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An American Patriot Reviews the News

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Greetings,patriots.Happy Summertime! We sure need it after the brutal Winter we had! But we may get a brutal Summer too! Especially since the Almighty may be bringing bad weather on our country! Regardless,as the great Sam Cooke sang about 50 years go,”Summertime…….and the livin’ is easy.”

A once-great-and-mighty prince has fallen in America:Prince Albert Gore.The elitist Southern liberal who moved to Babylonian liberal New York City after he lost the 2000 presidential election to Boy George Bush(He even lost his home state of Tennessee!)has separated from Tipper Gore-his wife of over 40 years.A commentator on shortwave radio station WWCR claimed that the prince has had an affair with the wife of Jewish comedian and Seinfeld writer Larry David-the moron whose character in the HBO garbage show Curb Your Enthusiasm relieved himself on a photo image of Christ.How fascinating that the Gore-friendly news media has kept this separation as quiet as a mouse after the story broke about 2 weeks ago.And the self-anointed prince of rescuing planet Earth from “global warming” seems to be fading away from his environmentalism,now that the global-warming fanaticism has taken a severe hit with the e-mails of several of their prominent proponents coming to light to reveal cover-ups and data manipulation.So this Prince Charming took leave of his home state and now his family,and all probably for the golden idol of globalist political power.This was a Democratic prince to take a fall,and now we have “Rush” Limbaugh-a grossly overpaid radio propagandist and entertainer for the Republican Party high-ranking establishment-revealing his hypocrisy and duplicity by inviting bi-sexual “pop icon” Elton John to perform at his 4th wedding to a woman about half his age.This is the same Elton John who recently called Christ “a gay,compassionate man” and who was paid by the Fat Boy $1 million to perform at his West Palm Beach,Florida mansion.Sir Elton is known to give a lot of money to homosexual groups and causes.So why would the supposedly conservative Fat Boy Limbaugh invite Johnnie Boy with all the other choices available to him? And I can see why co-GOP-establishment-talk-radio-propagandist Sean Hannity was at the wedding.But why Karl Rove-the Rasputin of the Boy George administration? I think it was because Rove is indebted to Fat Boy for keeping so many would-be patriots deceived into believing that Fat Boy is one of them when he’s really just a multi-millionaire water carrier for the globalist,warmonger Republicans who are selling this country out in similar fashion like the neo-bolshevik Democrats are doing.Let’s see how long Fat Boy lasts in union #4.And lastly on the political corruption front is none other than former co-president and “first lady” and current US Secretary of State Hollering Hillary Rodham Clinton traveling to Ecuador and declaring during a tv interview that President Abomination’s Justice Dept.will sue Arizona over its recently passed anti-illegal-immigration law.Yes,patriots,the wicked witch from Washington hopped on her broom and flew to the Spanish-speaking Latin American nation of Ecuador to take their side against the US state of Arizona! She barked out during a 2008 presidential campaign stop in Nevada that “No woman is illegal!” in response to a question on illegal immigrants.Yes,Hillary believes that latinas should just be allowed to cross our southern border whenever they want and stay here as long as they want whenever they please.Patriots,this gorgon is US Secretary of State! Do we need any more proof that Abomination’s government is waging war against the American people?! Not to be undone,Hillary’s state dept.just decided to relax some rules and red tape to make it easier for her darlings the “trans-genders” to travel abroad.To her and her disturbed multi-culturalists,trans-genders are no less normal than anyone else.”They’re just different,” they intone.This is just some of the wretched state of the American political scene today.And another candidate for US Senate-Republican Mark Kirk who’s running for the Abomination’s old senate seat-has been caught misleading people on his military-service record,just like the jerk Democrat Richard Blumenthal did in his senate race in Connecticut.If any nation desperately needs a new political class,it’s America today.And we need it fast before it’s too late.

