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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Greetings,patriots.Happy Springtime,although as I type at 8PM in Bronx,NY on April 22nd,it’s 46 degrees.I’m about a week behind schedule with this post for several reasons.I spent the most of 2 days filling out tax returns for me and my elderly mom;there has been a lot of news to read and study and then report on at;and the spam comments on this blog are out of control.A bunch of morons are clogging up this patriot blog with cheap advertising lingo for everything from cellulite reduction to penis enlargement(no kidding)or just making dumb,irrelevant comments.Leon the Moron Spammer is using yet another e-mail address to bomb this blog with his foreign-language sex,please bomb that inbox! And I don’t know what the problem with Wordpress is.I shouldn’t have to keep spamming comments from the same e-mail addresses multiple times before it finally stops.E-mails should stop from a particular address after it has been marked as spam 2 times.But these morons who think their constant spamming will shut this blog down are wasting their time.Yes,I admit they’re wasting a lot of my time.But an American patriot can’t be kept down! It’s like Virgil Caine’s 18-years-old brother who fought and died for Southern independence back in the 1860s,sung about in The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down:”You can raise a Caine back up when he’s in defeat!” I’m also behind on posting commentaries on the Current News page on for basically the same aforementioned reasons.Patriots,I have to prioritize and improvise more than usual in my commentaries,but I’m still sticking to the commitment of 2 posts a month on this blog.Because of all the important news over the past 2-3 weeks,this post will cover 40 news stories covering 11 categories.This’ll be a long one,so get ready.

It’s more and more clear that the imperialist-warmonger US government and its willing collaborators are waging a full-scare war of aggression,invasion and conquest in several Muslim countries in the Middle East,Near East and southwest Asia.I’m considering renaming the page on to something like,”Saved News on the Immoral Wars in Many Muslim Nations.” This may very well have been the plan of the neo-cons,Israel Lobby,the military-industrial complex,Big Oil,the theo-cons,the globalists to begin their “Great Game” of conquest by using 9-11 as a casus belli to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq,and use those countries as bases for attacks on other Muslim nations,like they’re now doing in Pakistan and Libya.Boy George called this “bringing democracy to the Middle East.” And if he and his gang slaughter millions of innocents in the process,they shrug that off as “collateral damage.” They want to rule these countries for several reasons:they hate traditionalist religion,especially with strict sexual teachings;they want to take out governments that don’t play along with the globalists and that are deemed hostile to Israel;they want the region’s mineral resources;they want to reconquer lands from Islam in a new Crusade.While there are probably other reasons,I think those are the major ones.And one of the the many extremely damaging results of this neo-imperial war of aggression is that CIA,possibly with the full knowledge and/or cooperation of President Abomination and his generals,is facilitating the drug trade in Afghanistan,mainly opium,but hashish too.CIA has long been involved in various degrees in the drug trade,like the Mena Airport operation in Arkansas during the Nicaraguan civil war.The US government has myriad times collaborated with very bad people in their “foreign affairs,” just because they want their way in a country and want to empower who they want for their sake,not for the sake of the American people and certainly not that of those in the countries where they’re playing around.Since the Taliban virtually eradicated the drug trade after they seized power in Kabul,their opposition is being aided by CIA even though they’re drug dealers.Boy George joined forces with Northern Alliance when he first invaded that country after 9-11,and that group was heavily involved in the international drug trade.90% of the world’s opium is grown and produced in Afghanistan.And when it’s refined into heroin,much of it winds up in Europe and thence to America to ruin millions of lives and cause havoc in societies.Boy George and his warmonger-successor Abomination have militarily occupied that nation now for almost 10 years.It can’t be just co-incidence that the drug trade is thriving in Afghanistan with the presence of 130,00 US servicemen and the rogue CIA;they must be involved,to some degree at least,in the drug trade.People are making huge amounts of money from this trade! That’s one big reason why they leave them alone or cooperate with them! It’s similar to the Mexican government’s involvement with their drug cartels! This is what the lawless government in Washington,DC(District of Criminals)is doing in that dreadful part of the world,and they’ve stuck our guys in the middle of that dread.CIA keeps using drones-unmanned,remote-controlled airplanes that drop bombs and missiles on targets-that have been killing innocent people,even kids,time after time,in Afghanistan and now Pakistan;and I’m convinced these aren’t all accidents.Indeed,it’s obvious to me that at times they’re deliberately killing innocent Muslims or Arabs to strike terror into the people in that region! That’s the real War on Terror! And now US servicemen are endangered outside that theater of operations.At Germany’s Frankfort Airport,a Kosovo-Muslim nonetheless-from a Muslim country that was immediately recognized by Boy George when they declared independence from Orthodox-Christian Serbia-shot and killed 2 US airmen and wounded 2 others,apparently over the US-led war on his fellow Muslims in Afghanistan,Pakistan,Iraq and elsewhere.What a horrible paradox for those guys who died:a Muslim from a break-away nation that was blessed by their former commander-in-chief Boy George,kills 2 and wounds 2 just for wearing the uniform because the military now commanded by Abomination is waging aggressive war on Muslims far away from Kosovo.Patriots,this is the price we pay for imperial blowback.And until these warmonger monsters are exposed for what they’ve done,what they’re doing,what they’re planning and what ugly creeps they are,we can expect more heroin to flood our streets and cities,more US servicemen to be targeted for injury or death,more anger and hatred coming from the Muslim and Arab world against us,more massive deficits to fund these unaffordable,unconstitutional wars,skyrocketing gas prices,and more tinder for the fire that could very well lead to WW3.GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul on this neo-imperial war of aggression:”Secure our borders! Mind our own business!” Well said from probably the only man with a shred of integrity who ran for president in 2008.Patriots,let’s hope and pray his exhortation becomes US policy.

