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A Quasi-belated Patriot Week In Review

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Hi,patriots.I usually write this review of the previous week’s news on Sunday.But even though I didn’t get out of my jammies yesterday,I just didn’t have the time or energy to write this patriot review.I posted a lot of links and commentary on;this took a lot of time and energy away from the blog.But now I’m ready.

On the economic/financial front,the DJIA saw its first weekly drop in quite a while;for every job opening in America,there are 6 job seekers for that one opening;and FDIC closed another bank to make it 95 for 2009.Their insurance fund for depositors may soon be in the red and they may have to borrow from US Treasury to replenish the fund.That’s all our government needs:more debt.

America’s crime wave keeps rolling.I wonder if records are being set with all the multiple homicides occurring in almost every region of the nation.Four slain in Maryland,five in Illinois,five in Florida;it’s tough keeping track of it all.I believe there are several reasons for these horrible murders,but drug use is certainly one of them.Affluent Suffolk County,NY-for the most part a NYC suburb-is experiencing pervasive heroin use,especially among teenagers and young adults.One girl describes the environment as “a living hell.” The important questions that need asking are:Who’s dealing these drugs? Why are young people ruining their lives by using them? Why doesn’t President Abomination launch a multi-prong war against something that may be approaching epidemic levels? I believe there are rogue elements in various levels of government and law enforcement throughout US who are involved in the drug trade.Just like in Mexico,where drug cartels could very well take over the country,there’s an incredible amount of money and power to be had from dealing dope.That’s why the drug gangs are so ruthless and why they won’t bat an eye if they take out entire families to protect their business.The assault on America from drugs is another one of the wars we should be fighting instead of this bogus “War On Terror.” The drug war waged against our people is a real act of terrorism!

Another form of terrorism confronting Americans is horrorcore music.This is the so-called music that was largely responsible for the murders of 4 people in Virginia about 10 days ago.What sort of sick mind gets his jollies by even thinking about the joy he feels over watching someone die from his hand? And what kind of sick mind would produce the record label Serial Killin’ Records? Who in his or her right mind would even think about listening to this garbage? This is indicative of the sickness in America’s soul.Too many open minds.Too much experimenting.Too much not knowing what to do with one’s free time.Too much self-centeredness.Too much hedonism.Just too much of a lot of bad things,like Pandora’s box is wide open.Like illicit drugs mess up the mind,so does hellish music.Music should uplift the human spirit and experience;it should sound nice and harmonious;song lyrics should be clearly understood and express worthwhile precepts and lessons for everyday life;and when it does touch on sadness or man’s less-than-noble pursuits,it’s done to warn listeners to eschew these dangerous pursuits.Patriots,if horrorcore comes to a town near you,expose it and condemn it as loudly as you can.We’ve come a long way since the days of Glenn Miller,Rick Nelson,Elvis,Hank Williams,The Supremes and many others from the Great American Songbook who gave us a trove of some of the best music ever made.If your kids and/or other parents’ kids are being debauched or are in danger of being debauched by horrorcore or other wretched musical genres that are the antithesis of what I’ve described music should be,plead with them to avoid this stuff as if it was poison,for that’s what it is:a poison of the mind.

How similar US is to the mother country UK;the multi-party governments in both countries break the laws they’re supposed to abide by with ease and regularity.Patricia Scotland is UK’s home secretary-counterpart of the US attorney general.After Prime Minister Gordon Brown,she’s the highest law-enforcement officer in UK.And she hired an illegal immigrant to be her maid.She was fined 5,000 pounds by Britain’s Border Police for this infraction.This shows patriots in UK and her offspring nation USA that either high-ranking government officials are either stupid or incompetent or negligent,are deliberate lawbreakers,or a combination of both.In USA,the federal government has allowed anywhere from 12-20 million people to either illegally enter the country or has allowed them to stay illegally.This is tantamount to criminal negligence.And the Amnesty Gang in Washington wants to remedy this by granting amnesty to them.Are they nuts or do they have an agenda to destabilize the country? To “renew America” or “remake America,” like the Abomination has promised to do? To overload our immigration system,which they acknowledge is already broken? If,God forbid,an illegal-alien amnesty passes,America as we know it will be gone.There’ll be an official Spanish-speaking Latin American nation on US soil,among other nightmares.And that leads me to relate when I entered the local Home Depot a few days ago,I was,appropriately enough,greeted with a man speaking quasi-Spanish over the store’s PA system and store signs in English and Spanish.And in some neighborhoods in America,the day will certainly come when the signs will be just in Spanish,just like there are ads here in New York and elsewhere just in Spanish.This is another war being waged against the American people:the forces of la conquista,aided and abetted by the federal government and many major corporations.I recommend reading the chapter La Reconquista in Patrick Buchanan’s book The Death of the West and the chapters A Grudge Against the Gringo and The Aztlan Plot in his book State of Emergency.As for Home Depot,I went on its website and e-mailed them that I will never set foot in that store again as long as they encourage people to speak quasi-Spanish and not learn or speak English.I did the same when electronics distributor Crutchfield sent me a catalog about 2 weeks ago with “Se habla Espanol” written throughout its pages.Moreover,Omar Minaya-the latino general manager of the New York Mets baseball team-decided to celebrate “Hispanic” Heritage Month at the club’s Citifield stadium one night last week by putting the Spanish word “Los”(the)on the Mets’ jerseys.So,I sent an e-mail from the team’s website recommending Senor Minaya return to his native Hispaniola to celebrate his “Hispanic” heritage.These are the battles that patriots need to fight as often as possible to help save America.

