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An American Patriot Reviews Recent News

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Hello,patriots.I’m starting this post on the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend.The 29th will be the first-year anniversary of A Patriot’s Diary and its parent website has been quite a year,with a lot of work and effort and time;but it has definitely been worth it.At times there’s nothing that compares to a patriot fighting full-time in the defense of the country he loves.I thank all you patriots who’ve read and/or responded to this blog and its parent patriot website.Thanks for helping this patriot fight the good fight via the internet in his first year of service.

Five US servicemen were killed in Afghanistan in a bomb attack on the convoy they were riding in,and 3 of them were colonels(a full colonel and 2 lieutenant colonels).So now the “war” that the US government continues to fight in that country for almost 9 years has cost the American armed forces some high-ranking officers.For the first time since the initial  US-led attack on Iraq in 2003,there are now more US servicemen in Afghanistan than in Iraq-something that the pro-war Democrats have been striving for over the past 3 or 4 years.I talked to a Green Beret about a month ago who has  completed 2 tours in Afghanistan,and he predicted that our guys will be there for about another 10 or 15 years.It’s a guerrilla war-probably the worst type of war around,largely because the enemy is hard to identify and single out.And all these promises from President Abomination about troop reductions in Afghanistan and Iraq are just promises,and we know how reliable they are coming from Washington,DC(Devil City?).In short,the Americans still fighting and getting wounded and dying in that country and elsewhere in the region are obviously being used as pawns in a “great game” played by power-loving people in high places in the US government and by the likes of those at shadowy groups like Council on Foreign Relations who want to invade and rule as many nations as they can.All this pro-war justification about “fighting them(The terrorists!)over there and not here” is nonsense.America can easily defend herself from maybe a few thousand “terrorists” about 8,000 miles away from our shores.This is an aggressive war of invasion and conquest and may have been from the very beginning.The Almighty willing,our guys will be pulled out of there before any more of them get seriously wounded or die.

A former governor of a Mexican province was extradited to America to face various drug-related charges in federal court in New York.And a real juicy part of this story is that defunct investment bank Lehman Brothers may have laundered the proceeds from the drug sales.Again,some good work by patriots in federal law enforcement to bring a narco-governor who allegedly helped bring drugs into our country to face the music in a US court.But the real point to recognize is that another high-ranking government official in Mexico is allegedly complicit in the drug trade.Are they doing this just because they’ve made a lot of money? Or do they also want to destroy America? I think it’s both,but more so the latter.One way to destroy a society is destroy the minds and bodies of primarily its youth,to tear them away from their parents and families,to make them dependent on addictive drugs,to make them want to steal and maybe even kill to keep getting their “fixes.” And,patriots,we need to ask ourselves:Are most of us so naive to think that certain people in high political positions in America aren’t complicit in some way in the drug trade too? And let’s see if there’s any follow-up in this case especially if Lehman Brothers is shown to have laundered dope money.

Hawaii has a GOP female governor and a Democrat legislature,and they just passed a law to bar “birthers” from further requesting President Abomination’s birth certificate.So why would a Republican governor do this? Why has the Hawaiian government only released computer-printout information from the certificate and not the certificate itself? Isn’t it obvious they’re hiding something,whatever it is? The Hawaii establishment is apparently doing its part to protect the corrupt two-parties polity by protecting its leader.And whether he rules us from the White House even though he’s violating the US Constitution because he’s not American-born is irrelevant to them.He’s in power,he leads the corrupt polity;therefore he must be protected or their “system” may get rocked.

It was no surprise in patriot circles when Iron Lady Laura Bush told Lawrence Harvey Zeiger(aka Larry King)on his tv show that she supports homosexual marriage.This dame said when she was “First Lady”(What a sickening title!)that her favorite film was The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas! Real-world patriots knew all along and still do that Laura is not only not conservative but a liberal-feminist.And probably a registered Democrat too! The gullible,ignorant,foolish Christian-establishment suckers were once again humiliated for supporting a first lady and her husband-president thinking that they were of the Christian faith when it was all a show,and not a bloody good one at that.Laura never would’ve said that publicly if she was still the president’s wife.But now that she’s safe and secure and out of the White House,she feels free to reveal her true nature and scoff at those who blindly trusted her all those years just because she was the wife of a GOP president.Patriots,they play this game all the time:they posture and pretend while vying for and while in office,and then reveal at least a part of their true selves once they’re out of power.They love deceiving the masses just like a magician loves deceiving his audience with his tricks.As for Laura Bush,she’s not “…the face in the misty light,” but a devious,feminist high-brow who has already praised Mrs.Abomination and probably loves Hollering Hillary too.And there are probably still some boob “evangelicals” who still think she’s a “woman of God.”

