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Magazines, Newsletters, Books, Websites, Groups That Are Fighting the Patriot Cause:
2:Immigration Report(
3:Americans for Legal Immigration PAC(
4:The Patriots Unite Now! radio broadcast on WWCR, frequency 5.935(Winter season)/9.350(Summer season), Tuesday, 1900-2000 hours EST(7-8 PM), and at; and the broadcast is repeated on 4.840, Saturday,2000-2100 hours EST
5:Last Trumpet Newsletter(
6:Pro-English is a Washington, DC-based patriot organization fighting to make English the official language of United States. Their website is and their phone # is 202-507-6203.
7:The Jeff Rense Report(
9: Culture Wars Magazine(                                                                        
10:A Republic,Not an Empire,by Patrick Buchanan
11:State of Emergency,also by Buchanan
12:Alien Nation,by Peter Brimelow
13:Paved with Good Intentions,by Jared Taylor
14:En Route to Global Occupation,by Gary H.Kah
15:The Extermination of Christianity,by Paul Schenck
16:The Home Invaders,by Donald E.Wildmon
17:A list of "Sanctuary Cities" that harbor illegal immigrants
18:Internet search-engine

19: The Real Truth magazine, published by Restored Church of God(RCG)


20: Prophecy News Fellowship is a shortwave broadcast heard on WWRB, frequency 3.215 in the Winter season and 5.050 in the Summer season, or on, on Saturday evenings, 1930-2100 hours EST. It's a good mix of important news, analysis and commentary from a Christian, Bible-prophecy perspective.                                    

1:This is the website of The New American magazine. For many reasons, I have removed the magazine as a patriot resource but have kept the website. A lot of research, information and analysis is available here for the patriot cause.
2: Immigration Report is published monthly(except for two combined issues)by Federation for American Immigration Reform.It's only 8 pp.,but is loaded with important news,facts,stats,studies and stories on America's immigration crisis.I believe FAIR is our nation's most-effective immigration-reform activist group.They've been in this fight for about 30 years and continue to serve the patriot cause by working for immigration policies that benefit our nation and not the selfish special interests working to undermine America.
3:ALIPAC is led by activist William Gheen from Raleigh, North Carolina.They provide networking for immigration activists all over America and support for anti-amnesty patriots and opponents of La Conquista at the state and local level.
5: Last Trumpet Newsletter is 6 pp.long and published monthly by Last Trumpet Ministries.Pastor David J.Meyer,unfortunately,passed away in 2010,and his son Samuel David Meyer is now writing the newsletter.David once practiced the occult but became a Christian.Like Dr.Monteith,he conducted a lot of research into current events and highlighted occult involvement in places of great power throughout America and the rest of the world.In the Book of Revelation,a prophecy is made that when an angel sounds the last trumpet,Christ will return to Earth to establish the Kingdom of God.This is probably why the newsletter is titled Last Trumpet Newsletter.
6:This site is run by Alex Jones. Unfortunately, it's obvious that Jones has left the patriot cause and has possibly become a double agent or drug addict or neocon/Israel Lonny operative. Still, there are many helpful reports on this site for the patriot cause.
7:Jeff Rense provides a ton of important news from all over the world.
Get ready to spend a lot of time at his site.

