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Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Hi,patriots.Like the old song says,”It’s been a long,long time”(in a manner of speaking,of course).It has been almost 3 months since I last blogged and there are several reasons for this.One is I’ve extended my R & R about 5 hours a week by playing tennis.Last March a former co-worker called to ask If I’d teach him to play tennis.I hadn’t played in about 4 years,so I welcomed the opportunity.After playing outdoors from March to November,we then started playing indoors.Tennis is great exercise and great fun.It has helped me greatly bounce back from a bad colitis attack last year to where,I thank the Lord,I’m back to good health.And if this patriot is in good health,then I can better serve co-patriots and our patriot cause.Also,the indoor club where I’m playing has some current and retired professors for members,so this can become a great opportunity to witness for America’s patriot cause.While these 5 or 6 hours a week are retracting from my Internet news reading and reviewing,it’s providing much-needed personal R & R and opening new doors for the patriot cause.Our time is so precious in the fight to save America from its enemies.I know that very well.So while I’m blogging much later than I should,I’m still in the fight and taking the battle to other fronts.Another reason I’m blogging late is yet another health issue,this time I think a bad respiratory cold,possibly an infection.I struggled with it for about a month,deciding and praying whether or not to go to the doc.Well,again,I thank the Lord,it’s out of my system,whatever it was.And this affliction came only about 2 months after I had the worst sore throat of my life,where I did go to the doc.I don’t run to the doc right away,but this sore throat was so bad that I got hardly any sleep for 3 straight nights.This must’ve been part of the very bad flu season that hit much of the country this Winter,and it’s probably part of His judgment upon a nation that’s growing more sinful and anti-Christ every day.Another distraction from blogging and posting links on this blog’s parent site been cleaning up,uncluttering and better organizing many things around the house,like a bedroom bookcase and 2 basement ones.With my health restored,for now at least,I’m also spending some time and money improving the house’s appearance,making things more attractive and more convenient.In short,trying to pretty up this little corner of our country.It does help lift the spirits,and I tout it for all patriots wherever they live.We all benefit when one house in the neighborhood improves its appearance.Much of life is about making and maintaining and experiencing beautiful sights,sounds and smells.So,I’ve been engaged in this bit of home and urban renewal for about the last 3 months.Also,I’m thinking about returning to the music-gig scene,as some local opportunities may open up.This’ll take some time from this post and its parent news-and- commentary site but,like the tennis,it opens other opportunities to share the patriot cause by sharing great music with others(not my music,but that of other artists).And also like the tennis club,we meet many more people when we outreach like this,those who we can introduce the patriot cause to,and also “meet up” with other patriots and increase our numbers and unify.Like Ralph Kramden said when he was janitor of the apartment building he lived in.”In unity there is strength.” I’ve also spent time expanding my personal library of books,vhs tapes,dvds,45 rpm records and cds.And to borrow again from Ralph Kramden,I believe I’ve hit the second plateau.Most nights,I eat dinner on the living-room sofa about 9 PM.And after the first or second course,I’ve been zonking out and don’t wake up till it’s 3 or 4 in the morning.I’ve been missing a lot of Internet news over the past few months because of this,as old age has finally crept upon this patriot who turns 53 in April.Lastly,this patriot blog is getting blasted with spam,and sometimes it takes me hours to mark it all as spam before I delete the non-spam.Well,patriots,there you have it.That’s why I’m unusually late with this post,but better late than never.I’m starting on Sunday evening,2/24/2013 and should finish in a few weeks.I’ll be citing and reviewing news from about a week before Christmas to the end of February.So get ready for the longest post ever on this patriot blog which’ll be up and running 4 years come next Memorial Day weekend.

I start as usual on this patriot blog with the corrupt,2-parties’ political establishment in USA.My last post way back before Christmas was almost totally on the November 2012 elections,which I called Black Tuesday.I now will give more perspective and analysis on BT,in addition to commentary on the increasingly immoral,anti-patriot,anti-Christ Republicrat polity that rules America.Let’s start with President Abomination-the head of this anti-Christ polity,the leader who sits in and rules from the White House(The “white horse” in Revelation 6?).I believe,like I’ve believed during and after other recent presidential elections,that a deal this past election may have been made between BO(Barack Obama)and Mormon Mitt and/or the GOP establishment to re-elect BO.I believe there’s plenty of evidence and good ol’ common sense to perceive that these bastards running the Republicrat system have agreed to an arrangement where if a Republicrat gets elected president the first time,he’ll get a second term.I think this started in the 1996 election,when GOP nominated a mummy in Robert Dole to challenge incumbent president Billy Clinton.The debates were kiss-ass jokes,with one softball question after another given to the “candidates” and even between themselves.The next incumbent president was Boy George in 2004.He was embarrassed in the first 2 debates by Herman Munster look-alike and now US Secrertary of State John Kerry.He was even caught wearing a communication device under his suit jacket that was probably used to give him orders during the debates! But then came the third debate,and Herman Munster obviously took a dive.The 2 brothers of Order of Skull & Bones must’ve agreed to let Boy George win a second term.And now we have the Abomination BO getting challenged by Mormon Mitt Romney,whose son admitted sometime in 2013 that his daddy really didn’t want to become president! What a great GOP presidential candidate! But this was probably just what the Republicrat establishment wanted:another term for BO,helped along by a weak challenger who made one gaffe after another during the primary and the general election too,like when he was arrogant and stupid enough to say he didn’t care about the poor.And about 2 months after the election,MM even goes to the White House/White Horse to have lunch with Abomination! Ha,ha,ha! They must’ve have had a gay ol’ time! Just what did they discuss?! But probably the biggest clue that Big O was getting a second term regardless was when he visited Russia and said to President Putin,something like,”When I get re-elected.” So was that just hubris or did BO know that it was already in the cards that he would remain in his seat of mighty power another 4 years? Regardless,BO remains in power from his White Horse.He,I’m convinced,is one big reason why America is under a curse from Almighty God.Now let’s move over to the sappy,cowardly,effeminate,complicit GOP leadership.John Mr.Weepy