More proof that the sale and use of steroids and other “performance-enhancing” drugs in society,especially pro-sports,is being winked at by the powers that be(henceforth on this blog:TPTB)came our way when a NYC doctor was given a slap on the wrist for dealing juice,even though he could’ve received 30 years.Dr.Richard Lucente worked with a corrupt pharmacy whose owner committed suicide over the scandal.A body builder who was supplied juice by Lucente died reportedly from complications of steroid use.But all the moron judge gave this creep was 5-years probation and a two-years suspension of his medical license! And there has been hardly any follow-up or “outrage” from MSM! Why? Because they and the rest of TPTB know all-too-well that the juice has been flowing in pro-sports and even sports at lower levels for a long time.And as long as fans(fanatics) keep adulating their “idols” of great athletic ability and keep spending a lot of money to watch and root for them,they’ll keep winking at illegal drug use in the sports world,regardless of the consequences.They’ll hang their occasional scapegoat,but nothing really substantial.Remember the Mitchell Report? What happened to the Barry Bonds trial? The Roger Clemens civil trial? Alexehente Rodriguez(A-Rod)mutually “postponing” his “interview” with FBI over Canadian quack Anthony Galea? TPTB want us to forget all these cases and just want us to keep being fed and entertained by their bread and circuses just like the Roman emperors pacified their subjects.That moron judge should be investigated as to why he gave such a lenient sentence and impeached if he doesn’t provide real justification for his joke sentence of Dr.Lucente.

Diversity Gang loves to platitudinize that “Our diversity is our strength.” Poppycock! Is America overall  a more-harmonious,safer,more-peaceful and less-criminal society since DG starting taking over most of the land’s major areas of power and influence back sometime in the 1960s? Of course not! And a good illustration of this failure was the recent news that two latino NYPD policemen-one still on the force and one who resigned-have been charged with participating in armed raids of drug gangs where they robbed dealers of cash and drugs and even tortured some of the gang members.The one who resigned and who admitted his guilt cited one raid he participated in when he was in uniform and on-duty! And he was part of this gang for several years before NYPD hired him! He was a member of a drug gang who obviously joined NYPD to infiltrate it for purposes of obtaining confidential information and to use the authority of a gun and badge to empower the gang! But to a police department that prizes “Diversity,” maybe this is just part of the price to pay to “diversify” a department-i.e.,make it less white and more non-white,less male and more female.And since most of the narcotics entering America come from south of the border-largely from Columbia,Mexico and Puerto Rico-and since most of the legal and illegal immigration into America is from south of the border,in addition to migration from the US “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico,more latinos will get hired on our police forces with many of them bringing practices and behaviors from the corruption-ridden,drug-infested societies they left behind.This is another lovely consequence of the unprecedented immigration from Latin America that has been allowed,encouraged,and aided and abetted by the sell-outs in Washington over about the past 30 years.Just imagine,patriots,police forces in our nation riddled with members of drug gangs! I’m not saying that immigration should be totally stopped from south of the border,but it should be limited to just a few thousand annually.Latin America as a whole is screwed up,big time.Since we have enough problems of our own in America,we don’t need Latin America’s problems to overwhelm us here on our soil.The drug problem is bad enough here without letting drug gangs immigrate here and its members becoming cops.All kinds of standards have been lowered and some actually eliminated on NYPD and other departments to bring more “diversity” to law enforcement.I know how dangerous this is,since I served on NYPD from Jan.1982-June 1985,mostly in the South Bronx.We all suffer when “diversity” seems to be the paramount goal when it comes to police hiring and promotion.

Some good news on the television front:liberal-garbage “program” Law & Order has gone off the air.This joins warmonger/neo-con propaganda “program” 24 in leaving the airwaves.Dick (he sure is)Wolf was producer of this show which almost every time I put it on or read a review of an episode,it was centered on a typical politically correct,Diversity Gang liberal theme like “racism,” which DG and many Hollywood honchos believe only whites practice.Fortunately this show’s ratings started dropping badly a few years ago and never recovered,presumably because the glow wore off for many viewers or more and more people are getting tired of liberal propaganda on tv.Good riddance to L & O and good riddance to 24.May they never return.

