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A U.S. Patriot Reviews Last Week’s News. And a Lot of It Is Good News!

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Hello,patriots.I’ll be covering six news items in this post on A Patriot’s Diary:the first 3 items bring good news,the last 3 bad news.
The most-important good news from last week is none other than the miraculous election of Republican Scott Brown to the US Senate from…………..Massachusetts! Yes! Massachusetts! This is a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1,where all 10 US representatives are Democrats and every one is a flaming liberal,where the state legislature is overwhelmingly Democrat,where the Kennedy dynasty has pretty much ruled for about half a century.How did a GOP candidate who ran on a centrist-conservative platform defeat the liberal-feminist attorney general of Massachusetts? Scott Brown said after his victory that this may be “the second shot heard ’round the world.” The first shot was at Lexington in 1775,which helped set off the American Revolutionary War.We don’t know if Brown’s victory shot with 52% of the vote will be as dramatic and revolutionary as the first shot,but it is nonetheless phenomenal.Some of the post-election voter analysis found further good news:a slim majority of voters in the Bay State are registered independents,and they went overwhelmingly for Brown.Voters were also turned off by the arrogance of Democrat Martha Coakley’s campaign,especially when she kept calling the senate seat she was running for “Teddy Kennedy’s seat.” Scott Brown gave the perfect response to that arrogation:”It’s the people’s seat.” But the arrogance of the Democratic Party in the Bay State and nationally was dealt a knock-out punch when probably the best candidate they had blew a 30-point lead in the election’s last 4-6 weeks.If a flaming-liberal candidate can lose a special election for federal office in Massachusetts-the People’s Republic of Massachusetts-then they can lose anywhere and patriots can carry the day.More good news from this election is that the mystique of the Kennedy dynasty,which has had such an incredible grip on the minds of the Bay State electorate,may be breaking;the spell cast by the ghosts of the witches of Salem may be breaking too.And that may very well be providential.Scott Brown will be the first GOP US senator from the Bay State since 1972.John F.Kerry-the state’s senior senator,flaming liberal,globalist,CFR member,Order of Skull & Bones member and Herman Munster look-a-like-will now have to deal with someone who won’t vote exactly like him the vast majority of the times.Buuuuuuuuuuut,patriots,let’s not get too excited over this election.Scott Brown is still a member of the Republican Party-the other wing of the bird of prey of America’s corrupt 2-party establishment.I heard on Alex Jones’s broadcast last week that as a state senator,he voted for the universal health-care bill signed into law by Republican governor Mitt Romney several years ago.During the recent campaign,he emphatically stated he will vote against the neo-bolshevik health bill now stalled in Congress;we’ll soon see if he was being honest.He also called up Edward Kennedy’s widow right after election night to praise her late husband who was one of this country’s biggest enemies.And,none other than Adolf Ghouliani trekked up to North Boston to campaign for him.That’s scary! So let’s not get our hopes up too high,for we may be setting ourselves up for another big letdown.The Grand Old Party has done this umpteen times to patriots before,and they’ll do it again when it serves the needs and desires of their leadership.Time will tell,maybe sooner than we want or think.This first piece of good news leads into the second piece of good news from last week for patriots.
