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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Hi,patriots.For a combination of reasons,this post will cover only 16 news items,compared to the usual amount of about 25-35.I’ve been busy with other matters the past month or so,like home improvement and working on Dusty-my ‘74 Gold Duster-inter alia.I also had to bring the netbook I use for the vast majority of my Internet news reading to the shop because it froze up.The netbook is more convenient than this desktop I’m typing from now,in that its portability enables me to use it at the dinette table,on a stool in any room I want,etc..This desktop is in the basement command center,and it’s here where I do almost all my typing and writing because,in contrast to the netbook,it’s much easier to type on.And as I type,it’s Sunday evening,Oct.28th,2012,and “The Big Apple” where I live and its environs is scheduled for what’s being called “Frankenstorm,” “The Perfect Storm,” “A Perfect Hybrid Storm,” among other names.I hope to finish this post before the power may go out before Wednesday the 31st.Yes,patriots,just like last year’s unusual October snowstorm,we’re supposed to get blasted with a storm that looks like it’ll be even worse than last year’s pre-Halloween storm.I believe the Almighty is sending another judgment on America,not just another bad storm for celebrating the occult Halloween holiday,but also just about a week before yet another presidential election where the voters have basically the dreadful choice of The Abomination running against Mormon Mitt to see who rules us as president.Yes,patriots,I believe He is sending us a message and a warning and a judgment.Let’s get to the news before the lights go out.

I start this patriot review of the news on the political corruption of the Republicrat establishment.All the disgusting debates have been held,and I confess I’ve only watched a few minutes of them.When I started to feel sick,or the anger bubbles started forming,that’s when I turned off the tube.These presidential debates are sickening spectacles.The producers control all the questions asked of the candidates,the deck is stacked against patriots who want to ask really tough questions instead of the usual softballs asked by one idiot partisan after another,MSM(mainstream media)control these debates so the corrupt Republicrat establishment is always protected and empowered.And when I watched the close of the second debate,I saw a first:Both Abomination and Mormon Mitt were signing autographs! Like they were movie “stars” who had just finished a scene! How sick! But yes,patriots,this is one reason I believe our nation is cursed:because we have a multitude of voters who look at Abomination,Mormon Mitt and other “stars” of the polity as if they’re demi-gods,or famous athletes or celebrities.These are people in power over us or seeking power over us! They can make or break our nation! They can start WW3! They can bring severe persuction upon us or deliver us from persecution! Like The Talking Heads sang out about 35 years ago:”This ain’t no party! This ain’t no disco! This ain’t no foolin’ around!” And one reason these presidential debates are such jokes is that they’re organized and supervised by Commission on Presidential Debates(CPD).It’s chaired by a Democrat and a Republican,and they virtually bar anyone other than a Republicrat from the debates.The Republicrats don’t want any competition,regardless of how badly they’re screwing up our country.The Republicrats is their name and power is their game! And the GOP chairman of CPD is none other than the odious Frank Fahrenkopf-president of-get this-American Gaming Association(AGA).That is,patriots,he’s the #1 shill for the casino industry! He lobbies the US Congress for the fat cats like Sheldon Adelson who basically enrich themselves from gambling addicts! What a stark indictment of this corrupt commission! And the Democratic chairman of CPD isn’t much better.That would be former Billy & Hillary Clinton press secretary Michael McCurry-a big part of the Clintons’ propaganda machine when they disgraced the White House from 1993 to 2001.These are the two creeps who decide who participates in presidential debates and who doesn’t! The commission places ridiculous demands on debate candidates,like he or she must poll 15% in national polls to be included in the debates.How can they get that much support if they’re barred from the debates?! It’s near-impossible unless they have a lot of dough,like Ross Perot  back in the ’90s.But obstacles like these are obviously in place to preserve the crooked,corrupt,anti-patriot Republicrat establishment,especially the power of the White House.Patriots,it’s probably going to take an act of Almighty God to break this stranglehold of power upon us.I recommend you all consider praying for its downfall.Next we go to Al Smith Dinner in New York City.This annual Catholic event is held to commemorate former NY governor Al Smith as the first Catholic to run for president.And every year during a presidential election,the bishop or cardinal of Archdiocese of New York invites the Republicrats to attend.Many Catholics thought Cardinal Timothy Dolan wouldn’t invite Abomination because he’s so anti-Catholic.But his excellency Cardinal Dolan,who obviously loves hobnobbing with the politically powerful,I guess couldn’t resist the opportunity to wine and dine with Abomination.And also with Mormon Mitt Romney! And speaking of “Mitt,” I didn’t know