Boehner-Speaker of US House of Representatives-is revealing himself more and more to be an establishment hack and possibly a full-fledged neo-con.He and Mitch McConnell-GOP minority leader in US Senate-picked none other than Marco Rubio-the Cuban US senator from FL-to give the GOP response to BO’s State of the Union(SOTU)address.Why Marco? Because he’s “hispanic.” And regardless of the fact that Rubio is a rat fink,pro-illegal-immigrant amnesty,pro-war creep,Boehner,McConnell and the GOP establishment want to hispander to get their votes.Again,patriots,it just shows that GOP bigwigs just want power for the sake of power and they don’t want to serve the patriot cause! Picking Rubio was just public relations,an image gimmick,to show Americans that they’re not “Racist!” and they don’t hate latinos.It won’t work with latinos and it won’t work with the vast majority of patriots.When Rubio ran for the senate seat he currently holds,he campaigned against amnesty-but now he’s for it.So he either lied or changed his mind.He’s a facsimile of Melquiades Martinez-another Cuban-American who Rubio replaced in the senate.I forgot to mention that Marco gave the GOP response-in English and Spanish.Ay,caramba! And Melky was the first US senator to give a Spanish speech on the floor of US Senate.Both these Cubanos are ingrates.They entered USA as children with their parents,fleeing Castro’s worker’s paradise.And they’ve shown their allegiance and their affections are to their fellow latinos and not to USA,since 80% of the illegal immigrants in our country are latino.If the GOP establishment were conservative,they’d throw Rubio under a bus! But the new GOP is now hispandering just like the donkeys;now back to Bonehead Boehner-the Speaker with the cheap rug and flashy ties(he likes pink ties a lot.Hmmm).He invited House Republicans to a “retreat” in VA to help lick the wounds after the drubbing the so-called Grand Old Party took at the hands of BO and his neo-bolshevik donkeys last November.And he invited none other than Charles Cook-the liberal publisher of Cook Political Report-to speak to the Republicans! Why him,of all people?! Well,Charlie lectured the GOPers that for them to win in future elections,they need to-What else?-hispander! That’s it! Just start making campaign ads in Espanol,start teaching Spanish to GOP congressman,try to out-amnesty the donkeys,inter alia.Just what motivates the GOP Speaker of the House? Does he have any political philosophy-i.e.,is he conservative,liberal,moderate,etc.? It’s becoming pretty obvious patriots,that Boehner is simply an establishment hack,a wishy-washy,pie-face,don’t rock the boat prima donna,who probably hates conservatives just as much as BO.This is the clown who a majority of dopey House Republicans chose as their speaker and titular head of their party.They haven’t been called Stupid Party for nothing.And lastly on Bonehead,he gave an interview to none other than whining “ex-”alcoholic/junkie Larry Kudlow-the neo-con economist who,every time I tune him in,is just talking about Money,Money,Money!.And he supoosedly is a Jewsih convert to Catholicism.Please! He’s no more Catholic than Osama bin Laden! Now we leave Bonehead Boehner and go to corrupt establishment Republican National Committee(RNC).Reince Priebus(nice name)-another Boehner-like sap who’s chairman of this committee and who’s probably the most-powerful and most-influential unelected Republican in the country-picked 4 men and 1 woman to a panel to discover what went wrong last November and what to do about it.With one possible exception,all the panelists,including egghead rabbi Ari Fleischer(Boy George’s press secretary)and Haley Barbour’s nephew Henry,are establishment hacks and stuffed shirts.They released their report just a few days before this day I’m posting,and they blamed GOP for being too old,too stuck in their ways.In short,patriots,not diverse enough! Too white! Too Christian! They even recommended illegal-immigrant amnesty! And the elephants will spend $10 mill in “outreach” to get more of the non-white vote.Again,patriots,we have more proof that the GOP establishment hates conservatives and patriots almost if not more vehemently than the donkeys! Nothing in this RNC report about 12 million less voters in 2012 than in 2008! Nothing about losing the Ron Paul vote,the conservative vote,the evangelical vote! Nothing! And why! Because GOP establishment hacks pretend they don’t exist! Or that their votes are insignificant! And nothing about the Tea Party vote that put GOP back in a House majority and almost in the Senate! They want to ignore the Tea Party too! They hate the grassroots’ conservatives and patriots! We are peasants with pitchforks to them!And the kick of it all,patriots,is that the Tea Party,conservatives,patriots,Christians didn’t lose,per se,last November.It was the Republican establishment and their neo-conservative handlers and enablers and puppet masters who lost! It was their grossly overpaid propagandists like Limbaugh,Hannity,Levin,Weiner(Michael Savage),O’Reilly,Gomer Pyle Huckabee et al who lost! Bastards like these ran the 2012 GOP campaign and they couldn’t even beat BO! That’s how pathetic,weak,cowardly,stupid and immoral they are! They should’ve wiped the floor with BO and his jackals! Patriots,I think the Good Lord is opening a door for us and we need to enter it before it closes shut and another door may not open:Get out of Republican Party! They have shown themselves to be wanting! Despite the occasional good they’ve done,that’s not good enough! Especially with our republic on the brink! Like Elvis sang,”It’s now or never!” Our country can’t wait any longer! Time is running out! Congressional conservatives and patriots in GOP need to come out,announce it at a press conference,and start up a real conservative-patriotic party! Our time has come! This patriot blog has frequently documented how these 2 corrupt parties frequently collude to stonewall the patriot cause and protect rogues and criminals in their criminal government.While the creation of another viable party is no guarantee that our cause will succeed,at least it’s a major first step.Rome wasn’t built in a day.Let’s now break away from anti-patriot GOP leaders like Boehner and Priebus and return to BO,President Abomination,or,now that’s he’s in his second term with no re-election concerns and filled with even more arrogance and love of power and revolution,President Destroyer.At his second inauguration,BO took the oath of office with his hand resting on 2 Bibles:the one that Abe Lincoln swore on when he was inaugurated,and the so-called “traveling Bible” used by none other than Martin Luther King Jr..And he took the oath right across from that hideous monstrosity of a pagan idol-image of MLK in District of Criminals.So,patriots,what symbolism,what subliminal message,was BO trying to drill into our minds? First,”Honest Abe” “freed the slaves.” In other words,he was the great white hope who,about 160 years ago,freed blacks from their white masters.And to BO and his followers,this didn’t happen over a century and a half ago,but it’s as if it happened yesterday.The message is that blacks are still oppressed by whites today and they need to revolt! And that subliminal battle cry is reinforced by MLK-probably the biggest false prophet of the 20th century-the so-called “Reverend” who-as a ton of evidence indicates-was a rampant adulterer,womanizer,plagiarist,rabble-rouser,and