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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Hi,patriots.As I type on July 21st,about half the land area of America is under what the weathermen are calling a “heat dome.” It started in the Midwest and now is in full force here on the East Coast.We’re only a month into Summer 2011,and it has been a rough one.This patriot turned 51 last April,and the Big Apple’s heat and humidity has never hit me harder;but I’m still plowing through,as long as the Almighty gives me the strength.I hope all you patriots had a safe and happy Independence Day weekend and remembered what July 4th is all about.And please remind others what the day is supposed to be all about.Let’s go to the news and commentary.

New York City-based Human Rights Watch issued a report that urged foreign governments to prosecute Boy George and certain members of his administration for war crimes during their so-called “War on Terror!.” The report claims that the Abomination administration has basically given up on bringing any criminal charges against Boy George or any of his accomplices who committed various criminal acts like torture of those merely suspected of terrorism.It’s not shocking that Abomination has chosen to ignore Boy George’s crimes,because Abomination and Boy George and his torturers are all part of the political-criminal Bush/Clinton Dynasty.War on Terror! is a joint operation-Republican and Democrat(Republicrat)-with the same neo-con bunch funding,running and operating this long,unconstitutional,undeclared war that has cost so much in unnecessary loss of innocent life and tons of US taxpayer dollars.And how interesting that British liberal/left-wing newspaper The Guardian reported this and,to my knowledge,this was barely reported by the major US media.This proves again that most of MSM(Main-Stream Media)is virtually in bed with corrupt,criminal Washington,DC,especially when it comes to WOT!.Boy George,in his arrogance,thought that he was scot-free to admit he was a torturer since leaving the White House.But just because District of Corruption won’t prosecute his war crimes and the elitist slobs running the major news media won’t cover stories like this report from HRW,Boy George and his cabal must be careful to avoid getting locked up outside of our shores,just like they had to cancel Boy George’s appearance in Switzerland at a Israel Lobby award ceremony.So,regardless of the political leanings of HRW or The Guardian,they should be applauded for producing this report and publicizing it,respectively,in the attempt to bring the high and mighty to justice for their crimes.

