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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Hello,patriots,it has been too long.But now that Christmas and New Year’s are a month-plus over(”the holidays”)and we’re flush into 2012 A.D.-in the Year of Our Lord-things are getting back for me to a somewhat-regular schedule again.I’ve been busy with other patriot activities,like uncluttering saved e-mails and whittling down my recent issues of The New American from 9 to 3.That was quite an accomplishment,I must say.But the next accomplishment will be taking notes and copying pages of about 30 back issues! I wish we had more time to fight the patriot cause! Too many battle fronts! But,I’ve learned via experience that the best way to deal with a mountain of work like that is to do a little at a time,take some occasional deep breaths,and break it up with other activities.Hopefully,I’ll be finished with that project in about 3 weeks.So,I’m back for now on this patriot blog.This post will cover news from about mid-December 2011 to mid-January 2012.And since I’ll be covering about 35-40 news items and the trends they may be a part of,get ready for a long post.

We start as usual on America’s political-corruption front.And there’s no better place to start than in Illinois-the Land of Lincoln and what may be the most-corrupt state in the Union.Former governor Rod Blagojevich(”Blago,”as his friends and admirers call him)got 14 years in the federal pen for his corruption convictions.He’s the second consecutive IL governor to go up the river,him being the Democrat and George Ryan the Republican.And he’s the 4th governor in the corrupt state in the last 40 years to go to prison.That’s a decennial gubernatorial conviction! Like the decennial US Census,Illinois sends a corrupt governor to the pen every 10 years! What a track record! Of course,Blago comes from the corrupt political underworld of Chicago-the town Al Capone tried to-and at times did-make his own.It was great work by the US Attorney’s Office in the Chicago area to bring Blago to justice.But as long as the corrupt neo-bolshevik Democratic Party in the Windy City continues to rule the state-along with the corrupt GOP in that state-the roots of the corruption will remain and I’m convinced will never be uprooted unless another party or parties or independent candidates get involved,run for office and get elected.The 2 parties are too set in their ways and too comfortable to change;they’ve been at their racket for too long.But at least Blago and his chipmunk face and bushy hair has faced the music and will pay the penalties he so richly deserves for betraying the public’s trust,although the Chicago and Illinois voting public is largely responsible for so much of the corruption and lawbreaking in Springfield and in Chicago.And I haven’t really commented that much on the GOP presidential primaries and caucuses;they start way too early before the general election.I have watched some parts of the debates,and it’s pretty fair to say that patriots are in trouble come November when it comes to voting for president;it looks like,yet once again,we’ll have no-one to vote for.At least Little Ricky Perry and Michelle the Warmonger Bachmann and John Boy Huntsman and Herman Fool-Around Cain have dropped out.That leaves Mitt the Mormon Romney,Newty Gingrich,Little Ricky Santorum and Dr.No Ron Paul.Patriots,Paul is the only one I believe we should even think about supporting and voting for,but even he is slipping away from patriotism and relapsing to the libertarianism that has ostensibly always been near his heart.He has relapsed on the immigration issue and I believe even supports Puerto Rican statehood.He’s also very chummy with Mormon Mitt.He’s good on the immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,the police state that America is fast approaching,the Federal Reserve,runaway federal spending and other issues that clearly differentiate him from the rest of the crowd.Still,he’s sorely lacking in other areas.He’s almost certainly not going to get the GOP nomination.Dr.No(called that because he votes “No” in Congress on so many bills)may run as either the Libertarian candidate or as an independent,and may pick former GOP New Mexico governor Gary Johnson as his running mate,although Johnson is running,or trying to run,his own independent campaign after dropping out of the GOP primaries.There has also been rumor that Mormon Mitt may offer the veep slot to Paul.So come election day,the major choices may be the Abomination,either Mitt or Newt or Rick,or Dr.No.But a lot could happen from now till then.If the economy improves,of course that helps Abomination.If it tarries or worsens,that’ll hurt him.Whoever the candidates are,the poor choices we have now and will probably have on election day is another sign of America’s political corruption and the anti-patriotism of the upper echelon of the Republicrat establishment.

