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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Hi,patriots,from a cooled-off Bronx,NY! Thank God! Did we need it! This is the fourth straight day of clouds,rain and coolness! Beautiful sleeping weather.It has been a sauna-bath Summer since right about the start,with an occasional let up.It just refused to rain for about a month before this past Sunday.The sun will come out tomorrow,and I hope it shines on America in different ways leading up to the November elections.

With Congress passing and President Abomination signing the latest bill funding the Iraq/Afghanistan wars($59 billion,not 60),the warmonger US government has now spent over $1 trillion on their so-called War on Terror!(WOT!).Of course,this is money that for the most part they don’t have.And that’s because the US government is basically bankrupt.So they’re borrowing tons of money-much of it from foreign governments-to fund their unholy,immoral,unconstitutional war.Moreover,The New York Times ran a lengthy article on President Abomination’s “Shadow War” which is being fought in about 12 countries,not just Iraq and Afghanistan.This is no surprise to us anti-war patriots who’ve suspected for quite a while that our guys are being ordered to fight in many other Muslim countries and that TPTB in Washington,DC are ostensibly preparing for major war against a good deal of the Muslim world.This WOT! is one of the spending sprees that keeps driving us further into bankruptcy and probable economic collapse unless patriots stop them.And one of the “private contractors” who has had a bloody history in Iraq and Afghanistan is Erik Prince-a former Navy seal and founder of  notorious mercenary-army Blackwater,since cryptically renamed Xe.Facing imminent civil and possible criminal prosecution,the prince has hightailed it out of America and now lives in United Arab Emirates.How ironic that this modern-day crusader who probably gets his jollies by killing as many Muslims as possible has fled to a Muslim country.But one that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with America! How convenient! Erik Prince is tied in with pseudo-Christian Hillsdale College in Michigan and the very wealthy DeVoss family.In turn,they are very close with the Bush dynasty.I believe they were all involved to some degree in getting their Prince out of America and into one of the wealthier Arab countries.He’ll probably live as a prince over there because he has money and he has connections.The Almighty willing,he’ll somehow be brought to justice for the crimes he almost certainly committed while fighting Boy George’s/President Abomination’s WOT!.And his involvement in Iraq is just one ugly stain on America’s character for its corrupt government’s unholy war which has caused such horrible,unnecessary suffering and death for millions of innocent people in countries assaulted by the WOT!,in addition to the unnecessary deaths of about 6,000 US servicemen and about 40,000 wounded.I pray those responsible for this needless carnage be revealed and brought to justice.