Here are 3 stories with commentary on La Conquista front;this front it seems is getting more belligerent each day.First is the ducky news from California(or Mexifornia,as historian Victor Davis Hanson calls the Golden State in his eponymous book)that barring some great event,latinos will become the largest racial group in California in about 5 years-i.e.,they won’t be the majority,but will represent the largest racial group at about 43% of the state’s population,with whites at about 37%,asians at about 12% and blacks down to about 6%.Whites and blacks have been fleeing the Golden State for about the last 20 years,while the US government’s sell-out immigration policies allow and encourage unprecedented high levels of immigration from south of the border and,to a lesser extent,west of the border.La Conquista is on the verge of reconquering California for the Mexican empire.Frank Sinatra’s song entitled California sings that the state is “A land that paradise can be jealous of.” That was back sometime in the 1960s.Can the same be sung today about the Golden State? Secondly,President Abomination’s Justice Department sent monitors to Middlesex County,NJ to make sure election officials were bending over backwards to assist Espanol-speaking voters so they would comply with the so-called Voting Rights Act,which mandates that if 5% of an election district speaks a non-English language,they must be provided with election materials in their native languages.The only problem with that is only citizens can vote.And when permanent residents want to become citizens,they must pass an English-proficiency test to ensure they can read,write and speak our language.So like Ralph Kramden bellowed out when he saw women doing the mambo in his apartment when he came home from work,”What’s goin’ on here!” While Trixie Norton replied that Carlos Sanchez was just teaching them the mambo,what’s going on here in America,patriots,is the forces of La Conquista have been on the march for about 40 years,and slowly but surely they’ve foisted various dialects of their language,their culture,their customs throughout our land.And it wants to keep moving.And while there are other non-English languages being forced down our throats by the globalist,new-world-order sell-outs and traitors,Latin American Spanish is primary.This is another way for the Abomination to “remake America”:destroy her common language and create a possible civil war and/or the official creation of a bi-lingual/bi-cultural America-one English-speaking and American,the other Spanish-speaking and Latin American.Thirdly,the high levels of legal and illegal immigration into our country from Latin America has now given us another lovely present:the hybrid language of Spanglish-a gooey mix of Latin American Spanish with American English.And latinos even into the third generation in America are speaking this patois;it’s like a large percentage of latinos just can’t let go of their Espanol.If any proof is needed that immigration into our country from south of the border is greatly different than immigration from anywhere else,this is it.That’s enough of that from La Conquista front,for now.

But,a patriot response to immigrants not learning or not speaking English came from across the pond in the mother country,when UK announced plans that if a foreigner wants to marry a British citizen and move to UK,he or she must learn English before immigrating.Bloody good idea! But maybe we should require all immigrants who want to come to UK or US to learn English before coming to apply for citizenship?! This’ll help reduce the cost of teaching immigrants English and,more importantly I think,will encourage and require a better sense of naturalization and citizenship on the part of would-be immigrants who seek to become citizens of United States or United Kingdom.Again,a bloody good show by the Brits.Hip hip hooray!

America’s crime wave took a bit of a breather for about a month or so but roared back with multiple homicides in Hialeah,FL(5 victims),Winchester,MA(4 victims)and L.A.CA(3 victims).The Hialeah murders were the worst case of multiple homicide in that city’s history,brought to us by the half-brother of former Cuban defector and former pro-baseball pitcher Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez.After shooting dead his wife,he shot dead 3 other women before mercifully shooting himself dead.In the Bay State and in the City of Angels,the victims were murdered by the husband/father and the ex-husband/stepfather,respectively.It’s all in the family in contemporary America,which is becoming more of a madhouse with each passing day.

I end this patriot post by citing more terrible weather hitting America and other nations too,all within the span of just a few days:flash floods killed 20 in an Arkansas camp ground named after high-ranking Freemason Albert Pike;record-rain hit Oklahoma City,virtually shutting the city down with about 10 inches of rain and leading a witness to say that he had never seen anything like it before;tornadoes roared through Ohio(killing 7)and Minnesota(killing 2);flash floods killed 19 in France;and flooding from torrential rain brought extensive damage in Brazil,China and Calgary,Alberta.Patriots,have you ever seen or heard of anything like this before,with all this bad weather occurring all about the same time and with unique force and power? I haven’t.Keep looking up.And to top off the claim of the Almighty’s judgment on America and the world too,a very tall “Jesus Statue” in Monroe,Ohio was burned and brought down to the ground by lightning.The second commandment enjoined the Israelites who had just escaped from the Pharaoh to not make carved or “graven” images and not to bow down or look up to them,for they are false idols made of just wood and/or stone.Yet here is this “Christian”church building and erecting this monstrosity,thinking they’re doing “God’s work,” and it all comes down in a flash.Fortunately,no one was hurt,except the statue.And would you believe it,the church leaders are talking about making another Jesus statue.Amazing what idolatry does to the human mind.

Patriots,thanks for your reading of this patriot blog and your comments.I appreciate it.Please keep providing input and ideas as we fight the patriot cause together.United we stand,divided we fall.And may the Almighty bless our cause.Till next time.
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An American Patriot Reviews Recent News

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Hello,patriots.I hope you all had a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend as we remembered those who have given their lives while wearing the uniform and those who are serving now.It’s imperative that patriots take as much R & R as possible to recharge the batteries,take some deep breaths and reflect,and enjoy the company of our families and friends.We’ll need this more and more as the fight to save America from her enemies is almost certainly to intensify in the next few months,especially considering the mid-term elections in November.

