After a 4-Months’ Hiatus,an American Patriot Returns to Reviewing the News

I’m back,patriots! How have you all been?! An assortment of obstacles and hardships prevented me from posting on this patriot post since mid-April,but I’m finally back.And not only am I back,but I’m back with blazing fast high-speed Internet on this desktop computer that I’m typing from right now,thanks to the good ol’ local repairman.This computer and accessories were out of operation for about 2 months,due to a malware attack,corrupted software and an aging computer.But this computer has been repaired with new parts and re-installed software,and now with high-speed access instead of dial-up.What a bloody relief! Hallelujah! I also saved about $450 by fixing and upgrading this computer and not buying a new one! I also was given a used printer by the shop to replace the old one with corrupted software and it’s a vast improvement! Thank you! This patriot command center-after an attack and subsequent breakdown-is back in blasting operation! I also can use the telephone and fax while online,and I don’t need a bulky adapter on the floor to plug 3 pieces of equipment into.Thanks to a very helpful support rep at Brother down in Memphis,she told me I can plug the phone into a jack right into the all-in-one printer! Marvelous! To sum up,patriots,this patriot operation is now much more efficient after being taken out of action for about 2 months.Deliverance has come.Hallelujah! The following post will cover about 70 news items over the past 4 months.For brevity’s sake,I won’t analyze and comment on the news as much as I normally do because the post would be too bloody long.Let’s go.

There’s maybe no better way to start a patriotic blog post than to expose the corrupt political class that misrules America:President Abomination,at the White House,unveiled the portraits of Boy George and Mrs.Boy George.How nice of the Abomination! To bestow such honor and praise on his predecessors! But,patriots,as Tommy Edwards sang out over 50 years ago but on a different subject,”It’s all in the game.” The Republicrat establishment worships the office of the US presidency,as if it’s a demi-god who occupies that office whether he’s a Democrat or a Republican.So the Abomination was so proud to “unveil” the portraits of Mr.and Mrs.Boy George,to add their images to the White house pantheon,to congratualte each other via self-worship.If that isn’t stark symbolism of the corrupt 2-parties’ racket that rules over us,I don’t know what is.

Some very scary news came on the employment front,and it probably indicates what’s in store in the near-future for American workers:half of recent college graduates are either unemployed or under-employed(the latter meaning that these grads are working but either part-time or in jobs that don’t require the degrees they hold).Is that incredible?! One out of two recent college grads either not holding jobs or working in jobs that don’t require a college degree because there’s nothing else available?! How did this happen to our country?! What kind of future does this hold for our young people?! Patriots,it’s hard to define exactly what has happened,but this ostensibly is a result of the massive change in our society that the anti-patriot,globalist elites have been working feverishly for over about the past 50 years.They’re re-engineering our society every way they can,eviscerating our manufacturing base,exporting millions of our good-paying jobs,making us dependent on foreigners in a multitude of ways,inter alia.And it’s because they obviously want to dumb us down,make us just another part of a very poor and backward world.And if patriots throughout our nation don’t start soon to reverse this trend,more and more Americans will be pauperized and we may very well become a society of the very wealthy and those living subsistently.Patriots,please remember this when these sickening election campaigns really kick in and the journalists and moderators ask one idiotic,softball,cute question to the candidates after another while the real issues and the real threats to the American people are not even mentioned,let alone discussed.And again,patriots,that’s all in the game too.The globalist garbage ruling us from their headquarters in Washington,District of Crime and Corruption want us all to be entertained and titillated at election time,like a sporting event.They want us to think on and argue about all the wrong issues while they continue to bring us down.But now with half of recent college grads struggling and scared,maybe they’ll wake up,stop dreaming about “climbing the ladder” to professional and financial power and status,and start to cherish patriotism again,start caring about their fellow citizens and not just themselves,and work hard for real political reform and not just re-arranging the deck chairs on Titanic.Patriots,we have to face the stark Reality:America is sinking,faster than most of us want to acknowledge.

