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An American Patriot Reviews the Recent U.S.Elections-and Weeps for His Country

Monday, December 17th, 2012

“Season’s Greetings,” patriots.I put those words in quotes because at least here in the New York City-area,saying it’s the “Christmas season” seems to be illegal.Yes,the anti-Christ powers-that-be who rule this Babylon of a city and its environs want us all to forget about Christ,especially at this time of year when His birth is acknowledged and celebrated.Well,no more on this for now.But,I will exhort all co-patriots with the opening words to a great Christmas song:”Go tell it on the mountain! Go tell it everywhere! Go tell it on the mountain,that Jesus the Christ is born!”

Election Day 2012 is now about 6 weeks old,and it was overall a bleak day for American patriots.And we may have been forewarned about Abomination’s re-election and all the other anti-patriot/anti-Christ election victories on November 6th when Hurrycane/Superstorm Sandy slammed into mainly New York City,Long Island,the “Jersey Shore” and the Connecticut coast one week before Election Day.Patriots,the devastation caused by Sandy is almost beyond belief,and the big media I’m convinced is under-reporting the devastation because they fear panic among the masses.Again,patriots,it behooves us to remind ourselves that the people running the big media especially in the NYC-area are anti-patriot and anti-Christ and very immoral,wrapped up in their own great wealth and power.They have their radical agenda for our country and they want to destroy the “Old America” and usher in “The New America.” The last thing they want is fear and panic to spread among the people,for us to question those who rule us in government and big media.They want us calm,sedated,surfeited,overfed,drunk,giddy,entertained-to dull our senses and our thinking while they take our country away from us and impose their tyranny of liberal fascism upon us.So,yes,I believe the Almighty probably sent that horrible storm upon us here in the Northeast as both a judgment and a warning.It’s not fair that decent people have to at times suffer with the wicked,but He renders judgment and punishment and gives warnings on an ever-sinful,idolatrous nation and world.Patriots,we may have to pray a lot harder when the next storm comes-and I’m sure there’ll be more,and soon.We may have to pack our belongings and escape like Lot’s family fled Sodom and Gomorrah before His fire and brimstone came down and destroyed those cities.Now,let me get to the important election results and my review of them.

