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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Hi,patriots.We’re now about a month into Fall 2011,and there seems to have been a respite from the horrible weather that tore through our nation for almost the entire Summer.Fall is a beautiful time of year,with warm days and cool nights.I think September and October may be the best months of the year,with the only drawback being that Winter comes next.So let’s enjoy the next 4-6 weeks,with all the leaf-watching,Fall harvests,home fires,etc..But now let’s go to the really important news and commentary from the perspective of this American patriot.

A Pew Research Center survey discovered that 1/3 of post-9/11 US veterans believe the immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth fighting,and a majority believe the warmonger US government should focus more on America’s domestic problems than on foreign conflicts.This is great news for the anti-war patriot movement and bad news for the warmongers of various stripes and motivations who are running the federal government,especially the executive branch still under the power and control of the Bush/Clinton dynasty.Not that this’ll change the minds of the warmongers,far from it.Remember when former veep Dick Cheney-the Snarling One of the Boy George administration-responded with the simple,arrogant,smug “So?” when a reporter informed him that most Americans opposed his bloody,immoral wars that have now caused about 50,000 US casualties,including about 6,000 dead.Indeed,the sleazy men running the US military out of that ugly building in Washington,DC called the Pentagon haven’t published the actual figures of US killed and wounded,nor have they ever given even an estimate of the death toll of Iraqi and Afghan civilians ever since Boy George launched the War on Terror! in October 2001.Reporters,researchers and investigators have had to go on websites like for statistics or on some UN-affiliated sites.It’s obvious that these low-life warmongers in DC are hiding disturbing figures that would anger patriots and the American people even more than they’re angry now over these unnecessary,unconstitutional wars.That such a large number of veterans-probably most of whom have served in Iraq or Afghanistan-say the wars they’ve been ordered to fight in weren’t worth the cost in lives and resources shows that many servicemen have wised up and will say they’re opposed to the conflicts they’ve been ordered into.And that most of them say the imperialist federal government should scale back their foreign adventurism and start caring about America first and the world second indicates that they’re fed up with a government and its military that cares more about the world than the American people who’ve voted them into office.To paraphrase TN congressman John Duncan Jr.-one of the few Republicans who opposed Boy George’s attack on Iraq:”America would be a lot better off if the federal government would try to govern America instead of trying to govern the world.” But apart from the good news that veterans are opposing the immoral wars they’ve fought in is the impending possibility that more Americans who want to join “The Service” will have second thoughts,and those fed up with all the unjust wars won’t re-enlist.In addition to the immoral wars that they’re forced to fight in can be added the following discouragements and hardships:excessive and/or extended deployments,open homos now allowed to enlist and stay in the service with the repeal of DADT,the fairer sex being allowed to serve on subs next year,high rates of suicide in the armed forces,inferior health-care services and hospitalization for veterans,lack of good job opportunities for veterans,inter alia.Now,patriots,this may be by design.President Abomination obviously hates America,and he and his fellow neo-bolsheviks want to destroy her and remake her in their image.Much of the US military is comprised of white Southerners-from the Christian,traditionalist South.There’s only so much they’re going to take of this anti-patriot,politically correct,foreign-interventionist military.They’ll probably try to deal with it as best they can for a while,then resist as best they can,and possibly fight back as best they can.But the end result may well be they just give up and leave the service.And who fills the vacuum? This is why I say this is probably by design.While Abomination certainly didn’t start this,he has stepped on the gas,put the pedal to the metal.And that may be because he thinks he has a short time left to continue his destruction of our country.When the good ol’ boys from Georgia and Tennessee and North Carolina and other states start leaving and don’t even enlist in the first place,Abomination will seek a totally new military,with recruits coming mostly from the big cities where his fellow neo-bolsheviks rule with hardly any real opposition.Diversity Gang have been looking to “diversify” the military for about 30-40 years.So all their attacks on the military may finally be wearing the guys in green down.Morale is down and will probably keep going down.Abomination and his gang of globe-trotting internationalists may have to recruit an army of mercenaries to do their bidding.Regardless,the near-future of America’s military looks bleak,and the distant-future looks dreadful.Patriots need to remove from office the anti-patriots who are destroying our military,and time is running out quickly.Meanwhile,please thank a veteran for his service,past and/or present.

