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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Happy Springtime,patriots.We here in the pinko-liberal Northeast are leaving behind what has been called The Winter That Wasn’t.It looks like the Almighty threw us a curve ball last Fall,when temps were colder than usual and we got socked with that brutal snow storm on Halloween weekend that caused such havoc throughout the area.Even Punxsutawney Phil was wrong this year when he saw his shadow and predicted 6 more weeks of cold Winter and no early Spring.BTW,I don’t put much stock in Phil and his Groundhog Day.It’s a dumb,quasi-Masonic ceremony held right around the witch holiday of Candlemas Eve.And now we have all these ersatz Phils running around who claim to have the same powers as Phil.Anyway,Spring is here.Watch we get walloped in May with a blizzard! I believe this is one way the Almighty is trying to get our attention.And before I get into the review and commentary on the news,I appreciate if any of you praying patriots have interceded over my health issue.Some tests have showed there’s inflammation in the GI tract,probably the colon.I had this about 6 years ago and while the inflammation cleared after some medicine,it almost killed me too.Probably cold-turkey withdrawal from the anti-inflammatories the doc prescribed did it.But thanks to Him,I was delivered.The doc wanted me to stay on this medicine for the rest of my life as a preventative.I declined,and weaned myself off the drug the second time around instead of going cold turkey the first time,and I started taking pro-biotics for the first time,per the doc’s recommendation.When the inflammation cleared and the pro-biotics kicked in,I never felt better at 46 than during my whole adult life! I felt fantastic! I may need again some medicine to clear up the inflammation,but I’m trying a supplemental approach first.It’s natural,and a lot less expensive.Some of these drugs are absolute rip-offs! I’ll be at this patriot post and its parent website I can’t physically do it any longer,or until I fight America’s patriot cause some other way.Now that that’s out of the way,let’s go to the important news and my analysis and commentary on that news.This blog and can be described by the acronym NACO:News/Analysis/Commentary/Opinion.

We start with America’s political corruption.The late Ted Stevens-a longtime Republican US senator from Alaska-was indicted in August 2008 on corruption charges and then convicted just 2 months later-just days before he was running for re-election.What makes this case so bizarre is that the GOP presidential administration of Boy George Bush was still in the White House and it was his Justice Department that prosecuted the Republican Stevens.I think Stevens must’ve gotten on the wrong side of Boy George and Daddy Bush too.Democrat Mark Begich won the election for US senator from AK in November 2008;he’s a flaming liberal.In April 2009,President Abomination’s Justice Dept.uncovered prosecutorial misconduct during the Stevens trial,and federal judge Emmett Sullivan cleared Stevens of the convictions and appointed a special prosecutor(in the nation’s capital,they call it “special counsel”)to investigate the misconduct by Bush’s lawyers.The report from the court-appointed prosecutor found serious misconduct and abuse of power from several Justice Dept.lawyers who prosecuted Stevens and wrongfully convicted him.It’s obvious that Bush’s boys wanted Stevens out of the senate,even though it would certainly put a liberal Democrat into that seat.And to add more mystery to this case,Stevens died in a plane crash in August 2010;and one of those lawyers who prosecuted him committed suicide the following month.What a perfect illustration of possible murder,suicide(Or was it suicide?),corruption,wrongful prosecution,political targeting,inter alia that is all too common in the Augean stables of Washington,DC! But it gets better!:The special prosecutor’s report doesn’t recommend that the Justice Dept.lawyers who were guilty of all this misconduct be prosecuted! How convenient! Here’s more proof that Washington covers for its own,even when they wrongfully prosecute one of their own and bring great misery into his life and that of his family.Judge Sullivan-appointed by Ronald Reagan-has apparently done his job,by declaring