There’s much economic news to cover.A drum roll,please,for the Abomination:2 more economic records get broken under his presidency! He just keeps rolling! The glories of “free trade” that the Abomination and his fellow globalists in both parties support brought a record number of imports into America this past November.And in 2011,Americans spent a record amount on gasoline.And here’s a lulu:For the first time,America’s #1 export is…get ready…fuel! If America is so dependent on foreign oil,why is fuel our country’s #1 export?! Well,I guess it boils down to wherever the profit is,regardless of the harm to our country.So let’s give credit to President Abomination for 3 more records getting broken under his anti-patriot rule from the White House.A report from Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission(FCIC)declared that “house flippers”-greedy slobs who voraciously buy up houses and re-sell them as fast as they can just to make fat profits-and the glorified counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve led by Uncle Ben Shalom Bernanke are heavily responsible for America’s housing crisis.The flippers manipulated prices and sold and resold so often that the market got heavily distorted,and Shalom and his boys knew what was happening and did virtually nothing about it.And what has Congress done about this and about this report? Virtually nothing! Just like Shalom and his boys did nothing while the housing market was crashing! And that’s probably because they didn’t and still don’t care or they had and still have a purpose in crashing the market! Here’s more proof that America’s glorified counterfeiters are running this country,financially,economically and probably even politically.And here’s where Ron Paul stands out from the rest of the bunch,in that he knows that the Federal Reserve is indeed,”The Creature from Jekyll Island”-the title of a book on the Fed by G.Edward Griffin.The 4 states hit hardest from the house flippers and Shalom’s negligence or complicity are FL,AR,NV and CA.Now we go to “The Big 6″-the 6 corporations that virtually control the US news and entertainment media:News Corp.,Time Warner,Viacom,Disney,CBS Corp.and NBC Universal.These 6 control the bulk of what gets produced on TV and in movie theaters,and in much of the publishing industry.This is probably the result of one of Ronald Reagan’s many mistakes as president when he helped “de-regulate” so much of corporate media.And now we have 6 men who head up 6 gargantuan companies who control so much of what Americans see,hear and read over the airwaves and on the printed page.Did these corporations acquire all these other companies just to make more money? I say No! They’re out to control our minds! Change our morals! Especially of the young! They don’t want us to have recourse to media they don’t control! So here’s another battle front that patriots will have to be called up to.And here’s what ominous too:3 of the Big 6-CBS,Disney and Viacom-are Jewish-owned.Murdoch is half-Jewish(his mother was,so current rabbinical law says that makes him Jewish),and fanatically pro-Israel and a good friend of so-called Anti-Defamation League(ADL).I’m not sure about the ownership of the other 2,but Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes fired TV anchorman Rick Sanchez from CNN(Time Warner owns CNN)the very next day after Sanchez claimed on a radio broadcast that the major media is heavily Jewish.They can’t let the cat out of the bag! I read a column on that claimed Mr.Bewkes isn’t Jewish,although it sounds like a Jewish name.Anyway,he sure did the bidding of his masters in firing Sanchez so quickly,who had about 10 years at CNN.And he also fired executive Jack Martin for being too Catholic at work.Time Warner also owns Turner Classic Movies,and even there they are trying to mold minds and opinions to anti-patriot/anti-Christ liberalism,like putting fat-slob liberal Alec Baldwin on as a guest host on Saturday night,in addition to host Robert Osbourne(he looks and talks like he’s light on his loafers)recently describing the US House Un-American Activities Committee as “infamous.” Yes,patriots,the Reds and their comrades are still mad as hell at Joe McCarthy and the patriots in Congress and Tinseltown who exposed so many of Uncle Joe Stalin’s spies and collaborators.To conclude on this point,the Big 6 are a powerful anti-patriot/anti-Christ force in America.And it’ll probably take only an act of God to thwart their pervasive power and control.Scary stuff,patriots.To conclude on the economic front,the blog The Economic Collapse listed some incredible stats that showed what a terrible year 2011 was for America.Following are what I believe to be the top-10:1)About half of Americans are poor or low-income!;2)the average length of time a worker is unemployed is 10 months;3)40% of jobs are low-come jobs!;4)a record-low number of new homes were built in America in 2011;5)electricity bills have risen for 5 straight years above the inflation rate;6)Americans spend 16% of their income on medical care;7)about half of Americans had trouble paying medical bills or carry medical debt;8)about half of Americans have less than 10 grand saved for retirement;9)about 7% of Americans in 2011 suffered “extreme poverty”;10)about half of Americans in 2011 received some government benefit.There are more scary stats,patriots,thanks to the economic collapse blog.2011 wasn’t a very good year.God knows what 2012 will bring.

