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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Hello there,patriots.I’m about a week late with this post,and I may have to change my commitment to a monthly post instead of my previous intention of one semi-monthly(every 2 weeks).I’m behind for several reasons,the main one being there’s just so much important news going on that it’s taking up a lot of this patriot’s time in covering it and posting links to it on’m also behind on the commentaries on the Current News page on this blog’s parent site( issue is all the Spring cleaning I’ve been doing the past 4 weeks or so,inside and outside the house.Due to a change in my weekly schedule,about 3 hours of precious time every week has been freed up for fighting the patriot cause.As this patriot blog and its parent patriot website approaches its 2-years anniversary in a few days,I’ve decided I need to adjust a few things.First,the spam comments on this blog are horrendous.Every week,it gets about 5,000-7,000 comments and about 70-80% of it is spam.I’ve spent way too much time and energy spamming the morons and not reading,commenting on and responding to the non-spammers enough as I want to or should.I’ll soon call the web host and ask why the same spammers keep re-appearing even after I spam them hundreds,sometimes thousands,of times.I’m sorry to you patriots who’ve been waiting for replies to your comments,but I simply don’t have the time;and I don’t mark all the comments as spam because about a third of them aren’t spam.So,I’ve decided to make some token spam marks on the comments and delete the rest of them.If you want to contact me,you can go to and click the Contact page on the left side of the home page;the spam function works much better on that site than here.I also am going to better organize my Internet news reading.It has been too disjointed over the past few months,and I use 7 on-line news sources for daily news.While I’m getting and staying very informed that way,I’ve fallen way behind on the magazines I subscribe to.My run for elected office also threw my routine off for about 4 months.I’m 9(!)issues behind reading The New American( 3 issues behind Culture Wars(,and I haven’t finished reading a book in about a year.I used to knock off about 7-10 a year.Ergo,I’ve decided that I need to spend more patriot time reading the old pulp and less time online,at least until I catch up somewhat.I have about 60 books in my home library,and I’d like to knock off at least half of them before I pass on.Reading patriot magazines and books or literature on other subjects helps us learn a lot more on a particular subject by going into greater detail and helping us think more critically and more deeply.This navigation change may show up on this blog and with not as many links and comments as before,but the major stories shouldn’t be missed;and I can also post links to stories and columns in the magazines and journals I read on also am considering putting a RSS feed on my home page from a newspaper for each region of our besieged country.I’d love to cover every state(even the pseudo-state of Hawaii),but that’s virtually impossible for this one-man patriot operation.So,I intend to read news from a major paper in the NE,Middle Atlantic,the SE,the Midwest,the Upper Midwest,the Plains states,the Rocky Mountain states,the Left Coast,even Alaska;but I won’t include the “Commonwealth” of Puerto Rico or “Possessions” of the US government.This patriot believes firmly that America is a republic,to which our flag stands,and not an empire.I recommend PJB’s book A Republic,Not an Empire to understand what America’s founding fathers intended our country to be.And another reason why I’ve been behind on the blog and the site is I’ve installed some new software tools on both my computers to repair,optimize and clean them.And they’re free! How beautiful that is! And they work very well! In this critical time in our country’s history,where our nation has never been under more serious threats and attacks as now(IMO),patriots need to make sure their computers are up to snuff and optimized as much as possible.We’ve seen the impacts of the “social networks” throughout the Muslim nations in the Near East and Middle East,and with all the incredible news occurring at such a rapid pace,it’s indispensable that we get informed,stay informed and communicate with each other as much as possible.I hope you patriots are using some of the free anti-virus programs instead of the paid ones that are usually “offered” by ISPs.I’ve been using a free suite for about 18 months and it’s better than what I was paying about 80 bucks a year for! Go to the websites and/or and explore all the free options available for anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti-malware,repairers,optimizers and cleaners.And now,off to reviewing the important news for American patriots.