he had never seen such Justice Dept.misconduct in his 25 years as a judge;it’s the ’special counsel” who has done only part of his job and has been derelict in not only not recommending prosecution of the corrupt prosecutors,but in not asking for the right to prosecute them himself.It’s a disgrace,and more proof that Washington,District of Criminals,the vast majority of the time,can’t be trusted to prosecute itself when criminal charges against their own are brought before a court or “special counsel.” Patriots,government reformers and those who fight crime and corruption in the federal government need an independent,a non-partisan,and an officially chartered legal office to investigate-and prosecute-criminal activity by those in the federal government.Now we go to the Tea Party movement.Thomas R.Eddlem wrote a very good article in The New American( the Tea Party,with a discouraging title:Tea Party:RIP? While his answer was somewhat ambivalent,he indicated that the very influential and large, anti-corrupt-government protest movement collectively called the Tea Party-which had a fresh and promising start at Boston Harbor in 2007 when Ron Paul supporters re-created the Boston Tea Party of 1773-has been infiltrated by an assortment of rogues and many of its leaders and members have just become blind,anti-Abomination GOP loyalists.Some dingbat Tea Party leader even went so far to say that she’ll support whomever GOP nominates against Abomination.That’s right:anyone but Abomination.Even Boy George! Even Daddy Bush! Even Mark Foley! Remember him! Anyone who still follows that line of thinking that any Republican is worth campaigning for or voting for against Abomination is either dumb,partisan,or just plumb immoral.No more voting for the lesser of 2 evils;that’s still evil.And the GOP anti-patriot establishment has also infiltrated Tea Party,with groups like Tricky Dick Armey’s Freedom Works and neo-con Club for Growth.However,there are still local Tea Parties who are still fighting the patriot cause against corrupt,immoral government,like those in Indiana fighting to get Dick Lugar-another Tricky Dick globalist Republican-out of US Senate by either unseating him in the May primary or voting for centrist Democrat Joe Donnelly in November.And the Tea Parties trying to unseat Orrin Hatch in Utah the same way.Time will tell if the national Tea Party movement has died,or is dying,or is just sick or resting.Meanwhile,I urge patriots to stay active or at least monitor local Tea Parties and/or the national movement.I think there are some patriot activities still occurring with Tea Party,but beware the wolves in sheep’s clothing.And lastly from our nation’s political swamp comes the lovely news out of Little Rock,Arkansas that Little Rock Municipal Airport Commission decided-unanimously,nonetheless-to rename its airport after none other than Billy & Hillary Clinton-the Bonnie & Clyde of America’s criminal politics since the 1970s.Patriots,corruption breeds corruption.Immoral people cling to each other like flies stuck on flypaper.So it’s no real surprise that these morons on this airport commission voted to rename the airport after Bonnie & Clyde Clinton.It’s another way for immoral,corrupt people in positions of power or authority to shove their fingers in the faces of decency and integrity-two traits that Bill & Hill have little of;all they know is the love and pursuit of raw political power.These 2 creeps are the Clinton branch of the Bush/Clinton crime dynasty,especially when it comes to the “foreign policy” of the White House under their rule.I’m convinced Bill & Hill have blood on their hands,whether it’s Vince Foster’s “suicide” or the double homicide in Mena,AR that has been called The Boys on the Tracks.To cite and investigate all the bizarre,untimely,unnatural deaths surrounding Bill & Hill ever since they got into power in Little Rock’s governor’s mansion in 1978 would take years.They should’ve been in jail a long time ago,but the high and the mighty in a corrupt,lawless,criminal government in Washington only get slapped on the wrist,the vast majority of the times.There are a lot of good patriots in the Razorback State.It’s too bad they’ll now have the filthy disgrace of having the state’s largest airport named after the husband-wife crime couple of Bill & Hill,pending FAA approval.

