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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Greetings,patriots.I hope 2011 is going good for all of you.With a new year comes new ideas,new approaches to things.Patriot-conservative-constitutionalist magazine The New American( up with I think a good idea by going to a twice-monthly publishing schedule instead of a strictly semi-monthly(every 2 weeks)schedule.This means instead of 26 annual issues,there’ll be 24.This way,subscribers will know and plan for the regular arrival of each issue and will have a bit more time to digest all the important information in each issue of the magazine.So the editors at TNA have given me a similar idea:starting in February 2011,this patriot blog will publish 2 posts every month(semi-monthly),around the middle and the end of the month.When I fired up this blog and its parent site about 2 years ago,I planned for and started posting weekly updates on this blog A Patriot’s Diary.I’ve learned that that’s a hard schedule to stick to,especially with the torrent of important news,developments and trends to keep track off,report,and comment on and analyze.So after this post,I’ll see you again about the middle of February.

I haven’t started this post  like I usually do-with news and commentary on the immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan-because there hasn’t been major news on that subject.But now there are two news items to cover on the Afghan war:after 10 years of US servicemen fighting and getting wounded and dying in the graveyard of empire,the number of Taliban fighters hasn’t been reduced;and twice as many US GIs were wounded there than in 2009.So if the number of Taliban fighters(Estimated at only 25,000!)hasn’t been reduced after all the bombing and shooting,just which Afghans are being killed over there? Probably innocent civilians! I’ve believed for many years that the warmongers of various motives ordering the US military to fight there want to kill as many Muslims in Afghanistan as they can(yes,like genocide).Of course,they also want to conquer and rule the country,for various reasons.And what about Al Qaida fighters in Afghanistan? Congressman Ron Paul from Texas stated a few months ago that there are only a few hundred of them.And almost everyone has forgotten about bin Laden! Where is he?! He’s probably dead! Patriots,it’s obvious that this bunk about keeping Taliban and Al Qaida from seizing power in Kabul again as justification for the US/NATO(What’s North Atlantic Treaty Organization doing in Afghanistan?!)military operation there is just a phony casus belli.We can easily protect ourselves from poor tribesmen living about 8,000 miles away.Returning to and paraphrasing Dr.Paul,the moral and best thing to do for America and everyone else is to secure our borders and mind our own damn business! But the bloodthirsty neo-cons who still rule US foreign policy want this war to continue for year after year,to destabilize as many Muslim nations as possible in the Middle East/Near East to supposedly make Israel safer and more powerful,and to keep a huge US garrison in that part of the world for extending the political,economic and military power of the internationalist-warmonger US government.And they don’t care one whit that twice as many Americans were wounded in the graveyard than in 2009.And it was only some good investigative reporting that dug up these casualty figures,as the Pentagon and its civilian bosses in the White House have been very mum on the number of US wounded.War governments don’t like to frighten their subjects by informing them that many of their fighting men are getting wounded and/or dying in their bloody wars.President Abomination promised to start drawing down US troops in the graveyard come July.Patriots,anti-war activists,I recommend we not hold our breath.I recommend we engage in patriot activism and urge Congress and the Abomination to get our guys out of there ASAP! They’ve suffered enough! As has America and the Afghan people!

