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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Hi,patriots.I’ve been very busy on many fronts fighting the patriot cause over the last month or so,in addition to cleaning up and better organizing some personal records and some patriot resources.I’m going to plow right into the important news and my analysis and commentary on that news from about the middle of January to about the end of February.This’ll be a long post,so get ready.But before I begin,I’d just like to exclaim that 2012 In the Year of Our Lord is already shaping up to be a tumultuous year for American patriots-one fraught with danger and risk,but also one fraught with great opportunity and challenge.I urge all patriots to start preparing now for the fight that’s almost certainly just around the corner for the heart and soul of our country-a country under threat from so many domestic enemies that it’s bound to make us frustrated and weary.But to paraphrase St.Paul in Book of Galatians,chapter 6,verse 9:Let’s not get tired in doing good,for in due time,we shall reap the good,if we don’t retreat from the fight.And if there’s ever a time in our nation’s history for patriots to keep doing good and keep fighting the patriot cause,it’s now.Let’s get to the news.

While the US government’s immoral war in Iraq has subsided since President Abomination withdrew most of the combat troops from that war-torn country,another immoral war in Afghanistan continues to rage.Two high-ranking US Army officers were shot dead in the headquarters of that country’s Interior Ministry soon after an incident where 5 US soldiers reportedly burned some Korans at a base.That’s not very smart in any Muslim nation,especially one as fervent and at times fanatical as the graveyard of empire.While the investigation into the burnings is ongoing,I wouldn’t be surprised if they were ordered to do it as another way to incite Afghans to riot and engage in violence,so the US government and the neo-cons who want to keep terrorizing as many Arab and Muslim nations as they can will continue to claim that they need to keep US/NATO troops in Afghanistan for years to come.The suspect who shot the Army officers has yet to be apprehended,and that he was able to commit these murders inside a headquarters building of the Afghan government shows security is quite lax for US forces there,even high-ranking Army officers.And just a few weeks before these killings,6 US servicemen were killed when the helicopter they were flying in “crashed.” I’ve lost count with how many times the Pentagon and its allies in the establishment media have claimed a US aircraft “crashed” which resulted in the deaths of servicemen.Oh,this helicopter crashed alright.But why did it crash? Pilot error? Did it run out of fuel? A collision with another aircraft? It was probably shot down by enemy fire! Just like almost all the other ones that “crashed”! But as is always the case when a government conducts an immoral,unpopular war,truth is the greatest casualty.I ran into a former co-worker who’s in New York Air National Guard who recently returned from a tour of about 6 months at a US Air Force base in Saudi Arabia.He was frequently assigned to the lovely assignment of morgue duty,and he told me that corpses of US servicemen kept coming in to that morgue when he was stationed there.Apparently the Pentagon is grossly under-reporting US casualties in Afghanistan.And of course,that’s only SOP in an immoral,unpopular war.So,Americans continue to bleed and die in this totally unnecessary war in a country that poses zero threat to us way over there.Let’s hope,patriots,they get out of there ASAP and come home,like most of them have come home or been re-deployed from Iraq.At least the Abomination has done some good in that respect,but his motive was probably just to get re-elected;and he can always return those same troops to Iraq any time he wants.And the last story to report on the nefarious War on Terror! waged by the wicked neo-cons can fall into 2 other news categories on this blog’s parent site Conquista and America’s Crime Wave.A US Marine veteran of the war in Iraq was arrested for the stabbing deaths of 4 bums in Orange County,CA.Get a load of his first name:Itzcoatl.His surname is Ocampo-and he’s an illegal immigrant from Mexico.But he was admitted into US Marine Corps to go fight the dirty,imperial war in Iraq.Upon return,probably mentally disturbed from his war experience,he allegedly killed for “thrills.” So,Itzcoatl(Sounds like the name of an Aztec god!)entered America illegally from Mexico(La Conquista),was allowed to join the Corps(the immoral war in Iraq)and upon return to the country he’s not supposed to be living in,has allegedly stabbed 4 men to death for “thrills.” War damages not just the body,but the mind too.So with Itzcoatl’s case,invasion into our country led to his joining US Armed Forces,which led him to kill people who’ve done him or his countrymen no harm,and which has ended with his taking the lives of 4 innocent men who were living on the streets.Such is the vicious cycle in contemporary America of immoral war,immigration invasion and multiple homicide.

