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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Greetings,patriots.Summer has officially ended.From about the last 2 weeks of June to the first week of August 2012,we here in the so-called Big Apple and its environs endured the worst humidity I’ve ever experienced in my 52 years living in what used to be called “the good ol’ Bronx.” It was a pleasant surprise and relief that August-usually the worst month of the year when it comes to heat and humidity-wasn’t nearly as bad as July.Soothing September 2012 is now about 3 weeks old and it has been beautiful,thank the Lord:warm,sunny days and cool,breezy nights,very little humidity and a couple of days of refreshing heavy rain.How about in the World Tomorrow,September all year round? Digressing,this patriot hasn’t been reading and analyzing as much Internet news as I’ve normally done in the past,and this has been reflected on the Current News page on this blog’s parent website is because of the reasons listed in the previous blog,in addition to doing a lot of work on and around the house I live in,like a gutter replaced,new driveway cement,old cement removed,the front fence straightened out and fresh paint applied-and a lot of gardening.Fortunately,my nephew Shaun and his boys were available for the gutter,cement and the fence(saving us a nice chunk of money),and Anthony painted the fence-for a great price.Thanks to Shaun,his brother Shady,their helper Erik and Anthony! This ol’ house built in 1931 is looking a lot better! This has reminded me that we should always try to brighten and pretty up our own corners of the world,wherever we live and work.It’s all about creating beautiful sights and surroundings.So now,with the days cooling off,most of the major house work completed and my health issue under control for now,I’m returning to my regular schedule for reading and analyzing Internet news.I hope all you patriots had a safe and enjoyable Summer 2012.I hope you all are refreshed and ready for the patriot battles that await us,especially as this year’s campaign season kicks in.Now let’s go to the important news of the day and my review.

A regular feature of the immoral US government’s war in Afghanistan are the major-media reports of US helicopters “crashing.” Seven servicemen were killed in one of these “crashes.” I’ve lost count with how many US pilots have “crashed” their helicopters,whether they crash into mountainsides,trees,UFOs,inter alia.Patriots,the Pentagon and their big-media lapdogs continue to show their contempt for the intelligence of the average American when they almost always report these obvious enemy shootdowns as crashes.It’ll hold true probably until the World Tomorrow,that the first casualty in an immoral war is truth,and propaganda is regularly used to try and control the minds and emotions of the people.And now a new phrase has entered the lexicon of President Abomination’s/President Boy George’s immoral war on the Afghan people and on the American people:”insider attacks,” or “green on blue attacks.” These terms mean those Afghans who are supposed to be on “our side” suddenly and without warning turn on the “foreign occupiers” and shoot them dead;green helmets(Afghan soldiers or police)shooting blue helmets(the NATO servicemen).It’s all part of the madness of a guerrilla war,especially in the “graveyard of empire.” Abomination’s “surge” of troops-slavishly supported and trumpeted by his big-media allies-has flopped,as the surge troops have been withdrawn.Our guys are supposed to get out of that graveyard in 2014 and hopefully they never return.It has been 11 horrible years for US servicemen in that country,who’ve been put through hell on Earth not so much by Afghan “insurgents,” but by their power-drunk,ego-maniacal presidents Abomination and Boy George and those who empower them from behind their thrones.No one has been brought to account for the lies that brought us into Iraq,and the phony “War on Terror!” continues to be waged in many Muslim nations in or near the Middle East.And the latest front to open up in this war of aggression and invasion of those nations by the neo-conservative blood suckers and revolutionaries is the killing of US ambassador Stevens and 3 staffers at US’s consulate in Libya.Patriots,we still don’t know what exactly drove the mob to kill these men,whether it was an Al-Qaida retaliatory attack for the US military’s killing of one of its leaders,or whether it was the production and showing of an anti-Islam film produced in California.As far as the film The Innocence of Muslims” goes,so far it looks like an ex-con in CA who claims to be a Coptic Christian from Egypt participated in some way in the film’s production.He first claimed to be Sam Bacile-an Israeli-Jew who moved to America and became a real-estate developer.Further investigation found this was untrue,and his real identity is Nakoula Basseley(similar to Bacile)Nakoula-an ex-con who did time for drugs and fraud.About 100 Jewish donors contributed to the making of The Innocence of Muslims,which has incited mobs to riot in several prominent Muslim nations.Patriots,this looks like a classic neo-con operation of deception,treachery,incitement,chaos,bloodshed.It looks like they’ve used a sleazy ex-con-claiming that he’s a Christian from Egypt-paid him a nice chunk of change,and has made it look like a Christian-not a group of Jewish neo-cons-made this inflammatory anti-Muhammed film.And now they’re using this piece of pyschological warfare to incite millions of Muslims into frenzies,thus jeopardizing the lives of US personnel in various Muslim nations,and thus urging further US military invasion of even more Muslim nations to overthrow their governments and rule them,either directly or by proxy,like they did with Mubarak in Egypt or the Shah in Iran.Another neo-con front has opened up with this JAP neo-con Pamela Geller placing anti-Muslim ads in the New York City subway,even going so far as to appeal the denial for placing her moronic ads to Judge Engelmayer(that sounds Jewish)who issued an edict to allow the ad.It’s obvious that the fiendish neocons are trying to inflame Arabs and Muslims to commit violence against Americans,thus inciting the American people to kill even more Muslims for the safet and security and empowerment of Israel.Yes,patriots,this is the evil of the neo-cons.They need to be stopped,they need to be exposed,they need to be arrested and prosecuted for crimes they’ve certainly committed ever since they launched their War on Terror! which has been a war against America and against a great deal of the totally innocent Muslim world.Let’s hope and pray for some kind of accounting,for patriots to enter Washington and bring these scoundrels before Congress and real criminal courts and convict the guilty ones for the neo-bolshevik scum that they are.  