Presidential-candidate Barack Abomination promised during the 2008 campaign that he would close the torture camp at Guantanamo Bay,Cuba if elected.But he just signed a defense-appropriations bill that keeps it open,because that bill still funds the imperial wars that he’s leading.If he really wanted to close the torture camp,he simply could’ve vetoed the bill until the language keeping it open was removed.This is another horrible consequence of the neo-cons’ War on Terror!:the use,promotion and justification of the barbaric practice of torture.And the Abomination has kept up where his predecessor Boy George left off.This proves that the same warmonger neo-cons who led Boy George by the nose are leading the Abomination too.And then we have Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano trekking off to the graveyard to help the Afghan government secure their borders! Yes,their borders! But she has been OTL in securing our borders,especially the southern one! But the Big Sis,who’s half-Italian and a quarter Polish and…………a quarter Jewish,was probably ordered there by the same bloodthirsty neo-cons who’ve been waging their War on Terror! for the last 10 years.These same neo-cons don’t give a whit about our borders but they care about the graveyard because they’re thinking about Israel’s security,not ours.And they want Afghanistan’s borders to be secured because they think that makes Israel-which they think is the 51st State-safer and helps expand their influence and power along with the power of Washington,DC.And not to be undone,Big Sis stopped in Israel too and called that nation a “steadfast” ally of America,steadfast meaning firmly fixed in place,not subject to change.Just like “Ferocious Wolf ” Jewish congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen called the government of Israel a “critical” ally-as if America will perish without Israel.This,patriots,anti-war activists,is the code language used regularly by Israel Lobby to keep the US Treasury and the US military at the Israeli government’s beck and call.And to the deceived,ignorant,foolish and plumb dumb,the deception works.Hopefully the GOP House will consider impeaching Big Sis for the sellout she is.On a front closer to home,the sleazeball Democrats in the state government of Illinois-just 11 or 12 hours before a new General Assembly was to be sworn in with a lot more Republicans and a lot less Democrats-said Happy New Year! to Illinoisans by passing into law a huge tax increase,raising the personal income-tax rate from 3% to 5%(the largest increase in state history)and raising the corporate rate too by a few points.And their rat governor Paddy Quinn signed it,even though he promised in the campaign that elected him governor just a few months previous that he wouldn’t sign a tax increase of more than 1%.But this is the evil of a lame-duck legislature in contemporary America:liberal creeps who just lost re-election have no fear of losing at the ballot boxes,so they vote to screw it in to the people they rule,good and hard.This $15 billion deficit in Illinois was caused by their reckless borrowing and spending,not from low taxes.Patriots in and out of government throughout the land should ban lame-duck sessions! These 2-legged rats can’t be trusted! Right after the elections,those who lost should get out of their seats and only return if they get elected at a future time! Illinois-the state that many establishment figures love to call “the Land of Lincoln”-may be the most-corrupt state in the Union,ruled basically by the Chicago political mafia that probably got its start from Al Capone! And the last item on political corruption here is the lovely analysis and commentary on the Tea Party movement by former VT governor and former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean.He claimed that TP was trifurcated:a “racist fringe,” a corporate group led by Amnesty Gang member Tricky Dick Armey,and a fiscal-reform group that wants to rein in out-of-control federal spending.What really got the goats of many patriots was his claim that Diversity Gang loves to assert very frequently:TP is overwhelmingly white and over 55,and they can’t accept that their country “is changing.” Howie euphemized the term “demographics” instead of race,like a lot of establishmentarians like to do.So his implication was that those over-55 whites who oppose the anti-white/anti-European immigration laws and policies that have ruled us for about the last 40 years and that has led to the white population of America dropping from about 85% in 1980 to about 65% today are racists.People aren’t racists for wanting to conserve the identity,character and culture of what their country has been since its inception:a European,Christian,English-speaking nation.The people who are so anti-white who support an immigration policy that limits European immigration into America to about 10-15% a year(it was 9% in 2009)with the goal of making whites a minority in the country,they are the racists.And that goes to anyone who wants to displace one group of people in a country with another group or groups.This is a dirty trick that has been practiced before in history,like the Brits planting Scottish Presbyterians in Northern Ireland to outnumber Catholics and the Communist Chinese planting ethnic Chinese in Tibet to outnumber the Buddhist Tibetans.It’s another way to invade and conquer a country.So,patriots,I think we should thank Howie Dean for his honesty.And if he calls us that  ugly name “racist” for wanting to conserve the historic American nation and not wanting it to become a tower of babel,we’ll just have to strongly deny that slur and call him what he is:a typical Diversity Gang liberal ideologue who hates traditional America because it’s too white,too Christian and too English-speaking.Patriots,I believe this is our main battle front in the patriot war to save our land from her enemies.

The economic front brought more bad news recently,even though DJIA will soon pass 12,000.While unemployment dropped almost half a point in December,the economy still banged out only about 100,000 jobs.And a good deal of the drop was attributed to people simply giving up looking for work.And this made it the 20th straight month that the US unemployment rate surpassed 9%.Personal bankruptcies hit a 5-years high in 2010,and a lot of baby boomers may be in for a big surprise when they plan retirement because they haven’t saved up enough.FDIC closed 157 banks in 2010,and the number of “problem” banks on their list rose to 860.And blogger Michael Snyder claims that America is “going backwards as a nation” because of the mountainous debt incurred by state and local governments.But some of the big boys did very well in 2010 despite all this ominous news,like JP Morgan Chase,which raked in about $20 billion,thanks in no small way to giving depositors a paltry 0.10% on their deposits.No wonder they’re making such huge profits! And the money-men on Wall Street have driven the Dow up to a ludicrous high because they want to drive us back into the stock market if we want to make a return on our investments.These money men also persuaded Americans to spend much more this past Christmas than in 2009-an increase of about 5%.That’s not really that much of an increase,especially since prices were greatly reduced to entice shoppers into the malls.Anyway,the glorified counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve want to push us kicking and screaming back into the stock market by keeping interest rates ridiculously low,punishing us if we save money,and they want us to just spend like mad.Patriots,hold your ground.Spend wisely and carefully,keep stock-market investments to a minimum,and hunt around for the highest yields available on savings accounts.And finally:since the Abomination entered the White House in Jan.2009,DJIA has nearly doubled,even with this sour economy.What does that tell us about the wheeling and dealing on Wall Street?

