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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Hello,patriots.Summer 2011 has ended,and it was a tough one throughout America.With the passing of Labor Day,the next major holiday will be Thanksgiving Day,where millions of Americans are fortunate enough to have a 4-days weekend.Between now and then,there’s still Columbus Day and Veteran’s Day(Thank a veteran when you get a chance!),although those holidays don’t get the recognition they deserve.We should honor and celebrate those days just like Labor Day and Independence Day! So now,the brats are back at school and most of us are back from Summer vacations.Many patriots have taken much-needed and much-deserved R & R;we’ve been refreshed,relieved,replenished.This patriot took an occasional retreat(I had to for health reasons!)and it was welcome relief.But now,patriots,it’s time to return in full to the front,for our nation’s very life,I’m convinced,is in danger.

On the immoral,unconstitutional war in Afghanistan-the graveyard of empire-still being waged by the warmonger US government,77 US troops were wounded at a base from a bomb attack.And attacks like these will probably continue as long as US servicemen continue to be forced to fight and get wounded and die far from home and where they have no business being in.This war isn’t fought for the American people,but for evil-minded men and women who savor war and conquest.Even though corrupt Washington,DC doesn’t have the money to prosecute this “War on Terror!” in Afghanistan,Iraq and elsewhere,they still fight it nonetheless.To paraphrase E.Michael Jones in the July/August issue of Culture Wars magazine,when a government abandons morality,it becomes a criminal enterprise.No further proof of the federal government having become a criminal enterprise is all the injustices and bloodletting waged under orders from the White House since about 2002,with 9/11 used to justify one immoral,criminal act after another.And citing “9/11″-a date that has taken on a mystifying,virtually surreal meaning and significance-the 10-years anniversary of those heinous terroristic attacks came this September,on a Sunday.And the build-up,the hoopla,the ballyhoo,the excess,the extravagance,one elaborate ceremony after another,was absolutely sickening,revolting.Joyce Riley-the obnoxious hostess of The Power Hour radio broadcast-stated on-air after the 9/11 circuses had finally ended,that it was virtually impossible to avoid some 9/11 coverage in the major media.Even The Shopping Channel-that hideous testament to contemporary American materialism,greed and acquisitiveness-televised 9/11 ceremonies and events! She said that almost every station on radio and television was running some kind of “9/11″ special or documentary.Patriots,I believe this was planned,coordinated,strategized by the same bunch of warmongers and imperialists and Muslim-killers and/or their supporters who continue to prosecute the WOT!(War on Terror!).”Never Forget” is one of the 9/11 movement’s slogans,similar to the “Never Again” mantra of the Holocaust Industry.And yes,”they”don’t want us to forget 9/11.And of course,we shouldn’t forget the worst attack on US citizens in the nation’s history.BUT,the warmongers,the neo-cons,the ethno-fanatics,the neo-crusaders,these rogues don’t want us to forget because they want to keep us incited-24/7/365-to keep fighting and supporting their evil,totally unnecessary war! Ryan Crocker is US Ambassador to Afghanistan.This crock is a globalist,CFR member,who replaced someone just like him when he took the post.He recently defended the US military’s continued presence in the graveyard of empire because,he said,since the US occupation,there hasn’t been another 9/11.And that’s why US forces should stay there as long as necessary.Wow! So to protect Americans from terrorism via Al Qaida or the Taliban,US servicemen will have to fight street by street,village by village,mountain by mountain,in a chaotic country about 8,000 miles away?! Hogwash! This is just the typical globalist-CFR propaganda line/casus belli used to persuade a war-weary American public that “they” are “protecting us.” Again,hogwash! “They” constantly jeopardize our safety with their biased ,interventionist,Israel’s-government-is-always-right Middle East foreign policy,their warmongering,their killing of thousands of innocent civilians(largely via drone attacks),their violating the borders and sovereignty of other nations.They can protect us by securing our own borders and by stop violating the borders of other countries! To conclude,patriots,on this subject,the Bush/Clinton dynasty that has ruled the White House probably from the day President Reagan was shot has been and still is a criminal operation.Their immoral,unconstitutional wars of invasion and conquest is one piece of evidence to prove it.And the US serviceman-who now is forced to serve with open homosexuals and soon to serve with babes on subs-is the immediate victim of their evil games.

Another negative economic record has been broken under President Abomination’s rule,when US Census Bureau reported that a record number of Americans are living in poverty(about 46 million),and average household income has dropped to 1996 levels.The once-Golden State of California also broke a record,when it was reported that the number of employable Californians who are actually employed has hit a record-low.And lastly,with all the horrible “natural” disasters that have ripped across America throughout 2011,the disaster-relief fund used by the federal government to assist locations that they officially designate as disaster areas is close to depletion.So if another major natural disaster hits somewhere and causes millions,possibly billions,in damages,the money will probably not be there.The old,wise reminder to “Save it for a rainy day” has been lost on the spendaholics in DC for about the last 40 years.Maybe now,when disaster-relief money may not be there to help victims of floods,hurricanes,wildfire,etc,the real day of reckoning will come to reckless,immoral Washington,DC and also those Americans who’ve supported the reckless waste all these years because they were only concerned with feathering their own nests.Anyway,congratualtions to the Abomination for continuing to break records while he helps to break America.

