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The Week in Review and a Look at What’s Ahead

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Happy Sunday,American patriots,from Bronx County,NY.Just a few battle reports from this front in the southeast section of the county.To follow up a bit on last week’s post,barbarians on Friday and Saturday night from two separate houses assaulted law-abiding people with their loud parties and loud music.And get this:The morons at one house-about 3 blocks away-were setting off loud fireworks and it was after midnight! I took a patriot patrol and found the house and called for a police response.Within an hour,the music and loudness died,the smoke cleared,the battle ended,civilization returned.NYPD is fairly good in their response time to these acts of aggression in this neighborhood.It’s probably going to get worse.I believe the main reason for this is there are many homes for sale and/or for rent,and the owners can’t sell them or aren’t getting the prices they want.So they rent out the houses to anybody who can write them monthly rent checks and they don’t care very much about the character of the renters;likewise,the renters don’t care too much about the neighborhood.It’s a vicious cycle,precipitated by a lot of homeowners who,for a variety of reasons,have moved out of the neighborhood even before their houses get sold;this has been done,in many cases,out of sheer desperation.But while this patriot chooses to remain in the Bronx for as long as possible,he will fight back against the threats to civilization he and/or his neighbors encounter.I urge the same kind of action to patriots all over this land:hold your ground,sacrifice some time and energy,unite and network with co-patriots,stay in contact with government officials,work with city agencies and services,fight back!

The nomination of conquistador Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court is scheduled to be voted on this Tuesday in the judiciary committee.According to a column by Devvy Kidd that I posted on,the real reason why the committee vote on Sotomayor was postponed was because she may be implicated in a case of bankruptcy fraud and lying about her involvement in a questionnaire submitted to the committee.Now wouldn’t that be terrific if the “wise latina” was led out of the committee room in handcuffs! I don’t  recommend getting our hopes up,but I do recommend contacting the committee senators(there’s a contact link on the Current News and Patriot Commentary page of remind them that a vote for the wise latina may carry serious political and possibly legal risks.GOP senators Cornyn and Hatch have declared that they’re not voting for the conquistador,and Cornyn is to be applauded for giving a Senate floor speech to promulgate his intention.Patriots should thank elected officials when they do what’s right for America and serve the patriot cause.Lindsey Graham,on the other hand,announced he intends to vote for the wise latina.No surprise here.Lindy was one of Boy George Bush’s point men in trying to pass the McCain/Kennedy amnesty for the land’s estimated 12 million illegal aliens.He even addressed the militant,race-based National Council of la Raza(”the Race” in English)and bellowed out to the crowd that he and his compadres were going to make the bigots-meaning patriots and immigration reformers and people opposed to amnesty-shut up.Thank God,he and his compadres failed to do that.For not only did patriots not shut up, but they didn’t stop screaming! The Amnesty Gang was foiled,but they’re back.Graham ostensibly has a soft spot for latinos.That’s fine,per se.But when that translates into favoritism in government policy and law,now we have a problem.If 80% of the illegals were Europeans and not latinos,I don’t think Lindy would be pro-amnesty.And of course,almost all the latino politicians and latino activist groups and those who aid and abet them in and out of government certainly wouldn’t be pro-amnesty either.The prominent race-based latino groups are looking to grow their numbers in America so she becomes more of a Spanish-speaking Latin American nation and less and less an English-speaking nation and a European nation.This is all in line with President Abomination’s announced goal to “remake this nation.” He has been quoted on more than occasion saying exactly that or something almost like that.And rarely does anyone ask for an explanation from the Abomination.Of course,patriots who watch the signs and follow the news pretty much know what he means.The conservative legal activist quoted in the article I posted this past week on on GOP opposition and support for Sotomayor described his behavior during the committee hearing very well.Graham is a glory-hound,an opportunist,a worshipper of the office of president(he even expressed support for the Abomination’s selection and the authority he has) a sell-out,and,in my opinion,a Log Cabin Republican.Lindy has what I call The Mark Foley Look;it’s all in his eyes.He has never married and suggestions have been made that he swings that way.I have no real proof to claim that Lindy is light in the loafers,but I believe he is and that is somehow affecting his pro-amnesty,pro-Sotomayor actions and intentions.He also had token opposition from his Democrat challenger Bob Conley-a man I met at an anti-amnesty rally in Washington and ran a Ron Paul-type campaign.He only got 42% of the vote  when he should’ve cleaned Lindy’s clock.But the national Democratic Party was and still is comfortable with Lindy;they virtually ran away from Conley’s campaign,just like the GOP did to their candidate in Uncle Joe Lieberman’s re-election in pinko-rich Connecticut in 2006.The powers that be will gladly betray members of their own parties and side with the other party when it suits their power and objectives.Just ask Bob Conley in South Carolina and Mr.Simmons in Connecticut how their party leaderships stabbed them in their backs.

The Abomination administration recommends a scaling back of staff at the US embassy in Iraq,which is actually,just by looking at the photo of it in the article posted on,a military compound.That photo stares any sensible person in the face and screams out:” This is no embassy.This is a fortress-garrison!” Why did Boy George Bush and Dick Cheney attack Iraq? Was it to liberate the Iraqi people from the clutches of Saddam Hussein? Plllllllllllleeezzzze! It’s obvious they wanted to invade,occupy and conquer that country! The US government has yet to give an estimated figure of Iraqi dead and wounded since Bush’s attack.They probably don’t want the actual figures to come out or they don’t care! According to Dr.Ron Paul and other anti-war individuals in public life,the neo-cons-in my opinion,the most-wicked and most-dangerous political group in our country-hijacked US foreign policy and our military and have turned them into a spearhead for aggressive,immoral war and conquest.I’m convinced,without a shadow of a doubt,that these creatures got us into Iraq to take out an opponent of the nation of Israel and de-stabilize that nation and other Arabic and Muslim nations in the region.They and their theo-con allies like John Hagee and Pat Robertson are obviously trying to start another Crusade to cleanse the area of infidels! I’m no fan of Islam.I believe in Christ and his life and resurrection and return.The neo-cons don’t! So why do the theo-cons form an unholy alliance with them! I think it’s a number of reasons,but the main one is ethnic loyalty and favoritism to the tribe of Judah-people known today and throughout history as Jews.Through contorting scripture and taking it out of context,the theo-cons overlook and/or actually justify immoral acts by the Israeli government.Oh they’re very quick to denounce Arab terrorism,as they should.But whether immoral acts are called terrorist or not,Israeli terrorism should be condemned too,not winked at or overlooked or even justified in some cases.The theo-cons misapply Genesis,chapter 12:3 to justify unconditional US support for the nation of Israel and for Jews as a group.That verse quotes God telling Abram:” I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” So these ignoramuses misconstrue that to mean that if America unconditionally supports the government of Israel,regardless of what they do or don’t do,America will be blessed by God.They really believe that! And the biggest problem with that ridiculous interpretation and false teaching is that there were no Jews at the time this verse was written! Abram,who changed his name to Abraham(”father of nations” in Hebrew),was a Hebrew.Abraham begot Isaac who begot Jacob(there are a lot of begots in the Good Book),and Jacob had 12 sons-one of whom was Judah.Judah’s descendants became known as Jews.All 12 tribes are Hebrews.The 12 tribes became known as Israelites because Jacob-who had the 12 sons-changed his name to Israel.So,Israelites are descended from the patriarch Israel(or Jacob-one and the same).This blessing from God found in the Book of Genesis applies to all the descendants of the patriarch Jacob,not just to the descendants of Judah.And regardless,there’s nothing that justifies unconditional support for any tribe or nation.If that were the case,a great deal of the writings of the prophets in the Bible wouldn’t have been written,for they are largely calling on Israelites to turn from their collective sin and repent and turn to their God named Yawheh.As is so often the case with corrupt religious establishments,lies and false teachings undergird their operations.

