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La Conquista Is Planning Their Biggest Move Yet: According to Gallup Polling, 42 Million People Living in Latin America Want to Move to United States

" Snowmageddon " Seattle: Sodomy-Loving Seattle, Ruled By Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Demonrats, Gets Blasted with Unusually High Amounts of Snow

Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC)-a Group of Revolutionary Jews Led By President Richard Cohen-Is Being Sued By Patriots Fed Up with Their "Smear Terrorism "

As Demonratic Party and Establishment Republicans Continue to Weaponize Immigration to Make America a Mostly Non-White Country, Voting Patterns Show Republicans Are Probably Going to Lose a Lot More National Elections(in This Case, Demography Is Destiny)

The Streets of San Francisco: in the Demonratic-Dominated City Now Known as Sodom By the Bay, There Are More Drug Addicts Than High-School Students(This Is the City of Filth That Has Given America the Likes of Dianne Frankenstein and Nancy the Witch from the West Pelosi)

The Recent Book "Cult City " Exposes the Dangerous Alliance Between Revolutionaries in Political Power and in False Churches, Like Homosexual Politician Harvey Milk and Cult Leader Jim Jones and the Devastation and Destruction They Cause(" Cult City " Is Sodom By the Bay: Formerly San Francisco)

Joseph Alcoff-a Quintessential Revolutionary Jew-Is the ANTIFA Leader in Washington, DC, Involved with Radical Group Smash Racism DC, and Has Been Arrested for a Mob Assault on 2 Marines in Philadelphia

Professor Walter Williams Cites the Racial Hatred Expressed Against America's White People, Especially White Men, By People in Politics, Media, Academia and Entertainment, and Why They Get Away with It

A Young-Adult Maniac Shoots 5 Women Dead in a Bank in Florida

Monkey See/Monkey Do: Another Young-Adult Maniac Shoots 5 People Dead Near Baton Rouge, LA, Including His Parents

Follow-up reporting has learned that murder suspect Dakota Theriot was kicked out of his home by his parents over surprise....drug use. On his Facebook page, he recently posted what torments probably every dope addict: " I wish I could clear my mind for just one day. " But he was clear-headed enough to allegedly murder his parents, his girlfriend, and her father and brother. Patriots, make no mistake: war is being waged on the American people, and the revolutionaries are directly and/or indirectly behind it.

Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Along with His Demonratic Majority in the New York State Legislature, Signs, and Then Celebrates, the Passage of a Barbaric Pro-Infanticide Bill into Law

Patriots, I just saw a photo at of male-feminist Gov. Cuomo signing this barbaric pro-infanticide bill into law, wearing a pink tie. He loves the color pink.

A Trial Is Scheduled for September 2019, and It May Blow the Lid Off the Corrupt, Immoral and, at Times, Criminal Relationship Between Some Drug Companies and Complicit Doctors, Politicians and Bureaucrats

Patriot Commentary, 1/21/2019, 0820 Hrs.: Greetings, patriots. Today is the infamous day of idolatry in USA: Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And as I type in Bronx, NY, it is 4 degrees! Accompanied by fierce winds that could hit 50 miles an hour today! The gelidity and fierce winds arrived about 1800 hours on the eve of MLK Day and have intensified! Brutal weather occurs almost every year on this day of idolatry! It's obviously the Almighty's anger and wrath at our country for exalting and deifying and worshipping  revolutionary negro " Reverend Doctor " Martin Luther King Jr.! I urge you all to fly your flags today at half-staff! Pray for protection from the bad weather and demon spirits that'll be circulating throughout our land! today! And refuse to recognize this day of idolatry every way you can! Today is not a holiday! It's an unholy day! Please click the links to the articles on King that I previously archived but have moved to this page, below this patriot post! And tomorrow on the Patriots Unite Now! broadcast, at around 1930 hours, we'll pray to the Almighty to bring His wrath down on the gross idol-image of MLK in Washington, DC! I stood in front of and looked up at that wicked-looking statue of the " Reverend Doctor " a few years ago and felt the evil spirits oozing from it! The King Foundation paid a Chinese-Communist to make that statue! No king but Christ! Amen! 

