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An American Patriot Reviews Last Week’s Important News

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Hi,patriots in America and those patriots in other lands who sympathize with and support America’s patriot cause.I hope you all had a safe and joyous Thanksgiving holiday and weekend.

The day after Thanksgiving is now officially known as Black Friday;this day gets more nuts and more sickening with each passing year.With a lot of people in corporate America fortunate enough to be off that day,millions of people ritualistically go on shopping sprees.Some stores actually open on midnight(again,the bewitching hour)Thanksgiving night to attract shopping neurotics.How depressing and how creepy to work or shop in a department store at 3 in the morning! But a society becoming more and more consumerist and materialistic thrives on sickening antics like this out of greed and love of money and things.Preliminary reports show a bump of 0.5% in Thanksgiving weekend sales from last year.I hope patriots who were off on Black Friday either stayed home,bummed out or visited family and/or friends on that day instead of buying mostly junk.Black Friday is nothing to celebrate!

A so-called health-care bill has passed the US House of Representatives and now the Senate is debating that bill and it’s own bill.Both bills are about 2,000 pages long! And I finally came across an article-about 2 weeks after the House bill passed-that specifies the fines in both bills for those who don’t buy health insurance:2.5%(nice number)of a person’s AGI(Adjusted Gross Income)in the House bill,and up to $750 in the Senate bill.From what I’ve learned about these bills,there’s hardly anything positive in them;it’s primarily another attempt by a neo-bolshevik Democrat Congress to force Americans into their government-run plan.I’ve still yet to come across what the punishment will be for those who don’t pay the fines.It’s probably a prison term! The neo-bolsheviks who voted for this bill in the House and their media supporters probably want this cat to stay in the bag as long as possible before they’re forced to let it out.Forcing people to buy health insurance does nothing about the astronomical costs in medical care;indeed,it’s probably one reason why costs have skyrocketed so much in recent years.I speak from experience in being convinced that quite frequently,doctors,hospitals,clinics,therapists,labs,drug companies and lobbyists for all these medical providers have made great amounts of money off the health-insurance system.Almost as soon as someone enters a doctor’s office or hospital for treatment,invariably the first question from the office staffer is:”What insurance do you have?” And once the patient provides his or her insurance card from a major provider like Blue Cross/Blue Shield,a lot of medical billers think that that company has an unlimited supply of money to dish out.It’s similar to a civil-service worker who pads his overtime pay,thinking the big city he works for also has an unlimited supply of money for the taking.So,with all these medical bills being doubled and tripled and maybe increased even higher,the insurance companies will inevitably raise their rates on their customers.It’s simple math! But rarely is this discussed in the corridors of power in Congress or in other legislatures.Why? I believe it’s because politicians and doctor lobbies and drug companies et al want the profiteering to continue! The people making millions hand over fist want the millions to keep flowing,even at the expense of the health of the American people! Billy Tauzin was a Democrat-turned-Republican congressman from Louisiana who didn’t seek re-election the very year after he helped ram through that huge Medicare spending bill in 2004.He was hired by a pharmaceutical lobby for $2.5 million a year! And he just came out in support of the current bill in Congress because more people will be buying more drugs from the drug companies he works for! What a bloody joke! What we need is a return to something like a pay-as-you-go arrangement with medical providers,with government oversight and minimal regulation,and possibly provisions for catastrophic insurance so people and providers don’t get bankrupted by expensive,lengthy treatments.Anyway,patriots,the plan being debated now in Congress will only exacerbate things.I urge you all to contact your two US senators and urge them to reject this neo-bolshevik bill!

Even though I’ve been an immigration-reform patriot for about the past 30 years,this is the first time I’m blogging on the Lou Dobbs Affair.On his former CNN television broadcast Lou Dobbs Tonight,he railed against illegal immigration,inter alia.Consequently,some race-based,militant latino groups like National Council of la Raza(la Raza means the Race)have called for CNN president Jonathan Klein to fire him,since about 80% of the illegal immigrants in America are from south of the border. Even though Dobbs’s broadcast consistently got good ratings,Mr.Klein(I’m almost-convinced he’s a neo-con)gave him an ultimatum about 3 weeks ago that if he didn’t take the offer to stay at CNN as just a news reader and not a commentator,he’d have to leave.And that’s what Dobbs did,with an $ 8 million golden parachute;he still has a daily 2-hour radio broadcast on weekdays.Mr.Klein claimed he wants CNN to provide more straight news and less commentary;hence the ultimatum to Dobbs.However,he has no problem with Soledad O’Brien-a half-Irish/half-Afro-Cuban host on CNN-providing a load of commentary on her special presentation Latino In America.I think neo-con Klein dumped Dobbs because of the threats and complaints from the latino activist groups and because of his own blatant favoritism towards latinos in America.I think patriots should consider a boycott of CNN.And now Mr.Dobbs gives an interview to Spanish-language tv network Telemundo and claims he now favors an illegal-alien amnesty! Strange,patriots? Not really.A deal was obviously made,recently or not,to deal a blow to the anti-amnesty patriot cause.I don’t think it’ll work.And remember,Dobbs was and still is a part of the establishment news media and was tolerated all this time for a reason.I’ve also heard that Mrs.Dobbs is Mexican,although I haven’t substantiated that.He reported to police in the New Jersey town where he lives that someone took a shot at his house a few weeks ago.Maybe someone was sending him a message,maybe not,and now he’s scared.Patriots,don’t cry over Lou Dobbs;there’ll be many more unpleasant surprises and shocks along the way as we defend our republic from her enemies.