Patriots,I break from this post to inform you that a storm of rain and hail-yes,hail,pelting against the windows of the house I live in-has just stopped after about 30 minutes.Hail in the Bronx,NY in late July! This was a first! Christ said they’ll be “signs and wonders” in the “last days.” Was this one of them?

A 16-year-old male in California died from imbibing a combination of alcohol and an erectile-dysfunction drug.In Jersey City,NJ,a woman was brutally attacked by 2 two-legged animals who before the attack had “dipped”:dipping joints into formaldehyde and then smoking them.Uppers are reportedly back in vogue in the club scene.Why is this happening? Our government is ordering our volunteer servicemen to fight,get wounded,and even die in far-away places while many of our young people are killing themselves and other people caused by drug-induced fits! They should be addressing this crisis right here and now! Yes,boredom,peer pressure,easy access to drugs,wanting to be popular or try something new,stupidity,lack of parental supervision or guidance-all these are factors in the stupid and dangerous practice of illegal-drug use.So where’s the Great Abomination in the White House on this? Why isn’t he calling for our people to get our government out of trying to conquer every world problem except the ones right here in America? And here’s another one,right here in the Bronx:a 20-year-old and his 18-year-old pal were arrested and given summonses for disorderly conduct due to public drunkenness;their response to that was to set a police car on fire,right in front of a police station.America,at least in many of its major cities,is becoming more and more like a Third World hell.Again,patriots,this is the war we should be fighting:Saving our country before it’s too late!

A moron federal judge decided that “people of color” were discriminated against on some past tests administered by New York Fire Department.The suit was brought by a black-firemen group calling itself,get this,The Vulcan Society.Not enough of their kind,they believed,were on FDNY,so they did what a lot of these racialist crybabies do:they sue and try to get a pinko judge who agrees with them to rule on their suit.Since I was on NYPD and I’m Bronx-born and-raised,I’ve known and have met a good number of firemen.Most of them seem to say the same thing when it comes to why so few non-whites are on NYFD;generally speaking,they don’t want the job.Firefighting is dangerous,difficult,stressful work;one has to be in excellent physical condition to fight fires;and you should be smart too.If someone is in poor or even mediocre physical condition(probably like me),he could die while fighting a large fire.Regardless of this opinion,no one or no thing is preventing anyone from taking the entrance exams for NYFD;it’s open to all.But the Vulcans and troublemakers like them will find this old standby reason when not enough “people of color” pass a test:the test was biased.They can say the test should’ve been on colored paper(no pun intended)instead of white paper,and an anti-white/Diversity Gang judge will agree,because they just want more “people of color” to be given jobs.In other words,race is more important than skills,qualifications,abilities,etc.,even when it’s a matter of life or death.Let’s hope NYFD and the City of New York fight this moronic ruling from another moron judge like Sonia Sotomayor.

Former vice-president Dick Cheney claimed that his good friend Lewis Leibowitz-aka Scooter Libby-should’ve been pardoned by former President Boy George Bush over the Valerie Pflame spy scandal.Leibowitz was convicted over his involvement in the case of leaked identity of a CIA agent.Bush commuted his sentence,but his conviction is still on record.Mr.Leibowitz is the lawyer who lobbied then-President Clinton to pardon fugitive Marc Rich.Billy complied,and probably got as a quid pro quo a fat donation to his library from Rich’s bimbo ex-wife Denise.Would anybody with a shred of integrity hire Mr.Leibowitz to a government post? No! But that’s what Dick Cheney did by hiring Lewis Leibowitz as his chief of staff! A lawyer who solicits a pardon for a fugitive con-man from a Democratic president gets hired as a chief of staff for a Republican vice president.Par for the course in corrupt DC.

Lastly,patriots,The New American magazine in its 7/6/2009 edition,p.9,quotes MSNBC host Joe Scarborough:” President Bush did three things:he destroyed the Republican majority,he crippled the American conservative movement,and he weakened the country.” He’s right,on all counts.But what he failed to mention,or the magazine didn’t quote him as saying,is that this is probably what Boy George wanted to do! I’m convinced the Bush dynasty would rather have liberal Democrats as a majority in Congress than a conservative GOP majority.The Bush Foundation a few years ago even gave an award to Edward Kennedy for his great commitment to public service! Right,public service to the destruction of America! We don’t need anymore proof than this that the Bush family is mostly liberal and not conservative.They wanted to cripple the conservative movement,in my opinion,by infiltrating it and pretending to be conservative when they were and still are wolves in sheep’s clothing.The Bush/Clinton dynasty is a pox on America! As for former GOP congressman Scarborough,he’s a bit of an oddball.Oddballs can still be right occasionally,even dead-on right like in this case.But let us remember that a woman was found murdered in one of his congressional offices and he mysteriously didn’t seek re-election that same year.I think there’s something to that murder that the powers that be don’t want us to know,just like they don’t want us to know about the death of Chandra Levy.They dug up some suspect,after about 8 years,and had him indicted over that case.The Levy/Gary Conditt scandal was all over the news until 9/11.Co-incidence?
Patriots,this week let us keep our eyes on conquistador Sonia Sotomayor,the “hate-crimes”amendment that the Senate passed recently,the so-called “health-care” bill being debated,the Diversity Gang wherever they rear their ugly heads,and other bread-and-butter issues.Get informed and stay informed.Become citizen-activists.Fight the ruthless enemies of America.Network with this blog,its affiliated website and other patriot websites and groups and causes.Let us take the fight right to the enemies while we still have the wherewithal to do so.Till next week.May God bless America and deliver her from her enemies.