Old frump,bow-tie-wearing John Paul Stevens decided to retire from US Supreme Court so President Abomination can replace him with another flaming liberal.Just like prune-face justice David Souter held out just long enough so Abomination can replace him with another liberal,the 89-years-old JPS has played the same game.And the Abomination didn’t disappoint or surprise anyone with his pick of Elena Kagan to take Stevens’s seat.Like his first pick of conquistador Sonia Sotomayor,Kagan is another New York City liberal,only she’s Jewish and not Puerto Rican like Sotomayor.She’s also no dummy or affirmative-action hire like Sotomayor.But talk-show host/documentary film-maker Alex Jones may have hit the nail on the head when he called her “Joseph Stalin in drag.” She looks like Stalin! As I commented on on her selection,she may be related to Lazar Kaganovich-the mass-murderer appointed by “Uncle Joe” to starve about 10 million Ukrainians to death via forced collectivization of agriculture.The Russian name-suffix “ovich” means “son of,” like the name-prefix Mc is son of in Scotch-Irish surnames.President Abomination picked a militant “wise latina” and now an ultra-liberal JAP(Jewish-American Princess)for his Supreme Court picks,which will probably result in a new court comprised of 6 Catholics and 3 Jews! In a majority-Protestant country that’s only about 2% Jewish! I believe Abomination’s chief-of-staff Rahm Israel Emanuel was a big factor in Kagan’s selection.And these picks show Abomination’s penchant for empowering two groups in America:latinos and Jews.The country’s “first African-American president” has virtually ignored blacks when making appointments to federal office or even to cabinet posts!And this is one way how Abomination “remakes America”:empowering minority rule.And neo-bolshevik rule to boot.While Abomination’s court picks won’t demonstrably change the balance of political and judicial outlook,perspectives and rulings on the bench(2 Republican liberals being replaced by 2 Democratic liberals),it’ll become much-more radical and much-more anti-American and anti-Christ.Remember,patriots,Souter was picked for the court by Daddy Bush,and JPS was picked by 33rd-degree Freemason Gerald “Fall Guy” Ford.There are going to be a lot more 5-4 decisions on the court as long as this balance tarries.And,I almost forgot,Joe Stalin in Drag has never been a judge! But the Abomination wants her to sit on the nation’s highest court!

On the illegal-immigration front,neo-con magazine Newsmax published a story on two prominent Baptist “leaders” deciding to ally with Roman Catholic prelates in calling for an amnesty for the nation’s estimated 11 million illegal immigrants.These two bloviating baptists are Richard Land-president of Southern Baptist Convention(SBC)and a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations-and Matthew Staver-dean of the law school at Jerry Falwell-founded Liberty University.Like “purpose-driven” pastor Rick Warren,the odious Land,like his conspirator Warren,obviously has a political agenda,not a theological one.That’s why these two high-ranking and well-known Protestants were invited into CFR-a group comprised of anti-Christ socialistic globalists bent on ruling the world.Granting amnesty to about 10 million latinos and then letting them bring in their spouses and children enables the gradual abolition of the US-Mexico border and would greatly enlarge America’s latino population.And even though the vast majority of US latino illegals are Catholic,these Baptist boobs want the US government to offer them citizenship anyway.We can see why Catholic prelates would want to offer them amnesty and citizenship because it’ll provide them more parishioners and more donations.But why would leaders from a church that has historically been opposed to Roman Catholicism want the other church to greatly increase its numbers? Again,it’s the political agenda that motivates them,along with an attempt to show off to everyone that they care about the poor and the stranger and don’t care too much for the US citizen and legal immigrant who are harmed by illegal immigration.Patriots who are still in SBC should get out,and I doubt that Liberty University would’ve pulled this amnesty push if Falwell were still alive.But we did get a great idea from columnist David Gibson on one way to combat illegal immigration:when illegal immigrants try to enroll their kids in school,officials should demand proof of citizenship from the parents or guardians of those trying to enroll their kids.Drying up the jobs magnet and the education magnet is another way to encourage illegal immigrants to go home without resorting to deportations.

Some encouraging news came from a recent study showing more Americans are moving back to cities from the suburbs.There were several reasons cited for this return,like lower property taxes,easier work commutes,etc..The same study also showed great racial transformation also occurring while this suburban exodus occurs,and once again it’s thanks to out-of-control immigration.Last year,even with a near-double-digit unemployment rate and a 20% under-employment rate,the louses in Washington,DC(District of Criminals,Devil City)admitted 1.1 million legal immigrants into our nation,with only 9% of them coming from Europe.Again,the Abomination and his conspirators want to “remake America.” One way to do that is a deliberate immigration policy to make whites a minority in the country and create a bi-lingual,bifurcated nation-one American and English-speaking,the other Latin American and Spanish-speaking.This I believe is the primary threat to American identity.

A bizarre controversy occurred at a high school in Morgan Hill,Ca.when,around the time of pseudo-holiday Cinco de Mayo,4 American students wore t-shirts with the US flag painted on them,probably in response to all the Mexican flags they had been seeing for days leading up to Cinco.An assistant prinicpal with a Spanish-surname told the students either to turn the shirts inside-out,remove them or go home.When the students refused to change the appearance of the shirts,they were sent home.What a testament this is as to what extent La Conquista has penetrated our society when American students are sent home for wearing our flag on t-shirts! The aforementioned principal reportedly didn’t want to run the risk of offending the Mexican students on “their” holiday.Cinco de Mayo isn’t celebrated in Mexico;it has been turned into one in America so some businesses can make a lot of money off Mexicans and to fill Mexicans living in USA with racial and national pride.For those celebrating Cinco,I say they should go to Mexico to celebrate;it’s not an American holiday and has nothing to do with America.A good result of this flag flap was that patriots rose to the defense of the students by protesting at the school and in downtown Morgan Hill.That’s a lesson that patriots always need to remind themselves of:Stick together! Fight together! Defend each other! United we stand,divided we fall!