Westchester County,NY-immediately north of Bronx County,NYC-will soon have low-income housing built in middle-class/upper-class neighborhoods.Some Diversity Gang “anti-discrimination group” sued the county,claiming not enough low-income(Section 8) people were living in middle-or upper-income neighborhoods.This is class warfare and/or race warfare.I think most fair-minded people sympathize with poor people and believe they should be helped to improve their lives.Poverty is an affliction on any society.But who or what causes it? These people in nice neighborhoods didn’t cause it,and the high rates of crime and other pathologies that devastate poor communities shouldn’t be brought to non-poor communities.But the Diversity Gang,by and large,are Jacobins-i.e.,radical egalitarians;they want to dumb everyone down to the same level,with,of course,them on top.The Westchester County government is liberal Democrat,like a good deal of the county’s residents.It’ll be interesting to see if their bleeding hearts and holier-than-thou attitudes are put to the test.And,Billy and Hillary Clinton live in liberal-rich Chappaqua in Westchester County.Will low-income housing be built in Chappaqua? How about right next door to Billy and Hillary?! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Lastly,bad weather continues to hit America.Brutal rainstorms killed about 10 people in Georgia,southern California gets one wildfire after another,drought is devastating large parts of the Southwest.And the Land Down Under in New South Wales experienced a bizarre dust storm that sounded like something described in a Bible prophecy.This is the real thing,not some trashy prophecy novel out to snooker some unsuspecting book buyers out of their money.Is America and Australia being judged by the Almighty for her sins? I think so.

Patriots,till next week.

A Patriot’s Report from an Anti-amnesty Rally,and a Shorter-than-usual Patriot Review

Monday, September 21st, 2009

I returned,patriots,early Thursday night from 4 days in Washington,District of the goddess Columbia,fellowshipping with co-patriots throughout America at an immigration-reform rally organized by FAIR(Federation for American Immigration Reform).About 50 talk-radio broadcasters assembled at Phoenix Park Hotel to alert their listeners to the constant threat of an illegal-immigrant amnesty coming from the alien government ruling us in DC.This is,if memory serves me correctly,the 4th straight year I’ve attended this rally as a citizen-activist who has followed closely the immigration issue for about the past 25 years.What the activists mainly do is visit Capitol Hill and meet with congressmen,but mostly staff members,and discuss the immigration crisis America is in.While my main approach is to strongly oppose amnesty,others take an approach towards enforcement of immigration policy and law in dealing with the illegal-immigrant population.Information and ideas are shared among the talk hosts,their guests and the citizen activists and broadcast to the respective audiences.The rally is usually held in September and I urge patriots to attend in some capacity,even if it’s just listening to the broadcasts.And consider supporting FAIR.Their headquarters is right near the Capitol and they’ve been in the fight for about 30 years( bought my first portable computer in Arlington,VA just north of DC:a Toshiba netbook.I propounded several things before making the buy at Best Buy and maybe could’ve bought a better one,but I settled on this one.And by the way,they had bi-lingual signs posted in the store.Normally,I boycott stores that do that,but being unfamiliar with the area,I didn’t have much of a choice because I needed a netbook that day.The first two days I didn’t come across anything that important to post to Wednesday,I read James Carter’s claim that the evil white racists were opposing President Abomination because of his half-white/half-black background.I had trouble accessing the Internet on the train coming back home,so I waited till Thursday night to start posting links and commentary again to my website.Next time I’m away,I’ll be able to access the Internet,I hope.Nevertheless,it’s good to be back home again,even here in the southeast Bronx.And it’s good to be posting and blogging again too.Thanks,patriots,for your feedback and your support.