Patriot-pastor Ted Pike at has written a dynamite column on at my website Jewish-advocacy group Anti-Defamation League issuing a report warning that certain patriots and patriot groups are getting more powerful and more dangerous in America.ADL is described perfectly by Pastor Pike,along with its sister Jewish-advocacy group Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC).These groups are staunch defenders of the corrupt,immoral establishment in our land because it serves their selfish purposes and agenda.So anytime a patriot publicly opposes any part of this establishment,either the political,corporate,media,entertainment or education part of it,ADL/SPLC get red-hot mad.Sometimes they’re right in warning about genuine threats from dangerous individuals or groups,but then they start attacking those who oppose the Diversity Gang and their false religion of multi-culturalism.They are hard-core liberals,obviously out primarily to promote Jewish interests and issues.There’s nothing wrong with that as long as they don’t harm other people and groups in the process.They pride themselves on getting the so-called hate-crimes bill passed,which may lead to persecution against men of the cloth who publicly oppose homosexuality and sexual perversion.And what’s most-important about Pastor Pike’s column is that he calls out the gutless-flab Christian establishment and even a non-establishment outlet like World Net Daily who refuse to condemn the anti-Christian activities of these groups because they’re “…staffed entirely by far-left Jews.” That’s right,Christians and patriots:out of ethnic favoritism,helped along by ignorant slobs like televangelist John Hagee,the Christian establishment is afraid of being called “Anti-Semite!” So they clam up.Bravo to Pastor Pike for his bravery and his outreach.And,patriots,just like we need to escape the corrupt 2-party political establishment in our nation,we need to flee the corrupt,anti-Christ Christian establishment.

Lastly,patriots,a man and a woman who have become demi-gods in America’s multi-cultural pantheon have taken a bit of a fall,and it’s long overdue:Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Woods.Windbag Winfrey has decided to mercifully pack in her gooey gabfest tv show in 2011.Her ratings have dropped significantly over the years,although millions still watch.She has been grossly overweight and grossly underweight.She’s just a gossip hound,admitting she doesn’t believe in Christ but believes in the New Age “force within.” In short,patriots,she’s an ego-maniac,who’s worth an estimated $2.7 billion.What a sickening testimony to our times that this no-talent liberal/feminist/New Ager has been so enriched and so empowered.I think I’ve come up with the perfect title for her:America’s #1 False Prophetess.Eventually the false prophets and prophetesses fall;this may be the beginning of the end of Oprah Windbag Winfrey,the sooner the better.And now Tiger Woods-another demi-god of the Diversity Gang in sports media-has taken a bit of a fall.It looks like he and Mrs.Tiger got into a nasty spat in the wee hours of the morning,possibly over the Tiger having a girlfriend who’s now being represented by feminazi-lawyer Gloria Allred.I believe the Tiger’s possible mistress is Jewish,as is Allred.For 3 times now,the Tigers have canceled interviews with Florida Highway Patrol over the incident.It’s obvious they’re hiding something.Mrs.Tiger claimed she used one of Mr.Tiger’s clubs to knock out a window on his Cadillac to help him escape.I think she used it to clobber him! Apart from this sordid affair is the opulence the Tigers live in:a $2.4 million mansion in a Florida enclave for the rich and powerful,with its own high-brick wall and security force.This symbolizes how America is becoming more and more of a stratified society,with the rich and mighty in their own “gated communities” and the rest of us outside,just getting by.But what’s most-disturbing about the mixed-race man nicknamed Tiger by his dad is the constant coverage and praise lavished on him by the ass-kissing sports media.Granted,he’s great with a golf club.But his every move is followed by lapdog sportswriters and commentators because he represents,in President Abomination’s words,”a New America”-i.e.,an America becoming less-white and more mixed-race,like Messrs.Woods and Abomination.After years of adulation,the Diversity Gang’s golf star may be falling:he had reconstructive knee surgery about a year ago and it has affected his play,he’s not winning as often as he used to,he’s getting more criticism due to his vulgar temper-tantrums on the links,and now this incident which is probably a lot more than a car accident at 2:30 in the morning.His agent,his lawyer and his spokesman are protecting him to the hilt,and that’s why neither he nor Mrs.Tiger have spoken to the cops.They’re probably going to tell him what to say and what not to say for the next few weeks.And the Tigers’ two children is what the Diversity Gang wants America to look like in the near-future:half-white/a quarter black/a quarter Thai.Even though we live in a more-tolerant and more-accepting age,I think the average American doesn’t look forward to this multi-racial environment.And apart from one’s opinion on inter-racial marriage,the Tiger,whose profession for about the last 12 years has been playing golf and playing it exceptionally well,is worth about $1 billion.Add that to Windbag Winfrey’s $2.7,and we can see why America is dying,from within.

Patriots,the Good Book says pride goes before a fall in the Book of Proverbs.Some of the high and mighty have taken a fall the past week or so,and may more of them fall.Please oppose the so-called health-care bill being debated right now in the US Senate,oppose the Amnesty Gang as they plan to usher in another amnesty bill for the estimated 12 million illegal aliens in our land,oppose those in power in our land who want to turn America into a poverty-stricken global village.Till next week.

An American Patriot Reviews Last Week’s News

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Hi,co-patriots,from Bronx,NY.There’ll be less news from last week to review from previous weeks,but all of it is still important.

It was revealed that so far this year,the US government has wasted $98 billion of taxpayer money,mostly on improper payments.Just think of that for a wee bit:almost one-hundred-billion bucks,of our money,down the drain.Naturally,when a leviathan government like Washington,DC is so huge,so labyrinthine,so unaccountable,so irresponsible,so careless,this isn’t surprising.But almost $100 billion?! What would happen in a corporation that wasted so much of its revenue? People would be held accountable,in some way.But the US Congress continues to escape any real kind of accountability because the two political parties running it are more interested in covering for each other than bringing incompetents and possibly embezzlers to account.I’m convinced that only a clean sweep of Congress-i.e.,independent statesmen and true public servants becoming the norm instead of the exception-will bring real positive change to our government.

The number of banks closed by FDIC for 2009 is now up to 124.Since their insurance fund is now in the red,they are reportedly going to require banks to pre-pay their insurance contributions for up to 3 years-i.e.,an up-front,one-time payment instead of 3 annual payments spread out over 3 years.With the US government in debt for about $12 trillion,it’s very easy for them to pry more money out of banks who,admittedly,irresponsibly loaned out billions,possibly trillions,of dollars over about the last 3 decades,compelled and virtually blackmailed to do so by the Community Re-investment Act that was passed by a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress in 1977.Again,patriots,like this post’s first paragraph,there’s very little,if any,accountability in the Washington,DC government.Those Diversity Gang morons basically forced banks to make loans to “under-served” people-i.e.,mostly blacks and latinos-even though many loan applicants had poor credit histories and insufficient incomes.Banks then went along with this dangerous game,started by an ultra-liberal Democratic government,and now the country as a whole is suffering.And the major media is covering for those 1977 politicians who voted for that act;they’re protecting them and the corrupt,immoral Democratic Party.And not many Republicans have cited the Community Re-investment Act as the root cause of our financial troubles especially in the housing sector.Ron Paul is the only Republican I know of who has publicly cited the act for the trouble it has caused us.Patriots,we need to be very careful where we save and invest our money.I recommend a lot of research and advice before making any decisions.