A positive turn on the immoral Iraq war emerged in UK,where former Tory Party leader Michael Howard declared that a new investigation should be conducted into the death of British scientist David Kelly.He was found dead in some isolated woods from slashed wrists just a few weeks after it was revealed that he supplied information to the press that Saddam Hussein’s WMD was exaggerated and virtually no real threat.It’s pretty obvious to me that Dr.Kelly was taken out by British “intelligence” agents for spilling his guts and not keeping quiet.And it’s very rare that a current or former establishment politician like Mr.Howard would come out publicly to call for another investigation.TPTB in UK and US are doing everything they can to keep the truth about the invasion and occupation of Iraq as secret as possible.And if someone wants to air dirty secrets about the war,they endanger themselves,just like Dr.Kelly did and probably paid the ultimate price.Let’s hope someone in the corrupt US polity comes out like Mr.Howard has done.Now back to the political sewer in US.A recent poll found 1 in 5 Americans believe President Abomination to be a Muslim.They may very well be right,and it was sickening to see establishment reporters sucking up to Abomination,claiming that the views of those polled were “incorrect.” A view is incorrect to Diversity Gang reporters,in this case from Associated Press.In the course of this story,it was learned that Methodist minister Kirbyjon Caldwell frequently gives Abomination advice for “inspiration.” Mr.Caldwell of course defended Abomination,claiming his protege is Christian and prays frequently.Apart from that ministerial PR,what was very interesting to learn is that this same minister who provides inspiration to the Abomination was chosen to officiate at the wedding of Boy George’s daughter Jenna! It’s all in the family! The Abomination,the Clintons and the Bushes! All one,big happy family! They even go to the same man of the cloth! So who picked Kirbyjon(nice name)to preside over Jenna’s wedding? I think it was iron-lady liberal-feminist Laura Bush.I wonder if Kirbyjon is related to Jeremiah Wright.Since we’re now in the Chicago area,the political sewer that has been the Windy City for a long time displayed itself again when Rod “Blago” Blagojevich was convicted on only one of 24 counts,thanks to one holdout juror.Al Capone’s boys in Chicago’s speakeasy era at times tried to “get to” one juror in a case involving one of their own,by bribing or threatening that juror.Did something like this happen? All a defendant needs is one juror out of 12 to hang a jury.And now Blago is full of even more arrogance and defiance and bravado,basically threatening the federal prosecutor that he can’t wait to take on the next jury when he gets re-tried.He’s part of the same corrupt Democratic political machine that has run Chicago for around 100 years-and it’s a tough nut to crack.And now we move to Connecticut-the nutty Nutmeg State.Their election for the US Senate seat being vacated by Christopher Dodd(good riddance)will be one of the bigger jokes played on an electorate anywhere in the country:Republican Linda McMahon-a former CEO of freak show World Wrestling Entertainment-and Democratic attorney general Richard Blumenthal,who lied several times during the primary campaign about serving in Vietnam during the war.What a sickening joke! The next senator from Connecticut is probably going to be a liar or a freak-show impresario! Primary voters in the establishment parties can be real dopes or,in this case,real creeps.But coming from the richest state per-capita in the nation,with a lot of ultra-rich liberals and a large lower class,this is microcosmic of the political state of affairs for a great part of America;and it’s another black mark on our national character.Not to be undone,federal judge Vaughn Walker-appointed to the bench by Republican president Ronald Reagan-told a majority of California voters that banning homosexual marriage was “unconstitutional.” But now it’s revealed that Judge Vaughn may be a homosexual himself.So how convenient it was that he was “picked” to decide on this case! I smell a rat! TPTB in this country are so desperate to sanction and exalt homosexuality that they’ll leave no stone unturned in their unholy mission.Moreover,judges don’t have any specified power to declare any law unconstitutional.This started with the practice in 1803 of “judicial review.” At least a delay has been approved on this idiot judge’s ruling until it’s officially appealed to a higher court.More importantly,the way judges are picked and the way the courts operate need to be examined by elected officials so that something that looks so rigged like this rarely happens,if at all.And lastly on the political-corruption front is the report out of Sweden,where an arrest warrant for rape and molestation was issued on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange,just about 6-8 weeks after his website posted embarrassing US government documents on their involvement in the immoral Afghanistan war.But then,just a few hours after the announcement of the warrant was divulged,it was rescinded.So what happened here? Did someone in the Pentagon or the warmonger neo-con cabal or somewhere else conspire to fabricate rape charges against the guy who went public with some of their dirty laundry and then realized they may be found out if they pulled this off? Of course this is speculation,but the timing of this warrant and then its rescission is ostensibly more than  co-incidence.Big boys playing their war games don’t like it when someone interrupts their game and wants to spoil their fun.That’s enough on America’s political-corruption front.

Or maybe it isn’t.I categorized this on America’s Moral Breakdown,but it’s also political corruption too.Very quietly it squeaked out that anorexic-looking skank Ann Coulter will host the annual convention of Republican homosexual activist group GOProud in September in NYC.It has been rumored for many years in conservative and patriot circles that Coulter is a lesbian,like R.Emmet Tyrell The American Spectator and Christopher Ruddy at Newsmax are homosexual.But the “conservative” establishment which isn’t conservative but neo-conservative has suppressed this talk for many years and doesn’t want anyone to know for sure except their inner circle.As for Coulter,one of her best friends is liberal television personality Geraldo Rivera,and she has made an incredible amount of money courtesy mainly of Republican book publisher Regnery out of Washington,DC.So now this phony conservative and darling of the warmonger neo-cons may be slowly coming out of the closet,and she may totally reveal her real self next month at GOProud.Unless her handlers gag her and tell her to be very careful.But someone can lead a double life only for so long before the truth spills out.