either a Communist,Communist sympathizer,fellow traveler or at least a willing dupe.And since BO probably practices some kind of occultism or cabalism,he may have believed some supernatural power imbibed him that day and remains with him.And demon spirits may very well reside in that ugly statue of “King” and may have entered the Abomination.To sum up that day,patriots,which will live in infamy,anti-Christ idolatry and blasphemy was on-stage and in full display for all Americans and all the world to see,for 3 evil men were deified in elaborate ceremony:Lincoln(a war president who violated the constitution and started a horrible war that could’ve been avoided,who waged the war to preserve the power of the federal government,not free the slaves),MLK and BO.And how co-incidental that leftist filmmaker Stevey Spielberg produced his latest propaganda film-simply titled “Lincoln”-just a few months before Abomination’s second inauguration.And this idolatry is going to bring even greater judgment upon our nation,I firmly believe.Book of Proverbs 29:2:”…when the wicked bear rule,the people mourn.”And the last item on BO is to refer every patriot to read Bob Adelmann’s extensively researched report entitled,What Makes Obama Tick?. A link to this report is available at this blog’s parent site at Bob’s blog this report finds is that BO was raised from his early days by an assortment of radicals,communists,leftists,perverts,etc..His biggest influence may have been Frank Marshall Davis-a homosexual communist! And they obviously have made Abomination the anti-Christ Manchurian Candidate he may very well be destined to be! Patriots,if you haven’t yet read Adelmann’s report,I urge you all to read it ASAP! This is no TV drama but it’s the real thing! Now we go to a female anti-Christ revolutionary in Hollerin’ Hillary Clinton.Hilly obviously screwed up big time with the murderous attack on Benghazi,and it’s probably one reason why she resigned as US secretary of state.And wasn’t it a riot that right before she was scheduled to testify before Congress on her role re Benghazi where Ambassador Stevens was killed,she supposedly took a fall in her posh home in filthy liberal-rich Chappaqua,NY and couldn’t appear before the congressional committeeon re the Benghazi killings.She then went to hospital,and more sympathy came her way.She then finally appeared before the committee and made an absolute ass of herself,showing all watching her testimony that she has been an absolute joke as secretary of state and only got the post because she’s Billy’s political wife and there was an obvious trade-off between her and BO during the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries.She had zero education or experience in foreign policy when she became secretary,but she still sailed through her senate confirmation hearing.And to create some kind of other public image or maybe to draw more sympathy to herself,she wore coke-bottle glasses at the hearing,supposedly due to her recent medical issue.Well,it’s all water under the bridge now.Once again,no one has been held accountable on the killing of Ambassador Stevens who,it turns out,was meeting with some Muslim rebels(Possibly Al Qaida fighters!)to arrange a transfer of weapons to the rebels fighting in Syria.Something went awry,and we still don’t know exactly what happened because the bastards who run the criminal government in Washington have covered up the circumstances of the deaths of Stevens and 3 US servicemen.And why? Probably to protect Hollerin’ Hillary! After all,to them she’s a goddess who can do no wrong! What else is new in anti-patriot/anti-Christ Washington,DC! So,Hillary has mounted her broom and flew out of DC.And she didn’t say why she left and nobody really asked her why she left after BO’s first term! What’s the bloody secret?! And now she’s replaced by Herman Munster-aka John Kerry-a super-rich,CFR-member globalist! He’ll probably be worse than Hillary the witch! And of course,only 3 senators(all GOPers)voted not to confirm him to his new post.What a snag to BO and Massachusetts’ Democrats if a Republican or another non-Democrat wins Herman Munster’s seat in US Senate when the special election is held in June! Well,patriots,let’s leave the augean stables of the nation’s capital and go to Louis Michael Seidman-a presumably Jewish professor of constitutional law who was invited to write an op-ed in Jewish-owned The New York Times,where he wrote that the US Constitution is “evil,” among many other perjoratives.How interesting that an ultra-liberal,long-time Jewish-owned newspaper would give op-ed space to a presumably Jewish law professor to execrate our constitution-the law of the land! This brings to mind Ruth Bader-Ginsburg-yet another Jewish lawyer-who,as a US Supreme Court justice,traveled to Egypt when the Arab Spring arrived there and told an interviewer that she wouldn’t recommend the US Constitution as a model for Egypt’s new government! And this is who Billy Clinton appointed to SCOTUS and who sailed through her senate confirmation hearing?! She sits on that court because she’s Jewish,female,a former ACLU lawyer,a radical leftist and feminist.And if she doesn’t look like the traditional image of an ugly witch and a hag,I don’t know who does! So what do these Jewish radicals at The New York Times,professor Seidman(again,his name is Jewish,but I’m not 100% sure he is),Ginsberg have up their sleeves? Why are they attacking the US Constitution? Because they want to destroy it! It’s so obvious! Not all at once because they’d give themselves totally away,so they’ll do it gradually,like the Jacobins.Patriots,let’s be ready for them when they try to do that! If they destroy the constitution,they destroy the Bill of Rights,they destroy free speech and freedom to protest government,they destroy patriot blogs like this one.In short,they bring something like the Red Terror that Jewish bolsheviks Ulyanov(Lenin)and Trotsky(Bronstein)brought to Russia in 1917! Don’t think it can’t happen here! And lastly on America’s political cesspool,I think no greater example of the corruption and collusion between the anti-Christ US presidency and the anti-Christ Catholic establishment is Al Smith Dinner-held every presidential election in New York City to commemorate Al Smith-the first Catholic to run for US president-and raise funds for Catholic charities.A photo was taken at the dinner which was published in a Catholic newspaper,and it was a stark illustration of corrupt state and church in USA today:a madly laughing Cardinal Timothy Dolan-head of Archdiocese of New York-sitting between President Abomination(also laughing)and Mormon Mitt Willard Romney(laughing too).It’s absolutely sickening to see this photo of a Catholic prelate who is supposed to preach the Gospel of Christ but instead hobnobs and yuks it up with an anti-Christ president who may well be “the” Anti-Christ and an ardent anti-Christ Mormon.Patriots and believers in Christ,that photo may be a warning to us of what awaits us this year and as long as the Abomination rules over us and a good deal of the world from his seat of power in the White House.I hope all of us are prepared for the worst and we pray harder as the days get more evil and more anti-patriot,anti-American and anti-Christ.I think we’ve all had enough of our nation’s dangerously immoral poitical and church establishments on this patriot post.Let’s go to the next subject.