The US Army has reported a record number of suicides for this year.Again,no surprise:being ordered to fight in far-away places that pose no threat to their fellow Americans,extended tours,unreliable and sometimes-shoddy services from VA,being used as guinea pigs via vaccine experimentation,GI Joe being forced to serve and fight with GI Jane,Diversity Gang programs and policies,inter alia.God bless our volunteer GIs! How do they tolerate all this garbage! I fear things will get a lot worse in the Army and the other service branches,including rising suicide rates,as long as the traitorous internationalists and their allies the Diversity Gang continue to rule our federal government and our military.

For the first time since WW2,more people are leaving Florida than moving in.So far in 2009,500,000 people have left the Sunshine State.The state’s unemployment rate has shot up to 11.2%,and things are starting to get more expensive there than they used to be.News reports cite this as the reason for the exodus,but they fail to mention what another major reason is:major demographic,social and cultural change engendered in large measure by high levels of legal and illegal immigration.The city of Miami includes Miami Beach,where The Jackie Gleason Show was produced back in the ’50s and ’60s.Miami was still America then;it’s now Latin America,mostly Cuban.Thanks to our government letting in about a million Cubans right after commie Castro seized power in Havana,and letting in millions more Caribbean latinos since then(Puerto Ricans,Dominicans),Miami is,for all intents and purposes,no longer an American city;it has been conquered.About 60% of its residents speak a dialect of Spanish as their primary language.I was in West Palm Beach about 7 years ago and when I scanned the am/fm radio dial,I heard numerous stations broadcasting in Spanish;it’s probably worse now.Throw in more Third World immigration from other countries,and this is what’s making Florida a less-desirable place to live and raise a family.Sunshine and beaches and warm water won’t be as enjoyable as before when Americans feel more and more like strangers in their own country when living in Florida or any other hot-spot state.Until patriots change the government’s immigration policies,more people are likely to escape Florida.

Sometimes,ideas and movements and trends start in our mother country and/or in other European countries and float across the pond to America.Sometimes these are good things,sometimes bad.A good thing may come from a nationalist alliance that has formed in European Parliament,comprised primarily by political parties in UK(BNP-British National Party)and France(National Front).They drew up some worthwhile goals that serve the patriot cause in their countries and that should be adopted for USA:opposition to globalism and a one-world government;reforming immigration policies and helping reduce immigration into Europe by helping Third World countries develop their economies and societies;opposing imperialism engaged in by any government;supporting the traditional family and addressing the very low birth rates throughout Europe.Bravo! This is the kind of agenda we need to implement in America! But it’s highly unlikely,if not impossible,for it to emerge from either the Democrats or Republicans or the Republicrats.Patriots,we need to start fresh;we need a clean slate;we need to dump the rotten barrels out of the barrel,bury the barrel,and get a new barrel and put good apples in.

Lastly,patriots,the neo-bolshevik majority in the US Congress have passed a so-called health-care bill in the House and now have proceeded to debate a similar bill in the Senate.Get this:the House bill is 1,990-pages long;the Senate bill,2,047 pages.They’re obviously hiding the devil in the details! And the greatest evil that I know of in both of these neo-bolshevik bills is forcing almost all Americans to buy health insurance under threat of fines and possible imprisonment.I say possible imprisonment because the Democrat-friendly major media has yet to reveal exactly what the fines will be and what’ll be the punishment for those who don’t pay it.And of course,health care got a lot more expensive when government got more involved and started making more demands on doctors and other medical providers.There are a lot of people making a killing from sick and injured people in this country:doctors,executives of hospitals and drug companies,malpractice lawyers,et al.To my knowledge,none of these bills address this issue because they don’t want what may be the root cause of health-care’s astronomical costs to kithe.So the neo-bolsheviks want to protect big-money big shots and force the great unwashed into their corrupt,exorbitant and immoral system by forcing almost all of us to spend thousands on insurance or fines.Here’s more proof that the US government is America’s public enemy #1.In the meantime,patriots,the Senate is away for their Thanksgiving vacation.When they return,contact the offices of your senators and majority leader Harry Reid and tell them “No!” on socialized medicine.Tell them to take their threats of fines and imprisonment and get the hell out of our country!

Patriots,get ready to make sacrifices this Christmas season.Happy Thanksgiving to all.Let’s give thanks to the Almighty for what He has given us.And while we celebrate our blessings this Thursday and maybe for the remainder of the week,especially to those of you lucky enough to have a 4-day weekend,let’s hope the Almighty gives us the courage,fortitude,wisdom and perseverance we’ll need for the dark days that lie just ahead of us.America forever.

A US Patriot Reviews Last Week’s Important News

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Howdy,patriots,from Bronx,NY.I start this patriot review of what I deem last week’s most-important news on the subject of political corruption in America.

William Jefferson-a convicted former Democratic congressman from the Big Easy in Louisiana-was hit with a 13-year sentence,mainly on corruption charges.The most-memorable revelation during the whole case was FBI agents discovering a lot of lettuce in his home freezer-about $90,000 worth of lettuce.Judge T.S.Ellis(I almost typed T.S.Eliot)at the sentencing declared that corruption by government officials in USA is “…a cancer that needs to be surgically removed.” Bravo! How right he is! And bravo to the FBI patriots who investigated Jefferson and presented the evidence that resulted in his conviction and sentencing.Let’s hope and pray that more lawmen,prosecutors,judges and other public officials truly fight this cancer that threatens our nation’s stability and survival.Get out the scalpels!

