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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Hi again,patriots.I posted about 10 days ago,and I’m trying to stick to my commitment to write two posts every month;so here I am on the last day of February,closing out the posts for this month.In the last post,I wrote about this moron spammer named Leon who keeps bombing this blog with his Hebrew or Russian or whatever spiel,obviously trying to wear me down.Now he’s using another e-mail address or he has another moron spammer trying to wear me down.They’re wasting their time,as I just keep spamming the morons right back.Here’s the other e-mail address that either Leon or another moron is sending the spam,patriots,spam this e-mail address or just bomb his in-box! They mean business!

An inspector general for the US government reported that about $12 billion of US taxpayer money has been wasted in Afghanistan and Iraq due to corruption,mismanagement and fraud.Here’s another sign of an imploding,corrupt empire:money from its own citizens being wasted on foreign adventurism and foreign wars.And the US government is bankrupt! It didn’t have the money to waste in these countries they’ve devastated! It was either borrowed money or phony money from the Federal Reserve.Regardless,it’s money that either is added on to the $14.3 trillion national debt or never should’ve been printed in the first place because it’s virtually counterfeit.At least this IG dug up this latest waste of our money on immoral wars and has gone public with it;but,as usual in DC,there’ll probably be no accountability because the DC government is out-of-control.

US Senate is full of smug,liberal elitist slobs.And there are 2 Dicks in the senate-Dick Durbin from IL and Dick Lugar from IN-who fit this description perfectly.One of these Dicks-the one from IL(probably the most-corrupt state in the Union)-joined fellow smug senator Frank Lautenberg from NJ-an arrogant liberal pushing 90 with a rat face-in sending a letter to baseball commissioner Alan(”Bud”)Selig(another man with a rat face) and players’ union head Michael Weiner,urging them to ban players from using smokeless tobacco.With all the problems our country is mired in,these 2 idiots actually take the time and effort to try to get banned smokeless tobacco in baseball?! And what about steroids and other illegal drugs in baseball? Where were these 2 liberal morons then and where are they now?! They complained in the letter that chewing tobacco sends a bad message to kids.What about using body-bloating steroids?! What kind of a message does that send,apart from breaking federal law?! Patriots,this shows what a bunch of dangerous morons are in power over us in this land,and just as importantly,what dangerous morons are voting for them.But this is very interesting too:the lout Lautenberg,rat-face commissioner Selig,union head Weiner and MLB executive vice-president Rob Manfred are all Jewish.Isn’t this amazing? Only pie-face Durbin is a gentile.America is only about 2% Jewish! And it’s a liberal-Jewish feminism that has taken over the once-great American pastime.And look what they’ve done to our game! They’ve destroyed it! And patriots may never get it back! Last season a game was played where the players used pink bats to recognize breast-cancer week! And look at,if you can stomach it,Jewish-owned sports network ESPN-the network where you need an IQ of -30 to apply for a job there.What a disgusting network it is,with one obnoxious on-air personality after another on hideously decorated sets,glorifying one prima donna athlete after another.And lest we forget,Henry Waxman-a flaring-nostrils-face liberal Jewish congressman from CA-also urged commissioner Selig to ban smokeless tobacco in MLB.This whole sordid affair is more proof that America is being destroyed morally by louses in power who,like Christ condemning the Pharisees for straining the gnat while swallowing the camel,don’t even know the difference between what’s important and what’s not important.

And now we go from 2 liberal morons in US Senate to a neurotic in US House of Representatives.Liberal Democrat David Wu from Portland,OR has gone off the deep end in many ways over the past few months,especially during his re-election campaign.He actually dressed himself up in a tiger costume and sent it to several staffers.Seven of his staffers resigned after the campaign because he was exhibiting “bizarre behavior” and they were concerned for his mental health and physical safety.This guy obviously needs help and should resign immediately,but he remains.And there are people in Oregon who are still supporting him and will continually support him because they have something of a sickness too,in that voters will continue to support an individual no matter how whacked out he or she is because people are attracted to people in power for all the wrong reasons.Maybe he got this guy a grant,or maybe he did a favor for this gal.But people like this rarely stop to think what he has done or is doing for the entire congressional district or the country as a whole.It’s pure selfishness,and that may keep Mr.Wu in his seat of power regardless of how much of a loop he is.And that he represents a district in pinko-liberal Portland,OR with its homosexual mayor is a good match for another corrupt big city on the Left Coast.

Staying on the political-corruption front,President Abomination is ostensibly getting more brazen and more in the face of patriots,conservatives,and especially Christians or those who live by a traditional morality.He has just appointed open homosexual Jeremy Bernard to the post of social secretary to the president and Mrs.Abomination.Fruitcake Jeremy is the first male to be appointed to this post,and this fits in perfectly with anti-Christ Abomination:he appoints a pansy to a White House post that has always been held by a female,and he’s a flame(and probably Jewish)to boot.The Abomination must be very mad over the drubbing his Democrats took last November.He fooled a lot of people,pretending to be a centrist and a moderate and “a man of faith” during the 2008 presidential campaign,but a lot of those same people saw through him and the immoral,anti-patriot party he leads and voted GOP in 2010.So now he thinks he can stop pretending,show at least some of his true colors,and start attacking Christian morality and any sense of normality,propriety and tradition.It’s like one of those sci-fi movies where the alien invader finally sheds his covering and reveals his true ugly appearance! And the Abomination sure looks like an alien! Maybe he is! Like his predecessor Boy George! And now the Abomination has already formed Organizing for America-what sounds like his own private army to dredge up support for his re-election.Patriots,please click the link on this blog’s parent website The Los Angeles Times story on Abomination’s Army and look at the photo of an arrogant,defiant Abomination.It’s right out of a bible-prophecy anti-Christ horror film like The Omen! Be prepared to get scared if you haven’t seen the photo! But this isn’t a phony Hollywood film? This is the real thing! Anti-Christ may be in the White House! May the Almighty help us! Is this why we’ve been having such terrible weather ever since he entered the Oval Office?! The article on his re-election army describes it as using military terms,almost-like Hitler’s brown shirts.Patriots,hold on to your hats this year and next;things are probably going to get very scary and perilous in our nation.And lastly on the political-corruption front is the widow of murdered Pentagon analyst John K.Wheeler told British newspaper The Daily Mail that she believes a hit-man took out her husband.Amazing that a British paper reported this and not a US paper! The establishment press in America doesn’t want to frighten us into this possibility or wants to always make us think that something like this would never happen to someone working for the federal government.They want us to believe they’re a bunch of beautiful people in DC,you see;they’d never do this to anyone,or even think about it.That’s their illusion,patriots;but Mrs.Wheeler-who,interestingly enough,is a silk importer-may very well be right.And following up on the Abomination photo I cited before,wait to you see the photo of Boy George accompanying The Daily Mail article on this story.He’s got a flaring,pointy nose and pointy ears too! He looks like a space alien like Abomination! And you can watch the surveillance video of Mr.Wheeler acting like he’s drunk or stoned or drugged-up just before he was found dead in a garbage landfill.Washington,DC is a dangerous place,and I’m not talking primarily about the street mutts,but the high and mighty criminals.That’s enough on America’s political-corruption cesspool.

