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Happy New Year to All American Patriots

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Greetings,patriots.It’s 8:22 PM here in the southeast Bronx,NY on New Year’s Eve 2010.For several reasons,I’m postponing a regular news-and-commentary post on this blog to over the weekend.I have written out the format,and I’ll be posting some news and commentary to the parent website morning,2011,arrives.

I have a glorious plan for New Year’s Eve and the New Year’s Eve weekend.Marathons of my 2 favorite television shows-The Honeymooners and The Twilight Zone-will begin airing at 10 PM this evening.TTZ marathon starts at 10 with one of my favorite episodes:The Hitch-hiker.And after that is another of my favorites:Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?.Remember,patriots,that I’ve written a book on this series,and I’m just waiting for approval from the CBS law department over copyright issues before I scout around for a subsidy publisher.I finished this book about 4 years ago,but it hasn’t been published yet because it’s not easy for an unpublished author to break the ice in the publishing world.And then starting at midnight-just at the strike of 12 AM which ushers in 2011 on the Roman calendar-The Honeymooners-America’s greatest television comedy(please,don’t argue with me)-marathon begins and runs till 5 PM New Year’s Day.The Twilight Zone marathon is on Scy Fy(sic)Network and The Honeymooners is on CW11.The yuppie morons at Scy Fy use a lot of ugly on-screen distractions throughout the marathon,and they’re getting worse with each passing year.That’s why I’ll be sticking with The ‘Mooners starting at midnight until I zonk out.So for you patriots who aren’t going out and getting loaded tonight in some bar or club or restaurant,you’ll all have some great company with these 2 great TV series.They aired in the period of the mid-1950s to the early 1960s( a much-better time in America,before Diversity Gang took so much over in our country).I also picked up today what looks like a scrumptious Boston cream pie from a local Italian-American bakery,3 slices of great-looking pizza from a Bronx pizzeria(Bronx pizza may be the best in the world)and a humidor loaded with good cigars is in the bedroom.My New Year’s Eve and weekend is set! Thank you!

Happy New Year,patriots! Enjoy yourselves.We had some great patriot victories this year,albeit we had some loses too.But we’re still here and we’re still fighting! God bless America! Till next year.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Glad greetings,patriots.I hope you all had a safe and merry Christmas.Especially with the day after Christmas being Sunday,so that most of you had off! I’m 2-days late with this post for a combination of reasons,but here it is.And on New Year’s Eve,I’ll wrap up 2010 with a post of more-recent news and a year-end rundown.

I usually start these posts with news and commentary on the immoral,unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq;but since there isn’t major news to report from the period I’m covering here,I start with the subject of political corruption.And there’s a lot of it.

