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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Greetings,patriots.Especially all you Green Patriots on this St.Patrick’s Day 2011! What a nice day we got for the day here in the Big Apple! Sunny skies and in the low 60s! St.Patrick brought the Gospel to the pagan Irish sometime in the 4th century,and that’s the main purpose for St.Patrick’s Day-a national holiday in Ireland.But today the day is also,and primarily,a celebration of the Irish people and their rich culture.Being half-Irish,I celebrate the day mainly by pubbing and listening to and rejoicing in the great music that only the Irish have made and still make.And it’s also good to see faces I haven’t seen in a while and reconnect.A local pub here in the Throgg’s Neck section of the Bronx describes the day as Ceol agus Craic(Gaelic for Music and Fun).And so it is! A lot of the ceol(pronounced like “keel”)we hear on this day and the days leading up to it are “rebel songs”-songs about Ireland’s long fight for freedom and independence.And we American patriots can take and act on many of the lessons taught to us in these rebel anthems,because in so many ways,we are fighting a rebel cause in America today against the establishment mainly in government,finance,media and education that seeks our country’s destruction and the imposition of an oppressive neo-bolshevik multi-cultural hell-similar to a corrupt banana republic south of the border.And as we patriots put up our rebel resistance to this internal war on our people and land,we can get much inspiration,solace,hope,strength and unity by “Singing songs of love and hope and freedom”(that’s from Irish rebel group The Wolfe Tones’ song Janey Mac).From the Irish rebel song The Rising of the Moon:”Death to every foe and traitor!” From the Book of Proverbs:”When the wicked rule,the people groan.” American patriots have been groaning for way too long from wicked government in Washington,DC and in other corridors of power throughout the land.I pray the Almighty brings His judgment down on the wicked who rule us and those who willingly vote to empower them.Yes,I’m convinced it’s time for that.For our country’s days I firmly believe are numbered.In the meantime,Happy St.Pat’s! Enjoy the day! But don’t forget “The Cause!”

The spam comments on this patriot blog are getting worse.Moron spammer at finally gave himself away by putting English-language spam on the blog which showed he has something to do with a site dealing with online dating or sexual arrangements.That’s typical coming from this moron,and this is the last time I’m mentioning him because he may like the attention.I don’t know why his spam keeps coming,because I spam him every time.And every spammer I’ve marked as spam eventually stops after a few weeks;but he has been continually spamming for about 2 months.I’m going to make a phone call or two about stopping him.But if you patriots have the time,please bomb his in-box any way you can.And the spam in general has never been this bad.About 70-80% of the comments are spam.I don’t mark all the comments as spam because there are some good comments and suggestions mixed in with the spam,like this one:”Diligence is the mother of good luck.” All this disgusting spam shows that while the Internet is a great resource and a great tool for patriots,it’s also a place for every nut job and screwball to get a forum(bringing the gutter onto the sidewalk and into the home,so to speak).But we’ll just have to deal with it as best we can;this is just one of the many fronts that this particular patriot is fighting on.Fight them we must,for,again,this is our country at stake! And now for this patriot’s review of recent news.

