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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Hey,patriots.We’ve emerged from the oppressive “heat bubble” this mid-August in the Big Apple,and I sure needed the relief.The double whammy of heat and humidity threw me for a loop,and I think I’m developing osteo-arthritis in my knees.I didn’t think that that would hit this American patriot at 51,but it has.Maybe I need more exercise.Anyway,let’s get to the really important news from a patriot who sees his country collapsing before his very eyes.

Barack Abomination will almost certainly go down in US presidential history as the president who has either presided over or outright caused one record after another to be broken;so maybe I’ll rename him The Broken-Record President.And mind you,patriots,these are all bad broken records.And the one I’m about to cite is one of the worst.US servicemen suffered their worst loss of life in a single incident in Afghanistan when Taliban fighters brought down a helicopter carrying US Special Forces.In incredible irony,most of the dead were members of the Navy SEAL team that supposedly took out Osama bin Laden.Thirty-eight of America’s best fighting men are now dead because Abomination continues the bloody,immoral war of empire began by his predecessor Boy George.Some of the lapdog media even tried to claim that it was-once again-a helicopter crash that wasn’t brought down by enemy fire.And then the Pentagon and their lapdog media allies want us to believe that not long after this horrible,totally unnecessary loss of US servicemen,the Taliban fighters who brought down the copter were killed by US forces.Oh,doesn’t that make us feel so much better?! Doesn’t that console the widows and fatherless kids?! But this is the lust for blood in the Graveyard of Empire and its environs that characterizes the neo-con warmongers,that this makes the deaths of those special forces just fine,now that their enemies have been taken out.And patriots,I don’t believe it.We’ve been fed so many lies during this War on Terror! that it’s obvious that this claim that they got the Taliban is just propaganda to soothe the anguish of America’s citizens and especially the military families.The Taliban are dressed in mufti.How do they know who were the ones who brought down that copter? They can’t know! It’s part of the madness of a guerilla war! And only about 7-10 days after this record-breaking loss of American life,another 5 servicemen were killed,this time from a roadside bomb.The masters of neo-imperial war in Washington,DC continue their bloody game,using the lives of US servicemen to do their evil bidding.And they’re still scheduled to be there until 2013.If patriots ever,by the grace of Almighty God,ever actually control the federal government,probably the first thing to do is conduct a criminal investigation into the lawlessness and immorality of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Here are 6 items on our country’s political-corruption front.Nancy Pelosi-the US House minority leader who was recently called by Samuel David Meyer in his newsletter The Last Trumpet( possibly the most wicked woman in America-completed her picks for the so-called debt panel that’ll try to reduce the federal government’s debt(Ha!).She picked 3 Democratic congressmen:a latino(Senor Becerra from CA),a black(Mr.Clyburn from SC)and a white(Mr.van Hollen from MD).What splendid DIVERSITY! from the wicked witch from the West! Of course,she didn’t pick these ultra-liberals because of their financial expertise or backgrounds,but obviously out of racial considerations.How transparent that she picked a Mexican,a black and a white for the debt panel! This is how these moron liberals think and act,even when their own government is on the verge of insolvency! But,DIVERSITY is all important to today’s establishment liberal! I wouldn’t be surprised if Becerra needs an interpreter and Clyburn an abacus when they work on the panel.But these are the miserable excuses we have for congressmen and congresswomen.And that leads us to the next low-life to resign from Congress,and again over sexual shenanigans:David Wu(Who?)from Oregon.Wu went off the deep end during his last re-election campaign,and won rather easily in the pinko-liberal district he used to represent even though several staffers urged him to seek help for his behavioral problems.So he refused to not seek re-election,was re-elected,but now some allegations from a teenage girl about his sexual behavior finally forced his hand.This makes the 4th congressman-3 Democrats(Wu,Weiner and Massa-the latter 2 from pinko-liberal NY)and 1 Republican(Lee,also from pinko-liberal NY)-over about the last 14 months to resign due to sexual hijinx.So,3 out of the 4 were from the Empire State! What a reflection that is on this corrupt state that I live in! Some empire! Like pagan,anti-Christ Rome! Proverbs 14:34:”Virtue exalts a nation,but sin is a people’s disgrace.” Patriots,I remember some liberal morons during the 1992 elections when Billy and Hillary Clinton got elected,trying to brainwash voters into believing that morality doesn’t matter when it comes to presidents and other elected officials,that their personal lives are irrelevant.Only an immoral moron would even think about that for one second! But,I think they got a lot of people,especially young people,to agree with that nonsense,at least for a time anyway.That’s one reason why Billy/Hillary got elected and why they still have part of their dynasty ruling in Washington! And we’ve heard endlessly from anti-Christ liberals about “separation of church and state.” Quite often,corrupt politics and corrupt religion make a dangerous mix,and I’m afraid that that awaits us with the alliance of judaizing evangelist Joel Osteen-the Billy Clinton of televangelism(he’s