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An American Patriot,Once Again,Postpones Reviewing the News for a New Year’s Eve Message

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Happy New Year’s Eve to all American patriots.I was going to wrap up my review of the news from the last post review,but the time just wasn’t there.My New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will be spent doing what I rarely do:watch television.And that’s because television today and for about the last 20-30 years has been mostly garbage.But on the last day of the year and on the first day of the next year,marathons are run of my 2 favorite shows:The Honeymooners and The Twilight Zone.So while I’m reading and analyzing news tonight and tomorrow,the TV set in front of me will be on,non-stop,until around 3 AM on Monday.I hope you patriots will join me.The Honeymooners is on PIX-11(formerly CW 11)and The Zone is on Sci-Fi(I wish it weren’t).

So we’ll soon ring out 2011 A.D and usher in 2012 A.D..Patriots,we face some major challenges in 2012 and I hope you’re up to them.Our country is in imminent danger from a slew of anti-patriots in positions of power and influence.I wish you all a safe and joyous New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.But let’s all come roaring back next week.The next post will be a lengthy review,so get ready.Thanks.Till next year.

An American Patriot Postpones His Review of the News for a 2011 Christmas Message

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Merry Christmas to all American patriots,and to those in other countries who support America’s patriot cause,especially at this,”…the most wonderful time of the year.” Or at least it’s supposed to be anyway.

I’ve missed covering a lot of news over the last couple of days,trying to get together with some old pals or co-workers,plus dealing with a sickness in the family.So,I’ve taken a wee bit of a break from the patriot mission of following the news as closely as possible,analyzing it and then commenting on it(on seeking the views,perspectives and opinions of other patriots.I’ll be staying home this Christmas Eve,catching up on the news I’ve missed the last 2 or 3 days,wolfing down 3 slices of Sicilian pizza later tonight,to be followed by a glass of caffeine-free Pepsi and a cigar,accompanied by some sacred Christmas music that I’ll try to dig up on radio or TV.Christmas Day will be visits to my disabled sister in New Jersey and my uncle in Rockland County,NY.And then I’ll be home by about 8 PM.All thanks in part to Dusty-my ‘74 Gold Duster who just got fresh oil and anti-freeze yesterday from her mechanic Herb Folkerts on McLean Yonkers.As I fight the patriot cause in America,it’s me and Dusty-to the end!

Christmastime has sure changed a lot in our country over about the last 30-40 years.And not for the better.What should be a holiday of family,friends,neighbors and co-workers taking the time to express their appreciation for each other,to share each others’ joys,to be grateful for what we all still have-all undergirded by belief in the Christ child born in a lowly stable about 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem-has largely become a disgusting spectacle of commercialism,mass-marketing,glitz,garishness,greed,frenzied activity,extravagance.wild parties.I’m of the opinion expressed in a Frank Sinatra song:”Give me an old-fashioned Christmas.” One marked by peace,quiet,rest,reflection,refreshment,beautiful music,family re-unions,getting in touch with old friends or co-workers,taking breaks from our jobs or businesses,inter alia.This change for the worse is a result mainly from America becoming more of an anti-Christ nation than the one which never would’ve tolerated all the anti-Christian attacks of the past 30-40 years.And it looks like it’s getting worse and worse each day.Neo-con columnist George Weigel describes it thusly:”Christophobia.” I’ll save my patriot fire on this issue for the next post(before year’s end)because I’m trying to keep this Christmas message on this patriot blog as positive,hopeful and uplifting as possible.But,I do hope that all you patriots are saying “Merry Christmas” and not “Happy Holidays” at this “season.” That’s just what the spirit of anti-Christ wants us to do.

