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An American Patriot Reviews Recent News

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Patriots,I’m about 2 weeks late with this post,mainly due to some local political activity.I’ll keep you all posted on any further developments.

If there’s any news on the immoral wars that the US government is fighting in Afghanistan,Iraq,Pakistan and possibly other countries in that area,I usually start a post on A Patriot’s Diary with that news.And while the Fox network television show “24″ isn’t actually a part of the aforementioned theaters of war,I believe it has been used as a pro-war propaganda program to condition the minds of Americans to prepare for a permanent,quasi police-state in America while the US government in Washington,DC wages endless war in southwest Asia against a large part of the Muslim world.So it’s great news for anti-war patriots that modern-day Superman Jack Bauer is retiring from all his anti-terrorist exploits this year.It’s curious why this show which has pretty good ratings is being retired by Fox,especially with the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan raging and the neo-con warmongers and Muslim haters always warning us that “We are at war” and “We must finish what we started.” A recent issue of Culture Wars magazine had some very interesting writing on the show’s creator Joel Surnow,including a report that he had dinner fairly recently in the DC-area with Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas and GOP entertainer Rush Limbaugh.And timing is very important:This show debuted about 6 weeks after 9/11! Co-incidence,patriots?! As I’ve blogged before on this claim,there’s an unholy alliance of Jewish neo-cons/Israel firsters,Protestant theo-cons and Catholic theo-cons who want war to be waged against the Arabic/Muslim world.So,I find it an interesting co-incidence that the Jewish Mr.Surnow divorced his Jewish wife and is currently married to a Catholic woman.Regardless of the theories and possibilities,good riddance to 24.

The plane carrying the President of Poland and many of his ministers that supposedly crashed in Russia looks like to me it was a shoot down.Maybe it was the Russian government because President Kacsyinski was on his way to a memorial service for the thousands of Polish army officers slaughtered by Uncle Joe Stalin’s goons at Katyn Forest during WW2.The Kremlin communists never admitted it,and only after the Berlin Wall fell did Russia come clean;but they probably didn’t want to.And there has been great historical hatred between the Catholic Poles and the Orthodox and then Communist-atheist Russians.Poland also has reportedly not to have been playing ball with a lot of the empire builders at European Union and other globalist groups.Regardless,this killing virtually took out the Polish government,and it may take them a good deal of time to recover.The naivete of many people that the current Russian government or that of another major power wouldn’t do something like this never ceases to amaze me.Putin was in KGB! Trained assassins! Government murder-squads are a fact of life,no matter how many people can’t bring themselves to admit it.Now to get off an international conspiracy theory and come back to home,Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens-another bow-tie-wearing liberal-announced he’ll retire by Summer.The 89-years-old geezer held out just in time-just like his fellow liberal sap David Souter-so his ultra-liberal friend President Abomination can nominate another ACLU-loving liberal like Ruth Bader Ginsburg(Ugh!)and Soto Sotomayor(Double ugh!).This is how devoted to power these liberal fanatics are:even when they’re near death,they still worry about keeping their fellow liberals in power over us so they can keep trying to destroy American society.And,patriots,it behooves us to remember that JPS and David Souter were nominated by Republican presidents! Stevens by Gerald the Fall Guy Ford(and 33rd- degree Freemason)and Souter by George Read My Lips Bush! I wish Stevens a miserable,unhappy retirement.And lastly on the subject of political corruption,Sarah the Alaskan Princess Palin got up on stage with Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachman-another GOP princess but not of the stature and significance of the one from Alaska.And if you go to and click the link to this article and look at the accompanying photo of these two GOP princesses,they look almost like twins! No kidding! And while Bachman makes the occasional good point and is accurate to call most of the current Congress “gangsters,” she mainly just wants to replace the Democrat neo-bolshevik Democrats with GOP warmonger-globalists.Again,I find the symbolism of the princess Sarah and her look-alike from Minnesota joined together in a kind of political matrimony rather ominous.

President Abomination is ostensibly so anti-white that on his Census form,he checked “African-American.” Too bad for him,no matter how much he hates the reality of it,he’s half-white,and he’s half-black.However,since he was probably born in Kenya,he at least is somewhat correct in claiming to be African-American.Was his Census selection a tacit admission that he indeed is African-born? And then we had another bit of anti-white/anti-English hatred from Jewish comedian Robin Williams-the idiot character Mork in the idiot tv show Mork & Mindy.On David Letterman’s tv show,he called Australians “…basically English rednecks.” We know,patriots,that if a non-Jewish comedian made a similar slur against Jews,latinos,blacks,homosexuals,that probably would’ve been the end of his career.The link to the article is posted on and it was reported in the Aussie paper The Sydney Morning Herald.When another Jewish comedian who appeared in the show-about- nothing Seinfeld yelled out “nigger” during a stand-up routine in LA,the media made a federal case about that and he apologized.But if he yelled out “cracker” or “whitey” or another anti-white racial epithet,it barely would’ve made a blip.In short,patriots,these are more examples that the Diversity Gang running our major news media and entertainment media are anti-white and believe some races and ethnicities are more important and better than others.Their actions and lack of action proves it,time and again.

The reconquista of Los Angeles is getting closer to completion,now with the appointment of Mexican-born cardinal Jose Gomez to head the city’s Catholic arch-diocese.The Pope made this appointment,and Go-Go Gomez will take the reins in the City of Angels in 2011 after Cardinal Roger Mahoney-the odious one-will retire.Mahoney was another one of these Catholic prelates who obviously wants more parishioners in his church regardless of whether they’re in America legally or not.He also apparently has an obsession with the amnesty issue because that’s about the only thing he publicly talks about.So again,patriots,symbolism is very important.And quite often,people in power use symbolism to create impressions in people’s minds to try to get them to think a certain way and remind them that a change is a comin’.So now with LA having a Mexican mayor and now next year to have a Mexican-born cardinal heading its Catholic arch-diocese(who spoke mostly in Mexican-Spanish in the church where his appointment was first announced),and with the flow of legal and illegal immigration continuing to pour into LA and its environs,when will the flag of Mexico fly over the Los Angeles city hall and our flag taken down?

Battle reports from America’s crime front:a double-homicide in the Garden State,where one of the suspects-a female-wanted to know how it would feel to kill another human being;a “wilding” in the Naked City-where numerous people were assaulted after New York Auto Show-resulting in the arrest of 52 wilders;9 shot,4 of them killed,in a shooting in Washington,DC(probably drug-related);and the topper was a 7-years-old girl gang-raped in Trenton,NJ,and it was arranged by her sister who got money from some of the rapists.Is any more proof needed to understand that America isn’t at war with the Muslim world but with itself?

Another homosexual celebrity decided to “come out”:Puerto Rican pop singer Ricky Martin.Again,it was common knowledge that the one who sings about his crazy life(Mi Vida Loca)indeed has one:not only does he copulate with men,but he’s raising kids with one of his lovers from a surrogate mother.Sodom and Gomorrah is alive and well in America today.

Lastly,patriots,1/3 of pro-baseball players in our country are foreign-born,and 1/2 of minor-league players are foreign-born.Is what used to be the great American pastime American anymore? White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen-a Pancho Villa look-alike from Venezuela-predicted that latinos will take over baseball in 10 years;it looks like it’ll be sooner than that.The globalists,the internationalists,the conquistadors have taken the game away from us.

Patriots,I’m catching up on the recent news.I’ll blog on more-recent news within the next 5-7 days.Let’s keep fighting for America,while we still have the freedom and wherewithal to do so.