With Memorial Day approaching,it’s sad to to begin this post with commentary on 8 US military advisers who were shot dead in Afghanistan-the graveyard of empire-by a member of “Afghan Air Corps.” The media reports claimed that he was “under stress” over some personal matters,when what was probably the real reason was he retaliated against foreign occupiers of his country.Of course,this was a savage act,and he died in the gun battle.But this was a classic case of unexpected death in a neo-colonial war,when those who are trusted by the foreign troops or advisers suddenly turn on the foreigners and kill them.I’ve lost count with how many times this has happened to US servicemen in the graveyard or Iraq,but it has happened all too often.And as long as the warmonger executive branch of the government in Washington,District of Columbia continues to order its military into those countries they’re occupying,these horrible slaughters will almost certainly continue.May the US servicemen who gave their lives in the service not of the American republic but of the American empire,rest in peace.And may all US servicemen who’ve died rest in peace too,along with all those who’ve given their lives in the hideous cruelty of war-man’s ultimate inhumanity to man.But of course,the big news re the immoral,criminal “War on Terror!” is the claim that Saint Obama slew Osama the Magic Dragon.Patriots,I believe Navy SEALS did conduct an operation in Abbotabad,Pakistan and did engage in combat,but I don’t believe they killed Uncle bin Laden.The story has changed so many times that it’s laughable to believe Abomination’s “official” story.I’ve written before on this patriot blog that Uncle bin has probably been dead for many years and his ghost has been kept alive by the Muslim killer neo-crusaders in DC and possibly in other power capitals of the world to justify naked military aggression in and subversion of as many Muslim or Arab countries as possible.Almost all of Uncle bin’s supposed public statements have been on audiotape,but Boy George and Abomination have almost never released the tapes to the media;they’ve just told us that Uncle bin made such and such a threat,and they want us to always believe them,hook,line and sinker.We’ve hardly ever seen Uncle bin on clear video or on TV broadcasts-only what the US intelligence establishment tells the compliant media and then they regurgitate that to us.Uncle bin had kidney disease and needed dialysis treatment.So here are the top questions that need to be asked of Abomination and his handlers on this claim that they slew Osama:Why didn’t they capture him instead of killing him on the spot? Why did they bury him at sea and not just dump his body in an unmarked,obscure grave? Why won’t they release the alleged death photos of Uncle bin to the public? If they learned of his whereabouts last August,why did Abomination wait about 8 months to “make the kill”? What was he waiting for? Why was Uncle bin so unprotected? If Al Qaida is this huge,behemothic threat to America,why was the compound where he supposedly lived and operated so lightly defended? Why wasn’t Uncle bin armed? Patriots,this whole thing stinks to high heaven! What better way for a corrupt,incompetent,negligent,unpopular government to “get right” with the people they rule than offering the head of a foreign ogre on a silver platter? And the Abomination’s approval rating shot up about 15 points after he claimed he slew the magic dragon! And here are other questions I forgot to ask before:Why was this operation launched on May 1st,or May Day-the international holiday celebrated by communists,socialists,neo-pagans? The day the anti-Christ Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria,Germany in 1776? Was it just co-incidence that Abomination picked this day to order the raid on the great dragon? Please! He had to plan it especially for this day! Like some supernatural power was assisting him on that day! Or maybe he was thanking those supernatural powers on May Day for helping him accomplish his mission! And why did he make the announcement just a few minutes before midnight on May Day? Just like Pelosi and Reid and their near-midnight votes on Abominationcare! The bewitching hour! Holy smokes! Of course,Abomination wants 4 more years to harm our country as much as he can after 2012,so he thinks this probably phony slaying will help his re-election chances.Of course,know one but the Almighty knows what’ll be going on in America and the world come election time next year.But we still have all the turmoil and violence in Afghanistan,Iraq,Syria,Yemen,Bahrain,Egypt,Pakistan.I’m 99% sure that CIA,MI6,Mossad,and Russian and Iranian intelligence are heavily involved in the so-called “Arab Spring.” Only a select few know who started it all,but it must be related to WOT(War on Terror!).Patriots,a bunch of madmen,mainly in DC,are probably starting WW3 near the Garden in Iraq where mankind began.Is that where mankind will meet his end? And lest we forget about Uncle bin,one reason they allegedly killed him and dumped his body at sea is because they don’t want the dirty secrets to come about about the warm relationship between CIA and the Bush dynasty and Uncle bin.He and Al Qaida(”The Foundation” in English)were created by CIA to fight the Russkies in Afghanistan.Uncle bin sat on the board of Carlyle Group-a super-wealthy/super-powerful international group of money men-along with Daddy Bush,Henry Kissinger,et al.This is just some of the dirty laundry that the criminal operation in Washington,DC doesn’t want aired out in public;so they either buried it,along with their phantom,in the bowels of the sea,or they kept his ghost alive for their evil game of subversion,invasion and conquest.Pray the Almighty reveals the truth to us all.