Wikileaks has sure gotten the goats of many big-government officials over the past few months.Love or hate its Australian-born founder Julian Assange,he does have a lot of guts,and I think that’s commendable.While he and/or Wikileaks employees may have broken some US laws with the release of thousands of cables between US governmental employees and between them and foreign officials,these memos have revealed duplicity,state secrets,misleading information,and a multitude of other dirty tricks coming out of Washington,DC and other major state capitols in the world.In other words,patriots,a lot of dirty laundry has been exposed,thanks to the whistle-blower website Wikileaks-i.e.,they leak information that government officials are hiding from the public for an assortment of nefarious reasons.I’m convinced it’s no co-incidence that  “charges” were brought against him by this babe in Sweden who reportedly has connections to CIA.This obviously looks like a set-up,and Assange is now out on bail in UK awaiting an extradition hearing to Sweden and possibly US to face criminal charges.So many establishment politicians or former politicians or political wannabees have called for his head to be served to them on a silver platter.Moron congressman Peter King from NY even called him “a terrorist.” What has already happened is that these politicos are enraged that a lot of their dirty secrets are now out;they love operating in secret,in the dark.Like the Good Book describes this:”…the unfruitful works of darkness”(Ephesians 5:11).And more leaks are coming,unless President Abomination orders the site shut down,which may very well happen.One of the leaked cables claimed that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered US diplomats at UN to spy on foreign diplomats! There’s a new title for Hollerin’ Hillary:Super-spy! Of course,what a rage there would be if foreign governments were spying on us,and there should be.But the US government shouldn’t be spying on other nations either!  But to those of us who’ve followed Clinton Gang,Bush Gang,and the Bush/Clinton dynasty over the years shouldn’t be surprised at these revelations about Hillary.She’s a power-mad super-bwitch.And she’s an integral part of the criminal,corrupt Bush/Clinton dynasty that has ruled our country now probably ever since Ronald Reagan got shot in 1981.Assange’s motives may not be so pure,but his exposures have been a great benefit for the purpose of flushing out corrupt governments and working for open,honest governments.And speaking of corrupt government officials,Boy George’s vice president Dick Cheney-the snarling one who,no matter how many heart attacks he ’s hit with,still clings to life-was charged along with several officers of Halliburton with bribery by an anti-corruption unit of the Nigerian government.This news was virtually blacked out by the major US media,but I posted stories from British papers which did report on it.Thank the Almighty for the Internet! But apparently a deal was made,and Haliburton paid a $250 million fine to avoid going to trial.A trial,similar to the Wikileaks disclosures,would’ve aired a lot of dirty laundry of the Snarling One and his co-workers at Haliburton,so they coughed up a nice chunk of change.Now this could’ve been a shakedown from Nigeria’s government,maybe not.But at least they established a unit within their government with prosecutorial powers to investigate,root out and bring criminal charges against those they had evidence to believe were involved in criminal activity.It would be interesting to hear the responses of partisan Republicans to the question of why the major media barely covered this story about a former GOP vice president.But the answer is,I’m convinced,is that big media covers up for big government;it’s really that simple.The Snarling One has nine lives it seems,no matter which way he gets hit.And then what a sickening spectacle we got from neo-bolshevik Democratic Party when their members in the US House overwhelmingly voted to elect Nancy the Wicked Witch From the West Pelosi as minority leader for the next Congress.Here it is,after their corrupt party loses 63 seats in the House after November’s elections,they still make her their leader! Holy moly! Stupid? Evil? Or both? That’s what I asked on I headlined the link.A reasonable conclusion after such a trouncing would be to re-evaluate,to change direction,to offer something new to voters.But only about 45 Democrats in the House out of about 200 voted for Pelosi.This is similar to Christ describing the dog returning to his vomit.But this should be a sign to patriots remaining(all 5 of them)in Democratic Party of just how wedded to ultra-liberal/ultra-feminist lovers of power most of their fellow Democrats are.Heath Schuler-a centrist from North Carolina-would’ve been a refreshing,much-needed change;but they stuck,affirmatively,with their vomit.That vote illustrates that Democratic Party has now reached the point of no return.All patriotic,honest,law-abiding,statesman-like people still left in that party should get out fast and either join GOP,start another party or become independents.And now back to America’s ruling class:the Bush/Clinton Dynasty.Billy Clinton had nothing but praise for Boy George’s book Decision Points.I’m sure Boy George cleared this book with Karl Rove-his Rasputin-before it went to the publisher.While this book may reveal an interesting point here and there,it’s probably just a big suck-up to Boy George,the GOP establishment,and the GOP partisan rank-and-file;but Billy C sure did his job to prop up and exalt the US ruling class by praising his compadre’s book.How amazing that partisan Republicans and Democrats can’t see the reality of the Bush/Clinton dynasty,who still think they’re real enemies like the good guy vs.the bad guy in a pro-wresting match.Yes,they’re as dumb and spellbound as wrestling fans rooting for “the good guy.” But this is a riot:Boy George’s book is doing much better on the market than Billy C’s! And lastly on America’s political corruption was Senator Johnny McCain-easily re-elected to another term in US Senate-gushing on the senate floor over his dear,departing friend Russell Feingold-the ultra-liberal US senator from Wisconsin who was one of two anti-patriots who lost re-election in the senate,the other being Blanche Lincoln from Billy Clinton’s home state of Arkansas.The supposedly conservative McCain and the anti-patriot Feingold are very close friends,just like the supposedly conservative Orrin Hatch was very good friends with anti-patriot Edward Kennedy.I wouldn’t be surprised if John Boy contributed to Feingold’s re-election campaign against conservative candidate Ron Johnson! But the defeat of the man who comes from a family in the fine-gold business was one of the major patriot victories last Election Day.And to see and/or hear John Boy so remorseful over his defeat speaks volumes about the US polity.I took some patriot action by e-mailing John Boy’s office and suggesting that maybe the senator from Arizona should resign and join his “good friend” Feingold back in the private sector! No response from the senator’s office.These are some of the major stains on America’s ruling dynasty and Republicrat establishment.Patriots,it’s not easy and it’s not fun covering these indignities,but cover them we must.And if the Almighty wills it,it’ll implode from its own corruption and something much better will replace it.Like real statesmen,real patriots.