The bastards in DC have allowed and at times even encouraged millions of people south of our border to illegally enter(invade,actually)our country and stay here in defiance of our laws and our sovereignty.And several of these invaders were fortunately caught by immigration authorities and held in a detention facility in Mississippi.Some of them rioted,leaving 1 guard dead and 5 wounded before order was restored.I haven’t come across a figure of how many invaders are currently in some kind of legal custody,if they even keep such figures.And this is yet another serious problem for patriots,because more invaders may riot either to escape or because they have nothing else to lose.Once again,patriots,the Republicrat mutts in DC,especially the arrogant presidents in the executive branch of the federal government,are primarily responsible for this out-of-control situation.All the more reason why,Almighty God willing,patriots will get them out of the offices they hold and bring those to justice who’ve broken laws and committed crimes while in office.

On La Conquista front,ABC News and Univision-two Jewish-owned networks-will start up a TV network next year just for latinos.That’s right:of the 4 races living in America-whites(64%),latinos(16%),blacks(12%)and Asians(5%;the balance is “other” or mixed race)-the men running these networks have decided to offer TV fare just for latinos,probably in various dialects of Espanol for the multitude of latino ethnicities living in America.This,patriots,is obviously not just a money-making scheme;it’s also a political and cultural scheme to impose a Spanish-speaking Latin American nation on US soil-to make English-speaking Americans feel more and more like they’re strangers in their own country.Remember,patriots,that a latino doesn’t own Spanish-language network Univision but a Jew! Oy vey! Haim(nice name)Saban is an Egyptian-born Jew who moved to Israel and now reportedly lives in USA-although this mocher probably has at least one mansion in each of those 3 countries.So,patriots,hardly any of us watch Univision(One Vision),but we also need to not watch Disney-owned ABC and let them know why we’re not watching them.And the other La Conquista attack on USA came in Texas,where chain eatery Pizza Patron decided to give a free pizza out-to anyone who ordered in Espanol! Ay caramba! Maybe every non-latino in Texas should’ve entered a Pizza Patron multiple times and ordered in their language! And then throw them on the floor! Patriots,La Conquista marches on,on our soil.And now they’re even using pizza to slowly but surely conquer as much of our country as they can! Remember the Alamo!