Six items on America’s political corruption.Pop singer Whitney Houston died at 48-years-old from supposedly a mixture of drink and drugs.On the day her funeral was held in New Jersey,fatso GOP governor Christopher Christie ordered flags at public buildings to be flown at half-staff.This is done and has probably always been done to honor those who gave their lives in the line of duty,either local lawmen or US servicemen or government executives.But fatso Christie decided for whatever pathetic reason(s)to honor Whitney with the flags flown at half-staff.What an insult to those who’ve died while serving and sacrificing for their fellow citizens and countrymen.But fatso is part of this spoiled-brat yuppie culture that doesn’t even know the meaning of the word sacrifice,of serving and protecting one’s community and one’s country.Fatso must’ve liked Whitney’s singing(she was more of a screamer to me)or he was just a politician seeking to curry favor with a racial group,especially come-re-election time.I think I heard that he’s also a big Bruce Springsteen “fan”(short for fanatic).But it probably never occurred to him that honoring someone who was just a singer,an entertainer,who drank and drugged herself to death,sets a terrible example,especially for the young who idolized Houston.I guess every time a rock “star” from the Garden State dies while Christie is governor,he’ll order the flags lowered.Disgusting.And now we leave the Garden State and head over to the Windy City and the Land of Lincoln.Dick Simpson is a former Chicago alderman and now a professor of political science at University of Illinois.He issued a report that claimed Chicago is the most corrupt city in the nation,and IL is the third-most-corrupt state in the nation.The ghost of Al Capone still haunts Chicago! Excerpts from the report cited the many reasons for the rankings,such as convicted and imprisoned politicians,rigged contracting,illegal campaign contributions,inter alia.I haven’t read the whole report,but I hope it recommends a totally new beginning in Chicago politics.The gangster-like Chicago political machine basically runs the state;this is the head of the evil beast.Cut the head off from the beast and the beast will probably die.And lest we forget,patriots,this is the corrupt machine that brought Barack Abomination into American politics! It is almost-certain that Chicago and the rest of IL will not improve politically unless the Democrat-ruled city and the mostly Democrat-ruled state-along with its weak and at times complicit GOP opposition-face real competition from at least one other viable political party or strongly funded and staffed independent candidates.The corrupt Dems and Reps in Chicago and IL are too set in their ways to change;in short,patriots,they’re too damn comfortable,just like here in New York.Prof.Simpson is to be applauded for his report.He once sat in the belly of the beast of Chicago’s corrupt city council and saw all the sleaze and creepiness for himself.But in a city now ruled by Rahm Emanuel-the Abomination’s former chief of staff and whose daddy belonged to Israeli terrorist group Irgun-and loaded with pinko-radical Democratic voters,it’ll probably take an act of God to shake,rattle and roll the city that Al Capone pretty much made his own during the 1920s and 1930s.We now leave the Windy City behind and all its corruption to the pathetic GOP presidential primary.Newty Gingrich’s campaign probably would’ve died by now if it weren’t for the millions in donations coming from Sheldon Adelson-the self-proclaimed “richest Jew in the world.” This ugly creep from Las Vegas is almost 80-years-old,and his worth is estimated at-get this-$23 billion.And while we just left the city that the Italian mob under Big Al eventually took over from the other ethnic mobs,now we go to Las Vegas,where the Italian mob and the Jewish mob fought it out for control of the city’s gambling and prostitution rackets.When Bugsy Siegel got hit in 1947,that pretty much gave the victory to the Italian mob.But it looks like Sheldon survived,and it appears that he’s a vestige of the Jewish mob in Las Vegas.He has already given Newty $10 million for his campaign in the form of a Super Pac,and has said he may give even more.Shelly owns a big Vegas casino and 2 more in Asia;indeed,about 90% of his profit comes from the Asian operations.And yes,he’s a big Israel supporter.He owns Israel Hayom(Israel Today)-the largest-circulation newspaper in Israel-and his current wife was born in that country.He’s supporting this Israel Lobby suck-up Gingrich because he wants him to be president so he can support Israel’s government regardless of what they do or how harmful their operations are to America.In short,patriots,the man keeping Gingrich’s campaign alive with his gambling empire and probable money from the Jewish mafia in Vegas wants his man to serve Israel,not America;and Adelson should be living in Israel with his Israeli-born wife.Now we leave Las Vegas(”The Meadows”)to what I think is the most corrupt city in America:Washington,D.C.