America’s economic and financial establishment is maybe even more corrupt and immoral than her political establishment.And we return to BO to give him more credit for being the Broken-Record President:1/3 of US treasury securities are now foreign-owned;that’s a record.Here’s just another way for President Destroyer to bring America to her knees by making us more and more dependent on foreigners to fund the federal government and run its daily operations! Ingenious! But some good news came when Mary Schapiro “resigned” as chairwoman of Securities & Exchange Commission(SEC)and was replaced by former Clinton prosecutor Mary Jo White.Schapiro was in charge of the “enforcement division” of SEC when Uncle Bernie Madoff made off with a lot of loot,and she knew or did nothing about it.And BO appointed her SEC chairwoman! That’s a riot! It’s hard to believe,patriots,that she didn’t know anything about Uncle Bernie.However,SEC is such a bad joke that maybe she really didn’t know what Uncle Bernie was up to all those years he was enriching himself and his pals and ripping off everyone else,but that’s unlikely.And once again,she leaves unscathed,without being held to any account for all the Wall Street robberies and other crimes that have brought such devastation to America.But at least she’s gone,like Hall & Oates sang,and BO seems to be replacing some Jews and Jewesses in his administration with non-Jews,like Rahm Emanuel being replaced,although he officially “resigned” and is now Chicago mayor.We shouldn’t expect much change at SEC,but sometimes things change with a new man or woman at the helm.And lastly on USA’s corrupt and thievous financial establishment is the case of Jonny Corzine,who can be called the best ice skater in recent times-not because he’s good on the ice like a hockey player,but because he gets away with so much activity that looks blatantly criminal.He obviously stole about $2 billion from his former clients at defunct brokerage MF Global,and even collaborated with his comrade Jamie Dimon(short for Diamond,or another name for Demon)at JP Morgan Chase to move a lot of money around.Jonny gets away with all these rip-offs because he’s filthy rich,he’s a big donor to Democratic Party,a former US senator and a former NJ governor,a big Hillary supporter,and a big wheel in the corrupt,criminal big-banking enterprise in USA and even worldwide.HSBC just got away with laundering money for drug cartels and just paid a substantial fine! How’s that for Abomination’s Justice Department?! His attorney general Eric Holder admitted sometime in March 2013 that because these criminal banks are so big and they control so much of our country’s financial system that they can’t be prosecuted because of the damage they’ll do to us if they’re prosecuted! Is that a riot or what?! Patriots,this is what our nation has sunk to:if one is very wealthy and powerfully placed in the banking and financial system,he or she doesn’t have to worry about getting arrested even if he or she commits a serious crime,and that may even include murder.If HSBC gets away with working with and possibly for Latin-American drug cartels who frequently murder people,including high-ranking government officials and policemen,then they’d probably get away with hiring hit-men to take out a whistlebower or someone who exposes their crimes.Next subject.

It didn’t take long after the last votes were counted back in November 2012 for Amnesty Gang and Latin Lobby to leap out of their slumber and attack-with mucho gusto.One establishment politician and big-media commentator after another was screaming at America,particularly patriots,that GOP lost the elections because……….the latinos didn’t vote for them! The whole election hinged on the latin vote! Now only a dope or a fool or an ignoramus would believe that,but it shows,patriots,the fanatical enthusiasm to grant amnesty to the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in our country(about 80% of them latinos)in defiance of our borders and our laws.And once again,we go to The Old Gray Lady-The Newspaper of Record-The New York Times for an example of this drooling,rancorous enthusiasm for the illegals.”Reporter” Julia Preston wrote that GOP better not stop an amnesty,”…or else.” Yes,patriots,the bitch actually threatened Republicans in some fashion,probably meaning that latinos will keep voting overwhelmingly Democrat if GOP doesn’t vote for amnesty.But she may have been making other threats too,like maybe some violent protests or demonstrations against anti-amnesty GOP congressmen.And to add more fuel to Latin Lobby fire,the leftist,anti-patriot newspaper even penned another anti-American editorial,but this time getting even more brazen and in our faces:They called those opposing Amnesty Gang and Latin Lobby-get this-”white-culture alarmists”! How do you like that,patriots! Here are the anti-patriot Jews and their gentile lackeys at The New York Times writing an editorial calling anti-amnesty patriots,”white-culture alarmists.” There we have it,patriots:just more evidence how anti-white not just the owners and editors at that leftist rag of a paper are,but the entire “Diversity” movement and its anti-Christ,neo-pagan religion of multi-culturalism. They hate America’s white culture! If there is such a thing,it’s simply whites of various European ethnicities who collectively are about 2/3 of the nation’s population and whose ancestors founded America and primarlly built it into the greatest nation on Earth! This is what TNYT hates! Bit if men named Finkelberg or Sulzberger or Markowitz founded America and the nation today was mostly Jewish,TNYT certainly wouldn’t be complaining about Jewish-culture alarmists! Damn right,whites in USA have every right to oppose an amnesty for about 10 million latinos which’ll also allow them to bring in their relatives and greatly expand their numbers in USA from their current 16% of USA’s population.I have the perfect response to Amnesty Gang and Latin Lobby at TNYT or anywhere else:If you want to live in a Latin-American country like Mexico or Dominican Republic or Venezuela,go move there! And don’t come back! If you try to turn USA into a Latin-American nation by force of sheer numbers and racial favoritism,then we’re going to have a fight! Comprende?! That’s my response to these enemies of America,patriots.And now we leave anti-patriot The New York Times and go to anti-patriot vice-president Joey Biden.He told a latin gathering after the November elections that latinos are “the center of this nation’s[America’s]future” and made a threat to GOP a la Julia Preston at TNYT,warning Republicans that latinos “must be courted.” Biden is a power-drunk moron,and political power is all this ugly creep lives for.So,patriots,Amnesty Gang/Latin Lobby,while they’ve quieted down a bit from their post-election mucho enthusiasm and savage attacks and aggression,is working hard for amnesty this year.And they may get it if patriots don’t stop them like they have almost this entire century so far.I beg you to get ready for the fight,especially since Bonehead Boehner has implied he’ll bring an amnesty bill up for a vote in the House if one is presented to him.And a couple of GOP congressmen who formerly opposed amnesty-Darrell Issa from CA and Michael Coffman from CO-have now joined Amnesty Gang.Patriots,a great betrayal may be shaping up,which may result in the death of Republican Party(Good!)-but also the death of America as we know her;she’ll just become absorbed by Latin America,and will become officially bi-lingual.That’s our fate,patriots,if we lose this imminent battle,for whatever reason(s).And lastly on La Conquista,6 Puerto Ricans were busted in New York City for possessing with the intent to sell,100 lbs.of cocaine.It was  great patriot action of law enforcement to nab these banditos,and once again,the drug pipeline was from America’s “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico straight into Big Apple,without going through customs’ inspections because PR is basically treated like a state;thus,people and goods can freely move into US from PR and vice-versa,despite all the drug smuggling occurring between these 2 lands.And remember,patriots,PRs in Puerto Rico recently voted to become the 51st state.It’s bad enough that it’s a copmmonwealth;it’ll be just another nightmare for America if that Spanish-speaking island becomes our next state.It’ll add 4 million more latinos to our population,only about a quarter of them English-speaking,and import all their huge social problems onto our country’s already crumbling finances and infrastructure and culture.So this is another weapon that President Destroyer can unleash on an America that’s getting beaten and battered with each passing day.

