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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Greetings,patriots.Summer draws near,but lest we forget,American patriots never stop fighting,even during the time of year when “…the living is easy.” I have some good news on the spam attacks on this patriot blog:Leon the Spammer has finally retreated,or maybe he got locked up somewhere.His long-winded spams stopped about a month ago and they’ve yet to return.I thank any of you patriots who fought back by bombing his e-mail addresses,and maybe that made him stop.There’s nothing like a patriot victory,big or small! Of course,the spam is still atrocious,and I’m sticking to the course I spelled out in the last post.But with Leon in retreat or locked up,the spam has been greatly reduced.

Before I go to the review,analysis and commentary on the important news for American patriots,I urge patriots who may have more free time available with Summer soon arriving to start regularly listening to shortwave radio.I’ve been a daily listener for about the past 10 years,and it’s a Godsend,especially living in Democrat-dominated/anti-Christ The Big Apple.A good portable AM/FM/SW digital radio can be bought for about $100,and you’ll probably want to take it with you wherever you go once you get the hang of SW listening.It’s a little complicated in the beginning,like learning most new things,but sticking with it is well worth it.We can hear all kinds of English-language broadcasts from all over the world,and non-English ones too.I listen mainly for news and analysis/commentary on that news from a patriot-Christian perspective.Some good SW references are the website,the book Passport to World Band Radio,and the magazine Monitoring Times.Universal Radio in Reynoldsburg,OH has a great selection of stuff and a very helpful staff to facilitate one’s purchase of his or her first SW radio.The stations I listen to regularly are WWCR(World-Wide Christian Radio,in Nashville,TN)and WWRB(World-Wide Radio Broadcasting,out of Manchester,TN).I also listen to Money Talks on WBCQ,4 days a week.The host Jim Cedarstrom is a riot as he provides mainly financial and economic news and commentary,and throws in usually a couple of nice tunes too.However,he’s a trader mainly in gold and silver,and that’s probably why he’s a bit of a gloom-and-doomer because the more unstable an economy or society is,the more gold and silver is sold(so the conventional thinking goes).Still,he provides a ton of important information and analysis that’s sorely lacking in the establishment financial press;and he provides a nice amount of levity to break the tension,just like Ralph Kramden did with a joke at a tense meeting of the Raccoon Lodge over whether to bring the wives on the annual Raccoon fishing trip.And that’s one big reason I listen to SW:we hear news and commentary and discussions that are rarely,if ever,heard on “mainstream” radio.So,patriots,join the SW club this Summer.However,be warned that there are a lot of blowhards on SW,like Alex Jones-the most-obnoxious broadcaster on SW-and Joyce Riley of the so-called Power Hour-the second-most-obnoxious SW broadcaster-and Texe Marrs-the third-most-obnoxious broadcaster(but I listen to him almost every week because he is a ferocious researcher,devoting 16 hours a day to research and investigation for his Power of Prophecy broadcast).The other broadcasts I listen to regularly are Dr.Stan Monteith on WWCR and WHRI with his Radio Liberty broadcast;pastor Bob Martin on WWCR and his broadcast Challenge;Back to the ’40s(Great Big Band music!),pastor Jim Rolen and his broadcast Word of Life,The Fugitive(he doesn’t give his real name)and his broadcast The Last Voice of the Church Age,et al on WWRB;Bob Johnson and his Signs of the Times broadcast on WWCR.I listen to others too,but the aforesaid are the regulars.When I turn on and start listening to SW here in NYC,I sometimes feel like a partisan fighting a guerrilla war against an occupying army.Such is life for a patriot in Big City,USA in 2011.Now on to the news.And good luck and happy listening to you patriots who take the plunge into the fascinating world of shortwave-radio broadcasting.