Next on the corruption/malfeasance/misfeasance meter is Virginia’s Democratic governor Tim Kaine stultifying himself and revealing himself just to be another party politician by declaring a state of emergency for the entire state due to bad weather from Hurricane Ida,and then right after declaring the emergency,heads down to Billy Clinton’s Arkansas for a fundraiser for fellow Democratic governor Mike Beebe(nice name).Even with the state that he’ll still govern till next January hammered by a terrible storm of rain and wind,he hightails it to another state to help a partisan get re-elected.This shows the warped priorities of the average Democrat/Republican politician:party first,ahead of the people they are supposed to serve.But what does Mr.Kaine(like McCain,another form of the name of Cain-the first murderer)care? Virginia’s governor serves only one 4-year term(I believe Kentucky is the only other state with such an arrangement),so he doesn’t have to worry about re-election;but he ostensibly worried about Beebe getting re-elected in Arkansas next year.This doesn’t break any law,but it’s a dereliction of duty,highly unethical and totally opportunistic.It’s just another reason why this corrupt,immoral,self-serving 2-party system must go!

And lastly on political-establishment corruption,betrayal and foolishness in the land(Psalm 12:9:”In high place are the vilest of men”),GOP leaders in the US House of Representatives stabbed anti-amnesty patriots in the back during the debate and vote on the neo-bolshevik “health care bill” that passed by 5 votes right about the bewitching hour of midnight on a Saturday night.The witches in the House were at work! The GOP saps posing as leaders are minority leader John “Mr.Suntan” Boehner and minority whip Eric Cantor,who ran unopposed for the whip post probably because his fellow Republicans didn’t want to oppose someone who’d become the first Jewish GOP whip in the House.They know how fired up the conservatives and patriots still foolish enough to stay in GOP are over illegal immigration and illegal-alien amnesty.So what did they do on the health bill? They caved,or maybe they cooperated.They could’ve helped sink that neo-bolshevik bill by demanding measures in the bill deal with illegal immigrants by ensuring that they won’t get access to any benefits offered in the bill.But they decided to oppose the bill via the issue of tort reform-a nice,cozy debating point-instead of illegal immigration.The cowards or the rats probably thought that that issue is too controversial,too divisive.So due to their foolishness,cowardice or complicity,or a combination of those things,not only may illegal immigrants gain health-care benefits that should go only to US citizens and legal immigrants,but now Americans may be forced to buy health insurance and herded into a huge federal-government bureaucracy and system.Patriots,Republican leaders have done stuff like this for too long and too many times;their leaders,by and large,can’t be trusted.They consider the Democrats their “good friends.” While some Republicans are patriots,they continue to stay in a party structure designed to keep them down and leashed.The corrupt GOP is no answer to the evil,corrupt Democratic Party.Clean the House! Clean the Senate! Clean the White House!

The Amnesty Gang in San Francisco,Ca.showed how lawless and brazen they are when 8 members of their Board of Supervisors voted to ignore and thus violate federal immigration law by protecting illegal-alien minors arrested for crimes from being reported to immigration authorities so they can face deportation.Even liberal Democratic mayor Gavin Newsom vetoed the bill,citing it violates US law.But these supervisors approved it anyway!Patriots,can you believe the gall of these politicians! They’re lawbreakers! They’re criminals! US marshals should warn them that if they don’t rescind this measure,that they’ll be arrested and prosecuted! If I were US attorney general,that’s what I would do,immediately.Let’s see how brave the Amnesty Gang will be when US lawmen come to their halls of power and put the bracelets on! But this is the essence of the Amnesty Gang:they’re criminals or aiders of criminals.It’s that simple! And the Amnesty Gang in DC is starting to let the cat out of the bag that they’re planning an amnesty bill for early next year.DHS secretary Napolitano said such during a speech to the “progressive” liberal group Center for American Progress(Progress toward what? A neo-bolshevik utopia!),and President Abomination’s political adviser David Axelrod predicted the same on a political talk show.Congressman Little Louie Gutierrez from Chicago is the Amnesty Gang’s point man in Congress,and he too is predicting an amnesty bill to surface early next year.Let’s notice,patriots,that the Amnesty Gang and Abomination Democrats haven’t been humbled one bit after they lost the elections about 2 weeks ago;they’re emboldened.They passed the pro-homo “hate-crimes” bill,they passed the industry-killing cap-and trade in the House,they’ll try to pass mandatory health insurance,and now they’ll try to pass an illegal-alien amnesty early in 2010.Why such rush? Because they may lose majority power in either or both houses of Congress,or at least lose a multitude of seats.So while they have the power,they will ram through as much evil law as they can before they may be put out in 2011.And this may be just the beginning of what they intend.I paraphrase the Book of Genesis,chapter 6:5:”God saw that man’s wickedness was great on Earth,and every thought in his mind was continually evil.” I believe,generally speaking,this describes the dangerous people,especially in leadership positions,who rule us from that ugly white building called the US Capitol-as in Capitoline Hill in ancient Rome.Patriots,pray for mercy on us;pray for deliverance from the evil that rules us from Washington,DC-District of the goddess Columbia.

The Diversity Gang had legitimate grievances against the minority-white(the liberal media kept repeating that)government in South Africa;but they have made that nation much worse since Mandela and his pro-communist African National Congress(ANC)was elected to power about 15 years ago.One of the conditions that has gotten much worse is crime:50 daily murders in a nation of about 23 million,rampant rape,about 1,700 white farmers murdered since the end of the dreaded white-man’s government,inter alia.Johanessburg has been dubbed the rape capital of the world.Throw in terribly high unemployment and AIDS rates and about a million skilled whites fleeing the country,and you have the so-called “New South Africa.” But the anti-white Diversity Gang got what they wanted:they took down the white man,drove him from power.Black columnist William Raspberry responded perfectly in a columnĀ  to this racist vengeance:you don’t always help the slave by harming the master. In the tragic case of South Africa,the master has been harmed,but the slave has been harmed far worse.And patriots,I believe that what the Diversity Gang did to South Africa,they want to do to America.I urge us all to prepare ourselves to fight them,and it probably will get very nasty;we’re dealing with violent-minded neo-bolsheviks and revolutionaries.

Now for some financial news.Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.(PBGC)is the government-commissioned corporation that insures our pensions from insolvency.And now it,like FDIC,is in the red,for about $22 billion.So now are pensions are in jeopardy;in how much jeopardy we don’t really know.This is the result of the recession and also of reckless and too-risky investment by pension managers and investors who probably had a feeling of invincibility or invulnerability when buying shaky stocks and securities with other people’s money.In a country where more and more,”the love of money is the root of all evil…”(1 Timothy 6:10),this is not surprising.There’s too much risky investing with our pensions,and let’s hope pension managers act more responsibly or we may have to work till we’re physically unable to.And President Abomination and his abomination of a Congress brought us another record budget deficit in October:$176 billion.I’m considering changing Obama’s name from Abomination to Destroyer,for one way to destroy a country is bankrupt it or debase its currency;he’s doing both.