The liberal,pro-Democrat news media was running story after story about how by Friday of the week before Brown’s election,the Democratic leaders and their collaborators would complete their neo-bolshevik health bill-combining two bills comprising over 4,000 pages and forcing almost every American to buy health insurance or face fines or imprisonment for not paying the fine or civil penalty.I could almost see them rubbing their dirty hands in smiley glee,waiting for their neo-bolshevik bill to be signed by President Abomination and for them to take photos of all the smiling faces of the Democrats surrounding Abomination,congratulating themselves for their latest legislative assault on the American people.But that Friday came and went,and there was no story on the health bill being worked out.And then the Democrat lost in Massachusetts.And the Democrats lost their 6o-seat filibuster-proof majority in the senate! Hallelujah! That’s “Praise the Lord!” in Hebrew. Yes,patriots,this election may have been the result of patriot prayer.But who ever thought a Democrat would lose the election for Edward Kennedy’s senate seat?! So now the liberal media has had to report that since the health bill can now be filibustered endlessly by the senate Republicans-if they stay unanimous-their neo-bolshevik health bill is in jeopardy and may need a total overhaul.Patriot activism-like that I outlined in my 2010 Patriot Action-Plan a few weeks back-certainly contributed to the backlash against the health-bill monstrosity and certainly helped defeat Martha Coakley.The Abomination and his co-neo-bolsheviks have been thwarted! Patriots,keep fighting and keep praying and keep up the offense! And now for the last bit of major good news from last week.
The liberal-Democrat Air America radio network has gone belly-up.All this great news for patriots in just about 7-10 days! The Almighty hasn’t given up on our America! Maybe He is giving us another chance to save our land from her enemies! AA fired up about 6 years ago,and it never really took off.I find this somewhat interesting,in that liberals love to debate and argue just for the sake of debate and arguing;that should’ve provided an audience and callers.But,for the most part,they have never done well on talk radio.While this network was mostly Democrat propaganda and politicking,it did provide an occasional needed rebuttal to GOP/neo-con propaganda-talk-radio.The major GOP talk-radio propagandists are Rush Limbaugh,Sean Hannity,Glenn Beck,Bill O’Reilly,Mark Levin,et al.Citadel Broadcasting syndicated some of these GOP blowhards,and it declared bankruptcy a few months ago.Good.We need patriot broadcasters! Not GOP or Democrat broadcasters! Patriot broadcasters serve America and the patriot cause while establishment broadcasters serve the two parties or the big-money interests behind them! Still,patriots,this good news from last week is quite refreshing.Let’s appreciate it while we can.Now the three items of bad news.
Since I was just on the topic of GOP propagandists,it’s now time to turn on the tv and hear:”Heeeeeere’s Sarah!” Yes,patriots,Sarah Palin-the princess from Alaska with the air-headed visage-suprisingly resigned the Alaska governorship and wouldn’t say what her plans were.So now the princess meets the fox:Fox News.How perfect! I can’t wait for when the sex-crazed producers on that network make her the first anchorwoman or female commentator to wear a bikini on-screen! How appropriate that this dame got her start in sports broadcasting.She loves the camera.She has fooled a lot of people and patriots who should’ve known better,but one has finally woken up and realizes that she’s just another GOP propagandist:Glenn Spencer at website I believe provides the best news on immigration issues,but Glenn thought she was on the patriot side on the immigration issue.I e-mailed him that she has never taken our side and has always pussyfooted on the amnesty issue.He disagreed with me,but I sensed he was starting to see the light.Now he has seen it totally,thanks to Sarah(”princess” in Hebrew)herself:she has announced she supports John McCain’s re-election to the US Senate from Arizona and will campaign for him in the Grand Canyon State.That was the last straw for him and now for other patriots and immigration reformers.Isn’t it amazing how some people can be so fooled for so long while others spot the deception immediately? That’s for another discussion at another time,and it’ll be an important one.The corrupt Republicrat establishment uses psychology all the time to keep patriots dazed and confused.Patriots,stay alert and clear-minded,all the time.Face the truth no matter how unpleasant it may be at any given time.As for Sarah the Princess Palin,she has shown her hand and revealed herself to be the fake she has probably been from day one.And she’s a perfect fit at Fox News Channel-a neo-con,GOP propaganda,warmonger network that is no more “balanced and fair” in its reporting than Air America was.