America’s political corruption is prominently displayed once again with the wretched choices that patriots have for president in November.The only candidate with the integrity and patriotism worth our votes is former Virginia congressman Virgil Goode-candidate for Constitution Party.This party has a lot of good ideas and,hence their title,believes that the US Constitution is supposed to be the law of the land and obeyed by those who rule us in Washington.Unfortunately,the party come November will be on the ballot in only about 40 states.I recommend patriots vote for Goode if he’s on the ballot in their states,and to vote for other Constitution Party candidates(check them out,though,before supporting them).Of course it’s untinkable to vote for Abomination,since he’s a sworn anti-patriot and anti-Christ.Mormon Mitt Romney is no choice for patriots either,in that he’s Boy George redux.Former NM governor Gary Johnson-the Libertrian Party candidate-showed what a goofball he is when he claimed the GOP convention platform,which is basically meaningless,bordered on “racist” because of its strong anti-illegal-immigration language.Other obscure parties have their candidates and none of them are worth mentioning.Mormon Mitt’s choice of WI congressman Paul Ryan was very curious.Why did GOP’s catcher’s mitt pick Paul? How about a head game on Ron Paul supporters? The name Paul Ryan is so close to Ron Paul! The ol’ switcheroo! The GOP veep candidate’s first name is Paul while the TX congressman’s surname is Paul.And the veep candidate’s last name of Ryan is very close to Doctor Paul’s first name of Ron.So,me thinks Mormon Mitt played a bit of a head game with us,at least with Doctor Paul’s supporters.MM knows he needs a good deal of Paul’s supporters to vote for him in November,so he picked a guy with a very similar-sounding name.On a more serious note,Ryan is only slightly conservative.He admits that wishy-washy,milquetoast Republican Jack Kemp was one of his mentors,along with “objectivist” author Ayn Rand(real name:Alicia Rosenbaum)-author of Atlas Shrugged.That alone,patriots,proves he’s no conservative,but just another GOP establishmentarian who sometimes does something conservative but’ll never stray far from the anti-conservative GOP plantation.Patriots,if you vote on election day,vote for individuals,not parties.In some congressional races,we’ll have real choices between patriots and anti-patriots.Please research these candidates before voting for them,and spread the word as best you can when you’re convinced you’ll be voting for patriots and encourage other patriots to vote for them too.Isn’t it amazing how the presidency seems locked up for anti-patriot warmongers and globalists and internationalists? It’s a tough nut for patriots to crack,but we must try and with His help,we may succeed.And writing on the dirty White House came the news that Abomination hosted an “Iftar” at his house.An Iftar is a Muslim meal that breaks the fast after the month of Ramadan.This practice at the White House began when Democrat Billy Clinton was president,and continued under Republican Boy George and continues under Democrat Abomination.More proof that the Bush/Clinton Dynasty still rules the White House! Abomination claimed that Islam is as central to America as Christianity is(a vile lie).Abomination revels in lying to suit his purposes of de-Christianizing our nation and turning it into not a Muslim state like these neo-con morons keep screaming about,but an anti-Christ pantheistic nation-a land of multiple false gods,so to speak.So now that he breaks bread with Muslims in the dirty White House(The white horse of the conqueror in The Book of Revelation?),the White House-the office of the US presidency-is,I firmly believe,under more judgment from the real god:the Almighty God of the people of Israel(not the present-day nation in the Middle East)and the Father of Jesus the Christ.He,patriots,is the only one I recommend we pray too and follow in these perilous times.He’s our only real hope,I believe.

