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An American Patriot Reviews the Last Two Weeks’ News

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Hi,patriots.Here’s my review and commentary on what I believe are the most-important news events from the past two weeks.

There was a long-overdue anti-war march on Washington,DC that drew thousands of mostly left-wing protesters.Cindy Sheehan called President Abomination “…a war criminal” and former US attorney general Ramsey Clark called for an official investigation of the Bush administration officials responsible for the lies,deceptions and false intelligence responsible for the immoral attack on and occupation of Iraq.I applaud these protesters,for I have no problem with a staunch American patriot like me agreeing with anyone as long as I believe them to be morally right.And on these immoral wars in Iraq,Afghanistan and now Pakistan,these leftist protesters were right and doubly right to protest.Cindy Sheehan’s 21-years-old son was killed in Iraq,and she may be right to call the Abomination in the White House a war criminal;however,patriots need evidence to formally charge the Abomination,and Boy George Bush,with war crimes.And that’s what an investigation called for by Ramsey Clark would try to determine.But the Republicrat powers that be in the US government and major news media have so far kept any such investigation from even being started up,in contrast to the Chilcot Inquiry in United Kingdom,which has heard testimony from former prime minister Blair and current prime minister Brown.Charles Scaliger in a recent article in The New American magazine wrote about “…an entrenched political class..” allied with powerful interests who’ll not give up their power and privileges without a fight.This is one reason why no formal investigation has been held to learn the truth about the Iraq war:some wicked people are being protected from exposure and possible prosecution;some of them are in the open and well-known,some are in the shadows.Patriots,I urge you to keep heat on your congressmen about this immoral war in southwest Asia.Do your part in publicly opposing this wanton,unnecessary destruction and killing.Don’t support any politician or political candidate who supports this war.And for you praying patriots,pray to the Almighty that he’ll bring His judgment down on those in power in Washington,District of Criminals who’ve gotten away with incredible immoralities for far too long.And it all boils down to the Bush/Clinton dynasty which stills rules us and has ruled us since 1981.

More sickening unfairness in the medical establishment was revealed when a study discovered that on average,nurses with anesthetic training who work in hospitals with doctors make more money than the doctors! Is that nuts?! And to boot,there’s a doctor shortage of about 60,000! So why this unfairness and affront to doctors? It’s probably favoritism to the fairer sex! The vast majority of nurses are female and the majority of doctors are male.And with more and more females working in “human resources” departments and in hospital administration,they may be showing sexual favoritism.Or maybe these nurses have tough union leaders.Of course,these are speculations;but this nonsense should stop immediately.I’m not saying that these nurses shouldn’t be paid well,only that they shouldn’t be making more than doctors.These nurses are making almost $200,000 annually! That’s ridiculous! Now to the public-health issue of genital herpes.It was revealed that 16% of the US population aged 14-49 has genital herpes.And the rate for blacks in that age group is almost triple that number.The 16% figure is bad enough for the country.But almost half of blacks 14-49 have herpes?! The Diversity Gang looks at a “racial disparity” or “inequality” like this and almost always spontaneously blames “Racism!.” DG blames almost every social pathology afflicting “people of color” on racism perpetrated by whites against non-whites,even when there’s not a shred of evidence.It’s an easy to way to place blame on the wrong target and demonize whites all in one shot.Some moron here in the Bronx blamed “racism” recently for this borough being rated the least-healthy in New York State,since the borough is about half-latino,most of them being Puerto Rican.I performed a patriot function by writing a letter to the editor to the borough paper Bronx Times Reporter,which was printed.I called that moron a joke for blaming racism on the poor-health conditions of many in the Bronx and put the blame where it mostly belongs:on those practicing bad habits like out-of-wedlock teen births,drug use,promiscuity,inter alia.And these bad habits are the reasons too for the higher herpes rate among blacks than the rest of the population.Simply put,there’s more promiscuity,unprotected sex and personal irresponsibility among the black population than among other racial groups;that’s why the black rate is almost 3x higher.Regardless,that 16% of all Americans aged 14-49 have herpes is a major embarrassment and another result of the sex-crazed society America has become.

On the nation’s fiscal front,President Abomination and his Democratic Congress gave us a record-breaking deficit in February:$221 billion.I’m coming closer and closer to renaming the Abomination to President Destroyer.He obviously hates America,for he wouldn’t have been a member along with Mrs.Abomination of Jeremiah Wright’s black-liberation-theology church for 20 years.One way to destroy a nation is to bankrupt it and destroy its currency.The US government debt is now $14.3 trillion! This number is so mind-boggling and so fantastic that it doesn’t register in a lot of people’s minds! The Red Chinese provide about $2 billion a day to help fund this sell-out government in DC.But they’ve been hinting that they may seriously cut back on buying US Treasury securities because these gargantuan deficits may lead eventually to defaults like Greece.Whether we call Barack Obama the Abomination or the Destroyer,his plan to destroy America and remake it in his image is hopping along nicely.And only patriot resistance and/or an act from the Almighty will stop it.

A freak show who was given the idiot name Lady Gaga was offered up in an article by Mortimer Zuckerman-owned New York Daily News as a great entertainer.The reporter described her latest video that deals with a lesbian in a diner.This freak uglifies herself so much that she looks like something out of a nightmare or horror film.Another sign of America’s moral breakdown is when a freak like this has a following and is given a platform in a big-city paper.Maybe she’ll win on “American Idol”! And there’s another garbage show glorifying the pursuit of fame,even when calling their contestants “idols.” The Good Book warns that idol worship brings the Almighty’s judgment and wrath.Patriots,please avoid idols of “entertainment” and warn others about them.America’s worship and love of false idols is entertaining the country to death.

