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The Week in Review

Monday, August 31st, 2009

There was some encouraging news from Gallup last week:most Americans oppose US troops fighting in Afghanistan,most Americans want the level of immigration into the country reduced,and conservatives outnumber liberals almost 2 to 1.The bad news on the last point is that liberals still run the country!They control the political establishment,the major news media,the education establishment,Hollywood,inter alia.But they still don’t control the minds of most Americans! Hallelujah! It’s a bloody miracle! In a national election and in most state-wide elections,conservatives need to get only about a quarter of the moderate vote to win.But the establishment in the GOP and the Democratic Party keeps conservatives and reformers down on the bottom while they keep establishment candidates on top;it’s all about keeping themselves in power and keeping those out of contention who they think will pose a threat to them.It’s a hard nut to crack,granted.I think it’ll take an act of God to bust up the corrupt Republicrat system,but patriots must keep trying and not give up.

America’s crime wave rages on.It’s the savagery of these crimes that to me is the most-disturbing part of it.Multiple homicides,random shootings,innocent people shot in crossfires,the gruesomeness of the killing methods.A lot of the crime seems to be gang-related and/or drug-related.There are far more gang members in LA than policemen! What happens if many of these gangs stop fighting each other and unify against the police and the civil authorities? This is the war that patriots should be preparing for,among other ones! Drug cartels could very well take over Mexico,similar to the way that FARC guerrillas took over about half of the nation of Colombia.Scary stuff,patriots.Be prepared for the worst.And drug use seems to be on the rise throughout the land.More and more of our people are getting stoned and messing up their minds and their lives and their families.We need to ask ourselves:Are there people in government who are allowing this to happen or who want it to happen?

Lastly,Edward “Teddy” Kennedy died last week.No longer will patriots have to fret over that evil-minded man helping pass laws and policies that tear America apart.His admirers were tripping over themselves to eulogize him like young boys running up to their favorite baseball players for autographs.Nothing but raw emotionalism and sappy sentiment were given in praise of the Duke of Chappaquiddick who drove his car into the water when he almost certainly was drunk as a skunk and left Mary Jo Kopechne inside his car which became her coffin.The poor girl thought she was in the company of the greatest man in US politics,and that infatuation cost her her life.”Our Teddy,” as sycophantic Sen.Christopher Dodd called him at the funeral,got away scot-free from his crime.Any decent man,stone-cold drunk or sober,would’ve went screaming for help after he drove into the water.But he didn’t report the accident until the following morning! If he reported it that night,he would’ve been arrested for drunk driving and charged with manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide.I’m sure he’s not the only big-time politician to escape justice in America,but his Kennedy name was what I’m convinced got him off. “Teddy” helped ram through Congress along with attorney-general brother “Bobby” the 1965 immigration law that’s turning America into a Third World country.Teddy promised the law wouldn’t upset the racial and demographic balance in the nation.But it took only about 20 years for Americans especially in big cities to realize that Teddy was either lying or couldn’t see two feet in front of his nose.Before that infamous law,the vast majority of immigration into America was from Europe;now it’s the other way around,thanks to Teddy and Bobby and fellow enemy of America Lyndon Johnson and other assorted rogues then in the US government.Before that infamous law,America was basically white and black,with blacks comprising about 12% of the population.Now,whites are down to about 66% of the population,while latinos,thanks primarily to immigration,have surpassed blacks as the largest minority group at 15% of the population;this is probably why the GOPers and the Democrats are hispandering every chance they get.Kennedy suffered from minorityitis-a disease characterized by an obsession with the rights and welfare of minority groups while disregarding and being outright hostile to the rights and welfare of the majority.And apart from Teddy’s racial favoritism,he was a typical big-government liberal who loved to tax and spend the people’s money.I won’t rejoice over his death,but I won’t cry either.I believe the brain cancer that took his life may have been a judgement on him.And his death prevented him from participating in the imminent fight to socialize medicine and medical care and grant amnesty to America’s estimated 12 million illegal aliens.In the Book of Proverbs it says,” When the wicked rule,the people groan.” Patriots in America can groan a lot less now that the establishment’s Uncle Teddy has passed on and will no longer attack our nation with his wicked laws and policies.But there are a lot more people like him in power in our land,and his replacement may be even worse than he was.