We got some bad news on La Conquista front.Iowa congressman Steve King-a fierce opponent of Amnesty Gang-was in line to become chairman of the immigration subcommittee in US House of Representatives,but Judiciary Committee chairman Lamar Smith from Texas bypassed him and chose Elton Gallegly from CA.While Gallaegly has a pretty good anti-amnesty/real-immigration-reform record in Congress,it’s obvious that the louder and meaner King was made vice-chairman instead of chairman because Mr.Smith believed his image wouldn’t help GOP in an appeal to latino race-advocates.Or this may have been a purely strategic move.Regardless,King deserved that chair,since he was ranking minority member when GOP was still in the minority in the House. And next we go to JEB-John Ellis Bush-firing up his Hispanic Action Network.JEB wants GOP to hispander,and he has Newty Gingrich and former US senator Norman Coleman on his side.So they’ll want Republicans to speak Espanol when campaigning,support illegal-immigrant amnesty because 80% of that population are latinos,support mass immigration from Latin America into America,etc..Patriots still in GOP should tell JEB and his fellow hispanderers that they don’t need any kind of advice from them,that GOP got about 40% of the latino vote last November without any national hispandering campaign,and that latinos are only about 8% of the electorate.Let them put that in their enchilada and smoke it! And lastly on La Conquista,2 young-adult black males were murdered and 2 wounded when reportedly,members of a latino gang fired on them in the city of Redlands in southern CA.This has been going on for many years,where latino gang members from mainly Mexico and Central America,force American blacks from neighborhoods by attacking them and sometimes murdering them.While this has been given considerable coverage in some mainstream media in SoCal like The Los Angeles Times,it has gotten nowhere near the coverage it would be getting if whites were attacking blacks or latinos in the same fashion.Diversity Gang is in a dilemma when 2 non-white groups are fighting each other on racial grounds,because to them only whites are racists.It kills them to confront their ugly prejudices and biases to report on racist attacks committed by one non-white group against another.And that ’s probably why this story along with so many others like it haven’t traveled much from SoCal.

America’s crime wave rolled over Tuscon,AZ with psycho Jared Lee Loughner shooting about 25 people at a supermarket parking lot.He killed federal judge John Roll and wounded congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.Psycho also killed a 9-years-old girl.He has been in custody now for about 3 weeks,yet the MSM hasn’t released any statement from him as to why he committed this heinous act.I’m sure he has made statements to reporters,but notice,patriots,that MSM isn’t reporting them.Why did this 22-years-old guy with a shaved head do this? MSM also aren’t asking the questions that should be answered,the main one of course being,Why did he do it? Following are some theories.He’s just a maniac.He was on a demented drug trip.He hated Judge Roll(appointed to the federal bench by Daddy Bush)and/or Jewish Democratic congresswoman Giffords.He may have been a hit man for a Mexican drug cartel that wanted Roll and/or Giffords out of the way.Maybe Giffords made some enemies by sitting on National Committee on US-China Relations along with her NASA-pilot husband Mark Kelly.There are probably other conspiracy theories out there,some credible,some incredible;but I firmly believe that we haven’t been told the whole story on this shooting and there’s a lot that’s being covered up by TPTB.Here are some important questions:What was Judge Roll doing at that location? Why is congresswoman Giffords a member of this US-Communist China “committee”? And why is her former Navy pilot and current NASA astronaut husband on this committee with her? What does this committee do and what’s its purpose? And is there a connection here with the still-unsolved murder of Pentagon analyst John Wheeler III in Delaware? The Delaware medical examiner still hasn’t revealed Mr.Wheeler’s cause of death! Strange stuff here,patriots.The suspect Loughner looks like a dope user,an occult practitioner,a nut.But he had a purpose in killing and wounding so many people.Time will tell if we get the truth from TPTB.And,America’s crime wave rolled down to the “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico,where a savage multiple-homicide took the lives of 5 people.A 25-years-old Irish girl from Seattle,WA intended to marry a Puerto Rican who brought her to PR to visit his relatives.His uncle,for,again,an undisclosed reason,threw gas on the inside walls of the house and set it afire,murdering the Irish girl and her future husband and 3 other relatives.I believe this madman-uncle didn’t want his nephew marrying a gringo from America,so he took them out in a sickening display of evil.And it’s another instance of the insanity of the US government continuing to keep the Latin American island of Puerto Rico as a commonwealth.America and Puerto Rico are very different cultures and peoples.That island is inundated with a lot more problems than America has.But what’s really important to recognize here is that this barbaric wave of homicide that’s terrorizing America is traveling all over our nation,and now even rolling far,far away to one of its “commonwealths.”

Of course,multiple homicides are part of an overall moral breakdown,something that’s also running wild in America today as our society becomes more anti-Christ and more insane.Teenagers in Ft.Myers,FL used a sickening cocktail of ingredients to get high;one of them is in critical condition.And students in Carson City,NV decided to “social network” a plan to kill one of their teachers.A nation’s society and morality starts to collapse when its young people start loosing their minds,their self-worth,their faith,their values,their morals.And these two incidents illustrate that,in the words of patriot songwriter/singer Steve Voss,”We’re on our way down.” I think America can be saved from this downward spiral,but it may take a miracle.