Another economic record in USA is heading in the direction of being broken at year’s end.The average mortgage holder in default hasn’t made a payment in 17 months,and if that hits 23 months at year’s end like it’s headed for,that’ll break a record.I think I’m going to research on just how many economic and financial records have been broken ever since the Abomination became president,although the Great Recession started when Boy George was still president.Again,this is largely a result of banks lending out their depositors’ money to too many people who shouldn’t have received loans,for one reason or another.Community Re-investment Act-passed by an all-Democrat federal government in the late ’70s,basically blackmailed banks into giving loans to blacks and latinos in a game of racial balance in the housing market.This dirty little secret has barely been mentioned in the establishment press-even in the financial press-and especially by the ever-proud and ever-arrogant leadership of the Democratic Party;they hate to admit when they’re wrong,even though almost all of them who voted for the act aren’t in Congress anymore.But this is just more behavior of a corrupt,immature,power-loving political party more concerned about its precious image than the good of our country.

Diversity Gang(DG)was exposed for its anti-Christian bias at Univ.of CA at Davis when a “diversity statement” on its website claimed that only non-Christians have been victims of religious discrimination in USA.In other words,only Christians discriminate.Fortunately,Christian legal group Alliance Defense Fund was notified by a Davis student and they advised the school’s chancellor that this statement violated the rights of Christian students at the school.Whether that’s true is debatable,but what is true is that it’s plain anti-Christian bigotry-a DG characteristic.The anti-Christian Diversity Gang statement was removed by the chancellor,probably fearing bad press and/or a lawsuit.I didn’t categorize this story as patriot activism because I think it’s more important to identify it as primarily anti-Christian bias and brainwashing.However,because Christian students and a Christian legal-activist group took action,this bigoted statement that was on the school’s website for about 7 years,was removed.For once,DG has lost a battle,and may more come.But they achieved a victory in Shenandoah,PA when the Hate-Crimes Gang within DG prosecuted 2 white teenagers for “hate crimes” over the beating death of a latino illegal immigrant.They were acquitted in state court over the serious charges,but liberal-Jewish governor Ed Rendell and some latino groups got Hate-Crimes Gang in US Dept.of Justice to prosecute them in a star chamber;they circumvent the constitutional prohibition on double jeopardy by claiming the hate-crimes charges aren’t related to the state charges.The young white men were convicted of being motivated by racial hatred when this illegal immigrant died during a heated dispute that he may have started,not the white guys.They were sentenced to 9 years and 5 years in federal prison,although they could’ve gotten more;their defense attorneys said they’ll appeal the sentences.The moron black-female prosecutor with the African first name of Myesha and the Anglo-Saxon surname of Braden was probably deliberately picked to prosecute this case,and she lectured the jury that what happened to this poor illegal-immigrant invader was similar to what Southern blacks went through at the hands of KKK.Yes,that’s Diversity Gang ideology:the racist whites are always committing race-based crimes against “people of color” and they need to be prosecuted.But what about if this poor latino illegal immigrant killed the whites,out of racial hatred? DG lies that only whites commit racially motivated crimes and non-whites are always the victims.Like the DG bias and hate against Christians,DG hates whites-as a group,that is-probably more than Christians.Hopefully,these kids,who probably did deserve some jail time,will,if their sentences are upheld,only do a few years due to good behavior and rebuild their lives again after the persecution brought to them by Hate Crimes Gang.And of course,none of this would’ve happened if the illegal immigrant wasn’t kept out of the country like he should’ve been.

Like this invader from Latin America lived in PA,patriot Allan Wall at wrote a lengthy column on La Conquista radio in USA.He reports that there are now 800-that’s right,800-radio stations in America broadcasting in Espanol.While Spanish-language network Univision owns many of these stations,a lot of them are owned by American radio networks like Clear Channel.The column doesn’t specify whether the 800 number includes satellite stations.Nonetheless,800 is a staggeringly high figure;and La Conquista must be licking their chops over these takeovers.Mr.Wall also cites this as evidence of invasion from Mexico,but it’s not just from that country,which he recognized in his e-mail response to my point that the invasion is coming also mainly from Puerto Rico,Dominican Republic,Cuba(the “Cab-Lat” nations)and from other Latin American nations.One of the first things an occupying army does when taking over a country is take over its radio and television stations,so they can control communication to the people.La Conquista takes over radio stations because they dislike American-English and prefer their dialects of Spanish and their various cultures to ours.What ingrates! What cojones! Our government lets them into our country and they take over our radio stations! This is a form of conquest,plain and simple.I don’t think it has hit most Americans that our country has been invaded from south of the border and it is being aided and abetted by those who either want to make a lot of money off La Conquista or those who want the official establishment of a Spanish-speaking Latin American nation on US soil,or both.This is what we face,patriots,in more and more big cities and even in more of the suburbs:La Conquista marches on! Peter J.Peters pastors a small church in CO,and he wrote a book many years ago entitled America the Conquered.The book’s last printing was 1996,and it doesn’t cover La Conquista taking over USA radio stations.But,patriots,the reality is that our radio stations are now falling left and right to La Conquista.The state of broadcast radio in our country is another sign that we’re falling apart,and it’s not just due to La Conquista.I have great memories of when radio here in New York City had great stations and professional,entertaining broadcasts in the 1960s and ’70s and the early ’80s,but then it started slowly going downhill until its wretched state today.A lot of the investors buying stations care only about making money and nothing else;they care nothing about community.With La Conquista,it’s the other way around,and I guess we need to give the conquisatdors credit for that:they know that broadcast radio is about more than just making money,but about providing an enjoyable,informative and uplifting listening experience to an audience.I remember 2 FM music stations that use to play beautiful music 24/7,and me and my brother use to listen to them before falling asleep when we were in school.Beautiful music,professionally sounding on-air hosts and non-insulting ads were a great comfort to us,especially during the peace and quiet of the night.Those type of stations now are nothing but a poignant memory of a much better time in broadcast radio in NYC and probably in the rest of USA.And now we face more foreign-language broadcasters taking over more of the remaining stations.I dread to think what it’ll look like 5 years hence,if immigration from Latin America isn’t reduced and migration from Puerto Rico doesn’t slow.It’ll be a hot day in Alaska before I learn Spanish to listen to news or music on broadcast radio on American soil! Patriots,Remember the Alamo!