On America’s economic problems,Sarah Bloom Raskin-a governor of the glorified counterfeiters known formally as the Federal Reserve Board-gave a speech in liberal-rich Westport,CT-a suburb with a large Jewish population.The blooming princess(Sarah in Hebrew means princess)expressed her contempt for the American working class and especially on Americans who want to save money by casually dismissing concerns raised about the near-zero interest rates on savings accounts and money-market accounts in banks and other savings’ institutions.According to the surprisingly critical article in The New York Times,what the Federal Reserve princess basically told those assembled and other Americans irate at these hideously low rates that punish savers,is to stop bellyaching.Patriots,this is sheer proof that the vast majority of the Fed’s glorified counterfeiters hate the working class and want to punish them and bleed them as much as possible.The glorified counterfeiters made a profit of $88 billion in 2011,while those with bank accounts see rates and yields on their accounts as low as 0.01%! How generous of the bankers to give us an interest rate of 0.01%! They’re throwing crumbs at us! And telling us to be grateful for that! And the glorified counterfeiters at the Fed want this parasitic,rip-off system of low rates in place until late 2014! They want to weaken us,weaken our families,make us spend like wild and make us dependent on fat-cat creditors to buy virtually anything of any sizable value! And only Dr.Ron Paul is talking about these thugs at Federal Reserve! Isn’t that sheer proof that the political and financial establishment hates us in the working class/middle class?! But at least the blooming princess was honest.But she was probably honest because she thought she was on friendly ground up in liberal-rich Westport-a suburb in the richest state in America per capita.Let’s give thanks to Gretchen Morgenson at the Old Gray Lady(!)for writing this great piece on the glorified counterfeiter/blooming princess who revealed her hate for America and her working men and women.On the unemployment front,Abomination’s supporters in major media were absolutely giddy when the February unemployment numbers were released by Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS).They claimed the rate dropped a whopping 2/10 of a point from 8.5 to 8.3%.They were partying like their favorite team won the super bowl! That’s how desperate they are to puff up Abomination so they can get him re-elected in November.However,Gallup’s survey found the unemployment rate actually increased from 8.5% to 9.1%! So who’s right? I’m led to believe that Gallup is more accurate and that Abomination’s boys in his administration and big media are going to do everything they can,while still being careful that they’re not caught lying or falsifying,to make their president look as good as possible.But this recession is so severe that I think most Americans will know when what we’re told about an improving economy is mostly a fantasy and propaganda.And we close out the coverage on America’s economics and finances by giving the Abomination another pat on the back for 2 more records getting broken under his presidency:the percentage of young-adult Americans with jobs is at its lowest since WW2,and the employment gap between young adults and other age groups is the widest ever.Atta boy,Abomination! He just keeps on rolling as he and his comrades bring America to her knees! I’m aiming to write a separate post on this patriot blog that’ll compile all the negative economic records that have been broken since Abomination entered the White House in January 2009.What a compilation it’s going to be!

MOM.This acronym has just been added to the American lexicon during her moral breakdown,and it stands for Mothers on Meth.In Humboldt County,CA,a woman was sentenced to 6 years in prison for breastfeeding her son with methamphetamine-tainted breast milk.This reminds me of the police supervisor in the once-Golden State who said he knows the power of meth when he investigated a multiple homicide committed by a young woman on meth.But this case adds more barbarity and ghastliness in that a meth-using mother caused the death of her own 6-weeks-old child via breastfeeding.So now,America’s drug-crazed,drug-addicted,drug-obsessed culture has now sunk to the depravity of MOMs killing their kids via breastfeeding.And since we’re on the topic of a drunk out/drugged out culture especially of the younger generation,we now travel to the latest craze or fad to stalk us:Barstool Blackout Tour.At Wellmont Theater in Montclair,NJ,a few thousand moronic college students-male and female-gathered for an orgy of drink and drugs,blasting music,blinding light shows,with most of the females skimpily dressed as if they were going to the beach,even though it was still March.When the animal orgy was finally brought to a close by cops from several police and sheriff departments,about 30 punks were hospitalized-many for alcohol poisoning-and about the same number were arrested for various offenses.The scariest part of this bacchanalia is that these morons are probably going to be our future politicians,lawyers,doctors,executives,radio and television writers and producers,journalists and in other influential positions in our society.And it has been like this since the revolutionary 1960s.Those