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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Hi,patriots.It’s just a few days before the Thanksgiving holiday.Why President Lincoln recognized a Thursday for this day of thanksgiving to the Almighty for His blessings on America,I don’t know.Canada-our great neighbor to the north-recognizes the second Monday in October for their Thanksgiving Day.Not every American patriot is fortunate to have a 4-days weekend every 4th Thursday in November! But a lot more would have at least a 3-days weekend if Thanksgiving was held on a Friday or Monday! Just a thought.Now let’s get to the news.

More bad news for US servicemen as the immoral wars continue that they’ve been ordered to fight in these past 10 years.Since 2006,3 times more veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been and are being treated for mental-health problems.And another record has been broken under President Abomination-commander-in-chief of US Armed Forces:a record number of US soldiers are unfit for duty,due to a combination of wounds,injuries,illness,disabilities,etc..This is just a corollary of all the living hell they’ve been put through for almost the entire first decade of the 21st century by their warmonger commanders Boy George and Abomination.Constant re-deployments,fighting in oppressive heat and now alongside babes and homosexuals,fighting in guerrilla wars with a hard-to-identify enemy,fighting far away from home,knowing that their fighting in unpopular wars-all these have taken a terrible toll on America’s fighting men.And like the character of a US Navy officer reflected to himself in an episode of the TV series The Twilight Zone,it’s not just the body that suffers from war,but the minds too.So due to the warmongering immorality of the previous and current president,the number of servicemen with mental-health problems has tripled since 2006,and a record amount are unfit for combat because of the abuse that has been meted out to them.Patriots,let’s hope and pray that more and growing opposition to these War on Terror! immoral,unconstitutional wars helps bring them back home.Where they’re really needed! Like on our southern border! But as we approach Thanksgiving,let’s give thanks to them for their service,their courage,their bravery,their strength,their endurance.They’ve been getting it from all sides for far too long,and they deserve rest and to return to their loved ones and friends.

The fact that Washington,DC-the seat of power of the US government-continues to operate like full-blown organized crime-especially the executive branch-was on display once again,when the Abomination’s “legal counsel” decided to thumb her nose at a congressional subpoena over the Solyndra loan scandal.Now if an everyday patriot ignored a subpoena,he or she probably gets arrested for contempt or willful refusal to respond to a subpoena.But the Abomination and his predecessor ostensibly deem themselves above the law.The facts are that half a bill of US tax money went south when the “green company” Solyndra was given a loan by the green president and soon thereafter declared bankruptcy.So is Abomination refusing to come green-clean because he and his comrades have something to hide? Or are they protecting someone or some people who have something to hide? This is what subpoenas are written up to do:gather testimony or documents to determine if a crime or crimes have been committed.Let’s see if the GOP committee chairmen who issued the subpoenas have the moxy to call for an independent prosecutor or call for Abomination’s impeachment if he continues to stonewall.Let’s not hold our breath for them to that,especially with the presidential election next year.

