter fraud.But the anti-patriot radicals at Abomination’s Injustice Dept.are trying to empower illegal immigrants in SC and throughout the country.They obviously want them to vote! To vote for the neo-bolshevik Democrats who have brought such misery and destruction on our country! So bravo to those SC patriots who are standing up to White House tyranny.Traveling over to the Grand Canyon State,patriot lawmakers banned so-called “ethnic studies” from being taught in public schools.These courses are by and large inciting Mexicans and other latinos in AZ to give their allegiance to their own ethnicities-to “La Raza”-and not to America-to inflame them with racial pride which could eventually be used to foment revolution in AZ and throughout the Southwest and other regions in America.The banning has so far been held up in court,and it’s another example of how patriots can reclaim America one classroom at a time,one political office at a time,one city and state office at a time.Like Churchill urged the Brits during WW2,fight the enemy wherever he attacks and in any way he attacks.Lastly,please mark your calendars for a veteran’s march on the Abomination White House on,appropriately enough,President’s Day,Feb.20th;that’s a Monday.Iraq-war veteran and talk-show host Adam Kokesh has organized the march of active-duty and former US servicemen to show the Abomination that they’re sick of immoral,unnecessary,evil neo-con war and want it to end.Adam supports Dr.Ron Paul’s presidential campaign because he’s the only presidential candidate who wants to end this phony War on Terror! and bring the boys home from Afghanistan,Pakistan,Iraq,maybe Syria soon.And he’s the only candidate remaining who served in the military(Paul needs to say that more in his campaign,in stark contrast to the neo-con chicken hawks always clamoring for more war and more Muslim killing).I’m going to try and make the march,and I urge all patriots and veterans,whether they support Ron Paul or not,to attend the march.Servicemen don’t have to fire their weapons or kill anyone to serve their country!

Patriots,we’re probably in for a very rough year.Anti-patriots are all around us.Important elections will be held in November.If there’s ever a time for sleeping,complacent patriots to arouse from their rest and fight,it’s now.Please keep going to patriotsunitenow.com(pun.com)for really important news and commentary for our patriot cause.I hope to see you all in a couple of weeks.Fare well till next time.

An American Patriot,Once Again,Postpones Reviewing the News for a New Year’s Eve Message

December 31st, 2011

Happy New Year’s Eve to all American patriots.I was going to wrap up my review of the news from the last post review,but the time just wasn’t there.My New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will be spent doing what I rarely do:watch television.And that’s because television today and for about the last 20-30 years has been mostly garbage.But on the last day of the year and on the first day of the next year,marathons are run of my 2 favorite shows:The Honeymooners and The Twilight Zone.So while I’m reading and analyzing news tonight and tomorrow,the TV set in front of me will be on,non-stop,until around 3 AM on Monday.I hope you patriots will join me.The Honeymooners is on PIX-11(formerly CW 11)and The Zone is on Sci-Fi(I wish it weren’t).

So we’ll soon ring out 2011 A.D and usher in 2012 A.D..Patriots,we face some major challenges in 2012 and I hope you’re up to them.Our country is in imminent danger from a slew of anti-patriots in positions of power and influence.I wish you all a safe and joyous New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.But let’s all come roaring back next week.The next post will be a lengthy review,so get ready.Thanks.Till next year.

An American Patriot Postpones His Review of the News for a 2011 Christmas Message

December 24th, 2011

Merry Christmas to all American patriots,and to those in other countries who support America’s patriot cause,especially at this,”…the most wonderful time of the year.” Or at least it’s supposed to be anyway.

I’ve missed covering a lot of news over the last couple of days,trying to get together with some old pals or co-workers,plus dealing with a sickness in the family.So,I’ve taken a wee bit of a break from the patriot mission of following the news as closely as possible,analyzing it and then commenting on it(on patriotsunitenow.com)and seeking the views,perspectives and opinions of other patriots.I’ll be staying home this Christmas Eve,catching up on the news I’ve missed the last 2 or 3 days,wolfing down 3 slices of Sicilian pizza later tonight,to be followed by a glass of caffeine-free Pepsi and a cigar,accompanied by some sacred Christmas music that I’ll try to dig up on radio or TV.Christmas Day will be visits to my disabled sister in New Jersey and my uncle in Rockland County,NY.And then I’ll be home by about 8 PM.All thanks in part to Dusty-my ‘74 Gold Duster who just got fresh oil and anti-freeze yesterday from her mechanic Herb Folkerts on McLean Ave.in Yonkers.As I fight the patriot cause in America,it’s me and Dusty-to the end!

Christmastime has sure changed a lot in our country over about the last 30-40 years.And not for the better.What should be a holiday of family,friends,neighbors and co-workers taking the time to express their appreciation for each other,to share each others’ joys,to be grateful for what we all still have-all undergirded by belief in the Christ child born in a lowly stable about 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem-has largely become a disgusting spectacle of commercialism,mass-marketing,glitz,garishness,greed,frenzied activity,extravagance.wild parties.I’m of the opinion expressed in a Frank Sinatra song:”Give me an old-fashioned Christmas.” One marked by peace,quiet,rest,reflection,refreshment,beautiful music,family re-unions,getting in touch with old friends or co-workers,taking breaks from our jobs or businesses,inter alia.This change for the worse is a result mainly from America becoming more of an anti-Christ nation than the one which never would’ve tolerated all the anti-Christian attacks of the past 30-40 years.And it looks like it’s getting worse and worse each day.Neo-con columnist George Weigel describes it thusly:”Christophobia.” I’ll save my patriot fire on this issue for the next post(before year’s end)because I’m trying to keep this Christmas message on this patriot blog as positive,hopeful and uplifting as possible.But,I do hope that all you patriots are saying “Merry Christmas” and not “Happy Holidays” at this “season.” That’s just what the spirit of anti-Christ wants us to do.

The history of Christmas is a fascinating study.Christ’s birthday almost certainly wasn’t on Dec.25th,and nowhere in the Gospels or other biblical writings are there suggestions or commands to recognize or honor His birth.At the Last Supper-a Passover seder-Christ did exhort His disciples present with Him to remember His sacrifice at every future Passover.And of course,Christmas-Christ’s Mass-is thoroughly infiltrated with pagan rituals,like decorated trees,drunken parties,Santa Claus coming down from the North Pole(where the Norse god Odin was thought to have lived)with his reindeer,etc..Regardless,patriots,let’s simply “remember”(that’s one of my favorite words,like “tomorrow”)that Christ(”anointed one” in Greek,from the Hebrew word “Messiah”)was born about 2 millenia ago somewhere in the Holy Land,was a carpenter and a rabbi(”master” or “teacher” in Hebrew)Who performed great miracles among the people during His ministry which lasted about 3 years,before He was brutally killed around the age of 33 by a combination of Jewish religious authorities,Roman politicians and soldiers,and a multitude of the Jews who urged His execution.Like the scripture says about Him,”He came unto His own,and His own received Him not(the Book of John 1:11).” He claimed to be the Son of Almighty God-His Father-the Messiah Who would come to “save His people from their sins”(the Book of Matthew 1:21).” He would be the eternal,perfect sacrifice for man’s sins,instead of the sacrifice of an innocent lamb.He healed the sick,He drove demons from people,He fed the hungry,He raised the dead.Indeed,He did so many great things for people that the Apostle John ended his Gospel by claiming that if they were written in books,the entire world wouldn’t have the room to hold them.I think John was stretching things a wee bit there,but his point is well-understood.There was no other man than Jesus the Christ.And then His Father raised Him from the Dead! Eternal life is possible for every one of us! Like it’s sung in the carol Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!,”Born to raise the sons of Earth/Born to give them second birth!.” And He will establish His Kingdom on Earth when He returns! No more despots and dictators will misrule this world! This is what the anti-Christ,corrupt Christian establishment should be bellowing out at this time of year and throughout the entire year! And let’s remember A Charlie Brown Christmas-the great Christmas special on TV before anti-Christ took over Hollywood-where Linus recites “what Christmas is all about.” He cites the passage from Luke’s Gospel about the angels declaring Christ’s birth and then declaring the universal plea of wistful man for probably an eternity:”Peace on Earth,good will to men.” “That’s what Christmas is all about,Charlie Brown,” Linus says.And the rest of the Peanuts characters closed the story,even Snoopy,by singing Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!.How I long for old TV to return.

Patriots,I wish you all a safe,joyous,relaxing Christmas.Resist those in power over us who are trying hard to get us to forget Christ at this time of year and the rest of the year too.Try to listen to some of those magnificent carols,full of great lyrics,harmony and musicianship.You may have to scan the dial depending on where you live,especially here in Satan-ruled New York City.But give it a shot.From Silent Night:”Christ the Savior is born.”

See you before 2011 AD-Anno Domini(in the Year of our Lord)-closes out.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

December 14th, 2011

“Season’s Greetings” to all American patriots.I really dislike that expression because it omits Christmas-the real reason for the season.Anyway,I hope all you patriots had a safe and happy Thanksgiving and that you’re all watching your spending habits while you Christmas shop.Please,let’s not go overboard.Don’t buy junk for yourselves or others that’ll wind up in the garbage soon after Dec.25th! Let’s get really worthwhile gifts for ourselves and our loved ones.”It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” But not when I worked for Fed Ex before I went into semi-retirement,fighting the patriot cause pro-bono these last 7 1/2 hears! People love waiting to the proverbial last minute before buying gifts and shipping them out.Even late on Christmas Eve! And before I get to the news,I’d like to inform you all that I lost an important news source when AVG Toolbar “updated” and removed the news feed.When they first installed the feed,it provided 6 news categories with links to 30 articles per category.Many of the AP articles were on the site reliablenews.com,but I think AP told those running that site to stop posting their articles or they’ll sue them.Regardless,the links to reliablenews.com disappeared,and the number of links per category dropped from 30 to 10.I still read a lot of important stories from a wide variety of websites on national,international,business,science/tech and sports news,but the news feeds disappeared with the “updated” version.For other reasons too,this updated version is worse than the previous one.Que sera,sera.I’ve added the site activistpost.com to my bookmarks as a substitute.I’ll find out within the next few weeks if this source is as good as AVG’s was.I also disabled the new AVG Toolbar.Now on to the news.