Patriots,this is the last week of the unofficial Summer season.I think September is the most-beautiful month of the year,at least in a 4-season calendar.I hope you all enjoy this upcoming week and have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.Enjoy the R & R,but please never forget the fight we’re in to save America from her enemies;they rarely rest.

The Week in Review from an American Patriot

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

There’s a good deal of important news to cover from last week from an America-first patriot perspective.

I’ve posted a number of articles on on the crime wave sweeping America,and a lot of this wave seems to be coming from gangs.Many of these gangs are race-based and/or ethnic-based,like Latin Kings or Bloods.One article on gangs in Salinas,CA claims there are about 4,000 gang members in a city of about 110,000.4,000 gang members! The Salinas police department probably has only about 300 officers at most! And the latino mayor of Paterson,NJ has proposed a curfew for that city due to gang violence.What has our pathetic excuse for a government in this country done to our land to allow this to happen?! There are about 2 million people in US jails! We have uniform police patrolling school hallways! Our beloved America may be on the verge of massive social unrest while US servicemen keep fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan! We need them here!

That leads me to the next topic.Good news from Gallup polling shows most Americans now oppose President Abomination’s war in Afghanistan and also want lower levels of immigration into America.Patriotic Americans and concerned citizens are fed up with the federal government’s criminal and negligent actions and they’re saying so! This is what can start real positive change in the land! This dovetails with the town-hall uprisings where citizens have literally screamed at some of these miserable excuses for government representatives,mainly about Abomination’s attempt to virtually nationalize medical care.These are constructive actions that patriots can take and should take throughout the land.We need to put the fear of God and the fear of the people into the corrupt,lawless government in DC! Whether it’s an immoral,aggressive war or planning to force everyone to buy health insurance or threatening another illegal-alien amnesty,patriot resistance is a must and can succeed! That no socialistic health bill has passed already and the amnesty debate was postponed for another year is proof of that!

The Abomination gave a chilling warning to a VFW gathering that bin Laden was planning an attack on US.Now wasn’t it appropriate that Barack and his handlers chose Veterans of Foreign Wars to announce this.They want to continue this foreign war for God knows how long and they want to drum up as much support as possible.VFW is too quick,in my opinion,to support “foreign wars.” These wars mostly benefit America’s foreign-policy establishment,dominated by CFR,which is in my opinion a sworn enemy of America and out to rule the world.An excellent article on CFR by James Perloff in the 8/3/2009 issue of The New American magazine is must-reading.The cover story is Council on Foreign Relations:Influencing American Government.Mr.Perloff is also author of the book The Shadows of Power:the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline.Patriots,please obtain some copies of this issue and pass them around,leave them in public places or in waiting rooms at doctors’ offices.Spread the word on the enemies of America who are plotting and planning our nation’s demise from the corridors of power in New York,Washington or anywhere else they operate! And as far as the Abomination’s warning,does he know something we don’t know? Does he have advance,secret intelligence that the country is going to get hit? Or is he just trying to terrify us and keep us in a constant state of perpetual war and war preparation? Remember all those phony warnings from Snarling Dick Cheney and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge with all their color alerts that the bombs would be going off all around us?

81 US banks have now been closed by FDIC and the insurance fund is down to about $6 billion,by my count.Now isn’t that terrific.What’s going to happen if a bank where we have money in goes under and there’s no insurance money left? And to add insult to injury,interest rates in banks are disgustingly low.I just got my statement on a savings account at Capital One.A 0.78% interest rate! Are they soon going to charge a fee to deposit money into banks?! Patriots,concerned citizens,hear ye,hear ye:The political and financial powers that be don’t want us to save our money! They want us to spend,spend,spend on an economy that’s 2/3 comprised of consumer spending and they want us dependent on them for credit and loans! That’s why the glorified counterfeiters at Federal Reserve Bank and Treasury Dept.have driven interest rates so low and they intend to keep them there for as long as they want! But don’t worry,they may be telling us:The DJIA has risen about 3,000 points over the last 3 months! Look at our 401ks! Uncle Ben Bernanke-counterfeiter #1 at Federal Reserve-says he thinks the economy is going to be just ducky and the market shoots up 155 points! Just because of his opinion! I call this market rise Abomination Rising.The fearless leader of the Diversity Gang is going to bring us all to the promised land;just you wait and see.Don’t hold your breath.

