A Quasi-belated Patriot Week In Review

Hi,patriots.I usually write this review of the previous week’s news on Sunday.But even though I didn’t get out of my jammies yesterday,I just didn’t have the time or energy to write this patriot review.I posted a lot of links and commentary on patriotsunitenow.com;this took a lot of time and energy away from the blog.But now I’m ready.

On the economic/financial front,the DJIA saw its first weekly drop in quite a while;for every job opening in America,there are 6 job seekers for that one opening;and FDIC closed another bank to make it 95 for 2009.Their insurance fund for depositors may soon be in the red and they may have to borrow from US Treasury to replenish the fund.That’s all our government needs:more debt.

America’s crime wave keeps rolling.I wonder if records are being set with all the multiple homicides occurring in almost every region of the nation.Four slain in Maryland,five in Illinois,five in Florida;it’s tough keeping track of it all.I believe there are several reasons for these horrible murders,but drug use is certainly one of them.Affluent Suffolk County,NY-for the most part a NYC suburb-is experiencing pervasive heroin use,especially among teenagers and young adults.One girl describes the environment as “a living hell.” The important questions that need asking are:Who’s dealing these drugs? Why are young people ruining their lives by using them? Why doesn’t President Abomination launch a multi-prong war against something that may be approaching epidemic levels? I believe there are rogue elements in various levels of government and law enforcement throughout US who are involved in the drug trade.Just like in Mexico,where drug cartels could very well take over the country,there’s an incredible amount of money and power to be had from dealing dope.That’s why the drug gangs are so ruthless and why they won’t bat an eye if they take out entire families to protect their business.The assault on America from drugs is another one of the wars we should be fighting instead of this bogus “War On Terror.” The drug war waged against our people is a real act of terrorism!

Another form of terrorism confronting Americans is horrorcore music.This is the so-called music that was largely responsible for the murders of 4 people in Virginia about 10 days ago.What sort of sick mind gets his jollies by even thinking about the joy he feels over watching someone die from his hand? And what kind of sick mind would produce the record label Serial Killin’ Records? Who in his or her right mind would even think about listening to this garbage? This is indicative of the sickness in America’s soul.Too many open minds.Too much experimenting.Too much not knowing what to do with one’s free time.Too much self-centeredness.Too much hedonism.Just too much of a lot of bad things,like Pandora’s box is wide open.Like illicit drugs mess up the mind,so does hellish music.Music should uplift the human spirit and experience;it should sound nice and harmonious;song lyrics should be clearly understood and express worthwhile precepts and lessons for everyday life;and when it does touch on sadness or man’s less-than-noble pursuits,it’s done to warn listeners to eschew these dangerous pursuits.Patriots,if horrorcore comes to a town near you,expose it and condemn it as loudly as you can.We’ve come a long way since the days of Glenn Miller,Rick Nelson,Elvis,Hank Williams,The Supremes and many others from the Great American Songbook who gave us a trove of some of the best music ever made.If your kids and/or other parents’ kids are being debauched or are in danger of being debauched by horrorcore or other wretched musical genres that are the antithesis of what I’ve described music should be,plead with them to avoid this stuff as if it was poison,for that’s what it is:a poison of the mind.

How similar US is to the mother country UK;the multi-party governments in both countries break the laws they’re supposed to abide by with ease and regularity.Patricia Scotland is UK’s home secretary-counterpart of the US attorney general.After Prime Minister Gordon Brown,she’s the highest law-enforcement officer in UK.And she hired an illegal immigrant to be her maid.She was fined 5,000 pounds by Britain’s Border Police for this infraction.This shows patriots in UK and her offspring nation USA that either high-ranking government officials are either stupid or incompetent or negligent,are deliberate lawbreakers,or a combination of both.In USA,the federal government has allowed anywhere from 12-20 million people to either illegally enter the country or has allowed them to stay illegally.This is tantamount to criminal negligence.And the Amnesty Gang in Washington wants to remedy this by granting amnesty to them.Are they nuts or do they have an agenda to destabilize the country? To “renew America” or “remake America,” like the Abomination has promised to do? To overload our immigration system,which they acknowledge is already broken? If,God forbid,an illegal-alien amnesty passes,America as we know it will be gone.There’ll be an official Spanish-speaking Latin American nation on US soil,among other nightmares.And that leads me to relate when I entered the local Home Depot a few days ago,I was,appropriately enough,greeted with a man speaking quasi-Spanish over the store’s PA system and store signs in English and Spanish.And in some neighborhoods in America,the day will certainly come when the signs will be just in Spanish,just like there are ads here in New York and elsewhere just in Spanish.This is another war being waged against the American people:the forces of la conquista,aided and abetted by the federal government and many major corporations.I recommend reading the chapter La Reconquista in Patrick Buchanan’s book The Death of the West and the chapters A Grudge Against the Gringo and The Aztlan Plot in his book State of Emergency.As for Home Depot,I went on its website and e-mailed them that I will never set foot in that store again as long as they encourage people to speak quasi-Spanish and not learn or speak English.I did the same when electronics distributor Crutchfield sent me a catalog about 2 weeks ago with “Se habla Espanol” written throughout its pages.Moreover,Omar Minaya-the latino general manager of the New York Mets baseball team-decided to celebrate “Hispanic” Heritage Month at the club’s Citifield stadium one night last week by putting the Spanish word “Los”(the)on the Mets’ jerseys.So,I sent an e-mail from the team’s website recommending Senor Minaya return to his native Hispaniola to celebrate his “Hispanic” heritage.These are the battles that patriots need to fight as often as possible to help save America.

Westchester County,NY-immediately north of Bronx County,NYC-will soon have low-income housing built in middle-class/upper-class neighborhoods.Some Diversity Gang “anti-discrimination group” sued the county,claiming not enough low-income(Section 8) people were living in middle-or upper-income neighborhoods.This is class warfare and/or race warfare.I think most fair-minded people sympathize with poor people and believe they should be helped to improve their lives.Poverty is an affliction on any society.But who or what causes it? These people in nice neighborhoods didn’t cause it,and the high rates of crime and other pathologies that devastate poor communities shouldn’t be brought to non-poor communities.But the Diversity Gang,by and large,are Jacobins-i.e.,radical egalitarians;they want to dumb everyone down to the same level,with,of course,them on top.The Westchester County government is liberal Democrat,like a good deal of the county’s residents.It’ll be interesting to see if their bleeding hearts and holier-than-thou attitudes are put to the test.And,Billy and Hillary Clinton live in liberal-rich Chappaqua in Westchester County.Will low-income housing be built in Chappaqua? How about right next door to Billy and Hillary?! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Lastly,bad weather continues to hit America.Brutal rainstorms killed about 10 people in Georgia,southern California gets one wildfire after another,drought is devastating large parts of the Southwest.And the Land Down Under in New South Wales experienced a bizarre dust storm that sounded like something described in a Bible prophecy.This is the real thing,not some trashy prophecy novel out to snooker some unsuspecting book buyers out of their money.Is America and Australia being judged by the Almighty for her sins? I think so.

Patriots,till next week.

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