“Mainstream” media reported a few weeks ago that a shooting occurred near the White House.The way the stories read,it seemed like a typical Washington,DC shooting among common criminals or just a typical crime report.But about 7-10 days later,the “real story” emerged:A young man allegedly fired a rifle at the White House,hitting it twice!One bullet struck an outside wall,while the other broke a window but was stopped by protective inner-glass.So the important question to ask is:Did US Secret Service or the big media in DC cover-up this obvious attempted assassination of President Abomination? I think they both covered it up out of fear of alarming the public that the White House was fired upon.It was only when the alleged shooter was arrested that SS and the big media finally reported that the White House was fired upon,that 2 bullets were recovered,and the shooter-claiming that Abomination is the Anti-Christ-has been charged with attempted assassination of the president.Patriots,this under-reporting of an attempted presidential assassination is a sign that the corrupt establishment in America is getting a bit scared.I don’t think the White House has ever been shot at,especially with bullets actually hitting the house itself.TPTB didn’t want panic in the country and didn’t want and still don’t want the people to think that someone would want to take out Abomination,especially with Spanish first and last names.And another important question:Is the would-be assassin right that Abomination is the Anti-Christ?! This is no fake movie! This could be the real thing!

“Black Friday”-so-called because the Friday after Thanksgiving produces so many sales that retailers once in the red go back to black(from losing money to making money)-was a rage throughout America,as was the Thanksgiving weekend and so-called “Cyber-Monday.” Record sales were reported as stores of some big chains actually opened at midnight on Thanksgiving night to lure in shoppers along with big mark-downs.I drove on RTE. 4 in Northeast,NJ on that weekend’s Saturday-along a stretch known as Mall Row-and saw the store parking lots jammed with vehicles.As I already commented on this site’s parent site patriotsunitenow.com,this could be a bad sign or a good sign for the country.The bad could be that Americans were sucked in by the additional hours that stores were open and all the lowered prices and over-spent or spent unnecessarily.The good could be that they did almost all their Christmas shopping over this weekend to get it over with and save money;time will tell.But it was sickening to hear about the fights,the mayhem that occurred at some of these stores,especially on Thanksgiving night and Black Friday.Of course,the corporate-powers-that-be don’t care much for the workers who are forced to work unGodly hours late on Thanksgiving night into early Black Friday morning,or dealing with the wild mobs of shoppers.All they and their political accomplices want is for us to spend money like mad for temporary satisfaction without any thought of saving for our futures.This creed or behavior is called carpe diem:desires or pleasures for the day without thought or preparation for tomorrow.It’s another symptom of a country becoming more materialistic and hedonistic and less moral and less responsible.As for me,all I bought on that weekend was a full tank of gas,a bridge toll and a delicious Bronx pizza.And I loved it! Alright,so I didn’t have much fun.But this patriot knew what he was doing when he chose about 7 years ago to fight the patriot cause full-time and pro-bono.At times it’s a lonely fight,but it’s a fight I’ve chosen nonetheless.And I urge co-patriots with the time and resources to join forces and fight the cause in any ways they can.

On our country’s moral-breakdown front,another drug scourge has reared its ugly head:”synthetic” marijuana.Two teenagers have died from smoking this pot,and it’s another sign that the young generation is assaulted by one bad influence or temptation after another.One of the teenagers was only 13.What would drive him to endanger himself so much that he would smoke fake pot? Maybe he was abused,neglected,succumbed to peer pressure,etc..And what bunch of dirt bags are pushing this stuff? The drug scourge on America is a real war of terror! Not this phony neo-con War on Terror! on the Muslim world! Another war of terror-in a manner of speaking-is the poison peddled out of Tinseltown.Breaking Dawn is the latest installment of the “Twilight” series,based on the eponymous novel.At several viewings of this film that nicely portrays teenage vampirism,several people were hospitalized with convulsions and epileptic fits.Apparently some scenes were so graphic,so horrifying,so realistic,that some viewers were literally terrified and went into shock.Going to a movie theater to see a contemporary film from anti-Christ Hollywood is quite often hazardous to one’s moral health,and now one’s physical health too.Maybe some subliminal messages or images were inserted into these scenes that caused such horrible reactions in these viewers.But maybe this is just another judgment on America,because this film series-similar to Harry Potter in that it makes the occult look good-has been selling a lot of tickets.A film that probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day in the good ol’ days of American film-making is now popular,at least with a large segment of our population.This patriot isn’t a parent,and I sympathize greatly with patriot parents who have to deal with all these bad influences and temptations literally surrounding their kids.And it’s one reason I fight this patriot cause full-time:to expose and oppose what the Good Book calls “…the unfruitful works of darkness”(Ephesians 5:11).And speaking of an unfruitful work of darkness,at Brooklyn Museum in the Big Apple,the museum’s director decided to display an exhibit of a crucifix…covered with ants.An “artist” was dying of AIDS back in the 1990s when he displayed such incredible anti-Christ genius and creativity from his sick,depraved mind by blaming Christ for the disease that killed him.The director Arnold Lehman and the exhibit’s co-curator Jonathan Katz ostensibly share the same hatred of Christ or they wouldn’t have displayed it.Patriots,notice the Jewish names,and the “artist” who “created” this image was probably Jewish too,although his surname could be of another ethnicity.And the borough president of Brooklyn,or King’s County,is Martin Markowitz.Not a peep of protest from him.But there were protests from the Italian-American borough president of Staten Island,NY and Staten Island congressman Michale Grimm.Good for them,thanks to them.But a dangerous trend has developed in our predominantly Christian country:more Jews in positions of power and influence throughout American society are attacking-at times,viciously-the Christian faith and Christian morality.Can we imagine the “outrage” if an artist replaced that figurine of Christ on that cross with a “Holocaust” victim?! While this was a major news story in NYC for a few days,it eventually died.And that was probably deliberate.This is a city where creches can’t be displayed in public schools at Christmas time,but menorahs and Muslim symbols can.The current edition of Catholic New York newspaper has printed 2 letters condemning this anti-Christ attack(one from yours truly).But where’s the anti-Christ Christian establishment overall? No,they’re quiet because the gutless slobs are petrified of being called “Anti-Semites!.” The Protestant branch of the Christian establishment is so wrapped-up in ethnic worship towards Jews that even something as diabolical as an image of Christ being eaten alive by ants won’t force them to condemn it.This is another curse on America:churchmen and men who are supposed to be moral leaders who are gripped with selfish fear and selfish concerns.To all those who believe in Christ or respect the Christian faith and Christian morality,I urge all of you to oppose anyone,from any group or tribe or background or religion,who resorts to such savage attacks on Christ and/or His followers.And if some of these wicked creeps are Jewish,too bad;no exceptions,no favoritism.Boycott Brooklyn Museum or any other public place or enterprise or business-public or private-that viciously attacks us like these creeps at Brooklyn Museum have done.

I wrote on the last post and possibly the one before that too that the wave of horrible multiple-homicides took a bit of a break in the land,but that was ephemeral.America’s homicide wave has even rolled down to its “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico.The island has just broke its record for homicides in a single year,with the latest tally hitting 1,066 murders on an island of  about 4 million people.The PR police claim that about 70% of the murders are drug-related,as PR has an epidemic of drug gangs,drug use and drug crime.The problem with American patriots is that,unfortunately,thanks to the US government,PR’S problems are all too often our problems too.For the US government continues to grant that Spanish-speaking island automatic US citizenship to its citizens on their birthdays,and they can travel at any time with no restrictions to any American state they wish,without passports or visas.So all these murderers,drug dealers,robbers,rapists,etc.can simply hop on cheap flights or boats and come to America just like a New Yorker traveling to New Jersey.There’s a classic case of the US government betraying the citizens they rule on the mainland USA.And a former PR police chief gave a chilling warning to us all about the island’s young criminals:”This is a generation that’s going to be very hard to straighten out.” Puerto Rico has one huge social problem after another:high crime rates,record-breaking homicides,an epidemic drug problem far worse than America’s,chronically high unemployment(currently 15%),high poverty rates(57% of its children are poor!),inter alia.Their problems shouldn’t be our problems,and vice versa.I pray for the day when that island is given its long-overdue independence.We now leave the record-breaking homicides on the “Island of Enchantment”(Ha!)and head to the small town of Bay City,TX,where a 24-years-old latino(probably Mexican)shot dead his 4 kids(aged,get this,2,3,4,5),critically injured his wife and then took his own life.The wife’s age was undisclosed,but she did work at a local Mexican restaurant.She reportedly was abused by her deceased husband.But what about the pressures of a couple that young having a bambino every year for 4 straight years? Were they able to support all those bambinos? Was this a reason for the arguing between them? And here’s a major reason why the latino population is burgeoning on US soil:they’re simply having a lot more bambinos than everyone else.And all too often,the bambinos are born in the lower classes who can barely afford them,if they can at all.But apart from birthrates,this was primarily another all-in-the-family grisly multiple homicide with an all-too-familiar pattern:a man(sometimes a woman,as we’ll see in the next story)kills members of his own family,sometimes along with friends or strangers,and then himself.The most painful part of hearing about these heinous murders is when innocent kids are the victims;when that happens,we all are,in a sense,victims.And lastly we head east to Greensboro,NC,where a woman shot dead her young son and young nephew,critically wounded another son and another young nephew,and then…took her own life.Family dispute.That’s what we used to call it when I was on NYPD.I firmly believe there’s a supernatural dimension to all these horrible multiple homicides,especially since so many of them are occurring within families.

In the corrupt arena of US pro-sports,NFL and NBC announced the truly uplifting,inspiring news that none other than super-tramp Madonna will perform at next year’s Super Bowl at half-time.So why did they pick the slut who has debauched the morals of probably millions of young girls? They’re probably rewarding her for all the damage she has done to this country and to America’s Christian morality.After all,in the age of Anti-Christ,anti-Christs reward each other and take care of each other.NFL and NBC want to parade this ugly tramp in front of millions of people who’ll be glued to watching one of the most overblown circuses of sport ever known to man.And it wasn’t disclosed in the article I posted on pun.con how much they’re paying super-tramp.She certainly doesn’t need the money,but the ego-maniacal demi-goddess will love the worship she’ll receive on that day from her fawning idolators and admirers.Will she have a “wardrobe malfunction” like Janet Jackson-another shining example of femininity and grace and talent-had at Super Bowl about 7 years ago?