Patriot Commentary, 1/9/2019, 2020 Hrs. EST: I hope all you patriots had a safe and blessed Christmas season. 2019 is young, but looks like it's going to be a volatile, confrontational year in America between patriots and anti-patriots, between counter-revolutionaries and revolutionaries. I urge you all to prepare yourselves in every way to fight hard for the patriot cause throughout the year and be ready to make occasional sacrifices. On another point, this pro-bono patriot site may be coming down on February 12th, because the web host is discontinuing the software currently in use and " upgrading. " I believe they think I'm a web designer or website builder and I can easily rebuild the site. Since that's not the case, I urge all you patriots to avail yourselves of all the information, facts, news reports, and patriot resources, analysis and commentary this site provides, for it may be offline in about a month. May the Almighty be with us, and our country, this year. 


Bowling for Death in Torrance, Mexifornia: Just Before the Bewitching Hour at Gable House Bowl, a Melee Among " African-Americans " Leads to 3 People Shot Dead and 4 Wounded(It Was "Complete Chaos ")

There's Little Mercy at Mercy Hospital in the Chaos of Chicago: Juan Lopez-a Mixed-Race 2-Legged Animal-Murders His Ex-Fiancee-an Emergency-Room Doctor at the Hospital-a Female Pharmacist and a Policeman Before Being Found Dead Inside the Hospital

And Just a Few Minutes Before the Savage Murders at a Catholic Hospital in Chicago, IL, Another Former US Serviceman Murders a Mother of 3 and Sexually Assaults 2 Other Women at a Catholic Supply Store Near St. Louis, MO

Not Even Girl Scouts Are Safe in Madhouse USA: a Young Adult-" High " on Inhaling Air Duster-Kills 3 Girls and One of Their Mothers with His Truck While They Were Picking Up Trash from a Roadside in Wisconsin

And at Yoga Studio " Hot Yoga Tallahassee " in Florida, a Gunman Shoots Dead 2 Women, Wounds(Not " Injures!")5 Other People, and Then-of Course-Shoots Himself Dead

For the Second Time During the Past Few Weeks, a White Woman Goes Out for a Run and Is Murdered By a " Person of Color "

Zebra Killers Redux? A Group of Black Muslims Are Arrested at a Compound in New Mexico for, Among Other Charges, Child Neglect and Training Them to Be School Shooters(And a Demonrat Female Judge Releases Them on Low Bail!)

A Lawman in the People's Republic of Massachusetts Survives Tours of Duty in US Army in Iraq and Afghanistan, But Dies a Gruesome Death in the Line of Duty, Leaving Behind a Wife and 2 Young Kids; and on the Same Day, 3 Lawmen Are Shot and Wounded in the Line of Duty in Kansas City, MO

" They Never Stop Killing Each Other: " the Commentary from a Man Near a Shooting in New Orleans on a Saturday Night in What Appears to Be Another Instance of Black-on-Black Slaughter: 3 Dead, 7 Wounded

Jeffrey the Bald Beast Bezos-Founder and President of, Owner of The Washington Post, the World's Richest Man, and an Anti-Patriot Revolutionary Par Excellence-Is Divorcing His Wife(They Met When He Interviewed Her in New York City for a Hedge-Fund Position)

With Revolutionary Jew Jeffrey the Rat Bezos-Founder and President of Amazon.Com and Owner of The Washington Post-Taking Over Grocery Chain Whole Foods for Almost $14 Billion, Activist Stacy Mitchell Declares That the Revolutionary Bezos Is Trying to Take Over and Control the Infrastructure of America's Economy

An IT(Information Technology)Engineer at The Washington Post(Owned By Jewish Billionaire Jeffrey Bezos-Founder and Owner of Arrested for Impersonating an Agent for Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE)and Possessing 10 Weapons....And Is Released on Bond!