On La Conquista front,Proctor & Gamble-accused about 15-20 years ago of practicing Satanism at top levels in the company hierarchy(their logo used to be an image of the Egyptian sun god Ra-the sun with the smiley face on it and the flashes of sunlight shooting from its edges)-has decided that they’re going to heavily pursue the Spanish-speaking population residing in America to boost corporate sales.They’ll try to accomplish this in several ways,like advertising in Spanish-language media and placing Spanish on labels of their products.Like Tommy Jefferson said many moons ago,the merchant has no country-i.e.,he cares about his profit and little else.I’m sure Mr.Jefferson was generalizing when he wrote or said that,but it certainly applies to companies like P & G who don’t care one whit that they’re encouraging America’s largest minority population not to learn and/or speak English,and this is encouraging the establishment of an official Latin American Espanol-speaking nation on US soil.P & G has been doing this for some time now,but they’re now going to intensify their efforts.And when I recommended in the comments section of The Wall Street Journal article on this story that patriots boycott the company for aiding and abetting La Conquista,some geek with the surname of Hoffman replied to me that the company is just trying to make money and that I have a bigoted attitude.Good for me! And for the patriot cause! I urge patriots to refuse to buy Proctor & Gamble products;we still have alternatives.And boycott any company that encourages people living in our country not to learn and/or speak English and patronize companies that don’t hispander.Walk or drive the extra mile if you have to or pay the extra few bucks.It’ll be worth it.La Conquista now moves to New Mexico,where AP “minority affairs” reporter Russell Cardenas wrote an article praising some pseudo-church groups who are trying to prevent the state’s government from refusing to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.This is how pro-illegal-immigrant and pro-Diversity Gang Associated Press is:that they would actually employ a minority-affairs reporter(that’s all he does is cover “minority” affairs,presumably)and then write such an obviously biased article in defense of illegal immigrants in NM.And why shouldn’t he?:He’s probably Mexican himself! When I e-mailed him my displeasure over his propaganda piece,he was nice enough to respond that if I knew of an anti-illegal-immigration protest in the state,to let him know and he’ll cover it.But how can he be trusted to cover an event of that nature? Lastly on La Conquista-and this one hurts most of all-is a Tampa,FL radio station that has broadcast for almost 60 years and  primarily to a black-American audience,has fallen to La Conquista.WTMP broadcasts on both AM and FM and has played classic soul and urban contemporary with occasional special programming.The station hasn’t changed owners yet but has switched formats,and the new format is called “La Bahia”-Espanol for “The Bay.” How typical of La Conquista,that they don’t even use English when describing a station’s format.Why can’t they call it “The Bay”? Because they’re conquistadors! And once again,Congressional Black Caucus maintains its racial alliance with Congressional Hispanic Caucus to oppose the dreaded “white majority” even when La Conquista and especially the latino illegal-immigrant population is causing more harm in many respects to American blacks than American whites! But this isn’t the first time where those in power have sold out their own people for nefarious reasons.So another radio station falls to the conquistadors.About 800 radio stations in America are broadcasting in Espanol.Patriots,Remember the Alamo!

Fortunately,patriots won a battle against one of America’s most anti-patriot enemies:Israel Lobby.Jewish-American scientist Stewart Nozette worked for various US government agencies for about 20 years and was caught passing classified intelligence data to a FBI agent posing as an Israeli spy.He also offered Mossad(Hebrew for “Deception”)raw US intelligence for money.I posted a news link on this blog’s parent site with commentary on this case when he was first arrested for the alleged espionage in 2009.Mossad had even set up a front company posing as a legitimate business which Nozette frequented.He has been in jail since his arrest and is scheduled to receive a 13-years sentence by,interestingly enough,a Jewish judge.NPR was the only major news source that I came across to report on Nozette’s espionage,and that’s probably because the establishment media wants to keep up the appearance that Israel’s government is a friend of America.Nozette’s espionage debunks that illusion,that propaganda.But this case is an important patriot reminder that Israel Lobby can be defeated;they’re far from invincible.

Morality in America keeps dropping.With all the serious economic and financial problems we’re in,it seems a lot of Americans are getting more and more desperate.A surge in the sale of lottery tickets is proof of this,as many people spend what’s left of disposable income on that proverbial chance in a million.Of course,the immoral governments at the state level love this surge in purchasing lottery tickets because the more tickets sold,the more tax revenue they gather.That a lot more Americans are gambling in an attempt to escape economic and financial hardship should concern us all,in that it contributes to a breakdown in morality and ethics and a propensity for people who want to make oodles of money without working for it or earning it.

There was another surge in our country over the last few weeks:a ghastly surge in horrible multiple-homicide.I’m about to cite 11 such incidents along with analysis.The first 3 to report on involved shootings and killings via rifle fire,which is probably another indication that America’s crime wave is tantamount to a war.A rifleman shot dead 6,wounded 2 others and then shot himself dead in a murder spree covering the states of WV,OH and KY.At a campground in upstate New York,a dad shot dead his 2 young daughters with a rifle and then shot himself dead with the same rifle.And at an IHOP in Carson City,NV,a rifleman shot 3 people dead,including a uniformed National Guardsman and a uniformed Guardswoman,wounded 6 others and then shot himself dead with the same rifle.How incredible that these multiple homicides were all committed with rifles and the shooters all shot themselves dead after they committed the murders.Were the National Guard soldiers singled out by the shooter? The media has yet to report what drove these men to commit multiple homicide/suicide,and I think that’s because they don’t want us to know.The establishment media continues to report that crime is down from the previous year,as if that’s supposed to re-assure us.Maybe these shooters were on drugs,prescription or illegal.That MSM(Mainstream Media)is barely reporting on the causes of these horrible murders indicates that they have something to hide,something they don’t want us to know about,or they don’t want to panic the populace with all the murderous terror raging throughout the country.And it’s mainly because they’re protecting their establishment of power and prestige and great wealth;sometimes I think they actually get entertained with all these terrible murders,while they live in their isolated wealthy neighborhoods that are so far removed from the great unwashed working classes.But now back to the crime-wave reports.In the big city known as The Big Apple over Labor Day weekend,52 people were shot.What a great way for “Diverse,” multi-cultural New York City to spend a 3-days weekend! On Labor Day evening,2 policemen were shot when responding to the shooting deaths of 2 people a few hours after West Indian Day Parade;almost without fail,there are shootings at that annual parade celebrating Afro-Caribbean culture.Maybe the shootings are part of the culture! And lo and behold,8 people were shot at a “house party” in the northeast Bronx-In a backyard at 4 AM!-in a neighborhood with a large black-Caribbean population.It may be hard for some patriots to believe that a bunch of slobs will throw a loud party in a backyard into the wee hours of the morning without the slightest consideration for people living nearby,but again,I guess that’s “culture” for us-in The Big Apple.Moving north to outside Beantown,a “live-in boyfriend” shot dead his “live-in girlfriend” and her 2 teenage daughters.The suspect and the victims are and were latinos,and the mom’s name was,get this,Milka(After milk?)and one of the daughters was named Sachary(After saccharine?).When I commented about this on Yahoo,a female replied to my comment by asking what point was I trying to make.I responded that there’s a latino and black subculture in America that occasionally identifies itself by naming their children with the most hideous of names.There are names far worse than Milka and Sachary that I’ve come across over the years,and it indicates incredible backwardness and stupidity.And of course in this case,the LIB(Live-in Boyfriend)wasn’t the father of the 2 murdered girls.And that’s another sign of the aforesaid subculture,while it may not have applied specifically in this case:rampant,pervasive out-of-wedlock births and makeshift marriages and living arrangements.The Third World is alive and well throughout America’s landscape,and it’s probably spreading like wildfire.Now we travel west to Motown,where 3 were shot dead and one critically wounded in a hollowed-out city that may best represent the betrayal of a once-prosperous American city by the country’s political and business establishments.Over to just outside Minneapolis,a young girl returned home from school to find her parents shot dead along with the babysitter in what appears to be a double-homicide/suicide.Heading south to PA and Old Virginny,a US Army captain-on the eve of the arrival of Hurricane Irene-shot dead his ex-wife,her boyfriend and 2 other victims in both states before killing himself.And we end our long report on felony crime in sunny Florida.Over 2 days in Jacksonville,2 shootings left 3 dead and 12 wounded,with 11 of the 12 wounded at-Where else?-a house party.And in Tampa outside “Club Elite,” 2 were shot dead and 22 wounded.What an elite club that is! If the establishments in government and media continue to downplay and under-report America’s crime wave,it’ll only get worse.And maybe that’s what a lot of revolutionaries in government and media and elsewhere want:when the smoke clears,they pick up the marbles.Patriots,please prepare for the worst in meeting head-on,America’s crime wave,especially with an economy that continues to deteriorate.Be alert,be informed,stay armed or get armed,try to develop working relationships with local law enforcement,stay in touch and stick together with neighbors and co-patriots.And most importantly,fight back! Especially when your very neighborhood is under criminal attack.And even the country as a whole.