And in addition to the return of America’s murder wave from a hiatus of about 3 weeks,what’s probably God’s judgment on the nation also returned after a hiatus of similar length.And as seems to be the pattern,bizarre or bad weather is the judgment.While the Big Apple baked in record-breaking heat on a late Fall day right around Thanksgiving,the Deep South was hit with a spell of rare cold,just several days after brutal storms of rain and wind took the lives of 6 people.How upside-down it was for the Big Apple to have record-warmth up north while down south had unseasonable cold.And then we go west to Divorce Capital USA,Reno,NV.Raging wildfire burned 2,000 acres,destroyed about 30 homes,forced 10,000 people to evacuate their homes and businesses,and a man died from heart failure while the fire raged,somewhat reminding us of Christ’s prophecy in Luke 21:26 about men suffering heart attacks from all the horrible things occurring in “the last days.” Emergency personnel actually woke many residents  from their sleep because the fire was approaching so fast that they would’ve died from fire or smoke if they weren’t wakened.Dozens of schools were forced to close too.And then Los Angeles County,CA wasn’t hit with wildfire,but ferocious windstorms-again,at an unseasonable time of year.A state of emergency was declared,and as has happened in other cities,the Christmas tree of San Gabriel was brought down.So the Almighty looks like He gave Himself-and us-a break for about 3 weeks,just like the wave of multiple homicides,but now He’s back to work.I find the co-incidence of the short lull in multiple homicides and extremely bad or bizarre weather simultaneously occurring very interesting.Like the old adage,there are no atheists in foxholes.We patriots may have to find foxholes to hide in if the weather continues to get worse.

And lastly-like the previous 2 news topics-we have some patriot activism to report after a 2-or 3-weeks hiatus.The mother of the teenager who died under the influence of synthetic pot decided to derive some good from her loss by urging Chicago City Council to ban it.That’s right:this particular pot-called “potpourri”-is legal in the Windy City.But that’s how nuts Al Capone’s city still is,that it may take a teenager’s death to outlaw a product that never should’ve hit the shelves in the first place.So the mom doesn’t want this tragedy to befall anyone else and she’s doing what she can to ban this poison;good for her,and good for all of us.And we go from this depressing story but with the hope that something good may come from it,to the delightful news that 2 anti-patriot congressmen won’t seek re-election next year;and these 2 are in or were in important leadership positions,which makes their retirements all the more important and delightful.The first to go was Charles Gonzalez from San Antone,TX-where patriots fought and died at the Alamo for Texas’s freedom and independence.Gonzo is not just a typical anti-patriot Democratic congressman;he’s leader of Congressional Hispanic Caucus.Yes,Congress has an “hispanic” caucus and a black caucus,but no white caucus;no Asian caucus either,not yet anyway.So the caucus latinos will have to select a new leader in 2013 to try and advance their anti-American/anti-white/radical-liberal agenda of racial empowerment.Anything that helps confuse the anti-patriots,or cause division or strife within their ranks,serves the American-patriot cause.Gonzalez gave vague reasons why he’s retiring,but his neo-bolshevik and La Conquista Democrats don’t like being in the minority in the House,and they probably see little hope of becoming the majority again in the near-future;so Charlie has vamoosed.And then none other than Barney the Fag Frank-the notorious toothless fruit from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts-also will not seek re-election.He got a wee scared last time when he was re-elected with just 53% of the vote.And now it’ll be even harder for him to stay in power because his district has been re-arranged,thus losing many of his  blindly loyal voters in the area of New Bedford/Fall River.So the 71-years-old Barney wasn’t up to a tougher re-election.That’s great news for patriots.Hip,hip hooray! Barney was chairman of the House financial-services committee when the donkeys were in the majority last year,and he wrote up the Dodd/Frank “financial reform” bill that Abomination signed into law and has thus added a ton of more rules and regulations on the financial industry that’ll do a lot more harm than good.Barney should’ve been expelled from the House about 20 years ago,when it was revealed that his live-in lover was running a homosexual prostitution ring out of their apartment and tried to get some parking tickets fixed for some friends.But with anti-Christ ruling the US Congress then and now,all Barney got was a slap-on-the-wrist censure.And that he has been easily re-elected almost every time shows that those who have voted for him are just as immoral as he is.But at least for patriots and morally concerned Americans,undesirable circumstances have persuaded Barney to leave the House in 2013.Thank God for that.And may more of his ilk follow him out of the House and other halls of power in America,wherever they rule.And who knows? Maybe the Bay State’s 4th congressional district will have an epiphany and vote for a conservative to represent them in 2013! We never know,patriots;bizarre things are happening.

That’s it for this post.I’ll see you all before Christmas.In the meantime,please be safe in these 15 or so days till Christmas.And remember that the patriot cause in America,especially today in these times that are trying the souls of every patriot,never rests.We certainly need occasional R & R,but we must never lose our focus or get distracted for too long.Vigilance and resistance is our calling.Till next time.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

November 21st, 2011

Hi,patriots.It’s just a few days before the Thanksgiving holiday.Why President Lincoln recognized a Thursday for this day of thanksgiving to the Almighty for His blessings on America,I don’t know.Canada-our great neighbor to the north-recognizes the second Monday in October for their Thanksgiving Day.Not every American patriot is fortunate to have a 4-days weekend every 4th Thursday in November! But a lot more would have at least a 3-days weekend if Thanksgiving was held on a Friday or Monday! Just a thought.Now let’s get to the news.

More bad news for US servicemen as the immoral wars continue that they’ve been ordered to fight in these past 10 years.Since 2006,3 times more veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been and are being treated for mental-health problems.And another record has been broken under President Abomination-commander-in-chief of US Armed Forces:a record number of US soldiers are unfit for duty,due to a combination of wounds,injuries,illness,disabilities,etc..This is just a corollary of all the living hell they’ve been put through for almost the entire first decade of the 21st century by their warmonger commanders Boy George and Abomination.Constant re-deployments,fighting in oppressive heat and now alongside babes and homosexuals,fighting in guerrilla wars with a hard-to-identify enemy,fighting far away from home,knowing that their fighting in unpopular wars-all these have taken a terrible toll on America’s fighting men.And like the character of a US Navy officer reflected to himself in an episode of the TV series The Twilight Zone,it’s not just the body that suffers from war,but the minds too.So due to the warmongering immorality of the previous and current president,the number of servicemen with mental-health problems has tripled since 2006,and a record amount are unfit for combat because of the abuse that has been meted out to them.Patriots,let’s hope and pray that more and growing opposition to these War on Terror! immoral,unconstitutional wars helps bring them back home.Where they’re really needed! Like on our southern border! But as we approach Thanksgiving,let’s give thanks to them for their service,their courage,their bravery,their strength,their endurance.They’ve been getting it from all sides for far too long,and they deserve rest and to return to their loved ones and friends.

The fact that Washington,DC-the seat of power of the US government-continues to operate like full-blown organized crime-especially the executive branch-was on display once again,when the Abomination’s “legal counsel” decided to thumb her nose at a congressional subpoena over the Solyndra loan scandal.Now if an everyday patriot ignored a subpoena,he or she probably gets arrested for contempt or willful refusal to respond to a subpoena.But the Abomination and his predecessor ostensibly deem themselves above the law.The facts are that half a bill of US tax money went south when the “green company” Solyndra was given a loan by the green president and soon thereafter declared bankruptcy.So is Abomination refusing to come green-clean because he and his comrades have something to hide? Or are they protecting someone or some people who have something to hide? This is what subpoenas are written up to do:gather testimony or documents to determine if a crime or crimes have been committed.Let’s see if the GOP committee chairmen who issued the subpoenas have the moxy to call for an independent prosecutor or call for Abomination’s impeachment if he continues to stonewall.Let’s not hold our breath for them to that,especially with the presidential election next year.

Here are 3 items on our country’s precarious economy.The horrible results of “free trade” treaties like NAFTA and CAFTA keep pouring in.The website economyincrisis.com reported that since 2001,15 factories have shut down in America,every day.That totals about 45,000 to date.The cover story for the Sept.19th issue of The New American magazine(thenewamerican.com)is Free Trade:in Theory and Practice,by Brian Farmer.I heartily recommend this cover story to all patriots,especially those who have been deceived by the free-trade globalist sellouts or are just undecided if these misnamed treaties are patriot or anti-patriot;after reading this cover story,and related articles on economyincrisis.com,a patriot should easily see that these treaties(or “agreements,” as the globalist propagandists like to call them)have eviscerated our manufacturing base and will continue to make us more dependent on foreigners for basic consumer goods and manufactures.And that’s just what the globalist sellouts who rule us from Washington want:for us to be dependent on foreigners,even Red China.And they even want foreigners to rule us;this is the essence of traitorous globalism.The next item is a bit of good news,in that Walmart is considering shutting down some stores that stay open 24 hours;they’re starting to see that it’s not financially worth it to stay open around the clock.But this never should’ve developed in the first place,because it was only driven by a desire to increase profits at any cost by cultivating “customer loyalty.” In other words,if a “consumer,” a “shopper”(I love how the financial powers-that-be reduce us to money machines)knows a store he shops at never closes,he’ll always shop there.Hogwash! Who needs to shop at Walmart at 4 in the morning?! And who’s going to work that depressing “graveyard shift” in a vast department store when the rest of their families and friends are working more-reasonable hours? Patriots,these human issues are secondary to our political and financial rulers;the lust for power and profit is their primary guide,and that’s why they don’t even think about,let alone consider,the human cost of forcing stores to never close,or stay open 24 hours on the days they are open.The local Rite-Aid pharmacy where I live used to stay open 24 hours,but they now close at 11 PM.What pharmacist who just completed 4 years of college for a pharmacy degree wants to work the graveyard shift and endure all the difficulties and hardships that entails for so many people? There’s no need for virtually all retailers that now stay open 24 hours to do so;the only exceptions I can think of as I type are gas stations on or near major roadways,and all-night diners.And of course,emergency services like police and fire and hospitals need to remain operating at all times,or at least on-call in low-population areas.And when graveyard positions are difficult to fill in some areas,the bosses simply say that they’ll get some foreigners to fill the jobs because they’re so desperate to leave their poverty-stricken countries that they’ll gladly take any jobs to avoid the indigence they suffer back home.So,patriots,it’s a vicious cycle.As America’s business sector becomes strictly business and nothing else-only motivated by profit and “commitment to excellence”-there’ll be more abuse directed at our working class.But maybe it’s a positive sign that Walmart has at least opened the door to closing 24-hours’ store operations in some areas of the country.I strongly disagree with the line in New York,New York,made famous by Frank Sinatra:”I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps.” I want to wake up in a city that does sleep,and sleeps soundly and deeply.A good night’s sleep is I believe a gift from the Almighty,or a good day’s sleep for the brave night owls out there.Let’s hope the 24-hours’ store is put to bed.And one way to accomplish that is if patriots stay out of all-night stores.Those stores are unnecessary and create far more problems that any good that comes from them.And lastly on the economic/financial front comes the great relief that ultra-liberal plutocrat Jonathan Corzine-the power-drunk slob who spent about 70 mill to get elected to US Senate from New Jersey and about 40 mill to get elected governor in that corrupt state-has taken a mighty fall.His brokerage firm MF Global(What does the MF stand for?)went belly-up because they bet badly on the European debt crisis.About 1,000 brokers and other workers at the firm were fired,and about a billion bucks of customer money is unaccounted for.So the super-rich liberal formerly of super-rich Goldman Sachs has taken a well-deserved fall,in addition to the fall of being trounced in his re-election attempt as Jersey governor to fatso Christopher Christie.Gary Gensler-chairman of Commodities Futures Trading Commission(CFTC)-used to work with Jonny at Goldman Sachs and had the propriety to recuse himself from investigating Corzine and MF Global.So post-Madoff,let’s see how chairwoman Mary Shapiro at SEC and/or Abomination’s Injustice Dept.handles this investigation of one of their own and let’s see how the GOP House investigates,if they do at all.One great relief for patriots with Corzine’s fall and possible criminality is that he won’t be doling out nearly as much dough to his fellow anti-patriots in power when they run for re-election or if they are running as challengers.Let’s be grateful,patriots,whenever a filthy rich anti-patriot like Corzine goes down to defeat.

