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The Latest-Yet Patriot Week In Review

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

This is my tardiest patriot review of some of last week’s news mainly because there was a lot of important news and commentary to post on over the previous few days that I just didn’t have the time and energy for this blog post.Sorry,patriots.

CNN posted an article on its website last week on a Catholic Church in Missouri that literally has a split congregation:one American and English-speaking,the other Latin American and Spanish-speaking;there’s a Sunday Mass in English and one in Spanish.This is causing resentment among the American English-speaking parishioners who resent their church shepherds providing services in Spanish to the latinos.To me,this is a microcosm of what’s happening to America:the official creation of a bi-lingual/bi-cultural nation on US soil:one European,English-speaking and mostly Protestant;the other Latin American,Spanish-speaking and mostly Catholic.Prelates in the Roman Catholic Church,top lawmakers and policymakers in the US government and heads of many major corporations obviously want this to happen,for various reasons.James Sensenbrenner is a congressman from Wisconsin who was instrumental in stopping an illegal-alien amnesty in 2006.And he cited what I believed he called “an unholy alliance” of top politicians,church leaders and big-business interests(represented by US Chamber of Commerce)who were the major forces behind passing an amnesty for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in America.Latino politicians like those in the so-called Congressional Hispanic Caucus want amnesty because about 80% of the illegals are latinos,so they want to increase their numbers in America and thus increase the power and influence of their race;since the vast majority of latinos are Catholic,that church’s prelates want to increase the number of their parishioners and thus bring in more money to their church;and big business wants more purchasing power and cheap labor from a massive underclass;and let’s not forget President Abomination,who has declared he wants to “remake America.” And one way to do that is destroy America’s common language of English and make Spanish a common language too,in government,in schools,in business,in churches,basically everywhere.And what happens to the Americans who happen to live among multitudes of latinos who don’t speak English and want to create a latino nation where they live? Those Americans will have,and like they have now,two choices:resist the invasion and conquista,or move.Sadly and frighteningly,Americans have been choosing the latter,for the most part.CNN is obviously on the side of la conquista,as the writer of the aforementioned article clearly sides with the latinos,as she proudly considers herself an enlightened liberal and promoter of diversity.To boot,CNN has this broad,get a load of this name,Soledad O’Brien hosting a series entitled Latino In America.It’s blatant race favoritism and race pandering! And get a load of this name combo of Soledad with the Irish surname O’Brien.How dumb can some people get?! And her daddy was an engineer and her mommy a school teacher! She’s half-Irish and half-Afro-Cuban.Get a load of that mix! She ostensibly is ashamed or embarrassed of her Irish heritage,for,to my knowledge,she has never hosted an Irish special on CNN.And CNN hired her in the first place probably to be a token latino,even though her surname is,like my surname,from County Leitrim in Ireland! And one would think she’d have a modicum of intelligence to use either her mama’s maiden name or her husband’s surname instead of her daddy’s name.But the gods of muliti-culturalism first make mad those they seek to destroy.They want to turn America into a Tower of Babel,with all its confusion,madness,disharmony,disunity.Senora Soledad O’Brien is apparently being used by Jonathan Klein at CNN to be a propagandist to empower la raza.I don’t know why Lou Dobbs remains at CNN;that’s really curious.As I close out this commentary on la conquista via la raza,I ask you,co-patriots:What action will you take,if any,when la conquista comes to your city or your county or your town? Will you resist like I’m trying to do in Bronx,NY? Or will you flee? Patriots unite now!!!!!!!!!

President Abomination obviously has an obsession with homosexuality.I wouldn’t be surprised if he either went both ways in his younger days or if he still has those predilections.He appointed Kevin Jennings to head the office at US Dept.of Education that deals with school safety,and,no surprise,he’s homosexual,or as the Diversity Gang would call him,”gay.” What a sickening misnomer that is! So why would the Abomination appoint a flame to head such an important post? Because he’s dealing with kids! The pro-homo,anti-Christ Diversity Gang wants to capture our kids as early as they can get them! And now the Abomination wants to make Chai Feldblum(nice name)a commissioner at the so-called Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC).And,true to form,she said a few years ago that “…gay sex is morally good.” So the Abomination appoints a flame to head a school-safety office at US Dept.of Education and now wants a pro-flame who may be a lesbian to be a EEOC commissioner.Patriots,those who oppose anti-Christ,those who oppose a militant homo agenda:This can’t be just co-incidence! The Abomination rises and he wants to exalt sodomy in America! He may be the Anti-Christ!

