An American Patriot Wishes All Co-Patriots a Safe, Joyous and Hopeful New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

December 31st, 2013

Hi, patriots. I hope you all had a blessed Christmas. I was planning to close out 2013 in the Year of Our Lord with a typical review of and commentary on the news. But as I type on this New Year’s Eve, 1850 hours EST, I’ll just be giving my well wishes to all co-patriots as this year on the Roman calendar comes to a close. My New Year’s Eve plan is to go out for a couple of beers at a local pub and return home about 2130 hours for a sandwich and potato chips while beginning to watch marathons of 3 of my favorite tv shows until the second day of the new year: The Honeymooners, The Twilight Zone and The Odd Couple. This relaxation will be somewhat dampened by Billy de Blasio-the incoming leftist mayor of New York City-inviting Supreme Court judge Sonya Conquistador Sotomayor to drop the dumb ball in Times Square at midnight to usher in 2014. Billy Boy is a big La Conquista supporter, and his inviting this ugly latina to “drop the ball” is rich with anti-American, anti-patriot leftist symbolism: the anti-patriot, leftist mayor of USA’s biggest city inviting a Puerto Rican leftist gorgon on the nation’s highest court to perform the ball-dropping ritual in front of millions of people-those present at Times Square and those watching via television-to subliminally tell us that they are going to attack this country in any way they can in 2014. Patriot warning: Be ready for them in 2014!

Patriots, 2014 looks like it’s going to be a volatile year in our country, on almost every battlefield. We’ll need to start preparing soon into the new year, getting informed, getting involved, networking with co-patriots and pleading with would-be patriots, informing and exhorting our countrymen to the imminent danger we’re in from the anti-patriots in power over us and those seeking power. Patriots: Load and lock! No kidding! Prepare for the worst! But as for this New Year’s Eve and tomorrow’s New Year’s Day, safely enjoy yourselves and take the R & R. I will too. I’ll talk to you all next year and may the LORD be with us. Amen. May He not yet give up on America.

An American Patriot Wishes Co-Patriots a Blessed Christmas

December 23rd, 2013

Greetings, patriots. I type on Monday, 1920 hours, December 23rd. With 2 days before Christmas Day, I wish all you co-patriots a blessed and a merry Christmas. I won’t be reviewing and commenting on the important news with this post, but I’m just staying in touch with my fellow Americans who, like me, are committed to the patriot cause of defending our nation from its enemies, almost all of them right here on our soil(like the Constitution describes them as ” domestic enemies”). I’ve committed to add a regular review-and-commentary post before year’s end. Our battles next year against the enemies of American patriotism, the American nation and its Christian morality and faith will be plentiful and fierce, and I urge you all to enjoy health, family and friends this blessed time of year while we prepare to return to the front next year.

As I’ve written before on this patriot post, Jesus the Christ’s birthday is unknown. But, Western civilization a long time ago picked a day to officially recognize the day He was born for His magnificent purpose: to redeem mankind, to give His life as a ransom for many, to rise from the dead and offer eternal life to sinful man, to proclaim the Gospel-the Good News-of Almighty God’s kingdom coming to Earth, as it is in heaven. Patriots, as we leave our jobs and relax, give and receive gifts and make merry the next few days, please don’t forget the Savior. Thank Yahweh for sending His only begotten Son to Earth and ask Him to send Him back, ASAP, to remove haughty, arrogant man from their earthly thrones. The beautiful Christmas cartoon A Charlie Brown Christmas, which aired on CBS for many years until they decided to no longer air it, closes with a beautiful children’s chorus singing Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!. Just before that great hymn is sung, Linus reminds Charlie Brown what Christmas(really, the birth of Christ) is all about, by going on-stage, asking the lights to be turned down and just a spotlight to focus on him and his message, part of which is from Luke’s Gospel, chapter 2: verses 10 and 11: ” I [an angel of God Almighty] bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people: for unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior, Who is Christ the Lord.” Hallelujah.

Patriots, be safe, stay away from the big shopping malls Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, enjoy your good health and the company and love of family and friends, and have a blessed, old-fashioned Christmas. But be prepared for my fire-and-brimstone final post for 2013 A.D., in the Year of Our Lord. May the Lord be with us all. Amen.

On Thanksgiving Eve 2013,an American Patriot Wishes Co-Patriots a Safe and Blessed Holiday

November 27th, 2013

Hi,patriots. I’m writing this short post on Thanksgiving Eve 2013 not to review and comment on the news like I usually do, but to wish all US patriots a safe and blessed Thanksgiving Day and the same to those who are lucky enough to have a 4-days’ weekend. The fights we’ll face next year will be legion, and we have much work to do now as we prepare for what we’ll face in the Year of Our Lord 2014.

I urge you all to stay away from the big stores and their Black Friday and now even Black Thanksgiving sales; only shop for what you really need and try to keep it local and visit small businesses. Visit family and friends and reconnect with old friends you’ve lost touch with over the years. The anti-patriot, anti-Christ, grossly immoral political, financial, business and corporate establishments want us to go out these upcoming 4 days and spend our money like wild and mostly on things we don’t really need. Please don’t fall into their trap! They’ve expressed their hatred for us these past several years by punishing us if we save money and telling us to go buy stocks if we want any real return on our savings. So, patriots, defy the bastards! No matter how many carrots they offer us! Keep it safe and simple on the holiday that was made into law under President Lincoln to give thanks to the Almighty God who has so blessed our country, then, since and now.

As I type on this Thanksgiving Eve 2013 at 1810 hours, EST, in southeast Bronx County, NY, it’s a cold, rainy early evening. I’m in the command center at the house I live in, playing beautiful Christmas music on my old LLOYD’S AM/FM 8-track player! I’m listening to beautiful music played and sung by the very talented Bing Crosby, Henry Mancini and His Orchestra and Chorus, Pat Boone, and Fred Waring & the Pennsylvanians. Such beautiful songs and hymns about the Savior. And about “The Season” too.

Still, I’ve had much battle fatigue over the past few months. The anti-patriots and those serving the spirit of anti-Christ are getting more aggressive and more evil with each passing day. Great violence is spreading throughout the land, as is terrible weather. I believe this’ll intensify and spread as America keeps slouching towards Gomorrah.

As for my Thanksgiving Eve, I have 3 delicious-looking slices of Sicilian pizza in the fridge to wolf down between 2130 and 2200 hours. I’ll eat while listening to either WWRB(shortwave frequency 3.185 or 5.050) out of Manchester, TN and/or WWVA 1170 AM out of Wheeling, WV. I hope to top it off with a glass of flavored seltzer water and then a cigar and then hit the hay.

Farewell, patriots. Once again, a safe and blessed Thanksgiving Day and/or weekend to us all. And may the Good Lord be with us.

An American Patriot Finally Returns to Reviewing the News

November 3rd, 2013

Hi, patriots. After a hiatus of about 6 months, I’ve finally returned to this patriot blog to write a post. My long absence is mainly due to much home improvement, classic-car improvement, occasional R & R, patriot activism at the local level, and just too many other things on my plate over this time. This may not be the best of excuses for this extraordinary absence, but those are the reasons. Over this time, I’ve also not been covering as much news on the Internet and reporting on it at this blog’s parent site as much as I’ve been doing since this patriot operation began around Memorial Day 2009. But, I’ve kept up with reading the newspapers, magazines and newsletters I receive in the mail and sharing the important info and strategies with as many co-patriots as possible. Before I begin reviewing and commenting on the news via this post on Sunday evening, 9/29/2013, in the Year of Our Lord, I write to inform you all that this post will cover much of the important news over the last 6 months, so it’ll be a long one. Time will persuade me not to elaborate as much as I normally do on the news and the big issues, because I’ll be covering about 60 news items.

Also before I begin the upcoming review, I report that many bad things have been occurring in our country over the last 6 months or so, including some patriot operations that have either surrendered or gone over to the anti-patriot side. Also, I lost a major source of foreign news via the Internet when Opera “upgraded” its browser and I lost almost all the RSS feeds I placed on my homepage. I had about 10 feeds, mainly British, Australian and New Zealand sources. I regained 2 of them and started up 3 new ones on Internet Explorer, but they’re not as informative as what I had on Opera. Don’t you love it when these IT geeks “upgrade” their software?! Most of the time it’s a bloody downgrade! And Yahoo! under its new female CEO “upgraded” its e-mail software and forced those who used the previous e-mail version to switch to the new version by preventing us to access our e-mails! How nice of the liberal yuppies at Yahoo! and its CEO Marissa Mayer! Well, the new version stinks! They’ve also fiddled with their local-news RSS feeds by removing some of the ones I was using. In short, another upgrade was mostly a downgrade in the info-tech age we live in. On a more serious note, patriot site started up by immigration patriot Glenn Spencer that does a great job of gathering important news from all over our country on immigration news-has been down for about the last 4 months because Glenn’s webmaster has been ill. And with an amnesty threat for 12 million illegal immigrants now looming in US House of Representatives, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. Another big loss has been the deterioration in Last Trumpet Newsletter-still a patriot resource at Patriots and Christians lost a fine servant in Pastor David Meyer-founder and former editor of LTN-when he died from respiratory complications about 18 months ago. His son took over the writing and editing of the newsletter, and while it took some time, it is nowhere near as good as it used to be under David. His son is rather young(about 30),and reports on things that wouldn’t be covered if Pastor David were still with us. Way too much news on scientific and technological news are covered, and that’s probably because the young Mr.Meyer is in the IT field. And a reader gets that impression when reading the new Last Trumpet Newsletter. It has gotten so much worse, that the last issue I read was I think the May issue. I may soon remove it from the Patriot Resources page at The loss of Pastor Meyer and the subsequent deterioration in the newsletter he founded have been terrible losses to America’s patriot cause. Pastor Peter John Peters-founder of Scriptures for America ministry-also died about 16-18 months ago.While I disagreed with many of his teachings, he did have keen insight on many important issues. He was an independent and a non-denominational cowboy preacher from Colorado, and here was one of his keen observations, what I believe to be a mix of truth and humor: ” When in a room with a typical Baptist preacher, I put one hand on my wife and the other hand on my wallet.” Is that powerful or what?! Likewise, his successors at the ministry he founded haven’t done that well picking up the torch from Pastor Pete. The ministry under PP fired up its own shortwave radio station(WTWW-We Transmit World-Wide),presently heard on day frequency 9.480 and night frequency 5.830, and the broadcasts aren’t nearly as good as they were when PP was still with us. So there’s another blow to the patriot cause. Lastly is the terrible news that shortwave blowtorch WWCR(World-Wide Christian Radio) out of Nashville, TN has given seedy creep Ted Anderson and his Genesis Communications Network(GCN)virtually all the weekday prime-time slots with obnoxious loudmouths like Alex Jones(I believe he used to be a patriot and now has either flipped his lid or went over to the anti-patriot side)and Joyce Riley. And they even hired serpentine Rick Wiles for the 6 PM slot. GCN host Stan Monteith may even be on the other side now or he’s being used as a dupe. The creepy looking Mr.Anderson is reportedly a millionaire dealer in gold and silver, and he’s using his network to enrich and empower himself under the guise of fighting the patriot cause and NWO(New World Order). There are still some helpful broadcasts on WWCR, but they’re mostly on weekends and some of them are on in the wee small hours of the morning. In short, patriots, we may have lost WWCR to the other side. And that’s another blow to our cause. And the owner/operator of lesser-known SW station WWRB(World-Wide Radio Broadcasting) has been considering selling the station and is close to abandoning the Christian faith, at least the last time I spoke with him. There are other bad things like this that have been occurring in the land, and they may just be signs of the times. Patriots, we need to stick together and work together and exhort our countrymen now more than ever. I’ll resume this post in a day or two to start reviewing and commenting on the important news.

I usually start reviewing the news on this blog with reports on the immoral wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The major report is the 6 US military advisers who were killed in a Kabul bomb attack. Once again, America has lost 6 of her fighting men/advisers in a land far from home in a totally unnecessary, unconstitutional war. And the neocons’ war of wanton violence, revolution, insurrection, drone attacks, invasion and conquest has spread to Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Egypt and other Muslim nations. Like Boy George said he wanted to “democratize” the Middle East, his neo-con bosses like Fatso Cheney, Wolfy Wolfowitz, Donald the Torturer Rumsfeld and many others have waged their phony War on Terror! to invade, slaughter and conquer as many Muslin countries in the Middle East and its environs ever since 9/11. If God Almighty has mercy on this country, these rogues will be exposed and brought to justice for all the misery, death and destruction they’ve brought to America and the other nations they’ve terrorized.

I’ll now cover 6 instances of America’s continuing downward spiral of political corruption, anti-patriotism, self-worship and sleaze.So-called US Supreme Court(SCOTUS)declared that Arizona’s law to simply require proof of US citizenship to vote in that state violated federal law, specifically the “Motor-Voter Act.” That’s the law that a Democrat Congress and Democratic president Billy Clinton signed in 1993 supposedly to encourage people to register to vote but which obviously was meant to get non-whites, even welfare recipients, to register to vote and vote, of course, for anti-patriot Democrats or, in the words of patriot broadcaster Mark Anthony, “Demoncrats.” All the Grand Canyon State and other still-pro-American states want to do is make sure illegal immigrants and other unauthorized people aren’t voting; only US citizens can vote. This proves once again, patriots, that, like chief justice Roberts-appointed to the court by Boy George- casting the deciding vote for Abominationcare, this court is an anti-patriot court, regardless of a GOP or Demoncrat majority. Yes, the Demons are worse, but more GOP justices are showing themselves to be moderates or plain-old establishmentarians. AZ does have some legal options to keep requesting proof of citizenship, but it’ll be a tough fight; but fight they must. Next we go to Marky Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Patriots, I’ve suspected for many years that Facebook is mainly a CIA front and domestic spy operation to gather data and intelligence on as many Americans as possible. I wouldn’t trust schnozz-boy Marky as far as I could throw him. He became a billionaire almost overnight, and that rarely happens by chance. So the news that Max Kelly-a former head of security at Facebook-was hired by notorious National Security Agency(NSA)is more proof of my suspicions. A recent issue of The New American( had an excellent cover story on this rogue NSA-an outdated agency that needs to be disbanded, like CIA too. It was created by President Harry 33rd-degree-Freemason Truman in 1952 via “executive order,” which all too often is nothing but an unconstitutional presidential fiat. Patriots, I strongly recommend that if you haven’t opened a Facebook account and webpage that you don’t start one. Twitter or some of the other “social- media” sites are probably much safer. And if you “are on” Facebook, include as little information on yourselves as possible. Now we go to Janet Big-Sis Napolitano resigning(supposedly)as Secretary of US Dept.of Homeland Security and hired to become president of University of California. And the search committee that selected her was led by none other than Hollywood JAP Sherry Lansing-a former CEO of Paramount Pictures. Big Sis is part-Jewish herself, and I’m sure Lansing recommended her to make sure she does a good job of brainwashing UCAL students to be good, loyal anti-patriots and radical liberals and, of course, unyielding Israel supporters. This is another nail in the coffin of the once-Golden State of California. I believe the remaining patriots there will soon have no choice but to flee to other states or form several counties in the state to secede from Sacramento’s rule. Now we have 2 stories illustrating the self-worship and sickening praise that the Republicrat establishment periodically heaps on themselves, especially by and for current and former presidents. Believe it or not, Boy George had the temerity to open a presidential library in Texas. Here’s the proverbial spoiled-brat rich kid who has never worked an honest day in his life and who probably has never read a book in its entirety, opening a library. It’s probably a library with empty shelves! But the Bonesman Boy George and the dynasty he’s a part of love naming buildings and places and monuments after themselves; it exalts their egos and makes them always feel that their demi-gods. But there they all were at the ‘dedication”: President Destroyer, former president Billy Clinton and former president Jimmy Carter. At least the peanut farmer wasn’t a creep in his personal life and behavior, but he was still an anti-patriot. Daddy Bush wasn’t there supposedly due to illness. And then I saw a photo of the elitist anti-patriots who attended Edward “Teddy” Kennedy’s funeral in 2009. And they were all there too, with the “First Ladies,” and one can see Billy’s big,red nose lit up like a light on a Christmas tree, looking like the typical coke-snorting nose. And the Bushes were there-all good friends of Teddy: Republicans Daddy Bush and stern-faced Mrs.Bush, and Boy George and his iron-lady wife Laura. And what better way to conclude this part of this post on US political corruption than Madman John-Boy McCain-on Memorial Day-not visiting a US war memorial to pay his respects, but visiting the rebels in Syria to give them support in their murderous war to topple president Assad. These rebels are affiliated with Al-Qaida! That’s no problem for Madman McCain. Patriots, I’m not exaggerating in calling John Boy mad. This act of his is more proof that he’s insane, with a demented lust for endless war and violence and murder. These are some of the instances of the hellish state of Republicrat politics and governance today. And may Almighty God deliver us from its evil.

There are 5 items I’m about to cover on the financial and economic front. City of Detroit, MI-formerly known as Motown or Arsenal of Democracy-officially declared bankruptcy; in other words, they’re flat-broke. I spoke just the night before I type this with a pilot of a charter airline who flies all over the country, quite often flying wealthy people to and fro. He recently flew over Detroit, and the devastation he saw was absolutely mind-boggling: row after row of burned-out homes and abandoned buildings; packs of wild dogs roaming streets and in the front and back yards of houses; poorly lit and garbage-strewn neighborhoods, inter alia. This is what 40+ years of “free trade,” greedy unions and corporations, welfarism, corrupt politics, violent crime, etc. has done to this once-great city. Former mayor Kwame KilPatrick(Nice name! An African first name and an Irish surname!)recently received a lengthy prison sentence for all his crimes while in office. With its large black population, the city resembles a typical failed state in Africa. And more Detroits will be hitting USA in the near-future if patriots don’t fight back and try to save what’s worth saving. Many Americans have been running to the suburbs over the past 50 years or so, largely to escape forced busing and forced integration of whites and blacks, and also encroaching and spreading poverty and crime; but the running may be in vain, at least from the poverty. In the period 2000-2011, suburban poverty in USA rose 64%-double the urban rate. This is a very interesting social phenomenon, which is probably explained by a host of factors. One factor is that many of the lower classes,especially the criminal underclass, have been pursuing those seeking better lives in the suburbs after they helped rape and pillage the neighborhoods they ghettoized. People have bought homes they couldn’t afford in their rush to the ‘burbs, and property taxes are very high in many of these suburbs. Patriots, regardless of the many reasons for this phenomenon, it’s another part of America that’s dying and more stark proof that Americans can run for only so long and only so far before the great decay and misery all around us catches up with them. Maybe now, many of them will see that they’ll need to take a stand, very soon too. Dovetailing with this news and views is the report from Michael Snyder at that a “retail apocalypse” is coming soon to America. Basically his warning is that more and more retail outlets will be shutting down many of their stores and laying off and/or firing thousands of their employers. Like the previous report on suburban poverty, there are several reasons for this imminent apocalypse, but the overriding one seems to be that so many Americans don’t have the desire to spend a lot of their money(that’s good)or simply don’t have the money to spend on discretionary retail(that’s not good). Whatever the reason(s), what I described what the pilot saw recently when flying over Detroit will spread throughout the country: desolation and despair, more Third World living conditions. And the employment picture keeps looking gloomy even with a dropping unemployment rate. As of June, of the 700,000 jobs created in USA, only 130,000 are full-time jobs! Yes, patriots, you read that right! USA’s job market is turning part-time! Again, there are several reasons for this, one being Abominationcare’s requirement that full-time employees must be offered health insurance by their employers(those with 50 or more employers). Another factor is as companies keep caring more about profit than about people in an economy and a society that’s becoming more anti-patriot and more anti-Christ, hiring part-timers is more cost-effective. Regardless, if individual Americans have to work 2 part-time jobs to survive or live somewhat comfortably, this’ll make us even more stressed out and unhealthy than we already are as a people. And to conclude the bad news on this topic: another record has been broken under President Destroyer, as delinquent student loans hit an all-time high(a sign of more personal irresponsibility, high-interest loans, and graduates not earning enough to pay back the loans), 1/3 of those age 20-24 are unemployed or out of school, those 55 and over who are working is at a record-high(probably because they can’t retire early or “Social Security” isn’t cutting it). To sum up, patriots, the US economy is very, very sick and undergoing an extreme transformation, much for the worse, except for “The 1%” or those right near them.

La Conquista keeps marching on, like the Mexican soldiers attacking the Alamo in 1836. Colorado-the Centennial State because it became a state in 1876, 100 years after Declaration of Independence was written-is becoming more anti-patriot Democrat with each passing day, as more anti-patriot Californians leave the once-Golden State and relocate to other states so they can bring the devastation and destruction they helped heap on CA to as many other Western states as they can. So their government passed in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, meaning someone who isn’t supposed to be living in CO or any other state will not only be allowed to stay in or attend college in that state, but will pay a cheaper rate of tuition than a US citizen or legal immigrant attending college in Colorado. There’s the typical slap in the face to the American or the legal immigrant that the scum in Colorado’s government made law  a few months ago. And more “blue states” are joining that anti-American bandwagon. Now we leave La Conquista in “higher education” to what may be the most dangerous tactic in La Conquista’s war on USA: the importation, distribution and selling of narcotics to Americans. And one front in this aggression came to the sleepy town of New London, CT. A combination of law-enforcement agencies arrested over 100 people there who were either from Puerto Rico(PR)or Dominican Republic or got their heroin and cocaine thence. One of the PRs arrested was selling the drugs out of an auto-repair shop he owned. Here’s more evidence of what a nightmare for America it is that the scum ruling us in Washington, DC continues to grant “commonwealth” status and even the precious gift of US citizenship upon a Spanish-speaking island that shares very little in common with us. And since PR is basically a US state, the drugs move thence to USA very easily, without having to pass US Customs. Many lives have probably been snuffed out or made miserable by these La Conquista drug dealers from the Caribbean. But at least a patriot police action brought the curtain down on these banditos and hopefully they’re jailed for a long, long time. The last 3 news items on La Conquista deal with the always-present amnesty threat for the estimated 12 million people here illegally, 80% of them latinos. Some Amnesty Gang members are getting more aggressive and more bold than they’ve been in the past. One such display came to the suburban home of Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach. Kris has been on the front lines battling amnesty for many years, so he’s a prime target of Amnesty Gang and La Conquista. About 200 of their goons marched on and surrounded his house and remained there, demanding he stop opposing amnesty. Fortunately, he and his family weren’t home, and the goons left after police arrived. But just think for a moment, patriots, the houses you live in being surrounded by hundreds of people demanding you stop patriot activism. They easily could’ve broken windows and broken down doors to enter Kobach’s house and destroy it, and if he and his family were there, they could’ve killed them. This very scary incident demonstrates the importance of keeping at least one firearm in our homes. Police can’t be everywhere and sometimes they may take too long to respond to a menacing situation like that, and the only defense we have is our own. All patriots: Load and lock! Next from Amnesty Gang is US senator Timothy Kaine(a variant spelling of Cain-the first murderer)from Virginia. He was granted “unanimous consent-” meaning every senator present in the senate with Kaine consented to allowing him to speak on the senate floor-to urge the senate-in Spanish-to grant amnesty to USA’s illegal immigrants. Timmy’s a Catholic, and he was a missionary to Honduras at one time; that’s one reason why he speaks Spanish. So he probably wants all of us to speak it! I blasted his hispandering, anti-patriot action in an e-mail, which surprisingly he took the time to answer. Basically he wrote that he was just speaking to those who speak Spanish in America to express his support for the illegals to stay here and he didn’t mean any offense, blah, blah, blah. His speech is more evidence of how so many ardent Catholics, especially the prelates, are so supportive of amnesty and latinos. Latinos are predominantly Catholic, so legalizing millions of them, granting them citizenship and even allowing them to bring in their relatives will eventually just absorb America into Latin America, thus Catholicizing a nation that has always had a Protestant majority. The Catholic prelates, especially US Conference of Catholic Bishops(USCCB), smells adding more power to their church via greatly increasing their numbers in our country, regardless of the negative effects this will have on our neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, jobs, living standards, etc.. They wouldn’t mind if USA became a poverty-stricken, corrupt banana republic as long as they were cozy and comfortable in their jobs and their houses and their church offices and their egos. And what’s also scary in the Kaine affair is that Ol’ Virginny is turning blue, probably mainly because of all the US government workers in the DC suburbs who love Washington’s big government because it pays them very well, too well. And lastly on Amnesty Gang/La Conquista, anti-patriot US Senate finally achieved what they’ve failed to do many times this millennium, ever since Boy George became president in January 2001: they passed an amnesty bill, 68-32. Every single Demoncrat(55)voted for it, with 13 Republicons going along with them, including piece of human garbage Marco Rubio. The bill has been in limbo since it passed in June, while it’s Halloween as I type. It’s fate is uncertain in getting brought to the floor of US House of Representatives for a vote. Here is where the US Speaker has the authority to bring or not bring a bill up for a full vote. Meanwhile, I urge all patriots to contact the offices of the GOP leadership in the House and urge them not to even bring up a vote on any bill containing amnesty for invaders and lawbreakers. The leaders are speaker John Boehner, majority leader Eric Cantor, majority whip Kevin McCarthy and conference chairwoman Catherine McMorris-Rodgers; their contact information is available at or they can be called at 202-224-3121. Patriots, if amnesty passes, La Conquista prevails in destroying USA. And it’s not much consolation to say that it’ll take about 15 years for the conquista to complete.

