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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Greetings,patriots.I hope you all had a great Independence Day weekend.I also hope that we all periodically remind ourselves that July 4th is a legal holiday and it’s the day in 1776 when the US Declaration of Independence was written.The Founding Fathers who signed that document proclaimed they wanted freedom from United Kingdom’s King George and it was time to rule and make decisions for themselves.It behooves us to remember that the globalists,the internationalists,the New World Order architects and other enemies of America want to destroy our sovereignty and independence and make our nation and our land no different than any other nation.We must work to preserve our independence today from them similar to the independence achieved by the Founding Fathers about 230 years ago.And there’s also nothing like a 3-days weekend!

500 US casualties were recorded for the month of June in Afghanistan-a nation that more and more is living up to its title of Graveyard of Empire.The warmongers running the US government continue to order our guys to fight and die in that graveyard obviously for the sake of conquest.It has been 9 long years of American fighting and we the people have very little to show for it.President Abomination fired Gen.McChrystal from the Afghanistan command because the general made some unflattering comments about some of Abomination’s military bureaucrats and replaced him with CFR member General Petraeus.Council on Foreign Relations and other globalist groups are very involved in continuing this bloody war for various reasons,but again it obviously boils down to conquest.And no surprise,the Abomination administration granted a security contract in the empire’s graveyard to a subsidiary of the notorious Blackwater mercenary firm,now calling itself by the cryptic Xe.So the warmongers in the Boy George administration have deftly passed the war baton to the Abomination administration.And that’s only to be expected because both presidencies are loaded with CFR members and other odious internationalists.Such is the hell of Afghanistan-and it’s where US servicemen continue to suffer and die for no damn good reason and where innocent Afghan civilians continue to die by the scores.And we saw or heard about or read about the vileness of the neo-cons and the warmongers when Michael Steele-chairman of Republican National Committee-publicly denounced the US war in Afghanistan.Of course,one of the first neo-cons to be quoted by the major-media articles on Steele’s comments was none other than Billy Kristol-editor of the puny neo-con rag propaganda magazine The Weekly Standard and a former chief of staff to former US secretary of education Billy Bennett(the so-called “virtues czar” who blew about 8-10 million bucks of his dough on one-arm bandits).Kristol is a son of Irving Kristol-Father of Neo-Conservatism and a former devotee of mass murderer David Lev Bronstein-aka Leon Trotsky-and he wrote a letter to Mr.Steele urging him to resign.Other GOP warmongers who called for Steele’s head on a silver platter were Snarling Dick Cheney’s daughter Lizzy,who heads some warmonger propaganda outfit,Boy George Bush’s Rasputin Karl Rove,congressman Duncan Hunter Jr.,et al.And what was really interesting is that the articles I read and one of which I posted at from The Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles Times reported as news the condemnations of Steele’s anti-war comments and not his comments themselves!  In other words,if there was no wailing and gnashing of the teeth from the aforementioned warmongers,then this story probably would’ve received little reaction from MSM.And,even though the Republican Steele rightly opposed the war presently being fought as the Democrat Obama’s war,all these GOPers laced into him.And that’s because this unholy war is holy and inviolable to them.And as opposition continues to grow against them and their unholy war,they’ll behave more like wild dogs protecting their food from being taken from them.As far as Steele goes,I think this is the first thing he has done right since he was made RNC chairman.He was almost certainly elected by the RNC committee because he became the first black man to chair RNC.And a lot of Republicans are playing racial favoritism very similar to the Democrats.As I type,the smoke seems to have cleared for now on the Steele Affair.Either he was told to keep his anti-war feelings to himself or he was threatened in some way.Time will tell if he has the guts to denounce this immoral,unconstitutional war once again.

