An American Patriot Finally Returns to Reviewing the News

Hi, patriots. After a hiatus of about 6 months, I’ve finally returned to this patriot blog to write a post. My long absence is mainly due to much home improvement, classic-car improvement, occasional R & R, patriot activism at the local level, and just too many other things on my plate over this time. This may not be the best of excuses for this extraordinary absence, but those are the reasons. Over this time, I’ve also not been covering as much news on the Internet and reporting on it at this blog’s parent site as much as I’ve been doing since this patriot operation began around Memorial Day 2009. But, I’ve kept up with reading the newspapers, magazines and newsletters I receive in the mail and sharing the important info and strategies with as many co-patriots as possible. Before I begin reviewing and commenting on the news via this post on Sunday evening, 9/29/2013, in the Year of Our Lord, I write to inform you all that this post will cover much of the important news over the last 6 months, so it’ll be a long one. Time will persuade me not to elaborate as much as I normally do on the news and the big issues, because I’ll be covering about 60 news items.

Also before I begin the upcoming review, I report that many bad things have been occurring in our country over the last 6 months or so, including some patriot operations that have either surrendered or gone over to the anti-patriot side. Also, I lost a major source of foreign news via the Internet when Opera “upgraded” its browser and I lost almost all the RSS feeds I placed on my homepage. I had about 10 feeds, mainly British, Australian and New Zealand sources. I regained 2 of them and started up 3 new ones on Internet Explorer, but they’re not as informative as what I had on Opera. Don’t you love it when these IT geeks “upgrade” their software?! Most of the time it’s a bloody downgrade! And Yahoo! under its new female CEO “upgraded” its e-mail software and forced those who used the previous e-mail version to switch to the new version by preventing us to access our e-mails! How nice of the liberal yuppies at Yahoo! and its CEO Marissa Mayer! Well, the new version stinks! They’ve also fiddled with their local-news RSS feeds by removing some of the ones I was using. In short, another upgrade was mostly a downgrade in the info-tech age we live in. On a more serious note, patriot site started up by immigration patriot Glenn Spencer that does a great job of gathering important news from all over our country on immigration news-has been down for about the last 4 months because Glenn’s webmaster has been ill. And with an amnesty threat for 12 million illegal immigrants now looming in US House of Representatives, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. Another big loss has been the deterioration in Last Trumpet Newsletter-still a patriot resource at Patriots and Christians lost a fine servant in Pastor David Meyer-founder and former editor of LTN-when he died from respiratory complications about 18 months ago. His son took over the writing and editing of the newsletter, and while it took some time, it is nowhere near as good as it used to be under David. His son is rather young(about 30),and reports on things that wouldn’t be covered if Pastor David were still with us. Way too much news on scientific and technological news are covered, and that’s probably because the young Mr.Meyer is in the IT field. And a reader gets that impression when reading the new Last Trumpet Newsletter. It has gotten so much worse, that the last issue I read was I think the May issue. I may soon remove it from the Patriot Resources page at The loss of Pastor Meyer and the subsequent deterioration in the newsletter he founded have been terrible losses to America’s patriot cause. Pastor Peter John Peters-founder of Scriptures for America ministry-also died about 16-18 months ago.While I disagreed with many of his teachings, he did have keen insight on many important issues. He was an independent and a non-denominational cowboy preacher from Colorado, and here was one of his keen observations, what I believe to be a mix of truth and humor: ” When in a room with a typical Baptist preacher, I put one hand on my wife and the other hand on my wallet.” Is that powerful or what?! Likewise, his successors at the ministry he founded haven’t done that well picking up the torch from Pastor Pete. The ministry under PP fired up its own shortwave radio station(WTWW-We Transmit World-Wide),presently heard on day frequency 9.480 and night frequency 5.830, and the broadcasts aren’t nearly as good as they were when PP was still with us. So there’s another blow to the patriot cause. Lastly is the terrible news that shortwave blowtorch WWCR(World-Wide Christian Radio) out of Nashville, TN has given seedy creep Ted Anderson and his Genesis Communications Network(GCN)virtually all the weekday prime-time slots with obnoxious loudmouths like Alex Jones(I believe he used to be a patriot and now has either flipped his lid or went over to the anti-patriot side)and Joyce Riley. And they even hired serpentine Rick Wiles for the 6 PM slot. GCN host Stan Monteith may even be on the other side now or he’s being used as a dupe. The creepy looking Mr.Anderson is reportedly a millionaire dealer in gold and silver, and he’s using his network to enrich and empower himself under the guise of fighting the patriot cause and NWO(New World Order). There are still some helpful broadcasts on WWCR, but they’re mostly on weekends and some of them are on in the wee small hours of the morning. In short, patriots, we may have lost WWCR to the other side. And that’s another blow to our cause. And the owner/operator of lesser-known SW station WWRB(World-Wide Radio Broadcasting) has been considering selling the station and is close to abandoning the Christian faith, at least the last time I spoke with him. There are other bad things like this that have been occurring in the land, and they may just be signs of the times. Patriots, we need to stick together and work together and exhort our countrymen now more than ever. I’ll resume this post in a day or two to start reviewing and commenting on the important news.

