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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Hi,patriots.Forgive me,but it has been over a month since the last patriot post on this blog.I’ve been busier than usual fighting the patriot cause over this time,in addition to feeling very under the weather the last 5 days.I’m back now,but still under the weather.
President Abomination went on national television and told us that US combat operations in Iraq have now officially ended.Yet two or three days later,2 US servicemen were killed and about 15 wounded in a firefight.What co-incidence! Yes,I believe the Abomination lied to us all on tvĀ  because there are still 50,000 US troops in Iraq and there’s still a huge fortress masquerading as an embassy in Baghdad that cost we taxpayers about $600 million to build.No embassy costs that much,and the 50,000 troops aren’t all social workers or advisers.There’s obviously no real end in sight for the US government’s occupation of Iraq.That country,despite the removal from power and execution of Saddam Hussein,is a horrible mess.Horrible bombings and killings continue to terrorize the country,and US servicemen are still in the middle of it all.Boy George Bush and his successor obviously want to rule Iraq,and Afghanistan,probably Pakistan and Iran too.Boy George euphemized this as “bringing democracy to the Middle East.” Hogwash! He wanted to bring war and conquest to the Middle East! And so does the Abomination! Patriots,this could be the beginning of the Battle of Armageddon! And I’ll quickly repeat the reasons I believe the US executive branch of our government,with congressional permission and collaboration,is waging this aggressive war:oil,Israel,hatred of Muslims and Arabs,imperial conquest.

Blogger Keith Johnson,writing on his blog Revolt of the Plebes,wrote an excellent review of the Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin phony-patriot rally in Washington.Beck tried to make a ridiculous comparison that America is just like the nation of ancient Israel.And on the stage with him and Sarah the Alaskan Princess was none other than Rabbi Daniel Lapin,who has been linked to jailbird Jack Abramoff.Patriots,get a load of the similarity of the good rabbi’s name and the Alaskan Princess’s name:Lapin and Palin.Just reverse the first three letters of their names and they’re the same! Amazing! It looks like such an obvious plan! And here it goes:we know Rabbi Lapin is Jewish,but I firmly believe the princess is too and I believe Beck is also Jewish.I won’t rehash Mr.Johnson’s patriot blogpost of this propaganda rally,which is available in its entirety on this blog’s parent website long and the short of it is,the princess deems herself or is being prepped to be a warrior,possibly a modern-day Queen Esther who killed thousands of Persians in a bloody ethnic conflict almost 2,500 years ago.Why bring a rabbi on-stage this rally in a country that’s overwhelmingly Christian and only about 2-3% Jewish? Mr.Johnson theorizes that the princess wants major war against the Arab/Muslim world,as if she’s a combination of Esther and Joan of Arc.So,”ex”-alky Glenn Beck-who acts like he’s hopped up on something almost every time I see him on tv-and the Alaskan Princess(Sarah means Princess in Hebrew)and the Orthodox rabbi teamed up for a huge mind-control session on thousands,possibly millions,of people to prep them for major war,possibly WW3.While there probably were some patriot points occasionally made at the rally,it was mixed with poison.That’s how propagandists work:mix truth with lies.Anyway,patriots,please go read Keith Johnson’s blog on the Beck/Princess Palin/Rabbi Lapin Show;it’s must-reading.And no surprise to us patriots,former RNC chairman Kenny Mehlman outed himself.All one had to do was take one look at this fruit and conclude he walks light in the loafers.But the easily deceived and easily duped GOP “evangelical” voters just couldn’t believe that Boy George and the Republican executive committee would empower a flame to head the largest Republican election organization and party fund-raising group.So now that he no’s no longer RNC chairman,he admits he’s a flame.And,boy,while he walks lightly in his loafers,he sure is a hawk on TWOT!(The War on Terror!).Mr.Mehlman is a Jewish homosexual,and he obviously hates Islam or any other religion that teaches against homosexuality.So he probably revels in bombing Muslims to Kingdom Come! And this is a major reason why the neo-conservative warmongers who’ve run US foreign policy for far too long wage war against traditional religion:it’s anti-homosexual and anti-feminist.And,Kenny the Fruit along with Boy George campaigned for their fellow warmonger Uncle Joe Lieberman-an ultra-liberal Democrat until he lost in the primary and became an independent-and abandoned the Republican candidate in the 2006 US Senate race.Why did they do this? Because Uncle Joe must revel in TWOT! Patriots,notice how quiet the GOP-Evangelical establishment is on Mehlman. And there are probably a lot more like Mehlman squirreled away in the GOP establishment,LOL at the dupe evangelicals and conservative Christians who have fallen for them like a ton of bricks only because they’re not the Democrats.

