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Multiple-Homicide in Waffle House: Once Again, an AR-15 Semi-Automatic Rifle Is Used to Kill, and Once Again It's in the Heartland(Suburban Nashville)

About 2 Weeks After the Idolatry of the 50-Years' Anniversary of Martin Luther King's Murder(It Was Not an Assassination!), John McManus at Calls a Spade a Spade: King Was " Dishonest to the Core," an " Enemy of Freedom and a Seriously Flawed Individual "

Because of One Incident at a Philadelphia Store, Starbucks-a Bigtime Revolutionary Corporation Whose Executive Chairman Is Revolutionary Jew Howard Schultz-Will Close All Its Company-Owned Stores for an Afternoon in May for a " Racial Bias Education Program," and They're Hiring Revolutionary Mulatto Eric Holder, Revolutionary Jew Jonathan Greenblatt at Anti-Defamation League, and Revolutionary Outfit NAACP to Do the Dirty Work(Patriots: Boycott Starbucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

How Appropriate for a Corrupt, Revolutionary, Anti-Patriot Judiciary Establishment: Kimba(Nice Name)Wood-the Judge Presiding Over the Case of President Chump's Personal Lawyer Michael Cohen-Officiated at the Wedding in 2013 of Revolutionary Jew George Soros in the Radical-Rich New York City Suburb of Bedford, NY(Patriots: Is It a Co-Incidence That Demonratic Judge " Kimba " Was Picked to Preside Over the Case of the Lawyer of a Counter-Revolutionary President?)

Patriot Notice, 4/9/2018, 2230 Hours: Patriots, this site's blog A Patriot's Diary is now accessible. You can read all my previous posts(albeit, the last post was published on New Year's Eve 2013). I'm trying to find out how to write posts again, for the Internet platform I used before is obsolete.

On His First Day on the Job as President Chump's National Security Adviser, Neocon-Jew Warmonger John " I am the Walrus " Bolton Stands Behind the President, as If He's Watching Every Word the President Says, After Yet Another Ostensible False-Flag Chemical-Weapon Attack By Syria on Its Own People(Patriots: It's Like Deja Vu All Over Again!)

The Revolutionary Diversity Gang in " Higher Education, " Now Formally Add " Christian Privilege " Workshops to " White Privilege " Workshops, This Time at George Washington University, with the " Workshop " Taught By a Homo Theologian

The Danger Facing America and the Middle East with John " I am the Walrus " Bolton as President Chump's National Security Adviser

Patriot Commentary, 4/3/2018, 1722 Hours:    Patriots, we have until April 9th to try and keep John Bolton-a warmongering, neocon Jew-from becoming National Security Advisor. This was a terrible decision by President Chump. Please call the White House Comment Line at 202-456-1111 and urge the operator to inform the president not to appoint The Walrus and appoint a patriot!

Patriot Notice, 3/25/2018, 1725 Hours: Patriots, I'm once again holding the front desk at an inn on Long Island. I haven't posted many links to the current news page of this patriot site for the last 10 days because something unprecedented has occurred: the RSS feeds for all the news sources on my homepage haven't loaded for 10 straight days. And it appears they're not coming back! Yahoo! has provided these feeds for me for about the last 7 years. And I can't even contact them about this! When feminist Marissa Mayer became CEO of Yahoo! several years ago, she started destroying the company, like candidate Trump stated that Carly Fiorina destroyed Hewlett Packard when she became CEO. I don't know why this has occurred,and it has occurred to other Yahoo! users from my searching the Internet. Verizon bought Yahoo! fairly recently, and AOL. I've spoken with their tech support and customer service, and was told it's Yahoo!'s problem to fix. So, my searching for and reading of news on the Internet has become much more difficult and time-consuming. I have feeds for 8 newspapers that cover almost all of USA, and now they're unavailable. Going on each individual site requires much more effort and time than using the RSS feeds. I'm doing the best I  can to inform my co-patriots considering the circumstances and the very dangerous times we're living in. I firmly believe that 2018 is going to be a very dangerous and violent year for America, especially her patriots. Please pray daily, in Christ's name, for protection and strength. Please stay united with co-patriots, keep strengthening each other, and keep listening to the Patriots Unite Now! broadcast on World-Wide Christian Radio. We're in deep trouble, patriots. May the Almighty God help us all. Amen.