I usually start reviewing the news on this blog with reports on the immoral wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The major report is the 6 US military advisers who were killed in a Kabul bomb attack. Once again, America has lost 6 of her fighting men/advisers in a land far from home in a totally unnecessary, unconstitutional war. And the neocons’ war of wanton violence, revolution, insurrection, drone attacks, invasion and conquest has spread to Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Egypt and other Muslim nations. Like Boy George said he wanted to “democratize” the Middle East, his neo-con bosses like Fatso Cheney, Wolfy Wolfowitz, Donald the Torturer Rumsfeld and many others have waged their phony War on Terror! to invade, slaughter and conquer as many Muslin countries in the Middle East and its environs ever since 9/11. If God Almighty has mercy on this country, these rogues will be exposed and brought to justice for all the misery, death and destruction they’ve brought to America and the other nations they’ve terrorized.

I’ll now cover 6 instances of America’s continuing downward spiral of political corruption, anti-patriotism, self-worship and sleaze.So-called US Supreme Court(SCOTUS)declared that Arizona’s law to simply require proof of US citizenship to vote in that state violated federal law, specifically the “Motor-Voter Act.” That’s the law that a Democrat Congress and Democratic president Billy Clinton signed in 1993 supposedly to encourage people to register to vote but which obviously was meant to get non-whites, even welfare recipients, to register to vote and vote, of course, for anti-patriot Democrats or, in the words of patriot broadcaster Mark Anthony, “Demoncrats.” All the Grand Canyon State and other still-pro-American states want to do is make sure illegal immigrants and other unauthorized people aren’t voting; only US citizens can vote. This proves once again, patriots, that, like chief justice Roberts-appointed to the court by Boy George- casting the deciding vote for Abominationcare, this court is an anti-patriot court, regardless of a GOP or Demoncrat majority. Yes, the Demons are worse, but more GOP justices are showing themselves to be moderates or plain-old establishmentarians. AZ does have some legal options to keep requesting proof of citizenship, but it’ll be a tough fight; but fight they must. Next we go to Marky Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Patriots, I’ve suspected for many years that Facebook is mainly a CIA front and domestic spy operation to gather data and intelligence on as many Americans as possible. I wouldn’t trust schnozz-boy Marky as far as I could throw him. He became a billionaire almost overnight, and that rarely happens by chance. So the news that Max Kelly-a former head of security at Facebook-was hired by notorious National Security Agency(NSA)is more proof of my suspicions. A recent issue of The New American( had an excellent cover story on this rogue NSA-an outdated agency that needs to be disbanded, like CIA too. It was created by President Harry 33rd-degree-Freemason Truman in 1952 via “executive order,” which all too often is nothing but an unconstitutional presidential fiat. Patriots, I strongly recommend that if you haven’t opened a Facebook account and webpage that you don’t start one. Twitter or some of the other “social- media” sites are probably much safer. And if you “are on” Facebook, include as little information on yourselves as possible. Now we go to Janet Big-Sis Napolitano resigning(supposedly)as Secretary of US Dept.of Homeland Security and hired to become president of University of California. And the search committee that selected her was led by none other than Hollywood JAP Sherry Lansing-a former CEO of Paramount Pictures. Big Sis is part-Jewish herself, and I’m sure Lansing recommended her to make sure she does a good job of brainwashing UCAL students to be good, loyal anti-patriots and radical liberals and, of course, unyielding Israel supporters. This is another nail in the coffin of the once-Golden State of California. I believe the remaining patriots there will soon have no choice but to flee to other states or form several counties in the state to secede from Sacramento’s rule. Now we have 2 stories illustrating the self-worship and sickening praise that the Republicrat establishment periodically heaps on themselves, especially by and for current and former presidents. Believe it or not, Boy George had the temerity to open a presidential library in Texas. Here’s the proverbial spoiled-brat rich kid who has never worked an honest day in his life and who probably has never read a book in its entirety, opening a library. It’s probably a library with empty shelves! But the Bonesman Boy George and the dynasty he’s a part of love naming buildings and places and monuments after themselves; it exalts their egos and makes them always feel that their demi-gods. But there they all were at the ‘dedication”: President Destroyer, former president Billy Clinton and former president Jimmy Carter. At least the peanut farmer wasn’t a creep in his personal life and behavior, but he was still an anti-patriot. Daddy Bush wasn’t there supposedly due to illness. And then I saw a photo of the elitist anti-patriots who attended Edward “Teddy” Kennedy’s funeral in 2009. And they were all there too, with the “First Ladies,” and one can see Billy’s big,red nose lit up like a light on a Christmas tree, looking like the typical coke-snorting nose. And the Bushes were there-all good friends of Teddy: Republicans Daddy Bush and stern-faced Mrs.Bush, and Boy George and his iron-lady wife Laura. And what better way to conclude this part of this post on US political corruption than Madman John-Boy McCain-on Memorial Day-not visiting a US war memorial to pay his respects, but visiting the rebels in Syria to give them support in their murderous war to topple president Assad. These rebels are affiliated with Al-Qaida! That’s no problem for Madman McCain. Patriots, I’m not exaggerating in calling John Boy mad. This act of his is more proof that he’s insane, with a demented lust for endless war and violence and murder. These are some of the instances of the hellish state of Republicrat politics and governance today. And may Almighty God deliver us from its evil.