Egghead Wisconsin governor James Doyle won’t seek re-election next year.That’s good,for he’s a big-spending,pro-illegal-alien liberal ideologue.But one of his embarrassing moments leading up to his announcement was that his legal counsel never even passed the bar exam! Can you believe how dumb some of these establishment liberals can get! He probably thought no one in the friendly liberal Wisconsin media would object.Somebody,somewhere did object.And now another smug,liberal high-ranking politician has egg on his face,and this one can put the egg on his face on his egg head.And he can then put his hat on to boot.

The Golden State was hit with more bad news,with its unemployment rate surpassing 11% and the disclosure that one of its large wildfires was started on a pot farm run by a Mexican drug cartel.The Philadelphia Trumpet magazine had a cover story a few years ago which rhetorically asked if God was punishing California.I think it’s obvious He is.Why? The trash coming from Hollywood and the porno industry;the so-called “gay rights” movement in the state,especially in San Francisco(Saint Francis)and LA;a steroid user and ego-maniac as its governor and one despicable politician after another representing them at levels of government,like the gorgons Dianne Frankenstein and Barbara Boxer(Ugh!);rampant drug use and  a worship of hedonism;a huge illegal-alien population;inter alia.Nobody knows whether the Almighty is punishing CA.But it sure looks like He is,with one catastrophe after another coming down on them.Pray for California.
AP ran a story on the savage murders of two white young adults in Knoxville,TN by a group of black men.The trial of these men is near completion,and this is the first national story I’ve come across on the case.It’s obviously another disgusting example of the Diversity Gang-dominated national news media keeping an inter-racial multiple homicide like this as quiet as possible when the victims are white and the perpetrators black.There was also a brutal inter-racial attack on a white teenager by a group of blacks in Buffalo,NY this past week.But,AP and the liberal editors at Yahoo! News did have a story on an inter-racial attack on a black man by whites.This is pure race favoritism! It’s an anti-white bias and even indicative of a hatred of whites as a group! The attacks on the white victims was reported in Knoxville and Buffalo newspapers,but the news,for the most part,stayed local.If the victims and perps were reversed,we all know that we would never have heard the end of it.This is more evidence of the anti-white ideology of the Diversity Gang,wherever they’re in power.In my opinion,the Diversity Gang is public enemy #1!

Lastly,Tom Piatak at Chronicles magazine has written on another black mark on pro-baseball and the previous Boy George administration:thanks to a law signed by Boy George in 2007,minor league baseball teams in America can now bring in as many foreigners as they want to play for their teams.I can see it now:our pro-baseball teams no longer mostly American players in a few years;it’s all a part of destroying America in the name of globalization.When baseball totally goes,so goes America,especially since GM is for all intents and purposes already gone.

Patriots,keep up the fight,as we have two more weeks left in the unofficial Summer season.Till next week.

The Week in Review

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Hi,patriots and defenders of America.77 banks have now been closed this year by FDIC;the insurance fund is now below $10 billion.This is getting a tad scary.One of the few good things that FDR-the country’s first creepin’ socialist,according to Archie Bunker-accomplished was FDIC;its creation helped discourage banks from making irresponsible loans and gave savers and depositors much more confidence in banks.But this fund won’t be much good anymore if it’s unfunded or out of money! FDIC will probably have no other choice but to raise fees on banks for the insurance fund,which probably won’t sit well with the banks.It’ll be understandable why the banks will strongly disagree with this attempt,especially because the Community Re-investment Act passed by a Democrat president and congress in 1978 is largely responsible for so many of the bank failures because it encouraged,almost blackmailed,banks into making risky loans to “disadvantaged groups”-latinos and blacks.Once again,the Diversity Gang and their race-favoritism policies greatly harm all the people in the country.

It’s good news that liberal Wisconsin governor James Doyle has decided not to seek re-election next year.And it’s good news mainly because the jerk was stupid enough to appoint a woman as his legal counsel who never passed the bar exam! I hope and pray that more of these corrupt establishment politicians get exposed for the fools they are.