The Patriot Boycott List Is a Must-Resource for Patriots, Especially Heading into 2019, and Patriot Group " 2nd Vote " Looks Like a Great Weapon for Patriots to Use to Fight Against Anti-Patriot/ Anti-Christ Companies and Corporations

In the Keystone State, There Are About 100,000 Non-Citizens Registered to Vote, and Public Interest Legal Foundation Is Suing the State to Determine How Many Are Illegally Voting

Once Again, a Lawman Is Gunned Down in Mexifornia, and the Arrested Suspect Is an Illegal-Alien Wetback

Criminal Judges and Mayors Keep Breaking the Law By Protecting Illegal Aliens and Helping Them Escape Capture, and Patriots Can Thank Jeff the Wimp/Shrimp Sessions for This Lawlessness

More Illegal-Alien Murder on American Soil, with Cooperation of Jail Officials in the Show Me State, as They Refuse a Request to Remand Luis Perez to ICE and After His Release, Is Charged in a Triple-Homicide

Here We Go Again: Another Illegal Alien from South of the Border Is in Custody, Allegedly for Murdering Mollie Tibbets-a Girl from Iowa Who Simply Went Out for a Run and Never Returned

Here She Is, Patriots: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez-the Face of Evil-Will Be My Congresswoman Come January

And get a load of this, patriots: Ocasio-Cortez is a Marano-Jew! She outed herself in the Jackson Heights section of Queens County, NY , speaking before a group of revolutionary Jews who calls themselves-get this-Jews for Racial and Economic Justice(JREJ). That means they hate America's white population and want to take as much of their money as possible and dole it out to " people of color. " As for the Puerto Rican-Jew Cortez and her evil eyes, she's a darker-skinned Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Thanks to NBC News-run by revolutionary Jew Andrew Lack-for running the story on Cortez on their website. 

Some Good News for Patriots: The Weekly Standard-a Neoconservative Magazine Long Edited By Jewish Zealot Billy Kristol-Shuts Down

In Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Illinois, Satanists Are Allowed to Place One of Their Statues in the State Capitol

What a Combination: Timmy Cook-the Homo Chairman of Apple Inc. - Is Given an Award from Jonathan Greenblatt-the Revolutionary-Jew Chairman of So-Called Anti-Defamation League(ADL)

Patriots Get Thwarted Again: President Chump's FCC Denied Anti-Demonratic Sinclair Broadcasting from Acquiring 42 TV Stations Owned By Tribune Media, But Allowed Nexstar to Acquire Them

If Only America Had Men Like Viktor Orban!: the Prime Minister of Hungary Forces George Soros-the Billionaire Revolutionary Jew from Hungary-to Move His University Out of Hungary

Jared Kushner-President Chump's Baby-Face Orthodox Jew Son-in-Law, and Presumed Mossad Agent-for Aiding Mexico in a Recent Trade Deal with USA-Is Awarded " Order of the Aztec Eagle " By Mexico's President

Tim Wise-a Presumed Revolutionary Jew and a Regular Guest on CNN(Run By Pig-Faced Revolutionary Jew Jeffrey Zucker)-Expresses His Hatred for Southern Whites After Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith Defeats Democrat Mike Espy in a Run-Off Election for US Senate from Mississippi

Racial Self-Hatred By Whites Expressed Beautifully By James Livingston-a History Professor at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ-the Garbage State

And the Self-Hating White/Anti-White Professor Is Let Off the Hook By the Anti-White Radicals and Revolutionaries at Rutgers

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: a White-Trash Feminist Author from Brooklyn, NY Somehow Gets Invited to North Dakota to Brainwash Children About " RACISM! "

The Hatred of America's White People Rages On at Robin D'Angelo-a Self-Hating White/Anti-White Radical Academic and "Multicultural" Educator-Asserts That White Americans Are " Racially Illiterate "

The New York Times-the Newspaper Owned and Run By Revolutionary Jews-Hires an Anti-White Female Gook to Its Editorial Board, and They Defend Her

Teddy Thornhill-the Demonic-Looking, Presumed Affirmative-Action Professor at Florida Gulf Coast University Who Teaches a Course Entitled " White Racism-" Claims " There Is No Such Thing as Black Racism "

One of the Patriot Victories This Past Election Day 2018: Billy Nelson-a Demonratic US Senator from FL-Provides a Video on His Defeat By Republican Rick Scott, and Shows What a Devious, Sanctimonious Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Bastard He Is

