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There's a New Drug Scourge in South Florida: Flakka-AKA $5 Insanity-and It Comes from Communist China

And More Drug-Related Savage Crime, This Time in Denver, CO

And America's Crime Wave Keeps Rolling: 3 Are Shot Dead and 7 Are Wounded After a Basketball Game in Rochester, NY

Babyface Evil: a Young Woman Murders Her 3 Young Sons So Her Husband Will Give More Attention to Their Daughter

While the Liberal-Fascist Establishment Polity and Media Praises "Civil-Rights Leader" Julian Bond, Bob Adelman at Exposes Him for the Neo-Marxist Revolutionary He Obviously Was

In Madhouse USA, It's KKK(Kids Kill Kids): an 11-Years'-Old Boy Shoots Dead a 3-Years'-Old Boy in Detroit, MI

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ: With a Bunch of Morons Running the US Public-School Establishment, Schoolkids Aren't Getting Enough Sleep Because They Start School Way Too Early in the Morning!

Good News, Patriots: Those Having a "Favorable View" of RepubliCon Party Drops, with Support Among RepubliCons Dropping from 86% to 68% Since January(Are GOP Patriots Finally Waking Up?)

With the Phony "War on Terror!" Coming Home to Chattanooga-the Scenic Center of the South-Bob Adelman at Puts the Blame on Where It Really Belongs: "US Foreign Policy"(Controlled By Thugs, Murderers, Revolutionaries, Warmongers, Neo-Conservatives, Jewish Zealots, Israel Firsters, Globalists, Internationalists, Anti-Patriots, Etc.)

Once Again, the Filthy Anti-Patriot Scum Ruling Sodom By the Bay, with Their "Sanctuary City" Protecting Illegal Immigrants from Deportation, Have Indirectly Murdered an American, as Kathryn Steinle Is Shot Dead By 5-Times-Deported Wetback Juan Sanchez

In the City of Angels, a Man Is Attacked with a Machete for Resisting an Attempted Robbery of His Bicycle, Getting His Thumb Severed in the Process(Patriots: La Conquista Is Getting More Aggressive! Be Prepared! Load and Lock!)

It's a Block Party in the Motor City!: a 19-Years'-Old Male Is Shot Dead, 11 Other People Are Shot and Wounded, and the Chief of Police Warns About "Urban Terrorists" Taking Over the City

A White Man Enters a Church in South Carolina and Shoots 9 Black People Dead(Including the Black-Female Pastor and State Senator)Attending a Bible Study and a Suspect Is in Custody(Patriots: Let's See How the Anti-White Establishment in Politics and Media Use This Multiple Homicide to Incite Hatred Against Whites and Look for Scapegoats)

Investigative Reporter Robert Parry Exposes 2 Husband-and-Wife Couples Who Have Helped Turn US Foreign Policy into a Machine of Jewish Revolution, Savage Violence and Mass Murder, All to Benefit the Jewish Revolutionary Movement Known as Neo-Conservatism

Investigative Reporter Robert Parry Declares the Resurgence of Neo-Con Warmongers and Revolutionaries in the Washington, D.C. Government(and We See a Photo of the Ugly Face of Robert Kagan-One Infamous Member of This Wicked Cabal Called the Neo-Cons)

Alex Newman at Exposes Jewish Billionaire and Revolutionary George Soros and His Allies in President Destroyer's White House and Justice Department for Funding Violent Revolutionaries, Including a "Community Group" in Bronx, NY That Produced a Rap Video Supporting the Killing of Police Officers

Updated 5/28/09

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