La Conquista suffered a setback when Cain Velasquez-an American-born-and-raised Mexican-American and high-ranking competitor at Ultimate Fight Championship(UFC)-lost his championship title to a Brazilian fighter in under 2 minutes.This was a blow for La Conquista not because a Mexican lost the fight;it was a blow because Senor Velasquez has the words “Brown Pride” tattooed across his chest.I find these UFC fights barbaric and don’t watch them.The reason I cite it on this patriot blog is if Velasquez were white and had “White Pride” tattooed on his chest,virtually every liberal sports writer and commentator would be screaming his bloody head off about “Racism!.” But an ingrate of a Mexican-who was born and raised in California and attended college in Arizona-who vaunts his racial pride by etching it into his chest,causes maybe just an occasional raised eyebrow from the typical liberal sportswriter who gives Cain a pass on racial pride because he’s brown and not white.It’s just more anti-white bias and double-standard favoritism from Diversity Gang journalists,just like they’re still rooting for Tiger Woods everywhere and every time he hits the links.So even though it took a Brazilian to deck Velasquez and take his title from him,it’s a very symbolic loss for La Conquista and it once again exposes the liberal sports world having no problem with Brown Pride but would froth at the mouth over White Pride.

And the last news items to review deal with America’s moral breakdown.As a state senator and senate president in Arizona,Russell Pearce was in the forefront of the battle against the illegal-immigration invasion of the Grand Canyon State.He was a deputy sheriff before becoming a state senator,and his patriot activism led to Arizona’s leading the way for many other states to fight back against illegal immigration in their states mainly because the criminally negligent government in Washington has refused all too often to enforce immigration law.He received countless death threats and was viciously attacked from many anti-patriot groups.But he stood his ground and got many state laws passed into law in AZ that crack down on illegal immigration.But then some anti-patriots in and out of the state decided to remove him from the state senate via recall.They gathered enough signatures to qualify for the recall and then,in a general election where everyone registered to vote could vote,Russell was defeated by a liberal Republican,53%-47%.This reminds me of the scripture that states Christ came unto His own and His own received him not.I’ve heard there were other issues that led to Russell’s defeat,like his obsession on the immigration invasion and ignoring other important issues like school reform and creating jobs.While these may be legitimate concerns,these issues could’ve waited until the next election in 2012;there was no need for this immediate recall.Russell Pearce was stabbed in the back by a combination of anti-patriots,from the pro-illegal-immigration Mormon Church and the country-club Republicans,to Amnesty Gang groups like MALDEF to ungrateful and foolish and forgetful voters.While Pearce has lost the recall election and is now humiliated,he can take great comfort and satisfaction in the fact that his patriot activism got the ball rolling in AZ and in many other states to fight invasion of their states at the state level if the federal government in DC either looks the other way,shrugs their shoulders or actively promotes La Conquista and its vanguard.Maybe Russell should move out of the senate district which unseated him and move somewhere else in the state;it’s big enough.And lastly we come up again against Rupert the Warlock Murdoch,as the old geezer keeps on gobbling up companies and corporations,this time Christian-establishment book publisher Thomas Nelson out of Nashville.With this acquisition,the warlock will own and control about half of America’s Christian-establishment publishing,along with Zondervan out of Grand Rapids,MI.Patriots and fellow believers in and/or supporters of Christ,I’ve written before on this patriot blog how Uncle Rupert is obviously out to destroy Christianity by infiltrating it from within.So now he’ll own about half of the Christian books that get published in our country,and that includes Bibles.Like I wrote in the last post about Zondervan signing former liberal president James Carter to write 2 books for them-including a New International Version Bible with Carter’s commentary-subtle changes will likely appear throughout the texts of many of Murdoch’s books from these publishers to change the minds and morals of the readers,away from Christ and towards the pro-homosexual,pro-globalism New Age and New World Order.And notice,patriots,how the anti-Christ Christian establishment is virtually silent about this threat,for various reasons.I think it’s because they’re more interested in preserving their power and wealth and their Earthly empires than they are in preaching the Gospel and protecting and serving the body of Christ.Yes,patriots,we seem to be living in the end times,Harold Camping notwithstanding.Hoping and working for Christ’s return to Earth is probably the ultimate in patriot activism!

I usually conclude this patriot blog with reports and commentary on patriot activism,but there wasn’t any to write about over the last couple of weeks.And the country’s crime wave receded,as there are fortunately no reports of the ghastly multiple-homicides that have been raging across the country over the last few years.And also fortunately,since that freak snow storm on Halloween weekend that caused such terrible devastation and havoc throughout the Northeast and some of the Mid-Atlantic,the horrible weather that has scorched our land and people over the same last few years receded too.Maybe the Good Lord is easing up on us and giving us a breather.We need it.Meanwhile,I hope all you patriots have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving with your loved ones and/or friends or neighbors or co-workers.Please keep going on this blog’s parent site patriotsunitenow.com(pun.com)for links to the really important news of the day and some conservative-patriot commentary.Even though America is in a very dark hour,we are blessed and fortunate enough to still work and fight for the patriot cause while there’s still light in the land.We all still have a lot to be thankful for,but we have our work cut out for us.I may close out November with another post;if not,the next one will be in early December.And don’t go shopping on Thanksgiving night! Please! Don’t encourage the greedy merchants who hold nothing sacred but their bottom lines! Till next time.Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all American patriots.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

November 1st, 2011

Hi,patriots.I’m starting this patriot post at 1930 hours on Satan’s holiday of Halloween-a day originally called All Hallows Eve and which recognized Christian saints.Now it’s a bacchanalia of occultism,cuddling up to evil characters both real and imagined,a bloody waste of time and money.There were about 70 “trick or treaters” who walked past the house I live in,but fortunately none of them stopped here.It’s very curious how for the past several year in this Southeast Bronx neighborhood,the costumed kids seem to skip houses for their treats.Lucky for me I only spent about $10 on candy,and it’ll be all mine once the night ends.But now let’s get to the news,reported on from this patriot’s perspective.

Good news and bad news on the immoral wars of empire that President Abomination and his gang of warmongers continue to wage in Afghanistan and Iraq.The bad news is that 13 more US GIs were killed by a suicide attack in Kabul;the good news is that Abomination announced that all US servicemen will be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of the year.While this is a great relief for the guys who are still “over there,” two important questions need to be asked:Where is Abomination going to re-assign them(Maybe to Uganda to fight for some of his relatives!)? And what motivated him to decide this at this time? First,while he said the boys were “coming home,” he didn’t specifically say if they’ll be redeployed elsewhere.He had the nuts to send 100 servicemen to Uganda to help train Ugandan soldiers battle anti-government rebels! That’s how low this globalist warmonger thinks of US servicemen,by ordering them to train and possibly fight and die in Uganda! But his motive for the withdrawal is obviously to help him get returned to power in the White House for 4 more years,from 2013 to the first few weeks of 2017.Indeed,virtually everything the power-drunk Abomination will do from now till Election Day 2012 will be designed to help him get re-elected.Whether he decides to withdraw troops,submit a bill to create jobs or cut taxes,kill more Americans on his hit list,etc.,its purpose is to persuade enough Americans to vote for him next Fall and no-one else.He may very well succeed,for the GOP presidential field is absolutely pathetic,with the possible exception of former LA governor Buddy Roemer and TX congressman Ron Paul.It’s still a year away,but a lot of GOP voters have shown just how dumb and self-defeating they are time and time again.And there will probably be enough of them to vote for an establishment goon like Catcher’s Mitt Romney(per Jim Cedarstrom at the radio broadcast Money Talks)or Little Ricky Perry.I’ll conclude this patriot post with commentary on these jokers,and with the recommendation for all patriots to pick up the August 22nd issue of The New American with the cover story GOP Candidates’ Credentials;it’s must-reading.But regardless of Abomination’s motives,it’s great that the boys will finally come home from Iraq after almost 11 years.I’m sure that anti-war patriots had a lot to do with Abomination’s decision,and it shows once again that when patriots get mad and keep screaming “Enough!” that there’s a good chance that our corrupt rulers will listen and respond in our favor.Back to the graveyard of empire,a Pew survey found that while only 1/3 of Americans support Washington’s war in Afghanistan,60% of Republicans still support it.While that figure is an encouraging and a substantial drop from the 80% support at the war’s beginning right after 9/11,it still shows most Republicans are still pro-war,pro-American empire,pro-War on Terror!,pro-military-industrial complex.And that is very unlikely going to help the GOP 2012 candidate slate,especially the presidential candidate.Anyway,it’ll be great to welcome the boys home in January.They’ve been through a hell of a lot,fighting Iraqi insurgents,their own corrupt commanders and especially their commander-in-chief,interminable re-deployments,at-times oppressive living conditions,on top of getting shot at,bombed at,wounded,maimed.And if patriots ever take real control in Congress,they’ll conduct a thorough investigation into the lies and false intelligence that brought the boys into Iraq,and bring to justice those responsible for all the totally unnecessary carnage and destruction.