On the economic front,there was some more depressing news:unemployment rose to 9.8%,even in the “holiday” month of November;personal bankruptcies rose 14% in the same month compared to last year’s;and 2 more records were broken,with unemployment over 9% for 19 straight months,and the number of discouraged workers-those who’ve given up looking for work-rising to 1.3 million.The one bit of really promising news was sales on Black Friday-the day after Thanksgiving notorious for near-lunatic mobs of shoppers and sales expected to be so good for retailers that it puts them in the black for the year-rose only 0.3% from last year.Americans,for the most part,didn’t fall for the Black Friday trap set for us every post-Thanksgiving day.This is what the anti-Christ political and economic establishment has done to Thanksgiving:turned it from a day of thanks to the Almighty for His blessings on the land and to take a break from our jobs and busy lives to refresh and reflect,and into a shopping and spending bacchanalia.What a clear illustration of an anti-Christ society made to worship mammon and material things.Patriots,try to avoid this trap as much as possible.

On the medical-care front came news that Metropolitan Life will stop selling long-term-care health insurance,citing it’s simply no longer profitable or too costly due to new rules and regulations from Obamacare.As was mentioned more than a few times during the congressional debate on this neo-bolshevik bill that’ll force nearly every American to buy health insurance regardless of cost,companies will simply stop selling policies that are too costly and unprofitable,or they simply may go out of business.But this may very well be what the neo-bolshevik Democrats want:private insurers go out or are forced out business,and then neo-bolshevik big government comes along and herds everyone into “their system.” Met Life’s decision may be just the beginning of a long line of health policies taken off the market because there’s really no other choice.This is one reason why it’s no stretch to call the Obama/Reid/Pelosi Democrats who rammed through Obamacare,neo-bolsheviks.

Several members of Diversity Gang are venting their spleens after the November elections at their most-hated enemy:white people(collectively,that is).Andrea Stone is a beasty-looking columnist at AOL News who wrote on that whites aged about 55 and older are “…blocking social-policy changes” by mostly voting GOP on Election Day.Remember,patriots,that AOL is the ISP and network which hired the Snarling One’s lesbian daughter Mary Cheney as a vice president.And looking at the photo of Ms.Stone accompanying her column,I wouldn’t be surprised if Mary’s her girlfriend.What she means by blocking social-policy changes is they voted for candidates who are unlikely to vote for homosexual marriage or special rights for homosexuals,like being allowed to adopt children.So,Ms.Stone with a face of stone excoriates the evil white race for,what she thinks,voted for obstructionist political candidates who reject that change and believe in a traditional morality.Several other liberal commentators-most of them female,as far as I see-are also trying to convince people that the evil white people are to blame for the Democrat rout last November because they voted against the party of President Abomination and against “progress.” Can we imagine any major-media commentator blaming an entire age group of a race in America for an election result and what the consequences of that vote mean? In other words,blaming a large age group within the latino or black population for voting for candidate X or Z and claiming how wrong and unjust their votes were? Diversity Gang eats up every chance to demonize whites,and Christians of all races too.As the next Congress with a GOP House and a more-GOP senate takes office in January,prepare for more attacks like this,from all angles,from DG.
On La Conquista front,an American student was ordered by school authorities in Denair,CA to remove a US flag that he fastened on the bicycle that he rode to middle school.The school superintendent with a Spanish surname who ordered the take-down was concerned that the flag may have angered some latino students.Patriots,this is what America,particularly California,has come to.Our land has been invaded and parts of it occupied! And there’ll probably be more reports of Americans being ordered by “authorities” to take down Old Glory because it “may offend” some anti-American or non-American people.Patriots,this calls for resistance! Fight back any way you can if this confronts you! This is one La Conquista battle tactic:Taking down our flag and flying one of theirs! Whether it’s the Mexican flag,the Puerto Rican flag,the Dominican Republic flag,the Guatemalan flag or any other flag from south of the border! And they’re flying these flags on our soil! La Conquista is here and it’s spreading! And this racial-empowerment movement wouldn’t be as powerful as it is without the complicity and support of America’s political establishment.On the GOP side of this polity comes Newty Gingrich,who helped start up the bi-lingual website-get this-The Americano.He spoke recently to a conference sponsored by The Americano and told the attendees that he favors some kind of amnesty for illegal immigrants and basically hispandered.Newty,patriots,is a globalist,a CFR member,a sell-out,obsessed with political power and the drive for more power to help create a “new civilization.” That phrase is part of a title of a book written by socialists Alvin and Heidi Toffler which Newty the elf wrote the forward to.Newty joins Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox News Channel and GOP beltway-think-tank Heritage Foundation with this latest bit of hispandering,probably preparing English-speaking America for a merger with Spanish-speaking Latin America and creating a new bi-lingual American nation.Fox Business Channel also hired turncoat Lou Dobbs as a commentator.But all this racial empowerment for latinos hasn’t produced an illegal-immigrant amnesty,for almost 10 years;patriots have thwarted them every time they attacked.But some latino illegal-immigrant activists are planning-get this too-a Tequila Party! They’re considering leaving the Democrats for failing to pass amnesty and forming their own party.What a beautiful thing that would be! It would just take votes from Democrats and show the rest of the country that racial empowerment is their game! So let the tequila flow!

