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A Shorter Patriot Review of Last Week’s News,and a US Patriot Action-Plan for 2010

Monday, December 28th, 2009

I hope all you patriots had a safe and happy Christmas weekend.There was a terrible storm that tore through the Midwest on Christmas Eve,and heavy rain tore through much of the South.Is the Almighty trying to tell us something? Is he punishing us?

There’ll be much-less news to review from last week.That’s convenient and a relief for me,because this post will include a Patriot Action-Plan for 2010.

The neo-bolshevik Democrat-majority Congress has mercifully left their corridors of power in Washington,District of Columbia for their Christmas vacation,or whatever they call it.When they return(God willing,they won’t),they’ll resume their plan to shove socialized medicine and mandatory health insurance down our throats.Similar bills have passed both houses and will go to a conference committee,where the differences will be debated and then a combination of the two bills will go back to the House and Senate to be voted on.So the fight to stop it isn’t over! Patriots,contact your US representative and senators and tell them Hell,no! on their plan for a neo-bolshevik health system! According to a report in a recent issue of The New American magazine(,Republican Congressman David Camp from Michigan claimed that the fine in the House bill for those who don’t buy insurance is 2.5% of their adjusted gross income(AGI).For those who don’t comply,they’ll face civil and criminal penalties and can get up to,get this,5 years in prison! 5 years! And some of you think I exaggerate when I call them neo-bolsheviks?! Sen.Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were nothing less than evil throughout the legislative activity which led to the bills passage:they forced votes to be held on weekends,at around the bewitching hour of midnight or in the wee hours of the morning,and in some bizarre ritual,wanted the bills passed before Christmas,with the senate bill passing early on Christmas Eve morning;the bills are about 2,000-pp.long,and the vast majority of Congress haven’t read the bills in their entireties;the bills include funds for abortion and do nothing concrete to prevent illegal immigrants from accessing health insurance.In toto,patriots,these bills are evil,and the minds who willingly voted for them are evil too.Let us pray that they fail or that the Good Lord bring His judgment down on them if it does become law.

America’s crime wave hit a zenith last week when,on Christmas Eve,a Salvation Army major was shot to death in an apparent robbery attempt in front of the Army center where he worked and,in front of his adopted children.This sickening murder occurred in North Little Rock,AR in or near a neghborhood known for welfare dependency and drug dealing.The suspects were probably junkies,so desperate for a fix or high that they murdered a man who was serving the community where they lived.And how sickening that Associated Press and other news media outlets trumpeted out a FBI report that crime is down in the land.Down from what? The establishment powers are doing everything they can to prop up the corrupt society America has become,for it keeps them powerful and wealthy while the common folk deal with multiple homicides,rampant drug use and dealing,10% unemployment,about 40 million Americans on food stamps,12 million illegal immigrants,plummeting home values,bankrupt state governments and a bankrupt federal government,immoral and expanded wars in South Asia,inter alia.Patriots,don’t get fooled by those sitting high atop us in politics and news media,trying to persuade us that Happy Days Are Here Again.

The last news item to review and comment on before presenting my US Patriot Action-Plan for 2010 is La Conquista.That’s the title of one of the pages on my website page on that site is The Prime Enemies of America,and I list La Conquista,which simply is Spanish for The Conquest.There are 5 news stories from last week that I posted on that deal with La Conquista:the attempt by US politicians,corporate executives,major-media owners and operators,leaders in both the Catholic and Protestant church hierarchies,and a large portion of the latino population in America,to create an official Spanish-speaking Latin American nation on our soil.In other words,carve out various territories in America,and conquer them.La Conquista is no conspiracy theory.It’s perspicuous,in plain view,in and around cities like Los Angeles,Miami,Dallas,San Antone,Chicago,New York,Boston,Philadelphia,Washington,DC.It’s reflected in a multitude of Spanish-language radio and television stations,the flying and displaying of flags of Latin American nations(here in the Bronx,it’s the Puerto Rican flag),Spanish-language ads in public places,bi-lingual telephone books,Catholic masses in Spanish,national chain stores like Home Depot posting signs in English and Spanish,Spanish dialects spoken as the primary language in many if not most latino homes and when they socialize.Patriots,these are all warning signs of an unarmed conquest of American soil! And as a life-long resident of Bronx,NY,which the latest Census data shows to be about 50% latino,this is a nightmare happening right in front of us.The next paragraph covers the aforementioned news stories dealing with La Conquista.