Another way Barack Abomination is trying to “remake America” is by giving us along with his neo-bolshevik Democrats in Congress a record-breaking number of consecutive budget deficits:19.The US federal debt is now $14.3 trillion! And the Abomination promises trillion-dollars budgets all the way to about 2018! Isn’t it obvious that Abomination and his gang of whatever party are trying to destroy us economically and financially? They borrow about $5 billion daily from the Chinese Reds just to fund their corrupt government! Our trade deficits are through the roof! And they keep printing phony money from Federal Reserve and piling on reams of debt onto us and our children! Yes,patriots,the enemy is here,not over there.And speaking of destroying America,is it just co-incidence that about 6 weeks after our green-technology president opened up offshore drilling that the BP well blew up in Gulf of Mexico? Did Abomination indirectly tell America after this natural disaster that this is what will befall you if you want oil from our coasts? I wouldn’t put it past him;yes,that’s how radical and anti-American I think he is.
On Primary Tuesday in US and in the national elections in UK,there was some encouraging news.Kentucky patriots easily elected Rand Paul to be the GOP candidate for US Senate;incumbent GOP senator Bobby Bennett lost his race to remain the GOP general-election candidate in Utah when he was defeated by two rookies.But the most delicious was the loss of Walking Death Arlen Specter to be the Democrat nominee for the seat he currently holds in the senate.Some background on the man whose surname means “a visible,disembodied spirit.” He was deputy counsel on the joke Warren Commission that “investigated” President Kennedy’s assassination and claimed that one bullet hit Kennedy and then-governor Connolly.He was a Democratic district attorney for Philadelphia,Pa when he decided to switch to GOP when he ran for US Senate during the 1980 Reagan Revolution.And there the centrist-liberal Specter remained until he switched back to Democrat after Abomination was elected in 2008.Despite 3 treatments for leukemia,he never resigned.But now the nearly-80-years-old-man and reported 33rd-degree Freemason who wiped tears from his eyes during his concession speech,now pretty much has no choice but to retire from the political power that he has worshipped probably his entire adult life.I hope he had a good cry.And in our mother country UK,Labor Party lost 91 parliamentary seats,enabling Tory Party and Liberal Party to form a coalition government.Tory Party pretends to be conservative,but is really just an establishment party that occasionally throws a bone to UK patriots.But at least Gordon Brown’s Labor Party got the drubbing it deserved.Back to America,the Tea Party definitely had some influence in the US primary elections.The only question is,How much influence?

And finally,the great state of Arizona continued its fight against Amnesty Gang and Diversity Gang by banning so-called “ethnic studies” curricula in Arizona public colleges and universities.Fantastic! Bravo! These “studies” are just,for the most part,propaganda sessions to bash America,whites,Christianity and traditional morality while exalting every backward cultural practice and radical movement known to man.For those who still want to take these courses to  “feel their pride,” they can go to pinko private colleges or take these courses there.The big difference is they’ll be using their own money,not the taxpayers.’ Diversity Gang always wants to force approval and acceptance of their movement and ideology on our country;that’s one big reason why they try to force their agitprop down the throats of impressionable minds on college and university campuses.Arizona,for your patriotic efforts,patriots throughout this land salute you! Keep it up!

Patriots,this is Memorial Day weekend.Monday is the day we’re supposed to memorialize those men who have given their lives while serving in the US armed forces.It reminds us of the importance of self-sacrifice for the benefit of others;it reminds us of patriotism,or love of one’s country.It reminds us of Christ’s claim that “no greater love does man have than this:to lay down his life for his friends.” Regardless of whether they died for purposes that turned out to be ignoble or inglorious,we remember them and sympathize with them and their loved ones for their service and for being victimized by war-man’s ultimate inhumanity to himself.We hope and pray that the next war will be the “war to end all wars,” when “they’ll beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks,” when the nations shall no longer learn war anymore.May the Almighty speed that day,especially at this time of year.And at this time of year,we should also strive to avoid war with all our might,only declare it as a last resort,and condemn it when it’s done for the selfish ambition and blood lust of vainglorious men.And we should also thank those serving now in uniform.Patriots,have a safe and restful and refreshing Memorial Day weekend.Please keep visiting this blog’s parent site and keep fighting the patriot cause while there’s still light in the land.Remember,the day may come when the light either gets very dim or doesn’t light at all.

An American Patriot Reviews Recent News

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Hello,patriots,from across America-and to those too from abroad who support America’s patriot cause.Here’s my selection of what I deem the important news of the past few weeks and my commentary and analysis on that news.

I usually start with news on the immoral wars the US government is ordering our military to fight in southwest Asia,but since there wasn’t any major news on that subject to report,I start this patriot post on medical-care issues.