This segues somewhat into the next subject of a man in Georgia getting arrested for posting a You Tube video of him holding a sign containing the words,”Elton John must die.” He’s a Christian who was understandably enraged that the bi-sexual English singer/songwriter opined in an interview to Parade magazine that Jesus the Christ was “a compassionate gay man…” I didn’t come across any major news stories on this fruitcake’s blasphemy;indeed,the story on the You Tube video was the first time I heard of it.So where was the pathetic,gutless-flab Christian establishment? Where was the condemnation of Sir Elton,who the pervert Brits knighted about 15-20 years ago? It looks like they were too chicken to condemn a “pop idol.” And a few hours before I read this story,I was waiting to get a hair cut in a local shop when I was subjected to this garbage ABC tv show The View,hosted by two hideous broads:Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.And none other than Sir Elton was on the show along with a few other guests.Mr.Fruitcake was lamenting over his “gay” friend in the US military who had to hide his homosexuality to avoid discharge.I was so sickened by the “discussion” that I had to walk outside the shop.I was sickened too that the Italian-immigrant shop owner would put this garbage on the shop tv set! Patriots,believers in Christ or those who just respect Christ and want America to stay a Christian society,the spirit of anti-Christ is trying to persuade us that sodomy is not only inoffensive,but something to be celebrated.Resist them,anywhere and anytime they try to glorify the sin that brought the Almighty’s judgment down on Sodom and Gomorrah.

Another Diversity Gang plan-forced racial integration in Kansas City,Mo.public schools-has gone to pot.A moron federal judge ordered the city to spend $2 billion on upgrading city schools so that whites wouldn’t run to private schools or move out of KC altogether.This boondoggle has now forced the city to close half its public schools due to inadequate funding and resources and lower student enrollment.Like President Abomination,the Diversity Gang destroys too.A mad obsession with forcing white and black students to attend the same schools with a lot of extra-curricular goodies has turned out to be a huge waste of taxpayer money and school resources.But the biggest victims are the students and their parents.If the judge who ruled in the case that forced this plan on KC schools still sits on the bench,he should be impeached.

I was on the subject of possibly the Almighty’s judgment on America.And the last weekend of Winter here in the Northeast was blasted with 4 straight days of stormy weather,which wound up taking the lives of 11 people.One day saw hurricane-force winds and record-breaking rainfall in New York City(4 inches!).Can any patriot reading this remember a Winter such as this,not just in the pinko-liberal Northeast,but throughout America? I can’t.Records were broken throughout the land and records were broken too in Europe and in other parts of the world.Pastor David Meyer will probably document this extensively in his monthly Last Trumpet Newsletter.Patriots,I believe the Almighty is bringing bad weather on our country for a number of reasons,but mainly because the wicked are in power over us and a multitude of Americans are responsible.If a nation exalts the spirit of anti-Christ,judgment will eventually come.Meanwhile,patriots,batten down the hatches.And like Christ exhorted his disciples,pray that we may be counted worthy to escape the Almighty’s wrath whenever and wherever it falls.

Lastly,patriots,I come to the topic of pro baseball-the once-great American pastime.Ron Washington-the 57-years-old black manager of Texas Rangers-tested positive for cocaine back in July.The commissioner’s office and the team owners kept this quiet until broke the story and then everyone else poured on.Mr.Washington also admitted that as a player,he used pot and amphetamines.He did have the decency to offer his resignation to the team owners,but they asked him to stay on.What I found most-sickening about the story was the kiss-ass article written by AP sportswriter Tom Withers,who I believe is black,but I’m not sure.His article praised the baseball powers that be for covering up Washington’s drug use,and printed more praise for Washington from two Texas players,one of whom “had” a drug problem himself.This article illustrates why drug use is obviously rampant in baseball:even when players and now managers are caught using drugs,the 2-legged rats running the game cover it up.And law enforcement is all-too-often looking the other way or choosing not to investigate and prosecute.The Barry Bonds trial has been postponed about 5 times! Roger Clemmens’s case is still in limbo.Like I started off this patriot post on the corrupt powers that be in Washington,DC covering up for the louses who ordered the US attack on and occupation of Iraq,the “star” multi-millionaire drug users are being protected by baseball’s powers that be,in the commissioner’s office,the players union offices,some sportswriters’offices,and even the offices of certain prosecutors.They,and the fans who continue to attend these games,are responsible for this sleazy travesty.On another corrupt aspect of the once-great American pastime,black player Torii Hunter participated in a USA Today discussion on certain issues in the game.Hunter called black players from Latin America,”impostors.” Not the best choice of a word,but he’s in the ballpark,no pun intended.He stated that black-latino players aren’t black Americans;they come from different cultures and speak different languages.Liberal sports commentators tore into Torii.But if he were white,they probably would’ve called for his hanging! Regardless,Torii was 100% right to express resentment towards these dirtbag owners who scout players south of the border as if the countries they are citizens of are US states.While many of them are of course motivated by greed and the infantile desire to win at any cost,there are others who,I’m convinced,want to displace American players and replace them with foreigners.This may be due to racial favoritism,anti-Americanism,or this mad-rush to “internationalize” what used to be America’s game.And,Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen-a big mouth,Pancho Villa look-alike from Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela-predicted that in 10 years,it’ll be American players who’ll need sports visas to play baseball in America because his fellow latinos are going to take over.One thing I do give credit to Pancho Guillen for is his honesty.And patriots,baseball fans,he’s probably right:In 10 years or maybe a lot sooner,our local baseball team will be mostly or all foreigners! And this is followed up by a 3-games series between Florida Marlins and New York Mets to be played in————Puerto Rico! And the dirtbag,2-legged rat CEO of the players union bragged about how American baseball teams will soon be playing against each other all over the world.Don’t most  people see what’s happening?! The 2-legged rats are trying to totally destroy the American origin and character of the game of baseball and turn into a globalized circus of greed,fame,idolatry and hero-worship! Baseball is on the road to becoming a tower of babel madhouse,unless patriots resist and bring the American character back to the game that used to be ours.