On La Conquista front,the lovely film Machete debuted about 2 weeks ago.I’ve read several patriot reviews of this film and some anti-patriot comments from anti-patriot reviewers.I also watched one of the trailers.This “film” incites Mexicans to kill whites who support enforcing US immigration laws and retake the Southwest,by force.Hence the film’s title Machete-a symbol of violent revolution throughout Latin America.And get a load of who’s distributing this film:Rupert Murdoch-owned 20th Century Fox! No surprise,patriots:Uncle Rupert recently came out publicly in support of illegal-immigrant amnesty.It looks like La Conquista is prepping for serious domestic strife in America,and this film from director Robert Rodriguez(I think he’s Mexican-American)has already been shown in Puerto Rico.Patriots,please prepare for some machete attacks on us,maybe very soon.Another lovely benefit from America’s “commonwealth” relationship with the Spanish-speaking island of Puerto Rico is fake birth certificates being used there by illegal immigrants to gain entry to America.There are so many of these fakes circulating in America and PR that the PR government has been forced to annul all certificates over a certain time and make new ones.What a headache this island is for our country! The patriot rallying cry is:US out of Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico out of US! Yes,patriots,it’s that simple! But since anti-patriots rule this country from their headquarters in DC,that’s why the island isn’t granted the independence that would serve the patriot cause and also give that island it’s long-waited-for independence.And the “worker’s paradise” of Castro’s Cuba is starting finally to implode,as its government realized the money just isn’t there to pay hundreds of thousands of government workers and laid them off.But our worry,patriots,is,Where are they going to go?! Nearby Dominican Republic,Haiti,Jamaica or Puerto Rico? Those islands are very poor too.So most of them will probably try to come to America,since Florida is only 90 miles away and Miami has been pretty much taken over by Cuban culture anyway.So,patriots,La Conquista is on the march on many fronts,Let’s meet it head-on! Let’s draw the line in the sand and Remember the Alamo!

Harry One-Way Reid-Democratic Majority Leader in the US Senate-along with Sen.Tricky Dick Durbin from Illinois,tried to attach their wet DREAM amnesty for about 2 million illegal immigrants as an amendment to a defense authorization bill.One Way was described perfectly by his Tea Party opponent Sharron Angle as the illegal immigrant’s best friend.These two drips Reid and Durbin are the Senate’s Democratic leaders,and they and the rest of Amnesty Gang have been thwarted time after time because of patriot resistance.Their dumb acronym DREAM stands for Development,Relief and Education for Alien Minors.It’ll apply to minors brought into or born in America by an illegal-immigrant parent.Once again,because the negligent slobs running the federal government haven’t protected our southern border,we have all these millions of illegal immigrants in the land.Fortunately for patriots,wet DREAM Reid and Tricky Dick Durbin failed to get the 60 votes they needed to end debate(cloture)on the bill,so it died for now;but Tricky Dicky promised to return it for another vote.One Way Reid is so psychotically pro-illegal-immigrant and pro-la-conquista that he really thinks this’ll get him re-elected in Nevada.If there’s one anti-patriot whom patriots must work overtime to defeat in the US Congress in November,it’s One Way Harry Reid.

Diversity Gang has a problem on the New York City borough of Staten Island.Black Americans are suspects in assaults on Mexican immigrants,and the attacks are supposedly racially motivated.The black-Puerto Rican borough president of Bronx County decided to participate in a march on Staten Island,presumably expressing his sympathy for those he considers his fellow latinos,even though he has as much in common with Mexicans as an American-Anglo like me.But these attacks must’ve gave DG in politics and the media a snit,because they’ve been inculcated to believe that only whites commit racially motivated attacks against non-whites-or “people of color.” So that these attacks were reported as racially motivated may indicate that they’re slowly starting to de-program.More importantly is that racial animosity between American blacks and latino immigrants may be rising and may already be a tinderbox-thanks to out-of-control immigration from south of the border.With all the hispandering practiced by politicians and news people and big businessmen and others in positions of influence,I believe that there may be a plan to gradually replace blacks with latinos as America’s lower class.And now we travel around the horn to South Africa and its illustrious president Jacob Zuma.He just had his 23rd child,and he has several wives.He embodies the new South Africa:a polygamous president,skyrocketing crime and unemployment,about a quarter of the population carrying the AIDS virus.But the white man has been removed from power,and that’s all Diversity Gang cares about,no matter how horrible things continue to get in what novelist Alan Paton called “the Beloved Country.” For American patriots,Diversity Gang in our country will cut slack too for “people of color,” but I don’t think they would stoop so low as to sanction or ignore a polygamous president.But these are desperate people full of vengeance.And that means they don’t think straight.