News wire-service Associated Press now has an “Hispanic Affairs Writer.” Her name is Laura Wides Munoz.She uses two surnames.Wides could be a Spanish name,it may not be,while Munoz certainly is.I think she’s a white woman married to a latino.What’s important is that AP assigns a writer just to cover so-called Hispanic Affairs.It’s blatant racial favoritism! Where’s the AP White Affairs Writer or Black Affairs Writer or Asian Affairs Writer?! But the liberal Diversity Gang morons at AP pride themselves on Senora Munoz;the Diversity Gang loves to show off how much they love latinos while everyone else,especially whites,they don’t give a whiff about.And Senora Munoz bragged about President Abomination appointing 48 latinos to his administration,which is way out of proportion to their estimated 15% of our population.And one of these appointments is Senor Thomas Perez-a Dominican-to head the so-called civil-rights division at US Justice Dept..He’s going to go all-out prosecuting so-called hate crimes-i.e.,crimes committed by whites against latinos and blacks.The vast majority of inter-racial crime in America is black/latino on white,but Diversity gangster Perez probably doesn’t care too much about white crime victims.He probably doesn’t even believe they have civil rights! That’s enough on AP Hispanic Affairs Writer Laura Wides Munoz and her news story on latino empowerment.Meanwhile,in south Florida,an illegal-alien latino stabbed to death another latino because he was speaking English and not Spanish.Patriots,can we imagine some maniac murdering someone just because someone else was speaking a language he found undesirable,even though he’s living in USA?! I can.That’s how full of pride some latinos living in America are when it comes to their various Spanish dialects and their abhorrence of English.I’ve seen occasions in stores in New York and cities in south Florida and southern California where a latino parent is with a bambino when he starts talking English.The parent barks,”No mas!”(”No more!”).In other words,he or she is telling the bambino to stop speaking English.And this dovetails with a recent survey from Pew Hispanic Center that found only a quarter of latinos in America call themselves American and instead call themsleves after the Latin American nations they left before coming here.So why are these latino-firsters here? Mucho dinero! Job opportunities that are sorely lacking in the great lands they left behind! Nice hospitals and schools and stores and places to live! They have the same sentiment expressed by Caesar when he came upon new land:”I came,I saw,I conquered.” Calling this movement La Conquista is appropriate and very accurate.Moreover,Catholic New York is America’s largest-circulation Catholic newspaper.I posted on an article from their recent edition on a conference recently held by Catholic clergy and academics in New York City.Patriots,the purpose of the conference is to prepare the Catholic Church and its parishioners to accept two churches in USA:one American and English-speaking,the other Latin American and Spanish-speaking.These churchmen care about members and donors of their church;the country is ran a story about 6 weeks ago(archived under the La Conquista page on a parish near St.Louis,MO that literally has two congregations,one for English-speaking Americans and one for Spanish-speaking Latin Americans.This doesn’t unify;it literally divides.And it divides because so many latinos dislike our language so much that they only want to speak English where they work,so they can make their money.If people who come to America dislike our language that much,from wherever they come,they should return to whence they came and try to improve their lives there.And the last item to report on La Conquista once again comes from AP,for they got all worked up over a video spoof on Jose Feliciano’s song Feliz Navidad.The Illegal Alien Christmas Song is a comedic turn on our nation’s illegal-alien population,which is about 80% latino.And that’s ostensibly why the two radio producers satirized the bi-lingual song from a Puerto Rican singer.Of course,the Diversity Gang moron writer at AP called the video “racist,” as did No Way Jose Feliciano.The video spoofs illegal immigrants,not an entire race of people.If the illegal population were mostly white and a similar video were made,AP would LOL.Again,it boils down to racial favoritism towards latinos.Patriots,go to and watch and pass on the video.It’s a riot!

And now:::::::::::::::::

An American Patriot Action-Plan for 2010

2010 looks like it’s going to be a very difficult year for US patriots.I’ve listed The Prime Enemies of America at won’t re-list them here,but I implore patriots to visit the site and read and study these people and groups who are destroying our nation or are planning her destruction.Patriots are fighting President Abomination waging immoral,unnecessary wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and now Pakistan;and Iran may be next.We are fighting a lawless and corrupt 2-party political establishment that serves and worships its own power and position,corruption in church leadership and news media,waves of violent crime and an escalating drug crisis,an immigration crisis,a federal government bankrupting our treasury and our nation and placing unfathomable debt on posterity,a Diversity Gang practicing blatant racial favoritism against whites and even against other races,50% dropout rates in many big-city schools,crisis upon crisis upon crisis.The neo-bolshevik Democrat majority in Congress is getting a bit scared.They lost the elections in November,including filthy rich plutocrat Jonathan Corzine losing re-election to the New Jersey governorship.Generic polls have GOP slightly ahead of the donkeys nationwide;they’re fearing a repeat of the 1994 GOP romp where they retook Congress.So they may consider this the last year they have to commit mayhem and iniquity against us before losing majority control.

Yes,patriots,we have crisis upon crisis in our land because we have wicked,anti-Christ people in power over us.They are part of the corrupt 2-party polity comprised of Democrats & Republicans.I’m not saying this is the only reason why we have such terrible trouble in our land,but I believe it’s the major reason.I’ve read the Good Book twice.One of its major teachings is:when the wicked rule,the people suffer.Christ screamed strong names at the Pharisees for corrupting the lives of the people they were supposed to minister to but were actually oppressing.While there are patriot Democrats and Republicans,they are stuck and outnumbered in corrupt parties that’ll keep them pinned down whenever they start upsetting the apple cart.The leadership of these parties serve the big-money special interests and their demands and desires;it’s their agenda they implement and their policies they empower.Patriots,here ye,here ye:Get out of political Babylon in America! Get out of the Democratic Party! Get out of the Republican party! 2010 may be our year that the Almighty is giving us to bust up their corrupt,anti-Christ system! Don’t send a dime to any Democrat/GOP fundraising group or political-action committee! Take it from me! All they want is our money and our votes and our loyalty! And when they get that,then they stab us in the back! Remember the song by The O’Jays:”They smile in your face…the backstabbers.” Search out independent candidates and/or other-party candidates! Find out about them or any other candidate before you fund them or vote for them! Run for office yourselves! This is our country we’re fighting for! The Democrat/GOP establishment is a rotten apple! Throw it away! Get another apple or other apples!