Another anti-Christ false prophet has been exposed,convicted and sentenced to 175 years in prison.Fake name:Tony Alamo.Real name:Bernie Hoffman;so we have con-man Uncle Bernie Madoff in the money world and Uncle Bernie Hoffman in the false-prophet world.This Uncle Bernie’s fake surname Alamo isn’t pronounced like the Texas mission in 1836,and he used to broadcast on shortwave radio station WWCR(World-wide Christian Radio).I believe he worked in the music business and that’s where he made a lot of money.He was convicted on several charges,the most serious one being transporting young girls across state lines for sex.The national media seem to have downplayed this case.I think they don’t want another notorious Uncle Bernie to become a household name like Uncle Bernie Madoff.And the fact that this particular con-man and anti-Christ is Jewish may have been a factor too in not providing much coverage to his case and his exploits.As the days become more evil in America,there’ll be more Uncle Bernie Hoffmans along the way to spin their webs and trap their victims.

Lastly,patriots and the God-fearing,the US east coast and the UK south coast last week were hit with very similar storms at about the same time of the week last week;it almost seems like it was arranged.The US storm killed at least 6,and several more may have died due to the storm.Is the Almighty sending us and the mother country a message? Is He mad at us? Who knows?

Patriots,get ready for what may be a rough Christmas season and for what probably will be a difficult and dangerous beginning to 2010-in the year of our Lord.Till next week.And please visit and network with my website for really important news and commentary from a patriot perspective.Here’s to America.

The Lengthiest Review Yet from This Patriot On Last Week’s News

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Hello,co-patriots.Get ready for a long review of last week’s news;there’s a lot of important news to cover and review.

The crime wave in America keeps rolling along,and the worst incident was the Fort Hood massacre,where a Palestinian-American psychiatrist in US Army went nuts and murdered 13 people and wounded 31 more.This may or may not have been a planned act of terrorism,for the suspect reportedly yelled out “Allahu Akbar!” (”God Is Great” in Arabic)before he started shooting;and he may have attended a mosque where some of the 9/11 hijackers attended.Of course,we can expect more of these horrible crimes because the US government clearly takes sides in the Mid-East by arming and aiding the nation of Israel to the tune of billions of taxpayer dollars every year.This benefits the American people in no way whatsoever,but it does build anger and resentment and hatred against us in the Arab and Muslim world.What would benefit America is if Washington would be truly neutral and not ally with any nation in that part of the world.But the US government is hell-bent on sticking its big nose in a lot of places it has no business in,especially the Mid-East.They are bringing the centuries-old hatreds and violence in that part of the world to our shores,and 9/11 is a consequence of that meddling.And how sickening that President Abomination still praised the neo-pagan religion of Diversity after this Arab-American murdered and wounded innocent people.He gloried in the mix of Jews and Arabs and Hindus and atheists and Christians and females all serving in the glorious multi-cultural US armed forces.God help the patriots in the service for putting up with all this vileness.We owe them a lot for sticking it out and continuing to wear the uniform.Patriots:We need to save our military from the Diversity Gang! They’ll destroy it,probably intentionally,if we don’t stop them!

The crime wave is rolling so fast and so pervasively that not even Sheriff Andy Taylor’s hometown of Mayberry,North Carolina is safe.The real-life town is Mount Airy,NC,and an illegal-alien latino murdered 4 fellow latinos allegedly over a broken romance.The major media has been very quiet about the suspect being an illegal alien who was already deported but snuck back in again.The Amnesty Gang led by Little Louie Gutierrez-a Puerto Rican congressman from Illinois-is on the move again to get an amnesty passed for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in America.And the Amnesty Gang in churches,the major media and in the corporate world will be aiding and abetting this criminal operation every way they can,including covering up that this suspect entered illegally after already having been deported.Crocodile tears have been streaming down the pages of reports on the murder of an Ecuadorian immigrant on Long Island,NY by US teenagers.But the crocodile tears don’t come when an illegal alien commits a multiple homicide.Patriots,this should make us pause and realize that editors and writers in the major news media have an agenda in empowering illegal aliens and the racial-empowerment bloc behind them.Sheriff Andy Taylor:we need you back.

Moreover,the ruthless El Salvador crime gang MS-13 has ordered a contract killing on an ICE(Immigration and Customs Enforcement)agent who has cracked down on the gang.MS-13 is reportedly operating in major cities throughout America,and many of their members are here illegally.So here we go again:the US government is criminally negligent in allowing hard-core criminals to enter our country,move into our neighborhoods,avail themselves of various taxpayer-funded services,and now they’re putting contract hits on US law-enforcement officers.And how many of the 12 million illegals are gang members? I applauded the patriots in the previous paragraph who serve in the US armed forces,and now I applaud the patriots serving in law enforcement throughout America;they need and deserve our prayers and our support.

And some of these officers cleaned out two NYC housing projects that had been virtually taken over by dope dealers.The action was dubbed Operation Rotten Apple;now that’s an appropriate name for this city which probably used to be the greatest city in the world.How scary it is to learn that dope dealers take over apartment buildings and operate openly and in defiance of the law and law-abiding citizens-just like the drug gangs and cartels that operate south of the border.As America is permitted to become more “diverse”-i.e.,less-white,less-Christian,less-English-speaking-we can expect the drug crisis and all that entails to exacerbate.Meanwhile,bravo to those in uniform who liberated these housing projects.And bravo to those who fight this war for us daily.America would otherwise sink into an anarchy like Mexico is close to becoming.

And the last crime-wave event to review is the double-homicide of two white young adults who were brutally murdered by a group of blacks in Knoxville,TN..The Diversity Gang-controlled national news media has virtually covered up this ghastly crime,and that’s almost-certainly because the perps are black and the victims were white.Everyone with half a brain knows what outcry there would’ve been,how much news coverage would’ve emerged,if the situation were reversed.Patriots,please never forget:the Diversity Gang is fervently anti-white;even horrible murders of whites by non-whites-”people of color “,as the Diversity Gang likes to call them-doesn’t enrage them like they get enraged at white-on-non-white crime,the few times it happens.