There was a tragic irony in our illegal-immigration crisis when a nun in Virginia was killed by an illegal-immigrant drunk driver from Bolivia;two nuns riding in the car with her were seriously injured.And once again,he was in custody before for illegally entering and being in the country but was never deported.And now we learn that Catholic Charities was assisting him to stay in the country! The tragic irony here,patriots,is that the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church has been in the forefront of the “comprehensive immigration reform” movement.Since 80% of the illegals are latino and the vast majority of them are Catholic,they see millions more parishioners in church pews and more money on the church plates.And they also see Protestant America becoming less-Protestant and more Roman Catholic.Of course,they don’t even think about the rule of law being violated and what the consequences would be if,the Almighty forbid,an illegal-immigrant amnesty passes.So that one of their own nuns is killed by an illegal-immigrant drunk driver is,as I just wrote,a tragic irony.And this nun was one of many victims of illegal-immigrant drunk drivers who’ve killed innocent Americans who would still be alive if the criminally negligent US government would enforce immigration laws and defend our borders.The New American ran a tragic cover story about a year and a half ago on the illegal-immigrant crime wave sweeping America.Please go to and see if this issue is still available to read online or via hard copy.

Dovetailing with our illegal-immigration crisis is La Conquista,for 80% of illegal immigrants are latino.Mario Obledo was a latino activist in California who once predicted to an interviewer that California will become a latino state and anyone who doesn’t like that should leave.He followed up by saying that whites(”anglos” to the militant latinos) should “go back to Europe.” And then-president Billy Clinton awarded this conquistador Presidential Medal of Freedom-the nation’s highest civilian honor.This is one piece of proof that Billy and Hillary are virtual traitors,who rewarded a conquistador for predicting a future Mexican takeover of California.And it sure as a tamale looks like that’s what’s going to happen.Whites are down to about 40% of California’s population,blacks are down to about 7%,while the latino population has exploded to about 37%-thanks to unprecedented legal and illegal immigration into the Golden State.And about 12% of the state is Asian.Regardless of what befalls the Golden State,conquistador Obledo croaked before he could see it.So patriots can gain some satisfaction that one of their enemies bit the dust at 78 before Mexifornia engendered.

Now we travel to the nation of Israel on the immigration issue.Their government announced plans to deport about 500 children-of legal immigrants.Prime minister Netanyahu expressed concerns about Israel’s “Jewish identity” being jeopardized by so many non-Jewish children in a country about 80% Jewish.Preserving a nation’s identity and character is totally understandable and proper.But as much as I’m an immigration hawk,deporting children of legal immigrants is pretty sick.I’m commenting here because the Israel Lobby in America,which to me includes all these ultra-liberal ethno-centric activist groups like ADL,AJC,SPLC ad infinitum and the majority of Jewish politicians,supports amnesty for America’s estimated 11 million illegal immigrants and favors a virtual open-borders immigration policy.They support Israel defending their identity-i.e.,keeping Israel mostly Jewish-but America to them has no comparable identity or character.Well,America has and always has had a unique identity and character:a European,Christian,English-speaking nation.And that’s how I want it to stay! I’ll take a line from conquistador Obledo:If you don’t like America’s identity and character,you leave! And we learned about 3 more Jewish activist groups about 2 weeks ago causing trouble,this time because they didn’t like some commentary from screwball and “ex” alcoholic Glenn Beck with a Nazi analogy.I remember two of these groups who met with a Fox News executive over Beck’s comments:Jewish Funds for Justice(Egad!) and Zionist Organization of America.They didn’t like what Beck said,they wrote a letter to Fox News,they got a meeting with an executive.This is one small example of the power and influence of Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby in America.But at least Beck hasn’t been fired,yet.When I posted a link on a few months ago on pinko-liberal Newsweek magazine going up for sale,I expressed an iota of hope that some patriot(s)would buy it,especially since America has no mass-circulation news magazine for conservatives and patriots.I shouldn’t have hoped at all,I guess,because the previous liberal-Jewish owners of Newsweek kept it in the family by selling to a 91-years-old millionaire named Sidney Harman,whose wife just happens to be Jane Harman-a Jewish congresswoman from California who was caught on a wiretap about a year ago trying to influence the sentencing of two Jewish lobbyists at American-Israel Public Affairs Committee(AIPAC)then under indictment.But the Israel Lobby struck again:President Abomination’s Justice Dept.decided not to prosecute the AIPAC lobbyists indicted for spying and all was forgotten with Harman.And she sits on the Homeland Security Committee in the House.And it’s obvious to me that she is married to a mocher about 30 years her senior because he’s loaded and she twisted his arm to keep Newsweek under liberal-Jewish control.Patriots,let’s boycott Newsweek.There’s nothing new about Newsweek.And lastly we have Joseph Stalin look-alike Elena Kagan confirmed to US Supreme Court.Abomination selected her obviously for these reasons:she’s female,she’s Jewish,she’s from New York City,and she’s a Jacobin.And now in a majority-Protestant nation,there are 3 Jews-all virtually identical Jacobins-along with 6 Roman Catholics on US Supreme Court.And this country is only about 2-3% Jewish.Incredible.That’s all for now on Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby.They’re a formidable enemy.But with the Almighty’s help,they’re beatable.