Patriots,our people and our land are under constant attack from various directions.While American servicemen are fighting and dying and getting wounded far away from home to please the warmongers and conquerors who ordered them there,our nation is on the Eve of Destruction:”Tell me,over and over and over again,my friend,you don’t believe,we’re on the eve of destruction?” Patriots,let’s fight for our land,our countrymen,our faith,our future.Our days may be numbered.Till next week or the week after.May the Almighty give us another chance to save America from her enemies.And please visit my site for almost-daily news and patriot commentary.

An American Patriot Reviews Last Week’s News

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Hello there,patriots,from Bronx,NY.Today is Friday-the day named after the Norse goddess Freya-and we’re supposed to get hit with a nasty rainstorm all weekend,especially on Saturday.The Bronx St.Patrick’s Day Parade is scheduled for Sunday,and I was planning on having some fun most of the day;but Ol’ Man Winter may have other plans.Happy St.Patrick’s Day to all you laddies and lassies.Enjoy some of the great music that only the Irish can make.

I usually start this blog with news,analysis and commentary on the immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and now in other lands in that part of the world.I believe this is the most-important issue facing our country,although patriots may sincerely disagree on the priority I place on it.US-led NATO forces invaded and seized the Afghan village of Marjah,supposedly because it was a Taliban haven.With the exception of a McClatchy news story on 4 US marines killed(marines shouldn’t be fighting in a landlocked-nation like Afghanistan),I came across no US casualty reports.This dovetails with the decision by the Afghan government to ban television coverage of Taliban attacks in Afghanistan;they claimed it gives free publicity and encouragement to the insurgents.War-time governments routinely practice not reporting or under-reporting their military casualties and enemy attacks;they only at times want to give “positive” news to the people they rule.I’m sure American servicemen were wounded and killed in the Marjah offensive,but President Abomination and/or the Pentagon may have ordered the major media not to report US casualties or maybe the media just went along with the plan.The warmonger US government knows their war is unpopular with most of the country,despite all the propaganda they and their media lapdogs have spooned out to us these last 8 years or so;they think that keeping mum on US dead and wounded in Afghanistan and elsewhere will calm us down or weaken our opposition to their aggressive,immoral wars of conquest.And it was probably the same government who told President Karzai to ban tv coverage of Taliban attacks.This somewhat reminds me of when US Air Force bombed a tv station during the civil war in Bosnia because whoever ordered them to do it didn’t like what the station was reporting.Monsters in the US government! And then it was BBC(British Broadcasting Corp.)who reported that President Abomination ordered an end to attacks on poppy farmers in Afghanistan because these attacks were forcing them to join the Taliban.Patriots,isn’t that amazing? These farmers grow poppies which become opium and then become the heroin which finds its way into our neighborhoods.Afghanistan is the opium capital of the world.So now the Abomination is giving free reign for farmers to grow dope just because they were siding with the Taliban who are resisting conquest of their country.One of the few good things,probably the only good thing,to come from US military action in Afghanistan is the possible eradication of the opium fields.Now that that operation has ended,it makes me theorize once again that certain people in the US government are complicit in the drug trade.And that may be another reason among many others why they’re using the military and mercenaries like the former Blackwater to seize and rule as much of that part of the world as possible.Now there are car bombs exploding and killing people in Pakistan,and these bombings didn’t increase and intensify until the Abomination started taking his war into that country,although that was his stated intention when he was campaigning for president in 2008.Patriots,let’s support our guys in that southwest Asian quagmire by fighting for them to come home!

