A Labor Day Patriot Review

Happy Labor Day to all patriots from sea to shining sea! I hope you all had R & R these past 3 days or more to those lucky enough to have more than a 3-day weekend.Tomorrow is back to school or work for most of us.Remember that there are still about 2 more weeks of Summer left,even though someone,somewhere declared that Summer unofficially ends the day after Labor Day.

I’d like to start this Labor Day review of last week’s news by addressing economic issues.FDIC has now shut 89 banks this year,breaking all records for bank closures in a year.The agency’s insurance fund is down to a dangerously low amount of about $6-8 billion,depending on which article or story we come across.So how is FDIC chairwoman Sheila Bair(Bear?)going to replenish this fund? Likely,she’ll have to raise the fees that banks pay into the fund or have federal funds from somewhere deposited into it.Our bank savings are supposed to be insured up to $250,000 for the rest of 2009.What happens if more banks go under and the insurance fund runs dry? It behooves patriots to be prepared for some precarious times when it comes to our savings and America’s banking industry.And this may have something to do with President Abomination declaring that he intends to craft policy geared to helping people save money-for retirement that is.But he and his pals Timothy Geithner at Treasury Dept.and Uncle Ben Bernanke at Federal Reserve ostensibly don’t want us to save money now,and that’s why there’ll be no policies or programs to facilitate and enhance savings among Americans.The recession is going on 2-years-old now,and the savings rate among Americans has skyrocketed to about 6%.It was in negative territory before the recession,meaning Americans weren’t just not saving money but were spending money they didn’t even have! A lot of us have wised up and realized the importance of saving instead of spending too much and saving very little,if anything.But this isn’t what Abomination and Timmy and Uncle Ben want.They want us to spend,spend,spend-just like the wastrels in DC have been doing for about 40 years-and be dependent on credit and loans for homes,cars,school tuition,home appliances,inter alia,just like the car salesman who doesn’t prefer cash for a car he’s trying to sell but prefers a payment plan which makes more money for him and the lenders.America’s money men have driven interest rates to ridiculously low levels,with a lot of savings accounts in banks yielding close to zero! How insulting! Are they going to soon charge us to deposit our money in banks?! In the nutshell,Abomination’s money men want us dependent on them and are trying their best to prop up their economic and financial house of cards because it empowers and enriches them.By their actions and lack of actions,they’re telling us to get back in the stock market if we want a decent return on our investments and savings.That’s a huge risk.I recommend going to bankrate.com and hunt for somewhat-decent yields on savings/money-market accounts.Remember that a lot of banks aren’t part of the Federal Reserve system,so they’re likely to offer greater yields on their accounts.Some short-term bond funds or municipal bonds may also help garner greater investment income.Finally on economics,the teenage unemployment rate in America has broken a record since the government started tracking it a few years after WW2.It’s almost 25%! And the Abomination and his Amnesty Gang are still plotting an amnesty for the estimated 12 million illegal aliens in our nation! So the question is:Are they nuts or are they deliberately trying to destroy America?

Now for some commentary on a front in America’s culture war.There’s a powerful but certainly not an unbeatable movement in the land to normalize and legitimize homosexuality,especially homo marriage.And part of this vanguard is using elementary-school education to indoctrinate kids at an all-too-young age that homosexuality is just ducky.”Get ‘em while they’re young” is obviously the strategy here.So parents in a California school district whose kids faced such indoctrination fought back and sued the district.Their kids weren’t even allowed to opt out of the indoctrination! The clever ruse employed by the school officials was that they don’t want homo/lesbian/bi-sexual kids to be harassed.Balderdash! Kids that young shouldn’t even know about the birds and the bees,let alone about forms of sexual deviancy.Safeguard their innocence from homo agitprop! And to you patriot parents in the land,please,please learn about where your kids are attending school and what they’re being taught.You should be just as concerned about their mental and moral safety and well-being as much as their physical safety.And fight back like these California parents did if you encounter debauchery like their kids were faced with.