La Conquista keeps marching on in its quest to formally establish an Espanol-speaking latino nation on US soil.The anti-patriots running Democratic Party showed their support for La Conquista by bringing an illegal immigrant from Mexico to deliver a speech to Democratic National Convention.Benita Veliz’s speech provided another record-breaking event under President Abomination’s rule,as she was the first illegal immigrant to speak before a Democratic or GOP national convention.Senorita Veliz is about 30 lbs.overweight,and virtually bragged about how she was brought into Texas from Mexico by her parents when she was 8-years-old and has remained here illegally all these subsequent years.Thanks to Abomination’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals(DACA)program,fatso Benita won’t be deported and will be allowed to stay in our country for 2 years and apply for a work permit.DACA was obviously a slop for the latino vote,which Abomination fears may be not as enthusiastic for him as it was when he was elected in 2008.But it’s also empowering latinos and La Conquista by rewarding their illegal entry into our country and helping grow their numbers as rapidly as possible.Remember,patriots,that about 80% of the illegal-immigrant population in America is latino,mostly from Mexico,like fatso Benita.So the national Democrats are now in patriots’ faces by putting an illegal latina on-stage(a fat one to boot) at their convention to basically tell us,”We’re here,we’re not going anywhere,and our numbers are growing.Get used to us,Americanos.Your president is on our side.” Patriots,let’s never forget that most of those who rule us in the White House and the US Capitol are our enemies.Benita Fatso Veliz is one stark example of that.And another front in La Conquista’s continuing asssault on America is once again due to the complicity of the US government.The Spanish-speaking island of Puerto Rico continues to be granted “commonwealth” status by Washington,DC,which means it’s a virtual US colony,its citizens are granted US citizenship when they’re born,and they can freely travel anywhere in America without any restrictions whatsoever,just like New Yorkers traveling to New Jersey.This madness also results in packages or shipments from Puerto Rico to America not having to be inspected by US Customs because,again,the island is officially a “commonwealth” and packages,like people,travel freely.This ridiculous situation enabled a Puerto Rican mailwoman in Secaucus,NJ to receive cocaine shipments from dealers in PR and distribute it in NJ and maybe elsewhere in our country,helping ruin the lives of many of our people,especially the young.The postal inspectors did a good job in nailing this bitch and her boyfriend,but the point is that that coke came unmolested from the “commonwealth” and to our shores.This is how the US government continues to allow war to be waged against us by continuing to throw open our borders to Puerto Rico! America receives no benefit from this sickening relationship.And while PR suffers the indignity of the US flag flying over its capitol in San Juan,they still have it a lot better than anywhere else in the poverty-stricken Caribbean,in that they’re granted a great privilege of coming freely to America and taking advantage of everything our nation still offers.And a lot of Puerto Ricans are militant creeps living in our country,flying their flags in our faces,blasting their wretched music in our ears,speaking loudly their coarse language(it’s not Spanish)in our faces and in our ears.Take it from me,patriots,as a Bronxite who has suffered these abuses for far too long,thanks to the bastards ruling us in DC! Please call your congressmen and urge them to vote to give Puerto Rico their independence! And our independence from this terrible relationship foisted on our peoples!