The penultimate paragraph on this blog usually cites incidents of what I believe are or at least could be God’s judgments on America.I will begin citing 6 such incidents over the past few weeks.Hurricane Irene slammed the Northeast with heavy rains and high winds,but this Big Apple where I live was curiously spared the wrath that fell on upstate NY and especially Vermont-the state that seems to have suffered the worst Irene damage.There was a ridiculous over-reaction by NYC mayor Michael Money-Bags Bloomberg to Irene,as he ordered the city’s entire mass-transit system to shut down at noon on Saturday before Irene hit in force overnight Saturday into Sunday.The devastation in states like NJ,PA and VT was horrible,as some Vermont towns were literally surrounded by water and were cut off from other towns.Food,water and other supplies had to be dropped via helicopters into these towns because the people couldn’t leave their houses or their towns to get essentials.Millions of people throughout the Northeast lost power-some for about 8 straight days-and by last count,38 people died due to the storm.And then tropical storm Lee roared up from LA and caused dreadful flooding,especially in New Jersey.Some news reports described the damage as “apocalyptic.”The worst that befell this patriot in the Southeast Bronx was the elbow pipe connecting the gutter to the drain pipe in the driveway was blown off.Irene and Lee were a fitting end to an incredibly violent Summer 2011.I was going to post a link to an AP article that summarized many of the weather disasters to afflict America this year and last,but I chose not to because the writer just couldn’t bear the thought of opining that all this horrible weather may just be the Almighty’s wrath on a nation engaged in more and more idolatry,lawlessness,corruption;but of course,he did write that “global warming” may be the culprit.And he trotted out one scientist after another to try and make his case.Just the mere thought of a superior being judging and punishing sinful man is unthinkable to the minds of the average establishment reporter in America.And now we travel down to just outside the Texas capital of Austin,where wildfire described as a “monster” by a state official destroyed about 1,500 homes and forced thousands of evacuations.And while this was occurring,TX governor and GOP presidential candidate Little Ricky Perry was campaigning-in South Carolina.At least the power-loving jerk had the decency to stop his out-of-state campaigning and tend to the citizens of the state he governs.And there are parts of the Lone Star State that hasn’t seen rain in…a year.Is that unbelievable?! No rain for an entire year! To me it seems like the Almighty is punishing TX,and I think one reason is the sleazy,very powerful politicians who seem to proliferate there.The message may very well be that if people continue to put bad people into power over themselves and over other citizens,a price will be paid,eventually.And what about too these clown “evangelists” from TX like Joel Osteen,John Hagee,Kenneth Copeland et al with their opulent “mega-churches”? That’s another big reason why i believe TX is under divine judgment.In another reference to America’s gambling craze(before I cited the lottery-tickets surge),lightning struck workers in Atlantic City,NJ-gambling capital of the Northeast-who were building yet another gambling casino in that city,this one to be called “Revel.” One worker was killed and 2 seriously injured from the strikes.This casino is going to be 53-stories high,and is just another enticement for people to blow their money on the chance of gaining more.While these workers were just doing their jobs,I believe these injuries and the death should remind us to consider right and wrong,wherever we work,and I’ll leave it at that.And then we had 2 incredible co-incidences of death by natural causes and by tragic accident.The 51-years-old daughter of the late anti-patriot US senator Edward Kennedy,and the 51-years-old daughter of anti-patriot former US senator and vice-president Walter Pie-Face Mondale,died on consecutive days-Kennedy’s daughter from a heart attack(although she was treated for lung cancer a few years earlier)and Mondale’s daughter from brain cancer.Kennedy’s girl was a TV producer,and the thrice-married daughter of Mondale was a socialite and an occasional TV personality.Again,I call this an incredible co-incidence because,well,it is.That 2 women of the same age and who were daughters of two of the most ultra-liberal anti-patriot US senators in modern times,dying so young and on almost the same day,makes me wonder that,at least some times,bad people in power or who were in positions of great power who passed bad laws will be judged.Did it happen in the deaths of these 2 women? I don’t know.But the incredible co-incidence forces me to reflect on the possibility.And the other incredible co-incidence was,within a span of about 24 hours,the crashes of 2 WW2-era planes at air shows in Nevada and West Virginia,killing both pilots,along with 11 spectators,and injuring about 50.The news reports claim faulty parts caused the crashes.Like I’ve written,patriots,I believe our country is under divine judgment.I don’t know if that caused these horrible crashes and deaths and injuries,but again,the incredible co-incidence forces me to think it’s quite possible.Maybe it’s a judgment on militarism,celebrating war,people endangering themselves while getting entertained.Just theorizing.And lastly on the possibility of God’s judgment upon us is a doozy.National Cathedral in the nation’s capital is nominally an Episcopalian church building,but in my opinion it’s a New Age temple-a temple where the gods and goddesses of DIVERSITY,feminism,neo-paganism,multi-culturalism are worshipped.It symbolizes the unholy partnership of a corrupt government in the White House and the Capitol with a corrupt Protestant establishment.Well,on September 7th-four days before the Cathedral was to host the Abomination and several other famous politicians and others in a 9/11 memorial-a 500-tons crane that was repairing damage to the cathedral from the recent earthquake came crashing down from a furious thunderstorm.A 500-tons crane brought down by a thunderstorm! Talk about an act of God! Miraculously,no one was injured.But the downed crane did cause the neo-pagan cathedral to move its 9/11 memorial service to other locations! Patriots,come on! Wasn’t this God’s wrath on a corrupt,anti-patriot-anti-Christ government and corrupt religious establishment?! How can it not be?! But notice how writing like this from the corrupt,immoral “Christian” establishment is virtually nowhere to be found.And why? Because they’re part of that corrupt establishment! The phony mega-church entertainers and other ilk like them probably fear the Almighty’s judgment just as much as the Abomination! So now,maybe they’ve been given a warning.And all of us too.

