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An American Patriot Reviews News From the Last 2 Weeks

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Greetings,patriots.This’ll be a patriot post on important news of the last two weeks,so get ready.

The neo-bolshevik Democratic Congress and President Abomination raised the US debt limit $1.9 trillion.The spendaholics couldn’t round it off to $2 trillion;they had to go right up to $1.9 trillion and stop there.I’ve noticed these amounts like $100.1 billion,$39 billion,etc.coming from Washington like a cheap marketer using the $99.99 price to sell a product.Maybe the Washingtonians are into numerology.The vote to raise the limit in the House was very close(217-212),but it first passed in the Senate and the Abomination signed it.The US Constitution mandates that all spending bills are to originate in the House,but again,this lawless bunch in District of the goddess Columbia do what they want.Their corrupt financial system would’ve went belly-up,again,if they didn’t raise the debt limit.So now they have put the nation $14.3 trillion in debt! $14.3 trillion!!!!!!!!!!!!! But maybe they think they gave us a break by raising it $1.9 trillion and not $2 trillion.If patriots ever take back Washington,or take it for the first time,they should consider prosecuting those who have bankrupted our nation.

When 3 US servicemen were killed in Pakistan a few weeks ago,it uncovered a dirty little secret kept hidden or at least very low key by the political and news media establishment:the US military is now actively engaged in another predominantly Muslim nation,supposedly fighting Al Qaida and the Taliban.So now our guys are fighting and dying in Iraq,Afghanistan,Pakistan,and possibly very soon Yemen and Somalia-all under commander-in-chief President Abomination,who so many voters thought would bring the boys home from that hell once elected.HA! He’s turning out to be worse than Boy George! The warmongers running both the Democrat and Republican parties are obviously committed to what Josef Goebbels called “totalen krieg”-total war.They want to invade and conquer as many Arab and Muslim countries as possible all under the guise of fighting the “War On Terror!” and routing Al Qaida and the Taliban.There are several reasons I believe why they want to do this,but that’s for another blog,for it’s detailed.But the basic reason is:they seek conquest;it’s that simple.American servicemen are volunteers who are supposed to protect America from harm,not wage a personal war of conquest for the high and the mighty.And if voters keep vacillating between the warmonger Democrats and Republicans to rule us from Washington,this war will just keep raging and spreading.We need anti-war patriots to serve us in Washington,or maybe even from somewhere else,because that citadel of power may be hopelessly corrupt and immoral.We can easily defend ourselves from fanatical Muslims without our guys fighting them thousands of miles away from home.Securing and strengthening our borders and controlling immigration is probably the simplest way to do it.

A career lawyer in US Department of Justice concluded that when Boy George Bush’s prosecutors approved of torture on terrorist suspects,it was just an “error in judgment,” or some other insulting,deliberately misleading phrase was used to sugarcoat or justify the barbaric practice of torture.So no surprise,patriots:President Abomination,who campaigned against torture when running for president,has a different opinion once he sits in the Oval Office,even to the point of covering up for a president of “the other party.” It’s not the other party! It’s the same bunch of CFR globalists and internationalists who run White House foreign policy regardless of a Democrat or GOP president! That’s why the war rages on,that’s why torture is practiced and then covered up or justified,that’s why Israel gets $10-13 billion a year in direct and indirect aid from the US taxpayer! This culture of power in Washington is nearly impossible to change from within.Torture is for barbarians,not a still-civilized Christian nation like America.And no crafty Justice can justify or overlook torture no matter how many euphemisms he uses.

There’s possibly a new romance between a media “star” and a powerful politician:Psycho Glenn Beck suggested he may want to French kiss Texas governor Rick Perry! Bugged-out Beck interviewed Texas GOP gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina on his talk show and queried her about her role,if any,in the so-called 9-11 Truth Movement.This movement is basically comprised of people who don’t accept the totality of the “official story” told us by the US government and the major news media on the 9/11 attacks.All that Medina said in response to Beck was that these people have “good questions” re 9/11.Well,that was enough for Beck to start to foam at the mouth.Just watch the reaction of one of these Fox News warmonger neo-con propagandists whenever someone,no matter how respectable and decent he or she is,just questions some of the official story or the events surrounding 9/11.The reaction is almost like Pavolv’s dog! It’s like they’re programmed to kill someone just for having another opinion or view on the 9/11 attacks.Beck sure acts and looks like like he’s on something or brainwashed.Unfortunately,the libertarian-leaning Debra Medina,who has already been endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul,issued press releases stating that she believes the official story that 19 Arabs taking orders from bin Laden were the ones responsible for 9/11.While her language was at least a bit open-ended,all she had to say was that was her opinion and has no bearing on the office of Texas governor.So when she told Beck that she didn’t want to tar and feather 9/11 Truthers,Beck,who was considering supporting her candidacy,turned to establishment GOP governor Rick Perry and implied he may French kiss him.How gross! But,I wouldn’t be surprised if Beck goes both ways;he obviously is not dealing with a full deck.For you patriots in the Lone Star State,the GOP candidates are two globalist-establishment elitists(Perry and US senator Kay Bailey Hutchison)and the libertarian-leaning Medina.At least you have a real choice this time.