I start with the public-union protests in Wisconsin over the legislature’s attempt to rein in excessive benefits for the Badger State’s public workers and curb their collective-bargaining rights.Republicans made huge gains in WI last November by capturing both state houses,the open governorship,and taking out 3-terms liberal US senator Russell Feingold and 2 liberal Democratic congressmen;and the new RNC chairman is from WI.Maybe they had a bit of the hubris that Barack Abomination and his devotees had after the 2008 elections,because they really went too heavy into this issue.The union protests were massive in and out of the state capitol,but fortunately there was no major violence.Immature Democrats literally ran away into neighboring IL to avoid voting on the so-called “anti-union bill.” The root problem,of course,was these unions getting ridiculously generous benefits courtesy of the WI taxpayer in the first place.And this is the corollary when the fiduciary day of reckoning comes:the public employees don’t want to get off the gravy train they’ve been riding on for so long.This is why these excess benefits shouldn’t be given away in the first place.But cheap politicians and greedy,selfish union leaders make a terrible combination for a state’s taxpayers.That being written,the unions in this case made significant concessions,by agreeing to pay almost half of their pension contributions and about 12% of their health-care premiums;this’ll save WI taxpayers about $440 million over the next 3 years.But the collective-bargaining restrictions,in my opinion,were unnecessary at this time;it was just too much on the plate.However,clicking the link to a short,very descriptive article on this site’s parent site lists the bill’s specifics,the CB curtailments aren’t the end of the world.But as is so often true in life,timing is everything.The WI GOP should’ve thankfully accepted the union concessions and then took up the union issues a few months down the road,when cooler heads and calmer emotions hopefully would prevail.WI GOP also roused the Democratic beast which crawled back to his lair after the drubbing it took after the last elections and it smells blood.True,it’s early in the election season and a lot of voters may find other issues more important when election time arrives,but this was too big a chance.Now that the bill has become law,a lot of credit should still go to GOP governor Scott Walker and the GOP legislators for sticking it out and remaining committed to passing the bill,despite all the protests and bad press;that’s a mettle and persistence all too rare in contemporary US politics.Now they have to cut other spending in other areas to reduce their deficit of about $5 billion;and the other economic/financial issue to review is the unemployment rate dropping below 9% for the first time in about 2 years.While the economy added about 200,000 jobs in February,the rate dropped largely because so many people simply dropped out of the workforce.Moreover,Gallup-the country’s premier polling and opinion-research organization-reported on their website that they found the unemployment rate actually rose to 10.3%.Which one is most accurate? Anyway,I believe that Abomination’s administration may start cooking some books to belie just how serious America’s economic and financial problems are;this latest unemployment report may have been cooked.

Congressional Black Caucus(CBC)chairman Emanuel Cleaver from MO let the cat out of the bag at a recent subcommittee hearing on immigration.He,along with old-fart leftist John Conyers from MI,claimed that the Republican subcommittee chairman and other committee Republicans were trying to divide American blacks and “the immigrant community.” It’s common sense that millions of overwhelmingly latino illegal immigrants in and around big cities are taking jobs from blacks,especially young blacks,and depressing wages.The illegal population also leads to higher crime rates and racial friction between blacks and latinos,especially in Los Angeles and its environs.But none of this bothers the race-based CBC,for they’ve obviously formed a racial alliance between themselves and the other race-based caucus in Congress:Congressional Hispanic Caucus(CHC).What would happen if whites in Congress formed Congressional White Caucus(CWC)?! Diversity Gang would go raging mad! If whites form a race-based group,DG screams “Racism!” “Hispanics” and blacks form them,and they applaud.This is just one proof that DG is anti-white,but I digress.The clowns at CBC are so anti-white that they blame virtually everything afflicting blacks today on white racism and/or “white privilege.” They’ve been peddling this garbage propaganda for about the past 50 years.And that’s why they’ve formed this alliance “of color” against the dreaded white man-the bugaboo that keeps them empowered and marching in lock-step to their agenda.Like the African tribal chiefs who sold out their own people to the slave traders,black congressmen today are selling out their people by collaborating with illegal immigrants mostly from Latin America,even though such illegal immigration harms their people more than anyone else.So we should thank Mr.Cleaver for his pompous admission that he cares more about latino illegal immigrants than he does about blacks and everyone else.And as far as that doddering fool Conyers goes(his wife was recently convicted of corruption while sitting on the Detroit city council),he was leading the charge for DREAM on the House floor the night the House passed it.And the jacket he was wearing looked like he just picked it up at a rummage sale.Slobs like him and the vast majority of CBC get re-elected and re-elected(like Charles Rangel)regardless of how incompetent and immoral they are because a paucity of voters(maybe about 5-10% of eligible voters)keep voting for them out of blind ritual and loyalty-and also out of plain old stupidity and foolishness.If anyone in America needs deliverance from evil,it’s the black population living under the yoke of the immoral,anti-patriot congressmen who rule them by continually offering them the cop-out of racism as the only evil that keeps them down,while it’s their evil that mostly keeps them down.Their alliance with illegal-immigrant lawbreakers and invaders proves it.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Diversity Gang Down Under just concluded a 12-years study trying to snuff out how many Australians are guilty of “racism.” Of course,the study was conducted where DG rules with an iron hand:universities.Several of them collaborated on their moronic Challenging Racism Project to discover how much racism and,of course,’anti-semitism” existed among white Aussies.And of course,they didn’t try to find how many Jews are anti-Catholic or how many Aborigines are anti-white or how many Asians are anti-Aborigine;they just wanted to find how many whites are racist and how many Christians are “anti-semitic” or anti-Muslim.They apparently didn’t even inquire about Muslim negativity towards Jews or vice-versa! Diversity Gang professors are so full of anti-white/anti-Christian bias that they can’t see just how biased and prejudiced they are.They’re so full of arrogance,hubris,self-importance,chutzpah,egotism and a sense of fulfilling a holy mission that they can’t see their own sanctimony and hatred,and I believe the vast majority of them are blinded by their own ignorance.But more importantly than that,there are a very few of them at the top who aren’t ignorant,but know very well what they’re doing and what they want to accomplish:they want to make whites the minority population wherever they currently are the majority;they want to harm them and persecute them every way they can without giving themselves away too much;and they want to destroy the Christian moral order and faith that whites believe in and/or practice.Can you imagine,patriots,especially you patriots Down Under,spending 12 years of time and money investigating how racist and “anti-semitic” white Aussies are?! And who funded this Challenging Racism Project? DG Down Under is the same as DG in US and UK and everywhere else they ply their trade;and I believe they may very well be public enemy #1.Patriots,resist them and fight them,tooth and nail;they’re like rabid dogs.