There’s a lot to cover on America’s political-corruption front,with 3 of them dealing with corruption at the state level and one at the city level.But before I get to that,the big news of political corruption intertwined with news-media corruption is the scandal at former Rupert Murdoch-owned and since closed down tabloid newspaper The News of the World.Reports confirmed that employees at this British paper hacked into cell phones and e-mails of famous people to obtain private information and possibly use that information to blackmail certain people.There have been several high-level resignations in Murdoch’s newspaper empire,which includes The Times Of London and The Sun in UK,and The Wall Street Journal and New York Post in US.He also owns disgusting Fox News Channel and The Australian newspaper.He also owns book publisher Harper Collins and even Christian publisher Zondervan.Murdoch’s empire is vast,and he resembles the grasping tycoon William J.Feathersmith in The Twilight Zone episode Of Late,I Think of Cliffordville.The big difference between Feathersmith and Murdoch is that the former was just obsessed with acquisitiveness and possessiveness and avarice.On the other hand,Murdoch obviously has a grand agenda to revolutionize primarily the societies of US and UK,but probably the entire world.He’s a CFR member,obviously participating in the neo-con holy war against the Arab/Muslim world,trying to subvert Christianity from within,and is a big shill for Israel Lobby.He made the moronic comment at a Anti-Defamation League award ceremony that there’s “…an ongoing war against the Jews.” Murdoch’s half-Jewish,and since rabbinical law says if your mom is Jewish,then you’re all Jewish,Murdoch must consider himself Jewish.And just a few hours ago from this writing on Stan Monteith’s radio interview with political analyst Joel Skousen on WWCR(frequency 7.465),the father of Murdoch’s Chinese wife is or was a high-ranking communist in Red China’s government.So that throws another ingredient into the soup of Rupert Murdoch’s evil mind.I’m going to reveal a bit of my personal prayer life here,in that about 2 or 3 times a month,I ask the Almighty to bring His judgment down on the wicked in positions of great power in America and sometimes in other powerful countries.And for about the last 2 years,I’ve prayed for Yahweh to bring His judgment down on “Rupert Murdoch and his enterprises.” So,patriots,Christian soldiers,has the Lord finally said,”OK”? I know I’m treading on very sensitive ground,and I ask for His guidance when it comes to imprecations,that I pray in the right spirit and for the right reasons.In the Bible,Psalm 12:9 says,”In high place are the vilest of men.” In high place-in positions of great power over multitudes of people-are the worst type of men,the most wicked.And this is one major reason why we have such major trouble in America and the rest of the world.And if there’s one man who fits this description,it’s Rupert Murdoch.So,patriots,praying patriots,let’s hope Murdoch’s empire crumbles,whether from the Almighty’s judgment or it implodes from its own evil.And now we go to the first major bad news to come from the new leadership of RNC(Republican National Committee):they decided to appoint homosexual R.Clarke Cooper-executive director of GOP homosexual group Log Cabin Republicans-to its finance committee.Whether this was just a bone thrown to the Cabin or a sincere appointment will probably never be known,and this appointment really was under the news radar.Knowing that this would greatly upset the Christian-conservative wing of Grand Old Party,they probably made sure this appointment was as quiet and obscure as possible.And time will tell if the party that claims to support traditional morality under new RNC chairman Mr.Priebus will be just that or whether they’ll just exploit Christian conservatives,like Karl Rove-the Rasputin of the Boy George administration-admitted to.And since we’re on the topic of the Sin of Sodom,the city in California named after Saint Francis-today more commonly known as Sodom By the Bay-decided to go to the Red Chinese to purchase 5,300 tons of steel for a new bridge it’s building.And the Bloomberg News article on this site’s parent website this case of virtual economic treason without even a thought that going to Chinese commies instead of US companies for all that steel may be just a wee bit immoral and unpatriotic.But since NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg is founder and owner of Bloomberg News and a super-rich globalist and CFR member who probably sees no difference between San Franciscan taxpayer money going to a communist dictatorship to build a bridge with tons of steel instead of that tax money going to an American steel company so that the money stays stateside and provides jobs for US steel workers,this shouldn’t surprise.Probably the only thing the editor and writer of the article reporting this sell-out of the San Fran taxpayer and the US steel worker care about is how much the steel costs.And what about trusting Red China? Remember the toxic drywall they sold us that was used to build some homes in Florida? And the tainted food and the lead paint in toys? And now these bastards in the San Fran government trust them to supply them with 5,300 tons of steel to build a bridge?! But maybe this is what Sodom By the Bay deserves,with all its sex perverts,corrupt government officials and anti-patriots.Fortunately we now leave America’s #1 Sodom to what is probably the most corrupt state in America:Illinois.Former governor Rod Blagojevich-affectionately called “Blago” by his admirers in politics and the press-was finally convicted at a second trial after his first trial resulted in a hung jury due to one juror who refused to convict.Blago comes from the slimy Republicrat polity that has ruled the Land of Lincoln for way too long.His corruption convictions may land him in the federal pen for a long time,and maybe he’ll get the cell next to former GOP governor George Ryan,who got about 7 years a few years back,also on corruption charges.This is the same vain slob who,trying to redeem himself,decided to commute the sentences of some death-row inmates right before his trial.But this,after all,is IL,where the gangster politics of its largest city of Chicago still rules and will continue to rule until this corrupt 2-parties establishment is destroyed,for good.Voters can keep playing musical chairs between GOP and Democratic Party,but the only changes will be cosmetic and ephemeral,because that’s the way the rulers of that establishment want it;they want to keep their power,and the way to do that is by keeping their slime system in place.Springfield is the official capital of the state,but it’s really Chicago-the city thus described in the song The Night Chicago Died:”When a man named Al Capone,tried to make that town his own.” Capone died from venereal disease in 1947,but his ghost and the ghosts of several other notorious Chicago gangsters still rules that city and hence the state.But instead of the Italian mafia or Irish mafia(like the Daley family)ruling Chicago and the rest of the state,it’s now the Jewish mafia in charge,with none other than Rahm Emanuel-the Abomination’s former chief of staff-as Chicago’s mayor.And these glorified gangsters rule because there’s a hard-core bunch of Democratic morons in Chicago and in probably every other US metropolis who just keep voting Democrat every single election regardless of their performance in office.The neo-bolshevik Democratic Party machine that runs virtually every big-city political machine knows this very well and laugh over it,knowing just how dumb or ignorant or immoral these voters are.To overcome this will require,in my opinion,more than just patriot activism;it’ll require an act of God.This is another one of my imprecations:that the Almighty bring His judgment and wrath down on this wicked big-city polity,before it’s too late not just for the big cities,but for all of America.But at least Blago got his comeuppance,thanks in large part to the hard work of the US attorney who brought the case after he learned of Blago demanding payback over his US Senate appointment to replace Abomination when he was elected president.So,patriots in IL,start working outside the system,start up a Tea Party or something like that,and start fielding patriot candidates instead of the louses who rule your state and the louses who’ll run next time.And here’s the last ignominy for the corrupt state:they are the only state that still bans concealed-carry of firearms.Their neighbor Wisconsin just passed a law allowing concealed carry,making it the 49th state to permit it.But the Republicrat tyrants ruling IL will keep banning it because they want to control handguns and really don’t want the people to have the right to protect themselves and others.So with each passing day,the citizens of IL and the other states realize that radical-liberal gangster-politicians rule the state with an iron hand.And that segues with what’s probably the second-most-corrupt state in US:the Empire State of New York.While San Fran is Sodom By the Bay,sodomite marriage is still illegal in the state of California.But now,sodomites can marry in this state where I have the misfortune of living.And here’s how this sordid law got passed.Andrew Cuomo-son of past governor Mario Cuomo-was elected governor in a landslide last November.As proof of how degenerate and partisan Democrat this state is,every Democrat who ran for statewide office won,and won fairly easily.So while a great deal of the rest of America voted against the party of Abomination and voted for Tea Party candidates,reactionary Democrats voted their party line despite this state suffering one serious governmental and economic problem after another.Just like the scripture about the dog always returning to his vomit,this is what motivates voters to keep voting for vomit as long as the vomit belongs to a particular party or party ideology.Dandy Andy Cuomo promised he’d do his best to get sodomite marriage passed,and it just took him about 6 months into office to do it.Some patriots are calling him Cuomo the Homo not just because of his enthusiastic support for and signing of the bill,but because it’s possible that he’s a homo himself.He’s got that look in his eyes and all over his face.He’s divorced and presently shacking up with some babe personality from The Food Network.But let’s not be shocked if he pulls a Jim McGreevey and reveals his true sexuality at some point before he leaves office.Back to his getting the bill passed.The pro-homo newspaper The New York Times reported that Dandy Andy promised the 4 GOP senators who voted for the bill that he would persuade 3 wealthy GOP donors(from their surnames,at least 2 of them are Jewish)to heavily contribute to their re-election campaigns if they face serious primary challenges or even third-party challenges in the next general election.This patriot blogger isn’t a lawyer,but that sounds like a bribe-a quid pro quo(something given for something received or to be received).And mentioning the Jewish connection,Dandy Andy’s “aide” Steven Cohen was dispatched to the state senate to personally lobby for the bill’s passage.It’s somewhat ironic that “Cohen” in Hebrew means “Priest.” In this case,what kind of priest? So now with the 4 Republicans bought off in some shape or form,Dandy Andy had to get GOP majority leader Dean Skelos on-board the sodomite bandwagon.Deano has been a total flop as majority leader since he first took the post this January when GOP took control of the senate.He had the option to not evenĀ  bring the bill up for a vote.But not only did Deano the Skell bring it up,but he brought it up around midnight on the Friday just 2 days before the “gay pride” parade in New York City! How transparent! So,Deano obviously made a deal with Dandy Andy,probably on some “fiscally conservative” issue that moderate Republicans obsess on,to bring this bill up for the vote at the precise time that he did;that he voted against the bill is meaningless,because he knew it would pass anyway.So how ironic that last year when the Democrats were the majority in the state senate,the bill failed to pass;but with GOP now in the majority,it passes.Just like corrupt Illinois,this is corrupt New York.The legislature acts like gangsters planning their crimes in backrooms and under tables,out of sight and out of public view.The patriot action I took was e-mailing Dandy Andy,Deano the Skell,the 4 GOP slobs who voted for it and even some of the Democrats who voted for it this year after voting against it last year.Of course,I didn’t get one response from the staffs of these slobs,probably because they’re slobs just like their bosses.The Almighty allows evil at times to triumph;at times the darker side prevails.And it did this time.Co-patriots in New York,let’s do everything we can to first,remove Deano the Skell as majority leader in the state senate;second,work for challengers to unseat the Gang of 4 GOP senators(Saland,McDonagh,Alesi and Grissanti),either in the primaries or the general election;third,for you praying patriots,pray for the Almighty to bring His judgment on those responsible for passing sodomite marriage.And for you patriots who are thinking about vacationing in this state or in the Big Apple,please stay away;go somewhere else for your vacations.Don’t dignify or empower this corrupt city of New York and it’s corrupt eponymous state by spending your vacation money here.And to my co-patriots living in this state,let’s spend our vacation money elsewhere too.I’ve had enough of America’s cesspool of political corruption.May patriots be delivered from its evil.