More anti-white comments came from some members of Diversity Gang. Bobby Rush-a black congressman from IL who made an ass of himself by wearing a “hoodie” on the House floor while giving a speech on the Trayvon Martin affair-called Ron Kirk-a US senator from IL-”…an elitist white boy” for Kirk’s recommendations on dealing with Chicago’s raging gang violence. Some media liberals chided him for his anti-white slur. But if Kirk called Rush ” A bad-ass black boy,” Kirk probably would’ve been hounded from office. Like TV chef Paula Dean was forced to drop her show because she admitted using “The N word”(OMG!)at some time in her past, the anti-white double-standard when it comes to accusations of “Racism!” continues to rage across USA and will only recede when more people fight back-loud and hard-against the anti-white racists, ideologues, revolutionaries and ignoramuses running rampant throughout the land. And then we had Lois Romano-an ugly broad at liberal newspaper and website Politico-calling Wayne LaPierre at National Rifle Association(NRA),”…a tired…old white guy.” Now ain’t that a riot, patriots?! A white female calling a man of her own race, a tired old white guy? This only confirms that the anti-white hatred that has prevailed in the country’s political and big-media establishments is irrespective of race-i.e, the Diversity gangsters, the multiculturalists, the “progressives,” the liberal fascists, the revolutionaries, the neo-Marxists, these bastards are white, black,latino and asian; indeed, most of them are almost certainly white. They subscribe to a radical political ideology that preaches-ever so subtly and ever so discreetly-hatred of whites that’s similar to the hatred of the Russian bolsheviks towards Christians and the Nazis towards Jews. The “elitist white boy” and “tired, old white guy” slurs from a black congressman and a female “reporter” just cited are 2 small examples of the hate these maniacs have for America’s white population, and it seems to be getting worse. After all, we’re dealing with Diversity Gang.

US immigration statistics for 2012 were published, and they confirm the anti-white hatred  of the US government’s immigration policy. Ever since US senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy-in his first term as a US senator, mind you-and his brother “Bobby”-then US attorney general(typical hardcore Irish liberals)-and Emanuel Cellar-a Jewish congressman from New York City-and filthy louse President Lyndon Baines Johnson passed their immigration bill into federal law in 1965, the federal government has been discriminating against Europeans who seek to come to USA by keeping their quotas low and and the quotas for non-European countries higher than those for Europe. This is discrimination against Europeans and against American whites. It’s obviously part of the plan of the aforementioned radicals to eventually make whites a minority in America so as to disempower them as a race and then to persecute them in a variety of ways, like crime, laws that favor non-whites over whites, blatant discrimination against whites, forced quotas and forced integration, inter alia. Washington, DC’s government admitted only about 90,000 Europeans in 2012 while admitting about a million from everywhere else. They admitted more people from 4 Caribbean islands-the Spanish-speaking islands of Cuba and Dominican Republic, the Creole-speaking island of Haiti and the English-speaking island of Jamaica(a total of about 120,000 people)-than they admitted from all of Europe combined! And for a more thorough breakdown and analysis of the data on the anti-American/anti-white immigration laws and policies of the US government, please go to blog’s parent website. I’ll keep this report on the Current News page of the site for the rest of 2013.

America’s moral breakdown continues pell mell, with Boy Scouts of America(BSA)caving to the homo lobby and deciding to admit homosexuals as scouts. I believe it was when Senor Martinez at UPS Foundation pulled funding from the Scouts because they’ve always barred homo kids from their Christian organization that led the Scout leadership to knuckle under. I took patriot action in e-mailing UPS of my anger at their attacks on BSA, and even tried to contact UPS Foundation directly. But the foundation’s e-mail address wasn’t publicly available and when I called UPS customer service, they wouldn’t provide direct contact information; they sent me on a wild-goose chase. This was obviously a deliberate ploy of UPS to keep the bloodhounds and patriots off Martinez’s back and stunt any negative publicity towards UPS-the company that still claims: “We run the tightest ship in the shipping business.” Patriots, boycott UPS! There are alternatives! I haven’t used them once, either to ship or receive a package, since their attack on the Scouts. And to boot, I was going to donate to BSA before they knuckled under. But I saw an “En Espanol” section on their website! Patriots’, we’ve lost the Scouts! So add UPS and BSA to the patriot boycott list! And the men and women in black keep suppressing laws-ruling them “unconstitutional”-that limit or make more difficult, access to infanticide, euphemistically known as “abortion.” These anti-Christ, usually feminist, judges almost never cite anything specific from the Constitution to “rule” anti-abortion laws unconstitutional; they just want to keep this bloody horror legal forever. After all, to these power-drunk bastards, abortion is a “sacred right”(they really mean a sacred “rite”)for women. Patriots, infanticide is one big reason why I’m convinced the Almighty is bringing judgment upon our land. These judges need to be impeached! Removed from their seats of power and rule! And yes, in some cases, prosecuted! Judges do not have carte-blanche power to rule as arbitrarily as they’ve been doing for too damn long! And if patriots ever take back America from the anti-patriots who rule us and have ruled us for too damn long, one of the first things we’ll need to do is remove lawless, out-of-control judges from their benches and prosecute them when necessary! To the counter-revolution! And lastly on USA’s moral breakdown, the feminist witches and warlocks who reared their ugly heads in the ’60s, like JAPs Elizabeth Friedman(Betty Friedan), Gloria Steinem and Bella the Beast Abzug, has led to the insanity of law-enforcement agencies at every level hiring little girls as uniformed and non-uniformed law-enforcement personnel. And this insanity includes hiring female jail guards(”correction officers”)to guard male inmates. At Baltimore City Detention Facility in MD, 13 female guards were indicted for smuggling weapons and other contraband to members of a crime gang, while the leader of the gang knocked up 4 of the guards, with 2 of them bearing his kids; the other 2 were apparently “aborted.” What a beginning for those kids: their daddy is a jailed leader of a crime gang and their mommies were jail guards who were supposed to be guarding him. Yes, patriots, the nuts are running the asylum, and sometimes the jails too. This is one sickening result of 40+ years of liberal-fascist, anti-Christ, anti-male feminism and what it has done to law enforcement, the “criminal justice” system, and the penal system, like it used to be called, not the “correction system.”

There are 21 reports on the upcoming police blotter of some of the worst cases of multiple homicide and attempted multiple homicide to terrorize USA over about the last 6 months, and I’ll start from the pinko-liberal/anti-patriot Northeast and finish at pinko-liberal/anti-patriot Pacific Northwest. It was Baghdad in Boston when Boston Marathon was bombed at the finish line by some Muslim terrorists from Chechnya, admitted into America legally by the anti-American immigration laws and policies of the US government. Several people were killed and hundreds more wounded, many of them seriously. The quickest way to sum up this latest slaughter is to cite the old adage: “The chickens have come home to roost.” The invaders and murderers who’ve been in control of US foreign policy for about the last 25 years, especially in or near the Middle East and especially since 9/11, have on several occasions brought their game of empire-building and foreign adventurism onto America’s shores. They’ve murdered thousands of innocents in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and some other countries, justifying it all by claiming they’re just fighting “The war on terror!.” And now the innocents are being slaughtered in Beantown. The cycle will continue as long as President Destroyer and his comrades keep raining destruction and death down on one mostly Muslim country after another. FBI obviously murdered one of the suspects in the bombing in Florida, claiming the suspect endangered the agents. Pinko Boston-ruled by a combination of Demoncrat rogues and misfits and, I believe, by witchcraft too(The ghosts of the witches of Salem!)-suffered this horrible tragedy, for one reason among others, I believe, because the Almighty is removing His protection from some of the most anti-Christ metropolises in USA. And the city was basically under martial law for several days until the suspects were either captured or taken out. Patriots, this may be a foretaste of what America will resemble in the near-future as the quasi-police-state erected after 9/11 keeps growing and getting more powerful. Traveling right down south to the equally pinko-liberal, degenerate state of Connecticut, appropriately nicknamed the Nutmeg State, a 47-years-old grandma picked up her grandkids(aged 2 and 6 months)and shot them dead and then-What else is new in the American madhouse?-shot herself dead; now there are grandmas killing their grandkids. In a span of 4 hours in a 10-blocks’-area of Buffalo, NY, 4 men were shot(1 died)in 3 separate shootings. In the nation’s capital of District of Criminals on a late Sunday night/early Monday morning, 13 people were shot(1 seriously wounded)outside an apartment building(What happened to “Never on a Sunday ’cause that’s my day of rest”?). At the US Marine base in Quantico, VA, a latino Marine shot dead a white Marine and a latina Marine(yes, there are now female marines)over a love triangle; and just a few days later, 7 Marines were killed during training exercises in NV. In the Sunshine State in Hialeah, near Miami, Pedro Vargas gunned down 6 people before lawmen took him out. He claimed to a 9-1-1 dispatcher just before the killings that someone bewitched him-i.e., someone put a spell on him or used witchcraft on him. And maybe, patriots, he wasn’t kidding or deluded or nuts. Again, back to US immigration policy, the federal government has admitted millions from the Caribbean ever since the first wave of refugees from Castro’s worker’s paradise hit mainly Miami and its environs in 1961. They were mostly white Cubans, with money. A smaller wave came in ‘66, similar to the ‘61 wave. But with the 1965 Immigration Act which still rules us came millions more not just from Spanish-speaking Cuba, but also from Creole-speaking Haiti and Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic and other poverty-stricken Caribbean islands where occultic religions like voodoo and santeria are prevalent. Thus, there are probably a multitude of witch doctors and santeria priests and other occult practitioners in south FL who may very well have induced Pedro to kill. Whether he was bewitched or not, it’s another example of what out-of-control immigration policy and lack of enforcing immigration laws has done to south Florida, especially the Miami-area. Up to the Hoosier State of Indiana, 3 men and 1 woman were found shot to death in Columbus, and in IL-the Land of Lincoln-a man murdered 5, including 2 kids, before lawmen took him out in the town of Manchester; he had drug convictions. Over to the Show Me State of MO, a proprietor shot 3 of his employees dead and then-What else is new in the American madhouse?-shot himself dead in St.Louis. And in an “upscale” community in Louisville, KY, a man shot dead his ex-girlfriend, their young daughter, critically wounded his mom and then…shot himself dead. Going back South, in the Big Easy, Mayor Landrieu lamented “A relentless drumbeat of violence” after yet another mass shooting. Over to the Lonestar State, 14 were stabbed(2 critically wounded)at a community college near Houston-a city with a dyke mayor-and a woman was shot dead and 5 people wounded before lawmen took out the shooter in San Angelo. Patriots, isn’t it a bit bizarre, all these horrible killings and attempted killings occurring in cities named after saints, as in St.Louis and Louisville and San(Spanish for Saint)Angelo? And what a follow up to report that 4 people were stabbed inside an Albuquerque church, during Mass! And it’s no surprise that the once-Golden State of California gets honorable mention for 5 of these horrible multiple homicides: in “SoCal”(Southern CA), a 20-years-old shot 2 dead, wounded several others and then…………..killed himself; ex-LA cop Christopher Dornan, who was wanted for killing 4 people and wounding 3 others, killed himself during a SWAT raid on the house where he was hiding out; in Santa Monica(there’s another city named after a saint), a gunman killed 4 people and wounded several others before lawmen took him out, just a few miles from the home of former News Corp.president Peter Chernin, who was holding a fundraiser for President Destroyer(Yes, patriots, he was president of the News Corp.owned by Rupert Murdoch!); near Fresno, a man shot dead his adult daughter and his mom of 3 kids, seriously wounded his other daughter and then……………..killed himself, all this occurring with his grandkids present in the house; and lastly in CA, in the northern part of the state, a man with marijuana convictions is wanted for killing his wife and their 2 young daughters. And we finish this roll call of insane murder and attempted murder in Washington-the Evergreen State-in the pro-homo, degenerate city of Seattle, where on a late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, 3 people were shot dead and 1 seriously wounded in a parking lot outside, how appropriate, Sports Page Tavern; it seems like multiple murder is becoming a sport in contemporary USA. And lastly on the police blotter for homicide, a man shot dead his “live-in” girlfriend and 3 men before police took him out. Patriots, is more proof needed that more and more Americans have gone absolutely mad? Is it drugs that’s causing these ghastly slaughters? Hopelessness? Family rage? Adultery? Divorce? Financial hardship? I believe it’s a combination of these things and more, but it all boils down to a society becoming more immoral and more anti-Christ with each passing day. And these are the cards we’re being dealt. And what’s the typical arrogant, immature, snobbed-up response from the establishment politician and journalist? “Crime is down.” Patriots, that speaks volumes of the aloof ignoramuses and morons ruling us in big government and big media today.
Only one item from the sleazy pro-sports’ establishment. Alex Rodriguez(”A-Rod” or, more appropriately, A ‘Roid, short for Steroids)-the Dominican, US-born “cacique”(that’s Dominican vernacular for “chief” or big shot)on New York Yankees, made a cool $15 million profit on his beachfront Miami mansion, selling it for $30 million. And while “his star” may be fading because of his admitted use of illegal drugs to pump up his body, he still pulls in a sickening amount of money from Goldman Sachs-owned New York Yankees; yes, patriots, Jewish-owned Bronx Bombers are owned by Jewish-owned “investment bank” Goldman Sachs. He was signed to a long contract and pulls in about 20 million a year, because there are dopes and morons and upper-class creeps who keep attending the games and keep watching on TV and keep idolizing the ego-maniac, although even some of them may be done with him. And that he made this obscene profit on his former Miami mansion is more evidence of a sport that has gone obscene for about 30 years now and keeps getting more obscene, like its ugly-rat commissioner Alan “Bud” Selig pulling in $22 million this year as salary. Some of the most degenerate men in USA today are owners and general managers of pro-baseball teams. They have to had known about illegal drug use for a long time but did nothing about it as long as the idiot fans kept “coming out” to watch “their stars” perform for them, thus making the owners very rich, even more rich, and full of ego and pride. Again, patriots, this is the result of American society becoming more anti-Christ, more immoral.

And when a society becomes more anti-Christ, more idolatrous, the Father’s judgment comes or probably comes: the worst tornado to hit Texas in 50 years hit Granbury, killing 6; a far-worse tornado hit Moore, OK, killing 51 and bringing great destruction, with one witness saying it was “Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before”; back to TX, in San Antonio(there’s another saint city), 10 inches of rain in 15 hours brought the city to a halt; a cloud of red smoke hovered over Las Vegas, while also in the Silver State, a sandstorm on I-85 caused a 26-vehicles’ pile-up, killing 1 and seriously injuring several others, with one witness calling the horrible scene “near-apocalyptic”; and a dust storm hit SE Colorado, with a witness making the all-too-common observation, “I’ve never seen anything like it”; And in Black Forest, CO, wildfire destroyed 92 homes and forced 10,000 evacuations; and to conclude, 19 firemen(’firefighters” in the politically correct, feminist lexicon)died in AZ.

I conclude this patriot post as I usually do, with some patriot activism or the results of patriot activism in USA, personal and national. The Garden State finally was blessed with the permanent departure of ugly creep Frank the Louse Lautenberg from US Senate. The anti-patriot louse held on to the very end until he physically couldn’t make it anymore to the senate building. He has been replaced by former Newark mayor Cory Booker-a light-skinned negro who as I type, recently and easily won a special election for Lousenberg’s seat. While his upcoming votes in the senate may not be much different than Lousenberg’s, a consolation is that Frank’s family and his political comrades strongly opposed Booker to be Democratic Party nominee. And it’s also one less Jewish ultra-liberal, feminist, my-Israel-is-always-right anti-patriot in US Senate. And while the scandal around “Bobby” Menendez-the Cubano other US senator from New Jersey-has mysteriously died down, his relationship with Dominican-Jewish doctor Salomen Melgen may persuade him not to seek re-election. NJ hasn’t had a non-Democrat in US Senate since the 1970s, because of the state getting bluer and a decrepit Republican Party at the state level. Seven US senators announced they won’t seek re-election in 2014, and all of them, except maybe one of them, are anti-patriots. Good riddance! Don’t come back! They are Demoncrats Jay Rockefeller from WV, Carl Levin from MI(like Lautenberg, another anti-patriot Jew, but also the powerful chairman of the Armed Services Committee), Tommy Harkin from IA, Timmy Johnson from SD and Max Baucus from MT; the Republicans are Jimmy DeMint from SC-a pseudo-conservative who took over at GOP “think tank” Heritage Foundation and has since been replaced by the more-conservative Tim Scott-and quasi-conservative Saxby Chambliss from GA. Patriots, I’m sure that some patriot heat caused these retirements and, the Almighty willing, the anti-patriot senators will be replaced by patriots or at least by those not as bad as the ones leaving. And what a relief that warmonger-witch, Israel-worshipping congresswoman Michelle Bachmann won’t seek re-election, probably over some alleged hi-jinks re her last campaign. On the amnesty front, some patriots took to the streets even in outnumbered SoCal to protest the illegal-immigration invasion of their state, mainly form south of the border, down Mexico way. I met one of the protestors at a DC lobbying campaign this year, trying to persuade congressmen not to pass nation-destroying amnesty. And we lost George Jones-the Living Legend-this year. A man who led a very troubled life, still gave us some of the best country songs ever made. Nobody sang with the inflections, meaning and style of George Jones, and to answer the question of his song Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?, nobody will fill the shoes of the Living Legend. May he rest in peace. And here’s a report on some personal patriot battles I’ve fought and what I recommend for co-patriots. I believe that for many years, AARP(American Association of Retired Persons)has been mostly a front for Demoncratic Party, especially for a Demoncratic president. This was somewhat corroborated when their monthly online bulletin for September featured an “Opinion” piece of propaganda in their “In the Know” department entitled A Fix for Immigration, written in 2 parts by none other than US senator Woodchuck Schumer from NY and Johnny Madman McCain from AZ-members of the senate’s Gang of 8 and notorious, long-time supporters of Amnesty Gang and La Conquista. To you senior patriots out there in AARP, get out! Now! Don’t wait another second! Seniors Plus is one of many pro-American seniors’ groups to belong to that offer all the basic benefits that anti-patriot AARP offers and maybe offers better ones. Seniors don’t need and all American patriots don’t need an organization that’s obviously a propaganda arm for Demoncratic Party and their leader President Destroyer. Next we go the bread aisle in our supermarkets. Fortunately, I was able to talk to an ol’ pal o’ mine a few months ago and he informed me of some important news on the bread and bakery industry in America. Bimbo Bakeries is a Mexican company that has been on a roll(no pun intended)over the past few years, buying up one American bread and pastry company after another. They now own Thomas English Muffins, Entenmann’s, Stroehman, Arnold,Sara Lee breads and some other local brands. It’s obvious they’re trying to take over the US bread market! No mention of this in the major media and not even in some “pay-triot” media. I got stuck with a mildew loaf of Arnold over Summer, and when I called the 800# on the wrapper to report it, “Juana” answered at their headquarters in Horsham, PA. She didn’t have a latina accent, and she was nice enough to send me some coupons to compensate for the bum loaf I bought. Patriots, this is one ugly part of NAFTA, where many of these big conglomerates can cross borders and buy up as much as they want, whenever they want. And there’s talk in some patriot circles that Bimbo may be tied in with the Mexican mafia and/or the drug cartels. Isn’t this development something else?! And there’s barely a peep about it! Some mobbed-up, rich wetbacks are trying to buy up the US bread market! Busting the unions is probably high-up on their to-do list. Patriots:Boycott Bimbo Bakeries! BBB! I’ve been buying Pepperidge Farm bread the last few months. They’re owned by Campbell Soups, so they’re still US-owned. I’m paying about 10 bucks extra a month, but that’s a small sacrifice to help keep our bread companies American-owned. Next we go to Dunkin’ Donuts(DD). The store closest to where I live has bi-lingual signs in English and Espanol on display, even though there are now Bangladeshis working the counter when there were Puerto Ricans before. I e-mailed them off their website to tell them I won’t be shopping in that store anymore as long as the hispandering continues. I did get a formal response, but at least this patriot holding his ground in anti-patriot Bronx County gave them an earful. If you patriots want to join this fight against La Conquista, DD’s phone # is 1-800-859-5339. But there was victory at the local Rite Aid pharmacy! They had signs up, in Spanish only, above the front counter. So, I live-chatted on their website on how displeased I was over this and that I’ll be shopping somewhere else if the signs aren’t removed. I was connected to the regional manager, who e-mailed me later that the regional marketers placed the signs there and not the store management. He wrote that he found after further research, the neighborhood where the store is located isn’t mostly Spanish-speaking and he’ll look into the matter. After a few weeks, the Espanol signs came down! Chalk one up to a patriot victory, even in Bronx County 2013! Patriots, if we can win here, we can win anywhere! And I also refuse to buy paper towels from Marcal, Brawny and Sparkle because they have English and Espanol on their wrappers. I let them know I won’t be buying their towels and why, and I now buy Fiora paper towels. It’s a very good product and their wrapper writing is only in English, for now anyway. These are some of the ways how US patriots can resist and fight back against La Conquista.