We patriots have to give credit to Israel Lobby:they never rest.Marco Rubio-a freshman US senator from Florida who,despite being in that office for just 2 years,is being pushed by Israel Lobby neo-cons to be Catcher’s Mitt Romney’s running mate-gave a speech at neo-con/liberal Brookings Institution,and was introduced by none other than US “Independent” senator Uncle Joe Lieberman from the Nutmeg State(there are a lot of nuts in the Nutmeg State,especially the rich ones).That neo-con War on Terror! fanatic and long-time Democratic senator Lieberman(”Loverman” in German)introduced Republican senator Rubeo to the assembled neo-con/liberal audience at Brookings should raise every patriot’s eyebrows that a smelly rat is darting around,but it’s no big deal to the neo-cons.Rubeo was there to confirm that he’s just another neo-con warhawk,fanatically devoted to the nation and government of Israel to the point where he probably cares more about Israel’s security than America’s.He obviously can’t wait for US warplanes to bomb Iran.And the dope who has been showered with all this free publicity primarily because he’s “Hispanic”(Cuban,actually)stultified himself by not having all of his prepared speech in front of him on the dais.The lesson here for us,patriots,is that the neo-cons will use members of both major parties to further their anti-American/anti-patriot/anti-Christ/pro-war/pro-torture/pro-revolution/Israel-first agenda.Whether it’s Republican “Rummy” Rumsfeld who’s defense secretary or Democratic Leon the Nose Panetta is no difference.As Christ said,”By their fruits,you will know them.” And the neo-cons-whether they’re Republican or Democratic-are very bad fruit indeed.Next we go to Sheldon Adelson-the self-proclaimed richest Jew in America.Fortunately,Newty Gingrich-the globalist sell-out whom Shelly supported for the GOP presidental nomination to the tune of about 10 mill-bowed out of the race.But that doesn’t stop Shelly,whose estimated worth is about $23 billion.Shelly owns Sands Casino in Vegas and casino operations in Macau.As I’ve written before on this blog and its parent website,it looks like Shelly is big-time Jewish mafia,possibly a leftover from the days of Bugsy Siegel.Shelly owns the largest-circulation newspaper in Israel(he doesn’t own a paper in USA),and he has now donated millions to a GOP “super-pac” to almost certainly make sure that the GOP congressional leadership always supports Israel regardless of right or wrong.Shelly is now being investigated by US Dept.of Justice over bribery allegations in Macau,spurred on by a disgruntled former employee.No decent political party should have anything to do with this power-drunk ugly creep.But an israel Lobby tycoon like Sheldon Adelson is treated like a king in the GOP upper echelon.It appears that Israel Lobby has more power and influence in the Republican Party than in the Democratic Party.For proof,let’s just look at King Shelly.And most importantly on the anti-American/anti-patriot Israel Lobby comes the assertion from several former and current US national-security officials that the government of Israel is actually a “spy threat” to United States.Yes,patriots,the government of the nation virtually always praised and called a loyal ally by the Republicrats has been caught spying on the US government and remains a threat to US classified information.Adam Goldman is the very brave,presumably Jewish AP reporter who wrote the article that ran in The Palm Beach Post and can be accessed on,patriots,whenever we hear one gutless,spineless,groveling Republicrat always praising Israel’s government,scream at them,”They spy on us! You’re a liar!” Alright,patriots,that’s enough on anti-patriot Israel Lobby.

Here are 3 important reports on America’s medical-care problems,which soon may be headed for a real crisis situation for all of us,whether we are patients,mecial-care providers or holders of health-insurance policies.First,the cost of medical care-including insurance premiums,deductibles,and payments for what’s not covered by insurance-for a family of 4 has skyrocketed to $21,000 a year.$21,000 a year! That should give the average American an annual ulcer! And throughout the entire debate on Abominationcare or other fora addressing America’s ridiculously high costs for medical-care and medical-care insurance,virtually no one addresses what’s almost certainly the main reason for these outrageous costs:There are too many patients and those covered by insurance who are getting ripped off! I know this from personal experience! Both recent and past! Probably the first question asked by medical-care providers to victims when they seek evaluation and/or treatment in this highly immoral system is,”What health insurance do you have?.” And when providers learn the victim’s insured,they double,triple,etc. the bills! They probably think that health insurers have unlimited amounts of money! No wonder why health insurance and its related costs are $21,000 yearly for a family of 4! There are certainly other factors,like malpractice insurance and medical fraud.But price gouging is,I’m convinced,the root problem.And that’s why the powers that be(TPTB)in the corrupt establishments in government,news media and medical care are quiet about it:there are too many people making way too much money off injured,sick and dying people.They want this corrupt system to continue as long as people in doctor offices,hospitals,clinics,labs,and in suites of drug companies and insurance companies keep raking in the dough.Abominationcare will do virtually nothing about this.Except to force virtually everyone in this corrupt system to buy insurance or else pay a fine! And what about if people can’t afford insurance? Like many can’t right now? President Abomination will just say,”Too bad.” If we don’t join their system,they’ll fine us.As I’ve written before on this patriot blog,America’s root problem in medical care is moral,not a question of forcing everyone to have insurance or getting better drugs or any other lame expalnation for our near-crisis.But at least some medical-care providers are trying to do something about this.On the second news item on medical care,Americans spend a whopping $2.7 trillion annually on medical care! Some doctors are trying to do something about those exorbitant costs by avoiding unnecessary tests and prescribing generic drugs and not more expensive brand-name drugs,among other practices.There are certainly many conscientious doctors out there in this maddening,corrupt system who are trying to improve things for both doctors and patients by trying new approaches and treatments.And if our nation’s medical-care system escapes its immoral grip,doctors with a good sense of morality can help turn things around.And what better way to end this commentary on America’s exorbitant and immoral medical care than citing John Roberts-chief justice of US Supreme Court-and his escape to the island of Malta in the Meditteranean Sea very soon after his infamous vote to find Abominationcare constitutional.His warped,overly legalistic mind found that the forced mandate for Americans to buy insurance isn’t a mandate,but a tax;thus he believes Congress has a right to tax Americans who don’t buy health insurance,not penalize them.So why did this sap who resembles US House Speaker John Boehner-another sap-hightail it to faraway Malta after he-appointed to the court by Boy George-sided with anti-patriot goons like Sotomayor and Ginsburg(UUUUUUgly!)in ruling Abominationcare constitutional? He claimed he went there to teach a 2-weeks’ course to some law students.That may be true,but it’s also true that Roberts is an ardent Catholic,and he’s probably a member of Knights of Malta-a secretive Catholic group whose members virtually swear allegiance to the pope.I believe he went there as some kind of ritual for now allowing Abominationcare to become federal law.And a radical-liberal SCOTUS justice would never side with conservatives or Republicans on the bench like Roberts did,proving that when the chips are down in corrupt DC,the radical anti-patriot liberals prevail,like they did here on such a monumental issue re the freedom of the American people.