The history of Christmas is a fascinating study.Christ’s birthday almost certainly wasn’t on Dec.25th,and nowhere in the Gospels or other biblical writings are there suggestions or commands to recognize or honor His birth.At the Last Supper-a Passover seder-Christ did exhort His disciples present with Him to remember His sacrifice at every future Passover.And of course,Christmas-Christ’s Mass-is thoroughly infiltrated with pagan rituals,like decorated trees,drunken parties,Santa Claus coming down from the North Pole(where the Norse god Odin was thought to have lived)with his reindeer,etc..Regardless,patriots,let’s simply “remember”(that’s one of my favorite words,like “tomorrow”)that Christ(”anointed one” in Greek,from the Hebrew word “Messiah”)was born about 2 millenia ago somewhere in the Holy Land,was a carpenter and a rabbi(”master” or “teacher” in Hebrew)Who performed great miracles among the people during His ministry which lasted about 3 years,before He was brutally killed around the age of 33 by a combination of Jewish religious authorities,Roman politicians and soldiers,and a multitude of the Jews who urged His execution.Like the scripture says about Him,”He came unto His own,and His own received Him not(the Book of John 1:11).” He claimed to be the Son of Almighty God-His Father-the Messiah Who would come to “save His people from their sins”(the Book of Matthew 1:21).” He would be the eternal,perfect sacrifice for man’s sins,instead of the sacrifice of an innocent lamb.He healed the sick,He drove demons from people,He fed the hungry,He raised the dead.Indeed,He did so many great things for people that the Apostle John ended his Gospel by claiming that if they were written in books,the entire world wouldn’t have the room to hold them.I think John was stretching things a wee bit there,but his point is well-understood.There was no other man than Jesus the Christ.And then His Father raised Him from the Dead! Eternal life is possible for every one of us! Like it’s sung in the carol Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!,”Born to raise the sons of Earth/Born to give them second birth!.” And He will establish His Kingdom on Earth when He returns! No more despots and dictators will misrule this world! This is what the anti-Christ,corrupt Christian establishment should be bellowing out at this time of year and throughout the entire year! And let’s remember A Charlie Brown Christmas-the great Christmas special on TV before anti-Christ took over Hollywood-where Linus recites “what Christmas is all about.” He cites the passage from Luke’s Gospel about the angels declaring Christ’s birth and then declaring the universal plea of wistful man for probably an eternity:”Peace on Earth,good will to men.” “That’s what Christmas is all about,Charlie Brown,” Linus says.And the rest of the Peanuts characters closed the story,even Snoopy,by singing Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!.How I long for old TV to return.

Patriots,I wish you all a safe,joyous,relaxing Christmas.Resist those in power over us who are trying hard to get us to forget Christ at this time of year and the rest of the year too.Try to listen to some of those magnificent carols,full of great lyrics,harmony and musicianship.You may have to scan the dial depending on where you live,especially here in Satan-ruled New York City.But give it a shot.From Silent Night:”Christ the Savior is born.”

See you before 2011 AD-Anno Domini(in the Year of our Lord)-closes out.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

“Season’s Greetings” to all American patriots.I really dislike that expression because it omits Christmas-the real reason for the season.Anyway,I hope all you patriots had a safe and happy Thanksgiving and that you’re all watching your spending habits while you Christmas shop.Please,let’s not go overboard.Don’t buy junk for yourselves or others that’ll wind up in the garbage soon after Dec.25th! Let’s get really worthwhile gifts for ourselves and our loved ones.”It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” But not when I worked for Fed Ex before I went into semi-retirement,fighting the patriot cause pro-bono these last 7 1/2 hears! People love waiting to the proverbial last minute before buying gifts and shipping them out.Even late on Christmas Eve! And before I get to the news,I’d like to inform you all that I lost an important news source when AVG Toolbar “updated” and removed the news feed.When they first installed the feed,it provided 6 news categories with links to 30 articles per category.Many of the AP articles were on the site,but I think AP told those running that site to stop posting their articles or they’ll sue them.Regardless,the links to disappeared,and the number of links per category dropped from 30 to 10.I still read a lot of important stories from a wide variety of websites on national,international,business,science/tech and sports news,but the news feeds disappeared with the “updated” version.For other reasons too,this updated version is worse than the previous one.Que sera,sera.I’ve added the site to my bookmarks as a substitute.I’ll find out within the next few weeks if this source is as good as AVG’s was.I also disabled the new AVG Toolbar.Now on to the news.