I touched on Diversity Gang in the previous paragraph on La Conquista,and I’ll add just one item in this paragraph on this subject.Black actor Jamie Foxx appeared on TV show Saturday Night Live and said about Django Unchained-the latest film where he plays a part-that in the film,he gets to kill all the white people.He followed up by asking the moron audience,”How cool is that?.” And morons in the audience applauded and laughed.This moron propaganda film Django Unchained is another garbage flick from leftist director Quentin Tarantino,this one inciting blacks to hate whites and attack them just like the freed slave Django does in the moron film.And do you see,patriots,the connection? Are you connecting the dots? Leftist-Jew Spielberg makes a film,of which “married” Jewish-homo Tony Kushner is the screenwriter,exalting Abe Lincoln,and right about the same time,Tarantino makes Django Unchained.And these films dovetailed with Abomination’s re-election and his second inauguration.Yes,patriots,America may soon be confronting another “civil war” or a race war between whites and blacks,between some latino groups and blacks,between latinos and whites,or whites against latinos and blacks,which I believe hard-core radicals and revolutionaries like President Destroyer and his allies want.Patriots,I know this is a scary scenario,but we must face the likelihood that this is what the likes of Spielberg,Tarantino,the owners and editors at The New York Times,BO et al want.Let’s hope and pray it doesn’t happen but be prepared in case it does.As for this anti-white moron Jamie Foxx,he said he was kidding when he said what he said about killing whites.Sure.And as Felix Unger said,”All aspirin are alike.” Everyone with half a brain knows that if a white actor said,joking or not,that he gets to kill all the blacks or all the latinos or all the Jews in a film he appears in,that that would be the end of his career in that field.Remember what happened to Seinfeld actor Mark Richards during his stand-up comedy routine when he called some heckling blacks in the audience,”Nigger!”? And not even his Jewishness or his being a Freemason helped him avoid the condemnation! Patriots,it’s not just a double-standard;it’s part of the psychological war against whites that has raged in America for about 40 years.And if more incitement like the aforementioned continues,racial and social violence is almost a certainty,I believe.

Here’s a paraphrase of a Proverb for the next subject:”Virtue exalts a nation,but sin is a people’s disgrace”(Proverbs 14:34).And America’s great sinning is increasing exponentially,leading eventually to a moral meltdown,unless patriots and Christians take action to stop it.CIA used to consider a homosexual employee or one with homo tendencies as a security risk.But under President Destroyer,not only are they no longer considered security risks,but CIA actually recruits them! They held a recruitment drive to the “LGBT community” in,appropriately enough,hedonistic,tropical,sultry Miami,FL.CIA under the Abomination sees nothing wrong and everything right with a guy who likes girls one day and then likes guys the next day,or a neurotic who changes his sex to female.So,as bad as CIA is now and it should be disbanded for all its criminality and lawlessness,now it may soon be loaded up with fruitcakes and nutjobs of various persuasions.And while we’re on sexual depravity,the State of Colorado is getting pinker with each election.I believe a lot of fruits and nuts who helped destroy California have moved to CO over the last 10 years or so and they’re bringing their anti-patriot/anti-Christ radicalism and hedonism with them.Ergo,the Centennial State now has its first homo speaker of its state house of representatives.How sweet it is! Patriots,we may soon have to consider a boycott of CO,and not just because of their fruity speaker of the house.And still on the sin of Sodom,United Parcel Service(UPS)-the company that touts itself as the tightest ship in the shipping business-has decided through its UPS Foundation,to stop funding Boy Scouts of America(BSA)because of its refusal to hire homo Scout leaders and Scout masters.And how relevant that it was a Cubano-American lawyer who heads UPS Foundation who decided to cut funding for the Scouts for not being homo-friendly.I tried several times to take patriot action against UPS,but I wasn’t able to penetrate the firewall that they must’ve set up to stop UPS Foundation from getting bombed with complaints from patriots and Christian groups.I spoke with several of their call-center agents for a direct # to the foundation or an e-mail address or a postal address,but they wouldn’t cough up.The best I could do was leave a general complaint on their website,and the response I got was general garbage about holy-roller UPS doesn’t discriminate.Yes they do! They discriminate against those who practice Christian or traditional morality! And I also haven’t shipped or received one item via UPS since their pro-homo/anti-Christ action and I urge all patriots to do the same! Now we go to another case of married homos,one of whom is already wealthy and powerful and his “husband” who wants to run for Congress.Chris Hughes co-founded Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg.His “husband” Sean Eldridge is planning to run for the Democratic nomination for the congressional seat in upstate NY currently held by conservative Republican Chris Gibson.A Democratic homo candidate defeated an incumbent GOP congresswoman last year in a district not far from Gibson’s.So now the homo lobby wants to take him out too! And Eldridge will probably have unlimited dough to spend,him being a wealthy Wall Streeter and his “husband” Hughes loaded from founding Facebook.Hughes also publishes neo-con/left-wing/anti-patriot magazine The New Republic.Patriots,I’ve always had my doubts and suspicions about Facebook.Some patriots have speculated that it’s a CIA front and operation to gather as much information as possible about millions of Americans and store that information indefinitely.In other words,it may be a big domestic-spy operation.How did Zuckerberg come out of nowhere to start this up with Hughes and become a billionaire almost overnight?! Something’s rotten not in Denmark but in USA! I only opened a Facebook page upon a recommendation from a guy who helped me out a bit when I ran for office in 2010,but I’m rarely on it and haven’t added much inforamtion since.To you patriots who haven’t joined Facebook yet,I urge you not to and go to Twitter instead,and be careful of that too.And lastly on the exaltation of sodomy in USA,Catholic theo-con George Weigel wrote an outstanding column defending normal,traditional marriage against the onslaught against it from a motley crew of anti-Christ forces.In the column,he cited aforementioned Tony Kushner-the Jewish homosexual hired by Stevey Spielberg to write the screenplay for his recent propaganda film entitled Lincoln.Kushner’s “husband” is Mark Harris-another writer and presumably Jewish,even though he has the Scottish surname of Harris(that’s maybe for another topic for another time).So what rapport does Kushner have with Abe Lincoln? Why would Spielberg hire him,of all the screenwriters out there,to write for his latest film? Well,Stevey Spielberg also stopped supporting BSA over their refusal to hire homos,so maybe he just decided to show favoritism to a fellow Jew who’s also a “married” homo.Weigel also wrote that lesbian Ellen DeGeneres is also “married” to her dyke lover.Patriots,who’d ever thought that America would slouch towards Gomorrah so quickly and so rapidly? And like the idolatry on Abomination’s inauguration day,it’s going to bring judgment upon us,serious judgment,I believe.Let’s hold our heads up and be prepared to flee from it if indeed it comes.That’s enough of sodomy,and now we go to immorality among the US electorate,especially the upper-class and rich electorate.Of the 10 richest counties in USA,8 of them voted for Abomination.As undesirable as