President Abomination and his neo-bolshevik comrades who rammed that so-called health-care bill through Congress with late-night weekend votes,conclaves,parliamentary maneuvering and other assorted dirty tricks got a bit of egg on their ugly faces when US Department of Health & Human Services-in the Abomination’s administration-concluded that the health-care bill will raise-not lower-health-care costs for Americans.We heard one neo-bolshevik after another crowing how this great collectivist bill will lower costs for all of us and we’ll all live happily ever after.So why wasn’t this HHS conclusion completed before the final vote? Or if it was,why wasn’t it released to the media or the public at large? Why hasn’t Congress investigated this yet? These are the kind of important and to-the-point questions that I ask our corrupt rulers and their media accomplices on this blog and at it’s parent website the HHS report was concluded before the vote,Abomination and his comrades probably told them to bury it,at least till after the vote.If HHS was ordered to audit the bill after the vote,that was probably because they didn’t want the ugly truth about the bill’s real costs to emerge before the vote.And the Democrat-majority Congress is now so smug about passing “their” bill that that’s why they’re not investigating the legislation’s real cost.Regardless,patriots,we’re stuck with this bill for now until it can be repealed.Several GOP leaders have threatened Abomination,Pelosi,Reid et al that if Republicans retake Congress in November,they’ll vote to repeal the bill.We’ll see,but let’s not hold our breath.This’ll be a great campaign issue for Republicans to run on,since the bill is so massively unpopular with the American public.But things happen once those same people who campaigned hard and loud on an issue actually enter their positions where they can do what they’ve promised,only to do nothing or very little.Again,this should all be very interesting to watch and follow.On the last medical-care issue I’d like to cover,Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that about half of Americans have either high blood pressure,high cholesterol and/or diabetes.Is that incredible?! Almost half! This is probably due to poor diets and eating habits,over-eating/over-drinking,lack of proper exercise,high stress levels,hereditary factors,inter alia.Regardless,here’s more proof that Americans have become a sick people,and not just physically,but mentally,emotionally and behaviorally too.We need to stop more and smell the roses,before there are too few roses around to smell.

On the economic/financial front,FDIC has shut 68 banks this year,there are now 702 problem banks-i.e.,banks in danger of going belly-up-and 1/3 of all banks lost money in the first quarter of 2010.Meanwhile,the assets of the top-6 banks comprise 63% of our GNP! Although,almost every news report uses the term Gross Domestic Product;they don’t like using the word national.America is getting closer to becoming a total plutocracy! Nonetheless,our banking industry remains very troubled.And a lot,if not most,of the trouble has been caused by Diversity Gang liberal politicians virtually forcing banks to make irresponsible loans and mortgages to “underprivileged” and “disenfranchised” people-i.e.,first it was blacks,now it’s blacks and latinos,even illegal-immigrant latinos.And then every Tom,Dick and Harry who shouldn’t have gotten a loan,got one.And now the whole country is paying the price for their Diversity Gang racial favoritism.Liberal,buttinksi bureaucrats at US Dept.of Transportation also like meddling a lot and recently decreed that effective 2016,virtually all vehicles made in USA will have to get 35.5 mpg.Why couldn’t the pompous jerks round it off to 36?! With Detroit,Michigan having become a virtual ghost town,where the average price of a house is about $10,000 and it’s on the verge of becoming a Third World city,US DOT must still play their games trying to create the perfect vehicle for a perfect society.Like almost every single “social engineer,” they care little about the flesh and blood human beings harmed by their self-serving engineering.Fortunately for me,the only car I have is my ‘74 Gold Duster.Dusty and me have been together now about 7 years and she has never let me down.She comes from an era when cars were still cars and not the by-products of buttinski government bureaucrats and know-it-all politicians.Yes,those cars needed environmental improvements,but nothing to the extent of what cars have to meet today.And get a load of the prices and the maintenance/repair costs for today’s vehicles! Again,the social planners and engineers don’t care about working-class people and their expenses as long as their vision of the perfect society remains in view and and as long as they believe they are the ones creating it.I can only imagine what the cars will look like in 2016.And the last economic/financial story I’d like to cover is the US government finding that drywall from Red China used in home construction is harmful to our health.Mostly in cases in Florida,it has actually sickened people.Oh the glories of the “global economy” that those who rule us in this nation keep crowing about.They’ll keep crowing about it even when it makes us physically sick and displaces millions of Americans from good-paying manufacturing jobs.This is covered extensively in Patrick Buchanan’s book The Great Betrayal.