As America continues to get sucked into the “global economy” by its sellout lawmakers,our borders continue to remain rather porous.MSNBC reported,as they did the Pew survey on the veterans,that-Get this!-only 2% of food imports into America are inspected! That’s 2%! One reason for the listeria outbreak that has killed about 30 people and sickened even more is that so much of the food we eat travels a long distance before we eat it-the “farm to fork” distance.And this is only a corollary of the globalist-scum politicians who see no difference between New Yorkers or Floridians or Nebraskans or Oregonians getting their food from Kansas than from Communist China.Despite the tainted products from Red China that have already harmed Americans-like contaminated drywall and lead paint in toys-America’s anti-patriot rulers,like Dick Cheney the Snarling One,shrug their shoulders and rhetorically ask,”So?.” Yes,patriots,they don’t care about us;they care about their power,prestige and great wealth in their New World Order,their “global economy,” their “international community.” It’s all part of their plan to break down America’s identity and just absorb us into the polyglot of the world’s other nations,that we’re just part of the world and no different.How can anyone believe for one second that these bastards in Washington are protecting us when they only inspect 2% of the food entering our country?! Millions of Americans are putting food inside their bodies that hasn’t been inspected! Patriots,as I’ve written before on this blog and its parent site,the political and moral situation in the US government is almost certain not to change for the better with the current Republicrat rule.The top-dog Donkeys and  Elephants are too set in their ways,too comfortable in their seats of power,too afraid of losing their power,to change and fight the patriot cause.Patriots in the Democrat or Republican parties should start planning an exodus and planning on forming another party,maybe more than one.Meanwhile,for you patriots who don’t read food labels,now is certainly the time to start.Let’s stick with good ol’ American food from good ol’ American farmers! Especially now! Only buy foodstuffs unavailable in America.And still,be careful!

One reason why banks haven’t been lending as much as they used too in the still-distressed housing market is that Diversity Gang(DG)goons at US Dept.of Injustice,led by attorney general Eric Holder and his “civil rights” enforcer Thomas Perez-a black Dominican-have been threatening about 60 banks with lawsuits if they don’t loan money to latinos and blacks,regardless of their backgrounds or ability to repay the loans.This is one of the major reasons why the housing crisis exploded about 4 years ago and why it still hasn’t recovered;indeed,it seems to be worsening.Some of the banks have submitted like whipped dogs,promising the DG goons that they’ll comply;but others will just stop lending at all,to anybody.Goons like Holder and Perez(the latter worked for La Conquista activist group Casa de Maryland before coming to Abomination’s Injustice Dept.)obviously are driven by the same anti-white ideology that has driven DG ever since the ’60s.In none of these threats to the banks did they have any concrete evidence that the banks were discriminating against latinos or blacks.The MO of DG is and has been that whenever a non-white is denied something by a white,it must be discrimination.If there’s proof to dispute that charge,they just ignore it;this is a symptom of an affliction to an ideology.So if these 60-odd banks start lending their depositors’ money to loan applicants who will eventually default on their loans,this’ll just exacerbate the housing crisis and the rate of foreclosures.But the DG goons like Holder and Perez-like the Snarling One-will just ask,”So?.” Anti-white Jacobins like Abomination,Holder,Perez,Billy and Hillary Clinton,Daddy Bush and Boy George,the Kennedy dynasty-they thrive on power through demagoguery,practicing and enforcing blatant racial favoritism under the guise of empowering the under-privileged and oppressed masses.Regardless of the harm they cause to the entire country-including those they claim they seek to help-they ask,”So?.” Power and ego is what motivates them.And blatant race favoritism via raw government power eventually encounters serious resistance-patriot resistance.But it can also lead to the specter of racial conflict and insurrection.And once again,patriots,this may be all by design-i.e.,order out of chaos,picking up the marbles after the smoke clears.Let’s be ready for any eventuality.