Hosea 4:6:”My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Yahweh says this about the people of the ancient nation of Israel,but it applies today more than ever.Patriots,I recommend watching very little news on tv and getting most of your straight news via the old-fashioned way:Reading! Remember the paper boy of old:”Extree,Extree,read all about it!” Reading helps receive and comprehend information better than watching the boob tube.So if you can read a decent newspaper,do so.Reading a patriot news magazine is a big help too,and you can read some of my recommendations on the Patriot Resources page at websites are a great help,in many ways because they provide networking opportunities.Patriot radio broadcasts,especially on shortwave stations like WWCR and WWRB,can be very informative and encouraging.I listen to my Kaito 1121 portable radio almost every day,and I listen to shortwave almost every time I listen to radio.Radio is a great gift and tool for us not just in the patriot cause,but for relaxation,refreshment,good music,learning.Patriots,please pick up a shortwave/am/fm portable radio and optimize your listening.I find the aforementioned radio the best one out there,despite the shortcomings;it even has the NOAA weather stations which are very helpful for weather forecasts and information.To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Patriots unite! Like Ralph Kramden said to Ed Norton,”In unity there is strength.” Work with and cooperate with your patriot neighbors and co-workers.Socialize together,work together,pray together,learn from each other.And most importantly,fight together! United we stand,divided we fall!

Regularly contact our lawmakers.Praise them when they pass good law and complain when they pass bad law.Give their staffers your patriot information,ideas and suggestions.You never know:they may get an idea or two from you,or at least they’ll know you’re watching them.

Boycott businesses serving the anti-patriot cause.If a newspaper pushes La Conquista,boycott it and let them know of your boycott.Write letters to the editors of newspapers and magazines defending or espousing the patriot cause.Don’t patronize businesses or buy products that provide Spanish-language services or engage in any other anti-American/anti-patriot cause.Don’t watch garbage films and tv networks that attack Christian morality,and again,let the studios and producers know you won’t be watching.Be careful where you spend your money.And save as much as you can;stay out or get out of debt.

Patriot-parents,be very careful where you send the youngens to school.Find out about the curriculums being taught,the teachers and administrators,the school boards or whatever equivalent bodies deciding on what to teach and what not to teach.The Diversity Gang dominates the education establishment,but some schools at all levels have yet to be conquered by them.Take the time and effort to find the safest places to send the youngens while helping them receive a quality education.There are good books and online resources to assist you in your search.

Fight back whenever an enemy of America or an anti-patriot seeks to harm you in any way.Seek out patriot legal advice if necessary,and yes,load and lock.If it’s legal where you live,acquire firearms,learn how to safely store and operate them,and be prepared to use them if the need arises.

When a patriot does a good deed,anywhere,anytime,thank him or her;do him or her a good deed in return.Let’s thank each other and help each other when we serve the patriot cause.And let the anti-patriots know you’re onto them and you’re prepared to fight the patriot cause.

Don’t work for a company that blatantly serves the anti-patriot cause.Try to address anti-patriot policies at your job and if they don’t get resolved after a reasonable amount of time,leave.Be prepared to switch jobs and careers,even if it’s more than what you’d like.

I saved the best for last.For you patriots who believe in the Man Upstairs,pray.I believe in the God of the Bible and His Son,Jesus the Christ.Pray to the Almighty that if the wicked in power over us don’t stop oppressing us and destroying our country and continue to act as if they are God,that He bring His judgment and wrath down upon them.I believe they deserve it right now,but that’s up to Him to decide and in what manner or form it would take.As Christ advised His disciples to pray to the Father:”And deliver us from evil.”

Patriots,Happy New Year! It’s another 3-day weekend for many! Congratulations! Enjoy! I’ll be watching marathons of my two-favorite tv shows on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day:The Honeymooners and The Twilight Zone-from The Golden Age of Television,when anti-Christ didn’t rule Hollywood like it does now.Please read and save this Patriot Action-Plan for 2010 and pass it on.Add to it and share your comments and suggestions.Time is running out on America.God save us and our land.As Tiny Tim observed at the end of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol:”God bless us,everyone.” Patriots,till next week and next year.