Patriot Researcher and Writer Bill Jasper Provides More Solid Evidence That Demonratic Party Is Becoming Just Like Communist Party USA, and Radical Group " Indivisble "(Co-Founded By Revolutionary Jew Ezra Levin)Is Waging War on the Front Lines Against Patriots, Conservatives and Christians

Patriot Researcher and Writer Bill Jasper Reaches Back to Karl Marx(Real Name: Mordechai Levy)and Russian Novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky to Show That " Fire in the Minds of Men " and Demonic Power Is Driving Much of the Political Violence in America Today Against Various Opponents of Demonratic Party

Once Again, Patriot Researcher and Writer Bill Jasper Provides Strong Evidence That Communist/Anarchist Groups Are Providing the Resources for the Thugs. Radicals. Revolutionaries, Etc. Who Are Trying to Shut Down Enforcement of US Immigration Laws

Reviewing 2 Books By Marxist Historians, JP O'Malley Describes How the Spirit of Mass Murderers Lenin and His Bolsheviks About 100 Years Ago in Russia Greatly Influences, If Not Outright Controls, Demonratic Party in USA

More Slaughter of Country-Music Fans, This Time in Thousand Oaks, Mexifornia: an Ex-Marine, Who Fought in the Graveyard of Empire, Mows Down 12 Patrons of Borderline Bar & Grill with a Glock Pistol and Then, Shoots Himself Dead

And What Is Probably the Norm Among Black Politicians, a Recently Elected Black Female in TN Claims That the Volunteer State Is Racist Because Most Whites Voted Republican

Preying on Female Emotions to Get Elected, a Black Lives Matter Female-Demonrat Defeats a White-Female Republican in a Suburban-Atlanta Congressional District That Is Majority-White

And While We're Still on the Peach State, Paul Kersey at Shows How Non-White Immigration into GA Is Threatening to Put Radical Demonrats into Positions of Power

President Chump Must Fire, After the November Elections, Attorney General Jeffrey the Shrimp Sessions!: the Shrimp's " Justice Department " Travels Cross-Country to Arrest 4 White Men for Fighting in Charlottesville But Does Nothing About ANTIFA and the Demonratic Officials Who Caused the Violence!

Did the Revolutionary-Jew Mayor of Charlottesville, VA Use the Same Revolutionary Playbook of the Reconquistador-Mayor of San Jose, CA, as a Federal Court Rules San Jose Can Be Sued By Supporters of Then-Candidate Trump Who Were Assaulted By Thugs and Rioters While Police Did Virtually Nothing to Stop the Violence and May Have Actually Caused It?

White-Trash "Rapper " Mac Miller-a Former Boyfriend of Arianna Grande(the New Madonna)-Dies at 26 from an Overdose of Fentanyl and Cocaine(He Worked for Jew-Owned Record Company Warner Brothers)

Brent Taylor-a Father of 7 Children and Mayor of a Small City in Utah-Dies Far from Family and Home in the Graveyard of Empire as a Member of Utah National Guard

Patriot Notice, Sunday, 10/28/2018. 1915 Hrs. EST: By tuning into shortwave at about 1800 hours and then calling WWCR headquarters, frequency 9.350 has been replaced by 5.935. Ergo, the Winter season on shortwave has begun, and this Tuesday's broadcast of Patriots Unite Now! will air on 5.935 from 1900-2000 hours EST, and we'll probably be there until the Summer season on shortwave begins probably sometime in April. The Sunday rebroadcast on 6.115, 2000-2100 hours EST, stays right there. Patriots, Christian watchmen, please pray daily and stick together these days leading up to the November 6th elections. America is in great danger, and may GOD Almighty be with us in our cause.

Oh, Canada!: Following the Lead of Ontario Province, Quebecois Vote Out the Multicultural Liberals Who've Ruled Quebec for the Last 13 Years and Replace Them with a Nationalist-Conservative Coalition(This Is What Voters Need to Do in USA!)

The Revolution Marches in Montreal! Red-Hot Mad That Conservatives Won the Provincial Elections in Quebec, About 3,000 Revolutionaries and Multiculturalists March and Chant, Including a Conquistadoress(Yes! They're Even in Quebec!), Hijab-Wearing Muslims and Even Kippah-Wearing Jews! And the Article on This March at Is Written By...Drum Roll, Please...Susan Schwartz! Surprised, Patriots and Christian Watchmen?