Some bad news came our way right before Memorial Day weekend when it was announced that 1,000 US servicemen have now died in Afghanistan.This “war” will be 9-years-old in September.And what started out as an operation to remove the Taliban from power in Kabul over the 9-11 attacks has now obviously turned into a game of conquest.I won’t rehash what I’ve expatiated on in this blog over what the US government is doing and trying to accomplish in a country that has been called “the graveyard of empire.” So-called because so many empires-the Turks,the Brits,the Russians and now the Americans,among others-have left thousands of corpses of their legionnaires in Afghanistan attempting to conquer that nation for the glories of empire,only to be foiled.In short,patriots,Afghanistan is a tough nut to crack.And it’s long overdue that our guys get out of there and come home! What do we in America have to show for 1,000 US dead,thousands wounded and billions of dollars spent in the killing fields of Afghanistan? Virtually nothing! Certainly nothing worth the cost that has been inflicted on us by the warmongers in Washington,District of Corruption/District of Crime/District of Carnage.Patriots have somewhat of a chance to change things somewhat in November,and we can do that by working to elect anti-war patriots to Congress and swiftly kick the warmongers and empire-builders in their asses! May the US servicemen who’ve died in the empire’s graveyard rest in peace,and may peace be brought to the loved ones they’ve left behind.

The nation of Israel-America’s putative “ally” in the Middle East-is once again making international news,this time over IDF commandos raiding a flotilla trying to deliver supplies to the besieged Palestinians in Gaza Strip.Nine Turkish passengers were killed by the commandos along with a Turkish-American,and some of the commandos were wounded.I’m blogging on this incident primarily because the District of Criminals government in Washington continues to be a virtual rubber stamp for the thuggish government running Israel,despite the occasional criticism from the Abomination administration.We don’t know who initiated the melee,and we may never know.What we do know is the flotilla was attacked in international waters,and that makes it a piratical act.We also know that some of the killed passengers were shot multiple times.And we know too that Israel’s government-and Egypt’s government too-have blockaded the 1.5 million Gazans for about the past 4 years because they don’t like the fact that Hamas was voted into power in their last elections and rocket attacks into southern Israel have been launched from the seaside territory.This,patriots,is the root problem:this blockade is barbaric,and it’s no surprise coming from barbarians in the government in Tel Aviv.They won’t even allow cement to enter Gaza so the people can rebuild homes razed by IDF when they invaded the territory about 18 months ago! They won’t even allow certain foodstuffs and other materials! And this is what the US government supports purely out of a warped sense of ethnic and tribal favoritism?! Or do they support Israel’s government because they want to use them for their own purposes? Is anyone with a modicum of knowledge and common sense still in the dark as to why so much of the Arabic and Muslim world hates America?! This totally unnecessary blockade and the attack on the flotilla has now caused quite a dilemma for the corrupt governments in DC and Tel Aviv:Turkey is an actual ally of US because they belong to NATO,while Israel is only an informal ally of those in power in DC.NATO obligates its members to come to the aid of other members when they’re attacked.So will President Abomination with his heavily Jewish administration come to the aid of overwhelmingly Muslim Turkey in the wake of Israel’s attack on and killing of several of its citizens? This may shake things up a bit in DC.But since Israel Lobby is so powerful and pervasive in America,it’s going to be a tough fight to disentangle our nation from the ancient conflicts that have bedeviled the Mid-East.Israel’s real or imagined enemies aren’t America’s,and Palestinians’ enemies aren’t our enemies either.America should support those who are right when they’re right and oppose those when they’re wrong,regardless of their ethnicity;but Israel Lobby has hoodwinked so many Americans into a virtual blind,unquestioning allegiance to Israel’s government.It’s a hellish predicament that we patriots are in,but any spell can be broken,especially with the Almighty’s help.Israel’s blockade of Gaza should be lifted,and anyone who wants to send humanitarian relief should be allowed to.And legal action should be taken against the Israeli government for attacking ships in international waters,along with an investigation into the incident itself that resulted in loss of life.My gut feeling is that after the Israeli commandos boarded the ship,they were attacked first.International law maybe can settle this.As far as I can determine now,if the Israelis boarded the ships in Gaza’s coastal waters,then the operation is probably lawful,but it was unlawful in international waters.The US government just gave Israel’s government $3 billion of our tax money in addition to an extra $200 million for Israel’s Iron Dome missile-defense system.Why couldn’t Israel use some of the previous aid for that?! Rip-off! This reminds me of a bartender from County Tipperary working in an Irish pub/restaurant in Yonkers,NY who gave what I think was a perfect response to my thought of why,with all the very wealthy Jews in America and other countries,why don’t they send some of their millions to their co-ethnics in Israel:”They don’t want to use their money.” Now that’s just a bit of good old Irish wisdom.And US tax money shouldn’t go to Egypt or Palestinian Authority either.This is one way how arrogant empire-builders bring foreign squabbles to our shores;by pitting people against each other,the old game of divide and conquer.This Israeli operation is not too long after the Mossad operation that killed the Palestinian alleged gun dealer in Dubai and the expulsion of its chief agents in United Kingdom and now Australia for forging passports of British and Australian citizens in the commission of the Dubai murder.If we had a patriot government in Washington,it would expel Israel’s ambassador to our country and not allow him back until Israel’s government cleans up its act.