" Affirmative Action, " i.e., Race Favoritism for Latinos and Blacks and Sexual Favoritism for Females, May Be the Reason for the Bridge Collapse in Florida That Killed Mostly Latinos

Calling All American Patriots! Stay Out of Mexico!: a Family of 4 from Iowa Dies from Gas Inhalation at a Resort in Yucatan Peninsula

Lawmen Take Down a Drug Ring That Brought Drugs from the South Bronx to South Baltimore

Patriots, heed the last paragraph of this well-written article. The extremely dangerous drug fentanyl is made in labs in Red China, shipped to narco-state Mexico, and then brought into America to kill our kids and young adults(mostly). And why do the police and prosecutors in this case refuse to say what motivated the arrested dealer in this ring to sell drugs in Baltimore? What are they hiding? Why won't they reveal his motive(s)?

Andrew Cuomo-the Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Governor of New York-Awards the Governor's Medal for Public Service to the Retiring President of Planned Parenthood-America's Largest Provider of Abortions

Another Veteran of the Immoral Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq Becomes a Killer Back Home: Albert Wong, " Who Clearly Had Demons, " Shoots 3 Women Dead at a Home for Veterans Near San Francisco, and Then Shoots Himself Dead

Pat Buchanan Defends President Trump for Placing Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum Imported into USA

More Family Murder in Madhouse USA: a College Student in Michigan Shoots Dead His Parents Who Arrived to Take Him to Spring Break, and He May Have Been on Drugs When He Committed the Murders

Salomon Melgen-the Marano-Jew from Dominican Republic and Opthalmologist-Friend of Presumed Marano-Jew Robert Menendez(US Senator from the Garbage State)-Is Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison for Mistreating Patients and Defrauding Medicare of About $100 Million

Of the 16 Lawyers on " Special Counsel " Robert Mueller's Team Investigating Alleged Collusion of Republican President Trump with Russia's Government, Not One Is a Republican, Even Though " Special Counsel " Robert Mueller Is a Republican

The 18th School Shooting This Year in Madhouse USA Leaves 17 Dead and Several Others Wounded Near Miami, FL(the Shooter Was Expelled from the School and Legally Bought the AR-15 Rifle Used in the Killings)

America Now Has a Dangerous Shortage of Guards at Federal Prisons

Two More Lawmen Are Gunned Down in the Line of Duty, This Time in a Suburb of Columbus, OH

And Here's the Two-Legged " African-American " Animal Who's the Suspect in the Murders of Two More Lawmen

More on the Two-Legged Animal

Meathead Is at It Again: Rob Reiner-a Revolutionary Jew Harking Back to His Polish Character in the TV Series All in the Family-Incites the Audience at a Black Film-Critics' Association, Claiming That Fighting President Trump Is " the Last Battle of the Civil War "

Israel Lobby Gets a Bloody Kansas: a Law Refusing State Contracts to Kansans Who Boycott Products Made in Israel Is Declared Unconstitutional By a Federal Judge(And None Other Than ACLU Represented the Plaintiff Challenging the Law! Amazing!)

In the Razorback State, Several School Districts Have Closed Over the Last Month Due to Flu-Like Illness Among Students, Faculty and Staff

Voodoo Slaughter in the Bay State: a Woman Stabs to Death Her 2 Young Sons During a Failed Voodoo Ritual(But the Anti-Patriot Revolutionaries Keep Saying, DIVERSITY Is Our Strength!)