News service Associated Press did something rather unusual last week:they published an opinion column.Almost all the time one reads something from AP,it’s a news story,not an opinion piece.But they decided on publishing this editorial by a male/female team because they seem to be worried about the peasants with pitchforks getting restless in America and they feel threatened by this;in other words,their corrupt establishment is under siege.The column by Calvin Woodward & Eileen Sullivan gave itself away in the first or second paragraph by claiming our country is “…awash in conspiracy theories.” Defenders of a corrupt establishment would love to ban the word “conspiracy” from the dictionary and from the lexicon,for it helps stop people from thinking about criminal or immoral activity in government,big business,news media,academia,big religion.Basically they want to protect the high and the mighty,even if they personally aren’t part of it;they vicariously share in that power.The column cited the recent shootings at the Pentagon and at a Las Vegas courthouse and Joe Stack flying the plane into the IRS building in Texas.Maybe these “reporters” think they may be next! Patriots,what’s important here to remember is not the stupidity and paranoia of an opinion column like this,but that AP is ostensibly very concerned about a patriot rebellion in the land,and the corrupt anti-patriots and criminals in high place in America may somehow be brought to justice.Of course,I’m not defending the aforementioned criminal acts.A true patriot rebellion brings the lawless and the criminal in government to justice in a real court of law,with specified charges,evidence,witnesses and proof to prove the people’s case.If some of the charged are found innocent,then they’re released;if some are found guilty,they’re punished.Of course,patriots must always be aware that things can get out of control and wicked men can hijack a patriot movement,just like GOP trying to take over the Tea Party movement.But something reasonable and legitimate must be done to deal with the corrupt polity that rules us from its headquarters in Washington,DC.Associated Press is a bit scared about this,and they also may just be scared,understandably so,about more violent acts like the Pentagon shooting.But the purpose of the opinion piece masquerading as news is probably meant to demonize “conspiracy theories,” persuade people to ignore or hate them,and continue to trust the corrupt Republicrat polity.Patriots,we can expect more head games to be played by the establishment if things continue to get worse in the land,which I expect they will.Like the great Joe South song back in the ’60s:The Games People Play.

The Diversity Gang was on the warpath on several campuses of University of California,mostly UC at San Diego.The event Compton Cookout was held,and reportedly some black stereotypes were on display.Of course,Diversity Gang(DG)students started foaming at the mouth,sat-in at campus offices and refused to leave,made threats and demands,and misbehaved in other ways typical of their warfare.They were enraged too at some other “racist” incidents,like a noose being displayed.As usual,several UC administrators groveled like pigs to appease DG,as did the AP writers of the articles I read on these incidents.Racism perpetrated by whites drives DG wild,even when there’s little or no evidence.They would be besides themselves if they didn’t have some white racist to hate and persecute.But the big problem they have with Compton Cookout is it was organized by black comedian Jigaboo Jones! It’s just a parody! Things have calmed down somewhat over the last few days,but incidents like this and the rabid hysteria they engender show DG rules our academic establishment.And they are the ones who train and indoctrinate the students who eventually become DG in government.In a nutshell,many if not most of America’s colleges and universities are anti-patriot,anti-Christ.Their mission isn’t to teach,but indoctrinate.Patriots,be careful where you attend college or university-so-called “higher education.”

More strong commentary directed towards US Federal Reserve Board came our way,this time from prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz.He described the way the Fed does business as “corrupt.” One reason he called it corrupt is that at times,those who sit on the Fed’s board of governors are also sitting on the boards of the banks they’re supposed to oversee and regulate! There are plenty of other reasons why the creature from Jekyll Island is corrupt,but Stiglitz is to be applauded for his forthrightness.The last item on economic and financial news was an article in The Star Tribune of Minneapolis,describing poverty in the suburbs.The article claimed this is a growing trend in America,due to the recession.What a great paradox that is,that so many Americans have fled to the suburbs over the past 30-40 years and continue to do so to become more affluent,but only wind up poorer.I think suburbanization,generally speaking,has been a blight on our nation.It has separated us from each other,made us abandon our cities,made us travel long distances to and from our jobs,made us more materialistic and status-seeking;all this leads to much-less sense of community attachment.Again,patriots,I’m not saying every suburbanite is guilty of the aforementioned.I’m just recognizing the overall zeitgeist created by mass suburbanization.And now the poverty that so many thought they left behind in the grimy cities is hitting them in the ‘burbs,and it’ll be a lot harder to escape debt and bills and payments in an expensive suburb than in a big city.Maybe that should be a patriot challenge for the decade 2010-2020:Let’s return to and recapture our cities!

America’s crime wave kept rolling last week,the most-ghastly being the murder-suicide of a Danish model and her live-in boyfriend.From the photo accompanying the article I posted on,she was the typical beautiful blonde from Scandinavia.She was sexually assaulted while walking her dog in Central Park about 6 years ago and possibly never recovered mentally and emotionally from that savage attack,for one of her neighbors said she was unstable.She shot dead her boyfriend,torched their house in New Jersey,and then killed herself;the house was burned to the ground.It’s almost as like,in her tormented soul,that she was acting out some Edgar Allan Poe-like ending to her life,that she was killing herself and taking the world she knew with her.That’s how it seems to be in this fallen world and in a nation becoming more anti-Christ;one horrible sin leads to another horrible sin.Another horrible crime occurred in the Naked City when a 12-years-old boy mugged a woman pushing a baby stroller with a baby inside it on a Brooklyn sidewalk.The mugger was apprehended by a civilian patrol and held for police.Fortunately,neither the woman nor the child was hurt;the woman forked over her wallet to the little monster.How nightmarish the Naked City has become and America too when kids who aren’t even teenagers yet are mugging women pushing baby strollers.And lastly on the crime front,8 teenagers were shot after a concert at a skating rink in Gary,Indiana.The articles I read didn’t specify much and there was no major follow-up nationally.But since Gary is predominantly black,these were probably black teenagers shooting other blacks after a rap concert.None of the shooting victims suffered life-threatening wounds.But another sector on the front of America’s crime wave was a CNBC interview(available on the Current News & Patriot Commentary page on Harry Markopolos-the investigator who blew the whistle on Uncle Bernie Madoff.Harry is author of the recent book No One Would Listen,which describes how he brought reams of evidence to several governmental authorities about Madoff and was rebuffed.The interview was chilling,in that Harry stated that drug cartels,organized crime,the Russian mob and other rogues were involved with Madoff and that he feared for his wife and family and still does.Amazing how this interview has been almost blacked out by the major news media and financial media.It looks like they want us all to forget about Bernie and his fellow con men.Like I just wrote on the AP opinion piece warning about “conspiracy theories” and playing games with our heads to defend the corrupt establishment,some powerful people are being protected from the revelations of Harry Markopolos;he has performed a great patriot function in helping expose Madoff’s crimes.I recommend we buy his book and read it,re-read it and pass it on.