I’ve written before that another name for President Abomination could be President Destroyer,for I’m convinced he wants to destroy America and create another one to his liking and that of his fellow neo-bolsheviks.Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco,Firearms and Explosives(BATFE)implemented Operation Fast and Furious(also called Operation Gunrunner),which provided about 4,000 semi-automatic rifles and sniper rifles to known Mexican drug gangs that operate in both Mexico and US.BATFE and US Dept.of Justice have refused to divulge why they provided these weapons to drug gangs,and have yet to release documents to California congressman Darrell Issa-chairman of the House committee on government oversight and reform.So why would a federal law-enforcement agency provide high-powered weaponry to Mexican drug gangs?! Were they conducting just another sting operation? Were they trying to infiltrate the gangs by gaining their confidence with gun sales? Possibly.But these gangs still have these rifles! They can use them against US law enforcement or US citizens or even Mexican citizens! Like Ralph Kramden bellowed out when he saw all the ladies doing the mambo with Carlos Sanchez in his apartment,”What’s goin’ on here!” Did the Abomination and some of his anti-patriots knowingly arm these gangs to empower them to cause more chaos in our country? Just like they may be causing with the drug trade in Afghanistan? I think they are! It’s a trick that the Brits used in China with opium dealt to her citizens.Mr.Issa is so far sticking to his guns(no pun intended)in demanding government documents and has even threatened contempt of Congress charges if the committee doesn’t get them.Patriots,this could break Abomination and his cabal.Whether they did it for nefarious reasons or not,they should be held to account and prosecuted if they knowingly armed drug dealers with high-powered weaponry.Please keep an eye on this case and stay in tough with Mr.Issa’s office to urge him to keep the heat on.And now we go to another disgrace of America’s ruling political class with the death of Gerry the Chin Ferraro.That name was given her by GOP talk-radio host Bob Grant(real name:Robert Gigante)when she was picked by pie-face Walter Mondale to be his vice-presidential running mate in 1984.That that misery ticket got 41% of the vote was scary! Very scary! The Chin was a militant feminist,apostate Catholic,ultra-liberal,and she died at 75 from blood cancer.Like her fellow apostate Catholic Edward Kennedy,who died of brain cancer.I think it’s possible that these afflictions were judgments on them,especially Kennedy-the Duke of Chappaquiddick who was so soused the night Mary Jo Kopechne died in the car he was driving that he actually went to bed without reporting it to the police or emergency services.The encomium for The Chin in the establishment press was mostly sickening,almost always claiming “she broke barriers” when she was picked by pie-face for the vice-presidency.She did nothing of the kind! She gladly accepted the offer from Mondale because she loved political power,lived for it,and wanted to destroy America just like Abomination wants to,only not as quickly or with the same amount of hate and anger.Like the vast majority of feminists,she was brash,surly,crude,obnoxious.And she was a huge threat to patriots and Christians when she was in Congress or in any other major position of influence.Her son was convicted of dealing coke at a Vermont college,and her husband John Zaccaro(yes,the feminist Chin refused to use her married name in public)was involved in one shady business deal after another and was allegedly tied to the mob.But as far as those who wrote her rave obituaries,she was gold.For all the harm The Chin did our country,may she not rest in peace.And lastly on America’s political-corruption front is the scandalous case of Jeffrey Epstein.This rich hedge-fund manager down in Florida was convicted on various counts of sexual assault,including on under-age girls;yet he received a rather light sentence of 13 months in a local jail instead of receiving a lengthy sentence in federal prison.He hired infamous lawyers like Alan Dershowitz and Kenneth Starr(yes,the “Republican” “special counsel” who investigated Billy and Hillary Clinton over Whitewater)to go on the attack to intimidate victims and even some of the prosecutors.And get this,he’s friends with George Stephanopoulos,Katy Couric,Woody Allen(real name:Allen Konigsberg)and none other than bonnie Prince Andrew of jolly ol’ England.Epstein threw a dinner party for the prince along with the aforementioned liberals at his Upper East Side home.And that’s in defiance of New York sex-offender laws,because Epstein’s home is within 1,000 feet of a pre-school.So why is this sex fiend a friend of Clinton lackey Stephy(who I think has never used a comb),co-pervert Woody Allen,liberal-feminist TV personality Couric and Prince Andrew? Are they all sex perverts like Epstein? And why did Epstein get such a light sentence and why did this case receive very little,if any,national coverage? Once again,patriots and morally concerned citizens,he’s very wealthy,with friends in high places,even in the British royal family;and it doesn’t hurt that he’s Jewish.So this creep gets off lightly,still hobnobs with the rich and famous in television and politics,even after being convicted of sexual assaults on 40 females,most of them under-age.And the really scary part of this evil is that these are the kinds of rogues in positions of power in government,high finance,network television and show business.The Almighty willing,Jeffrey Epstein and his ilk will one day be brought to real justice.

Here’s another name for Abomination:The Broken Record.In his 2+ years in the White House,he has presided over one negative economic record getting broken after another.And this one is another beut:only 67% of employable Americans are employed.So many of us have simply given up looking for work or have dropped out of the workforce or are too unskilled for certain jobs that a third of Americans aren’t working.So we can add this broken record to the highest-ever deficits and national debts,the longest time unemployment was over 9%,the highest foreclosure rates,the lowest-ever rate of new-home sales,et al.While Abomination of course isn’t solely responsible for these economic and financial problems,he certainly hasn’t helped.So congratulations to America’s first Broken Record president.As another example of the deterioration of once-thriving US cities,Detroit,MI announced it has to lay off 6,000 school teachers and school administrators to balance its books-another testament to a city that Henry Ford helped make Motor City and the Arsenal of Democracy,but was betrayed by arrogant elites in Washington,at certain multi-national corporations,and in greedy union leadership.This unholy trio has did their best to hollow out Motor City to a shell of what it once was.It’s part of what Pat Buchanan describes in the title of one of his books:The Great Betrayal.And what’s the answer to Detroit’s deterioration and that of other US cities from Abomination and the GOP congressional leadership? More free trade! This time with Colombia-a nation where half of the country is ruled by the Marxist drug-cartel FARC(Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia)! And once again,patriots,we wind up back at the drug trade.That’s all Detroit and New York and Chicago and LA and other near-bankrupt cities need is more “free trade” from drug-riddled countries like Colombia and Mexico! How about free trade with Afghanistan! Maybe that’s next! But the same arrogant,power-drunk elite globalists are slowly but surely breaking down borders,trying to unite this whole hemisphere into one tower of babel polyglot,where they’ll be no restrictions or limits on the movement of people,goods,services and,most important of all to the rich globalists,money and capital.This is one sterling case where GOP is worse than the Democrats.Patriots,please take some action and call your US senators and urge them to vote No! when this “free trade” treaty with Bogota comes up for a vote.

Diversity Gang at Augustana College in Illinois held its-get this-White Privilege Summit 2011.And they invited none other than Morris Dees-head of the radical outfit Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC)-to be “featured speaker.” White privilege? Yes,these anti-white ideologues have been so brainwashed by DG that they believe every white person is “privileged” just because he or she has white skin.No matter how poor or downtrodden whites are or become in America,their anti-white racism still dictates to them that whites are always a privileged class.This,patriots,is what rules,I’m convinced,the vast majority of US colleges and universities.Youth for Western Civilization( standing up to Diversity Gang on campus.I urge all patriot students to stand up to DG like these clowns at Augustana and fight back against them! They have the same hatred for whites that the Nazis had for Jews.And it’s from this environment of racial hate against whites that produces the likes of Abomination and Boy George and the rest of our corrupt,”anti-racist” ruling class.College students and their parents need to use great caution in deciding where to attend college and university,and to be vigilant whichever school they do attend.And,Morris Sleaze from SPLC loves these “summits” because it keeps ideological and academic hate of whites alive and well,and that keeps the money flowing into his radical group of NYC leftists.And DG even butted in on the federal tax deadline this year.District of Columbia recognized-get this,again-Emancipation Day.This is the day when Abe Lincoln signed a law banning slavery in the nation’s capital.So the DC DG-always forcing us to remember slavery as if it was still legal only yesterday,like DG everywhere else in America tries to do-formally recognized this day on Friday,April 15th-the 15th being the tax deadline for filing and mailing IRS tax returns.I worked my ass off completing the forms and mailing them at the local post office before it closed at 6PM,not knowing this DG holiday gave us 3 more days to complete the returns.I wish I had known! So,DG,in a rare act of generosity,gave the taxpayers a break.It was a riot when the black clerk at the post office who took my mail didn’t know what Emancipation Day is.DG hasn’t gotten to her yet! Anyway,it’s a relief that tax season,for most of us,is over.