There are 3 stories on the immigration front I’d like to cover.A study at Louisiana State University found that the more latino immigration into big-city black neighborhoods,the crime rate and the unemployment rate for blacks skyrockets.Probably the worst inter-racial conflict in the country at this time is between latinos and blacks,mostly in Los Angeles.In spite of this,Congressional Black Caucus continues to support amnesty for illegal immigrants(80% of them latino)and the persistently high levels of legal immigration into America,even though it adversely affects blacks.So why are they betraying their own people? It’s obvious that they have forged a racial alliance with Congressional Hispanic Caucus to oppose the white majority;in other words,they consider themselves fellow oppressed minorities in a racist society.If black congressmen peddled this garbage to their constituents,the only ones who’d eat it up are their fellow Diversity gangsters who’ve been indoctrinated with anti-white ideology and pedagogy in college.The average working-class black doesn’t buy this bilge,and it’s proven by polls and surveys showing blacks are even-more opposed to illegal immigration and high legal-immigration levels than whites.It’s going to probably take an act of God to break up this dangerous racial alliance between CHC and CBC.On another immigration issue,some raw data emerged showing that the top-4 states in mortgage fraud and home foreclosures are in the top-10 of states with the highest illegal-immigrant populations:California,Nevada,Florida,Illinois.Like I wrote in the previous paragraph,this can’t be just co-incidence.Many illegal immigrants are defrauding banks and loan companies and then even when they get loans,they foreclose because they weren’t qualified to get the loans in the first place because of poor credit histories,no down payments,insufficient incomes;but they got loans anyway.Why? Racial favoritism.Too much or misplaced compassion.Greed.Lack of foresight.Again,we’re all paying the price for their recklessness.And lastly on immigration,former British prime minister Gordon Brown was deliciously caught with his microphone still on while in his government limo after a woman in the north of England queried him on immigration into her town.”Where are they flocking from?”,she asked.In what he thought was a colloquy between him and his staff in the limo,he called the woman “bigoted” just for asking that question on immigration.She isn’t the bigot;he is.I believe it was an act of the Almighty that this “bigoted” liberal forgot to turn off his mike and the whole country and a lot of the world heard his ugly comment coming from his ugly mind.He revealed the anti-white ideology of today’s Diversity Gang,whether they rule in United Kingdom,United States,Canada,Germany or anywhere else.Diversity Gang is anti-white.If a white person just inquires about immigration,he or she is deemed “bigoted” by DG.If a white person inquires about quota systems/affirmative action,he’s “bigoted.” No,Diversity Gang are the real bigots-a bigot defined by Webster as one obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his party,church,belief or opinion.That’s Diversity Gang to a tee! But patriots got great news when Brown’s Labor Party was drubbed in the recent elections,losing 91 seats in parliament and the disgraced Brown resigning as prime minister and Labor Party leader.Good riddance.And,the Almighty willing,more DG bigots will fall from their positions of power.

On another immigration front are two reports on what I call La Conquista,which is Spanish for The Conquest.At a high school in Morgan Hill,Ca.on the pseudo-holiday Cinco de Mayo(Fifth of May),four American students ostensibly were fed up with seeing the Mexican flag flying in their faces that day and probably a few days before and wore t-shirts emblazoned with the US flag.The assistant principal with a Spanish surname told the students to either remove the shirts,turn them inside-out or risk being sent home.He was concerned about violence or altercations between Mexican and white students at the school.Death threats against the whites were reportedly phoned in to the school by Mexican gang members and about 20 police officers responded to the school.The students decided to go home,and fortunately no violence occurred.But what’s sickening about this whole affair is that American high-school kids were told to remove US-flag t-shirts by presumably a Mexican-American principal because the Mexican students would be offended on “their” holiday. If Mexicans want to celebrate “their” holiday on our soil at our schools,then they should celebrate it in Mexico! Of course,the only problem with that is Cinco de Mayo isn’t even a holiday in Mexico! It’s the day in the 19th century when the Mexicans expelled their French colonial masters out of their country.Good for them.But that has nothing to do with America;that’s Mexican history.In America,we recognize and celebrate American holidays,not foreign ones.And greedy corporations and businesses have a lot to do with promoting CDM because they just want mucho dinero coming from Mexicans living in US,whether it’s Coor’s Beer or the local bar/restaurant.On the final La Conquista issue for this patriot post,the US House of Representatives passed a bill on Puerto Rico’s status vis-a-vis United States.Like a similar bill passed about 10 years ago by GOP House leadership,specifically Newty Gingrich,this bill passed under Democratic leadership and it does almost the same thing:it provides a referendum for Puerto Ricans living on that island and those on our mainland who go to vote in PR on what they want their relationship to be towards America.This is another waste of taxpayer money and time.There’s a simple solution to America’s problematic relationship with Puerto Rico:Grant them independence! The sooner the better! I’ve blogged on this extensively before,so I won’t rehash.But anything again the US government does should serve America first and foremost,not a Spanish-speaking Latin American island-nation that shares very little in common with America.This bill reportedly stacks the deck-like the last one-in favor of Puerto Rican statehood.The American people,especially those living in the New York City-area,need Puerto Rico to be the 51st state like we need another war in southwest Asia or another trillion dollars added to the national debt.I performed a patriot service by calling the DC offices of two GOP leaders who were 2 of 39 Republicans who voted for this bill:minority whip Eric Cantor-the only Jewish Republican in Congress-and conference chairman Michael Pence,from Virginia and Indiana,respectively.I basically advised the staffers I spoke with what I just wrote,but with a lot more detail.I spoke with Mr.Pence’s staffer at great length and he was very generous and considerate with his time and responses.It was encouraging for him to tell me that he doesn’t think the bill will go anywhere in the Senate this year.Let’s hope that’s true and the bill dies like the one did around 1998.Regardless,La Conquista marches on in America.And it’s aided and abetted by the multitudes of legal and illegal immigration that the US government continues to allow into our country from Latin America.80% of the illegal immigration is from south of the border,while,for the first time in US immigration history,most(53%)of the legal immigration is from there too.We just have to open our eyes and look around us to see what this has already done to America and what it’ll do to her in the near-future.