if Mitt was his first name,a nickname or his middle name.It’s his middle name.But his first name is:Willard! Willard! Like the captain of the rats(the 4-legged kind)in that horror film with Ernest Borgnine back in 1971! Will a rat-king be the next US president?! Ha! Anyway,back to Al Smith Dinner.This is another stark illustration of America’s corrupt Republicrat polity but with an added dimension:The current corrupt state of the US Catholic Church! Here’s a Catholic cardinal-who’s supposed to shepherd his Catholic flock-inviting an ardent Mormon and the notoriously anti-Catholic Abomination to a Catholic dinner,the proceeds of which are supposed to go to Catholic charities! What a bloody joke! But,Mr.Dolan and the other “dignitaries” at this dinner just lap up all the praise and attention showered on them by the guests and spectators.And then there’s all the self-congratulation and self-praise.It’s just another sickening display of how immoral the Republicrat establishment is,with the added symbolism of the corrupt,whorish relationship between America’s political and church establishments.What a double whammy it is for patriots when both the government and the Christian leadership join hands in bringing harm to our nation,end even celebrate while doing it.Those who serve Christ and His church are supposed to shine the light of the Gospel and His teachings on those who rule us,not rub shoulders with them,especially when they are of the law and spirit of Anti-Christ.Next we go to the once-Golden State of California-now the Land of Fruits and Nuts;and the biggest nuts are probably in the state legislature.The Democratic-majority houses passed a bill that would’ve legally permitted children to have more than 2 parents! These are the screwballs who are elected to positions of power and lawmaking in CA’s state government.Fortunately,Democratic Gov.Moonbeam Brown vetoed the bill,and he probably realizes that nuts are the majority in California’s Democratic Party.I don’t know which state Democrats are the most maniacal and the most evil:California,Massachusetts or New York;maybe Illinois too.And it’s very appropriate to end this post’s section on political corruption-particularly Democratic Party corruption-to cite a national survey of registerd Democrats who showed how nuts they are when only 15% of them think that the economic news in US is bad.And the only reason they thought this-despite all the signs around us of an imploding economy-is probably because they want to think that the economy is good so their Abomination can get re-elected.That’s what partisanship,party loyalty and racial favoritism towards blacks can do and has apparently done to the Democratic Party rank-and-file.And it’s just one more big reason why patriots shouldn’t belong to Democratic Party.And they shouldn’t belong to Republican Party either.

Securities & Exchange Commission(SEC)is supposed to be the federal agency with oversight authority over Wall Street.But with Mary Schapiro as its chairwoman,it’s obviously a corrupt joke.This woman was SEC enforcement chief when Uncle Bernie Madoff finally fessed up to his crimes.Bernie reportedly was plying his trade all the way back to the ’70s! And he was never caught?! And that’s probably because SEC,Wall Street and the US government are all pigs in a poke! That’s why there’s a revolving door between the money changers at Goldman Sachs and the US Treasury! So now,Mary Schapiro’s SEC decides to get tough with rating firm Egan-Jones,suing them because they supposedly weren’t qualified to rate certain securities.While this may or may not be true,what is true is that Egan-Jones is the only rating firm that isn’t paid by Wall Street;its fees come from individual investors.And what’s true too is that Egan-Jones recently downgraded US government debt.So,patriots,is it just co-inicidence that this broad Schapiro(either she’s Jewish or she’s not and it’s her married name)sued Egan-Jones for this downgrade of her Washington friends,like the Abomination who appointed her SEC chairwoman? I don’t think so! She used to head Financial Industry Regulatory Authority(FINRA)-a group that’s paid by Wall Street to supposedly watch over its activities and trades.And when she left FINRA,she was rewarded with-again,get this-a $9 million bonus.How sickening.Wall Street sure takes care of its own.So,Mary,Mary Quite Contrary is siccing her dogs on a rating agency ostensibly trying to fairly evaluate the debt of the spendaholics in Washington so their customers don’t get burned.She’s probably trying to shut them up,scare them into relenting.And maybe she got her orders from Abomination or Goldman Sachs.Regardless,patriots,this case is more proof tht a money mafia rules the US financial establishment,from the glorified counterfeiters led by Uncle Ben Shalom Bernanke to his rats at Goldman Sachs and on Wall Street and their accomplices at US Treasury.If patriots ever become a majority in the federal government,one objective is to conduct a real criminal investigation of Wall Street and its collusion with Washington’s money men.And regardless if that ever engenders,SEC should be abolished and a real oversight agency established that truly looks out for investors and the nation in general and not the power-drunk and opulent fat cats who rule us from Wall Street and from the White House and the US Capitol.Let’s hope Egan-Jones sticks to its guns and fights back against Mary and her gang who obviously are trying to shut them up or shut them down.