A Busy Week to Review,and Suggestions on Patriot Activism

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Co-patriots,it was a busy week of important news and events.I really don’t look forward to all the work I do on and on this blog,especially since it’s pro bono.But for a patriot who sees his beloved America being slowly but surely destroyed by her enemies-almost all of whom are right here on our soil-it behooves me to continue this patriot work until I’m unable to do so.I’m doing whatever one man can do to help preserve our nation,and I hope and pray that all other patriots try to do the same thing. posted what I think is the best article on our medical-care problems.It exposes the major problems in this field and,most importantly,offers some helpful,thoughtful solutions.And it doesn’t promote so-called Obama Care or any other type of government-controlled heath-care system like in UK or Canada.The article’s main point is the good-old-fashioned family doctor is gradually on the way out in America.Only about 10% of med students are studying to be family doctors while the rest want to be specialists,and one reason for that is specialists make about 4x more bucks than general practitioners.What a depressing,frightening commentary that is for our land and her citizens:when most med students want to make money instead of healing and treating people.But,the government has helped enable this situation by making medical care and the doctor profession so complicated and frustrating and unpleasant with all the regulations,insurance policies,claim work and a ton of other red-tape burdens that basically turn doctors into tax lawyers and CPAs! Then throw in the stinkin’,rotten greed(as they used to say in Brooklyn)among doctors,hospital owners and administrators,clinics,labs,drug companies,insurance companies,et al.And is it any wonder we have exorbitant,sky-rocketing costs in medical care?! It shouldn’t be any wonder! As our land continues to be cursed by relentless,obsessive greed in all areas of our society,we have to deal with the ugly consequences.As our society continues to turn away from a Christian moral order and  a traditional morality,we’ll see more and more problems in medical care because the human factor will continually fade and patients will be treated as moneybags instead of as patients.I recommend something like a pay-as-you-go medical system,which encourages patients and health providers to be more responsible and morally conscious in the course of their treatments.I’m in favor of insurance for catastrophic accidents and/or long-term treatments,and tax-free medical savings accounts.BUT,I’m dead against forcing people to buy insurance or be fined,like a Democrat plan in the US Senate wants to do and like the neo-bolsheviks in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts have already done.If people pay for doctor visits and exams up-front,that’ll almost certainly cause a drop in costs because so much of the administrative staff who perform only billing services can be re-assigned to more-productive work.In the nutshell,let’s go back to the days when doctors really had time to treat their patients with respect and concern and not just shove them out of the office to get to the next victim because they’re so bloody overworked thanks in large part to governments at all levels! Please read the CNN article in toto and pass it on.

The US Senate judiciary-committee hearing on conquistador Sonia Sotomayor,from what I saw and read so far,has mostly been a joke:the Democrats are kissing her “wise latina” ass(Ugh!The thought of it!),while only Jeffrey Sessions-ranking Republican on the committee-seems intent on discovering the truth about her background and her intentions.Mitch McConnell-the GOP minority leader in the senate-has already said he won’t vote for her,as have Sens.Roberts and Brownback from Kansas.Meanwhile,three drip Republicans-Melquiades Martinez(FL),Dick Lugar(IN,one of two Dicks in the senate along with Dick Durbin from Illinois)and Olympia Snowe from Maine have praised Sotomayor as the greatest thing since sliced bread and will probably vote to confirm her.Patriots,it doesn’t look too good.But’s let fight her conquistador nomination down to the wire! Sen.Sessions is requesting a postponement on the committe vote until July 28th.Use the time,if granted,to click the link on to e-mail the committee senators and tell them what you think of conquistador Sotomayor.The full senate vote will probably come sometime in August.Let’s keep the watch on Sotomayor and please read the articles and commentary on her on

There was a brutal and obviously race-based attack on a white family in Ohio;please click the link to the article on and read the story.About 50 blacks attacked about 5 whites and reportedly said something like “This is a black world” and proceeded to assault the whites.One of the victims suffered a concussion in the attack.Nothing from the major national media! Not one story! At least,not to my knowledge;please send me links to any stories on this case from any major-media outlet.If the situation was whites attacking blacks or latinos or Jews,it would probably be all over the news!The mayor of the town where the crime occurred has requested the FBI get involved to see if this was a so-called “hate crime.” If it was “the other way around,” FBI would’ve been there already!Maybe the Ohio National Guard would’ve been called out to hunt down “the haters”! But the victims are white and the suspects black.So why no national coverage? For the same reason the senators on the judiciary committee have barely mentioned,if at all,Sotomayor’s membership in race-based groups like National Council of la Raza(the Race):the Diversity Gang controils most of the major media and they play racial favoritism.They still believe this garbage that latinos and blacks are “oppressed races” always in need of special laws and programs and they are never perpetrators of racial attacks but only victims.So when something like this happens,they do their best to bury the story and pretend it never happened.When truth exposes the lies of their anti-white ideology,they just ignore that truth and continue with illusion and fantasy;it’s like the guy who pretends he doesn’t see the elephant in his bedroom even when it’s about to stomp on his head.But,a great surprise from this story:Al Sharpton has condemned the attack! Good ol’ Uncle Al! And this is more proof that the major media wants this story totally suppressed,for whenever Al is in the news,there’s coverage.This time,however,they don’t give Uncle Al any coverage.Patriots,please follow up on this story as best you can,especially those of you in Ohio.

