A Patriot’s Review and a Warning:Beware the Tea Parties!

Hello,patriots of America.I start this review of last week’s news with some positives,believe it or not.And the positives come from President Abomination! He announced that he will start releasing logs of visitors to the White House.However,this was prompted by a lawsuit from a citizen-activist group;so maybe he was trying to avoid an embarrassing decision against his administration.Regardless,this is a bit of White House secrecy that’ll no longer be practiced.The Boy George Bush administration fought to keep the logs secret,maybe to hide all those visits from their good buddy Jack Abramoff.The other goody from the Abomination was slapping a tariff on tire imports from the Red Chinese.Sometimes we need tariffs and sometimes we don’t.Free-trade ideologues say tariffs are always wrong,regardless of the harm caused to America from imports and lop-sided trade deals.Practical,real-world conservatives and patriots say sometimes we need tariffs to protect American industry and the American worker.So here’s a cheer for the Abomination! Remember:it doesn’t matter who’s right;what matters is what’s right.

The stock markets had another rise last week;the Dow has gained about 3,000 points since March.I call this Abomination Rising.Some economic news has been good,some not good:median family income has dropped,available jobs have dropped by about half,poverty has increased and the teenage unemployment rate is the highest since the government started keeping records after WW2.And the Amnesty Gang still wants to grant citizenship to the nation’s estimated 12-20 million illegal aliens! And 92 banks in US have bit the dust;the FDIC insurance fund must be down to about $6 billion.But a lot of the money men keep telling us that “we’re turning a corner,” the worst is over,” the recession is bottoming out,” blah,blah,blah.I think they think we’ll believe them if they just keep saying it;they look at us like we’re children.

South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson was right to tell the Abomination he was lying about illegal-alien coverage in the proposed health-care bill,but I don’t think that was the best place or time to do it.Patriots need to be wise as serpents,like Christ said,in dealing with the enemies of America.We also need more patriots to not be afraid of calling politicians liars when they’re convinced they are lying! That’s what they should do! But,I’m a bit suspicious of Mr.Wilson:he’s a 32nd degree Freemason.Maybe he wants to replace South Carolina governor Mark Sanford!

Some moron(s) at a Florida radio station have given homosexual former congressman Mark Foley a job as a talk-radio host.How sickening.Here’s a guy who propositioned teenage boys for you know what when he was in Congress.Ratings are probably on the minds of the producers who hired him.Let’s hope no one listens.

I posted a link to a USA Today article on America experiencing one of its coolest Summers ever;it was the coolest Summer I ever experienced here in Bronx,NY.Is this caused by so-called global warming? I’m convinced the people who started pushing this hysteria on America and the rest of the world want to weaken America and the West by punishing her industries.While we should always do everything possible to reduce pollution,we shouldn’t throw ourselves back to the Stone Age.Cool heads can lead to cool policies in dealing with pollution reduction and other environmentally-friendly policies and products and services.

Patriots,I urge us all to beware of these so-called Tea Party demonstrations,like the big one held Saturday in Washington.Yes,it was good to see multiple thousands of people come out to protest the Abomination and the harmful laws and policies coming from those who rule us.However,notice that the issues being protested were typical Republican talking-points issues just to help defeat the other party while offering very little alternatives.Oh yes,they protested taxes,and spending,and Obamacare.But where were they when Boy George was spending our tax money like a mad man? Or relying on Red China to fund the government? Typically,they didn’t protest the immoral and unconstitutional wars Americans are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq(Iraq under false pretenses)and even opposed another good thing Abomination is attempting:investigating acts of CIA torture.Torturing innocent people is probably fine for most of the Tea Party because everything is considered by them justified while fighting the “War on Terror!” And there was noting on the threat of amnesty for about 12 million illegal immigrants.And the notorious Dick Armey spoke at the rally on Saturday.The Dick was one of the biggest obstacles to real immigration reform when he was majority leader in the House when GOP controlled Congress during the 1990s.All that matters to the economist Armey is money,money,money.I believe the Tea Party protests are mainly designed to empower the Republican Party,not serve the patriot cause.Patriots should know by now that the leadership of both parties are out for themselves and are very content being in “opposition” to each other;it’s their system they serve,not the country.

Finally,this patriot is off to Washington from Monday to Thursday to fight for real immigration reform.I’ll try to update patriotsunitenow.com daily,although that may be difficult because I don’t have a laptop,but I may get one while down there or use a public computer.Feel free to join us immigration reformers and anti-amnesty watchdogs in the District of the goddess Columbia(DC)this week;the female statue atop the Capitol is probably an image of her.Patriots,enjoy the last full week of Summer.Till next week.

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