A Patriot News Review and a Merry Christmas To All

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Merry Christmas,patriots.Today is Dec.23rd,and the neo-bolshevik majority in the US Senate are set to pass the Democrat-majority “health-care reform” bill on,get this,Christmas Eve.Harry Reid-a Democrat from Nevada-is Senate Majority Leader,and he’s the one responsible for holding this final vote on this day.He also held a vote on a Sunday night/Monday morning about 1 am! What gives with these votes at or around the bewitching hour of midnight? Super-bitch Nancy Pelosi-a Democrat from California and Speaker of the US House of Representatives-also held a decisive vote on the House version of a health care bill about midnight on Saturday-the seventh-day sabbath.No one in the major news media reported on why these votes were held at such ridiculous times.And since the leaders and their reporter lapdogs didn’t tell us why these votes were held when they were,we can only speculate.I firmly believe Reid & Pelosi are anti-Christ,and they enjoy working in the dark,even right around midnight when witches are casting their spells and stirring their cauldrons! On a more-mundane speculation,maybe they just like working to pass evil law like this because they think patriots are all asleep.There was no need to rush this bill through like this,but ego-maniacs in the US government are into symbolism and subliminal persuasion big time.So the subliminal message from Reid,Pelosi,the Abomination and other evil Democrats and their GOP accomplices is something like:” Merry Christmas:we’ve just forced all you Americans into our medical system.And if you don’t willingly participate,we’ll fine you;and if you don’t pay up,we’ll jail you.” When the senate passes the bill,the neo-bolsheviks will go on their Christmas vacation and return to work out a bill with the House version to then send to the Abomination in the White House;so the battle to stop a neo-bolshevik medical sysytem from being forced on America isn’t over yet.Many of the bill’s provisions and mandates,like forcing the vast majority of us to buy insurance,aren’t supposed to take effect until 2013;so patriots have time to resist and hopefully repeal the bill when it becomes law.All this is happening mainly because voters last year gave the Democrats a fillibuster-proof majority in the senate.And when Saturday Night Live clown Al Frankenstein(He looks like Frankenstein’s monster!)was declared the winner in the contested senate race in Minnesota,that gave the neo-bolshevik Democrat Party the 60 seats to block lengthy debate on a bill,or filibustering.This is what the Boy George Bush neo-con/warmonger Republicans have deeded to America.But it is interesting how the Democrats seem to be on the verge of doing what they did in 1994 when Billy & Hillary Clinton were co-presidents:they tried to pass a similar health care bill but they failed,and GOP took Congress for the first time in about 40 years.Now that this bill is on the verge of passing,and with the Abomination sending 30,000 more US servicemen to the killing fields of Afghanistan,and with the big-boy bailouts and astronomical budget deficts,it looks like the donkeys are setting themselves up for a crash far worse than what befell them in 1994! It seems like they want this to happen! Or,they realize their days are numbered,just like the Book of Revelation describes Satan’s days are numbered before Christ’s return,and he is full of wrath because he knows he has but a short time.So the Democrats think they may have only one year left before GOP retakes Congress,and they’ll try to pass every evil law they can while they have the power to do it.However,patriots,the Repubilcans aren’t the answer to the anti-patriot neo-bolshevik Democrats! Alabama congressman Parker Griffith has just switched from Democrat to Republican.He’s an oncologist,and is angry over the medical bill.He should’ve left the Democrats,but he should’ve become an independent instead of a Republican.These parties are both corrupt,and it doesn’t help the patriot cause very much when the claim is made that the elephants aren’t as bad or evil as the donkeys.The leadership of these parties are dedicated to themselves and the power structure they maintain;they care very little about America and her people.If people who’ve been around for a while can’t see that,they’re blind as bats.If patriots are to send patriots and real statesmen to Washington and evict the anti-patriots from their perches of power,the 2-party Republicrat establishment must go! And next year may be a golden opportunity to get it done.The Seals & Crofts song warns,”We may never pass this way again.” Patriots,seize the day!

The US government,for the first time in its history,would officially have gone into default last week if they didn’t raise their debt limit by $290 billion.This is more proof that either a bunch of lunatics or deliberate destroyers are running Washington.I think it’s a combination of both.The US debt is now over $12 trillion!!!!!!!!!!! That’s $12 trillion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s no misprint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A lunatic congressman thinks money grows on trees;a deliberate destroyer wants to bankrupt a country and ruin its currency by spending money it doesn’t have and continuing to borrow at incredible rates.Either way,patriots,we’re on the verge of bankruptcy.The point of no return may have already been reached.But if,again,sane men become a majority in Congress,we can help at least postpone the inevitable day of reckoning.

The Israel Lobby got some egg on its face last week when it was revealed that a forensic lab in Israel about 10 years ago did indeed practice organ removal and organ harvesting.Palestinians and Israelis were victimized,though the reports I read didn’t specify to what degree these ethnic groups suffered.A Swedish newspaper columnist wrote a piece about two months ago,claiming there’s evidence that members of Israeli Defense Forces(IDF)practiced organ removal and harvesting from dead Palestinians during the attack on Gaza about a year ago.As usual,the Israel Lobby went into full-scale attack mode,with one Israeli and Jewish-American politician and government minister after another calling this Swede every name in the book for daring to mention this in print.Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu even urged the Swedish government to apologize! Fortunately,the Swedes told Uncle Ben to get lost,that Sweden believes in freedom of speech and expression.And,patriots,lest we forget,the New Jersey corruption sting last Summer bagged a couple of rabbis for illegal organ harvesting.Co-incidence? Were these rabbis working with Israelis in this ghoulish practice? The point I’m making,patriots,is:the Israel Lobby protects certain Jews even when there’s strong evidence that they committed terrible evils,just like they don’t want the Goldstone report to get publicity because it presents evidence that IDF committed brutal war crimes against Palestinian civilians in the attack on Gaza.The Israel Lobby’s occasional justification for this behavior and strategy? The “Holocaust.” Virtually everything they do is justified by THE HOLOCAUST.” Patriots,the Israel Lobby is a menace.They must be confronted and,God willing,exposed and defeated.

The multiple-homicide reign of terror continues to spread throughout America.Many of these sickening murders involve child-custody disputes.Husbands killing wives,mothers killing their young children because they lost the custody cases,a spouse/parent killing his or her spouse,his or her kids and then himself or herself.America’s families are becoming killing zones! Many of these multiple-homicides also involve drugs,either selling them,buying them,territorial disputes between gangs and dealers,complaints over cheap drugs,robbing dope houses,etc..This is another sign that America is going nuts and becoming a big madhouse.The scourge of drugs and loveless homes keeps growing.Remember the pop song Where Is the Love?.That’s the question we all need to ask ourselves as far as the American family is concerned.

