A Patriot’s Report from an Anti-amnesty Rally,and a Shorter-than-usual Patriot Review

I returned,patriots,early Thursday night from 4 days in Washington,District of the goddess Columbia,fellowshipping with co-patriots throughout America at an immigration-reform rally organized by FAIR(Federation for American Immigration Reform).About 50 talk-radio broadcasters assembled at Phoenix Park Hotel to alert their listeners to the constant threat of an illegal-immigrant amnesty coming from the alien government ruling us in DC.This is,if memory serves me correctly,the 4th straight year I’ve attended this rally as a citizen-activist who has followed closely the immigration issue for about the past 25 years.What the activists mainly do is visit Capitol Hill and meet with congressmen,but mostly staff members,and discuss the immigration crisis America is in.While my main approach is to strongly oppose amnesty,others take an approach towards enforcement of immigration policy and law in dealing with the illegal-immigrant population.Information and ideas are shared among the talk hosts,their guests and the citizen activists and broadcast to the respective audiences.The rally is usually held in September and I urge patriots to attend in some capacity,even if it’s just listening to the broadcasts.And consider supporting FAIR.Their headquarters is right near the Capitol and they’ve been in the fight for about 30 years(fairus.org).I bought my first portable computer in Arlington,VA just north of DC:a Toshiba netbook.I propounded several things before making the buy at Best Buy and maybe could’ve bought a better one,but I settled on this one.And by the way,they had bi-lingual signs posted in the store.Normally,I boycott stores that do that,but being unfamiliar with the area,I didn’t have much of a choice because I needed a netbook that day.The first two days I didn’t come across anything that important to post to patriotsunitenow.com.On Wednesday,I read James Carter’s claim that the evil white racists were opposing President Abomination because of his half-white/half-black background.I had trouble accessing the Internet on the train coming back home,so I waited till Thursday night to start posting links and commentary again to my website.Next time I’m away,I’ll be able to access the Internet,I hope.Nevertheless,it’s good to be back home again,even here in the southeast Bronx.And it’s good to be posting and blogging again too.Thanks,patriots,for your feedback and your support.

FDIC has now shut 94 banks.What’s new about the latest closures is that FDIC announced that they may borrow money from an already-bankrupt US Treasury to replenish the insurance fund that re-imburses depositors who lose savings from failed banks.I think the fund is now down to about $4 billion.Meanwhile,the Abomination Rising stock markets continues.As stated on this blog before,Abomination’s money men want to prop up the Dow,NASDAQ and S & P 500 as high as possible to shove investors back into the market,and they don’t care how much they inflate it to get that done.They keep saying that the recession’s over and happy days are almost-here again.As far as I can see,it’s all an illusion.Despite some improving economic news,nothing justifies this nearly 3,500-point rise in the Dow since March.14 states are in double-digit unemployment,with Michigan leading the pack at over 15% and California hitting 12.2%-its highest since the late 1940s.How can the recession be over when there are unemployment figures like this?

America’s crime wave keeps rolling.Multiple homicides continue throughout the land,and what’s getting more and more frightening is the grisliness of the murders;they’re so repulsive and nightmarish that the officers on the crime scenes are refusing to divulge the way the victims were murdered.Police departments and governments are frequently concerned about panic among the masses,probably because they fear for their own jobs and/or their own safety if a lot of the people start believing that the social order is collapsing.Throw into this mix the revelation from the mayor of Rockford,Illinois that blacks in that city have more of a chance of going to jail than graduating high school,and we have a perfect gathering storm for social unrest and chaos.Patriots,it needs repeating:America’s war is right here on our soil and not in the sand pits and dunes of south-central Asia.More and more of our social order is collapsing from an assortment of serious problems,and they need to be addressed in some serious way right now before the dam breaks and the whole country gets deluged.

Lastly,patriots,another enemy of America kicked the bucket last week.Edward Kennedy kicked the previous week,and now it was Irving Kristol’s turn-the “Godfather of Neo-conservatism.” Irving was a Trotskyite in the 1930s,and Leon Trotsky-real name:David Lev Bronstein-was a co-mass-murderer along with Vladimir Ulyanov(Lenin)of about 10 million Russians in the Red Terror that they and the Bolshevik Revolution unleashed on Russia beginning in 1917.The classical-rock band Renaissance made a song about 10 minutes long about 30 years ago entitled Mother Russia,and lead singer Annie Haslam cries out in that song:”Mother Russia,he[Solzhenitsyn]cries for you!” This is what Trotsky and his murderers did to that land,and Irving supported it.How would he be treated by all those mostly Republicans who have posthumously praised him in the last few days if he was a believer in mass-murderer Hitler? He wouldn’t have seen the light of day in public life! So,Mr.Kristol went along his merry way,starting up the perpetual-revolution movement of neo-conservatism,which is now using perpetual war and a quasi-police-state polity and environment to consolidate their power and further their aims.They’ve infiltrated GOP and according to Patrick Buchanan’s book Where the Right Went Wrong,took over Boy George Bush’s foreign-policy team and persuaded him to attack Iraq.Neo-conservatism I believe is even more diabolical than contemporary liberalism in that it’s deceptive and devious and masquerades as conservative when it really hates conservatives and seeks their political annihilation.Hence the term neo-conservative:replacing the old conservative with something new that isn’t conservative.The neo-cons have an Israel-first foreign policy,believe in big government and a big military establishment,a hands-off approach to most of the major social issues like homo rights and abortion and affirmative action,and have an affinity with liberals but have no or little desire to befriend conservatives unless it’s to ensnare them.Their founder is dead,and hopefully the sinister movement he founded dies with him,the sooner the better.

Patriots,there are only 2 days left in Summer.Enjoy them.It has been a beautiful September so far here in NYC.Till next week.Help to save America.

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