La Conquista marches on! In San Antone,TX-where the Battle of the Alamo was fought in 1836 which led to Texas independence-another unholy,anti-patriot alliance was formed,this one between activist Jews and activist latinos.The 2-days conference was entitled Bridges & Pathways and was held in,get this,a Jewish-Orthodox synagogue.In attendance were such odious individuals as Henry Cisneros,a former San Antone mayor,a former HUD secretary and a current Univision network board member;Newty Gingrich,former Speaker of the US House and a possible 2012 GOP presidential candidate;David Brog,the Jewish head of judaizer mega-church pastor John Hagee’s Israel Lobby group Christians United for Israel;et al.That’s quite a gathering of anti-patriot/anti-Christ individuals! Congratulations to them! So why this Jewish-latino alliance? What’s its purpose and why did it form? Because the organizers and participants believe they are historically and contemporary oppressed peoples;so they’ve formed an alliance against their oppressors.And who are the oppressors today? To the conference Jews,the oppressors are probably the white-Christian majority in America;to the latinos,it’s the “Anglo” majority.Cisneros even used the phrase “my people” when referring to his fellow latinos.If any famous white man said “my people” in any kind of forum,DG would excoriate that man and try to drive him from public life.So this Jewish-latino Bridges & Pathways alliance is another anti-patriot/anti-Christ group that’s up to no damn good.Of course,similar to the anti-patriot/anti-white latino-black alliance in Congress and elsewhere,this is a very unsteady and unreliable confederacy where both sides are just using each other for their own gain.Like Menachem Begin said,”The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” And why weren’t blacks invited to this “conference”? They actually were slaves in this country! Senor Cisneros is going to use his board position with La Conquista radio-and-television network Univision to push this alliance as much as he can,and he’s probably going to try and tap into Jewish money to further La Conquista.And get a load of hispanderer Newty Gingrich attending this conference.He wants power back so bad that he wants latino and Jewish votes for any possible future run for office;so he thinks that joining this alliance will further that aim.He’s in for a rude awakening,the former Protestant,now-Catholic but reportedly Freemason Gingrich.And how co-incidental that they picked the city where the Alamo still stands to host this cabal! Future revenge for 1836?! I think so! On the second La Conquista item is Mexican-American columnist Reuben Navarette writing on the website of La Conquista network CNN that,due to large-scale immigration from Latin America and higher birthrates among latinos living in America,our country is going to become an “Hispanic” nation,and we should just get used to that inevitability.Lest we forget,patriots,CNN is the same network that employs on-air conquistadoress Soledad O’Brien(Nice Names!).Quite often,if not the vast majority of the time,whenever there’s an issue dealing with latinos,CNN producers shove her in front of the camera to propagandize for La Conquista.And please go to and click the link to this story on the Current News page and take in the smug,aggressive,in-your-face photo of Senor Navarette’s puss.It’s like he’s telling us,”We’re coming for you!.” Of course,all patriots have to do to prevent America’s conquest by Latin America is to get patriots into Washington and dramatically scale back immigraton fro south of the border,increase immigration from Europe and parts of Asia,and deport latino illegal immigrants.I know that’s a yeoman’s task.But patriots must try! They’re trying to take our land from us! That’s their goal! So let’s all scream in their faces:”Remember the Alamo!” And we mean it! And here are the numbers that La Conquista guerrillas are chortling over:for the first time in US history,latinos now outnumber blacks in most metropolitan areas,thanks,again,to latino immigration(migration from Puerto Rico)and higher latino birthrates;and from 2000 to 2010,the latino population in US skyrocketed 43%(again,for the same aforementioned reasons)while the white population plummeted from 69% of our population to 64%(again,for the same aforementioned reasons:immigration/migration and birthrates).And the black population tarried,at about 12% of the US population.”Reverend” Samuel Rodriguez-president of National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference(the largest latino-Christian organization in America)-makes a bold prediction:”Hispanics will rise as the lifeguards for Christianity in America in the 21st century.” There we have it,patriots and Christain soldiers:America will need latinos to guard the life of Christianity.Even when activist latinos are supposed to preach the Gospel,they preach La Conquista! The spirit of Cortez is alive and well on US soil! And these aren’t Spaniards who are conquering,but people from a totally different culture and civilization than the Spaniard empire of the 15th-18th centuries! This is an Azteca/latino-Caribbean conquista! And with it,all its poverty,drugs and drug cartels,illiteracy,crime and corruption,backwardness,squalor! Patriots,this is the fifth column that has been allowed and encouraged to enter our land,take root and threaten conquista! Like Pat Buchanan meant to say years ago,” Load and lock!.” La Conquista is here and it’s in our faces! And it seeks to rule us! RESIST IT!

Like I wrote in the previous paragraph,La Conquista page on is preceded by The Israel Lobby page.And yes,it’s obvious that parts of “The Lobby” and The Conquest are working hand-in-glove in trying to destroy America;and Abomination is helping them and empowering them every step of the way,for he shares their hate and their unholy goals.And he sure fulfilled his obligations when he appointed Florida Jewish congresswoman Deborah Wasserman-Schultz to chair Democratic National Committee,making her,apart from her House seat,the most-powerful unelected Democrat in the country.I find this somewhat interesting:the name Deborah in Hebrew means “bee.” As in busy as a bee;and patriots can be sure that this Jewish-liberal transplant from New York will be just that in trying to put anti-patriots and ultra-liberals like her into power over us in Congress.Abomination sure as hell has shown quite often that his most-powerful masters are Jewish,and that’s probably why he picked ol’ Deb for the DNC post,and why he has picked so many other Jews for powerful positions in a country where Jews are only about 2% of the population.Wasserman-Schultz also has going for her image that she’s a breast-cancer survivor,so they’ll play on voter sympathy come election time.She has been called “a junkyard dog” by a Christian activist at Traditional Values Coalition,and a “Jew shrew”(Ha!)by a Jewish blogger on the website of The Washington Times.And they’re right-and that’s why Abomination picked her.He wants as many ultra-liberal Jews and non-Jews like Wasserman-Schultz as possible put into positions of great power to greatly harm America and persecute patriots and those who subscribe to a Christian moral order.And picking a “Jew shrew” and “a junkyard dog” like Wasserman-Schultz is just what Abomination ordered.Patriots,we’ll have a tough election season in 2012 fighting this junkyard dog with the south Florida suntan and all the other rogues who’ll be lined up against us.But this is why we fight the patriot cause! Now on to Billy Kristol-a son of Irving Kristol(the “former” Trotskyite founder of the wicked movement known as neo-conservatism).Billy remains editor of the neo-con little magazine The Weekly Standard even though Rupert Murdoch sold it for a song about a year ago.Billy penned one of his typical pro-war,Arab-hating propaganda columns on that rag’s website and said of Abomination invading another Muslim nation(this time,Libya):”Good for him.” And to add insult to injury,he placed an image of the famous painting of American patriots in the War for Independence playing the fife and banging the drum with Old Glory behind them to accompany his war-propaganda column.That’s how sick and evil Billy Kristol is:trying to compare our war for independence from the Brits in 1776 with Abomination ordering warplanes to bomb people who are no threat to America.But they are mostly Muslims living somewhat-near Israel-the nation which obviously commands his primary loyalty.So the more of them who are killed by US bombs,the better for his co-ethnics in Israel,so he thinks.And there are Americans-even some patriots-who are fooled by his propaganda and deception;but not this patriot.A paraphrase of 2 Corinthians 2:11:Followers of Christ are not ignorant of the tricks and schemes of Satan and his followers.Billy Kristol and his neo-con cabal are still propagandizing for their cause of mass murder of non-Jews in the Mid-East and its environs.And he has once again revealed himself to be the sick creep he probably always has been,possibly courtesy of his daddy Irving.And now we go to NASDAQ(National Assn.of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations)-the former hunting grounds of Uncle Bernie Madoff.Some interesting personnel changes in the upper-echelon have occurred there recently.CEO Robert Greifeld hired CFO Lee Shavel to replace former CFO Adena Friedman,who recently left NASDAQ for Carlyle Group,where Daddy Bush sits on the board;and Mary Schapiro chairs NASDAQ,and she headed the enforcement division at NASDAQ when Uncle Bernie was making off with the money.Abomination made her chairwoman even though she was at least asleep at the switch if not complicit in Uncle Bernie’s schemes! Ha,ha ha! This is a riot! Anyway,we see by the surnames of these latest players at NASDAQ-Greinfeld,Shavel,Friedman-that they are Jewish.Co-incidence? I doubt it! They obviously want to keep things at their NASDAQ playground,”in the family.” Next we go to 2 Sidneys who kicked the bucket within a few weeks of each other:Sidney Harman and Sidney Lumet.Multi-millionaire Mr.Harman was 91-years-old when he bought Newsweek magazine for $1 from Jewish-owned The Washington Post Co..Hi wife was former CA congresswoman Jane Harman,who recently left that seat of power for another one at globalist think-tank Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars.So,Sidney-about 25 years Jane’s senior-died about a year after his purchase of liberal-globalist Newsweek,and he died from leukemia.The other Sidney to die was Jewish film director Sidney Lumet,at 86 from lymphoma.Like the obituary encomium for Gerry the Chin Ferraro,Lumet was exalted for his film genius;the only problem with that is,his was of an evil genius a good deal of the time.He directed the 1973 propaganda film Serpico about former NYPD cop Frank Serpico and his experiences with police corruption.I never saw the complete uncut version of this ugly film until a few months ago when I watched it on DVD.I saw about the last half of it on TCM last Summer when I woke up on the sofa and it was already playing.Almost every fifth line of dialogue was “F… you,Frank!” and “F… you!” and F…this and F…that.It was totally gratuitous,disgusting.The film had an almost-all-Jewish production crew,with Lumet as director.It featured anti-Catholic,anti-Irish,anti-NYPD bias;and this isn’t sour grapes from an ex-NYPD cop.Serpico was right in bringing to light police corruption,but he was no angel and was a screwball.This seedy film never would’ve made it to the theaters if the Production Code was still in effect in Hollywood,but it was discontinued about 7 years earlier;and it didn’t take long for garbage films like Serpico to come to the screen.Lumet also directed the garbage,grossly over-rated film Network,in addition to 12 Angry Men-another film showing how bigoted and racist white men are towards the oppressed latinos;however,at least this film had great acting and still told an interesting story.Sidney refused to rat on suspected Reds in Hollywood,probably because they were co-travelers or he was sympathetic to the Red cause.Film has a powerful effect on the minds of a people,whether they realize it or not.Lumet certainly knew,as did his probable comrade Joseph Stalin,who once claimed  that if he had owned Hollywood,he would’ve ruled the world.That these 2 Sidneys died from forms of cancer within a few weeks of each other may have been a judgment on them;regardless,America is much better off without them.I’m somewhat relieved to end this section of this post on Israel Lobby on a somewhat positive note,with the news that the parents of Rachel Corrie have been allowed to sue in Israel,members of Israeli Defense Forces who they claim were liable for the death of their daughter in 2003 in Israel.She was bulldozed to death because she refused to get out of the way of the bulldozer which was about to destroy the homes of Palestinians merely suspected of “terrorism.” Instead of doing the civilized thing of simply placing her under arrest for failure to obey an order,she was run over.Of course,both the Israeli and US governments covered up her death,and no one was charged with homicide.But at least Israel’s court system is giving her parents a day in civil court to seek some recompense,some sense of decent justice,over their daughter’s sickening death.It’s very difficult to defeat The Lobby,especially in Israel,of course.But this is another instance which shows that Israel lobby is more powerful in America than in Israel! Whether it’s the Israeli soldier who ran her down or his commander or both,he or they should be held accountable for Rachel Corrie’s death.