The Tea Party movement has been infiltrated by establishment Republicans and is now on the verge of being totally taken over by them.And no better proof of that was the invitation to Sarah the Princess Palin to address the fake Tea Party convention in Nashville two Saturdays ago.She was paid $100,000 just to give one of her typical hot-air,run-of-the-mill GOP propaganda speeches about less government and less taxes and more war,while the convention’s sponsors charged the insulting prices of $349 and $549 to attend.Get a load of those prices! Probably some sleazy marketing company specializing in how to hoodwink people out of their money gave them that idea for the prices.That was no Tea Party gathering;it was a Republican-establishment cheerleading session for the princess from Alaska.Patriots,it’s all now in focus:the princess(the name “Sarah” in Hebrew means “princess”)was picked to be John McCain’s vice-presidential nominee in 2008,she resigned the Alaska governorship,she was hired to be a talking-head commentator at Fox(Sly as a fox?)News,she’s being groomed to infiltrate and subsequently lead the Tea Party movement,and she’s being slowly but surely groomed for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.The Tea Party always had a GOP element to it,but it also had a lot of independents,libertarians,citizen-activists,government reformers.How ingenious for the likes of Tricky Dick Armey,Newty Gingrich,Fox News president Roger Ailes and other odious Republicans to co-opt the movement to suppress the patriots in the movement and make Tea Party Nation just another sleazy fundraising arm for a sleazy political party.And even the self-identified “independent” Scott Brown announced,barely a week after being sworn in to the US Senate,that he’ll campaign to get John McCain renominated as the GOP senate candidate from Arizona.How the establishment sticks together! To you Tea Party patriots,fight like hell to keep the likes of the Alaskan princess from taking over the movement;they will if you let them,and the patriot/conservative cause will be stigmatized throughout the land-and that’s what they want.

I believe an attack on Iran by President Abomination is near,possibly before Summer.Sanctions- a form of warfare-are already in place.Israeli warmonger prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently visited Russia to make the case for “crippling sanctions” against Iran.Yes,the warmongers in the governments in America and Israel are obviously preparing for a full-scare war on Iran.Why? Because they supposedly are close to developing a nuclear bomb.And the evil Saddam Hussein we were incessantly told had WMD.The neo-cons,the warmongers are using the same playbook that they used to attack and occupy Iraq! Iran poses no threat to America,none.Members of the US government and its media cheerleaders are screaming about Iran because they consider Israel to be America’s 51st state,and Ahmedinejad has said-I emphasize,”said”-negative things towards Israel.And for that,these maniacs maybe want to start WW3! Israel has about 200-400 nuclear weapons,and their government has never signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.Iran knows that if they dared attack Israel,they would be counter-attacked,and possibly with nuclear weapons.If Israel suspects an attack from Iran,it'’ll be up to them,not US,to do something about it.The safety and security of the American people has been jeopardized for too long because of Washington’s unjust relationship with Tel Aviv,and patriots should work hard to stop it.And our government shouldn’t side with any government or nation in that part of the world.Like Dr.Ron Paul exclaimed during one of the 2008 presidential-primary debates,we should mind our own business and secure our own borders without concerning ourselves with securing the borders of Iraq.And another push for a US attack on Iran was none other than Michael Huckabee-the Gomer Pyle warmonger of the “evangelical” wing of GOP-who visited Israel a few weeks ago along with a hundred or so other other ignorant evangelicals to address some members of the Israeli Knesset.And he shazammed them with all the same moronic,slavish,anti-Christ subservience to Judaism,attacking Iran and defending displacement of Palestinians with Jewish settlers.Michael Hucksterby:a paradigm of the corrupt Republican wing of the political establishment and of the corrupt Protestant-Baptist wing of the Christian establishment.And,of course,a regular host on Fox News.
World Economic Forum is an annual gathering of very powerful people in government and finance and is usually held in Davos,Switzerland.This year,the head of the security detail for the forum was found dead in his hotel room from,of course,an apparent suicide.There has been no significant follow-up to this man’s death,and I believe he was taken out because he either knew too much or was going to go public with what he already knew.I wrote in the commentary accompanying the link to this story on how easy it is to take someone out in a hotel,even a large chain hotel with security.And now we have the murder of an alleged member of Hamas,taken out in his hotel room in Dubai reportedly by a professional¬† hit squad almost certainly hired by the Israeli Mossad.And then we heard about a British “lord” who recently ruled to bury the evidence surrounding the supposed suicide of Dr.David Kelly in jolly old England a few years back.And he ruled that evidence to be kept secret for 70 years! So that anyone implicated in Dr.Kelly’s death will be dead and buried himself! Dr.Kelly reportedly leaked information to the press about the lack of evidence for attacking Iraq,and a few days later was found dead in the woods with slit wrists.And like the “suicide” of the security head in Davos,no follow-up on this! The major media wants the story to die because they’re either afraid to cover it,were told not to cover it,or are part of the cover-up themselves.Patriots,if you get involved in the patriot cause,be careful when you travel and where you stay.Travel in groups and rarely isolate yourselves.All three of these victims died while they were alone,two of them in hotel rooms.These professional hit men working either on contract with governments or actually working directly for them in intelligence or military operations work in secret and rarely will take someone out when there are witnesses.Please be prepared,and a prayer for protection wouldn’t hurt either.