“Mainstream” media reported a few weeks ago that a shooting occurred near the White House.The way the stories read,it seemed like a typical Washington,DC shooting among common criminals or just a typical crime report.But about 7-10 days later,the “real story” emerged:A young man allegedly fired a rifle at the White House,hitting it twice!One bullet struck an outside wall,while the other broke a window but was stopped by protective inner-glass.So the important question to ask is:Did US Secret Service or the big media in DC cover-up this obvious attempted assassination of President Abomination? I think they both covered it up out of fear of alarming the public that the White House was fired upon.It was only when the alleged shooter was arrested that SS and the big media finally reported that the White House was fired upon,that 2 bullets were recovered,and the shooter-claiming that Abomination is the Anti-Christ-has been charged with attempted assassination of the president.Patriots,this under-reporting of an attempted presidential assassination is a sign that the corrupt establishment in America is getting a bit scared.I don’t think the White House has ever been shot at,especially with bullets actually hitting the house itself.TPTB didn’t want panic in the country and didn’t want and still don’t want the people to think that someone would want to take out Abomination,especially with Spanish first and last names.And another important question:Is the would-be assassin right that Abomination is the Anti-Christ?! This is no fake movie! This could be the real thing!

“Black Friday”-so-called because the Friday after Thanksgiving produces so many sales that retailers once in the red go back to black(from losing money to making money)-was a rage throughout America,as was the Thanksgiving weekend and so-called “Cyber-Monday.” Record sales were reported as stores of some big chains actually opened at midnight on Thanksgiving night to lure in shoppers along with big mark-downs.I drove on RTE. 4 in Northeast,NJ on that weekend’s Saturday-along a stretch known as Mall Row-and saw the store parking lots jammed with vehicles.As I already commented on this site’s parent site,this could be a bad sign or a good sign for the country.The bad could be that Americans were sucked in by the additional hours that stores were open and all the lowered prices and over-spent or spent unnecessarily.The good could be that they did almost all their Christmas shopping over this weekend to get it over with and save money;time will tell.But it was sickening to hear about the fights,the mayhem that occurred at some of these stores,especially on Thanksgiving night and Black Friday.Of course,the corporate-powers-that-be don’t care much for the workers who are forced to work unGodly hours late on Thanksgiving night into early Black Friday morning,or dealing with the wild mobs of shoppers.All they and their political accomplices want is for us to spend money like mad for temporary satisfaction without any thought of saving for our futures.This creed or behavior is called carpe diem:desires or pleasures for the day without thought or preparation for tomorrow.It’s another symptom of a country becoming more materialistic and hedonistic and less moral and less responsible.As for me,all I bought on that weekend was a full tank of gas,a bridge toll and a delicious Bronx pizza.And I loved it! Alright,so I didn’t have much fun.But this patriot knew what he was doing when he chose about 7 years ago to fight the patriot cause full-time and pro-bono.At times it’s a lonely fight,but it’s a fight I’ve chosen nonetheless.And I urge co-patriots with the time and resources to join forces and fight the cause in any ways they can.