To the seedy world of pro-sports,NBA commissioner David Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver(there we go again:in the family),referring to themselves,called pro-basketball “our business” and warned that it’s losing too much money and it can’t continue operating this way.NBA the last 2 years has lost between $300-$400 million,and is scheduled to lose about the same this year;and they claim that the reason for this is the players rake in 57% of NBA-related income.Hence,the players are way over-paid.I’m relieved that NBA is losing money,because it’s a freak show! How can anybody sit through one of these games with all these tattooed freaks running up and down the court?! Ugh! But it’s a sickening commentary of the times in America that freak-show NBA has increased it’s TV ratings on ABC,TNT and ESPN(BTW,all Jewish-owned networks),attendance is at 90% capacity,and sales at the league’s online store have increased 60% from last year.And let’s look at the names of the commissioner and deputy commish:Stern(a German-Jewish name meaning “star” in English)and Silver.So a silver star runs NBA! And to these guys and the rest of the crew running NBA,that’s all pro-basketball is:a “business”-and nothing else.And no wonder it’s the hideous circus it is.Hopefully it collapses from its own ugliness and returns to the days when it wasn’t primarily a business,but a fun spectator sport that helped build community and strong citizenship within a country.And now we go to a freak show that’s not as conspicuous as basketball but still ugly:MLB.After a game between San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger stadium,a Giants’ fan was beaten into a coma after the game in the stadium parking lot by some moron Dodgers’ fans.No suspects have been arrested yet,and the victim is still in hospital.When baseball was still America’s game and not the game of the 2-legged rats who took it over about 30 years ago and-like NBA-turned it into primarily a business(and a liberal business at that),the worst that used to happen to a fan rooting for the visiting team was maybe beer poured on his head;now he’s beaten into a coma.This is a consequence of an anti-Christ culture of violence/culture of death that has been spewed into the minds of millions of us from our childhoods to our adulthoods,in my opinion.Violent films,TV shows,music,video games,extreme fighting championships,inter alia-this all contributes to a cheapening of life and an exultation in the thrill of inflicting serious bodily injury on other people.And that it happened in the City of Angels is fitting for a state that’s becoming more like drug-torn/violence-crazed Mexico than America.This is just another reason to rarely go to ballgames,and be careful if we do,especially if we root for the visiting team.But after commenting on this sickening story,we did get some good news in MLB:Big-Head Barry Bonds and Manuel the Tarantula Ramirez-two more ugly freak shows in pro sports-were publicly humiliated when Big Head was convicted of obstruction of justice in his steroids trial,and The Tarantula decided to finally retire after he was going to be suspended once again for using illegal drugs.Big Head’s jury was hung on the more-serious charge of perjury,unfortunately,and the federal prosecutors are deciding whether to retry him.But at least this arrogant slob with the big head(physically and mentally)and that gaudy cross earring he used to wear while playing now has a criminal record and may get some kind of punishment when he’s sentenced;that’s the least he deserves.And the ego-maniac “Maaaaaneee!,Maaaaaneee!”-the Tarantula because of that hideous hair-do of ugly dreadlocks sticking out of his head gear while playing-probably wouldn’t have hit all those homers(like Big Head)without the juice.But all those moron fans in Beantown kept rooting for him and his dreadlocks,just because they “wanted to win.” Vince Lombardi was wrong and so are any fans who claim that “winning is the only thing.” How stupid that any rational adult would believe that nonsense for one second.In baseball’s good ol’days,freaks like Big Head and Tarantula never would’ve made it on the field,let alone get rooted for.The owners would’ve told them to stop juicing and stop wearing cross earrings and tarantulas when on the field! And if the owners let them,fans would’ve booed them off the field! But that was a more-moral America,a more-decent America,a more-sensible America,when baseball was primarily “the great American pastime.” Now,like NBA,it’s just another disgusting,greedy game that makes a lot of fat cats a lot richer than they already are.And that’s really all they care about.