America’s crime wave keeps rolling.Rarely a week goes by where we don’t hear of some grisly multiple homicide,even involving young children.Eight were slain by a madman in Appomattox,Virginia.How interesting:the site where Col.Robert E.Lee surrendered the Confederacy to the Yankees.A madman slew five in South Texas.Patriots,don’t be surprised if very soon,these ghastly multiple homicides are used to justify draconian gun-control laws.I’m not in favor of no gun control,like those who believe every home should have a bazooka if it wanted to.But,I do believe a homeowner should be allowed to keep a firearm in the home and I do support conceal-carry laws.But the applicants should be thoroughly screened and mandated to take periodic gun-safety courses and pass some kind of target-shooting test.Patriots,be prepared for the crime wave;it may get a lot worse,especially with the reeling economy and the sell-outs in Washington continuing to allow a million-plus immigrants,mostly from the Third World,into our land.
Lastly,patriots and/or believers in Christ,we have the latest act of apostasy from the anti-Christ Christian establishment.Just like Sarah the Princess Palin may have finally shown her true colors by declaring her support for Juan McCain come November,”Pastor” Joel Osteen-the always-smiling “televangelist” with the pearly-white teeth who promises everyone who follows him and gives money to him that they can have their “best life now,” was invited to give a prayer at the inauguration of the lesbian mayor of Houston,Texas-our fourth-largest city.”Pastor” Joel’s suburban mega-church Lakewood Church attracts about 50,000 people almost every weekend;he’s world-famous.So not only does he accept the invitation to speak at Anisse Parker’s inauguration.But he thanks God in his prayer for her election! I read one story on the website,and that’s all I’ve seen.Like the corrupt political establishment covers for its own,the corrupt Christian establishment covers for its own,just like they covered for Old Ted Haggard when he was finally exposed as a drug-using homosexual and a fraud,by his own admission.But the corrupt political and Christian establishment in America is very wealthy and powerful,and those who rule these establishments want to preserve that power and wealth,no matter how depraved it gets.I also believe that Joel(”The Lord is God” in Hebrew)Osteen(something like “Of a Stone” in German)is Jewish,just like I believe his fellow false prophet Rick Warren is Jewish too.These guys are ostensibly trying to subvert the body of Christ and make a mockery of the Christian faith.So,like Sarah Palin has revealed her true colors so that even the dumbest of the dumb now realize what she is,now maybe some at Lakewood Church will realize that they’ve been misled by an entertainer/opportunist masquerading as a Christian shepherd.And good ol’ Joel has refused to divulge his income.He has probably got more money than a Texas oil tycoon! Christ warned his followers:”Beware of false prophets,who come to you in sheep’s clothing,but inwardly are ravenous wolves.By their fruits,you will know them.” Yes,patriots,a rotten tree can cover its bad fruit for only so long until its bad fruit is revealed to the naked eye.Hopefully,Joel Osteen-whose name means something like The Lord is a God of Stone-has shown his bad fruit;it’ll be up to his followers to recognize it or ignore it.
Overall,patriots,I think the good outweighed the bad last week.It’ll be nice if this continues,the Good Lord willing.Till next week or the week after.Let’s fight to save America from her enemies.And please go to my website for almost-daily news updates and commentaries and other information serving the patriot cause.