There was apparently a DG cover-up of a sorts in Denver,Co.when the ABC affiliate discovered that inter-racial attacks on whites by blacks were racially motivated.One of the suspects told police that they were looking for a white guy to attack and rob,but it wasn’t reported as a so-called “hate crime.” Apart from the obvious that it was black-on-white that probably led Denver PD to keep this hush,the fact that these racially motivated assaults occurred in a neighborhood that’s getting cleaned up and renewed wouldn’t have its image helped if these attacks were given much publicity.Regardless,if the attacks were white-on-black,FBI and US Justice Dept.probably would’ve been called in.And that’s par for the course for Diversity Gang.

Another assault from DG:President Abomination’s Navy men have decided to put the fairer sex on subs by 2012.Like Puerto Rican statehood,America needs babes on subs like we need another foreign war and more national debt.But the Abomination is a militant feminist(yes,there are male feminists),and anything that gives an impression that men are different than women,that impression must be destroyed.Of course,the rank-and-file in the silent service weren’t consulted on this-the guys and their wives who’ll have to deal with the opposite sex rubbing right up against them under the sea.Again,we don’t need babes on subs.Even Billy and Hillary decided not to implement it when they were co-presidents.But this may be part of the plan to destroy the morale of the submarine service;it’s part of the Abomination’s plan to “remake America.” And the smug Navy brass quoted in the article on this story that I posted on shows that men who were once sailors are now selfish,self-serving politicians.Some of them said things to the effect like it’s no big deal and everything will be fine.If this goes through in 2012,let’s see if these stuffed shirts feel the same way when one harassment suit after another hits the Navy.On another story on political corruption and intrigue,former GOP congressman Tricky Dick Armey and Sarah the Princess Palin have crashed the Tea Party and are obviously being used by the anti-conservative/anti-patriot GOP establishment to take it over.They want nice,cozy protests and rallies,hackneyed slogans and platitudes on low taxes,cutting spending,less regulation,blah,blah,blah without giving anything really specific.They want no Tea Party activism on illegal-immigrant amnesty,unpopular wars,corruption and lawbreaking in DC,etc..So my advice to the patriots in the Tea Party is to be aware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing pretending to be of their flock but just want to eat the flock.Like Christ said,by their fruits,you will know them.Listen to the speeches and comments of Tricky Dick and the Alaskan princess and Newty Gingrich and see and understand that they just want people to fund them and vote for them come election time.They want no talk of real revolution in government as they seek just a mild alteration of the corrupt status quo.Tea Party patriots:Kick the infiltrators out of your party and tell them not to come back either!

A couple of items now on the Israel Lobby.It’s amazing how the Israel Lobby is more powerful in America-where the population is only about 2% Jewish-than in Israel which is about 80% Jewish.Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Israel’s defense minister Ehud Barak told Israel radio that Iran poses no current threat to Israel but may pose one in the future.Of course,this didn’t make it into American news,for we’ve been getting for about the past 2-4 years a steady drumbeat of “Bomb Iran!” from major media-much of it Jewish-owned,like this fanatical hawk Mortimer Zuckerman-publisher of New York Daily News.And another piece of news that Israel Lobby prefers Americans not to know:British defense magazine Jane’s declared Israel to be the world’s 6th-largest nuclear power.While the Israel Lobby media has been squalling about Iran “wiping Israel off the map,” it’s actually Israel who can wipe Iran off the map with its nuclear arsenal of about 200-400 nuclear weapons! Regardless,it’s still amazing how this news gets coverage in Israel while getting hardly no coverage in America while the Israel Lobby keeps trying to get America involved in another foreign war with another Islamic nation.

News from the crime front:an 8-years-old boy was detained(I forget in what state)for passing out bags of heroin at his school.And drug gangs from Mexico are dealing drugs to American teenagers in the suburbs.So while the Israel Lobby wants Americans to attack Arabs and Muslims far away from home who pose virtually no threat to America,we have drug gangs peddling poison to our high-school kids in an attempt to take their money and ruin their minds and bodies and their families.Again,patriots,we need to ask ourselves:Where is the real war that Americans are fighting or should be fighting? Here or over there?