Well, patriots, I started this post in late September, and I’m finishing right before midnight on Sunday evening, November 3rd. The temperature has dropped to 37 degrees in southeast Bronx County in NYC. Most of the work around the house I’ve been doing since Spring is done, along with some other projects part of and not part of our patriot cause. With the warm weather pretty much going away until next Spring and much of the other work completed, my schedule on this patriot blog and its parent website should soon be returning to normal, Good Lord willing. I should add another post before Thanksgiving. Till then, my fellow Americans, please keep fighting for the cause. Don’t give up regardless of the bleakness of the hour, keep hoping and praying. The light hasn’t totally gone out yet on our sick and imperiled country.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

March 24th, 2013

Hi,patriots.Like the old song says,”It’s been a long,long time”(in a manner of speaking,of course).It has been almost 3 months since I last blogged and there are several reasons for this.One is I’ve extended my R & R about 5 hours a week by playing tennis.Last March a former co-worker called to ask If I’d teach him to play tennis.I hadn’t played in about 4 years,so I welcomed the opportunity.After playing outdoors from March to November,we then started playing indoors.Tennis is great exercise and great fun.It has helped me greatly bounce back from a bad colitis attack last year to where,I thank the Lord,I’m back to good health.And if this patriot is in good health,then I can better serve co-patriots and our patriot cause.Also,the indoor club where I’m playing has some current and retired professors for members,so this can become a great opportunity to witness for America’s patriot cause.While these 5 or 6 hours a week are retracting from my Internet news reading and reviewing,it’s providing much-needed personal R & R and opening new doors for the patriot cause.Our time is so precious in the fight to save America from its enemies.I know that very well.So while I’m blogging much later than I should,I’m still in the fight and taking the battle to other fronts.Another reason I’m blogging late is yet another health issue,this time I think a bad respiratory cold,possibly an infection.I struggled with it for about a month,deciding and praying whether or not to go to the doc.Well,again,I thank the Lord,it’s out of my system,whatever it was.And this affliction came only about 2 months after I had the worst sore throat of my life,where I did go to the doc.I don’t run to the doc right away,but this sore throat was so bad that I got hardly any sleep for 3 straight nights.This must’ve been part of the very bad flu season that hit much of the country this Winter,and it’s probably part of His judgment upon a nation that’s growing more sinful and anti-Christ every day.Another distraction from blogging and posting links on this blog’s parent site been cleaning up,uncluttering and better organizing many things around the house,like a bedroom bookcase and 2 basement ones.With my health restored,for now at least,I’m also spending some time and money improving the house’s appearance,making things more attractive and more convenient.In short,trying to pretty up this little corner of our country.It does help lift the spirits,and I tout it for all patriots wherever they live.We all benefit when one house in the neighborhood improves its appearance.Much of life is about making and maintaining and experiencing beautiful sights,sounds and smells.So,I’ve been engaged in this bit of home and urban renewal for about the last 3 months.Also,I’m thinking about returning to the music-gig scene,as some local opportunities may open up.This’ll take some time from this post and its parent news-and- commentary site but,like the tennis,it opens other opportunities to share the patriot cause by sharing great music with others(not my music,but that of other artists).And also like the tennis club,we meet many more people when we outreach like this,those who we can introduce the patriot cause to,and also “meet up” with other patriots and increase our numbers and unify.Like Ralph Kramden said when he was janitor of the apartment building he lived in.”In unity there is strength.” I’ve also spent time expanding my personal library of books,vhs tapes,dvds,45 rpm records and cds.And to borrow again from Ralph Kramden,I believe I’ve hit the second plateau.Most nights,I eat dinner on the living-room sofa about 9 PM.And after the first or second course,I’ve been zonking out and don’t wake up till it’s 3 or 4 in the morning.I’ve been missing a lot of Internet news over the past few months because of this,as old age has finally crept upon this patriot who turns 53 in April.Lastly,this patriot blog is getting blasted with spam,and sometimes it takes me hours to mark it all as spam before I delete the non-spam.Well,patriots,there you have it.That’s why I’m unusually late with this post,but better late than never.I’m starting on Sunday evening,2/24/2013 and should finish in a few weeks.I’ll be citing and reviewing news from about a week before Christmas to the end of February.So get ready for the longest post ever on this patriot blog which’ll be up and running 4 years come next Memorial Day weekend.

I start as usual on this patriot blog with the corrupt,2-parties’ political establishment in USA.My last post way back before Christmas was almost totally on the November 2012 elections,which I called Black Tuesday.I now will give more perspective and analysis on BT,in addition to commentary on the increasingly immoral,anti-patriot,anti-Christ Republicrat polity that rules America.Let’s start with President Abomination-the head of this anti-Christ polity,the leader who sits in and rules from the White House(The “white horse” in Revelation 6?).I believe,like I’ve believed during and after other recent presidential elections,that a deal this past election may have been made between BO(Barack Obama)and Mormon Mitt and/or the GOP establishment to re-elect BO.I believe there’s plenty of evidence and good ol’ common sense to perceive that these bastards running the Republicrat system have agreed to an arrangement where if a Republicrat gets elected president the first time,he’ll get a second term.I think this started in the 1996 election,when GOP nominated a mummy in Robert Dole to challenge incumbent president Billy Clinton.The debates were kiss-ass jokes,with one softball question after another given to the “candidates” and even between themselves.The next incumbent president was Boy George in 2004.He was embarrassed in the first 2 debates by Herman Munster look-alike and now US Secrertary of State John Kerry.He was even caught wearing a communication device under his suit jacket that was probably used to give him orders during the debates! But then came the third debate,and Herman Munster obviously took a dive.The 2 brothers of Order of Skull & Bones must’ve agreed to let Boy George win a second term.And now we have the Abomination BO getting challenged by Mormon Mitt Romney,whose son admitted sometime in 2013 that his daddy really didn’t want to become president! What a great GOP presidential candidate! But this was probably just what the Republicrat establishment wanted:another term for BO,helped along by a weak challenger who made one gaffe after another during the primary and the general election too,like when he was arrogant and stupid enough to say he didn’t care about the poor.And about 2 months after the election,MM even goes to the White House/White Horse to have lunch with Abomination! Ha,ha,ha! They must’ve have had a gay ol’ time! Just what did they discuss?! But probably the biggest clue that Big O was getting a second term regardless was when he visited Russia and said to President Putin,something like,”When I get re-elected.” So was that just hubris or did BO know that it was already in the cards that he would remain in his seat of mighty power another 4 years? Regardless,BO remains in power from his White Horse.He,I’m convinced,is one big reason why America is under a curse from Almighty God.Now let’s move over to the sappy,cowardly,effeminate,complicit GOP leadership.John Mr.Weepy Boehner-Speaker of US House of Representatives-is revealing himself more and more to be an establishment hack and possibly a full-fledged neo-con.He and Mitch McConnell-GOP minority leader in US Senate-picked none other than Marco Rubio-the Cuban US senator from FL-to give the GOP response to BO’s State of the Union(SOTU)address.Why Marco? Because he’s “hispanic.” And regardless of the fact that Rubio is a rat fink,pro-illegal-immigrant amnesty,pro-war creep,Boehner,McConnell and the GOP establishment want to hispander to get their votes.Again,patriots,it just shows that GOP bigwigs just want power for the sake of power and they don’t want to serve the patriot cause! Picking Rubio was just public relations,an image gimmick,to show Americans that they’re not “Racist!” and they don’t hate latinos.It won’t work with latinos and it won’t work with the vast majority of patriots.When Rubio ran for the senate seat he currently holds,he campaigned against amnesty-but now he’s for it.So he either lied or changed his mind.He’s a facsimile of Melquiades Martinez-another Cuban-American who Rubio replaced in the senate.I forgot to mention that Marco gave the GOP response-in English and Spanish.Ay,caramba! And Melky was the first US senator to give a Spanish speech on the floor of US Senate.Both these Cubanos are ingrates.They entered USA as children with their parents,fleeing Castro’s worker’s paradise.And they’ve shown their allegiance and their affections are to their fellow latinos and not to USA,since 80% of the illegal immigrants in our country are latino.If the GOP establishment were conservative,they’d throw Rubio under a bus! But the new GOP is now hispandering just like the donkeys;now back to Bonehead Boehner-the Speaker with the cheap rug and flashy ties(he likes pink ties a lot.Hmmm).He invited House Republicans to a “retreat” in VA to help lick the wounds after the drubbing the so-called Grand Old Party took at the hands of BO and his neo-bolshevik donkeys last November.And he invited none other than Charles Cook-the liberal publisher of Cook Political Report-to speak to the Republicans! Why him,of all people?! Well,Charlie lectured the GOPers that for them to win in future elections,they need to-What else?-hispander! That’s it! Just start making campaign ads in Espanol,start teaching Spanish to GOP congressman,try to out-amnesty the donkeys,inter alia.Just what motivates the GOP Speaker of the House? Does he have any political philosophy-i.e.,is he conservative,liberal,moderate,etc.? It’s becoming pretty obvious patriots,that Boehner is simply an establishment hack,a wishy-washy,pie-face,don’t rock the boat prima donna,who probably hates conservatives just as much as BO.This is the clown who a majority of dopey House Republicans chose as their speaker and titular head of their party.They haven’t been called Stupid Party for nothing.And lastly on Bonehead,he gave an interview to none other than whining “ex-”alcoholic/junkie Larry Kudlow-the neo-con economist who,every time I tune him in,is just talking about Money,Money,Money!.And he supoosedly is a Jewsih convert to Catholicism.Please! He’s no more Catholic than Osama bin Laden! Now we leave Bonehead Boehner and go to corrupt establishment Republican National Committee(RNC).Reince Priebus(nice name)-another Boehner-like sap who’s chairman of this committee and who’s probably the most-powerful and most-influential unelected Republican in the country-picked 4 men and 1 woman to a panel to discover what went wrong last November and what to do about it.With one possible exception,all the panelists,including egghead rabbi Ari Fleischer(Boy George’s press secretary)and Haley Barbour’s nephew Henry,are establishment hacks and stuffed shirts.They released their report just a few days before this day I’m posting,and they blamed GOP for being too old,too stuck in their ways.In short,patriots,not diverse enough! Too white! Too Christian! They even recommended illegal-immigrant amnesty! And the elephants will spend $10 mill in “outreach” to get more of the non-white vote.Again,patriots,we have more proof that the GOP establishment hates conservatives and patriots almost if not more vehemently than the donkeys! Nothing in this RNC report about 12 million less voters in 2012 than in 2008! Nothing about losing the Ron Paul vote,the conservative vote,the evangelical vote! Nothing! And why! Because GOP establishment hacks pretend they don’t exist! Or that their votes are insignificant! And nothing about the Tea Party vote that put GOP back in a House majority and almost in the Senate! They want to ignore the Tea Party too! They hate the grassroots’ conservatives and patriots! We are peasants with pitchforks to them!And the kick of it all,patriots,is that the Tea Party,conservatives,patriots,Christians didn’t lose,per se,last November.It was the Republican establishment and their neo-conservative handlers and enablers and puppet masters who lost! It was their grossly overpaid propagandists like Limbaugh,Hannity,Levin,Weiner(Michael Savage),O’Reilly,Gomer Pyle Huckabee et al who lost! Bastards like these ran the 2012 GOP campaign and they couldn’t even beat BO! That’s how pathetic,weak,cowardly,stupid and immoral they are! They should’ve wiped the floor with BO and his jackals! Patriots,I think the Good Lord is opening a door for us and we need to enter it before it closes shut and another door may not open:Get out of Republican Party! They have shown themselves to be wanting! Despite the occasional good they’ve done,that’s not good enough! Especially with our republic on the brink! Like Elvis sang,”It’s now or never!” Our country can’t wait any longer! Time is running out! Congressional conservatives and patriots in GOP need to come out,announce it at a press conference,and start up a real conservative-patriotic party! Our time has come! This patriot blog has frequently documented how these 2 corrupt parties frequently collude to stonewall the patriot cause and protect rogues and criminals in their criminal government.While the creation of another viable party is no guarantee that our cause will succeed,at least it’s a major first step.Rome wasn’t built in a day.Let’s now break away from anti-patriot GOP leaders like Boehner and Priebus and return to BO,President Abomination,or,now that’s he’s in his second term with no re-election concerns and filled with even more arrogance and love of power and revolution,President Destroyer.At his second inauguration,BO took the oath of office with his hand resting on 2 Bibles:the one that Abe Lincoln swore on when he was inaugurated,and the so-called “traveling Bible” used by none other than Martin Luther King Jr..And he took the oath right across from that hideous monstrosity of a pagan idol-image of MLK in District of Criminals.So,patriots,what symbolism,what subliminal message,was BO trying to drill into our minds? First,”Honest Abe” “freed the slaves.” In other words,he was the great white hope who,about 160 years ago,freed blacks from their white masters.And to BO and his followers,this didn’t happen over a century and a half ago,but it’s as if it happened yesterday.The message is that blacks are still oppressed by whites today and they need to revolt! And that subliminal battle cry is reinforced by MLK-probably the biggest false prophet of the 20th century-the so-called “Reverend” who-as a ton of evidence indicates-was a rampant adulterer,womanizer,plagiarist,rabble-rouser,and either a Communist,Communist sympathizer,fellow traveler or at least a willing dupe.And since BO probably practices some kind of occultism or cabalism,he may have believed some supernatural power imbibed him that day and remains with him.And demon spirits may very well reside in that ugly statue of “King” and may have entered the Abomination.To sum up that day,patriots,which will live in infamy,anti-Christ idolatry and blasphemy was on-stage and in full display for all Americans and all the world to see,for 3 evil men were deified in elaborate ceremony:Lincoln(a war president who violated the constitution and started a horrible war that could’ve been avoided,who waged the war to preserve the power of the federal government,not free the slaves),MLK and BO.And how co-incidental that leftist filmmaker Stevey Spielberg produced his latest propaganda film-simply titled “Lincoln”-just a few months before Abomination’s second inauguration.And this idolatry is going to bring even greater judgment upon our nation,I firmly believe.Book of Proverbs 29:2:”…when the wicked bear rule,the people mourn.”And the last item on BO is to refer every patriot to read Bob Adelmann’s extensively researched report entitled,What Makes Obama Tick?. A link to this report is available at this blog’s parent site at Bob’s blog this report finds is that BO was raised from his early days by an assortment of radicals,communists,leftists,perverts,etc..His biggest influence may have been Frank Marshall Davis-a homosexual communist! And they obviously have made Abomination the anti-Christ Manchurian Candidate he may very well be destined to be! Patriots,if you haven’t yet read Adelmann’s report,I urge you all to read it ASAP! This is no TV drama but it’s the real thing! Now we go to a female anti-Christ revolutionary in Hollerin’ Hillary Clinton.Hilly obviously screwed up big time with the murderous attack on Benghazi,and it’s probably one reason why she resigned as US secretary of state.And wasn’t it a riot that right before she was scheduled to testify before Congress on her role re Benghazi where Ambassador Stevens was killed,she supposedly took a fall in her posh home in filthy liberal-rich Chappaqua,NY and couldn’t appear before the congressional committeeon re the Benghazi killings.She then went to hospital,and more sympathy came her way.She then finally appeared before the committee and made an absolute ass of herself,showing all watching her testimony that she has been an absolute joke as secretary of state and only got the post because she’s Billy’s political wife and there was an obvious trade-off between her and BO during the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries.She had zero education or experience in foreign policy when she became secretary,but she still sailed through her senate confirmation hearing.And to create some kind of other public image or maybe to draw more sympathy to herself,she wore coke-bottle glasses at the hearing,supposedly due to her recent medical issue.Well,it’s all water under the bridge now.Once again,no one has been held accountable on the killing of Ambassador Stevens who,it turns out,was meeting with some Muslim rebels(Possibly Al Qaida fighters!)to arrange a transfer of weapons to the rebels fighting in Syria.Something went awry,and we still don’t know exactly what happened because the bastards who run the criminal government in Washington have covered up the circumstances of the deaths of Stevens and 3 US servicemen.And why? Probably to protect Hollerin’ Hillary! After all,to them she’s a goddess who can do no wrong! What else is new in anti-patriot/anti-Christ Washington,DC! So,Hillary has mounted her broom and flew out of DC.And she didn’t say why she left and nobody really asked her why she left after BO’s first term! What’s the bloody secret?! And now she’s replaced by Herman Munster-aka John Kerry-a super-rich,CFR-member globalist! He’ll probably be worse than Hillary the witch! And of course,only 3 senators(all GOPers)voted not to confirm him to his new post.What a snag to BO and Massachusetts’ Democrats if a Republican or another non-Democrat wins Herman Munster’s seat in US Senate when the special election is held in June! Well,patriots,let’s leave the augean stables of the nation’s capital and go to Louis Michael Seidman-a presumably Jewish professor of constitutional law who was invited to write an op-ed in Jewish-owned The New York Times,where he wrote that the US Constitution is “evil,” among many other perjoratives.How interesting that an ultra-liberal,long-time Jewish-owned newspaper would give op-ed space to a presumably Jewish law professor to execrate our constitution-the law of the land! This brings to mind Ruth Bader-Ginsburg-yet another Jewish lawyer-who,as a US Supreme Court justice,traveled to Egypt when the Arab Spring arrived there and told an interviewer that she wouldn’t recommend the US Constitution as a model for Egypt’s new government! And this is who Billy Clinton appointed to SCOTUS and who sailed through her senate confirmation hearing?! She sits on that court because she’s Jewish,female,a former ACLU lawyer,a radical leftist and feminist.And if she doesn’t look like the traditional image of an ugly witch and a hag,I don’t know who does! So what do these Jewish radicals at The New York Times,professor Seidman(again,his name is Jewish,but I’m not 100% sure he is),Ginsberg have up their sleeves? Why are they attacking the US Constitution? Because they want to destroy it! It’s so obvious! Not all at once because they’d give themselves totally away,so they’ll do it gradually,like the Jacobins.Patriots,let’s be ready for them when they try to do that! If they destroy the constitution,they destroy the Bill of Rights,they destroy free speech and freedom to protest government,they destroy patriot blogs like this one.In short,they bring something like the Red Terror that Jewish bolsheviks Ulyanov(Lenin)and Trotsky(Bronstein)brought to Russia in 1917! Don’t think it can’t happen here! And lastly on America’s political cesspool,I think no greater example of the corruption and collusion between the anti-Christ US presidency and the anti-Christ Catholic establishment is Al Smith Dinner-held every presidential election in New York City to commemorate Al Smith-the first Catholic to run for US president-and raise funds for Catholic charities.A photo was taken at the dinner which was published in a Catholic newspaper,and it was a stark illustration of corrupt state and church in USA today:a madly laughing Cardinal Timothy Dolan-head of Archdiocese of New York-sitting between President Abomination(also laughing)and Mormon Mitt Willard Romney(laughing too).It’s absolutely sickening to see this photo of a Catholic prelate who is supposed to preach the Gospel of Christ but instead hobnobs and yuks it up with an anti-Christ president who may well be “the” Anti-Christ and an ardent anti-Christ Mormon.Patriots and believers in Christ,that photo may be a warning to us of what awaits us this year and as long as the Abomination rules over us and a good deal of the world from his seat of power in the White House.I hope all of us are prepared for the worst and we pray harder as the days get more evil and more anti-patriot,anti-American and anti-Christ.I think we’ve all had enough of our nation’s dangerously immoral poitical and church establishments on this patriot post.Let’s go to the next subject.

America’s economic and financial establishment is maybe even more corrupt and immoral than her political establishment.And we return to BO to give him more credit for being the Broken-Record President:1/3 of US treasury securities are now foreign-owned;that’s a record.Here’s just another way for President Destroyer to bring America to her knees by making us more and more dependent on foreigners to fund the federal government and run its daily operations! Ingenious! But some good news came when Mary Schapiro “resigned” as chairwoman of Securities & Exchange Commission(SEC)and was replaced by former Clinton prosecutor Mary Jo White.Schapiro was in charge of the “enforcement division” of SEC when Uncle Bernie Madoff made off with a lot of loot,and she knew or did nothing about it.And BO appointed her SEC chairwoman! That’s a riot! It’s hard to believe,patriots,that she didn’t know anything about Uncle Bernie.However,SEC is such a bad joke that maybe she really didn’t know what Uncle Bernie was up to all those years he was enriching himself and his pals and ripping off everyone else,but that’s unlikely.And once again,she leaves unscathed,without being held to any account for all the Wall Street robberies and other crimes that have brought such devastation to America.But at least she’s gone,like Hall & Oates sang,and BO seems to be replacing some Jews and Jewesses in his administration with non-Jews,like Rahm Emanuel being replaced,although he officially “resigned” and is now Chicago mayor.We shouldn’t expect much change at SEC,but sometimes things change with a new man or woman at the helm.And lastly on USA’s corrupt and thievous financial establishment is the case of Jonny Corzine,who can be called the best ice skater in recent times-not because he’s good on the ice like a hockey player,but because he gets away with so much activity that looks blatantly criminal.He obviously stole about $2 billion from his former clients at defunct brokerage MF Global,and even collaborated with his comrade Jamie Dimon(short for Diamond,or another name for Demon)at JP Morgan Chase to move a lot of money around.Jonny gets away with all these rip-offs because he’s filthy rich,he’s a big donor to Democratic Party,a former US senator and a former NJ governor,a big Hillary supporter,and a big wheel in the corrupt,criminal big-banking enterprise in USA and even worldwide.HSBC just got away with laundering money for drug cartels and just paid a substantial fine! How’s that for Abomination’s Justice Department?! His attorney general Eric Holder admitted sometime in March 2013 that because these criminal banks are so big and they control so much of our country’s financial system that they can’t be prosecuted because of the damage they’ll do to us if they’re prosecuted! Is that a riot or what?! Patriots,this is what our nation has sunk to:if one is very wealthy and powerfully placed in the banking and financial system,he or she doesn’t have to worry about getting arrested even if he or she commits a serious crime,and that may even include murder.If HSBC gets away with working with and possibly for Latin-American drug cartels who frequently murder people,including high-ranking government officials and policemen,then they’d probably get away with hiring hit-men to take out a whistlebower or someone who exposes their crimes.Next subject.

It didn’t take long after the last votes were counted back in November 2012 for Amnesty Gang and Latin Lobby to leap out of their slumber and attack-with mucho gusto.One establishment politician and big-media commentator after another was screaming at America,particularly patriots,that GOP lost the elections because……….the latinos didn’t vote for them! The whole election hinged on the latin vote! Now only a dope or a fool or an ignoramus would believe that,but it shows,patriots,the fanatical enthusiasm to grant amnesty to the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in our country(about 80% of them latinos)in defiance of our borders and our laws.And once again,we go to The Old Gray Lady-The Newspaper of Record-The New York Times for an example of this drooling,rancorous enthusiasm for the illegals.”Reporter” Julia Preston wrote that GOP better not stop an amnesty,”…or else.” Yes,patriots,the bitch actually threatened Republicans in some fashion,probably meaning that latinos will keep voting overwhelmingly Democrat if GOP doesn’t vote for amnesty.But she may have been making other threats too,like maybe some violent protests or demonstrations against anti-amnesty GOP congressmen.And to add more fuel to Latin Lobby fire,the leftist,anti-patriot newspaper even penned another anti-American editorial,but this time getting even more brazen and in our faces:They called those opposing Amnesty Gang and Latin Lobby-get this-”white-culture alarmists”! How do you like that,patriots! Here are the anti-patriot Jews and their gentile lackeys at The New York Times writing an editorial calling anti-amnesty patriots,”white-culture alarmists.” There we have it,patriots:just more evidence how anti-white not just the owners and editors at that leftist rag of a paper are,but the entire “Diversity” movement and its anti-Christ,neo-pagan religion of multi-culturalism. They hate America’s white culture! If there is such a thing,it’s simply whites of various European ethnicities who collectively are about 2/3 of the nation’s population and whose ancestors founded America and primarlly built it into the greatest nation on Earth! This is what TNYT hates! Bit if men named Finkelberg or Sulzberger or Markowitz founded America and the nation today was mostly Jewish,TNYT certainly wouldn’t be complaining about Jewish-culture alarmists! Damn right,whites in USA have every right to oppose an amnesty for about 10 million latinos which’ll also allow them to bring in their relatives and greatly expand their numbers in USA from their current 16% of USA’s population.I have the perfect response to Amnesty Gang and Latin Lobby at TNYT or anywhere else:If you want to live in a Latin-American country like Mexico or Dominican Republic or Venezuela,go move there! And don’t come back! If you try to turn USA into a Latin-American nation by force of sheer numbers and racial favoritism,then we’re going to have a fight! Comprende?! That’s my response to these enemies of America,patriots.And now we leave anti-patriot The New York Times and go to anti-patriot vice-president Joey Biden.He told a latin gathering after the November elections that latinos are “the center of this nation’s[America’s]future” and made a threat to GOP a la Julia Preston at TNYT,warning Republicans that latinos “must be courted.” Biden is a power-drunk moron,and political power is all this ugly creep lives for.So,patriots,Amnesty Gang/Latin Lobby,while they’ve quieted down a bit from their post-election mucho enthusiasm and savage attacks and aggression,is working hard for amnesty this year.And they may get it if patriots don’t stop them like they have almost this entire century so far.I beg you to get ready for the fight,especially since Bonehead Boehner has implied he’ll bring an amnesty bill up for a vote in the House if one is presented to him.And a couple of GOP congressmen who formerly opposed amnesty-Darrell Issa from CA and Michael Coffman from CO-have now joined Amnesty Gang.Patriots,a great betrayal may be shaping up,which may result in the death of Republican Party(Good!)-but also the death of America as we know her;she’ll just become absorbed by Latin America,and will become officially bi-lingual.That’s our fate,patriots,if we lose this imminent battle,for whatever reason(s).And lastly on La Conquista,6 Puerto Ricans were busted in New York City for possessing with the intent to sell,100 lbs.of cocaine.It was  great patriot action of law enforcement to nab these banditos,and once again,the drug pipeline was from America’s “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico straight into Big Apple,without going through customs’ inspections because PR is basically treated like a state;thus,people and goods can freely move into US from PR and vice-versa,despite all the drug smuggling occurring between these 2 lands.And remember,patriots,PRs in Puerto Rico recently voted to become the 51st state.It’s bad enough that it’s a copmmonwealth;it’ll be just another nightmare for America if that Spanish-speaking island becomes our next state.It’ll add 4 million more latinos to our population,only about a quarter of them English-speaking,and import all their huge social problems onto our country’s already crumbling finances and infrastructure and culture.So this is another weapon that President Destroyer can unleash on an America that’s getting beaten and battered with each passing day.