An American Patriot Reviews Recent News

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Greetings,patriots,and please excuse my tardiness.Since firing up this blog A Patriot’s Diary and its companion website around Memorial Day Weekend 2009,I’ve written posts almost every week.Since this patriot activism is a mostly one-man operation,I’m finding it more difficult to post weekly,and I expect this to continue in 2010 due to many important news events and trends to report on and keep up with.Sometimes,writing commentaries on news articles I research and post on any given day at consumes as much time and effort as writing a post on A Patriot’s Diary.So,depending on the amount of important news and commentary I post on,these blog posts will now be written every week or every two weeks.

“We are at war.” So declared President Abomination in a speech a few days after the so-called Underwear Bomber was caught on the airplane;and New York Post-the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid-rag sex-sheet newspaper-gushed with enthusiasm on its editorial page for the Abomination’s declaration.The major problem with the Abomination’s declaration of war and Murdoch’s editorial-page editor’s cheerleading is the US Congress is supposed to declare war,like the US Constitution mandates.The president,and especially the neo-con editor at New York Post,don’t have any legal authority to declare war.But this is one stark reason of why we have a lawless government in Washington:those in power in the White House,quite often,do what they want,and they say to hell with our constitution.I remember about 4 years ago when the editorial-page editor at NYP e-mailed me defending the “War On Terror!” by claiming that the lack of the constitutional mandate for Congress to declare war is a “tiresome” argument in opposing US servicemen being ordered to Iraq.Yes,patriots,that’s the essence of the neo-con:raw power,regardless of law,legality,propriety,morality.The Abomination and Boy George are both big-time war presidents,even though America is sick and tired of our guys continuing to fight and bleed and die “over there.” The Abomination and his neo-con handlers and other conspirators are probably going to use the would-be Underwear Bomber as a casus belli to expand their war in more countries in the Arab/Muslim world.Americans are fighting directly and indirectly in Afghanistan,Iraq,Pakistan,Somalia and the US military has recently stockpiled loads of weapons in Israel and conducted joint operations and war games with Israeli Defense Forces(IDF).Patriots,this could be the beginning of WW3,the Battle of Armageddon.And the US government is leading the charge.This is an immoral,illegal,and a totally unjustifiable war by any just-war theology or morality.And we shouldn’t be surprised,to deflect attention from our domestic problems and crises,if the Abomination wages a big-time war in the Middle East and/or Southwest Asia.We need to protest this war and hope and pray it stops.

I comment now on two news stories on America’s immigration crisis.First is the murder of a deputy sheriff in Utah by,you guessed it,an illegal alien.The government has never released just how many police officers,and other citizens,are murdered by those illegally in America.The New American magazine( a cover story about 15 months ago on our nation’s illegal-alien crime wave.It described some of the ghastly murders of Americans by illegals,and all their victims would still be alive if our corrupt,criminally negligent federal government and governments at the state and local level had done their jobs and protected us from invasion.That’s what illegal immigration is:an invasion.And there are an estimated 12 million of them living on our soil.And the Abomination and most of the Democratic Party wants to reward them with amnesty.This is a horror story on America’s illegal-immigration crisis;we also have a legal-immigration crisis.And an example of this crisis was reported by The New York Times on a Jewish-owned “botanica” in the Bronx,NY-the county I’ve lived in for about 50 years.These shops called botanicas are something to be found in a horror film,for that’s what they are:houses of horrors.These stores are in Caribbean-Latino neighborhoods in the Bronx and elsewhere because the US government has allowed large numbers of people to immigrate to America from Dominican Republic,Cuba and Haiti,and large numbers of migrants to enter from the so-called “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico.So because our government has let in excessive numbers of people from these cultures which are so vastly different from ours,they’ve brought their customs-in this case,their botanicas-with them.These places sell items to people who practice neo-pagan cult religions like Santeria and voodoo,along with good ol’ fashioned occultism like witchcraft and sorcery.This particular botanica reported on in the newspaper used to house an A & P supermarket! Isn’t that appropriate for an America that’s becoming more Third World,more backward,more ignorant thanks in large measure to the 1965 immigration act that Edward and Robert Kennedy rammed through Congress that still governs our government’s immigration policy,resulting in only about 15% of our immigrants coming from Europe and the rest mostly from Latin America and Asia;about 80% of the illegal immigration is from Latin America and about half the legal immigration.Thanks to this harmful policy,supermarkets are now occult superstores normally found on Spanish-speaking islands in the Caribbean.Patriots,we’re losing our country primarily because anti-patriots are in power over us and totally remaking our nation into a multi-cultural,neo-pagan society.I’m convinced it’s they who are our main enemy.

