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An American Patriot Returns From Another Battle Front to Review the News From About the Last 30 Days

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Patriots,I’ve returned from running for Congress in the 7th Congressional District of New York State on the Republican/Conservative lines.The district covers southeast Bronx/northwest Queens.New York City has been a Democratic behemoth for a long time.And in the district I live in and ran for,the Democrat-non-Democrat voter ratio is about 5-1.When I read on our congressman’s website that he attended the illegal immigrant March for America(actually it was March on America)back in March and aided and abetted the illegal-immigrant cause and La Conquista,I decided I had had enough and wanted to volunteer my time,efforts and some of my money to support a reasonable challenger.But nobody else wanted to challenge Congressman Crowley,so I picked up the ball.I didn’t expect to win,but at least get a respectable vote;it didn’t happen.While fed-up voters threw hitherto 61 Democrats out of the US House,Tea Party Express didn’t stop in the Big Apple.Indeed,this politically degenerate,anti-American,anti-Christ city I live in crashed the Tea Party and overwhelmingly stuck with the radical liberals who are destroying this city,this state and the rest of America.No matter how bad things get in this city,a sizable majority of voters are so hateful and ignorant of not just Republicans and conservatives but anyone who isn’t a Democrat,that they ritualistically keep voting to empower ultra-liberal Democrats;and I think not even an act of God will change their stubborn,ignorant minds.I got a whopping 19% of the vote,or 15,076 votes out of about 80,000 cast.It was my first run for office,and I learned a great deal and don’t regret it.I don’t want to spend too much time on the race,but that’s the reason I haven’t blogged here for about a month.I simply didn’t have the time and/or energy,with all the campaigning I was engaged in.I’ve concluded something that’s quite frightening,but something I’m willing to confront for the foreseeable future:we patriots and conservatives are virtual political prisoners in NYC,with the exception of the borough of Staten Island,which did unseat its Democratic congressman on Election Day;and that’s primarily because Staten island is still mostly white(about 70%),while the other 4 boroughs are mostly non-white.The sad,sickening reality across America but much more so in this liberal megalopolis is that latinos,blacks and Jews consistently vote mostly Democrat:latinos,65-75%;blacks,80-90%;Jews,65-80%.I thought that with Republican Scott Brown’s election to the US Senate from radical liberal Massachusetts and all the serious economic and foreign-policy problems America’s in,that at least a good deal of Democrats would be willing to vote for non-Democrats.But not only did they keep voting for donkeys,but they came out even more for them with gusto! The campaign I was in took a toll on me.It was a battle that took about 8 grand of my own money and about 10-15 pounds off my 180-lbs.body,but these are just some of the sacrifices that patriots need to make in fighting the patriot cause.It may very well be a lost cause in the Big Apple,but we won’t know for sure unless we try and find out.