Canadian Broadcasting Corp.(CBC)reported that the publisher of Archie’s Comics has decided to bring sodomy into the minds and lives of young comic-book readers by introducing a homosexual character into the comic.If there’s anything more depraved about the militant pro-homosexual lobby in US or Canada,it’s the sick desire to fill the minds of kids with their anti-Christ propaganda.Of course,the pro-homo liberals at CBC wrote about this like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.Kids reading comic books shouldn’t read about sex at all,let alone homosexuality.But this is one reason why the spirit of anti-Christ in “this present evil age”(Galatians 1:4)keeps pushing the envelope and will keep doing it until those opposed to them fight back and show them that they mean it.This is about the minds and the morals of our kids,and Christ said it would be better for a man to have a millstone put around his neck and thrown into the sea than to lead a child astray.Patriots,boycott Archie and advise others to do the same.

More deadly weather hits America.About 30 people died from flooding in Nashville when the rainfall record for a weekend was broken by more than double the amount of rainfall from the previous record.Double! Tornadoes killed 5 in Oklahoma,and almost 2 feet of snow fell on northern New York State and northern Vermont in the middle of Spring,causing loss of power to thousands of people.Patriots,all these records broken is unprecedented since weather records have been kept.The Almighty is ostensibly very angry at this country for a myriad of reasons.He wants our attention,maybe wants us to change the way we’re living.Who knows what kind of Summer we’re going to have?

I finish this patriot post with much encouraging news.I always try to light a candle even in the midst of the darkness.A patriot US Army doctor has refused to deploy to Iraq unless he sees President Abomination’s birth certificate;he claims he can’t serve a commander-in-chief who may not be constitutionally authorized to serve in that role.Let’s see what the Army does to this brave doctor and if the major media follows up on the story or they keep it quiet.Old-cow Republican US senator Robert Bennett from Utah was defeated for his party nomination,as GOP voters at the nomination convention chose younger,less-establishmentarian candidates.Democratic congressman Bart the Stoop Stupak chose not to run for re-election in Michigan after Tea Party patriots had him in their cross hairs for voting aye on the Abomination’s health bill.And old-cow Democratic congressman David Obey-chairman of the very important House appropriations committee-also decided not to seek re-election in November.These old bats and bags have pushed the number of congressmen not seeking re-election or who’ve already resigned to about 40.May more come down the pike! The more of these bums who get out of DC,the more of a chance patriots have to recapture our nation’s capital from the sell-outs,turncoats,globalists and neo-bolsheviks who rule it now! And now we learn that pinko-liberal Newsweek magazine-the sister publication of The Washington Post newspaper-is for sale.Even with about 2 million subscribers,the drop in ads and revenues has led its publishers to seek a buyer.Since patriots and conservatives don’t have anything that comes close to a wide-circulation news magazine that harmonizes with their interests and beliefs,this could be an opportunity for patriots/conservatives to get in on the ground floor of a major news weekly.At least it’s a chance anyway.More hopeful news came with reports of activist citizens in Minneapolis fighting to defend their neighborhoods from blight and dropping property values by buying foreclosed/unsold houses and either moving into them or fixing them up and reselling them or renting them out to people who’ll make good neighbors.I easily identify with this and deem it a great idea,for such blight has been happening where I live for about the past 3-5 years.People worry about which low-lifes are going to move into a house whose owner lives far away and can’t sell the house for a combination of reasons.So renters move in who have no attachment or concern for the neighbors or the community because they know they won’t stay there for long.Good luck to those folks in Minnesota who took constructive action to stave off neighborhood degradation.And lastly,patriots,let’s give a big salute to the patriots in Arizona for standing up to the illegal-immigrant invasion from south of the border by passing the toughest law in the nation to crack down on illegal-immigrant lawlessness.And they also banned so-called “ethnic studies” curricula in public colleges and universities.That’s the way to fight Amnesty Gang and Diversity Gang! Bravo,Arizona! And,patriots,this is important.There’ll be patriot rallies in Arizona around the first and/or second week of June expressing  solidarity and support for the patriot Arizona legislators and the citizen-patriots and activists who worked hard to get these laws enacted.And now we need to help them defend those laws and the residents of their state from the attacks that’ll almost-surely come from Amnesty Gang and Diversity Gang as they threaten boycotts of Arizona.Let’s fight fire with fire! Plan to vacation in Arizona for as many days as possible! Go see the Arizona Diamondbacks play baseball! Go to for dates,times and details of these patriot rallies in defense of Arizona patriotism.

Patriots,till next week or the week after.Let’s keep fighting for our nation against her enemies,almost-all of whom are right here on our soil.And please keep going to almost-daily news updates,stories and commentaries.