The mayor of Paterson,NJ has announced his intention to declare a curfew on the city for the rest of Summer.He claims that the violent crime ravaging the city is mostly gang-related,and a curfew will keep people inside their homes at night and away from the bullets that are killing people.With the crime wave that’s rolling across the country,President Abomination is still fighting his war in Afghanistan and Pakistan and it’ll probably not stop there.One hallmark of a government obsessed with imperial conquest and running the world is when they neglect serious problems at home while they wage foreign wars for the benefit of an oligarchy.Notice how the major media is reporting these multi-victim crimes all over the land,but they’re not connecting the dots and evincing this as a crime wave.They also failed to tie in the juicy scandal in LAPD with commissioner Bratton’s resignation.About 2 months ago,it was reported that LAPD under-reported a multitude of crime in the city,ostensibly for the purpose of continuing to claim that “crime is down.” Since I was on NYPD for about 4 years back in the 80s,I have some experience in this kind of stuff.A lot of the bosses want to make themselves look good all the time.And they’ll,at least occasionally,cook the books,especially if their jobs are on the line.I firmly believe the liberal and one-time NYPD commissioner Bratton was either told to resign or high-tailed it out of town to escape further revelation of the under-reporting scandal.Regardless,he must have a lot of liberal friends in the major media,because,to my knowledge,there has been little follow-up on the LAPD scandal.

Americans bombarded the website of the US House of Representatives last week,mainly due to outrage from the Abomination’s attempt to virtually nationalize medical care.The dope is trying to do just what Billy and Hillary Clinton failed to do in 1993.It’s almost like it’s deja vu all over again.Hillary’s attack was repelled,and GOP swept the mid-term elections the following year,leading to their retaking Congress for the first time since 1954.Will the same thing occur next year? Will history repeat itself? Patriots,it won’t help much if the Republicans retake Congress.The two major parties play this musical-chairs game time in and time out,but the major policies,especially in foreign policy,don’t change much at all.But keep on bombarding our DC legislators when you’re outraged over their insidious plans and dangerous laws.Indeed,now that Congress is on their “recess,” we can breathe a bit easier:When they’re not in session,they can’t attack the country with their wicked laws and policies! Maybe they should take off the rest of the year!

Thanks to President Abomination and his Congress,the US deficit has now hit a record of $1.3 trillion.$1.3 trillion!I remember the dopes,like me,who,in defense of Ronald Reagan,were saying that deficits don’t matter.While the Democrats in Congress were even more responsible for the deficits run up under Reagan because they had the constitutional authority to originate spending bills,Reagan could’ve vetoed bills loaded with pork and over-spending.Common sense apart from partisan allegiance and defense:continuous deficits can and eventually will bankrupt a nation,just like a business or institution.Maybe the Abomination wants to destroy America! That’s very possible!

The New York Times ran a story(it’s on exposed probably the dirtiest little secret in the health-care debate:doctors,hospitals and other medical providers ripping off patients by overcharging and price gouging.A lot of medical professionals have gotten filthy rich off this corrupt,immoral system of medical care,and I’m convinced it’s the major reason why health insurance has skyrocketed over the past few years.But the Abomination,to my knowledge,has never mentioned it;virtually no one in the debate has.I think their friends in AMA don’t want this topic even to come to the surface,as this is more proof that America’s medical care has become a big business instead of being primarily a service to heal and treat sick people;it’s one of the prices we pay as the people in that field no longer respect and abide by a basic Christian conscience in their practices.

Some good news for patriots is that the Abomination announced his amnesty push won’t begin until 2010.He’s getting nastier and angrier,like his childish tirade over the Henry Louis Gates affair and now calling anti-amnesty Americans and activists “demagogues.” That’s good news,patriots;the more we get under his skin and the madder he gets,the more his true colors will show.So let’s get ready for the Amnesty Gang next year.

Finally,the death of loud-mouth pitchman Billy Mays illustrates,inter alia,what’s wrong with our sick nation.I doubt Billy Mays was his real name,and they found cocaine in his body during the autopsy.While he did have health issues,I think his coke use was somehow involved in his obnoxious showmanship.The guy used the sales trick of screaming his head off and acting with great excitement and emotion while hawking a product to get the viewer’s attention away from his mind and his reason and appeal to his or her raw emotion;in other words,buy on impulse.The guy probably would’ve sold anything for the right price.And like the ethically challenged “health-care industry” in America,the more America loses her moral bearings,carnival barkers like Billy Mays will proliferate,just trying to grab money out of our pockets and have us spend it on mostly useless items.

Patriots,it was a brutal Sunday here in southeast Bronx County,NY.”The element” in this neighborhood was out in force,in their usual game of degradation and assault.But the smoke has cleared,the battle is over,and we’re ready for the next one.Keep fighting the war,locally and nationally,to help save America from barbarism.And look soon for a new page on for an action plan for patriot activism to defeat the enemies of our nation and get the right kind of people into office and other areas of influence.Till next week.God bless USA.