The political-corruption front takes us to the Great White North.Canada’s “Conservative Party” leader Stephen Harper was given a majority in Parliament after the recent elections.Patriots,this is no reason at all to rejoice,for 4-eyes Harper is a neo-con,not a conservative.Indeed,our northern neighbor now has no conservative party:of the 4 major parties,one is neo-con and the other 3 are establishment liberal.Harper promised after his re-election that he won’t try to change Canada’s ultra-liberal laws on abortion and “gay rights” and their socialist health-care system,which is virtually identical to Britain’s.He’s also a big immigration supporter,even bragging that he increased immigration even when the country was in recession! But he’s for tax cuts for the rich and he’s a big proponent on WOT!.He even ordered some of his country’s warships to Libya to bomb certain Libyan targets,and of course,he’s a big time Israel Lobby supporter.And he prefers Abomination to Boy George! This is a stark warning to us patriots in America:this is what the neo-cons want to exactly do in our country;they want to eliminate real conservatives and patriots from the main political arena,and just have anti-patriot neo-con or liberal parties.In America,there are still a lot of patriots in GOP and a few in Democratic Party,but the leaders are still anti-patriot/anti-Christ/establishment suck-ups.The neo-cons are much more of an anti-patriot threat because they’re devious and misleading and lie about who they are and what their intentions are;at least with the liberals and leftists,we know what we’re getting.The neo-cons pretend they’re conservative but they’re almost just as anti-conservative as the liberals and leftists! At least the libs and lefts are honest! Patriots,let’s keep looking north to see what the neo-cons have done to Canada and what they plan to do here,if we let them.

On the economic front,hip,hip hooray for Abomination! He has presided over more negative economic records being broken! Only 51% of US income now comes from wages,and 18% comes from federal payouts.In other words,almost half of our income comes not from job wages,but from other sources like government payouts.The danger here,patriots,is that too many people are making their livings from the earnings of other people,via taxation and re-distribution of wealth.This is right up Abomination’s alley! Making more of us dependent on him and government at all levels to survive,while taking more from the working classes.And that 18% of income now comes from federal payouts like “Social Security” and government pensions means again that more of us are dependent on DC and the statehouses and less on ourselves to pay the bills,and of course this requires more taxes to be paid into government coffers.And since we’re on the topic of pensions,31 states have under-funded pensions for their state workers.This is pretty scary,and it can be chalked up to the recession;reckless governmental spending,borrowing and management;and simply greed among too many unions in the states.So now some chickens are coming home to roost,and everyone will need to sacrifice to some degree to try and ensure that workers are protected when they retire with reasonable pensions and health insurance.And lastly on economics came an excellent article in The Telegraph of London,England.To my knowledge,here’s another story from a foreign paper which hasn’t received much coverage here,and that’s probably deliberate.One of the big bugaboos of Global Warming Gang has been the occasional melting of ice in Arctic Sea.Many of us have seen their images and video of the poor polar bears floating downstream on floes with sad looks on their faces,fleeing south to escape the dreaded melting ice.So now it turns out that this melting ice could very well open up wide territories of oil and natural gas,in addition to increased shipping and tourism.And get this,patriots:Even Hollerin’ Hillary was at the meeting of Arctic Council where she encouraged this development! Where’s Prince Albert Gore?! In other words,even when there is some degree of global warming,it’s not only not the end of the world,but a mostly positive change! So the polar bears move a little south.Big deal! People are more important than polar bears! This is more egg on the face of Global Warming Gang/Climate Change Gang.Thanks to The Telegraph for reporting this timely story.Again it demonstrates the importance of going overseas for important news.

The homosexual wing of Diversity Gang decided to persecute Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell over some on-field rudeness.We don’t know the whole story because it obviously wasn’t fully reported by the pro-homo media.But the gist is Roger lost his Irish at some fans during some pepper games and made fun of the possibility that some of them were homos.Some guy got offended by Roger’s use of a bat to symbolize you know what and complained to none other than feminist-bwitch Jewish lawyer Gloria Allred.How she got involved in this incident is very interesting,and of course she demanded that the Irish,presumably Catholic McDowell be forced to undergo “sensitivity training.” Patriots,this is right out of commissar Russia-a deliberate persecution of those opposed to homosexuality,especially those who are of the Christian faith.McDowell was then suspended for 2 weeks by Jewish-liberal commissioner Alan “Bud” Selig,made public humble pie,and reportedly attended Sensitivity.This is what anti-Christ Diversity Gang has brought not just to pro-baseball,but to our whole country.If you’re a public person and you say something negative about the sin of Sodom,you’ll be persecuted,one way or another.Remember the $100,000 fine given to pro-basketball player Kobe Bryant by Jewish-liberal commissioner David Stern because Kobe called a ref “faggot”? Patriots and Christian warriors and defenders,if we don’t fight back and fight back hard,jail sentences will be next in line for condemning the sin of Sodom.Remember that federal “hate-crimes” laws are now the law of the land.Public Enemy #1:Diversity Gang? I think so,or they’re pretty close.