Nationally there was I think mostly good news on Election Day.Nancy Pelosi-the wicked witch from the West-will have the House gavel that she probably slept with instead of her husband every night since she has been Speaker of the House taken from her ugly hands and given to Republican John Boehner from Ohio.But prune-face,illegal-immigrant lover Harry Reid was re-elected to the US Senate from Nevada with about 51% of the vote.I smell and see a 2-legged rat in this race.Almost all the polls right up till Election Day had his Tea Party opponent Sharon Angle ahead 2-5 points,yet he winds up winning by 5 points.Whether it was vote fraud or non-citizens voting for prune face,I don’t know.Also,GOP should’ve recruited a better candidate than Angle,even though I believe she’s a patriot.They should’ve gotten someone more electable too than Christine O’Donnell in Delaware,but not wishy-washy liberal-moderate Michael Castle.Patriots and Tea Partiers need to remember that we just don’t need enthusiasm and energy to win elections,but also smarts,gumption,wisdom,electability.In short,the heart and the mind unified and functioning well together,not just one or the other.With about 6 House races still undecided,GOP has picked up 61 House seats,6 Senate seats,7 governorships and about 20 state chambers,including both legislative houses in North Carolina,Alabama(the first time since Reconstruction)and even in the northernmost New England state of Maine.What a pleasant surprise that is! The anti-Christ liberal miasma spreading from the Bay State had conquered Maine several years ago,but maybe the spell has been broken somewhat:state voters in a referendum banned homosexual marriage last year or around that time,and they elected a GOP governor and state legislature this past Election Day.In 2011 the state governments will be redistricting congressional and state-wide electoral boundaries.Ever since the so-called Voting Rights Act,a lot of gerrymandering has occurred to deliberately create majority-minority districts,solely for the sake of racial empowerment of latinos and blacks,regardless of how chaotic the boundaries are drawn.Time will tell if GOP will have the guts to fight the patriot cause on this very important front or if they’ll crawl away because they want to be “inclusive.” So in 2011,the federal government will have a GOP House and Supreme Court and a Democrat White House and Senate.Let the battles begin! Or will there be a battle? Patriots,let’s not get our hopes up too high.But please contact Mr.Boehner and urge him to fight the patriot cause as Speaker of the House.I’m not too confident on him,but we need to try.Ever notice how the guy is always suntanned even though he’s from Ohio? I think I know the answer:he’s a golfer.He must fly down to the Bahamas or Jamaica every chance he gets to play the links.I can see it now:Him and President Abomination yukking it up on the golf course during the lame-duck session! Oh,no! Pray it ain’t so! But what’s encouraging,patriots,is that millions of Americans got very involved this election season and threw a lot of bums out of Washington,but there should’ve been more,especially in the Senate.I believe the immigration issue should vastly improve with the next Congress,and illegal-immigrant amnesty is almost-certainly dead until 2013.But we need to stay in touch with the new lawmakers come January.At least on the immigration issue,it’s now time that patriots and real immigration reformers go on offense and send the Amnesty Gang packing! For good! Now to review the rest of the news.I’ll be covering about 47 stories on 13 topics over about the past month,so get ready for a lengthy patriot post.

I continue starting this blog by writing on the immoral,unconstitutional wars the warmonger US government continues to fight in Muslim nations,especially Afghanistan and Iraq.”We’re not ever leaving at all.” So said President Abomination’s defense secretary Robert Gates on US military involvement in Afghanistan.So which is it?:Are US forces coming home in mid-2011,like the Abomination promised? Or are they never leaving,per Mr.Gates? General David Petraeus-commander of US armed forces in Afghanistan-said “we” may be there another 10 years.Gates and Petraeus are both members of Council on Foreign Relations(CFR),and these conflicting statements between these globalists and Abomination is proof that the US president is being ordered around by powers behind his throne.The CFR boys are probably right:they intend to keep US fighting men in Afghanistan for a long,long time until they conquer that country and fulfill the imperialist dreams of their British forbears who tried 3 times to conquer that land and failed each time.And there’s also umpteen mineral wealth in the land,and the ethno-fanatic neo-cons want to kill as many Muslims as possible,thinking that that makes the nation of Israel safer.I’m convinced these are the main reasons for the US/British attack on and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq.Patriots,those running the governments in Washington and London and Israel are warmongers and conquerors.Let’s expose them with the light of truth and pray that they be brought to an accounting and eventual justice for the war crimes they’ve committed for far too long.