Mormon Mitt was,that these upper-class and rich slobs voted for anti-patriot/anti-Christ BO is another dangerous sign,for these wealthy voters have the money and influence and connections to have a serious and oftentimes decisive effect on presidential and congressional elections.They can spend a lot of their money on propaganda ads for anti-patriots like BO while the middle class struggles to get a pro-patriot message out.And these wealthy,pro-BO counties dispatch their residents into the power centers in not just politics,but also law,big business,academia,medicine,etc..In short,patriots,the deck is getting stacked against us higher and higher.We need Him more than ever to fight back against them.And now I turn to another ugly attack against the Christian faith of the vast majority of Americans from a Jewsih activist,this one David Silverman-head of American Atheists.Davey was given $25,000 by a donor to erect a billboard,above a nightclub,in the very busy Times Square-area of New York City-a veritable crossroads of the world-right before Christmas Day and about 3 weeks after Christmas Day,featuring an image of Christ hanging on the cross with the words “Dump the myth” right above it.Like the double-standard with anti-white actor Jamie Foxx,Davey pretty much got away with this savage,anti-Christ attack.I learned of it from and from other non-establishment Christian websites.But nothing from the Catholic establishment in NYC or whatever exists of the Protestant establishment.And since so much of the big media in Big Apple is Jewish-owned,they either shrugged their shoulders at this billboard or agreed with it.What would happen if a non-Jew erected a billboard in the same location right before Passover,urging those who believe and practice that holiday to dump it? Such is the hatred towards Christians by more and more activist,aggressive Jews and the cowardice and/or ethnic favoritism of local and national church leaders.It’s another sign that serious persecution is coming upon this land.And the last news story to cover on USA’s moral breakdown is the saga of Carnival Triumph-a mammoth “cruise ship” that broke down in Gulf of Mexico and limped back to port.An engine fire caused numerous malfunctions on the ship of great leisure and pleasure,the worst and most disgusting probably being backed-up,overflowing toilets that sent raw sewage down the ship’s aisles.For about 5 days,the passengers on this ship of fools had to endure great hardship and disgusting conditions while the ship was tugged back to port.There was no carnival and it certainly wasn’t a triumph on Carnival Triumph! Patriots,per se there’s nothing wrong with going on an occasional cruise for a vacation.It’s the sickeningly hedonistic culture of cruise shipping that I’m sickened by,the lust for great pleasure and the exotic,the love of bragging to others about going on cruises,spending thousands of bucks wastefully and unnecessarily on these cruises to nowhere.I believe that’s why more of these cruise-ship accidents are occurring,and they’ll probably be more.A people who live for hedonism and always looking for kicks and good times without any sense of maturity and balance is in need of a collective whack in the ass.And one report on this accident cited some girls from Indiana who went on this Gulf cruise just to celebrate another girl’s birthday! Give us a break! Please! How about simply a Happy,Happy Birthday,Baby! and a cake to blow out the candles?! What a spoiled generation we’re living with,patriots-a generation that may have to learn the hard way what life is really all about.

There are 17 horrible homicides on the crime blotter:in Webster,NY on Christmas Eve,a former convict placed a phony call of a fire and shot dead 2 responding firemen,wounded 2 more,and then shot himself dead;in PA,a man shot 3 dead,including a woman inside a church,before finally being taken out by lawmen;in a county courthouse in Delaware,a man having marital problems shot dead 2 women before taking himself out or getting taken out by lawmen;in the hamlet of John’s Creek,GA,a presumed multiple homicide-suicide left a man,woman and 2 kids dead in the first-ever homicide in the hamlet;in the Sunshine State,a man shot dead his 2 kids in front of his wife and then killed himself,and he didn’t kill her because he wanted her to see and live with the murders he had just committed(How’s that,patriots,for sick?);in LA near the Big Easy,a cop was shot dead,2 deputies were wounded and another man was killed before the shooter was taken into custody(Aw! Too bad!);in another bizarre,sick slaughter of the innocents,a grandma and an uncle made a pact to kill themselves and grandma’s 3 kids via carbon-monoxide poisoning-and they did it;in Topeka,KN,2 cops were shot dead in the line of duty;in Longmont,CO,a man and 2 women were shot dead before the killer suicided;in NM-the Land of Enchantment-another slaughter of the innocents occurred,but this time by an innocent,or maybe a quasi-innocent:a 15-years-old male shot dead his parents and his 3 siblings before being apprehended(Aw! Too bad again!);in NV a police lieutenant shot dead his wife,his son,and then killed himself by setting his house on fire where the murders occurred;a man in Casper,WY stabbed to death a female professor,murdered his dad via bow and arrow and then stabbed himself to death;in the Golden State(Ha!)of CA were 3 horrible multiple homicides:2 Asian men and 2 Asian women were found slain in an apartment in the former porno capital of Northridge;in the town of Murphy’s,a former pilot killed his 2 teenage kids,the family dog and then himself-and he would’ve killed his wife too if she weren’t out of town;on an Injun reservation,a man killed his mom,her 2 brothers and wounded 3 of his kids before lawmen took him out(he was known to use drugs);in OR around Christmastime,a young man shot 2 dead,wounded another and then suicided in a mall full of “holiday” shoppers;but the worst of all,patriots,of course,was the slaughter of the innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton,CT(the Nutmeg State).Drugs and Mass Murder-the cover story in the February issue of Culture Wars magazine-has important information and trenchant analysis and commentary on why this ineffable carnage occurred.Adam Lanza was in his young 20s when he went to that school and shot dead 20 young kids and 6 school staff before suiciding(I’m not sure if that’s a word,but it’s now part of America’s lexicon since it’s occurring so often).In the cover story,Mike Jones-a traditionalist Catholic,prolific writer and scholar,and an extremely insightful social critic-describes why Lanza did this by claiming he experienced 4 levels of development over his young life:the divorce of his upper-class parents left him troubled,bitter and disturbed(level 1),which led to a psychiatrist prescribing him psychotropic drugs(level 2),which then led to playing violent video games like Call of Duty,which he played for about 5 hours daily(level 3),and then waiting for the stimulus that would set off the walking time bomb he had become.His mom was apparently an idiot too.How can any woman with even half a brain take her seriously disturbed son target shooting? How can she keep her own gun collection inside the house where he lived? Well,she was one of Adam’s victims.She worked at the school,and Jones theorizes that he may have killed her and the others he killed there because he was deprived of the motherly love that he may have never genuinely received from her,so he took out as much of his competition for that love and attention as possible.He was also on drugs,in some capacity,for about 10 years.No wonder he was so nuts! How can any young kid take that without going out of his mind,in addition to all his other troubles?! But let’s remember this,patriots,from this indescribably evil crime,the likes of which are becoming all-too-common in our country today:as is so often the case,problems start in the home.The anti-Christ feminists and fascist liberals who’ve held most