Sometimes a member of the Diversity Gang falls into his own traps.A theater producer/director in Hollywood,CA was stabbed to death by a Mexican national in what appears to be a case of rough homosexual sex.This deceased producer had just finished yet another play on the death of Emmet Till-a black(oh,excuse me,an “African-American”)teenager murdered in Mississippi back in the 1950s because he had gotten fresh with a white woman.The anti-white Diversity Gang just eats up this murder because it gives them more ammunition to formally charge the white race with incessant charges of “Racism!”. It’s an opportunity too for a lot of white guilt-ridden liberals or show-offs to vaunt their anger and compassion and hatred of “racism.” So this producer/director,who from the photo of him accompanying the article which I posted at,looks like a light-skinned black man or a mixed-race man,was lecturing everyone via his play about the evils of perennial white racism while practicing some sick kind of sado-masochistic homo sex.So he believed in racial diversity and sexual diversity.And he gave his life for his cause.

The New York City Dept.of Health published a guide for junkies on how to safely inject heroin and other drugs into their veins.No joke.The spokesmen for the department and the mayor’s office claimed that this will cut down on emergency-room visits by junkies who used dirty needles or improperly used them.They probably want them dead! If they cared about these junkies,they would get them into some kind of rehab program and force them to stay in it or face jail.But this is just another crazy story in the Naked City-a city getting more naked and more insane as I write.

On the economic and financial front,there was a load of bad news and not much good news;this I think will be the trend for 2010.Even in the Christmas(oh,excuse me again,the “holiday”)month of December,retail sales dropped from the previous month and 85,000 jobs were lost.In December! This is the month when businesses hire up for the Christmas season,and still our economy lost these jobs.The sales drop I believe is mostly a good thing,for it demonstrates that Americans continue to tighten their belts and rein in their spending-the antithesis of what the powers that be want us to do.Since 2/3 of our economy is based on consumer spending,and since big boys make a lot of money with more Americans dependent on them for credit,they want us to just spend and spend and save only for our retirements;but the job losses are scary.Also scary is a 32% rise in personal bankruptcies in 2009 from 2008.And scary too,and tragic,is more Asian-made cars were sold in America last year than US-made cars.There are many reasons why Chevy,Ford and Chrysler are being replaced by US consumers with Honda and Toyota.One of them is the buttinski,trouble-making federal government imposing a passel of rules and regulations on the companies,in effect,running them.Another is greedy union leaders and members who thought the proverbial gravy train would run forever.Another is company presidents who thought only about the bottom line.All these factors and more have contributed to the decline of the the US auto industry and the virtual hollowing out of Detroit,MI-once called the arsenal of democracy.The average price of a home in Detroit is about $10,000;it’s a virtual ghost town,thanks to the odious people mentioned above.

The southern US was hit with record-breaking cold,with Miami,FL hitting 35 degrees.One good thing that may come from this unprecedented cold wave is hopefully a lot of the Caribbean latinos and blacks living illegally in South Florida will go home! Regardless,America keeps getting hit with terrible weather,and I believe it’s at least partly the Almighty showing how angry He is with our people and our nation for its waywardness.

I end this post on a mostly positive note.Patriot activism is what I urge fellow patriots to engage in any way they can to help save our republic from the scoundrels who rule us.There were several results of this patriot uprising over the last few weeks.One is the retirement announcements of Democratic US senator Chris Dodd-a flaming liberal-and  quasi-centrist Democrat senator Byron Dorgan,in addition to liberal Democrat governor William Ritter of Colorado.Patriot screaming at these politicians must’ve had some effect on these Democrat big shots.When too-comfortable politicians feel the public’s anger and rage,it will affect them one way or another,and that’s what patriots need to do with the current crop of radical-liberal scoundrels in power over us.Moreover,patriot screaming in the liberal-Democrat state of New Jersey again must’ve had an influence on their state senate when it voted down same-sex marriage and in-state tuition for illegal aliens.Patriots,please remember:we musn’t give up on our country.If patriot battles can be won in liberal states,we can win them anywhere,as long as the truth and right is with us.And in the Lone Star State,Tea Party activists and other angry rebels are challenging GOP and Democrat incumbents in the US House.They’re fed up with the status quo,as one of them-a race-car driver-said that this is no time for “…calm,ordinary politics.” How right he is! And let’s wish them luck taking on the establishment.However,this caveat:Beware the Tea Parties! A recent story from The Christian Science Monitor claimed that no other than the odious Dick Armey is leading the Tea Party movement.If that’s true,patriots,then be very careful where you party and drink tea during the 2010 patriot revolt.Dick Armey is a typical big-business Republican,pro-amnesty,pro-open borders,pro-free-trade-is-always-right.He’s exploiting this movement primarily to empower himself and his fellow fat-cat Republicans;avoid him,oppose him,please.