Teddy Thornhill-the Demonic-Looking, Presumed Affirmative-Action Professor at Florida Gulf Coast University Who Teaches a Course Entitled " White Racism-" Claims " There Is No Such Thing as Black Racism "

Another Deputy Sheriff Is Gunned Down in the Line of Duty in the Centennial State-the Third in the Last 5 Weeks-and He Leaves Behind a Wife and 7-Years-Old Twin Boys

Bob Adelman at Believes That Some of the Big Banks, Concerned About Their Money and Power, May Be Behind the Huge Stock-Market Selloff of the Last Few Days

Bad News, Patriots: US Department of Justice Changes Its Mind and Will Not Retry Demonratic US Senator Robert Menendez on Corruption Charges, After a Latino Federal Judge Dismisses Remaining Charges and the Prosecution Claims the Jewish Lawyers for Menendez and Co-Defendant Salomen Melgen-Both Presumed Marano-Jews from the Caribbean-" Racialized " the Case By Playing the Latino Race Card to the Jury(and It Ostensibly Worked)

More Multiple-Homicide: 5 Young Adults Are Shot Dead, Including the Shooter Who Shot Himself, Near Pittsburgh, PA

Bruce Rauner-the RINO Sellout Governor of Illinois-Will Be Challenged in the Republican Primary By a Conservative Who Has the Backing of a Wealthy, Pro-Patriot Businessman(Bravo! Challenge the RINOS! Challenge the Sellouts!)

And Now It's Nancy's Turn! Nancy Pelosi-the Wicked Witch from the West and a Militant Feminist from Sodom By the Bay-Claims That President Trump's Pro-Patriot/Pro-American Immigration Proposals Want to " Make America White Again"(How's That, Patriots, from the Demonratic Minority Leader in US House of Representatives?!)

Hillary the Witch, in Her Chairman Mao Outfit, Gleefully Urges Her Fellow Male-Hating, Christ-Hating Feminists: " This Is Directed to the Activist Bitches Supporting Bitches; So Let's Go "

Steve Wynn(Real Name: Stephen Weinberg)-a Billionaire Casino Tycoon-Resigns as Finance Chairman of Republican National Committee Amid Sexual-Harassment Allegations(Why Was This Guy Chosen in the First Place to Run the Finances at RNC? More Favoritism Towards Jews?)

The Police in Toronto, Canada Determine That Jewish Power-Couple Bernard & Honey Sherman Were Murdered, Their Bodies Discovered in Their Ugly Mansion in a " Targeted Killing "

Yet More Intrigue and Suspicion in the Deaths of Jewish Power-Couple Bernard & Honey Sherman in Toronto, Canada

The 283rd School Shooting in America Since 2013: a Teenager Shoots 2 Classmates Dead, Wounds 12 Others in Southwestern Kentucky Before Being Taken into Custody

Vice-President Michael Pence-a Big Israel Worshipper-Dons a Beanie to Pay Homage at the Western Wall, While Patriot Chris Menahan Suggests He Visit America's Southern Border and Help Get Built a Much-Needed Wall to Protect Americans from Killer Drugs

" Uncle Trump " Puts America First: the President Slaps Tariffs on Imports of Washing Machines and Solar Panels

Anti-Patriot Demonratic Party Revolutionaries Are Now Waging Political Warfare By Getting Revolutionary Judges to Rule Congressional Districts That Vote Republican Are " Unconstitutional "

Robert Reiner-"Meathead" in the TV Comedy All in the Family-Using Words of a Typical Revolutionary Jew, Warns Americans That Republican Party Is "...Frightened to Death of the Browning of America. They Will Lose This Last Big Battle of the Civil War "

Record Cold, Along with Snow and Ice, Slam the South, Killing 10 People

Apocalypse USA: a " Bomb Cyclone " Blasts the Southeast and the Northeast, Prompting the Moron Mayor of Boston, MA to Blame It All on " Global Warming "

In Just 30 Hours, Erie, PA Gets Walloped with 53 Inches of Snow, Breaking All Records

Jeffrey Flaky Flake and Insane McCain-the 2 US Republicon Senators from Arizona-Defend Their " Good Friends-" the Radical Demonrats Who Dominate the Establishment News Media-and Attack President Trump(Flake from the Floor of US Senate, Where His Audience Was Only 2 Senators(Both Radical Demonrats!)and McCain from Anti-Patriot Newspaper The Washington Post!)