Diversity Gang in New York City displayed its typical anti-white bias and hate when Mortimer Zuckerman-owned New York Daily News published an article by a female reporter with an Italian surname(so she’s either some Italian on her pop’s side or married to an Italian)about activists from “communities of color” who are planning on making sure that “their” communities are empowered when the state legislature reconfigures legislative districts this year.The plan from these “activists” they dubbed-get this-”Unity Maps.” These maps they designed for the state legislature to make sure that latino,black and asian neighborhoods are unified and remain or become mostly non-white so they can elect the hard-core radical Democrats who’ve ruled this corrupt city for far too long.They also want to make sure that “their kind” stays in power or even more of them get into power.And that’s what it’s all about,patriots,with Diversity Gang:POWER.This DG bitch at Daily News wrote encomiastically about these racial-empowerment activists as if they were the greatest people in the world.But this proves the anti-white ideology of Diversity Gang.In this city I’ve lived in about 50 years,there’s no majority race;we’re all one,big happy family of co-minorities,according to DG.But if white activists were to do the same exact thing as these DG activists,radical politicians and journalists would scream “Racists!” at them.Patriots,this is no longer just a case of racial favoritism towards non-whites and against whites,most of the time;it’s pure racial hatred of whites.Even when whites are a minority like anyone else,like being 11% here in the Bronx,the anti-patriot liberal establishment doesn’t care at all if they aren’t represented or properly represented;they care about non-whites and their political and racial empowerment.Like I’ve written before on this blog and its parent site,Diversity Gang is probably Public Enemy #1.Their hatred is towards whites,then Christians of all races,then English-speaking Americans,and lastly,men(their hatred is collective,not in every individual case).As far as this bitch goes at Daily News,I e-mailed her and sarcastically congratulated her for such a great DG agitprop article;she didn’t respond.And it’s fitting that it appeared in a newspaper owned by CFR globalist,ethno-fanatic Morty Zuckerman.The tabloid Daily News blatantly hispanders(yes,it has a “latino” department,but no white or black department),and it’s geared to the “multi-cultural” readership.Patriots,we need to boycott newspapers like this and let them know we are and why.Fight Diversity Gang!

President Abomination desperately wants another 4 years so he can wreak more havoc and destruction on America.And one way a corrupt,power-mad politician like him tries to accomplish that is racial pandering.By making some appointments to his cabinet obviously based on racial and/or ethnic favoritism,he and his comrades believe that the majority of the members of the race or ethnicity of the appointee will be more inclined to vote for him and support him.The Abomination is a big-time supporter of La Conquista;he loves the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in our country because about 80% of them are latino.Again,him being contemporary leader of Diversity Gang in America,if most of the illegals were from Europe,he’d be ordering deportations like wild;that’s part of the race favoritism of his kind Diversity Gang.So the Abomination appointed none other than Cecilia Munoz-a white Bolivian,interesting enough-as director of Domestic Policy Council.But she was a high-ranking official at National Council of La Raza(La Raza in Espanol means The Race in English)before Abomination hired her as director of inter-governmental affairs;and she also co-chaired Abomination’s task force on Puerto Rico’s status vis-a-vis United States.AGAIN,Diversity Gang has no problem with Senora Munoz belonging to a racial-empowerment group as long as it isn’t a white one.So,Abomination is hispandering to get his amigos and amigas to come out November to vote for him and his comrades.And he also probably fired William Daley as chief of staff and hired his budget director Jacob Lew to replace him.So with 2 quick moves,Abomination picks a latino and a Jew to his cabinet,co-incidentally enough just about 1 year before his shot at re-election.With the chief of staff post,he has gone from Rahm Emanuel(I believe from the Jewish mafia in Chicago)to William Daley(I believe from the Irish Mafia in Chicago)and back to a Jew:Jacob Lew! Hey! That rhymes! Just change the first letter of Lew’s surname from L to J and we get Jacob Jew! What a perfect subliminal message Abomination is sending out to try and get the Jewish vote! You gotta love it! So,La Conquista and the Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby marches on.Whether this pandering trick works for Abomination and his neo-bolshevik Democratic Party,time will tell.