Here are 3 items on our country’s precarious economy.The horrible results of “free trade” treaties like NAFTA and CAFTA keep pouring in.The website reported that since 2001,15 factories have shut down in America,every day.That totals about 45,000 to date.The cover story for the Sept.19th issue of The New American magazine( Free Trade:in Theory and Practice,by Brian Farmer.I heartily recommend this cover story to all patriots,especially those who have been deceived by the free-trade globalist sellouts or are just undecided if these misnamed treaties are patriot or anti-patriot;after reading this cover story,and related articles on,a patriot should easily see that these treaties(or “agreements,” as the globalist propagandists like to call them)have eviscerated our manufacturing base and will continue to make us more dependent on foreigners for basic consumer goods and manufactures.And that’s just what the globalist sellouts who rule us from Washington want:for us to be dependent on foreigners,even Red China.And they even want foreigners to rule us;this is the essence of traitorous globalism.The next item is a bit of good news,in that Walmart is considering shutting down some stores that stay open 24 hours;they’re starting to see that it’s not financially worth it to stay open around the clock.But this never should’ve developed in the first place,because it was only driven by a desire to increase profits at any cost by cultivating “customer loyalty.” In other words,if a “consumer,” a “shopper”(I love how the financial powers-that-be reduce us to money machines)knows a store he shops at never closes,he’ll always shop there.Hogwash! Who needs to shop at Walmart at 4 in the morning?! And who’s going to work that depressing “graveyard shift” in a vast department store when the rest of their families and friends are working more-reasonable hours? Patriots,these human issues are secondary to our political and financial rulers;the lust for power and profit is their primary guide,and that’s why they don’t even think about,let alone consider,the human cost of forcing stores to never close,or stay open 24 hours on the days they are open.The local Rite-Aid pharmacy where I live used to stay open 24 hours,but they now close at 11 PM.What pharmacist who just completed 4 years of college for a pharmacy degree wants to work the graveyard shift and endure all the difficulties and hardships that entails for so many people? There’s no need for virtually all retailers that now stay open 24 hours to do so;the only exceptions I can think of as I type are gas stations on or near major roadways,and all-night diners.And of course,emergency services like police and fire and hospitals need to remain operating at all times,or at least on-call in low-population areas.And when graveyard positions are difficult to fill in some areas,the bosses simply say that they’ll get some foreigners to fill the jobs because they’re so desperate to leave their poverty-stricken countries that they’ll gladly take any jobs to avoid the indigence they suffer back home.So,patriots,it’s a vicious cycle.As America’s business sector becomes strictly business and nothing else-only motivated by profit and “commitment to excellence”-there’ll be more abuse directed at our working class.But maybe it’s a positive sign that Walmart has at least opened the door to closing 24-hours’ store operations in some areas of the country.I strongly disagree with the line in New York,New York,made famous by Frank Sinatra:”I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps.” I want to wake up in a city that does sleep,and sleeps soundly and deeply.A good night’s sleep is I believe a gift from the Almighty,or a good day’s sleep for the brave night owls out there.Let’s hope the 24-hours’ store is put to bed.And one way to accomplish that is if patriots stay out of all-night stores.Those stores are unnecessary and create far more problems that any good that comes from them.And lastly on the economic/financial front comes the great relief that ultra-liberal plutocrat Jonathan Corzine-the power-drunk slob who spent about 70 mill to get elected to US Senate from New Jersey and about 40 mill to get elected governor in that corrupt state-has taken a mighty fall.His brokerage firm MF Global(What does the MF stand for?)went belly-up because they bet badly on the European debt crisis.About 1,000 brokers and other workers at the firm were fired,and about a billion bucks of customer money is unaccounted for.So the super-rich liberal formerly of super-rich Goldman Sachs has taken a well-deserved fall,in addition to the fall of being trounced in his re-election attempt as Jersey governor to fatso Christopher Christie.Gary Gensler-chairman of Commodities Futures Trading Commission(CFTC)-used to work with Jonny at Goldman Sachs and had the propriety to recuse himself from investigating Corzine and MF Global.So post-Madoff,let’s see how chairwoman Mary Shapiro at SEC and/or Abomination’s Injustice Dept.handles this investigation of one of their own and let’s see how the GOP House investigates,if they do at all.One great relief for patriots with Corzine’s fall and possible criminality is that he won’t be doling out nearly as much dough to his fellow anti-patriots in power when they run for re-election or if they are running as challengers.Let’s be grateful,patriots,whenever a filthy rich anti-patriot like Corzine goes down to defeat.

La Conquista suffered a setback when Cain Velasquez-an American-born-and-raised Mexican-American and high-ranking competitor at Ultimate Fight Championship(UFC)-lost his championship title to a Brazilian fighter in under 2 minutes.This was a blow for La Conquista not because a Mexican lost the fight;it was a blow because Senor Velasquez has the words “Brown Pride” tattooed across his chest.I find these UFC fights barbaric and don’t watch them.The reason I cite it on this patriot blog is if Velasquez were white and had “White Pride” tattooed on his chest,virtually every liberal sports writer and commentator would be screaming his bloody head off about “Racism!.” But an ingrate of a Mexican-who was born and raised in California and attended college in Arizona-who vaunts his racial pride by etching it into his chest,causes maybe just an occasional raised eyebrow from the typical liberal sportswriter who gives Cain a pass on racial pride because he’s brown and not white.It’s just more anti-white bias and double-standard favoritism from Diversity Gang journalists,just like they’re still rooting for Tiger Woods everywhere and every time he hits the links.So even though it took a Brazilian to deck Velasquez and take his title from him,it’s a very symbolic loss for La Conquista and it once again exposes the liberal sports world having no problem with Brown Pride but would froth at the mouth over White Pride.