One of Diversity Gang’s many fronts is La Conquista.They succeeded in California,where moonbeam governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to grant in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants.So now in the once-Golden State,someone who isn’t supposed to be living in CA or anywhere else in USA will pay a lower rate of tuition at a state college or university than an American or legal immigrant attending from another state.Since the vast majority of illegal immigrants are from south of the border,this aids and abets La Conquista,but it’s also related to the “global economy” and the push to gradually erase the border between US and Mexico.And of course,Moonbeam and his fellow California liberals and radicals and anti-patriots see no difference between an illegal immigrant from Mexico or El Salvador and a US citizen in California or Arizona or Ohio.Even with CA teetering for the past few years under the threat of bankruptcy,Moonbeam still has a thing for invaders who entered that state illegally and have remained there in defiance of US immigration law.And now they get rewarded with cheaper tuition rates than US citizens outside California who want to attend college in that state(Why would they?)because California has been taken over by anti-patriots,primarily due to out-of-control immigration from Latin America.And from the West Coast to the East Coast,NYC held an “Hispanic Pride Parade” that drew a rather paltry 10,000 marchers and spectators.The article on Diversity Gang news site mentioned that various latino ethnicities-Cubans,Dominicans,Mexicans,Chileans,etc.-participated in this parade.Even though the people at this parade aren’t “Hispanic” in the literal sense-i.e.,they’re not from Hispania(Spain and Portugal)-they still deceive themselves and others with this misnomer of hispanic.But the reason I included this story is to expose the double-standard hypocrisy and anti-white ideology of Diversity Gang and La Conquista.If various white ethnicities like Irish,Italians,Germans,Norwegians,Portuguese,Greeks,etc.were to hold a European-Pride Parade,Diversity Gang and La Conquista would scream “Racism!” till the cows came home.This is just more proof that DG,LC,the “anti-racists” are full of biased hate towards whites.If European ethnic groups hold a parade or celebration as Europeans,they’re called racists;but if latinos do it,that’s just ducky.They have no problem with individual white groups having parades like the Irish and St.Patty’s Day,the Italians and Columbus Day,the Poles and Pulaski Day Parade,etc..But it’s hell and high water if they unite in a parade or ceremony of a shared culture and a shared Christian religion.One way of defeating an enemy and keeping them subjugated is by dividing them and conquering them.It’s an old trick of empire,and La Conquista and their allies have used it and still use it as often as they can.And they’ll succeed if not enough patriots expose them for what they are.

The 2012 GOP presidential sweepstakes gets more pathetic with each passing day.Texas governor Little Ricky Perry-pandering every which way but loose-has a powerful rabbi behind him.Irwin Katsof wined and dined Little Ricky on 2 trips to Israel in 2007 and 2009,founded Israel Lobby group Honest Reporting(Hah!)to supposedly monitor anti-Israel news reporting(it probably just wants to cover up immoral and/or criminal acts by Israel’s government)and helped persuade Little Ricky to establish-get this-Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce.So the half-Mexican Little Ricky from Texas is pandering for the Jewish vote and the so-called evangelical vote(the latter which cares more about ethnic worship of and devotion to the nation of Israel than preaching the Gospel of Christ).I thought Little Ricky was a shoo-in for the GOP nomination,with so many dumb Republican primary voters thinking as highly of him as they did of fellow Texan Boy George.But like Democratic governor Moonbeam Brown just passed in-state tuition for his illegal amigos and amigas in California,Little Ricky beat him to the punch by signing an in-state tuition bill several years ago in Texas.This has wounded him for now in the polls,and that’s good;but we’ll see if it lasts.Meanwhile,the tragedy for patriots is that whoever gets the 2012 GOP presidential nomination is likely to be a stooge of Rabbi Katsof or some other Israel Lobby potentate or activist group.And he or she will probably be worse on this threat to America than even the Abomination is.