(District of Criminals).David Rubenstein is a billionaire-member of Carlyle Group.This is a super-rich,international equities firm that has made its billions by investing and buying out and taking over companies all over the world.Even though Rubenstein was a member of the Democratic administration of former president James Carter,Republicans Daddy Bush and Baby Bush and Henry Kissinger also belong to Carlyle Group.It’s obviously a Republicrat group of wealthy fat cats whose playground is the world and who live for meddling in as many countries as they can and try to take them over one way or another.Ostensibly,Mr.Rubenstein is upset over the damaged condition of Washington Monument in D.C..And he has decided to donate $7.5 million of his own dough into renovations for this ugly black obelisk built in 1884 by Freemasons to honor Freemason George Washington.The monument suffered such extensive damage from the earthquake that struck the D.C.-area about 16 months ago that it remains closed for safety reasons.Indeed,this pagan image may be irreparable.But that doesn’t deter arrogant,haughty men like Rubenstein.That 555-feet Egyptian obelisk is a monument to the anti-Christ government power out of Washington.And since Rubenstein may be a Freemason himself,he’s pouring in millions to rescue a pagan image that may just result in money going down the drain.But what’s $7.5 million to Rubenstein? A mere bag of shells! Per Ralph Kramden! But that monument is sure important to him and what it symbolizes to him and the rest of his cabal.Patriots,let’s hope and pray that David Rubenstein’s efforts to rebuild this modern-day Tower of Babel fail,just like they failed millennia ago when they tried to build their stairway to the stars,to challenge the Almighty.And maybe that’s what Rubenstein and his Carlyle Group are trying to do right now.Some things never change.Now we head out of America to the Caribbean island of Nevis and the nation of Egypt.On exotic Nevis,Stephen Breyer-one of the 3 Jewish justices on US Supreme Court(SCOTUS)-was robbed by a machete-wielding man in front of his home.So the hot-shot liberal justice has to have a vacation home far away from America’s shores,only to get robbed at machete-point.And then Ruth Bader Ginsburg-one of the other 3 Jewish justices on SCOTUS and one who can easily pass for the villainess in a Gothic horror film-traveled all the way to Egypt supposedly at the request of Hillary Clinton’s US Dept.of State to assist in helping that nation rebuild its legal structure after the fall of US puppet Hosni Mubarak.She was interviewed on Egyptian television and told the interviewer she would not recommend the US constitution as a guide to write up a new Egyptian constitution.But she recommended the constitution of “the new South Africa”! The land of Mandela and his communist/pro-communist African National Congress! There’s more evidence that Ginsburg is a radical Marxist or pro-Marxist who was nominated by President Billy Clinton and confirmed 97-0 by US Senate! And she was nominated by Billy to almost certainly undermine our constitution and help usher in the anti-patriot,anti-Christ radicalism that obviously motivates her and her comrades.What damn business does a US Supreme Court justice have in traveling to Egypt,giving advice on TV and bashing the constitution that she has affirmed to defend?! Well,Egypt borders Israel;that’s why she was probably there.And just like her comrades Adelson,Rubenstein and Breyer,America is nothing to these internationalists but a place to seek and hold power or have access to power.Israel is where they should be living.And lastly on our country’s political cesspool is the relief that Gabrielle(”Gabby”)Giffords finally announced her resignation from Congress to focus on her recovery from getting wounded by Jared Loughner in Tuscon,AZ.She should’ve made this decision much sooner,but again,power is almost everything to the liberal in contemporary US politics.The Loughner shootings remain a mystery,and no clear motive has been established.But federal judge John Roll-appointed by a GOP president-was killed by Loughner,yet we’ve heard very little about him since his murder.But we’ve never heard the end about “Gabby.” And that’s because the political and news-media establishments show favoritism towards her because she’s female,liberal…and Jewish.And they’ve been very quiet about her and her husband’s relationship to a US-China activist group.And even Abomination’s neutered US Navy has already named a ship after her! Patriots,America’s politics is disgustingly immoral and corrupt because the spirit of Anti-Christ has virtually taken over the political and news-media establishments.And we can only expect more and more reports like this to come down the pike as America keeps slouching towards Gomorrah.If a people continues to tolerate criminals and rogues and radical ideologues in government-even supporting them at times-then we are headed for serious trouble.