The union protests in Wisconsin could spiral into something violent like what befell Greece last year.The Badger State voted out an all-Democratic legislature and replaced it with GOP in 2010,and also elected GOP governor Scott Walker to an open seat.Wisconsin,like the vast majority of states,is in the red.To get out from under their deficit of about $4 billion,the state government has proposed that state employees pay more into their pension plans and health plans,in addition to restricting their rights to collective bargaining when contract time comes around.I believe the WI GOP is on the right track,but they need to be careful and not heavy-handed or excessive.The additional payments into the health and pension plans is long overdue,as all to often,union leadership acquires overly generous benefits for their members,at the expense of course of state taxpayers.Cracking down on collective bargaining can be construed as anti-union,and the last thing that GOP or conservatives or patriots should be recommending is union busting.Such busting will only reinforce the belief among many Americans that GOP only cares about big business and is anti-labor/anti-workingman.And then we have the selfish ideologues on the other side who believe that the union is always right and the company and its management or the government is always wrong.The pragmatic approach to this old conflict and argument is,sometimes the company is right and sometimes the union is right.Fairness,feasibility and reasonable consideration for all involved parties should be sought after.So,I believe that the proposals to increase employee contributions into their plans are reasonable,especially since the state’s residents are paying for the plans.Restricting some collective-bargaining rights is one thing,but doffing them is another.I think GOP should try to compromise somewhat with the Democrats,but not too much.And trying to bust the unions is politically dangerous and plain wrong.However,Democrats are using the protests at the state capitol for reasons of political empowerment,and even the Abomination has gotten involved.But the root problem here and one of the reasons for the state deficit and the protests is overly generous,usually liberal lawmakers just loved promising a basket of goodies to state employees in return for their votes.And the state workers thought the taxpayer-funded gravy train would roll on forever.Reality has now set in,but they can’t accept the fact that gravy trains eventually come to a stop.Let’s hope the protests don’t lead to violence,and that the Wisconsin government’s actions to deal with reckless government spending and borrowing concludes with the least pain for the people of the state while getting its fiscal house back in shape.

There’s only one item to report on America’s crime wave,and it’s a scary and depressing one:another cop was killed in the line of duty,and he was the third St.Petersburg,FL cop to be slain within the past 30 days.The string of killings and wounding of police over the past month or so is downright scary,as it shows more contempt and hatred for law and order within such a short time span.And the mutt who shot dead this cop is only 16-years-old,and the police chief sounded like he sympathized more with him than the killed cop.Probably the worst thing for a cop is to have a liberal boss.

On the bad-weather/God’s-judgment front,the East and West coasts experienced more bizarre,at-times record-breaking,weather.Writing of breaking records,like the economic records I wrote previously about since Abomination became president,I think it’s unprecedented how many weather records have been broken since he entered the White House.Co-incidence? There were very high winds and loss of power in the DC-area.But then the whopper came when the 42-feet-high National Christmas Tree came crashing down from the wind! Is that a judgment from the Man Upstairs or what?! This pagan image brought down to the ground right near the Abomination! I wonder if he was shaking in his shoes when the winds were howling and then he heard and saw the tree coming down! And then the West Coast got hit,with 3 inches of rain hitting LA County,the first snow in Sodom By the Bay since 1976,and record-breaking cold temperatures in Oakland,CA and other northern CA cities.And,I read an article that some jerk of a scientist claimed global warming is causing this! He was serious! Patriots,we may be suffering all these broken records because of the Abomination residing in the White House,among other reasons.When a multitude of a people worship idols,some kind of judgment will fall,sooner or alter.And if there are 4 wicked cities where it’s totally understandable for His judgment to fall on sinful man,it’s DC,LA,SF and Oakland! Patriots still living in those cities,pray for protection;you may have to flee one day like Lot and his family had to flee Sodom and Gomorrah before His judgment fell.

Lastly,patriot activism and pressure I’m sure had a lot to do with the announcement from 6 US senators that they won’t week re-election in 2012.They are 3 Democrats and 1 Independent(although he’s actually still a Democrat),and 2 Republicans.The 3 Democrats are all strong liberals:Conrad from ND,Webb from VA(only in his first term)and Bingaman from NM.Uncle Joe Lieberman is ultra-liberal and a hawk on the War on Terror! from the pinko-rich-liberal state of CT.Kay Bailey Hutchison is an establishment conservative from TX,as is current minority whip Jon Kyl from AZ.And a strong Tea Party candidate has announced he’ll challenge the other Dick in the senate-Dick Lugar from IN-in the GOP primary! This is great news,patriots.Our activism definitely had something to do with these decisions not to seek re-election.They’re feeling patriot heat! If there’s a US government body that needs old bodies out and fresh blood in,it’s US Senate.Let’s do our best in the states where candidates will be running to get real Tea Party patriots nominated and elected! Yes,patriots,this may be a rare chance to take our country back from the DG liberal anti-patriots who’ve ruled us for about 40 long years.I believe with the Almighty’s help and blessing,we’ll succeed.See you next time around the Ides of March.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Greetings,patriots.I hope you’re all safe and sound in this February 2011.This post will cover and comment on news over about the past 3 weeks,and there’s a lot of it;so get ready for a long post.Before I begin,I’d like to remind you that I’m still sticking to the plan of 2 monthly posts to this patriot blog.I don’t know if I’ll do that this month,since today is the 20th and month’s end is little more than a week away;but I still may write a wrap-up post on or near the 28th.Also,I’ve spent way too much time moderating the comments to this blog,especially the spam.There are a lot of morons who apparently have nothing else to do than spam this patriot blog with one moronic comment after another,usually trying to sell some irrelevancy.There are also a lot of nut jobs making comments,but the biggest offender is a moron probably named Leon,who continues to spam this blog with a foreign-language spiel(it’s Hebrew or Russian or some Eastern European language)about 30 lines along.He obviously is trying to spam me to death,but I just keep spamming him back.It’ll take a lot more for this American patriot to submit to some anti-patriot goon.If some of you patriots want to help out,you can spam his e-mail or fill up his inbox.Here’s his away,patriots!