On America’s moral-breakdown front,we start in LA,shoot up to California’s capital of Sacramento(ironically,”sacrament” in English),head east to the Windy City and wind up-Where else?-in the nation’s capital of Washington,DC.In Los Angeles again(again,ironically,”City of Angels”),some porno companies are protecting themselves and their slimy business by refusing to co-operate with federal and LA health officials who are trying to contact porn actors and actresses who copulated with bi-sexual porn actor Derrick Burts,who may have given them the AIDS virus.One problem in trying to contact them is the industry-similar to Hollywood-gives pseudonyms to a lot of the porn players,so health officials have to work much harder to locate people who may carry STDs(sexually transmitted diseases).And not only that,but the report on this case was supposed to be presented at a CDC conference in Atlanta,but was abruptly cancelled without explanation.Moreover,CDC and the LA County health dept.aren’t commenting on this case.So,patriots,morally concerned Americans,once again it looks like we have big money and worldly fame even taking precedence over issues of life or death(even agonizing death from AIDS).And,like Hollywood,the porn industry is heavily Jewish,to my knowledge.We stay in the “Golden State”(Ha!)and move up to the capital of Sacramento-or Sacrament in English.Federal judge Vaughn Walker-appointed by Daddy Bush to the federal bench-ruled that the state’s referendum banning homosexual marriage was “unconstitutional”-and he recently admitted(after his “ruling” of course)that he is indeed a homosexual.And it was just a co-incidence that he was picked to “rule” on this case? Come on! This is the anti-Christ,pro-homo forces in the federal courts who hate the will of the people in CA and elsewhere and who don’t care one whit about their referenda! Congress should investigate who picked Walker for this case when it was an obvious conflict of interest and render due punishment upon anyone who may have “fixed” this case or helped lead it to a fix.And what a sleaze Walker proved himself to be by not recusing himself in the first place.But this is the militancy,the arrogance,the hate-filled extremism of the homo lobby in America.They want us to accept their sexual practice whether we like it or not! And still in Sacrament,CA,due to death threats against state assemblymen,armed guards will now protect CA assemblymen.Some of these threats are coming from Californians fed-up with government corruption.This is what arrogant,lawless government can do to its citizens:get them so mad that they want to threaten their rulers instead of removing them at the ballot boxes.”Again,this couldn’t happen again.” That was a great standard song.But yes,it’s happening again to CA.The state is falling apart,thanks to out-of-control immigration,out-of-control welfare spending,out-of-control taxes-everything out of control.I think the only question to ask of CA is:When will it actually collapse as a state? Now we leave the once-golden state and move to Chicago,IL.A female principal of a west-side school decided to play dictatoress by banning her students from bringing brown-bag lunches to school.She believes that the school-cafeteria food is much-more healthful than what the parents or guardians give their kids to take to school.While that may be true,that’s for the parents and kids to decide,not a dictatoress-principal! Maybe these kids are from latino and/or black neighborhoods with a lot of broken homes with little or no supervision,or maybe she just wants the control of letting “her kids” eat lunches that she approves of.Regardless of her motives,it shows us how more-authoritarian academia has become in America.The students and parents should demand this stop and threaten to remove their kids from that school if they can’t give their kids brown bags for lunch.And we wind up in that terrible place of District of Columbia,where its local government decided to become the first US political jurisdiction to legalize Internet gambling.How nice of them.They’re so desperate for money that they want to take more money from its citizens by encouraging them to gamble what money they do have! How sick! But that’s Washington,DC for us! This is a sampling of America’s anti-Christ moral breakdown.When America rejects the Christian moral order which still under-girds our society,we’ll reap what we sow.And since this is caused in large part because there are anti-Christ people in power over us,patriots need to remove them from their power,ASAP.

America’s moral breakdown segues into her crime wave of multiple-homicide.And for a sampling of this,we start in MN,head down to GA,up to upstate NY,down to the Philly,PA-area,and we finish in none other than my old stomping grounds of the 40 the South Bronx.In Miinnesnowta(per Jim Cedarstrom at SW broadcast Money Talks),a young adult-male shot dead a young-adult male and a young-adult female at a supermarket where they all worked;and then the double-murderer took his own life.It was reportedly over a “love triangle.” In the Peachtree State near Atlanta,a 21-years-old male shot dead his mom and 2 of her other children.And was it co-incidence that terrible weather hit right about the same time in the vicinity of these multiple-homicides? In Newburgh,NY,a woman drove her mini-van into Hudson River after a family feud,killing herself and 3 of her kids.Near the City of Brotherly Love,2 were shot dead and 8 were wounded at a birthday party,and one of the young teenagers at the party told police that her mother let her go out late to the party because she didn’t care if she went out that late;fortunately the mayor of the town where these shootings occurred cited this as one major reason why shootings like this are happening at “house parties.” And we wind up on an expressway in what used to be called “The good ol’ Bronx” where career criminal Orlando Santos-in a SUV with his amigo named-get a load of this first name-Onix Diaz,led cops on a car chase until he was finally put out of his misery when cops fired at him for trying to run him over with the SUV.Orlando,judging by the photo of the dumb look on his face accompanying the website article on the story,was a black-latino(probably Puerto Rican or Dominican)and only 28-years-old,but he already had 14 arrests to his credit,including possession of drugs and guns.And get this:he had 4 kids,and one of them was from one woman but where the other 3 came from wasn’t disclosed.They probably came from 3 different women! This is what I worked around about 25 years ago in the neighborhoods covered by the precinct where this shooting occurred! And it’s probably worse today! Much worse! And if Orlando lived till 38,he probably would’ve added 4 more kids to his brood,and 4 more if he lived to 48.With about 8 or 10 different women! This is how rabbits reproduce,not human beings! So we patriots can breathe a bit easier that some cops with good aims took him out before he could cause more mayhem on society,including on his innocent children.Good job,40! Or any other command that was involved in that heroism! I hope you all got medals of honor! And all of these homicides,except the one in MN,involved blacks and/or black latinos,even though they’re,combined,only about 30% of the population.

Terrible weather continues to hit America.Raging storms tore through western and central FL;tornadoes “virtually destroyed” 2 towns in IA and forced the evacuations of thousands of people;wildfires and 90 mph wind gusts raged in Fort Collins,CO,charring 2,000 acres and destroying 336 homes;but even-worse wildfire ripped across the prairies of TX,where all but 2 of its 254 counties were affected.A Texas official said,like we’ve read or heard umpteen times over the past year or so with all this incredibly bad weather,”I’ve never seen anything like it.” Patriots,the Apocalypse may be upon us,in America,and all over the world.

Finally,on patriot activism in the land,it was a great relief to hear that Glenn Beck’s program on Fox New Channel will leave the air at year’s end.His ratings have dropped,he has lost some of his advertisers,and he has been going down the conspiracy road a bit,and this may have earned him the wrath of some powerful people in Rupert Murdoch’s empire.Regardless of Beck’s recent programs on the glorified counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve and other issues that Fox rarely,if ever,covers,he acts like a jerk on-air,with his exaggerations,gesticulations,bug-eyed expressions,loudness,immaturity;and he’s a big-time promoter of the phony War on Terror! and blind supporter of Israel’s government.But his radio-production company will keep working,and it’s name is Mercury Radio Arts-named after the Roman god of war.How appropriate that is for “ex”-alcoholic Beck:he has gone from getting drunk on demon rum to getting drunk on the power of promoting and propagandizing for war.But patriots,thank heaven,will no longer have to stomach his television histrionics anymore,unless he returns someday,somewhere else.But at least I end this long patriot post with the uplifting,hopeful story of thousands of people marching in the forsaken,virtually abandoned city of Detroit,MI for people to come to Christ.Many of these people came from the surrounding suburbs-i.e.,they were mostly white,marching in heavily black downtown Detroit.If there’s anyone who can bring people from different races and cultures and backgrounds together,it’s the Savior.I’m not trying to sermonize,patriots,but just expressing my conviction that most of America’s problems are moral in nature,because so much of our country has turned against Him.May we come back,the sooner the better.And maybe a good place to start is Detroit.

This has been a long post,patriots.I know I’m behind on the commentaries on,but I’ve been sidetracked by a few things and there’s just so much important stuff going on that it’s hard to read it,study it,report it and comment on it in the course of a day.This is pretty much a one-patriot operation,but I’m still fighting the patriot cause full-time,pro-bono.For our America-a nation that is dying a slow death.And will die unless patriots,with His help,fight to save her from her enemies.And her enemies are legion.I may post on the last day of the month to wrap up things for the month of April;if not,the next post will be in the first week of the merry month of May.Patriots,some news reports are calling the uprisings in Tunisia,Egypt,Yemen and elsewhere the Arab Spring.Let’s hope and pray America’s Spring comes soon,and I don’t mean Spring season of 2011.I mean a Spring of deliverance from evil rulers throughout our land,but mostly in DC.Thanks.Stay in touch.Keep the faith.And let’s all do something for the patriot cause.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Greetings,patriots,on the last day of the dreary month of March.I hope all you green patriots had a great St.Patrick’s Day.It’s 11:45 PM,and I’m starting this patriot post at this time to stick to the commitment of 2 posts every month.I’ll continue and finish it on April Fool’s Day.For you patriots who visit this blog’s parent site,you may have noticed I’m behind on many of the commentaries on the Current News page,and that’s mainly because there’s just so much important news occurring,that I barely have time to post the links to these stories.I believe this is a sign that things are getting worse and they’re happening faster in America than at any other time in modern times.It’s like Christ warning that evil men will grow worse and worse in the last days before His return;it sure looks like this is happening right now.So,I’m doing my best to fight the patriot cause on this site,but there’s only so much one patriot can do;and I also need R & R.Before I go to my patriot review of the important news of about the past 2 weeks,I’d like to report that my counter-attack and possibly that of other patriots has forced Leon the moron spammer to use another e-mail address to attack this blog with his moron sex spam.He’s back to using what I think is Russian or Hebrew,and here’s the new e-mail address he’s ‘em hell,patriots!