More clear evidence has emerged proving that the government of America’s “ally” Israel is actually anti-American and just uses America for their gain and benefit.Its notorious “intelligence” agency Mossad(that’s Hebrew for “Deception”)had some of its agents impersonate CIA agents in trying to recruit Iranian dissidents into its espionage campaign on Iran’s nuclear facilities.How nice of our “ally.” This way they can blame CIA for any screw ups or to keep suspicion away from them.This hasn’t gotten much publicity in the US establishment media because,AGAIN,it makes Israel’s government look bad and anti-American.So to keep the illusion alive in the minds of the American people that Israel is our “ally” and our “friend,” this story gets buried or gets very little follow-up.The sleazy Mossad operation reportedly strained relations between Deception(Imagine giving an intelligence agency such a brazen title!)and CIA,but things will probably go back to peachy keen very soon if they haven’t already.Indeed,Deception is very similar to Murder Incorporated-a Jewish crime gang of professional hit men in Brooklyn,NY in the 1920s/1930s.But no matter how immoral,no matter how anti-American,no matter how vicious Deception or the immoral government it’s a part of shows itself to be,the US government may get mad,but it’s only for a very short time.And then they crawl back like whipped dogs and start kissing their asses again.Why is this the case? Several,but ethnic favoritism towards Jews-especially the Jews in Israel-obviously is the main reason.Also,the imperialists in the US government are using Israel as a base for its own expansionist policies or endeavors in the Middle East.And what’s so infuriating-and so dangerous-for American patriots is that all the GOP presidential candidates except Ron Paul are Israel Lobby suck-ups and Muslim-hating warmongers.Pray the Almighty delivers our nation from these ignorant,evil-minded men and from the dangerous illusion that Israel’s government is America’s friend.Indeed,I read an excellent description of Israel’s government vis-s-vis United States:”America’s bad girlfriend.” Patriots,that says it all.Please spread the word.
The economics of providing health care in this country need to change.” “This system pits doctor against patient.” Those quotes were attributed to doctors cited in an online article about how medical costs and cuts in Medicare re-imbursements to doctors are driving many doctors out of practicing medicine.And Abominationcare or Romneycare will certainly make this much worse(Romneycare has already driven up costs for medical care in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts in the 5+ years it has been law).And the root problem here is,I’m convinced,there’s too much lust for profit and too much government meddling in medical care.Doctors have to hire and retain staff who are extremely overworked due to all the reams of paperwork and red tape that need to be filled out,filed,sent in and approved.It’s almost as if doctors need CPA firms to run their offices! Then we have office expenses,paying all that staff,liability insurance and more chores,in addition to paying off their med-school loans.So clearly,this current “system” of medical care and treatment isn’t working,overall.Mandatory health insurance certainly isn’t the answer.What good is health insurance in covering medical expenses if it’s too damn expensive?! Patriots,while medical care can be quite complicated at times,I believe we need to go back to the times when medical care and drugs and operations and exams weren’t so exorbitant;when patients came before the lust for profit;when doctors didn’t have to work under incredible loads of paperwork and bureaucracy;when government’s role was one of mainly oversight,not master.And as long as America continues down the path of becoming a more anti-Christ nation,we’ll see more nightmares for doctors and the medical profession in general.

Ouch! I think that was my initial reaction after reading the story of how Kasia(Nice name!)Rivera of East Orange,NJ was charged with manslaughter when her boyfriend died from complications after she injected his penis with silicone! Ouch!!!!!!!!!!! What a way for a man to go! It reminds me of a lyric from a song by country singer Ray Kennedy:”Women are gonna be the death of me/But what a way to go!” Kasia wanted a big,strong boyfriend! And he went right along.But this is another crazy,bizarre example of human misbehavior and sexual obsessiveness that is making America resemble a hard-core porno movie.Sexual depravity and fanaticism is another characteristic of a dying society,and anti-Christ Hollywood is heavily responsible for this.And this latest crime stat on America’s moral breakdown is really scary:1/3 of Americans,before they reach the age of 23,have been arrested! One-third! Whether this is from an explosion in juvenile crime or over-policing or a combination of both is less-important than the sheer shock of the numbers.And to boot,about 7 million Americans are either in prison or on probation or parole.In short,patriots,America is becoming a more-criminal place to live.That 7 million of her citizens(in addition to the millions of legal and illegal immigrants living here)are in the “criminal justice” system is proof of that.And this segues into the next news category:America’s crime wave,mostly of horrible multiple homicide.