Royal Society is United Kingdom’s highest scientific authority.The Australian newspaper ran an article that this agency has reported that fears and predictions of the sky falling from  “climate change” and “global warming” are greatly exaggerated and many predictions of the global-warming gang are simply opinions and nothing more.They’ve concluded that there’s no way to measure or predict the climatic and topographical consequences of man-made industrial emissions.And remember,patriots,that this is Britain’s highest scientific authority.Yet an Aussie newspaper reported it! There wasn’t much from the US media on this report probably because they’ve been pushing global-warming alarmism on us for about the last 20 years,and this Royal Society report will splash egg on their faces;so they ignore it.And notice too that we haven’t heard hardly anything at all from Prince Albert Gore over about the last year,especially since his divorce from Tipper.The tree-hugging demagogue who has been trying to terrify the world with his enviro-agitprop has apparently slinked away and is in hiding somewhere,probably embarrassed to show his face after those e-mails were revealed from the global-warming scientists about a year ago.His pet project-his Holy Cause-has been thrust aside for now but may return another time.Thanks to Royal Society and The Australian,truth has won out over the Earth worshippers and the globalist egalitarians who still want America’s standard of living to significantly drop by imposing this cockamamie cap-and-trade legislation on our industries and factories and plants.Of course,patriots love their land,their soil,their environment;but they don’t worship it.They want their environment clean and as pollution-free as possible,but not to the point where we live like people lived about 100-150 years ago.All we need is for companies to be given incentives to use cleaner,more-efficient equipment and technologies.And pretty soon,it’ll catch on all over the country.Let’s hope Prince Albert stays in his can,where he belongs.

There was a good deal of bad news on the economic/financial front.There are a record number of Americans on food stamps,the income gap between rich and poor is the widest ever,and the US marriage rate is at its lowest ever.The old saw that “The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer” is stark reality in America today.And that more Americans aren’t marrying as much is quite disturbing,in that it means people either can’t afford to marry and have kids or are choosing to just shack up or dislike the institution of marriage itself.As is so often the case,patriots,a nation’s economics and finances affect our families and the way we live in society.Another record statistic is 30% of America’s unemployed are out of work for over a year;that’s either because they just can’t find work or are comfortable receiving unemployment benefits.Why should people work when they can stay on taxpayer-funded unemployment checks that pay close to what they would make if they worked? Yes,people abuse “the system.” I think that most of these unemployed simply can’t find decent-paying jobs.A lovely example of big government wasting our money is the report that $22 million in “stimulus” money went to dead people and prisoners.That sure is stimulating! Isn’t it,patriots? It just shows how millions,billions,trillions of taxpayer dollars are wasted by Washington politicians and bureaucrats;it’s built into a leviathan federal-government bureaucracy.Then there was the lovely news from The Los Angeles Times that some Golden State residents were caught using their welfare cards(euphemized now as “benefit cards”)in gambling casinos and on cruise ships.Talk about the good life,courtesy of the California and US taxpayers!And finally on the economic front,America’s money trust at US Treasury and the glorified counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve Board did their part to continue to punish savers and devalue the dollar:Treasury sold bonds-at a negative yield! And the glorified counterfeiters bought about $600 billion in bonds from Treasury to once again try to discourage Americans from saving money by keeping interest rates near zero and encourage us to spend like mad hatters.Such are the louses running the cash registers of America’s fiscal policy.

One of the positives from the GOP election victory on November 2nd will be the displacement of California screwball congresswoman Zoe Lofgren as chairwoman of the immigration subcommittee in the US House.It looks like her replacement will be anti-amnesty hard-liner Steven King from Iowa.Screwy Zoe showed just how screwy the average Golden State Democrat is by inviting idiot TV comedian Stephen Colbert to testify on the immigration issue in front of the committee she chairs.It was a sickening circus,as Colbert made an absolute ass of himself,trying to be comedian/immigration champion all in one shew.And this is one reason why Congress has an approval rating of about 20%.And it shows how screwy most of the California voters are in Zoe’s district who just keep re-electing her to a seat of power in Congress;they must be as screwy as or more so than she is.But this is no surprise coming from the land of fruits and nuts.