In short,patriots,election Day 2012 was Black Tuesday(no pun intended,with Abomination getting re-elected and him being half-black).It was Black Tuesday not just because Abomination defeated Mormon Mitt,but also because evil Democratic Party won the congressional election when the Republicans should’ve walked away with this election! It should’ve been a cakewalk for them! It was the first time since FDR-the first creepin’ socialist,per Archie Bunker-that an incumbent president was re-elected with unemployment over 8%.Abomination got 51% of the popular vote,Mormon Mitt got 48%,and all the alternate candidates together got a whopping 1%(I was one of that 1% by voting for Consitution Party candidate Virgil Goode).The Democrats should’ve lost anywhere from 2-5 US Senate seats but wound up gaining 1(possibly 2 with the election of independent Angus King in ME).And they should’ve lost about 10-15 US House seats but wound up gaining 8! Statewide,the only Republican gain was a governorship in NC,while state legislative houses pretty much tarried,numerically speaking.So the anti-patriot Dems have the presidency,a 10-seats’ majority in the senate,and the Repubs have a 33-seats’ majority in the house and a slim 5-4 edge on US Supreme Court(SCOTUS).So we have a federal government pretty much split in half between 2 anti-patriot parties,or of one party if we want to call them Republicrats.And there are 30 Republican governors,19 Dems and 1 independent(that’s former liberal Republican Mr.Chaffee in RI),while the Repubs have an edge of about 5 state houses and a few more states where they’re the majority in both state houses.On more particular fronts,about 51% of WI voters elected the first open lesbian in Democrat Tammy Baldwin to US Senate,even though Tommy Thompson-a former 4-terms’ governor of the Badger State-was the Repub candidate.I can see her and Hillary getting it on in Tammy’s senate office! Tammy’s in love! Ooh-la-la! And then more barriers have been broken with the election in Hawaii of a female Hindu to US House of Representatives and-Get a load of this!-a bi-sexual female in AZ! So come January,we’ll have these 3 new babes in Congress:An open dyke,a practicing Hindu and a female bi! Like I wrote in the previous paragraph,patriots,Sandy was probably-at least in part-a warning from the Almighty of what was coming into power over us the following week.Bible history and even secular history is replete with example after example of a country or an empire collapsing from within due to sexual immorality and depravity and false religion.Come January 2013,America will be cursed with more of this element in power over us,and that’s probably a judgment upon us,because voters are putting these degenerate slobs into power not just over themselves in their states,but over all of us.In the pinko-liberal New England states(Connecticut,Rhode Island,Massachusetts,Vermont,New Hampshire and Maine),there won’t be one non-Democrat in the US House in the next Congress! Not one! And virtually every one of these Dems are radical,ultra-leftist liberal fascists! 24 of them! And then we had many state referenda,where the people themselves were allowed to vote to make something state law or not.And the results were bloody awful.A slim majority of voters in ME,MD and WA voted to legalize homo marriage,and MN voters chose not to ban it via constitutional amendment.Also in the degenerate State of Washington and in Colorado too,slim majorities voted to legalize “recreational” pot smoking.No wonder why these states are so insane and degenerate and maniacal:There are a bunch of potheads living there! They’re close to brain-dead! And that’s one reason why they put liberal fascists into power! And finally down in the US “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico,for the first time,a majority of voters(61%)decided they want their Spanish-speaking island to be America’s 51st state.That’s all America needs! The addition of 4 million more Espanol-speaking latinos to our population,along with all its problems of chronically high unemployment,high poverty rates,a massive drug problem,etc..While it’s up to Congress to add another state to the union,Abomination is a big-time supporter of Latin Lobby,La Conquista and latino racial empowerment.And both the Dems and Reps are hispandering big-time,fighting over their voting power(they were only 10% of the electorate in November)like 2 predators fighting over their prey.So the Repub leadership just may cave in and grant PR statehood,thinking this’ll get latinos to vote them into power;it almost certainly won’t work,and it shouldn’t(racial pandering and favoritism should never work).So the threat to America from south of the border is growing larger and stronger;the heat is on us patriots.And something rather strange occurred after the elections:4 congressmen(a Republican US senator,a Republican US representative and 2 Democratic representatives)resigned from Congress.Jesse Jackson Jr.was one of the Dems.His big-media friends have been trying to keep all his dirty deeds as quiet as possible,but the pressure was too much to keep the lid on.Jackson Jr.will soon be charged for violating campaign laws and supposedly was being treated for “bi-polar disorder.” That may or may not be true,but some alternate-news sources have reported that he’s a junkie and that’s why he’s mentally ill.Democrat Robert Filner resigned his seat in CA,while Republican JoAnn Emerson resigned in MO.The Republican senator who resigned was so-called Tea Party leader James DeMint from SC.While Jimmy had a decent voting record in Congress,he has showed his primary allegiance is not to America but to the Republican power establishment,despite his occasional breaking with them on some issues,especially fiscal ones.Jimmy endorsed the pro-amnesty louse and probable homo Lindsey Graham in the 2008 Republican primary for the US Senate seat he still holds even though a conservative challenged Graham.DeMint is also a big-time supporter of the War on Terror! and “free trade”(even though the latter has devastated the South’s textile industry and other industries).Jimmy resigned probably because he didn’t want to stay in the minority in the senate,and he’ll also be making a lot more dough as head of Heritage Foundation-a Republican-establishment think tank based in District of Corruption/District of Criminals.Patriots won’t miss Jimmy that much.But as I type on this Monday,Decemeber 17th,2012 in the Year of Our Lord,Nikki Haley-the Sikh-female Republican governor of SC-is reported to soon appoint black Republican congressman Tim Scott to replace DeMint until the next election for that seat.It’s obvious that her Repub masters “advised” her to pick Scott because he’s black,as Republican Party continues its race pandering and race favoritism in its attempt to improve its “image” so they can stay in power and get more power-for their own benefit,not the benefit of America and her patriot defenders.And lastly on the political results,here’s a racial and sexual breakdown of the presidential vote results.Of course,93% of blacks voted for Abomination,while 70% of latinos voted for Abomination(that’s about the normal latino vote for a Democratic presidential or congressional candidate).Surprisingly,Asians went heavily for Abomination and his Dems:73%.And since America’s white population-due to non-European immigration and low birth rates-has been reduced to 64% of the population(but still 72% of the electorate),all Abomination needed was 40% of the white vote to win.And in another sign of more and more American women losing their marbles and their morals,Abomination won the female vote,55%-45%.I guess a lot of these female white loonies voted for Abomination because they couldn’t get a handsome man like Mormon Mitt to marry them,so they went with devilish-looking Abomination.There we have it,patriots,for the Black Tuesday election results.