The multiple-murder wave hit 10 states:near Rochester,NY,a woman shotgunned to death her dad,her 10-years-old daughter and…of course,then herself;a Dominicano with the first name of Adepso shot dead his cheating wife,her boyfriend,his cousin and…of course,then himself in Bayonne,NJ;some gun play at a “Sweet 16″ party near Pittsburgh,PA left 1 dead and 7 wounded(Happy birthday,baby! Bang! Bang!);at a lumber yard in NC,a worker shot 3 co-workers dead,wounded 1 more and….of course,then shot himself dead;5 people were found shot dead inside a home in Emington,IL;during a wave of shootings and homicides in the Big Easy,mayor Mitch Landrieu stated they were in “…a battle for the heart and soul of New Orleans;”in TX,a woman who recently moved there from OH shot dead her 2 young kids and…of course,then herself in a government building after she was denied welfare benefits;also in the Lone Star State,7 Iranians(presumably Christians)were found shot dead inside a home on Christmas morning near Fort Worth;in Ogden,UT,6 lawmen were shot(1 of whom died)by a drug suspect they were trying to arrest inside his home(he’s an Iraq War vet,just like the suspect who shot dead a park ranger in Mt.Rainier in Washington State);and we conclude America’s murder wave in the once-Golden State,where 4 people were shot dead inside a home in an “upscale” neighborhood near San Diego,and a co-worker shot dead 2,wounded 2 and…of course,then took his own life in Irwindale.Patriots,can anyone with a clear,unbiased mind not absorb these ghastly,sickening slaughters and not conclude that America is in deep,serious trouble?! They are hitting virtually every region and state in the country,affecting all the races and classes,although the overall crime rates are much higher among latinos and blacks than among whites and asians.Regardless,patriots need to defend themselves,arm themselves if possible,and stick together to protect themselves from the murder wave.

The sleazy,disgusting pro-sports establishment in America,especially baseball,was lucidly described by columnist Rick Telander in a column in Chicago Sun Times entitled The Twisted World of Sports(and that’s putting it mildly).Rick laced into all the drugs,fat egos,immaturity,greed,unprofessionalism,inter alia in sports today,and called moron Disney-owned network ESPN “…a multi-headed beast.” Mickey Mouse has more brains than the average on-air host at that disgusting network,with its garish sets,obnoxious personalities,moronic shows.And one of MLB’s latest outrages that Rick touched on was Ryan Braun of Milwaukee Brewers-National League MVP in 2011-testing positive for-get this-synthetic testosterone.I’ve reported and commented on the synthetic marijuana that has taken some lives,and now we have synthetic testosterone.And as is usually the case in dying societies,corrupt men in one area of society work hand-in-glove with corrupt men in other areas.So it was just to be expected that,on the very same day,Barroid Bonds was given no jail time for his conviction in his steroids trial;and Dr.Anthony Galea,who has treated many famous athletes like Tiger Woods with steroids and other “performance-enhancing drugs,”was given no jail time either for his conviction on importing illegal drugs into US from Canada.And how perfect that the corrupt Republicrat judicial establishment wants Americans to just forget about the steroids hullabaloo:Barroid’s judge was appointed by a Democratic president,and “Dr.” Galea’s judge was appointed by a Republican president.So the corrupt judicial establishment and the corrupt pro-baseball establishment obviously co-operated to keep the rampant drug use in baseball and other sports as quiet as possible.And that’s because there are just too many greedy men and now women too in pro-baseball and other pro-sports who don’t care what happens to anyone else or the country in general as long as they keep making their huge profits and keep receiving the glory of their corrupt fame.But then the baseball-team owners,with only one exception,put the cherry on the sundae by extending MLB commissioner Alan “Bud” Selig’s contract 2 more years.That says it all,patriots and baseball lovers.Their Bud has presided over MLB for about 20 years,and he has been the commissioner during the splurge in drug use among players;he,as commissioner,is ultimately and primarily responsible for the overall deterioration and corruption of what used to be the great American pastime and has turned into a cesspool.Throw in all the liberal Jewish executives¬† he has hired to turn the game into a radical social experiment,and we see that the sleazy owners care about two things:money and glory.So,we baseball watchers and rooters have 2 more years of Bud to contend with,even though he’s almost 80-years-old.But the corruption and filth in pro-baseball may very well be a microcosm for America in general and what has happened to her under the likes of creep owners of baseball teams and the 2-legged rats they hire to keep their corrupt game going.And let’s blame the devoted and zealous fans too,for things would improve if they stayed away for just a while from rooting for “their” teams.