A Patriot’s Week in Review,One Day Late

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Sorry,patriots.I’m a day late with this blog because I was too bushed last night.I did complete the Patriot Commentary on

A federal appeals court ruled against The New York Times,who sued the federal government to release files on the Elliot “Spit-shine” Spitzer scandal about 2 years ago.The former NY governor was revealed to have patronized the prostitution ring Emperors Club.That’s fitting that a governor from the Empire State would go to Emperors Club for illicit sex.The files the newspaper wanted opened contains a list of clients who used the “services” of the club,which almost certainly includes some hot shots that the court wants to protect,like a famous politician or even a famous judge.The corrupt establishment will always try to cover up the misbehavior of those in their club;only when the evidence is too strong and too obvious do they finally serve up their lamb for slaughter.A good case in point is former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.He addressed the Illinois state senate before his conviction,and basically implied that what he did is what everybody else does to run campaigns and get elected.I think that was one of his biggest mistakes in trying to exonerate himself:he let the cat out of the bag.He left his colleagues no choice after that public admission to hang him out to dry as their fall guy.Blago is mostly right,in that it’s not all politicians who do it,but probably the vast majority of them.They are part of a corrupt,immoral,self-serving political system and structure that seeks to protect and preserve that system no matter how corrupt and lawless it becomes.I hope The New York Times appeals this decision on their suit and that that list,just like the steroids list in pro baseball,gets disclosed.

Conquistador Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed by the US Senate by a disgusting vote of 68-31.America is once again cursed by this joke now sitting on the Supreme Court.The senate seems to like to spit on the public every chance they get.This time they did it by confirming la conquistador on their last day in session before they went on their taxpayer-paid Summer vacations;it was a spit in the eye of every patriot before going away to their beach mansions and travel getaways.And not one Democrat voted against her.I was predicting confirmation by about 60 votes,in that about 5 centrist Democrats from Western or Mid-western states would reject her.Nine Republicans voted for her,and they all cited one dumb reason after another for justifying their despicable votes.All the baggage that this militant carried with her was either downplayed or ignored.If she were white and had all these memberships in race-based/ethnic-based organizations,she would’ve been laughed out of Washington.So this is more evidence of what is official DC policy:race favoritism to latinos is commendable and to be expected and practiced;the same treatment towards whites is racist and condemnable.These are the morons ruling us in this land;we are almost like strangers,and patriots will become strangers in this land if we don’t fight the Diversity Gang who empower the likes of conquistador Sonia Sotomayor.So now,only three things can remove her from her seat on the nation’s highest court:impeachment leading to conviction,resignation or death.She may be involved in a case of bankruptcy fraud(see the article by Devvy Kidd in Saved News & Patriot Commentary at,and she could resign or kick because she has a bad case of diabetes.Maybe,maybe not,the Almighty has His reasons for allowing this gross judicial empowerment.She will be used,in one way or another,to advance the latino-empowerment movement in America.Patriots:Remember the Alamo!

Two encouraging polls from Gallup were divulged:one showed the majority of Americans now oppose US military intervention in Afghanistan and also want immigration decreased.The war poll was published by CNN,which is quite surprising,in that CNN has been,in my opinion,very supportive of the “War on Terror.”Maybe CNN president Jon Klein is getting nervous about his network’s continuing support for an immoral,unconstitutional war.On the other hand,CNN has been pretty good on the immigration issue,especially the illegal-immigration crisis;after all,they employ Lou Dobbs.Americans want immigration reduction for a number of totally understandable reasons:there’s too much of it,it’s having a negative impact on America as a whole,it’s driving down wages of working-class/lower-class Americans,it’s overcrowding our schools,it adds to a near-10% unemployment rate,it foreignizes many neighborhoods and communities,inter alia.Common sense.Right? But the elite powers that be who just put Sotomayor on the Supreme Court will not lower immigration levels until patriots remove them from office,bust up their corrupt system,and replace them with patriots and real statesmen who truly serve America and not a radical political and social agenda.