So where do we patriots go from here? Let’s start with realizing that so-called Grand Old Party(GOP)isn’t so grand anymore.They should’ve kicked the stuffings out of Abomination and his party of neo-bolshevik Democrats,but these enemies of America not only repelled the challenges but actually expanded their numbers in Congress while retaining the power of the White House.And that’s mainly because Mormon Mitt helped bring down the national GOP ticket,along with his other anti-patriot establishmentarians.Patriots and Tea Partiers weren’t the primary losers on Election Day;the primary losers were the neo-cons,the GOP establishmentarians,the Israel loyalists,the warmongers,the hispanderers,the country clubbers,the elitists.They lost the election for GOP while the Tea Party,which gave GOP control of the house and almost of the senate in 2010,was marginalized and or co-opted.And according to a story at,Rience(nice name)Priebus-chairman of Republican National Committe(the most powerful,unelected Republican in the country)-chose 5 Republicans to form a panel to learn why the so-called Grand Old Party did so poorly.With one possible exception,the 5 he chose are GOP-establishment suck-ups,like Haley Barbour’s nephew,a former advisor to John Ellis Bush(JEB),a Puerto Rican committeeman(for hispandering purposes)and none other than egghead Ari Fleischer(for pandering to Jews)-a press secretary in the Boy George administration.So,patriots,it’s more of the same with this mostly stupid and also evil party.Common sense dictates that you change direction after such a defeat,but it appears the same power-loving,anti-patriot creeps are running and will continue to run GOP.That’s why Mr.Priebus chose these 4 clowns to not discover what went wrong,but to keep the GOP establishment intact and serve its purposes and not America’s purposes.As Elvis sang it,it’s now or never.British columnist Peter Hitchens recently urged British patriots to get out of and stop supporting the Tory Party-UK’S counterpart to US’s GOP-and start up another party or organization before it’s too late.I agree with him 100%! Now’s the time for patriots and conservatives to bid bye-bye to the GOP establishment that has exploited them time and again,get together,strategize,plan,and hold a press conference to declare they’re leaving bonehead Boehner and the synagogue’s Cantor and the other GOP establishmentarians and they’re starting up a real conservative-patriot party! Now is the time!

Patriots,I end this patriot post by citing the Abomination after his re-coronation:”…the changing nature of America.” Abomination was alluding to the growing latino population on our soil and the less white people on our soil as he was pushing for amnesty for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in our country,80% of them latino.He said that Boy George and his Rasputin Karl Rove understood “…the changing nature of America” just as well as he did and that’s why they too supported illegal-immigrant amnesty.So patriots need to be ready again come next year to defeat them.There were a few patriot victories last November,with the patriot state of OK voting almost 60%-40% to ban racial and sexual preferences in public schooling,hiring and contracting;this patriot victory is thanks largely to Ward Connerly and his group American Civil Rights Institute(ACRI).And about 12 million less Americans voted in the 2012 presidential-election year than in the last presidential-election year of 2008,and that includes 3 million Republicans.While one liberal-moron reporter and journalist after another were tripping over themselves lying about how latinos were largely responsible for re-electing Abomination and providing the Democratic congressional victory,the truth was slowly dripping out:the Ron Paul voters.Dr.Paul was the only Republican presidential-primary candidate with the honesty and integrity to be any party’s nominee,and he refused to endorse Mormon Mitt.Obviously,millions of his supporters didn’t vote on Election Day because they felt they had no one to really vote for.They weren’t voting for that idiotic line about “voting for the lesser of 2 evils.” That’s because it’s still evil when you vote for a lesser evil,and Americans shouldn’t be voting for anyone who’s evil.So,if those 3 million Republicans who stayed away from the voting booths in November had a pro-American candidate with decency and integrity to vote for instead of Boy George redux Mormon Mitt,then GOP probably would’ve won the presidency and certainly would’ve done much better in the congressional elections;the Tea Party would’ve been energized like they were in 2010.But with leaders like Mormon Mitt,the sap Boehner,the synagogue’s Cantor,RNC chairman Priebus,Rasputin Rove et al,they must’ve felt that voting wasn’t worth it this time.Likewise,millions of independents were so disgusted with the Hobson’s choice of Abomination or Mitt that they too decided not to vote.I hope you patriots reading this blog for any considerable length of time don’t ever fall for that guff about it’s our patriotic duty to always vote.Balderdash! Not voting is sometimes the most patriotic action one can take! It’s a public act of defiance and anger against anti-patriot candidates and their corrupt parties! And my last point on Black Tuesday:Mormon Mitt may have thrown the election to Abomination.To my understanding,he won the first debate,tied the second,but laid down like a dog in the third.That’s almost exactly what John Kerry(real surname:Kohn)did in the 2004 presidential election! I believe that the criminal and crooked Bush/Clinton Dynasty which still rules the White House have made an agreement between the Democratic and Republican wings that whoever gets first elected president will get a second term.Remember when Abomination went to Russia and told Vladimir Putin,something like,”When I’m re-elected,we’ll take care of that.” Patriots,don’t be surprised at all if this truth ever emerges,although it’s highly unlikely it will because Washington,DC is such a fortress of impregnable evil,that only and act of Almighty God will drive all its dark secrets out into the open for all to see.May God speed that day.

Patriots,I don’t think I’ll post a regular review of the news before Christmas Day.Indeed,I may take some R & R on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.Black Tuesday 2012 may very well have been the official beginning of America’s death as a great and prosperous nation and its takeover by liberal fascists.The Rubicon may have been crossed and we may have reached the point of no return.But maybe not.In the meantime,we patriots keep fighting-to the last man.I’ll post a Christmas message before Christmas Day.Till then,patriots,stay safe this Christmas season 2012.