More Danger and Chaos in Mexifornia: Raging Flu Leads to " War Zones " and " Surge Tents " at Many of Their Hospitals to Treat Multitudes of Very Sick People

Patriots in Mexifornia, Fed Up with Being Ruled By Anti-Patriot Revolutionaries in Sacramento, Seek Secession and Plan to Establish " New California " as America's 51st State(Bravo! Full Speed Ahead!)

A Fireman in Montecito, Mexifornia(Formerly California), Where False Prophetess Oprah Winfrey Has a $90 Million Property, Claims the Deadly and Devastating Mudslides Have " Changed Us All Forever"

Mexifornia(Formerly California)-Ruled By Anti-Patriot, Radical Demonrats-Has America's Highest Poverty Rate

In the Lost Angeles-Area of Mexifornia(Formerly California)," I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain: " the Thomas Fire-the Largest Fire in California History-Is Followed By Heavy Rain and Then By Mudslides, Bringing Death and Destruction, Including to Montecito, Where False Prophetess Oprah Winfrey Owns a $90 Million Property and Lesbian Gabber Ellen Degenerate Also Owns a Home

It Appears President Trump Is Waging War on the Anti-Patriot State of Mexifornia(Formerly California): Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Southern California-the Vanguard of La Conquista in Mexifornia-Is Burning, and Mexifornia Governor Moonbeam Brown Blames " Climate Change " for the Raging Fires and Smoke, Claiming It's " the New Normal "

Raging Wildfires Rip Through Mexifornia's Wine Country and May Hit Sodom By the Bay(Formerly San Francisco)

In the Madhouse Known Formally as California(the Illegal-Alien State), an 86-Years'-Old Japanese-American Woman, Walking with a Female Friend on a Walking Track at a High School at 0600 Hours, Is Beaten to Death-and No Surprise, the Suspect Is an " African-American"

Mexifornia-the Illegal Alien State(Formerly the Golden State)-Is Officially a " Sanctuary State "(But Patriots in US Immigration Enforcement Promise to Fight Back Even Harder!)

Warren Mass at Reports on Kevin de Leon-President of California(Actually, Mexifornia)Senate-Admitting to a Senate Committee That Half His Family Are Illegal Aliens, While Mr. Mass Provides Many Laws and Tools for Patriots to Combat La Reconquista and the Invasion of America Primarily from South of the Border

The Danger to America from the Illegal Alien State-Formerly the Golden State, or California: Political Scientist James Campbell Points Out That President-Elect Donald Chump Would've Won the Popular Vote By About 2 Million Votes If California, or Mexifornia, Didn't Vote(Patriots Beware: Almost All of America Will Resemble the Illegal Alien State of California If the US Government Doesn't Bring Immigration Under Control

Gambling Doesn't Pay: in Southwest Florida, a Shuttle Boat Taking Gamblers to a Casino Boat Catches Fire, Killing a Woman and Injuring Several Other People

More Mothers Murdering Their Own Kids: a North Carolina Woman Beats Her 2 Small Children to Death and Then Kills Herself By Jumping Off a Bridge

More Slaughter of the Innocents, This Time In Troy, NY: 2 " African-American " Men Are Arrested for Allegedly Murdering 2 " African-American " Lesbians and the 2 Young Children of One of Them Inside Their Home the Day After Christmas

Early New Year's Eve Near Denver, CO, 5 Deputies Are Ambushed: 1 Dies, 4 Are Wounded, and the Suspect Is Shot Dead

New Year's Eve Slaughter in Long Branch, NJ-the Garbage State:a 16-Years-Old Male Uses a Semi-Automatic Rifle to Slay His Parents, Sister and a Family Friend

Another " African-American " Male Goes Savage, Murders His Estranged White Wife and Their Two Children in Phoenix, AZ

And Yet Another" African-American " Male Goes Savage By " Going Postal," Murdering a Male White-Latino Supervisor and a White-Female Postmaster in Dublin, OH