So after all this bad news on this patriot blog,I close as usual with reports of patriot activism in our land.The first is a haberdasher in Chattanooga,TN-what some have called the Scenic Center of the South-is encouraging his customers to buy American-made clothing.So all you patriots in the Chattanooga-area,please patronize Bruce Baird & the city’s downtown.Mr.Baird claims that there are only 8-that’s right,8-major clothing manufacturers left in America.Let’s spend a bit more,patriots,and buy their products that are still made by good ol’ American labor.And lastly is the encouraging news that Democratic congresswoman Kathy Hochul,who recently won a special election in a heavily GOP district in upstate NY,announced that she ‘ll buck her party leadership on so-called “free trade” treaties that she recognizes to have caused much more harm than good in the district she represents and throughout America.She was helped along on this decision by a 3rd-party Tea Party candidate who spent millions in the race because the GOP candidate was for “free trade.” The good news here is,first,voters,maybe for not the right reasons,didn’t vote strictly party line in this election,since Republicans outnumber Democrats almost 3-1.And that Ms.Hochul has so soon announced an independent mind on very important “free trade” treaties and legislation is quite a relief and quite surprising in a federal government that still,virtually all the time,still “follows the leader.” And something similar happened in NY’S 9th C.D.when GOP candidate Robert Turner defeated the Democrat candidate by about 8 % in a district where Democrats outnumber Republicans also about 3-1.This district which was formerly represented by pervert Anthony Weiner hadn’t elected a non-Democrat in about a century.But don’t rejoice too much,patriots,for Mr.Turner gives the impression that he’s a neo-con warmonger who was endorsed by ethno-fanatic,former NYC mayor Edward Koch and former NYC mayor Adolf Ghouliani.That Turner will be better than hot dog Weiner isn’t much to celebrate,but that those who normally vote Democrat and considered an alternative is encouraging.

Patriots,Fall has arrived.We now have more time and energy to fight the patriot cause in what may be America’s darkest days.Our time may be short,so let’s make best use of the time we still have left to save our country from her enemies,almost all of them right here in power over us or those who put them in power over us at election time and by funding their campaigns.And to all you Tea Party patriots,especially in the New York City-area,please beware of neo-con infiltration.The latest rat to sneak in is Eric Golub,who in one recent photo looks like Lenin with a wig.He was invited to speak at the small Bronx Tea Party this month and is now scheduled to “entertain” a big Tea Party gathering in upstate NY in October.It took only a few minutes of Internet research to prove to me that  Eerie Eric is a typical Jewish neo-con who wants the Tea Party to be just another immoral-war party like the Republicrats.He and his ilk want Americans to hate Arabs and Muslims just like he probably does,and he likely wants us to kill as many of them as possible in foreign wars fought far from America’s shores but near the nation of Israel-the country that probably holds his primary love and affection.Tea Party patriots,we love America,we fight for America,not Israel or any other foreign country.If Golub and his fellow neo-cons want an Israel-first Tea Party,let them start one up in Israel.Israel isn’t the 51st state! Although the neo-cons want it to be! Israel Lobby and their allies the neo-cons have already cost too many American lives! No more! And no Israel-first neo-cons in the Tea Party! Bar them! Ban them! Tell them to get lost! Remember,it was anti-war congressman Ron Paul who started the modern-day Tea Party during the 2008 presidential campaign in Boston Harbor! And the neo-cons and the GOP establishment have been trying to hijack our tea and our party ever since! Let’s not let them do that without a fight! Maybe I’ll see some of you patriots and Tea Partiers at the upstate NY conference.If I do go and Golub and the neo-cons attend,sparks are bound to fly! Either way,I’ll see you here in a couple of weeks.May Almighty God bless our patriot cause.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Greetings,patriots,on this first day of September 2011.Labor Day Weekend is near,and with that is the so-called “unofficial end to Summer” and the return to school and the end of Summer vacations for many millions.But let’s remember that Summer doesn’t really end until September 23rd! I think September is the most-beautiful month of the year! So let’s enjoy it! Warm days and cool nights! Here in New York City,we had an oppressive July of heat and humidity.But,August,which is normally much hotter and more humid than July,felt like Fall! I wonder what this month will bring as America continues to experience incredibly bizarre weather!