And the last news items to review deal with America’s moral breakdown.As a state senator and senate president in Arizona,Russell Pearce was in the forefront of the battle against the illegal-immigration invasion of the Grand Canyon State.He was a deputy sheriff before becoming a state senator,and his patriot activism led to Arizona’s leading the way for many other states to fight back against illegal immigration in their states mainly because the criminally negligent government in Washington has refused all too often to enforce immigration law.He received countless death threats and was viciously attacked from many anti-patriot groups.But he stood his ground and got many state laws passed into law in AZ that crack down on illegal immigration.But then some anti-patriots in and out of the state decided to remove him from the state senate via recall.They gathered enough signatures to qualify for the recall and then,in a general election where everyone registered to vote could vote,Russell was defeated by a liberal Republican,53%-47%.This reminds me of the scripture that states Christ came unto His own and His own received him not.I’ve heard there were other issues that led to Russell’s defeat,like his obsession on the immigration invasion and ignoring other important issues like school reform and creating jobs.While these may be legitimate concerns,these issues could’ve waited until the next election in 2012;there was no need for this immediate recall.Russell Pearce was stabbed in the back by a combination of anti-patriots,from the pro-illegal-immigration Mormon Church and the country-club Republicans,to Amnesty Gang groups like MALDEF to ungrateful and foolish and forgetful voters.While Pearce has lost the recall election and is now humiliated,he can take great comfort and satisfaction in the fact that his patriot activism got the ball rolling in AZ and in many other states to fight invasion of their states at the state level if the federal government in DC either looks the other way,shrugs their shoulders or actively promotes La Conquista and its vanguard.Maybe Russell should move out of the senate district which unseated him and move somewhere else in the state;it’s big enough.And lastly we come up again against Rupert the Warlock Murdoch,as the old geezer keeps on gobbling up companies and corporations,this time Christian-establishment book publisher Thomas Nelson out of Nashville.With this acquisition,the warlock will own and control about half of America’s Christian-establishment publishing,along with Zondervan out of Grand Rapids,MI.Patriots and fellow believers in and/or supporters of Christ,I’ve written before on this patriot blog how Uncle Rupert is obviously out to destroy Christianity by infiltrating it from within.So now he’ll own about half of the Christian books that get published in our country,and that includes Bibles.Like I wrote in the last post about Zondervan signing former liberal president James Carter to write 2 books for them-including a New International Version Bible with Carter’s commentary-subtle changes will likely appear throughout the texts of many of Murdoch’s books from these publishers to change the minds and morals of the readers,away from Christ and towards the pro-homosexual,pro-globalism New Age and New World Order.And notice,patriots,how the anti-Christ Christian establishment is virtually silent about this threat,for various reasons.I think it’s because they’re more interested in preserving their power and wealth and their Earthly empires than they are in preaching the Gospel and protecting and serving the body of Christ.Yes,patriots,we seem to be living in the end times,Harold Camping notwithstanding.Hoping and working for Christ’s return to Earth is probably the ultimate in patriot activism!

I usually conclude this patriot blog with reports and commentary on patriot activism,but there wasn’t any to write about over the last couple of weeks.And the country’s crime wave receded,as there are fortunately no reports of the ghastly multiple-homicides that have been raging across the country over the last few years.And also fortunately,since that freak snow storm on Halloween weekend that caused such terrible devastation and havoc throughout the Northeast and some of the Mid-Atlantic,the horrible weather that has scorched our land and people over the same last few years receded too.Maybe the Good Lord is easing up on us and giving us a breather.We need it.Meanwhile,I hope all you patriots have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving with your loved ones and/or friends or neighbors or co-workers.Please keep going on this blog’s parent site links to the really important news of the day and some conservative-patriot commentary.Even though America is in a very dark hour,we are blessed and fortunate enough to still work and fight for the patriot cause while there’s still light in the land.We all still have a lot to be thankful for,but we have our work cut out for us.I may close out November with another post;if not,the next one will be in early December.And don’t go shopping on Thanksgiving night! Please! Don’t encourage the greedy merchants who hold nothing sacred but their bottom lines! Till next time.Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all American patriots.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Hi,patriots.I’m starting this patriot post at 1930 hours on Satan’s holiday of Halloween-a day originally called All Hallows Eve and which recognized Christian saints.Now it’s a bacchanalia of occultism,cuddling up to evil characters both real and imagined,a bloody waste of time and money.There were about 70 “trick or treaters” who walked past the house I live in,but fortunately none of them stopped here.It’s very curious how for the past several year in this Southeast Bronx neighborhood,the costumed kids seem to skip houses for their treats.Lucky for me I only spent about $10 on candy,and it’ll be all mine once the night ends.But now let’s get to the news,reported on from this patriot’s perspective.