When Congressman James Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin was strongly opposing the amnesty bills being advanced in Congress,he cited an unholy alliance that was working diligently for the illegal-alien lobby:big-business groups like US Chamber of Commerce,race-based/ethnic/based activist groups like National Council of la Raza,and church prelates,mostly in the Roman Catholic Church.Chamber of Commerce wants more cheap labor for the industries they lobby for and look through the lens of money and economics to plan almost everything they do;the latino activist groups want to grow their numbers in the land,hence increasing their racial power and their ability to engage in more shakedowns and threats;the churches want more parishioners,hence more donations,hence more power and influence,and the Catholic church gains the most here because most of the illegals are latinos and they are overwhelmingly Catholic.A high-ranking member of the Catholic Knights of Columbus was recently in Arizona at a church conference,boasting about how “hispanics” have enriched the church in Arizona.By enrichment he probably means more money in the basket! These are the selfish,power-driven motives of the illegal-alien lobby.Patriots:we mustn’t rest in stopping them and then helping enact real immigration reform by minimizing illegal immigration,strengthening our immigration laws,and reducing the amount of immigration into America and making it more balanced by allowing more Europeans in and lowering the numbers of non-Europeans.No patriot should be on the defensive about that;it’s those who want to deliberately change the racial and demographic makeup of this nation who should be on the defensive,for they’re the aggressors.

And now another part of the aforementioned unholy alliance that Mr.Sensenbrenner,to my knowledge,didn’t cite:the alliance between latino and black politicans in trying to push amnesty.Frosty Wooldridge,Terry Anderson and many others have shown how illegal immigration and excessive legal immigration have driven black Americans from neighborhoods and even large sections of cities.The worst racial violence in our land is between latinos(mostly Mexicans)and blacks in LA;the major media has largely kept this quiet,because here there are two non-white groups fighting each other and they’re used to whites being the persecutors almost all the time.The latino politicians want more of their own in the country,whether they’re illegally here or not.But why do most of the black congressmen side with them? Because this is another unholy alliance:latino and black politicians,journalists,academics et al joining forces against the evil white man;there’s no other logical explanation I can see.They really believe that if whites get harmed,if their numbers continue to drop in the country,then blacks will benefit.It’s the old “You help the slave by harming the master” approach that black columnist William Raspberry warned about many years ago.Hopefully some black patriots will shake up their congressmen and get them to serve their interests and not radical racial politics.It’s a tough establishment to crack,but with enough effort,I think it’s possible.

Erik Prince of the mercenary army Blackwater-now mysteriously called Xe-may finally be in some real trouble.Two former Blackwater employees(one of them an ex-marine)filed a civil suit against the company,claiming,inter alia,that Prince either murdered or ordered the murder of people in Iraq who were planning on informing various authorities about the criminal activities of Blackwater.If these charges are proven true in a court of law,then some astounding revelations can emerge.How appropriate that the former head of Blackwater is named Prince;indeed,he probably thinks he’s a prince.The suit claims that he styles himself a modern-day crusader out to kill the Muslim infidel.And the same crusading zeal motivates the neo-cons(many,if not most,of them Jewish)and the theo-cons;the latter are those who,like Prince,are fighting the Crusades again.Mr.Prince has a lot of powerful connections in the corrupt Christian establishment;he’s on the board of Christian Freedom International and is close with James Dobson and Gary Bauer.I believe this is the main reason he has been protected all this time.People with friends in high places get protected more than the next man;let’s follow this case as closely as we can and that as much truth as possible emerge.

A crime wave is sweeping America.Almost weekly,we’re hearing of multiple homicides,multiple shootings.As America becomes more like the mythologized Wild West,maybe the government’s resources and manpower can be spent here instead of Iraq,Afghanistan,Pakistan,this stan and that stan.

“You’ve come a long way,baby.” Remember that slogan from cigarette company Virginia Slims,encouraging more women to smoke? They got their wish:more women than men are now smoking;and drunk-driving arrests among women have skyrocketed.For about the past 40 years,feminist harridans have been exhorting females of all ages to basically become like men:strive for and get jobs traditionally taken by men,work full-time even if you’re married with children and even if you don’t need the money,be as sexually active as possible even to the point of promiscuity,in other words,be just like the boys.Female crime,like drunk-driving,is just a corollary of years of feminist indoctrination thrown in with a dose of selfishness and ego-tripping.We should expect more of this social misbehavior as long as the feminist ideology holds sway over the minds of millions of American women,and men too.