always smiling probably because he’s so filthy rich by fooling so many silly-hearted people into making him rich)-and Texas governor Rick Perry.Good ol’ Joel just opened a brand-spanking-new church building to entertain his followers and donors,and he invited his amigo Perry to attend its opening-day ceremony(just like opening day of a new ballpark).Perry-who about 3 weeks later declared his candidacy for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination-is half-Mexican(you can tell by his facial features),an attendee of the globalist Bilderberger annual conference,a supporter of amnesty for illegal immigrants(that’s to be expected,him being half-Mexican),in short,he’s Boy George on steroids,as one underground patriot called him recently.So the corrupt Texas governor-the highest elected official in the state-teams up with the corrupt mega-church leader-head of the largest mega-church in the Lone Star State-to launch his presidential bid.And little Ricky couldn’t wait to brag about how “diverse” good ol’ Joel’s congregation was-i.e.,he saw “Anglos”(the at-times derisive term for whites among mostly Southwest latinos),he saw blacks,he saw Injuns,and of course he saw his fellow Mexicanos.Well,patriots,this is what they want for the whole of America.Whites have been reduced to about 45% of Texas’s population,and if trends of immigration and birth rates continue,Mexicans-along with other latinos-will become the majority in Texas and will probably rejoin Texas to Mexico.Regardless of whether these scenarios play out,the clear and present danger to America(not just Texas)is the alliance of an anti-patriot governor and presidential candidate with a false-prophet mega-churcher who always preaches,”This is your best life now!.” A corrupt political establishment is a perfect match with a corrupt Christian establishment,and the Perry-Osteen(Of Stein? I think Joel is Jewish)alliance is proof positive of this corruption.Since we’re still on GOP,now we go to warmonger skank Ann Coulter.She has decided to join the advisory board of GOP homo-group GOProud,gushing about how many “gay” supporters she has.I’ve noticed how many homosexuals in public life have a strong attachment to powerful,aggressive,masculine women,like David Brock’s infatuation with Hillary Clinton.So,Coulter’s ego must be massaged by knowing that so many homos admire her,probably because she wants the bodies of millions of Muslims and Arabs to pile up as high as the eye can see.And a lot of homosexuals in politics hate Islam because of its sexual restrictions and especially its condemnation of homosexuality.So this is another unholy alliance,and it’s more proof that Skank Coulter is a bloodthirsty neo-con who has been made filthy rich by the GOP-establishment warmongers at Regnery Publishing and its subsidiary Human Events.What an ugly riot to see them try to make the anorexic-looking,bleached-blond skinny malink a sexual attraction! Oh,please! Have mercy! And since we’re on the subject of the Sin of Sodom,I described in the last post how the degenerates in New York’s legislature passed “same-sex marriage.” I speculated why the Almighty allowed this evil to occur,and reasoned that maybe he had a purpose for allowing it to happen.Well as it turns out,a group of pastors and a Christian-activist law firm filed a lawsuit against several of the scum who got this law passed.They claim in the suit that New York’s Open Meeting Law was violated,that bribes were offered to several senators in exchange for their yes votes,that they shut off debate and refused to allow visits from anti-homo-marriage groups to senators,inter alia.I’m surprised it got a lot of press from MSM,and most of it seemed to be quite sympathetic.So now,patriots in the Empire State,those who legalized the Sin of Sodom at the marriage altar may be in for an unpleasant surprise.Anything can come out during a civil trial,especially one involving state lawmakers.This reminds us that patriots should never say die until the last breath has been taken from them.What divine justice it would be if Dandy Andy Cuomo the Homo Lover and Deano the Skell Skelos-the GOP majority leader in the senate-have criminal charges pressed against them over their mad rush to ram this bill through just 2 days before the “Gay Pride” parade in Manhattan,NY! And lastly on our political corruption came news from Gallup that a majority of voters in 16 states-half of them in the pinko-liberal Northeast and the rest in the upper-Midwest and on the West Coast-approve of the Abomination.Despite all the hell he has brought us,despite his being an obvious anti-patriot,anti-Christ neo-bolshevik,most voters in pinko states like MA and DE and CA think he’s just great.If you ask these jerks and immoral people why they still support Abomination-or the Broken Record-I’d bet they give the vaguest of answers,the dumbest of answers.Of course,a lot of the whites who still support Abomination want to show off how non-racist they are by supporting an “African-American” president,and blindly partisan Democrats will still support him even if he starved them to death;likewise latino and black voters who worship him just because to them he’s a fellow minority.This is blind idolatry,blind loyalty,worship by human beings of another human being as if he were a demi-god.And I’m convinced it’s another reason why this country is under His judgment.And if Abomination does run against a GOP patriot in 2012(highly unlikely)or a Tea Party patriot(possible),these degenerate voters will still vote for their demi-god Abomination,for the aforementioned reasons.Patriots,the way we’re going,we may not make it to 2012.But let’s do all we can to try and get a 2012 patriot candidate to run for president,for the Republicrat corruption may very well destroy us before we can effect real patriot change.