America’s wave of multiple homicide keeps on humming.In Herndon,VA,a man shot dead his wife,their 2 young sons and then-What else is new?-himself.They were an upper-class family living in a DC suburb,the parents working in the defense industry.A claim was made that the husband was so frightened of Abomination getting re-elected that he didn’t want his kids to live through another term;some claimed he had “mental issues.” The murderer was white and the wife was Puerto Rican.And there was a photo of all 4 of them that accompanied an article on the story where the murdered boys looked like they were wearing some kind of Masonic garb at some kind of party.It looks like this family were a bunch of weirdos,and the multiple homicide-suicide may have been related to their work in America’s huge defense industry.There has been little follow-up on these murders.At a sign store in Minneapolis,a laid-off worker decided to vent his rage on his former employer and those inside the shop by shooting 4 dead,including the employer and a UPS driver,wounding 4 more and then-What else is new?-shooting himself dead.In central FL at a motorcycle event at a VFW post,2 were shot dead and 1 was wounded.Not even VFW halls are safe! The wars their members are fighting aren’t overseas anymore,but right here on US soil! And still in central FL and then up to the Milwaukee,WI suburb of Brookfield,a new phrase for a particular type of multiple homicide has now entered the American lexicon:salon slaughter.Multiple homicides have been occurring at these locations rather frequently over the past few years or so,as women getting their bodies preened and chatting among themselves are rudely interrupted by madmen who enter with guns blazing.Back in central FL,at a salon with a staff and clientele mostly from Dominican Republic,a jilted lover raided the salon where his “estranged” girlfriend worked,shot and wounded her,shot dead 3 other women and then-What else is new(WEIN?)shot himself dead.A common ritual in America now to try and sympathize and cope with slaughter like this is to lay flowers or cards at the crime scene.At this salon,they also displayed a Dominican flag to express their support for the bereaved.How nice,isn’t it,patriots,that some Dominicans allowed into America by the federal government fly their flag and not ours at a crime scene where 3 of their own are slaughtered by one of their own? And the murderer had a long rap sheet.And the female first name of one of the victims was Noelia.That’s a new one,even from backward Dominican Republic.The other salon shooting in Brookfield,WI was by an ex-Marine black man,who accused his “estranged” white wife of adultery,shot her dead,shot 2 other women dead,wounded 4 more and then-WEIN?-shot himself dead.He too had “mental issues.” One story reported one woman came running out of the “salon” barefoot,wearing just a bathrobe,screaming that a man was shooting women in the store.Patriots,this is such a larger issue than just more sickening slaughter and multiple homicide-suicide.It’s all part of a people and a culture on the verge of national suicide.Of a violent madness that kills indiscriminately,savagely,horribly.As far as these killings in salons go,I remember when I was a Fed Ex driver,delivering in the wealthy suburb of Scarsdale,NY,and entering one of these salons to make a delivery.What I saw was pretty gross:about 15 women,aged 30-60,sitting in chairs,wearing only robes,while their virtual female slaves waited on them hand and foot,literally.The hedonism was nauseating;these broads probably cared more about their pedicures than their own kids.When I first read that report of the robed,barefoot woman fleeing the salon out of shock,terror and fear in Brookfield,I thought of that aforementioned scene in a Scarsdale,NY salon that catered to some wealthy broads who had nothing lese better to do with their free time than sit with only robes on,getting coddled by probably under-paid servants.My point,patriots,is that too many Americans-I believe more so the females than the males-are so absorbed in hedonistic pursuits and obsessions that they don’t even realize what’s really important in life.And it’s not an obsession with personal appearance,although we should always try to look presentable and neat.American women have always gone to salons;the difference I see today is that it’s now an obsession,a self-worship,an extravagance,a conceit,an immaturity.It’s a part of America’s dying culture.And now we go to another Dominican-committed crime,this one even worse than the salon slaughter in Florida.A Dominican nanny with yet another bizarre first name(Yoselyn)was entrusted with the care of 3 young kids in a Manhattan,NY apartment that cost $10,000-a-month rent.The kids’ dad is a CNBC executive,and he and his wife moved to NYC from Sodom by the Bay San Francisco.Yoselyn stabbed 2 of the young kids to death,and then slit her throat and wrists in an apparent suicide attempt.Mrs.Krim had recently traveled to her nanny’s native country and exclaimed,”…it’s a wonderful country!” So the questions are:Why did this ostensibly wealthy couple have to hire a nanny? Couldn’t Mrs.Krim raise her own kids on her own? Why did they have to hire a nanny from a Third