While this patriot post’s section will cover 2 items on important news dealing with political economy and the financial establishment,it deals too with America’s political corruption.For the Abomination has signed 3 more “free trade” treaties served to him on a silver platter by the Republican-majority House and the Democratic-majority Senate.Even with the unmitigated disaster of NAFTA,CAFTA and virtually every other treaty that are globalist rulers and their complicit ideologues mislabel as “free trade,” the sellouts in District of Criminals have now passed into law similar anti-American-worker treaties with Colombia(A nation where half of its territory is ruled by the Marxist revolutionary group and drug cartel FARC!),Panama and South Korea.I saw globalist goon John Boy McCain on TV on the senate floor,pleading with his good friend the Abomination to sign the trade laws.It proves once again that McCain-Son of Cain-licks the boots of his globalist masters,and carries water for them probably every single time they tell him to.So the anti-American-worker ruling class in DC has slapped us in the face once again.And now cheap goods from those countries will flood the US market,and it’ll be almost impossible for US producers to compete against them because US workers make much more than their counterparts south of the border.Tariffs will be virtually eliminated,and our manufacturing sector will be reduced even more from its dangerously low 9% of the US workforce.And this is one of the issues where the Republicans,as a party whole,are worse than the Democrats.Most of the No votes in Congress on these anti-patriot treaties came from Democrats.And this is another issue that’ll harm GOP in the 2012 congressional elections,even with the Democratic president-just like the globalist Billy Clinton-signing it into law.So,patriots,why are they doing this to us,especially our manufacturing workers? Several reasons.One is,like John Boy McCain,they’re serving their masters who fund their campaigns and keep them in power.Another is they’re ideologues,who obdurately believe that free trade is always right and tariffs are always wrong,even though they were the government’s main source of funding before the income tax of 1913.Another reason is that this helps break down our borders and the borders of other nations;it serves the “We are the world” gobbledygook that there are no major differences between all the different races,religions and cultures in the world,and nationhood and patriotism are obsolete and all that matters is profit and wealth.Then there are the anti-patriots and enemies of America who know these treaties weaken our country in so many ways,so of course they favor laws,policies and treaties that serve their purpose and seek our eventual destruction as a prosperous nation.I hope all you patriots remember those in Congress who voted to sell us out once again on “free trade” and you let them know of their anti-patriot actions and that you’re unlikely to vote for them next year.And that leads to the final economic news in this section of Pennsylvania’s capital city declaring bankruptcy.Harrisburg simply didn’t have $300 million to pay their bills,so they sought bankruptcy protection.What frightening,incredible symbolism it is that the capital city of one of America’s bigger states goes belly-up,like Greece is scheduled for in the near-future.America’s financial establishment has put our country on the brink,and what has happened to Harrisburg,PA may be a foretaste of far-worse bankruptcies and defaults to come.

On La Conquista front,due to anti-patriot Voting Rights Act,Abomination’s US Dept.of Injustice has ordered about 300 election districts throughout the country to provide non-English-language voter ballots for non-English-speaking voters next Fall.This anti-American law was passed by a Democratic Congress in 1975,and it’s now being used to undermine English as our national language and seeks to destroy America as an English-speaking nation.And nowhere in the long AP article by Hope Yen on this story(available on this blog’s parent site patriotsunitenow.com)mentions something very,very important,and that’s probably why Yen and/or her AP editors omitted it:ONLY US CITIZENS ARE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE AND IMMIGRANTS MUST SPEAK ENGLISH BEFORE BECOMING CITIZENS!!!!! So this congressional act and the militant enforcement of it by Attorney General Eric Holder,Assistant US Attorney Thomas Perez and their comrades at La Conquista,Amnesty Gang,Diversity Gang,etc.are being used as brickbats and acts of intimidation to force non-English languages(mainly various dialects of Espanol)on the American people.If immigrants can’t read,write and speak English,they’re not supposed to become citizens and thus unable to vote.But patriots,this is all-as Dan Fogelberg sang out about 30 years ago,”part of the plan”-the plan to destroy America-or in Abomination’s word’s,”remake America”-as an English-speaking country and turn us into,first,an official bi-lingual country(English/Espanol)and then multi-lingual further down the road(English/Espanol/Chinese,Hindi,etc.).Some congressional Republicans are opposing the Injustice Department,but only on grounds that many localities will be further strapped financially if forced to provide these ballots.While that’s certainly true,the first patriot opposition to the bi-lingual ballots is it encourages and rewards people not to learn or speak English even though they’re fortunate enough to live here.What ingrates! And what sellouts and anti-patriots are those in government who aid and empower them! With our money! Patriots,we may face our own Alamo sooner than we thought.And it proves again that almost all of America’s enemies are domestic,not foreign.

More bad news with the GOP presidential field.The New American sent a correspondent to cover Republican Leadership Conference in the Big Easy last June.And according to his report,every single candidate who spoke at the conference,except Ron Paul,licked the boots of Israel Lobby.They almost tripped over themselves,promising that they’ll back Israel no matter what.Even when its government spies on Washington! And here’s another instance where GOP is worse than the Democrats:when they pander and suck up to Israel Lobby.Again,it may be all about the money;but I believe it’s also about pure favoritism to “The Tribe.” So even though Americans get nothing but headaches and heartaches from the US government’s virtually blind support of Israel’s government,it looks like every GOP establishment politician and presidential candidate or candidate for any major national office will bow their knees to Israel Lobby-all for power and prestige.And it was no surprise that Herman Cain thundered when he spoke before the crowd that if you mess with Israel,you mess with America.Gerald and Deborah Strober are a Jewish couple from-Where else?-New York City who are very close to Mr.Cain,so much so that they ghostwrote Cain’s campaign memoir.Moreover,they have an apartment in Israel,grandchildren who live there,and consulted with Mr.Cain’s chief-of-staff Mark Block(that’s a Jewish name)to arrange a trip to Israel for Mr.Cain,who also met up with several Israeli government officials.And his trip was scheduled to dovetail with Glenn Beck’s pep rally in that country.Deborah(”Bee” in Hebrew)Strober complimented Cain as “…a very quick learner.” That is,he has learned quickly to work for Israel Lobby and not for America.Cain has attracted some support largely because he’s viewed as an outsider who’ll try to shake things up in DC.That’s a typical party-establishment myth.Herman Cain is an insider,a former president of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City,and now an Israel Lobby stooge-a black tycoon with a campaign chief-of-staff who’s probably Jewish and a NYC Jewish couple who ghostwrote his campaign memoir and lecture him on what his views towards their mother country should be.GOP already gave us a Son of Cain(McCain)as their 2008 presidential candidate.Will they be stupid and foolish enough to nominate another Cain next year?! Didn’t they learn from last time?! Cain slew his brother Abel! He was the first murderer! And the Son of Cain is doing his part as a US senator from AZ to murder America,as will Cain if he becomes president.A bit more on Cain in this post’s conclusion.This section was written to warn co-patriots of the constant dangers of Israel Lobby to America’s safety,security and morality.

Here are 4 items to review on America’s moral breakdown.A 13-years-old boy in Pittsburgh,PA decided to get some kicks by smoking “synthetic marijuana” out of a plastic tube used for holding candy.His lungs were so damaged from the chemicals that he needed a double transplant.While in hospital and being treated with anti-rejection drugs,he died from an infection that his weakened immune system failed to knock out of his body.What a horrible waste of a young life and what terrible agony for his parents to go through something like this.And just what would drive a young teenager with his whole life ahead of him to experiment with synthetic pot? Boredom? Peer pressure? Looking for kicks? Showing off in front of friends or trying to impress a girl? Whatever the sick reasons,this kid died a horrible death and his parents,relatives,friends and schoolmates will live with this for the rest of their lives.And it’s yet another reminder that when young people enter a danger zone for whatever dumb reason-and then lose their lives or suffer serious harm to their bodies-it indicates that America is indeed suffering from a moral crisis.And it’s something that the average coward of a politician or political wannabee will hardly ever talk about publicly.And writing on the thrill-seeking of so much of today’s youth,we head across the pond to the Mother Country,where a 17-years-old girl decided it was time to try another hair dye-and 20 minutes later she was dead;apparently her body had a severe allergic reaction to the dye.So like America,United Kingdom(”Great” Britain)has a moral crisis too.The article on the British website where I read about this incident contained several photos of the victim when she was alive,and in each photo,her hair was a different color.This is a craze here in “The States”(as the Brits call us)too,where so many females(mostly young,but of all ages)-and some males too-for various reasons,dye their hair.It’s pretty much a given that these dyes are harmful to the hair and the scalp and,as the case in Britain proved,can cause allergic reactions that can cause death.Since the chemicals in these dyes are so powerful,why would anyone even think about using them? For the same reasons as I wrote before with the kid who smoked the powerful pot,but I believe the hair dyers are desperately seeking some kind of alternate identity,to create a new person,a new image.Yes,hair is a very strong characteristic of a person’s identity.This patriot is getting grayer probably every day,and I don’t like it;but I’m not going to dye my hair and head just to fool me into believing that I’m not getting older or create a false image of my real self.Trendiness and faddishness is another reason for the dye craze.So many people-especially the young and the female-have to “go with the in-crowd,” they want to be popular,they want friends or don’t want to lose friends.So if a trend screams out “Dye your hair!”, so many sheeple just follow along without a second thought.How dangerous that is,especially in this era with all the evil influences all around us.Hopefully after these tragedies of a male and female teenager dying from synthetic pot and hair dye,the mostly young will think twice before seeking their kicks.Again,patriots,we’re dealing with a moral crisis,and a spiritual one too.And now we go to another moral crisis:that of the welfare queen,the matriarchal society,especially among the big-city black population,and in some latino populations too.But this case deals with a 33-years-old black woman in the predominantly black ghetto of Brownsville in the Brooklyn borough of NYC,who was shot dead by rifle fire-and she left 13 children.Thirteen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 33! And about a month before in the Big Apple,a 28-years-old black women was arrested for abducting her 8 children from foster care.Her husband was arrested too,but it’s unlikely that he’s the father of all 8 of those kids.And how many men fathered those 13 children with the murdered woman? This is one big reason how once-nice neighborhoods become poverty-stricken/crime-stricken ghettos.Irresponsible brood sows bang out one out-of-wedlock kid after another,with multiple men,receive tax money for support,and then the kids grow up without even knowing what a father is.The only time a father figure is present in a barbaric subculture like this is when an occasional boyfriend rolls into the apartment or house and stays for as long as he wants before the next stag comes along.And this culture spreads-like wildfire.I’ve seen it,I’ve worked in it,in the South Bronx.I’ve seen it in other places too.And the corrupt political class hardly ever,if ever,talks about this barbarity that’s extant in every single big city in America.They probably think that because they passed a “welfare reform” law back in 1996 that everything is just ducky now.That’s their cheap solution to almost every moral and social crisis in this country:just pass a law and the problem goes away;just throw tax money at the problem and it’ll go away.The worship of money to solve our problems.This is what that sleazebag Lyndon Johnson and his “Great Society” has bequeathed to us.And we may never recover.About 2 generations of children-mostly within the black and some latino populations-have been sold down the river by a corrupt political class,along with their own immorality and irresponsibility.That so-called welfare-reform law still gives tax money to welfare queens for 5 years.Cut it to 1 year! That’s it! One year! After that,the welfare queen should be on her own.And if she neglects or abandons her kids,imprison her and place the kids in foster care.That’s the tough patriot love that we all need to at least forestall the matriarchal ghetto from spreading even into the suburbs.There are other non-draconian policies we can take to help staunch this social disease,but that’ll be for another post.And the welfare queen who was shot dead had her 2 teenage brothers also slain by the gun.And while the major media keep entertaining us to death will all their garbage,barbarity exists not too far from their broadcast studios,but probably further away from the ritzy houses and neighborhoods their producers and executives live in.And our country’s moral crisis is largely a result of the corrupt Christian establishment,and we saw evidence of it with the latest marriage of the corrupt Christian establishment with the corrupt political establishment.Former liberal Democrat president “Jimmy” Carter(Jimmy sounds so folksy.Doesn’t it?)has been signed to a deal by Rupert Murdoch-owned Zondervan to publish 2 books that’ll try to pawn Carter off as a Christian when all he is is just another CFR globalist like Murdoch.Murdoch the warlock bought formerly Christian publisher Zondervan obviously to subvert Christianity from within.And he’ll use Carter,just like he has used Zondervan’s Rick Warren-also a CFR member-to influence the minds of the ignorant and the gullible and the foolish to believe in and accept the New Age,anti-Christ liberal teaching that’ll come from the mind and pen of James Carter.Oh,he’ll occasionally write on biblical and Christian themes,but then he’ll weave his web to try to deceive us into a pro-homosexual,pro-war,white-people-are-racist dogma.Just like the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing that Christ warned about(Matthew 7:15).You think Carter would’ve had the decency to seek another publisher than one owned by warlock Murdoch,especially after the hacking scandal involving Murdoch-owned papers in UK.But when evil men with evil minds and evil intentions in an evil age have an evil objective,morality and right and wrong is irrelevant-a perfect characteristic of the revolutionaries that they are.Patriots,our country’s main crisis is a moral crisis.And I think what I’ve just written about helps prove that point.