On the economic front,the Establishment and the pro-Abomination crowd was so giddy and gay over the unemployment rate for January released by Bureau of Labor Statistics.They claimed that unemployment fell from 8.5% to 8.3% as the economy added about 200,000 jobs.But they barely reported the main reason for the drop:1.2 million workers dropped out of the workforce;so the rate dropped 0.2% because there were that many less workers looking for jobs.Regardless,the Establishment that seems to be getting more desperate to hold onto its wealth and power and privilege just threw out that stat and basically told us,”See,things are getting much better.Stop complaining.Start celebrating.” Just as importantly as the Establishment not wanting us to look into the details of many government reports,Abomination’s supporters and propagandists will be pulling every trick out of the hat to get him re-elected in November.While they have to be careful with falsifying government data and reports,they can massage the figures and under-report the negative figures,especially if their big-media allies are more than willing to cooperate.So while the unemployment drop is somewhat positive,it’s nothing to rave about.And what was probably the biggest under-reporting on the economy since Abomination entered the White House,consumer spending for the Christmas month of December increased a whopping 0.1% from the previous year.Big media couldn’t shut up when sales went very high over Black Friday weekend and on “Cyber Monday,” but they barely opened their big mouths when the dismal December spending results came out.Indeed,I asked myself,”Where’s the news on December’s consumer spending? Are they hiding it?” They probably were.And then when it finally came out,it came out with a whimper and then faded away.The lesson to learn here,patriots,is that when a corrupt establishment of government and big business and big media want to preserve and expand their wealth and power-and they don’t want that jeopardized by the angry masses of the working classes-they report with much fanfare seemingly good news while suppressing the bad news.In other words,keep the peasants happy with bread and circuses(like the Roman emperors did)and keep them ignorant about the bad news.However,the December low spending I believe is great news for America! Big government/big business wants the average American to just be a big-spending consumer,not a patriot,not a parent,not a church-goer,not a concerned citizen.So it’s reasonable to conclude that Americans pounced on all the special sales around Thanksgiving,but reined in their spending for Christmas.Great idea! That’s what I hoped for! Let’s keep sticking it in the eyes of the greedy louses running this house of cards,hedonistic,materialistic,anti-Christ economy and society! And then we got the declaration from the glorified counterfeiters at Federal Reserve Board that they won’t raise interest rates(now at near-zero)until late 2014.There we have it,patriots:another declaration of war from the counterfeiters led by baldie Ben Shalom Bernanke on America’s working classes who want to save money and not be dependent on credit from the big banking cartel that Shalom rules.Yes,patriots,they hate us.They don’t want us to get rewarded by earning interest on our savings,but want to plunge us further into debt and dependence on the fat cats.They don’t want us to save to pay cash for a car or a car’s down payment,or a house down payment,or college tuition;they want us to be nation of debtors and a nation of renters.As Dr.Ron Paul declares via the title of one of his books:”End the Fed”! And yet another record has been broken under Abomination’s rule,as America’s housing market continues to slide:in 2011,a record-low number of single-family homes got built.Like I just wrote,the powers that be in big government and big business want us to be a nation of renters,not homeowners(except of course,for the wealthy and the powerful and the upper classes).And the last item on this topic is somewhat economic,but it’s more environmental.The website of UK’s newspaper The Daily Mail-the largest-circulation newspaper in the world-reported that some pro-global-warming climatologists at East Anglia University in England admitted that there has been no significant global warming since 1997.Again,barely a peep about this news in the fanatically pro-global-warming big media in USA,but the seemingly independent-minded The Daily Mail did report it.So now,all the global-warming propagandists have rotten eggs all over their faces.They’ve barraged us with their arrogance and exaggerations and hysteria and even outright lies for about 20 years.They’ve now been forced into a bit of hiding and shame.And that’s where they belong!

Some more good news came from across the pond,this time on the crucial issue of immigration.The British government will start cracking down on out-of-control immigration into UK.Here are some of the measures they’ll be trying to soon implement,hopefully,but not likely,to be followed up by the US government:1)allowing only skilled immigrants from outside Europe to enter UK,2)working with Church of England to detect sham marriages,which are used by some unscrupulous immigrants to gain entry into or citizenship in a country,3)those seeking to immigrate to UK will have to speak at least some English,4)would-be immigrants will have to prove they won’t be dependent on public benefits,5)would-be immigrants will have to pass an income test to determine they’ll be self-sufficient.Bloody good show from the mother country! How sensible! What took so bloody long!? But better late than never.And it behooves us to remember,patriots,that enemies of UK and enemies of US in government positions have been using out-of-control immigration to destroy our countries and create new ones.They’re succeeding rapidly in America.But at least in UK,their anti-patriot plans are being thwarted,at least for now.With the Abomination in the White House,passing similar immigration policies will be difficult in USA.But fight we must!