I start as usual with news on the immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.3 US soldiers were killed in Iraq,even though combat troops supposedly were withdrawn.There are still about 50,000 US servicemen in Iraq.And even though they are not supposed to participate in direct combat operations,they almost certainly will be drawn occasionally into it,as this case demonstrates.These troops are there obviously to keep Iraq under the neo-con/neo-colonial rule of the US government,and they’ll be used as a part of “The Great Game” being played in that part of the Arab/Muslim world.And now they have to worry about not just keeping Iraq subdued,but many other nations “over there” are starting to boil over.The wave of ongoing popular uprisings and revolts started in Tunisia,then spread to Egypt,and then to Yemen and,yes,even Iraq.As I type,the protests have also spread to Libya,Algeria,Bahrain and in a few other Muslim nations.It has led to the overthrow of the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt,and more may be coming.The major media has been very careful in its reporting when it comes to how these uprisings started,why they started and who started them.At first I thought it was the typical anti-Christ neo-con revolutionaries based mainly in America,with Mossad cooperation;the Brits maybe too.But now it’s starting to appear that these are mostly home-grown rebellions of citizens just plain fed up with corrupt,dictatorial governments.However,I’m sure there is some foreign involvement.What I find most-remarkable about this incredible development in the Arab world is that the neo-con game of causing brutal war,bloodshed,violence and chaos in many Muslim nations with the obvious aim of destabilizing them and installing pro-Israel/pro-US puppets like Hosni Mubarak may blow up in their ugly faces,like that of Count Dracula neo-con Charles Krauthammer at Fox News Channel.Their evil game of “creative destruction” may not wind up being as creative as they planned.As Steinbeck said,”The best-laid plans of mice and men.” How many Muslim countries near Israel will soon be ruled by anti-Israel governments? More importantly for US patriots is the safety of about 250,000 US servicemen who are stationed in or near the belly of this maelstrom,created in large measure by the neo-imperialism and gun-boat diplomacy of the anti-patriot,pro-war,neo-con Bush/Clinton dynasty which I’m convinced has ruled our country since President Reagan was shot back in 1981.With America imploding from a myriad of political,economic,social and cultural hardships and devastation,the last thing we need is a neo-imperial war spreading more and more out of control.But the corrupt,lawless government ruling us in Washington,DC cares more about neo-imperial war and Israel Lobby and their “international commitments” than they do about the American people.Patriots,this is what is called “imperial blow-back”-when foreign adventurism and meddling by am empire comes back to haunt the empire’s government and the citizenry of those they rule domestically.Maybe what anti-war patriots and their supporters need to do is march on Washington like the thousands who’ve protested in Tunisia and Egypt! At least they succeeded in removing the despots who ruled them all these years! We patriots are under a soft despotism,and we helped achieve great success at the ballot boxes last November.Let’s hope that leads to the positive reform and change we so desperately need in DC and at other government levels,but I’m not holding my breath.Anyway,patriots,let’s watch the Middle East and the Near East;the Battle of Armageddon may be approaching.

There’s a lot to cover on the political-corruption front.The Israel Lobby group United Israel Appeal invited Boy George Bush to be keynote speaker at a ceremony held at Wilson Hotel in Switzerland-a hotel named,appropriately enough,after neo-con super-hero Woodrow Wilson.The US Democratic president who brought America into WW1-”the war to end all wars”-is almost a demi-god to the neo-cons and the globalists because he was an interventionist who wanted to extend US military might in as many parts of the world as possible to “make the world safe for democracy.” He was itching to send dough boys into the Great War even while saying publicly he had no such intention.And because he shut down dissent in America that opposed US involvement in the war,it led to the creation of the anti-patriot/anti-Christ American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU).It had a noble beginning and noble causes when it engendered,but at some point became a radical-liberal activist legal group.Wilson prosecuted people who simply spoke out publicly against Wilson’s pro-war policies and decisions and some actually went to federal prison;it was another dark time in US political history.But the neo-cons and Israel lobby love Wilson because they support suppressing free speech during “wartime,” like when Jewish-Canadian neo-con David Frum-who was one of President Boy George’s speech writers-called Americans “unpatriotic” for opposing the neo-cons’ war on Iraq.If neo-cons like Frum had their way,they would’ve jailed Americans throughout the land who spoke out against the Iraq War and would jail them today too for publicly opposing it.This wicked neo-bolshevik political movement is very despotic in its mind and intentions,and only the spirit of freedom and the US Constitution that still exist in our land stopped them from waging a war of prosecution against anti-war patriots.So the globalist president Woodrow Wilson is their man,for he brought our country into an unnecessary involvement in WW1,he shut down domestic opposition to that involvement,he wanted to bring “democracy” to the world even via the use of bloody war,and helped start up the world body League of Nations to help extend an American imperial government;hence the decision by United Israel Appeal and their presumed neo-con allies to fete Boy George-the contemporary Woodrow Wilson-at a hotel named after America’s first globalist president.But they and Boy George ran into unexpected problems:one was the threat of some left-wing groups to demonstrate at Hotel Wilson against Boy George over Iraq,and the other was the possibility of Boy George getting arrested by Swiss federal police because criminal complaints against him were filed with the Swiss government by human-rights groups like Amnesty International due to his admission that he admitted to authorizing torture during his presidency.So,Boy George’s Jewish spokesman David Sherzer announced that his boss wouldn’t show up at Wilson Hotel.It’s too bad that Boy George was warned,because if he is brought to account in another country,so be it.The corrupt Congress has done absolutely nothing over the lies and evils of his attack on and occupation of Iraq.His arrogant admission that he okayed torture-thinking he was 100% safe now that he was no longer president-has at least given him a long-overdue scare.And the Almighty willing,he will be brought to account and face the justice he deserves for,like his idol President Wilson,ordering US servicemen into a totally unnecessary war,trying to bring “democracy” to the Middle East.He and his gang obviously want to conquer the Mid-East! And how interesting that this United Israel Appeal wanted to honor him as keynote speaker,probably because he brought such death and misery to the people of Iraq and was such a “good friend” of Israel’s government when president.And like I’ve written before,I think it’s very possible that the Bush family is Jewish(ethnically speaking,that is),and Boy George’s Methodism and Daddy Bush’s Episcopalianism is simply a front,an illusion intended to convey to overwhelmingly Christian America that they belong to the same faith as them.I pray their illusion crumbles,for I believe it’ll take an act of God for that to happen.And lastly on the Boy George administration,Office of Special Counsel concluded that it routinely violated Hatch Act;this act prohibits federal employees from engaging in partisan political activity while at work.Since the worst punishment for violators is removal from office,no action can be taken against Boy George or those in his administration because they’ve been out of office now for over 2 years.Here’s another ground for impeachment of Boy George when he was still president! How convenient that this report was released after Boy George left office! It’s another joke from the establishment on American patriots! That’s enough on Boy George,and now we go to the Snarling One:Dick Cheney.