Lastly,I posted a lot of links to news articles on about news in United Kingdom.This patriot diary and the aforementioned patriot website are meant to serve the patriot cause in America.When I post international news and comment on that news,it’s because I believe it relates to America’s patriot cause.US patriots should unite primarly among themselves but also join hands with patriots in the mother country too,for US and UK are very similar nations,in language,culture,race,religion,etc..And so often,things that occur in jolly old England make their way across the pond to the states.Nick Griffin is chairman of British National Party(BNP),and when he was invited to participate in a BBC political program on tv,many on the radical left and in Britain’s stuffed-shirt political establishment went into a hissy fit.Hundreds protested outside the BBC building where the forum was held.And some actually trespassed the building to physically prevent Griffin from appearing! But the forum was held,and it seems like Griffin-a Cambridge-educated lawyer-held his ground.BBC is to be applauded for sticking to its guns and inviting Griffin to the forum,for BNP is an established party with elected officials in county councils and European Parliament;they should be heard just like other parties are heard.And one major reason he should be heard is his describing the sellouts in the UK political establishment as “treacherous swine.” Well said.And that same type of swine are selling out America too.And one of the links I posted on connects to an article relating how a former adviser to former UK Prime Minister Anthony Blair admitted that the UK government opened the gates to massive Third World immigration because they wanted to make UK more “diverse”-i.e.,more non-white.Hatred of one’s own race is one of man’s ignoble pursuits,and it can lead to serious consequences.This is a characteristic of the “treacherous swine” described by Nick Griffin.Can patriots begin to imagine the hatred a lawmaker or policymaker has towards a race which comprises a majority of a nation’s population by crafting an immigration policy that’ll eventually make them a minority? Yes,that’s treachery,whether it’s practiced in UK,US or anywhere else.And the multi-culti street gangs in London are committing such a high amount of violence that the bobbies for the first time may carry sidearms on routine patrol;this is what The Diversity Gang has brought to London,to UK,to US.And,just as important,where do all these illegal guns come from in a country that has very strict gun-control laws? When there’s overly strict gun control,the criminals and the government have almost all the guns,and that certainly helps lead to tyranny.

Till next week,patriots.Resist la conquista,resist the Abomination,resist The Diversity Gang;they’re all vicious enemies of America.

A Patriot Week In Review

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Greetings,patriots.I think I’m back in the proverbial swing of things,so here’s my review of some of last week’s important news.

28 US servicemen have been killed in Afghanistan in October.That meat grinder of a country is very resilient against invaders.They’ve repelled the Brits,the Russians,and now Americans are getting beat up when they have no business being there.Afghanistan poses no threat to us.We don’t have to fight them “over there” instead of here.What nonsense that is;that line is just an excuse to continue to try to conquer and rule that country.At least President Abomination has reservations about sending more of our guys into that land(”stan”).But he obviously is using Pakistan as a proxy to fight the Taliban and al Qaida;that’s why he and Congress just sent a $7.5 billion aid package to that country.The presidential candidate who ran an anti-war campaign has turned out to be just as pro-war as Boy George! And this may lead to a great conflagration and possibly WW3! And to add insult to injury,Abomination’s navy brass wants to put the fairer sex on submarines.Now isn’t that just what we need,patriots? Females on subs? But if you want to destroy the morale of the US armed services and especially the silent service,this is a good idea.And there are other idiots and selfish jerks who have other reasons for wanting this to happen,all for the wrong reasons.Our military is primarily there to protect us and,if need be,fight our battles and win our wars;it’s not there to provide job opportunities for feminists,job seekers,career climbers and other people who have the wrong motives for joining our volunteer military.