And a moral crisis leads to a crime crisis.Four people were slain in yet another all-in-the-family multiple homicide,this time in the Cross River suburb of New York City.An imminent divorce was claimed to be the motive of a husband shooting dead his wife and their 2 young kids before killing himself.He was a lawyer who reportedly complained that his wife was “domineering.” That was probably true,as the misanthropic,anti-Christ feminist movement has helped to create a lot of Frankenstein daughters out there.But the answer to that threat to men and the family is not get mixed up with a broad like that in the first place.If one gets stuck with one,leave her until a divorce is finalized.And then the evil of killing the innocent kids?! And then the evil of being unable to comprehend the evil of slaying one’s own wife and kids and then killing oneself,in some kind of expression to absolve one of guilt?! Again,patriots,the moral crisis.And in Seal Beach,CA near San Diego,a madman took out his revenge on his ex-wife by bringing a weapon to the hair salon where she worked and started firing,killing 6 and wounding 3;he was apprehended several hours later.And then a report was released from National Gang-Intelligence Center(NGIC)that in America today,there are-get this-33,000 crime gangs,with an estimated 1.4 million members.And while the report,to my knowledge,didn’t site this,the open-borders immigration policies of the US government are largely responsible for this huge growth in gangs.Only about 10% of the immigration into America is from Europe,with much of it coming from the Third World.And with the Third World,especially from south of the border in Latin America,comes drug gangs-loads of them.Drug use and drug dealing is so much more common down there because there’s so much more poverty and joblessness.So if DC keeps letting in millions of legal and illegal latinos,we’re going to have more gangs and more drugs;it really is that simple.And a lot of them will join police departments to gather inside intelligence for the drug gangs,steal confiscated drugs and guns,arrest rival dealers,inter alia.What these bastards in DC have done to this country via open-borders immigration is virtually criminal,certainly anti-patriot and immoral.And with Abomination supposedly bringing about 40,000 GIs home from Iraq,maybe they’ll eventually be used to fight all these gangs that are terrorizing America far more than all these fake Muslim terrorists who are supposed to be merely threatening us.

The Almighty’s judgment on America seems to be continuing,as National Cathedral-possibly the eminent symbol of America’s anti-Christ Christian establishment’s whorish relationship with the corrupt,anti-Christ political establishment in District of the goddess Columbia-remains closed from earthquake damage.How sweet it is! What a great way for Almighty God to bring His judgment and anger down on corrupt Washington,DC! Close its center of idol worship with an earthquake! May it forever stay closed! But what we saw and lived through in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast US was a whopper:on the Saturday before Satan’s holiday of Halloween on Monday,a brutal storm of rain,snow,sleet and high winds tore through the area.I never shoveled snow in October in the Bronx,but there I was on the sidewalk and in the driveway.My nephews in the New Jersey suburb of Oakland haven’t had electricity or heat since that Saturday night.One of them told me from his cell phone that “It looks like the end of the world here.” Virtually the entire neighborhood is dark:no street lights,and only an occasional house with lights from generators or kerosene lamps.The storm has so far been responsible for the deaths of 21 people,and about 2 million homes and businesses still have no power,4 days after the storm hit on Saturday afternoon,October 29th.Even fatso governor Chris Christie’s house in New Jersey still doesn’t have power! What a riot that is! And in pinko-rich/pinko-liberal Connecticut-the Nutmeg State,with all 5 of its US representatives and its 2 US senators being flaming-liberal Democrats-about 1 million either lost power or still don’t have power.That’s about 20% of its population! Pinko-liberal Massachusetts was slammed too,but the Nutmeg State seems to have been slammed the worst.Maybe that’ll knock their anti-patriot liberalism out of them! Patriots,was it a co-incidence that this highly unseasonable storm hit the most liberal,the most anti-patriot,the most anti-Christ part of our country,just 2 days before the occult-worshipping holiday of Halloween? I don’t think so! And more may be coming! Pray for protection! And what about Global-Warming Gang?! Are they going to blame this storm on “global warming” or “climate change”?

I almost always close this patriot post on this patriot blog with some encouraging news on patriot activism in the land,while making some patriot-activism recommendations myself.I don’t really have any patriot activism to report on now,but I’ll cite a patriot cover story in a magazine that despite its shortcomings,is one of the few publications out there that can really be described as conservative and/or patriotic.The August 22nd issue of The New American contains the cover story GOP Candidates’ Credentials.Two pages are devoted to each of the 10 presidential candidates,2 of whom have since dropped out:Thaddeus McCotter and Rick Pawlenty.No wonder why they dropped out:Can we imagine a president with the first name of Thaddeus or the surname that sounds like the candy Good & Plenty? The writers have conducted commendable research that shows just how pathetic and anti-patriot this GOP field is.It’s 1996 and 2008 all over again! Whether it’s Catcher’s Mitt Romney or Little Ricky Perry or Newty Gingrich or Little Ricky Santorum or the ghostly Michelle Bachmann,these are all anti-patriots,all suck-ups to Israel Lobby and the globalist-warmonger internationalist establishment that runs the corrupt government they’re a part of or once were a a part of and seek to return to.The facts presented by the TNA writers on these miserable excuses for presidential candidates provide patriots with plenty of ammo to expose them to other patriots for what they really are.Patriots,I urge you all to get on the blowers or log onto the website www.thenewamerican.com and request copies of this issue,if it’s still available;sometimes they sell out when they publish really good issues like this one.That being written,I do have problems with TNA.I’ve subscribed for about 15 years,and I’ve noticed a bit of a deterioration in the writing and what topics are covered.They obviously believe in the false religion of Americanism,a near-worship of the foundation,structure and offices of American government at all levels(that’s why they almost always capitalize titles of government officials,like the “Mayor,” the “Representative,” the Governor,”etc),and a near-worship of our Founding Fathers.There’s also a close relationship with radical libertarianism-a political philosophy which at times approximates anarchism.But with all that being written,no one does as good a job as they do,to my knowledge,in researching,monitoring and exposing the globalist sellouts in and out of the US government.It’s also refreshingly non-partisan and independent-minded.Whether an anti-patriot in government or with access to government is a Republican or a Democrat matters little to them;it’s their actions that matter,not their titles or political-party membership.I recommend that patriots subscribe to TNA:26 issues a year for $39.The number to call for that back issue is 1-800-342-6491.

Patriots,I hope you enjoy this beautiful season of Fall,or Autumn.I hope that you patriots(we’re in the minority in the Northeast)without power from this recent storm or from a future one are prepared or learn to get prepared for losing power,especially in cold weather.It went down to freezing from that Saturday-night storm in New York City! For the first time since records have been kept,the city’s Central Park recorded snow on the ground in October! You gotta love it! So please get as prepared as possible for these power outages.Having a battery-powered radio(preferably with shortwave and the NOAA weather stations)is indispensable,for it keeps us informed of the latest developments and provides important information,and maybe some entertainment too.Keep the batteries charged up or make sure the batteries have long shelf life.We have to see where we’re going,so have flashlights and candles and matches at the ready.Economize when using these items,for at times we won’t know when the juice returns.Keep the gas tanks in the autos as close to full as possible,for we may have to drive quite a distance for help or sanctuary.And keep the car battery charged too;we may need them to not just drive a long distance,but to use the power to charge cell phones or batteries.And here’s where a cell phone is a big help.I think we all have to break down and admit that cell phones can be very valuable,especially in emergencies,but I still recommend their use only when a land line is unavailable(re health concerns,for those phones are powerful).If you’re lucky enough like my nephews to have a fireplace,keep a nice woodpile on-hand.That has been the only source of heat for them for 3 straight days.A generator is a big help too,but be informed and very careful when using it.I believe the Almighty is bringing so much of this terrible weather upon us to humble us,to break us out of our hedonism,to help us realize what’s really important in our lives-and it’s not corrupt pro-baseball or repulsive movies and television shows with one repulsive personality after another besieging our senses and our intelligence and our morality.Please keep going to patriotsunitenow.com for links to the important news of the day and occasional commentary and other patriot resources.And please spread the word about this pro-bono patriot blog and its parent pro-bono website.I’ll talk to you in a couple of weeks.And some of you patriots will be voting soon in some states.I hope you’ve done what you can to get patriots nominated and have kept anti-patriots from getting nominated.And that you’ll vote for the patriots,if they’re on the ballots,on Tuesday,November 8th.Let’s keep fighting the patriot cause,in any way or ways we can.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

October 17th, 2011

Hi,patriots.We’re now about a month into Fall 2011,and there seems to have been a respite from the horrible weather that tore through our nation for almost the entire Summer.Fall is a beautiful time of year,with warm days and cool nights.I think September and October may be the best months of the year,with the only drawback being that Winter comes next.So let’s enjoy the next 4-6 weeks,with all the leaf-watching,Fall harvests,home fires,etc..But now let’s go to the really important news and commentary from the perspective of this American patriot.