Before I plunge into the review of the important news from this patriot’s perspective,I’d like to inform co-patriots of the Internet sources I use for reading and studying the news and posting it and commentary on this blog’s parent website use 7 sources:My Yahoo! Home Page,AVG News,Real Clear Politics,Blacklisted News,American Patrol,Worthy News and Opera Portal(which includes the top-20 stories from British sources BBC News,Reuters,The Daily Mail and The Guardian).I also subscribe to the magazines The New American(I’m behind about 7 issues!)and Culture Wars and the newsletters Immigration Report,American Renaissance and Last Trumpet Newsletter.I subscribe to several other periodicals,as I try to stay as informed as possible and get different views and perspectives.So as you patriots can see,I’m very busy fighting the patriot cause by trying to get as well-informed as possible and to learn and share comments,ideas and suggestions with co-patriots.Patriots will have to network and fight our cause with as much unity and like-mindedness as possible,or else we’ll fail(a house divided can’t stand).In order to save time and energy,I’ve worked out a schedule for and this blog,so I can free up some time to catch up on the back issues of The New American,start reading some issues of hundreds of other periodicals that are literally piled up on the bedroom desk,and to crack open before month’s end,the first book that I’ll start to read in about 16 months.On one day,I’ll visit 6 of the 7 aforementioned Internet sources,and the next day,5.I don’t think I’ll miss much important news because some of these sites have news going back several days before they archive them.And patriots can always send me news or opinion via the Contact Us link on the home page of to the news.

I think this is the first time I’m beginning this blog’s review with financial and economic news,as the news on the immoral wars being fought by the US federal government(the War on Terror!)and all the political corruption and immorality throughout the land took a bit of a breather the past couple of weeks.Maybe that’s because Congress is in recess! When they’re out of town,we have much less to worry about! Most of the bad news on the economic front is in real estate,but I start off with yet another record being broken since President Abomination entered the White House in January 2009:the yield on 10-years treasury notes hit a record-low of just over 2%.That’s 2% interest on a government security with a 10-years maturity! It’s as if the glorified counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve and their accomplices at the US Treasury don’t want anyone to buy the securities they auction off! But it’s obviously all part of the plan to discourage us not to save by purchasing government securities,but to just spend our money like there’s no tomorrow.That 2/3 of the economy they’ve forced on us is based on consumer spending isn’t enough for these greedy louses.They probably want the economy to be based 100% on consumer spending! Spend,spend,spend! They want us dependent on money men by forcing us to buy almost-anything with a hefty price tag with a credit card or a bank loan.It makes the rich richer! And more powerful and influential! If we want any real return on our savings,the pin-striped bandits running “their” economy will arrogantly tell us to buy stocks,despite their precariousness and unpredictability.So congratulations to the Abomination for another negative record getting broken during his rule,this time by appointing or keeping in power the arrogant,ruthless,greedy men who are running America into the ground economically and financially.And now to the Depression-like housing market.In Baltimore,MD,20% of the houses sold were for under $20,000 in the first half of 2011;Americans who make late mortgage payments are paying them at 8 times a higher rate than the average(i.e.,if the average rate was 1 month late,it’s now 8 months late);and more Americans are renting places to live and not buying homes,prompting MSNBC to ask if America is becoming a “rentership society”-i.e.,a society where,for a multitude of reasons,more and more Americans are unable or unwilling to be homeowners and choose to rent where they live.The average pandering politician has crowed many times how they’ll fight for “The American Dream,” which has mostly alluded to a married couple raising a family in a comfortable home in a safe neighborhood with good schools nearby.But again,because of “their’ economy-high and chronic unemployment,bad credit,lack of credit,stagnant wages,outsourcing,careless loans,importing poverty via massive Third World immigration,Puerto Rico’s “commonwealth” status,high taxes,punishing those who save or want to save money,”free trade” treaties,taxpayer bailouts for big shots,skyrocketing medical-care costs,Wall Street getting turned into a gambling casino(a la Uncle Bernie Madoff),inter alia-we now have what looks like a real depression in American housing.In this middle-class neighborhood in the Southeast Bronx where I’ve lived since 1960,there are a multitude of nice houses that have big “For Sale” signs on them-for years in some cases-and they’re just sitting there.Where is everybody?! This never happened before in this neighborhood until about 4 years ago! Like Steve McQueen’s character Jake Holman yelled out right before he died in the classic 1966 film The Sand Pebbles:”What the hell happened?!” One reason here has to be that the borough that used to be called “The good ol’ Bronx” is now about 52% latino,30% black,and only 11% white and about 5% Asian.There simply aren’t enough people with money for down payments and not enough people with adequate credit histories to get loans.And that the Bronx has near-12% unemployment is another housing killer.So the owners of many of these unsold houses are eventually left with no other choice but to rent them out,and quite often they’re rented out to undesirables like drug users or drug dealers,hookers,welfare queens and their broods,party animals,burglars,truants.This is how neighborhoods get turned into ghettos.And the money men and the liberal social engineers with their games of racial favoritism to latinos and blacks in home loans are largely responsible for this ungroovy situation.One big way to help turn things around is to reduce immigration into our land from its current 1.3 million to about 300,00-500,000 and let in more Europeans and Asians who’ll have more skills and capital to create businesses that’ll create more jobs.We don’t need anymore unskilled foreign labor! Anyway,patriots,I urge all of you to get out of debt as quickly as possible and shop around for the best house you can find.It’s probably a good idea to wait as long as possible until prices drop even further.For too long,real estate was a seller’s market;now it’s a buyer’s market.Prices rose ridiculously high,and too many people went way over their heads to buy houses they really couldn’t afford.And that leads to another reason for the housing crisis:greed.Greed of homeowners asking way too much for their houses,while the gullible or greedy bought them regardless,thinking that the prices would just keep rising.They never considered Brook Benton’s immortal warning:”What goes up,must come down.” So now the piper must be paid.He has played his tune for about the past 15-20 years,a tune of selfishness,greed,materialism,status-seeking,race favoritism,reckless loans,Wall Street gambling and adventurousness,house “flipping,” investing in residential properties just to make big profits with no consideration for the neighborhoods those houses are in,excessive immigration and migration into our cities and communities.And now we’re all paying a terrible price,from which we may never fully recover from.