In the Graveyard of Empire,7 US soldiers were killed by bomb blasts,with the Taliban claiming responsibility.Just a few hours ago when taking notes from an issue of Culture Wars magazine,I re-read the root word for the English word “soldier.” It comes from the German word “soeldner,” meaning “mercenary.” Isn’t that something,patriots? The establishment uses that word all the time instead of serviceman or infantryman.How descriptive of our times that is,that US servicemen are mercenaries-basically,international guns for hire.And let’s be deceived no longer:this war is “their” war,not ours.”They” are the anti-patriot globalist warmongers using US mercenaries-both US servicemen and private goons like Blackwater-to wage their war of aggression on a multitude of Muslim nations.I’ve stated many times on this patriot blog who specifically “they’ are,so I won’t waste time and energy repeating it.And now 7 more US men in uniform are dead because of “them.” Remember that great 1954 sci-fi film Them!? With some great actors like James Whitmore and James Arness? Well,”them” in this case aren’t giant ants,but are monsters nonetheless.”Them” are lovers of foreign wars,naked aggression,violent revolution,ethnic and religious hatred,power and great wealth,invasion and conquest and rule.”They” are the ones who have put US servicemen and their families and our national reputation through the ringer ever since the 9/11 attacks.”They” are a combination of neo-cons and theo-cons,Israel-firsters,military racketeers,Big Oilmen,invaders and conquerors,empire builders,globalists,new world orderites,et al.And the “soldiers”-the “mercenaries”-are their pawns in their Great Game.Hope and/or pray,patriots,that their work of darkness is brought out into the light,for all to see.And lastly on the immoral foreign wars being led by commander-in-chief President Abomination,US House of Representatives voted to continue funding the immoral,unconstitutional foreign war in Afghanistan with money they don’t have,but they did at least vote to not fund Abomination’s operation in Libya.That’s all the American people need:another immoral,unpopular,unconstitutional foreign war.But again,”they” get what they want,and the rest of us can go scratch.But this reminds us of one way to get Americans out of those war pits “over there”:Stop feeding the beast by cutting off its funding!

On America’s political-corruption front,Michael the Huckster Huckabee-the Gomer Pyle of US politics-had mercy on us and decided not to seek the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.But why should he? Thanks to Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News,Gomer has a pretty good racket going for himself.He has his own TV show on Fox,and now owns a 2-million-plus-dollars beachfront mansion in the Sunshine State.Why would the smooth-talking,backwoods Baptist preacher-the epitome of the corrupt US political establishment and the corrupt,anti-Christ Christian establishment-give all that up? Murdoch and his neo-con boys have made “Huck” a millionaire and a celebrity.And now Gomer is as happy as a pig in a poke.A man who is supposed to preach the Gospel,but is just another self-absorbed,materialistic power seeker.While patriots won’t have to deal with this phony running for the presidency next year,we’ll still have to deal with his TV propaganda.And more importantly on the corruption front is the article from The Wall Street Journal-also Murdoch-owned-on Admiral Michael Mullen-chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff-welcoming his counterpart from Red China with open arms and actually giving him a “getting to know you” tour of US military bases.The article quoted an anonymous US military official as claiming that the US military wants “…a cooperative and transparent relationship” with the Red Chinese.How very nice that is.The top US uniformed military officer rolling out the red carpet for his communist counterpart from an oppressive dictatorship,even giving him a friendly tour of some of US’s bases,wanting a cooperative relationship.Patriots,I think it’s more than a co-incidence that this story appeared in TWSJ.Murdoch was married to a Chinese woman,and he would probably love to see a merger between US and Communist China.Uncle Rupert is a CFR member,and I think that he and his fellow globalists want the governments of US,UK,China and Russia to rule the world,similar to Hitler wanting his Third Reich to rule Europe,while the Brits would keep their empire,America would rule the Western Hemisphere and Japan would rule Asia.Of course,if Adm.Mullen were a patriot,he would resign rather than warmly welcome a commie,let alone giving him the grand tour of US military bases.But maybe he was ordered to do this by President Abomination.Anyway,this is another demonstration of betrayal by anti-patriots throughout the US government,including the military’s upper echelon.