In St. Louis, MO, the City Is About Half-Black and 43% White, But Blacks(No: This Patriot Doesn't Use the Ass-Kissing Term " African-American ")Are 99% of the Homicide Suspects

In West Seattle, WA, a 15-Years-Old Male Is Stabbed to Death for His Marijuana

Violence at a " Rap " Concert at Power Ultra Lounge in Little Rock, AR Leaves 25 Gunshot Victims(and There Was a Shooting Back in June at Another " Rap " Club, Near Little Rock, Called " Club Envy ")

Radee Prince(Yes, Patriots, That's His Real First Name)-an "African-American-" Is in Custody, Suspected of Shooting Dead 3 People at His Former Workplace in Maryland, Where He Wounded 2 Others and Then Wounded Another Man in Delaware(His Face Is Obviously That of a Demon, and He Has 42 Arrests and 15 Felony Convictions on His Record)

2 Black Men and a Black Woman Are Arrested for Beating and Shooting to Death a White Man and His Young-Adult Grandson Inside a House in Alabama Flying a Rebel Flag Outside

At a " Gender Reveal " Party Near Cincinnati, OH, a Woman Is Shot Dead and 8 Other People Are Shot and Wounded

How Appropriate: " Reverend " Jesse Jackson-a Typical Anti-White " African-American " Revolutionary Who Has Been Inciting American Blacks to Revolt Ever Since the 1960s-Is Afflicted with Parkinson's Disease, Which He Has Been Obviously Hiding from the Public Since His Diagnosis in 2015

Today Is the Infamous Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2018, and Warren Buffet-a Billionaire Investor and Supporter of Demonratic Party-Explains How His Liberal Wife Changed His Political Views to Support " Doctor " King, How He Was " Inspired " By King's Speech at an Iowa College Entitled "Remaining Awake During a Revolution, " and How He Was Invited to That Speech By(No Surprise!)a Revolutionary Jew Named Joe Rosenfield

As the Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Day of Idolatry for Martin Luther King Jr. 2018 Begins the Day After This Post, More Details from King's Life Are Revealed in a Now-Declassified FBI File

No Surprise Here, Patriots: a Just-Released FBI Dossier Provides More Evidence That the Revolutionary Martin Luther King Jr.-a So-Called " Reverend-" Was a Serial Adulterer, Sexual Degenerate, Communist Supporter and Sympathizer, Inter Alia

On the US " Commonwealth " of Puerto Rico, Murder Is Skyrocketing, and All the Murderers Can Simply Come to America with No Need for Visas or Passports Because the US Government Hasn't Done What's Right for America: Cut That Devil's Island Loose and Grant It Independence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Back Home in America, in the Capital City of Hartford, CT, 400 Students from Puerto Rico Inundate the Public Schools, Straining Resources

While the President of New York Federal Reserve Bank Sends a Jet Full of Cash Down to the US "Commonwealth " of Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico, the Governor of Puerto Rico Threatens America That " Millions " of His People Will Move to America If He Doesn't Get a Massive Aid Package from American Taxpayers

Because the US Government Has Never Solved Its Puerto Rico Problem, Puerto Rican Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost, as Hundreds of Thousands of Them Flee Their Hurricane-Ravaged Island-Nation and Head for Florida and New York City(May God Almighty Protect All American Patriots in This Incredibly Perilous Time)