And speaking of the Diversity Gang,some moron reporter at NBC New York celebrated New York City Council becoming,for the first time,mostly “people of color.” You see,patriots,the Diversity Gang believes we white people have no color;that’s why they use that insulting,sleazy term to describe us.They celebrate,openly,when whites become a minority anywhere,anytime;but they moan when “people of color” become or are a minority.The Diversity Gang and today’s radical liberal suffers from a disease known as “minorityitis”-an affliction characterized by a fanatical obsession with virtually all things minority;a rare exception to this is when whites are a minority,like in South Africa.Then the outpouring of sympathy and empathy and support for the minority somehow just doesn’t materialize.

One of the prime enemies of America that I’ve listed on is The Israel Lobby,and they showed their power and clout in the US House of Representatives last week.The House passed a resolution(albeit non-binding)that urges the US government to ignore the Goldstone Report-a UN-commissioned evaluation of the conflict about a year ago between Israeli Defense Forces(IDF)and the Palestinians living in Gaza.Mr.Goldstone is a South African Jew and a highly respected jurist whose report contains evidence that IDF,and Palestinian fighters,committed war crimes during that conflict.Three Jewish members of the House-Nita(nice name)Lowey from New York,Howard Berman from California(who’s also chairman of the House foreign-relations committee)and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen from Florida(a Cuban-born Jew)all spoke on the House floor and urged the resolution’s passage.And by ducky,it passed:344-46,with 28 voting “present”! The Israel Lobby ostensibly believes that the government and military of Israel is above the law,and even when there’s credible evidence from a Jewish jurist who sits on the board of directors at Hebrew University in Israel and has a daughter living in Israel that certain members of IDF committed crimes against humanity,they want that evidence ignored or rejected.Such is one of the evil characteristics and behaviors of the Israel Lobby.And the sickening fact that this non-binding resolution can pass so overwhelmingly when Goldstone’s report has been overwhelmingly approved by the UN General Assembly and approved by,to my knowledge,most nations in Europe shows how much the US government has become a thoroughly corrupted body;they’re at the beck and call of the Israel Lobby.Patriots,pray that America is delivered from this menace.

An encouraging sign that the Israel Lobby and its ally the neo-conservatives are starting to get found out is The Los Angeles Times printing a column by the president of libertarian Cato Institute,which urged the Republican Party leadership to “…throw their neo-conservative wing under the bus.” Great idea! Mr.Crane is red-hot mad that the neo-cons led us into Afghanistan and Iraq and now even Pakistan and have helped bankrupt our treasury,among other assorted crimes against the American people.The neo-cons,like the Israel Lobby,are partners in crime against America.They have an Israel-first foreign policy and deem Israel to be equivalent to the 51st state;they want Israel’s enemies,real or imagined,to be our enemies.Mr.Crane’s column could be a promising start to ending the malevolent power and influence of the neo-cons and hopefully bring those in that group to justice who used lies,false intelligence and other deceptions to drag Americans into “their” war.

An Italian court convicted,in absentia,24 former or current CIA/US Army officers for abducting an Egyptian cleric off an Italian street,bringing him to Egypt and torturing him there.This is what the neo-cons’ “War On Terror!” has brought to our culture and our image in the world:lawlessness,brutality,torture.If America uses barbaric tactics in fighting any war or conflict,then we become barbarians;yes,it’s that simple.And this so-called “extraordinary rendition” resembles a Mossad operation.I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a joint US/Israel abduction and torture.The convictions mean that these Americans risk arrest and imprisonment if they enter Italy.Patriots,nothing justifies torture,especially those of people who are just suspected of a crime.The neo-cons’ war is really being waged against us,and against the rest of humanity.

I break for some good news.Like Anne Murray sings,”Sure could use a little good news today.” President Abomination and his abominable Democratic Party got a bloody nose in last Tuesday’s elections.The Abomination visited New Jersey to drum up support for his plutocrat pal Jonathan Corzine-a vile,big-money,former Goldman Sachs hot-shot who spent about 60 mill of his own shekels to capture a US Senate seat in Jersey.He spent more millions of his shekels to capture the Jersey governorship.He endorsed Hillary Clinton’s nomination for the Democrat presidential nomination and was a big fan of illegal aliens.But even in a liberal Democrat state like New Jersey,which is becoming more and more just a big suburb of NYC and Philadelphia, the GOP candidate defeated him even though there was a third-party candidate who was previously a Republican.Patriots in Jersey,don’t get your hopes up too high with Christopher Christie,for he’s an Adolf Ghouliani Republican.Regardless,it’s a beautiful thing that the liberal plutocrat Corzine got da boot.And in Virginia,the Republicans captured the seats for governor,lieutenant governor and attorney general.And the voters in the liberal state of Maine voted to repeal a same-sex-marriage law passed by the Maine legislature earlier in the year.Congraulations and thank you to the patriots in the Vacation State who worked so hard to overturn a wicked law and help to turn back the same-sex-marriage movement! These electoral victories prove that the tide can turn towards the patriot cause even when the odds are against us.And more good news came when it was reported that consumer borrowing fell for the eighth straight month in US,indicating that Americans continue to defy the powers that be who just want us to keep spending and borrowing and taking out credit and loans.That a way,patriots.Keep socking it away!

Now back to the bad news.The unemployment rate shot up to 10.2% in October.If we factor in the underemployed and discouraged workers-i.e.,those who’ve given up looking for work-the unemployment rate is actually 17.5%.And the Abomination’s money men and the financial powers that be say the economy has recovered?! What economy or whose economy has recovered?! Not the working-class economy!

In Palo Alto,California during the last 6 months,4 teenagers have committed suicide by lying down on train tracks and getting run over.What’s driving our kids to even think about such horrors?! It’s got to be primarily the anti-Christ garbage in film and tv and in contemporary popular culture.Whom the gods seek to destroy,they first make mad.And some wicked false gods are doing just that to millions of our kids,via drugs,reckless experimentation,broken homes,negligent parenting,war-zone schools,inter alia.Christ said to let the little children come to him,and to one who leads a little one astray,it would be better to hang a millstone around his neck and throw him into the sea than suffer the Almighty’s judgment.Tough times call for tough measures.To you older patriots,did you ever think you’d see the day in America when 4 teenagers kill themselves over a 6-month period by laying down in front of trains?