Good news and bad news on the immoral wars of empire that President Abomination and his gang of warmongers continue to wage in Afghanistan and Iraq.The bad news is that 13 more US GIs were killed by a suicide attack in Kabul;the good news is that Abomination announced that all US servicemen will be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of the year.While this is a great relief for the guys who are still “over there,” two important questions need to be asked:Where is Abomination going to re-assign them(Maybe to Uganda to fight for some of his relatives!)? And what motivated him to decide this at this time? First,while he said the boys were “coming home,” he didn’t specifically say if they’ll be redeployed elsewhere.He had the nuts to send 100 servicemen to Uganda to help train Ugandan soldiers battle anti-government rebels! That’s how low this globalist warmonger thinks of US servicemen,by ordering them to train and possibly fight and die in Uganda! But his motive for the withdrawal is obviously to help him get returned to power in the White House for 4 more years,from 2013 to the first few weeks of 2017.Indeed,virtually everything the power-drunk Abomination will do from now till Election Day 2012 will be designed to help him get re-elected.Whether he decides to withdraw troops,submit a bill to create jobs or cut taxes,kill more Americans on his hit list,etc.,its purpose is to persuade enough Americans to vote for him next Fall and no-one else.He may very well succeed,for the GOP presidential field is absolutely pathetic,with the possible exception of former LA governor Buddy Roemer and TX congressman Ron Paul.It’s still a year away,but a lot of GOP voters have shown just how dumb and self-defeating they are time and time again.And there will probably be enough of them to vote for an establishment goon like Catcher’s Mitt Romney(per Jim Cedarstrom at the radio broadcast Money Talks)or Little Ricky Perry.I’ll conclude this patriot post with commentary on these jokers,and with the recommendation for all patriots to pick up the August 22nd issue of The New American with the cover story GOP Candidates’ Credentials;it’s must-reading.But regardless of Abomination’s motives,it’s great that the boys will finally come home from Iraq after almost 11 years.I’m sure that anti-war patriots had a lot to do with Abomination’s decision,and it shows once again that when patriots get mad and keep screaming “Enough!” that there’s a good chance that our corrupt rulers will listen and respond in our favor.Back to the graveyard of empire,a Pew survey found that while only 1/3 of Americans support Washington’s war in Afghanistan,60% of Republicans still support it.While that figure is an encouraging and a substantial drop from the 80% support at the war’s beginning right after 9/11,it still shows most Republicans are still pro-war,pro-American empire,pro-War on Terror!,pro-military-industrial complex.And that is very unlikely going to help the GOP 2012 candidate slate,especially the presidential candidate.Anyway,it’ll be great to welcome the boys home in January.They’ve been through a hell of a lot,fighting Iraqi insurgents,their own corrupt commanders and especially their commander-in-chief,interminable re-deployments,at-times oppressive living conditions,on top of getting shot at,bombed at,wounded,maimed.And if patriots ever take real control in Congress,they’ll conduct a thorough investigation into the lies and false intelligence that brought the boys into Iraq,and bring to justice those responsible for all the totally unnecessary carnage and destruction.

While this patriot post’s section will cover 2 items on important news dealing with political economy and the financial establishment,it deals too with America’s political corruption.For the Abomination has signed 3 more “free trade” treaties served to him on a silver platter by the Republican-majority House and the Democratic-majority Senate.Even with the unmitigated disaster of NAFTA,CAFTA and virtually every other treaty that are globalist rulers and their complicit ideologues mislabel as “free trade,” the sellouts in District of Criminals have now passed into law similar anti-American-worker treaties with Colombia(A nation where half of its territory is ruled by the Marxist revolutionary group and drug cartel FARC!),Panama and South Korea.I saw globalist goon John Boy McCain on TV on the senate floor,pleading with his good friend the Abomination to sign the trade laws.It proves once again that McCain-Son of Cain-licks the boots of his globalist masters,and carries water for them probably every single time they tell him to.So the anti-American-worker ruling class in DC has slapped us in the face once again.And now cheap goods from those countries will flood the US market,and it’ll be almost impossible for US producers to compete against them because US workers make much more than their counterparts south of the border.Tariffs will be virtually eliminated,and our manufacturing sector will be reduced even more from its dangerously low 9% of the US workforce.And this is one of the issues where the Republicans,as a party whole,are worse than the Democrats.Most of the No votes in Congress on these anti-patriot treaties came from Democrats.And this is another issue that’ll harm GOP in the 2012 congressional elections,even with the Democratic president-just like the globalist Billy Clinton-signing it into law.So,patriots,why are they doing this to us,especially our manufacturing workers? Several reasons.One is,like John Boy McCain,they’re serving their masters who fund their campaigns and keep them in power.Another is they’re ideologues,who obdurately believe that free trade is always right and tariffs are always wrong,even though they were the government’s main source of funding before the income tax of 1913.Another reason is that this helps break down our borders and the borders of other nations;it serves the “We are the world” gobbledygook that there are no major differences between all the different races,religions and cultures in the world,and nationhood and patriotism are obsolete and all that matters is profit and wealth.Then there are the anti-patriots and enemies of America who know these treaties weaken our country in so many ways,so of course they favor laws,policies and treaties that serve their purpose and seek our eventual destruction as a prosperous nation.I hope all you patriots remember those in Congress who voted to sell us out once again on “free trade” and you let them know of their anti-patriot actions and that you’re unlikely to vote for them next year.And that leads to the final economic news in this section of Pennsylvania’s capital city declaring bankruptcy.Harrisburg simply didn’t have $300 million to pay their bills,so they sought bankruptcy protection.What frightening,incredible symbolism it is that the capital city of one of America’s bigger states goes belly-up,like Greece is scheduled for in the near-future.America’s financial establishment has put our country on the brink,and what has happened to Harrisburg,PA may be a foretaste of far-worse bankruptcies and defaults to come.