Patriot Notice, 10/1/2017, 2331 Hours: Patriots, those of us living in the New York City-area and in south Florida are in imminent danger due to a predicted mass exodus of Puerto Ricans fleeing their hurricane-ravaged island rife with poverty, squalor, crime, drugs, welfarism, sloth, anti-Americanism and other social ills. Among this mass exodus will certainly be those who'll terrorize our communities and neighborhoods. I've warned numerous times on this patriot site and on the Patriots Unite Now! broadcast that this nightmare scenario will likely occur soon; for whatever reason(s), Puerto Ricans will flee their island and simply move to US because the US government has never solved our Puerto Rico problem: never giving it its long-overdue independence and continuing to grant it " commonwealth " status, which means they can come to our soil in unlimited numbers anytime they want, no questions asked. And many bring their Puerto Rican flags, their crude version of Spanish, their mixed-race background, their blasting and horrible music, inter alia. And they also vote overwhelmingly for Demonrats, which also make them a serious political threat. This is the price we're paying for never solving our Puerto Rico problem. I urge all you patriots to prepare yourselves for Puerto Rican invasion and conquest; it has already happened to the Bronx and will happen elsewhere when they arrive in large numbers. Certainly not all PRs will bring trouble to our shores, but many will. It's all part of La Conquista! Patriots, let's all pray for our country, that the Almighty will protect us all from this human tidal wave from an island that brings, for the most part, nothing but trouble to our shores. President Trump has been strong and truthful in telling it like it is, with all the ingratitude and slothfulness and anti-Americanism on the so-called  " Rich Port. " It was a backwater even before Hurricane Maria ripped into it, obviously judgment from the Most High God.

Muchas Gracias to the US " Commonwealth " of Puerto Rico: Lawmen Bust Up a Major Operation Bringing Cocaine and Heroin from Puerto Rico into New York City and Then Some of the Drugs Sold to Dealers in Boston, MA and Maryland

No Surprise, Patriots: Demoncratic Party Comes Out on Twitter and Admits They Don't Want White-Christian Women to Get Elected to Office

Watch Out, Patriots: ACLU(American Criminal Liberties Union), with a Huge Increase in Members and Donations in 2017, Plans to Get Heavily Involved in This Year's Elections, as They'll Try to Defeat Patriots and Empower Revolutionaries

Reversing an Obama-Era Policy of Leniency Towards States That Have Violated Federal Law By Legalizing Marijuana, US Attorney-General Jeff Sessions Will Enforce Federal Laws on Marijuana in Those States

Thanks to the Last Year in Office of Obama the Revolutionary, the " Section 8 " Ghetto Will Soon Be Moving into Middle-Class/Upper-Class Neighborhoods in South Florida, and Also in 23 Metropolitan Areas in America

Since Obamacare Became Law in 2010, Deaths from Drug Overdoses Have Skyrocketed in USA. Patriots, Is This a Co-Incidence or Was It Planned to Happen By the Revolutionary Previous President and Some Drug Companies?

A Reign of Terror in America: Death from Drug Overdoses

" A Mountain of Cocaine " Is Heading to the Lower Half of Florida, as Cocaine Production Hits Record-Highs in Columbia(Patriots: President Chump Should Bring Our Military Home from the Middle East and Put Them on Our Southern Border!)

Merry Christmas to America's Patriots from President Trump and the Republican Congress: a Long-Overdue Tax-Relief Bill Is Now Law, in Addition to Repealing the Individual-Mandate Tax Penalty of AbominationCare

Bill Jasper-an Excellent Source for Information on Anti-Patriot Revolutionaries-Reports That Revolutionary Communist Party(RCP)Is One of the Anti-Patriot Revolutionary Groups Engaging In Violent Demonstrations Like in Charlottesville, VA and Berkeley, CA

Patriot Researcher Bill Jasper Reports That Jewish-Owned Newspaper The New York Times Runs Ads from Revolutionary Communist Party to Incite Mobs to Revolt Against President Trump

Why Patriot Roy Moore Lost the Election for US Senate in the Patriot State of Alabama to Anti-Patriot Douglas Jones

The Anti-Patriot Revolutionaries Are Waging Serious Political Warfare: The Washington Post Newspaper-Owned By Revolutionary Jew/ Founder and President Jeffrey Bezos-Launches a Smear Attack Against Patriot Roy Moore, Who's Running for US Senate in Alabama

With Revolutionary Jew Jeffrey the Rat Bezos-Founder and President of Amazon.Com and Owner of The Washington Post-Taking Over Grocery Train Whole Foods for Almost $14 Billion, Activist Stacy Mitchell Declares That the Revolutionary Bezos Is Trying to Take Over and Control the Infrastructure of America's Economy

An IT(Information Technology)Engineer at The Washington Post(Owned By Jewish Billionaire Jeffrey Bezos-Founder and Owner of Arrested for Impersonating an Agent for Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE)and Possessing 10 Weapons....And Is Released on Bond!