World,indigent country like Dominican Republic? How can parents bring at times virtual strangers into their homes to care for and supervise their own flesh and blood?! Again,patriots,like Don McLean sang about Bye,Bye,Miss American Pie,he sang about too,”It’s the face of America dying.” And like the Dominican slaughter in the Sunshine State,flowers and wreaths were laid at the front door of the swanky building where the ghastly killings occurred in yet another ritual display of so much of Americans’ response to heinous murder.Now to E.St.Louis,IL,the black mayor imposed a strict curfew because,”There are people shooting at each other for no reason whatsover.” That’s how cheap life is in E.St.Louis-a town named after a Christian saint.This is what young kids do for kicks in that town:shoot and kill for no reason other than they deem it fun or they have nothing else better to do.How many more towns and cities across America await the fate of E.St.Louis? And lastly on the crime wave is before game 1 of the MLB American League playoff series at Detroit’s Comerica Park,members of Detroit Police Officers Assn(DPOA)gathered in front of the stadium and held up a sign to visitors to the park and the city itself that read:”Enter at your own risk.” The officers warned those planing to attend the game or stay in Detroit that they can’t guarantee their personal safety because they are so under-staffed,over-worked and over-tired.What an indictment that is of the once-great city of Detroit-the Arsenal of Democracy during WW2-where police stations close overnight,where cops are forced to work 12-hours’ shifts to they almost drop to the ground from fatigue,where whole neighborhoods have been so devestated by crime,immorality,joblessness,broken homes,firesale prices for homes and properties,outsourcing of jobs to foreigners,the exportation of so much of the auto industry in a city once made prosperous by Henry Ford and his Ford Motor Company.It’s all now a painful memory for older Detroiters.And now their Detroit Tigers have just been swept in the World Series.And that’s no real loss:Their team is loaded up with banditos from south of the border! Even the owners of major-league baseball teams and their rat-faced commissioner betray the American people by dragging foreigners out of their banana republics(probably the vast majority of them loaded up with illegal juice)and from Asia and replacing American ball players with non-Americans who are just here to make a lot of Yankee dollars and then return to their native lands! Like Dan Fogelberg sang out many years ago,”It’s a part of the plan”-the plan to de-Americanize the American people! To persuade us not to care about our fellow Americans! To belittle and mock patriotism! To care more about foreigners than about our own citizens! Whether it’s in pro-baseball and other pro-sports,government,big business,in our schools and churches,radical powers that be are gradually destroying the American nation! The crime wave of murder is contributing to that!We’re headed for a banana-republic society of the very wealthy on top,no middle class,and those who live subsistently! And they’ll succeed unless patriots fight back and save our country!

And to buttress this point even more,a USA Today reporter had mostly praise on the announcement that David Stern-the Jewish lawyer who has been NBA commissioner since 1984-will retire at the start of the 2014 season and hand the reins to his Jewish deputy Adam Silver.The reporter is presumably Jewish because he has a Jewish-sounding name,and he praised NBA for one reaon and one reason only:it’s a profitable ”global business.” That’s all that matters to Jeffrey Zillgitt(nice surname;sounds like “zitt”-as in a nasty pimple).Never mind that the game is dominated by ugly,tattooed,mangy-haired freaks,and more of them are foreigners too.But to those running and covering and commenting on immoral pro-sports in USA today,it’s all about money and fame;nothing else matters to them in their anti-Christ minds.And this is why pro-sports today is so disgusting and ruinous,because of liberal commissioners like Stern and Selig and the creep team owners who vote to make them commissioners and all the others who are responsible for all the drug use,conceit,foreignization,exorbitant player salaries and ticket prices,etc..They’ve turned these games from simple fun and relaxation into a playground for the rich and upper-class! But patriots may be fighting back against corrupt pro-baseball at least:The World Series that just ended in the forlorn,depressed city of Detroit is soon to go down as the lowest-rated WS ever! Games ending about midnight just to make TV networks(Like disgusting Fox Sports!)and advertisers and corporations more money from prime-time viewers! Juiced-up players! Ego-maniacs wearing gaudy chains and necklaces! Babalu worshippers from Dominican Republic and Venezuala! Liberal activism during games,like pink bats on Mother’s Day but no celebration of Father’s Day! That’s the Jewish liberalism/feminism of Jewish commissioner Alan Selig! No wonder why so many people don’t watch these ball games that are now freak shows! Maybe there really is hope for America! Don’t take me out to the ballgame! Not in USA today!