8:New Century Foundation has published the newsletter American Renaissance for about 20 years.While there is controversial and sometimes rough writing in most issues,it gathers and publishes a lot of important news and opinions.I've met and spoken with editor Jared Taylor on a few occasions.Mr.Taylor was born and raised in Japan by missionary parents and is a Yale graduate.He speaks four languages,
and can easily live a comfortable life and hold a well-paying job in various fields.But he has chosen the role he's in because he opposes laws,policies,programs and activities that he deems harmful to America's white population and to European peoples throughout the world.I just finished the May issue,and there was a review of a book on evolution that was to me too long and too subjective.Since I've been reading the newsletter since its inception,I know what each issue will contain.If articles like that and on debatable scientific findings bother you,then I suggest you skip them and read the news stories and reports;
they're invaluable.
Updated on 1/23/2012:Unfortunately,NCF has decided to no longer publish and mail out a hard-copy edition of American Renaissance.This is a big loss of unique news reporting,analysis and commentary for patriots who want to stay as informed as possible,especially on laws,policies and programs that are ostensibly aimed to harm America's white population.Also,the newsletter has a fairly new assistant editor and website editor.Now with the shutting down of the hard-copy newsletter,significant changes are occurring at NCF.Their website is being upgraded and has much important information.I'll miss greatly the hard-copy newsletter.This is not a good start for 2012.
9:Culture Wars is published monthly(except the July/August issue)by E.Michael Jones.Also controversial but in a different way than American Renaissance.Mr.Jones is a conservative/traditionalist Catholic with a Ph.d in literature.Each issue of CW is 48 pp..He's controversial probably because he writes strongly against certain Jewish groups and powerful Jewish individuals that he deems are anti-Catholic and anti-Christian.While he opposes anti-Christian attacks from other people and groups,he seems to devote a good deal of the magazine to Jewish vs.Catholic disputes.Regardless of where one stands on this,I find Mr.Jones a brave man for doing what he has been doing for about 25 years.He writes exceptionally well,except the magazine needs a good proof reader.He holds one's attention so much so that it's hard to put down what he has written.I've met him once in a Washington gathering of conservatives and spoke with him for about 10 minutes.I also had a phone conversation with him afterward for about 15-20 minutes.He has written several books,one of which I've read:Horror:a Biography.He offers a riveting theory as to how the horror genre developed in Europe with the novel Frankenstein and how it came to America.
If one is concerned about the state or future of the Christian Church in America,Culture Wars can be quite an important source for news and analysis.And the magazine,while traditionalist Catholic,doesn't castigate other denominations but does provide a vigorous debate.
10:A Republic,Not an Empire by Mr.Buchanan clearly shows that America was founded as a republic and was never meant to be a globe-girdling empire,like the British Empire.He delineates the dichotomy throughout our history of those in governmental and public life who wanted a republic and those who wanted an empire and carries that analysis into today's debate.
11:Mr.Buchanan's State of Emergency centers on the tidal wave of Third World immigration-legal and illegal-that has created a literal state of emergency in America.It's hard to argue his facts and figures.
That's a great title for a book such as this.But,take Buchanan with a lump of salt.I spoke with him once at a fundraiser when he ran for president in 2000.He was very affable,very down-to earth.But he always has done something odd every time he has run for president.He rejoined the GOP in 2004 and reportedly is a member of the Catholic secret-society Knights of Malta.I think this has something to with his ostensible split personality.But he has still written some good books.
12:Alien Nation by journalist Peter Brimelow is the best book on America's immigration crisis that I've ever read.His point:if the US government continues to allow unprecedented levels of Third World immigration into the nation,we will literally become an alien nation.
13:Paved with Good Intentions by Jared Taylor claims that liberal laws and policies to benefit latinos and blacks have backfired and should be re-examined.It exposes much anti-white crime and violence over the years that hasn't been given the publicity it would have if the violence was committed by whites against non-whites.
14:En Route to Global Occupation was written in 1992 by a former US State Dept.official who discovered that certain officials and important people in and out of the US government were working to destroy American independence and create a one-world government.
15:The Extermination of Christianity claims that the Christian faith in USA is under siege and cites many examples as to how and why it's happening.
16:The Home Invaders claims that those producing the bulk of our television shows are trying to subvert the morals and faith of the majority of the American people.

17:A Patriot Group in Ohio Provides a List of "Sanctuary Cities"-Cities That Protect Illegal Aliens

This is stark proof that many of our cities,big and small,are ruled by traitors and lawbreakers.They call the cities they rule "sanctuary cities" because illegal aliens can enter and live in these cities without worry that the local authorities will inform immigration agents of their illegal presence in the country.In other words,these sanctuary politicians are protecting invaders and lawbreakers;it's that simple.They care more about them than they do American citizens and legal immigrants.This patriot group in Ohio has done a great patriot service by listing all these pro-criminal cities.Former congressman Tom Tancredo recommended that all federal funding to these cities be stopped until they stop protecting illegal aliens.These city governments are breaking federal law! And they keep doing it because nobody holds them accountable! Lawlessness reigns in the land! Patriots need to return the rule of law to government at levels before it's too late and criminals take over governments all over the land!

18:Internet search-engine doesn't keep a database on users searching the Internet like Google and Yahoo!.

19: The Real Truth is published by Restored Church of God-an offshoot of Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God. The magazine is the only one I know of among those published by other offshoot churches that resembles The Plain Truth-the excellent magazine published by Mr. Armstrong's church. It's free for the asking and the church doesn't request donations. The church's website is


Updated 5/28/09

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