Finally,patriots,I conclude with declaring that evil triumphed in America last week.I’ve cited several reasons for this already,but now I cite the New York Yankees and their $206 million payroll winning the World Series.Now why would a life-long Bronx boy like me lament this victory and actually call it a triumph for evil? One reason is the sickening amount of money paid to several of the players;another is “former” steroid user Alex Rodriguez probably juicing up again and even though he’s Miami-born,played for Dominican Republic in World Baseball Classic;another is their MVP Hidekei Matsui needing an interpreter to speak to the reporter after the final game because the Japanese player doesn’t speak English;another is the sick ritual performed in the 7th inning of every Yankees home game which resembles a wartime rally,trying to drum up support for the “War On Terror!”;another is Johhny Damon(probably another juicer)and Matsui declaring free agency right after their victory parade.Does any patriot have anything in common or anything to root for here?! Pro-baseball,with its rampant drug use,has become a criminal enterprise.And to see the team playing in the city now known as The Big Apple-a city that offers one temptation after another-win the World Series is quite depressing.And now,some owners may be willing to grossly overpay their players like the Yankees did this year just so they can win,win,win.Vince Lombardi was wrong:winning isn’t everything.It’s juvenile and foollish to think that the only thing that matters in sports is winning,and that sportsmanship and morality is secondary.As Frank Sinatra sings,”Here’s to the losers.” I’m not a Philadelphia Phillies fan,but patriots lost last week when the Yankees won.

And then,at about midnight-the bewitching hour-on Saturday night,the US House of Representatives,led by power-loving bitch Nancy Pelosi,passed,220-215,a so-called healthcare bill that,among many harmful things,will force the vast majority of Americans to purchase health insurance.If we don’t buy insurance,they’ll fine us,like they do in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.And what will they do to those of us who don’t pay the fine?Will the neo-bolshevik Democrats who voted for this bill throw us into a concentration camp or a re-education camp?! Patriots,if this bill becomes law,some of us may have to risk some part of our freedom to stand up to these larcenists and collectivists.The neo-bolsheviks rule almost every big city in America and they want to force us into their corrupt,immoral system.Forcing almost everyone to buy health insurance won’t control costs anymore than health insurance has hitherto controlled costs.Patriots,we may have until the end of the year to stop this bill in the senate.Get on the blowers and computers and the trains and planes and urge these senators not to force us into buying health insurance!

Thanksgiving will soon arrive.Let’s be thankful we still have time and fight left in us and in the land.Let’s be prepared to sacrifice time,effort and money to the patriot cause in resisting those in power over us who obviously hold us in utter contempt.Till next week.God save America.And this Wednesday,11/11/2009,is Veteran’s Day(Remembrance Day in Canada).Let’s thank those who’ve worn the uniform and wear it today.

An American Patriot Reviews a Busy Week of News

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Greetings to US patriots and those in other nations in sympathy with and support of the patriot defense of America.There’s a lot of important news to report and comment on.

October was the deadliest month for US servicemen in Afghanistan;about 60 of them died and more were wounded.The US military operation in that nation has become a bloody quagmire.For 8 long years,our guys have been bleeding and dying over there.The casus belli given by Boy George Bush for invading the country was to depose the Taliban who were allegedly complicit in the 9/11 attacks.The Taliban were driven from power but they still control pockets of the land,or “stan” in Arabic.Whatever the motive or casus belli,the US government and the powers behind the throne obviously want to conquer Afghanistan and colonize it,like the Turks,Brits and Russians wanted to do in the past.Americans have very little to fear from a bunch of towel-heads living off their land about 8,000 miles away.And now comes some dirty laundry that a brother of Afghanistan’s president has been on the CIA payroll for the past 8 years-i.e.,since the onset of the Boy George invasion;and this presidential brother may be involved in Afghanistan’s drug trade.This isn’t that surprising,for CIA has been accused of drug dealing over the last few decades.The current US involvement in Afghanistan stinks to high heaven.And bring the boys home! And notice,patriots,that I use the terms “servicemen” and “boys” in describing those serving in our volunteer military.I write that way primarily to oppose the gender-neutral descriptions of the feminists,liberals and assorted ass kissers in politics and media who always use terms like “service members” and “troops” and “military personnel.” There’s a neo-feminist at the neo-feminist/liberal-Democrat newspaper The New York Times who has written a few columns this year extolling GI Jane.All this silly broad cares about is extolling and empowering the fairer sex,regardless of GI Jane’s effect on our military.And now the Diversity Gang morons at US Navy want to put the fairer sex on subs.Patriots,we don’t need a male/female military.America defeated Nazi Germany,Imperial Japan and probably would’ve defeated Stalin’s USSR with the boys doing the fighting and dying and not the boys/girls.Patriots,we have no real enemies in Afghanistan,with the possible exception of opium dealers.And if evidence emerges that Afghan dope is invading our land,then we should hit the growers and dealers;that’s the only reason our guys should be over there.But first we may have to deal with CIA drug dealers!

Another Israeli spy ring has been uncovered in America.Jewish-American scientist Stewart Nozette has been arrested by FBI for giving classified information to an Israeli company that’s owned and operated by the Israeli government.This is more proof that Israel’s government is no friend of America,for they wouldn’t be spying on us if they were.Indeed,Israel’s current government may actually be hostile to America and her people and her interests.The US political and media establishments almost always try to condition Americans to think that America and Israel are allies.That isn’t true in the formal sense,for no treaty exists between the two nations and they don’t belong to a military alliance like NATO.America should be neutral in the Mid-East and not provide virtual unconditional support to Israel.Washington annually sends about $10-13 billion in taxpayer aid or loan guarantees to Israel.Why? Because the Israel Lobby is very powerful,too powerful,in America.I believe that’s the main reason.And this dangerous pro-war/ethnic-driven lobby may very well get us involved in more war in the Mid-East which they think will make Israel more secure and more powerful.Patriots,we should have no allies or enemies in that part of the world;we should be neutral,fair and unbiased.