hippies and junkies who were chanting “We shall overcome!” and “Death to pigs!” and “Burn Baby Burn!” eventually graduated from college and graduate school and filled many of the aforementioned positions.And it’s one big reason why America is so messed up and headed for a big fall.Indeed,let’s call these slobs,these silly girls,these airheads,these immature,spoiled-brat clowns just a part of what can be called…Douche Bag Generation.We’ve had Generation X and Generation Y,but now we have a generation of douche bags so hedonistic,so selfish,so unprincipled,so vain(with their body piercings and tattoos),so confused,so misguided that calling them Douche Bag Generation is probably being too soft.Sorry,patriots,for using crude language,but I’ve seen too much of them for too long and I can’t stand too much of it much longer.Douche Bag Generation and Mothers on Meth are just more symptoms of a nation losing its mind and heading for the cliff.And they’ll try to drag us down the cliff with them! Barstool Blackout Tour may be headed for a theater near you! We finish up on America’s moral breakdown with something immoral and some moral,patriotic reaction to that immorality.The state legislature in Maryland-a state founded by Catholics and named after the Virgin Mary-passed into law homosexual marriage,led by their apostate-Catholic Irish-American governor Martin O’Malley.He has something in common with New York governor Dandy Andy Cuomo-also an apostate-Catholic but Italian-American-who rammed through homo marriage in the Empire State.Also,the Free State,like the Empire State,rejected homo marriage last year but rammed it through this year,just like in New York.The good news is that patriots are collecting signatures to get a repeal on the ballot in November so the voters can decide whether to keep homo marriage or not.So,the lesson to learn and re-learn for patriots is that when evil lawmakers pass evil law,we need to resist them and fight back,or they’ll make a living hell out of our country.

America’s crime wave? Get ready for 12 reports on the blotter.We start inside a building on a college campus in Columbus,OH,where a maniac stabbed 4 people,3 of them critically;in Pittsburgh,PA,another maniac shot 2 dead and wounded 7 others at-how appropriate-a psychiatric clinic at University of Pittsburgh;in Oak Hill,WV,an 83-years-old man was charged with murdering 3 people;in Durham,NC,a man shot 2 dead and wounded 2 others inside a tire shop in the wee hours of the morning;a crime scene in Miami,FL-the “most miserable city in America” per Forbes magazine-was described as “a war zone” when an apparent gang shooting of mourners filing out of a funeral parlor left 2 dead,14 wounded(what remarkable symbolism when 16 people are shot leaving a funeral parlor and 2 of them die);at a campsite in MO,a 37-years-old mom shot dead her 3 kids and then herself;five revelers were shot and wounded on a very warm St.Patrick’s Day in Indianapolis;Rahm Emanuel’s Windy City saw a weekend marked by a “bloodbath of violence,” when 37 separate shootings left 9 dead,and homicides are up 35% from last year;at a -get a load of this name-Nipsey Hustle rap concert in Phoenix,AZ,14 were shot,2 seriously;also in the Grand Canyon State,a dad and his 2 sons(both under 5-years-old)were found shot dead inside a Glendale house in an apparent multiple homicide-suicide;a young man and 2 teens were found shot dead inside a house in Modesto,CA;and finally,5 were found slain inside a home in the City of Saint Francis,also in the once-Golden State.So,patriots,what in Heaven’s name is going on here?! Will it ever end?! Is something demonic or supernatural behind at least so many of these horrible,bizarre murders?

In the slimy pro-sports scene in America comes more anti-Christian hate and censorship from the moral midgets and mental morons at sports network ESPN-the network that I heard has a sign outside their personnel office at their corporate headquarters that reads:”Only morons need apply.” The obviously bigoted,anti-Christian censors at this moron network that worships athletes as if they’re demi-gods refused an ad from NASCAR driver Blake Koch for website trying to get conservatives and Christians to register and vote.The ad in question wasn’t partisan politically or religiously,but ESPN’s goon-squad censors and monitors traced Koch to his website and found one page on Koch’s Christian faith.That was enough for the ESPN slobs,so they refused the ad.A network spokesman said the ad didn’t meet “their guidelines.” Their guidelines are to help get their boy Abomination re-elected and keep as many Christians and conservatives as they can away from the voting booths.This is the same moron network that employed JAP Dana Jacobson who reportedly blurted out “F… Jesus!” at an award ceremony.And all that happened to her was a one-week suspension(actually,a vacation).Some of their moron reporters have also made sly remarks towards pro-quarterback Tim Tebow re his Christian faith.Oh,ESPN is owned by Disney-a Jewish-owned network.And that’s probably why this anti-Christian bias will get some media play and then die out.Patriots,probably most of us like our sports;but we don’t have to like ESPN and we don’t need them.Please,boycott that moron network that obviously hates Christians,conservatives,and probably anyone who aren’t the radical liberals like they are.