I touched on Diversity Gang in the previous paragraph on La Conquista,and I’ll add just one item in this paragraph on this subject.Black actor Jamie Foxx appeared on TV show Saturday Night Live and said about Django Unchained-the latest film where he plays a part-that in the film,he gets to kill all the white people.He followed up by asking the moron audience,”How cool is that?.” And morons in the audience applauded and laughed.This moron propaganda film Django Unchained is another garbage flick from leftist director Quentin Tarantino,this one inciting blacks to hate whites and attack them just like the freed slave Django does in the moron film.And do you see,patriots,the connection? Are you connecting the dots? Leftist-Jew Spielberg makes a film,of which “married” Jewish-homo Tony Kushner is the screenwriter,exalting Abe Lincoln,and right about the same time,Tarantino makes Django Unchained.And these films dovetailed with Abomination’s re-election and his second inauguration.Yes,patriots,America may soon be confronting another “civil war” or a race war between whites and blacks,between some latino groups and blacks,between latinos and whites,or whites against latinos and blacks,which I believe hard-core radicals and revolutionaries like President Destroyer and his allies want.Patriots,I know this is a scary scenario,but we must face the likelihood that this is what the likes of Spielberg,Tarantino,the owners and editors at The New York Times,BO et al want.Let’s hope and pray it doesn’t happen but be prepared in case it does.As for this anti-white moron Jamie Foxx,he said he was kidding when he said what he said about killing whites.Sure.And as Felix Unger said,”All aspirin are alike.” Everyone with half a brain knows that if a white actor said,joking or not,that he gets to kill all the blacks or all the latinos or all the Jews in a film he appears in,that that would be the end of his career in that field.Remember what happened to Seinfeld actor Mark Richards during his stand-up comedy routine when he called some heckling blacks in the audience,”Nigger!”? And not even his Jewishness or his being a Freemason helped him avoid the condemnation! Patriots,it’s not just a double-standard;it’s part of the psychological war against whites that has raged in America for about 40 years.And if more incitement like the aforementioned continues,racial and social violence is almost a certainty,I believe.

Here’s a paraphrase of a Proverb for the next subject:”Virtue exalts a nation,but sin is a people’s disgrace”(Proverbs 14:34).And America’s great sinning is increasing exponentially,leading eventually to a moral meltdown,unless patriots and Christians take action to stop it.CIA used to consider a homosexual employee or one with homo tendencies as a security risk.But under President Destroyer,not only are they no longer considered security risks,but CIA actually recruits them! They held a recruitment drive to the “LGBT community” in,appropriately enough,hedonistic,tropical,sultry Miami,FL.CIA under the Abomination sees nothing wrong and everything right with a guy who likes girls one day and then likes guys the next day,or a neurotic who changes his sex to female.So,as bad as CIA is now and it should be disbanded for all its criminality and lawlessness,now it may soon be loaded up with fruitcakes and nutjobs of various persuasions.And while we’re on sexual depravity,the State of Colorado is getting pinker with each election.I believe a lot of fruits and nuts who helped destroy California have moved to CO over the last 10 years or so and they’re bringing their anti-patriot/anti-Christ radicalism and hedonism with them.Ergo,the Centennial State now has its first homo speaker of its state house of representatives.How sweet it is! Patriots,we may soon have to consider a boycott of CO,and not just because of their fruity speaker of the house.And still on the sin of Sodom,United Parcel Service(UPS)-the company that touts itself as the tightest ship in the shipping business-has decided through its UPS Foundation,to stop funding Boy Scouts of America(BSA)because of its refusal to hire homo Scout leaders and Scout masters.And how relevant that it was a Cubano-American lawyer who heads UPS Foundation who decided to cut funding for the Scouts for not being homo-friendly.I tried several times to take patriot action against UPS,but I wasn’t able to penetrate the firewall that they must’ve set up to stop UPS Foundation from getting bombed with complaints from patriots and Christian groups.I spoke with several of their call-center agents for a direct # to the foundation or an e-mail address or a postal address,but they wouldn’t cough up.The best I could do was leave a general complaint on their website,and the response I got was general garbage about holy-roller UPS doesn’t discriminate.Yes they do! They discriminate against those who practice Christian or traditional morality! And I also haven’t shipped or received one item via UPS since their pro-homo/anti-Christ action and I urge all patriots to do the same! Now we go to another case of married homos,one of whom is already wealthy and powerful and his “husband” who wants to run for Congress.Chris Hughes co-founded Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg.His “husband” Sean Eldridge is planning to run for the Democratic nomination for the congressional seat in upstate NY currently held by conservative Republican Chris Gibson.A Democratic homo candidate defeated an incumbent GOP congresswoman last year in a district not far from Gibson’s.So now the homo lobby wants to take him out too! And Eldridge will probably have unlimited dough to spend,him being a wealthy Wall Streeter and his “husband” Hughes loaded from founding Facebook.Hughes also publishes neo-con/left-wing/anti-patriot magazine The New Republic.Patriots,I’ve always had my doubts and suspicions about Facebook.Some patriots have speculated that it’s a CIA front and operation to gather as much information as possible about millions of Americans and store that information indefinitely.In other words,it may be a big domestic-spy operation.How did Zuckerberg come out of nowhere to start this up with Hughes and become a billionaire almost overnight?! Something’s rotten not in Denmark but in USA! I only opened a Facebook page upon a recommendation from a guy who helped me out a bit when I ran for office in 2010,but I’m rarely on it and haven’t added much inforamtion since.To you patriots who haven’t joined Facebook yet,I urge you not to and go to Twitter instead,and be careful of that too.And lastly on the exaltation of sodomy in USA,Catholic theo-con George Weigel wrote an outstanding column defending normal,traditional marriage against the onslaught against it from a motley crew of anti-Christ forces.In the column,he cited aforementioned Tony Kushner-the Jewish homosexual hired by Stevey Spielberg to write the screenplay for his recent propaganda film entitled Lincoln.Kushner’s “husband” is Mark Harris-another writer and presumably Jewish,even though he has the Scottish surname of Harris(that’s maybe for another topic for another time).So what rapport does Kushner have with Abe Lincoln? Why would Spielberg hire him,of all the screenwriters out there,to write for his latest film? Well,Stevey Spielberg also stopped supporting BSA over their refusal to hire homos,so maybe he just decided to show favoritism to a fellow Jew who’s also a “married” homo.Weigel also wrote that lesbian Ellen DeGeneres is also “married” to her dyke lover.Patriots,who’d ever thought that America would slouch towards Gomorrah so quickly and so rapidly? And like the idolatry on Abomination’s inauguration day,it’s going to bring judgment upon us,serious judgment,I believe.Let’s hold our heads up and be prepared to flee from it if indeed it comes.That’s enough of sodomy,and now we go to immorality among the US electorate,especially the upper-class and rich electorate.Of the 10 richest counties in USA,8 of them voted for Abomination.As undesirable as Mormon Mitt was,that these upper-class and rich slobs voted for anti-patriot/anti-Christ BO is another dangerous sign,for these wealthy voters have the money and influence and connections to have a serious and oftentimes decisive effect on presidential and congressional elections.They can spend a lot of their money on propaganda ads for anti-patriots like BO while the middle class struggles to get a pro-patriot message out.And these wealthy,pro-BO counties dispatch their residents into the power centers in not just politics,but also law,big business,academia,medicine,etc..In short,patriots,the deck is getting stacked against us higher and higher.We need Him more than ever to fight back against them.And now I turn to another ugly attack against the Christian faith of the vast majority of Americans from a Jewsih activist,this one David Silverman-head of American Atheists.Davey was given $25,000 by a donor to erect a billboard,above a nightclub,in the very busy Times Square-area of New York City-a veritable crossroads of the world-right before Christmas Day and about 3 weeks after Christmas Day,featuring an image of Christ hanging on the cross with the words “Dump the myth” right above it.Like the double-standard with anti-white actor Jamie Foxx,Davey pretty much got away with this savage,anti-Christ attack.I learned of it from and from other non-establishment Christian websites.But nothing from the Catholic establishment in NYC or whatever exists of the Protestant establishment.And since so much of the big media in Big Apple is Jewish-owned,they either shrugged their shoulders at this billboard or agreed with it.What would happen if a non-Jew erected a billboard in the same location right before Passover,urging those who believe and practice that holiday to dump it? Such is the hatred towards Christians by more and more activist,aggressive Jews and the cowardice and/or ethnic favoritism of local and national church leaders.It’s another sign that serious persecution is coming upon this land.And the last news story to cover on USA’s moral breakdown is the saga of Carnival Triumph-a mammoth “cruise ship” that broke down in Gulf of Mexico and limped back to port.An engine fire caused numerous malfunctions on the ship of great leisure and pleasure,the worst and most disgusting probably being backed-up,overflowing toilets that sent raw sewage down the ship’s aisles.For about 5 days,the passengers on this ship of fools had to endure great hardship and disgusting conditions while the ship was tugged back to port.There was no carnival and it certainly wasn’t a triumph on Carnival Triumph! Patriots,per se there’s nothing wrong with going on an occasional cruise for a vacation.It’s the sickeningly hedonistic culture of cruise shipping that I’m sickened by,the lust for great pleasure and the exotic,the love of bragging to others about going on cruises,spending thousands of bucks wastefully and unnecessarily on these cruises to nowhere.I believe that’s why more of these cruise-ship accidents are occurring,and they’ll probably be more.A people who live for hedonism and always looking for kicks and good times without any sense of maturity and balance is in need of a collective whack in the ass.And one report on this accident cited some girls from Indiana who went on this Gulf cruise just to celebrate another girl’s birthday! Give us a break! Please! How about simply a Happy,Happy Birthday,Baby! and a cake to blow out the candles?! What a spoiled generation we’re living with,patriots-a generation that may have to learn the hard way what life is really all about.

There are 17 horrible homicides on the crime blotter:in Webster,NY on Christmas Eve,a former convict placed a phony call of a fire and shot dead 2 responding firemen,wounded 2 more,and then shot himself dead;in PA,a man shot 3 dead,including a woman inside a church,before finally being taken out by lawmen;in a county courthouse in Delaware,a man having marital problems shot dead 2 women before taking himself out or getting taken out by lawmen;in the hamlet of John’s Creek,GA,a presumed multiple homicide-suicide left a man,woman and 2 kids dead in the first-ever homicide in the hamlet;in the Sunshine State,a man shot dead his 2 kids in front of his wife and then killed himself,and he didn’t kill her because he wanted her to see and live with the murders he had just committed(How’s that,patriots,for sick?);in LA near the Big Easy,a cop was shot dead,2 deputies were wounded and another man was killed before the shooter was taken into custody(Aw! Too bad!);in another bizarre,sick slaughter of the innocents,a grandma and an uncle made a pact to kill themselves and grandma’s 3 kids via carbon-monoxide poisoning-and they did it;in Topeka,KN,2 cops were shot dead in the line of duty;in Longmont,CO,a man and 2 women were shot dead before the killer suicided;in NM-the Land of Enchantment-another slaughter of the innocents occurred,but this time by an innocent,or maybe a quasi-innocent:a 15-years-old male shot dead his parents and his 3 siblings before being apprehended(Aw! Too bad again!);in NV a police lieutenant shot dead his wife,his son,and then killed himself by setting his house on fire where the murders occurred;a man in Casper,WY stabbed to death a female professor,murdered his dad via bow and arrow and then stabbed himself to death;in the Golden State(Ha!)of CA were 3 horrible multiple homicides:2 Asian men and 2 Asian women were found slain in an apartment in the former porno capital of Northridge;in the town of Murphy’s,a former pilot killed his 2 teenage kids,the family dog and then himself-and he would’ve killed his wife too if she weren’t out of town;on an Injun reservation,a man killed his mom,her 2 brothers and wounded 3 of his kids before lawmen took him out(he was known to use drugs);in OR around Christmastime,a young man shot 2 dead,wounded another and then suicided in a mall full of “holiday” shoppers;but the worst of all,patriots,of course,was the slaughter of the innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton,CT(the Nutmeg State).Drugs and Mass Murder-the cover story in the February issue of Culture Wars magazine-has important information and trenchant analysis and commentary on why this ineffable carnage occurred.Adam Lanza was in his young 20s when he went to that school and shot dead 20 young kids and 6 school staff before suiciding(I’m not sure if that’s a word,but it’s now part of America’s lexicon since it’s occurring so often).In the cover story,Mike Jones-a traditionalist Catholic,prolific writer and scholar,and an extremely insightful social critic-describes why Lanza did this by claiming he experienced 4 levels of development over his young life:the divorce of his upper-class parents left him troubled,bitter and disturbed(level 1),which led to a psychiatrist prescribing him psychotropic drugs(level 2),which then led to playing violent video games like Call of Duty,which he played for about 5 hours daily(level 3),and then waiting for the stimulus that would set off the walking time bomb he had become.His mom was apparently an idiot too.How can any woman with even half a brain take her seriously disturbed son target shooting? How can she keep her own gun collection inside the house where he lived? Well,she was one of Adam’s victims.She worked at the school,and Jones theorizes that he may have killed her and the others he killed there because he was deprived of the motherly love that he may have never genuinely received from her,so he took out as much of his competition for that love and attention as possible.He was also on drugs,in some capacity,for about 10 years.No wonder he was so nuts! How can any young kid take that without going out of his mind,in addition to all his other troubles?! But let’s remember this,patriots,from this indescribably evil crime,the likes of which are becoming all-too-common in our country today:as is so often the case,problems start in the home.The anti-Christ feminists and fascist liberals who’ve held most of the power in our nation over the past 40 years or so have made divorce sound so casual,so simple,even liberating.But regardless of the temporary escape,divorce is not fun and it’s not harmless;just ask the kids of divorce.And the drug companies who make and market these so-called anti-depressant/anti-anxiety drugs may very well be getting away with murder,and they’re being protected by powerful people in government and big business and the media because they’re making tons of money off sick and disturbed people like Adam Lanza.The culture of violent video games also is to blame for these horrible killings,mainly because the games lead the chronic,compulsive viewer and player to think there’s no difference between those he kills in the game and those he may or may not kill in real life;it eliminates the line between fantasy and reality.But yet another social critic and commentator had another take on Sandy Hook Massacre and its concomitant slaughters:”A demonic cloud over America.” Patriots,I think that’s a real possibilty.For the spiritually minded among us,Jesus the Christ talked about demons,He exorcized demon-possessed people;some of them even spoke with Him.What other explanation can we give for the consistency and the magnitude of massacres like that at Sandy Hook? Especially when innocent kids are frequently the victims? This also may be punishment for all the idolatry and blasphemy throughout our land.When a nation greatly commits these great sins,Pandora’s Box is opened.And all sorts of evils are let loose upon us.Patriots,the crimes I’ve written about here show us that none of us is safe.If a demonic cloud hovers over America,we need to stick together,fight back,and ask for Almighty God’s help and protection and deliverance from the evil of violent,horrible mass murder,whatever actually is causing it.Some patriots have even suggested a government black-op operation may be behind these killings,to terrify us so much that some kind of police-state dictatorship takes complete power;or the black-op may be to finally force gun owners to surrender their guns to government agents and leave only government with the guns.Patriots,we shouldn’t laugh at that possibility,considering the evil man in the White House.Remember Operation Fast & Furious? Boy George and BO armed Mexican drug cartels who went on to use some of those weapons on Mexican and US citizens.Why Fast & Furious? A sting operation? A deal between the cartels and the government? A plan to destablize US society,to create havoc and chaos,again for some people with revolutionary goals to seize power by force and hold onto it ALAP? Either way,patriots,get and stay informed,get active,and try to make a difference for the patriot cause,before it’s too late.Before the monsters take over and we won’t have the ability or wherewithal to resist.And alert as many as you can to the danger we’re all in.

Now for some instances of the Almighty probably raining down His judgment and anger upon our land.Eight people died in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain West from a violent Winter storm.The blizzard Nemo tore through fascist liberal/anti-Christ New England,leaving 10 dead,about 700,000 without power,and the city of Hamden in filthy rich liberal Connecticut(again,the Nutmeg State)got buried in 40 inches of snow.40 inches! Talk about a white out! This reminds me of when Meathead Michael Stivik was choking on some food at dinner table after arrogantly declaring “There is no God!” and Archie Bunker looking up at the ceiling and urging “Give him hell,God! Give him hell!.” Well maybe God Almighty gave some hell to pinko-liberal-rich Connecticut! That state,like every other New England state,has all liberal-fascist Democrats in US House of Representatives,in addition to 2 fascist-liberal US senators.But the real blast from above probably came almost immediately after the Abomination’s inauguration of idolatry and blasphemy when,for 5 straight days,an “Arctic blast” slammed the South,Midwest and Northeast before heading out to the North Atlantic.Co-incidence? Come on! This wasn’t just an Arctic blast! It was an Almighty blast! A blast of judgment,fury and anger at the idolatry on display at the Abomination’s second coronation! Much damage resulted from the Arctic/Almighty blast,but fortunately no reported deaths.But probably the real blast from the Almighty was Hurricane Sandy or Superstorm Sandy;it’s another record broken under BO’s rule,this one a weather record.The damage to the New York City metropolitan-area from Sandy has been estimated at about $70 billion.New York Stock Exchange was closed for several straight days,many NYC subways were closed due to flooding,Statue of Liberty-the pagan image sent to US via French Freemasons-was closed for several weeks due to damage sustained from Sandy,almost all people on Long Island,NY were without power for many days(like a pal o’ mne in Westbury who went 12 straight days with no power,including no heat),hundreds,possibly thousands,of waterfront houses were literally swept out to sea,the world-famous Jersey Shore was so devastated that many beaches may still not be open for Memorial Day weekend and many amusement-park rides and boardwalks were simply swallowed by Atlantic Ocean,and worst of all,of course,about 150 people died due to Sandy.Patriots,I could take up a lot more space by listing the horrible damage caused by this beast of a storm,but I think I’ve made the point:Superstorm Sandy was nothing short of apocalyptic,and I believe the greatest demonstration of His anger and refusal to protect our nation from storms such as Sandy.The worst this patriot suffered living in the southeast Bronx-about 1 mile from Long Island Sound-was 2 branches falling from the tree in front of the house I live in and causing light damage to my next-door neighbor’s car.But,I did see and hear and feel what seemed like a storm that had a life of its own,as if a monster was driving it.I heard and felt the howling wind,I saw that same tree swaying back and forth and bending like a pretzel.So,I looked up and requested His protection.I don’t know if He gave it or not,But I thanked Him anyway,like I do for all the blessings I receive(at least I think I do).And there are still a few thousand people in this city who still don’t have power! The damage to their homes and neighborhoods is so extensive that it may take years to actually return to normality! And Big Media(BM)has not reported the total extent of the damage done,probably because they fear panic from the people and the wrath of the Almighty;they dread even the thought of a superior being judging and punishing sinful man.Patriots,please be prepared.Don’t go crazy and lose your heads.But stock up on essentials,keep the gas tanks full,maybe get a portable generator,get a portable radio(preferably one with shortwave and the NOAA weather stations),store batteries in cool places and use rechargeables if you can(along with a good recharger and/or renewer),flashlights,candles,matches,warm clothes,soap,bottled water,inter alia.We don’t know when or where the next Sandy will strike.And I’m sure there’ll be more,maybe worse than Sandy.I close this section on what’s probably God’s judgment on contemporary USA with this frightening but important warning from Tom Adcock-editor of the Jesus People newsletter.He warned in an issue of that newsletter in 2012 sometime before Abomination’s re-coronation:” If Obama and his ilk aren’t voted out of office,America is doomed.” Now that BO and his ilk are still in office,in power over us,Tom Adcock may very well be right.Of course,that’s only his opinion,while it’s His opinion that really counts.”Doomed” basically means no hope or chance left for a person or group of persons or a nation to be saved from destruction and ruin.Remember,patriots,that doesn’t stop us from the fight,the cause,we’re in.If we go down,we go down fighting to the last man! And we can win this battle we’re in to save our land! But we have to try and make sacrifices!

I close probably the longest post on this patriot blog by citing some patriot activism in the land.Even in pinko-liberal-fascist Maryland,where homo marriage and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants was passed into law by a small majority of voters last November,3 of its counties took a stand against La Conquista and decided to make English the offical language of their county governments.Bravo to the outnumbered patriots in the Free State! In equally fascist-liberal New York,legislators,activists and patriots started a campaign to impeach anti-patriot/apostate-Catholic governor Dandy Andy Cuomo(and probably a homo)over the liberal-fascist gun-control bill he rammed through the legislature after the Newtown massacre.Dandy Andy is worse than his liberal daddy and former governor Mario Cuomo,in that he obviously emulates Mussolini and his blackshirted thugs.There have been several well-attended demonstrations against Dandy Andy and his blackshirted liberal fascists since he signed the bill into law.And remember,patriots,this is the Italian-American/apostate-Catholic who colluded with several wealthy Jews from Manhattan and dispatched a Jewish emissary to wavering legislators to get homo marriage legal in the Empire State.So may the patriot heat stay aimed at Dandy Andy! Some good news came our way when Tricky Dick Armey-a phony conservative and former TX congressman-resigned as head of phony Tea Party-group Freedom Works;it’s actually an open-borders,’ libertarian group that,95% of the time,only works on economic and financial issues.Apparently there was a falling out with his other phony Tea Partiers,so he left the group’s headquarters(Via armed escort! No kidding!)or maybe was extruded.But the creep still took a cool 7 mill with him! Hopefully this is the end of Freedom Works,or maybe it’ll become a real conservative Tea Party(unlikely).And lastly,7 US senators(4 anti-patriot liberals,1 phony conservative and 2 who are mostly conservative)announced they won’t seek re-election next year.The 4 anti-patriots,as usual,are Democrats:2 of them ultra-liberal Jews in old-man Franky Lautenberg from NJ(or as some patriots call him,Lousenberg)and old man Carl Levin from MI(Levin’s retiring is even more promising because he’s longtime chairman of US Senate Armed Services’ Committee).Franky and Carl are 89 and 78,respectively.Good riddance to these 2 old coots.The next 2 anti-patriots to leave US Senate in 2012 are Jay Rockefeller of WV(yes,he’s part of the Rockefeller dynasty)and obnoxious creep Tommy Harkin from IA.The phony conservative who’s retiring is James DeMint from SC,who has taken the helm at neo-con/GOP establishment “think tank” Heritage Foundation.Jimmy was good on a few things,but still far from a real conservative and patriot.He even endorsed fruitcake,warmonger,Israel-firster,amnesty supporter Lindsey Graham for re-election in 2008! Jimmy also supported the phony War on Terror! and so-called “free trade.” Good riddance to him.Unfortunately,the GOP establishment must’ve persuaded GOP SC governor Nikki Haley-an East-Indian woman who still attends Sikh temple,supposedly to please her Sikh parents-to appoint black congressman Tim Scott to fill Jimmy’s seat until next year’s election.Scott has been in office only about 3 years.And while he has a pretty good voting record so far,he obviously was picked because he’s black.And that ain’t right.That’s racial favoritism! After all,Grand Old Party is very image-conscious! We’ll just have to wait and see if he’ll be the GOP nominee for DeMint’s seat in 2014.And the 2 mostly conservative senators not running again are Saxby(nice name)Chambliss(that’s a real nice name)from GA and Mike Johans from NE.Moreover,”Bobby” Menendez-the other radical-liberal US senator from NJ(or maybe from Cuba,where he hails from)-is in hot water mainly due to his chummy relationship with rich Jewish-Dominican doctor Salomen Melgen.There’s a grand jury in Miami looking into much suspicious activity.And what a great blessing to not just the Garden State but all of USA if these 2 radical-liberal,anti-patriot creeps leave power on their own or are removed from power! Meanwhile,November 2014 is a long way away,politically speaking,and patriots in these states need to work hard to get patriots on the ballots to run for these 7 senate seats(possibly 8,if Bobby’s gone).And they shouldn’t concentrate only on the GOP line;they should also work the Democrats,Liberatarians or,preferably in my opinion,independent campaigns.Even though USA is dropping fast,there are still patriots fighting for her.May we never cease fighting.