of the power in our nation over the past 40 years or so have made divorce sound so casual,so simple,even liberating.But regardless of the temporary escape,divorce is not fun and it’s not harmless;just ask the kids of divorce.And the drug companies who make and market these so-called anti-depressant/anti-anxiety drugs may very well be getting away with murder,and they’re being protected by powerful people in government and big business and the media because they’re making tons of money off sick and disturbed people like Adam Lanza.The culture of violent video games also is to blame for these horrible killings,mainly because the games lead the chronic,compulsive viewer and player to think there’s no difference between those he kills in the game and those he may or may not kill in real life;it eliminates the line between fantasy and reality.But yet another social critic and commentator had another take on Sandy Hook Massacre and its concomitant slaughters:”A demonic cloud over America.” Patriots,I think that’s a real possibilty.For the spiritually minded among us,Jesus the Christ talked about demons,He exorcized demon-possessed people;some of them even spoke with Him.What other explanation can we give for the consistency and the magnitude of massacres like that at Sandy Hook? Especially when innocent kids are frequently the victims? This also may be punishment for all the idolatry and blasphemy throughout our land.When a nation greatly commits these great sins,Pandora’s Box is opened.And all sorts of evils are let loose upon us.Patriots,the crimes I’ve written about here show us that none of us is safe.If a demonic cloud hovers over America,we need to stick together,fight back,and ask for Almighty God’s help and protection and deliverance from the evil of violent,horrible mass murder,whatever actually is causing it.Some patriots have even suggested a government black-op operation may be behind these killings,to terrify us so much that some kind of police-state dictatorship takes complete power;or the black-op may be to finally force gun owners to surrender their guns to government agents and leave only government with the guns.Patriots,we shouldn’t laugh at that possibility,considering the evil man in the White House.Remember Operation Fast & Furious? Boy George and BO armed Mexican drug cartels who went on to use some of those weapons on Mexican and US citizens.Why Fast & Furious? A sting operation? A deal between the cartels and the government? A plan to destablize US society,to create havoc and chaos,again for some people with revolutionary goals to seize power by force and hold onto it ALAP? Either way,patriots,get and stay informed,get active,and try to make a difference for the patriot cause,before it’s too late.Before the monsters take over and we won’t have the ability or wherewithal to resist.And alert as many as you can to the danger we’re all in.

Now for some instances of the Almighty probably raining down His judgment and anger upon our land.Eight people died in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain West from a violent Winter storm.The blizzard Nemo tore through fascist liberal/anti-Christ New England,leaving 10 dead,about 700,000 without power,and the city of Hamden in filthy rich liberal Connecticut(again,the Nutmeg State)got buried in 40 inches of snow.40 inches! Talk about a white out! This reminds me of when Meathead Michael Stivik was choking on some food at dinner table after arrogantly declaring “There is no God!” and Archie Bunker looking up at the ceiling and urging “Give him hell,God! Give him hell!.” Well maybe God Almighty gave some hell to pinko-liberal-rich Connecticut! That state,like every other New England state,has all liberal-fascist Democrats in US House of Representatives,in addition to 2 fascist-liberal US senators.But the real blast from above probably came almost immediately after the Abomination’s inauguration of idolatry and blasphemy when,for 5 straight days,an “Arctic blast” slammed the South,Midwest and Northeast before heading out to the North Atlantic.Co-incidence? Come on! This wasn’t just an Arctic blast! It was an Almighty blast! A blast of judgment,fury and anger at the idolatry on display at the Abomination’s second coronation! Much damage resulted from the Arctic/Almighty blast,but fortunately no reported deaths.But probably the real blast from the Almighty was Hurricane Sandy or Superstorm Sandy;it’s another record broken under BO’s rule,this one a weather record.The damage to the New York City metropolitan-area from Sandy has been estimated at about $70 billion.New York Stock Exchange was closed for several straight days,many NYC subways were closed due to flooding,Statue of Liberty-the pagan image sent to US via French Freemasons-was closed for several weeks due to damage sustained from Sandy,almost all people on Long Island,NY were without power for many days(like a pal o’ mne in Westbury who went 12 straight days with no power,including no heat),hundreds,possibly thousands,of waterfront houses were literally swept out to sea,the world-famous Jersey Shore was so devastated that many beaches may still not be open for Memorial Day weekend and many amusement-park rides and boardwalks were simply swallowed by Atlantic Ocean,and worst of all,of course,about 150 people died due to Sandy.Patriots,I could take up a lot more space by listing the horrible damage caused by this beast of a storm,but I think I’ve made the point:Superstorm Sandy was nothing short of apocalyptic,and I believe the greatest demonstration of His anger and refusal to protect our nation from storms such as Sandy.The worst this patriot suffered living in the southeast Bronx-about 1 mile from Long Island Sound-was 2 branches falling from the tree in front of the house I live in and causing light damage to my next-door neighbor’s car.But,I did see and hear and feel what seemed like a storm that had a life of its own,as if a monster was driving it.I heard and felt the howling wind,I saw that same tree swaying back and forth and bending like a pretzel.So,I looked up and requested His protection.I don’t know if He gave it or not,But I thanked Him anyway,like I do for all the blessings I receive(at least I think I do).And there are still a few thousand people in this city who still don’t have power! The damage to their homes and neighborhoods is so extensive that it may take years to actually return to normality! And Big Media(BM)has not reported the total extent of the damage done,probably because they fear panic from the people and the wrath of the Almighty;they dread even the thought of a superior being judging and punishing sinful man.Patriots,please be prepared.Don’t go crazy and lose your heads.But stock up on essentials,keep the gas tanks full,maybe get a portable generator,get a portable radio(preferably one with shortwave and the NOAA weather stations),store batteries in cool places and use rechargeables if you can(along with a good recharger and/or renewer),flashlights,candles,matches,warm clothes,soap,bottled water,inter alia.We don’t know when or where the next Sandy will strike.And I’m sure there’ll be more,maybe worse than Sandy.I close this section on what’s probably God’s judgment on contemporary USA with this frightening but important warning from Tom Adcock-editor of the Jesus People newsletter.He warned in an issue of that newsletter in 2012 sometime before Abomination’s re-coronation:” If Obama and his ilk aren’t voted out of office,America is doomed.” Now that BO and his ilk are still in office,in power over us,Tom Adcock may very well be right.Of course,that’s only his opinion,while it’s His opinion that really counts.”Doomed” basically means no hope or chance left for a person or group of persons or a nation to be saved from destruction and ruin.Remember,patriots,that doesn’t stop us from the fight,the cause,we’re in.If we go down,we go down fighting to the last man! And we can win this battle we’re in to save our land! But we have to try and make sacrifices!