On La Conquista front,rampant corruption along the Southwest border continues to skyrocket.High-level officials at FBI and CPB(Customs and Border Protection-the agency in charge of US Border Patrol)have recently testified to Congress that their agencies have conducted hundreds of criminal investigations at the federal,state and local level of crooked lawmen along the border;and I’ll bet dollars to tamales that the vast majority of those already convicted,under arrest or under investigation are Mexican-American or members of other latino ethnicities.This is more proof that these corrupt cops are greedy,but also that their allegiance and affection is not to America and her countrymen,but to La Raza(The Race in Espanol).The lawbreaking involves either looking the other way when people and drugs illegally cross the border,or actually working with or for the drug cartels that have been terrorizing Mexico for the last several years.It’s more evidence that people who are American citizens are more in tune with another country and another people than the country of their birth or citizenship.And it’s another reason why immigration from south of the border should be as minimal as possible because the differences between America and Latin America are so vast and there’s much hatred towards America from so much of Latin America.All these illegal drugs are pouring into our country for a reason,and corruption and lawlessness within US law enforcement at all levels is obviously one big reason why it continues.Of course,there are radical forces in and out of government who want the drugs to pour in because it helps destroy US society,and La Raza and La Conquista are sure using this weapon for their benefit.Meanwhile,some good patriot work is occurring in law enforcement to dig up this corruption and prosecute the suspects.Bravo to them,and patriots should be giving them all the support they need.

Now we go to corruption in pro sports,especially in what was truly the great American pastime but now is mostly a fetid swamp.A columnist at The Houston Chronicle opined that the corrupt US Congress has been AWOL when it comes to the use of steroids and other illegal substances in pro baseball.He recalled how committee congressmen preened for the cameras during Roger Clemens’s hearing and showed how tough they were(except most of the Republicans of course,because The Rocket is a big GOP donor).So after the cameras stopped rolling and the show offs on the committee stopped acting,they’ve done next to nothing to really conduct a criminal investigation into the sport that has been virtually ruined by rat-face commissioner Alan “Bud” Selig and his gang of Jewish liberals and the low-life owners he shills for.Former player Jose Canseco-an admitted juicer-has claimed numerous times that steroids and other illegal drugs have been rampantly used by pro players since the late 1980s.But a corrupt,criminal Congress works hand-in-glove with a corrupt professional sport in covering up the lawlessness as much as possible while offering up the occasional sacrificial lamb-the latest one being Manuel Spider-Head Ramirez.Does anyone really believe that he was the only juicer when he refused to be retested? Just look at so many of these prima donnas! They’re bursting out of their uniforms! But the column by Richard Justice is a rare voice in the wilderness,and the show goes on even though there’s blatant lawlessness in baseball.There are too many powerful and wealthy men with a vested interest in keeping the game going regardless of how many lives are ruined,how much the game is ruined.And here’s another reason why Congress and baseball are AWOL on steroid baseball:if a real criminal investigation is launched and proceeds,a lot of the powers that be in baseball-the commissioner and his top staff,the owners,the union heads,a lot of the players-will be discovered to have known about drug use for a long time and either willingly looked the other way(Sound familiar?)or actually were complicit to some degree in the drug use.This has all the hallmarks of a big-time cover-up to protect the big boys at the top.I know this all to well just by my 3+ years stint on NYPD.Hopefully more columns like Mr.Justice’s get published.But have you baseball patriots noticed that hardly ever does a baseball columnist write something like this about steroids? That’s because they love the fact that they don’t work for a living,make fat salaries while doing it with all the perks,and they don’t want their fun to end! Selfish slobs! Pro ball could be full of junkies and they wouldn’t care one whit! Again,probably only an act of God will expose the sordidness in baseball for all to see and keep the “fans”(”fanatics”)away from the parks until,or if,the game is cleaned up.