Speaking of the Abomination,the September 28th issue of The New American magazine had some interesting news on him in its Inside Track department.Some Hollywood bimbos like GI Jane Demi Moore made a video entitled “I Pledge” where they pledge to “…be a servant to Barack Obama.” Now isn’t that amazing,patriots? Actors and actresses with fame and fortune have to worship another human being in a position of great political power,so much so that they promise to be his servant.Hollywood is guilty of idolatry in many ways,and this may be one of the starkest examples.And why the idolatry? Probably because of his race! And that they share his anti-American,anti-white and anti-Christian agenda! As proof of that agenda is another Inside Track item in The New American on Van Jones-the Abomination’s former “special adviser” to White House Council on Environmental Quality.The report claims he’s an avowed communist and a Yale Law School graduate who has been involved with the Maoist group,get this title,Standing Together to Organize Revolutionary Movement(STORM).WOW! Now why would the Abomination make this guy an environmental adviser? I think because,being a good communist,Jones would try to destroy our economy under the guise of preserving the environment.And throw in a good dose of Mother Earth worship too.The Abomination and his cabal are obviously anti-Christ neo-pagans,and worship of Earth or nature is one of their prime precepts.I wonder where Van Jones will wind up.

A lawsuit was filed against Securities & Exchange Commission,claiming negligence and incompetence and other derelictions re the Uncle Bernie Madoff scandal.It’s going to be tough to move this suit because,get this,SEC has immunity when it comes to their policies and practices in situations like this.Now isn’t that just grand? What a perfect way for a corrupt political and business establishment to protect itself from investigation and prosecution.Just grant immunity! Talk about encouraging lawlessness and malfeasance!

The Amnesty Gang led by Luis Guiterrez-a Puerto Rican congressman from Chicago-is back on the march.Little Louie has traveled America over the last year,drumming up support among various groups,including liberal(not Christian)churches,for another amnesty bill.He leads the Immigration Task Force of race-based Congressional Hispanic Caucus and screamed out at a pro-amnesty rally about 3 years ago that no one is illegal-the border is illegal! That proves he’s a sworn enemy of America and cares first and foremost about his “raza”(race).His fellow Puerto Ricans living on that island already are granted commonwealth status by the US government and can all move to the American mainland tomorrow and there’s nothing that can legally be done to stop it.So,since 80% of the illegal immigrants are latino,he wants them to have the same ability and the same right as Puerto Ricans:just move in to America,anytime you want with no one’s permission.This is all part of la conquista(the conquest-specifically,a Latin American conquest).Little Louie and his compadres know full well what they’re doing.Patriots,remember the Alamo! More and more radio and television stations in more and more big cities in America are broadcasting in various Spanish dialects,more Spanish-language ads and billboards and public announcements are appearing,inter alia.We’re being conquered right on our own soil! To the parapets,men! Fight to the death the Amnesty Gang and their conquista! Time is running out!

Lastly,I cite the horrible murder in the City of Angels by a 25-year-old mother of her young son and critically wounding her other one.Was she on drugs? Is she nuts? Did she just hate her sons? Was there such stress in her life that this was her sick way of venting? Regardless,America’s crime wave keeps rolling.Our land is terribly sick.And the major reason she’s sick,maybe terminally,is the fact that we have rotten people in power over us and rotten,ignorant and/or foolish people who are empowering them.God knows if we’ll survive,but this is one patriot who’ll fight for our land and our people,till the end.I urge patriots throughout the land to do the same.Take a simple pledge,not like those Hollywood clowns who pledged allegiance or servanthood to the Abomination,but to America’s defense and survival from those who seek her destruction.

British statesman Edmund Burke said about 200 years ago that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.Patriots,being vigilant is the least we should ask of each other.Till next week.

For Attending The Twilight Zone Convention,a Very Late Patriot Review of Last Week’s News

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

I’ve returned,patriots,from a 4-day stay in Burbank,Ca.attending the 2-day 50th Anniversary Convention of the tv series The Twilight Zone,which debuted on October 2nd,1959.I wrote a book on the series,and I think it’s pretty damn good,but I haven’t been able to get it published and probably never will.It took 2 years to write and it has taken me about 3 years to find a publisher.I came close a couple of times,but no cigar.What a great series The Twilight Zone was! A Testament to the Golden Age of Television! The actors and actresses at the convention were terrific,as they usually are.There have been five Zone conventions,and I’ve only missed one.Since this recent one celebrated the 50th anniversary,it may be the last one.And that’s sad.Anyway,that’s why I’m about 2 days late with this patriot review of last week’s news.