Patriots,this has probably been my longest post on this patriot blog.I started it in late February and here it is,March 24th,and I’m finally wrapping up.I hope I never again go 3+ months without blogging.Please spread this patriot review and analysis of the important news of the day to as many co-patriots out there and to those considering our patriot cause.We have many battles ahead of us this year,and I’ll probably be in DC next month fighting right in the belly of the beast on the illegal-immigrant-amnesty front.Till next time,patriots.May God Almighty be with us.

An American Patriot Reviews the Recent U.S.Elections-and Weeps for His Country

December 17th, 2012

“Season’s Greetings,” patriots.I put those words in quotes because at least here in the New York City-area,saying it’s the “Christmas season” seems to be illegal.Yes,the anti-Christ powers-that-be who rule this Babylon of a city and its environs want us all to forget about Christ,especially at this time of year when His birth is acknowledged and celebrated.Well,no more on this for now.But,I will exhort all co-patriots with the opening words to a great Christmas song:”Go tell it on the mountain! Go tell it everywhere! Go tell it on the mountain,that Jesus the Christ is born!”

Election Day 2012 is now about 6 weeks old,and it was overall a bleak day for American patriots.And we may have been forewarned about Abomination’s re-election and all the other anti-patriot/anti-Christ election victories on November 6th when Hurrycane/Superstorm Sandy slammed into mainly New York City,Long Island,the “Jersey Shore” and the Connecticut coast one week before Election Day.Patriots,the devastation caused by Sandy is almost beyond belief,and the big media I’m convinced is under-reporting the devastation because they fear panic among the masses.Again,patriots,it behooves us to remind ourselves that the people running the big media especially in the NYC-area are anti-patriot and anti-Christ and very immoral,wrapped up in their own great wealth and power.They have their radical agenda for our country and they want to destroy the “Old America” and usher in “The New America.” The last thing they want is fear and panic to spread among the people,for us to question those who rule us in government and big media.They want us calm,sedated,surfeited,overfed,drunk,giddy,entertained-to dull our senses and our thinking while they take our country away from us and impose their tyranny of liberal fascism upon us.So,yes,I believe the Almighty probably sent that horrible storm upon us here in the Northeast as both a judgment and a warning.It’s not fair that decent people have to at times suffer with the wicked,but He renders judgment and punishment and gives warnings on an ever-sinful,idolatrous nation and world.Patriots,we may have to pray a lot harder when the next storm comes-and I’m sure there’ll be more,and soon.We may have to pack our belongings and escape like Lot’s family fled Sodom and Gomorrah before His fire and brimstone came down and destroyed those cities.Now,let me get to the important election results and my review of them.

In short,patriots,election Day 2012 was Black Tuesday(no pun intended,with Abomination getting re-elected and him being half-black).It was Black Tuesday not just because Abomination defeated Mormon Mitt,but also because evil Democratic Party won the congressional election when the Republicans should’ve walked away with this election! It should’ve been a cakewalk for them! It was the first time since FDR-the first creepin’ socialist,per Archie Bunker-that an incumbent president was re-elected with unemployment over 8%.Abomination got 51% of the popular vote,Mormon Mitt got 48%,and all the alternate candidates together got a whopping 1%(I was one of that 1% by voting for Consitution Party candidate Virgil Goode).The Democrats should’ve lost anywhere from 2-5 US Senate seats but wound up gaining 1(possibly 2 with the election of independent Angus King in ME).And they should’ve lost about 10-15 US House seats but wound up gaining 8! Statewide,the only Republican gain was a governorship in NC,while state legislative houses pretty much tarried,numerically speaking.So the anti-patriot Dems have the presidency,a 10-seats’ majority in the senate,and the Repubs have a 33-seats’ majority in the house and a slim 5-4 edge on US Supreme Court(SCOTUS).So we have a federal government pretty much split in half between 2 anti-patriot parties,or of one party if we want to call them Republicrats.And there are 30 Republican governors,19 Dems and 1 independent(that’s former liberal Republican Mr.Chaffee in RI),while the Repubs have an edge of about 5 state houses and a few more states where they’re the majority in both state houses.On more particular fronts,about 51% of WI voters elected the first open lesbian in Democrat Tammy Baldwin to US Senate,even though Tommy Thompson-a former 4-terms’ governor of the Badger State-was the Repub candidate.I can see her and Hillary getting it on in Tammy’s senate office! Tammy’s in love! Ooh-la-la! And then more barriers have been broken with the election in Hawaii of a female Hindu to US House of Representatives and-Get a load of this!-a bi-sexual female in AZ! So come January,we’ll have these 3 new babes in Congress:An open dyke,a practicing Hindu and a female bi! Like I wrote in the previous paragraph,patriots,Sandy was probably-at least in part-a warning from the Almighty of what was coming into power over us the following week.Bible history and even secular history is replete with example after example of a country or an empire collapsing from within due to sexual immorality and depravity and false religion.Come January 2013,America will be cursed with more of this element in power over us,and that’s probably a judgment upon us,because voters are putting these degenerate slobs into power not just over themselves in their states,but over all of us.In the pinko-liberal New England states(Connecticut,Rhode Island,Massachusetts,Vermont,New Hampshire and Maine),there won’t be one non-Democrat in the US House in the next Congress! Not one! And virtually every one of these Dems are radical,ultra-leftist liberal fascists! 24 of them! And then we had many state referenda,where the people themselves were allowed to vote to make something state law or not.And the results were bloody awful.A slim majority of voters in ME,MD and WA voted to legalize homo marriage,and MN voters chose not to ban it via constitutional amendment.Also in the degenerate State of Washington and in Colorado too,slim majorities voted to legalize “recreational” pot smoking.No wonder why these states are so insane and degenerate and maniacal:There are a bunch of potheads living there! They’re close to brain-dead! And that’s one reason why they put liberal fascists into power! And finally down in the US “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico,for the first time,a majority of voters(61%)decided they want their Spanish-speaking island to be America’s 51st state.That’s all America needs! The addition of 4 million more Espanol-speaking latinos to our population,along with all its problems of chronically high unemployment,high poverty rates,a massive drug problem,etc..While it’s up to Congress to add another state to the union,Abomination is a big-time supporter of Latin Lobby,La Conquista and latino racial empowerment.And both the Dems and Reps are hispandering big-time,fighting over their voting power(they were only 10% of the electorate in November)like 2 predators fighting over their prey.So the Repub leadership just may cave in and grant PR statehood,thinking this’ll get latinos to vote them into power;it almost certainly won’t work,and it shouldn’t(racial pandering and favoritism should never work).So the threat to America from south of the border is growing larger and stronger;the heat is on us patriots.And something rather strange occurred after the elections:4 congressmen(a Republican US senator,a Republican US representative and 2 Democratic representatives)resigned from Congress.Jesse Jackson Jr.was one of the Dems.His big-media friends have been trying to keep all his dirty deeds as quiet as possible,but the pressure was too much to keep the lid on.Jackson Jr.will soon be charged for violating campaign laws and supposedly was being treated for “bi-polar disorder.” That may or may not be true,but some alternate-news sources have reported that he’s a junkie and that’s why he’s mentally ill.Democrat Robert Filner resigned his seat in CA,while Republican JoAnn Emerson resigned in MO.The Republican senator who resigned was so-called Tea Party leader James DeMint from SC.While Jimmy had a decent voting record in Congress,he has showed his primary allegiance is not to America but to the Republican power establishment,despite his occasional breaking with them on some issues,especially fiscal ones.Jimmy endorsed the pro-amnesty louse and probable homo Lindsey Graham in the 2008 Republican primary for the US Senate seat he still holds even though a conservative challenged Graham.DeMint is also a big-time supporter of the War on Terror! and “free trade”(even though the latter has devastated the South’s textile industry and other industries).Jimmy resigned probably because he didn’t want to stay in the minority in the senate,and he’ll also be making a lot more dough as head of Heritage Foundation-a Republican-establishment think tank based in District of Corruption/District of Criminals.Patriots won’t miss Jimmy that much.But as I type on this Monday,Decemeber 17th,2012 in the Year of Our Lord,Nikki Haley-the Sikh-female Republican governor of SC-is reported to soon appoint black Republican congressman Tim Scott to replace DeMint until the next election for that seat.It’s obvious that her Repub masters “advised” her to pick Scott because he’s black,as Republican Party continues its race pandering and race favoritism in its attempt to improve its “image” so they can stay in power and get more power-for their own benefit,not the benefit of America and her patriot defenders.And lastly on the political results,here’s a racial and sexual breakdown of the presidential vote results.Of course,93% of blacks voted for Abomination,while 70% of latinos voted for Abomination(that’s about the normal latino vote for a Democratic presidential or congressional candidate).Surprisingly,Asians went heavily for Abomination and his Dems:73%.And since America’s white population-due to non-European immigration and low birth rates-has been reduced to 64% of the population(but still 72% of the electorate),all Abomination needed was 40% of the white vote to win.And in another sign of more and more American women losing their marbles and their morals,Abomination won the female vote,55%-45%.I guess a lot of these female white loonies voted for Abomination because they couldn’t get a handsome man like Mormon Mitt to marry them,so they went with devilish-looking Abomination.There we have it,patriots,for the Black Tuesday election results.

So where do we patriots go from here? Let’s start with realizing that so-called Grand Old Party(GOP)isn’t so grand anymore.They should’ve kicked the stuffings out of Abomination and his party of neo-bolshevik Democrats,but these enemies of America not only repelled the challenges but actually expanded their numbers in Congress while retaining the power of the White House.And that’s mainly because Mormon Mitt helped bring down the national GOP ticket,along with his other anti-patriot establishmentarians.Patriots and Tea Partiers weren’t the primary losers on Election Day;the primary losers were the neo-cons,the GOP establishmentarians,the Israel loyalists,the warmongers,the hispanderers,the country clubbers,the elitists.They lost the election for GOP while the Tea Party,which gave GOP control of the house and almost of the senate in 2010,was marginalized and or co-opted.And according to a story at,Rience(nice name)Priebus-chairman of Republican National Committe(the most powerful,unelected Republican in the country)-chose 5 Republicans to form a panel to learn why the so-called Grand Old Party did so poorly.With one possible exception,the 5 he chose are GOP-establishment suck-ups,like Haley Barbour’s nephew,a former advisor to John Ellis Bush(JEB),a Puerto Rican committeeman(for hispandering purposes)and none other than egghead Ari Fleischer(for pandering to Jews)-a press secretary in the Boy George administration.So,patriots,it’s more of the same with this mostly stupid and also evil party.Common sense dictates that you change direction after such a defeat,but it appears the same power-loving,anti-patriot creeps are running and will continue to run GOP.That’s why Mr.Priebus chose these 4 clowns to not discover what went wrong,but to keep the GOP establishment intact and serve its purposes and not America’s purposes.As Elvis sang it,it’s now or never.British columnist Peter Hitchens recently urged British patriots to get out of and stop supporting the Tory Party-UK’S counterpart to US’s GOP-and start up another party or organization before it’s too late.I agree with him 100%! Now’s the time for patriots and conservatives to bid bye-bye to the GOP establishment that has exploited them time and again,get together,strategize,plan,and hold a press conference to declare they’re leaving bonehead Boehner and the synagogue’s Cantor and the other GOP establishmentarians and they’re starting up a real conservative-patriot party! Now is the time!

Patriots,I end this patriot post by citing the Abomination after his re-coronation:”…the changing nature of America.” Abomination was alluding to the growing latino population on our soil and the less white people on our soil as he was pushing for amnesty for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in our country,80% of them latino.He said that Boy George and his Rasputin Karl Rove understood “…the changing nature of America” just as well as he did and that’s why they too supported illegal-immigrant amnesty.So patriots need to be ready again come next year to defeat them.There were a few patriot victories last November,with the patriot state of OK voting almost 60%-40% to ban racial and sexual preferences in public schooling,hiring and contracting;this patriot victory is thanks largely to Ward Connerly and his group American Civil Rights Institute(ACRI).And about 12 million less Americans voted in the 2012 presidential-election year than in the last presidential-election year of 2008,and that includes 3 million Republicans.While one liberal-moron reporter and journalist after another were tripping over themselves lying about how latinos were largely responsible for re-electing Abomination and providing the Democratic congressional victory,the truth was slowly dripping out:the Ron Paul voters.Dr.Paul was the only Republican presidential-primary candidate with the honesty and integrity to be any party’s nominee,and he refused to endorse Mormon Mitt.Obviously,millions of his supporters didn’t vote on Election Day because they felt they had no one to really vote for.They weren’t voting for that idiotic line about “voting for the lesser of 2 evils.” That’s because it’s still evil when you vote for a lesser evil,and Americans shouldn’t be voting for anyone who’s evil.So,if those 3 million Republicans who stayed away from the voting booths in November had a pro-American candidate with decency and integrity to vote for instead of Boy George redux Mormon Mitt,then GOP probably would’ve won the presidency and certainly would’ve done much better in the congressional elections;the Tea Party would’ve been energized like they were in 2010.But with leaders like Mormon Mitt,the sap Boehner,the synagogue’s Cantor,RNC chairman Priebus,Rasputin Rove et al,they must’ve felt that voting wasn’t worth it this time.Likewise,millions of independents were so disgusted with the Hobson’s choice of Abomination or Mitt that they too decided not to vote.I hope you patriots reading this blog for any considerable length of time don’t ever fall for that guff about it’s our patriotic duty to always vote.Balderdash! Not voting is sometimes the most patriotic action one can take! It’s a public act of defiance and anger against anti-patriot candidates and their corrupt parties! And my last point on Black Tuesday:Mormon Mitt may have thrown the election to Abomination.To my understanding,he won the first debate,tied the second,but laid down like a dog in the third.That’s almost exactly what John Kerry(real surname:Kohn)did in the 2004 presidential election! I believe that the criminal and crooked Bush/Clinton Dynasty which still rules the White House have made an agreement between the Democratic and Republican wings that whoever gets first elected president will get a second term.Remember when Abomination went to Russia and told Vladimir Putin,something like,”When I’m re-elected,we’ll take care of that.” Patriots,don’t be surprised at all if this truth ever emerges,although it’s highly unlikely it will because Washington,DC is such a fortress of impregnable evil,that only and act of Almighty God will drive all its dark secrets out into the open for all to see.May God speed that day.

Patriots,I don’t think I’ll post a regular review of the news before Christmas Day.Indeed,I may take some R & R on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.Black Tuesday 2012 may very well have been the official beginning of America’s death as a great and prosperous nation and its takeover by liberal fascists.The Rubicon may have been crossed and we may have reached the point of no return.But maybe not.In the meantime,we patriots keep fighting-to the last man.I’ll post a Christmas message before Christmas Day.Till then,patriots,stay safe this Christmas season 2012.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! On November 4th, in the Year of Our Lord 2012, an American Patriot Declares a 20-Counts’ Criminal & Moral Indictment Upon the Government of United States of America

November 4th, 2012

Count 1:The U.S.government since October 2001 has waged wars against,first,the nation of Afghanistan,then in March 2003 against the nation of Iraq,and since then other nations in that region of the world without a congressional declaration of war,which is required by the US Constitution.

Count 2:The U.S.government has conducted no investigation into and has held no one accountable regarding the lies and false intelligence that were used as the reason for invading and occupying the nation of Iraq.

Count 3:The U.S.government headquarted in Washington,District of Columbia has never held a thorough criminal investigation into the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks on World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington,D.C..

Count 4:The federal government has recently passed into law NDAA-National Defense Authorization Act-which blatantly violates the US Constitution by allowing the president to indefinitely detain U.S.citizens,thus denying potential detainees of their constitutional right to habeas corpus,a right to a speedy trial by jury,inter alia.

Count 5:Both Democratic and Republican presidents have issued so-called signing statements,which authorize the president to ignore certain parts of bills passed by Congress.The Constitution grants the president no such authority.

Count 6:The U.S.government rarely conducts or refuses to conduct criminal investigations and,if necessary,prosecutions of those in power in either the executive,legislative or judicial branches of its government where stong evidence exists or may exist indicating that certain office holders have committed serious crimes or are committing serious crimes.

Count 7:Commission on Presidential Debates is a creation of the Democratic and Republican parties and is obviously designed to keep anyone who doesn’t belong to either of these two parties from participating in televised presidential debates.This is obviously meant to consolidate the power of the executive branch of the government just for the two major parties.

Count 8:An exorbitant amount of money is spent during presidential-election campaigns and in many campaigns for other federal offices.There’s too much money involved in these elections,where all too often only the very wealthy prevail.

Count 9:Congress-the elected representatives of the American people-rarely if ever impeach or take any actions against federal judges who issue edicts,injunctions and rulings that are blatantly unconstitutional and are issued because these judges act as lawmakers and not judges.

Count 10:The U.S.government has placed a national debt of over $16 trillion on the American people it rules,thus creating the near-certainty that the government will go bankrupt and default on its financial obligations,and leave the people open to having no federal government at all.

Count11:The U.S.government continues to allow the Federal Reserve Board to print and regulate the country’s currency.Congress has abdicated its constitutional authority to coin and regulate money and has granted that power to “The Fed”-a totally unconstitutional private bank which has literally been guilty of counterfeiting on many occasions.

Count 12:The federal government hasn’t conducted a thorough criminal investigation into the use of illegal drugs and illegal substances in professional sports.

Count 13:The U.S.government continues to admit over a million immigrants into America,despite high unemployment and a long recession.This unprecedented immigration wave has occurred for about the last 20 years and discriminates against Europeans who seek to immigrate to America by keeping their national quotas low and the quotas high for many non-European nations.

Count 14:The federal government based in Washington,D.C. has already granted about 10 amnesties to people who have illegally entered United States and continued to break U.S.immigration law by remaining illegally on U.S. soil.These amnesties have allowed an estimated 3-5 million people who should have been deported to either continue to stay in U.S. or become U.S.citizens.

Count 15:There are currently an estimated 11-13 million people living illegally in United States,and the federal government not only refuses to try and deport the vast majority of them,but cracks down on states that try to oppose illegal immigration.

Count 16:The U.S.government practices blatant racial favoritism towards latinos living in U.S. by allowing and encouraging unprecedented immigration-both legal and illegal-to enter U.S.,by providing government services and literature in Spanish,by ordering state election boards to provide ballots and election materials in Spanish,even though only U.S.citizens are allowed to vote and every U.S.immigrant must become proficient in English to become a U.S.citizen.Also,about 800 radio stations in U.S. are broadcasting in Spanish,which the federal government is doing nothing about.The government is ostensibly planning to create an official Spanish-speaking Latin American nation on U.S.soil.Any American or immigrant who lives in this nation within a nation will inevitably have the choice to either learn to speak a Latin American dialect of Spanish or move to the English-speaking nation on U.S.soil.

Count 17:The U.S.government continues to colonize the Spanish-speaking island of Puerto Rico and grant it so-called commonwealth status,thus allowing the unlimited and unchecked movement of people and goods from Puerto Rico to U.S.,despite all the harm this relationship causes the American people and perpetuating the U.S.government as an empire and not the republic it’s supposed to be.

Count 18:The federal government has now passed a law which will force virtually every American to buy health insurance or be fined.If the federal government can force those they rule to buy health insurance,they can force them to buy anything under penalty of fine or even imprisonment.

Count 19:U.S.lawmakers continue to vote on bills and pass them into law without even reading the bills.

Count 20:The U.S.government in Washington,District of Columbia continues to enforce so-called free-trade treaties that encourage U.S. businesses,especially in manufacturing,to relocate their operations to foreign countries,thus unemploying millions of American workers and making Americans more dependent on foreigners for goods and services.


The U.S.government is almost totally comprised of Democrats and Republicans and is quite often a criminal operation.It basically serves the very wealthy and the very powerful,in and out of government.It frequently violates the U.S. Constitution-the supreme law of the land.It practices racial and ethnic favoritism towards some and discriminates against others.It engages in lawlessness and frequently doesn’t prosecute those in its employ who have broken laws or gives them very light sentences or punishments upon admission or conviction of guilt.It co-operates with counterfeiters and reckelessly overtaxes,overborrows and overspends.It cares more about foreigners than Americans.It orders its military to attack countries without a congressional declaration of war.It has created ever since the 9/11 attacks,a warfare/welfare state,caused mostly by a foreign policy of meddling,favoritism,belligerence,invasion and occupation of foreign countries,inter alia.It has allowed primarily the U.S. southern border to be crossed with impunity and has at times actually encouraged illegal entry into U.S..Election campaigns for are mostly entertainment,highly insulting and devious.

To conclude,this U.S.patriot urges all Americans who agree with the thrust of this indictment against the U.S.government to register to vote as a member of neither the Democratic or Republican parties and register or re-register as either an independent or with another party that isn’t a part of the corrupt polity of the two major parties;to encourage those in government to compile evidence of criminality or wrongdoing by U.S.government officials and bring that evidence to prosecutorial authorites,news-media outlets,and activist groups working for real reform of the U.S.government;to encourage more Americans to get involved politically and socially by getting and staying informed and then trying to make a positive difference for a patriotic,lawful federal government that puts Americans first in its laws and policies;to get more involved with political parties and groups that are truly independent and not part of the Democrat/Republican establishment and possibly start up their own parties;to pass this 20-counts’ criminal and moral indictment of the U.S.government on to as many concerned citizens and patriots as possible.

Anyone is free to add to this indictment upon the U.S.federal government.May Almighty God deliver the American people from the corrupt,lawless government in power over them and whose immoral polices and actions harm other people in the world too.

An American Patriot Reviews the News

October 29th, 2012

Hi,patriots.For a combination of reasons,this post will cover only 16 news items,compared to the usual amount of about 25-35.I’ve been busy with other matters the past month or so,like home improvement and working on Dusty-my ‘74 Gold Duster-inter alia.I also had to bring the netbook I use for the vast majority of my Internet news reading to the shop because it froze up.The netbook is more convenient than this desktop I’m typing from now,in that its portability enables me to use it at the dinette table,on a stool in any room I want,etc..This desktop is in the basement command center,and it’s here where I do almost all my typing and writing because,in contrast to the netbook,it’s much easier to type on.And as I type,it’s Sunday evening,Oct.28th,2012,and “The Big Apple” where I live and its environs is scheduled for what’s being called “Frankenstorm,” “The Perfect Storm,” “A Perfect Hybrid Storm,” among other names.I hope to finish this post before the power may go out before Wednesday the 31st.Yes,patriots,just like last year’s unusual October snowstorm,we’re supposed to get blasted with a storm that looks like it’ll be even worse than last year’s pre-Halloween storm.I believe the Almighty is sending another judgment on America,not just another bad storm for celebrating the occult Halloween holiday,but also just about a week before yet another presidential election where the voters have basically the dreadful choice of The Abomination running against Mormon Mitt to see who rules us as president.Yes,patriots,I believe He is sending us a message and a warning and a judgment.Let’s get to the news before the lights go out.