A Pew Research Center survey discovered that 1/3 of post-9/11 US veterans believe the immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth fighting,and a majority believe the warmonger US government should focus more on America’s domestic problems than on foreign conflicts.This is great news for the anti-war patriot movement and bad news for the warmongers of various stripes and motivations who are running the federal government,especially the executive branch still under the power and control of the Bush/Clinton dynasty.Not that this’ll change the minds of the warmongers,far from it.Remember when former veep Dick Cheney-the Snarling One of the Boy George administration-responded with the simple,arrogant,smug “So?” when a reporter informed him that most Americans opposed his bloody,immoral wars that have now caused about 50,000 US casualties,including about 6,000 dead.Indeed,the sleazy men running the US military out of that ugly building in Washington,DC called the Pentagon haven’t published the actual figures of US killed and wounded,nor have they ever given even an estimate of the death toll of Iraqi and Afghan civilians ever since Boy George launched the War on Terror! in October 2001.Reporters,researchers and investigators have had to go on websites like casualties.org for statistics or on some UN-affiliated sites.It’s obvious that these low-life warmongers in DC are hiding disturbing figures that would anger patriots and the American people even more than they’re angry now over these unnecessary,unconstitutional wars.That such a large number of veterans-probably most of whom have served in Iraq or Afghanistan-say the wars they’ve been ordered to fight in weren’t worth the cost in lives and resources shows that many servicemen have wised up and will say they’re opposed to the conflicts they’ve been ordered into.And that most of them say the imperialist federal government should scale back their foreign adventurism and start caring about America first and the world second indicates that they’re fed up with a government and its military that cares more about the world than the American people who’ve voted them into office.To paraphrase TN congressman John Duncan Jr.-one of the few Republicans who opposed Boy George’s attack on Iraq:”America would be a lot better off if the federal government would try to govern America instead of trying to govern the world.” But apart from the good news that veterans are opposing the immoral wars they’ve fought in is the impending possibility that more Americans who want to join “The Service” will have second thoughts,and those fed up with all the unjust wars won’t re-enlist.In addition to the immoral wars that they’re forced to fight in can be added the following discouragements and hardships:excessive and/or extended deployments,open homos now allowed to enlist and stay in the service with the repeal of DADT,the fairer sex being allowed to serve on subs next year,high rates of suicide in the armed forces,inferior health-care services and hospitalization for veterans,lack of good job opportunities for veterans,inter alia.Now,patriots,this may be by design.President Abomination obviously hates America,and he and his fellow neo-bolsheviks want to destroy her and remake her in their image.Much of the US military is comprised of white Southerners-from the Christian,traditionalist South.There’s only so much they’re going to take of this anti-patriot,politically correct,foreign-interventionist military.They’ll probably try to deal with it as best they can for a while,then resist as best they can,and possibly fight back as best they can.But the end result may well be they just give up and leave the service.And who fills the vacuum? This is why I say this is probably by design.While Abomination certainly didn’t start this,he has stepped on the gas,put the pedal to the metal.And that may be because he thinks he has a short time left to continue his destruction of our country.When the good ol’ boys from Georgia and Tennessee and North Carolina and other states start leaving and don’t even enlist in the first place,Abomination will seek a totally new military,with recruits coming mostly from the big cities where his fellow neo-bolsheviks rule with hardly any real opposition.Diversity Gang have been looking to “diversify” the military for about 30-40 years.So all their attacks on the military may finally be wearing the guys in green down.Morale is down and will probably keep going down.Abomination and his gang of globe-trotting internationalists may have to recruit an army of mercenaries to do their bidding.Regardless,the near-future of America’s military looks bleak,and the distant-future looks dreadful.Patriots need to remove from office the anti-patriots who are destroying our military,and time is running out quickly.Meanwhile,please thank a veteran for his service,past and/or present.

As America continues to get sucked into the “global economy” by its sellout lawmakers,our borders continue to remain rather porous.MSNBC reported,as they did the Pew survey on the veterans,that-Get this!-only 2% of food imports into America are inspected! That’s 2%! One reason for the listeria outbreak that has killed about 30 people and sickened even more is that so much of the food we eat travels a long distance before we eat it-the “farm to fork” distance.And this is only a corollary of the globalist-scum politicians who see no difference between New Yorkers or Floridians or Nebraskans or Oregonians getting their food from Kansas than from Communist China.Despite the tainted products from Red China that have already harmed Americans-like contaminated drywall and lead paint in toys-America’s anti-patriot rulers,like Dick Cheney the Snarling One,shrug their shoulders and rhetorically ask,”So?.” Yes,patriots,they don’t care about us;they care about their power,prestige and great wealth in their New World Order,their “global economy,” their “international community.” It’s all part of their plan to break down America’s identity and just absorb us into the polyglot of the world’s other nations,that we’re just part of the world and no different.How can anyone believe for one second that these bastards in Washington are protecting us when they only inspect 2% of the food entering our country?! Millions of Americans are putting food inside their bodies that hasn’t been inspected! Patriots,as I’ve written before on this blog and its parent site patriotsunitenow.com,the political and moral situation in the US government is almost certain not to change for the better with the current Republicrat rule.The top-dog Donkeys and  Elephants are too set in their ways,too comfortable in their seats of power,too afraid of losing their power,to change and fight the patriot cause.Patriots in the Democrat or Republican parties should start planning an exodus and planning on forming another party,maybe more than one.Meanwhile,for you patriots who don’t read food labels,now is certainly the time to start.Let’s stick with good ol’ American food from good ol’ American farmers! Especially now! Only buy foodstuffs unavailable in America.And still,be careful!

One reason why banks haven’t been lending as much as they used too in the still-distressed housing market is that Diversity Gang(DG)goons at US Dept.of Injustice,led by attorney general Eric Holder and his “civil rights” enforcer Thomas Perez-a black Dominican-have been threatening about 60 banks with lawsuits if they don’t loan money to latinos and blacks,regardless of their backgrounds or ability to repay the loans.This is one of the major reasons why the housing crisis exploded about 4 years ago and why it still hasn’t recovered;indeed,it seems to be worsening.Some of the banks have submitted like whipped dogs,promising the DG goons that they’ll comply;but others will just stop lending at all,to anybody.Goons like Holder and Perez(the latter worked for La Conquista activist group Casa de Maryland before coming to Abomination’s Injustice Dept.)obviously are driven by the same anti-white ideology that has driven DG ever since the ’60s.In none of these threats to the banks did they have any concrete evidence that the banks were discriminating against latinos or blacks.The MO of DG is and has been that whenever a non-white is denied something by a white,it must be discrimination.If there’s proof to dispute that charge,they just ignore it;this is a symptom of an affliction to an ideology.So if these 60-odd banks start lending their depositors’ money to loan applicants who will eventually default on their loans,this’ll just exacerbate the housing crisis and the rate of foreclosures.But the DG goons like Holder and Perez-like the Snarling One-will just ask,”So?.” Anti-white Jacobins like Abomination,Holder,Perez,Billy and Hillary Clinton,Daddy Bush and Boy George,the Kennedy dynasty-they thrive on power through demagoguery,practicing and enforcing blatant racial favoritism under the guise of empowering the under-privileged and oppressed masses.Regardless of the harm they cause to the entire country-including those they claim they seek to help-they ask,”So?.” Power and ego is what motivates them.And blatant race favoritism via raw government power eventually encounters serious resistance-patriot resistance.But it can also lead to the specter of racial conflict and insurrection.And once again,patriots,this may be all by design-i.e.,order out of chaos,picking up the marbles after the smoke clears.Let’s be ready for any eventuality.

One of Diversity Gang’s many fronts is La Conquista.They succeeded in California,where moonbeam governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to grant in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants.So now in the once-Golden State,someone who isn’t supposed to be living in CA or anywhere else in USA will pay a lower rate of tuition at a state college or university than an American or legal immigrant attending from another state.Since the vast majority of illegal immigrants are from south of the border,this aids and abets La Conquista,but it’s also related to the “global economy” and the push to gradually erase the border between US and Mexico.And of course,Moonbeam and his fellow California liberals and radicals and anti-patriots see no difference between an illegal immigrant from Mexico or El Salvador and a US citizen in California or Arizona or Ohio.Even with CA teetering for the past few years under the threat of bankruptcy,Moonbeam still has a thing for invaders who entered that state illegally and have remained there in defiance of US immigration law.And now they get rewarded with cheaper tuition rates than US citizens outside California who want to attend college in that state(Why would they?)because California has been taken over by anti-patriots,primarily due to out-of-control immigration from Latin America.And from the West Coast to the East Coast,NYC held an “Hispanic Pride Parade” that drew a rather paltry 10,000 marchers and spectators.The article on Diversity Gang news site ny1.com mentioned that various latino ethnicities-Cubans,Dominicans,Mexicans,Chileans,etc.-participated in this parade.Even though the people at this parade aren’t “Hispanic” in the literal sense-i.e.,they’re not from Hispania(Spain and Portugal)-they still deceive themselves and others with this misnomer of hispanic.But the reason I included this story is to expose the double-standard hypocrisy and anti-white ideology of Diversity Gang and La Conquista.If various white ethnicities like Irish,Italians,Germans,Norwegians,Portuguese,Greeks,etc.were to hold a European-Pride Parade,Diversity Gang and La Conquista would scream “Racism!” till the cows came home.This is just more proof that DG,LC,the “anti-racists” are full of biased hate towards whites.If European ethnic groups hold a parade or celebration as Europeans,they’re called racists;but if latinos do it,that’s just ducky.They have no problem with individual white groups having parades like the Irish and St.Patty’s Day,the Italians and Columbus Day,the Poles and Pulaski Day Parade,etc..But it’s hell and high water if they unite in a parade or ceremony of a shared culture and a shared Christian religion.One way of defeating an enemy and keeping them subjugated is by dividing them and conquering them.It’s an old trick of empire,and La Conquista and their allies have used it and still use it as often as they can.And they’ll succeed if not enough patriots expose them for what they are.

The 2012 GOP presidential sweepstakes gets more pathetic with each passing day.Texas governor Little Ricky Perry-pandering every which way but loose-has a powerful rabbi behind him.Irwin Katsof wined and dined Little Ricky on 2 trips to Israel in 2007 and 2009,founded Israel Lobby group Honest Reporting(Hah!)to supposedly monitor anti-Israel news reporting(it probably just wants to cover up immoral and/or criminal acts by Israel’s government)and helped persuade Little Ricky to establish-get this-Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce.So the half-Mexican Little Ricky from Texas is pandering for the Jewish vote and the so-called evangelical vote(the latter which cares more about ethnic worship of and devotion to the nation of Israel than preaching the Gospel of Christ).I thought Little Ricky was a shoo-in for the GOP nomination,with so many dumb Republican primary voters thinking as highly of him as they did of fellow Texan Boy George.But like Democratic governor Moonbeam Brown just passed in-state tuition for his illegal amigos and amigas in California,Little Ricky beat him to the punch by signing an in-state tuition bill several years ago in Texas.This has wounded him for now in the polls,and that’s good;but we’ll see if it lasts.Meanwhile,the tragedy for patriots is that whoever gets the 2012 GOP presidential nomination is likely to be a stooge of Rabbi Katsof or some other Israel Lobby potentate or activist group.And he or she will probably be worse on this threat to America than even the Abomination is.