Ay,caramba! La Conquista marched on the past 4-6 weeks! The Abomination-the “First African-American President”-sure bends over backwards for the 16% of our population that’s now latino-thanks to legal and illegal immigration and higher birth rates.Of the 2.3 million jobs created in America in 2011,60% went to latinos-even though they’re only 15% of the labor force.60%! Isn’t that something! Talk about racial disparity! Whenever there’s an economic stat like that showing such a racial divide,Diversity Gang politicians and journalists throw virtual hysterics,demanding a “level playing field.” But when most of the new jobs are taken by latinos,they’re either quiet about it or actually support it.Again,Diversity Gang and La Conquista are very anti-white.But even though the black population suffers too when La Conquista marches on,it seems like they’re willing to accept that as long as the white population suffers.And this was another stat that was barely reported.I learned of it from,which posted the article from the latino department at we go to the hispandering from Democratic Party and probably from Abomination too:radical Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa-who, according to immigration patriot Glenn Spencer at,reports directly to Mexico City on legislation in LA and in the rest of the once-Golden State-was chosen to be chairman of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.What a perfect sign to La Conquista that Abomination will keep fighting for them if he gets re-elected.Symbolism and psychological games and war are used heavily by powerful politicians.And this sign just doesn’t tell La Conquista that Abomination and his party are on their side.But it also shows patriots that they’re going to fight us! Let’s see if GOP counter-hispanders at their convention.And don’t be surprised if Villaraigosa delivers a bi-lingual speech at the Democratic Convention.Now we follow La Conquista as it travels to the Big Apple-or as they like to call it,La Nueva York.Some latino “community activists” marched through portions of the NYC boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx to publicly demand yet another special congressional district just for their kind.They currently have 2 in the city,but now they want another.Bill DeBlasio-the city’s “Public Advocate” with a goatee to go along with his face that resembles comrade Lenin-marched with them and supported their cause.Patriots,here we have La Conquista literally marching for more racial power.They want one of their own to represent them in a congressional district,and a high-ranking city official supports them.If whites marched in similar fashion,even in a city where whites are only 36% of the population,the mayor would probably call out New York National Guard! Patriots,this is no longer just a double-standard;it’s blatant racial favoritism(in this case,pro-latino and anti-non-latino).This is a potential tinderbox,for when the races of a nation start fighting each other in one way or another,trouble eventually begins.The state legislature and a federal judge are drawing up new congressional districts,so we’ll just have to wait and see if La Conquista triumphs in the Big Apple by acquiring yet another congressional district just for their people.Now we head up to East Haven,CT,where 4 cops on its police department were arrested by FBI agents for allegedly violating the “civil rights” of latinos.Of mostly illegal-immigrant latinos! The story broke about 16-18 months ago that some illegal latinos were being “harassed” by East Haven cops.They were probably just trying to enforce the law! They were probably just trying to determine if they were in our country legally! But that doesn’t matter to La Conquista,Diversity Gag,Amnesty Gang and other anti-patriot forces.So,FBI goons from Abomination’s “Civil Rights Division” at US Dept.of Injustice-led by conquistador Thomas Perez(how appropriate that Abomination chose a black latino to head this division)-swooped down on East Haven-at 6AM nonetheless-and arrested these cops.A pure display of raw government power and terror.The worst that happened to these poor latinos was they were harassed.But,Senor Perez and an anti-patriot/anti-white judge may imprison them for up to 10 years on “civil rights” violations! The big-media reports barely mentioned that the latinos were probably illegally in America,which,again,is irrelevant to them.They,in their anti-white bias and hate,see this as “racist” white cops persecuting the poor,downtrodden “people of color.” Patriots,let’s come to the defense of these cops any way we can.The worst they can be guilty of,unless real evidence comes forth,is harassment.But the anti-white Abomination and his La Conquista Injustice Dept.smell blood-white blood-the blood of “racist” white cops.Now we go to the pathetic GOP presidential primary,where all 4 of the remaining candidates have declared that whatever Puerto Ricans vote for in November re their status with America,they’ll agree to.In other words,whatever Puerto Rico wants,Puerto Rico gets.But what about the American people?! Yes! What about us?! They don’t care what we think on this incredibly vital issue! America needs Puerto Rico to be our 51st state(Israel may be the 52nd)like we need another immoral war or another $5 trillion in national debt! We have virtually nothing in common with that Espanol-speaking island! And the GOP presidential field would love