America’s moral breakdown is accelerating,with the sin of Sodom ostensibly leading the way.The next 3 news reports all deal with the sin of the men of Sodom who are described in the Book of Genesis as “very wicked.” Jared Polis is a Jewish homosexual congressman from Colorado-a state that,largely due to transplants from California,becomes more radical liberal by the day.He announced that he and his “partner” had a son.How amazing that is! Two men having a son! The announcement didn’t reveal just how this son came to be theirs,either by adoption or surrogate motherhood.But the homo congressman just had to flaunt and brag about the new addition to his warped idea of a family.This is probably the most wicked aspect of America’s contemporary homosexual movement:seducing children into their “lifestyle.” Just imagine for a minute or so,a young,innocent kid living in a residence with 2 daddies.And they’ll probably indoctrinate this kid with the glories of their “relationship,” regardless of AIDS/HIV and other STDs,lower life expectancy and higher rates of abuse of alcohol and drugs than the heterosexual population,etc..This is child abuse! But this is how depraved the homo movement is.Next we go to San Diego,CA,where AP writer Elliot Spagat wrote a disgusting article of pro-homosexual agit prop on 2 “gay” Republican candidates(one male,one female)running for the party’s nomination for San Diego mayor.Associated Press is fiercely pro-homo,and why that’s so is any patriot’s guess.But just like I just cited an ultra-liberal Jewish congressman flaunting his homosexuality and then announcing his adopting a boy with his lover,Elliot Spagat(Sounds like faggot!)sounds like a Jewish name.I don’t know for sure if he’s Jewish,but the vast majority of Jews in public life or positions of power and influence are and have been pushing the radical,anti-Christ homo agenda for about 30 years now,especially anti-Christ Hollywood.And maybe Mr.Spagat is homosexual himself! Regardless,his article was disgustingly,laughably biased.It’s intent was obviously to glamorize the sin of Sodom.And lastly on this front of America’s culture war is a story in yet another pro-homosexual news outlet-The New York Times-that a 56-years-old lesbian legal activist died of cancer.During her activism,she did everything she could to do what New York’s Gray Lady and Associated Press and other pro-homo organizations have been trying to do for many years:stuff homosexuality down everyone’s throat until we all break down and say,”OK.,you’re right:gay is good.” This movement is not primarily about “rights” for sodomites;it’s about forced acceptance of homosexuality on about 95% of the population that’s not homosexual.And the homo agit prop is succeeding,for polls now show a slim majority of Americans support homo marriage and-Get this!-per Spagat’s propaganda piece,almost 2/3 of Americans would accept a “gay” president! I’ve never come across a poll result like that yet,so I’m a bit skeptical.And homo activists like Spagat the faggot or Spagat the pro-faggot have been caught pink-handed many times,creating their own reality,stretching truth and misleading their audiences,all to force a country still overwhelmingly Christian to approve sodomy.And that so much more of America-especially the younger generation-is now approving homosexuality is yet another sign that America is going down and is almost certainly under the Almighty’s judgment.

Two items on America’s crime-wave blotter.Five people were found shot to death inside a home in rural Indiana,while a “disgruntled employee” in Cupertino,CA-in the heart of Apple Industries and Silicon Valley-shot 3 co-workers dead and wounded 7 others.Fortunately some deputies took the mutt out a few miles from the crime scene,and that’s pretty much the end of this story from the major media.But should it be? The killer was black,and the race or races of his victims weren’t disclosed,at least to my knowledge.I was going to post an AP article on this multiple homicide on but,again-we’re talking about Diversity Gang-owned and operated Associated Press-the reporter went out of his way to show sympathy for the poor black murderer who was so popular in “his community.” He even hooked up with “the Reverend” Jesse Jackson at one time.The AP writer even quoted someone who knew the murderer as saying that,”Something must have freaked him out.” Why that’s it! It was…..RACISM! The white man made him do it! And AP obviously took the same approach to the black man at a beverage distributorship in Connecticut about a year ago who also must’ve gotten “freaked out” and slew about 10 people.Maybe some news will emerge as to why the Cupertino killer did what he did,but only an inner circle of people will know.Regardless of what his motives were,or of the Indiana killer,America’s wave of horrible multiple homicide continues.

I began this post by writing that the Almighty may have given us a break since about after Labor Day,with some much-needed relief from all the ghastly weather that has roared throughout the entire country this year.And that’s why the only report of the possibility(Should I change it to the probability?)of His judgment upon us comes from the city named after the mythological bird who,despite being burned to death,rose to new life from the ashes.On an interstate highway near Phoenix,AZ,”blinding dust” came barreling down upon drivers,causing multiple crashes and leaving 1 dead and 8 injured(6 of them critically).A state official said the dust storms were “…the worst we’ve ever seen.The storm literally parked itself over the crash areas.” I’ve lost count with how many times,people have been quoted this year when commenting on bad weather that it was the worst they’ve ever seen or they’ve never seen anything like it before.And last year in Phoenix,a brutal hail storm caused about $3 billion in damage.Storms of hail and dust,taking lives and destroying property.Why Phoenix is being hit with this apocalyptic weather is debatable,but I believe it’s just another manifestation of an angry God rendering chastisement upon America,specifically Phoenix in this case.And why do I believe that the Lord is doing this? That’s for another post,maybe one totally separate from this one under it’s regular format of reviewing the news.