Patriots,get ready for battle in 2010.We may have a big chance to shake,rattle and roll the corrupt,immoral political establishment that seeks the death of America.Let’s give them a fight if they want it.Till next week,or the week thereafter.God save America.

A Patriot Review of Recent News and a Quick Recap of 2009

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Happy New Year to all US patriots! 2009 is now history,and 2010 looks like it’s going to be a tumultuous year for America.Patriots:be ready to rumble to defend America from her enemies-the vast majority of them being right here on our soil and in power over us.

I’m disappointed that very little feedback came to me after my Patriot Action-Plan for 2010 appeared in last week’s post.Maybe it was the aftermath of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations,especially since this year there were 2 consecutive 3-day weekends.This review of news for the first week of January is late and will be shorter than usual because there wasn’t much important news to cite and review,but I’ve also been occupied with other activities,patriot and otherwise.

Some patriots are probably curious why I didn’t post one news link on the alleged underwear bomber.There are several reasons.One is I believe this Nigerian is just a lone nut or may be a fall guy for those in power in US,UK and elsewhere who want to wage an all-out war on the Arab/Muslim world.This whole affair rubbed me the wrong way as soon as it was reported.How interesting that this alleged underwear bomber pulled this stunt on Christmas Day.Co-incidence or part of a plan? If he wanted to blow up that plane,why didn’t he enter the bathroom where no one would see his bomb or his attempt to detonate it? I’ve seen a few photos of Abdulmuttalab,and he looks like a zombie,like he’s in some kind of a trance.And the neo-con warmongers have had an unending field day since Abdul was arrested.The Rupert Murdoch-owned rag tabloid New York Post ran an editorial praising President Abomination for declaring after the would-be bomber’s arrest,”We are at war.” The neo-cons,the Israel Lobby,the warmongers,the Muslim-hating crusaders drool at the mouth when they utter this phrase of theirs:”We are at war.” I heard neo-con Frank Gaffney-head of a warmonger group calling itself Center for Security Policy-tell talk-host warmonger Michael Savage(real surname:Wiener)on air that we are at war.First,patriots,who are “we”? There has been no declaration of war like the Constitution enjoins,and the American people have no grudge against the people of Afghanistan,Iraq,Pakistan and other countries in that region.When the aforementioned warmongers say “we,” they mean themselves who are at war.This is their personal war,using our servicemen and mercenaries like the former Blackwater to do their maiming and killing and conquering.And they’re using the underwear bomber as justification to probably soon attack Yemen.This gang of neo-cons,warmongers,Israel lobbyists,Muslim haters,globalists,conquerors obviously want to conquer as much of the Arab/Muslim world as possible.Notice how these horrible bombings are now occurring frequently in Pakistan,ever since they’ve been attacking “insurgents”along with US drones and weaponry.Who’s setting off all these bombs? The press reports almost-always call them “suicide bombers.” How do they know they were suicide bombers when their bodies aren’t recovered? Some bomber can place a bomb in a car,run away and detonate it from a distance.And  consistently calling these attacks suicide bombings is probably meant to distract us from the real bombers and to incite Americans and the rest of the West to hate Arabs and Muslims.Of course,many if not most of these bombings are home-grown,but I believe outside intelligence groups like CIA,Mossad,British intelligence et al are involved too.Yes,patriots,”they” are at war.And their major-media stooges and operatives are ratcheting up the war rhetoric and reports just like the Hearst newspaper empire helped start the 1898 Spanish-American War with its yellow journalism.