On La Conquista front,the Abomination has ostensibly thrown a bone to 2 anti-patriot lobbies:Amnesty Gang and Latin Lobby.The bone is his announcement that US Dept.of Homeland Security will no longer deport illegal immigrants unless they’ve committed felony crimes committed on our soil.In other words,breaking into our country without the government’s permission,violating our borders and staying here in defiance of US immigration law,is no longer grounds for deportation! So now the message is out to all those south of the border and everywhere else in the world:people anywhere in the world,but mainly south of the border,can come to America and stay here on their own volition and stay as long as they want.Of course,Abomination’s re-election was propounded too before this anti-patriot/pro-criminal announcement.He wants a large majority of the latino vote in 2012,and that GOP got about 40% of the latino vote in 2010 is a big bugaboo for Abomination and his anti-patriot Democratic Party.So he and they figure that if they allow illegal-immigrant latinos to not only stay in America-But even give them work permits!-latinos will come out in droves next year and about 80-90% of their voters will vote Democrat,just like the percentage of black voters who vote Democrat at almost every election.And the state where Abomination released the first illegal immigrants from detention(and of course,they’re latino)was Georgia-the state where patriots recently enacted one of the tougher anti-illegal-immigration laws in the country.This obviously was deliberate-an act of aggression against those GA patriots who worked for that law’s passage-basically telling them:”Ha,ha.Pass all the laws you want.We’ll release the illegal immigrants you detain and we’ll even give them work permits.How do you like that,you patriots in the racist state of Georgia!” Patriots in the Peach State and everywhere else in America:Hear ye,hear ye! The Abomination and his comrades have declared a form of war against us! And if this warmonger-criminal of a president continues to implement this latest act of lawlessness,then US House of Representatives should impeach him! Forthwith! To quote some lines from the opening and closing song to Pastor Butch Paugh’s shortwave-radio broadcast A Call to Decision:”This is war! It’s not a game we’re playing;this is war.” Yes,patriots,this is war;this is no game.The Abomination is the titular head of the anti-patriots ruling Washington,and they’re waging war against the American people.Let’s see how the GOP majority in the House reacts to this latest treachery from Abomination and his comrades.

America’s moral breakdown now includes even cartoons.Parents Television Council recently concluded after a lengthy study that the majority of kiddie cartoons are loaded with sexual innuendo,crass dialogue,even some vulgarity and profanity.How typical of anti-Christ Hollywood to now even corrupt the minds and morals of our kids with dirty cartoons.So why are they doing this? I believe they primarily want to mess up their impressionable minds at young ages so they grow up to be degenerates and morons when they enter adolescence.The more instability and immorality in our society,the better for anti-America/anti-Christ Hollywood.They obviously have an agenda,and it’s not just to make a lot of money.Here’s a warning from Christ Himself(paraphrased)to those who debauch children:”if anyone leads kids astray,it would be better for him or her if a millstone were hung around his or her neck and thrown into the sea.” Christ wasn’t only about love and kindness! He also had strong words of warning for the evil-minded! And if any group of dirt bags ever needed that warning,it’s the anti-Christ dirt bags in Hollywood.

In the seedy arena of US pro-sports(pro-football in this case),a pre-season game between San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders in San Fran’s Candlestick Park featured more than just the pigskin being tossed around:during and after the game,2 young men were shot and 1 assaulted,and 2 of the victims are in critical condition.One of the victims was wearing a “F… the 49ers” t-shirt(I’m sure the full F-word was printed on the shirt).This meaningless game in a sports stadium in Sodom By the Bay-on a Saturday night,nonetheless-is another example of the madness that has become pro-sports in America.And that these sickening attacks occurred in San Fran in the state now known as The Land of Fruits & Nuts is indicative of why the former Golden State is no longer golden.But at least NFL and the players’ union are considering a major testing policy for steroid use in NFL.That’s long overdue.Meanwhile,patriots,think twice before wasting your time and money going to football games,especially exhibition games on Saturday night in the middle of August.

The crime wave has receded a bit over the past month or so,but there was a typical modern-day-American multiple-homicide in Virginia,and a bizarre witchcraft-ritual murder in New Mexico that sounded like it was right out of a horror film.In Ol’ Virginny,a man was arrested for killing his wife and “her” 3 kids(he wasn’t the father of any of the dead kids)who were found dead in a burning apartment;this makes about the 5th case I’ve come across over about the last 6 months or so where the residences where people were murdered were set on fire.I assume that one reason for this savagery is the murderers wanted to burn away any evidence that may have been left behind at the crime scenes;there also may be involved some kind of bizarre ritualism-something occultic-that leads to these post-crime fires.And that leads me to report and comment on the New Mexico witchcraft murder,where a witch met a man at a casino,agreed to meet him in an isolated place,and the murderess-witch “sacrificed” her victim by stabbing him with a ritual dagger used in witchcraft.Patriots,this murder really happened! It was not in a horror film! And I saw 2 photos of the witch taken of her after the murder.And the one taken of her in an orange jumpsuit worn by murder suspects portrays her as a witch,alright! Elvira! When police examined her cellphone,the witch identified his phone number with the word “sacrifice.’ She must’ve sacrificed this guy to her god Lucifer! How many others has she possibly murdered this way?! But in a society where anti-Christ and the occult continues to amuse and entertain and even inspire,we should probably expect more of these occult crimes.Many years of Harry Potter,Twilight,Sabrina the Teenage Witch and other pro-witchcraft/pro-occult film and literature has conditioned the minds of probably millions of Americans to accept the dark arts or scoff at them or even get titillated by them.And to my knowledge,so far this crime in New Mexico hasn’t been given much national publicity,if any at all.The anti-Christ national news media doesn’t like to report too much on the occult,especially when the alleged murderess is a witch.And that leads me to conclude this paragraph by citing the classic British horror film Horror Hotel(originally titled The City of the Dead),released in 1960.I’ve viewed and studied that film on VHS about 3 times over the past few weeks;interestingly enough,the film was released the year I was born.That film used to be shown several times a year on WPIX Channel 11 in New York City in the ’60s and ’70s and maybe even the early part of the ’80s.WPIX used to be a great local station with great broadcasts like Horror Hotel.But then,I’ll estimate about the late ’80s/early ’90s,Diversity Gang took over.And now it’s an absolutely nauseating station(literally),except when they throw us frumps a bone when they put The Honeymooners on late Sunday night/early Monday morning and they run a New Year’s Eve marathon of America’s greatest TV comedy(no arguments,please).But since the Diversity Gang takeover of WPIX(now CW 11),Horror Hotel has disappeared not just from their broadcasts,but from the broadcasts of any TV network.For about 20-25 years,what’s probably the best horror film of all time hasn’t been shown in America.The main difference between this film and the Harry Potter films and others like it is,Horror Hotel portrays witchcraft as the Devil’s work-yes,including the twice-annual sacrifice of attractive young women-while Potter’s witchcraft is portrayed positively and heroically! And that’s probably one big reason why Horror Hotel has been banished from TV:Because it execrates witchcraft! Like it should! Anti-Christ Hollywood is pro-witchcraft! Pro-occult! Now there also may be copyright issues involved with this film,especially with it being a British production.I’ve been looking for answers to this mystery for many years but have yet to come up with an answer.I even sent a Facebook message to Venetia Stevenson-one of the lead actresses in the film-asking her why the film hasn’t been shown for so long,but she hasn’t answered.I hope the witches haven’t got her! I won’t give any more away than what I already have,but I urge patriots and believers in Christ and opponents of the occult to get the VHS or DVD and watch and study this film.It’s suspense from beginning to end,and at times very scary.But it’s a didactic film,not just a film to scare us.There’s so much to learn from it.The acting is terrific(Christopher Lee is in it),the music is spellbinding,the dialogue is swift and riveting.And here’s another reason why I believe this film has been censored off the airwaves:the cross of Christ is featured prominently in the film’s last scene.And if there’s one thing that anti-Christ Hollywood hates more than anything,it’s the cross of Christ.Patriots,avoid the occult;it’s no game and it’s not amusing.

