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The Week in Review

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Greetings,patriots.In contrast to the previous week,the week ending on Saturday,June 27th was quite busy for patriot alerts and responses.

First,some good news and some bad news on the amnesty front.The bad news is that the same bunch of illegal-alien-friendly politicians met President Abomination to strategize an amnesty plan for our land’s estimated 12 million illegal immigrants.They’re shooting for a bill to come up for consideration either at the end of the year or at the beginning of next year.The good news is that Abomination’s chief of staff Rahm Israel Emanuel admitted to the members of the amnesty gang at the meeting that they don’t at this moment have the votes to pass an amnesty.That’s great news,patriots!With a Democratic president and Congress,they still can’t snooker the votes for an amnesty for invaders and lawbreakers.Congratulations to all you patriots who’ve been fighting for real immigration reform and to stop the amnesty gang all these years.I’ve been in the immigration-reform fight for about 25 years.But ever since Boy George entered the White House in 2001,it has been intense,for he pushed for amnesty almost as soon as he became president.Let’s not let our guard down and keep the watch on the Amnesty Gang wherever they strike or plan to strike,whether it’s in Congress,the state house,the county seat,the city hall,the local church,etc..This is one fight that patriots can’t afford to lose,for this country will be forever changed if amnesty passes.The main reason we oppose amnesty is because it rewards lawlessness and invasion of our land.Those in power in District of Criminals are used to selectively enforcing the law,looking the other way when it suits them and harms the nation.But just as important is the political,demographic,economic,social and cultural changes that’ll certainly come to our land if the invaders are amnestied.80% of the illegals are latinos,about half the legal immigrants into America are latino,Spanish-speaking Puerto Rico(with a population of about 4 million and about 3.5 millions Puerto Ricans living in America)always presents the threat of becoming the 51st state,and latinos are the only racial group who are expanding their population via birthrates;all the other races are either just replacing themselves or aren’t reproducing enough to compensate for death rates.So,this proposed amnesty could add about 10 million latinos to our population,plus their bambinos.By last count here in New York City,10 radio stations broadcast in Spanish,and to my knowledge,most of these stations are broadcasting to a Puerto Rican audience.In Miami,Florida,there are about 14 radio stations broadcasting in Spanish,and these stations,again,to my knowledge,broadcast mainly to that city’s Cuban population.In Los Angeles,California there are 21 radio stations broadcasting in Espanol,the last time I heard.And these stations appeal mosty to the Mexican population in LA.A former neighbor of mine moved about 3 years ago to Las Vegas.He told me before he left that when he was staying at his house there,he was looking for an all-news radio station and almost every station he heard while tuning was broadcasting in Spanish!Whose country is this!It’s a terrible feeling when an American living in his country tunes the dial on broadcast radio and hears one non-English-speaking station after another and sometimes has to hunt for an English station.I don’t want to live in Puerto Rico,Dominican Republic,Cuba,Mexico,El Salvador or any other Latin American nation.For those who want to live in a Latin American country,they can move south of the border and take their pick!I want America,and Canada,to stay European and English-speaking!It’s that simple,patriots.Amnesty will also add a multitude of poor people to our underclass,and will create a bureaucratic nightmare of a backlog and tons of paperwork and casework.NO AMNESTY!!!!!!!!!!!

The US Justice Dept.once again practiced favoritism towards some American Jews who spied for Israel or were discussing leniency for one of their spies if he was convicted.Jewish congresswoman Jane Harman from the Golden State was under investigation by federal lawmen for allegedly discussing using her influence to get a lenient sentence for the former AIPAC spies who were indicted for spying if they were to get convicted.But the corrupt Justice Dept.decided not to prosecute Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman and also went easy on Ben-Ami Kadish for spying for Israel too.So now they say they’re not investigating Harman.So it’s virtually official from the Abomination’s Justice Dept.:if you’re Jewish and spy for Israel,we’ll leave you alone.Larry Franklin was given a 10-year sentence in the AIPAC spy case.Patriots,I urge you to contact the offices of Sen.Leahy from Vermont and Sen.Sessions from Alabama.They are the chairman and ranking member,respectively, of the US Senate judiciary committee.Leahy’s a typical liberal Democrat and Sessions is a quasi-conservative.If we let them know what we know is going on,maybe,just maybe they’ll address this dangerous ethnic favoritism and favoritism to the nation of Israel;this is endangering our national security and our standing in the world.The Israel Lobby is out of control.