FDIC has now shut 94 banks.What’s new about the latest closures is that FDIC announced that they may borrow money from an already-bankrupt US Treasury to replenish the insurance fund that re-imburses depositors who lose savings from failed banks.I think the fund is now down to about $4 billion.Meanwhile,the Abomination Rising stock markets continues.As stated on this blog before,Abomination’s money men want to prop up the Dow,NASDAQ and S & P 500 as high as possible to shove investors back into the market,and they don’t care how much they inflate it to get that done.They keep saying that the recession’s over and happy days are almost-here again.As far as I can see,it’s all an illusion.Despite some improving economic news,nothing justifies this nearly 3,500-point rise in the Dow since March.14 states are in double-digit unemployment,with Michigan leading the pack at over 15% and California hitting 12.2%-its highest since the late 1940s.How can the recession be over when there are unemployment figures like this?

America’s crime wave keeps rolling.Multiple homicides continue throughout the land,and what’s getting more and more frightening is the grisliness of the murders;they’re so repulsive and nightmarish that the officers on the crime scenes are refusing to divulge the way the victims were murdered.Police departments and governments are frequently concerned about panic among the masses,probably because they fear for their own jobs and/or their own safety if a lot of the people start believing that the social order is collapsing.Throw into this mix the revelation from the mayor of Rockford,Illinois that blacks in that city have more of a chance of going to jail than graduating high school,and we have a perfect gathering storm for social unrest and chaos.Patriots,it needs repeating:America’s war is right here on our soil and not in the sand pits and dunes of south-central Asia.More and more of our social order is collapsing from an assortment of serious problems,and they need to be addressed in some serious way right now before the dam breaks and the whole country gets deluged.

Lastly,patriots,another enemy of America kicked the bucket last week.Edward Kennedy kicked the previous week,and now it was Irving Kristol’s turn-the “Godfather of Neo-conservatism.” Irving was a Trotskyite in the 1930s,and Leon Trotsky-real name:David Lev Bronstein-was a co-mass-murderer along with Vladimir Ulyanov(Lenin)of about 10 million Russians in the Red Terror that they and the Bolshevik Revolution unleashed on Russia beginning in 1917.The classical-rock band Renaissance made a song about 10 minutes long about 30 years ago entitled Mother Russia,and lead singer Annie Haslam cries out in that song:”Mother Russia,he[Solzhenitsyn]cries for you!” This is what Trotsky and his murderers did to that land,and Irving supported it.How would he be treated by all those mostly Republicans who have posthumously praised him in the last few days if he was a believer in mass-murderer Hitler? He wouldn’t have seen the light of day in public life! So,Mr.Kristol went along his merry way,starting up the perpetual-revolution movement of neo-conservatism,which is now using perpetual war and a quasi-police-state polity and environment to consolidate their power and further their aims.They’ve infiltrated GOP and according to Patrick Buchanan’s book Where the Right Went Wrong,took over Boy George Bush’s foreign-policy team and persuaded him to attack Iraq.Neo-conservatism I believe is even more diabolical than contemporary liberalism in that it’s deceptive and devious and masquerades as conservative when it really hates conservatives and seeks their political annihilation.Hence the term neo-conservative:replacing the old conservative with something new that isn’t conservative.The neo-cons have an Israel-first foreign policy,believe in big government and a big military establishment,a hands-off approach to most of the major social issues like homo rights and abortion and affirmative action,and have an affinity with liberals but have no or little desire to befriend conservatives unless it’s to ensnare them.Their founder is dead,and hopefully the sinister movement he founded dies with him,the sooner the better.

Patriots,there are only 2 days left in Summer.Enjoy them.It has been a beautiful September so far here in NYC.Till next week.Help to save America.

A Patriot’s Review and a Warning:Beware the Tea Parties!