FDIC closed two more banks;that brings the total this year to 57-an all-time record.And here’s the bigger concern:FDIC has only $13 billion left in its insurance fund! With all the trillions being thrown out by President Abomination,Congress,the Fed,Treasury Dept.,that’s chicken feed!What happens if,due to all these bank failures,FDIC runs out of dough?! The money in our bank accounts is presently FDIC-insured.But it can’t be insured if there’s no dough in the insurance fund.While I’m not a financial professional,I still think insured bank accounts and US securities are the safest investment,but I’m more than willing to hear other suggestions.One of the most-terrible things to happen to any nation is when people lose their hard-earned savings for any number of reasons.Let’s hope and pray that doesn’t happen here,but let’s prepare for the worst.And the Dow Jones Industrial Average(DJIA)rose about 600 points this past week! The Plunge Protection Team-actually known as President’s Working Group on Financial Markets-must’ve been real busy in trying to prop up this political and economic house of cards.And remember:It’s their system,not our lives and families,that they’re trying to save! posted a disgusting pro-war commentary from a UK militarist that basically heartily approved of endless US/UK involvement in Afghanistan,Pakistan,Thisstan,thatstan-anywhere there’s a nation with the Arabic suffix “stan” in its name! “Stan” is “land” in Arabic.They want us to wage war on the entire Arab/Muslim world! This could be the start of the Battle of Armageddon! This is no phony,sappy Tim LaHaye series! This ain’t no party! This ain’t no disco! This ain’t no foolin’around!(per The Talking Heads).This could be the real thing! But it’s no surprise coming from CNN.After fellow-warmonger network Fox News,CNN has been blowing the trumpets for endless pre-emptive war in the Middle-East and its environs,to my knowledge,ever since 9/11.The warmongers want Americans to die all over the Arabic world because they want to take out or neutralize real or imagined enemies of Israel,they want the oil and natural gas over there,they want to destroy Muslim culture,they want to be involved in the opium trade.I’m almost 100% convinced of this! No,I’m no friend of Islam and work to protect Americans from terrorists(all kinds,not just Muslim ones).But,I don’t want to bomb their peoples to kingdom come either! Patriots hate war and fight primarily to defend their fatherland and their countrymen! Even though the majority of Americans want us out “over there,” the government in DC does what it wants and wages its ugly and immoral war.For you praying patriots,pray that Americans are delivered from unjust war and that those who led us into the mess in Iraq by lying to us be exposed and brought to justice.

Leaders of the so-called Grand Old Party(GOP)have announced,no surprise,that they’ll be hammering away on mainly economic issues in the mid-term 2010 elections.How typical of them! Nothing on immigration! Nothing on ending the wars but they’ll still brag about fighting the ” WAR ON TERROR!” Nothing about the affirmative action that denied white firemen(and a Puerto Rican fireman)promotions in New Haven,Ct.! Nothing about the trade treaties selling out the American worker and especially the worker in manufacturing! No,they’ll just have their friendly debates with their “good friends” the Democrats and have nice discussions with their “opponents.” They’re gutless flabs! They’re sell-outs! They’re selfish,self-absorbed cowards! Patriots,get out of the GOP if you haven’t already and become independent(like me)or join the Constitution Party or start up your own party! The GOP has had plenty of chances to serve the patriot cause and they’ve blown almost all of them!It’s long overdue to give up on them!

Henry(Hank)Paulson admitted to Congress that he pressured former BOA chief executive Kenneth Lewis to accept the deal to acquire Merrill Lynch.If Mr.Lewis didn’t accept,he’d get da boot.A US Treasury secretary telling a major-bank chief that he’ll get fired if he doesn’t do what’s he told?! This is a form of fascism! This is what our beautiful America has become:a virtual liberal-fascist militarist/corporatist state.God help us.

I have some local news and battle reports from southeast Bronx County,New York and from the entire New York City.It was a beautiful day of weather here this Sunday,but it was ruined for me and several of the neighbors when “people” who live in the same house behind me decided to assault us once again with their horribly loud music out of a powerful sound system.For 5 long years,patriots,in warm weather,I’ve been fighting this war,mostly with them but with other people nearby too.And almost all the time,the offenders are Puerto Ricans.I’ve been in this neighborhood in the Bronx for almost 50 years,and we’ve never had this problem to this extent before.The main reason I’m blogging this late(it’s almost 10pm)is because I’ve been calling the city’s 311 service to lodge complaints against these barbarians who continually assault us and ruin our afternoons and sometimes our evenings with the blasting awful music.They know it bothers a lot of us,but they keep doing it.Why? A few reasons.One is they want to listen to their horrible music at their desired volume and they don’t care about anyone else;they love to party.Another reason is this is a form of assault,not just playing music too loud.Yes,they enjoy assaulting other people with their loud music;it’s another form of criminal aggression.Another reason is this a way to shove their culture down other people’s throats.There could be other reasons,like they’re so drunk or stoned that they don’t realize how loud it is.Regardless,this is what I’ve had to contend with since about noon today in what should’ve been a beautiful Sunday.After 2 calls to 311,the awful,loud music finally died,at exactly 1855 hours-military time because,like a retired NYPD sergeant who lives up the block from me said to me and me to him:”We’re back on the job again.” I only did about 3 1/2 years,while he did 25.We’re not getting paid for this,of course,but this fight is just as important,if not more important,than when we were “on the job,” as NYPD officers say.This former sergeant returned from a day trip in a nice section of Brooklyn only to return to more latin music blasting from a house behind him! Since we network on this problem among others in the neighborhood,he called me and we decided to call 311.And in all the years I’ve been calling 311 in this city,something happened tonight that never happened before:due to the heavy call volume on a Sunday in New York City in mid-summer,the recorded message said it may be better to call tomorrow to make the complaint! Can you believe it! I’m not saying that only Puerto Ricans are blasting loud music this day and that it’s only latin music being blasted.But that’s the case,most of the time,in this part of the neighborhood called Throggs Neck.Now,people from or born in Dominican Republic-another Spanish-speaking Caribbean island-have moved in to the neighborhood and some of them are playing their popular music called meringue very loudly.I believe this is mainly a cultural thing,in that this practice is normal and possibly legal on their islands.This is just another example of the bald-faced lie of the Diversity Gang that “Our diversity is our strength.” Balderdash! Anyone who lives and has lived in virtually any major American city knows it’s balderdash! And get a load of this:Right up the block,about 60-feet away from the house blasting the loud music near where the retired sergeant lives,is a police station! And they did the same thing on Memorial Weekend Sunday and the police responded and they do it again today! More importantly than the aggression waged against us in this part of the city,the Big Apple has a big problem and so do almost all New Yorkers:In warm weather,as the latino population expands and the non-latino population drops in this city,reports of loud music,late-night parties and other noise-related complaints called in to NYPD and other city agencies has skyrocketed and will probably get worse,so much so that due to the huge volume of complaints and the frequency and pervasiveness of the crime,the laws on the books against this may become very difficult to enforce! This offense of blasting loud music,like that which assaulted people today in this neighborhood,is punishable by a fine up to $700.;it’s doubled after a second offense.And,of course,this goes for anyone blasting music and any kind of music.While we won the battle in our part of the block after about 7 hours,it took its toll;that’s why I’m still blogging,now at 2230,military time.When this happens for so long and from the same location,incredible frustration and anger builds up;you want to beat the daylights out of these barbarians.I don’t know yet how the sarge did in his part of the block,but I’ll find out tomorrow because he has work early tomorrow and hopefully the brutes behind are ordered by the police to turn off their wretched music or face a summons or arrest.I’m curious to see,in a mayoral election year,how the city will respond to something that is approaching a crisis in this city and in other cities and towns too in other parts of the country.I’m breaking now to make some peanut-butter sandwiches and pour a big glass of cream soda.I believe I deserve this bit of relief from what I went through today.