Lastly,patriots,the sports world revealed itself to be another criminal,sleazy operation when a Canadian doctor was busted at the US-Canadian border for possessing HGH(human growth hormone).The now-disgraced Tiger Woods was treated by this mad scientist who has used and still uses something called Actovegin,which is derived from,Get this!,calf’s blood! Can you believe these moron athletes who inject themselves with this stuff for fortune and fame?! And this doctor was quoted as saying that athletes don’t need him to provide HGH because they can get it at any gym in America.This drug trade is part of what I sometimes calls the Guido Gym Culture,where a bunch of male and sometimes female primadonnas worship their bodies and experiment with them by juicing up,so they’ll look big and strong and cut-up and sexy.Our government knows this is going on,and so do the vast majority of sports commissioners and team owners.But as long as people who are either ignorant,immoral or foolish or a combination therof continue to support these immoral games with their money and attendance and spectating,nothing substantial will be done to root out the drug dealing and bring the dealers and users to court.The Barry Bonds steroid trial still hasn’t been held;neither has Roger Clemmens’s.Every month or so,a minor-league baseball player gets suspended for juicing,but the big boys are being left alone,except for the occasional sacrificial lamb.I wonder if America will become like the pagan Romans who cheered at the Coliseum when Christians were thrown to the lions;to them,that was entertainment.

Patriots,have a Merry Christmas.I know Christ wasn’t born on Dec.25th,and the season has become a sickening bacchanalia of consumerism and materialism.But this day reminds me that about 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem,Christ-the Anointed One-was born.In his 3-year ministry,he did nothing but good.But the evil religious and political leaders of his day,incited by an evil mob,brutally executed him.I believe in His return,and I hope it’s soon.The last line to the Christmas carol Do You Hear What I Hear?:”He will bring us goodness and light!.” Amen(that’s Hebrew for “so be it”).Hallelujah(that’s Hebrew for “praise the Lord”).Next week’s patriot post will include a patriot action plan for 2010,and I may make it a page on my website,till next week.And enjoy the 3-day weekend if you have one! Wouldn’t it be great if every holiday was on Friday?! That would really drive home the exclamation Thank God It’s Friday!.

A Lot of News To Review From This US Patriot

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Hi,patriots.I’ll be reviewing about 6 news topics from last week on this posting;this should be quite lengthy.

Tomcat Tiger Woods has decided to take a hiatus from pro-golf.It took Mrs.Tiger almost beating his brains out with one of his clubs to reveal his philandering ways.Of course,Mrs.Tiger should’ve been arrested for this obvious assault,but I guess Tiger won’t press charges because he’s so embarrassed over everything that he doesn’t want more exposure than he already has to deal with.It’s long overdue that this multi-racial icon take a fall,and it has been quite a thud.Ever since this great golfer started winning tournaments,one liberal sports reporter and commentator after another has kissed his ass from here to high heaven.He was almost-always affectionately called by his nickname “Tiger” and they rooted for him like no other pro golfer before.And all primarily because of his race.Regardless of his great skill,no white golfer would’ve been adulated as much as Tiger has been all these years.And notice how all his alleged paramours are white,preferably blond,and even a porno actress or two.Maybe Mr.and Mrs.Tiger should get a blood test! Whether he has taken this hiatus to reconcile with Mrs.Tiger or not,it’s good for golf and for America in general.One of his sponsors has already dumped him,and more may be on the way.Of course,since he’s worth about $1 billion-a record for any pro-athlete-he doesn’t have to worry about dough.It’s a relief we won’t be seeing his puss as much constantly shoved in our faces pushing this product or that service,in addition to the Diversity Gang sports media lamenting the fall of one of their major idols.