On the economic/financial front,Dominique Strauss-Kahn(”DSK”)-the French-Jewish socialist who was managing director of International Monetary Fund(IMF)until about a month ago-was arrested on a Paris-bound plane just before take-off by police detectives for allegedly sexually assaulting a maid in an upscale New York City hotel.If he wasn’t collared before take-off and made it to Paris,he may have escaped charges because the French government may have refused to extradite him.Mr.Kahn has a reputation for being a “ladies’ man”-but more specifically in his case,a rampant adulterer who feels compelled to bed down babes whenever he feels like it,even though he has the face of a rat.While that’s immoral,this latest dalliance is criminal,if he’s guilty.Fortunately,he stepped down as IMF head,and he has plead not guilty to the charges against him.But here’s an important question:Why was a French-Jewish socialist the head of IMF? Once again,TPTB have put a Jew in charge of a big-money internationalist agency that generally loans money to poor,desperate countries and then makes them dependent on IMF,thus making the globalist money men more rich and more powerful.And then he’s a bloody socialist! And get a load of his name:Dominique Strauss-Kahn.That’s a French first name,a German-Jewish surname and a Jewish,possibly Arabic too,surname.Kahn is probably derived from “Cohen”-Hebrew for “priest.” US Senator John Kerry’s real name is Kohn-probably another form of Cohen.But then there’s the Arabic name “Khan”-as in Ali Khan.Is this guy mixed up or what?! Here’s another important question:What was Dominique doing in the Big Apple? He wasn’t on any reported official business,so maybe he came just to play sexual games.It’s also an interesting co-incidence that he was planning to run for president of France next year,so maybe he was set up.I doubt it,but one never knows.Probably the biggest proof of his guilt is that he high-tailed it out of the hotel and jumped on that plane to get out of our country to elude arrest.But what’s most important for patriots to remember is that these are the types of sleazebags in positions of great political,economic and financial power in America and the world.And whenever any one of them is removed from power,that serves the patriot cause.

Another major narcotics operation based out of Puerto Rico-the US “commonwealth” and the so-called “island of enchantment”-was broken up in the Big Apple by lawmen from NYPD and DEA.Eleven mutts were arrested,including the ring’s kingpin.He was collared with $1.3 million worth of cocaine in his possession.And the investigation into the ring began with undercover buys of other illegal drugs in Manhattan “clubs.” This scourge of rampant drug use in nightclubs not just in NYC but throughout America isn’t being given the media coverage it should.There are a lot of jerks clubbing and driving around,especially on weekends and holidays,getting stoned and feeding this criminal underworld and,just as importantly,ruining their own minds,bodies and lives with their drug use and the lives of their families,friends,co-workers,etc..But this particular bust by patriot lawmen is another illustration of America’s commonwealth of Puerto Rico bringing mostly nothing but trouble to our shores.Illegal narcotics is a big problem in PR because it’s part of the culture and the island is extremely poor,with a 16% unemployment rate.So because the anti-patriot US government continues to grant commonwealth status to PR,and their amount of taxpayer aid under Abomination has almost doubled to about $21 billion annually,that island’s problems are our problems,and they shouldn’t be.And they can export their problems-like their huge drug problem-right into our neighborhoods.There are no US customs stations in PR,so it’s much easier to bring drugs here from there and not from another Caribbean island with a major drug problem,like Dominican Republic.It’s long overdue for US patriots to demand from their corrupt federal government that they give Puerto Rico its independence and end our ridiculous,harmful relationship with the island of enchantment once and for all! And lastly on this aspect of La Conquista front,the Puerto Rican Day Parade was on Sunday,June 12th.This “parade” began in NYC all the way back in 1957,and it is by far,no comparison,the most-overdone,extravagant spectacle of ethnic pride and aggression that this city has had to endure.An estimated 1-2 million are in Manhattan for this parade,in great contrast to the estimated 30,000 people who attended the parade honoring the nation of Israel the Sunday before,even though the city has a large Jewish population.There is no ethnic group,including other latino groups,who have such a large percentage of its population so fiercely in our faces with their flag,their language,their music(It bites big time!),their culture as the Puerto Rican population living in America.But,patriots,I have a bit of good news:they didn’t get good weather on the eve of the parade or the day of it,especially the eve.It rained on the eve and it was actually rather chilly,like a crisp Fall night(far unlike Puerto Rico’s tropical weather),and Sunday only hit about 70 degrees and it was overcast and may have rained a bit during the parade.This was one of the rare times that this La Conquista parade wasn’t aided and abetted with good weather,so maybe the Almighty isn’t giving up on us here in NYC,not yet anyway.