Are we living in “the last days”? Are we seeing “great signs and wonders” in the heavens? Thousands of dead birds were found on the ground in the small town of Beebe,AR.Their deaths have only so far been explained as heavy trauma to their bodies.What was quite fascinating about this depressing,scary report is that Beebe is the name of the state’s Democratic governor! And not one of the many articles I’ve read on this story mentioned it! Was the Almighty sending a message to Governor Beebe? And there were other reports of hundreds and thousands of dead birds and fish appearing with no real explanation,mostly in America but also in other countries.Couple this with the unspeakably horrible Winter weather that has been roaring across America and the rest of Earth-like the devastating floods Down Under and in Brazil-one can easily think that their may be some divine anger coming down on this country and this world.Patriots,prepare for the worst.Have an ample supply of emergency items like portable radios and batteries,flashlights,candles and matches.Keep the fridge stocked up.And if you’re in a cold area,have plenty of firewood if you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove.A lot of Americans have gone several days this Winter without power and heat due to bad storms.And some prayers wouldn’t hurt either.

I close out this patriot post like I usually do:with reports on patriot activism.Legislators from several states held a press conference at National Press Club in DC to announce their membership in State Legislators for Legal Immigration(SLLI)and their goal to crack down on anchor babies-children who become anchored to America when they’re born here to a parent or parents in our country illegally and automatically become US citizens.They proposed a great idea to help put an end to this nonsense:pass laws in states that would deny birth certificates to children born to parents who aren’t supposed to be here.Great idea! These are patriot lawmakers putting up the good fight against invaders and conquistadors in the states where they live and serve in government! Good for them and good for us! And the election of Mr.Priebus as chairman of Republican National Committee to replace Michael Steele is I think a step in a better direction.Priebus hails from Wisconsin-the Badger State-which unseated a lot of anti-patriots in Congress like 3-terms US senator Russell Feingold and liberal congressman Steven Kagan,and also elected a GOP governor and state legislature;this is all the more remarkable because WI is a swing state.So,RNC,for once in recent times,used their heads and went with a guy with a proven record of defeating anti-patriots in his home state.Steele should be credited somewhat for the huge GOP victories last Fall,but I believe he wasn’t largely responsible for that.The Tea Party was largely responsible for the anti-Democrat/anti-Abomination/anti-Pelosi/anti-Reid trouncing! While we don’t know yet if Mr.Priebus will fight hard for the patriot cause,it’s pretty much a given that he’ll be an improvement over Mr.Steele.And lastly,I picked up the Jan.2011 issue of The American Conservative magazine.I’ve been fighting the patriot cause in various capacities for about the last 20 years.I was one of the charter subscribers to the magazine founded by Patrick J.Buchanan and Greek tycoon Taki Theodoracopoulis(I may have misspelled that long Greek name).It was pretty good,similar to the old National Review ,but then it started going downhill in many ways.I was enraged when flip-flopper Buchanan endorsed Boy George in 2004,and that was the last straw that led me not to renew the subscription.But things may be improving.Buchanan only appears with a syndicated column(it’s usually a patriot one)instead of co-editing,and oddball Scott McConnell is out as senior editor and replaced by Daniel McCarthy.Taki is also out as publisher and Ron Unz now is publisher.It also now publishes monthly instead of semi-monthly,with glossy front and back covers,and the Jan.issue had only one ad(a full-page one inside the back cover).Browsing through the issue,most of the articles and reviews look pro-patriot.It’s layout still resembles National Review,which became a full-fledged neo-con magazine about 10-15 years ago.After I read this issue of The American Conservative(,I may add it to the list on the Patriot Resources page of this site.

Patriots,2011 looks like we may have many opportunities to avail ourselves of.There have been encouraging signs so far along with discouraging ones.I urge you all to work with,support and thank the patriots who were elected back in November and now are in government to hopefully make patriot laws and prevent and undo anti-patriot laws.Keep staying as informed a possible,get involved as much as possible with that information,and try to make a difference for the patriot cause! Please go on this blog’s parent website for the latest important news and commentary from this patriot’s perspective.I also changed the page background on that site.I think it’s a vast improvement from the previous background;the web designer calls it “Vision.” And please e-mail me from the site with your comments on the new background.Thanks again,patriots,for staying in the fight to help save America from her enemies who are out to destroy her.We beat a lot of them back last November and we may have them on the run for once! Never surrender! Tale the fight to the foe! See you in February!