The Sin of Sodom continues its march on America.A “reporter” at The Denver Post was so giddy to report that Colorado-the Evergreen State-is more “gay” in 2011 than it was since the last US Census was conducted in 2000.It never ceases to amaze and sicken me that pro-homo journalists still keep calling homosexuality “gay” even with AIDS having killed,the last time I heard,close to a million “gays” in US.As a group,they’re highly promiscuous and have much-lower life expectancy than the sexually normal.But to this female journalist at Denver’s largest newspaper,they’re still “gay.” They’re still happy? Merry? Joyful? That’s what gay really means.But the homo lobby has so transmogrified that word that probably the average American thinks it means homosexual.So to you patriots in CO,I sympathize with you,but I don’t think you’re as bad off as us here in the Empire State.And I’ve noticed how CO has become more Democrat and more liberal over the years,and that’s probably most due to all the fruits and their supporters who after helping destroy California,moved inland and now want to destroy CO.Even one of CO’S congressmen-the Jewish Jared Polis-is a homo.And that segues into the next news on America’s moral breakdown.The Jewish head of the tourism office in the sin state of Nevada proudly declared that he fired up an agency website to encourage out-of-state homos to visit and vacation in NV.He claimed this a lucrative market and will bring more dough into the state’s coffers.But is he just interested in making more money for Nevada or does he want to also pander to homos because he’s either one of them or he wants to glamorize their sexual perversion? I think it’s a combination of all these motives.And with pro-homo US Senate majority leader Harry Reid getting re-elected with 51% of the vote last Fall in the Silver State,it’s probably time for patriots to boycott Nevada.
Our country’s crime wave was fast and furious over the past few weeks.In an early morning in metro-Atlanta,3 separate shootings left 2 dead and 5 wounded.Also in the Peach State in the city of Canton,an all-in-the-family slaying took 3 lives,including that of the suspect who took his own life.Just outside the Big Easy in the Pelican State,a 29-years-old mom shot dead her 3 daughters and then took her own life.Over the Independence Day weekend in the Windy City,28 shootings and stabbings left 5 dead and 23 wounded;and on Independence Day evening in Boston,MA,13 were shot in 5 different neighborhoods,with 4 of them dying.Happy Independence Day weekend and Independence Day to Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago and to whoever is the liberal-pinko mayor of Beantown.Now down near the City of Brotherly Love,some Manhattanites were staying at a vacation home when a man with a grudge fired away,killing 3 and wounding 2;sometimes,people in the Big Apple can’t even escape Big Apple crime even after traveling about 150 miles away.Now up to Grand Rapids,MI,where a gunman slew 7 in two separate shootings,and he may have been “in relationships” with several of the victims;since the gunman who eventually killed himself during a stand-off with police was black and most of the victims are reportedly white,this case has been quieted down by TPTB.And then in Wheatland,WY,a man shot dead his 3 young kids and an adult relative and wounded his wife.And finally,in Richmond,CA outside Sacramento(Sacrament),3 were shot dead and 3 wounded in a 3-hours period.Patriots,this is just as bad as Iraq or Afghanistan! Get a load of this body count! There’s a terror of multiple homicide-quite often among family members-raging in our land! Congress should be holding hearings on this instead of on “free trade” with S.Korea or Malaysia! This is how screwed up their priorities are! High-ranking police officials from across the country should be invited to testify on this crime wave as to what they think is causing it and what we can do to at least try to prevent more from happening!

Now on to the possibility,or probability,that the Almighty is bringing His wrath on our people.The Lone Star State continues to get hammered with bad weather,as the month of June brought record-breaking temperatures.Add this to drought,widespread wildfires,violent thunderstorms.But the biggest scare was in Los Alamos,NM,where wildfire came very close to the National Laboratory where Robert Oppenheimer and his colleagues invented the atom bomb which ushered in the age of atomic and nuclear power.We can only imagine what catastrophe would’ve occurred if those fires actually penetrated the lab’s walls and set all the good stuff afire.It probably would’ve been something right out of the Apocalypse,but fortunately we were spared.But we have been warned.

This post finishes as almost always the other posts do with some patriot activism.Patriots in the Free State refused to lie down to the pro-illegal-immigrant lawmakers who decided to reward illegals in Maryland with in-state tuition rates-meaning they’ll pay less for tuition than someone from outside the state.These patriots had assistance from a state representative and they hit the streets and gathered enough qualified signatures to put the law on the ballot in 2012 for the voters to decide to keep it or repeal it.Great job to the patriots in Maryland! You stood up to anti-patriot legislators who care more about people who aren’t supposed to be here than MD citizens and legal immigrants who are supposed to be here! And what’s great about the state law is that the in-state tuition law is now suspended until the next election in Fall 2012! This great grass-roots patriotism needs to be duplicated all over the land! Let the freedom bell ring! Fight the anti-patriots in power over us by going right to the people! And lastly on the patriot front,a county official in southeastern CA announced his intention for 13 counties in southeast and central-east CA to secede from the state and form their own state.He’s fed up with the high taxes,pro-illegal-immigrant favoritism,oppressive regulation on businesses and other anti-patriot laws and policies from the liberal-Democrat majority in the state legislature that enough is enough.10 of the 13 counties have mostly GOP voters,and they could even consider seceding from CA and try to become part of AZ.A latino state official in Gov.Moonbeam Brown’s office arrogantly recommended to the secessionists that if they don’t like living in the Golden State(Ha!),they can pack their bags and move to AZ.Now that’s a typical response from a CA conquistador to the mostly Anglo Californians in the southeast/central east part of the state:If you don’t like the anti-patriots and conquistadors ruling over you,leave.Of course,conquistadors will say that in Arizona too and everywhere else they rule or live in multitude.So,to all patriots in America,hold your ground to the last man! Secession is a viable alternative in the anti-patriot times in which we live! Where anti-patriots rule the White House,the federal government and state houses throughout the land!

Patriots,I’m finally wrapping up at a wee bit past midnight,July 26th.I started this post on Thursday,July 21st,and then had to escape the oppressive heat and humidity that baked the Big Apple for about 5 straight days.I was literally sick from it,and got in my ‘74 Gold Duster and fled to a much-cooler-but-still-hot spot on Long Island.I desperately needed the R & R.I may wrap up this torrid July with another post,maybe not.On this Monday,July 25th,we finally had mercy granted to us with some steady rain and temperatures only about 80.There was a blessed breeze throughout the day,where there had been no breeze at all for the last several days.I’ve survived the heat to fight another day.I thank the Almighty for all the refreshment I partook of,like cold iced tea and bottled spring water.I couldn’t stop drinking! And it’s not even August yet! I also took some good swims in an Olympic-size pool,and I thank the Lord for that too.I needed the exercise! So now,most of the energy has returned.I took 2 days off from the news and commentary front-a front that’s imperative in these times;but I just had to escape and seek relief.Please keep going to and please tell others about that site and this blog A Patriot’s Diary.Time is running out on America.Let’s fight her enemies in power over us while we still have the fight and the means to do it.Till next time,patriots.Stay cool.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Greetings,patriots.It’s 6:30 PM on the last day of June 2011 as I begin this patriot post,and it’s also the eve of a 4-days Independence Day weekend for a lot of patriots,or at least a 3-days weekend.I live about 250 feet away from the notorious Cross Bronx Expressway(It’s no “expressway”!)which links the Bronx with northern New Jersey,and New England Thruway-a part of Interstate 95 which links the Bronx with Westchester County,NY and Connecticut.It has been bumper-to-bumper traffic in both directions for most of this Thursday,and it’s probably mostly due to vacationers high-tailing it to their extended-weekend playgrounds.It never ceases to amaze me that people will torture themselves and their personal vehicles by languishing for several hours in heavy traffic just to “get away.” Get away from what? That’s a question to answer maybe at another time,but now on to the news.