Upcoming are 11 items on our country’s moral breakdown.Sexual immorality-especially the sin of Sodom-has been the downfall of many nations and societies,like the Roman Empire.And as America keeps drowning in sleazy,depraved sex,she soon will no longer be called America the Beautiful.Two dykes staged a “hate crime” in Parker,CO,claiming their house was vandalized.But instead of an innocent person or persons getting arrested,it was they who got arrested when police discovered they staged the whole thing.This is a real sickeningly evil aspect of the radical homo lobby:they’ll gladly try to get someone imprisoned on false charges as long as they martyrize themselves and recieve a ton of sympathy and support for their perversions.Let’s hope the judge throws the book at these dykes for staging their phony crime out of desperation or a search for some kind of identity.The Abomination broke another record when for the first time,the Pentagon held an offical “gay pride” celebration.Now that the forces of anti-Christ and pro-sodomy have allowed open flames to serve in the US military,they can march and party in the open,like the prophet Isaiah described it a long time ago:”…they declare their sin as Sodom;they hide it not”(Isaiah 3:9).And that’s just what they’re doing,with anti-Christ President Abomination leading the parade.Then the pro-homo newspaper The New York Times featured an article celebrating “gay TV,”noting how many more “gay” characters and themes are presented on TV.Goldman Sachs was revealed to financially support a subsidiary of theirs that engages in sex trafficking of underage girls via ads in the radical-left rag newspaper The Village Voice.And lastly on the sin of Sodom,Jeffrey Bezos(nice surname)-the Jewish founder and CEO of $2.5 million to keep homo marriage legal in his native Washington State;the state government legalized it,but patriots garnered enough signatures to force a referendum in November.Bezos joins a growing list of Jewish tycoons who are promoting homosexuality with millions of their own dollars,just like they did in New York State by conspiring with apostate-Catholic governor Dandy Andy Cuomo.It’s pretty obvious,patriots,that they’re attacking the Christian family and traditional morality.Boycott Amazon! Hit these worshippers of gold where it hurts them the most:In their pockets! And what a riot it is that,after about 30 years of ass-kissing by the anti-Christ Christian establishment-both Protestant and Catholic,but especially virtually all TV evangelists-a poll revealed that barely a quarter of US Jews have a favorable opinion of evangelicals.But that probably won’t stop the evangelicals from continuing to practice blatant ethnic favoritism towards Jews and maniacal support for the government and nation of Israel.Notice how silent they are when a group of super-wealthy Jews like Bezos use some of their millions to support homo marriage? If Bezos wasn’t Jewish,they’d probably be on him like flies on fly paper.So,either out of fear of being called “Anti-Semitic!” or just showing tribal favoritism(”…for fear of the Jews”-the Gospel of John 19:38),they barely utter a peep of protest.So,good for the phony TV preachers with their gaudy suits and blow-dryed hair;their pandering has gotten them nowhere with those they misbelieve to be “the chosen people.” Off the topic of Sodom’s sin,now we go to another facet of sexual immorality.A 2-legged animal in TN(he’s black,of course)wants the state’s taxpayers to help him support his-get this-30 kids with 11 “baby mamas.” Like a character asked another character re an evil man in Hitchcock’s film Lifeboat,”What do you do with someone like that?” Tie his tubes? Lock him up? I believe the only practical thing patriots can do is force him to financially support kids he fathers and if he doesn’t,then garnishee his wages..But this particular 2-legged animal has fathered 30 kids with 11 different women! After he can’t support them,then he should be locked up;at least he won’t be able to knock up any more mamas.And this savagery of 2-legged animals producing offspring like stray cats is almost always found to exist among America’s black and various latino populations.And this type of savagery continues to threaten to reduce America to a Third World banana republic,like Haiti or Dominican Republic.And maybe this horror show dovetails with the growing possibility of race war in America.Chip Wood on wrote a column entitiled,”Do the Media Want a Race War?”