One of the pages on my website is entitled America’s Moral Breakdown and Patriot Commentary.I’ll cover three instances of this breakdown here.First is a report on the serious problems in the nation’s public schools,one of them being a dropout rate of 30% and a rate of 50% in so-called inner-city schools(read:schools with mostly latino and black student populations).In a job market that has become more based on high-tech/skilled/IT jobs,this is scary.Where are all these kids going to get decent jobs when they don’t even have high-school diplomas? What are America’s big cities going to look like just a few years down the road with millions of teenagers and young adults virtually unemployable? And throw into this dangerous mix the addition of about one million legal immigrants let into our land every year by the sell-outs in Washington-a great deal of them also without high-school diplomas and non-English-speaking-and we can have city after city in our land resembling the Third World,with all its chaos,crime,poverty,disorder,incompetence,inter alia.Why these high dropout rates? One big reason is the crime in the public schools.Who ever thought America would see the day when uniformed policemen would patrol school hallways during school hours? And then we have the gangs in schools who terrorize students who want to learn and make a future for themselves.And then we have incompetent teachers protected by their union leaders even when they can’t teach.And then we have teachers dealing with students from broken homes and fatherless homes who have to babysit for them instead of teach them.And then we have high-school kids taking and dealing drugs.In other words,patriots,it’s a vicious cycle.It’s probably going to take a miracle to turn this around.I recommend being very careful on where you send the kids to school and where you decide to live.Find out what’s being taught your kids in schools.Maybe all these dropouts can be persuaded to enroll in vocational schools or get decent-paying manual-labor jobs like construction.Either way,things look dark in America’s public schools,especially in the “inner-cities.” On a positive front in the patriot wars being fought in schools,parents outside San Francisco,CA fought back against homosexual agit-prop being taught their kids in grade school.The school authorities finally backed down and removed the homo-specific curriculum.I believe this is one example of how patriots are going to save America:by fighting battles like this wherever they are forced to fight them,and prevailing.Secondly,another victory of a sort occurred in NYC when an innocent man convicted of rape was released from prison after serving about 3 years of a 20-year sentence.A latina named Biurney(nice name:pronounced bee-urn-e)Gonzalez lied in court that an Irishman raped her so she could get sympathy from her amigas.I won’t go into the details;some of them are available at her admission that she lied and a follow-up DNA test led to Mr.McCaffrey’s release.The evil here is mainly the morons on the jury who convicted this guy almost exclusively on her false testimony! And the judge gave him 20 years in prison on false testimony! If a corrupt court system can do this to McCaffrey,they can do it to anybody.And the media reports downplayed the possible racial angle here,in that a latina(probably Cuban,because she comes from Union City,NJ which has a large Cuban population)lied against a white guy and sent him up the river.As our land becomes more “diverse”-i.e.,more non-white and more Third World-we’ll probably deal with more tragedies and injustices like this one.And to top off America’s moral breakdown for last week was the election of an open lesbian to the mayor’s office in Houston,TX-our fourth-largest city.Ms.Parker lives with her “partner” and “their” two children;yes,patriots,these kids have two mommies.Only 16% of eligible voters voted-probably a sign of disgust and apathy towards the choices given them.So now the cities of Portland,OR and Providence,RI(Providence means divine guidance!)and Cambridge,MA have “gay” mayors.To paraphrase former judge and author Robert Bork,America is slouching towards Gomorrah.And there may come a time in the near-future when patriots and those who believe in Christ and those who believe in old-fashioned morality may have to flee certain cities because the culture there will be so hostile and dangerous to them.
Some good news came our way when we learned that Americans continue to save money and borrow less.A very helpful article on the importance of saving and borrowing only when really necessary is found in The New American magazine in the 11/23/09 issue.The article is entitled Mayhem,Money and Morality and is an interview of financial adviser Allen Rutledge.The most-important point I gleaned from this article:” The ultimate protection is savings,hard assets,and morality.” Patriots,this article is must-reading.Please access it at or order a back issue of the entire issue.There’s a passel of good common-sense advice for Americans who need to tighten their belts and/or wean themselves off a multitude of debt or stay out of debt in the first place.

The Diversity Gang took a couple of hits last week.It was revealed that some black suspects had attacked white and latino victims in Denver,CO and the Denver PD was covering up the racial motivation behind the crimes.Some good investigative work by the ABC TV affiliate in Denver discovered these race-based attacks and reported it on their website.The first wave of the attacks were about 6 months ago,and some of the suspects claimed they didn’t like whites and latinos invading “their” turf. So in typically political-correct fashion,some officer(s)in Denver PD didn’t want this dirty little secret to come out,especially since the area of the city where the attacks occurred are being “revitalized.” Yes,some members of big-city government are more concerned with their image than with the public’s safety.This is the antithesis of Ralph Kramden’s attitude when he was presented with the year’s safest bus-driver award:he said that the safety of the public is utmost in his mind when he drives his bus.Kramden/Norton in 2012! Back to the Diversity Gang.Some moron DG member at the Diversity-loving newspaper The New York Times published “Holiday Gift Guide” for,get a load of this,”people of color.” At least they were honest.They want to provide a “gift guide” for “people of color” but we plain old white folk can go scratch! Yes,patriots,more members of the Diversity Gang are showing themselves to be real morons.If they keep this up,it’ll take a big load off our shoulders in fighting this avowed enemy of the American people.

Another page on is La Conquista;that’s Spanish for The Conquest.The La Conquista movement is part of the Diversity Gang,in that they dislike whites(and other people too)and non-Spanish-speaking people.The Amnesty Gang is a big part of La Conquista,with about 80% of America’s illegal-immigrant population coming from south of the border.Some menacing news came form a survey by Washington-based Pew Foundation last week that claimed only one-quarter of latinos living in America call themselves American;their identity is with the countries where they or their relatives come from,be that Puerto Rico,Dominican Republic,Mexico,etc..This is somewhat surprising to me,in that I thought the figure wouldn’t be as low as one-quarter;around half is what I would’ve thought.Since I live in Bronx,NY with its large Puerto Rican population,I see the threat to America coming from La Conquista.On the very day I write this post,someone put a flier for a latino restaurant on the front gate of the house I live in,and it was in English and Spanish.On the back page of the Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper Bronx Times Reporter is a full-page ad for a health center,also in English and Spanish.And some ads are now seen just in Spanish! Do you see,patriots,why I describe activities like this as La Conquista? The last time I checked,there are 11 am/fm radio stations heard in the Bronx broadcasting in Spanish.Eleven!This indicates conquest of US territory! Of course,not all Puerto Ricans and other latinos are modern-day conquistadors,but a lot of them,possibly most of them,are.And this Pew survey is only more proof of this conquest.Now any government comprised of patriots and statesmen would simply lower the numbers of immigrants into America from Latin America,grant Puerto Rico independence(thereby eliminating their current “commonwealth” status that enables them to travel freely in unlimited numbers between the US mainland and Puerto Rico)and end all government-funded bi-lingual programs,among other patriot measures.But since we have enemies of America and anti-patriots ruling us in Washington and elsewhere,not only are they not implementing these measures,but they’re actually aiding and abetting La Conquista.It’s like they’re fighting with Santa Anna instead of the Texas freedom fighters! Patriots,fight for the aforementioned reforms to stop La Conquista! These conquistadors want to formally establish a Spanish-speaking Latin American nation on our soil!They want a good chunk of our land and our wealth and our jobs and our schools! Patriots,load and lock and Remember the Alamo! Before it’s too late! In some cities with large latino populations,there may be only a handful of English-speaking radio stations left in a few years!