President Abomination was elected in 2008 largely because he was perceived as anti-war,but it was all illusion.All he has done is remove about 5,000 servicemen from Iraq while sending 30,000 to Afghanistan,where Americans have been fighting and dying now for over 8 long years;and 2009 saw a doubling of US dead in that nation-the #1 opium producer in the world-compared to the previous year.The somewhat-good news is that no servicemen died in Iraq in December.The Abomination’s popularity keeps dropping,and one reason is he has shown himself to be just as much a warmonger as Boy George.Patriots,please work and pray for the boys to come home.That nonsense about fighting them “over there” and not here is just an ignorant or duplicitous excuse to continue endless and unnecessary war in countries that pose no threat to us whatsoever and never did.

Lastly on the news front,Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister told it like it is when he asserted at a press conference that the nation of Israel benefits from a kind of most-favored-nation status from US,UK and other major nations and from a double standard too.He was alluding to the lack of action on alleged war crimes committed by members of the Israeli military during its 3-week offensive into Gaza last year and the monetary and military aid Israel receives from the US government.This minister has hit the nail on the head as to why there’s so much hatred towards the US government;it’s common sense.All this nonsense that they hate “our way of life” is just meant to conceal or downplay this favoritism.Not that I or any other US patriot should side with the Arabs;we should side only with those who are right and oppose those who are wrong,whoever they may be at any particular time.Until the current and long-standing US policy remains virtual unconditional support for the government and nation of Israel,the violence and war in the Mid-East and the Arab hatred towards US will almost-certainly continue.

2009 was a rough year for patriots,but we’ve won and we’ve lost.We saw the Abomination for what he is.He has stuffed his cabinet and administration with hard-core radicals,militant latinos,sex perverts,communists or would-be communists,among other low-lifes.He and his evil and corrupt Democrat Party have passed a neo-bolshevik health care bill which may soon become the law of the land.The US economy continued to tank,interest rates and yields on our savings deposits tanked to their lowest levels ever,hot-shot fat cats got bailed out with our tax money,our guys kept dying and getting wounded overseas.Oh yes,the pollyannas say,but look at the stock market.I call the nearly-4,000-point jump in the DJIA:the Abomination Rising.How co-incidental that this incredible rise started about 2 months after the Abomination was sworn in as president.Again,it’s all an illusion.Nothing justifies this rise in stock value.But the powers that be just kept on telling us things like:things are getting better,we’re turning a corner,we’re on the rebound,we’re recovering.Again,patriots,they’re alluding to “their” system,”their” power structure,not about overall American society and its economy! And not even that has really improved! Most of the political,financial,media powers that be just want us to put blind trust in their President Abomination and delude ourselves into thinking that we’ll soon all be walking on the yellow-brick road.This is what a selfish,immoral,corrupt power establishment always does to preserve its wealth and power:keep the masses so ignorant and so uninformed and so lazy and so apathetic that they’ll believe their lies and illusions and live in a state of virtual hypnosis.

However,we still have freedom in the land.Patriots did win battles in 2009,like helping to keep an amnesty bill from coming up for a vote or debate in Congress,same-sex-marriage bills lost in most state legislatures or via referendum(even in a liberal state like Maine),the infatuation with President Abomination has faded considerably,and filthy rich liberal-plutocrat governor Jonathan Corzine was soundly unseated even in a liberal-Democrat state like New Jersey.Democrats lost all 3 major executive offices in Virginia,and independents turned away from the donkeys in droves.Americans have seen the ultimate evil of the people like Reid,Pelosi,the Abomination who are running that party,and they’re rejecting them;let’s hope and pray they now see the evil men and women running GOP and look for real alternatives in this year’s elections,both primary and general elections.

Patriots,God bless America in 2010.Please read,study and go over my Patriot Action-Plan for 2010.I believe this is going to be a very rough year,and many of the battles will be difficult,strenuous,time-consuming,debilitating.But this is our country and our land! This is the least we should do to defend her! Keep the faith.Till next week.Fight always the patriot cause.