I’m back.I also polished off a pretty good piece of home-made chocolate cake and it’s now after midnight.I close out this post by urging patriots to become citizen-activists/patriot-activists.I cite the latter part of the introduction to Becky Akers’s article in the 7/6/2009 issue of The New American magazine,entitled Ordinary Patriots,Extraordinary Success:”a new nation[United States]could not have been formed except for the tremendous sacrifice of thousands of everyday Americans.” That’s right,patriots:everyday Americans;it’s they who are going to save our land if it’s to be saved.One such everyday American was a man I read about on the website of the California newspaper Orange County Register.He moved into a southern California neighborhood and started to encounter terrible problems,like hearing ranchera music blasting out of houses at 8 am on a Sunday morning and seeing junk cars in the front yards of residential homes and abandoned on the streets,among other eye sores and ear sores.He fought back.And almost all the problems he encountered when he first moved in were corrected.It took a battle,but he and the neighborhood won.The book Fighting Immigration Anarchy narrates similar tales of patriots who’ve fought back against out-of-control immigration,both legal and illegal,thanks to the negligence(sometimes criminal negligence)of the US government.We all can learn from what this patriot did to reclaim a California neighborhood and the small but still significant battles that patriots have fought here today in Bronx County,NY:Fight to defend America,wherever you are! This is still our country and our land!The laws are still on our side!As I type,I’m listening to am frequency 740-a radio station out of Toronto,Canada-playing the beautiful song Gentle On My Mind,sung by Glen Campbell.It’s all cool and quiet now-a perfect background for this beautiful song.And now another beautiful song-If,by David Gates-is playing.My point is:civilization and beauty are still in the land,even here in babylonian New York City,although battles were fought for about 9 hours this day.But victory has prevailed,and tomorrow-one of the most-beautiful words in the English language-is another day.Patriots:please fight battles like these in every corner of the land,wherever they crop up.It’s the everyday American who’ll save America! Don’t go “Wasting Summer praying in vain for a savior to rise from these streets”-like Bruce Springsteen sings in his song Thunder Road.When we wait for or pray for a savior,we get the Devil’s savior,not the One who lived and died about 2,000 years ago.And who’s coming again!Maybe tomorrow! Fight the patriot cause like the New Haven firemen did when they were denied promotions just because they were the wrong race;fight the cause when your city or town or county is invaded by modern-day barbarians who won’t bat a wink over destroying the peace and quiet and safety and security of wherever you live;fight the patriot cause at the ballot box by not voting for the same stale-establishment politicians who are selling us down the river while they enrich themselves and start your own candidacies and parties and help start a new political direction in the country;boycott businesses that encourage people not to learn English by telling people to press 2 if they want to speak in Spanish when they call for assistance;don’t watch garbage films and tv shows that are contributing to the moral degradation of our society and let the stations know you’re not watching them and why;try to patronize the local businessman and woman and only hit the big chain stores when you have no alternative;contact your elected officials and chew them out when they’re bad and praise them,on the rare occasion,when they’re good;stay as informed as possible,be active and get involved when the need arises;set aside time at least every week to the patriot cause,in whatever way is most-convenient and most-realistic.If you have any other suggestions,please feel free to chime in.

This was my longest post since I fired up the patriotsunitenow website and the blog A Patriot’s Diary.Now it’s time for a banana and a cigar while watching 2 episodes of the greatest tv comedy of all time(no arguments,please):The Honeymooners.The Kramdens and the Nortons are on CW11 and WGN at 1 am,Sunday night/Monday morning.

Patriots,thanks for bearing with me on this post.Fight for the patriot cause,while it’s still light in America.Remember Christ’s warning about working while it’s still light before the time comes when there’s only darkness and no man can work.America is on a dangerous path,and I believe that it’s going to be everyday Americans,with God’s help,who’ll save the day and not a savior to rise from the streets.Join the battle;you won’t be disappointed.There’s nothing at times more heroic and inspiring than fighting for the country that a man or woman loves like his own flesh and blood.Till next week.

The Week in Review

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Hello,patriots,from Bronx County,NY.The Washington Post has reviewed the book The Attack on the Liberty,by James Scott,and published by Simon & Schuster.The governments of US and Israel have covered up this attack on a US Navy intelligence ship during the 1967 Six-Day War that resulted in the deaths of 34 US sailors and almost 200 wounded.This was the only such attack on a US ship not investigated by Congress.But this illustrates the power of the corrupt forces at the top levels of the US government and its allies in what professors Mearsheimer and Walt have called The Israel Lobby.The History Channel produced a 1-hour documentary on the attack that was hosted by Arthur Kent.Liberty survivor James Ennes wrote the book Assault on the Liberty and maintains a website on the ship and the attack on it.I find it interesting and  somewhat encouraging that a Jewish-owned book publisher(Simon & Schuster)has published this recent book on USS Liberty and that a Jewish-owned newspaper(The Washington Post)reviewed it,and rather favorably.It’s important to remember that during and after the attack were two of the most-loathsome individuals ever to sit in power in Washington,DC:President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert MacNamara.And also throw into that mix Admiral John McCain Sr.-daddy of US Senator John McCain and the officer who was put in charge of the sham investigation of the attack.Of course,their sham investigation found it was just an accident.But survivors of the attack have said there was no way that the Israeli forces didn’t know it was a US ship they were attacking.The attack lasted about an hour!There are a good number of explanations as to why the attack occurred.I believe the Israeli high command didn’t want the US intelligence ship to pick up any communications between Israeli commanders during the war.The Johnson administration opposed an Israeli attack on the Golan Heights in Syria,and maybe they thought the Liberty would capture or had already captured intelligence information or battle plans from Israeli commanders.Regardless,this was a murderous act where the perpetrators have escaped scrutiny or justice for 40-plus years.Many times in this fallen world,justice takes time-too long a time.Patriots,pray and try to work for some justice to come to the killed and wounded of USS Liberty on that infamous day in 1967.