Now to La Conquista front.President Abomination signed an executive order entitled,get this,”White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.” How’s that bit of hispandering from America’s first “African-American” president?! Where’s the initiative for blacks?! But nary a protest from the establishment media and polity over this blatant racial favoritism because it’s OK for Diversity Gang to show favors for latinos but it’s racist to show favors to whites.Now we go down to Texas-the Lone Star State-to meet a 101-years-old senora-born in Mexico and brought to Texas when she was very young-finally becoming a US citizen,and not able to speak a word of English.How nice of the senora,to live here in America for about 90 years and not learning English.And now we go east to what many Puerto Ricans call The Land of Enchantment-the so-called commonwealth of Puerto Rico.A regiment of FBI  agents descended on this island and arrested 120 people,including 70 police officers,2 US Army officers and prison guards,over drug dealing.BBC reported this,and the article stated that the suspects were providing armed security and protection for drug dealers.The enchanting island is a major hub for cartels and dealers to import drugs into America.And one reason they choose the enchanting island is because it’s a US territory,there are no customs stations on the island;so the drug shipments aren’t inspected before they leave the island.Goods and people travel as freely and without restriction between Puerto Rico and US just like a New Yorker traveling to and from New Jersey.This is what the sell-outs in Washington,DC allow to happen to the American people,especially here in the Bronx and the New York City area with a large Puerto Rican population.The simple solution is to grant the island of enchantment its independence and get them out of our hair and the US government out of theirs.And now we leave that island to travel nearby to Dominican Republic,where “singer” Jamie Vargas was traveling back to America when heroin packets in his stomach exploded and ended up leaving him in a hospital room in critical condition,under guard from Dominican Republic drug officers.This Dominican-born jerk uses the fake name Jimmy Bauer and belonged to a meringue group in nearby Puerto Rico and plays something called “bachata” from Dominican Republic.And the AP article reporting this story describes bachata as,to be expected,”sensual.” That goes for probably every musical genre from the latino nations in the Caribbean:sensual,sexual passion and drive and energy.It’s reflected in the throbbing bass,brash brass,screaming singing.In short,sexual messaging via horrible music.And to boot,Dominican Republic is another hub for drug dealing and importing into America.More of the wonderful gifts given to the American people from the aiders and abettors in Washington of La Conquista,opening our southern border to millions of people from these Spanish-speaking islands loaded with dreadful music,rampant drug dealing and unspeakable poverty.I’m in the belly of this beast in Bronx,NY.I can speak from a lot of experience when it comes to La Conquista.And make no mistake about it,patriots:La Conquista is spreading throughout our land.Wherever it goes and sees,it conquers.Remember the Alamo! Let’s fight to the last man if we have to!

And now to Diversity Gang.Billy Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative(How’s that title for a globalist organization?!)announced its latest initiative will try to empower girls and women.What a jerk he is.But the scariest part of this sex-based “initiative” where boys and men don’t matter is that it received millions of dollars in donations from a lot of liberal fat cats,probably bragging to each other how righteous they are in donating to Billy’s global crusade.Then we had a Diversity Gang white-female professor at Brooklyn College in the Big Apple complaining that a faculty search-committee looking to interview applicants for dean positions at the college was too “lily-white.” This is a moronic Diversity Gang term that something is too white and needs to have “people of color”-another moronic Diversity Gang term-added to it.But,DG doesn’t mind when something is too brown,or too chocolate or too female.DG is anti-American,anti-white,anti-Christian,anti-male.And this dopey dame proves it.BTW,she resigned from the faculty search-committee.But maybe there’s hope that Diversity Gang will finally get its long-deserved comeuppance.Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel declared that multi-culturalism has been a failure in Germany,mainly due to large-scale Muslim immigration from Turkey.It’s not just a failure in America;it’s a curse.Patriots,pray that the Almighty delivers us from this curse.

The Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby was beavering away again,this time getting Rick Sanchez fired at CNN and so-called Anti-Defamation League(ADL)giving a “leadership” award to Rupert Murdoch.Cuban-American Sanchez was fired almost to the second when he let the cat out of the bag on a talk-radio show that so much of the news media is Jewish-controlled.Even though CNN isn’t Jewish-owned,Senor Sanchez found out the hard way that if one speaks that truth in public,one will bear the wrath of Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby.This shouldn’t deter anyone who wants to say that truth out loud,because Israel Lobby can’t persecute everyone who opposes them publicly.And if enough patriots stand up to this ethno-fanatical mob,this mob will relent if confronted with the light of truth.Not that Sanchez is a patriot;he was a pro-amnesty/pro-conquistador agitator on CNN during the recent amnesty battle in Congress.But he didn’t deserve to be fired for speaking his opinion on Jewish power in news media.But,The Lobby doesn’t want that truth to be known;they love secret power and influence.And,Uncle Rupert Murdoch-who’s half-Jewish and owner of News Corp.,New York Post,The Wall Street Journal,Fox News Channel,Zondervan Publishing,etc.etc.-received this leadership award from the ethno-fanatics at ADL.Uncle Rupert claimed at the awards dinner that there’s an “ongoing war against the Jews.”Really? Just where? In America? Where Jews are way over-represented in positions of power and influence compared to their numbers in the population? Murdoch is a power-drunk,anti-Christ plutocrat,so full of himself and self-importance that he can’t even think straight.And since he’s deranged so much to think that there’s ongoing war against Jews,he’s going to persecute a lot of people who he thinks are the slightest bit guilty of “anti-Semitism.” This greedy hot-shot and ego-maniac is almost 80-years-old.And he’s probably more power-drunk than ever.ADL loves their Uncle Rupert so much probably because he leads the way at neo-con/warmonger-central Fox News Channel in urging endless war and death against Arabs and Muslims.Patriots,Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby is tough,occasionally vicious and rabid.But with the Almighty’s help,they can be defeated.

On the medical-care front,pharmacy chain CVS was fined $75 million by the feds for failure to regulate sales of a cough syrup it was selling that contained methamphetamine.Is it hard to believe that a famous drug-store chain would be selling a product to treat coughing that contains an amphetamine? No! This is contemporary America,where profits come before people’s health! And this shows the coziness between drug companies and FDA.How did a cough medicine laced with meth ever get approved in the first place?! At least some good work was done by some feds to discover the failure to regulate sales of this “cough syrup” at CVS and fined them.I’ve boycotted the local CVS store here in the Bronx,NY because the last time I was in there,I heard a Spanish-language ad played over the store’s intercom.Maybe patriots should consider a nation-wide boycott of CVS-the store that was selling cough syrup containing an amphetamine.Surely the people who used this syrup stopped coughing:They must’ve gotten stoned!

Two items on the corrupt pro-sports scene.”Doctor” Anthony Galea-the magic healer to the “stars” of the sports world-was indicted by a federal grand jury in New York State over his use of illegal drugs to treat athletes.The most-famous,or should I say most-infamous,athlete he has treated is Tiger Woods,who has now become a pussycat on the links.And one reason why he stinks now on the links is maybe because Doc Galea isn’t juicing him up anymore.The news media and the sports media have been strangely very quiet on the indictment,probably because,the Almighty willing,this case may blow open a big can of ugly,dirty worms.Anyone with half a brain knows that use of steroids,performance-enhancing drugs,human-growth hormone and other witch-doctor brews has been rampant in pro-sports,especially baseball,for about 20-25 years.It has been covered up,ignored,minimized or trivialized by the powers that be(TPTB)because too many sacred cows would be exposed for the fakes they are.The corrupt world of US pro-sports makes a lot of people filthy rich and they don’t care if players juice up.If Galea spills his guts during the trial,a lot of false idols may come crashing down.And how glorious that would be;maybe an act of God.So,patriots,let’s keep an eye on this trial and discuss it with each other every possible way we can.TPTB ostensibly want us to ignore the trial and keep enjoying the bread and circuses they keep shoving at us.And the other sports item is more good news from pro-baseball:average attendance at Major League Baseball games has dropped for the third straight year.Maybe,just maybe,more Americans are deciding to stay home instead of paying exorbitant ticket prices to see a lot of foreigners,juicers,junkies and immature ego-maniacs throw and hit a baseball.This is coming from a life-long Bronx boy who loves the game of baseball:Summertime,green grass,beer,pretzels,scorecards,”root root for the home team,” fun with families and friends-the great American pastime.Sorry,patriots,it’s no more.The game has been nearly destroyed by an ugly bunch of greedy,selfish,immoral men(and a few dames too)who’ve turned it into a glorified freak show.And it won’t improve until more fans stay away from the stadia and let the owners know why they’re staying away.