There are 5 items I’m about to cover on the financial and economic front. City of Detroit, MI-formerly known as Motown or Arsenal of Democracy-officially declared bankruptcy; in other words, they’re flat-broke. I spoke just the night before I type this with a pilot of a charter airline who flies all over the country, quite often flying wealthy people to and fro. He recently flew over Detroit, and the devastation he saw was absolutely mind-boggling: row after row of burned-out homes and abandoned buildings; packs of wild dogs roaming streets and in the front and back yards of houses; poorly lit and garbage-strewn neighborhoods, inter alia. This is what 40+ years of “free trade,” greedy unions and corporations, welfarism, corrupt politics, violent crime, etc. has done to this once-great city. Former mayor Kwame KilPatrick(Nice name! An African first name and an Irish surname!)recently received a lengthy prison sentence for all his crimes while in office. With its large black population, the city resembles a typical failed state in Africa. And more Detroits will be hitting USA in the near-future if patriots don’t fight back and try to save what’s worth saving. Many Americans have been running to the suburbs over the past 50 years or so, largely to escape forced busing and forced integration of whites and blacks, and also encroaching and spreading poverty and crime; but the running may be in vain, at least from the poverty. In the period 2000-2011, suburban poverty in USA rose 64%-double the urban rate. This is a very interesting social phenomenon, which is probably explained by a host of factors. One factor is that many of the lower classes,especially the criminal underclass, have been pursuing those seeking better lives in the suburbs after they helped rape and pillage the neighborhoods they ghettoized. People have bought homes they couldn’t afford in their rush to the ‘burbs, and property taxes are very high in many of these suburbs. Patriots, regardless of the many reasons for this phenomenon, it’s another part of America that’s dying and more stark proof that Americans can run for only so long and only so far before the great decay and misery all around us catches up with them. Maybe now, many of them will see that they’ll need to take a stand, very soon too. Dovetailing with this news and views is the report from Michael Snyder at that a “retail apocalypse” is coming soon to America. Basically his warning is that more and more retail outlets will be shutting down many of their stores and laying off and/or firing thousands of their employers. Like the previous report on suburban poverty, there are several reasons for this imminent apocalypse, but the overriding one seems to be that so many Americans don’t have the desire to spend a lot of their money(that’s good)or simply don’t have the money to spend on discretionary retail(that’s not good). Whatever the reason(s), what I described what the pilot saw recently when flying over Detroit will spread throughout the country: desolation and despair, more Third World living conditions. And the employment picture keeps looking gloomy even with a dropping unemployment rate. As of June, of the 700,000 jobs created in USA, only 130,000 are full-time jobs! Yes, patriots, you read that right! USA’s job market is turning part-time! Again, there are several reasons for this, one being Abominationcare’s requirement that full-time employees must be offered health insurance by their employers(those with 50 or more employers). Another factor is as companies keep caring more about profit than about people in an economy and a society that’s becoming more anti-patriot and more anti-Christ, hiring part-timers is more cost-effective. Regardless, if individual Americans have to work 2 part-time jobs to survive or live somewhat comfortably, this’ll make us even more stressed out and unhealthy than we already are as a people. And to conclude the bad news on this topic: another record has been broken under President Destroyer, as delinquent student loans hit an all-time high(a sign of more personal irresponsibility, high-interest loans, and graduates not earning enough to pay back the loans), 1/3 of those age 20-24 are unemployed or out of school, those 55 and over who are working is at a record-high(probably because they can’t retire early or “Social Security” isn’t cutting it). To sum up, patriots, the US economy is very, very sick and undergoing an extreme transformation, much for the worse, except for “The 1%” or those right near them.