Here’s a list of 8 horrible crimes that traumatized America over the past few weeks:1)On Staten Island,NY-one of New York City’s 5 boroughs,even though it’s geographically part of New Jersey-a mother murdered her 4 children and then killed herself by setting the house on fire.She wasn’t married,and her 14-years-old son was called “the man of the house” by a neighbor;2)Right near Martha Stewart’s 153-acres mansion in the NYC suburb of Bedford,NY,a babysitter stabbed the 2 young girls she was sitting for,and she was somehow related to the family;3)2 women and 2 kids were slain in Maryland supposedly over an argument over marijuana-i.e.,it sounds like a drug deal gone bad;4)In Wisconsin,an Iraq-war vet murdered his pregnant wife,their young daughter,their 3 dogs and then himself;5)After a large party in a bar and grill in Buffalo,NY,4 people in the party were shot dead and 4 were wounded,and the killer is still at large;6)In the span of about 8 hours on a hot Friday night into early Saturday morning in Bronx,NY,there were 9 separate shootings that resulted in 2 dead and 14 wounded;7)A serial stabber-an Israeli citizen,interestingly enough-slew 5  black men and wounded several more in other states,and was nabbed while boarding a plane in Atlanta for Israel,and there has been little follow-up since his arrest.Is that he’s an Israeli have something to do with it?;8)And lastly was the barbaric and obviously anti-white racist slaughter in Manchester,Connecticut when Omar Thornton was fired for stealing from his employer and decided to murder 8 innocent people probably because they were white and maybe one or two of them called him a name he disliked.If Omar were white and he murdered blacks or latinos,FBI,state police,other federal law enforcement would’ve swarmed Manchester and interrogated every person who was in contact with the suspect.But there has been no national major coverage of the funerals of the victims,no memorials;now it’s mostly silence.And that’s because it was a black man who committed racist murder against whites,and that’s something that Diversity Gang doesn’t get worked up about;indeed,they sympathize more with Omar than with his victims out of pure racial favoritism and racial hatred or apathy towards whites.How’s that for a crime wave that’s terrorizing America and continuing to turn us into a Third World hell while our imperial government keeps sending US fighting men into Afghanistan-the graveyard of empire-while the war America fights is really right here on our soil?

Lastly,patriots,I come to the once-great American pastime of baseball.Roger The Rocket Clemens was finally indicted for lying to Congress over using steroids during his pro career.The egotistical slob had nothing to lose by just admitting to Congress that he juiced,like everybody with half a brain has known for a long time.But all the ego-maniac was probably thinking about was his “star” status and getting elected to Baseball Hall of Fame.Now he runs the risk of doing time in federal prison,though I wouldn’t bet on it.He’s a big donor to GOP,and they just might pull some strings and get him a slap on the wrist.For about the last 20 years,a multitude of players have juiced.And most of them have gotten away with it because TPTB in baseball and government have winked at it because too many hot shots are making a lot of money and the game is being used to socially engineer our society.Which leads to my final point on Pancho Villa look-alike Ozzie Guillen-manager of Chicago White Sox-once again spouting some hot air but also some truthful insights on what pro-baseball has slithered to.He said that he’s the only one in baseball warning his fellow latinos not to use steroids to play in MLB.He said that a lot of these players come from desperately poor countries and want the Yankee dollar so much that that’s why they’re tempted to juice.The Venezuelan Guillen complained that while Asian players are provided interpreters,latinos aren’t.And he said that generally the owners shrug at juice use.If the Wizard of Ozzie weren’t a mixed-race latino,he almost certainly would’ve been fired a long time ago for his big mouth.But he’s obnoxious,militant,foul-mouthed,entertaining and at-times refreshingly honest and truthful all at the same time.The old adage used to be that as GM goes,so goes the nation.Now that GM is close to death,we should change it to as baseball goes,so goes America.And GM and baseball and America are going,going,and close to gone.