Rupert and the the Alaskan Princess.That’s what I call the latest news from the book-publishing world that Rupert Murdoch-owned Zondervan has published yet another book on Sarah Palin-only this one is geared to those only young enough between the ages 9-12.I can just see the princess instructing 10-years-old girls how to kill a moose with one shot from an assault rifle.This is the second book from a book company that still purports to be a Christian publisher but really no longer is after Murdoch bought it about 10 years ago.And not to be undone,Harper Collins-another Murdoch-owned book company-published the princess’s book Going Rogue,which has sold about 2 million copies.I’ll bet my last dollar to my last doughnut that the princess couldn’t write the words to a coloring book without help and that all these books supposedly written by her were ghost-written.This is another dirty little secret of America’s corrupt political establishment and its Christian establishment,which are two peas in a pod:putting a famous person’s name up in lights and claiming that he or she wrote a book when it was really someone else;hence the term “ghost writer.” This is almost fairy-tale-like:Uncle Rupert makes millions off of his Alaskan princess and is obviously trying to exalt her as some modern-day Joan of Arc for the 2012 GOP presidential administration,and the princess gets her desire of becoming America’s first female president in 2012 and always staying in the limelight up to then.And the princess was hired as a commentator on Murdoch-owned Fox News.And now I speculate a bit on the princess’s surname of Palin.I don’t know if that’s her married name or her maiden name.But it reminds me of a rabbi named Dalin(only the first letter is different than the princess’s)who wrote a book a few years ago defending  so-called “Hitler’s Pope” from charges that he was complicit in the Nazi persecution of Jews before and during WW2.In short,I think there’s a good chance that Princess Palin is Jewish.Look at the photo accompanying the article on her that is posted on the Current News & Patriot Commentary page on course,she’s a staunch defender of Israel’s government and a fanatical supporter of the neo-con War on Terror!.And like Rupert Murdoch has now publicly come out for an illegal-immigrant amnesty,the princess always tap dances whenever she’s queried as to where she stands on this vital issue.Back to her possible Jewish ethnicity,maybe she’s being used by half-Jewish Murdoch and other neo-cons and Israel-firsters to crown her as not a modern-day Joan of Arc but a modern-day Queen Esther! Esther-the new name that apostate Catholic/anti-Christ/cabalist Madonna took for herself.That name in Hebrew means “star of hope.” And the Jewish holiday of Purim is based on Queen Esther helping save her fellow Jews from Persian slaughter over 2,000 years ago.As noble as that was,the holiday today is rather gory and sadistic,in my opinion.And one can read about a lot of carnage and unnecessary death out of ethnic hatred from the Bible’s Book of Esther,which is not one of the Good Book’s better writings and maybe doesn’t even belong in the Bible at all.So,patriots,Rupert and the Alaskan Princess are riding into town.I hope and pray that patriots inform themselves and face the truth about this unholy duo before the princess tries to take her throne.

There’s much to report on the Amnesty Gang/La Conquista front.President Abomination gave another illegal-immigrant amnesty speech,only this time it was given at an interesting location:School of International Service at American University in Washington,DC.Location and symbolism is very important to political operatives who seek to control people’s minds and/or get them to think a certain way.So,Abomination’s handlers chose a school within a school that’s dedicated not to national service,but international service.How perfect for a globalist! But wait! This school is located at American University! Yes,patriots,the Abomination hates America and he seeks her destruction and her remaking,as he has stated on several occasions.And granting amnesty and eventual citizenship to about 11 million people-about 80% of them latinos-and allowing them to bring in their spouses and relatives,will almost certainly create a Latin American Spanish-speaking nation on our soil,apart from simply rewarding lawbreakers and invaders and trespassers for their crimes.And like other globalists-Democrat or Republican-Abomination sees no difference between an American and an Indonesian.This world is one big happy family that just needs a lot of wealth redistribution from the haves to the have-nots to make this world a paradise,so the globalists think and plan.Then the Abomination’s Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Arizona’s anti-illegal-immigration bill on-again,symbolism-the day after the official July 4th holiday,on July 6th.The message ostensibly is this anti-patriot lawsuit is somehow related to our Independence Day! Again,Abomination sees no difference between Americans in Arizona and Mexicans or other latinos crossing the border illegally and staying in Arizona in defiance of federal law.Indeed,he has loaded up his cabinet and administration with latinos-and Jews.And all these latinos who’ll become citizens if they’re granted amnesty will overwhelmingly vote Democrat,further consolidating the power of the Democratic Party over much of the country and in almost-all our metropolises.At around the same time,we had what I call Tycoon Amnesty,as New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg,News Corp.owner Rupert Murdoch,ABC head Robert Iger and the heads of other big corporations like Boeing held a press conference to declare their support for amnesty;they claimed it’s in America’s interests.And no patriot should be surprised that Uncle Rupert-owner of so-called “Balanced and Fair” Fox News(Please!)-has come out for illegal-immigrant amnesty.Murdoch is a CFR member and a big-time globalist.He’ll play both sides of the political aisle for his own interests.And all these other fat cats want amnesty probably because they’re all globalists like Abomination and Boy George and of course would just love the addition of millions more unskilled workers to perform a lot of low-paying jobs;it’s almost as if they want to return us to feudal societies.Finally on the amnesty/la conquista front is Carly Fiorina-formerly CEO of Hewlett Packard and now the GOP candidate for US Senate in California against Barby Boxer-who spoke to a group of about 20 latinos and just had to say to them upon leaving,”Muchas gracias.” She joins Meg Whitman-founder of Ebay and the GOP gubernatorial candidate in California-as they both begin “hispandering” for the latino vote.What about just getting the American vote? As we approach election day,patriots,let’s prepare for Amnesty Gang and La Conquista to keep pushing their aggression on us.