Former Florida governor John Ellis Bush-son of Daddy Bush-likes to use the nickname “Jeb” to get in power or into some prominent position.Jeb sounds almost like Johnny Reb.But,Jeb is a typical Bush family elitist who,like his brother Boy George,probably never worked a real job his entire life.He attended college in Mexico,is married to a Mexican woman,and speaks fluent Spanish.And so,it dovetails with his plans and policies to pimp for the globalist slobs at Council on Foreign Relations(CFR)as they try to promote an amnesty plan for the estimated 12-million-plus illegal aliens in America,80% of whom are latinos.But the plane he was on taking him to Washington for a tv appearance to promote the CFR amnesty experienced a mechanical problem and had to land;thus the spoiled Bush brat couldn’t make his tv appearance for his CFR masters.How sweet it is!Moreover,this Baby Bush decided not to run for the US Senate seat being vacated by Melquiades(nice name)Martinez-a Cuban-born Republican who was in the forefront to push an illegal-alien amnesty down our throats with his amigo Boy George.Presumably,Melqy took such heat from Florida patriots because of his amnesty push that he didn’t want the bother of running for a second term,and John Ellis Bush realizes how unpopular his brother Georgey stiil is and how unpopular the Bush name is that he decided not to seek the GOP nomination for that senate seat.Again,how sweet it is!Patriots,this is more proof that we can win battles if we take our fight right to the enemies of America!To all you patriots in the Sunshine State,congratulations!Pat yourselves on the back and work hard to get a patriot from either no party or some party to fill that senate seat!

The hearings begin on Monday,July 13th on Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to sit on our nation’s highest court.I admit,patriots,that right now it doesn’t look good to prevent this ugly conquistador from sitting on the Supreme Court,with the Democrats holding 58 senate seats.But let’s not give up yet.Contact your US senators and the majority leaders of that elitist body and let them know you don’t want Conquistador Sotomayor appointed to the court.Remember that  a Supreme Court appointment is a lifetime appointment;only impeachment and conviction or death removes a Supreme Court justice.I just learned that “affirmative-action baby” Sotomayor has a bad case of diabetes.Maybe that’ll keep the radical bitch off the bench!Her selection is all a part of the plan to empower latinos,even at the expense of everyone else.The Diversity Gang which rules this country wants an official Spanish-speaking nation on American soil!This nation is already extant on our soil.It’s in power here in Bronx County,NY,in Miami,FL,in Los Angeles,CA..And it’s on the march elsewhere!As Capt.William Parmenter ordered his troopers in F-Troop when they were about to be attacked:”To the parapets,men!” Let’s do what we can to stop Conquistador Sotomayor.Contact the senate at

Conquistador Sotomayor proudly boasted that she’s an “affirmative-action baby.” This is because her kind loves raw power;any way they get that power,like their Bolshevik forebears,is justified.In that vein,a brave professor at US Naval Academy in Annapolis,MD blew the whistle on the Diversity Gang who practice race favoritism towards “people of color” and against whites at the naval academy.Patriots,if we are to defeat the Diversity Gang and other enemies of America wherever they rule and/or hold power in our land,it’ll be brave acts like the one from this professor that’ll get it done.If you’re discriminated against because of your race(and yes,that includes we white people who,according to the Diversity Gang,have no color),fight back!With everything you got!This is our country and our land that they’re trying to destroy and turn into a Third World dive!Let’s not let them do that without a fight down to the last man!

About 12 Americans have already been killed in Afghanistan in Abomination’s war.Most of them seem to be US Marines who,being the Navy’s soldiers,are supposed to fight on beaches and coastlines and not in land-locked countries like Afghanistan.But the globalist gang running our federal government want to use our servicemen to conquer that nation and probably others too in that part of the world.The Abomination said he wanted to end the war in Iraq.He has just moved it to Afghanistan and Pakistan!Is this the beginning of the Battle of Armageddon? Pray for the boys(and yes,the girls too)to come home asap and leave those nations for the people there to rule.

And finally,an article in The New York Times cited the incredibly high number of injuries among pro-baseball players.Is this a surprise? The game is full of junkies!Here’s one example.Andruw Jones is presently on the Texas Rangers.I saw a repeat of a World Series game about 12 years ago,where Jones was in center field and Jermaine Dye was in right.They looked like sticks compared to what they look like today!Jones was blasting homeruns left and right when he was playing for Atlanta and then fell apart the last few years he was with them.He was picked up by the Dodgers and bombed there.He was then picked up by the Rangers.And a few days ago he hit 3 homers in a game!He must be back on the juice!One of the dirty secrets in baseball today is that so many of the illegal substances used by these junkies are legal in Dominican Republic(DR).Since so many of the players in the game come from that Third World country,full of desperate men who strive to acquire the yankee dollar to escape the poverty of that island-nation,it shouldn’t be a surprise that drug use is so common in the game today.There are other reasons too,but the odious men who’ve run baseball for about the last 25-30 years see no difference between a foreigner playing on an American team and a US player.They don’t even want us to think about it or question it.This is the essence of globalism:to make people care more about foreigners than about their own countrymen.The great American pastime is no longer an American game;it’s an international game.This Bronx boy rooted for the home team growing up because baseball was still an American game and the Yankees were an American team without a bunch of grossly overpaid players.I have nothing in common and nothing to appreciate about this team now,even though they play in a stadium about 8 miles from where I live.And get a load of the gaudy gold chains on the players!Is there a player left who doesn’t wear one?!This is probably one of the biggest signs that we’re on our way down as a great nation:when the great game of baseball has become a sickening spectacle of greed,ego mania,foreignization,globalization,idol worship,exorbitant salaries and exorbitant ticket prices,inter alia.