There are 4 instances where I believe God’s judgment has fallen on America,and 2 instances of it falling in Belgium and Spain.In Sin City,Nevada-otherwise known as Las Vegas-one day in August brought record-heat:110 degrees.At Indiana State Fair,a great gust of wind brought a musical stage crashing down,killing 7 and injuring many more.One of those killed was a Puerto Rican lesbian originally from Bronx,NY,whose Spanish first and last names in English mean “Christian St.James”(Christina Santiago).She moved to the corrupt city of Chicago and worked in the “LGBT” community there;she was a known “LGBT” (lesbian,gay,bi-sexual,trans-gender)activist;and her partner with an Irish surname is in critical condition as a result of the crashing wind.A sickening obituary article on her was written for The Indianapolis Star.And judging by the reporter’s facial photo,I think he’s a LGBT member himself.I think this may be the ultimate in Diversity Gang depravity: even bi-sexuality and trans-genderism is not only normal,but to be celebrated.And at another outdoor music festival(this one in Belgium,called Pukkelpop),a powerful storm of rain and wind also brought down the music stage,killing 5 and injuring 140.This tragedy occurred just 5 days after the stage collapse from bad weather in Indiana,and it hit on Pukkelpop’s opening day,forcing the festival’s cancellation.From what I gather,this festival is pretty screwy.First,the Belgian word “pukkel” means “pimple.” Naming a music festival after a pimple?! And the festival was founded in 1985 by anti-Christ Humanistic Youth of Leopoldsburg.The secular religion of Humanism,basically,is a man-centered religion that places no concrete belief in a superior being,especially Christ or the God of the Bible.It places man at the center of everything and believes humanity can solve all his problems;hence the term “Human”ism.I read the roster of the bands and artists who were scheduled to perform at Pukkelpop this year,and almost every one of them sounded like they are neo-pagans,or New Agers.So,probably for 26 years,Pukkelpop has reveled in horrible music that promotes lust,idolatry,the occult,violence,rebellion just for the sake of rebellion,and other misadventures.These outdoor concerts resemble the ancient pagan ceremonies where multitudes would gather in groves or glades or fields and worship the pagan gods of wood or stone while engaging in various debauched acts(like Woodstock back in the ’60s).I believe it can’t be just co-incidence that these 2 outdoor concerts-just 5 days apart-suffered such similar tragedy.And then the Pope,while giving a speech-again,in the outdoors-at the Catholic event World Youth Day,was rained on so heavily that his speech had to stop and he had to seek shelter.Patriots,Christians,the Man Upstairs is obviously judging and punishing America,and a good deal of the rest of the world too.Per the Bible,He judges and punishes nations and peoples because they are committing great sin against Him,especially the sin of idolatry,which basically is man worshipping other men as if they were God.There are many other great sins our country is wallowing in:corrupt and criminal politicians,who are still supported by millions of Americans;occult entertainment;reveling in sexual depravity,especially the Sin of Sodom;worship of money and profit;rampant drug use;crime gangs terrorizing many neighborhoods in our big cities and even ramifying into the suburbs;false prophets and con-men in both the Protestant and Catholic establishments;and there’s more.But these are the main reasons I believe why God is obviously very angry at America.And how about the rare East Coast earthquake,this one just 80 miles southwest of America’s seat of power in Washington,District of the goddess Columbia? Since I just wrote on the subject of idolatry,was it just a co-incidence that on the very next day after the ugly statue of Michael King(whose daddy changed his name to Martin Luther King when he was 5-years-old)was unveiled on the National Mall,that that earthquake hit? I say no! It wasn’t a co-incidence! The God of Israel hates idol images! And not just of Michael King.Despite the good that King’s activism helped achieve-like ending segregation in the South-he doesn’t deserve a national holiday named for him,he doesn’t deserve a 30-feet statue in his image,and he certainly shouldn’t be deified like Diversity Gang has done to him and continually tries to force on America.King was thought to be either a communist,a communist sympathizer or a communist dupe.His speechwriter Stanley Levinson was a member of US Communist Party.And the foundation which spent $120 million to create this hideous image of him,hired none other than a Chinese sculptor who had previously made sculptures of none other than mass-murderer Mao Tse Tung.And they bought about 100 slabs of granite from Red China and hired Chinese masons to build the graven image,despite the pleas of US senator Patrick Leahy from Vermont,who wanted them to buy the granite that’s plentiful in the Green Mountain State.But they just had to go to Red China and to a sculptor who’s probably a commie just like King was probably a commie.A federal judge sealed all the FBI surveillance tapes and records on King obviously because he wanted to bury the truth,mainly that the so-called Reverend King was a notorious womanizer and adulterer.He even gave an interview to Playboy magazine! He was right at home! Maybe he had a beautiful blond waiting for him after the interview! And take the chance to see a full photo of the King on display on National Mall-which was authorized by Congress in 1983 and which they allocated $10 million of tax money for.I have a stand-alone photo of it on,and it,I’m convinced,was made to resemble an angry god judging America for her sins against blacks and other “oppressed people.” Those crossed arms and the glowering,angry visage seem to say:”America,and you white people,I don’t forgive you for what you’ve done to my people.You will be punished for what you’ve done.” This is what the racists,Diversity Gang,neo-pagans,idol-worshippers,cowards have permitted to desecrate National Mall.But while there was no damage to the statue(the Second Commandment is:”You shall not make a graven or carved image;you shall not bow down to them or worship them”),there was serious damage to another monstrosity right near the seat of power in DC:Washington Monument.The earthquake caused serious cracks in the pyramid atop this 555-feet black obelisk and in other parts of the structure,and it’s still closed to the public as I write.Have any of you patriots ever asked yourselves,Just what is the Washington Monument? I believe it’s an Egyptian obelisk(the name of the pagan god Baal is contained in the word obelisk);that’s why there’s a pyramid on top,like the pyramid with the all-seeing eye on the back of the US dollar bill.And like most obelisks,it’s a phallic symbol,built by Freemasons,and erected almost a straight-line away-about a mile long-from the US Capitol,which resembles a woman’s breast.I know this sounds crazy to a lot of you patriots,but the occult and the ancient pagan religions worshipped sexuality and pro-creation.And that this ugly black monument was built so near the headquarters of the US government shows us that while many of America’s founders were devout Christians,others were anti-Christian or at least non-Christian.And those who practice the occult or the mystery religions,as they’re sometimes called,love to build monuments or images to their gods and their beliefs.Well now,for the first time since the monument was built,it has suffered such serious damage from a rare earthquake that it’s closed down.And yet another neo-pagan edifice has suffered damage from the earthquake:National Cathedral.While this is formerly an Episcopalian cathedral,it’s mostly a shrine to the anti-Christ New Age,radical liberalism,militant feminism,Diversity Gang demi-gods.I somehow got on their mailing list about 16 months ago and received several donation requests.And the solicitation letters always bragged about their “diverse” congregation and all the great personages to speak at THE cathedral.In short,it’s a cathedral dedicated to the spirit of anti-Christ which has been raging across America for about the last 40 years.But the great Cathedral with its spires that,similar to Washington Monument,thrust their arrogance and defiance up into the sky,as if they’re provoking the Most High,suffered serious damage from the quake.Great chunks of its facade came crashing down,and the great cathedral has suffered serious structural damage.Patriots,I’ve prayed during many imprecations over the last few years for the Almighty to bring His judgment down on the headquarters of US federal power in Washington.Has He heard me?! Has he granted my request and the requests of others praying for the same judgment on the wicked in power over us and on the pagan images that surround them?! I think this is very possible! If so,keep praying! Put the arrogant in power over us on the defensive by asking for help from the Lord of Lords and to bring His righteous judgment and punishment down upon them! Hallelujah! What momentous times we’re living in! Abomination is probably quaking in his shoes in the Oval Office,hiding under his desk from God’s wrath! He had to cut short his vacation on liberal-rich Martha’s Vineyard because of the earthquake.Awwww! Too bad for the Abomination! And lastly on corrupt DC,the hearing room of US House Financial Services Committee suffered cracks in the walls and falling plaster from the quake.Just this room in the halls of Congress! The Financial Services Committee! Those bums spending us into bankruptcy with all their criminal,reckless ways! But now we leave the ravaged nation’s capital and head up to another corrupt capital:Albany,NY.Just a few miles outside Albany,a rare earthquake of about 3 on Richter’s scale shook things up a bit.And it scared governor Andy Dandy Cuomo-the homo lover-so much that he dispatched some of his boys to the scene to prepare for the worst.This is the divorced,living in sin,sourpuss governor who used every trick in the book to legalize the Sin of Sodom at the marriage altar back in June.And now the Lord may be sending him a message or two for the immoral act he committed.Patriots,all this may indicate that God hasn’t given up on America,that He’s willing to fight the wicked in power over us and bring them to judgment and put them under His wrath,to convict us of our sins,to show us the right way and reject the wrong.Let’s hang in there.We’ll need Him as we keep fighting the patriot cause against those in power over us who seek our defeat.