But,patriots,I say if America goes down,we go down fighting,with our ship.Remember that the founding fathers pledged their fortunes and their lives for our independence and the patriot cause.Let’s not abandon their legacy and their sacrifice.Till next time.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Greetings,patriots,from hot and humid Bronx,NY.July may have been the hottest July on record for New York City.I thought that after the extreme Winter we had,it would be followed by an extreme Summer;it looks like I was right.

There are 4 subjects dealing with the immoral,unconstitutional wars being fought by the US government in Afghanistan and Iraq that I’d like to start this patriot post with.Two US sailors were killed in land-locked Afghanistan.What are sailors doing in a land-locked country,along with the Navy’s soldiers the Marines? Since no one in the pro-war news media or the corrupt polity in America is asking this,it should be asked and answered.I believe the Pentagon and the White House are so short of fighting men that they need to deploy these men in theaters where they aren’t supposed to be fighting;it’s similar to airmen fighting in submarines.The US armed forces are specialized units,trained to operate in different theaters of combat.So,sailors shouldn’t be fighting inland,infantrymen shouldn’t be fighting on ships or planes,etc..But the corrupt,desperate people running the US government are again just doing what they’ve been good at for far too long:doing what they want and to hell with everyone or everything else.And because of the terrible conditions US soldiers are forced to live under by their civilian and military commanders,the suicide rate in US Army has this year broken the record.That may be hard to believe especially considering WW2,but this is how bad it has gotten for US servicemen,as they are put under incredible stress and punishment from a lawless government using them as pawns for foreign conquest.I think we need to pray hard for these guys.Moreover,The Los Angeles Times reported that LAPD is training US Marines to train police in Afghanistan.So the government of the City of Angels is using tax money from Los Angeleans and their police officers to train Marines who’ll train police in a country about 8,000 miles away.What a stark illustration of globalism! Of using American police and American tax money to train police in a foreign land as if LA doesn’t have trouble of its own! But to the globalists and internationalists running governments at so many levels in America today,there’s no difference between an Afghan and an American.Indeed,they probably care more about foreigners than they do Americans;it’s just one more reason why America is cursed by terrible lawmakers and policymakers.The conquest and rule of Afghanistan is more important to them than the safety of LA-a city that’s approaching direct rule from Mexico City and not Sacramento or Washington,DC.And lastly on the immoral Afghan and Iraq wars,the Chilcot Inquiry in United Kingdom revealed more evidence that the Boy George Bush administraton either exaggerated intelligence on Iraq or knowingly attacked the country without any strong evidence of WMD or 9/11 complicity.And one of those who testified was a former director of British intelligence agency MI6.So where’s the Chilcot Inquiry in America?! UK was involved to a much-lesser degree in the Iraq war,yet the US Congress has held no official investigation into the lies and false intelligence that was used as a casus belli to attack and then occupy Iraq.Why? I’m convinced it’s because powerful people are being protected from being discovered and eventually prosecuted:rats like Donald “Rummy” Rumsfeld,Snarling Dick Cheney,Paul the Wolf Wolfowitz,Douglas Feith-and even Boy George himself.Over 5,000 Americans have died in Iraq and over 35,000 have been wounded.Iraq has been decimated,with quasi-official estimates of a half-million to one-million dead Iraqi civilians.And these lying bastards have all gotten away with it.Patriots,I pray that we need to know who lied about Iraq and who led us into this totally unnecessary war.