I start this patriot review of the news on the political corruption of the Republicrat establishment.All the disgusting debates have been held,and I confess I’ve only watched a few minutes of them.When I started to feel sick,or the anger bubbles started forming,that’s when I turned off the tube.These presidential debates are sickening spectacles.The producers control all the questions asked of the candidates,the deck is stacked against patriots who want to ask really tough questions instead of the usual softballs asked by one idiot partisan after another,MSM(mainstream media)control these debates so the corrupt Republicrat establishment is always protected and empowered.And when I watched the close of the second debate,I saw a first:Both Abomination and Mormon Mitt were signing autographs! Like they were movie “stars” who had just finished a scene! How sick! But yes,patriots,this is one reason I believe our nation is cursed:because we have a multitude of voters who look at Abomination,Mormon Mitt and other “stars” of the polity as if they’re demi-gods,or famous athletes or celebrities.These are people in power over us or seeking power over us! They can make or break our nation! They can start WW3! They can bring severe persuction upon us or deliver us from persecution! Like The Talking Heads sang out about 35 years ago:”This ain’t no party! This ain’t no disco! This ain’t no foolin’ around!” And one reason these presidential debates are such jokes is that they’re organized and supervised by Commission on Presidential Debates(CPD).It’s chaired by a Democrat and a Republican,and they virtually bar anyone other than a Republicrat from the debates.The Republicrats don’t want any competition,regardless of how badly they’re screwing up our country.The Republicrats is their name and power is their game! And the GOP chairman of CPD is none other than the odious Frank Fahrenkopf-president of-get this-American Gaming Association(AGA).That is,patriots,he’s the #1 shill for the casino industry! He lobbies the US Congress for the fat cats like Sheldon Adelson who basically enrich themselves from gambling addicts! What a stark indictment of this corrupt commission! And the Democratic chairman of CPD isn’t much better.That would be former Billy & Hillary Clinton press secretary Michael McCurry-a big part of the Clintons’ propaganda machine when they disgraced the White House from 1993 to 2001.These are the two creeps who decide who participates in presidential debates and who doesn’t! The commission places ridiculous demands on debate candidates,like he or she must poll 15% in national polls to be included in the debates.How can they get that much support if they’re barred from the debates?! It’s near-impossible unless they have a lot of dough,like Ross Perot  back in the ’90s.But obstacles like these are obviously in place to preserve the crooked,corrupt,anti-patriot Republicrat establishment,especially the power of the White House.Patriots,it’s probably going to take an act of Almighty God to break this stranglehold of power upon us.I recommend you all consider praying for its downfall.Next we go to Al Smith Dinner in New York City.This annual Catholic event is held to commemorate former NY governor Al Smith as the first Catholic to run for president.And every year during a presidential election,the bishop or cardinal of Archdiocese of New York invites the Republicrats to attend.Many Catholics thought Cardinal Timothy Dolan wouldn’t invite Abomination because he’s so anti-Catholic.But his excellency Cardinal Dolan,who obviously loves hobnobbing with the politically powerful,I guess couldn’t resist the opportunity to wine and dine with Abomination.And also with Mormon Mitt Romney! And speaking of “Mitt,” I didn’t know if Mitt was his first name,a nickname or his middle name.It’s his middle name.But his first name is:Willard! Willard! Like the captain of the rats(the 4-legged kind)in that horror film with Ernest Borgnine back in 1971! Will a rat-king be the next US president?! Ha! Anyway,back to Al Smith Dinner.This is another stark illustration of America’s corrupt Republicrat polity but with an added dimension:The current corrupt state of the US Catholic Church! Here’s a Catholic cardinal-who’s supposed to shepherd his Catholic flock-inviting an ardent Mormon and the notoriously anti-Catholic Abomination to a Catholic dinner,the proceeds of which are supposed to go to Catholic charities! What a bloody joke! But,Mr.Dolan and the other “dignitaries” at this dinner just lap up all the praise and attention showered on them by the guests and spectators.And then there’s all the self-congratulation and self-praise.It’s just another sickening display of how immoral the Republicrat establishment is,with the added symbolism of the corrupt,whorish relationship between America’s political and church establishments.What a double whammy it is for patriots when both the government and the Christian leadership join hands in bringing harm to our nation,end even celebrate while doing it.Those who serve Christ and His church are supposed to shine the light of the Gospel and His teachings on those who rule us,not rub shoulders with them,especially when they are of the law and spirit of Anti-Christ.Next we go to the once-Golden State of California-now the Land of Fruits and Nuts;and the biggest nuts are probably in the state legislature.The Democratic-majority houses passed a bill that would’ve legally permitted children to have more than 2 parents! These are the screwballs who are elected to positions of power and lawmaking in CA’s state government.Fortunately,Democratic Gov.Moonbeam Brown vetoed the bill,and he probably realizes that nuts are the majority in California’s Democratic Party.I don’t know which state Democrats are the most maniacal and the most evil:California,Massachusetts or New York;maybe Illinois too.And it’s very appropriate to end this post’s section on political corruption-particularly Democratic Party corruption-to cite a national survey of registerd Democrats who showed how nuts they are when only 15% of them think that the economic news in US is bad.And the only reason they thought this-despite all the signs around us of an imploding economy-is probably because they want to think that the economy is good so their Abomination can get re-elected.That’s what partisanship,party loyalty and racial favoritism towards blacks can do and has apparently done to the Democratic Party rank-and-file.And it’s just one more big reason why patriots shouldn’t belong to Democratic Party.And they shouldn’t belong to Republican Party either.

Securities & Exchange Commission(SEC)is supposed to be the federal agency with oversight authority over Wall Street.But with Mary Schapiro as its chairwoman,it’s obviously a corrupt joke.This woman was SEC enforcement chief when Uncle Bernie Madoff finally fessed up to his crimes.Bernie reportedly was plying his trade all the way back to the ’70s! And he was never caught?! And that’s probably because SEC,Wall Street and the US government are all pigs in a poke! That’s why there’s a revolving door between the money changers at Goldman Sachs and the US Treasury! So now,Mary Schapiro’s SEC decides to get tough with rating firm Egan-Jones,suing them because they supposedly weren’t qualified to rate certain securities.While this may or may not be true,what is true is that Egan-Jones is the only rating firm that isn’t paid by Wall Street;its fees come from individual investors.And what’s true too is that Egan-Jones recently downgraded US government debt.So,patriots,is it just co-inicidence that this broad Schapiro(either she’s Jewish or she’s not and it’s her married name)sued Egan-Jones for this downgrade of her Washington friends,like the Abomination who appointed her SEC chairwoman? I don’t think so! She used to head Financial Industry Regulatory Authority(FINRA)-a group that’s paid by Wall Street to supposedly watch over its activities and trades.And when she left FINRA,she was rewarded with-again,get this-a $9 million bonus.How sickening.Wall Street sure takes care of its own.So,Mary,Mary Quite Contrary is siccing her dogs on a rating agency ostensibly trying to fairly evaluate the debt of the spendaholics in Washington so their customers don’t get burned.She’s probably trying to shut them up,scare them into relenting.And maybe she got her orders from Abomination or Goldman Sachs.Regardless,patriots,this case is more proof tht a money mafia rules the US financial establishment,from the glorified counterfeiters led by Uncle Ben Shalom Bernanke to his rats at Goldman Sachs and on Wall Street and their accomplices at US Treasury.If patriots ever become a majority in the federal government,one objective is to conduct a real criminal investigation of Wall Street and its collusion with Washington’s money men.And regardless if that ever engenders,SEC should be abolished and a real oversight agency established that truly looks out for investors and the nation in general and not the power-drunk and opulent fat cats who rule us from Wall Street and from the White House and the US Capitol.Let’s hope Egan-Jones sticks to its guns and fights back against Mary and her gang who obviously are trying to shut them up or shut them down.

America’s wave of multiple homicide keeps on humming.In Herndon,VA,a man shot dead his wife,their 2 young sons and then-What else is new?-himself.They were an upper-class family living in a DC suburb,the parents working in the defense industry.A claim was made that the husband was so frightened of Abomination getting re-elected that he didn’t want his kids to live through another term;some claimed he had “mental issues.” The murderer was white and the wife was Puerto Rican.And there was a photo of all 4 of them that accompanied an article on the story where the murdered boys looked like they were wearing some kind of Masonic garb at some kind of party.It looks like this family were a bunch of weirdos,and the multiple homicide-suicide may have been related to their work in America’s huge defense industry.There has been little follow-up on these murders.At a sign store in Minneapolis,a laid-off worker decided to vent his rage on his former employer and those inside the shop by shooting 4 dead,including the employer and a UPS driver,wounding 4 more and then-What else is new?-shooting himself dead.In central FL at a motorcycle event at a VFW post,2 were shot dead and 1 was wounded.Not even VFW halls are safe! The wars their members are fighting aren’t overseas anymore,but right here on US soil! And still in central FL and then up to the Milwaukee,WI suburb of Brookfield,a new phrase for a particular type of multiple homicide has now entered the American lexicon:salon slaughter.Multiple homicides have been occurring at these locations rather frequently over the past few years or so,as women getting their bodies preened and chatting among themselves are rudely interrupted by madmen who enter with guns blazing.Back in central FL,at a salon with a staff and clientele mostly from Dominican Republic,a jilted lover raided the salon where his “estranged” girlfriend worked,shot and wounded her,shot dead 3 other women and then-What else is new(WEIN?)shot himself dead.A common ritual in America now to try and sympathize and cope with slaughter like this is to lay flowers or cards at the crime scene.At this salon,they also displayed a Dominican flag to express their support for the bereaved.How nice,isn’t it,patriots,that some Dominicans allowed into America by the federal government fly their flag and not ours at a crime scene where 3 of their own are slaughtered by one of their own? And the murderer had a long rap sheet.And the female first name of one of the victims was Noelia.That’s a new one,even from backward Dominican Republic.The other salon shooting in Brookfield,WI was by an ex-Marine black man,who accused his “estranged” white wife of adultery,shot her dead,shot 2 other women dead,wounded 4 more and then-WEIN?-shot himself dead.He too had “mental issues.” One story reported one woman came running out of the “salon” barefoot,wearing just a bathrobe,screaming that a man was shooting women in the store.Patriots,this is such a larger issue than just more sickening slaughter and multiple homicide-suicide.It’s all part of a people and a culture on the verge of national suicide.Of a violent madness that kills indiscriminately,savagely,horribly.As far as these killings in salons go,I remember when I was a Fed Ex driver,delivering in the wealthy suburb of Scarsdale,NY,and entering one of these salons to make a delivery.What I saw was pretty gross:about 15 women,aged 30-60,sitting in chairs,wearing only robes,while their virtual female slaves waited on them hand and foot,literally.The hedonism was nauseating;these broads probably cared more about their pedicures than their own kids.When I first read that report of the robed,barefoot woman fleeing the salon out of shock,terror and fear in Brookfield,I thought of that aforementioned scene in a Scarsdale,NY salon that catered to some wealthy broads who had nothing lese better to do with their free time than sit with only robes on,getting coddled by probably under-paid servants.My point,patriots,is that too many Americans-I believe more so the females than the males-are so absorbed in hedonistic pursuits and obsessions that they don’t even realize what’s really important in life.And it’s not an obsession with personal appearance,although we should always try to look presentable and neat.American women have always gone to salons;the difference I see today is that it’s now an obsession,a self-worship,an extravagance,a conceit,an immaturity.It’s a part of America’s dying culture.And now we go to another Dominican-committed crime,this one even worse than the salon slaughter in Florida.A Dominican nanny with yet another bizarre first name(Yoselyn)was entrusted with the care of 3 young kids in a Manhattan,NY apartment that cost $10,000-a-month rent.The kids’ dad is a CNBC executive,and he and his wife moved to NYC from Sodom by the Bay San Francisco.Yoselyn stabbed 2 of the young kids to death,and then slit her throat and wrists in an apparent suicide attempt.Mrs.Krim had recently traveled to her nanny’s native country and exclaimed,”…it’s a wonderful country!” So the questions are:Why did this ostensibly wealthy couple have to hire a nanny? Couldn’t Mrs.Krim raise her own kids on her own? Why did they have to hire a nanny from a Third World,indigent country like Dominican Republic? How can parents bring at times virtual strangers into their homes to care for and supervise their own flesh and blood?! Again,patriots,like Don McLean sang about Bye,Bye,Miss American Pie,he sang about too,”It’s the face of America dying.” And like the Dominican slaughter in the Sunshine State,flowers and wreaths were laid at the front door of the swanky building where the ghastly killings occurred in yet another ritual display of so much of Americans’ response to heinous murder.Now to E.St.Louis,IL,the black mayor imposed a strict curfew because,”There are people shooting at each other for no reason whatsover.” That’s how cheap life is in E.St.Louis-a town named after a Christian saint.This is what young kids do for kicks in that town:shoot and kill for no reason other than they deem it fun or they have nothing else better to do.How many more towns and cities across America await the fate of E.St.Louis? And lastly on the crime wave is before game 1 of the MLB American League playoff series at Detroit’s Comerica Park,members of Detroit Police Officers Assn(DPOA)gathered in front of the stadium and held up a sign to visitors to the park and the city itself that read:”Enter at your own risk.” The officers warned those planing to attend the game or stay in Detroit that they can’t guarantee their personal safety because they are so under-staffed,over-worked and over-tired.What an indictment that is of the once-great city of Detroit-the Arsenal of Democracy during WW2-where police stations close overnight,where cops are forced to work 12-hours’ shifts to they almost drop to the ground from fatigue,where whole neighborhoods have been so devestated by crime,immorality,joblessness,broken homes,firesale prices for homes and properties,outsourcing of jobs to foreigners,the exportation of so much of the auto industry in a city once made prosperous by Henry Ford and his Ford Motor Company.It’s all now a painful memory for older Detroiters.And now their Detroit Tigers have just been swept in the World Series.And that’s no real loss:Their team is loaded up with banditos from south of the border! Even the owners of major-league baseball teams and their rat-faced commissioner betray the American people by dragging foreigners out of their banana republics(probably the vast majority of them loaded up with illegal juice)and from Asia and replacing American ball players with non-Americans who are just here to make a lot of Yankee dollars and then return to their native lands! Like Dan Fogelberg sang out many years ago,”It’s a part of the plan”-the plan to de-Americanize the American people! To persuade us not to care about our fellow Americans! To belittle and mock patriotism! To care more about foreigners than about our own citizens! Whether it’s in pro-baseball and other pro-sports,government,big business,in our schools and churches,radical powers that be are gradually destroying the American nation! The crime wave of murder is contributing to that!We’re headed for a banana-republic society of the very wealthy on top,no middle class,and those who live subsistently! And they’ll succeed unless patriots fight back and save our country!

And to buttress this point even more,a USA Today reporter had mostly praise on the announcement that David Stern-the Jewish lawyer who has been NBA commissioner since 1984-will retire at the start of the 2014 season and hand the reins to his Jewish deputy Adam Silver.The reporter is presumably Jewish because he has a Jewish-sounding name,and he praised NBA for one reaon and one reason only:it’s a profitable ”global business.” That’s all that matters to Jeffrey Zillgitt(nice surname;sounds like “zitt”-as in a nasty pimple).Never mind that the game is dominated by ugly,tattooed,mangy-haired freaks,and more of them are foreigners too.But to those running and covering and commenting on immoral pro-sports in USA today,it’s all about money and fame;nothing else matters to them in their anti-Christ minds.And this is why pro-sports today is so disgusting and ruinous,because of liberal commissioners like Stern and Selig and the creep team owners who vote to make them commissioners and all the others who are responsible for all the drug use,conceit,foreignization,exorbitant player salaries and ticket prices,etc..They’ve turned these games from simple fun and relaxation into a playground for the rich and upper-class! But patriots may be fighting back against corrupt pro-baseball at least:The World Series that just ended in the forlorn,depressed city of Detroit is soon to go down as the lowest-rated WS ever! Games ending about midnight just to make TV networks(Like disgusting Fox Sports!)and advertisers and corporations more money from prime-time viewers! Juiced-up players! Ego-maniacs wearing gaudy chains and necklaces! Babalu worshippers from Dominican Republic and Venezuala! Liberal activism during games,like pink bats on Mother’s Day but no celebration of Father’s Day! That’s the Jewish liberalism/feminism of Jewish commissioner Alan Selig! No wonder why so many people don’t watch these ball games that are now freak shows! Maybe there really is hope for America! Don’t take me out to the ballgame! Not in USA today!

And the last news item to cover is a bit of patriot activism,in that old-guard liberal Newsweek will stop publishing a print edition at year’s end and will “go digital.” Even though they still have 1.5 million subscribers,they just can’t turn a profit due to a steep ad drop.So,one less establishment-liberal news magazine out there to debauch us,the better.In New York State,2 of the 4 moron GOP state senators who voted to legalize homo marriage won’t return to the senate.One of them was defeated in the primary,and another didn’t seek re-election because he expected a primary defeat;and another barely won in the primary.So,patriots in NY won a bit of a battle on the homo-marriage front and put lawmakers on-notice that if you vote to legalize immorality and anti-Christ marriage,you’ll pay a price at the ballot box.On a personal front,I’ve whittled down taking notes on back issues of The New American magazine to 16.I’m making good progress.The pile was about 30 issues high about 2 months ago! Despite TNA’s faults,it’s America’s only consistently conservative and patriotic magazine of news and opinion.They have some competition in The American Conservative and Chronicles,but the rest of the mags out there are either liberal,leftwing or neocon.I urge patriots to subscribe to TNA;a year’s subscription is only $39.Make it $40!

Patriots,I won’t be posting a news-and-review post before Election Day on November 6th.I do hope to post my criminal and moral indictment of the US government instead.Please look out for it.I want to put a lot into it before it’s published.My advice to co-patriots on Election Day is not to vote for Willard Mormon Mitt Romney or the Abomination.I heard radio broadcaster Alex Jones describe Mormon Mitt after he saw him at the first debate as Count Dracula.That’s it! Put a cape on Mormon Mitt and he looks like the Count from Transylvania! Let’s watch our throats at bedtime if he becomes president! And of course the Abomination needs to be defeated.One of his campaign slogans is:”Let’s finish what we started.” Yes,patriots,the Abomination wants another 4 years to try and destroy our nation,as if these past 4 years hasn’t been enough.But the sun-tanned Mormon Mitt isn’t the answer.He’ll be worse than Abomination on the War on Terror! and in sucking up to Israel Lobby.He’s a personal friend of Israeli warmonger prime minister “Bibi” Netanyahu.The Abomination was probably right when claimed during this campaign that it sounds like the 2012 Count Dracula wants to start another war in the Middle East! Abomination is probably right! And Alex Jones may be right too! Dracula loves to draw blood! Willard Romney also is an ardent Mormon,and Mormonism is a pseudo-Christian cult.The major choice this presidential election is worse than 2008! I advise patriots that if they vote for president,that they vote for former VA congressman Virgil Goode on the Constitution Party ticket,although he’s on the ballot in only about 30 states.Please don’t vote straight Republican wherever you are;too many patriots have been burned that way by voting for anti-patriot Republicans.Know about each candidate before you all vote for them.Get to know them individually,and if you don’t know enough about them,don’t vote for them.The presidential election will probably be very close and probably won’t be decided for several days after Election Day.Republicans should add to their US House majority by about 10-15 seats,but it looks like only a gain of 1 or 2 in US Senate;they need 4 to gain a majority.And the statehouses might go a bit more GOP than they are now.Patriots,I type in the midst of Hurrycane Sandy hitting this city.I’ve never heard such wind in my life;it almost sounds like human moaning and roaring.I do believe this is part-warning/part-judgment from the Almighty right before Satan’s Halloween holiday and the presidential election.I’ve said my prayers for protection from the storm that fortunately so far has only brought down 2 big branches of the tree in front of the house I live in.I hope to post my indictment of the corrupt,immoral,anti-patriot,lawless,anti-constitutional Us government before Election Day.Till then,for the cause.


An American Patriot Reviews the News

September 26th, 2012

Greetings,patriots.Summer has officially ended.From about the last 2 weeks of June to the first week of August 2012,we here in the so-called Big Apple and its environs endured the worst humidity I’ve ever experienced in my 52 years living in what used to be called “the good ol’ Bronx.” It was a pleasant surprise and relief that August-usually the worst month of the year when it comes to heat and humidity-wasn’t nearly as bad as July.Soothing September 2012 is now about 3 weeks old and it has been beautiful,thank the Lord:warm,sunny days and cool,breezy nights,very little humidity and a couple of days of refreshing heavy rain.How about in the World Tomorrow,September all year round? Digressing,this patriot hasn’t been reading and analyzing as much Internet news as I’ve normally done in the past,and this has been reflected on the Current News page on this blog’s parent website is because of the reasons listed in the previous blog,in addition to doing a lot of work on and around the house I live in,like a gutter replaced,new driveway cement,old cement removed,the front fence straightened out and fresh paint applied-and a lot of gardening.Fortunately,my nephew Shaun and his boys were available for the gutter,cement and the fence(saving us a nice chunk of money),and Anthony painted the fence-for a great price.Thanks to Shaun,his brother Shady,their helper Erik and Anthony! This ol’ house built in 1931 is looking a lot better! This has reminded me that we should always try to brighten and pretty up our own corners of the world,wherever we live and work.It’s all about creating beautiful sights and surroundings.So now,with the days cooling off,most of the major house work completed and my health issue under control for now,I’m returning to my regular schedule for reading and analyzing Internet news.I hope all you patriots had a safe and enjoyable Summer 2012.I hope you all are refreshed and ready for the patriot battles that await us,especially as this year’s campaign season kicks in.Now let’s go to the important news of the day and my review.

A regular feature of the immoral US government’s war in Afghanistan are the major-media reports of US helicopters “crashing.” Seven servicemen were killed in one of these “crashes.” I’ve lost count with how many US pilots have “crashed” their helicopters,whether they crash into mountainsides,trees,UFOs,inter alia.Patriots,the Pentagon and their big-media lapdogs continue to show their contempt for the intelligence of the average American when they almost always report these obvious enemy shootdowns as crashes.It’ll hold true probably until the World Tomorrow,that the first casualty in an immoral war is truth,and propaganda is regularly used to try and control the minds and emotions of the people.And now a new phrase has entered the lexicon of President Abomination’s/President Boy George’s immoral war on the Afghan people and on the American people:”insider attacks,” or “green on blue attacks.” These terms mean those Afghans who are supposed to be on “our side” suddenly and without warning turn on the “foreign occupiers” and shoot them dead;green helmets(Afghan soldiers or police)shooting blue helmets(the NATO servicemen).It’s all part of the madness of a guerrilla war,especially in the “graveyard of empire.” Abomination’s “surge” of troops-slavishly supported and trumpeted by his big-media allies-has flopped,as the surge troops have been withdrawn.Our guys are supposed to get out of that graveyard in 2014 and hopefully they never return.It has been 11 horrible years for US servicemen in that country,who’ve been put through hell on Earth not so much by Afghan “insurgents,” but by their power-drunk,ego-maniacal presidents Abomination and Boy George and those who empower them from behind their thrones.No one has been brought to account for the lies that brought us into Iraq,and the phony “War on Terror!” continues to be waged in many Muslim nations in or near the Middle East.And the latest front to open up in this war of aggression and invasion of those nations by the neo-conservative blood suckers and revolutionaries is the killing of US ambassador Stevens and 3 staffers at US’s consulate in Libya.Patriots,we still don’t know what exactly drove the mob to kill these men,whether it was an Al-Qaida retaliatory attack for the US military’s killing of one of its leaders,or whether it was the production and showing of an anti-Islam film produced in California.As far as the film The Innocence of Muslims” goes,so far it looks like an ex-con in CA who claims to be a Coptic Christian from Egypt participated in some way in the film’s production.He first claimed to be Sam Bacile-an Israeli-Jew who moved to America and became a real-estate developer.Further investigation found this was untrue,and his real identity is Nakoula Basseley(similar to Bacile)Nakoula-an ex-con who did time for drugs and fraud.About 100 Jewish donors contributed to the making of The Innocence of Muslims,which has incited mobs to riot in several prominent Muslim nations.Patriots,this looks like a classic neo-con operation of deception,treachery,incitement,chaos,bloodshed.It looks like they’ve used a sleazy ex-con-claiming that he’s a Christian from Egypt-paid him a nice chunk of change,and has made it look like a Christian-not a group of Jewish neo-cons-made this inflammatory anti-Muhammed film.And now they’re using this piece of pyschological warfare to incite millions of Muslims into frenzies,thus jeopardizing the lives of US personnel in various Muslim nations,and thus urging further US military invasion of even more Muslim nations to overthrow their governments and rule them,either directly or by proxy,like they did with Mubarak in Egypt or the Shah in Iran.Another neo-con front has opened up with this JAP neo-con Pamela Geller placing anti-Muslim ads in the New York City subway,even going so far as to appeal the denial for placing her moronic ads to Judge Engelmayer(that sounds Jewish)who issued an edict to allow the ad.It’s obvious that the fiendish neocons are trying to inflame Arabs and Muslims to commit violence against Americans,thus inciting the American people to kill even more Muslims for the safet and security and empowerment of Israel.Yes,patriots,this is the evil of the neo-cons.They need to be stopped,they need to be exposed,they need to be arrested and prosecuted for crimes they’ve certainly committed ever since they launched their War on Terror! which has been a war against America and against a great deal of the totally innocent Muslim world.Let’s hope and pray for some kind of accounting,for patriots to enter Washington and bring these scoundrels before Congress and real criminal courts and convict the guilty ones for the neo-bolshevik scum that they are.  