I close as I usually do with at least one report of patriot activism.Two bills have been submitted in the US House to repeal the parts of the so-called Voting Rights Act that force election districts to provide ballots in non-English languages if people who speak those languages comprise more than 5% of the electorate in an election district.Some conquistador latina persuaded pie-face Walter Mondale-then a US senator from MN-to help get this La Conquista bill passed,and he complied,I’m sure with great gusto.As I’ve written before on this patriot blog,only US citizens can vote in US  elections.And everyone who becomes a US citizen must speak and write and understand English clearly in order to become a citizen.But the conquistadors who’ve invaded our land don’t want to learn or speak our language,but they do want to impose their various dialects of Espanol on the rest of us.And they even get turncoats and sell-outs like pie-face Mondale to force us to spend our money on ballots and election materials in Espanol and other languages to encourage language balkanization throughout the country and destroy America’s identity as an English-speaking country.Bravo to the congressmen who started this patriot ball rolling.It’s unlikely to go anywhere with the anti-patriot Democrats holding a small majority in the senate and with their comrade in the White House.But they’re getting the message out,they’re taking the fight to the anti-patriots,the enemies of America,the conquistadors.Let’s fight with them and try our best to repel the invader and remove their accomplices from their positions of power.Remember the Alamo!

Patriots,I wish you all a safe and joyous 3-days Labor Day weekend.For those of you working retail over the weekend,you have my sympathy;make the best out of your situations.But let’s remember over this Labor Day weekend,that our most important labor is fighting the patriot cause against America’s enemies.Now is the time for bold action,courage,persistence,endurance,mettle,occasional sacrifice.America’s days may very well be numbered,but maybe the Almighty has given us another chance to save our nation from those who seek to destroy her.Patriot labor is the most important and the most satisfying labor of all.Till next time,patriots.Let’s rest this weekend,but never grow weary of the fight ahead of us.