On the economic front,MSM sickeningly over-reported the “drama” of the debt fight in DC.Anyone with half a brain who follows corrupt Washington knew they were going to raise the debt limit once again(it was just a question of how much)and plunge us even further into astronomical debt.But that didn’t stop ratings agency Standard & Poor’s from downgrading-for the first time in US history(Again we have the Broken-Record President!)-US securities from AAA to AA+.This is long overdue! A corrupt,spendthrift,out-of-control government in hock $14 trillion with about $50 trillion in unfunded obligations.And they just now downgrade its debt?! Come on! But the Abomination and his co-radicals couldn’t wait to sic SEC on S & P,trying to find if somehow they committed a crime with the downgrade! This is one reason why he’s called Abomination! He seeks destruction of America! He and his gal pal Mary Shapiro-who was head of the SEC enforcement division when Uncle Bernie Madoff made off with all that loot and was then appointed by Abomination to head SEC(How’s that for in-our-face corruption and cover-up?!)-are going to try and punish S & P for something they should’ve done a long time ago.Patriots,this is a sign that the corrupt political establishment and its big-media lapdog are getting nervous;they fear their corrupt house of cards may be coming down,and they’ll lash out at anyone who tries to hasten the fall.And that’s probably why the glorified counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve-when the stock markets started to plummet after the downgrade-promised Wall Street that they would keep interest rates at historically low,near-zero levels until 2013.The counterfeiters in the pin-striped suits only have the stock markets to use as a prop and an invitation for us to make any kind of a return on our savings.They don’t want us saving it in bank accounts and they don’t want us to save at all,except for retirement.So that’s why they’ll keep punishing us who save money and reward those who risk their money in the markets.Don’t fall for it,patriots! Starve the beast they’ve created for us to protect,preserve and expand their wealth and power! Meanwhile,the anti-patriot US government is now in debt about $16 trillion;they have no constructive plan in sight to reduce that debt because they’re not serious about it.The warmonger GOP establishment won’t cut the Pentagon’s bloated $1 trillion budget,while the Madoffian socialists running the Democrat establishment won’t dare touch Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid-because they are “their” programs.It’s probably only going to take something radical like that which has occurred in Greece or the other PIIGS to lead to some kind of debt recovery,and that’s still no guarantee that our financial troubles will be solved.What’s a basic blueprint for restoring fiscal sanity to Washington?: Cut the Pentagon’s budget at least in half by ending the immoral wars they’re fighting and bringing most of the troops home from their foreign bases;keep Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid for those currently receiving it,but phase it out for those 55 and under and allow those currently in SS/M-M to opt out if they wish;raise taxes only on millionaires and billionaires and earmark the extra tax revenue only for debt reduction;lower congressional salaries and drastically cut congressional staff;end all foreign aid(including the $20 billion to the “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico,and give that albatross around our necks its independence)except for emergency relief,like earthquake victims;provide funds for welfare mothers only for a year instead of the current 5;add a constitutional amendment-similar to laws in constitutions of some states-that the federal budget must be balanced each year and any borrowing must be only for national emergencies(like war)and in specific borrowing amounts.Of course,this is just a basic guide.But if enough patriots and real statesmen get into Congress and the White House,they can go over the books with fine-tooth combs and it’ll be feasible to get back on track.But sacrifices will have to made by all.