The crazy,abnormal weather that has gripped America for the last few years hit Hawaii,when an “unprecedented” hail storm and record-breaking rain came down.Hail in the Aloha State! Is that a riot or what?! What’s next?: Snow in Puerto Rico?! Patriots,the Almighty is obviously trying to get the attention of America’s people,trying to wake us up to the great immorality and idolatry and corruption throughout the land.I believe we’re going to see more “signs and wonders” as America and the world keeps slouching towards Gomorrah(to cite the title of a book by former judge Robert Bork).

I conclude as usual with reports on patriot activism in the land or consequences of patriot activism.Tea Party patriots are trying to unseat old-cow US senator Orrin Hatch from Utah in the Beehive State’s upcoming primary.They’re supporting 2 candidates against establishment Hatch,and one of them gave a great reason for trying to unseat Orrin:”It’s time for a new generation to step up and lead…Washington will not be changed from the inside.” How right he is.The corrupt,immoral,self-serving US government needs a thorough house-cleaning,not just a dusting.And one way to try to accomplish that is getting as many new people with new ideas into Congress as possible and getting as many old cows like Orrin Hatch out.It’s time for real change,real turnover,in Washington,DC! Not tomorrow,not next week,not next year,not down the road.Patriots need to start now before it’s too late and these old cows and creeps drive us down for good! And on that note,patriots got great news when fat-slob,ugly liberal Gary Ackerman decided not to seek re-election in November,primarily because his old district was redrawn and he would’ve faced some competition that he rarely had before.And get a load of the ethnic-activist group he has headed since 2006:International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians.I’m waiting for International Council of Irish Parliamentarians to form.Good riddance to the ugly fat slob who probably throughout his political life has devoted more time,energy and money towards Israel and international Jewry than to America.And to boot,another ultra-liberal anti-patriot with the appropriate surname of Dicks also decided not to seek re-election.Norman Dicks from Washington State will be leaving Congress next January.So patriots can rejoice that one less Dick will be in power over us.And that makes about 40 congressmen who won’t be running for re-election this year;that’s a good start for getting new bodies and new blood into the corridors of power in Washington.Hopefully,at least some of them will be replaced by patriots and real statesmen.And here’s a wee bit of personal patriot activism.I was going to buy Comet cleanser at the local supermarket,but put it back when I saw Espanol on the label.And how appropriate that the company that makes Comet is Spic & Span.I didn’t buy Ajax also because of Espanol labeling.So,I coughed up 20 cents more and bought Bon Ami,with the label only in good ol’ US English.And when time permits,I’ll be contacting Spic & Span and Ajax to let them know why I didn’t buy their products and won’t in the future if they keep on hispandering for the sake of their profits or actually aiding and abetting La Conquista.Patriots,we all need to make occasional sacrifices in our patriot war to take back America from her enemies and resist those bent on further conquest.And occasionally plunking down a few bucks more so as not to aid and abet La Conquista or any other anti-patriot force is the least we can do.
Patriots,please keep going to for the important news and commentary of the day from a patriot perspective.And keep spreading the word about the site and this blog and other patriot operations throughout the nation.We need to stick together as the anti-patriots mount their offensive for the November elections and keep waging war against us and virtually everything good America stands for from all the corners of power whence they operate and attack.I’ll see you in a few weeks.Keep fighting.