A growing front of Diversity Gang in USA is La Conquista movement.A Reuters “reporter” wrote an article on the March 6th commemoration in San Antone,TX of the 175th anniversary of the Battle at the Alamo in 1836.This reporter with the Anglo-Saxon name of Forsyth obviously wrote his piece to claim that the armies of Mexican dictator Santa Ana were right and the heroes at the Alamo who gave their lives for Texas independence were wrong.This is part of the effort to delegitimize the state of TX and return it to Mexican rule.And,Senor Forsyth reminded readers that due to “demographics,” Mexicans are becoming the majority in the state and will reconquer it without firing a shot,by sheer force of numbers.That may happen or it may not,but this moron at Reuters-a CFR corporate sponsor-obviously wants it to happen.And this may happen only because the bastards in DC have let it happen by not protecting and enforcing the Tex-Mex border.To all Texas patriots:Remember the Alamo! Remember those who gave their lives for the freedom you have today! You’re not living under backward Mexican rule because of their sacrifice! Don’t let that sacrifice be in vain by not giving the reconquistadors and their accomplices a fight! Load and lock! Patriots in other states will come to fight with you! An attack on and conquest of Texas is an attack on all of us! And the other issue on La Conquista to report on is another hideous murder in the US “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico(”Rich Port” in English).While there may be a rich port or two on that island,it’s far from rich.It’s a welfare case! Anyway,21-years-old senorita Coraly(nice name)Campos stabbed to death her 3-years-old daughter and 1-year-old son during a feud with “her partner.” She then tried to kill herself,but unfortunately she failed.Here’s this 21-years-old senorita already banging out 2 bambinos and she has ostensibly never married,taking her evil out on her own innocents.The greater and more-dangerous evil down there and among a lot of the Puerto Rican population living in the USA mainland is this irresponsible practice of a female banging out  many kids out of wedlock with different fathers is all too common(the welfare-queen culture).This culture of promiscuity,dissolution,irresponsibility,backwardness leads to one serious social affliction after another,and it’s all subsidized in PR by the US taxpayer,to the tune of about $12 billion annually,thanks to the sell-outs in DC who continue the pathetic relationship between English-speaking America and Espanol-speaking Puerto Rico.Just more proof that the biggest enemy of American patriots is the Republicrat ruling class in Washington,District of Corruption.The sooner that island is granted independence,the better for American patriots and,despite some temporary hardships, the better for Puerto Ricans too.