On the immoral wars that President Abomination continues to wage in Afghanistan,Iraq,Pakistan and elsewhere,5 US soldiers were killed in Iraq by rocket fire.Supposedly only non-combat “advisers” or “training troops” are to be left in Iraq-about 50,000 of them-to assist the Iraqi military against “insurgents.” Of course,while the US troops can be called by Abomination and his gang anything they want,common sense tells us that they’ll be drawn into combat one way or another.They’re seen as occupiers by most Iraqis,and therefore that makes them targets.And therefore,they’re combat troops as well as advisers or trainers.Patriots need to get them home ASAP and hopefully bring to account,those who led us into this horrible quagmire which has brought great harm to America and Iraq.And lastly on this so-called War on Terror!,US Dept.of Justice dropped all formal charges against Uncle Osama bin Laden,who was indicted for the bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.So why didn’t they drop charges against him over 9/11? Because they never indicted him for 9/11! And that’s because they mustn’t have had the evidence that he did it! And notice how none-to my knowledge-of the major media queried Abomination on this issue,but they just seem to dutifully report what the company line is and we’re all just supposed to believe and ask no questions or doubt nothing.I’m 99.99999% sure that the Bush/Clinton Dynasty-comprised of the presidencies of Daddy Bush,Baby Bush,Billy & Hillary Clinton and Abomination-created the ogre of their Uncle Ben Laden and his CIA-created Al Qaida(”The Foundation” in English)to invade and conquer as much of the Arab and Muslim world in the Middle East and its environs as they wish.They almost certainly started the violent uprisings in Libya and Syria and are also almost certainly involved in the uprisings in other countries like Yemen.Their war of terror,subversion,invasion,conquest and violent revolution-their “Fire in the Minds of Men”(the title of a book by James Billington-a former Librarian of Congress)-continues to rage in Afghanistan,Iraq,Pakistan,Syria,Yemen,Somalia.And it all started with 9/11 and their bogeyman Uncle Ben Osama bin Laden.They didn’t even have to indict him to justify their aggressive wars.They stirred up the American people so much after 9/11,that revenge was the only thing on most of our minds.The warmonger/violent revolutionary neo-cons have compared 9/11 to Pearl Harbor to justify all their invasions.That doesn’t wash because we all knew and know now that warplanes from the Empire of Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and killed about 2,300 US servicemen! There’s no evidence that the bogeyman Osama was behind the 9/11 attacks and that’s why they never had him indicted! It’s time to indict them for their crimes against America and against all the countries where they’ve brought such horrible devastation to.

On America’s cesspool of political corruption and degeneracy,I start with the sleazy case of former New York City congressman Anthony Weiner(pronounced weeen-er,as in “Wish I had an Oscar Mayer wiener”).He’s the third congressman from the Empire State to have resigned from US House of Representatives over about the past 14 months over hanky-panky.But this hot dog Weiner is the sleaziest of the 3,by far;the other 2 are the married Republican Chris Lee,who sent a photo of his bare-chested self to an online paramour,and Democrat Eric Massa,who supposedly sexually harassed a male staffer.What is it with all these pervert congressmen from this state I’ve lived in my whole life?! The ultra-liberal hot dog who used to represent parts of the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn before he finally resigned under pressure from the corrupt leaders of his corrupt Democratic Party,first lied about his online dalliances by claiming that a shirtless photo of his ugly self that was sent to a paramour was the result of someone hacking his Twitter account.When more evidence on the recently married hot dog kept coming out that he’s an online sex maniac,he finally admitted that the hacking claim was a lie,but he still flat-out refused to resign.But after constant pressure from US House minority leader Nancy Pelosi and even a hint from Abomination that he pack it in,that’s just what he did.Further investigation revealed that hot dog has had several online “hook-ups” with his chicks.And probably the only thing they saw or still see in this monkey-face hot dog was the power he held.A lot of people just love hanging around with “power.” So did Pelosi and Abomination and other Democrat leaders urge hot dog to resign out of an appeal to morality? I doubt it.It made their “party” look bad,and if there’s one thing a powerful,long-established political party hates,it’s a bad “image.” So they probably told their hot-dog friend to fall on his sword for the sake of the rest of the power brokers in their party.It must’ve killed them to do it,with hot dog being Jewish and a former staffer to Jewish US senator Charles Schumer from NY.And,if hot dog didn’t resign and came up for re-election next year,he probably would be re-elected in the general election because most voters in the Big Apple are so bigoted and biased against anyone who isn’t a Democrat,although he probably would’ve faced a primary challenge(probably from a feminist JAP).But with another sleazy New York congressman resigning over sexual impropriety,a special election will be held in September for his seat.On the next issue of America’s corrupt polity came the news that John Boehner-Speaker of US House of Representatives(known as Mr.Weepy for his occasional crying outbursts)-did what I feared he would do if he became speaker after the last congressional elections:He played golf with Abomination! I was a little late in this prediction,having warned on this blog’s parent website maybe on this blog too that Mr.Weepy may bend over backwards trying to show everyone that he can get along with the Abomination in the White House who makes America more and more desolate with every passing day he lords his authority over us.The golf game was a total waste of time and accomplished nothing,except to once again verify that America’s bi-partisan political class plays games with themselves and with us.Hopefully for as long as Mr.Weepy remains speaker,he’ll spend his time better serving the American people and not sharpening his golf game with a fiendish enemy of United States.And lastly on our political corruption is the painful yet indispensable reminder that on June 6th-just about a week after Memorial Day where we remember the men who’ve fallen in uniform-was the anniversary of the brutal,horrifying attack on USS Liberty by members of Israeli Defense Forces during the 6-Days War in 1967.Thirty-four US sailors were killed and about 170 wounded in the attack on the Navy intelligence ship.A documentary on History Channel aired about 10 years ago and it was narrated by Arthur Kent-a Canadian television commentator who interestingly enough disappeared from television not too long after this documentary aired.The last I heard,he ran for political office in Canada.Is his virtual disappearance from TV a result of Israel Lobby in action? I think so.The attack on Liberty was obviously deliberate,with Israeli warplanes circling the ship for several hours before the vicious attack.Why did the attack from the fake US-ally Israel occur? We may never know the reason(s),and one reason for that is because US senator John Boy McCain’s daddy was a US Navy admiral who was put in charge of the investigation into the attack.Along with evil creeps President Johnson and defense secretary McNamara,they covered up the attack by chalking it up to an honest mistake by their equally corrupt creeps in Israel’s government,and they ordered Liberty’s survivors not to speak to anyone about the attack or they’d face court-martial.After discharge,survivor James Ennes wrote the book Attack on the Liberty,and more of the survivors came out to tell what befell them on that horrible day when they were attacked by a fake ally and betrayed by their own commanders and their own government.And the cover-up continues to this day by the bastards in the federal government and the establishment news media in that the anniversary is ignored almost every single year.There was coverage of the 40th anniversary of the attack in 2007,but again,as the corrupt establishment does regularly,they let it die with no follow-up.Capt.McGonagle commanded Liberty during the attack and kept her afloat despite incredible odds.She limped back to port when the Israeli pilots and sailors finally stopped their assault,and she was eventually scrapped.And the captain was awarded the Medal of Honor,but in an obscure,barely covered White House ceremony.The crimes committed against Liberty and against all Americans-till this day-were the ordering of the attack by someone or some people in the Israeli military or government who ordered it,and their counterparts in US Navy and the federal government who obviously willfully covered up the murderous crime.The men who died on Liberty did not die in vain,for they’re a living testament to the lie that the government of Israel is a friend or ally of America,when they probably have never been.And also to the fact that US military commanders and US government officials will cover up murder against US servicemen if it serves their nefarious purposes,and especially if they’re doing the bidding of Israel Lobby.