America’s political corruption is prominently displayed once again with the wretched choices that patriots have for president in November.The only candidate with the integrity and patriotism worth our votes is former Virginia congressman Virgil Goode-candidate for Constitution Party.This party has a lot of good ideas and,hence their title,believes that the US Constitution is supposed to be the law of the land and obeyed by those who rule us in Washington.Unfortunately,the party come November will be on the ballot in only about 40 states.I recommend patriots vote for Goode if he’s on the ballot in their states,and to vote for other Constitution Party candidates(check them out,though,before supporting them).Of course it’s untinkable to vote for Abomination,since he’s a sworn anti-patriot and anti-Christ.Mormon Mitt Romney is no choice for patriots either,in that he’s Boy George redux.Former NM governor Gary Johnson-the Libertrian Party candidate-showed what a goofball he is when he claimed the GOP convention platform,which is basically meaningless,bordered on “racist” because of its strong anti-illegal-immigration language.Other obscure parties have their candidates and none of them are worth mentioning.Mormon Mitt’s choice of WI congressman Paul Ryan was very curious.Why did GOP’s catcher’s mitt pick Paul? How about a head game on Ron Paul supporters? The name Paul Ryan is so close to Ron Paul! The ol’ switcheroo! The GOP veep candidate’s first name is Paul while the TX congressman’s surname is Paul.And the veep candidate’s last name of Ryan is very close to Doctor Paul’s first name of Ron.So,me thinks Mormon Mitt played a bit of a head game with us,at least with Doctor Paul’s supporters.MM knows he needs a good deal of Paul’s supporters to vote for him in November,so he picked a guy with a very similar-sounding name.On a more serious note,Ryan is only slightly conservative.He admits that wishy-washy,milquetoast Republican Jack Kemp was one of his mentors,along with “objectivist” author Ayn Rand(real name:Alicia Rosenbaum)-author of Atlas Shrugged.That alone,patriots,proves he’s no conservative,but just another GOP establishmentarian who sometimes does something conservative but’ll never stray far from the anti-conservative GOP plantation.Patriots,if you vote on election day,vote for individuals,not parties.In some congressional races,we’ll have real choices between patriots and anti-patriots.Please research these candidates before voting for them,and spread the word as best you can when you’re convinced you’ll be voting for patriots and encourage other patriots to vote for them too.Isn’t it amazing how the presidency seems locked up for anti-patriot warmongers and globalists and internationalists? It’s a tough nut for patriots to crack,but we must try and with His help,we may succeed.And writing on the dirty White House came the news that Abomination hosted an “Iftar” at his house.An Iftar is a Muslim meal that breaks the fast after the month of Ramadan.This practice at the White House began when Democrat Billy Clinton was president,and continued under Republican Boy George and continues under Democrat Abomination.More proof that the Bush/Clinton Dynasty still rules the White House! Abomination claimed that Islam is as central to America as Christianity is(a vile lie).Abomination revels in lying to suit his purposes of de-Christianizing our nation and turning it into not a Muslim state like these neo-con morons keep screaming about,but an anti-Christ pantheistic nation-a land of multiple false gods,so to speak.So now that he breaks bread with Muslims in the dirty White House(The white horse of the conqueror in The Book of Revelation?),the White House-the office of the US presidency-is,I firmly believe,under more judgment from the real god:the Almighty God of the people of Israel(not the present-day nation in the Middle East)and the Father of Jesus the Christ.He,patriots,is the only one I recommend we pray too and follow in these perilous times.He’s our only real hope,I believe.

La Conquista keeps marching on in its quest to formally establish an Espanol-speaking latino nation on US soil.The anti-patriots running Democratic Party showed their support for La Conquista by bringing an illegal immigrant from Mexico to deliver a speech to Democratic National Convention.Benita Veliz’s speech provided another record-breaking event under President Abomination’s rule,as she was the first illegal immigrant to speak before a Democratic or GOP national convention.Senorita Veliz is about 30 lbs.overweight,and virtually bragged about how she was brought into Texas from Mexico by her parents when she was 8-years-old and has remained here illegally all these subsequent years.Thanks to Abomination’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals(DACA)program,fatso Benita won’t be deported and will be allowed to stay in our country for 2 years and apply for a work permit.DACA was obviously a slop for the latino vote,which Abomination fears may be not as enthusiastic for him as it was when he was elected in 2008.But it’s also empowering latinos and La Conquista by rewarding their illegal entry into our country and helping grow their numbers as rapidly as possible.Remember,patriots,that about 80% of the illegal-immigrant population in America is latino,mostly from Mexico,like fatso Benita.So the national Democrats are now in patriots’ faces by putting an illegal latina on-stage(a fat one to boot) at their convention to basically tell us,”We’re here,we’re not going anywhere,and our numbers are growing.Get used to us,Americanos.Your president is on our side.” Patriots,let’s never forget that most of those who rule us in the White House and the US Capitol are our enemies.Benita Fatso Veliz is one stark example of that.And another front in La Conquista’s continuing asssault on America is once again due to the complicity of the US government.The Spanish-speaking island of Puerto Rico continues to be granted “commonwealth” status by Washington,DC,which means it’s a virtual US colony,its citizens are granted US citizenship when they’re born,and they can freely travel anywhere in America without any restrictions whatsoever,just like New Yorkers traveling to New Jersey.This madness also results in packages or shipments from Puerto Rico to America not having to be inspected by US Customs because,again,the island is officially a “commonwealth” and packages,like people,travel freely.This ridiculous situation enabled a Puerto Rican mailwoman in Secaucus,NJ to receive cocaine shipments from dealers in PR and distribute it in NJ and maybe elsewhere in our country,helping ruin the lives of many of our people,especially the young.The postal inspectors did a good job in nailing this bitch and her boyfriend,but the point is that that coke came unmolested from the “commonwealth” and to our shores.This is how the US government continues to allow war to be waged against us by continuing to throw open our borders to Puerto Rico! America receives no benefit from this sickening relationship.And while PR suffers the indignity of the US flag flying over its capitol in San Juan,they still have it a lot better than anywhere else in the poverty-stricken Caribbean,in that they’re granted a great privilege of coming freely to America and taking advantage of everything our nation still offers.And a lot of Puerto Ricans are militant creeps living in our country,flying their flags in our faces,blasting their wretched music in our ears,speaking loudly their coarse language(it’s not Spanish)in our faces and in our ears.Take it from me,patriots,as a Bronxite who has suffered these abuses for far too long,thanks to the bastards ruling us in DC! Please call your congressmen and urge them to vote to give Puerto Rico their independence! And our independence from this terrible relationship foisted on our peoples!

Diversity Gang is an anti-white/anti-Christian radical group,most of whose members are probably white.One of them is moron liberal US senator Thomas Harkin from Iowa.While the Republicans who invited actor Clint Eastwood to give a speech to Republican National Convention showed how moronic they are,Harkin called Eastwood a very interesting name:”…an old,angry white man.” Wow! How nice of moron Harkin to bring Clint’s race into his denunciation! And what about if he called Herman Cain(Remember him?)”an old,angry black man”? First,he wouldn’t.A Diversity Gang moron liberal like Harkin showed his contempt for America’s white population by describing Eastwood as white and angry,while also expressing his hate for the older generation of whites who voted heavily GOP in the 2010 elections that provided a GOP-majority in US House of Representatives.Apolitical people may ask,”How can moron liberal Harkin be anti-white when he’s white himself?” The simple answer is Harkin and his contemporary moron liberals subscribe to an anti-white ideology called Multi-Culturalism.They are proud members of Diversity Gang-meaning they celebrate virtually every non-white/non-Christian/non-English-speaking group or fad or culture out there.It’s all part of their quest-similar to La Conquista’s quest-to destroy America’s identity as a European,Christian,English-speaking nation.That’s why Hollerin’ Harkin denigrated Eastwood’s race,and why he wouldn’t have dared denigrate the race of any non-white.And notice,patriots,how big-media let it fly right by them,but would have been drooling out of their mouths for the head of a white politician who called someone an angry latino man or an angry black man,although a moron liberal like Harkin may be eventually forgiven because most of big media is dominated by other moron liberals.Diversity Gang could be America’s public enemy #1.Just look at moron liberal Tommy Harkin from Iowa.Shame on the Iowans who keep returning him to US Senate.

Israel Lobby is gloating greatly,now that NYPD has opened up a branch office in Israel and has it staffed with 2 NYPD detectives-both of whom are Jewish and one with the first name of Mordechai-the Jew who in Book of Esther in the Bible, helped save his people from Persian king Haman about 2,500 years ago.Talk about holding grudges over time! It was probably Mayor Bloomberg who made this decision to use taxpayer money and personnel to open an office in a foreign country of a police department that’s supposed to protect and serve New Yorkers like me but now will be protecting Israelis.Israel Lobby and its supporters keep showing their primary loyalty is to Israel and not America.I wouldn’t be surprised down the road if NYPD cops will be forced to wear Stars of David on their shield plates.So,patriots,La Conquista,Diversity Gang and Israel Lobby keep waging aggression against Americans and keep showing their loyalties and affections are to things foreign and not to things American.

“…a giant money-making scam.” That’s how blogger Michael Snyder at describes America’s current state of medical care.He related one horror story after another of how victims of this current system that’s all too often inhuman and exploitative and plain old greedy have been harmed.Whether it’s drug companies,hospitals,clinics,labs,doctors,therapists,et al,people-often through no fault of their own-have been ripped off by suffering the misfortune of getting seriosly sick or injured in contemporary America.And this horrible situation has been made all the worse since so-called “health insurance” started becoming more freely available and the plans more freely used.Patriots,health insurance is no panacea for our medical-care problems.Indeed,it’s probably the main reason why healthcare costs and healthcare premiums have skyrocketed over about the last 20 years! When patients carry insurance,this gives healthcare providers the incentive to overcharge-ridiculously overcharge.These jerks believe that insurance companies have unlimited funds to pay providers and drug companies and everyone else who’s profiteering off this immoral,harmful system.And to add more fuel to the fire,Institute of Medicine reported that in 2009,an estimated $750 billion was wasted on unnecessary spending for medical care-i.e.,needless or duplicate tests,over-prescribing or misprescribing drugs,etc..If that’s not an indictment of this current corrupt system of medical care,I don’t know what is.And of course,oppressive,collectivist government forcing us into Abominationcare will mostly make things a lot worse and will do nothing about rising costs,just like Romneycare in Massachusetts has driven medical-care costs way up.Patriots,we need to return to a point-of-service medical practice where the doctor was close to his patients and put them first and not profits and power for those in government and corporate medical care who for too long have feeded off their corrupt ”system.” 

And the corruption in pro sports(baseball in this case)proved itself again-but with no real surprises-when Melky(Nice name!)Cabrera and then Bartolo(Nice name!)Colon were suspended by Major League Baseball for testing positive for injecting testosterone into their bodies.These two Dominicanos who shouldn’t be playing baseball in America but in their native Dominican Republic just came out of nowhere to have much better seasons than previous ones,especially Melky,who was on his way to a National League batting title thanks to his added testosterone.Anyone with half a brain knew he was “juicing,” and it was just a question of what juice this bandito was taking.Patriots,lovers of the once-great game of pro baseball,these drugs are legal in DR and Venezuela and probably would be legal in America’s commonwealth of Puerto Rico if it weren’t under US law because these countries are so bloody poor,that using these drugs gives them the chance to artificially build up their bodies to get the chance to play in Los Estados Unidos to make a lot of Yankee dollars that they can’t make in their home countries.And every time one of these banditos gets a roster spot on an American team,he takes a slot away from an American player.It’s that bloody simple.Please think about that when you think about going to a game and seeing all these foreigners playing in our game on our soil when they’re just here to make the Yankee millions and care about nothing else.Why MLB suspended these 2 foreigners for 50 games is interesting,because there are certainly a lot more juiced-up players,and not just the banditos.The Jewish liberals who run MLB along with the dirtbag owners have gotten millions of fans to not care about the drugs and the foreigners in baseball.They’ve gotten them to think that all that matters is winning,glory and fame-vicariously that is.As for this Bronx boy who loves to watch a good baseball game,I’ll try to find a team that’s full of American players to root for.Our countrymen come first,not a juvenile desire to win at any costs.

America’s moral breakdown is prevalent in the law field-because the law establishment is dominated by radical liberals.American Bar Association(ABA),as long as I can remember,has been and still is a pinko-liberal activist group that’s just another wing of anti-patriot Democratic Party.They revealed their arrogant radicalism by selecting none other than Jewish super-radical Morris Dees-head of radical activist-group Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC).Even though SPLC’s hideous headquarters is in Montgomery,AL,there’s nothing really Southern about SPLC,because according to patriot pastor Ted Pike(who closely monitors extremist Jewish groups),almost their entire high-level staff are New York Jews.They’re very quick to look for the slightest whiff of racism or “Anti-Semitism!” coming from whites,but are all to quick to run away from or ignore racism from non-whites.So the douchebag radical libs at ABA awarded Dees their highest honor for his “public service” during the “civil rights” movement and his subsequent trouble-making(things that occurred 30-40 years ago).Remember,patriots,ABA is the first lawyer group to vet a Supreme Court nominee,whether the president is Democratic or Republican;and that’s more proof that a Republican president very frequently seeks advice or approval from anti-patriot/anti-conservative liberals like ABA.

Here’s the latest on the police blotter of America’s murderous crime wave:2 deputies were shot dead and 2 were wounded in a shoot-out with a badman near New Orleans,LA;at a Sikh temple near Madison,WI,a reported “neo-nazi”(almost every time a white man shoots non-whites,Diversity Gang media spontaneously claim he’s a neo-nazi)shot dead 6 temple members,wounded a cop and then shot himself dead(more casualties of “multi-cultural” America);at the Washington,DC headquarters of Christian-establishment activist group Family Research Council(FRC),a man who worked at a homosexual-activist group(he’s probably a homo himself,though the pro-homo big media didn’t admit it)shot and seriously wounded a security guard because he disliked the anti-homo-marriage activism of FRC(this may kick off more physical violence against Christians who publicly oppose homosexuality and other anti-Christ behavior);at yet another “Sweet 16″ party,this time in Riviera Beach,FL,2 teens were shot dead(Were they sweet 16?)and 6 other partiers were wounded(from the names of some of the victims,it appeared to be a mixed latino/black Sweet 16 party);at a supermarket in Old Bridge,NJ,a former US Marine,who was black,shot dead a teenage girl and a young-adult male,both of whom were white,before turning the rifle on himself(he reportedly suffered from some undisclosed mental problems);and in another ghastly,savage multiple homicide,an ex-con black male was invited by a 23-years-old white mother into her home in Sandusky,OH-and the 2-legged animal went on to strangle her and her 2 young kids to death(of course,not much reportage from the establishment liberal media on this savagery;but if the savage murderer were white and the victims black,they certainly would cover it heavily and would probably indict every white person in Sandusky for “Racism!”).Murder madness continues its dark march across our country,and it’s maybe getting to the point where none of us are safe.

The Almighty’s judgment on America and on some of its evil rulers is I believe the reasons for the following:July 2012 was the hottest month ever in US history(Oh no!:Global Warming Gang(GWG)may go on the warpath again!);Hillary the witch-US Secretary of State-traveled to the rapidly deteriorating nation of South Africa(deteriorating because of the anti-white/anti-Christ foreign powers who brought multi-culturalism to that land)and boogied down with some of the power-drunk morons who now rule that country and are driving it into the ground.A You Tube video entitled her dancing with the South African radical stars as “Hillary Gets Freaky.” She was dancing in a circle with some of these clowns and actually was looking down at a big black mama’s ass like she wanted to kiss it! No joke! More proof that Hillary’s a dyke.And something bizarre occurred while Hillary was frolicking in SA:It snowed! It hardly ever snows in South Africa! But it snowed the day she was there! It snowed all over the country! The Almighty loves to warn and scare and humble the haughty and the arrogant in power! And no other bwitch in power deserves such a divine judgment than super-bwitch Hollerin’ Hillary.And then her boss the Abomination was scheduled to speak in Raleigh,NC at an outdoor stadium during Democratic National Convention,but the threat of hurricane-force rain and wind forced cancellation of the event.Some Republicans claimed that the real reason was the Abomination’s handlers didn’t sell enough tickets to the event and wanted to avoid the embarrassment of a not-sold-out political event that was intended to project idol worship onto Abomination! Ha,ha,ha if that’s true! Anyway,this blog and its parent site has reported on innumerable occasions where Abomination and some of his lieutenants have been hit with nasty weather or some other bizarre events when they were to appear or speak in public,usually in front of large clouds.Maybe this is a sign that He hasn’t yet given up on America! Let’s hope so.

I usually end posts on this patriot blog with patriot activism across the land,but I don’t have any to report of real significance.Patriots,Summer 2012 is over.I hope all of you who read this blog and have had some good R & R with your families and friends and you’ve enjoyed the many pleasures and refreshments that Summer offers.Fall is a beautiful time of year also,with its balmy days,brisk nights and changing colors.But now it’s time we return to our primary job:fighting America’s patriot cause,in any way or ways we can.Work for patriot candidates who are running for office at all levels and work to defeat anti-patriots who are in office or running for office.Get and stay informed,get active and try to make a positive difference for America! Before it’s too late! We only have so much time left before America becomes like South Africa or a banana republic! In addition to reviewing the news on this patriot blog,I’m aiming to write a special post before Election Day 2012 that’ll indict the US government for its blatantly consistent illegal,unconstitutional and immoral acts.Time will tell if I have the time and wherewithal to do it.Till then,I’ll see you next time.





After a 4-Months’ Hiatus,an American Patriot Returns to Reviewing the News

August 27th, 2012

I’m back,patriots! How have you all been?! An assortment of obstacles and hardships prevented me from posting on this patriot post since mid-April,but I’m finally back.And not only am I back,but I’m back with blazing fast high-speed Internet on this desktop computer that I’m typing from right now,thanks to the good ol’ local repairman.This computer and accessories were out of operation for about 2 months,due to a malware attack,corrupted software and an aging computer.But this computer has been repaired with new parts and re-installed software,and now with high-speed access instead of dial-up.What a bloody relief! Hallelujah! I also saved about $450 by fixing and upgrading this computer and not buying a new one! I also was given a used printer by the shop to replace the old one with corrupted software and it’s a vast improvement! Thank you! This patriot command center-after an attack and subsequent breakdown-is back in blasting operation! I also can use the telephone and fax while online,and I don’t need a bulky adapter on the floor to plug 3 pieces of equipment into.Thanks to a very helpful support rep at Brother down in Memphis,she told me I can plug the phone into a jack right into the all-in-one printer! Marvelous! To sum up,patriots,this patriot operation is now much more efficient after being taken out of action for about 2 months.Deliverance has come.Hallelujah! The following post will cover about 70 news items over the past 4 months.For brevity’s sake,I won’t analyze and comment on the news as much as I normally do because the post would be too bloody long.Let’s go.

There’s maybe no better way to start a patriotic blog post than to expose the corrupt political class that misrules America:President Abomination,at the White House,unveiled the portraits of Boy George and Mrs.Boy George.How nice of the Abomination! To bestow such honor and praise on his predecessors! But,patriots,as Tommy Edwards sang out over 50 years ago but on a different subject,”It’s all in the game.” The Republicrat establishment worships the office of the US presidency,as if it’s a demi-god who occupies that office whether he’s a Democrat or a Republican.So the Abomination was so proud to “unveil” the portraits of Mr.and Mrs.Boy George,to add their images to the White house pantheon,to congratualte each other via self-worship.If that isn’t stark symbolism of the corrupt 2-parties’ racket that rules over us,I don’t know what is.

Some very scary news came on the employment front,and it probably indicates what’s in store in the near-future for American workers:half of recent college graduates are either unemployed or under-employed(the latter meaning that these grads are working but either part-time or in jobs that don’t require the degrees they hold).Is that incredible?! One out of two recent college grads either not holding jobs or working in jobs that don’t require a college degree because there’s nothing else available?! How did this happen to our country?! What kind of future does this hold for our young people?! Patriots,it’s hard to define exactly what has happened,but this ostensibly is a result of the massive change in our society that the anti-patriot,globalist elites have been working feverishly for over about the past 50 years.They’re re-engineering our society every way they can,eviscerating our manufacturing base,exporting millions of our good-paying jobs,making us dependent on foreigners in a multitude of ways,inter alia.And it’s because they obviously want to dumb us down,make us just another part of a very poor and backward world.And if patriots throughout our nation don’t start soon to reverse this trend,more and more Americans will be pauperized and we may very well become a society of the very wealthy and those living subsistently.Patriots,please remember this when these sickening election campaigns really kick in and the journalists and moderators ask one idiotic,softball,cute question to the candidates after another while the real issues and the real threats to the American people are not even mentioned,let alone discussed.And again,patriots,that’s all in the game too.The globalist garbage ruling us from their headquarters in Washington,District of Crime and Corruption want us all to be entertained and titillated at election time,like a sporting event.They want us to think on and argue about all the wrong issues while they continue to bring us down.But now with half of recent college grads struggling and scared,maybe they’ll wake up,stop dreaming about “climbing the ladder” to professional and financial power and status,and start to cherish patriotism again,start caring about their fellow citizens and not just themselves,and work hard for real political reform and not just re-arranging the deck chairs on Titanic.Patriots,we have to face the stark Reality:America is sinking,faster than most of us want to acknowledge.

The bastards in DC have allowed and at times even encouraged millions of people south of our border to illegally enter(invade,actually)our country and stay here in defiance of our laws and our sovereignty.And several of these invaders were fortunately caught by immigration authorities and held in a detention facility in Mississippi.Some of them rioted,leaving 1 guard dead and 5 wounded before order was restored.I haven’t come across a figure of how many invaders are currently in some kind of legal custody,if they even keep such figures.And this is yet another serious problem for patriots,because more invaders may riot either to escape or because they have nothing else to lose.Once again,patriots,the Republicrat mutts in DC,especially the arrogant presidents in the executive branch of the federal government,are primarily responsible for this out-of-control situation.All the more reason why,Almighty God willing,patriots will get them out of the offices they hold and bring those to justice who’ve broken laws and committed crimes while in office.

On La Conquista front,ABC News and Univision-two Jewish-owned networks-will start up a TV network next year just for latinos.That’s right:of the 4 races living in America-whites(64%),latinos(16%),blacks(12%)and Asians(5%;the balance is “other” or mixed race)-the men running these networks have decided to offer TV fare just for latinos,probably in various dialects of Espanol for the multitude of latino ethnicities living in America.This,patriots,is obviously not just a money-making scheme;it’s also a political and cultural scheme to impose a Spanish-speaking Latin American nation on US soil-to make English-speaking Americans feel more and more like they’re strangers in their own country.Remember,patriots,that a latino doesn’t own Spanish-language network Univision but a Jew! Oy vey! Haim(nice name)Saban is an Egyptian-born Jew who moved to Israel and now reportedly lives in USA-although this mocher probably has at least one mansion in each of those 3 countries.So,patriots,hardly any of us watch Univision(One Vision),but we also need to not watch Disney-owned ABC and let them know why we’re not watching them.And the other La Conquista attack on USA came in Texas,where chain eatery Pizza Patron decided to give a free pizza out-to anyone who ordered in Espanol! Ay caramba! Maybe every non-latino in Texas should’ve entered a Pizza Patron multiple times and ordered in their language! And then throw them on the floor! Patriots,La Conquista marches on,on our soil.And now they’re even using pizza to slowly but surely conquer as much of our country as they can! Remember the Alamo!