On the immoral wars being fought by the US/NATO governments in Afghanistan,Iraq,Pakistan and now Libya,and in several other Muslim nations,more reports keep coming that innocent civilians-including women and children-are being killed by attacks from drones,warplanes,missiles and even plain old bullets,mostly in Afghanistan and Pakistan.And the pathetic,de riguer response from the military commanders is something like,”Aw,shucks,sorry;we’ll try to be more careful next time.” This charade has been occurring now for the past several years,and I believe it’s now deliberate policy from some NATO commanders-possibly ordered to by their civilian bosses-to kill innocent Muslims.This is the real War on Terror! Patriots,a combination of evil men are obviously waging a neo-crusade against the Muslim world! They’ve plunged us back into the 1100s! But the big difference is that this time in 2011,the crusaders and some of the infidels have nuclear weapons! This could be the start of WW3 and the Battle of Armageddon! And President Abomination’s decision to aid the rebels in Libya was supposedly to prevent the slaughter of civilians by Gadaffi’s forces.But his bombing killed civilians! What duplicity! Yes,patriots,9-11 is going to continue to be used to justify the mass killing of thousands,possibly millions,of Muslims who’ve had nothing to do with 9-11 or “Terrorism!” or any kind of violence.This patriot is no fan of Islam and a firm believer in Christ.But,Jesus the Christ said “preach” the Gospel unto all the world,not invade and bomb and slaughter at will in the world! This isn’t self-defense against invading armies or aggression! The US/NATO armies and air forces are the aggressors! This needs to be bellowed out before our evil rulers bring us into endless neo-crusader war in the Mid-East! To repeat from past patriot posts,the basic unholy,anti-Christ alliance leading these neo-crusader armies are the Jewish neo-cons who’ve already used American blood and treasure to kill Arabs(including Christian Arabs)and Muslims living near the nation of Israel;the Protestant theo-cons who believe killing Arabs and Muslims and always defending Israel’s government and Jews in general is doing God’s will and will hasten Christ’s return;and the Catholic theo-cons who want to recapture the Holy Land that they and the “Holy Roman Empire” want to recapture from the Muslim infidels;the “military-industrial complex” warned about by President Eisenhower that always loves a “good war” to empower and enrich themselves with;some oil and mineral companies who want to seize the region’s natural resources.This is what’s leading us into what may soon become imminent world war.To anti-war patriots,let’s hope and pray the truth be revealed and those plotting and waging the beginnings of WW3 be exposed for the demon men and women they are.

On America’s political-corruption front,the legislature in the Mormon state of Utah-the Beehive State-decided to pull a fast one on its people and the other 49 states by deciding for themselves that they can make their own immigration laws in deciding who enters Utah and other states and who doesn’t.The all-Republican government passed an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants living in Utah,making Utah America’s first sanctuary state.The Mormon Church-officially known as Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints-was very influential in getting this clearly unconstitutional law passed,along with the usual suspects of the state’s chamber of commerce,La Conquista activist groups,and pro-amnesty politicians.Basically the same unholy trio that has pressed for illegal-immigrant amnesty since mainly 2006:big politics,big business,big religion-i.e.,the Establishment.The Establishment hates patriots,Christians,the working classes,the white population especially.And that this moronic law passed in America’s only Mormon state made me realize that if we just remove the second “M” in Mormon,we get “Moron.” Is that a co-incidence or what?! Leave it to a bunch of morons in the Mormon state legislature to think they can usurp federal law by passing their own amnesty.This is in no way comparable to states assisting federal law enforcement or enforcing federal immigration law that the feds for one reason or another aren’t enforcing.But the morons who passed this law may have just been sending a symbolic message to Washington,in effect saying,”See,we passed ‘comprehensive immigration reform,’ and so can you.” Two GOP congressmen from Utah have fortunately spoken out in opposition to this law and have said it won’t be implemented,because it doesn’t take effect until 2013.But the morons in Mormon land show patriots once again that America’s enemies are here,on our soil,in state capitols,county seats and city halls and,of course,the mother of harlots:the US Capitol and White House(The White Horse in the Book of Revelation who goes out to conquer?).And to add insult to patriot injury,the City of Angels police department has decided to aid and abet the presence of illegal-immigrant lawbreakers by letting them keep their cars at check points instead of impounding them like they used to do.But get this,patriots:American citizens and legal immigrants will have their cars impounded if they’re in violation of a law! The politically correct moron of a police chief justified this blatant favoritism to illegals by claiming that citizens and legals can get driver’s licenses while illegals can’t;so the illegal immigrants get to keep their cars while US citizens and illegal immigrants get theirs impounded at check points for violations.But this shouldn’t surprise us,for Los Angeles’s mayor is reconquistador Antonio Villaraigosa,whose allegiance is obviously to Mexico City and not LA or Sacramento or America.So,America’s 3 largest cities-New York,Chicago,Los Angeles-have these anti-patriots as mayors,respectively:Jewish billionaire/CFR member/illegal-immigrant-amnesty supporter Michael Bloomberg;Jewish millionaire/former Abomination chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel,who joined Israeli Defense Forces in 1991 during the first Gulf War and whose pediatrician-father belonged to Israeli terrorist group Irgun during Israel’s war for independence;and reconquistador Antonio.And let’s not forget the Abomination in the White House! America isn’t cursed only with political corruption,but with outright political evil and anti-patriots.

On the economic front,the Abomination gets credit for helping break 2 more negative records:in February,the highest-ever monthly budget deficit by the US government was broken,with the red ink hitting $223 billion(And what about the Tea Party-influenced GOP House-where the spending bills originate?);and also in Feb.,sales of new homes dropped to their lowest level since records started being kept for these sales.I’ve lost count with how many negative economic records have been broken since Abomination entered the White House.I’ll venture the guess of 25.Atta boy to the Abomination! You got to give him credit for the thorough job he and his anti-patriot neo-bolsheviks have been doing to help bring great economic hardship on America.So we have a federal government that continues to show how fiscally irresponsible it is,from the GOP-majority House to the Democratic Senate and White House,and the incredibly depressed housing market,caused by very tight credit,bad loans,artificially low interest rates,plummeting prices,inadequate amounts of money available for down payments,a glut of existing homes on the market,inter alia;and the housing crisis is quite severe in the Sunshine State.20% of homes there are vacant.20%! Just imagine that,patriots,for a minute! 1 out of 5 homes in FL are sitting vacant,unsold,unrented,abandoned,empty! What the hell happened down there?! That’s a rise of 63% from 2000! And the average price of a home there has plummeted to $122,000! Again,like Steve McQueen’s character Jake Holman screamed out right before he was shot dead in the 1966 great film The Sand Pebbles:”What the hell happened?!” Again,this has resulted from many factors,like Community Re-investment Act,easy money from the glorified counterfeiters at the Fed,near-zero interest rates,irresponsible lending,etc..And several realtors and economists are predicting it’ll take years for the FL market to recover,if it ever does.And the dreary month of February also brought the bad news that food prices rose the most in 36 years and clothing costs the most in 21 years.While the clothing rise is factored into the inflation rate,food,and energy,isn’t.So while the “official” inflation rate is still tame at about 4%,I think almost-everyone agrees that  it’s actually much higher.And the poignant saga of the once-great city of Detroit,MI-the town Henry Ford helped build up with his auto assembly lines and that used to be called the arsenal of democracy for its munitions productions during WW2-hit home once again,with the Census Bureau finding that the city’s population has dropped to what it was in 1910.While it’s encouraging that car sales from US companies have increased over the past few months(Largely because,I think,they’re making real cars again! I love it!),the damage to Detroit may be irreparable.This is what “free trade” and the “global economy” and “open markets”  and over-regulation from EPA and DOT and greedy union leadership and membership and greedy companies have done to Detroit’s working class.And the same kind of thing has happened to the once-great city of Camden,NJ-right across mighty Delaware River from Philadelphia.The city has been hollowed out by poverty,crime gangs,race riots,welfare queens,drive-by shootings,high unemployment,urban blight;and now Camdenites have been hit with half their police force laid off and a third of its firemen due to the fact that the city fathers simply don’t have the money to pay them.Is Detroit,MI and Camden,NJ the future of American cities? Where they more and more resemble the poverty and hardship and hopelessness found in Third World cities? It sure looks like that’s the trend.And it’s scary.