La Conquista keeps marching on, like the Mexican soldiers attacking the Alamo in 1836. Colorado-the Centennial State because it became a state in 1876, 100 years after Declaration of Independence was written-is becoming more anti-patriot Democrat with each passing day, as more anti-patriot Californians leave the once-Golden State and relocate to other states so they can bring the devastation and destruction they helped heap on CA to as many other Western states as they can. So their government passed in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, meaning someone who isn’t supposed to be living in CO or any other state will not only be allowed to stay in or attend college in that state, but will pay a cheaper rate of tuition than a US citizen or legal immigrant attending college in Colorado. There’s the typical slap in the face to the American or the legal immigrant that the scum in Colorado’s government made law¬† a few months ago. And more “blue states” are joining that anti-American bandwagon. Now we leave La Conquista in “higher education” to what may be the most dangerous tactic in La Conquista’s war on USA: the importation, distribution and selling of narcotics to Americans. And one front in this aggression came to the sleepy town of New London, CT. A combination of law-enforcement agencies arrested over 100 people there who were either from Puerto Rico(PR)or Dominican Republic or got their heroin and cocaine thence. One of the PRs arrested was selling the drugs out of an auto-repair shop he owned. Here’s more evidence of what a nightmare for America it is that the scum ruling us in Washington, DC continues to grant “commonwealth” status and even the precious gift of US citizenship upon a Spanish-speaking island that shares very little in common with us. And since PR is basically a US state, the drugs move thence to USA very easily, without having to pass US Customs. Many lives have probably been snuffed out or made miserable by these La Conquista drug dealers from the Caribbean. But at least a patriot police action brought the curtain down on these banditos and hopefully they’re jailed for a long, long time. The last 3 news items on La Conquista deal with the always-present amnesty threat for the estimated 12 million people here illegally, 80% of them latinos. Some Amnesty Gang members are getting more aggressive and more bold than they’ve been in the past. One such display came to the suburban home of Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach. Kris has been on the front lines battling amnesty for many years, so he’s a prime target of Amnesty Gang and La Conquista. About 200 of their goons marched on and surrounded his house and remained there, demanding he stop opposing amnesty. Fortunately, he and his family weren’t home, and the goons left after police arrived. But just think for a moment, patriots, the houses you live in being surrounded by hundreds of people demanding you stop patriot activism. They easily could’ve broken windows and broken down doors to enter Kobach’s house and destroy it, and if he and his family were there, they could’ve killed them. This very scary incident demonstrates the importance of keeping at least one firearm in our homes. Police can’t be everywhere and sometimes they may take too long to respond to a menacing situation like that, and the only defense we have is our own. All patriots: Load and lock! Next from Amnesty Gang is US senator Timothy Kaine(a variant spelling of Cain-the first murderer)from Virginia. He was granted “unanimous consent-” meaning every senator present in the senate with Kaine consented to allowing him to speak on the senate floor-to urge the senate-in Spanish-to grant amnesty to USA’s illegal immigrants. Timmy’s a Catholic, and he was a missionary to Honduras at one time; that’s one reason why he speaks Spanish. So he probably wants all of us to speak it! I blasted his hispandering, anti-patriot action in an e-mail, which surprisingly he took the time to answer. Basically he wrote that he was just speaking to those who speak Spanish in America to express his support for the illegals to stay here and he didn’t mean any offense, blah, blah, blah. His speech is more evidence of how so many ardent Catholics, especially the prelates, are so supportive of amnesty and latinos. Latinos are predominantly Catholic, so legalizing millions of them, granting them citizenship and even allowing them to bring in their relatives will eventually just absorb America into Latin America, thus Catholicizing a nation that has always had a Protestant majority. The Catholic prelates, especially US Conference of Catholic Bishops(USCCB), smells adding more power to their church via greatly increasing their numbers in our country, regardless of the negative effects this will have on our neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, jobs, living standards, etc.. They wouldn’t mind if USA became a poverty-stricken, corrupt banana republic as long as they were cozy and comfortable in their jobs and their houses and their church offices and their egos. And what’s also scary in the Kaine affair is that Ol’ Virginny is turning blue, probably mainly because of all the US government workers in the DC suburbs who love Washington’s big government because it pays them very well, too well. And lastly on Amnesty Gang/La Conquista, anti-patriot US Senate finally achieved what they’ve failed to do many times this millennium, ever since Boy George became president in January 2001: they passed an amnesty bill, 68-32. Every single Demoncrat(55)voted for it, with 13 Republicons going along with them, including piece of human garbage Marco Rubio. The bill has been in limbo since it passed in June, while it’s Halloween as I type. It’s fate is uncertain in getting brought to the floor of US House of Representatives for a vote. Here is where the US Speaker has the authority to bring or not bring a bill up for a full vote. Meanwhile, I urge all patriots to contact the offices of the GOP leadership in the House and urge them not to even bring up a vote on any bill containing amnesty for invaders and lawbreakers. The leaders are speaker John Boehner, majority leader Eric Cantor, majority whip Kevin McCarthy and conference chairwoman Catherine McMorris-Rodgers; their contact information is available at or they can be called at 202-224-3121. Patriots, if amnesty passes, La Conquista prevails in destroying USA. And it’s not much consolation to say that it’ll take about 15 years for the conquista to complete.

More anti-white comments came from some members of Diversity Gang. Bobby Rush-a black congressman from IL who made an ass of himself by wearing a “hoodie” on the House floor while giving a speech on the Trayvon Martin affair-called Ron Kirk-a US senator from IL-”…an elitist white boy” for Kirk’s recommendations on dealing with Chicago’s raging gang violence. Some media liberals chided him for his anti-white slur. But if Kirk called Rush ” A bad-ass black boy,” Kirk probably would’ve been hounded from office. Like TV chef Paula Dean was forced to drop her show because she admitted using “The N word”(OMG!)at some time in her past, the anti-white double-standard when it comes to accusations of “Racism!” continues to rage across USA and will only recede when more people fight back-loud and hard-against the anti-white racists, ideologues, revolutionaries and ignoramuses running rampant throughout the land. And then we had Lois Romano-an ugly broad at liberal newspaper and website Politico-calling Wayne LaPierre at National Rifle Association(NRA),”…a tired…old white guy.” Now ain’t that a riot, patriots?! A white female calling a man of her own race, a tired old white guy? This only confirms that the anti-white hatred that has prevailed in the country’s political and big-media establishments is irrespective of race-i.e, the Diversity gangsters, the multiculturalists, the “progressives,” the liberal fascists, the revolutionaries, the neo-Marxists, these bastards are white, black,latino and asian; indeed, most of them are almost certainly white. They subscribe to a radical political ideology that preaches-ever so subtly and ever so discreetly-hatred of whites that’s similar to the hatred of the Russian bolsheviks towards Christians and the Nazis towards Jews. The “elitist white boy” and “tired, old white guy” slurs from a black congressman and a female “reporter” just cited are 2 small examples of the hate these maniacs have for America’s white population, and it seems to be getting worse. After all, we’re dealing with Diversity Gang.