The Israel Lobby is going to have one,and probably two,of their own in leadership positions in the next Congress.Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is a Cuban-Jew who represents the Key West-area of Florida in Congress.She’ll be the new chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee,replacing Jewish-Democrat Howard Berman from California.Patriots,I think she’s going to be worse than Berman.This is an important committee chairmanship,in that she’ll decide who to invite for testimony or consultation before the committee and who not to invite.And since she apparently believes that the government of Israel can do no wrong,anyone with even a mildly critical approach to Israeli policy will be ignored and/or villified.And since she has a venomous hatred towards Fidel Castro(as understandable as that is),Castro has called her a “ferocious wolf.” I firmly believe she’s a warmonger.She reportedly has a photo of warmonger Israeli prime minister “Bibi” Netanyahu in her office.She will probably use her power as foreign-affairs chairwoman to ginny up more support for attacking Iran and maybe other Muslim nations on behalf of Israel-the nation she’s probably primarily devoted too.Cuba then comes second and America third.And just how did she worm her way into such a prominent position on the foreign-affairs committee when she has no demonstrable foreign-policy background or experience? Israel Lobby must’ve got her there! And then we have Eric Cantor-the current GOP minority whip in the House but soon to be majority leader.He’s from Virginia and also is reportedly very close to Netanyahu.At least his voting record is not liberal,unlike almost every other Jewish congressman who votes almost always with latino and black congressmen.But that these powerful congressional positions will be held by Jewish Republicans who are close to Bibi,especially Ros-Lehtinen,is bad news for America and the Middle East and a good deal of the rest of the world because,as has been par for the course ever since 1948,Israel’s government will be allowed to do virtually anything it wants,no matter how immoral.And the US government will wink,because Israel Lobby has too much sway in Washington.

America’s moral breakdown seems to be in free-fall in California.For the first time in the nation,an openly “trans-gender” judge has been elected as a trial judge on that state’s Superior Court.He/she/it squeaked by with 51% of the vote in the Oakland area.It’s no wonder that the Golden State is called the land of fruits and nuts.Joseph Farah is editor of the neo-con website World Net Daily.He once lived in California and had to flee,and he claimed in a recent column that the people ruling that state are “insane.” While that needs some clarification,I believe most of the rulers-i.e.,lawmakers-in that state are nuts;and so are a majority of those who vote,as reflected in this vote for a trans-gender judge.People in a nuthouse are attracted to other nuts and gladly want nuts to rule over them.What a horrible mess the once-great state of California has become:anti-Christ rules Hollywood,Sacramento,Los Angeles,San Francisco;and Mexico is slowly but surely reconquering SoCal.And speaking of anti-Christ,now we go to Harry Potter-the sorcerer-creation of British author J.K.Rowling-continuing to cast his spell on America and a good deal of the rest of the world.Harry’s latest movie was #1 at the box office on the weekend it debuted in US,as more foolish,naive,gullible or occultic parents brought their kids to see boy-witch Harry cast his spells and work his wizardry.This woman Rowling,thanks to Scholastic Books and Bloomsbury,has become incredibly rich from selling grossly over-priced,over-hyped books that glorify the dark arts;it’s another symptom of the age of anti-Christ in America and it’s advancing on the rest of the world.This woman came out of nowhere to sells these books-to kids,nonetheless-and has achieved great worldly success.Christ said that it would be better for a man to have a millstone hung around his neck and thrown into the sea than to suffer the Almighty’s wrath because that man led little children astray.This is something that J.K.Rowling and her collaborators should think about if they publish another Potter book or produce another Potter movie.