The Snarling One and former CFR director who may have very well been the driving authority behind the attack on Iraq was invited to Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington to introduce his fellow neo-con warmonger Donald “Rummy” Rumsfeld-Boy George’s defense secretary and another architect of the Iraq War who was about to receive-Get this!-and award entitled Defender of the Constitution.Rummy the neo-con warmonger getting an award for defending our constitution?! Anyway,when Snarling One came to the lectern,an anti-war patriot yelled out,”War criminal!” He apparently was a Ron Paul supporter,and he was promptly ushered out.Snarling One,well,snarled at the protester.But,after about 9 heart attacks,Snarling One keeps on ticking,although he looked terrible and evil could be seen on his face on that dais;maybe his time for justice to come to him is approaching,like Boy George in Geneva.And if any of you anti-war patriots go to this blog’s parent website and click the link to this story and watch the accompanying video,you’ll see a smarmy-looking creature on the dais behind Snarling One and the pompous David Keene(CPAC’s sponsor).He may have been a goon security guard or maybe one of Snarling One’s handlers,but he looks like a creature who brought the Red Terror to Russia in 1917.Meanwhile,Ron Paul for the second straight year won the CPAC presidential straw poll,although he only got 30% of the vote.But that’s still quite an accomplishment for an anti-war patriot like Dr.Paul.Mitt Romney-author of the mandatory health-care law dubbed Romneycare by patriots in MA and elsewhere-came in second with 23% of the vote.Mitt the Mormon at CPAC? That’s a joke;he’s no conservative,but a typical establishment Republican.Another sickening spectacle at CPAC,which can be seen by watching the video accompanying the aforementioned article,was the GOP faithful giving Snarling One a standing ovation when he came on-stage.Blind partisanship,blind loyalty;pretty sickening.

Now the political-corruption front goes to the other half of the criminal-politics dynasty which I believe has ruled our country since 1981:the Billy Clinton/Hillary Clinton family.Brussels-based reported that a European Union investigator concluded that the current prime minister of Kosovo-when he was leader of Kosovo Liberation Army during the 1990s Balkan wars-committed criminal acts like drug dealing and even the ghoulish practice of organ harvesting of Serbian prisoners.In that horrible civil war where wrongs were committed by both sides,co-presidents Billy & Hillary Clinton and their “envoy” Richard Holbrooke brutally attacked Serbia,along with their friend Tony Blair-then-prime minister of United Kingdom.They even attacked a Serbian tv station and killed people because they didn’t like what they were broadcasting! For about 3 months,the Clintons’ goon-general Wesley Clarke ordered horrible bombings on Serb civilians;thousands were killed.It looks apparent that they simply sided with the Albanian/Kosovo Muslims against the orthodox-Christian Serbs.And according to this EU investigator,they knew that KLA leader and current prime minister Hashim Thaci was a hard-core criminal,but for the sake of “stability,” they simply didn’t care and turned a blind eye to it.And now this guy is prime minister of a country! Allegedly a hard-core criminal! But since the Bush/Clinton Dynasty is a political-criminal outfit,that’s why they supported or at least ignored Thaci and his criminal operation.The New American magazine( some well-documented,well-researched cover stories on KLA and just who the Clinton administration was supporting.Very few,if any,in MSM heeded their warnings;this EU investigative report has vindicated them and has proven once again that alternative media is at times a valuable,reliable source for exposing the truth covered up or ignored by MSM.

An illegal immigrant from El Salvador who was already in prison,was convicted of the murder of congressional intern Chandra Levy and sentenced to 60 years in prison.Ms.Levy was on the staff of former CA Democratic congressman Gary Condit,and her corpse was found in Washington’s Rock Creek Park after being reported as missing for several weeks.At first Mr.Condit denied he had copulated with her,but finally admitted it.Speculation was rampant about who the killer was,but no suspect was ever arrested.The murder and Condit’s behavior was abuzz all over DC,and then came 9-11;the Condit-Levy affair was virtually forgotten.Levy’s parents were determined to find their daughter’s killer(s) but,again,no suspect(s)were arrested.So now here we have,about 10 years after the murder,the arrest and conviction and sentencing of  Mr.Guandique.The prosecution had no forensic or DNA evidence,no witnesses,no substantial evidence;all they had was a claim from one of Guandique’s fellow jailbirds that he overheard him saying he killed Levy.I’m pretty close to being convinced that this guy was simply the fall guy,a scapegoat;he said after his sentencing that he didn’t kill her.But this case is another horrible secret that enters the dark vault of crime in the nation’s Capitol.Christ said that nothing that is hidden shall not be revealed.Only His Father knows when those revelations will occur,but the sooner the better.Why was Chandra Levy murdered? I think she knew too much,and may have threatened to go public with what she knew;and she paid the ultimate price.

A corrupt state court in CA ruled in favor of their fellow corrupt allies in the government of San Francisco when they ruled that that government wasn’t liable for a triple-homicide in that city by an illegal-immigrant gang member.A father and his 2 sons were supposedly mistaken for someone else when they were slain,and the lawsuit filed by the victims’ family claimed San Francisco’s government was  to blame because they had the future murderer who wasn’t supposed to be here in custody for committing other crimes and failed to remand him to immigration authorities for prosecution and deportation.In short,patriots,if the criminally negligent powers that be in San Fran had did their job and protected its citizens,and if the federal government had did its job by keeping the invader out of our country and deporting him once inside,the father and sons would still be alive.But the City By the Bay remains a “sanctuary city”-a haven for illegal-immigrant lawbreakers and invaders.And they protected this illegal who went on to murder 3 family members.And these bastards on this court ruled they weren’t liable! If this case doesn’t prove to the vast majority of the American people that a criminal class rules us throughout the land,I’m afraid it’ll take a lot more horrible murders like this to stir the people to action and demand change and accountability for lawbreakers in governments throughout the land.