On La Conquista front,due to anti-patriot Voting Rights Act,Abomination’s US Dept.of Injustice has ordered about 300 election districts throughout the country to provide non-English-language voter ballots for non-English-speaking voters next Fall.This anti-American law was passed by a Democratic Congress in 1975,and it’s now being used to undermine English as our national language and seeks to destroy America as an English-speaking nation.And nowhere in the long AP article by Hope Yen on this story(available on this blog’s parent site something very,very important,and that’s probably why Yen and/or her AP editors omitted it:ONLY US CITIZENS ARE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE AND IMMIGRANTS MUST SPEAK ENGLISH BEFORE BECOMING CITIZENS!!!!! So this congressional act and the militant enforcement of it by Attorney General Eric Holder,Assistant US Attorney Thomas Perez and their comrades at La Conquista,Amnesty Gang,Diversity Gang,etc.are being used as brickbats and acts of intimidation to force non-English languages(mainly various dialects of Espanol)on the American people.If immigrants can’t read,write and speak English,they’re not supposed to become citizens and thus unable to vote.But patriots,this is all-as Dan Fogelberg sang out about 30 years ago,”part of the plan”-the plan to destroy America-or in Abomination’s word’s,”remake America”-as an English-speaking country and turn us into,first,an official bi-lingual country(English/Espanol)and then multi-lingual further down the road(English/Espanol/Chinese,Hindi,etc.).Some congressional Republicans are opposing the Injustice Department,but only on grounds that many localities will be further strapped financially if forced to provide these ballots.While that’s certainly true,the first patriot opposition to the bi-lingual ballots is it encourages and rewards people not to learn or speak English even though they’re fortunate enough to live here.What ingrates! And what sellouts and anti-patriots are those in government who aid and empower them! With our money! Patriots,we may face our own Alamo sooner than we thought.And it proves again that almost all of America’s enemies are domestic,not foreign.

More bad news with the GOP presidential field.The New American sent a correspondent to cover Republican Leadership Conference in the Big Easy last June.And according to his report,every single candidate who spoke at the conference,except Ron Paul,licked the boots of Israel Lobby.They almost tripped over themselves,promising that they’ll back Israel no matter what.Even when its government spies on Washington! And here’s another instance where GOP is worse than the Democrats:when they pander and suck up to Israel Lobby.Again,it may be all about the money;but I believe it’s also about pure favoritism to “The Tribe.” So even though Americans get nothing but headaches and heartaches from the US government’s virtually blind support of Israel’s government,it looks like every GOP establishment politician and presidential candidate or candidate for any major national office will bow their knees to Israel Lobby-all for power and prestige.And it was no surprise that Herman Cain thundered when he spoke before the crowd that if you mess with Israel,you mess with America.Gerald and Deborah Strober are a Jewish couple from-Where else?-New York City who are very close to Mr.Cain,so much so that they ghostwrote Cain’s campaign memoir.Moreover,they have an apartment in Israel,grandchildren who live there,and consulted with Mr.Cain’s chief-of-staff Mark Block(that’s a Jewish name)to arrange a trip to Israel for Mr.Cain,who also met up with several Israeli government officials.And his trip was scheduled to dovetail with Glenn Beck’s pep rally in that country.Deborah(”Bee” in Hebrew)Strober complimented Cain as “…a very quick learner.” That is,he has learned quickly to work for Israel Lobby and not for America.Cain has attracted some support largely because he’s viewed as an outsider who’ll try to shake things up in DC.That’s a typical party-establishment myth.Herman Cain is an insider,a former president of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City,and now an Israel Lobby stooge-a black tycoon with a campaign chief-of-staff who’s probably Jewish and a NYC Jewish couple who ghostwrote his campaign memoir and lecture him on what his views towards their mother country should be.GOP already gave us a Son of Cain(McCain)as their 2008 presidential candidate.Will they be stupid and foolish enough to nominate another Cain next year?! Didn’t they learn from last time?! Cain slew his brother Abel! He was the first murderer! And the Son of Cain is doing his part as a US senator from AZ to murder America,as will Cain if he becomes president.A bit more on Cain in this post’s conclusion.This section was written to warn co-patriots of the constant dangers of Israel Lobby to America’s safety,security and morality.