And to conclude this patriot post,I cite 4 items on patriot activism,although 3 of the 4 items may be a tacit or soft patriotism.The blatant patriot protest and demonstration was held outside Rhode Island’s state capitol,when about 500 patriots gathered to publicly oppose a decision by a state education authority to grant in-state tuition to illegal immigrants residing in Rhode Island.They protested outside the capitol because the state’s liberal,anti-patriot governor Lincoln Chafee-formerly a Republican but now an independent(regardless of his party affiliation,he is and probably always has been a bloody liberal)-has done absolutely nothing about this travesty of rewarding people illegally in our country and penalizing students from outside the state who’d like to attend college there.This protest is very heartening,patriots,because RI is a pinko liberal state similar to its northern neighbor Massachusetts.Patriots must try wherever they live to awaken the slumbering patriot fire in all-too-many Americans,even in anti-patriot states like RI.And even MA! Yes,there may come a time where all has been lost and we must take our flag down and seek another front to fight our patriot battles.Retreat is an unfortunate reality at times in fighting a patriot war.But we must keep our eyes on that war and work for victory! America deserves nothing else! So,bravo to those patriots at the foot of the seat of anti-patriot power in the Ocean State.They’ve helped bring the sellouts and anti-patriots in the state’s education bureaucracy and government into the public arena,thus informing a lot of co-patriots and concerned citizens of some treachery in their state.Next is the great sigh of patriot relief that Sarah Palin-the moose-hunting Princess from Alaska-has decided not to seek the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.Why the warmonger,pro-Israel Lobby princess decided not to run is very interesting.But one reason I believe is she has felt patriot heat ever since the end of the 2008 presidential election,when she was GOP John Boy McCain’s running mate.Many Republicans and conservatives blamed her for several GOP congressional losses in 2008,and they were probably right.Maybe she just wanted to do what was right for her family with this recent decision;maybe she just didn’t want to campaign.Regardless,good riddance to the Alaska Princess.I’ve already expatiated on her on this blog,so I won’t repeat myself,except to say:it’s always a relief,possibly a boon from the Almighty,when an anti-patriot no longer seeks political power.And lastly is the news on the TV front that garbage soap-opera All My Children left the air after about a 40-years run,while OWN-the network of former #1 false prophetess Oprah Winfrey-is tanking in the ratings.AMC left the air too because of low ratings,and maybe this is a patriot reaction to garbage television broadcasts.Probably it’s just TV viewers fed up with schlock.But,I believe it serves the patriot cause when TV “programs” that attack America’s Christian morality or lead people down dangerous roads in their personal lives,or just stink up the airwaves with junk and sleaze,go off the air;that’s good for America.Indeed,scanning the hundreds of channels and networks that millions of us have access to,the vast majority of them are putrid trash.I remember when TV was free,we had only about 8 channels to choose from,and it was so much better from the garbage today that the difference is between day and night.Yes,when the day prevailed in Hollywood,it gave us the Golden Age of Television.Now that the night prevails in Tinsel Town,we get degenerate garbage like “Golden Girls”(a gaggle of dirty old broads),Desperate Housewives(one of Laura Bush’s favorite shows),King of Queens,Queer Nation,The Rosie O’Donnell Show.UGH! I’ve had enough! And I think most of you patriots have had enough too! And why are these degenerate shows on with degenerate personalities? Because degenerates of the night rule Hollywood,and they’ve ruled for about 40 years,not too long after the Production Code was no longer enforced.And as they say,the rest is history.But that soft-core-porn soap opera AMC-with its trashy dialogue,sexual innuendo and the constant “Who’s sleeping with who?” plots-and the possible downfall of the network of a false prophetess who has ruined so many lives with her New Age gab fests and psycho-babble,can only help reverse America’s moral breakdown and help the patriot cause.However,what’ll replace “All My Children”? ABC used to broadcast that garbage soap and The Oprah Winfrey Show,and that Robert Iger-owned network,which also owns garbage networks Disney and ESPN(with the latter,one has to have an IQ of -100 to apply for a job there),will likely put on something worse than AMC or the tripe that appears on OWN.What passes for entertainment on American TV is another reason why I believe the Almighty is judging this country.These garbage shows and networks shouldn’t have an audience of no more than a few thousand,but that they have viewership in the millions shows how far America has slouched towards Gomorrah.

Patriots,I hope to write the next post before Satan’s holiday of Halloween comes around.Till then,please log on to this site’s parent site patriotsunite spread the word.Time is of the essence in the patriot war we’re fighting.We’re in this for the long run.Here are the last lines to Michael Martin Murphy’s song Goodbye,Old Desert Rat:”Success is survival,and you toughed it out.Yes,we all toughed it out.” Let’s all commit ourselves to tough out this patriot battle for America,despite the bleakness of the hour.To all the patriot desert rats out there from sea to shining sea,till next time.