Lastly,patriots,December 7th was Pearl Harbor Day.On that infamous early Sunday morning in 1941,Japanese bombs and torpedoes and bullets killed over 2,000 US servicemen and forced our entry into WW2.President Abomination,however,even though he supposedly was born in Hawaii,didn’t attend one Pearl Harbor ceremony to pay respects to those who died in that dastardly attack.But he did fly off to Norway to receive his Nobel Peace Prize a few days later.And in the night sky of the Land of the Midnight Sun about 24 hours before his arrival was a still-unexplained blue and white light.Some speculated it was the after-effect of a Russian missile.I saw photographic and video images of this light,and I don’t know what it was.Was this some kind of supernatural sign(like the Three Wise Men seeing Christ’s star) for Barack Abomination-who some preachers and prophecy students believe is the Anti-Christ-declaring his arrival in Norway to receive a peace prize when he has done absolutely nothing for peace but is actually fighting 2,possibly three,wars in Afghanistan,Iraq and Pakistan?! He has brought more war than his predecessor Boy George! This sickening award reminds me of the Bible prophecy about people screaming that peace has come when there’s really no peace at all! These morons in Norway on the Nobel committee awarded the Abomination his prize because he’s half-black and is US president.They nominated him for the prize even though Abomination was president for only about 2 weeks! And the Abomination may be violating the US Constitution,in that sitting office holders aren’t supposed to receive monetary awards from foreign governments,obviously to try and prevent bribery or corruption.More must-reading for patriots from The New American is Steven J.DuBord’s column in the 11/09/09 issue entitled Obama’s Ignoble Peace Prize.Patriots,I believe our land is under a curse.To those of you who pray to the Almighty,I recommend asking for His help and protection and deliverance from the evil we’re up against.

Till next week.God help us.God save America.

A US Patriot Reviews Last Week’s Important News

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Greetings to my fellow patriots who are watching the times in America and taking appropriate action against our nation’s enemies

I start this review with the Mr.Tiger/Mrs.Tiger affair. More facts keep rolling in about the Tiger’s accident,but here is what I believe happened.Mrs.Tiger had a heated argument with Tiger over his tomcatting.He did what a lot of men do to escape their wives:he got in his car and drove away.But she caught up to him,golf club in hand,and gave the Tiger a few whacks.He and/or she may have been drinking and/or drugging,especially when the extensive damage done to his Cadillac Escalade and how he damaged it is propounded.The Tiger is probably humiliated that Mrs.Tiger beat him up and that his “transgressions” are starting to emerge.His have probably been working big overtime trying to cover up for their “star” athlete and are practicing “damage control.” Mrs.Tiger should be arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon,but Tiger probably won’t press charges;he doesn’t want any more bad publicity.However,if Tiger assaulted Mrs.Tiger the way she almost certainly assaulted him,his ass would’ve been in the slammer asap.There’s an evil double-standard in America where men and women in many cases are treated differently in cases of so-called domestic violence.A babe can very easily pick up a lamp or chair or glass and assault her husband or live-in boyfriend.Regardless,these cases are difficult to prove and prosecute because witnesses and evidence are hard to come by;this is not the case with Mrs.Tiger.Now all these tramps are coming out claiming they made it with the Tiger.I believe some of them are telling the truth;some of them are opportunists.The only one so far who has proof is the one with his voice-mail messages on her cell phone.Regardless,it’s pretty apparent that the Tiger is a louse,a sexual playboy,who prefers white women,blond ones mostly;not one black woman has come forward to claim an affair with the Tiger.Tomcats and ego-maniacs like him shouldn’t get married and definitely shouldn’t have kids.But he probably looks at women,especially white women,like the golf trophies he has won over the years.He may wind up in court over his “transgressions,” some of his sponsors may drop him,he may drop out of more tournaments.But the good to come out of this sordid affair is that this great half-black/half-non-white golfer who has been virtually deified by sports commentators and other public people has taken a big fall.It’s a big blow for the Diversity Gang and their image and goal of a “more diverse”(read:less white)America.This Tiger has retreated to his lair for now,and may stay there for quite a while.Good.