La Conquista has been very active the last few weeks.Only a few days after St.Obama supposedly slew the dragon Osama,anti-patriot Democratic US senators Harry Reid,Dick Durbin(one of 2 Dicks in US Senate)and Cuban-born Bobby Menendez announced they were re-introducing their wet DREAM Act for illegal-immigrant students.What an incredible co-incidence that they did this right after Uncle bin’s reported death.Never mind that it stands hardly any chance of passing filibuster in the Senate with 6 less anti-patriot Democrats than last year and the House now majority-GOP.But as old-school liberal Michael Lind wrote in a column on,this is obviously pure sleazy politics from 3 sleazy politicians.They know this won’t pass,but they’re pandering to their precious latino vote to show them they’re pro-illegal-immigrant amnesty and pro-La Conquista,in contrast to the “mean-spirited” Republicans.Yes,patriots,it’s only May 2011 and these power-drunk morons are already strategizing and pandering for November 2012! Let’s hope this ploy blows up in their ugly faces.La Conquista then marched to Maryland,where disgrace-to-the-Irish governor Martin O’Malley and his fellow anti-patriot Democrats in the state legislature passed an in-state tuition bill for illegal-immigrant students.That means students illegally in our country living in MD will now pay a cheaper rate for college tuition than a US citizen or legal immigrant from a state outside Maryland if he or she attends college in that state.Once again,radical liberals in government favor illegal immigrants over US citizens and legal immigrants.But a patriot delegate in the Free State is infuriated at this latest La Conquista attack and is working hard to get a referendum on the ballot for the next election to repeal the law.Thank you! Terrific! The patriot senator leading the charge to repeal the anti-patriot law is Pat McDonough from Baltimore County.Patriots in MD and in the other states,please help him any way you can.And lastly on La Conquista front,anti-patriot neo-bolsheviks at US Dept.of Justice,US Dept.of Education and Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC)have launched an attack against patriots in certain school districts across the land who want to prevent illegal-immigrant students from enrolling in their schools.Of course,the pro-La Conquista Gang and Amnesty Gang see no difference between a US citizen and an illegal immigrant and border crosser,so they’ve threatened to sue the districts if they require proof that the students are legally in our country.That sounds pretty sensible to patriots and those supporting the rule of law in the land;but to the anti-patriots,it’s “racist” and violating the “civil rights” of the illegals.Hogwash! There’s no federal law mandating taxpayer-funded education for illegal-immigrant students! There’s only a US Supreme Court decision that has been used to justify the mandatory education of students who aren’t supposed to be here.Patriots,La Conquista keeps marching on,aided and abetted in this case by anti-patriots in US government cabinet departments and radical-activist groups.Remember the Alamo! Resist La Conquista!

America’s Crime-Wave Blotter:5 were murdered in ID and 4 in rural OH in “family-related” multiple homicides;2 14-years-old girls hanged themselves in Marshall,MN,possibly due to bullying or ostracism;and another incidence of “mobbing” occurred,this one in Sin City Las Vegas,where a mob of about 30-40 young people raided a convenience store and just started taking items off shelves and running out without paying for them.It’s going to take some well-planned police work to stop “mobbing.”