On our country’s moral-breakdown front,another drug scourge has reared its ugly head:”synthetic” marijuana.Two teenagers have died from smoking this pot,and it’s another sign that the young generation is assaulted by one bad influence or temptation after another.One of the teenagers was only 13.What would drive him to endanger himself so much that he would smoke fake pot? Maybe he was abused,neglected,succumbed to peer pressure,etc..And what bunch of dirt bags are pushing this stuff? The drug scourge on America is a real war of terror! Not this phony neo-con War on Terror! on the Muslim world! Another war of terror-in a manner of speaking-is the poison peddled out of Tinseltown.Breaking Dawn is the latest installment of the “Twilight” series,based on the eponymous novel.At several viewings of this film that nicely portrays teenage vampirism,several people were hospitalized with convulsions and epileptic fits.Apparently some scenes were so graphic,so horrifying,so realistic,that some viewers were literally terrified and went into shock.Going to a movie theater to see a contemporary film from anti-Christ Hollywood is quite often hazardous to one’s moral health,and now one’s physical health too.Maybe some subliminal messages or images were inserted into these scenes that caused such horrible reactions in these viewers.But maybe this is just another judgment on America,because this film series-similar to Harry Potter in that it makes the occult look good-has been selling a lot of tickets.A film that probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day in the good ol’ days of American film-making is now popular,at least with a large segment of our population.This patriot isn’t a parent,and I sympathize greatly with patriot parents who have to deal with all these bad influences and temptations literally surrounding their kids.And it’s one reason I fight this patriot cause full-time:to expose and oppose what the Good Book calls “…the unfruitful works of darkness”(Ephesians 5:11).And speaking of an unfruitful work of darkness,at Brooklyn Museum in the Big Apple,the museum’s director decided to display an exhibit of a crucifix…covered with ants.An “artist” was dying of AIDS back in the 1990s when he displayed such incredible anti-Christ genius and creativity from his sick,depraved mind by blaming Christ for the disease that killed him.The director Arnold Lehman and the exhibit’s co-curator Jonathan Katz ostensibly share the same hatred of Christ or they wouldn’t have displayed it.Patriots,notice the Jewish names,and the “artist” who “created” this image was probably Jewish too,although his surname could be of another ethnicity.And the borough president of Brooklyn,or King’s County,is Martin Markowitz.Not a peep of protest from him.But there were protests from the Italian-American borough president of Staten Island,NY and Staten Island congressman Michale Grimm.Good for them,thanks to them.But a dangerous trend has developed in our predominantly Christian country:more Jews in positions of power and influence throughout American society are attacking-at times,viciously-the Christian faith and Christian morality.Can we imagine the “outrage” if an artist replaced that figurine of Christ on that cross with a “Holocaust” victim?! While this was a major news story in NYC for a few days,it eventually died.And that was probably deliberate.This is a city where creches can’t be displayed in public schools at Christmas time,but menorahs and Muslim symbols can.The current edition of Catholic New York newspaper has printed 2 letters condemning this anti-Christ attack(one from yours truly).But where’s the anti-Christ Christian establishment overall? No,they’re quiet because the gutless slobs are petrified of being called “Anti-Semites!.” The Protestant branch of the Christian establishment is so wrapped-up in ethnic worship towards Jews that even something as diabolical as an image of Christ being eaten alive by ants won’t force them to condemn it.This is another curse on America:churchmen and men who are supposed to be moral leaders who are gripped with selfish fear and selfish concerns.To all those who believe in Christ or respect the Christian faith and Christian morality,I urge all of you to oppose anyone,from any group or tribe or background or religion,who resorts to such savage attacks on Christ and/or His followers.And if some of these wicked creeps are Jewish,too bad;no exceptions,no favoritism.Boycott Brooklyn Museum or any other public place or enterprise or business-public or private-that viciously attacks us like these creeps at Brooklyn Museum have done.