An American Patriot Reviews the News,Looks Back at 2010,and Looks Ahead to 2011

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Happy New Year,patriots! I hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year’s holiday.I’m through watching the marathons of The Honeymooners and The Twilight Zone.This news review and commentary will cover the major events and trends that closed out 2010 and will also round out some of 2010’s major issues and look ahead to 2011.

I start this post with news on political corruption.Julian Assange-founder of the “whistle-blower” website Wikileaks-has gotten a lot of powerful people in government raging-mad with his publication of thousands of diplomatic cables between the governments of some major world powers,but mainly that of Washington,DC.These cables came to him via some people on the inside who wanted this information to go public.Regardless of the motives of the insiders and Assange,I believe Wikileaks provides a great public service in that it reveals information that corrupt governments and their news-media accomplices seek to keep under wraps.A whistle blower in sports blows the whistle to stop the game from continuing to be played and sometimes calls penalties and punishes players for violations.A whistle blower in government or who covers government blows the whistle basically for the same reasons,only it’s to draw attention to certain government acts that he deems to be harmful,immoral or criminal.These cables that “leak” have shown just how duplicitous so many in Washington are.And that’s why so many of them are in a rage:They’ve been exposed for what they are! And that’s why-almost certainly-some dame in Sweden claims that Assange committed some kind of sexual aggression against her,which has led to his arrest in UK and he now awaits an extradition to either Sweden or US.And how amazing how so many major big-finance companies like Visa,Mastercard,Bank of America et al won’t process donations to his website anymore;a combination of power brokers in government,media and big business is obviously out to destroy him.And during an interview with BBC Radio,he claimed that several Wikileaks employees or contacts have already been murdered for their actions.So who killed them?! I believe it’s mainly a combination of CIA and Mossad and possibly MI6.Governments that commit high crimes protect and increase power for themselves a great deal by operating secretly,in the dark.And they probably don’t think twice about taking someone out who they believe is a threat to them.They fear being exposed,their deeds brought out into the open,the wrath of their subjects and the possibility of being brought to trial.So,Assange is a brave guy.Again,we don’t know his motives,and who’s backing him and funding him.But his public activism helps expose the highly immoral and at times criminal US government and other corrupt governments in the world.And speaking of corrupt governments,the rulers of Mother Russia may be starting up the Cold War again.Scores of journalists have been murdered there under Vladimir Putin’s reign and have not gone away with Dimitri Medvedev as their leader.We learned of the major spy ring that was broken up in America with cutey Anna Chapman(a fake name)and her accomplices,and then the Liberal Party MP(Member of Parliament)in UK accused of having a Russian spy on his staff.The New American magazine( a great article on this issue sometime in 2010,and it’s hard to deny that the current Russian government which may very well be dominated or heavily influenced by organized-crime oligarchs(some of this was revealed in a Wikileaks cable)is spying on America and other Western nations.But since so much of the US polity and major media thinks this is either unimportant or actually supports Russia obtaining confidential information,this story hasn’t gotten the legs it deserves.And let’s not forget the downing of the Polish plane that wiped out Poland’s executive government and that a report on that “crash” by Poland’s governemnt is due out this month.Criminals and murderers in government seem to like plane “crashes” to take out their opponents,whether its via shootdown or planting a bomb or mechanical tampering.Patriots,I’m not recommending we run into the bunkers like Americans were training to do in the 1950s,but we should be very cautious towards the current rulers in Moscow and we certainly shouldn’t be buddy-buddy with them.And lastly on the political-corruption front is a focus on California-the land of fruits and nuts.Governor-elect Jerry “Moonbeam”(Why is he called that?)Brown opened the state’s books and declared that things are far worse financially in the once-Golden State than he thought and there are going to be major austerity measures.Now that’s good,especially coming from a liberal Democrat.But what did he do that illustrates well why CA is called the land of fruits and nuts? He decided to keep Ana Matosantos as the state’s treasurer! One would think that the woman who helped bring the state to near-bankruptcy the last few years and it was only kept from bankruptcy via DC “stimulus” would be fired and replace with someone with new ideas and direction,but Moonbeam kept the Democrat appointed by outgoing GOP governor Arnold the Bloviator.But it gets better,patriots:Senorita Matamoros is a lesbian activist.And her surname means something like “Killer of Saints”! How anti-Christ can that be?! A lesbian who comes from a family of saint killers! And she was appointed by Schwarzzenegger! Such is the anti-Christ immorality running rampant in California government.And considering that a sizable majority of voters went for anti-Christ Democrats in the November elections,it shows that they just want these corrupt,immoral lawmakers and policymakers to stay in power over them no matter how bad things get in that state.If the Almighty is bringing His judgment down on California(and I think He is),these are just some of the reasons.It says in the Book of Proverbs that,”When the wicked rule,the people groan.” Patriots and just plain,old decent people are groaning in California and the rest of the West Coast,and that’s largely because a combination of dumb,ignorant or outright wicked people are voting to put wicked people into power over them.Patriots there may have to run for the hills very soon if things don’t improve there.