Patriots,till next week.May God bless our cause as we fight to save our nation from our enemies,almost all of whom are from within.

The Week in Review:a Lot to Cover on Independence Day Weekend

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

It was a busy week for patriots in watching the news and trying to read the trends out there in America and the world.I’d like to post in an order basically derived from the latest links to articles on the Current News and Patriot Commentary page on my website

A recent study has discovered that half of US traffic deaths are caused by poor road conditions.Meanwhile,Washington,DC spends hundreds of billions of dollars on foreign adventures,including $106 billion for the unconstitutional wars being fought in Iraq,Afghanistan and possibly Pakistan very soon.I always try to avoid using the term “our government” to describe the federal government headquartered in DC,and that’s because that government is basically no longer ours.No matter how much “Change we can believe in” arrives in that town,things either only get worse,or very little good for America engenders,or most importantly,that government does what it wants,regardless of what the majority of Americans want or demand.I’ll never forget an audio clip I heard on The Alex Jones Show about a year ago,when that snarling slob Richard Cheney gave this one-word response to a reporter who cited the opposition from about three-quarters of Americans to our servicemen continuing to fight and die in Iraq:”So?” Now isn’t that a typical response from an internationalist goon like Dick Cheney- a CFR member and a former director of that globalist cabal headquartered in Pratt House in New York City.”So?” That response says basically:”Who cares what they think? We do what we want.” And even though voters can quadrennially vote out an unlikeable president,the new one will do so much of what the former one did,especially when it comes to foreign wars,foreign aid and international meddling.And one big reason for that is Council on Foreign Relations(CFR)has such enormous clout and control of both the donkeys and the elephants and almost every presidential administration since FDR-the man who,according to Archie Bunker,was the county’s first creeping socialist,in addition to being a 32nd degree Freemason and the first president to recognize Soviet mass-murderer Stalin and even affectionately call him Uncle Joe.John Duncan a Tennessee congressman who said a few years ago that America would be a lot better off if our government would just try to run this country instead of trying to run the world.But the chance of that happening is slim if the Republicrat establishment tarries.Patriots:get out of the Republicrat system and join or start-up another party or become independent.Don’t donate to Republicrat organizations that insult donors or would-be donors with disgusting fundraising letters and solicitations;they’re just out for our money to preserve and expand their personal and establishment power.

The US national debt-an accumulation of all the annual deficits over the years-is now at $11.5 trillion! That amount boggles the mind!There’s no possible way that all that debt is going to be paid back!Not just President Abomination,but the whole federal government should be impeached!Again,I don’t mean every single member of the government,but the institution itself and its top power brokers.The Good Book says,”In high place are the vilest of men”(Psalm 12:9).The corrupt Christian establishment in our country,like their corrupt partner in the political establishment,has conditioned most of us to think the opposite-that the people ruling us are saints.No!It’s the other way around!The vile ones at the top want to stay there as long as they can,and they’ll do everything they can to keep the decent people who want to really change things on the bottom.They have bankrupted our nation fiscally,economically,and most importantly,morally.They need to go and be brought to justice for the crimes they’ve committed against us and against our country.The Abomination shouldn’t even be president because he probably wasn’t born in America like the Constitution requires!But they don’t care!All they care about is their own raw power!

Sarah Palin has resigned as Alaska governor.That’s good news in a way,for Alaska’s gain may be America’s loss.Sarah(princess in Hebrew)was picked by warmonger McCain to try to get the white-female vote.While some of the left-wing criticism towards her was typically vicious,this woman is not a patriot and she’s not a conservative;she’s just a pretty-face image for the anti-American Rockefeller Republicans and warmonger/ethno-fanatic neo-cons who are still ruling the GOP from the top.Culture Wars magazine recently reported that she even picked a pro-abortion judge for the Alaska Supreme Court!I don’t know what her plans are,but I think she’s already gearing up for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012.That’s what boobs the average GOPers are:they are just dwelling on a presidential election about 3 years hence so the Democrat will be out of the White House and one of their own will replace him.Meanwhile,they rarely think about 2010,2011!We may not have a country by 2012!This princess from Alaska is no modern-day Joan of Arc;just a poster girl for a corrupt political party that has its occasional feuds with the other corrupt party in this corrupt game that they have our land ensnared in.

52 banks have now been closed by FDIC.The vast majority of these banks are small;it sure looks like favoritism of some sort from FDIC chairwoman Sheila Bair.But have you noticed,patriots,that the $99,000 question has yet to be asked on the crisis in the banking,home-loan,mortgage industries:What caused it? As usual,it’s probably a corrupt,incompetent,ideologically-driven government covering up its evil laws!Early in 1977,President Carter-in the White House after being elected just a few months before-and a Democrat Congress passed what they called the Community Re-investment Act.This act basically blackmailed banks into providing mortgages to “people of color,” “under-served populations,” “disadvantaged groups,” etc..Of course,these are all euphemisms from the Diversity Gang for non-white people,although this particular law was obviously geared towards blacks and to a lesser extent latinos,who were only about 5% of our population when the act became law.Now,thanks to heavy legal and illegal immigration from Latin America and higher birthrates among latinos than all the other races in America,latinos have surpassed blacks and are the largest minority group in America at about 15%;blacks are about 12%,whites about 67%,Asians about 5%.So,for the past 30-plus years,banks have been handing out loans like rock candy to applicants who never should’ve gotten loans in the first place;but they got them anyway,because of the racial favoritism in the so-called Community Re-investment Act.Asians,by and large,don’t need special mortgages,for they are pretty much on par with whites when it comes to median incomes and credit histories.So millions of  home loans have gone out to latinos and blacks just because of their race.And,according to a recent study reported in The Wall Street Journal,about 5 million illegal aliens got mortgages,largely as a result of pressure and lobbying from the race-based group National Council of la Raza(la Raza means the Race in Spanish).So now,all these tons of loans are in default or are in danger of default.And it has snowballed and will continue to snowball for God knows how long.And the banks went along with this race game,thinking that they could profit from it and live with it just fine;indeed,many of them celebrated their “diversity” in granting loans and providing services,like ” Para Espanol,oprimir dos” when one calls a big bank’s automated phone service.While this isn’t the only reason for the serious problems in our banking industry,it’s probably the main reason,and that’s why the establishment is concealing it by not even asking why it happened in the first place;this is where race favoritsm by liberal politicians has brought us.And who knows if we’ll ever totally get out of it.