The mayor of Cancun,Mexico-a trendy,exotic go-to resort for millions of US travelers over about the past 15-20 years-was charged by Mexican authorities with working with drug gangs.This is par for the course in Mexico,where high-ranking government officials are found out to be criminals working with or actually members of crime gangs.It’s incredible irony that in a foreign city that has become a big playpen for millions of US yuppies,students,jet setters et al-with many of them using “recreational drugs” while on vacation there-its mayor is formally charged with complicity in the drug trade.Is this kind of a testament to the yuppie hedonism practiced by many Americans,especially younger Americans? More importantly is that once again,drug cartels are so powerful in Mexico and other Latin American countries that members of their gangs actually get elected to high political office,or they bribe officials with gobs of money so they’re left alone,or they collaborate with government officials in trying to destroy our society by flooding us with drugs.These are things Americans should consider the next time they plan a vacation to Cancun or other places south of the border.See more of America first.And now for some sordid political news back in USA comes the sick joke of a US Senate election in Connecticut this Fall.The match-up:In this corner,Democrat Richard Blumenthal! And in that corner,Republican Linda McMahon! This is is sick joke because Blumenthal was caught lying to veteran’s groups claiming that he served in Vietnam while in the Marine Corps,and Linda is a former CEO of freak show World Wrestling Entertainment and married to WWE egotist Vincent McMahon.These are the two main contenders for the US Senate seat being vacated by Christopher Dodd?! How sickening it was to read Blumenthal’s defenders in media covering for him by claiming he “misstated” his war record.No,he lied to puff up his resume’ for pro-military groups.And Mrs.WWE promised to spend about $16 million of her own dough if she was challenged in a primary.The GOP committee in the Nutmeg State chose this airhead over real Vietnam vet and former congressman Robert Simmons! Oh,but in the richest per-capita state in America,how appropriate that GOP fat cats would choose McMahon and her millions over war vet Simmons.Regardless that she made her money from a steroid-heavy freak show doesn’t matter;that she’s “successful” is all that matters.Here’s another indictment of a corrupt 2-parties polity that offers up a liar-Currently the state’s attorney general!-and a freak-show wrestling tycoon as their candidates for a US Senate seat.Like its liberal but possibly changing northern neighbor Massachusetts,every congressman in Connecticut is a flaming liberal.Hence it’s reasonable to conclude that the state is full of flaming liberals.With a lot of money.And that’s a dangerous situation for patriots not just in the Nutmeg State,but in the rest of the country.

Gringo Masks? That’s the latest weapon used against America from La Conquista-the latino conquest of a large part of America if not the whole country.A latino-owned marketing company in Florida nonetheless decided to join the fray in Arizona by offering to sell these masks to latinos so they’ll look like “gringos” and evade scrutiny from police once the strict anti-illegal-immigration law takes effect in July.So here we have Florida latinos(probably Cubans)finding common cause with other members of La Raza(The Race)even when they illegally enter America in the state of Arizona and stay there in defiance of US immigration law.Imagine the “outrage” if a white-owned company marketed racially themed masks to whites to help them evade the law! Arizona has been heroically fighting Amnesty Gang and Diversity Gang over the past few years but especially this year.So maybe they should pass a law banning Gringo Masks in their state!