As for the political cesspool ruling us in America,especially from Washington,DC(District of Creeps),8 congressmen(5 Republicans,3 Democrats)are under investigation from Office of Congressional Ethics for attending some shady fundraisers right around the time the so-called “financial reform” bill was working its way through Congress.This office is supposedly independent and non-partisan and will report its findings to the House Ethics Committee.One of these dopes is my congressman Uncle Joe Crowley-a typical radical liberal from NYC.I won’t hold my breath for anything to come of this investigation,but you never know-especially in an election year when TPTB know all too well that millions upon millions of Americans are enraged at a corrupt,lawless government in DC and the Republicrat system that undergirds it.As for the fundraisers,it looks like some fat-cat lobbysits for big banks-the ones we were told are “too big to fail”-donated money to congressional campaigns and committees in return for favorable votes towards Wall Street.Some good news came on the campaign front for patriots and conservatives when Boy George Bush announced he won’t campaign for GOP candidates in the Fall elections.Who in his or her right mind would want him to campaign for them?! The main reason we have Abomination in the White House and neo-bolsheviks running Congress is because we had 8 years of globalist Boy George and his big-spending,pro-war Republican Congress! I think those handling Boy George in his retirement told him to keep away from the campaigns because he’s still so unpopular with voters.We also had some moron federal judges ruling on a case where FCC fined some tv stations for airing the F word.A majority of the judges on the panel said this was an infringement on free speech.So these clowns see nothing wrong with morons on the tube saying and screaming “F… you!” over the airwaves.This is one way how US culture will deteriorate further and further unless patriots stop these moron judges and get them off the bench via impeachment.And the last item in the political-corruption file is some health fascists in Denville,NJ have banned tobacco smoking in all public places,including sidewalks.No joke.So if a guy is smoking a fine cigar on his front stoop and walks on the sidewalk to the curb to bring the garbage out,he’ll be breaking the law.These are the types of head cases ruling us in this country,that they would even think about banning smoking on sidewalks,let alone actually banning it.Liberal fascism,or soft neo-bolshevism,is ruling more and more of America.

On La Conquista front comes the news that scandal-scarred Puerto Rican state senator Pedro Espada in New York City held a sickening press conference to announce that “God was in him” as he is under investigation from a fellow Democrat attorney general of New York State for financial shenanigans at a health center he ran in the south Bronx.Why I put the link to the story on why I’m blogging on it now is because Pedro promised that if the law kept coming after him,his fellow latinos-specifically,Mexicanos,Dominicanos and Puerto Riquenos-will come running to his side to protect him and fight for him.This is the essence of La Conquista movement:disparate latino groups like Puerto Ricans,Dominicans,Cubans,Mexicans,Columbians,Chileans et al trying to forge a united racial-empowerment movement on US soil to get more for their race(raza)regardless of who else they harm.I doubt this movement will stick together for long because these groups are very different from each other,regardless of any commonality they do have.But one thing a part of their populations do have in common is they hate the gringo,the anglo,the Americano.They’re also not too thrilled with blacks or really anyone else but latinos.Now if this movement were comprised of white ethnics,the Diversity Gang media would be all over it,calling it every name in the book.But a latino movement.Si se puede! Thanks to this ugly creep Pedro Espada,who may be doing time very soon,he let the cat out of the bag somewhat with his La Raza declaration and warning.He has informed more patriots what he and his compadres are up to.

Israel Lobby is on the warpath again.And as usual,Billy Kristol is involved.He’s editor of the neo-con rag magazine The Weekly Standard(What a boring title for a news magazine!)and a son of Irving Kristol-the founding father of the wicked political movement known as neo-conservatism.Billy is always smiling-like the canary that has just swallowed the sparrow-and he has teamed up with “evangelical” Gary Bauer to place hit-spot ads against congressional candidates they deem not loyal to the nation of Israel.And the city of Tel Aviv in Israel is now sponsoring Gay Vibe-a marketing strategy to entice homosexuals the world over to vacation there and have a gay old time,but not like The Flintstones.They’ll want a homosexual bacchanalia and they want their money,of course.So where’s this bug-eyed clown Bauer and the rest of the anti-Christ evangelical establishment condemning this homo outreach in a nation that they have nothing but praise for almost all the time? They won’t say a word,because they’ve been so conditioned to think that the government and people of Israel are virtually a God-like people who operate under a different and special morality than the rest of the world.To you patriots who wish to visit the Holy Land,I recommend you avoid Tel Aviv,which is slowly becoming Sodom By the Sea.