There were two reports on America’s moral breakdown that once again illustrate the war America’s fighting is really right here on our soil and not in southwest Asia.Teenage suicide is on the rise again.And a psychologist in Missouri was quoted as saying,”This is a very dangerous time for our young people.” It certainly is,and she wasn’t talking about our young people fighting and dying in Iraq or Afghanistan,but dying right here in our homes,on railroad tracks,in classrooms,in hotel rooms.Why is this happening?! To add to this scourge on America’s young people,a study discovered that 5 times as many high school and college students today suffer from mental problems than those during the Great Depression! Five times as many! What brought us to this ghastly state?! It’s a combination of things,but I believe it’s the result mainly of a society becoming more anti-Christ and more perverted throughout our society.Too many bad influences,whether it’s the garbage out of Hollywood or the garbage out of Washington,DC.Too many broken homes and latchkey kids,too much feminism,too much selfishness.I think we need something like a miracle to help our kids in high school and college.One way we can help is making sure we know the environments of the schools our kids attend.And another reason we have such confusion and bewilderment in the land is a corrupt Christian establishment,epitomized by the likes of Texas “televangelist” Kenneth Copeland.It was revealed that he lives in a $6 million mansion and his “ministry” owns a $3 million plane.I think that most Protestant seminaries,especially Baptist ones,churning out the likes of Copeland and fat boy Hagee and smiley-face Joel Osteen mainly teach them how to become rich by taking their flocks for a ride.I can see their public-relations classes on how to smile,how to say the right words at the right time,how to prey on people’s good hearts and good intentions,how to take money out of their pockets.How they justify these showmen living in multi-million-dollars mansions with money taken from those who blindly trusted them.Just another curse on America:glorified racketeers masquerading as ministers of the Gospel.And,patriots and/or fellow believers in Christ,get a load of Copeland’s eyes when you see him on telly or in a photo;there’s something in those eyes that gives him away.

I end this patriot post with good news on patriot activism in the Great White North:Canada.Our northern neighbor has the best national anthem in the world as far as I’m concerned,both lyrically and melodiously.But because one of its lines is,”True patriot love,in all thy sons’ commands,” a female senator recommended the government delete that line and make it more “gender-neutral.” The phony conservative government in Ottawa,reportedly wanting to curry favor with the female vote,took up the offer from the female lawmaker and considered her request.But when Canadians found out about it,they screamed out all over the land,”No way!” “Leave our anthem alone!” And they did! So possibly the world’s best national anthem won’t be tampered with;patriots in Canada carried the day.I salute you!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the words to the anthem Oh,Canada!:
Oh,Canada,thy home and native land

True patriot love,in all thy sons’ commands

With glowing hearts,we see thee rise

The true North,strong and free

From far and wide,Oh,Canada

We stand on guard for thee

God,keep our land,glorious and free

Oh,Canada,we stand on guard for thee

Oh,Canada,we stand on guard for thee!

Bravo! Good show! Patriots in America,let us stand on guard for our land.And may The Almighty keep our land glorious and free! Till next week or the week after.

An American Patriot Reviews the Last Two Weeks’ News

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Greetings,patriots,from Bronx,NY.I hope you’ve been fighting the patriot cause since my last post about two weeks ago and that you keep up the fight to save America from her enemies,almost all of them to be found right here on our soil.