A global-warming bill narrowly passed the House on Friday.This is another way that Abomination and his fellow Jacobins plan to destroy our country:dumb us down economically to Third World or quasi-Third World status.We can do many simpler things to reduce pollution;this cap-and-trade legislation is an attack on American industry and jobs and doesn’t address the developing countries like China and India who are big-time polluters with a combined population of about 2.5 billion people!Plus,the bill is over 1,000 pages!I’ll bet my last dollar to my last donut that only a handful of congressmen read this bill! Maybe there should be a law that a congressman should have to pass a test of some kind to prove that he read the bill he’ll be voting on.Call your US senators and urge them to vote no on the climate-hysteria bill.

What sweet justice that Dr.Antonia Novello was convicted in New York State for using state workers for her private affairs.Daddy Bush picked her as the first “hispanic” US Surgeon General,and then another “hispandering” politician named George(New York governor Pataki)appointed her NYS health commissioner.And wouldn’t you know,patriots,Daddy Bush appointed her about the same time he appointed “hispanic” Sonia Sotomayor to the fedreal bench.Actually,both these senoras are Puerto Rican;they’re not hispanics.Hispanics are from Hispania,which is comprised of the European nations of Spain and Portugal.Sotomayor has already admitted she’s an “affirmative-action baby.” And probably “Dr.” Novello is one too.She could’ve gotten 12 years in jail for ripping off the taxpayers,but as usual,a government official gets a slap on the wrist while an average Joe or Jane would’ve certainly gotten a stronger sentence instead of community service and a piddling fine.

And lastly,Michael Jackson-the prince of weird-dies.I believe one reason the Almighty has already punished our land and continues to do so is the worship of so-called entertainers like the neurotic who wore the white glove.He started out with The Jackson Five singing simple boy-girl songs of affection and fun,and then he turned into a flaming nut.Idol worship turns people into many kinds of things.In one instance,it’s similar to a drug making someone think and act differently than he or she normally would,i.e.,with a clear head and his senses intact.Jackson’s identity crisis,his pathological attraction to boys,the white glove,the plastic surgery,the awful songs coming from his mind and his mouth-none of this mattered to his worshippers.Now he dies under mysterious circumstances,and we’ll see if the truth emerges as to his cause of death.The establishment likes to cover up for its idols,sometimes at any cost.As for The Gloved One,he may now be at a peace he rarely experienced in his life.

Patriots,and immigration reformers and opponents of the Amnesty Gang in particular,it’s great that we can take a breather this Summer on the amnesty threat.But like the Boer militiaman in the 1964 film “Zulu” said to the English officers after the first attack ended on the British garrison at Rorke’s Drift:”They’ll be back.” Let’s be ready for them,and not just repel them,but beat them for good once and for all! Stay in touch with the Senate over the so-called climate-change bill and also for so-called “hate crimes” legislation.And remember,this Saturday is Independence Day!Fly and fight for our flag!Fight for our nation and our land!Our enemies are almost all within our borders!And please go to my website for the really important news of the day for patriots to learn of and some important commentary and other resources.Please network with the site and with each other.Send me any news you think is important for the patriot cause.My fellow Americans,till next week.

The Week in Review

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

The last week of Spring 2009 was a bit of a respite for patriots;R& R is indispensable for the patriot cause.