Citizen-Activist Michael Krieger Warns of the Danger Posed to America By Jeffrey Bezos-the Revolutionary Jew Who's Founder and President of and Owner of The Washington Post-and Urges Americans to Buy Consumer Products Wisely and Carefully

About 6 Months Ago, a Mall in Colorado Closes Due to a " Devastating Hailstorm, " But Re-Opens, Even Though About 20% of Malls Are Expected to Close in US Over the Next 5 Years

Is This Evidence of What President-Elect Chump Refers to as the "False Economy?:" Almost All the Jobs Created in America Under the Rule of President Destroyer Have Been Part-Time, Temporary, or Contracted Out

Another Group Has Been Added to the Sexually Depraved Acronym LGBT: Now It's LGBTI(The " I " Stands for " Intersex ")

An Australian Diplomat Living in New York City, Falls to His Death After Viewing Empire State Building, Which Was Lit Up to Celebrate Australia's Legalization of Homosexual Marriage

Another Company to Add to the Patriot-Boycott List: Social Media/Job Seeking Website(Its Presumably Jewish Co-Founder Reid Hoffman Hates President Chump and Actively Campaigned for Hillary the Witch in the 2016 Presidential Campaign)

Another Reason for Patriots to Boycott National Football League(NFL): It's Part-Jewish Commissioner Roger Goodell, About a Year Ago, Hired Joe Lockhart-a Democratic Party Operative and a Press Secretary for Then-President Billy Clinton-as His Top Communication Executive

The Pentagon-Headquarters of US Department of Defense in Washington, DC-Has Never Been Audited, and Congressman Michael Burgess from Texas Wants to Change That

Warnings from the Mother Country: Prince Charles and Nigel Farage-Former Leader of United Kingdom Independence Party(UKIP)-Warn Us About the Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby in America(Bloody Good Show, Ol' Boys!)

Patriot Notice, 11/7/2017, 1740 Hours: The Patriots Unite Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! broadcast has moved again, this time from frequency 5.890 to 5.935. We should be there for the remainder of the shortwave Winter season. Sorry, but it was a late change from headquarters at WWCR.

A Revolutionary Jewess at CBS Gets Fired for Ugly Facebook Comments on the Mass Murder at a Country-Music Festival in Sin City(Las Vegas), Nevada, Which May Well Have Been an Act of Revolutionary, Racist Mass Murder

Here's the Latest " Exhibit " at Jewish-Run Brooklyn Museum in New York City: " We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965-1985 " (and US Taxpayers Fund This " Museum ")

Independent Blogger Michael Krieger Claims a Coup d' Etat Is Occurring in Washington, DC to Remove President Chump, and Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich-a Maverick Democrat from Ohio-Warns America That the " Deep State " Is an Immediate Danger to America

Emails Obtained and Released By WikiLeaks Show Anti-Patriot Networks NBC and CNN and Anti-Patriot Newspaper The Washington Post Collaborated with Democratic National Committee(DNC)to Help Hillary the Witch Defeat Donald the Chump

Is CIA(Criminals in Action)Murdering Russian Diplomats and Other Officials in Their Attempt, Along with the Deep State, to Start a Major War Between America and Russia?

" The Deep State " Has Become " A Prime Enemy of America "

More Warnings for Patriots on " The Deep State, " This Time from Pat Buchanan

The US Government Agrees to a Confidential Settlement with Victims of Two Psychologists Working for the Torture Department of the Deep State

The Anti-Patriots, Leftist Radicals, Globalists and Revolutionaries at 10 " News " Magazines Use Their Covers to Incite Their Readers and Followers to Revolt Against President Chump

The Bitch Is Back! Hillary the Witch Starts Up Revolutionary Group " Onward Together"

Peter Brimelow-Author of the Book " Alien Nation " and Founder and Editor of Patriot Website American Patriots After Attending President Trump's Inaugural: " It Will Come to Blood "

Updated 5/28/09

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