On the assault on America from south of the border,51 members of a latino crime gang were indicted in federal court in Azusa,CA for engaging in racial cleansing of blacks from the mid-sized city by singling them out for criminal attack.This isn’t a new story,but has been occurring in the Golden State for about 10 years,maybe more.But it hasn’t gotten the widespread notoriety is should because the Diversity Gang that runs America’s political and news media establishment is besides themselves when America’s two leading “minority groups” are fighting each other.So while the federal prosecutors have done their job in bringing indictments against these alleged racial cleansers,the national media hasn’t because racism to Diversity Gang is a “white thing.” I remember some moron,who was a white female,using that exact phrase a few years ago when she claimed that only whites are guilty of racism.So now,when there are mostly Mexicans but other latinos literally ganging up on black Americans and extruding them from their neighborhoods,it threatens to shatter their illusion and bias.But this racial cleansing is a result of the criminally negligent US government-again,specifically,the Bush/Clinton Dynasty-who are responsible for racial cleansing like this on US soil because at times they just flat-out refused to defend and secure our southern border from invasion and La Conquista for about the last 30 years.And with America now 64% white,16% latino,12% black,5% Asian and the remainder,”other,” we’re probably headed for more racial conflict and cleansing between the 4 races comprising our population,especially in difficult economic times like now.America can even break down into segregated nations broken down by race-i.e.,a white region of America(New England,the Plains States,the Rocky Mountain West and the Pacific Northwest),a latino region(the Southwest),a black region(the South)and almost all the big cities a polyglot of all the races and maybe even some extra-terrestrials.Sounds like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.Doesn’t it,patriots? This is what Diversity Gang and their neo-pagan religion of multi-culturalism have done or probably will do to our country.This is what Abomination meant when he repeatedly said after his election in 2008,”Let us remake America.” That’s right,patriots.This is his image of what he and Diversity Gang that he leads want to create and what they’ve already foisted on us in just over 2 years.Imagine what he’ll do if he’s re-elected! May the Almighty have mercy on us.May patriots wake up across this land and realize who our enemies are and take action to expose them and thwart their plans to “remake America.”