The US budget deficit for 2009 came in at a record-high of $1.4 trillion;the national debt-the accumulation of all these annual deficits-now stands at about $12 trillion.This is what President Abomination has brought us in his first year,among other lovely things.The US government is bankrupt,thanks to about 30 years of reckless and irresponsible spending and borrowing.The Abomination and his money men justify this year’s record deficit by claiming it was needed to rescue the economy.While there may be some temporary benefit to all these massive spending programs,the proverbial piper still has to be paid.And considering the fiscal policies of this president,I’m considering changing his name from Abomination to Destroyer.Yes,while Barack has stated numerous times that he wants to “remake” or “renew” America,he really means,I’m convinced,that he wants to destroy America.And one way to do that is to destroy the “full faith and credit” of US Treasury by printing tons of phony paper money,drive down the value of our currency,make Americans credit-dependent for as long as possible,keep interest rates near-zero so we make hardly any return on our savings,inter alia.Yes,President Destroyer may be his new name.He’s a man with a mission who needs to be stopped by patriots and the Almighty,if He sees fit.

The Abomination and his DHS secretary Janet Napolitano are planning to house illegal immigrants in hotels and nursing homes instead of in detention centers.That’s right:People who’ve broken US immigration law by entering our country without the government’s permission are going to placed where Americans rest from their travels and where seniors live! Illegal aliens are being used as pawns by the Amnesty Gang to,once again,”remake” America.There are about 12-20 million of them,about 80% of them latino.I was in a 7-11 in Burbank and saw and heard a Mexican man and I presume his son with him.The son was speaking good English,but his dad seemed disturbed that he was speaking English.He kept barking at him,”No mas! No mas!”(”No more!”).I’m used to hearing this from Puerto Ricans and now Dominicans here in Bronx,NY.It’s a really bad attitude that a lot of these latinos have in disliking our language so much that they even want their bambinos speaking some dialect of Spanish.So,the Abomination and the Napolean at Department of Homeland Security are planning to be nicey-nice with all these lawbreakers who’ve invaded our country by putting them up in hotels and nursing homes.And maybe they’ll give them cable tv and room service! The Abomination is a globalist.America to him and to his conspirators is just a land mass,no different than any other land.So they just consider it a form of migration when millions of people help themselves to our residences,our schools,our hospitals,our jobs,our neighborhoods and continue to stay as long as they want;whether they violate our borders and US immigration law is irrelevant.Patriots,this plan is more proof that our enemies are to be found in Washington,DC in the corridors of power and not in Pakistan,Afghanistan or any other “stan.”

Sam Brownback-a Republican US Senator from Kansas-decided to grovel to the American Indian population by issuing a formal apology in the form of a senate resolution to all the naughty things done to their people.I believe the senator is part Injun,so this may have had something to do with his idiotic,self-aggrandizing apology.He’s just like one of the Pharisees castigated by Christ for blowing trumpets in the synagogue when they performed a good work.He also was one of the Amnesty Gang Republicans pushing Boy George’s amnesty plan.So we see a pattern with the man with a brown back:he deems himself a champion of “the oppressed”-and he’s one of their liberators.Now it’s undeniable that wrongs were committed against Injuns,but wrongs were committed too against whites.Western novelist Louie L’Amour put it perfectly in a 60 Minutes interview I saw about 20 years ago,when he responded to the charge of white genocide against the Injuns as nonsense and that wrongs were committed by both sides.But the Diversity Gang which rules America is anti-white;if they have Ten Commandments,”Thou must be anti-white” is at least number 2.I believe Brownback isn’t seeking re-election.Maybe he can take his stupid,self-serving resolution with him when he leaves the senate.