I’d like to start what should be a lengthy patriot post with some good news on the political front.Evan Bayh(pronounced as in “bye” in “goodbye”)-a liberal Democratic US senator from Indiana-announced he won’t seek re-election in November;so it’s bye-bye Bayh.Almost every article I read on this called him either a “moderate” or a “centrist.” Balderdash! He has been a liberal flame his entire time in the senate and masquerades as a man in the middle.Oh,he may have occasionally voted against the Democrats and with the Republicans,but by and large he was a reliable liberal Democratic vote.Hopefully the GOP nominates John Hostettler-a real immigration reformer and one of the few Republicans to oppose the Boy George invasion of Iraq-to run for bye-bye’s seat.However,Democratic anti-amnesty congressman Brad Ellsworth has already announced he’ll run for the Democratic nomination.So,patriots in the Hoosier State,don’t vote party line in November,nor any time for that matter;the Democrat may be a better choice than the Republican.And wouldn’t good luck have it,on the same day Bayh made his announcement,ultra-liberal,rat-faced US senator Frank Lautenberg from New Jersey took a tumble in his Jersey home,and it was later revealed he has stomach cancer.That makes the third ultra-liberal Democratic US senator from the pinko-liberal Northeast-probably the most liberal part of America-to be cancer-stricken within the past 18 months or so;the others are Edward Kennedy from the Bay State,who died of brain cancer,and Christoper Dodd from the Nutmeg State,who was treated for prostate cancer about 3 months ago and looked terrible the last photo I saw of him.When 86-years-old Lautenberg was elected in 2002 after he had retired from the senate in 2001,it was a paradigm of the corrupt,lawless political machine in the Garden State.Robert Torricelli was the Democrat up for re-election,but he resigned just a few months before the election over a corruption scandal.The New Jersey constitution forbade the renomination of another Democrat,so the sappy Republican should’ve been the only major-party candidate in the race.But the Democrat majority on the Jersey supreme court over-ruled the state’s own constitution and allowed the Democrats to nominate another candidate! How’s that for a bunch of lawless judges! And the US Supreme court upheld the ruling! Their justification? The “2-party system” must be maintained.Even when it breaks the law of a state’s constitution! And then,the GOP nominee(I forget his name)was a colossal bore and drip and the Democrat Lautenberg-dragged out of retirement after having already served in the senate-cruised to election.So,patriots,is it co-incidence,all these anti-American ultra-liberal Democrats either retiring,dying,or getting cancer-stricken within about 18 months? I don’t think so! Some may say this is too harsh;maybe so.But the Good Book says in Psalm 12:9 that in high place(in positions of great power)are the vilest of men. And when evil men and women are in power and cause great harm to a country and her people,then patriots must try to remove them from power;and we can’t always wait to the next election.So if sickness and natural death removes the incorrigibly wicked from power in America or any other nation,I say,amen(Hebrew for “so be it”).

I haven’t blogged much or posted much news and commentary on on the hysteria known as global warming;but I’m blogging now because US senator James Inhofe,R-OK,has taken patriot action in making a formal referral to US Dept.of Justice to investigate some members of Global Warming Gang.Some of these scientists promoting the theory(and that’s all it is)of man-made global warming were discovered fudging statistics and overlooking key data that would discredit and/or at least provide strong rebuttal to their theory.Sen.Inhofe has been publicizing the findings of scientists who oppose Global Warming Gang for the past few years,and his membership on the senate’s public-works committee lends a lot of credence to his claims.So now it seems he’s trying to put some real muscle into conducting a criminal investigation into some of the gang to see if they’ve broken federal law.There are sincere people who believe in man-made global warming and the environmental harm it may cause.BBBBBBBBBBBBut,there are those who are using this theory to radically change our economy and our industry and our standard of living.In short,patriots,they want to weaken us and drive us down to a much-lower living standard.The New American magazine( run many good articles on global warming and I recommend you read and study as many of them as possible.Meanwhile,bravo to the patriot work of Sen.Inhofe.I’m going to contact his office and thank him for his patriot activism and I recommend other patriots to do the same.

Vice-president Joseph Biden may be in a bit of hot water with his bosses.He was point-blank honest when he said,”Washington is broken” and America is in “deep trouble.” The article I read(posted at very brief and didn’t provide any elaboration,if any was given by the veep.So what did he mean? How is Washington broke and why is it in deep trouble? I think he meant the government is flat-out of money and is bankrupt.But notice,patriots,how there has been no major follow-up on his claims.The establishment seems to be getting more and more nervous that their system is imploding.And now that one of their own has let the cat out of the bag,they’re in “damage control.” Biden has had an occasional maverick streak,but it’s rare that a veep would speak so dramatically,especially about the seat of their government.That’s the good political news,and now the bad.

President Abomination’s hack of a navy secretary announced he wants to put babes on submarines.The silent service needs this like it needs a hole in the bow,but the Abomination is very pro-feminist.And one feminist illusion is that there are no major differences between men and women,so females shouldn’t be barred from “serving” with men on subs.This is the last detail of the US military that’s still men-only,and the Diversity Gang is angry over this.Plus,if the Abomination(Soon to be renamed Destroyer?)wants to destroy the military and especially the submarine corps,ordering babes on subs is one sure-fire way to cause trouble and morale problems on the underwater boats;so this may well be what folk singer Dan Fogelberg called “part of the plan.” Submariners are some of the bravest men in the world,and they deserve our thanks and gratitude.But the all-male sub force we had in WW2 brought great destruction to the Japanese navy and helped bring that war to a quicker end.We didn’t need babes on subs then and we don’t need them now.And to all those equal-access ideologues and misanthropic feminazis,I propose that men and women serve separately on ships,planes,in tanks,everywhere-in other words,all-male units and all-female units.After the first few battles,maybe that would destroy the dangerous fantasies of those who believe that men and women are virtually the same.And the Abomination also wants to allow homos to serve openly in the armed forces;just another way to destroy the morale and efficiency of the US military.

Boy George Bush attended a “Christian” academy in Fort Worth,TX and accepted $5,000 from the students in attendance to be spent on Haitian earthquake relief.Boy George and Billy Clinton were recruited by President Abomination to help raise funds for the relief.Boy George still has a lot of “Christians” over a barrel,especially in the Lone Star State.The article I posted on cites him as usual being very generic in claiming that his prayers and his faith helped him during his presidency.And because the students and teachers and school officials attending have such blind trust in him,they automatically assume that he prays to the Almighty-the God of the Bible-through His Son Jesus the Christ,and his faith is the Christian faith.But the Christ warned about false prophets:by their fruits,you will know them.Boy George’s fruit was rotten during his presidency,despite an occasional good one.He’s a member of the occult secret society Order of Skull & Bones,he attacked and occupied Iraq under false pretenses,he kissed Uncle Joe Lieberman on the forehead when he campaigned for his senate re-election on 2006,and steely-eyed Laura Bush is a piece of work in her own right and who I believe is a registered Democrat.I could describe many other bad fruits of Boy George,but that would take a book.But it shows how low the body of Christ has sunk in America when Boy George can still command the love and affection of those who claim to believe in Christ yet continue to idolize corrupt former and current politicians.