America’s moral order continues to take serious hits.President Abomination’s administration now allows open homosexuals to apply for enlistment to the US Armed Forces,and some pro-homo judges “overturned” a Florida law that banned homosexuals from adopting kids.And still on the Sodom front,the so-called “gay lifestyle”(what a sick joke that euphemism is)got some bad news when it was revealed that about a quarter of homosexual/bi-sexual men have AIDS.Book of Proverbs 8:36 quotes the Almighty as saying:”All those who hate Me love death.” Yes,fanatics in the militant homosexual movement and their supporters love their culture of death more than life itself.Now we go to some hetero-sexual barbarism with the news of a 2-legged animal in Michigan who was brought into court for failure to pay child support to,get ready,some of his 23 children from 14 women.As is so often the case with horrible news like this,the 2-legged animal is a black man.It was just reported that the out-of-wedlock birth rate among black Americans is 72%;that means 72 out of 100 black kids are born out of wedlock.This 2-legged animal has impregnated women like a stray cat making kittens.What kind of lives will all those 23 kids have from 14 different women? 23 kids from 14 different women all having the same father! This is worse than barbarism! And this is happening in America! And the taxpayers are probably paying for every one of those out-of-wedlock kids,thanks to Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society welfare handouts.One way to help prevent this barbarism from spreading and perpetuating itself is to stop funding it.Washington still funds welfare queens with our tax money for up to 5 years until they cut payments,but states have their own cut-offs.I say to the welfare queens and their polygamy:1 year is all you get and then you’re on your own! And throw the 2-legged male animals in jail! This primitive practice of pro-creation can destroy any nation,any civilization,any neighborhood.All one needs to do to see it in America is take a walk or drive through any ghetto and see all the abandoned,neglected,abused,out-of-wedlock kids.How did once-decent neighborhoods like where I worked in the South Bronx when I was on NYPD,become crime-ridden,drug-infested ghettos of squalor and hopelessness? Bringing kids into the world like stray cats do is one big reason,even though Diversity Gang ignores it because they blame everything on “Racism!” and “white privilege.”And speaking of drugs,a high school in suburban Seattle,WA has 50 students who are heroin junkies.And one reason I believe we have such moral breakdown in America is the anti-Christ Christian establishment.But one huge manifestation of that establishment may be coming down:Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral has filed for bankruptcy protection.Apparently a lot of the congregants got tired of looking at that hideous waste of money and stopped donating.Or maybe with all the illegal immigrants in SoCal taking over and most of them being latino Catholics,Schuller doesn’t have enough bodies to fill up his crystalline edifice.Finally,patriots,America’s Christian moral order is under siege from many fronts.And it’ll take a big effort on our parts just to monitor it all,let alone defend ourselves against it.But defend ourselves and fight back we must.