On La Conquista front,even with the next federal elections about 16 months away,a GOP group headed by egg head Karl Rove-Boy George’s Rasputin-aired an hispandering commercial for GOP in 2012,and then it was the turn of Deborah Wasserman Schultz-Abomination’s personal pick to head Democratic National Committee-to air an hispandering commercial of her own.At least Rove is just a slimy rat of a political operative who has probably already sold his rotten soul to Satan himself for political power,and he’s not working for Republican National Committee;but Schultzy-the liberal-feminist Jewess from New York who moved to Florida and gained power their over America-is DNC chairwoman.And it’s more evidence that Abomination-led Democratic Party is fully empowering La Conquista,while,with Boy George and his Rasputin out of the White House,a battle seems to be waging in GOP between hispanderers and anti-hispanderers.Patriots,please refuse to support any hispandering politician,regardless of party affiliation or how good he or she is on other issues.

On America’s moral breakdown comes the lovely news that TV network ABC Family-owned by Jewish-owned Disney Corp.-is actually anti-family.About 55% of its “programs” contain pro-homosexual messages or pro-homosexual characters.How evil-minded of the “family” network to call itself that when it glamorizes the Sin of Sodom in most of its broadcasts.”Woe to those who call evil good…”(the Book of Isaiah 5:20).This is part of the plan of anti-Christ Hollywood to brainwash the minds of especially our young and make them accept and approve homosexuality.To the rogues at ABC Family,two men “married” to each other and living in the same house with “their kids” is family just like Mr.and Mrs.Ward Cleaver.Remember the ad for Virginia Slims cigarettes back in the ’60s and ’70s to that era’s “liberated” women:”You’ve come a long way,baby.” And we’ve come a long way from Leave It to Beaver and Ozzie and Harriett to garbage shows like Friends and King of Queens.Patriots,boycott ABC “Family” and Disney too.Stay away from their parks and television networks.They even own ESPN-the network where you have to have an IQ of -130 to get a job.And when Verizon’s strike is over,I’m going to ask them to block that garbage network from coming into the house in just a bit of patriot activism.And lastly on our moral breakdown came the report that more Americans-especially young people-are using “designer drugs.” Kids at times are so bored and desperate for kicks that they buy these drugs over the Internet without even knowing the ingredients and proceed to snort them or ingest them or inject them.Some kids have died from using them,while others have been hospitalized.How some kids can even consider using harmful drugs like this-for whatever screwy reason(s)-is another sign of how sick and endangered our country has become.We need a revival,big time.

Spray from deer antlers being used by pro-baseball players? Yes.MLB has issued a warning to major-league players not to use this spray which some players inhale into their mouths and under their tongues because it supposedly gives them extra zip for their “performance.” MLB warned them because ingredients in the spray fall under the list of banned substances for players to use.Tom Verducci at of the few sports writers with a bit of a moral head on his shoulders-was the only sports writer I came across to report on this.Indeed,Sports Illustrated has been one of the few sports media to cover at length the use of illegal drugs in baseball.So what else are these millionaire junkies in pro-baseball putting into their bodies to achieve their fame and glory and great wealth? Maybe the next report will be that they’re snorting glue for airplane models.

Now we have 7 reports on America’s crime wave of murder and mayhem:in 2 separate incidents in MD,a man slew his wife and and their 2 daughters(in one of the killings,the wife’s twin daughters were from another man)before killing himself;in Ocala,FL another quartet were found slain,this time in a burning house,with the victims being 2 women and 2 children,shot to death(it sounds drug-related);also in the Sunshine State,and in the Evergreen State of Washington,a total of16 people were shot,5 seriously wounded,at a “house party” and outside a nightclub,respectively;8 were slain outside of Akron,OH,and the only cause so far cited by news media is that it was “family-related;” also in the Buckeye State,in Cleveland,a “Unity in the Park” concert led to the shooting of one dead and 3 wounded;and 5 were shot dead and 4 wounded at a skating rink in Grand Prairie,TX in another “family-related” dispute.These are reports from a battle front in a war,not crime reports.