Next will be 2 symptoms of America’s moral breakdown:rampant drug use,and more official recognition and approval of the Sin of Sodom.A study found that 25% of drivers involved in one-vehicle crashes tested positive for drugs in the period 1999-2009.The drugs were a combination of prescription and illegal drugs,and it’s more evidence that too many Americans are using drugs because they’re not just physically sick,but also mentally,emotionally,behaviorally,morally and spiritually sick.And they’re getting behind the wheels,endangering their lives and those of others.And a few days after I read this news,came the report of a SWAT(Special Weapons and Tactics)-team raid on an “after hours” club in S.Minneapolis,MN which netted about 80 arrests and a load of guns…and drugs.Another scourge in American society today that’s not getting the media attention it should is the rampant drug use in “clubs,” or whatever else they’re called.There are a load of clubs in probably every US metropolis where the sale and use of illegal drugs is as common as selling and drinking beer.And it’s another sign of our moral breakdown as a nation and a people in that mostly younger people feel the only way to have “a good time” is to go to a club playing horrible music horribly loud,look for fights,look to “score” with the opposite sex(or much worse,the same sex)…and selling,buying and/or taking harmful drugs.And this may be a tough nut to crack for law enforcement because it’s so pervasive,so common,so prevalent.And I’m sure there are revolutionary forces in and out of America who are assisting this drug scene every way they can,from bringing the dope into our land(mainly from south of the border),distributing it,selling it,encouraging its use among the young,and making huge profits along the way.I believe too that there are plenty of crooked cops-even high-ranking ones-who are involved in the drug trade,and that CIA agents and officers are involved too.If there’s a US government agency that needs to be thoroughly investigated,it’s CIA,where many of their applicants come from Yale University’s occult society Order of Skull & Bones.We need to remind ourselves of all the horrible consequences of harmful,illegal drugs:personal injury and death,broken marriages and families,lost productivity in the workforce,poor school performance,skyrocketing medical costs,rising crime,brutal wars between drug gangs,lawmen killed in the line of duty,inter alia.But,TPTB just keep rolling along like Ol’ Man River,as if America doesn’t have a worry in the world.But maybe that’s how they want it:maybe they want us so drugged out that after they destroy so many lives and bring such devastation to the country,they strengthen the reins of power and even expand their power;they “pick up the marbles.” The Brits brought opium into China which led to the opium wars in that country in the 19th century,and Castro has long been rumored to import heroin and coke across our borders to help destabilize our society,like any good communist would do.So,patriots need to unite on the drug war,primarily by going after the source of the drugs in the fields and labs in Columbia and any other country that’s feeding drugs into the bodies and minds of our people.We should consider using our military,if necessary,if we don’t get cooperation from the governments of the countries where the drugs are grown and refined and exported.And we need a massive public-awareness/public-education campaign on the drug scourge.Let’s hope it’s not too late to reverse course.We must try;that’s the least we can do.And lastly on America’s moral breakdown,the Richmond,VA office of the glorified counterfeiters at Federal Reserve Board decided to publicly recognize the Sin of Sodom and other sexual proclivities by flying the rainbow flag of the LGBT(Lesbian,”Gay,” Bi-sexual,Trans-gender)”community” from their office building.The female spokesman cited in the press story claimed they respect…What else?…DIVERSITY.So now,even the counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve are getting in on the act to exalt the Sin of Sodom and probably every other anti-Christ perversion running amok in the land.Just another reason,to quote the title of one of Dr.Ron Paul’s books,to “End the Fed.”

Since I just expatiated on America’s drug scourge,I begin the report on America’s crime wave by relating and commenting on a sickening quadruple-homicide in a pharmacy on a Sunday morning on Long Island,NY.A suspect was arrested by using a database of those who’ve purchased drugs at the pharmacy over the recent past,in addition to tips and surveillance video.The beast lived near the small town where the pharmacy is located and is probably addicted to some drug(legal or illegal)that he couldn’t get more of because his prescription may have run out.The details of the slaughter of 2 pharmacy employees and 2 customers have been a bit sketchy,and maybe more will come out if the suspect is indicted.The crime scene must’ve been ghastly,because when the pharmacy’s owner showed up after the murders were committed,he fainted.That’s a testament to what’s happening to our country,patriots:the horrors occurring all around us are petrifying us so much that we’re fainting,denying the reality of the horrors,or trying to move away from them.I think the evil of our social breakdown is so pervasive that,to quote a line from the Martha & the Vandellas ’60s song,there’s “Nowhere to run,baby,nowhere to hide.” Yes,we can move from a large amount of the horrors gripping our nation,but we’ll still encounter them probably anywhere we move to,no matter how isolated it may be or seem.Now we move to one of the newer forms of barbaric crime to terrorize us:the violent “house party.” The vast majority of the violence that occurs at these “parties” seems to occur mostly among blacks and to a lesser extent among Caribbean latinos(Cab lats).The 2 that I’ll comment on were both in King’s County(Brooklyn)in New York City.And they occurred just a few blocks away from each other and within about 24 hours of each other! And the shooting casualties at these parties:1 dead,13 wounded(1 seriously).Hardly anyone asks why these horrible shootings occur when the parties are supposed to be gay(happy,not homo) occasions.It’s a combination of things:drug use,over-drinking,egotism,arrogance,pride,showing off,machoism,boredom,poor upbringing,child abuse and neglect,poor parenting,broken families.And because broken families are more prevalent among latinos and blacks than among whites and Asians,that’s probably a main reason why these horrible shootings occur at these parties.From much personal experience,I urge patriots who are concerned about preserving their neighborhoods that if they come across one of these loud,raucous animal-house parties,that they get the exact address and call the law-and keep calling if you have to.Get as many calls as you can,for-again,from personal police experience-the more people who complain to police,the quicker and larger the response will be.If you just try to ignore the parties or move away from them for the day or night,you are surrendering to barbarians and allowing them to prevail.These are the everyday battles that patriots and concerned citizens are waging in America almost every day to prevent America from being over-run by the barbarians.Fight back,patriots! We can’t keep running away! Now on to another quadruple-homicide/suicide,this time at Research Triangle Park in Durham,NC.Three young-adult black females and a young-adult black male were found dead along a highway.The females were shot to death and found inside a car,while the alleged murderer was found dead outside the car from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.I just did a quick Internet search and didn’t come across the motive,but alternate-news site did report the motive:the suspect believed the females may have given him the AIDS virus via copulation,so he slew them.Chalk this up to another grisly multiple-murder given scant publicity while every second of the Casey Anthony trial gets constant coverage;this is more proof that a bunch of degenerate morons are running newsrooms all across America,but mainly in the big cities that are dominated by Diversity Gang radical liberals.Now we travel down to the Big Easy,where an insurance agent shot dead 2 insurance investigators from Louisiana’s government and then shot himself dead;the suspect was reportedly a “troubled man.” And our country’s crime wave wouldn’t be complete without an all-in-the-family multiple-homicide/suicide.This one occurred in Dexter,ME,where a man shotgunned to death his estranged wife and their 2 kids before turning the shotgun on himself.And as we here many times in these horrible multiple-homicide/suicides,a “custody dispute” was a motive for the shooting.Ever since the ’60s till today,feminazi judges-female and male-have shown blatant favoritism towards wives and mothers in divorce cases in family court.I write in an overall sense,not of course on each specific case.There are certainly times when an abusive,neglectful husband and father gets preferential treatment in a divorce case,but it’s the misanthropic,anti-Christ feminist-bwitch ideology that has brought such unmitigated terror to our family courts,not just to the aggrieved men,but to the kids too.The bwitches believe that men are the root of all evil,in contrast to the Bible’s admonition that the love of money is the root of all evil(1 Timothy 6:10).So a feminazi judge is predisposed to side with the oppressed woman and against the misogynistic male in almost every divorce case she or he presides over.This in no way excuses or justifies the horrible murders committed in Dexter,ME,but it does draw attention to the misanthropic evil that presides in all too many family courts throughout America.Enough on America’s crime wave;it’s getting me too mad and a bit sick and discouraged.