Here are 4 items to review on America’s moral breakdown.A 13-years-old boy in Pittsburgh,PA decided to get some kicks by smoking “synthetic marijuana” out of a plastic tube used for holding candy.His lungs were so damaged from the chemicals that he needed a double transplant.While in hospital and being treated with anti-rejection drugs,he died from an infection that his weakened immune system failed to knock out of his body.What a horrible waste of a young life and what terrible agony for his parents to go through something like this.And just what would drive a young teenager with his whole life ahead of him to experiment with synthetic pot? Boredom? Peer pressure? Looking for kicks? Showing off in front of friends or trying to impress a girl? Whatever the sick reasons,this kid died a horrible death and his parents,relatives,friends and schoolmates will live with this for the rest of their lives.And it’s yet another reminder that when young people enter a danger zone for whatever dumb reason-and then lose their lives or suffer serious harm to their bodies-it indicates that America is indeed suffering from a moral crisis.And it’s something that the average coward of a politician or political wannabee will hardly ever talk about publicly.And writing on the thrill-seeking of so much of today’s youth,we head across the pond to the Mother Country,where a 17-years-old girl decided it was time to try another hair dye-and 20 minutes later she was dead;apparently her body had a severe allergic reaction to the dye.So like America,United Kingdom(”Great” Britain)has a moral crisis too.The article on the British website where I read about this incident contained several photos of the victim when she was alive,and in each photo,her hair was a different color.This is a craze here in “The States”(as the Brits call us)too,where so many females(mostly young,but of all ages)-and some males too-for various reasons,dye their hair.It’s pretty much a given that these dyes are harmful to the hair and the scalp and,as the case in Britain proved,can cause allergic reactions that can cause death.Since the chemicals in these dyes are so powerful,why would anyone even think about using them? For the same reasons as I wrote before with the kid who smoked the powerful pot,but I believe the hair dyers are desperately seeking some kind of alternate identity,to create a new person,a new image.Yes,hair is a very strong characteristic of a person’s identity.This patriot is getting grayer probably every day,and I don’t like it;but I’m not going to dye my hair and head just to fool me into believing that I’m not getting older or create a false image of my real self.Trendiness and faddishness is another reason for the dye craze.So many people-especially the young and the female-have to “go with the in-crowd,” they want to be popular,they want friends or don’t want to lose friends.So if a trend screams out “Dye your hair!”, so many sheeple just follow along without a second thought.How dangerous that is,especially in this era with all the evil influences all around us.Hopefully after these tragedies of a male and female teenager dying from synthetic pot and hair dye,the mostly young will think twice before seeking their kicks.Again,patriots,we’re dealing with a moral crisis,and a spiritual one too.And now we go to another moral crisis:that of the welfare queen,the matriarchal society,especially among the big-city black population,and in some latino populations too.But this case deals with a 33-years-old black woman in the predominantly black ghetto of Brownsville in the Brooklyn borough of NYC,who was shot dead by rifle fire-and she left 13 children.Thirteen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 33! And about a month before in the Big Apple,a 28-years-old black women was arrested for abducting her 8 children from foster care.Her husband was arrested too,but it’s unlikely that he’s the father of all 8 of those kids.And how many men fathered those 13 children with the murdered woman? This is one big reason how once-nice neighborhoods become poverty-stricken/crime-stricken ghettos.Irresponsible brood sows bang out one out-of-wedlock kid after another,with multiple men,receive tax money for support,and then the kids grow up without even knowing what a father is.The only time a father figure is present in a barbaric subculture like this is when an occasional boyfriend rolls into the apartment or house and stays for as long as he wants before the next stag comes along.And this culture spreads-like wildfire.I’ve seen it,I’ve worked in it,in the South Bronx.I’ve seen it in other places too.And the corrupt political class hardly ever,if ever,talks about this barbarity that’s extant in every single big city in America.They probably think that because they passed a “welfare reform” law back in 1996 that everything is just ducky now.That’s their cheap solution to almost every moral and social crisis in this country:just pass a law and the problem goes away;just throw tax money at the problem and it’ll go away.The worship of money to solve our problems.This is what that sleazebag Lyndon Johnson and his “Great Society” has bequeathed to us.And we may never recover.About 2 generations of children-mostly within the black and some latino populations-have been sold down the river by a corrupt political class,along with their own immorality and irresponsibility.That so-called welfare-reform law still gives tax money to welfare queens for 5 years.Cut it to 1 year! That’s it! One year! After that,the welfare queen should be on her own.And if she neglects or abandons her kids,imprison her and place the kids in foster care.That’s the tough patriot love that we all need to at least forestall the matriarchal ghetto from spreading even into the suburbs.There are other non-draconian policies we can take to help staunch this social disease,but that’ll be for another post.And the welfare queen who was shot dead had her 2 teenage brothers also slain by the gun.And while the major media keep entertaining us to death will all their garbage,barbarity exists not too far from their broadcast studios,but probably further away from the ritzy houses and neighborhoods their producers and executives live in.And our country’s moral crisis is largely a result of the corrupt Christian establishment,and we saw evidence of it with the latest marriage of the corrupt Christian establishment with the corrupt political establishment.Former liberal Democrat president “Jimmy” Carter(Jimmy sounds so folksy.Doesn’t it?)has been signed to a deal by Rupert Murdoch-owned Zondervan to publish 2 books that’ll try to pawn Carter off as a Christian when all he is is just another CFR globalist like Murdoch.Murdoch the warlock bought formerly Christian publisher Zondervan obviously to subvert Christianity from within.And he’ll use Carter,just like he has used Zondervan’s Rick Warren-also a CFR member-to influence the minds of the ignorant and the gullible and the foolish to believe in and accept the New Age,anti-Christ liberal teaching that’ll come from the mind and pen of James Carter.Oh,he’ll occasionally write on biblical and Christian themes,but then he’ll weave his web to try to deceive us into a pro-homosexual,pro-war,white-people-are-racist dogma.Just like the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing that Christ warned about(Matthew 7:15).You think Carter would’ve had the decency to seek another publisher than one owned by warlock Murdoch,especially after the hacking scandal involving Murdoch-owned papers in UK.But when evil men with evil minds and evil intentions in an evil age have an evil objective,morality and right and wrong is irrelevant-a perfect characteristic of the revolutionaries that they are.Patriots,our country’s main crisis is a moral crisis.And I think what I’ve just written about helps prove that point.