A Member of " Conservative " Party in Canada's Parliament Leaves the Party-Canada's Version of America's Republican Party-to Start a New Party, Claiming the Establishment Party He's Leaving Is Too Corrupt to Reform(Patriots: This Is What America Needs!)

The Supposed Bomb Packages That Were Addressed to Former Powerful Demonrats May Just Be Revolutionary Theater, as the Radicals, Revolutionaries, and the Deep State Will Use Many Tricks to Get Voters to Vote Demonrat in the Upcoming Elections

Patriot Commentary, 10/24/2018, 2045 hrs.:  These supposed mail bombs look like they're right out of the revolutionary playbook. The radicals and revolutionaries who have taken over the Demonratic Party, and their Deep State collaborators, are using every dirty trick in their book to dragoon voters in the imperative elections just 2 weeks away to vote Demonrat! I firmly believe this is revolutionary theater! The Nazis used this trick quite successfully! Along with these ostensible criminal acts against Demonratic bigwigs, are the huge stock-market losses of the past few weeks and more " migrant caravans' headed for our Southern border! This can't all be co-incidence! The Demonrats are going to scream like wild animals that this all the fault of President Chump and his Republicans! Inform each other of what apparently is going on! Pray to the Most High in Christ's name that their plans are foiled! And make sure to vote against the Demonrats in November! We're in the midst of a violent revolution and political war!

Pothead Nation: in States That Have Legalized Pot Smoking, Car Accidents Have Increased 6 %, While About Half of Drivers Involved in Fatal Car Crashes Were Using Drugs(Almost Half!)

Patriot Jim Kirkpatrick Warns Co-Patriots That Due to Physical Attacks on Supporters of President Chump, Activist-Patriots Are in More Danger Now Than Before Donald Chump Became President

The Hatred of America's White Population Has Become Pathological: Near Rochester, NY, a School District, Whose Coordinator of Communications Is Daniel Goldman, Calls Police Over an Instagram Page Entitled " White Student Union, " But a " Black Student Union " Page Is Just Ducky with the Anti-White Revolutionaries and the Cowards Who Cower Before Them

Once Again, the US Government, in Its " War on Terror. " Recruits a Shady Pakistani Who Should've Been Deported, While the Defective Stretch-Limo He Owned Crashes in Upstate New York, Killing 20 People, Most of Whom Were Being Driven to a 30th Birthday Party

Another 2-Legged Female Animal-Using 2 Surnames(One Spanish, One Jewish)and the Mama of 4 Kids-Uses Her Kids as Props to Harass Republican US Senator Bill Cassidy in a Senate Office Building in Washington, DC Because He Voted to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS

Another White-Trash Feminist at University(This One at Jesuit-Run Georgetown in Washington, DC-Billy Clinton's " Alma Mater ")Spews Her Savage Hatred of White Senators for Defending Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

The Israel Lobby Couldn't Have Said It Better: US Secretary of State Michael the Pompous Pompeo, Speaking Before Israel Lobby Group JINSA(Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs): " We Want the Whole Middle East to Look Like Israel "

Patriot Commentary, 10/11/2018, 1649 Hrs. EST:  Well, here it is in a nutshell, patriots. Fatso, blubber-face Pompous Pompeo wants all the countries of the Middle East to look like his favorite country: Israel. He probably wants America to look like anti-Christ Israel too! He was speaking to his Jewish admirers at JINSA-a Jewish/Israel advocacy group covered extensively in the book The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy. And the Pompous One will continue to cover up the crimes and despicable acts of Israel's government, no matter how much it harms America and the rest of the peoples of the Middle East, because it exalts his big, fat ego, among other reasons.