There’s a committee in US House of Representatives laughably called “ethics committee.” Ethics? In the US Congress? Ha!Ha!Ha! Talk about an oxymoron! They’re investigating two black-female congresswomen from California over possible unethical or illegal behavior.I’m blogging on this because the committee members take a vow of secrecy.That’s right,patriots:just like Charles Bronson’s character Joe Valachi in the film “Valachi” swore “omerta”-the Italian word for “silence”-to his Mafia boss,the congressmen who sit on the US House Ethics committee swear silence to their committee chairmen.So what are they hiding? Why the secrecy? Why are they forced to take a vow of secrecy? Just like these occult societies like Order of Skull & Bones swear secrecy about their operations and activities,now our taxpayer-paid congressmen practice secrecy when investigating their own.Patriots,stop supporting this corrupt government in Washington! It’s not just the Democrats! It’s the Republicrats! Their government is hopelessly and irredeemably corrupt and lawless!

And speaking of the Republicrats,Charles Crist is the GOP governor of Florida.He’s running for the GOP nomination for the US Senate seat that was vacated when GOP pro-illegal-alien senator Melquiades(nice name)Martinez resigned and joined a hot-shot lobbying firm in DC.Well,President Abomination visited the Sunshine State recently-and Gov.Crist hugged him.That’s right,patriots:he hugged him.Crist justified it by claiming that the Abomination is still president and deserves our respect.Did he deserve to be hugged? One shouldn’t hug an abomination! But Mr.Crist is a typical worshipper of and high-ranking member of the corrupt Republicrat polity in USA.The higher up in power they go,the more their differences disappear or fade and the more they become virtual facsimiles of each other.And now I turn from Florida to upstate New York,where there was until about 5 days ago a 3-way race for an open congressional seat vacated when the Abomination nominated Republican John McHugh to be Secretary of the Army.GOP chose a liberal assemblywoman as their candidate for this seat,but Conservative Party in New York chose their own candidate.The GOP candidate dropped out of the race because she was trailing badly in last place in the 3-person race.But then she endorsed the Democrat! That’s an excellent illustration of what passes for a competitive polity in America today:liberals stick together,regardless of party affiliation.And regardless of which party controls Congress,liberalism rules.America needs patriots and statesmen in government,not party hacks and establishment cronies.

Congress has declared a week in October to be called Save for Retirement Week.Again,the political and financial establishments want us to save for retirement but don’t want us to save for now or the near-future.They want our savings to be tied up in retirement accounts where we’re penalized for early withdrawals and are likely to keep our money tied up for decades.But the glorified counterfeiters at Federal Reserve Bank have rammed down interest rates so low that some banks are providing almost-zero-percent interest! Patriots,save for retirement and save for the here and now too! Don’t become dependent on credit and don’t take out loans that you won’t be able to repay! Becoming financially dependent only empowers and enriches the powers that be even more and that’s what they want! Watch your spending and scout around at places like for some of the better yields out there that have some kind of insurance.Let these clowns in Congress pass all the meaningless resolutions and special weeks and months they want.

One of Uncle Bernie Madoff’s pals was found dead in the pool of his Florida mansion,reportedly from a heart attack.What a fitting end for Jeffrey Pickower(nice name),who was reportedly worth about $8 billion when he croaked.I wonder how much of that was legitimately his,even though he was a hot-shot lawyer.Uncle Bernie had to sell his Montauk,NY mansion that he paid about 10 mill for.The greed of these 2-legged rats is unfathomable.I think possessing heaven wouldn’t be enough for them.And where was SEC when Uncle Bernie and his con-men were plying their trade? SEC should be abolished and it should be thoroughly investigated to see why the likes of Madoff got away with what they did.And remember,patriots,that SEC didn’t discover Uncle Bernie’s misdeeds;he fessed up to his family.Isn’t it obvious they knew what Madoff was doing and either looked the other way or didn’t care or actually supported him because of the high returns he was claiming?

Here’s a snapshot of America’s crime wave:a child-prostitution ring leads to 700 arrests;an investigation into Mexican drug cartel La Familia leads to the arrests of 1,200 in USA;the bodies of 6 homicide victims are discovered inside a home and on its property in Cleveland,Ohio;a 45-year-old woman,high on booze and dope,crashes the vehicle she was driving and kills two foster girls who were in the vehicle.This is a sample of a wave of criminal madness gripping the nation.Yes,that seems to be what’s happening to America:a madness,a hysteria,has gained control over the minds of millions of people;and I believe there’s a spiritual dimension to this.Patriots,I recommend we all stick together during these dangerous times and ask for help from the Man Upstairs.

One of the more-sickening degradations in American culture has been in film and television.One of these degradations was the tv show entitled The Golden Girls.This show was about the exploits of 3 dirty old broads,one of whom was Bea Arthur(real surname:Frankel).Ms.Frankel willed $300,000 to a group that deals with so-called “gay” youth.The ultra-liberal,feminist Ms.Frankel had great sympathy for sexually confused youth.But what about youth in general? What about runaways or abused or neglected youth? Drug-addicted youth? This epitomizes contemporary pro-homo Hollywood.”Gay” youth are special,in need of special monies and special attention because they are persecuted in a society still under a Christian moral ethic.God knows where Ms.Frankel’s 300 grand will go.

Lastly,patriots,the World Series will end either tomorrow or the next day about 10 miles from where I live in the Bronx.That’ll be November 4th or 5th! They’re still playing baseball in November in the Bronx and Philadelphia! This is what the dirtbags who run pro baseball have done to the once-great American pastime,among other terrible things.And get this:Mark McGwire,who almost everyone knows was a big steroid user when he was belting all those home runs,was hired to be hitting coach of St.Louis Cardinals! And the rat commissioner Alan(Bud is his nickname)Selig is “happy” McGwire’s back in baseball! And what happened to the Barry Bonds trial that was supposed to begin in October? And what happened to the grand jury investigating Roger Clemens? Baseball has become a criminal operation! There has been illegal drug use for about the last 25 years and those running baseball and those in federal law enforcement let it continue because some people are getting filthy rich and deriving personal glory and fame from it! It’s so transparent! A corrupt sport and a corrupt government eventually will lead to a totally corrupt society.It’s all a part of the aforementioned madness that has gripped millions of Americans.

Patriots,I don’t know how much longer America can continue down this path.I think it’s miraculous we’ve survived this national and cultural deterioration for about the past 40-50 years.With what may be granted or borrowed time,patriots,let’s do our part,in whatever way we can,to help save America before it’s too late.Till next week.May the Almighty bless our cause.