Michael Gerson was a speechwriter for Boy George Bush and joined the internationalist group Council of Foreign Relations a few years ago.He wrote a column for The Washington Post lamenting how his precious Republican Party is so wrong not to befriend our illegal-immigrant population and not practice racial favoritism towards the US latino population.He was especially upset that his amigo and former US senator Melquiades(nice name)Martinez resigned from the senate.Melqy,like Brownback and like Son of Cain John McCain,was one of Boy George’s GOP point men for the Amnesty Gang.And he got so much heat from  Florida constituents that it made him a bit uncomfortable;he even had a death threat made against him.Probably realizing his re-election chances were slim to none in 2010 with his low approval ratings,the Cuban-born trial lawyer decided to pack it in and,sure enough,joined a hot-shot DC lobbying firm.A link to Gerson’s sickening column is posted at my website e-mail address is at the page bottom,and get a load of the a perfect e-mail address for a  globalist like Michael Gerson! And remember,patriots,he wrote speeches for Boy George-a Republican president.Globalists are globalists;it doesn’t matter whether they’re a Republican like Boy George or a Democrat like Barack Abomination.Patriots,e-mail Gerson and give him some patriot fire!

The Abomination sent US Attorney General Eric Holder and US Education Secretary Arne Duncan to America’s Windy City to announce a federal response to the brutal beating-death murder of the Chicago high-school student about 2 weeks ago.What kind of response wasn’t specified,and they’ll probably just create some taxpayer-funded program to deal with teen violence in schools.Liberal ideologues are addicted to just throwing tax money at problems.Their worship of money compels them to do this because they believe if everyone just had enough money,this world would be problem-free.It’s a juvenile belief,and it’s one reason that governments throughout America are bankrupt or near-bankrupt.That said,at least the Abomination drew attention to that savage murder and maybe it’ll draw attention to another one of America’s social diseases that threatens our survival as a great nation.

The Taliban announced last week that they’re no threat to the West and just want to be left alone in their part of the world.I believe them.That doesn’t mean that America should let her guard down at any time.Our borders should be secured and people entering the country should be thoroughly screened.If we had a patriot government in Washington,they would say to the Taliban:You leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone;if you don’t leave us alone,then we won’t leave you alone.Of course,the warmonger,ethno-fanatic neo-cons will have none of this;they want conquest in as much as that part of the world as possible.The patriot rallying cry should be:Bring our boys home!

To close out this patriot post,I move to France-a country that some neo-cons wanted to bomb because its government refused to join Boy George’s attack on Iraq.It was revealed that France’s minister of culture Frederic Mitterand has or had a thing for boys;in a book he wrote,he declared that he visited Thailand for that very purpose.And he was appointed culture minister by President Sarkozy! This is no surprise coming from Sarkozy-a Hungarian-born Jew in an overwhelmingly Catholic country(albeit a nominal one)who has ostensibly joined the neo-cons and their “War on Terror!.” Patrick Buchanan is author of the best-selling book The Death of the West.The West has been undergirded by a Christian morality for about 2 millenia.When a French president appoints a rogue like Frederic Mitterand as culture minister,this signifies a war against that morality coming from high positions of power.Will France’s culture minister wage a culture war in France and thence throughout the rest of Europe and the West? Time will tell.Patriots,hopefully I’m on time with next week’s patriot review of last week’s important news.Till then.

Another Belated Week In Review from a US Patriot

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Hi,patriots.This is the second straight week I’m blogging on Monday instead of Sunday on last week’s important news;maybe Monday will be the regular blog day.

On the US economy,98 banks have now been closed by FDIC and its deposit-insurance fund is officially in the red.It reportedly has a $21 billion reserve fund and a $500 billion credit line with US Treasury.The only problem with this is US Treasury is bankrupt.The national debt is nearing $12 trillion! Home mortgages in default have jeopardized our banking system and our savings.And bad loans in commercial real-estate haven’t really hit home yet.Mortgage delinquencies hit an all-time high in September and consumer bankruptcies soared.Patriots,get ready to tighten the belts,big time,over the next few years.