On the economic and financial front,just like Abomination’s Justice Dept.sued Arizona just for passing a law to help protect its citizens from invasion on the day after the official July 4th holiday,on July 6th,the Dow Jones Industrial Average shot up almost 300 points.There was no substantial positive news that day,so this was ostensibly an engineered market manipulation because the stock market is-again,symbolism-very important to the financial establishment.With interest rates and yields on our savings accounts kept pathetically low,this corrupt establishment wants us to get heavily back in the stock market.So they’re going to jack it up as much as they can to entice investors to buy stocks in great number if we want to make any decent return on our investments.And since interest rates are so low,Americans aren’t saving as much as they used to and should.And that’s a major reason why consumer bankruptcy filings increased 14% the last quarter from last year.If people haven’t saved enough money or aren’t saving enough,they won’t be able to pay back loans or credit-card bills.Plus,FDIC has now closed almost 100 banks this year,with about 800 other banks on their “problem” list.And lastly on American money,a former SEC investigator was fired in 2005 because he was homing in on a shady “hedge fund” and was recently awarded a settlement for almost a million bucks for being fired just for doing his job.So where’s the investigation into the SEC boss who fired this investigator for doing his job? Let’s not hold our breath.But we can still hope something comes of this to expose the corruption on Wall Street and its sister center of corruption Washington,DC.

While we just celebrated the 4th of July 3-days weekend,we always have a 3-days Memorial Day weekend.And a 17-years-old girl in suburban Connecticut decided to celebrate Memorial weekend Saturday by snorting a drug at a party and dying from it a few hours later.What a sorry testament that is for American youth when a teenager loses her life in the richest state in the country per capita by being stupid and sad enough to go to a party and snorting a drug that ends up taking her life.And all this happened on a holiday weekend when America remembers her war dead and those who have served and still serve in uniform.But that this happened in a state that probably has more of a wretched political class than Massachusetts shouldn’t really surprise us,I guess.Wretched politicians,quite often,are produced by wretched societies and wretched voters.But also at times,people are trapped by corrupt politicians and party organizations.And closer to home,where were the parents of this teenage girl who died from snorting a drug? Maybe there’s a lot of blame to go around,including the girl herself and the moron who gave her the drug that killed her.However,America is losing a lot of her youth to one bad influence after another.It’s called culture war.Or a war for our souls.And we’re losing.

Patriots,as I write at 1:50 AM in southeast Bronx,NY,it is 85 degrees.After getting blessed with two cooler days with nice amounts of rain,we’re back in the the second brutal heat wave of this Summer that’s not even a month old yet.Moscow,Russia has broken heat records.Back home,we had a brutal Winter and it looks like a brutal Summer will be with us.I can’t stop drinking! I thank the Almighty that the best feeling of relief and mercy in the world is gulping down cold water or iced tea from a glass or bottle,right out of the fridge on a hot,humid,sweltering day where the sweat pours off your body as if you’re in a sauna bath.We certainly are blessed in America.

Finally,patriots,we lost two patriots recently with the passing of citizen-activist/reconquista opponent Terry Anderson in LA-called at times The Prisoner of South Central-and patriot pastor David Meyer of Beaver Dam,Wi..I met Terry in Washington during an anti-amnesty rally about 3 years ago,and every time I’ve seen him or heard him speak-so fluently,so cogently-he never had anything in front of him,prepared notes,talking points,nothing.He was a natural,well-informed patriot who spoke from the heart from his experiences and his strong sense that terrible wrongs were perpetrated against him and his fellow Los Angeleans from out-of-control immigration into LA.Terry didn’t run away from the invasion;he stayed and fought back.And I’m sure that played a part in his death.I think he was only about 60,and the fight he fought took its toll on him.He had a Sunday night radio-talk-show that was heard over the Internet and about 30 broadcast stations.He epitomized patriot activism in America today:he held his ground,he fought back,he pleaded with his fellow Americans to wake up and get active,he fought the sacred cows of the corrupt polity that rules the governments of LA,California and Washington.Terry’s patriotism was not in vain,and hopefully someone picks up the torch he left.Terry Anderson was a great citizen-patriot;we need more of him.May he rest in peace.Also,pastor David Meyer founded and edited Last Trumpet Newsletter for about 30 years and he died at age 60.His 6 pp.newsletter was a fascinating read,despite some of his far-out observations.But he performed great research and had great insight into the machinations and schemes and deceptions of evil men and women in power over us in America and in other nations.I hope the newsletter that he offered free to anyone who requested it and never solicited money from his readers preserves his legacy by continuing to publish LTN.

Patriots,please stay in the fight to save America from her enemies who are almost all here on our soil.Get informed and stay informed,then get active with that information and fight the patriot cause.I believe America’s days are numbered,and those days are getting darker each day.Till next time.