The US national debt will “…Destroy the country from within.” That lovely warning came from none other than Erskine Bowles-a former chief-of-staff to then-President Billy Clinton and appointed by President Abomination to co-chair a national commission to address the US government’s debt which is about $14.3 trillion.His candor is quite refreshing despite its scariness.What’s laughable,though,about this tragedy brought on us by reckless,irresponsible government is that on the very day Mr.Bowles warned about this destruction from over-spending/over-borrowing,the Abomination announced plans for an additional $50-100 billion in federal spending! Ha,ha,ha! He and his co-neo-bolsheviks running Congress will probably congratulate themselves for helping to start up this commission and then ignore austerity recommendations similar to what Greece’s government has been forced to implement.Or something like Billy and Hillary Clinton ignoring the immigration reforms advocted by former Texas congresswoman Barbara Jordan when she chaired a presidential commission to address our immigration problems.Some good may come from this particular “bi-partisan” debt commission or it may be a waste of everyone’s time.But at least Mr.Bowles warned this corrupt,irresponsible government in DC that they are destroying our country financially and fiscally,and for that he should be applauded.Continuing on the path of fiscal destruction in America,a poll reported on in USA Today found that most Americans,especially younger ones,believe Social Security-one of the sacred cows of the Democrat establishment-will either drastically cut their retirement benefits or won’t provide benefits at all.The paper’s reporter kind of gave a “What are they so worried about?” reaction to the poll results,as she is probably a pro-FDR Democrat in good standing.However,the article(found on well-written and informative and did candidly express the understandable concerns of those polled.Patriots,the short of it is SS is in trouble because of one simple reason:the ratio of workers paying into ”the system” to retirees has dropped from about 8 to 1 when SS kicked in around 1942 to about 3 to 1 in 2010;so there’s simply less money entering the pool that’s used to pay current retirees their monthly checks.This year SS didn’t provide a COLA to recipients and for the first time,took in less in tax payments than they paid out in benefits.Again,common sense says this is unsustainable without major changes.Probably within the next few years,Social Security Administration(SSA)will have no choice but to follow the recommendations of another commission that was chaired by former Democratic senator Robert Kerry:raise Social Security taxes,raise the retirement age,cut benefits,or a combination of these measures.What I believe is best for retirees and best for America as a whole is to get Americans back to tending to their own retirements and stop depending on Washington,DC.I believe that Washington helped start up IRAs and retirement CDs about 30 years ago because they realized SS will encounter problems down the road.Besides,the average SS annual payout is about $14,000.That’s almost at the poverty line! So while SS is a helpful monthly stipend,it doesn’t totally get the job done.The only role the government should have in retirement plans and funds is to establish a FDIC-like agency that would oversee firms and companies that provide retirement plans and products and services;this would make these companies more responsible in how they invest and safeguard the money that people put aside for their retirement and provide insurance if or when funds are lost for one reason or another.American taxpayers would save hundreds of billions of dollars by phasing out SSA and just starting up the aforementioned oversight agency.And we won’t have to be dependent on the goons running DC;we can be in charge of our own financial decisions and futures.And that’s how it should be in a free country that’s becoming less-free as I type.The last news I’d like to report and comment on re financial and economic matters is JP Morgan Chase making almost $5 billion in the last quarter.This Rockefeller-owned bank has made out like a bandit since the recession began about 3 years ago.And one reason:They’re paying hardly any interest to their depositors! My mom has a savings account at the local branch and it’s paying 0.10 % interest! Pretty soon they may charge a fee for depositing money in their bank! But this is obviously all part of the plan to discourage us from saving money,to spend money impulsively,to return heavily to the stock market and make us dependent on credit;this keeps the wealthy and powerful running this house-of-cards economy protected and empowered.And then the “settlement” was announced between Securities & Exchange Commission(SEC)and Goldman Sachs of a fine of $550 million paid by Goldman to SEC in response to the lawsuit filed by SEC on unethical business practices by Goldman towards some of their clients.To me it’s obvious that this was a nice,cozy agreement between the rich and powerful at SEC and Goldman to lay this matter to rest before any other cats scamper out of the bag.In a civil or criminal trial,a lot of unexpectancies can emerge,a lot of secrets can become public knowledge.And this is what probably motivated Goldman to make this somewhat-large payout to SEC.I say somewhat because GS is loaded,and this amount,while substantial,is probably a drop in the bucket to them and they won’t miss it that much.Nor will they miss the bad publicity that would’ve emerged from a protracted civil trial in a time of rising populist rage at corrupt government and corrupt Wall Street.

Here are the latest blotter entries on America’s raging wave of crime:3 dead,4 wounded in a shooting in Albuquerqe,NM;4 slain about 60 miles north of the City of Brotherly Love in PA;a 15-years-old male in a Bronx housing project named after conquistador Sonia Sotomayor murders a man living in the apartment they shared during an argument over cable television;and the worst to hear about in quite a while,a mother murders her 4 children,slitting the throats of two of them,and then kills herself by burning down the house they lived in on Staten Island,NY.If Satan isn’t alive and well in America today,then someone or something else is responsible for these incredibly savage crimes that again ask us,according to a Merle Haggard song,”Are we rolling down a hill like a snowball headed for hell?”

