Hear Ye, Hear Ye! On November 4th, in the Year of Our Lord 2012, an American Patriot Declares a 20-Counts’ Criminal & Moral Indictment Upon the Government of United States of America

Count 1:The U.S.government since October 2001 has waged wars against,first,the nation of Afghanistan,then in March 2003 against the nation of Iraq,and since then other nations in that region of the world without a congressional declaration of war,which is required by the US Constitution.

Count 2:The U.S.government has conducted no investigation into and has held no one accountable regarding the lies and false intelligence that were used as the reason for invading and occupying the nation of Iraq.

Count 3:The U.S.government headquarted in Washington,District of Columbia has never held a thorough criminal investigation into the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks on World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington,D.C..

Count 4:The federal government has recently passed into law NDAA-National Defense Authorization Act-which blatantly violates the US Constitution by allowing the president to indefinitely detain U.S.citizens,thus denying potential detainees of their constitutional right to habeas corpus,a right to a speedy trial by jury,inter alia.

Count 5:Both Democratic and Republican presidents have issued so-called signing statements,which authorize the president to ignore certain parts of bills passed by Congress.The Constitution grants the president no such authority.

Count 6:The U.S.government rarely conducts or refuses to conduct criminal investigations and,if necessary,prosecutions of those in power in either the executive,legislative or judicial branches of its government where stong evidence exists or may exist indicating that certain office holders have committed serious crimes or are committing serious crimes.

Count 7:Commission on Presidential Debates is a creation of the Democratic and Republican parties and is obviously designed to keep anyone who doesn’t belong to either of these two parties from participating in televised presidential debates.This is obviously meant to consolidate the power of the executive branch of the government just for the two major parties.

Count 8:An exorbitant amount of money is spent during presidential-election campaigns and in many campaigns for other federal offices.There’s too much money involved in these elections,where all too often only the very wealthy prevail.

Count 9:Congress-the elected representatives of the American people-rarely if ever impeach or take any actions against federal judges who issue edicts,injunctions and rulings that are blatantly unconstitutional and are issued because these judges act as lawmakers and not judges.

Count 10:The U.S.government has placed a national debt of over $16 trillion on the American people it rules,thus creating the near-certainty that the government will go bankrupt and default on its financial obligations,and leave the people open to having no federal government at all.

Count11:The U.S.government continues to allow the Federal Reserve Board to print and regulate the country’s currency.Congress has abdicated its constitutional authority to coin and regulate money and has granted that power to “The Fed”-a totally unconstitutional private bank which has literally been guilty of counterfeiting on many occasions.

Count 12:The federal government hasn’t conducted a thorough criminal investigation into the use of illegal drugs and illegal substances in professional sports.

Count 13:The U.S.government continues to admit over a million immigrants into America,despite high unemployment and a long recession.This unprecedented immigration wave has occurred for about the last 20 years and discriminates against Europeans who seek to immigrate to America by keeping their national quotas low and the quotas high for many non-European nations.

Count 14:The federal government based in Washington,D.C. has already granted about 10 amnesties to people who have illegally entered United States and continued to break U.S.immigration law by remaining illegally on U.S. soil.These amnesties have allowed an estimated 3-5 million people who should have been deported to either continue to stay in U.S. or become U.S.citizens.

Count 15:There are currently an estimated 11-13 million people living illegally in United States,and the federal government not only refuses to try and deport the vast majority of them,but cracks down on states that try to oppose illegal immigration.

Count 16:The U.S.government practices blatant racial favoritism towards latinos living in U.S. by allowing and encouraging unprecedented immigration-both legal and illegal-to enter U.S.,by providing government services and literature in Spanish,by ordering state election boards to provide ballots and election materials in Spanish,even though only U.S.citizens are allowed to vote and every U.S.immigrant must become proficient in English to become a U.S.citizen.Also,about 800 radio stations in U.S. are broadcasting in Spanish,which the federal government is doing nothing about.The government is ostensibly planning to create an official Spanish-speaking Latin American nation on U.S.soil.Any American or immigrant who lives in this nation within a nation will inevitably have the choice to either learn to speak a Latin American dialect of Spanish or move to the English-speaking nation on U.S.soil.

Count 17:The U.S.government continues to colonize the Spanish-speaking island of Puerto Rico and grant it so-called commonwealth status,thus allowing the unlimited and unchecked movement of people and goods from Puerto Rico to U.S.,despite all the harm this relationship causes the American people and perpetuating the U.S.government as an empire and not the republic it’s supposed to be.

Count 18:The federal government has now passed a law which will force virtually every American to buy health insurance or be fined.If the federal government can force those they rule to buy health insurance,they can force them to buy anything under penalty of fine or even imprisonment.

Count 19:U.S.lawmakers continue to vote on bills and pass them into law without even reading the bills.

Count 20:The U.S.government in Washington,District of Columbia continues to enforce so-called free-trade treaties that encourage U.S. businesses,especially in manufacturing,to relocate their operations to foreign countries,thus unemploying millions of American workers and making Americans more dependent on foreigners for goods and services.


The U.S.government is almost totally comprised of Democrats and Republicans and is quite often a criminal operation.It basically serves the very wealthy and the very powerful,in and out of government.It frequently violates the U.S. Constitution-the supreme law of the land.It practices racial and ethnic favoritism towards some and discriminates against others.It engages in lawlessness and frequently doesn’t prosecute those in its employ who have broken laws or gives them very light sentences or punishments upon admission or conviction of guilt.It co-operates with counterfeiters and reckelessly overtaxes,overborrows and overspends.It cares more about foreigners than Americans.It orders its military to attack countries without a congressional declaration of war.It has created ever since the 9/11 attacks,a warfare/welfare state,caused mostly by a foreign policy of meddling,favoritism,belligerence,invasion and occupation of foreign countries,inter alia.It has allowed primarily the U.S. southern border to be crossed with impunity and has at times actually encouraged illegal entry into U.S..Election campaigns for U.S.office are mostly entertainment,highly insulting and devious.

To conclude,this U.S.patriot urges all Americans who agree with the thrust of this indictment against the U.S.government to register to vote as a member of neither the Democratic or Republican parties and register or re-register as either an independent or with another party that isn’t a part of the corrupt polity of the two major parties;to encourage those in government to compile evidence of criminality or wrongdoing by U.S.government officials and bring that evidence to prosecutorial authorites,news-media outlets,and activist groups working for real reform of the U.S.government;to encourage more Americans to get involved politically and socially by getting and staying informed and then trying to make a positive difference for a patriotic,lawful federal government that puts Americans first in its laws and policies;to get more involved with political parties and groups that are truly independent and not part of the Democrat/Republican establishment and possibly start up their own parties;to pass this 20-counts’ criminal and moral indictment of the U.S.government on to as many concerned citizens and patriots as possible.

Anyone is free to add to this indictment upon the U.S.federal government.May Almighty God deliver the American people from the corrupt,lawless government in power over them and whose immoral polices and actions harm other people in the world too.

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