America’s moral breakdown is accelerating,with the sin of Sodom ostensibly leading the way.The next 3 news reports all deal with the sin of the men of Sodom who are described in the Book of Genesis as “very wicked.” Jared Polis is a Jewish homosexual congressman from Colorado-a state that,largely due to transplants from California,becomes more radical liberal by the day.He announced that he and his “partner” had a son.How amazing that is! Two men having a son! The announcement didn’t reveal just how this son came to be theirs,either by adoption or surrogate motherhood.But the homo congressman just had to flaunt and brag about the new addition to his warped idea of a family.This is probably the most wicked aspect of America’s contemporary homosexual movement:seducing children into their “lifestyle.” Just imagine for a minute or so,a young,innocent kid living in a residence with 2 daddies.And they’ll probably indoctrinate this kid with the glories of their “relationship,” regardless of AIDS/HIV and other STDs,lower life expectancy and higher rates of abuse of alcohol and drugs than the heterosexual population,etc..This is child abuse! But this is how depraved the homo movement is.Next we go to San Diego,CA,where AP writer Elliot Spagat wrote a disgusting article of pro-homosexual agit prop on 2 “gay” Republican candidates(one male,one female)running for the party’s nomination for San Diego mayor.Associated Press is fiercely pro-homo,and why that’s so is any patriot’s guess.But just like I just cited an ultra-liberal Jewish congressman flaunting his homosexuality and then announcing his adopting a boy with his lover,Elliot Spagat(Sounds like faggot!)sounds like a Jewish name.I don’t know for sure if he’s Jewish,but the vast majority of Jews in public life or positions of power and influence are and have been pushing the radical,anti-Christ homo agenda for about 30 years now,especially anti-Christ Hollywood.And maybe Mr.Spagat is homosexual himself! Regardless,his article was disgustingly,laughably biased.It’s intent was obviously to glamorize the sin of Sodom.And lastly on this front of America’s culture war is a story in yet another pro-homosexual news outlet-The New York Times-that a 56-years-old lesbian legal activist died of cancer.During her activism,she did everything she could to do what New York’s Gray Lady and Associated Press and other pro-homo organizations have been trying to do for many years:stuff homosexuality down everyone’s throat until we all break down and say,”OK.,you’re right:gay is good.” This movement is not primarily about “rights” for sodomites;it’s about forced acceptance of homosexuality on about 95% of the population that’s not homosexual.And the homo agit prop is succeeding,for polls now show a slim majority of Americans support homo marriage and-Get this!-per Spagat’s propaganda piece,almost 2/3 of Americans would accept a “gay” president! I’ve never come across a poll result like that yet,so I’m a bit skeptical.And homo activists like Spagat the faggot or Spagat the pro-faggot have been caught pink-handed many times,creating their own reality,stretching truth and misleading their audiences,all to force a country still overwhelmingly Christian to approve sodomy.And that so much more of America-especially the younger generation-is now approving homosexuality is yet another sign that America is going down and is almost certainly under the Almighty’s judgment.

Two items on America’s crime-wave blotter.Five people were found shot to death inside a home in rural Indiana,while a “disgruntled employee” in Cupertino,CA-in the heart of Apple Industries and Silicon Valley-shot 3 co-workers dead and wounded 7 others.Fortunately some deputies took the mutt out a few miles from the crime scene,and that’s pretty much the end of this story from the major media.But should it be? The killer was black,and the race or races of his victims weren’t disclosed,at least to my knowledge.I was going to post an AP article on this multiple homicide on patriotsunitenow.com but,again-we’re talking about Diversity Gang-owned and operated Associated Press-the reporter went out of his way to show sympathy for the poor black murderer who was so popular in “his community.” He even hooked up with “the Reverend” Jesse Jackson at one time.The AP writer even quoted someone who knew the murderer as saying that,”Something must have freaked him out.” Why that’s it! It was…..RACISM! The white man made him do it! And AP obviously took the same approach to the black man at a beverage distributorship in Connecticut about a year ago who also must’ve gotten “freaked out” and slew about 10 people.Maybe some news will emerge as to why the Cupertino killer did what he did,but only an inner circle of people will know.Regardless of what his motives were,or of the Indiana killer,America’s wave of horrible multiple homicide continues.

I began this post by writing that the Almighty may have given us a break since about after Labor Day,with some much-needed relief from all the ghastly weather that has roared throughout the entire country this year.And that’s why the only report of the possibility(Should I change it to the probability?)of His judgment upon us comes from the city named after the mythological bird who,despite being burned to death,rose to new life from the ashes.On an interstate highway near Phoenix,AZ,”blinding dust” came barreling down upon drivers,causing multiple crashes and leaving 1 dead and 8 injured(6 of them critically).A state official said the dust storms were “…the worst we’ve ever seen.The storm literally parked itself over the crash areas.” I’ve lost count with how many times,people have been quoted this year when commenting on bad weather that it was the worst they’ve ever seen or they’ve never seen anything like it before.And last year in Phoenix,a brutal hail storm caused about $3 billion in damage.Storms of hail and dust,taking lives and destroying property.Why Phoenix is being hit with this apocalyptic weather is debatable,but I believe it’s just another manifestation of an angry God rendering chastisement upon America,specifically Phoenix in this case.And why do I believe that the Lord is doing this? That’s for another post,maybe one totally separate from this one under it’s regular format of reviewing the news.

And to conclude this patriot post,I cite 4 items on patriot activism,although 3 of the 4 items may be a tacit or soft patriotism.The blatant patriot protest and demonstration was held outside Rhode Island’s state capitol,when about 500 patriots gathered to publicly oppose a decision by a state education authority to grant in-state tuition to illegal immigrants residing in Rhode Island.They protested outside the capitol because the state’s liberal,anti-patriot governor Lincoln Chafee-formerly a Republican but now an independent(regardless of his party affiliation,he is and probably always has been a bloody liberal)-has done absolutely nothing about this travesty of rewarding people illegally in our country and penalizing students from outside the state who’d like to attend college there.This protest is very heartening,patriots,because RI is a pinko liberal state similar to its northern neighbor Massachusetts.Patriots must try wherever they live to awaken the slumbering patriot fire in all-too-many Americans,even in anti-patriot states like RI.And even MA! Yes,there may come a time where all has been lost and we must take our flag down and seek another front to fight our patriot battles.Retreat is an unfortunate reality at times in fighting a patriot war.But we must keep our eyes on that war and work for victory! America deserves nothing else! So,bravo to those patriots at the foot of the seat of anti-patriot power in the Ocean State.They’ve helped bring the sellouts and anti-patriots in the state’s education bureaucracy and government into the public arena,thus informing a lot of co-patriots and concerned citizens of some treachery in their state.Next is the great sigh of patriot relief that Sarah Palin-the moose-hunting Princess from Alaska-has decided not to seek the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.Why the warmonger,pro-Israel Lobby princess decided not to run is very interesting.But one reason I believe is she has felt patriot heat ever since the end of the 2008 presidential election,when she was GOP John Boy McCain’s running mate.Many Republicans and conservatives blamed her for several GOP congressional losses in 2008,and they were probably right.Maybe she just wanted to do what was right for her family with this recent decision;maybe she just didn’t want to campaign.Regardless,good riddance to the Alaska Princess.I’ve already expatiated on her on this blog,so I won’t repeat myself,except to say:it’s always a relief,possibly a boon from the Almighty,when an anti-patriot no longer seeks political power.And lastly is the news on the TV front that garbage soap-opera All My Children left the air after about a 40-years run,while OWN-the network of former #1 false prophetess Oprah Winfrey-is tanking in the ratings.AMC left the air too because of low ratings,and maybe this is a patriot reaction to garbage television broadcasts.Probably it’s just TV viewers fed up with schlock.But,I believe it serves the patriot cause when TV “programs” that attack America’s Christian morality or lead people down dangerous roads in their personal lives,or just stink up the airwaves with junk and sleaze,go off the air;that’s good for America.Indeed,scanning the hundreds of channels and networks that millions of us have access to,the vast majority of them are putrid trash.I remember when TV was free,we had only about 8 channels to choose from,and it was so much better from the garbage today that the difference is between day and night.Yes,when the day prevailed in Hollywood,it gave us the Golden Age of Television.Now that the night prevails in Tinsel Town,we get degenerate garbage like “Golden Girls”(a gaggle of dirty old broads),Desperate Housewives(one of Laura Bush’s favorite shows),King of Queens,Queer Nation,The Rosie O’Donnell Show.UGH! I’ve had enough! And I think most of you patriots have had enough too! And why are these degenerate shows on with degenerate personalities? Because degenerates of the night rule Hollywood,and they’ve ruled for about 40 years,not too long after the Production Code was no longer enforced.And as they say,the rest is history.But that soft-core-porn soap opera AMC-with its trashy dialogue,sexual innuendo and the constant “Who’s sleeping with who?” plots-and the possible downfall of the network of a false prophetess who has ruined so many lives with her New Age gab fests and psycho-babble,can only help reverse America’s moral breakdown and help the patriot cause.However,what’ll replace “All My Children”? ABC used to broadcast that garbage soap and The Oprah Winfrey Show,and that Robert Iger-owned network,which also owns garbage networks Disney and ESPN(with the latter,one has to have an IQ of -100 to apply for a job there),will likely put on something worse than AMC or the tripe that appears on OWN.What passes for entertainment on American TV is another reason why I believe the Almighty is judging this country.These garbage shows and networks shouldn’t have an audience of no more than a few thousand,but that they have viewership in the millions shows how far America has slouched towards Gomorrah.

Patriots,I hope to write the next post before Satan’s holiday of Halloween comes around.Till then,please log on to this site’s parent site patriotsunite now.com(pun.com)and spread the word.Time is of the essence in the patriot war we’re fighting.We’re in this for the long run.Here are the last lines to Michael Martin Murphy’s song Goodbye,Old Desert Rat:”Success is survival,and you toughed it out.Yes,we all toughed it out.” Let’s all commit ourselves to tough out this patriot battle for America,despite the bleakness of the hour.To all the patriot desert rats out there from sea to shining sea,till next time.