A bad-news item and a good-news item on the economy I’ll cover next is the US budget deficit for the month of November broke a record(another broken record on the US economy from President Abomination and his neo-bolshevik Democrats),but Ron Paul will chair the US House subcommittee that’ll have oversight over the glorified counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve.Like Ralph Kramden bellowed out the night before he went out roller skatin’with Alice and the Nortons,”I can’t wait!….I can’t wait.” Probably for the first time since the creation of The Creature From Jekyll Island-a book on the Federal Reserve by G.Edward Griffin-a real vocal critic and author of the book End the Fed will call witnesses and ask tough questions of Uncle Ben Shalom Bernanke! Shalom might lose some hair on the fine-tapered beard he has from the grilling he’s almost certainly going to get from Dr.Paul! And does he deserve it! This is one of the vast improvements for patriots with the Democratic loss of the House.Patriots,please support Dr.Paul.And pray for him if you can.Remember the aforementioned about corrupt,criminal governments taking out those who try to expose their works of darkness.

There was some interesting news on medical care.The government of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts announced that health-care costs and health-insurance costs keep skyrocketing despite 4 years of Romneycare.Romneycare was the model for Obamacare,signed into law by Mormon GOP governor and 2008 presidential-primary candidate Mitt Romney.This was no surprise to people who are convinced that runaway greed is the main reason for runaway costs.And until that root issue is addressed,no amount of collectivist,neo-bolshevik,state-run “health-care” plans are going to rein in costs.But at least the pinkos in Boston admitted these rising costs to the public and just maybe will plan on reconsidering Romneycare or at least some aspects of it.And,GOP partisans who rightfully condemn Obamacare for the monstrosity that it is should condemn Romneycare just as much,if not more so,than Obamacare.Again,Romneycare came first;and The New American had some great cover stories and coverage on Obamacare/Romneycare.On a positive note in the health field is the news that a group of professionals are endeavoring to reduce if not eliminate the growing numbers of CT scans on patients.While these scans produce crystal-clear images of inside the human body,they also produce high amounts of radiation.And again,in a field that’s more profit-driven than patient-driven,more patients are getting unnecessarily scanned or over-radiated.Yes,there are patients who get experimented on at times.I urge patriots to think very hard and get other opinions before getting CT scans.And just a reminder,a lot of people are making a lot of money from heavy use of these scans.And lastly on the medical front is a study that marijuana use on the brain is almost certainly harmful,especially on the still-forming brains of teenagers.Merle Haggard sang to his girl that she put him on “a natural high.” Patriots,pot is unhealthful,unnecessary,wasteful.And it provides oodles of money for dope dealers and the underworld.Please avoid it and urge others,especially kids,to avoid it.

On the corrupt world of pro-baseball in USA,here’s something for patriots or baseball fanatics(fans)to think about the next time they plan on plunking down a few hundred bucks to go to a stadium to see a game:the average salary of a major leaguer is now about $3 million a year.That’s pretty good for throwing and hitting a baseball.And especially since about a third of them are bloody foreigners.

A “ferocious wolf.” That’s what Cuba’s commy dictator Fidel Castro called Ileana Ros-Lehtinen-the incoming GOP chairwoman of the US House foreign-affairs committee.The wolf was brought to Florida as a kid by her parents to escape Castro and has represented the Key West-area for many years;it seems like she has a permanent lock on that congressional district,with its large anti-Castro Cuban-American population.Castro called her that because she’s obviously a fanatic bent on revenge,who even publicly welcomed Castro’s assassination.Not that US patriots would miss Castro,but there are people far worse than him-like the Red Chinese-who not only does the US government ignore but actually works closely with.But far more dangerous to America is that Senora Lehtinen is Jewish(her mama’s parents are Turkish Jews)and she is,of course,a fanatical supporter of Israel’s government,especially when it’s run by the Likud party.The Jerusalem Post ran a recent article on her and wrote that she even has a picture of Israeli prime minister “Bibi” Netanyahu in her congressional office.She never seems to miss an opportunity to speak up on the House floor in defense of Israel’s government,regardless of what immoral acts they commit.Patriots,it’s obvious that she cares more about Israel than America,and even more about Cuba than America.America to her is just a place to empower her,politically and financially.What’s really ridiculous about her upcoming chairmanship is that,reading her background,she has no foreign-policy experience or background;so she has probably wormed her way high up on that committee with the aid of Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby.I believe she’s going to be much worse than Howard Berman-the Jewish-Democrat from California whom she’ll replace very soon.This is one of the anti-patriot results of the GOP takeover of the House.She’s likely to use her chairmanship powers to drum up support for a US attack on Iran,expanded wars against Muslim nations,and unending US-taxpayer aid to Israel.Patriots,we shouldn’t wonder at all why so many Arabic and Muslim nations are enraged at the US government:it’s because it defends and supports Israel’s government regardless of its immoral actions;this support is based largely on pure ethnic favoritism towards Jews,although the US government is also looking out for its own power in using Israel as a virtual proxy-state.Beware,patriots,of the ferocious wolf from Cuba and Key West whose eyes and ears are always fixed on Israel.She probably howls at the moon too.And now I move from anti-Christ Washington,DC to the St.George ferry terminal in New York City and the city hall in Boca Raton,FL.It was Christmas time in the city,and a menorah and a Christmas tree were on display at the terminal on the city’s borough of Staten Island.When someone erected a creche near the menorah and tree,it was removed.A Jewish spokesman at the city’s Dept.of Transportation claimed that no permission was given to erect the creche.And in Boca’s city hall,the same thing happened:a menorah was permitted but not a creche.So what we have here,patriots and Christian soldiers,is blatant favoritism towards Jews and blatant bias and hostility towards Christians-even at Christmas time in a country that’s overwhelmingly Christian and only about 2% Jewish! And this is just like a policy in the New York City public schools where Jewish and Muslim students can set up menorahs and Ramadan symbols around Christmas,but Christian students can’t set up creches.I believe it’s no co-incidence that the name of the recently departed school chancellor is Joel Klein;and I believe it’s also not a co-incidence that Mr.Klein was hired as a vice president at Rupert Murdoch-owned News Corporation right after he left the school’s job.This is obviously religious war waged by anti-Christian Jews against the Christian faith.And it’s just one front of the broader culture war in America where the Christian faith and the Christian moral order are under constant attack;and this attack is certainly not coming only from Jews in governmental authority,but from people of various ethnicities in other areas of society too.Patriots,fight back when you encounter this in your city! Fight back hard! Go to court if you have to! Fight back in public if you have too!