The immoral attack on and conquest of Iraq was probably Boy George’s worst crime,but now his successor has picked up where he left off,only he’s trying his best to conquer Afghanistan.The Abomination’s administration intends to spend $600 million of our tax money on building police stations in that country.That’s about the same amount that Boy George and Congress are spending on an embassy-fortress in Baghdad.The warmongers and conquerors in DC are broke,as the veep said,but they still find 600 mill to spend on police stations which will probably be used to help conquer the country and suppress the people.And another of Boy George’s crimes was using torture on “terror” suspects,which the supposed anti-torture candidate Obama said he opposed but whose US Justice Dept.just gave a clean bill of health to Bush’s torturers,principally attorney general Speedy Gonzalez and his deputies John Yoo and Jay Bybee.Speedy is now teaching at Texas Tech,Bybee’s a judge,and I don’t know what Yoo’s doing.After the Justice Dept.release finding no wrongdoing by the torturers,GOP congressman Lamar Smith from(Where else?)Texas expressed his support for the ruling and then made an absolute ass of himself and others on his side when he euphemized torture as “enhanced interrogation tactics.” Maybe if someone tried such a tactic on him,he would have a different attitude.Smith has been great on the immigration issue,especially on amnesty;unfortunately,he’s a fanatical supporter of the “War On Terror!” And that’s why he called torture what he did.And as far as the incredible evil of 9/11 and the equally incredible evil of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are concerned,I urge patriots to read Paul Craig Roberts’ column The Road to Armageddon.Dr.Roberts was an assistant treasury secretary in the Reagan administration and has pinned the tail on the neo-con donkey with pin-point accuracy.That column spells out the obvious:the neo-con warmongers and revolutionaries who ran the Boy George White House and their successors in the Abomination White House are using 9/11 as an excuse and a warped justification for conquering a large part of the Muslim world and they’re even trying to surround Russia and provoke some kind of conflict with them.In short,he claims the neo-cons want to rule the world,one war and one region at a time,thus leading up to Armageddon.Patriots,that column is must-reading.Pass it on when you’re done reading it and studying it and saving it.

On one of the more-painful horror stories on the illegal-immigration invasion of our country,some female judge in the California court system ruled against the family of a dad and his two sons in San Francisco who were shot to death in a car by an illegal-alien member of street gang MS-13.He had been arrested twice before the murders,but wasn’t turned over to immigration authorities for prosecution and deportation because the city of Saint Francis is,thanks to the lawless legislators in its government,a “sanctuary city”-meaning illegal immigrants have sanctuary in that city from federal immigration agents because the city police and other other city officials are forbidden to inquire of their immigration status and even if they do know are forbidden to notify the federal government.This is a clear violation of the 1996 immigration law and of other US laws,but no US Justice Dept.action has been taken against the Saint Francis government.So the family of the murder victims sued the city for damages,and this dirtbag judge sided with the city,claiming they weren’t culpable.How’s that for compassion from a black-robed creep sitting behind a bench? However,patriots,it’s just more proof that America’s war is right here on our soil.And because of the sell-outs and traitors in Washington,San Francisco,LA,Sacramento and other cities and counties in California,the Golden State is being turned into a living hell for millions.

On La Conquista(the Conquest)front came a story in The Chicago Sun Times of some latinos living in the Windy City,mostly Mexicans.The headline was Latinos:Living In Two Worlds.And it delineated the Americano world and the latino world that a lot if not most latinos(they’re not hispanics,who are European)live in on our soil.One Mexican was quoted as telling his son he should learn English “to succeed”-in other words,to make money and buy things.They speak English where they work and speak whatever dialect of Spanish they speak at home and when they socialize;hence the two worlds many latinos live in here in America.What ingrates! People the world over have been so thankful to be permitted to come to America and become citizens,but ostensibly with a multitude of latinos,whether they’re from Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic or El Salvador or some other Latin American country,they’re here just to make money and avail themselves of all the nice things our country and our people provide-things sorely lacking or barely existent in their countries. Like good-paying jobs.I see it with the large Puerto Rican population in New York which now also has a growing Dominican population.At last count,11 am/fm radio stations on the dial are broadcasting in Spanish! Patriots,we’ve been invaded! A Spanish-speaking Latin American nation is extant on our soil,just waiting for formal recognition.And what happens to the Americans trapped inside or nearby this sub-nation? How will they be treated? Will they have to learn a particular Spanish dialect to enroll their kids in school or just to listen to the radio? Of course,if we had patriots and statesmen in Washington,this appalling situation never would’ve been allowed to develop.But because we have anti-patriots and anti-statesmen in District of Criminals,we now have probably a majority of the largest minority group in America whose primary love and affection is towards Mexico,Puerto Rico,Cuba,Dominican Republic,El Salvador,etc..And now,again thanks to lawless Washington,DC,53% of the legal immigration into our country is from Latin America,and Puerto Rico is still given “commonwealth” status,enabling everyone on that island to move to America if they so desired.That’s why I call this La Conquista and why I have an eponymous page on,resist La Conquista.Refer to my Patriot Action Plan for 2010 on this blog for ideas on how to fight it and prevent its success on our soil.And that’s what La Conquista wants more than anything:our land.