On La Conquista front,Reuben Navarette is a Mexican-American syndicated columnist.CNN(Communist News Network?)featured a lovely column by him,where he claimed America is sure as sin becoming an “Hispanic” country and we just might as well get used to it.Was it just a co-incidence that Time-Warner-owned CNN published this piece right about the time of the 175th anniversary of the Battle at the Alamo? I doubt it! Conquista is on the march on US soil! It seeks to invade,conquer and rule! Like Caesar when he came upon new land,”I came,I saw,I conquered.” Such is the spirit of La Conquista on our soil! Patriots,please go to look at the smug photo of conquistador Reuben accompanying his column,menacingly looking into the photographer’s lens! He means it! And lest we forget,CNN employs conquistadoress Soledad O’Brien! Nice name! Patriots,not just in Texas,Remember the Alamo! We may have to fight that battle once again! And I just ordered a credit card from Texas-based bank Capital One with a photo of the Alamo on it! When I spoke last time with a Capital One customer-service rep in Dallas,I urged her to not let the Lone Star State fall back into Mexico’s hands! But patriot resistance to La Conquista is not just in Texas or the rest of the Southwest.It’s here in New York City,it’s in Miami,FL and Chicago,IL.It’s wherever there are large numbers of latinos,whether they’re from Central America or the Caribbean! A large portion of them are conquistadors and they’re being aided and abetted by powerful people in our country,like pro-conquistador CNN! This is one major reason I started up this patriot blog and its parent site almost 2 years ago around Memorial Day! And this is all on my time and my dime! Because this is our country that’s being attacked and threatened with destruction! Patriots,load and lock! The battle may be nearer than we think or want it to be!

On the Israel Lobby front,Sarah the Princess Palin made her obligatory trip to Israel,as did Michael Gomer Pyle Huckabee and Haley Marble-Mouth Barbour-the former a former governor of Billy Clinton’s home state of Arkansas and the latter the current governor of Mississippi(America’s poorest state).Apparently the vast majority of GOP and Democratic 2012 presidential candidates feel a holy sense of obligation in visiting Israel and making one act of obeisance towards its government.The Alaska Princess reportedly has an Israeli flag on display in her office and has been seen wearing an Israeli-flag lapel pin.As I’ve written before,patriots,I believe the princess is Jewish,despite her church membership and her dalliance with the evangelical movement.And she looks like MN congresswoman Michelle Bachmann’s sister! Maybe they are sisters! And like the princess,Mrs.Bachmann claims to be an evangelical and is another Israel worshipper,although I don’t believe she has made her Israel-worship trip yet;but if she throws her yarmulke in the ring,she certainly will.Gov.Barbour is a typical hack for the Republican establishment,involved in the scandal in the mid ’90s of the Republicrats taking foreign money during the 1996 election campaigns.What a co-incidence that soon after that scandal,Haley’s hair turned from all brown to all ghost-white.But he and Billary and every other political hot shot got away scot-free;so it’s appropriate that he’s now considering running for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.It was reported about 6 weeks ago that the DC law firm he worked for lobbied on behalf of the Mexican government to get an amnesty for America’s illegal-immigrants.When he was queried about this,he identified himself as,not exactly in this order,”a lobbyist,a lawyer and a politician.” That’s Haley Barbour,to a tee.Ol’ Miss voters greatly erred in voting for this corrupt slob to be their governor when they had a moderate/centrist Democrat as an alternative.Patriots,let’s hope and pray that lobbyist/lawyer/politician Haley Marble-Mouth Barbour stays in MS and keeps stuffing his fat face with corn pone and hominy grits;and I’ve already written about Gomer Pyle Huckabee.As 2012 approaches,he may be the GOP front-runner,and patriots will have to do their best to thwart him and the powers that be behind him.Since I just touched on the sordidness of a MN congresswoman,a handful of Jewish state legislators in the Gopher State expressed their hatred towards Christian ministers invoking Christ’s name during the invocations that commence the legislative sessions.They formally “requested” that further invocations be “non-denominational.” Of course,they probably have never complained if a yarmulke-wearing rabbi gave an invocation and invoked Yahweh’s name.But the name of Christ?! Oh,no! That makes them uncomfortable! That’s too damn bad! America is overwhelmingly Christian and only about 2% Jewish.If these anti-Christ Jewish legislators can’t bear the name of Christ being invoked to open a legislative session,they can stay away from the chamber or leave,just like lawmakers can do the same if a rabbi or Buddhist gives the invocation.This is one small but powerful example of how certain Jews in power wage war on America’s Christian faith.And where’s Michelle Bachmann on this issue? She probably sides with the anti-Christ Jews even though she claims to be an evangelical! And now we leave MN and come to Flushing-a section of the borough of Queens in New York City.Fred Wilpon and his son Jeffrey have owned the New York Mets baseball team for many years.They’re millionaire Jews who played a great La Conquista experiment with their team when they hired Dominican Republic-born Omar Minaya as their general manager,who then went on to pick the team’s first black manager in Willie Randolph;the Mets now had their first latino GM and their first black manager(and we never heard the end of that).Of course,Omar Banana loaded up the team with his fellow latinos(mainly Dominicans and Puerto Ricans)so much so that the Mets resembled a team that plays in the Caribbean than in America.Banana’s plan almost worked,for in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series vs.St.Louis Cardinals in 2006,with the Cards up 3-1 and the Mets having the bases loaded with 2 out and Puerto Rican player Carlos Beltran at the plate,Georgia boy Adam Wainwright struck Carlos out on 3 pitches! Got him looking with the nastiest curve ball I’ve ever seen! It froze Beltran like he didn’t know what hit him! It was a magnificent patriot victory! I’ll never forget it! I have it on videotape! And then the Mets were eliminated from the playoffs the next 2 years on the very last game of the season! Again,a patriot victory over La Conquista and its enablers! So now we learn that the Wilpons are being sued by Irving Picard-the trustee who’s trying to recover money from Uncle Bernie Madoff’s victims.Mr.Picard claims the Wilpons owe their victims about $1 billion due to their involvement with Bernie’s massive Ponzi scheme.So some divine justice may be at work here,patriots:the very rich Jewish owners of a New York baseball team consorting with con man Madoff to further enrich themselves while turning an American baseball team into a latino team on American soil.They almost succeeded,but thank the Almighty,they’ve failed.The team no longer has a latino GM and a black manager,and the team isn’t as loaded up with latino players as before.Tickets sales and attendance plummeted over the past years since 2006.So the anti-patriot alliance of millionaire liberal Jews and conquistadors has collapsed,and God willing,more may occur as America’s patriot war rages on.