And lastly on the political-corruption blotter,was the attempt to link New Century Foundation-publishers of the newsletter American Renaissance(one of the Patriot Resources listed at alleged Tuscon shooter Jared Loughner.A Department of Homeland Security memo was made available to Fox News Channel which tried to link the newsletter(AR)to Loughner.It was straight out of the playbook used by Billy & Hillary after the Oklahoma City bombing,when they blamed conservative talk-radio for inciting the bombers.After all,the radical left running the Abomination administration and Diversity Gang automatically believes that anyone who commits a horrible crime like this must be a white right-winger! Well it turns out,even though there has been a tight lid on information relating to the shooter’s mentality,motives and background,he apparently is a nut-job ultra-liberal! Fortunately,AR editor Jared Taylor strongly rejected the allegation with the simple truth,and patriots strongly denounced the Diversity Gang goon squads trying to blame “Racism!” for the shootings.Again,patriots,our enemies are almost all here,at US colleges and universities,in newsrooms,in halls of government and elsewhere.DG stopped trying to blame Racism! or Anti-semitism! or Hate speech! for the Tuscon massacre,and patriot resistance probably helped stop it.That’s enough on America’s political corruption and cesspool.

There was some bad news on the economic front when it was reported that the US trade deficit last year was almost half-a-trillion dollars-a 33% increase from 2009.This continues to reinforce the trend our globalist rulers helped start up about 20 years ago with “free trade” treaties like NAFTA and empowering globalist agencies like World Trade Organization(WTO).That America is importing $500 billion more in goods and services than it exports means more lost jobs,less government revenue and more dependence on foreign countries.And our sell-out “leaders” like President Abomination keep trumpeting “free trade.” There’s a big difference between free trade and fair trade.And this huge trade imbalance certainly isn’t fair to America’s working class and especially her manufacturing industry.But because the globalists who rule care more about the world and foreigners than they do about Americans,that’s why they keep these anti-American/anti-patriot policies in place and seek to expand them too.If patriots retake the federal government,they will repeal NAFTA,CAFTA and any other free trade treaty that harms our workers and our society in general and implement fair trade among other nations which seeks mutually beneficial trade policies and practices,including reasonable tariffs,limits and regulations.It may be a tough and delicate balancing act,but it must be tried.Both left-wing and right-wing ideologues want to weaken America via unlimited,unrestricted free trade because it gradually leads to open borders between all nations,it greatly weakens America(especially the working class)and enhances the wealth and power of the high and mighty in not just America but throughout the world;patriot resistance can stop them from achieving their nefarious goals.Another nefarious goal of the financial powers that be in America is to push us back into the stock market.Patriots have resisted this push for the past few years,but this resistance appears to be weakening.In January,Americans dive-bombed back into stock mutual funds-the biggest amount in almost 7 years.With banks still giving pathetically low interest rates to their depositors(thanks mostly to the glorified counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve),Americans may be desperately seeking more of a return on their savings.Patriots,this is a dangerous gamble.Since Abomination entered the White House in Jan.2009,DJIA has almost doubled! There’s absolutely no reasonable justification for this,but it’s obviously a push by the money men like Shalom Bernanke and Timmy Geithner to keep us from bank savings and risk our savings in the roller-coaster stock market.The market is obviously being artificially driven up,and I urge patriots to strictly limit their investment in stocks.Like Brooke Benton sang about 50 years ago but still holds true today:”What goes up,must come down.” That’s the last bridge line from his song It’s Just a Matter of Time.But this illustrates the contempt the money changers running the US economy and financial establishment have for the American people.And lastly on the economic front,money woman Mary Schapiro-chairwoman of Securities & Exchange Commission(the “commission” that either was asleep at the switch or complicit in the Uncle Bernie Madoff rip-off)-hired Eileen Rominger to be SEC director of investment management;she’ll be in charge of oversight of the mutual-fund industry.But it certainly wasn’t a co-incidence that she just left her job as global chief investment officer at………………Goldman Sachs-the hot-shot Wall Street firm that was recently fined by SEC $550 million! Ha,ha,ha! How brazen they are,the money changers who rule America’s financial establishment! Mary Schapiro couldn’t hire someone from another firm?! No,I guess the choice had to come from Goldman Sachs.There has been a revolving door between the US government’s treasury officials and Goldman Sachs for many years,but it seems to have really taken off with the Billy and Hillary Clinton administration.Maybe whoever is the next establishment president(if America makes it to a next presidency)should just have Goldman Sachs officially take over US Treasury and all its agencies.And notice,patriots,I italicized the word “global” in Ms.Rominger’s title at Goldman.Yes,the men and women at Goldman Sachs are,to quote folk-rock songwriter/singer Dan Fogelberg,”…under the power of gold.” And their lust for gold leads them all over the world,even helping bring the financial chaos that hit Greece last year.Another chore for patriots if they retake our government is to kick the men of gold out of the financial halls of power in Washington.

This issue can also be an economic issue,but I think it’s more an immigration issue.Economist and researcher Edwin Rubinstein examined some recent immigration figures and concluded that while employment among US citizens dropped in January,it rose for immigrants.Here’s more evidence that our globalist masters who rule us care more about foreigners than they care about Americans.And even with this situation,the anti-patriot/globalist US government admitted 1.1 million legal immigrants in 2010 and only 9% were from Europe! As I wrote in the previous paragraph,patriots,these globalist masters in power over us hate us;it’s that simple.And this employment analysis from Mr.Rubenstein shows that these globalists are displacing US workers in their own nation with foreigners.Will the GOP-majority in the US House do something about this? Or will they still rhapsodize about “free trade,” “we’re a nation of immigrants” or recite other mantras? We’ll see.

And now back to Woodrow Wilson.Archie Bunker-in his infinite wisdom-called FDR America’s “first creepin’ socialist.” That may be true;but President Wilson can be called “the first creepin’ globalist.” Boy George’s canceled appearance at Wilson Hotel in Geneva dovetails somewhat with the news that Jane Harman-a Democratic Jewish congresswoman from CA-will resign her House seat to become president of Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington,DC.Harman sure loves power.She’s married to multi-millionaire Sydney Harman-who,at 92-years-old,is about 25 years her senior-who recently bought Newsweek magazine from the liberal Jewish owners of The Washington Post Co.for…………..$1.Talk about keeping it in the family! Janey probably hates now being in the minority party in the House,so she’s seeking to extend more personal power and the power of Israel Lobby by leading another globalist think tank.It’s previous president was Lee Hamilton-formerly a Democratic congressman from Indiana,one of the chairmen of the 9-11 commission,and,of course,a CFR member.Again we see,patriots,the globalists consolidating their power.Boy George invited to be keynote speaker at Wilson Hotel for United Israel Appeal,Jewish globalists at The Washington Post selling Newsweek to a Jewish millionaire who’s wife is a Democratic congresswoman from CA for $1,and now that same congresswoman intends to leave her seat of power in Congress to be head of a powerful and influential think tank named after America’s first creeping-globalist president.The globalists and Israel Lobby are obviously in control of US foreign policy,and they obviously seek to rule the world,through violent war if necessary(just like their idol Wilson did),from power centers in Washington,New York(CFR headquarters is Pratt House in Manhattan),London and Tel Aviv.But patriots can foil their plans if they help bring their sinister plans and operations to light.So while it’ll be a godsend and a relief that Janey Harman is leaving Congress,she may hold even more power at the Wilson Center.