“There’s an extremely serious crime problem in Israel.Gangs control many of our neighborhoods…a general lawlessness pervades our society.” Those are the words of a rabbinical authority in Israel-a nation which has a relationship with USA that’s very similar in many ways to the anti-patriot relationship between USA and Puerto Rico,but only much more dangerous because of perennial instability and the threat of world conflict in the Middle East.The Jerusalem Post reported this story,but something like this hardly ever gets press in America because Israel Lobby is so damn powerful.In addition to so much of the major media being Jewish-owned,Israel Lobby operating mainly out of Washington and Tel Aviv helps keep reports like this that make Israel not look too good out of the news chain.Even when it comes from an influential rabbinical authority in Israel! Another aspect of Israel’s serious crime problem is the Israeli mafia,and also the so-called “Russian mafia,” which is heavily Jewish.It may be hard for some patriots to believe that some big media pin-stripe in a swanky office tower in New York City would deliberately cover-up serious criminal activity in America and in Israel out of ethnic favoritism or favoritism to a another country,but this obviously is the case.Maybe Israel Lobby is paying them off too.For those suspicious or doubtful of this claim,why is it that true stories on many of Israel’s problems rarely get coverage in US media but they do get some coverage in the European press and other foreign press outlets? Because Israel Lobby is very powerful here and not in other parts of the world! They’re not even as powerful in Israel as they are in America! And if they care so much about their co-ethnics in Israel,then they would discuss Israel’s crime problem publicly to try and do something about it instead of ignoring it or covering it up.I repeat,patriots:the government of Israel and Israel Lobby are no friends of America;they just use us for their own gain and power.Oppose them!

A wee bit of good news and some major bad news on America’s moral breakdown,respectively.Journalist/author Benjamin Shapiro has written the book Prime-time Propaganda,published by Broadside-an imprint of Rupert Murdoch-owned Harper Collins.He conducted 39 interviews of Hollywood executives and reveals their anti-conservative/ultra-liberal bias and occasional hatred.Shapiro claims that him being Jewish,a journalist,and having attended Harvard Law School,that the executives he interviewed(most of them apparently Jewish too)thought he was one of them.So they admit their biases and hatred to Shapiro,and he lists some of them in his book.Of course,this isn’t news to conservatives and patriots and Christians;all we have to do is put on virtually any one of the major networks in prime-time and see their garbage shows,like Desperate Housewives-Laura Bush’s favorite show at one time and whose producer is homosexual Republican Marc Cherry.That’s right up liberal/feminist Laura’s alley! No wonder this was and probably still is one of her favorite shows! But back to Shapiro’s book.While he has amassed evidence of mostly-Jewish Hollywood’s anti-conservative/anti-GOP bias and probably has a lot of his fellow Jews mad as hell at him(like they’re still mad as hell over Mel Gibson for making The Passion of the Christ),he’s a neo-con,not a conservative.And that’s why the article on his book in The Hollywood Reporter and probably his entire book will mention nothing about the anti-Christ bias and hate coming out of Babylonian Hollywood.So while he’s critical of Jewish-dominated Hollywood,he and this book will still come up short.And in the article in the paper,he cites all neo-con/Fox News hosts and personalities like Hannity(Ugh!)and Coulter(Double ugh!)as those Hollywood opposes and those he ostensibly favors.So when he says he’s not liberal,that doesn’t mean he’s conservative;it means he’s neo-conservative.Murdoch-owned Harper Collins would never print a book that accuses Hollywood of bias and hatred towards Christians because Murdoch’s mother was Jewish and he was given an award by the ethnic thugs at Anti-Defamation League within the past year or so,claiming there’s an ongoing “war against the Jews.” So,patriots and moral Americans,let’s not get to excited about Shapiro’s book,but we can still learn from it.And now the bad news:for the first time since polling began on “same-sex marriage,” a slim majority of Americans now support it(about 53%).What pushed the approval over the majority mark was a large percentage of young people(about 70%)-ages 18-29-support it.This shouldn’t surprise us because all the pro-homo,anti-Christ public figures and entertainers and films and TV shows  have been pounding the minds of the young with their pro-Sodomite agitprop.For those not-well-grounded in morality,a good upbringing or the Christian faith,it’s a lot easier to fall for this sick deception that not only 2 men copulating is normal and good(Ugh!),but also 2 men marrying each other is normal and good and the same as a man and a woman marrying each other(Double ugh!).Throw into the Sodomite propaganda army the freakish likes of Lady Gaga(Triple ugh!)and Katy Perry,and this is certainly going to affect many an unstable,ungrounded soul.Billy Graham once said-about 25 years or so ago-that if the Almighty doesn’t judge America,He’ll owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.Retired federal judge Robert Bork was right when he titled one of his books Slouching Towards Gomorrah.We certainly are,much more so now than when that book was published about 15 years ago.And if the sin of Sodom continues to rise in this land to the point where it’s considered just as normal as boy-girl love and marriage to most of the people,then I believe the bad weather we’ve been hit with over the past year or so will be nothing compared to what will hit us from up above.