(re the Trayvon Martin shooting).After much of TV news media kept showing the Rodney King video back in the early ’90s and their coverage of the Martin shooting,it’s obvious that much of the radical-left media at least wants to incite blacks to riot and attack whites or anyone who isn’t black.Why? Because editing rooms at radio and TV news stations are loaded with radicals who’ve been radicalized at radical journalism schools by radical professors and lecturers.They believe this garbage that “people of color” are oppressed by the evil white man and they should rebel and take over the country and persecute and if necessary kill as many whites as they can.They would love to see what has happened to South Africa happen here,as the white minority in that once-promising country is being persecuted and harmed in one way after another,like 3,000 white farmers being murdered since Mandela and his thugs took over the government-aided and abetted by the US and UK governments.So the radical anti-white,anti-American left relishes a cause celebre like the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman shooting to incite blacks to hate whites,riot and rampage.It’s the old Marxist-Leninist trick of causing chaos and violence in a society,and then picking up the marbles after the smoke clears and taking power.So to answer Mr.Woods’s question:Yes,at least some in the news media want some kind of race war to occur,like the moron editor at NBC who deliberately edited the 911 tape of Zimmeran’s giving a description of Martin to make it seem that Zimmerman,who’s half-Jewish and half-Bolivian(Nice mix!),hated blacks.NBC fired the editor,but they sure covered up for him,or her.To this day,no one knows who this editor was.He or she probably got a better job at another left-wing network.Now we go to a place appropriately called Black Earth,in WI,for there a moron jury convicted a pastor for “conspiracy to commit child abuse” because he recommended during a sermon that brats should be spanked when they misbehave.And not only that,but a mad feminazi judge sentenced him to 2 years in prison! Is this still America?! Or has anti-Christ really taken over? Let’s hope and pray this pastor gets out of jail on appeal and this moron maniac of a female judge gets removed from the bench.And a lot of Americans-especially the impressionable young and those who are just plain desperate in their lives-love to go to a good shew to seek some kind of relief or deliverance,or just for some entertainment.6,000 of these poor souls went to see charlatan Tony Robbins(that’s a fake name,of course)-one of these New Age gurus who basically promises godhood to his followers(that’s the essence of occultism).About 30 of these followers took his command to heart and walked barefoot over coals-and they wound up in hospital with severe burns.Robbins has been pulling his shtick for about 25-30 years,and even cavorted with Billy & Hillary Clinton.While he doesn’t seem to have the followers that he used to have,he still was able to draw 6,000 wandering souls to San Jose,CA to exploit them in one way or another.But worse than some jerks who went to see and follow Tony,was a “witches’ brew” of alcohol and drugs that killed 2 young people,hospitalized 21 and got 45 arrested at a music festival appropriately entitled IDentity Festival.People-mostly young-seeking an identity outside themselves because the anti-Christ society they’ve been raised in has given them such low self-esteem and moral confusion,seeking identity or escape from their lives that they imbibe a witches’ brew(in the words of a local police commander)that kills or sickens 23 of them.Some festival.And witches probably were present at this festival,either in person or in spirit.Yes,patriots,I firmly believe that there’s a spiritual,unseen connection to horrible events like these and the other ones cited in this section on America’s moral breakdown.