Get ready for a grisly dose of America’s rolling crime wave.More “house party” mayhem:in LA,8 shot,3 stabbed,1 dead;in East Orange,NJ,5 shot,1 dead.And,I think every single “house party” violent incident reported on latinos or blacks.Why is that? That answer is maybe for another discussion or another blog post.Back to the crime wave.The US Drug Czar visited a Bronx neighborhood notorious for blatant drug selling,and he brought 6 armed bodyguards with him.I believe drug gangs and cartels are much more of a terrorist threat to America than Al Qaida-Al Schmaida ever will be.Far more Americans die from the consequences and ramifications of illegal drugs than all victims of Muslim terrorism combined,including 9/11.There’s a reason or reasons why America’s drug scourge is spreading and intensifying.In short,I believe there are rogue elements in government and other circles who want hard drugs to flood our society and bring with it all the mayhem and chaos that causes;more on that issue and conspiracy for another place,another time.Four people were shot dead in Boston,MA;a US Army recruiter killed his girlfriend and her 2 young sons in TN;3 were shot dead in New Jersey;3 shot dead,1 wounded in Fort Worth,TX;3 were shot dead,1 wounded in central MO;4 shot dead,1 wounded in Seattle,WA;3 family members shot dead in Fountain Valley,CA in a multiple-homicide/suicide.I hasten to add that these were all single incidents.And the last crime-wave report is I think the most-frightening:several real-estate agents in northeast Ohio were robbed and/or murdered while showing houses to those who were either house shopping or pretending to house shop but actually were waiting at the right isolated moment to commit their heinous acts.Some of the robbers/murderers would follow the agents to the houses they were showing,would wait till the shoppers left,and then rob and/or murder the agents while they were alone,many times at night.Pretty scary stuff.Isn’t it,patriots? America’s crime wave and drug wars are far more of a threat to our country than any foreign terrorist living and/or operating thousands of miles away from our shores.

Now for more scary stuff,and possibly the scariest yet:the Almighty’s possible judgment on America.Los Angeles-the City of Angels(Whose angels?)-suffered record-breaking 113- degrees heat,while South Carolina-the Palmetto State-was reported to have experienced “desert-like” conditions from strong heat and lack of rainfall.Ferocious winds accompanied by about 260 tornadoes roared through the Midwest,and record rainfall hit Washington,District of Criminals and a tornado roared through a nearby neighborhood in Anne Arundel County,Maryland.And a bizarre moment occurred when President Abomination spoke outdoors at Bowie University,also in Maryland,at a campaign appearance for Maryland’s governor Martin O’Malley.About 2 dozen people in the crowd started fainting,passing out,getting dizzy spells.A medical supervisor on the scene said it must’ve been the strong sun,even though the temperature was mild.I think it was a judgment from the Almighty on Abomination’s worshippers! I call this incident:The Fainting of Abomination’s Masses.

I close out this patriot post with some encouraging patriot activism throughout the land.Iowa patriots went to the polls and voted out 3 of the pinko judges who ruled to overturn the state’s ban on homosexual marriage.Bravo! Now they need to doff the other 4! University of Notre Dame reported a $120 million deficit for 2009,and some attribute this to donors who either cut their giving or eliminated it entirely over the university’s decision to invite the Abomination as their commencement speaker for 2009.Bravo to those who punished the pinkos at Notre Dame who honored the Abomination! The great state of Arizona-on the front lines in La Conquista front-continues to valiantly fight the patriot cause,this time by voting via referendum to ban race-based/sex-based preferences in public-school admissions,government hiring and government contracting.Bravo to the Grand Canyon State! Patriots from other states,let’s vacation in Arizona! Let’s show them how much we appreciate their fighting the patriot cause so effectively and so consistently! Major polls showed that about half of Americans deem the US government is an “immediate threat” to our rights and liberties,and the same half said before Election Day that they’re voting anti-Democrat,not pro-GOP.And most support the creation of a third party.And none other than a veep at GOP/neo-con think tank Heritage Foundation penned an article opining that the Tea Party may become an official political party,especially if GOP fails to deliver on many Tea Party precepts and objectives.Patriots,this is great,encouraging news! And it was reflected in great degree on Election Day! It shows that more and more Americans are fed up with a corrupt,lawless,immoral federal government and they are working to change it! They are really mad! The Tea Party is now a viable political movement that has the framework and potential to actually become a patriot-conservative political party that really will work for the American people and not some anti-American,anti-Christ,globalist-warmonger,open-borders,New World Order unholy mission and agenda! Patriots,we may be witnessing history in our nation in 2010.Let’s stay with it and not relent.And especially on the immigration issue,we’ve repelled the attacks and aggression of Amnesty Gang for about the last 10 years.Now it’s time that we attack and put them to flight! There’s nothing more gratifying and inspiring in a country than fighting the patriot cause! Than protecting one’s countrymen and land from her enemies and their sell-out government! But let’s remember not to get too over-confident or too big for our britches or too carried away.We may let this current victory slip through our fingers if we’re not careful.