Karel De Gucht is trade minister of the 27-members European Union.He said that,”…the Jewish Lobby on Capitol Hill…is the best-organized lobby that exists there.” I read this on the website of The Scotsman newspaper.And the liberal paper’s story was more of a demand that Mr.Gucht apologize than what he actually said and why he said it.Whether Jewish Lobby/Israel Lobby is the best-organized lobby is very subjective,but it’s definitely well-organized.It’s almost certainly the main reason why so many immoral acts committed by Israel’s government are either ignored by the US government and major news media or there’s very little if any follow-up when something negative towards the nation of Israel is reported.Jews are way over-represented in the upper echelon of the Abomination’s administration and in Congress,and then there’s AIPAC(American-Israel Public Affairs Committee)-an activist group that has already been caught spying on the US government.And how interesting that no major media outlet,to my knowledge,reported the minister’s comment on “the Jewish Lobby.” One way to empower an ethno-centric/ethno-empowerment group is to deny it exists or not cover its operations so that it can operate with little exposure or opposition.And if there’s one thing that needs to be done in America re Jewish Lobby/Israel Lobby is expose it.Bravo to this EU trade minister.May more like him come forward.

On the economic front,there are 4 million more Americans in poverty,about 4.5 million more without health insurance,and August had skyrocketing foreclosures on homes.Of course,the Abomination and his neo-bolshevik loyalists who want to destroy America’s traditional identity and character will keep saying that it’ll take time for his spending policies to work.How much time? That’s irrelevant to them.They’re left-wing ideologues;their economic mentors are Marx,Lenin,Keynes,Castro,Guevara.If their policies are in force via the strong arm of governmental power,then that’s all that matters to them.They’ve got the power! If it takes 50,100,500 years for their policies to work-regardless of the suffering of the masses-so be it.It’s the curse of ideology and blind allegiance to an economic creed,like the laissez-faire,free-trader globalists who blindly believe that unlimited,unrestricted free trade is always good,or the immigration ideologues who believe that immigration is always good.The terrible result of these intellectual pastimes is real people are harmed by them while the pedants and stuffed-shirt scholars plan the perfect society from the soothing comfort of their dens and studies.

On medical care(I’m sick of the term “health-care”),a report from Centers for Disease Control & Prevention(CDC)revealed that about half of Americans regularly use prescription drugs.America’s becoming a doped-up nation! But of course,so many drug companies think this is just ducky because this makes them incredibly rich.The more sick,dependent people on their drugs,the better for them.And this report dovetails with an analysis from about the virtually inhuman state of medical care in America today.There’s a link to it on,and I think it’s best summarized by the observation that stinkin’,rotten greed is the root problem in medical care today.We aren’t patients first;we’re customers.I’m not saying that all or even most medical-care professionals are greedy;I’m saying the corrupt,immoral system they’re a part of is.And it’s fed by a corrupt,immoral government with all its regulations,bureaucracy,red tape,mandates,threats,etc..I say we need to return to something like a point-of-service system.That’ll make patients and providers much more responsible and realistic when it comes to treatments and costs.And this all is related to my conviction that as American society becomes more anti-Christ when it comes to how we behave towards ourselves and towards each other,then medical care and health insurance will get more expensive,to a point of near-unaffordability.And as far as overusing or unnecessarily using prescription drugs,my advice is to use them only when everything else fails and get off them ASAP!