And a moral crisis leads to a crime crisis.Four people were slain in yet another all-in-the-family multiple homicide,this time in the Cross River suburb of New York City.An imminent divorce was claimed to be the motive of a husband shooting dead his wife and their 2 young kids before killing himself.He was a lawyer who reportedly complained that his wife was “domineering.” That was probably true,as the misanthropic,anti-Christ feminist movement has helped to create a lot of Frankenstein daughters out there.But the answer to that threat to men and the family is not get mixed up with a broad like that in the first place.If one gets stuck with one,leave her until a divorce is finalized.And then the evil of killing the innocent kids?! And then the evil of being unable to comprehend the evil of slaying one’s own wife and kids and then killing oneself,in some kind of expression to absolve one of guilt?! Again,patriots,the moral crisis.And in Seal Beach,CA near San Diego,a madman took out his revenge on his ex-wife by bringing a weapon to the hair salon where she worked and started firing,killing 6 and wounding 3;he was apprehended several hours later.And then a report was released from National Gang-Intelligence Center(NGIC)that in America today,there are-get this-33,000 crime gangs,with an estimated 1.4 million members.And while the report,to my knowledge,didn’t site this,the open-borders immigration policies of the US government are largely responsible for this huge growth in gangs.Only about 10% of the immigration into America is from Europe,with much of it coming from the Third World.And with the Third World,especially from south of the border in Latin America,comes drug gangs-loads of them.Drug use and drug dealing is so much more common down there because there’s so much more poverty and joblessness.So if DC keeps letting in millions of legal and illegal latinos,we’re going to have more gangs and more drugs;it really is that simple.And a lot of them will join police departments to gather inside intelligence for the drug gangs,steal confiscated drugs and guns,arrest rival dealers,inter alia.What these bastards in DC have done to this country via open-borders immigration is virtually criminal,certainly anti-patriot and immoral.And with Abomination supposedly bringing about 40,000 GIs home from Iraq,maybe they’ll eventually be used to fight all these gangs that are terrorizing America far more than all these fake Muslim terrorists who are supposed to be merely threatening us.

The Almighty’s judgment on America seems to be continuing,as National Cathedral-possibly the eminent symbol of America’s anti-Christ Christian establishment’s whorish relationship with the corrupt,anti-Christ political establishment in District of the goddess Columbia-remains closed from earthquake damage.How sweet it is! What a great way for Almighty God to bring His judgment and anger down on corrupt Washington,DC! Close its center of idol worship with an earthquake! May it forever stay closed! But what we saw and lived through in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast US was a whopper:on the Saturday before Satan’s holiday of Halloween on Monday,a brutal storm of rain,snow,sleet and high winds tore through the area.I never shoveled snow in October in the Bronx,but there I was on the sidewalk and in the driveway.My nephews in the New Jersey suburb of Oakland haven’t had electricity or heat since that Saturday night.One of them told me from his cell phone that “It looks like the end of the world here.” Virtually the entire neighborhood is dark:no street lights,and only an occasional house with lights from generators or kerosene lamps.The storm has so far been responsible for the deaths of 21 people,and about 2 million homes and businesses still have no power,4 days after the storm hit on Saturday afternoon,October 29th.Even fatso governor Chris Christie’s house in New Jersey still doesn’t have power! What a riot that is! And in pinko-rich/pinko-liberal Connecticut-the Nutmeg State,with all 5 of its US representatives and its 2 US senators being flaming-liberal Democrats-about 1 million either lost power or still don’t have power.That’s about 20% of its population! Pinko-liberal Massachusetts was slammed too,but the Nutmeg State seems to have been slammed the worst.Maybe that’ll knock their anti-patriot liberalism out of them! Patriots,was it a co-incidence that this highly unseasonable storm hit the most liberal,the most anti-patriot,the most anti-Christ part of our country,just 2 days before the occult-worshipping holiday of Halloween? I don’t think so! And more may be coming! Pray for protection! And what about Global-Warming Gang?! Are they going to blame this storm on “global warming” or “climate change”?