The hypocrisy of the US and other Western governments over Iran’s alleged nuclear-weapons program came to a hilt last week when it was reported that President Abomination and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to keep Israel’s nuclear-weapons arsenal as hush-hush as possible and not to pressure Israel’s government to sign the nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty,which would allow international inspections of Israel’s nuclear facilities.Patriots,can you believe this double standard?! The neo-cons,the warmongers,the Israel-firsters,the ethno-fanatics,the wannabe Muslim killers,the paranoiacs and other assorted neurotics have been at times yelling their heads off for America to attack Iran because it may be trying to develop nuclear weapons,while Israel has a nuclear arsenal and conventional military second-to-none in that part of the world! I fear that if our economy continues to falter,the “wag the dog” strategy-a la Billy Clinton-may be proposed by President Abomination to deflect attention away from our numerous domestic crises and satisfy the warmongers in and out of his administration.If Iran is attacked by US,it could set off a chain reaction and a real conflagration may ensue.Russia has a defense treaty with Iran.A patriot policy for our government would be to let Iran do what it wants within its own territory.Iran knows Israel has a nuclear arsenal and will not hesitate to use it against Iran or anyone else if she were attacked.Iran is not America’s problem.CIA overthrew their government in 1953 and supported dictator Shah Pahlavi for many years.As Dr.Ron Paul exclaimed during one of the 2008 presidential-primary debates:we should mind our own business and secure our borders.This isn’t isolationism;just putting Americans first.

A very important development emerged last week with the news that FBI allegedly released edited tapes of the Oklahoma City bombing to Salt Lake City lawyer Jesse Trentadue per a Freedom of Information Act request.Mr.Trentadue’s brother Kenneth supposedly committed suicide in a federal detention center,even though he had about 40 wounds and bruises all over his body.He apparently was murdered about 2 months after the bombing,possibly because detention officers or some other law-enforcement people thought he was one of the bombers.This gives all the appearances of another Billy Clinton cover-up,just like a lot of details about the bombing have been concealed.Bill Jasper at The New American magazine thoroughly investigated the bombing and concluded,among other findings,that OKC was connected to bombings from Muslim terrorists,like the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.That may be true,but I think it was a government sting operation that went bad,hence the cover-up;however,it may have involved Muslim terrorists.I hope Jesse Trentadue pursues this case in the courts and more truth is revealed,which is extremely difficult when a corrupt 2-party establishment has a virtual stranglehold on government and news media.

Well,patriots,I saved this for last,being a life-long resident of Bronx County,NY.Latin American drug gangs like to use the island of Puerto Rico to ship drugs to and thence transport them to America.One reason for this is the tragic fact that the US government-which is becoming more and more an avowed enemy of the American people-continues to grant so-called “commonwealth” status to Puerto Rico;the island is almost like the 51st state.So,there are no customs facilities to inspect US-bound packages and luggage and containers because Washington,DC considers that to be like people shipping something from New York to New Jersey! They’re nuts! Or maybe they want to help destroy America by continuing to allow this to happen! Pervasive drug use can destroy our country or any other country! I’m against commonweath status in general;it’s a vestige of imperialism.The US government seized Puerto Rico in the Spanish-American War of 1898-a war precipitated by yellow journalism and a “manifest destiny” to extend US rule outside her land borders.Cuba and the Philippines were seized too.Cuba was immediately given independence and independence was given to the Philippines in 1945;but Puerto Rico,for one foolish reason after another,remains under US rule.This island has very little in common with America:it’s a Spanish-speaking Latin American nation,with their own flag,their own music,their own culture-and it’s totally at odds with America’s English-speaking European culture.I see a great deal of Puerto Rican culture here in the Bronx:Puerto Rican flags publicly displayed in a variety of places,10 AM/FM radio stations(at last count)broadcasting in Spanish,Spanish-language ads in public,salsa “music” blasting out of residences and cars and in public places,bi-lingual education,inter alia.This may be a manifestation of reverse colonialism,in that the US flag flies over the San Juan federal building and US law supersedes Puerto Rican law.Regardless,this relationship doesn’t help America one bit.Puerto Rico should be granted independence,the sooner the better.There are about 4 million people living on that island,and they can all move to the Bronx or Boston or Miami or anywhere else in America tomorrow morning and there’s nothing the government can do to stop it.The patriot rallying cry should be:US,Out of Puerto Rico! Puerto Rico,Out of US!.

Patriots,I sense we’re in for a difficult Fall season.Be prepared for the worst.Load and lock if necessary! I’m convinced America’s days are numbered if patriots don’t unite now and hopefully,with the Almighty’s help,save America.Till next week.