On America’s moral breakdown,Crystal Mangum-the black “exotic dancer”(She was a stripper!)who accused several white lacrosse players at Duke University of rape during a party-was indicted for stabbing her boyfriend to death.That was a sickening,overdone case,where the lacrosse players were almost lynched by various Diversity Gang members-from rabid feminists to “anti-racist” ideologues-before any real evidence was submitted.We all were just supposed to believe the poor,victimized black-female “dancer” and the allegations she made.When the smoke cleared,the suspects were acquitted and the moron district attorney was forced to resign and almost was disbarred.So now Crystal may get convicted for taking another man’s life;what a completion of the circle in the life of the exotic dancer who caused such harm and great stress to so many families with her false charges.And now we go to the wizard Harry Potter.He keeps weaving his spell on millions of Americans,as his latest film was the top-selling DVD for the week ending on April 24th.Wizardry,witchcraft,sorcery-the black arts of the occult world and the Prince of Darkness-continue to fascinate and titillate millions of Americans,especially young Americans-and their parents think it’s probably “ssssoo cool.” They’ll probably find out just how cool witchcraft is when their kids or friends of their kids start invoking the Prince’s name or casting magic spells on them if they don’t get what they want.And lastly we travel to Motor City,the Arsenal of Democracy during WW2:Detroit,MI.Some more frightening statistics came in from once-thriving Detroit:about half of its citizens are functionally illiterate,and it has a 30% unemployment rate.Let thank sink in,patriots.And how many more cities across our land have similar horror stories to tell? Imagine living in a city of about 700,00 people and half of them can barely read and almost a third are jobless? How in blazes was this allowed to happen?

The Almighty seems to continue using bad weather to judge our land.Floods raged throughout MS;a record-breaking number of tornadoes tore through AL and some surrounding states,killing about 400 people;and in the Lone Star State,wildfire raged throughout America’s second-largest state,where only 2 of its 254 counties escaped the fires.Maybe the folks in those 2 counties prayed hard to be spared? Anyway,patriots,the incredibly consistent bad weather that has raged throughout the nation over the last few years can’t,I think,all be co-incidence.To paraphrase Samuel David Meyer in Last Trumpet Newsletter,it seems like God is very angry at mankind right now.Meanwhile,cover your heads.And why is He picking on the South so much?

And I close this patriot post as usual with encouraging reports of patriot activism.Another liberal-Democrat senator has decided not to seek re-election next year:Herbert Kohl from WI;he’s affiliated with Kohl’s department stores.So he joins fellow liberal Democrat Russell Feingold-the other senator from WI who was defeated for re-election last November in a great patriot victory.A lot of Democrats were defeated in the Badger State last November,and maybe the trend will continue in 2012 with the election of a conservative-patriot to fill Kohl’s seat.This makes the fifth liberal Democrat who won’t run for re-election next year in US Senate,in addition to 3 Republicans.I think this is very good news for patriots.The more of the old cows to leave the stodgy US Senate,the better chance for real reform and patriot activism in Congress! A very good patriot idea was enacted in Florida’s legislature,when they voted to drug-test welfare applicants.Great idea! Why wasn’t this done a long time ago?! How many slugs and bums go on welfare,living off the taxpayers,and then they blow the money on dope? So now in the Sunshine State,those applying for welfare benefits will have to prove that they’re drug-free.And this probably happened because a lot of incumbents in the FL legislature got the heave-ho last November and new blood came in.New blood brings new ideas,a new way of doing the people’s business in the halls of government.If there’s anything America needs right now,it’s new ideas,new strategies,new methods,new laws,new procedures.In short,out with most of the old and in with the new.And another great idea-this one much more drastic-came our way from Arizona’s Pima County-the most liberal part of that state.A lot of voters there(much of Pima County is in congresswoman’s Gabrielle Giffords’ district)are unhappy that they live in a state that’s mostly conservative and patriotic,so they’re considering holding a referendum on seceding from the rest of the state and forming their own.Good riddance! And patriots can do the same thing in other parts of America! Maybe we’ll all get a long a lot better that way! Again,patriots,these are new ideas that are needed for very trying times.Our very nation’s survival is threatened.I think it would be great if Pima County secedes,and the eastern halves of Oregon and Washington and northern California and northeast New York State maybe should secede from their liberal rulers.Like Robert Frost wrote,”Good fences make good neighbors.”

Patriots,this is probably the only post for this month;maybe they’ll be one to wrap up before Memorial Day,maybe not.I wish you all a safe and solemn and refreshing Memorial Day weekend,but please don’t forget the patriot cause if you go away for a few days or even just bum out at home.Remember,American patriots never stop fighting,even when they take the occasional R & R,which we all need.Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day,when people would decorate the graves of those who have fallen in uniform with flowers,flags,pins,banners,etc..So let’s not forget them;let’s “remember” them on “Memorial” Day.And let’s give thanks too to those who are serving today,even if we oppose the actions they’re assigned by their commanders.Let’s pray for their safety and return home,ASAP.Let’s fight so they are treated properly by a government and military bureaucracy that has let them down and even betrayed them all too often.Let’s thank them for their service and sacrifice.Here’s to them and to our country,in her darkest days and in the days when she’s delivered from that darkness,if the Almighty wills it.Amen.