We patriots have to give credit to Israel Lobby:they never rest.Marco Rubio-a freshman US senator from Florida who,despite being in that office for just 2 years,is being pushed by Israel Lobby neo-cons to be Catcher’s Mitt Romney’s running mate-gave a speech at neo-con/liberal Brookings Institution,and was introduced by none other than US “Independent” senator Uncle Joe Lieberman from the Nutmeg State(there are a lot of nuts in the Nutmeg State,especially the rich ones).That neo-con War on Terror! fanatic and long-time Democratic senator Lieberman(”Loverman” in German)introduced Republican senator Rubeo to the assembled neo-con/liberal audience at Brookings should raise every patriot’s eyebrows that a smelly rat is darting around,but it’s no big deal to the neo-cons.Rubeo was there to confirm that he’s just another neo-con warhawk,fanatically devoted to the nation and government of Israel to the point where he probably cares more about Israel’s security than America’s.He obviously can’t wait for US warplanes to bomb Iran.And the dope who has been showered with all this free publicity primarily because he’s “Hispanic”(Cuban,actually)stultified himself by not having all of his prepared speech in front of him on the dais.The lesson here for us,patriots,is that the neo-cons will use members of both major parties to further their anti-American/anti-patriot/anti-Christ/pro-war/pro-torture/pro-revolution/Israel-first agenda.Whether it’s Republican “Rummy” Rumsfeld who’s defense secretary or Democratic Leon the Nose Panetta is no difference.As Christ said,”By their fruits,you will know them.” And the neo-cons-whether they’re Republican or Democratic-are very bad fruit indeed.Next we go to Sheldon Adelson-the self-proclaimed richest Jew in America.Fortunately,Newty Gingrich-the globalist sell-out whom Shelly supported for the GOP presidental nomination to the tune of about 10 mill-bowed out of the race.But that doesn’t stop Shelly,whose estimated worth is about $23 billion.Shelly owns Sands Casino in Vegas and casino operations in Macau.As I’ve written before on this blog and its parent website,it looks like Shelly is big-time Jewish mafia,possibly a leftover from the days of Bugsy Siegel.Shelly owns the largest-circulation newspaper in Israel(he doesn’t own a paper in USA),and he has now donated millions to a GOP “super-pac” to almost certainly make sure that the GOP congressional leadership always supports Israel regardless of right or wrong.Shelly is now being investigated by US Dept.of Justice over bribery allegations in Macau,spurred on by a disgruntled former employee.No decent political party should have anything to do with this power-drunk ugly creep.But an israel Lobby tycoon like Sheldon Adelson is treated like a king in the GOP upper echelon.It appears that Israel Lobby has more power and influence in the Republican Party than in the Democratic Party.For proof,let’s just look at King Shelly.And most importantly on the anti-American/anti-patriot Israel Lobby comes the assertion from several former and current US national-security officials that the government of Israel is actually a “spy threat” to United States.Yes,patriots,the government of the nation virtually always praised and called a loyal ally by the Republicrats has been caught spying on the US government and remains a threat to US classified information.Adam Goldman is the very brave,presumably Jewish AP reporter who wrote the article that ran in The Palm Beach Post and can be accessed on,patriots,whenever we hear one gutless,spineless,groveling Republicrat always praising Israel’s government,scream at them,”They spy on us! You’re a liar!” Alright,patriots,that’s enough on anti-patriot Israel Lobby.

Here are 3 important reports on America’s medical-care problems,which soon may be headed for a real crisis situation for all of us,whether we are patients,mecial-care providers or holders of health-insurance policies.First,the cost of medical care-including insurance premiums,deductibles,and payments for what’s not covered by insurance-for a family of 4 has skyrocketed to $21,000 a year.$21,000 a year! That should give the average American an annual ulcer! And throughout the entire debate on Abominationcare or other fora addressing America’s ridiculously high costs for medical-care and medical-care insurance,virtually no one addresses what’s almost certainly the main reason for these outrageous costs:There are too many patients and those covered by insurance who are getting ripped off! I know this from personal experience! Both recent and past! Probably the first question asked by medical-care providers to victims when they seek evaluation and/or treatment in this highly immoral system is,”What health insurance do you have?.” And when providers learn the victim’s insured,they double,triple,etc. the bills! They probably think that health insurers have unlimited amounts of money! No wonder why health insurance and its related costs are $21,000 yearly for a family of 4! There are certainly other factors,like malpractice insurance and medical fraud.But price gouging is,I’m convinced,the root problem.And that’s why the powers that be(TPTB)in the corrupt establishments in government,news media and medical care are quiet about it:there are too many people making way too much money off injured,sick and dying people.They want this corrupt system to continue as long as people in doctor offices,hospitals,clinics,labs,and in suites of drug companies and insurance companies keep raking in the dough.Abominationcare will do virtually nothing about this.Except to force virtually everyone in this corrupt system to buy insurance or else pay a fine! And what about if people can’t afford insurance? Like many can’t right now? President Abomination will just say,”Too bad.” If we don’t join their system,they’ll fine us.As I’ve written before on this patriot blog,America’s root problem in medical care is moral,not a question of forcing everyone to have insurance or getting better drugs or any other lame expalnation for our near-crisis.But at least some medical-care providers are trying to do something about this.On the second news item on medical care,Americans spend a whopping $2.7 trillion annually on medical care! Some doctors are trying to do something about those exorbitant costs by avoiding unnecessary tests and prescribing generic drugs and not more expensive brand-name drugs,among other practices.There are certainly many conscientious doctors out there in this maddening,corrupt system who are trying to improve things for both doctors and patients by trying new approaches and treatments.And if our nation’s medical-care system escapes its immoral grip,doctors with a good sense of morality can help turn things around.And what better way to end this commentary on America’s exorbitant and immoral medical care than citing John Roberts-chief justice of US Supreme Court-and his escape to the island of Malta in the Meditteranean Sea very soon after his infamous vote to find Abominationcare constitutional.His warped,overly legalistic mind found that the forced mandate for Americans to buy insurance isn’t a mandate,but a tax;thus he believes Congress has a right to tax Americans who don’t buy health insurance,not penalize them.So why did this sap who resembles US House Speaker John Boehner-another sap-hightail it to faraway Malta after he-appointed to the court by Boy George-sided with anti-patriot goons like Sotomayor and Ginsburg(UUUUUUgly!)in ruling Abominationcare constitutional? He claimed he went there to teach a 2-weeks’ course to some law students.That may be true,but it’s also true that Roberts is an ardent Catholic,and he’s probably a member of Knights of Malta-a secretive Catholic group whose members virtually swear allegiance to the pope.I believe he went there as some kind of ritual for now allowing Abominationcare to become federal law.And a radical-liberal SCOTUS justice would never side with conservatives or Republicans on the bench like Roberts did,proving that when the chips are down in corrupt DC,the radical anti-patriot liberals prevail,like they did here on such a monumental issue re the freedom of the American people.

Upcoming are 11 items on our country’s moral breakdown.Sexual immorality-especially the sin of Sodom-has been the downfall of many nations and societies,like the Roman Empire.And as America keeps drowning in sleazy,depraved sex,she soon will no longer be called America the Beautiful.Two dykes staged a “hate crime” in Parker,CO,claiming their house was vandalized.But instead of an innocent person or persons getting arrested,it was they who got arrested when police discovered they staged the whole thing.This is a real sickeningly evil aspect of the radical homo lobby:they’ll gladly try to get someone imprisoned on false charges as long as they martyrize themselves and recieve a ton of sympathy and support for their perversions.Let’s hope the judge throws the book at these dykes for staging their phony crime out of desperation or a search for some kind of identity.The Abomination broke another record when for the first time,the Pentagon held an offical “gay pride” celebration.Now that the forces of anti-Christ and pro-sodomy have allowed open flames to serve in the US military,they can march and party in the open,like the prophet Isaiah described it a long time ago:”…they declare their sin as Sodom;they hide it not”(Isaiah 3:9).And that’s just what they’re doing,with anti-Christ President Abomination leading the parade.Then the pro-homo newspaper The New York Times featured an article celebrating “gay TV,”noting how many more “gay” characters and themes are presented on TV.Goldman Sachs was revealed to financially support a subsidiary of theirs that engages in sex trafficking of underage girls via ads in the radical-left rag newspaper The Village Voice.And lastly on the sin of Sodom,Jeffrey Bezos(nice surname)-the Jewish founder and CEO of $2.5 million to keep homo marriage legal in his native Washington State;the state government legalized it,but patriots garnered enough signatures to force a referendum in November.Bezos joins a growing list of Jewish tycoons who are promoting homosexuality with millions of their own dollars,just like they did in New York State by conspiring with apostate-Catholic governor Dandy Andy Cuomo.It’s pretty obvious,patriots,that they’re attacking the Christian family and traditional morality.Boycott Amazon! Hit these worshippers of gold where it hurts them the most:In their pockets! And what a riot it is that,after about 30 years of ass-kissing by the anti-Christ Christian establishment-both Protestant and Catholic,but especially virtually all TV evangelists-a poll revealed that barely a quarter of US Jews have a favorable opinion of evangelicals.But that probably won’t stop the evangelicals from continuing to practice blatant ethnic favoritism towards Jews and maniacal support for the government and nation of Israel.Notice how silent they are when a group of super-wealthy Jews like Bezos use some of their millions to support homo marriage? If Bezos wasn’t Jewish,they’d probably be on him like flies on fly paper.So,either out of fear of being called “Anti-Semitic!” or just showing tribal favoritism(”…for fear of the Jews”-the Gospel of John 19:38),they barely utter a peep of protest.So,good for the phony TV preachers with their gaudy suits and blow-dryed hair;their pandering has gotten them nowhere with those they misbelieve to be “the chosen people.” Off the topic of Sodom’s sin,now we go to another facet of sexual immorality.A 2-legged animal in TN(he’s black,of course)wants the state’s taxpayers to help him support his-get this-30 kids with 11 “baby mamas.” Like a character asked another character re an evil man in Hitchcock’s film Lifeboat,”What do you do with someone like that?” Tie his tubes? Lock him up? I believe the only practical thing patriots can do is force him to financially support kids he fathers and if he doesn’t,then garnishee his wages..But this particular 2-legged animal has fathered 30 kids with 11 different women! After he can’t support them,then he should be locked up;at least he won’t be able to knock up any more mamas.And this savagery of 2-legged animals producing offspring like stray cats is almost always found to exist among America’s black and various latino populations.And this type of savagery continues to threaten to reduce America to a Third World banana republic,like Haiti or Dominican Republic.And maybe this horror show dovetails with the growing possibility of race war in America.Chip Wood on wrote a column entitiled,”Do the Media Want a Race War?”(re the Trayvon Martin shooting).After much of TV news media kept showing the Rodney King video back in the early ’90s and their coverage of the Martin shooting,it’s obvious that much of the radical-left media at least wants to incite blacks to riot and attack whites or anyone who isn’t black.Why? Because editing rooms at radio and TV news stations are loaded with radicals who’ve been radicalized at radical journalism schools by radical professors and lecturers.They believe this garbage that “people of color” are oppressed by the evil white man and they should rebel and take over the country and persecute and if necessary kill as many whites as they can.They would love to see what has happened to South Africa happen here,as the white minority in that once-promising country is being persecuted and harmed in one way after another,like 3,000 white farmers being murdered since Mandela and his thugs took over the government-aided and abetted by the US and UK governments.So the radical anti-white,anti-American left relishes a cause celebre like the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman shooting to incite blacks to hate whites,riot and rampage.It’s the old Marxist-Leninist trick of causing chaos and violence in a society,and then picking up the marbles after the smoke clears and taking power.So to answer Mr.Woods’s question:Yes,at least some in the news media want some kind of race war to occur,like the moron editor at NBC who deliberately edited the 911 tape of Zimmeran’s giving a description of Martin to make it seem that Zimmerman,who’s half-Jewish and half-Bolivian(Nice mix!),hated blacks.NBC fired the editor,but they sure covered up for him,or her.To this day,no one knows who this editor was.He or she probably got a better job at another left-wing network.Now we go to a place appropriately called Black Earth,in WI,for there a moron jury convicted a pastor for “conspiracy to commit child abuse” because he recommended during a sermon that brats should be spanked when they misbehave.And not only that,but a mad feminazi judge sentenced him to 2 years in prison! Is this still America?! Or has anti-Christ really taken over? Let’s hope and pray this pastor gets out of jail on appeal and this moron maniac of a female judge gets removed from the bench.And a lot of Americans-especially the impressionable young and those who are just plain desperate in their lives-love to go to a good shew to seek some kind of relief or deliverance,or just for some entertainment.6,000 of these poor souls went to see charlatan Tony Robbins(that’s a fake name,of course)-one of these New Age gurus who basically promises godhood to his followers(that’s the essence of occultism).About 30 of these followers took his command to heart and walked barefoot over coals-and they wound up in hospital with severe burns.Robbins has been pulling his shtick for about 25-30 years,and even cavorted with Billy & Hillary Clinton.While he doesn’t seem to have the followers that he used to have,he still was able to draw 6,000 wandering souls to San Jose,CA to exploit them in one way or another.But worse than some jerks who went to see and follow Tony,was a “witches’ brew” of alcohol and drugs that killed 2 young people,hospitalized 21 and got 45 arrested at a music festival appropriately entitled IDentity Festival.People-mostly young-seeking an identity outside themselves because the anti-Christ society they’ve been raised in has given them such low self-esteem and moral confusion,seeking identity or escape from their lives that they imbibe a witches’ brew(in the words of a local police commander)that kills or sickens 23 of them.Some festival.And witches probably were present at this festival,either in person or in spirit.Yes,patriots,I firmly believe that there’s a spiritual,unseen connection to horrible events like these and the other ones cited in this section on America’s moral breakdown.

And a great moral breakdown naturally leads to a great wave of crime.Upcoming are 23 crime reports of homicide,multiple homicide,multiple homicide-suicide,etc.that covered almost all the country over the past 4 months,even the “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico.The next time some smug snob in politics or news media cites some incomplete or deceptive FBI report of how crime is at low levels in USA,just send him or her a list of these crimes(mostly ghastly murders):

A real heartbreaker came out of Greenland,NH,when its police chief-8 days from retirement-was shot dead and 4 detectives wounded by drug suspects firing from inside the house.It wasn’t much consolation that the 2 drug mutts were found dead inside the house when police stormed in after the shooting.America’s drug scourge even hits the small town of Greenland,NH.

In Springfield,MA,a NYC “corrections officer” shot dead a cop,critically wounded his girlfriend and then shot himself dead.And also in the Bay State,a man shot dead his young daughter,wounded his son and then killed himself in the city of Oxford;he was “estranged” from his wife.

On Staten Island,NY,a drug deal went bad,leaving 1 shot dead,3 wounded.In Quincy,PA,a man shot dead his estranged wife,her boyfriend and her mom.

Going south to Dalton,GA,a young man shot dead his dad and uncle and critically wounded his mom.Next door in Auburn,AL,a fight over a woman at a pool led to the shooting deaths of 3 people and 3 wounded.Further south to Port St.John(how ironic),a 33-years-old mom shot dead her 4 kids and then herself.Also in the Sunshine State(Some sunshine!),a former school principal flipped and used various weapons to kill 2 people and wound 9.

Now up to the Midwest,where in Indianapolis,a gunman killed one,wounded 3 and then killed himself.In Louisville,KY,3 were shot dead and 3 were wounded in 2 separate shootings on the same day.In River Falls,WI,a divorced dad shot dead his 3 young daughters.In Rahm Emanuel’s Windy City in the first quarter of 2012,murders rose by 60% from the previous year,and non-fatal shootings rose 37%.

Heading back south to Tulsa,OK,3 were shot dead and 2 wounded in what appears to be racially motivated shootings.And also in the Sooner State,after a NBA playoff game in OKC,8 people were shot but all survived.Now that’s the way to celebrate one’s favorite team after they win! Shoot a few people!

Now out West,at a Sacramento(how ironic;that’s Spanish for sacrament)barbecue,1 was shot dead and 3 were wounded.Also in the Golden State(Ha!)and also in Sacramento(Ha!),4 were shot dead in a “home invasion”(probably drug-related),while the suspect was critically wounded.At a Christian university in Oakland with a large Asian student population,a gunman shot 7 dead and wounded 3 others.And lastly in CA,4 were shot and wounded outside an auto-parts store in Salinas.In the cities of Salem(Peace in Hebrew)and Cottage Grove in OR,3 kids and their parents were found dead in 2 different locations in a multiple homicide-suicide.And lastly on the Left Coast,a gunman in Seattle shot 4 dead,critically wounded 2 and then killed himself at a coffee shop.And rounding out this litany of American slaughter is the Batman Massacre,where James Holmes shot 12 dead and wounded about 50 in a movie theater in Aurora,CO at the premeire of the latest Batman film.And what better place to end this report on America’s crime wave than the US “commonwealth” of Puerto Rico:the largest bust of corrupt police officers in US history resulted in the arrest of 29 Puerto Rico state police,who allegedly protected and enabled cocaine dealers transporting their product on the island.Because this albatross of an island is so poor,they pay their state police only $17,000 a year.So combine poverty,joblessness,a high rate of child poverty and other social ills al too common on PR,and the temptation of easy money is strong.Patriots,we need to work hard to get the Puerto Rico albatross off our backs and grant them their long-overdue independence! That’s it for America’s crime wave.

In disgusting Major League Baseball,the Jewish liberalism of commissioner Alan “Bud” Selig was on grand display on April 15th,when every player,coach and umpire wore Jackie Robinson’s number of 42.You see,patriots,the radical liberal in our country never wants us to forget how racist we white people are.They want to brainwash all of us to believe that only whites are guily of racism and that it’s inherent in our bones and blood.Every chance this ugly rat Selig gets to show his radical liberalism in Abner Doubleday’s game,he’ll use it.And the blame for Alan helping destroy Doubleday’s game is on the dirtbag owners who hired him and have kept him as commissioner all these years as long as he makes them a lot of money.Patriots,please stay away from the stadia until at least the rat commissioner leaves.Unfortunately,that’s not until 2014.

And upcoming are 17 reports of growing proof that Almighty God is bringing His anger down on our country.And if He is doing it,then we must deserve it:

Storms in the Washington,DC-area killed 12 and left 3 million homes and businesses powerless after record-breaking heat.And still in the nation’s corrupt,criminal capital,the White House Christmas tree died after replacing the one that was felled by wind last year.Bring down those pagan images! Hallelujah! And the Abomination whose seat of power is in District of Columbia flew to Denver-the Mile-High City-to give one of his bravado speeches at US Air Force Academy when a tempest forced him to cancel his speech! Ha,ha,ha! The Almighty socked it to the Abomination yet again! Gotta love it! But apparently He wasn’t through in Denver,for the city was later enveloped in “a cloud of smoke.” Almost the whole city of Denver,covered in a cloud of smoke.And still in the Centennial State,record-breaking wildfire hit the Colorado Springs-area and destroyed 346 homes.There was also record-breaking wildfire in NM,and tornadoes killed 5 in OK and caused severe damage in KN,NE and IA.Little Rock,AR-Billy Clinton’s former seat of power that helped launch him to the presidency-was hit with record heat.Record rainfall hit the central coast of Gulf of Mexico,while tropical storm Debbie killed 7 in FL and dumped more than 2 ft.(!)of rain in some parts of the state.The first half of 2012 was the hottest ever in US history.One-third of US was hit by “dangerous heat,” while 2/3 of the country is in drought and about half our pastures and rangelands are in poor condition.And here’s how weathermen described our March weather:”staggering,astonishing,incredible,almost science-fiction like,” as temperature records were broken in over 2/3 of our country.And finally on Yawheh’s judgment upon us,The Telegraph newspaper in London,UK published a montage of fantastic,surreal weather images during bad storms in the New York City-area,and one was a beaut:Lightning striking the top of Empire State Building! Gotta love it! What better way for the Highest One to rain down His warning and His judgment on the Babel builders who erected this skyscraper in the state with the haughtiness to call itself the Empire State! Patriots,please go to and click the link on the Current News page and be amazed at this real action-shot! These reports come pretty close to proving that America is under His judgment for its blasphemy,idolatry and corruption.Please read Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28-the “blessings and curses chapters” in the Bible-and see the parallels between what was promised upon the Israelites and what’s happening to we Americans now.

And now to conclude like I usuallly do on the patriot-activism front.Viewership has dropped at Fox News Channel(FNC-aka Favorite Neo-Con Channel)and CNN,so much at the latter that its big boss Mr.Walton resigned.While these networks do at times provide important news stories,it’s obvious they’re run by establishment Republicrats who serve the interests of their wealthy and powerful masters and not the American people;so it’s great that apparently some patriots or some plain-fed-up Americans are tuning out these networks.And may they go under,especially Fox.And the corrupt bastards in DC must be running a bit scared,for finally,after all this time,they banned congressmen from practicing insider trading.That’s right,patriots:while if one us was found guilty of insider trading,we’d be arrested and imprisoned if convicted,the Republicrats in Congress got a free pass.Thanks now to Stock Act,they’re under the same laws as we are.Did they do this out of guilt or a sense of morality? I doubt it! They did it because they’re probably getting a bit scared of the angry masses fed-up with their horse manure! Now over to the Evergreen State,as patriots in that liberal state garnered enough signatures to force a referendum on the November ballot on whether to keep homo marriage legal or repeal the law that the anti-Christ lawmakers recently passed.That a way,Washington State! And it’s a relief to know that there’ll be one less Dick in US Senate next year,for Tricky Dick Lugar-the liberal,globalist Republican from IN-was defeated in the primary by Richard Mourdock.This is a great victory for patriots.However,he was supported by neo-cons like Marco Rubio and phony Tea Party groups like Freedom Works,which is under the auspices of the odious former TX congressman Tricky Dick Armey.Hey! That’s another Tricky Dick no longer in Congress! Hallelujah! So let’s not got to excited about Mr.Mourdock,but he’s almost certainly going to be better than Dick Lugar. As far as my personal patriot activism over the past 4 months(most of it very difficult but now improving over the past 2 months or so,thank the Lord),I’m finally caught up with issues of The New American.I was 9 issues behind about 16 months ago! I did it! But now I have about 30 back issues to take notes on! Life has taught me that when a load of work(in this case,patriot work)like this is upon us,the best approach is to whittle it down gradually.So one day I’ll knock off 2,the next day 1,take a day off and do 2 the next day,etc..I’ll get it done,patriots;it’s just a question of time.And I do this pro-bono work because it’s a work of patriotism,and I share what I learn with co-patriots.It’s all about teamwork,patriots,as are enemies are trying to surround us and destroy our nation.I also canceled my car insurance with Geico.Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway owns Geico,and Buffet is a big Abomination supporter.And his company Geico looks like it’s run by a bunch of fruitcake,crass yuppies.I concluded this after reading several recent issues of their customer magazine Geico Now(BTW,published by a Toronto,Canada company).They pushed one yuppie-liberal,pro-homo event or celebration upon the readers.They even had a photo of the idol image of Martin Luther King Jr.accompany its story praising the statue and King’s “legacy.” I came close to nauseous after finishing the magazine.I e-mailed the idiot mascot Gecko and informed him of how disgusted I was and that I will be looking for another insurer.And by ducky,I found one and I’m saving about $150 annually! Thanks to AAA NY! I believe American Automobile Association is a class outfit,and I recommend patriots join it,especially for ones who travel a lot.I continue to boycott products that advertise in English and Espanol.I’m working with the local police precinct over some local problems in the area.Patriots,these are the battles in the trenches we need to engage in to save our country! Pick and choose the battles you can engage in,considering priority and the probability of victory.Get co-patriots to join you.Exhort slumbering patriots to get active! Get informed,get active and try to make a difference for America! Before it’s too late and the forces of Abomination take over our nation and ruin us!

This post has been long and I’m finally finished.I may post before Labor Day,maybe not.Till next time,patriots,I wish you all a safe and enjoyable remainder to Summer 2012.Thanks for your patience during this hiatus that was caused by family sickness and bereavement,attacks on both my computers(especially this desktop)and my printer,and other problems that came one after the other since about late April.Through His grace,things may just be returning to not just normality,but even coming back better than before.Just like this patriot command center where I work from is now faster and more efficient,saving me time,effort and money.See you next time.