Neo-con tycoon Rupert Murdoch is getting a bit nervous,and that’s good.He virtually gave away his puny magazine The Weekly Standard for a paltry million dollars;that neo-con rag never had a profitable year in almost 15 years of publishing.His mega-business News Corp.lost $3.4 billion last year,and now he has announced he intends to charge a fee to access his news websites.I urge patriots not to pay him one thin dime if he starts charging! I believe he’s one of the most-dangerous men in America and the world! He owns Fox News,which is run by GOP hatchet man Roger Ailes.Can anyone reading this now stomach Fox News for more than 5 minutes? If you can,congratulations! While they’re may be some occasional interesting news stories on that network,it’s typical Murdoch:pro-war,GOP partisanship(most of the time),celebrity worship,sexually themed stories,and a bevy of bleached-blond broads thrown in for the lusty male viewer.Ugh! And Shepherd Smith? Is he a flame or what?! Murdoch bought out Christian book publisher Zondervan about 8 years ago,and they published Rick Warren’s book The Purpose-driven Life.Rick Warren joined Council on Foreign Relations a few years ago.Like a good secret society,one has to be invited in to join CFR,and I haven’t been able to learn who sponsored him.I wouldn’t be surprised if it was CFR member Murdoch.It’s obvious that Murdoch,who’s mom was Jewish,is trying to undermine Christianity along with his fellow neo-cons.And one way to infiltrate anything or any organization is for one to pretend he’s one of them and then work to change the organization when all its members place blind trust in that infiltrator.A film company he owns made a film a few years ago that honored sex-pervert Alfred Kinsey!What a blessing for America and the Christian church if Rupert the Red(possibly one of his nicknames in college,according to Dr.Stan Monteith)goes bankrupt.

I end on a positive note.There have been some patriot uprisings in the land at town-hall-type meetings with various congressmen,mostly on the health-care issue.Some of these meetings got heated.That’s great! Patriots need to get louder and louder throughout this land! This is one tool that patriots can use to help hold our so-called leaders responsible for the terrible laws and policies they force on us or plan to force on us and to applaud them when they make good law,which is rare.A sign at one of the Tea Party rallies a few months back read:”Revolution is Brewing.” I hope and pray that’s true.Don’t get nervous because someone sees revolution brewing in the land.If America didn’t have a revolution in 1776,she wouldn’t be free today! Revolution doesn’t automatically mean violence! It means a change,a return,to a proper,normal condition.The government in Washington is sick,immoral,lawless,out-of-control;it needs to be replaced,asap.Just continuing to change from Republican to Democrat or vice versa every 2 or 4 years is not going to substantially change anything;this polity is a rotten barrel loaded with rotten apples;only a few good apples are in the barrel.Patriots need a new barrel!And that’s the revolution I urge patriots throughout this land to start up right now!May God speed that revolution! Go,patriots,go!I hope you’re enjoying Summer as much as possible,but I hope too you’re watching the signs,monitoring the crooks in power over us,staying as informed as possible,and taking the fight to the enemies of America.Till next week.

The Week in Review from an American Patriot

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Hello,fellow defenders of America from southeast Bronx County,NY.It was another battle-filled weekend in this Bronx neighborhood. On the hot Saturday,I was literally surrounded by loud music and cacophonous late-night parties.After numerous complaint calls for a police response and calls with co-patriots in the neighborhood,the battle ended and the smoke cleared about 0030 hours.It was a beautiful Sunday,with rain for most of the morning and afternoon until a cool clearing out about 1700 hours.I use military time because this is a war that patriots are fighting here in America.This ex-cop and a retired NYPD sergeant/co-patriot up the block from me are back “on the job.” Sunday was like the peace and quiet after a hot battle from the previous hot and humid day.

The number of US banks now closed by FDIC is 69;this compares to 25 for all of 2008.The FDIC insurance fund is now down to about $11 billion.What happens to US savers who have their money in banks if that fund gets depleted? But the Abomination in the White House and many of his admirers and supporters in politics and news media keep claiming that the recession is virtually over.After all,the DJIA had its best July in 20 years.DJIA is very symbolic for the powers that be,in that they’ll do everything they can to keep it up and indicate this to the public to convince us how much better things are now that Abomination is at the helm;Yes,patriots,Barack Hussein Obama is the Tiger Woods of American politics.His polling numbers are falling fast,as are those of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi-the vain broad with the brown-streaked hair;but the Republicans aren’t the answer to the Abomination and his collaborators.