It looks pretty obvious that CIA and/or Mossad and/or British intelligence are involved in some capacity in the domestic violence that befell Iran almost immediately after the re-election of Ahmedinejad.The neo-cons,thank God,failed to ginny up public support for an attack on Iran similar to the attack on Iraq.They were using the same playbook,but the American public didn’t buy it.So now that Iran’s election didn’t go their way,they’re taking their revenge out on the streets of Tehran.Patriots have no qualms with Iran’s president;he isn’t and never has been a threat to America.Almost all the anger and franticness over Iran is Ahmedinejad reportedly threatening to “wipe Israel off the map.” That charge was made over and over again by the major media and high government officials.First,he never said that;it was ripped out of context.He said something to the effect that he looked forward to the day when Israel is no longer a nation-i.e.,no longer found on the map.Arab and Muslim leaders have been expressing wishes and hopes like that for decades;it’s mostly rhetoric.The Israel Lobby and it allies couldn’t get US to attack Iran(not yet anyway),but now they may be trying to subvert Iran from within,just like CIA overthrew the elected Iranian government in 1953 and installed the Shah.More importantly,Israel has the most-powerful military in that part of the world;it’s not even close.They have about 200-400 nuclear weapons,and they’ve never signed the nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.So why is it ok for Israel to have nuclear weapons but not Iran or any other nation in that region? Favoritism,it’s that simple.If Israel feels threatened by Iran,then it should be up to them,not America,to attack.

The Brits are going to establish a commission to investigate the Iraq war.I don’t have high hopes for real truth to come from this investigation.But with their government in a bit of a crisis,maybe some good will come.Boy George should’ve been impeached over Iraq;so should’ve Cheney.America was lied to about Iraq having WMD and ties to al-Qaida in the 9/11 attacks.Cheney even admitted about 2 weeks ago that “Saddam” wasn’t involved in 9/11.An impeachment hearing would’ve demanded:Who lied and why? But there was no impeachment,no real investigation.The bi-partisan powers that be cover for each other when they break the law and engage in criminal and/or immoral acts.

The week ended was the first one since about early May that the DJIA took a loss.I urge patriots to be very careful with their savings and investments.Wall Street is a big gamble.About 6 months ago,a TGIF’S right near Wall Street was closed by NYPD for drug dealing.The bar/restaurant had a large Wall Street clientele,and they were dealing and buying drugs in plain view right at the bar.NYPD closed the joint because they claimed the management knew about the dealing and did nothing about it.I met a divorced woman two days ago who told me her ex who worked on The Street got hooked on dope and is now languishing in California.Back in NY,he has an ex-wife and two kids.He gave this up for his dope.The major media in this city dropped the TGIF’S case like a hot potata.The Street is probably full of dope heads!These guys are dealing with billions of dollars a day and their brains may be fried from dope and alcohol and God knows what else!I recommend the relative safety of bank money-market accounts and cds,which until the end of the year are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per institution.

President Abomination may be the one ordering Pakistan to wage war on “insurgents.” I remember at the beginning of the US occupation of Iraq,the Pentagon,the government and their media lapdogs were calling Iraq fighters “terrorists.” They finally got tired of that and started calling them insurgents,and now the new one I think is “militants.” The neo-cons,the theo-cons,the warmongers,the invaders-they want to rule over there!At times,the highest patriotism is standing up to the criminal,lawless government that rules the people.Most Americans want no more US dead in that part of the world,but it continues and there’s no end in sight.They don’t want open borders and illegal-alien amnesty,but that threat may soon come once again.They don’t want an official Spanish-speaking nation on US soil and they don’t want a bi-lingual society,but our land is headed in that direction unless patriots demand it be stopped.They don’t want a government bankrupting our treasury,but that’s what has already happened.They don’t want our nation dependent on Communist China to fund our daily governmental operations,but that’s what’s happening.There’s more,but that’s enough,for now.Patriots need real positive change from Washington,not the same old story with a different face or name.

Today was Father’s Day.Fatherhood has been under frontal assault since about the late 1960s.With moronic tv shows from anti-Christ Hollywood showing fathers as dumb and clueless and women as geniuses,with out-of-wedlock birthrates at about 60% for latinos and 70% for blacks,with divorce and abortion still all-too-common and putative throughout the land,America needs a reminder of the importance of fatherhood.And this is coming from a patriot who’s not a father.

Fellow patriots,I’m getting tired as I type.Please stay in touch with this website and take the time to look into and oppose the major enemies of the great nation our forefathers fought and died for.We owe it to them,and our posterity.Look into the eyes of your children and your friends’ children and your neighbors’ children and you’ll realize that the fight will be more than worth it.Till next week.God bless America.

The Week in Review from A Patriot’s Diary

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Ahmedinejad cruises to re-election.Will the neo-cons try to get President Abomination to attack Iran via the same lies and dirty tricks they used to get Boy George to attack Iraq?