I wrote on the last post and possibly the one before that too that the wave of horrible multiple-homicides took a bit of a break in the land,but that was ephemeral.America’s homicide wave has even rolled down to its “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico.The island has just broke its record for homicides in a single year,with the latest tally hitting 1,066 murders on an island of  about 4 million people.The PR police claim that about 70% of the murders are drug-related,as PR has an epidemic of drug gangs,drug use and drug crime.The problem with American patriots is that,unfortunately,thanks to the US government,PR’S problems are all too often our problems too.For the US government continues to grant that Spanish-speaking island automatic US citizenship to its citizens on their birthdays,and they can travel at any time with no restrictions to any American state they wish,without passports or visas.So all these murderers,drug dealers,robbers,rapists,etc.can simply hop on cheap flights or boats and come to America just like a New Yorker traveling to New Jersey.There’s a classic case of the US government betraying the citizens they rule on the mainland USA.And a former PR police chief gave a chilling warning to us all about the island’s young criminals:”This is a generation that’s going to be very hard to straighten out.” Puerto Rico has one huge social problem after another:high crime rates,record-breaking homicides,an epidemic drug problem far worse than America’s,chronically high unemployment(currently 15%),high poverty rates(57% of its children are poor!),inter alia.Their problems shouldn’t be our problems,and vice versa.I pray for the day when that island is given its long-overdue independence.We now leave the record-breaking homicides on the “Island of Enchantment”(Ha!)and head to the small town of Bay City,TX,where a 24-years-old latino(probably Mexican)shot dead his 4 kids(aged,get this,2,3,4,5),critically injured his wife and then took his own life.The wife’s age was undisclosed,but she did work at a local Mexican restaurant.She reportedly was abused by her deceased husband.But what about the pressures of a couple that young having a bambino every year for 4 straight years? Were they able to support all those bambinos? Was this a reason for the arguing between them? And here’s a major reason why the latino population is burgeoning on US soil:they’re simply having a lot more bambinos than everyone else.And all too often,the bambinos are born in the lower classes who can barely afford them,if they can at all.But apart from birthrates,this was primarily another all-in-the-family grisly multiple homicide with an all-too-familiar pattern:a man(sometimes a woman,as we’ll see in the next story)kills members of his own family,sometimes along with friends or strangers,and then himself.The most painful part of hearing about these heinous murders is when innocent kids are the victims;when that happens,we all are,in a sense,victims.And lastly we head east to Greensboro,NC,where a woman shot dead her young son and young nephew,critically wounded another son and another young nephew,and then…took her own life.Family dispute.That’s what we used to call it when I was on NYPD.I firmly believe there’s a supernatural dimension to all these horrible multiple homicides,especially since so many of them are occurring within families.

In the corrupt arena of US pro-sports,NFL and NBC announced the truly uplifting,inspiring news that none other than super-tramp Madonna will perform at next year’s Super Bowl at half-time.So why did they pick the slut who has debauched the morals of probably millions of young girls? They’re probably rewarding her for all the damage she has done to this country and to America’s Christian morality.After all,in the age of Anti-Christ,anti-Christs reward each other and take care of each other.NFL and NBC want to parade this ugly tramp in front of millions of people who’ll be glued to watching one of the most overblown circuses of sport ever known to man.And it wasn’t disclosed in the article I posted on pun.con how much they’re paying super-tramp.She certainly doesn’t need the money,but the ego-maniacal demi-goddess will love the worship she’ll receive on that day from her fawning idolators and admirers.Will she have a “wardrobe malfunction” like Janet Jackson-another shining example of femininity and grace and talent-had at Super Bowl about 7 years ago?

And in addition to the return of America’s murder wave from a hiatus of about 3 weeks,what’s probably God’s judgment on the nation also returned after a hiatus of similar length.And as seems to be the pattern,bizarre or bad weather is the judgment.While the Big Apple baked in record-breaking heat on a late Fall day right around Thanksgiving,the Deep South was hit with a spell of rare cold,just several days after brutal storms of rain and wind took the lives of 6 people.How upside-down it was for the Big Apple to have record-warmth up north while down south had unseasonable cold.And then we go west to Divorce Capital USA,Reno,NV.Raging wildfire burned 2,000 acres,destroyed about 30 homes,forced 10,000 people to evacuate their homes and businesses,and a man died from heart failure while the fire raged,somewhat reminding us of Christ’s prophecy in Luke 21:26 about men suffering heart attacks from all the horrible things occurring in “the last days.” Emergency personnel actually woke many residents  from their sleep because the fire was approaching so fast that they would’ve died from fire or smoke if they weren’t wakened.Dozens of schools were forced to close too.And then Los Angeles County,CA wasn’t hit with wildfire,but ferocious windstorms-again,at an unseasonable time of year.A state of emergency was declared,and as has happened in other cities,the Christmas tree of San Gabriel was brought down.So the Almighty looks like He gave Himself-and us-a break for about 3 weeks,just like the wave of multiple homicides,but now He’s back to work.I find the co-incidence of the short lull in multiple homicides and extremely bad or bizarre weather simultaneously occurring very interesting.Like the old adage,there are no atheists in foxholes.We patriots may have to find foxholes to hide in if the weather continues to get worse.