The possibility of the Almighty bringing consistently bad weather on America was seen in blizzards killing 7 people in CO and NM;Nome,AL getting “iced-in,”preventing its residents from receiving fuel deliveries until a Russian supply ship along with a US Coast Guard ice-breaker were able to get fuel delivered;staying in Alaskey,the city of Fairbanks hit 50-below-zero around the middle of January(How can anyone live in that kind of cold!),and the city of Cordova was so snowed-in that Alaska National Guardsmen had to be called out to help shovel residents out of their snow-bound homes and businesses;and the Lone Star State had record-drought in 2011.That’s all for possible weather judgment,but another type of divine judgment may have hit the Big Apple:a “Mega-Millions” lottery billboard attached to a¬† wall of a 7-stories’ building off Brooklyn-Queens Expressway came crashing down,possibly from strong winds.But what remarkable symbolism that was when an anti-Christ city like New York-trying to get so many of its poor people to waste their time and money on lotteries,thereby building up false hopes and false optimism to relieve their financial stress,in addition to making the city government richer-maybe gets a message to stop encouraging people to gamble their lives away.Fortunately,no one was hurt when the huge billboard came crashing down.And there was no follow-up story,to my knowledge,on exactly what brought it down.Was it the wind? Loose bolts? Or something else?

I conclude this patriot post on,appropriately enough,patriot activism(as I usually do).Gallup informs us that 40% of Americans say they’re conservative,while only 20% say they’re liberal;and 40% say they’re moderate.While I’d like to see the conservative number at at least 50%,it’s encouraging that even though anti-patriot liberals and radicals control so much of the positions of power and influence over the minds and opinions of Americans(especially young Americans),that they only have grabbed 20% of us.We patriots and real conservatives must keep “plugging away” in exhorting our countrymen to reject the anti-patriot liberalism of today and embrace a simple patriotism and our traditional Christian morality.With the 2012 elections coming,another Democratic US senator has decided to not seek re-election.Ben Nelson from NE-a centrist most of the time-probably realized he stood little chance of getting re-elected in a heavily GOP,heartland state like Nebraska;so a Republican will probably easily get elected there,hopefully a conservative one.GOP has a good chance,as of now,to recapture majority control in US Senate.But it’ll be all for naught if establishment Republicans are the majority and not patriot Republicans.Patriots continue to fight at the state level,with SC’s attorney general counter-suing Abomination’s Justice Department for trying to block implementation of the Palmetto State’s recently enacted voter ID law,which is simply designed to thwart voter fraud.But the anti-patriot radicals at Abomination’s Injustice Dept.are trying to empower illegal immigrants in SC and throughout the country.They obviously want them to vote! To vote for the neo-bolshevik Democrats who have brought such misery and destruction on our country! So bravo to those SC patriots who are standing up to White House tyranny.Traveling over to the Grand Canyon State,patriot lawmakers banned so-called “ethnic studies” from being taught in public schools.These courses are by and large inciting Mexicans and other latinos in AZ to give their allegiance to their own ethnicities-to “La Raza”-and not to America-to inflame them with racial pride which could eventually be used to foment revolution in AZ and throughout the Southwest and other regions in America.The banning has so far been held up in court,and it’s another example of how patriots can reclaim America one classroom at a time,one political office at a time,one city and state office at a time.Like Churchill urged the Brits during WW2,fight the enemy wherever he attacks and in any way he attacks.Lastly,please mark your calendars for a veteran’s march on the Abomination White House on,appropriately enough,President’s Day,Feb.20th;that’s a Monday.Iraq-war veteran and talk-show host Adam Kokesh has organized the march of active-duty and former US servicemen to show the Abomination that they’re sick of immoral,unnecessary,evil neo-con war and want it to end.Adam supports Dr.Ron Paul’s presidential campaign because he’s the only presidential candidate who wants to end this phony War on Terror! and bring the boys home from Afghanistan,Pakistan,Iraq,maybe Syria soon.And he’s the only candidate remaining who served in the military(Paul needs to say that more in his campaign,in stark contrast to the neo-con chicken hawks always clamoring for more war and more Muslim killing).I’m going to try and make the march,and I urge all patriots and veterans,whether they support Ron Paul or not,to attend the march.Servicemen don’t have to fire their weapons or kill anyone to serve their country!

Patriots,we’re probably in for a very rough year.Anti-patriots are all around us.Important elections will be held in November.If there’s ever a time for sleeping,complacent patriots to arouse from their rest and fight,it’s now.Please keep going to really important news and commentary for our patriot cause.I hope to see you all in a couple of weeks.Fare well till next time.