On America’s crime-wave blotter of multiple-homicide:5 people were shot dead in Yuma,AZ by a lone gunman who may have murdered his lawyer over a divorce case;and there were 2 grisly multiple homicides-suicides(one in a St.Louis suburb and the other in San Diego,CA)where the suspect in each case killed 3 family members before turning the gun on himself.Patriots,it seems like there’s an epidemic of multiple homicide-suicide throughout our country.The major media has yet to report this as the epidemic it probably is because,again,to protect the power establishment and “keep the peace,” they don’t want the people to panic,or “flip out,” but it’s happening nonetheless and it seems to be getting worse;and so much of it-if not most of it-is family-related.As the old saw goes,”As the family goes,so goes the nation.”

In the sleazy business of pro-baseball,the annual “Civil Rights Weekend” was held around the Memorial Day weekend.And we got a liberal-windbag message from yet another Jewish executive at Major League Baseball lecturing everyone about “civil rights” in baseball.Get a load of this name,patriots:Jimmie Lee Solomon is executive vice-president for baseball development in MLB.And this is supposed to be development?! But if you’re a liberal Jew using your position of influence in pro baseball to destroy America’s past and usher in the modern-day liberal utopia,then this “Civil Rights Game” is one avenue to try to accomplish that.They keep bringing up Jackie Robinson’s being allowed to play all the way back in 1947 as if it happened yesterday! They want to keep browbeating whites with charges of “Racism!.” And none other than Mexican-American guitarist Carlos Santana was invited to the civil-rights game in Atlanta,GA-probably by Jimmie Lee Solomon-and he proceeded to lecture the citizens of the Peach State and its legislature for passing a tough anti-illegal-immigration law.Patriots,this is what has happened to what was once our game:radical Jewish liberals have taken it over and have run it into the ground with their greed;racial favoritism towards latinos and to a lesser extent,blacks,and,of course,ethnic favoritism to their fellow Jews in executive positions in MLB;crass commercialism and profiteering;obviously tolerating the use of illegal drugs among the players;pink bats and wristbands on Mother’s Day but no such remembrances on Father’s Day;inter alia.And now these morons invite ingrate Carlos Santana to lecture the citizens of a state and most of their legislators for cracking down on his fellow latinos for being in the state illegally.Patriots:Boycott baseball!

The Almighty’s judgment on our land?:a rare tornado slams into the People’s Republic of Massachusetts,killing 4 people in Springfield;3 died in the Atlanta,GA-area from terrible storms and record rain;and of course,the horrible tornado that killed about 125 people in Joplin,MO.

But with all this grim and ominous news,there’s some good news for patriots and those who fear the Almighty and who want His laws to guide our lives.Florida’s legislature passed a law mandating that welfare applicants pass a drug test before receiving benefits.Everyone with half a head knows that many welfarists and welfare queens are dope users;they use tax money given to them to support them and their kids with basic necessities to buy and use drugs;so this is a great patriot deterrent that’ll certainly discourage drug use among welfare applicants.Of course,Anti-Christ Liberal Union-otherwise known as American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU)-has threatened to sue and have some fellow anti-patriot judge “strike down” the law.But this doesn’t,or shouldn’t,deter patriots from enacting patriot legislation.Fight the anti-patriots wherever they rear their ugly heads! Fight them in the courts! Fight them in the city halls! Fight them in the state houses and in the halls of Congress! Fight them in the pews! Fight them in the public squares! Fight them in the classrooms! Patriots,if we love our land and our countrymen,we’ll take our fight to the foe and not run from them! And lastly on the patriot-activism front,Oprah Winfrey-at one time the #1 false prophetess in America and possibly the world,the liberal/feminist hot-air balloon with her New Age slop and slobbering sentimentality who has debauched probably millions of American women and women in other countries too-is taking herself and her gabfest show off the air.That proves there’s still mercy upon us,and that should give us hope and inspiration.The former #1 false prophetess has finally taken her fall,and it’s long overdue.But she has fallen nonetheless.Hallelujah.

Patriots,as I finish this post on A Patriot’s Diary,it’s June 21st-the first day of Summer.I wish you all a safe and happy Summer with your loved ones,your friends and with your co-patriots,and with those strangers you meet along the way and introduce them to the patriot cause.Please keep logging on to this blog’s patriot website important news and commentary.I’ll try another post before the end of June.Till then,all the best,to all of us and to our patriot cause.