On the corrupt pro-sports front,a curvy latina “sports reporter” who fits all the sensual-latina sterotypes was presumably assigned by the latino-owned network she works for to interview Mexican-American quarterback Mark Sanchez of New York Jets.So the jerk wears super-tight jeans and sashays onto the field where the Jets were practicing.And should she have been surprised when some of the over-300-lbs.players started making sexual comments to her?! The only question that needs to be asked is:What’s a curvy dame or any dame doing covering pro-football and even entering locker rooms to interview butt-naked players?! Are male reporters interviewing female athletes in their locker rooms? I don’t know,but I don’t think so.As far as this Mexican babe goes,maybe she wasn’t assigned to interview Sanchez but wanted to…get to know him.While the previous paragraph on this patriot post cited greed as the root problem in medical care,greed is the root problem in pro-sports too.But we can throw in the feminists and the pansies who run and cover pro-sports today for the sickening spectacle it has become.But occasionally there’s some good news in the sordid world of pro-sports in America:a tiger has now become a pussycat.Tiger Woods-demi-god of the typical Diversity Gang sports reporter-got divorced from Mrs.Tiger.They divorced almost certainly due to his tomcat infidelity and promiscuity.They had a nice “domestic dispute” at their Florida mansion about 9 months ago where Mrs.Tiger conked him on the head and face with one of his clubs.She should’ve been arrested for assault.But because of the wicked double-standard in America today of the misanthropic feminazis,quite often the lady of the house can escape assault charges on her hubby because the feminist ideology dictates that only men are domestic abusers.But back to Tiger.Ever since that beating from Mrs.Tiger,it has been downhill for the idol of sports multi-culturalism.He then was connected to Canadian juice- doctor Anthony Galea.He lost considerable upper-body mass,probably because he stopped juicing.And his golf career has gone steadily downhill,so much so that he’s almost an embarrassment on the links.And all this started after Mrs.Tiger confronted him and belted him over his adultery and womanizing.So the Tiger with his on-course vulgarity,ego-mania,and his off-course philandering has brought him down.He deserves it.And his idolaters have also been brought down,who looked up to him and exalted him all these years as if he were a superior being.Pussycat Woods has proven once again that golden idols have feet of clay.Meow.His life is an example for those who think they can escape the warning in the Book of Proverbs that pride goes before a fall.
The horrible multiple-homicides and multiple-shootings keep raging across the land.Here’s a rundown:5 shot,1 stabbed at a “house party” in Detroit;6 dead in a multiple-homicide/suicide involving family members in Kentucky;murder-suicides over a span of just 10 days left 10 dead in Sin City Las Vegas;5 shot dead in Arizona over a boyfriend-former-girlfriend feud;and 3 shot dead in W.Hollywood,CA.That’s quite a list.Isn’t it,patriots? Is the war right here in America or in Afghanistan or Iraq? A criminal madness is gripping America,and I think the average Joe or Jane just can’t accept that hard reality.

I close this patriot post with some positive news.Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell defeated moderate-flab congressman Michael Castle in the GOP primary for US Senate in Delaware-the First State.While the jury is still out on how much a patriot Christine is,her victory was a great boost for the patriot cause and citizen activism in the fight to elect statesmen and servants to governments and not establishment hacks.In Iowa there’s a grass-roots effort to remove the pro-homosexual judges who declared Iowa’s ban on homo marriage “unconstitutional.” Even in a heartland state like Iowa,the anti-Christ,pro-homosexual wing of Diversity Gang holds many seats of power.Let’s hope and pray the patriots succeed in voting out these arrogant judges in November.And the last three acts of patriot resistance I’ll cite deal with La Conquista,specifically the illegal-immigration aspect of it.The liberal political-newspaper The Hill published a lights-out blog that excoriated the liberal Democrats pushing illegal-immigrant amnesty.What a pleasant surprise this was from a liberal-establishment newspaper that for the most part favorably covers the liberals ruling us from DC.ALIPAC president Bill Gheen sent out a lights-out e-mail to his e-mail list describing the hypocrites in DC who care more about the borders of Iraq,Afghanistan and Pakistan than they do about our borders.And that’s because most of the people ruling this country care more about the world than they care about America.And lastly was a great public display of raw patriotism in the arena of the Phoenix Suns basketball team.The idiot,pro-conquistador owner of that team decided to support the illegal-immigrant invasion of Arizona by stitching the words “Los Suns” on the players’ jerseys.So two patriots in the crowd during one game displayed a pro-SB1070 slogan on their t-shirts.Security asked them to leave.After leaving the arena,they asked to speak with an arena member of management.The manager said they may return to their seats.And when they did,a good deal of the crowd gave them a standing ovation.Patriots,this is one way how we take our country back from her enemies.We need to fight battles like these right in our own backyards,on our streets,in our schools,at our workplaces,in our bars and restaurants.Anywhere,everywhere,anytime the anti-patriots are on the move,resist them! Oppose them! Fight them with all you got! Time is running out for America! The 12th hour is fast approaching!

Patriots,there’ll be one,possibly two,posts on this patriot blog before the November elections.I hope you’ve done all you could to get patriots nominated for elected office.If you can vote for a patriot(s)on November 2nd,please do it.If there are no patriots to vote for where you live,then write someone in or don’t vote.At times there’s nothing wrong-indeed,at times there’s everything right-with not voting.Nevada has the vote option of None of the Above.That’s something every state should have:if that vote gets a certain percentage of the total vote,then new candidates have to be chosen.Patriots,may the Almighty bless our cause;we need Him.Till next time.