Diversity Gang is an anti-white/anti-Christian radical group,most of whose members are probably white.One of them is moron liberal US senator Thomas Harkin from Iowa.While the Republicans who invited actor Clint Eastwood to give a speech to Republican National Convention showed how moronic they are,Harkin called Eastwood a very interesting name:”…an old,angry white man.” Wow! How nice of moron Harkin to bring Clint’s race into his denunciation! And what about if he called Herman Cain(Remember him?)”an old,angry black man”? First,he wouldn’t.A Diversity Gang moron liberal like Harkin showed his contempt for America’s white population by describing Eastwood as white and angry,while also expressing his hate for the older generation of whites who voted heavily GOP in the 2010 elections that provided a GOP-majority in US House of Representatives.Apolitical people may ask,”How can moron liberal Harkin be anti-white when he’s white himself?” The simple answer is Harkin and his contemporary moron liberals subscribe to an anti-white ideology called Multi-Culturalism.They are proud members of Diversity Gang-meaning they celebrate virtually every non-white/non-Christian/non-English-speaking group or fad or culture out there.It’s all part of their quest-similar to La Conquista’s quest-to destroy America’s identity as a European,Christian,English-speaking nation.That’s why Hollerin’ Harkin denigrated Eastwood’s race,and why he wouldn’t have dared denigrate the race of any non-white.And notice,patriots,how big-media let it fly right by them,but would have been drooling out of their mouths for the head of a white politician who called someone an angry latino man or an angry black man,although a moron liberal like Harkin may be eventually forgiven because most of big media is dominated by other moron liberals.Diversity Gang could be America’s public enemy #1.Just look at moron liberal Tommy Harkin from Iowa.Shame on the Iowans who keep returning him to US Senate.

Israel Lobby is gloating greatly,now that NYPD has opened up a branch office in Israel and has it staffed with 2 NYPD detectives-both of whom are Jewish and one with the first name of Mordechai-the Jew who in Book of Esther in the Bible, helped save his people from Persian king Haman about 2,500 years ago.Talk about holding grudges over time! It was probably Mayor Bloomberg who made this decision to use taxpayer money and personnel to open an office in a foreign country of a police department that’s supposed to protect and serve New Yorkers like me but now will be protecting Israelis.Israel Lobby and its supporters keep showing their primary loyalty is to Israel and not America.I wouldn’t be surprised down the road if NYPD cops will be forced to wear Stars of David on their shield plates.So,patriots,La Conquista,Diversity Gang and Israel Lobby keep waging aggression against Americans and keep showing their loyalties and affections are to things foreign and not to things American.

“…a giant money-making scam.” That’s how blogger Michael Snyder at describes America’s current state of medical care.He related one horror story after another of how victims of this current system that’s all too often inhuman and exploitative and plain old greedy have been harmed.Whether it’s drug companies,hospitals,clinics,labs,doctors,therapists,et al,people-often through no fault of their own-have been ripped off by suffering the misfortune of getting seriosly sick or injured in contemporary America.And this horrible situation has been made all the worse since so-called “health insurance” started becoming more freely available and the plans more freely used.Patriots,health insurance is no panacea for our medical-care problems.Indeed,it’s probably the main reason why healthcare costs and healthcare premiums have skyrocketed over about the last 20 years! When patients carry insurance,this gives healthcare providers the incentive to overcharge-ridiculously overcharge.These jerks believe that insurance companies have unlimited funds to pay providers and drug companies and everyone else who’s profiteering off this immoral,harmful system.And to add more fuel to the fire,Institute of Medicine reported that in 2009,an estimated $750 billion was wasted on unnecessary spending for medical care-i.e.,needless or duplicate tests,over-prescribing or misprescribing drugs,etc..If that’s not an indictment of this current corrupt system of medical care,I don’t know what is.And of course,oppressive,collectivist government forcing us into Abominationcare will mostly make things a lot worse and will do nothing about rising costs,just like Romneycare in Massachusetts has driven medical-care costs way up.Patriots,we need to return to a point-of-service medical practice where the doctor was close to his patients and put them first and not profits and power for those in government and corporate medical care who for too long have feeded off their corrupt ”system.” 