And lastly-like the previous 2 news topics-we have some patriot activism to report after a 2-or 3-weeks hiatus.The mother of the teenager who died under the influence of synthetic pot decided to derive some good from her loss by urging Chicago City Council to ban it.That’s right:this particular pot-called “potpourri”-is legal in the Windy City.But that’s how nuts Al Capone’s city still is,that it may take a teenager’s death to outlaw a product that never should’ve hit the shelves in the first place.So the mom doesn’t want this tragedy to befall anyone else and she’s doing what she can to ban this poison;good for her,and good for all of us.And we go from this depressing story but with the hope that something good may come from it,to the delightful news that 2 anti-patriot congressmen won’t seek re-election next year;and these 2 are in or were in important leadership positions,which makes their retirements all the more important and delightful.The first to go was Charles Gonzalez from San Antone,TX-where patriots fought and died at the Alamo for Texas’s freedom and independence.Gonzo is not just a typical anti-patriot Democratic congressman;he’s leader of Congressional Hispanic Caucus.Yes,Congress has an “hispanic” caucus and a black caucus,but no white caucus;no Asian caucus either,not yet anyway.So the caucus latinos will have to select a new leader in 2013 to try and advance their anti-American/anti-white/radical-liberal agenda of racial empowerment.Anything that helps confuse the anti-patriots,or cause division or strife within their ranks,serves the American-patriot cause.Gonzalez gave vague reasons why he’s retiring,but his neo-bolshevik and La Conquista Democrats don’t like being in the minority in the House,and they probably see little hope of becoming the majority again in the near-future;so Charlie has vamoosed.And then none other than Barney the Fag Frank-the notorious toothless fruit from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts-also will not seek re-election.He got a wee scared last time when he was re-elected with just 53% of the vote.And now it’ll be even harder for him to stay in power because his district has been re-arranged,thus losing many of his  blindly loyal voters in the area of New Bedford/Fall River.So the 71-years-old Barney wasn’t up to a tougher re-election.That’s great news for patriots.Hip,hip hooray! Barney was chairman of the House financial-services committee when the donkeys were in the majority last year,and he wrote up the Dodd/Frank “financial reform” bill that Abomination signed into law and has thus added a ton of more rules and regulations on the financial industry that’ll do a lot more harm than good.Barney should’ve been expelled from the House about 20 years ago,when it was revealed that his live-in lover was running a homosexual prostitution ring out of their apartment and tried to get some parking tickets fixed for some friends.But with anti-Christ ruling the US Congress then and now,all Barney got was a slap-on-the-wrist censure.And that he has been easily re-elected almost every time shows that those who have voted for him are just as immoral as he is.But at least for patriots and morally concerned Americans,undesirable circumstances have persuaded Barney to leave the House in 2013.Thank God for that.And may more of his ilk follow him out of the House and other halls of power in America,wherever they rule.And who knows? Maybe the Bay State’s 4th congressional district will have an epiphany and vote for a conservative to represent them in 2013! We never know,patriots;bizarre things are happening.

That’s it for this post.I’ll see you all before Christmas.In the meantime,please be safe in these 15 or so days till Christmas.And remember that the patriot cause in America,especially today in these times that are trying the souls of every patriot,never rests.We certainly need occasional R & R,but we must never lose our focus or get distracted for too long.Vigilance and resistance is our calling.Till next time.