US immigration statistics for 2012 were published, and they confirm the anti-white hatred¬† of the US government’s immigration policy. Ever since US senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy-in his first term as a US senator, mind you-and his brother “Bobby”-then US attorney general(typical hardcore Irish liberals)-and Emanuel Cellar-a Jewish congressman from New York City-and filthy louse President Lyndon Baines Johnson passed their immigration bill into federal law in 1965, the federal government has been discriminating against Europeans who seek to come to USA by keeping their quotas low and and the quotas for non-European countries higher than those for Europe. This is discrimination against Europeans and against American whites. It’s obviously part of the plan of the aforementioned radicals to eventually make whites a minority in America so as to disempower them as a race and then to persecute them in a variety of ways, like crime, laws that favor non-whites over whites, blatant discrimination against whites, forced quotas and forced integration, inter alia. Washington, DC’s government admitted only about 90,000 Europeans in 2012 while admitting about a million from everywhere else. They admitted more people from 4 Caribbean islands-the Spanish-speaking islands of Cuba and Dominican Republic, the Creole-speaking island of Haiti and the English-speaking island of Jamaica(a total of about 120,000 people)-than they admitted from all of Europe combined! And for a more thorough breakdown and analysis of the data on the anti-American/anti-white immigration laws and policies of the US government, please go to blog’s parent website. I’ll keep this report on the Current News page of the site for the rest of 2013.

America’s moral breakdown continues pell mell, with Boy Scouts of America(BSA)caving to the homo lobby and deciding to admit homosexuals as scouts. I believe it was when Senor Martinez at UPS Foundation pulled funding from the Scouts because they’ve always barred homo kids from their Christian organization that led the Scout leadership to knuckle under. I took patriot action in e-mailing UPS of my anger at their attacks on BSA, and even tried to contact UPS Foundation directly. But the foundation’s e-mail address wasn’t publicly available and when I called UPS customer service, they wouldn’t provide direct contact information; they sent me on a wild-goose chase. This was obviously a deliberate ploy of UPS to keep the bloodhounds and patriots off Martinez’s back and stunt any negative publicity towards UPS-the company that still claims: “We run the tightest ship in the shipping business.” Patriots, boycott UPS! There are alternatives! I haven’t used them once, either to ship or receive a package, since their attack on the Scouts. And to boot, I was going to donate to BSA before they knuckled under. But I saw an “En Espanol” section on their website! Patriots’, we’ve lost the Scouts! So add UPS and BSA to the patriot boycott list! And the men and women in black keep suppressing laws-ruling them “unconstitutional”-that limit or make more difficult, access to infanticide, euphemistically known as “abortion.” These anti-Christ, usually feminist, judges almost never cite anything specific from the Constitution to “rule” anti-abortion laws unconstitutional; they just want to keep this bloody horror legal forever. After all, to these power-drunk bastards, abortion is a “sacred right”(they really mean a sacred “rite”)for women. Patriots, infanticide is one big reason why I’m convinced the Almighty is bringing judgment upon our land. These judges need to be impeached! Removed from their seats of power and rule! And yes, in some cases, prosecuted! Judges do not have carte-blanche power to rule as arbitrarily as they’ve been doing for too damn long! And if patriots ever take back America from the anti-patriots who rule us and have ruled us for too damn long, one of the first things we’ll need to do is remove lawless, out-of-control judges from their benches and prosecute them when necessary! To the counter-revolution! And lastly on USA’s moral breakdown, the feminist witches and warlocks who reared their ugly heads in the ’60s, like JAPs Elizabeth Friedman(Betty Friedan), Gloria Steinem and Bella the Beast Abzug, has led to the insanity of law-enforcement agencies at every level hiring little girls as uniformed and non-uniformed law-enforcement personnel. And this insanity includes hiring female jail guards(”correction officers”)to guard male inmates. At Baltimore City Detention Facility in MD, 13 female guards were indicted for smuggling weapons and other contraband to members of a crime gang, while the leader of the gang knocked up 4 of the guards, with 2 of them bearing his kids; the other 2 were apparently “aborted.” What a beginning for those kids: their daddy is a jailed leader of a crime gang and their mommies were jail guards who were supposed to be guarding him. Yes, patriots, the nuts are running the asylum, and sometimes the jails too. This is one sickening result of 40+ years of liberal-fascist, anti-Christ, anti-male feminism and what it has done to law enforcement, the “criminal justice” system, and the penal system, like it used to be called, not the “correction system.”