Senate hearings will begin on Monday,July 13th,on Conquistador Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the US Supreme Court.I urge patriots to do all they can to stop this “wise latina” from being confirmed.The Diversity Gang and the Amnesty Gang obviously want to establish a Spanish-speaking Latin-American nation on US soil.That’s why Abomination picked former Bronx borough president Adolfo Carrion be Director of Urban Affairs and Cecilia Munoz-a former vp at National Council of la Raza(the Race)-to head Office of Inter-governmental Affairs.The former post will allocate grant money largely from taxpayer dollars to selective big cities,while the latter will direct relations between Washington,DC and state and city governments.Moreover,Abomination nominated Miguel Diaz to be US Ambassador to the Vatican.The Cuban-born Diaz was president of Catholic-Hispanic Theologians of United States.Why couldn’t he just join or start up Catholic Theologians of America?The aforementioned latinos are obviously obsessed with their race.Plus,Abomination is scheduled to meet this week with members of the Amnesty Gang to strategize for the next amnesty bill for the estimated 12 million illegal aliens in America,80% of whom are latinos.And as I type,the Puerto Rican Parade is scheduled to begin here in NYC in about 10 hours.It rained almost all day Saturday and there’s a 40% chance of rain today.Patriots in and out of NYC:please pray for rain on Sunday,June 14th,in NYC.June 14th is also Flag Day.Please fly Old Glory.Remind our domestic enemies that this land is still our land.If they want our flag,they’ll have to rip it from our hands!

California-the Golden State and the world’s 7th-largest economy-will go belly-up in about 2 months unless some drastic measures are taken.Illegal aliens cost Ca.taxpayers about $4 billion annuallly.But the Bloviator says that’s no big deal!California is headed for collapse or re-conquest by Mexico.Patriots in the Golden State:Take your stand!And patriots in the rest of America should come to their aid anyway we can.An attack on California is an attack on all of America!

The Holocaust Avengers and the “Hate Crimes”Squad are out for vengeance because of the gunman who murdered the security guard at the so-called “Holocaust” Museum in DC.This gang doesn’t squawk when people get murdered in schools and churches.But when a Jewish center or institution gets attacked,they want to set the world on fire.They are trying to get a “hate crimes” bill passed in Congress.Every crime is a hateful act!But to them,certain racial and ethnic groups are entitled to special laws,special prosecutors,special this,special that.Patriots:if we let them,they’ll turn our nation into a gulag.They will try to use these hate laws to intimidate,fine and/or imprison those who publicly oppose them.More proof that America’s enemies are almost all right here,on our soil.

War continues to rage in Iraq,Afghanistan,and now Pakistan.American servicemen continue to die and get wounded.Almost 5,000 dead in Iraq and Afghanistan and over 30,000 wounded.There’s no end in sight.The aggressors and invaders in and out of the US government obviously are trying to conquer that part of the world,for the following reasons:to seize the oil wealth and resources of those lands,to kill and wound multitudes of Muslims and destroy as many of their nations as possible,to make Israel safer and more secure and more powerful,to take over the lucrative opium trade.This isn’t fighting for America!Our guys should fight and die for our land and our freedoms and our people!

For about the last 3 months,the Dow Jones Industrial Average(DJIA)has shot up about 2,300 points.With so much negative economic and financial news,why the rebound? Because,like alluded to in a USA Today headline,investors are “betting.” That’s right:they’re betting things will improve.Yuppie traders are putting blind hope and faith in Abomination;they think he’ll bring us all into financial nirvana.

Patriots,till next week.Keep the faith.Fight for America and her children.While it’s still day.

Hello,Patriots of America!

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Patriots unite!We’re in the 11th hour!America’s enemies are mostly here,on our soil!An Abomination is in the White House!A conquistador is on her way to becoming a US Supreme Court justice!The Diversity Gang is more aggressive than ever.They smell blood!The Amnesty Gang is on the march to try and get amnesty for about 12 million invaders and lawbreakers!Americans keep dying in immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan!The 2-party system controlling our political system is lawless and corrupt!Their system is financially and morally bankrupt!Anti-Christ Hollywood is relentless!

Patriots:Unite and fight to save our nation!God help us!