America’s crime wave took a bit of a break over the last few weeks,in that there was only one brutal multiple-homicide/suicide:a man in Ole Miss killed his wife,her 2 kids and then himself.

America’s moral breakdown continues apace.In Afghanistan-the graveyard of empire-USO(United Service Organization)partnered with TV music-channel VH1 to sponsor some “entertainment” for the troops:bringing 2 female singers and a comedienne on stage,dressing them up like tramps,with the probable goal of sexually arousing the fighting men so they’ll go out and kill more innocent Muslims.USO must’ve been taken over by Diversity Gang.They sent out a mail solicitation about 2 months ago,claiming that some of our troops may be preparing for Kwaanza in Afghanistan.I mailed back the donor form in the postage-paid envelope and wrote out the question,”How many US troops are celebrating Kwaanza in Afghanistan?” And now,their director Sloan Gibson claimed he was proud to support this tramp fest featuring Katy Perry,Keri Hilson and Kathy Griffin.Patriots,please don’t support USO;find another group that helps support the troops.And this smacks of a typical anti-Christ neo-con operation:it’s not enough that US troops are being ordered to kill innocent Muslims or those merely suspected of being insurgents,in addition to occupying Afghanistan and Iraq and maybe Pakistan;now they sponsor a sleazy sex show to stick it in the eye of sexually restrained Muslim nations.It’s what characterizes Fox News Channel:sex and war.And on the domestic front,it took two votes for the US Senate to repeal the Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policy that barred open homosexuals from serving in the US military.So within the next few months,the pro-homosexual US government will force US servicemen to wear the uniform along with open flames.It’s just another battle front in the war against the Christian moral order(CMO)in America.Can we imagine there’ll be no fights between straights and flames on subs?! A lot of the military are Southerners,and many of them will either rebel against this,fight back physically or in Congress or the courts,or will just leave the service.I think the latter is the more-likely outcome.And nowhere is America’s march to Sodom more stark than the glowing announcement in the pro-homo article by Associated Press that Sir Elton John and his “husband” David Furnish are the proud parents of a baby boy via a surrogate mother.The article was so biased it could come close to making someone puke.And here’s the albeit talented songwriter/singer who was invited to perform at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding(I believe his 4th) about 6 months ago.Maybe the prophet Isaiah wrote of our times in America and other Western nations when he wrote:”…they declare their sin as Sodom;they hide it not”(Isa.3:9).But again,back to Proverbs:”Virtue exalts a nation,but sin is a people’s disgrace”(Prov.14:34).

The Almighty seems to be shaking His mighty hand at America via horrible weather.Southern California-possibly America’s epicenter of hedonism and foreign invasion and imminent reconquest-was hit with a year’s worth of rain within the span of one week,resulting in floods,mudslides,evacuations.And a storm killed 5 people in Mississippi and caused hundreds of car crashes in the Atlanta,GA-area.And we saw a photo of President Abomination sitting by a window,holding a facecloth to his kisser,from taking an errant elbow during a pick-up basketball game in DC.And then he decided to go to Hawaii-the state where he was supposedly born-for a vacation.But he was met with raw sewage that seeped into the ocean beaches near where he was staying,caused by heavy rains from the previous days.He has also been greeted on vacation by raw sewage or untreated water at Martha’s Vineyard in the Bay State and by oil-fouled water in Gulf of Mexico.Maybe the Man Upstairs is showing him that he can’t run away from His judgment,from His watchful eye.The Bible describes how the Almighty judges the “shepherds”-i.e.,the leaders-much more strongly than the citizens they rule.