Collectivist Democrats in the US Senate are trying to get a law passed to fine people who don’t purchase health insurance,like the neo-Bolsheviks who rule the People’s Republic of Massachussets recently did.And that law was signed by Republican governor Mitt Romney!Collectivists love forcing people into their plans,their ideas,their organizations,like Stalin’s thugs forced Ukranian farmers to surrender almost all their produce to them.And the end result was 10-15 million people starved to death,thanks to Uncle Joe.One major reason why health insurance is so high is because so many people in the so-called health-care industry are jacking up the prices on services provided to patients when they find out they have insurance.”Oh,you have insurance!Thank you!Now we can double or triple the bill and make a lot of money!” And,of course,this is rarely discussed,let alone mentioned,in the health-care debate.It’s another dirty littel secret that the political establishment and the medical establishment want kept quiet because they want the profits to keep rolling in.As our nation keeps turning from a basic Christian conscience and morality,services like medical care and doctor care will primarily be a business-a money-making enterprise for greedy people-and not a service provided to heal people and tend to their overall health.And another result of the moral factor being phased out in health care is a power-loving activist government will jump in and take it over and make themselves even-more powerful than before.The governments at the federal,state and local level should have oversight on medical care to investigate malpractice,negligence,price gouging,inter alia.God forbid that something like Hillarycare becomes law.That may be just as bad as the Community Re-investment Act!

President Abomination,fulfilling a campaign promise,has expanded his government’s war into southern Afghanistan,primarily using our Marines-basically the soldiers of the US Navy.So what are the Navy’s soldiers doing fighting in a land-locked nation like Afghanistan? They’re supposed to be fighting along coastlines,on islands,on or near water.But again,they do what they want.This isn’t America’s war;it’s their war.Gen Petraeus admitted recently that al-Qaida is no longer in that country!So who are they fighting? They obviously want to conquer that country and others in that region!I’m in favor of military conscription only in national emergencies.But one of the drawbacks to a volunteer military is that the rest of the population doesn’t worry about being drafted.Patriots should greatly appreciate our volunteers,for if it weren’t for them,there would be a draft.And that’s all the more reason why we should be enraged at our leaders who send them far away from home to fight their foreign wars for their own power and prestige.Our guys want to fight for America and her people!Not the Council on Foreign Relations or AIPAC!

Our unemployment rate rose to 9.5%,and the Abomination foresees it rising to double digits by year’s end.But so many in the establishment keep trying to re-assure us that things will be just ducky.”Just trust us,”they say.

And finally,I close this patriot post on a negative note:Al Franken-a clown from Saturday Night Live-will be sworn in as a US Senator from Minnesota.This’ll give the donkeys,basically,a 60-seat majority and will keep the elephants from filibustering a bill.This isn’t good news because the vast majority of the donkeys in the US Senate are ultra-liberal,with only a handful of moderates/centrists.So now they’ll be able to pass their neo-Bolshevik laws with greater ease than before.However,the Democrats actually have only 58 seats,while Uncle Joe Lieberman from Connecticut and Bernard Sanders from Vermont are Independents.While Sanders has always been an Independent since being in Congress(to my knowledge),Uncle Joe only became an Independent because he lost the Democratic primary for the senate to Ned LaMont.But,Uncle Joe was not to be undone:to stay in power,he left the donkeys and ran as an independent.He won with barely 50% of the vote.The Republican in the race only got about 10%.And that’s because Boy George and his hand-picked RNC chairman Kenneth Mehlman(reportedly a homosexual)wanted their Uncle Joe re-elected!So they pretty much ignored the GOP candidate.This act of political backstabbing was barely covered in the major media,and the jerks in the GOP barely mentioned it too;they just couldn’t bear the thought that their fearless leader had sold out their candidate to get the liberal Uncle Joe re-elected.And why did they work to get him re-elected.Almost certainly because he’s a hawk on the “War on Terror.” Moreover,there’s a bit of intrigue in the senate thanks to Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania-the Warren Commission lawyer who gave America the idiotic theory that the same bullet that killed President Kennedy also hit Gov.Connolly.Mr.Specter sure knows how to gravitate to power.When he was elected to the senate in 1980 when Ronal Reagan was first elected president,he switched from the Democrats to the GOP just to ride Reagan’s coattails and get elected.He almost lost re-election in 1992 when Billy and Hillary Clinton were elected co-presidents,and almost lost the GOP primary in 2004 to Pat Toomey.But,Boy George,just like he rode up to Connecticut to help out Uncle Joe Lieberman to help him get re-elected,rode up to Pa.and was able to twist enough minds of GOP primary voters and that barely got his good friend Arlen the election.There’s a lesson here,patriots,among others:Toomey was slightly ahead of Specter before Baby Bush went to the Keystone State.But after some presidential smiles and handshakes and probable back-room deals,Specter snuck back ahead and won by just a few thousand votes.Rarely do sitting presidents get involved in primaries of their own party.But when they want an insider like Arlen Specter,or Uncle Joe Lieberman,to stay in power,they’ll try,by hook or crook,to get it done.And now Specter-reportedly a 33rd degree Freemason-has crossed the political aisle again,to rejoin the party that he has probably always loved,because now it suits him and his pro-illegal-alien-amnesty agenda to give the Democrats a 60-seat majority.How things go full circle sometimes with the lovers of power.

Fellow patriots,this post has pushed my dinner back about an hour.I’ll soon be having some peanut-butter sandwiches with a glass of cream soda,to be followed by a piece of home-made cake and a banana.And if I stay awake,I’ll polish it off with my last cigar.I’ll be listening to the shortwave broadcast Babylon is Fallen on WWRB,frequency 3.185.I hope you all had a great Independence Day weekend;the weather was absolutely perfect here in southeast Bronx County,NY.On July 4th,1776 in Philadelphia,PA the Declaration of Independence was signed;they declared America free from King George III.Now let us be free from Daddy George Bush,Boy George Bush,Barack Abomination,Hillary Clinton and the rest of this bunch of Diversity Gang tyrants selling out our nation.Keep the faith,keep flying the flag.America is still free.For now anyway.Till next week.Pray that God will bless America.