And the last news item to cover is a bit of patriot activism,in that old-guard liberal Newsweek will stop publishing a print edition at year’s end and will “go digital.” Even though they still have 1.5 million subscribers,they just can’t turn a profit due to a steep ad drop.So,one less establishment-liberal news magazine out there to debauch us,the better.In New York State,2 of the 4 moron GOP state senators who voted to legalize homo marriage won’t return to the senate.One of them was defeated in the primary,and another didn’t seek re-election because he expected a primary defeat;and another barely won in the primary.So,patriots in NY won a bit of a battle on the homo-marriage front and put lawmakers on-notice that if you vote to legalize immorality and anti-Christ marriage,you’ll pay a price at the ballot box.On a personal front,I’ve whittled down taking notes on back issues of The New American magazine to 16.I’m making good progress.The pile was about 30 issues high about 2 months ago! Despite TNA’s faults,it’s America’s only consistently conservative and patriotic magazine of news and opinion.They have some competition in The American Conservative and Chronicles,but the rest of the mags out there are either liberal,leftwing or neocon.I urge patriots to subscribe to TNA;a year’s subscription is only $39.Make it $40!

Patriots,I won’t be posting a news-and-review post before Election Day on November 6th.I do hope to post my criminal and moral indictment of the US government instead.Please look out for it.I want to put a lot into it before it’s published.My advice to co-patriots on Election Day is not to vote for Willard Mormon Mitt Romney or the Abomination.I heard radio broadcaster Alex Jones describe Mormon Mitt after he saw him at the first debate as Count Dracula.That’s it! Put a cape on Mormon Mitt and he looks like the Count from Transylvania! Let’s watch our throats at bedtime if he becomes president! And of course the Abomination needs to be defeated.One of his campaign slogans is:”Let’s finish what we started.” Yes,patriots,the Abomination wants another 4 years to try and destroy our nation,as if these past 4 years hasn’t been enough.But the sun-tanned Mormon Mitt isn’t the answer.He’ll be worse than Abomination on the War on Terror! and in sucking up to Israel Lobby.He’s a personal friend of Israeli warmonger prime minister “Bibi” Netanyahu.The Abomination was probably right when claimed during this campaign that it sounds like the 2012 Count Dracula wants to start another war in the Middle East! Abomination is probably right! And Alex Jones may be right too! Dracula loves to draw blood! Willard Romney also is an ardent Mormon,and Mormonism is a pseudo-Christian cult.The major choice this presidential election is worse than 2008! I advise patriots that if they vote for president,that they vote for former VA congressman Virgil Goode on the Constitution Party ticket,although he’s on the ballot in only about 30 states.Please don’t vote straight Republican wherever you are;too many patriots have been burned that way by voting for anti-patriot Republicans.Know about each candidate before you all vote for them.Get to know them individually,and if you don’t know enough about them,don’t vote for them.The presidential election will probably be very close and probably won’t be decided for several days after Election Day.Republicans should add to their US House majority by about 10-15 seats,but it looks like only a gain of 1 or 2 in US Senate;they need 4 to gain a majority.And the statehouses might go a bit more GOP than they are now.Patriots,I type in the midst of Hurrycane Sandy hitting this city.I’ve never heard such wind in my life;it almost sounds like human moaning and roaring.I do believe this is part-warning/part-judgment from the Almighty right before Satan’s Halloween holiday and the presidential election.I’ve said my prayers for protection from the storm that fortunately so far has only brought down 2 big branches of the tree in front of the house I live in.I hope to post my indictment of the corrupt,immoral,anti-patriot,lawless,anti-constitutional Us government before Election Day.Till then,for the cause.