I close probably the longest post on this patriot blog by citing some patriot activism in the land.Even in pinko-liberal-fascist Maryland,where homo marriage and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants was passed into law by a small majority of voters last November,3 of its counties took a stand against La Conquista and decided to make English the offical language of their county governments.Bravo to the outnumbered patriots in the Free State! In equally fascist-liberal New York,legislators,activists and patriots started a campaign to impeach anti-patriot/apostate-Catholic governor Dandy Andy Cuomo(and probably a homo)over the liberal-fascist gun-control bill he rammed through the legislature after the Newtown massacre.Dandy Andy is worse than his liberal daddy and former governor Mario Cuomo,in that he obviously emulates Mussolini and his blackshirted thugs.There have been several well-attended demonstrations against Dandy Andy and his blackshirted liberal fascists since he signed the bill into law.And remember,patriots,this is the Italian-American/apostate-Catholic who colluded with several wealthy Jews from Manhattan and dispatched a Jewish emissary to wavering legislators to get homo marriage legal in the Empire State.So may the patriot heat stay aimed at Dandy Andy! Some good news came our way when Tricky Dick Armey-a phony conservative and former TX congressman-resigned as head of phony Tea Party-group Freedom Works;it’s actually an open-borders,’ libertarian group that,95% of the time,only works on economic and financial issues.Apparently there was a falling out with his other phony Tea Partiers,so he left the group’s headquarters(Via armed escort! No kidding!)or maybe was extruded.But the creep still took a cool 7 mill with him! Hopefully this is the end of Freedom Works,or maybe it’ll become a real conservative Tea Party(unlikely).And lastly,7 US senators(4 anti-patriot liberals,1 phony conservative and 2 who are mostly conservative)announced they won’t seek re-election next year.The 4 anti-patriots,as usual,are Democrats:2 of them ultra-liberal Jews in old-man Franky Lautenberg from NJ(or as some patriots call him,Lousenberg)and old man Carl Levin from MI(Levin’s retiring is even more promising because he’s longtime chairman of US Senate Armed Services’ Committee).Franky and Carl are 89 and 78,respectively.Good riddance to these 2 old coots.The next 2 anti-patriots to leave US Senate in 2012 are Jay Rockefeller of WV(yes,he’s part of the Rockefeller dynasty)and obnoxious creep Tommy Harkin from IA.The phony conservative who’s retiring is James DeMint from SC,who has taken the helm at neo-con/GOP establishment “think tank” Heritage Foundation.Jimmy was good on a few things,but still far from a real conservative and patriot.He even endorsed fruitcake,warmonger,Israel-firster,amnesty supporter Lindsey Graham for re-election in 2008! Jimmy also supported the phony War on Terror! and so-called “free trade.” Good riddance to him.Unfortunately,the GOP establishment must’ve persuaded GOP SC governor Nikki Haley-an East-Indian woman who still attends Sikh temple,supposedly to please her Sikh parents-to appoint black congressman Tim Scott to fill Jimmy’s seat until next year’s election.Scott has been in office only about 3 years.And while he has a pretty good voting record so far,he obviously was picked because he’s black.And that ain’t right.That’s racial favoritism! After all,Grand Old Party is very image-conscious! We’ll just have to wait and see if he’ll be the GOP nominee for DeMint’s seat in 2014.And the 2 mostly conservative senators not running again are Saxby(nice name)Chambliss(that’s a real nice name)from GA and Mike Johans from NE.Moreover,”Bobby” Menendez-the other radical-liberal US senator from NJ(or maybe from Cuba,where he hails from)-is in hot water mainly due to his chummy relationship with rich Jewish-Dominican doctor Salomen Melgen.There’s a grand jury in Miami looking into much suspicious activity.And what a great blessing to not just the Garden State but all of USA if these 2 radical-liberal,anti-patriot creeps leave power on their own or are removed from power! Meanwhile,November 2014 is a long way away,politically speaking,and patriots in these states need to work hard to get patriots on the ballots to run for these 7 senate seats(possibly 8,if Bobby’s gone).And they shouldn’t concentrate only on the GOP line;they should also work the Democrats,Liberatarians or,preferably in my opinion,independent campaigns.Even though USA is dropping fast,there are still patriots fighting for her.May we never cease fighting.

Patriots,this has probably been my longest post on this patriot blog.I started it in late February and here it is,March 24th,and I’m finally wrapping up.I hope I never again go 3+ months without blogging.Please spread this patriot review and analysis of the important news of the day to as many co-patriots out there and to those considering our patriot cause.We have many battles ahead of us this year,and I’ll probably be in DC next month fighting right in the belly of the beast on the illegal-immigrant-amnesty front.Till next time,patriots.May God Almighty be with us.