Staying on the topic of corrupt pro-sports in America,the average salary of a pro-baseball player is just under $3 million.That’s 3 million bucks for hitting and throwing a baseball! Outrageous! Any working man or woman who consistently goes to see these grossly overpaid and undeserving athletes is a pretty sad case and only perpetuates the indecency and greed that has taken over pro-baseball.What happened to the Barry Bonds steroid trial? What happened to the Roger Clemens case where he allegedly lied to a grand jury? What happened to the so-called Mitchell Report and the list of all those players who tested positive for steroids back in 2003/2004? In short,pro-baseball is not just immoral,but a criminal enterprise of drug use and drug dealing,covered up for a long time by the powers that be in baseball and government.They’ll hang an occasional famous player like Manuel Octopus-Head Ramirez as a sacrificial lamb,but then things quiet down and it goes back to normal.And look at all these bloody foreigners playing on our teams! A lot of them can’t even speak English! That’s something to root for?! Patriots:Boycott baseball! It’s our great game.But it has been stolen from us!

I only learned a few weeks ago what Federal Reserve chairman Benjamin Bernanke’s middle name is:Shalom.That’s Hebrew for peace,as in Jerusalem means city of peace.Has Uncle Ben Shalom with that perfectly trimmed beard brought peace to our economy?! Ha! The Federal Reserve Board are a bunch of glorified counterfeiters! They’re out to preserve their wealth,power and control! They’re keeping interest rates ridiculously low because they don’t want patriots to save money but spend money needlessly and be more dependent on credit and loans because it makes the Fed’s big-shot friends a lot of money! Congressman/medical doctor Ron Paul has been persevering for many years to have the Fed audited and inspected.They operate similar to a secret society,in that their meetings and books are off-limits to the public.Can we believe that,patriots? The private banking group that sets US monetary policy works and plans secretly! Dr.Paul’s bill which mandates an audit of the Fed has a lot of bi-partisan support.If it comes up for a vote in the House,it’ll probably pass,but I’m not sure of the Senate;and President Abomination almost certainly will veto it.Indeed,he just renominated Uncle Ben Shalom for another term at the Fed.Patriots,I urge you to contact your US representative and senators and urge them to rein in the Federal Reserve.Abolishing it would be even better,but slaying a monster sometimes takes time.And a good book to read on the Fed is The Creature From Jekyll Island,by G.Edward Griffin.

President Abomination will be sending 30,000 more combat troops to Afghanistan.This is the Democratic plan to continue to fight an unconstitutional,immoral,unpopular war:tell the people that Americans fighting in Iraq is wrong,but then send them to another Muslim country over there.The Abomination’s claim that Al-Qaida and Osama bin-Laden in Afghanistan is a threat to us in America is laughable on its face.First,bin-Laden has probably been dead for about 5 years,dead from disease or a military attack.The neo-cons,the warmongers,the Israel Lobby,the globalists,the internationalists,the crusaders-this is their war;this is their dream of conquest.And they’re using our guys to play their dirty game.If the Abomination was serious about protecting us from “the terrorists,” he wouldn’t be keeping our borders wide open.We can easily protect ourselves from terrorists about 8,000 miles away from our shores who have no conventional armies,navies or air forces.And the aforementioned thugs who keep pushing this immoral war on us look at the nation of Israel as the 51st state and are also using that nation for their own purposes;it’s a vicious cycle,and our guys are in the middle of it.A former general in the Soviet Army who fought in Afghanistan when the Ruskies tried to conquer that nation warned that America is being led into the same hell that ended with 15,000 dead Russian soldiers before they pulled out.And this is right on their own southern border!Patriots,keep demanding an end to this totally unjust,unnecessary war and keep yelling out,Bring the boys home! Go use Blackwater and other mercenaries for your bloody wars of conquest!

Lastly,patriots,4 cops were shot dead near Tacoma,WA by a 2-legged beast who was fortunately taken out by a quick-thinking Seattle cop.Maurice Clemmons had his prison sentence commuted in Arkansas by then-governor Michael Gomer Pyle Huckabee.This Baptist preacher/Republican politician is one of the biggest frauds to be foisted on the American people.But now he has been exposed for letting beasts out of prison who get out and murder innocent people.Here’s a so-called man of God who was so fat that his doctor warned him that if he didn’t lose a hundred pounds,he’d croak.To give him credit,he did lose a lot of fat.But does a real minister of the gospel stuff his fat face so much that he becomes so overweight in the first place? When governor,he was also a friend of latino illegal immigrants in Arkansas,claiming that white Americans can redeem themselves over slavery if they grant amnesty to illegal aliens! That was his warped logic in trying to justify granting tax benefits to illegals in Arkansas.Then we saw his pathetic campaign in the GOP presidential primary.Like a good car salesman,he was rarely at a  loss for words.And the defunct neo-con newspaper The New York Sun reported that he was either hired by a Beverly Hills talent agency or recruited their services.Oh yes,patriots,he wants to work on his image! And how fitting that he has a show on Saturday and Sunday night on Fox News Channel! Shazam.shazam,shazam! The Republican Gomer Pyle may finally get his just desserts for letting 2-legged beast Maurice Clemmons out of prison, enabling him to shoot 4 cops dead.Michael Gomer Pyle Hucksterby:a living embodiment of America’s corrupt political establishment and of its corrupt Christian establishment.And this final warning given by a non-denominational pastor over shortwave radio about a year ago:when I’m in the same room with a typical Baptist preacher,I put one hand on my wife and the other hand on my wallet.

Patriots,we’re in the Christmas season.Let’s work and pray for peace,real peace,in our nation before we pray for peace in the world.We have so many serious problems to deal with right here on our soil that the world can wait.Our land is terribly sick and needs a good dose of strong medicine.Till next week.