America’s moral breakdown also rages on,with 3 more policemen slain in the line of duty:one each in Sandusky,OH,Fond du Lac,WI and Athens,GA.All this within the span of about 2 weeks! And it was reported that a breathalyzer used by the Philadelphia,PA police detect DUI(driving under the influence)drivers gave over one thousand faulty results over the past few years.Some good digging by a defense lawyer discovered this,but I believe most of the damage has been done to those wrongly convicted of so-called DUI.This is one horrible consequence of the police-state measures that have been implemented over about the past 20-25 years to fight drunk driving.Mad women at MADD(Mothers Against Drunk Driving)et al have gone on a holy crusade to terrify people into constantly repeating to ourselves:”Don’t drink and drive.” So we can’t have one beer or drink and get behind the wheel?! Why don’t they ban the demon rum all together! So now we’ve had possibly thousands of people who’ve had their licenses suspended or restricted or revoked and now having criminal records because of faulty breathalyzer readings.This is what liberal-activist fascism has brought to America,all in the name of fighting drunk driving.And how many people have similarly suffered by failing these driver tests even though they were perfectly OK to drive? And now we leave the City of Brotherly Love to the lovely Bronx and the Sonia Sotomayor Houses-a housing project already named after conquistador Puerto Rican supreme-court justice Sonia Sotomayor.The second horrific homicide occurred in Sonia’s houses since the project’s renaming,and this one was of a 400-lbs.fatso found mutilated in his apartment;it sounds like a drug murder.And then the news story cites 21-years-old latina Yaniris Laureano(Get a load of that first name!)saying her “kids” were given candy by him.Just like the last post where I reported an unmarried 21-years-old in Puerto Rico already having 2 kids,this 21-years-old already has kids.And she may have more than 2! And she may not even know what the word “marriage” means! Such is life in the Bronx “housing project” named after conquistador Sonia Sotomayor;it’s like the Third World.And now we go to “pop singer” Katy Perry.She used to be a Christian singer,and now she’s a slutty singer who recorded the pro-lesbian song I Kissed a Girl.This is the same slutty apostate who was invited by USO to “perform” for the troops in Afghanistan that I reported and blogged on several months ago.And the real shame here is that her parents are practicing Christian ministers.She got her start by exalting Christ in song,and now she profanes him.I believe she’ll pay a price for this if she doesn’t turn her life around.And wouldn’t you know,our congressman Joseph Crowley about a year ago hooked up with her in LA,since he’s a musician himself.Anti-Christ marches on in America’s entertainment industry,and that’s a big part of our moral collapse.And a lot of the people are to blame for following the sleazy likes of Katy Perry.And lastly on the moral-breakdown front,we return to Minnesnowta,where some teenagers and young adults decided to celebrate Spring Break by using a “designer drug.” It killed one,critically injured two and hospitalized eight.And maybe they were listening to Katy Perry while getting high with a designer drug.This is what so much of American youth has been debauched by.I’m very depressed,and mad.It’s time to leave the moral-breakdown front.

In corrupt pro-baseball,big head Barry Bonds has finally been brought to trial for perjury.He told federal investigators way back in 2003 that he never used steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs,when everyone with a tenth of a brain knew he was juicing.So after one delay or postponement after another,he’s finally in federal court.That anyone can “root for” this arrogant slob is utterly amazing,but the corruption in pro-baseball is a big part of the overall corruption in American society,where great wealth,fame,personal glory,idol worship and other anti-Christ pursuits are all that matters to millions of people.And of course we have Mark McGwire finally admitting that he juiced when also everyone with a tenth of a brain knew he was juicing.He pulled curve balls with one arm and sent them over the left-field fence! So now that the slob is no longer playing,he admits it.Very nice.But he’s still batting coach for the Cardinals! How appropriate that a juicer would be a batting coach! To teach batters how to juice without getting caught! What a sick joke baseball has become! But who knows what may come out during Bonds’s trial? Hopefully a lot of the game’s dirty secrets-hidden all these years-will emerge.And those who are guilty of this cover-up should be brought to trial themselves to face the music,from rat-face commissioner Alan(Bud)Selig to team trainers.

The Almighty’s judgment may have come down once again on the City of (Pagan)Angels when a huge tree came crashing down in the city’s downtown,about 100 feet from the city government’s “criminal justice center.” Real justice may be hard to come by in a city ruled more and more by the likes of conquistador Villaraigosa and anti-Christ Hollywood.And the symbolism of the photo of the downed tree accompanying the article on is quite telling,quite remarkable.The Almighty may have taken a break in bringing judgment down across our land over the past 2 weeks,because this is the only report on the possibility of His judgment upon us that I’ll be covering in this post.

I close this blog out almost all the time with reports of patriot activism throughout our land.The British-Christian website Christian Today( a story on former porn actress Shelley Lubben,who spent 2 years in that filthy business before escaping.She became a Christian and founded the activist group Pink Cross Foundation to help inform the public of the porno world and help as many of the “actresses” escape.She testified in front of a committee of the California state assembly and cited the ills of that business,like herpes,drug use,exploitation,ruined lives.So why did a grass-roots patriot like me who spends hours almost every day covering the news only learn about Shelley’s riveting story from a British-Christian website? Why hasn’t her story been covered by the anti-Christ Christian establishment or by the major news media? Indeed,why has the media and Christian establishments been so silent on the porn industry,operating mainly out of Chatsworth,CA? It used to be based mainly out of Northridge.But remember the earthquake there about 5 years ago? I e-mailed her off her website with my theories of why there’s such a cover-up,but her response was thankful for my message and very generic.She testified to the committee that many porn actresses fear for their lives if they out the industry.Well,here are the 2 reasons I believe for the cover-up of the porno industry.First,like corrupt pro-baseball,it’s a huge business,with about $10-15 billion in annual sales.So,TPTB,leave it alone because a lot of people are making a lot of money.And there attitude is probably,”Who cares if some people get harmed by the business?” Again,patriots,this is anti-Christ thought.The other reason I believe is the porno industry is heavily,to my knowledge,Jewish-owned and-operated.So the news media wants to protect US Jewry by covering up for hard-core pornographers who happen to be Jewish,and the suck-up Christian establishment is afraid of being called “Anti-Semitic!” by Jewish-activist goon squads like ADL and AJC and SPLC and they’ll have to confront their own tribal favoritism towards Jews,even defending Jewish pornographers.Where are the patriot men of God who are not only not afraid of slander and defamation,but welcome it and the opportunity to condemn evil in our land?! That America lacks such shepherds is,I believe,a judgment on us,like the prophet Hosea warning about a famine in the land not of bread,but of hearing the Almighty’s message.Anyway,Shelley’s story is available on,including a You Tube video of her testimony to the state assembly.She should be greatly thanked and applauded for her efforts.And to you praying patriots,I recommend prayers for her safety.Yes,at times the rich and powerful want to protect their empires,at any cost.It’s battles being waged by people like Shelley who may bring America back from the brink.And now away from Chatsworth,CA to good news in Miami,FL,where patriots recalled mayor Carlos Alvarez for reneging on some of his campaign promises.If a patriot victory can be achieved in Miami,FL-the city on the front lines of La Conquista in the Southeast,it can happen anywhere! Even some conquistadors can perform a patriot act for America! Si se puede! Finally,a recent Gallup survey found that Americans place little trust in most of our major institutions,like Congress getting the confidence of only 11% of us.The only institutions where most Americans have confidence in are the military,law enforcement and small business.Not even the Christian establishment earns approval of most of us! This is good news,patriots,because it’s showing more and more that more and more of us are getting better informed,we’re waking up,and we’re not afraid to scream it out loud! Touchee! The vast majority of America’s institutions aren’t trusted by most of us because they’re run by men and women with bad ideas,bad thoughts,bad policies,bad lives.In short,they are anti-Christ! They are anti-patriot! They are Diversity Gang! Let’s do our patriotic chore and try to get rid of them and replace them with patriots before it’s too late! Or better yet,may they repent! BTW,Gallup( a really good website.I recommend we visit it as often as possible.

Patriots,it has been a long post.I’ve spent several hours of the last 3 days on it,and I’m relieved to close.I’m looking forward to 3 slick slices of delicious Bronx pizza later tonight and polishing it off with a good cigar,if I don’t zonk out on the sofa after the pizza,like I’ve done on many occasions over the past year or so.I’ll try to update some of the commentaries on over the next day or two,depending on how many important stories I post links to on the site.I’ll talk to you all in about 2 weeks.Thanks.And as always,fight for America,while she’s still free.