Some feminits on New York Fire Department-probably the best fire-fighting department in the world-want more of the fairer sex in fire houses.There are about 30 or so firewomen on NYFD,and they’re there only because the department was forced to give a watered-down physical test to those female applicants,just like police departments did to hire more female cops.Plus,the lead firewoman urging more of her sex to be hired is black,and black firemen just had a Diversity Gang judge rule in their favor that blacks were discriminated against when applying.So it looks like a group of blacks just want more of their kind on NYFD,because it’s too white;it needs to be “diversified.” How organized this all is:a half-black president wants babes on subs and open homos in the US military,and black firemen and at least one black firewoman want more blacks on NYFD.Again,patriots,is all this co-incidence? I doubt it.I hope NYFD fights back like they did in the past when some moron male-feminist judge wanted to put more females on the department whether they were physically qualified or not.I hope too that patriots in the military fight the Abomination and his cronies in their latest attempts to undermine the armed forces.

Some more gloomy news came out of Detroit,MI-once called the arsenal of democracy.Because the auto industry has been decimated for a combination of reasons,Detroit has become a virtual ghost town.In a city of about 800,000 people,there are about 33,000 vacant homes! That sounds like a bombed-out city during a war! This is what the federal government and the Michigan state government and Detroit’s government have done to that city,along with a large part of its population that helped destroy it with crime and gangs and drugs and out-of-wedlock births.Regardless,Detroit may be a harbinger of the typical American city in the near-future.And if there’s an “investment bank” that should be investigated,it’s Goldman Sachs.That firm with all its financial tricks has been implicated in the financial crisis in Greece-the birthplace of Western civilization.They’re not content with making billions in America and weaving webs of financial wizardry.They have to do it in Greece too! Sen.Inhofe recommended a Justice Dept.criminal investigation of members of Global Warming Gang.Goldman Sachs should be investigated too.

A US senate committee report found that Avandia-a drug that supposedly fights diabetes-causes heart attacks or greatly increases the risks of getting heart attacks.Also disturbing but not surprising in the report is that Food & Drug Administration is buddy-buddy with the drug’s manufacturer and may have known about the drug’s side effects but let it slide.If this is true,it’s just a corollary of the big-pharma industry primarily motivated by the lust for great profits and little concern for the people taking these drugs.And that I believe is because of a society that’s becoming less-Christian and more anti-Christ and more materialistic.Moreover,a government study showed that about half of Americans are on medication(!)and a third sleep poorly.It’s like half the country is in a zombie state! Our people are taking too many drugs way too often,and often needlessly.And that’s one reason why 1/3 of us aren’t sleeping right.Millions of Americans need to recapture their peace of mind,before they lose their minds.

Professional sports,especially baseball,has come under a spotlight again because of Dr.Anthony Galea-a doctor in Toronto,Canada arrested along with an aide about a week ago for selling and trying to import and export illegal drugs.He also uses some creepy experiment with a patient’s blood to hasten the healing process.And he uses Actovegin-a drug derived from calf’s blood! Ugh! He even flew down to Florida to treat Tiger Woods! New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes,from Dominican Republic,was treated by him in Toronto and has been questioned by FBI.And now Alexahente Rodriguez of the New York Yankees is going to be questioned by FBI too.The “A-Rod” claims the questions will be about some other player and not him.Jay McGwire-a brother of former juice player Mark McGwire-has just come out with a book and calls the use of illegal drugs “baseball’s worst-kept secret.”Like the greedy drug companies make and sell harmful drugs because they make a lot of money off of sick people,greedy men in pro-baseball are making and have made a lot of money from their racket.And they obviously don’t care if every player was a junkie as long as the fans keep supporting the corrupt game with their attendance and their viewing.But now with Royal Canadian Mounted Police and three federal law-enforcement agencies involved in the investigation of what appears to be a mad scientist and some of his clients,maybe this pall of immorality and greed and corruption that has taken over pro-baseball for way too long can finally be broken,suspects arrested and the guilty punished,and the game gets really cleaned up.

Patriots,I end this post by asserting that the terrible storms that have ripped through the country and much of Europe and other parts of the world is largely a judgment from the Almighty.Records have been broken left and right,like record-low temperature in Miami,record snowfall in Philadelphia,PA-the City of Brotherly Love-and casino heaven Atlantic City,NJ,millions losing power for many days before power was restored,and every state in the country except Hawaii having snow on the ground.And during a late-night party celebrating the Jewish “festival” of Purim(a rather creepy “holiday,”to say the least)in the Sony Building in downtown New York,where actors and actresses from the garbage tv shows Sex and the City and Jersey Shore were present,ice on top of the atrium roof broke through and rained down shards of glass on some of the revelers,resulting in 10 people getting cut.The Almighty’s judgment? Who knows? That’s part of the great mystery of life.But,I hope and pray the Almighty is getting involved in our country.Like Christ prayed to His Father:”Deliver us from evil.Amen.”

Patriots,till next week or the week after.God save America.