The Almighty God seems to keep punishing our land and our rulers and our people with consistently dreadful weather,breaking records at times.At about the same time,53 wildfires burned in 11 states,and the record was broken in Arizona when wildfire consumed about half-a-million acres of land.And killer heat broke records in Newark,NJ-the largest city in the Garden State-and in Baltimore,MD,taking 2 lives in the city named after Lord Baltimore.But the last 2 cases I’ll cover of what I believe are the Lord’s judgments on America’s anti-Christ ruling establishment in Washington,District of the goddess Columbia were whoppers.Camp Shelby in MS is the largest US-military base used for training personnel who are fighting or planning to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.And lightning struck the base,sending 77 cadets to hospital for treatment for shock or further examination.Fortunately no one was killed or seriously hurt,but I firmly believe the message was sent from above:your war is a great sin,and this is a warning to stop it before further judgment falls.The Almighty has many ways to show sinful man how displeased He is with man’s wicked ways,but this one was a beaut.As was the incident when Hollering Hillary was in Ethiopia and had to delay boarding the flight back to US because….get this…..a volcano in nearby Eritrea-dormant for 150 years-erupted,and the ash and smoke prevented the flight’s take-off.Hillary the superbwitch was thwarted! Ha,ha,ha! I bet the bwitch was quaking in her black boots! Remember,patriots,when Abomination appointed Hillary to be secretary of state,it was the formal declaration from Abomination and his cabal that the Bush/Clinton Dynasty continues to rule America from the White House.And if any of you praying patriots believe that,then I ask you to pray for His judgment to come down on this criminal dynasty that has brought such devastation to America and other parts of the world.

And I usually end this patriot blog with reports on patriot activism in the land,trying to end the mostly bad,depressing news I’ve written on with a wee bit of refreshment and optimism,with gratitude for the patriots who are fighting back against America’s enemies-almost all of whom are domestic.And what’s great about some of these patriot activities is that anti-patriots sometimes perform patriot acts! What a riot that is! An example is when 10 congressmen-7 Republicans,3 Democrats-formally sued the Abomination over his clearly unconstitutional warmongering in Libya.And one of those congressmen was none other than John Conyers! Holy Toledo! That’s a regular riot! I assume that he’s very angry at Abomination for being even more of a warmonger than Boy George was,and that he’s bypassing Congress.Good for him! Radical liberal John Conyers joins a patriot cause! The age of miracles hasn’t ended! And this is a good move by these congressmen,in that it got a good deal of publicity in the establishment press and showed the Abomination that even men in his own party are angry at his arrogance and dictatorial presidency.And this is just another tool to use from the box to take patriot action against probably the biggest anti-patriot to ever sit in the White House.And the best patriot activism comes from the so-called “ordinary people”-those concerned citizens fed up with lawmakers who obviously hate their guts,hate America,hate patriotism and love radicalism and lawbreaking.Patriots in the Free State decided to gather signatures to put on the ballot,a referendum to repeal an anti-patriot law passed by the MD general assembly and signed by their shanty Irish governor Martin O’Malley that grants in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants.Not to take defeat to lightly,patriot citizens took action,helped along by Del.McDonagh,and have gathered enough signatures to get the referendum on the ballot at the next election.Even though Maryland is a pinko-liberal state,the referndum should pass,because it goes right to the people,bypasses the corrupt,law-breaking legislature,and shows the state’s citizens that they and their fellow Americans come first,especially ahead of people who aren’t supposed to be living in Maryland or in any other state.Patriots,for inspiration:Look to Maryland! Let’s give those patriots a hand for taking on louse legislators and their illegal-immigrant allies by rallying around the patriot cause at the grass roots!

Patriots,it’s now 10:40 PM on July 1st.The traffic heading out to Jersey and up to Westchester and Connecticut finally subsided about 8 PM.The weather is supposed to be very nice in this area for the 3-days weekend.I may go away in Dusty(My ‘74 Gold Duster-when cars were cars!)and get in my first swim of the year,far away from the anti-Christ/anti-patriot Big Apple.I think I could use the R & R.I wish you all a safe and happy Independence Day weekend.And let’s remember to call it Independence Day and not “the Fourth.” On July 4th,1776,some brave men risked their very lives by declaring the 13 colonies independent of King George and his throne in London,England.This led to the War for Independence-incorrectly called the Revolutionary War-and United States was eventually born in 1783.Let’s never forget,patriots,that America’s freedom is not threatened today primarily from London,UK,but from Washington,US.The Abomination isĀ  today our King George.And as patriot resistance continues to build in our land,it behooves us to prepare for the worst.I firmly believe Abomination is a neo-bolshevik,and he wants to bring desolation and destruction to America and most of her people.So while we celebrate in various ways the next few days,and relax and frolic in Summer sunshine,let’s never forget that freedom is never free but always comes with the cost of eternal vigilance and,sometimes,patriot resistance.Stay well,patriots.Never shrink from the foes of our freedom and independence.We’ll stay free as long as we are forever grateful for it and will always commit to fight to keep it,with the Almighty’s help.Happy Independence Day! See you again in a couple of weeks.And because of the thousands of comments to this blog,I’ve decided I can’t go through them all;it’s too time-consuming.If you want to contact this patriot for any reason and hopefully get a response,please go to and click the contact button,or send snail mail to POB 791,Bronx,NY 10465-1911.