There are 21 reports on the upcoming police blotter of some of the worst cases of multiple homicide and attempted multiple homicide to terrorize USA over about the last 6 months, and I’ll start from the pinko-liberal/anti-patriot Northeast and finish at pinko-liberal/anti-patriot Pacific Northwest. It was Baghdad in Boston when Boston Marathon was bombed at the finish line by some Muslim terrorists from Chechnya, admitted into America legally by the anti-American immigration laws and policies of the US government. Several people were killed and hundreds more wounded, many of them seriously. The quickest way to sum up this latest slaughter is to cite the old adage: “The chickens have come home to roost.” The invaders and murderers who’ve been in control of US foreign policy for about the last 25 years, especially in or near the Middle East and especially since 9/11, have on several occasions brought their game of empire-building and foreign adventurism onto America’s shores. They’ve murdered thousands of innocents in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and some other countries, justifying it all by claiming they’re just fighting “The war on terror!.” And now the innocents are being slaughtered in Beantown. The cycle will continue as long as President Destroyer and his comrades keep raining destruction and death down on one mostly Muslim country after another. FBI obviously murdered one of the suspects in the bombing in Florida, claiming the suspect endangered the agents. Pinko Boston-ruled by a combination of Demoncrat rogues and misfits and, I believe, by witchcraft too(The ghosts of the witches of Salem!)-suffered this horrible tragedy, for one reason among others, I believe, because the Almighty is removing His protection from some of the most anti-Christ metropolises in USA. And the city was basically under martial law for several days until the suspects were either captured or taken out. Patriots, this may be a foretaste of what America will resemble in the near-future as the quasi-police-state erected after 9/11 keeps growing and getting more powerful. Traveling right down south to the equally pinko-liberal, degenerate state of Connecticut, appropriately nicknamed the Nutmeg State, a 47-years-old grandma picked up her grandkids(aged 2 and 6 months)and shot them dead and then-What else is new in the American madhouse?-shot herself dead; now there are grandmas killing their grandkids. In a span of 4 hours in a 10-blocks’-area of Buffalo, NY, 4 men were shot(1 died)in 3 separate shootings. In the nation’s capital of District of Criminals on a late Sunday night/early Monday morning, 13 people were shot(1 seriously wounded)outside an apartment building(What happened to “Never on a Sunday ’cause that’s my day of rest”?). At the US Marine base in Quantico, VA, a latino Marine shot dead a white Marine and a latina Marine(yes, there are now female marines)over a love triangle; and just a few days later, 7 Marines were killed during training exercises in NV. In the Sunshine State in Hialeah, near Miami, Pedro Vargas gunned down 6 people before lawmen took him out. He claimed to a 9-1-1 dispatcher just before the killings that someone bewitched him-i.e., someone put a spell on him or used witchcraft on him. And maybe, patriots, he wasn’t kidding or deluded or nuts. Again, back to US immigration policy, the federal government has admitted millions from the Caribbean ever since the first wave of refugees from Castro’s worker’s paradise hit mainly Miami and its environs in 1961. They were mostly white Cubans, with money. A smaller wave came in ‘66, similar to the ‘61 wave. But with the 1965 Immigration Act which still rules us came millions more not just from Spanish-speaking Cuba, but also from Creole-speaking Haiti and Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic and other poverty-stricken Caribbean islands where occultic religions like voodoo and santeria are prevalent. Thus, there are probably a multitude of witch doctors and santeria priests and other occult practitioners in south FL who may very well have induced Pedro to kill. Whether he was bewitched or not, it’s another example of what out-of-control immigration policy and lack of enforcing immigration laws has done to south Florida, especially the Miami-area. Up to the Hoosier State of Indiana, 3 men and 1 woman were found shot to death in Columbus, and in IL-the Land of Lincoln-a man murdered 5, including 2 kids, before lawmen took him out in the town of Manchester; he had drug convictions. Over to the Show Me State of MO, a proprietor shot 3 of his employees dead and then-What else is new in the American madhouse?-shot himself dead in St.Louis. And in an “upscale” community in Louisville, KY, a man shot dead his ex-girlfriend, their young daughter, critically wounded his mom and then…shot himself dead. Going back South, in the Big Easy, Mayor Landrieu lamented “A relentless drumbeat of violence” after yet another mass shooting. Over to the Lonestar State, 14 were stabbed(2 critically wounded)at a community college near Houston-a city with a dyke mayor-and a woman was shot dead and 5 people wounded before lawmen took out the shooter in San Angelo. Patriots, isn’t it a bit bizarre, all these horrible killings and attempted killings occurring in cities named after saints, as in St.Louis and Louisville and San(Spanish for Saint)Angelo? And what a follow up to report that 4 people were stabbed inside an Albuquerque church, during Mass! And it’s no surprise that the once-Golden State of California gets honorable mention for 5 of these horrible multiple homicides: in “SoCal”(Southern CA), a 20-years-old shot 2 dead, wounded several others and then…………..killed himself; ex-LA cop Christopher Dornan, who was wanted for killing 4 people and wounding 3 others, killed himself during a SWAT raid on the house where he was hiding out; in Santa Monica(there’s another city named after a saint), a gunman killed 4 people and wounded several others before lawmen took him out, just a few miles from the home of former News Corp.president Peter Chernin, who was holding a fundraiser for President Destroyer(Yes, patriots, he was president of the News Corp.owned by Rupert Murdoch!); near Fresno, a man shot dead his adult daughter and his mom of 3 kids, seriously wounded his other daughter and then……………..killed himself, all this occurring with his grandkids present in the house; and lastly in CA, in the northern part of the state, a man with marijuana convictions is wanted for killing his wife and their 2 young daughters. And we finish this roll call of insane murder and attempted murder in Washington-the Evergreen State-in the pro-homo, degenerate city of Seattle, where on a late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, 3 people were shot dead and 1 seriously wounded in a parking lot outside, how appropriate, Sports Page Tavern; it seems like multiple murder is becoming a sport in contemporary USA. And lastly on the police blotter for homicide, a man shot dead his “live-in” girlfriend and 3 men before police took him out. Patriots, is more proof needed that more and more Americans have gone absolutely mad? Is it drugs that’s causing these ghastly slaughters? Hopelessness? Family rage? Adultery? Divorce? Financial hardship? I believe it’s a combination of these things and more, but it all boils down to a society becoming more immoral and more anti-Christ with each passing day. And these are the cards we’re being dealt. And what’s the typical arrogant, immature, snobbed-up response from the establishment politician and journalist? “Crime is down.” Patriots, that speaks volumes of the aloof ignoramuses and morons ruling us in big government and big media today.