And staying on the morbid subject of suicide,2009 was a record year for suicides in US Army and Marine Corps..Another way for domestic enemies to destroy America is destroy the morale in the armed forces-and they’re sure doing a great job doing it:wars almost 10-years-old over there,depleted uranium,forced vaccinations,extended tours,a politically correct bureaucracy and leadership,GI Jane fighting alongside GI Joe.It’s a miracle our guys haven’t totally cracked from all of this! Many patriot hearts go out to our volunteers in uniform;what a horrible predicament they’re in.But they’re still hanging in,trying to preserve our nation from total collapse.We need to work with and help out every way we can the patriots in the service.They’ve been used and exploited by a corrupt government and news media for far too long.

I was never a regular viewer of Lou Dobbs Tonight.The few times I watched him or listened to his radio broadcast,I always had my suspicions about the guy.He wouldn’t have been allowed to stay at neo-con CNN for 20+years without giving something in return.He was basically fired from CNN last year with a lovely $8 million severance package.So it really was no surprise when he stated to a latina host on a Spanish-language tv network that he now supported amnesty for America’s estimated 12 million illegal immigrants,80% of them latino.And a few weeks ago he met privately with none other than US Senator Woodchuck Schumer from New York-the Senate’s current point man for amnesty.Woodchuck told the press the reason he met Dobbsy was because the former CNN host is changing his views on immigration-i.e.,he now supports amnesty.Dobbsy just proves that it’s very difficult to trust anyone in the establishment either in tv news media or politics.Maybe Dobbsy is really thinking about an independent run for a US Senate seat in New Jersey,where the Texas-born Dobbs currently lives,and that being pro-amnesty will help improve his image.Maybe he made a deal with someone,somewhere.Maybe he took a lot of money to change his view.Maybe he lost the stomach to continue the fight,maybe he was threatened.Regardless,the loss of Lou Dobbs to the enemy side is no big deal,but it’s still very curious why he did it and how it looked like it was planned.And hopefully his radio broadcast goes bust,and he can return to the field where he probably always has felt most comfortable:economics.

Thinking and writing on all this bad news has tired me,but now for a wee bit of good news.Rhode island congressman Patrick Kennedy-son of the recently deceased Edward Kennedy-announced he won’t seek re-election this year.In 2006 he crashed his car right outside the Capitol while under the influence,and he has been in and out of alcohol and drug rehab since.And the jerks in the Ocean State kept re-electing him anyway! But it seems like they’ve now finally had enough of the young turk,for his approval rating is only in the mid 30s.So,to avoid the embarrassment of a Kennedy losing an election,he bails out.If people can snap out of their hypnosis of supporting one of the most corrupt political dynasties in America in a ultra-liberal state like Rhode island,they can snap out of it anywhere.For the first since the late 1940s,a member of the Kennedy dynasty is not ruling us.This is miraculous! Hallelujah!

