On Thanksgiving Eve 2013,an American Patriot Wishes Co-Patriots a Safe and Blessed Holiday

Hi,patriots. I’m writing this short post on Thanksgiving Eve 2013 not to review and comment on the news like I usually do, but to wish all US patriots a safe and blessed Thanksgiving Day and the same to those who are lucky enough to have a 4-days’ weekend. The fights we’ll face next year will be legion, and we have much work to do now as we prepare for what we’ll face in the Year of Our Lord 2014.

I urge you all to stay away from the big stores and their Black Friday and now even Black Thanksgiving sales; only shop for what you really need and try to keep it local and visit small businesses. Visit family and friends and reconnect with old friends you’ve lost touch with over the years. The anti-patriot, anti-Christ, grossly immoral political, financial, business and corporate establishments want us to go out these upcoming 4 days and spend our money like wild and mostly on things we don’t really need. Please don’t fall into their trap! They’ve expressed their hatred for us these past several years by punishing us if we save money and telling us to go buy stocks if we want any real return on our savings. So, patriots, defy the bastards! No matter how many carrots they offer us! Keep it safe and simple on the holiday that was made into law under President Lincoln to give thanks to the Almighty God who has so blessed our country, then, since and now.

As I type on this Thanksgiving Eve 2013 at 1810 hours, EST, in southeast Bronx County, NY, it’s a cold, rainy early evening. I’m in the command center at the house I live in, playing beautiful Christmas music on my old LLOYD’S AM/FM 8-track player! I’m listening to beautiful music played and sung by the very talented Bing Crosby, Henry Mancini and His Orchestra and Chorus, Pat Boone, and Fred Waring & the Pennsylvanians. Such beautiful songs and hymns about the Savior. And about “The Season” too.

Still, I’ve had much battle fatigue over the past few months. The anti-patriots and those serving the spirit of anti-Christ are getting more aggressive and more evil with each passing day. Great violence is spreading throughout the land, as is terrible weather. I believe this’ll intensify and spread as America keeps slouching towards Gomorrah.

As for my Thanksgiving Eve, I have 3 delicious-looking slices of Sicilian pizza in the fridge to wolf down between 2130 and 2200 hours. I’ll eat while listening to either WWRB(shortwave frequency 3.185 or 5.050) out of Manchester, TN and/or WWVA 1170 AM out of Wheeling, WV. I hope to top it off with a glass of flavored seltzer water and then a cigar and then hit the hay.

Farewell, patriots. Once again, a safe and blessed Thanksgiving Day and/or weekend to us all. And may the Good Lord be with us.

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