And a great moral breakdown naturally leads to a great wave of crime.Upcoming are 23 crime reports of homicide,multiple homicide,multiple homicide-suicide,etc.that covered almost all the country over the past 4 months,even the “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico.The next time some smug snob in politics or news media cites some incomplete or deceptive FBI report of how crime is at low levels in USA,just send him or her a list of these crimes(mostly ghastly murders):

A real heartbreaker came out of Greenland,NH,when its police chief-8 days from retirement-was shot dead and 4 detectives wounded by drug suspects firing from inside the house.It wasn’t much consolation that the 2 drug mutts were found dead inside the house when police stormed in after the shooting.America’s drug scourge even hits the small town of Greenland,NH.

In Springfield,MA,a NYC “corrections officer” shot dead a cop,critically wounded his girlfriend and then shot himself dead.And also in the Bay State,a man shot dead his young daughter,wounded his son and then killed himself in the city of Oxford;he was “estranged” from his wife.

On Staten Island,NY,a drug deal went bad,leaving 1 shot dead,3 wounded.In Quincy,PA,a man shot dead his estranged wife,her boyfriend and her mom.

Going south to Dalton,GA,a young man shot dead his dad and uncle and critically wounded his mom.Next door in Auburn,AL,a fight over a woman at a pool led to the shooting deaths of 3 people and 3 wounded.Further south to Port St.John(how ironic),a 33-years-old mom shot dead her 4 kids and then herself.Also in the Sunshine State(Some sunshine!),a former school principal flipped and used various weapons to kill 2 people and wound 9.

Now up to the Midwest,where in Indianapolis,a gunman killed one,wounded 3 and then killed himself.In Louisville,KY,3 were shot dead and 3 were wounded in 2 separate shootings on the same day.In River Falls,WI,a divorced dad shot dead his 3 young daughters.In Rahm Emanuel’s Windy City in the first quarter of 2012,murders rose by 60% from the previous year,and non-fatal shootings rose 37%.

Heading back south to Tulsa,OK,3 were shot dead and 2 wounded in what appears to be racially motivated shootings.And also in the Sooner State,after a NBA playoff game in OKC,8 people were shot but all survived.Now that’s the way to celebrate one’s favorite team after they win! Shoot a few people!

Now out West,at a Sacramento(how ironic;that’s Spanish for sacrament)barbecue,1 was shot dead and 3 were wounded.Also in the Golden State(Ha!)and also in Sacramento(Ha!),4 were shot dead in a “home invasion”(probably drug-related),while the suspect was critically wounded.At a Christian university in Oakland with a large Asian student population,a gunman shot 7 dead and wounded 3 others.And lastly in CA,4 were shot and wounded outside an auto-parts store in Salinas.In the cities of Salem(Peace in Hebrew)and Cottage Grove in OR,3 kids and their parents were found dead in 2 different locations in a multiple homicide-suicide.And lastly on the Left Coast,a gunman in Seattle shot 4 dead,critically wounded 2 and then killed himself at a coffee shop.And rounding out this litany of American slaughter is the Batman Massacre,where James Holmes shot 12 dead and wounded about 50 in a movie theater in Aurora,CO at the premeire of the latest Batman film.And what better place to end this report on America’s crime wave than the US “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico:the largest bust of corrupt police officers in US history resulted in the arrest of 29 Puerto Rico state police,who allegedly protected and enabled cocaine dealers transporting their product on the island.Because this albatross of an island is so poor,they pay their state police only $17,000 a year.So combine poverty,joblessness,a high rate of child poverty and other social ills al too common on PR,and the temptation of easy money is strong.Patriots,we need to work hard to get the Puerto Rico albatross off our backs and grant them their long-overdue independence! That’s it for America’s crime wave.