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Hello,patriots of America.I start this review of last week’s news with some positives,believe it or not.And the positives come from President Abomination! He announced that he will start releasing logs of visitors to the White House.However,this was prompted by a lawsuit from a citizen-activist group;so maybe he was trying to avoid an embarrassing decision against his administration.Regardless,this is a bit of White House secrecy that’ll no longer be practiced.The Boy George Bush administration fought to keep the logs secret,maybe to hide all those visits from their good buddy Jack Abramoff.The other goody from the Abomination was slapping a tariff on tire imports from the Red Chinese.Sometimes we need tariffs and sometimes we don’t.Free-trade ideologues say tariffs are always wrong,regardless of the harm caused to America from imports and lop-sided trade deals.Practical,real-world conservatives and patriots say sometimes we need tariffs to protect American industry and the American worker.So here’s a cheer for the Abomination! Remember:it doesn’t matter who’s right;what matters is what’s right.

The stock markets had another rise last week;the Dow has gained about 3,000 points since March.I call this Abomination Rising.Some economic news has been good,some not good:median family income has dropped,available jobs have dropped by about half,poverty has increased and the teenage unemployment rate is the highest since the government started keeping records after WW2.And the Amnesty Gang still wants to grant citizenship to the nation’s estimated 12-20 million illegal aliens! And 92 banks in US have bit the dust;the FDIC insurance fund must be down to about $6 billion.But a lot of the money men keep telling us that “we’re turning a corner,” the worst is over,” the recession is bottoming out,” blah,blah,blah.I think they think we’ll believe them if they just keep saying it;they look at us like we’re children.

South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson was right to tell the Abomination he was lying about illegal-alien coverage in the proposed health-care bill,but I don’t think that was the best place or time to do it.Patriots need to be wise as serpents,like Christ said,in dealing with the enemies of America.We also need more patriots to not be afraid of calling politicians liars when they’re convinced they are lying! That’s what they should do! But,I’m a bit suspicious of Mr.Wilson:he’s a 32nd degree Freemason.Maybe he wants to replace South Carolina governor Mark Sanford!

Some moron(s) at a Florida radio station have given homosexual former congressman Mark Foley a job as a talk-radio host.How sickening.Here’s a guy who propositioned teenage boys for you know what when he was in Congress.Ratings are probably on the minds of the producers who hired him.Let’s hope no one listens.

I posted a link to a USA Today article on America experiencing one of its coolest Summers ever;it was the coolest Summer I ever experienced here in Bronx,NY.Is this caused by so-called global warming? I’m convinced the people who started pushing this hysteria on America and the rest of the world want to weaken America and the West by punishing her industries.While we should always do everything possible to reduce pollution,we shouldn’t throw ourselves back to the Stone Age.Cool heads can lead to cool policies in dealing with pollution reduction and other environmentally-friendly policies and products and services.

Patriots,I urge us all to beware of these so-called Tea Party demonstrations,like the big one held Saturday in Washington.Yes,it was good to see multiple thousands of people come out to protest the Abomination and the harmful laws and policies coming from those who rule us.However,notice that the issues being protested were typical Republican talking-points issues just to help defeat the other party while offering very little alternatives.Oh yes,they protested taxes,and spending,and Obamacare.But where were they when Boy George was spending our tax money like a mad man? Or relying on Red China to fund the government? Typically,they didn’t protest the immoral and unconstitutional wars Americans are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq(Iraq under false pretenses)and even opposed another good thing Abomination is attempting:investigating acts of CIA torture.Torturing innocent people is probably fine for most of the Tea Party because everything is considered by them justified while fighting the “War on Terror!” And there was noting on the threat of amnesty for about 12 million illegal immigrants.And the notorious Dick Armey spoke at the rally on Saturday.The Dick was one of the biggest obstacles to real immigration reform when he was majority leader in the House when GOP controlled Congress during the 1990s.All that matters to the economist Armey is money,money,money.I believe the Tea Party protests are mainly designed to empower the Republican Party,not serve the patriot cause.Patriots should know by now that the leadership of both parties are out for themselves and are very content being in “opposition” to each other;it’s their system they serve,not the country.

Finally,this patriot is off to Washington from Monday to Thursday to fight for real immigration reform.I’ll try to update daily,although that may be difficult because I don’t have a laptop,but I may get one while down there or use a public computer.Feel free to join us immigration reformers and anti-amnesty watchdogs in the District of the goddess Columbia(DC)this week;the female statue atop the Capitol is probably an image of her.Patriots,enjoy the last full week of Summer.Till next week.

A Labor Day Patriot Review

Monday, September 7th, 2009