I almost always close this patriot post on this patriot blog with some encouraging news on patriot activism in the land,while making some patriot-activism recommendations myself.I don’t really have any patriot activism to report on now,but I’ll cite a patriot cover story in a magazine that despite its shortcomings,is one of the few publications out there that can really be described as conservative and/or patriotic.The August 22nd issue of The New American contains the cover story GOP Candidates’ Credentials.Two pages are devoted to each of the 10 presidential candidates,2 of whom have since dropped out:Thaddeus McCotter and Rick Pawlenty.No wonder why they dropped out:Can we imagine a president with the first name of Thaddeus or the surname that sounds like the candy Good & Plenty? The writers have conducted commendable research that shows just how pathetic and anti-patriot this GOP field is.It’s 1996 and 2008 all over again! Whether it’s Catcher’s Mitt Romney or Little Ricky Perry or Newty Gingrich or Little Ricky Santorum or the ghostly Michelle Bachmann,these are all anti-patriots,all suck-ups to Israel Lobby and the globalist-warmonger internationalist establishment that runs the corrupt government they’re a part of or once were a a part of and seek to return to.The facts presented by the TNA writers on these miserable excuses for presidential candidates provide patriots with plenty of ammo to expose them to other patriots for what they really are.Patriots,I urge you all to get on the blowers or log onto the website and request copies of this issue,if it’s still available;sometimes they sell out when they publish really good issues like this one.That being written,I do have problems with TNA.I’ve subscribed for about 15 years,and I’ve noticed a bit of a deterioration in the writing and what topics are covered.They obviously believe in the false religion of Americanism,a near-worship of the foundation,structure and offices of American government at all levels(that’s why they almost always capitalize titles of government officials,like the “Mayor,” the “Representative,” the Governor,”etc),and a near-worship of our Founding Fathers.There’s also a close relationship with radical libertarianism-a political philosophy which at times approximates anarchism.But with all that being written,no one does as good a job as they do,to my knowledge,in researching,monitoring and exposing the globalist sellouts in and out of the US government.It’s also refreshingly non-partisan and independent-minded.Whether an anti-patriot in government or with access to government is a Republican or a Democrat matters little to them;it’s their actions that matter,not their titles or political-party membership.I recommend that patriots subscribe to TNA:26 issues a year for $39.The number to call for that back issue is 1-800-342-6491.

Patriots,I hope you enjoy this beautiful season of Fall,or Autumn.I hope that you patriots(we’re in the minority in the Northeast)without power from this recent storm or from a future one are prepared or learn to get prepared for losing power,especially in cold weather.It went down to freezing from that Saturday-night storm in New York City! For the first time since records have been kept,the city’s Central Park recorded snow on the ground in October! You gotta love it! So please get as prepared as possible for these power outages.Having a battery-powered radio(preferably with shortwave and the NOAA weather stations)is indispensable,for it keeps us informed of the latest developments and provides important information,and maybe some entertainment too.Keep the batteries charged up or make sure the batteries have long shelf life.We have to see where we’re going,so have flashlights and candles and matches at the ready.Economize when using these items,for at times we won’t know when the juice returns.Keep the gas tanks in the autos as close to full as possible,for we may have to drive quite a distance for help or sanctuary.And keep the car battery charged too;we may need them to not just drive a long distance,but to use the power to charge cell phones or batteries.And here’s where a cell phone is a big help.I think we all have to break down and admit that cell phones can be very valuable,especially in emergencies,but I still recommend their use only when a land line is unavailable(re health concerns,for those phones are powerful).If you’re lucky enough like my nephews to have a fireplace,keep a nice woodpile on-hand.That has been the only source of heat for them for 3 straight days.A generator is a big help too,but be informed and very careful when using it.I believe the Almighty is bringing so much of this terrible weather upon us to humble us,to break us out of our hedonism,to help us realize what’s really important in our lives-and it’s not corrupt pro-baseball or repulsive movies and television shows with one repulsive personality after another besieging our senses and our intelligence and our morality.Please keep going to for links to the important news of the day and occasional commentary and other patriot resources.And please spread the word about this pro-bono patriot blog and its parent pro-bono website.I’ll talk to you in a couple of weeks.And some of you patriots will be voting soon in some states.I hope you’ve done what you can to get patriots nominated and have kept anti-patriots from getting nominated.And that you’ll vote for the patriots,if they’re on the ballots,on Tuesday,November 8th.Let’s keep fighting the patriot cause,in any way or ways we can.