for them to become a state?! Without any input from we the people?! If there’s any proof that the US polity hates the American people,especially the American working class,it’s the government refusing to do what’s right for America by granting Puerto Rico independence! The sooner the better! And this could be yet another reason why patriots will probably have no one to vote for president in November.We may just have to boycott it.And now we end our reporting and commentary on La Conquista by landing in Miami,FL-what can easily be described as America’s first big city to officially become a part of Latin America and no longer be part of USA.The city where Jackie Gleason shot his variety show from back in the good old ’50s and early ’60s has now been ranked by Forbes magazine as “The Most-Miserable City in America.” They cited many reasons for the ranking,like high crime,powerful drug gangs, rampant drug use,corruption in government and law enforcement,huge gaps in income,high costs for housing,etc..These are hallmarks of a corrupt city south of the border,in Latin America,especially the Caribbean.And this is what the bastards in the US government have allowed to happen to what used to be a beautiful tropical city in Florida,thanks to excessive,out-of-control immigration into Miami and throughout south Florida from Cuba,Dominican Republic,Haiti,other Latin America countries,and migration from America’s “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico.Patriots,if those in government in our nation continue to betray us,if they continue to wage war on us with their weapon of illegal immigration and massive legal immigration,especially from Latin America,what has already happened to the most-miserable city in America will happen to many other cities.And it’ll probably happen a lot faster than many patriots think.

America’s moral breakdown continues with J.C.Penney deciding to pick-of all people-lesbian braggart Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesman.As the spirit of anti-Christ continues to spread throughout the land,the sin of homosexuality will continue to be exalted by those in positions of power and influence,whether it’s in government,politics,entertainment-and big business.I’ve already e-mailed JC to let them know I’ll be boycotting their crummy department store as long as they keep Ellen as their spokesman and brag about it to boot.I urge co-patriots to also contact the store one way or another and really go shop somewhere else;fortunately,we still have alternatives,although the numbers are dwindling.Now we go to disgusting broadcast and pay television,even though we got some good news on this one particular disgusting show.American Idol-a show on Fox Network(no surprise)-has one glory-seeking idiot after another stultify himself or herself,looking to become an “American idol.” Yes,they want to be “idols.” To be worshipped,just because they’re entertainers.Well,the ratings dropped 17% in 2011 from 2010.Worship of human beings lasts only so long with the gullible and the naive.But that this junk show has been the #1-rated show for many years is another sign that America’s morality is nose-diving.A show that glorifies and exalts the lust for fame and power and human worship of other humans is nothing to joke about.I firmly believes it brings His judgment down upon us in various ways.But again,maybe the glow is finally wearing off.Back to the sin of Sodom,some mayors have decided to hop on the homosexual bandwagon,trying to convince local governments to pass laws allowing “gay” marriage.How co-incidental this is.I’m listening to pastor Bob Martin on WWCR as I type,and he just said something to the effect that America is on a collision course with the Almighty’s judgment.I don’t think the homos of Sodom demanded to be allowed to marry,but America is now cursed with mayors like Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel marching for “gay” marriage.Mayors like this would’ve been driven from office in the past in America when her people had a much-better moral compass and creed.But now they get elected and re-elected! And praised for their “compassion”! Their “tolerance”! Their support of “marriage equality”! No matter how much people under the spell of anti-Christ euphemize away the evil of homosexuality and the far-worse abomination of homo marriage,it doesn’t change the evil of the act or the blasphemy.And we end America’s slide into moral chaos in the Motor City.Things have deteriorated so badly in what was called the “arsenal of democracy” during WW2 that police stations are only open during the 8-4 day shift.And police sometimes don’t even respond to reports of past crimes or even some crimes in progress.Some Detroiters who are holding out as best as they can are protecting themselves by using force of their own to defend themselves from assault and our hiring their own security to patrol the neighborhoods they live in because Detroit police has become so unreliable to them.Is this what awaits many more American big cities as city and state governments continue to go into the red and have to cut back even essential services like police protection? Patriots,let’s prepare for the worst of times as America keeps slouching towards Gomorrah,to quote Robert Bork-a judge who should’ve been confirmed to US Supreme Court back in the 1980s if President Reagan didn’t play sexual politics by nominating moderate Sandra Day O’Connor.