Americans looking to “get high” have come up with a lulu.Something called bath salts-imported from(Where else?)Red China-has been freely available to purchase in stores.Some jerks in Florida decided to snort it and wound up in hospital.The state’s attorney general is now leading efforts to ban it.But how did this stuff even get into our country and how is it legally sold?! Remember when China sent contaminated drywall into Florida about a year or so ago? Are the red commies in Beijing trying to poison us or make us mad? Cause chaos in our country? And again,who in the federal government is allowing it into the country and allowing it to be legally sold? And staying on the theme of our moral breakdown,an exhaustive article on the website of a public radio station in NYC described 2 of the powerful men who were the money and brains behind Martin Luther King(born Michael King).One of these men was Stanley Levison from New York,who was King’s speechwriter(he wrote the so-called I Have a Dream speech)and a member of US Communist Party(USCP).Stanley supposedly left the commies in 1956 after disillusionment with the Soviet invasion of Hungary.I think he left because he was afraid of being outed.This is more proof that King either was a commie or one of their willing dupes or collaborators.But patriots have to endure all the praise and worship towards MLK on the day set aside in January just for him-an honor no other American receives.Levison was a lawyer who obviously was using King to advance a communist agenda in the tumultuous 1960s-a decade that almost brought America to her knees.And that’s just what Stanley and his comrades wanted,because after the chaos ends,they pick up the marbles.The article doesn’t write when Levison joined the party,but he had to be a member when mass murderer Uncle Joe Stalin ran USCP.Imagine the outrage if someone managing the social activism of a figure like King was a member of the Nazi Party? Stalin was worse than Hitler! But all these sordid relationships King had during his public crusades have been kept hush-hush because TPTB want him worshipped as a demi-god,like the Roman emperors demanded their subjects worship them as deities.Again,to cite Christ,there’s nothing hidden that won’t be revealed.May the Almighty speed that day.

America’s crime wave roared throughout the land over the last few weeks.But what was extremely disturbing was the rash of shootings and killings of police officers over a span of only about 10 days.Here’s the roll call of shootings:2 cops shot dead in St.Petersburg,FL trying to arrest a suspect;2 cops shot dead,1 wounded for the same reason in Miami,FL(this 4-officer detail had 2 men and 2 women officers);2 deputies shot in Washington State;4 cops wounded from a shotgun shooter actually inside a police station n Detroit,MI,including the station’s commanding officer,who fortunately took the mutt out with his service weapon.And law enforcement got a slap in the face from the court system when a drug-dealing murderess convicted of killing a FBI agent in PA several years ago was given a sickeningly low sentence of 16 years in prison.It was a bad and bloody 10-20-days span for patriots in law enforcement.And it didn’t help to learn that crime-ridden Camden,NJ-just over Delaware River from Philadelphia-laid off about half its cops and a third of its firemen.It’s not only Camden’s citizens who’ll face more threats from criminals,but the cops too,because there’ll be a lot fewer of them available to answer jobs and come to each others’ assistance in an emergency.Another sign of America imploding is a proliferation of attacks on uniformed police-the first line of defense against lawlessness and anarchy.Let’s hope this was just an aberration,but let’s also prepare for any eventuality.To resume the roll call of wanton murder across the land,a Latino illegal immigrant living in GA stabbed his 2 young sons to death and wounded another over a dispute with his common-law wife;another Latino illegal immigrant,this one in VA,also murdered 3 people,although they weren’t his children;”house-party”murders occurred in Queens,NY and Youngstown,OH;a mother and her 3 kids were found slain in their house in southern IN;the wife of a US Army intelligence colonel murdered her 2 teenage children because she claimed they disrespected her;a young man stabbed 3 people to death and killed another with a stolen car in Brooklyn,NY;4 people were found dead in Minot,ND;2 people were shot dead and 2 wounded in eastern MO;3 were slain in a drug-related dispute in Michael Jackson’s hometown of Gary,IN;and in the City of Angels over the span of a few days,2 students were shot inside the school they attended,a 16-year-old was shot going to school,and 9 campuses were locked down after a cop assigned to school patrol(yes,we now have armed police patrolling schools in USA)was shot.Almost every region in the country was hit by this brutal wave of homicide-including homicides of on-duty cops.And the perpetrators and victims came from almost-every racial group in the country too,although disproportionately latino and black.Patriots,please prepare yourselves and your families for the possibility that America’s crime wave may get bigger and bigger and roll over the entire country.

The wave of homicide may be a form of the Almighty’s judgment on our country,but it has been Ol’ Man Winter who has been the most-reliable and most-likely form of divine punishment upon us.Once again,brutal Winter weather in the form of heavy snow,sleet,freezing rain,high wind and cold temperatures slammed into Chicago,IL-probably the most-corrupt city in the land-and most of the rest of the state,leading to most of its major roads becoming impassable.Chicago’s famous Lake Shore Dr.actually had to shut down,leaving dozens of stranded vehicles with their owners.Another Nor’easter caused thousands to lose power and even forced President Abomination to cancel a helicopter flight to the White House from a nearby airport and get driven back via motorcade.But the most-incredible of the storms was the one to hit the Dallas,TX-area where Super Bowl was held.It rarely snows in Dallas,but the city and its environs got slammed with about 5 inches of the stuff just a few days before the game,along with ice and sleet;it made things rather inconvenient for all those who traveled there to watch this spectacle,because they aren’t prepared to deal with snow and ice down there the way Northerners are.Anyway,it looks like the Man Upstairs is “gonna shake His mighty hand”(from the Zager & Evans song 2525)over America.Cover your heads,patriots;it may get worse.A lot worse.But sometimes it’s not just bad weather that’s used as divine punishment.At Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion in LA,a mysterious illness broke out among a large number of attendees at a recent conference that was held there.With all the places for a business group to hold a conference in the City of Angels,apparently they thought it would’ve been cute to hold it in the palace of America’s first mainstream pornographer.Maybe they’ll think twice the next time they plan to hold a conference in Tinseltown.