And the corruption in pro sports(baseball in this case)proved itself again-but with no real surprises-when Melky(Nice name!)Cabrera and then Bartolo(Nice name!)Colon were suspended by Major League Baseball for testing positive for injecting testosterone into their bodies.These two Dominicanos who shouldn’t be playing baseball in America but in their native Dominican Republic just came out of nowhere to have much better seasons than previous ones,especially Melky,who was on his way to a National League batting title thanks to his added testosterone.Anyone with half a brain knew he was “juicing,” and it was just a question of what juice this bandito was taking.Patriots,lovers of the once-great game of pro baseball,these drugs are legal in DR and Venezuela and probably would be legal in America’s commonwealth of Puerto Rico if it weren’t under US law because these countries are so bloody poor,that using these drugs gives them the chance to artificially build up their bodies to get the chance to play in Los Estados Unidos to make a lot of Yankee dollars that they can’t make in their home countries.And every time one of these banditos gets a roster spot on an American team,he takes a slot away from an American player.It’s that bloody simple.Please think about that when you think about going to a game and seeing all these foreigners playing in our game on our soil when they’re just here to make the Yankee millions and care about nothing else.Why MLB suspended these 2 foreigners for 50 games is interesting,because there are certainly a lot more juiced-up players,and not just the banditos.The Jewish liberals who run MLB along with the dirtbag owners have gotten millions of fans to not care about the drugs and the foreigners in baseball.They’ve gotten them to think that all that matters is winning,glory and fame-vicariously that is.As for this Bronx boy who loves to watch a good baseball game,I’ll try to find a team that’s full of American players to root for.Our countrymen come first,not a juvenile desire to win at any costs.

America’s moral breakdown is prevalent in the law field-because the law establishment is dominated by radical liberals.American Bar Association(ABA),as long as I can remember,has been and still is a pinko-liberal activist group that’s just another wing of anti-patriot Democratic Party.They revealed their arrogant radicalism by selecting none other than Jewish super-radical Morris Dees-head of radical activist-group Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC).Even though SPLC’s hideous headquarters is in Montgomery,AL,there’s nothing really Southern about SPLC,because according to patriot pastor Ted Pike(who closely monitors extremist Jewish groups),almost their entire high-level staff are New York Jews.They’re very quick to look for the slightest whiff of racism or “Anti-Semitism!” coming from whites,but are all to quick to run away from or ignore racism from non-whites.So the douchebag radical libs at ABA awarded Dees their highest honor for his “public service” during the “civil rights” movement and his subsequent trouble-making(things that occurred 30-40 years ago).Remember,patriots,ABA is the first lawyer group to vet a Supreme Court nominee,whether the president is Democratic or Republican;and that’s more proof that a Republican president very frequently seeks advice or approval from anti-patriot/anti-conservative liberals like ABA.