And the last subject to cover is patriot activism.Gallup reported that a record was broken when a mere 13% of Americans polled approved of the way the US Congress was doing its job.This shows that the vast majority of Americans are fed up with a criminal,corrupt,anti-patriot,anti-American government that wages war against the American people with their immoral,unconstitutional wars,their failure to defend our borders,exporting our jobs and spending us into bankruptcy,forcing us to buy health insurance regardless of cost while doing nothing to actually rein in costs,and on and on and on.And this resulted in the neo-bolshevik Democratic Party losing the House and almost the Senate.Republicans also gained a staggering 700+ seats in state legislatures,and picked up 6 governorships.And a great patriot victory was achieved when the so-called DREAM Act amnesty failed to get the required 60 votes in the Senate to end debate and come up for a full vote.This capped a near-decade-long battle that has been fought by patriots,beating back every attack on America by Amnesty Gang and La Conquista in aiding and abetting illegal immigrants.And this is probably going to be the best news of the incoming GOP-majority House:amnesty legislation is probably dead for the next 2 years,although you never know.Now it’ll be Amnesty Gang who’ll be on the defense like we’ve been these past 10 years or so.And the last bit of patriot activism was another poll,reported by UPI,that the vast majority of Americans recognize and honor Christ at Christmas time.Regardless of all the anti-Christ forces and attacks-the aforementioned bans on creches,moron comedian and Seinfeld writer Larry David pissing on an image of Christ in his moron show Curb Your Enthusiasm(maybe someone will piss on his ugly head),all the pro-homosexual agit prop,the DADT repeal,sleazy television shows and movies,the Harry Potter spell and the Twilight books and films,et al-Christ is still praised and believed in! O,come,let us adore Him! Joy to the world! Glory to the new-born King! Peace on Earth,good will to men! I heard the bells on Christmas Day! Born to raise the sons of Earth! Sleep in heavenly peace.

Patriots,America has survived its second year of President Abomination’s rule;he’s on the run,in more ways than one.I really believe the 2-parties establishment has gotten a real scare from the people and mad-as-hell patriots.The next Congress will have a GOP-majority House which will be,in many ways,much better than Pelosi’s Democrats,although that’s not saying much.The Senate will be only 53-47,Democrat to GOP.The neo-bolsheviks have the White House,while Republicans have a 5-4 edge on US Supreme Court;so the country has a somewhat-divided government in 2011.The immoral foreign wars continue in Afghanistan and Iraq and now Pakistan.The graveyard of empire took the lives of 700 NATO troops in 2010-the highest casualties since Boy George led the invasion right after 9/11/2001.We’ll have many battles to fight in 2011,although we should have more support in Congress than in a long time.I urge you all not to sit back and relax just because John Boehner will be the new Speaker of the House.The major battles we should prepare for are:bringing the boys home from “over there”;bringing the neo-con warmongers to exposure and justice for the lies and propaganda that led us into these wars;blasting amnesty bills into the stratosphere while enacting real immigration reform that puts America first and foreigners second;exposing the dirty tricks of the Federal Reserve and start bringing it to an end;stop the exportation of our manufacturing base and repealing “free trade” treaties like NAFTA and CAFTA;repealing or refusing to fund Obamacare;reining in federal spending and enacting a tough but necessary plan to start drawing down the national debt before it destroys us;fighting Diversity Gang and Israel Lobby;exposing and rooting out corruption in Congress and in halls of government throughout the land.This is a tough job that will require sacrifice on our parts,but our collective sacrifice is necessary to help save America from her enemies,almost all of whom are domestic and not foreign.

So to sum up our patriot action-plan for 2011:Bring the boys home! Secure our borders! Mind our own damn business in foreign affairs without regressing to isolationism! Reform immigration policy! Repeal or don’t fund Obamacare! Bring down the debt and government spending and borrowing! Expose and abolish the Fed! No new taxes! Repeal NAFTA and CAFTA! Fight Diversity Gang and Israel Lobby and La Conquista! Independence for Puerto Rico! Stay informed,get involved and try to make a difference! This is our country and let’s show her enemies that we damn mean it when we say we’ll fight for her till we drop! Patriots,fight for America where you are before you run or retreat;only run if you have absolutely no other choice.Thanks to those of you who’ve responded to these posts(except the spammers,of course).And let’s take the fight to the anti-patriots in 2011! Hip,hip hooray! America is still free and full of fight!