On our moral-breakdown front,US Census Bureau reported that due to low birth rates and US residents moving away,about 20% of our nation’s counties are,literally,dying.People in these counties just aren’t having enough children to replace themselves when they die,and the serious joblessness has forced them to move away,sometimes far away,to find jobs.While the globalist,internationalist sell-outs in DC spend about $50 billion of our tax money annually on “foreign aid,” 1 in 5 counties right here at home are dying slow deaths.The sell-outs should be aiding these counties and not foreign lands! And then there was a horrible bus crash about 5 miles from where I live,where a bus returning from a gambling casino at 5:30 in the morning flipped over and killed 15 and wounded about 25 more.How sick is that,gambling in Mohegan Sun casino until about 4 in the morning and then riding a bus back home about an hour later?! What’s more sick than that is 4 of the passengers who survived the crash took a bus back to that same casino that very night to go gamble again! Most of the gamblers appear to have been Asian immigrants or Asian-Americans from the Chinatown section of Manhattan.And the bus driver has a manslaughter conviction on his record! But in a society becoming more anti-Christ,people behaving this way is just ducky.After all,they’re out spending money.Aren’t they? Isn’t that what the anti-Christ powers that be want us all to do?:Shop till we drop? Spend till we bend? So what if you waste your own hard-earned money on one-armed bandits at 3 in the morning! Just go out and spend and have fun in anti-Christ US society! And those who died in this horrible crash paid the ultimate price for their submission to and revelry in America’s anti-Christ economy and society.

On the crime-wave front,the killings of on-duty law enforcement continued with the slaying of a US deputy marshal and another one getting wounded along with a local policeman in St.Louis,MO during the apprehension of a fugitive.Fortunately they took the mutt out,but an unruly crowd at one point surrounded the lawmen after the shootings and began taunting them and shouting obscenities.Backup officers were called in to help get them safely out of the area;that’s another disturbing trend in America where local yokels are siding with the mutts and against law enforcement who are just trying to apprehend fugitives from justice.In Burlington,CO,a 12-years-old boy is suspected of  shooting dead a married couple and wounding 2 others,and in Delray Beach,FL,the bodies of 2 young kids were found stuffed in bags and luggage in a canal.And then we learned of a new crime tactic that presents quite a challenge to civilization:mob robbers.There have been reports in several parts of the country where mobs of mostly young people-numbering about 15-45 people-literally raid a retail store and just start stealing items from shelves and racks.Just picture that,patriots:you’re walking down the street and all of a sudden you see a gang of about 30 teenagers and/or young adults entering a grocery store all at once,helping themselves to whatever suits them,and then walking or running out with the booty.Just picture that happening in one of our neighborhoods and what that act of barbarism can lead to.It’s another sign that America is heading towards a form of civil anarchy.As I’ve warned before,patriots:be prepared.

Divine punishment may have hit our land again,with wildfire destroying about 60 homes in TX and OK,and millions of dead sardines clogging up a marina near LA,CA.But the  whopper occurred with “Glory”-the name that NASA gave a satellite that they placed on a rocket that they shot up into outer space to gather data on “global warming.” There are Earth-worshippers at NASA-and other assorted radical environmentalists and ideologues-and this satellite was intended to provide them with more proof that Earth is burning up and needs governmental exigencies to stop it.But the Man Upstairs may have had second thoughts,because a mere few minutes after lift-off,the rocket containing Glory plunged into the Pacific in a marvelous,possibly End Times sign of arrogant man being thwarted in his plan to cast his defiant power into the heavens to challenge the Creator of all things.Glory wasn’t so glorious after all.What incredible things are happening in these times! Keep looking up,patriots!

Lastly on the patriot-activism front,2 more US senators-a conservative and an ultra-liberal-announced they won’t seek re-election in 2012.Republican John Ensign from NV has had a pretty good conservative voting record in the senate,but unfortunately succumbed to sexual temptation and had an affair with a staffer.He did the right thing for everyone’s sake by deciding not to run again,even though he’s a senator from the Sin State of Nevada.And old bag,86-years-old Akaka from Hawaii is long past due to retire.Get a load of these ultra-liberal cows:they just dread the thought of leaving their seats of power.That makes 8 US senators who won’t seek re-election next year,and most of them are very liberal.Good riddance.Patriot activism I’m sure helped pushed them out the door.And even in the liberal state of Maryland with an all-Democratic state government,”gay marriage” failed to come up for a vote in the state House of Delegates.Reportedly,many black ministers and their flocks got involved in the fight to stop sodomy from being officially sanctioned in a state named after the Virgin Mary.One delegate who opposes “gay marriage” summed up perfectly what the the pro-sodomites are trying to achieve in MD and elsewhere:”It’s turning a moral wrong into a civil right.” Beautiful!

Patriots,it’s 2:15 AM as I type,in the wake of St.Patty’s Day.Spring is near,hopefully in more ways than one for American patriots.Till the next post near the end of March.Keep fighting the cause for our country and our people.