Some good news and some bad news came to us from the corrupt world of pro-sports when an ESPN study found that a high percentage of stadiums sell food that’s unhealthy or falls short of basic health standards and guidelines.In an area of contemporary American society where pro-sports is motivated primarily by greed,this shouldn’t surprise us.So what if the occasional “fan”(short for fanatic)gets food poisoning as long as the people running sports today are making “big bucks”? So to you patriots who can’t resist going to a ballgame,it may be a good idea to bring your own food,if they let you.The good news is that baseball’s “All-Star” game on Fox scored its lowest ratings ever.It’s about time! How can anyone in his or her right mind waste his or her time watching a bunch of juiced-up primadonnas-a lot of them foreigners-frolicking on the diamond? Maybe,just maybe,Americans are realizing what has happened to the once-great American pastime and are finding better,more important things to do.

On the patriot-activism front,attorneys general from 9 states have galloped to the cause of the great state of Arizona by filing friend-of-the-court briefs in federal court over President Abomination’s lawsuit on SB1070-the state’s get-tough law cracking down on illegal immigration.One of the more-rewarding,more-gratifying aspects of the human experience is when man comes to the aid of his fellow man when he’s threatened or in some kind of trouble or approaching trouble.I lived it from my experience on NYPD in the South Bronx.Whether it’s going to the rescue or being rescued,it’s an inspiration.Now politics may have motivated some of these attorneys general since some of them are running for governor in their respective states,but they still took the time and effort to unify and help defend the people of Arizona who are being attacked from Abomination’s Justice Dept.primarily because they decided through their state legislators to defend themselves from an invasion of their state sovereignty.Patriots need to stick together and fight together,especially when “These are the times that try mens’ souls.” Thomas Paine said that over 200 years ago when America was starting to become a free,independent nation.It was true then and it’s true now,with the major difference being the oppressor 200 or so years ago was in London,England and today the oppressor is in Washinton,DC.I recommend that patriots thank these attorneys general for helping defend Arizona from aggression.It’s real easy by just going to the websites of the various states and shooting out an e-mail thank you by clicking the contact button.The state websites can be searched by using any of the major search engines.I recommend Start Page because they don’t record the IP addresses of the various websites that one visits,but I find their searches aren’t as good as Google or Yahoo.Start Page,however,is a good alternative,and I use it primarily and use the major engines as back-up.

Lastly,patriots,I cite more horrible weather to hit the DC-area.The most-incredible was Washington,District of Columbia,was hit by an earthquake that shook glass and caused some rumblings.I’ve never heard of an earthquake hitting DC like this one did! Did the Man Upstairs send this on the Abomination and the mini-abominations in Congress who are so full of their own self-importance,haughtiness and arrogance? Was this a warning and/or a judgment on America’s anti-Christ/anti-American seat of power? I hope so! Bring it on! I can just see the Abomination cowering under his desk in the Oval Office,trembling as he looks up at the sky and begs the Almighty not to rain down judgment on his head! This may be a sign that the prayers of praying patriots are bearing fruit or that the Man is losing his long-suffering patience and is finally cracking down.And around the same time as the DC earthquake,a brutal storm tore through parts of DC and some Maryland suburbs,killing about 5 people and causing extensive damage.Patriots,keep looking up and pray for protection from these storms.We have nothing to lose by asking.

Patriots,the louses in Congress are now in recess until September.Many of them may be attending town-hall-type meetings to hear from their constituents.If they hold them,please attend and give them an earful! Thank them if they’re on the patriot side and blast them if they’re on the anti-patriot side.The anti-patriots are in the majority now,but,the Almighty willing,that may change next year.While fighting the patriot cause this hot Summer,I recommend the occasional R & R,whether it’s a vaycay or a staycay,or just some quiet time.Even Christ took time to go to a quiet place to pray and relax.So whatever way you refresh and relax,please do it and stick to it.We’ll need it for the patriot battles that’ll certainly intensify as America keeps heading down the road to hell.But please,keep the faith and never give up.This is our America,this is our land,this is our country that we love.We musn’t let her enemies totally take over without giving them the fight of their lives.Till next time.