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On Memorial-Weekend Sunday 2012,an American Patriot Explains Why He Hasn’t Reviewed the News Lately

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Hi,patriots.I haven’t blogged since April 11th.Before I explain why,I’d like to wish all co-patriots a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.And what a co-incidence that tomorrow-May 28th,Memorial Day 2012,is the 3-years’ anniversary of this blog’s parent website hasn’t felt like 3 years have passed,but passed they have.Now for the reasons for my tardiness in blogging.

It has been a rough year so far for this patriot.My older sister,after a 7-months’ battle with illness and disability,died about 6 weeks ago.I’ve been dealing with a health issue since about mid-January,and will probably know the full extent of it in about 3 weeks.I’ve been beavering away trying to get permission to use material from other works for the book I wrote that I’ll probably self-publish.I spent 4 days in the nation’s capital,fighting the patriot cause on the immigration front.The netbook I’m typing on was scammed about a week ago and some junk was installed when I unwittingly gave access to the scammers(I was able to uninstall the junk via system restore,and I reported the scammers to Microsoft and Federal Trade Commission).And then the whopper came when some malware got inside the desktop I use to type these posts and damaged the computer’s printer software.After about 15 hours of grueling Microsoft tech support from India,the Philippines and I think Mexico,they finally found the problem.The computer’s about 10 years’ old,and I was told that the malware,some of the tech-support procedures,and the computer’s age must’ve killed the memory.It’s too inconvenient and difficult to type at length on this netbook;but I hope to have either a new desktop computer or a better keyboard for this computer within the next couple of weeks.I don’t want to rush into buying another computer without some advice from probably my nephew on which one to get,where to get it and at what price.I’ll have a good deal of news to blog on when I resume reviewing it,hopefully no later than 2 weeks hence.So this is what I’ve been dealing with,and then some,so far in the year of our Lord 2012.When I was scammed,it was via telephone,which I hadn’t experienced before.And the desktop hadn’t been hit with malware or viruses in a long time.So why all this now? I don’t know.But,I can’t help thinking that some anti-patriots may have attacked the desktop and tried to infiltrate this netbook.And since I do think spiritually frequently,I also think that some of these travails that have hit me this year may be demonic attack.After all,as an independent preacher who used to broadcast on shortwave said before he died about 9 months ago,when you fight Satan and his disciples,he fights back.Be that as it may,this patriot still stands! And his websites and blog still stand! And I haven’t left post during this difficult year! I just haven’t been on the offense as much.But,I promise all patriots that if I don’t have a serious health issue,that I’ll be back on the offense! Big time!

So patriots,there you have it.As I type,I’m watching World War 1 in Color on Military Channel.How appropriate on this Memorial Day weekend that this series on “the war to end all wars” shows the brutality,horror and needless carnage and suffering of the Great War that took about 20 million lives.On this Memorial Day,let’s remember those who have given their lives while wearing the uniforms of US Armed Forces.And let’s thank those wearing those uniforms now.Let’s thank them all for their service.And let’s always remember and never forget that just like the fallen have sacrificed,patriots fighting America’s battles today may also be called upon to sacrifice in defense of our nation,our land and our countrymen,possibly even including the supreme sacrifice,just like the signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged their lives in seeking our nation’s freedom.Patriots,I hope to see you in a couple of weeks.Stay safe this weekend,and get home safely.