Nine items on America’s crime wave:1)a “Sweet 16″ birthday party in Antioch,CA resulted in 6 people getting shot,3 of them seriously(Happy birthday,baby!);2)at Karma Lounge in Jackson,TN,1 person was shot dead,18 shot and wounded,and 2 were trampled(”Instant Karma is gonna get you!”);3)in yet another AITF(All in the Family)multiple-homicide/suicide,4 were shot dead in DePere,WI;4)a senorita in Fresno,CA was high on meth when she shot dead her 2 young kids(she wasn’t married,of course),her boyfriend’s cousin and then herself(a police supervisor said he knows “the power of meth”);5)5 people were found shot dead inside a home in Birmingham,AL(there has been no follow-up on these murders,to my knowledge);6)5 Koreans related to each other were shot dead at a health spa,of all places,in the Atlanta suburb of Norcross;7)also in the Peach State,an 11-years-old boy reportedly shot dead another boy;8)a teenager shot dead 3 students in a school cafeteria near Cleveland;9)and Joshua Powell-in the midst of a bitter divorce dispute-blew up the house he was living in with his 2 young kids,killing them all.Patriots,the next time some moron or some neo-con or some warmonger starts screaming that we need to attack Iran because they may attack Israel 30 years from now,just read the aforementioned crime reports to fully understand how little they care about our nation and her people and how they care more about an internationalist,Israel-first agenda.

In corrupt pro-baseball,the sleazebags running the once-great American pastime decided to let Ryan Braun off the hook for testing positive for synthetic testosterone-on a mere technicality.And the name of the “arbitrator” who let Braun off the hook? Get a load of this name:Shyam Das.Alan “Bud” Selig-the liberal Jewish commissioner who has done such incredible damage to our once-great game of baseball-ostensibly likes to hire fellow Jewish liberals for top spots in MLB.But this guy Shyam Das sounds like he hired him right out of a Tel Aviv law firm! Indeed,the 4 men involved in Braun’s hearing-arbitrator Das,the MLB executive,the union head Mr.Weiner and Braun himself-are all Jewish,or have Jewish-sounding names.I think it’s very possible that they all decided to give Braun a pass out of ethnic favoritism.Braun has almost all the times I’ve seen him on the field on TV had a bug-eyed look,like his eyes were going to pop out any second,similar to admitted drug user Jason Giambi when he played for the Yankees.In short,patriots,pro-baseball is full of junkies-and the sleazebag liberals like Selig and Weiner and Das and the rest of them obviously don’t care one whit about it as long as the big money keeps rolling in.Even Manuel Ramirez is coming back to play! It’s painful to see what has happened to Abner Doubleday’s game-and it’s equally painful and sickening to see fans still supporting it regardless of how sleazy and immoral it gets.And now moving to pro-football,the same thing happened in 2012 that happened in 2008 in Super Bowl:New York GIANTS(they actually play their home games in NJ)defeated New England PATRIOTS.And also in 2008,Barack Abomination was elected president.Patriots,this may be an omen for November.Or maybe it’s just co-incidence.Ah,sweet mystery of life.But the fact that the GIANTS(there’s nothing giant about a football team)beat the PATRIOTS-the team that plays their home games not too far from where the US War for Independence began-by coming out of nowhere late in the season and didn’t lose again for the rest of the year and then culminated it with their second defeat of the PATRIOTS,well,this may be an omen of a far more important defeat for patriots this year.But we can’t let this fear or possible omen dispirit us.We fight to the last man standing! But the PATRIOTS didn’t only let themselves down;they let all American patriots down.And did you all get a load of that freak Madonna and her half-time shew?! This ego maniac really thinks she’s a divine being.And that NFL hired her for half-time “entertainment” shows us what immoral morons they are.

With the Almighty possibly continuing to use,or allow,bad weather to judge and punish our nation,tornadoes slammed into IL and MO,killing about 40 people,while hitting 6 states in toto.While in Sin City Reno,NV,another raging wildfire-the second one in about the same location as a few months before-forced evacuations and charred thousands of acres-in addition to Vice-President Biden being forced to cancel a speech he was about to give at a school! Ha,ha,ha! The Good Lord maybe gave the arrogant creep the scare of his life,apart from the stroke he suffered about 20 years ago!