With all the bad news I’ve covered and analyzed in this post,it’s a relief to report on a lot of patriot activism throughout USA.In the patriot state of AZ,Gov.Brewer announced that the state government will counter-sue the Abomination’s lawsuit against the state’s anti-illegal-immigration law SB 1070.Atta way,patriots in the Grand Canyon State! Your government is actually fighting for you and even fighting back against Abomination! If only we had more of them in other states,especially here in pinko NY! And not to be undone,Tea Party patriots gathered in Tuscon to protest in front of the office of moron liberal sheriff Clarence Dupnik(pronounced doop-nik)-the political hack of a sheriff who blamed his own state for the Jared Loughner shootings.Like I previously posted,the liberal-left in this country instinctively blames white racists and bigots,”Anti-semites!” and/or neo-nazis when horrible crimes like this are committed.And the dupe Dupnik wasted no time in blaming “prejudice and bigotry” in AZ for the shootings.So patriots in Tuscon and even from Utah decided to let the dupe sheriff know what a crass,biased slob he really is and even announced their intention to try and get him recalled.This is patriot fire,fighting back against anti-patriots! Hallelujah! Again,hats off to the patriot state of AZ and may she keep fighting the patriot cause with gusto! And even in pinko liberal Washington State,ruled by a feminazi governor and 2 feminazi US  senators,a persistent cry from patriots to their state lawmakers has compelled them to submit bills cracking down on illegal immigration in the state.The lesson here,patriots,is that even in a state ruled mostly by anti-patriots,the patriot cause can still be fought.These bills may not pass in a state with an all-Democrat state legislature,but that these bills have even been planned is a great accomplishment.When enough patriots in a given area scream often enough and loud enough,TPTB eventually listen.So,patriots in the Evergreen State,keep screaming! Loudly! Now to the Bluegrass State,Tea Party US senator Rand Paul had the guts to take on Israel Lobby when he said on CNN that he favors ending US taxpayer aid to the government of Israel,simply because we no longer can afford it and it isn’t helping the cause of regional stability or America’s standing in that part of the world.Predictably,some Israel Lobby members like monkey-face congresswoman Nita(nice name)Lowey from suburban NY and Matthew Brooks at Republican Jewish Coalition were unhappy with patriot Dr.Paul,who has so far stood his ground.And he got support from a rather unlikely source:Cato Institute fellow Benjamin Friedman,whose article defending DR.Paul’s opinion was published on the neo-con website interesting indeed.I hope Mr.Friedman is ready for a lot of venom sure to come his way from Israel Lobby;his and Dr.Paul’s courage are commendable.How’s this for a patriot presidential ticket in 2012:Paul/Paul! Dr.Paul from TX and Dr.Paul from KY! The first father-and-son presidential ticket in US political history! I like it,patriots! What do you think? Several anti-patriots announced they won’t seek re-election to US Senate next year.The most-delicious announcement came from Uncle Joe Lieberman from the filthy rich,pinko-liberal state of CT.In 2006,after he lost the Democrat primary,he became an independent and with the help of GOP president Boy George and his hand-picked RNC chairman Kenneth the fruitcake Mehlman,was re-elected with barely over half the vote.The GOP senate candidate was virtually ignored by Boy George and the GOP establishment because they wanted constipation-face Lieberman re-elected because he has been a reliable hawk on the War on Terror!;the Republican candidate got only 10% of the vote.So,Uncle Joe maybe has something else up his sleeve,maybe another position of power like Janey Harman leaving Congress for bigger and more-powerful things;but it’s great to see him go-the sooner the better.The other liberals not seeking senate re-election in 2012 are Kent Conrad from ND(a likely GOP or patriot pick-up),James Webb from VA(likewise),Jeffrey Bingaman from NM(toss-up)and establishment conservatives Kay Bailey Hutchison from TX(likely GOP hold)and Jon Kyl from AZ(likely GOP hold or patriot takeover).So we have 4 liberal Democrats and 2 establishment Republicans who’ll be gone in 2013.And,Mr.Kyl is currently minority whip in the senate.Patriots,this is great news! The Almighty may be behind this! The more old blood to leave the stodgy US Senate and the more new blood to arrive,the better! But we have to try and make sure that patriots become the candidates for their respective parties and they get elected.The GOP-majority House voted to repeal Obamacare,but it narrowly lost in the senate.But at least GOP put Abomination and his fellow neo-bolsheviks on notice to the American people that they mean business in wanting to repeal Obamacare and that it was the radical Democrats who voted to keep this anti-patriot,oppressive piece of legislation in force.It was a relief to hear that anti-Christ Hollywood suffered its worst January box-office run in almost 20 years;it’s about time.With all the garbage they spew out,this is long-overdue;but better late than never.And even patriots in Abomination’s Justice Dept.garnered indictments of 31 members or associates of crime gang Latin Kings in the upstate town of Newburgh,NY.This race-based gang of dope dealers and other rogues actually took over a part of the town of about 30,00 people,but hopefully they’ve been dealt a severe blow and hopefully many of them get convicted and do serious time.And the last patriot activism I report is a radio-station owner in CO who ran editorials opposing the MLK unholy day.His punishment from Diversity Gang was death threats and a judge revoking his gun license.But he refused to apologize over the editorials and is appealing the revocation of his gun license.So,patriots,let’s be assured and inspired by these acts of patriotism and at times heroism that are occurring in our land.And let’s thank those who are fighting the patriot cause,sometimes at great expense or even at great personal risk.But these are some of the sacrifices that we should prepare to make if called upon to fight the patriot cause against our nation’s enemies.

Patriots,thanks for reading this long post.Please keep logging on to this blog’s parent site let me know what you think of the new page background.I think it’s smashing! I’ve vowed to publish 2 posts a month starting this year,and I’ll try to close out this month’s post on the last day of this month.We’ve been fighting against a strong Winter this year,weather-wise and culture-wise.I’ll save more of my outlook for this year and more patriot recommendations for the next blog.Keep fighting the cause and keep holding up for the the final 4 weeks of Winter on the Roman calendar.After all,Punxsatawney Phil,even with snow falling on his nose,didn’t see his shadow and has declared an early Spring.Let’s see how reliable he is this year.And maybe America is due for another kind of Spring this year:a renewal of government,of our families,of our culture,in our homes and neighborhoods and in our workplaces.Maybe Phil the groundhog has predicted an early Spring for those things too.Take care,patriots.Till next time.