In disgusting Major League Baseball,the Jewish liberalism of commissioner Alan “Bud” Selig was on grand display on April 15th,when every player,coach and umpire wore Jackie Robinson’s number of 42.You see,patriots,the radical liberal in our country never wants us to forget how racist we white people are.They want to brainwash all of us to believe that only whites are guily of racism and that it’s inherent in our bones and blood.Every chance this ugly rat Selig gets to show his radical liberalism in Abner Doubleday’s game,he’ll use it.And the blame for Alan helping destroy Doubleday’s game is on the dirtbag owners who hired him and have kept him as commissioner all these years as long as he makes them a lot of money.Patriots,please stay away from the stadia until at least the rat commissioner leaves.Unfortunately,that’s not until 2014.

And upcoming are 17 reports of growing proof that Almighty God is bringing His anger down on our country.And if He is doing it,then we must deserve it:

Storms in the Washington,DC-area killed 12 and left 3 million homes and businesses powerless after record-breaking heat.And still in the nation’s corrupt,criminal capital,the White House Christmas tree died after replacing the one that was felled by wind last year.Bring down those pagan images! Hallelujah! And the Abomination whose seat of power is in District of Columbia flew to Denver-the Mile-High City-to give one of his bravado speeches at US Air Force Academy when a tempest forced him to cancel his speech! Ha,ha,ha! The Almighty socked it to the Abomination yet again! Gotta love it! But apparently He wasn’t through in Denver,for the city was later enveloped in “a cloud of smoke.” Almost the whole city of Denver,covered in a cloud of smoke.And still in the Centennial State,record-breaking wildfire hit the Colorado Springs-area and destroyed 346 homes.There was also record-breaking wildfire in NM,and tornadoes killed 5 in OK and caused severe damage in KN,NE and IA.Little Rock,AR-Billy Clinton’s former seat of power that helped launch him to the presidency-was hit with record heat.Record rainfall hit the central coast of Gulf of Mexico,while tropical storm Debbie killed 7 in FL and dumped more than 2 ft.(!)of rain in some parts of the state.The first half of 2012 was the hottest ever in US history.One-third of US was hit by “dangerous heat,” while 2/3 of the country is in drought and about half our pastures and rangelands are in poor condition.And here’s how weathermen described our March weather:”staggering,astonishing,incredible,almost science-fiction like,” as temperature records were broken in over 2/3 of our country.And finally on Yawheh’s judgment upon us,The Telegraph newspaper in London,UK published a montage of fantastic,surreal weather images during bad storms in the New York City-area,and one was a beaut:Lightning striking the top of Empire State Building! Gotta love it! What better way for the Highest One to rain down His warning and His judgment on the Babel builders who erected this skyscraper in the state with the haughtiness to call itself the Empire State! Patriots,please go to and click the link on the Current News page and be amazed at this real action-shot! These reports come pretty close to proving that America is under His judgment for its blasphemy,idolatry and corruption.Please read Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28-the “blessings and curses chapters” in the Bible-and see the parallels between what was promised upon the Israelites and what’s happening to we Americans now.