Only one item from the sleazy pro-sports’ establishment. Alex Rodriguez(”A-Rod” or, more appropriately, A ‘Roid, short for Steroids)-the Dominican, US-born “cacique”(that’s Dominican vernacular for “chief” or big shot)on New York Yankees, made a cool $15 million profit on his beachfront Miami mansion, selling it for $30 million. And while “his star” may be fading because of his admitted use of illegal drugs to pump up his body, he still pulls in a sickening amount of money from Goldman Sachs-owned New York Yankees; yes, patriots, Jewish-owned Bronx Bombers are owned by Jewish-owned “investment bank” Goldman Sachs. He was signed to a long contract and pulls in about 20 million a year, because there are dopes and morons and upper-class creeps who keep attending the games and keep watching on TV and keep idolizing the ego-maniac, although even some of them may be done with him. And that he made this obscene profit on his former Miami mansion is more evidence of a sport that has gone obscene for about 30 years now and keeps getting more obscene, like its ugly-rat commissioner Alan “Bud” Selig pulling in $22 million this year as salary. Some of the most degenerate men in USA today are owners and general managers of pro-baseball teams. They have to had known about illegal drug use for a long time but did nothing about it as long as the idiot fans kept “coming out” to watch “their stars” perform for them, thus making the owners very rich, even more rich, and full of ego and pride. Again, patriots, this is the result of American society becoming more anti-Christ, more immoral.

And when a society becomes more anti-Christ, more idolatrous, the Father’s judgment comes or probably comes: the worst tornado to hit Texas in 50 years hit Granbury, killing 6; a far-worse tornado hit Moore, OK, killing 51 and bringing great destruction, with one witness saying it was “Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before”; back to TX, in San Antonio(there’s another saint city), 10 inches of rain in 15 hours brought the city to a halt; a cloud of red smoke hovered over Las Vegas, while also in the Silver State, a sandstorm on I-85 caused a 26-vehicles’ pile-up, killing 1 and seriously injuring several others, with one witness calling the horrible scene “near-apocalyptic”; and a dust storm hit SE Colorado, with a witness making the all-too-common observation, “I’ve never seen anything like it”; And in Black Forest, CO, wildfire destroyed 92 homes and forced 10,000 evacuations; and to conclude, 19 firemen(’firefighters” in the politically correct, feminist lexicon)died in AZ.

I conclude this patriot post as I usually do, with some patriot activism or the results of patriot activism in USA, personal and national. The Garden State finally was blessed with the permanent departure of ugly creep Frank the Louse Lautenberg from US Senate. The anti-patriot louse held on to the very end until he physically couldn’t make it anymore to the senate building. He has been replaced by former Newark mayor Cory Booker-a light-skinned negro who as I type, recently and easily won a special election for Lousenberg’s seat. While his upcoming votes in the senate may not be much different than Lousenberg’s, a consolation is that Frank’s family and his political comrades strongly opposed Booker to be Democratic Party nominee. And it’s also one less Jewish ultra-liberal, feminist, my-Israel-is-always-right anti-patriot in US Senate. And while the scandal around “Bobby” Menendez-the Cubano other US senator from New Jersey-has mysteriously died down, his relationship with Dominican-Jewish doctor Salomen Melgen may persuade him not to seek re-election. NJ hasn’t had a non-Democrat in US Senate since the 1970s, because of the state getting bluer and a decrepit Republican Party at the state level. Seven US senators announced they won’t seek re-election in 2014, and all of them, except maybe one of them, are anti-patriots. Good riddance! Don’t come back! They are Demoncrats Jay Rockefeller from WV, Carl Levin from MI(like Lautenberg, another anti-patriot Jew, but also the powerful chairman of the Armed Services Committee), Tommy Harkin from IA, Timmy Johnson from SD and Max Baucus from MT; the Republicans are Jimmy DeMint from SC-a pseudo-conservative who took over at GOP “think tank” Heritage Foundation and has since been replaced by the more-conservative Tim Scott-and quasi-conservative Saxby Chambliss from GA. Patriots, I’m sure that some patriot heat caused these retirements and, the Almighty willing, the anti-patriot senators will be replaced by patriots or at least by those not as bad as the ones leaving. And what a relief that warmonger-witch, Israel-worshipping congresswoman Michelle Bachmann won’t seek re-election, probably over some alleged hi-jinks re her last campaign. On the amnesty front, some patriots took to the streets even in outnumbered SoCal to protest the illegal-immigration invasion of their state, mainly form south of the border, down Mexico way. I met one of the protestors at a DC lobbying campaign this year, trying to persuade congressmen not to pass nation-destroying amnesty. And we lost George Jones-the Living Legend-this year. A man who led a very troubled life, still gave us some of the best country songs ever made. Nobody sang with the inflections, meaning and style of George Jones, and to answer the question of his song Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?, nobody will fill the shoes of the Living Legend. May he rest in peace. And here’s a report on some personal patriot battles I’ve fought and what I recommend for co-patriots. I believe that for many years, AARP(American Association of Retired Persons)has been mostly a front for Demoncratic Party, especially for a Demoncratic president. This was somewhat corroborated when their monthly online bulletin for September featured an “Opinion” piece of propaganda in their “In the Know” department entitled A Fix for Immigration, written in 2 parts by none other than US senator Woodchuck Schumer from NY and Johnny Madman McCain from AZ-members of the senate’s Gang of 8 and notorious, long-time supporters of Amnesty Gang and La Conquista. To you senior patriots out there in AARP, get out! Now! Don’t wait another second! Seniors Plus is one of many pro-American seniors’ groups to belong to that offer all the basic benefits that anti-patriot AARP offers and maybe offers better ones. Seniors don’t need and all American patriots don’t need an organization that’s obviously a propaganda arm for Demoncratic Party and their leader President Destroyer. Next we go the bread aisle in our supermarkets. Fortunately, I was able to talk to an ol’ pal o’ mine a few months ago and he informed me of some important news on the bread and bakery industry in America. Bimbo Bakeries is a Mexican company that has been on a roll(no pun intended)over the past few years, buying up one American bread and pastry company after another. They now own Thomas English Muffins, Entenmann’s, Stroehman, Arnold,Sara Lee breads and some other local brands. It’s obvious they’re trying to take over the US bread market! No mention of this in the major media and not even in some “pay-triot” media. I got stuck with a mildew loaf of Arnold over Summer, and when I called the 800# on the wrapper to report it, “Juana” answered at their headquarters in Horsham, PA. She didn’t have a latina accent, and she was nice enough to send me some coupons to compensate for the bum loaf I bought. Patriots, this is one ugly part of NAFTA, where many of these big conglomerates can cross borders and buy up as much as they want, whenever they want. And there’s talk in some patriot circles that Bimbo may be tied in with the Mexican mafia and/or the drug cartels. Isn’t this development something else?! And there’s barely a peep about it! Some mobbed-up, rich wetbacks are trying to buy up the US bread market! Busting the unions is probably high-up on their to-do list. Patriots:Boycott Bimbo Bakeries! BBB! I’ve been buying Pepperidge Farm bread the last few months. They’re owned by Campbell Soups, so they’re still US-owned. I’m paying about 10 bucks extra a month, but that’s a small sacrifice to help keep our bread companies American-owned. Next we go to Dunkin’ Donuts(DD). The store closest to where I live has bi-lingual signs in English and Espanol on display, even though there are now Bangladeshis working the counter when there were Puerto Ricans before. I e-mailed them off their website to tell them I won’t be shopping in that store anymore as long as the hispandering continues. I did get a formal response, but at least this patriot holding his ground in anti-patriot Bronx County gave them an earful. If you patriots want to join this fight against La Conquista, DD’s phone # is 1-800-859-5339. But there was victory at the local Rite Aid pharmacy! They had signs up, in Spanish only, above the front counter. So, I live-chatted on their website on how displeased I was over this and that I’ll be shopping somewhere else if the signs aren’t removed. I was connected to the regional manager, who e-mailed me later that the regional marketers placed the signs there and not the store management. He wrote that he found after further research, the neighborhood where the store is located isn’t mostly Spanish-speaking and he’ll look into the matter. After a few weeks, the Espanol signs came down! Chalk one up to a patriot victory, even in Bronx County 2013! Patriots, if we can win here, we can win anywhere! And I also refuse to buy paper towels from Marcal, Brawny and Sparkle because they have English and Espanol on their wrappers. I let them know I won’t be buying their towels and why, and I now buy Fiora paper towels. It’s a very good product and their wrapper writing is only in English, for now anyway. These are some of the ways how US patriots can resist and fight back against La Conquista.

Well, patriots, I started this post in late September, and I’m finishing right before midnight on Sunday evening, November 3rd. The temperature has dropped to 37 degrees in southeast Bronx County in NYC. Most of the work around the house I’ve been doing since Spring is done, along with some other projects part of and not part of our patriot cause. With the warm weather pretty much going away until next Spring and much of the other work completed, my schedule on this patriot blog and its parent website should soon be returning to normal, Good Lord willing. I should add another post before Thanksgiving. Till then, my fellow Americans, please keep fighting for the cause. Don’t give up regardless of the bleakness of the hour, keep hoping and praying. The light hasn’t totally gone out yet on our sick and imperiled country.

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