Here’s the latest on the police blotter of America’s murderous crime wave:2 deputies were shot dead and 2 were wounded in a shoot-out with a badman near New Orleans,LA;at a Sikh temple near Madison,WI,a reported “neo-nazi”(almost every time a white man shoots non-whites,Diversity Gang media spontaneously claim he’s a neo-nazi)shot dead 6 temple members,wounded a cop and then shot himself dead(more casualties of “multi-cultural” America);at the Washington,DC headquarters of Christian-establishment activist group Family Research Council(FRC),a man who worked at a homosexual-activist group(he’s probably a homo himself,though the pro-homo big media didn’t admit it)shot and seriously wounded a security guard because he disliked the anti-homo-marriage activism of FRC(this may kick off more physical violence against Christians who publicly oppose homosexuality and other anti-Christ behavior);at yet another “Sweet 16″ party,this time in Riviera Beach,FL,2 teens were shot dead(Were they sweet 16?)and 6 other partiers were wounded(from the names of some of the victims,it appeared to be a mixed latino/black Sweet 16 party);at a supermarket in Old Bridge,NJ,a former US Marine,who was black,shot dead a teenage girl and a young-adult male,both of whom were white,before turning the rifle on himself(he reportedly suffered from some undisclosed mental problems);and in another ghastly,savage multiple homicide,an ex-con black male was invited by a 23-years-old white mother into her home in Sandusky,OH-and the 2-legged animal went on to strangle her and her 2 young kids to death(of course,not much reportage from the establishment liberal media on this savagery;but if the savage murderer were white and the victims black,they certainly would cover it heavily and would probably indict every white person in Sandusky for “Racism!”).Murder madness continues its dark march across our country,and it’s maybe getting to the point where none of us are safe.

The Almighty’s judgment on America and on some of its evil rulers is I believe the reasons for the following:July 2012 was the hottest month ever in US history(Oh no!:Global Warming Gang(GWG)may go on the warpath again!);Hillary the witch-US Secretary of State-traveled to the rapidly deteriorating nation of South Africa(deteriorating because of the anti-white/anti-Christ foreign powers who brought multi-culturalism to that land)and boogied down with some of the power-drunk morons who now rule that country and are driving it into the ground.A You Tube video entitled her dancing with the South African radical stars as “Hillary Gets Freaky.” She was dancing in a circle with some of these clowns and actually was looking down at a big black mama’s ass like she wanted to kiss it! No joke! More proof that Hillary’s a dyke.And something bizarre occurred while Hillary was frolicking in SA:It snowed! It hardly ever snows in South Africa! But it snowed the day she was there! It snowed all over the country! The Almighty loves to warn and scare and humble the haughty and the arrogant in power! And no other bwitch in power deserves such a divine judgment than super-bwitch Hollerin’ Hillary.And then her boss the Abomination was scheduled to speak in Raleigh,NC at an outdoor stadium during Democratic National Convention,but the threat of hurricane-force rain and wind forced cancellation of the event.Some Republicans claimed that the real reason was the Abomination’s handlers didn’t sell enough tickets to the event and wanted to avoid the embarrassment of a not-sold-out political event that was intended to project idol worship onto Abomination! Ha,ha,ha if that’s true! Anyway,this blog and its parent site has reported on innumerable occasions where Abomination and some of his lieutenants have been hit with nasty weather or some other bizarre events when they were to appear or speak in public,usually in front of large clouds.Maybe this is a sign that He hasn’t yet given up on America! Let’s hope so.

I usually end posts on this patriot blog with patriot activism across the land,but I don’t have any to report of real significance.Patriots,Summer 2012 is over.I hope all of you who read this blog and have had some good R & R with your families and friends and you’ve enjoyed the many pleasures and refreshments that Summer offers.Fall is a beautiful time of year also,with its balmy days,brisk nights and changing colors.But now it’s time we return to our primary job:fighting America’s patriot cause,in any way or ways we can.Work for patriot candidates who are running for office at all levels and work to defeat anti-patriots who are in office or running for office.Get and stay informed,get active and try to make a positive difference for America! Before it’s too late! We only have so much time left before America becomes like South Africa or a banana republic! In addition to reviewing the news on this patriot blog,I’m aiming to write a special post before Election Day 2012 that’ll indict the US government for its blatantly consistent illegal,unconstitutional and immoral acts.Time will tell if I have the time and wherewithal to do it.Till then,I’ll see you next time.