Newark,NJ-the largest city in the so-called Garden State-now has a curfew in place from 11 pm to 5:30 am due to skyrocketing crime.Two policemen on patrol in that city were quoted in the article I posted on patriotsunitenow.com as saying the obvious:lack of parental supervision is responsible for the bulk of high crime levels.I worked on NYPD in the South Bronx for about 2 1/2 years back in the ’80s and many if not most of us were saying pretty much the same thing.There are big-city neighborhoods predominantly latino and black throughout America where matriarchal households comprised of a mother with multiple out-of-wedlock children from multiple fathers are pervasive.Instead of this nightmarish condition being rare,it’s all-too-common.What most politicians fail to see is easily seen by the proverbial “boots on the ground” like cops,schoolteachers,welfare workers,et al.I recently got lost in downtown Newark about 6 weeks ago around midnight while driving my car.From about the 30 minutes I spent driving there,it wasn’t pretty.I prayed hard for protection,and I think my car would’ve prayed too if it could’ve.America’s crime wave and drug problem are reaching crisis levels.Rarely,if ever,does President Abomination talk about it.He must think it’s no big deal that Newark,NJ is under a late-night curfew and the NAACP chapter in Pennsylvania’s capital city of Harrisburg requested the National Guard be deployed there due to a rash of homicides;the PA governor declined the request but promised more state police to patrol the city.I know there are patriots who still support the US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.I hope these reports on curfews and National Guard requests and matriarchal homes/fatherless children help them realize that America’s war is right here on her own soil and that the main threats to our very nationhood come from radical-liberal politicians and policy makers who are largely responsible for these terrible conditions.

Another milestone was reached in America when it was reported that for the first time since WW2,more people have left sunny Florida than moved in.The same dilemma has hit the Golden State of California over the past few years.The article I posted on patriotsunitenow.com on this story claimed it’s high taxes and a high cost-of-living causing this exodus.I’m sure that’s part of it,but I’m sure too that large-scale immigration,primarily from Latin America,is responsible.Americans are moving for a variety of reasons,but one reason is they want to live in a city or town that’s still American and not a foreign enclave.Of course they want low taxes and low costs.Is there anyone who really wants high taxes and high costs,apart from the occasional masochist or lunatic? A lot of Americans,especially Yankees,have been flocking to Florida for several decades now.I know some of them from right here in the Bronx and its environs,almost trying to start life over again.But they should realize that while decent people move to another state in another region,indecent people move too.I see people here in the Bronx area I’ve lived in for almost 50 years high-tailing it almost every weekend in Summer to escape to the Jersey Shore or the Hamptons on Long Island or some other vacation land.I see the traffic build up on the infamous Cross Bronx Expressway as early as Thursday afternoon,escaping primarily to points south and east.Yes,patriots,Americans are running.But their days of running to sunny Florida may be coming to an end and they’ll seek yet another state(Or country?)to escape to.

I end this Labor Day Patriot Review by commenting on the modern-day Queen Esther:Madonna.She brought her tour appropriately titled Sticky & Sweet to the nation of Israel and opened her concert appropriately enough with the song Candy Shop.She’s an apostate Roman Catholic who has been practicing the Jewish mystery religion of Kaballah for about the past 10 years and now calls herself Esther,which means “star of hope” in Hebrew.And the Bible contains The Book of Esther about Esther the queen who saved her fellow Jews from the Persian king Haman.This is not one of the nicer books in the Bible in my opinion,for it records how Jews took vengeance on the Persian people and almost committed a genocide against them.But isn’t it fascinating,and scary,how Madonna-false prophetess #2 in the world after Oprah Winfrey,in my opinion-now thinks so highly of herself to call herself a star of hope and a queen who may be out for vengeance!This broad is bloody nuts! And isn’t it interesting that she met with prime minister Netanyahu and his wife Sara(Sara means princess in Hebrew),dressed in black,and also with the female opposition leader in Israel’s Knesset.This is like something out of a Bible-prophecy novel! Good God! I’m convinced Netanyahu is an evil man,and maybe that’s why he likes Madonna,or Esther.Or maybe he’s planing something with her? I think the main reason he ,his wife and Israel’s opposition leader embrace her is because she’s an apostate Roman Catholic who has mocked and demeaned Christianity throughout her sordid professional life and now has Judaized.Will False Prophetess #2 bring her sexualized Sticky & Sweet tour to America? And where are the church leaders who should be saying something like what I’ve just written?

That wraps up this Labor Day Patriot Review.Good luck,co-patriots,returning to school and work tomorrow.I’ve labored on this Labor Day 2009 in posting this review on this blog ,which is approaching 2 hours now,because I love this land and my fellow patriots.I’m not earning a living from this patriot work.I’ve stayed semi-retired for the past 5+ years to devote myself full-time to the patriot cause because I believe America’s day of reckoning is fast approaching.As Edmund Burke said over 200 years ago,” The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Stay vigilant,patriots.Enjoy the rest of Summer 2009 A.D.-in the Year of Our Lord.Till next week.God bless America.

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