Weather records have been broken time and time again this Winter.On one day last week,every US state except Hawaii(which isn’t really a state anyway)had snow on the ground.What a way for the Almighty to send a message that He’s cleaning up the land of a nation by covering it with white stuff?! And then to shut down the capital city where the corrupt government rules for an entire week with back-to-back blizzards! Oh,mercy! This is too good! What a great way to stop the neo-bolshevik warmongers and other anti-Christ forces in District of Columbia than by blasting them and its 230,000-employee workforce out of town! Maybe the Almighty hasn’t given up on America and He’s planning on delivering us from the evil that rules us in DC.I hope so.

Horrible,ghastly murders continue to terrorize America.A maniac female professor at Univ.of Alabama at Huntsville shot 3 colleagues to death and wounded three more,reportedly over being denied tenure.And also in Huntsville,a teenage middle-school student was stabbed to death by another student,in what police are only heretofore saying is “gang-related.” When Satan comes to a town,he sure knows how to terrorize the people.And these horrible multiple homicides are happening all over the country,for one demented reason after another.It seems like more and more Americans are being driven to insanity day after day.

And the crime wave has even hit man’s best friend in the Naked City.A 10-years-old westie was tied up outside a market while his master was getting milk and he was mugged for the coat on his back.Fortunately,the dog wasn’t harmed.And another dog was dognapped during a blizzard,and the dognappers have already requested a ransom.When even man’s best friend is victimized by low-life criminals,that’s a really bad sign;but it’s just one of many sad stories out of millions in the Naked City.

So-called “motivational speaker” James Arthur Ray has been charged with several counts of murder for presiding over the “sweat lodge” ceremony that took several lives and seriously sickened about 20 more.This is the pied piper who was promoted on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live.No surprise here,since Oprah is America’s #1 false prophetess and Larry King(I forget his real Jewish surname)the last I heard was on his 9th wife.Low-lifes promote other low-lifes,and they lead their blind followers down dangerous paths.Mr.Ray took advantage of various frail people,even persuading them to the point of participating in a sick American Injun “spiritual” ritual of sweating themselves to the point of sickness or death.I even saw East Indian swami Deepak Chopra being interviewed on the so-called “O’Reilly Factor” about a year ago.The anti-Christ New Age has been set loose on America since the 60s,and its bad fruit are there for anyone with eyes to see.Winfrey may finally be losing her hypnotic hold on millions of women,with this being the last year of her boring hour of wind and starting up her own network next year.As for the ugly sounding and ugly looking Larry and obnoxious O’Reilly,they’re basically doing the dirty work of their powerful behind-the-scenes bosses,who rarely pass up an opportunity to lead people down dangerous roads as long as the latest New Age fad is promoted.So much of the spirit of American culture is anti-Christ.And those who gave their fortunes and their lives and maybe their souls to James Arthur Ray will be probably be followed by many others as long as millions continue to be swayed by the likes of Winfrey,King,O’Reilly et al just by being entranced by the dangerous messages coming from the boob tube.

Patriots,I close out this long blog with the reports on the large doses of radiation from the use of ct(computed tomography)scans that were conducted on patients in some Los Angeles hospitals.About 300 people reported loss of hair and burns over their bodies.So now,Food & Drug Administration(FDA),which is supposed to monitor and oversee the use of these powerful scanning machines,has decided it’ll start closer supervision and regulation of ct scanners.Americans are now getting blasted with twice the level of radiation that they received about 30 years ago,and the use of these scans is one reason for this large increase.Why did FDA wait so long to act? It’s probably because health care in America has been a corrupt big business instead of a health service for about the last 30 years.So if some people make a lot of money off these scans,even when many of them are totally unnecessary and possibly harmful,the more victims there are for their racket,the better.This is what happens when a Christian conscience or moral ethic is removed from a sector of a society and is replaced by an inhuman lust for profit and wealth.And it’s not just manufacturers like GE and Toshiba who make these scanning machines and compromised government agencies like FDA,but doctors,clinics,labs,drug companies,hospitals,insurance companies,meddlesome politicians and even some complicit patients who are responsible for the state of medical care in America today.But at least the neo-bolshevik Democrat plan in Congress was at least postponed due to Scott Brown’s election.

Patriots,it’s just about 2 am as I type.I just heard Eddy Arnold yodel out the end of his song Cattle Call on shortwave radio station WWCR.It’s time to hit the hay,even though I haven’t updated the news for today on I’ll do a quick scan before lights out.I thank you patriots who’ve responded to this blog and are taking some kind of patriot action in our land.Please keep it up.Till next week or the week after.