Lastly,patriots,on the political front,is that several powerful liberal-Democrat congressmen have lost not just their House seats,but their chairmanships of several powerful committees.Mr.Spratt from South Carolina was defeated by his GOP challenger and thus will no longer be Budget Committee chairman.Ike Skelton from the Show Me State lost his re-election bid and will no longer chair the Armed Services Committee.James Oberstar lost his re-election bid and will no longer chair the Transportation Committee.And,prune-face David Obey retired,his seat was taken by Republican Sean Duffy,and therefore Mr.Obey will no longer chair the powerful Appropriations Committee.Democrats deserved the whipping they got in the House,and time will tell if GOP will do better.Considering how awful the Pelosi Democrats are,that shouldn’t be difficult.

Patriots,I’ve returned from the election front a bit bruised and fatigued.I learned good and bad from my first run for office.I can say with utmost certainty that the ugliest political reality confronting patriots,conservatives,government reformers and others who want real change in government throughout the land is that here in the Big Apple,we are virtual political prisoners.A sizable majority of voters in this city,except the borough of Staten Island,are addicted to the Democratic Party.If the ultra-liberal Democrats who rule us in this city tried to starve us all to death,most of the voters are that dumb,ignorant and sadistic/masochistic to keep voting for them to stay in power over us.This is the ugly reality of what a patriot like me lives in,in Bronx,NY.I thank the Almighty for the shortwave radio I’m able to listen to almost-daily,getting news and commentary that the fascist-liberal Democrats who rule this city would probably ban if they had their way.I feel like the German patriots living under Nazi occupation,who were aided and encouraged by listening to shortwave broadcasts from other countries to either protect themselves or try to escape the homeland that was taken away from them.Or like the political prisoners behind the Iron Curtain throughout the Cold War or those oppressed by cruel,anti-Christ totalitarian government.I listen to shortwave because am/fm radio in the NYC-area is so bad.My last count found 11 stations broadcasting in Spanish! That’s e-l-e-v-e-n! This is one reason why La Conquista is a major enemy of America! And then we have GOP-propaganda talk radio dominating two 50,000-watts stations,and most of the rest are just awful.There are 2 am music stations that play good stuff-oldies,pop standards,classic rock-but they’re in the suburbs and I can’t tune them in at night.But,I can tune in stations loud as a bell that make me feel I’m living in San Juan and not in America! Like I said,patriots,we’re political prisoners,we’re cultural prisoners.And time is not on our side.We’ll be calling for help to patriot legislators outside New York starting in 2011,and I hope and pray they here us and respond to our SOS.Some may ask,Why do you stay in the Bronx or in New York? Because we know it didn’t use to be this bad.We built this city which used to be the greatest city in the world and was an American city,not the international city it now is.We still have a lot of great conveniences here,like walking just a few blocks to express buses to downtown,great pizzerias and restaurants,Irish pubs,supermarkets,stores,schools,Long Island Sound,City Island,beautiful parks.Why should we give this up because of betrayal from those who rule us and those who vote for our oppressors?! I say we fight till our backs are against the wall! And if we have to retreat,if we have to move,then we move.Then we say to the enemies of our land-to La Conquista,to Diversity Gang,to Amnesty Gang,to Israel Lobby,to the neo-cons,the drug gangs,the welfare queens:If you want this city,it’s yours.But we won’t keep running forever and we will fight you,hand-to-hand if necessary,to save our country.

Patriots,it’s good to be back on this front after about a 6-weeks hiatus.I think writing is my forte,and maybe I should stay here permanently until I no longer can write the patriot fight.Please give me your opinions on this and on any other issue you deem important to the patriot cause we’re in.I’ll probably blog again in about 2 weeks.Please go to for the important news and commentary of the day from a patriot-conservative perspective.As the French say,au revoir(till meeting again).