The establishment news media is starting to attack the so-called “birthers”-those who have brought lawsuits or are researching to discover whether Abomination is US-born.Right now the evidence is sketchy,but it certainly is worth exploring.Why doesn’t Abomination just release his birth certificate?! Why has he spent a good deal of money to keep this secret and his college records too? The political and media establishment thrives on secrecy.If it’s true that Abomination isn’t American-born,they’ll cover it up.They serve their system,not the American people.

New York State attorney general Andrew Cuomo released a report that some of the big banks who got bailout money doled out fat bonuses to fat cats.Is this why Abomination and the abominable US Congress passed the stimulus bills? Again,favoritism to the rich and powerful;this is what our beautiful America has deteriorated to.

The crime wave keeps rolling in the land,with single-incident multiple shootings becoming more and more frequent.And this is something that major media are keeping sotto voce:vicious gangs are behind a lot of these shootings,and many of the gangs are race-based gangs like the Bloods and the Crips and the Latin Kings.If gangs like these stop killing each other and unify,America can become like Mexico in a few years,especially in a lot of the big cities,which are becoming more and more like Third World metropolises.And speaking of gangs,former CBS correspondent Bernard Goldberg stated on The O’Reilly Factor on 7/29/09 that there’s a “…Chicago mafia inside the White House”(,7/30/09).I think that gang is the most-dangerous of them all.

Bad weather once again rocked the land this past week.The hardest hit seems to have been Portland and Seattle in the pinko-liberal Northwest,with record-breaking temperatures.These cities and the states they’re in have become some of the most-immoral places to live in the country,with Portland’s homosexual mayor involved in a scandal with a former lover named Breedlove.Can we imagine the people who vote and empower low-lifes like this? I firmly believe the Almighty is using bad weather to chasten our nation,and I think there’s no better place to start than the Pacific Coast northwest and New England.Batten down the hatches,patriots:we’re in for a rough ride.

Good news on the US illegal-immigration population:according to the patriots at Center for Immigration Studies,the illegal population dropped from about 12.5 million to about 10.7 million;they attribute this drop mainly to enforcement measures taken against the illegals and/or their employers.I would’ve posted a link to the article that reported this on,but there’s an embarrassing misspelling.CIS performs a lot of great work on the vitally important issue of immigration,legal and illegal;their website is

The July issue of Last Trumpet Newsletter has,as every other issue I’ve read has,some very important information and analysis.Pastor David J. Meyer cites a USA Today article that when all the financial obligations of the US federal government are propounded,every US household owes about $550,000! Pastor Meyer also cites an AP article in The Rocky Mountain Telegram on conquistador Sonia Sotomayor.She said that her favorite thing to do is watch the pinko-liberal tv show Law and Order and eat various body parts of the pig.How fitting:She looks like a pig!This conquistador will probably be confirmed this week or soon thereafter with I estimate 55-60 votes.Race favoritism to latinos is the order of the day for the political establishment,although the Democrats seem now to be worse at it than the GOP.This is what her appointment is all about:racial empowerment for latinos.All 12 Democrats on the Senate judiciary committee voted to send her nomination to the full senate,and GOP egotist Lindsey Graham was the only committee Republican to vote with them.And speaking of favoritism in the US government,how about this:by my count,8 of the 12 committee Democrats are Jewish.Oy vey! In a nation that’s no more than 3% Jewish and predominantly Christian,this should concern patriots,especially with the unconstitutional wars our servicemen are fighting in the Mid-East region.Patrick Leahy from Vermont is committee chairman.Did he personally pick these senators for a reason? And here’s the last snippet I’ll cite from Last Trumpet Newsletter:almost totally under the radar,the Abomination,on 6/1/2009,declared June as Lesbian,Gay,Bi-sexual and Trans-gender Month.According to Mr.Meyer,this was reported by White House Press Office.But the fifth estate I assume wanted this to be a secret,so it was barely reported or not reported on at all;it would make Abomination look bad.And the pastor claims that this is just one more curse on America.

Patriots,I think this will be a hot August-the month named after the Roman emperor Augustus.Is America becoming or has she already become just like pagan Rome? And to write locally,I think it’s going to be a hot August here in the Bronx,unless the rainy,cool Summer we’ve had so far continues.Whether it’s rain or shine,patriots are ready.We’ll do our best to deliver what needs to be done for our families and our land,in spite of whatever tries to get in our way.Till next week,patriots.May God bless our cause and our nation before the light of freedom goes out.