Record-breaking temperatures(Again,the Broken-Record presidency of the Abomination!)in the Midwest and here on the East Coast killed 22 people.And record drought has now afflicted 12% of US,with 2 million acres in TX being abandoned by farmers and ranchers because the land is no longer of any use for their crops or livestock.And in one of the scarier video clips I’ve ever seen,a “dust cloud” settled over Phoenix,AZ and just sat there for the second time in 2 weeks.The “haboobs” were about a mile high and a half-mile high,and it was the British paper The Daily Mail that gave it extended coverage,with the prophetic headline The Day the Sky Turned Brown.Fortunately the haboobs didn’t kill anyone,but they did cause much mayhem,like an 8-trucks pile-up on an inter-state and turning swimming pools into mud.Patriots,please go to the Current News page on this blog’s parent site get a load of the video and the images of these dust clouds.If this isn’t a manifestation of the Almighty’s wrath on a wayward nation,I don’t know what is.And that it was a website for a major British newspaper and not a US one that reported this so extensively is another indication that the corrupt establishment in this country which rules us with an iron hand is a scared,they’re afraid of panic,and also afraid of His judgment or the mere thought of the possibility of it.It’s like they’re trying to hide the manifestation of the angry God chastising a nation that has strayed far from His laws and His love and has turned to idols and false gods for satisfaction and inspiration.Before the end of 2011,I’ll try to expatiate on why it looks more likely each day that God is punishing this country.And time may be running out for us to turn in a better direction.

And I always finish on the patriot-activism front,as long as there’s activism to report on;and fortunately there usually is on every post on this patriot blog.This is a great sign that the spirit of patriot resistance to tyranny and aggression and evil rule is still alive and well throughout the land,that there’s still fight in the American people,that they’re willing and able to fight the foe even at great risk to their livelihoods,safety and sometimes their very lives.Let freedom ring! In the Razorback State,a patriot representative e-mailed the hispandering state attorney general,several other state lawmakers and an AP reporter that he’s unhappy with the attorney general offering his office’s website “En Espanol.” There are several government officials who hispander this way.I say:Ban Espanol and all other non-English government websites and literature! If people who come here dislike our language so much,let them stay where they are and try to improve their own countries before coming here and imposing their languages on us.Bravo to Arkansas representative Jon Hubbard for standing up to the state’s hispandering attorney general.In the Golden State,13 inland counties in the southeast section of the state are seriously considering seceding from CA and forming their own state.These are counties that have more GOP registered voters than Democrats and are still mostly white,even though California’s white population has dropped to about 40%.The people behind this secession movement are fed-up with the anti-patriot,pro-La Conquista,anti-Christ,maniacal government in Sacramento and no longer want any part of it.Secession will be a herculean task,but it serves the patriot cause not just in southeast California,but for the rest of the country.Patriots in other parts of the country who are ruled by Diversity Gang anti-patriots may have no other choice but to follow California’s lead and secede from a state or county or a city because they no longer have any other choice.They’re fed-up with lawmakers who persecute them because voters who hate patriots or are just plain dumb or ignorant put them into power over them.And if the economy continues its slide,I think more patriots or more people leaning toward the patriot cause will consider this option.So bravo to the California patriots for their bold stand,and we should come to their aid if they request it.And lastly on the patriot front,comes a patriot clarion call from a pulpit.Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia,PA is a black man ostensibly fed-up with “flash mobs” of mostly young blacks attacking whites in Philly like savage wolves attacking prey.As usual,the Diversity Gang-controlled national media hasn’t given these racist attacks much attention because they’re black on white,whereas it would be a national emergency if it were white on black.So,Mr.Nutter spoke from the pulpit of the church he attends to re-announce the curfew that he and the city government recently imposed on young people left alone after 10 PM and then laced into the flash mobs,even calling them “a disgrace to their race.” Wow! Fantastic! But what if Mayor Nutter were white and said that? Diversity Gang would call for his head! They would probably do everything they could to remove him from office! So maybe it will take more black leaders and elected officials like Mr.Nutter to take the lead where the average white politician is to gutless to go.These flash mobs have attacked in other cities too,and it’s possible that the savage riots that raged in England over the last couple of weeks could very well occur here.The black and latino underclass-mollified right now with toys like I Pads and Play Stations and Androids and Smart Phones-can riot too,given the right catalyst at the right time.Patriots,please be prepared for this possibility.Get armed if you can,watch where you travel,watch you surroundings,stay close with other patriots,form block watches,stay alert.

We have about 3 weeks to go before the unofficial end to Summer 2011.I wish all you patriots to safely enjoy the rest of this Summer in any way you can,but please never forget that the patriot cause goes with us wherever we go and whatever we do,whether we’re at the beach or poolside,in the mountains or on the road,or just bumming out at home.Till next time.