I end this long post on this patriot blog as I usually do:on patriot activism throughout the land.Olympia Snowe-a liberal to moderate feminist Republican US senator from Maine-abruptly decided to not seek re-election in November.The Democrats in the big media went giddy and gay over this one possible pick-up of a GOP seat that they lost their bearings,which isn’t easy to do when people become pollyanish or just get carried away with wistfulness or over-zealotry or political partisanship.Regardless of whether this seat decides whether Dems or Reps take majority control of US Senate is irrelevant.What’s relieving and hopeful for patriots is that a wishy-washy establishment Republican couldn’t take the heat anymore,with all the “partisanship” occurring in that “august” body.Usually that means conservatives are preventing an assortment of anti-patriots from passing evil laws.But,US Senate shouldn’t be a place where a bunch of aloof snobs hobnob over tea and crumpets,praise themselves constantly,constantly call each other “my good friend” and revel in their sinecures while our nation plunges deeper into the abyss.And it’s also a positive that a senator named after Mt.Olympus-where the pagan Greeks worshipped and sacrificed to their pagan gods-is leaving US Senate.Patriots will have to work hard to replace her with a patriot who is willing to not only decline the tea and crumpets and the plaudits and the praises,but is willing to roll up his sleeves and fight the anti-patriots in the senate and in the rest of Washington! Staying in Washington,District of Corruption,patriot soldier/patriot talk-show host Adam Kokesh led an anti-war/anti-Abomination protest march on President’s Day in front of the White House.He also supports Ron Paul for president and has fought in Iraq.He realizes that the “War on Terror!” is a big lie,and he cites the neo-cons as the main villains behind these immoral wars far from our shores.The march got some coverage in big media,and it drew hundreds of servicemen-both active and veterans.And in unison,at Kokesh’s command,they all turned their backs on the White House and marched away-a sign of their refusal to support the war anymore.Off the anti-war front,patriot legislators in Frederick County,MD voted,with one exception(a latino of course)to make English the official language of their county government.This is one powerful tool that patriot citizens and legislators can use to confront and fight back against La Conquista as it aggressively marches on throughout our nation,intimidating us and threatening us every step of the way.Back to the nation’s capital,federal judge Emmet Sullivan ordered the release of a report on the US Dept.of Justice prosecution of late US senator Ted Stevens from AK.This report-as is all too typical in the crime-infested government in Washington,DC-has been kept sealed for about the last 4 years,in an obvious attempt to conceal the crime and corruption of 6 US prosecutors in the department’s “Public Integrity Division.” What integrity?! They make a mockery of integrity! Bravo to Judge Sullivan for ordering the release of the report and may the chips fall where they may.And lastly,Dr.Ron Paul spoke on the floor of US House of Representatives to condemn NDAA-so-called National Defense Authorization Act.And it was great that he alluded to that warmonger,bug-eyed,probable homo US senator Lindsey Graham for being a major player in ramming the bill through,right to the Abomination’s desk and his eventual signature.This law now allows this president and any future president to arrest a US citizen and hold him or her indefinitely,without trial,under mere suspicion of being a “terrorist” or aiding a “terrorist.” Patriots,this is Orwellian.Dr.Paul is very brave in standing up to the War Lobby and Israel Lobby,and hopefully NDAA gets repealed or ruled unconstitutional by SCOTUS.

Patriots,this post has been I believe the longest I’ve written because it covers about 6 weeks of news and trends.It has taken me about 5 days as I near completion.And about 6 weeks ago,I started to come down with a health issue.I should know in a couple of weeks if it’s serious or not;meanwhile,I ask for your prayers for the Good Lord to restore my health.After all,Christ has been called “The Great Physician.” But maybe this bout of ill-health has humbled me,chastened me in some way that was needed because I’ve fallen short somehow or some way.But to paraphrase the title of a song by country band Alabama:”You can’t keep a good patriot down!” If I eventually go down,one way or another,I’ll ask someone to pick up the torch and keep the fight going on this blog and it’s parent website is an incredibly important year to fight the patriot cause in one of America’s darkest hours.Time is running out for patriots to save our land,our culture,our people from domestic oppression and tyranny and us getting reduced to the status of a Third World nation or culture.All patriots,whatever our station or position,wherever we live,need to contribute this year in at least one meaningful way to the patriot cause.And I close out with some great advice from the local head of a community association here in the southeast Bronx,NY:
“If you love our community[our nation]…then you must find the time to be pro-active.Get involved in any way you can.Join us because there is strength in numbers,and with your participation,so much more can be done.Don’t leave the job to your neighbor! Step up!” Well said,MJ Musano,in Bronx Times Reporter,3/1-7/2012.Farewell,patriots.I’ll see you in about 2-4 weeks,the Almighty willing.