And now to conclude like I usuallly do on the patriot-activism front.Viewership has dropped at Fox News Channel(FNC-aka Favorite Neo-Con Channel)and CNN,so much at the latter that its big boss Mr.Walton resigned.While these networks do at times provide important news stories,it’s obvious they’re run by establishment Republicrats who serve the interests of their wealthy and powerful masters and not the American people;so it’s great that apparently some patriots or some plain-fed-up Americans are tuning out these networks.And may they go under,especially Fox.And the corrupt bastards in DC must be running a bit scared,for finally,after all this time,they banned congressmen from practicing insider trading.That’s right,patriots:while if one us was found guilty of insider trading,we’d be arrested and imprisoned if convicted,the Republicrats in Congress got a free pass.Thanks now to Stock Act,they’re under the same laws as we are.Did they do this out of guilt or a sense of morality? I doubt it! They did it because they’re probably getting a bit scared of the angry masses fed-up with their horse manure! Now over to the Evergreen State,as patriots in that liberal state garnered enough signatures to force a referendum on the November ballot on whether to keep homo marriage legal or repeal the law that the anti-Christ lawmakers recently passed.That a way,Washington State! And it’s a relief to know that there’ll be one less Dick in US Senate next year,for Tricky Dick Lugar-the liberal,globalist Republican from IN-was defeated in the primary by Richard Mourdock.This is a great victory for patriots.However,he was supported by neo-cons like Marco Rubio and phony Tea Party groups like Freedom Works,which is under the auspices of the odious former TX congressman Tricky Dick Armey.Hey! That’s another Tricky Dick no longer in Congress! Hallelujah! So let’s not got to excited about Mr.Mourdock,but he’s almost certainly going to be better than Dick Lugar. As far as my personal patriot activism over the past 4 months(most of it very difficult but now improving over the past 2 months or so,thank the Lord),I’m finally caught up with issues of The New American.I was 9 issues behind about 16 months ago! I did it! But now I have about 30 back issues to take notes on! Life has taught me that when a load of work(in this case,patriot work)like this is upon us,the best approach is to whittle it down gradually.So one day I’ll knock off 2,the next day 1,take a day off and do 2 the next day,etc..I’ll get it done,patriots;it’s just a question of time.And I do this pro-bono work because it’s a work of patriotism,and I share what I learn with co-patriots.It’s all about teamwork,patriots,as are enemies are trying to surround us and destroy our nation.I also canceled my car insurance with Geico.Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway owns Geico,and Buffet is a big Abomination supporter.And his company Geico looks like it’s run by a bunch of fruitcake,crass yuppies.I concluded this after reading several recent issues of their customer magazine Geico Now(BTW,published by a Toronto,Canada company).They pushed one yuppie-liberal,pro-homo event or celebration upon the readers.They even had a photo of the idol image of Martin Luther King Jr.accompany its story praising the statue and King’s “legacy.” I came close to nauseous after finishing the magazine.I e-mailed the idiot mascot Gecko and informed him of how disgusted I was and that I will be looking for another insurer.And by ducky,I found one and I’m saving about $150 annually! Thanks to AAA NY! I believe American Automobile Association is a class outfit,and I recommend patriots join it,especially for ones who travel a lot.I continue to boycott products that advertise in English and Espanol.I’m working with the local police precinct over some local problems in the area.Patriots,these are the battles in the trenches we need to engage in to save our country! Pick and choose the battles you can engage in,considering priority and the probability of victory.Get co-patriots to join you.Exhort slumbering patriots to get active! Get informed,get active and try to make a difference for America! Before it’s too late and the forces of Abomination take over our nation and ruin us!

This post has been long and I’m finally finished.I may post before Labor Day,maybe not.Till next time,patriots,I wish you all a safe and enjoyable remainder to Summer 2012.Thanks for your patience during this hiatus that was caused by family sickness and bereavement,attacks on both my computers(especially this desktop)and my printer,and other problems that came one after the other since about late April.Through His grace,things may just be returning to not just normality,but even coming back better than before.Just like this patriot command center where I work from is now faster and more efficient,saving me time,effort and money.See you next time. 







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