Wall Street has “gone rogue” according to a broker/financial adviser who addressed a Wall Street gathering about a month ago.His message simply was that the Street has to learn simple morals and ethics again instead of just thinking about the next sweet deal.This coincides with my belief that as America continues to veer from a Christian moral order(CMO),then we can expect more sleaziness and avarice in business.As Patrick Buchanan wrote many years ago,business in America today is strictly business.What a scary thought it is to think that the only thing to motivate people in business is the lust for profit,like the jerk in the film Wall Street crowing that “Greed is good.” And more scary economic news came our way when we learned that only 42% of Americans’ income comes from the private sector and 18% of us receive some form of government stipend.In other words,Americans are becoming more dependent on government for their incomes and less private enterprise is being generated.Here’s another sign of our country becoming more impoverished like the rampant poverty in Third World countries.The less money coming in from free enterprise,the less tax revenue for government.It appears the perfect storm is gathering for America’s economy.I urge patriots in debt to get out of debt asap,save as much money as possible,carefully spend money,look for as many sale prices as possible,and tighten the belts.We’ve seen what has happened in Greece-the birthplace of Western civilization and democracy.We’re kidding ourselves to think that the disturbances in Greece can’t happen here.

More drug crime to report on.Another gift to America from Mexico is “ultra-pure” heroin,or raw heroin.It killed two in Minneapolis/St.Paul and sickened three others.Journalist Tony Brown once called drug use the ultimate form of self-hatred.So why are these Mexican drug gangs pushing raw heroin in America? Is it just to make money? Of course not! They want to kill! That’s another reason why government officials in Mexico and probably Cuba and Venezuela too flood our nation with drugs:social destruction.And now we have Dudus in Jamaica who is still on the lam from Jamaican cops who want to extradite him to America to face drug-dealing charges.At least 70 people have died in the attempt to ferret him from his heavily fortified compound in a Kingston neighborhood where he’s looked up to like a deity.But that’s not the really important story here,for BBC reported that the Jamaican prime minister may be involved with drug dealer Dudus.Our mail woman in the neighborhood I live in is from Jamaica,and she confirmed the BBC reports that crime gangs work with politicians in Jamaica as a matter of course.Politicians use gangs to keep the peace in dangerous areas,and leave them alone if they’re dealing drugs or committing other so-called “victimless” crimes.As the US government continues to admit millions of Third World immigrants every year and as we keep heading towards Third World living conditions,will crime gangs and politicians work together like they do in Jamaica and Mexico and elsewhere south of the border?

Actress Rue McClanahan-one of tv’s The Golden Girls-kicked the bucket at 76.And that’s nothing to rue about.A dirty old broad married 6 times,Rue and her fellow dirty old broads on The Golden Girls represented the sleaze that started taking over television scheduling in about the mid 1970s.Almost every episode contained soft profanity,sexual innuendo,sexual dialogue,as if these broads couldn’t hold a conversation unless it was sexual.Like I cited before about illegal drugs used by radical forces to cause social strife and hardship,the same kind of radical forces use licentiousness to destabilize society and destroy its moral foundations.In this case,turn elderly women and women in general into dirty old broads like The Golden Girls.What a contrast Rue is to two actors we lost this year within a few weeks of each other:Fess Parker(Davy Crockett)and Peter Graves(Mission Impossible).Both men died in their 80s and never divorced.They were class acts,consummate professionals,and very good actors.We rue their deaths,but we don’t rue Rue McClanahan’s.The former represented Hollywood’s Golden Age;the latter represented Hollywood’s sleazy age.

Memorial Day brought some interesting developments.President Abomination-always looking to use symbolism to get into our minds-planned to make a speech at an Illinois cemetery named after Abe Lincoln-the president who supposedly freed the slaves.But the Almighty apparently had other ideas,as a torrent of rain,wind,lightning and thunder roared overhead and foiled Abomination’s speech! I believe it was the spirit of Christ warring against the spirit of anti-Christ! And in Boston,Ma.- a city possibly ruled by the ghosts of the witches of Salem-a heavy haze covered the entire city caused by lightning-induced fires in Quebec,Canada.So on the day when America honors her war dead and those who serve in uniform,President Abomination’s speech is canceled from a bad storm(He probably feared for his life!)and the pinko-liberal city of Boston gets covered with haze.Co-incidence,patriots? I don’t think so.

I close this patriot post like I’ve done the last few times:with news of patriot activism.Primary elections have shown that more people are getting involved and are putting heat on incumbents with the goal of getting them to shape up or ship out.Yes,patriots need new blood in DC and in governments at all levels in the land.Let’s hope and pray this is the year it happens;we may not get another chance again.And none other than US Senator Woodchuck Schumer submitted a patriot legislative proposal to encourage businesses to start up call-center operations in America and not in other countries.Bravo to the Woodchuck! I already e-mailed his staff to thank him,even though he is up for re-election in November and that may have been his motivation in proposing this bill.But at least he did it.

Patriots,please keep visiting and stay in the fight for the patriot cause as long as you have the breath to do it.Till next time.