Here are some reports on the murder/attempted murder blotter of America’s crime wave:4 shot dead in a multiple-homicide/suicide in MO;4 shot in a gang-related shooting outside a St.Louis,MO funeral parlor even when a service was being held!;a triple-homicide in Columbus,OH;3 found slain in E.Hartford,CT;1 dead,2 wounded at a house party on Long Island,NY;4 slain in Tallahassee,FL;a triple homicide in central Ohio;4 slain in Erie,PA;and another ‘house party” murder.Yes,patriots,America is becoming a madhouse of mayhem and murder.And TPTB apparently want us to just accept it as a part of everyday working-class life.

Lastly,patriots,is the sobering subject of the possibility or probability of the Almighty’s judgment on America.First,President Abomination took up a game of basketball in DC and reportedly got an elbow in the kisser that earned him 12 stitches.What an incredible piece of symbolism it was to see a photo of him sitting down by a window holding a facecloth to his bruised lips! Maybe the Man Upstairs gave Abomination a premonition of a heavier judgment to come upon him.On a more-serious note,438 car crashes in Minnesota(or Minnesnowta,per Jim Cedarstrom)were the result of an onslaught of freezing rain,while ferocious wind from an East Coast storm sawed in half a huge Christmas tree in New York City and forced the closure of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.Here’s more symbolism,patriots,possibly from the Almighty:the pagan idol of a Christmas tree cut in two and that ugly “gift” from French Freemasons having to shut its “golden door” from visitors or worshippers because of that same wind.And we wind up in Los Angeles County,CA,where record-low temperatures stormed in and-get this-the county health department warned of an increase in bats-that’s right,as in vampire bats-in the county.
Patriots,I’ll wrap up on New Year’s Eve.Thanks,and see you then.Keep fighting.

An American Patriot Wishes Co-Patriots a Merry Christmas

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve,patriots,from Bronx,NY! This post won’t review the news from a conservative-patriot perspective like it normally does,but will simply be a Christmas greeting and to wish all you patriots a Merry Christmas.I’ll post news and commentary from about 2-4 weeks ago on the day after Christmas,and another post on more-current news and a year-end summary will be written on New Year’s Eve.

Patriots,Christian soldiers,I know that Christ wasn’t born on December 25th;there’s also no scriptural command to celebrate Christ’s birth,nor his resurrection.But we do know that about 2,000 years ago,Jesus the Christ-who I’m sure the vast majority of us believe to be the Son of the Almighty God-was born,and he lived,and he died.The greatest crime of all time occurred on Golgotha when He was put to death on a cross.This bespeaks the evil of this world when a man who did nothing but good was dealt such a cruel fate.But,His death was actually a triumph,for Him and for all of us.For “He shall save his people from their sins”(Matthew 1:21);He’s returning to Earth,”…and of His Kingdom,there shall be no end”(Luke 1:33);He said,”I am the way,the truth and the life”(John 14:6);and He said to Martha,”I am the resurrection and the life;he who believes in me,even if he die,shall live;and whoever lives and believes in me,shall never die”(John 11:25).In other words,patriots and Christian soldiers,Christ will offer eternal life to those who really believe in Him as the only One born of the Almighty.The name “Christ” is Greek for the Hebrew word “Messiah”,which means “Anointed One.” Jesus of Nazareth-the Anointed One-we celebrate,we honor,we praise,on this one special day of the Roman year:Christmas Day.Of course,we should try to do it every day.But it’s a national holiday,and the vast majority of people are off from their jobs to spend times of joy and reflection with their families and friends.I posted a link to a UPI  article on that reports some encouraging news from Gallup on how most Americans are believers in Christ and show that belief and faith to others.Thank God for that.

So,patriots,you all have a blessed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.I’m off to The Wicked Wolf in the southeast Bronx for some brew and grub,with one of the better bartenders in the whole city.And while the anti-Christ political,business and news-media establishments just want us to think that Christmas is about spending money like mad,buying cheap products and making us avoid just Who we’re supposed to honor and praise on this day and at this time of year,let’s all try “…to keep Christmas well,if any man alive possessed the knowledge.” That’s what Dickens said about Scrooge after his redemption.Patriots,I’ll be back Sunday,December 26th.Fare well.