The US Government's Virtually Unconditional Support for the Criminal, Lawless Government of Israel That Has Brought Such Great Harm to America and the Middle East, Is Assisted By the Likes of " Evangelical " Mega-Church Leaders Like Rev. Robert Jeffress, Who Supports Israeli Oppression Even of Palestinian-Christians

Vice-President Michael Pence-a Big Israel Worshipper-Dons a Beanie to Pay Homage at the Western Wall, While Patriot Chris Menahan Suggests He Visit America's Southern Border and Help Get Built a Much-Needed Wall to Protect Americans from Killer Drugs

Republican Congressman Mo Brooks from Alabama Believes Fear of Assassination Has Led an Unprecedented Number of Republican Congressmen Either to Resign or Not Seek Re-Election in November 2018

Watch Out, Patriots: ACLU(American Criminal Liberties Union), with a Huge Increase in Members and Donations in 2017, Plans to Get Heavily Involved in This Year's Elections, as They'll Try to Defeat Patriots and Empower Revolutionaries

La Conquista Marches to Its Music!: a Presumed Latina at Anti-Patriot/Anti-American Reports That Sales of Latin Music on American Soil Now Surpass Sales of Country Music(Which Isn't Country at All, But Garbage Like Most of the Latin Garbage)

Via Birthrates, La Conquista Marches on: Latinos Are Having a Lot More Babies Than Whites or Asians, and Blacks Are Having More Kids Too Than Whites or Asians(Please Read Figures 1 and 2)

Calling All Patriots in PA: La Conquista Registers 60,000 More Latinos Since 2016 to Vote in November's Mid-Term Elections! Get Out and Vote Against Them! Make Sure You Vote for Patriot Lou Barletta for US Senate Against Anti-Patriot Robert Casey!

Latin America-America's Southern Neighbor-Has 8% of the World's Population But About 33% of Its Murders

Patriots, President Chump probably heeded his neo-con masters when he enacted the travel ban on some Muslim nations. While this ban wasn't really necessary, it shouldn't have caused the ensuing hullabaloo either. But he should enact an immigration moratorium on Latin America! I've warned many times on this patriot site and on Patriots Unite Now! that the horrors in Latin America have been spilling into America for about the last 40 years! The drugs, the crime, the teenage mommies, the out-of-wedlock births, the anti-Americanism, the race hatred of whites and sometimes even of blacks, a bi-lingual nation and a Spanish-speaking latino nation on our soil! This is what mass migration from Puerto Rico to Mexico and down to Colombia has brought to our soil! And it's going to get much worse unless the federal government implements a moratorium of at least 5 years on migration from south of the border, with some exceptions like from Ecuador and Costa Rica. America doesn't need any more migrants from Puerto Rico and immigrants from Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and some other Latin nations! And the time to start is now before it's too late and we become absorbed into the hellishness, chaos and violence that's so prevalent south of the border!  



It's La Conquista in Hialeah, FL-a City That's 94% Latino: a Latina Taking Orders at a Taco Bell Drive-Up Window Refuses to Serve a Female Black-American Because She Wasn't Ordering in Spanish

 Well here it is, patriots. The "least-diverse " city in America(not almost all white, but almost all brown), at one of its Mexican chain restaurants, shows what all too often happens in a city that falls to La Conquista: If an American doesn't speak the language of the conquistadors, they won't even serve her food at one of their fast-food joints! Bravo to this black girl who fought back against the anti-Americano, anti-English-speaking Latina from some country south of the border! This was real patriotism! Defiance of La Conquista in south Florida! Florida hasn't yet fallen to La Conquista like Mexifornia has! And while this act of Conquista aggression and patriot resistance was given much media coverage, it was probably because it was a black girl who was victimized and not a white girl. And the anti-white, revolutionary negroes in political power who have formed an anti-American, anti-white racist alliance with anti-white latinos will be very quiet about this incident because their racist alliance to bring harm to whites and America is far more important than one black girl discriminated  against because she didn't speak Espanol. While this patriotess told the La Conquista clerk that " This is America!, " it's not America in Hialeah, Florida. It's Latin America! It has fallen to La Conquista because of a lawless southern border! Because of the 1965 immigration act!

Madhouse Mexifornia: a Presumed Mexican Shoots Dead 5 Other Presumed Mexicans, and Then Himself, and a Mexifornia Sheriff Calls Multiple Homicides Like This" the New Normal " in America

La Conquista/Latin Lobby Plans a Protest in Front of Paramount Pictures, Claiming Not Enough of Their Race Is Employed at the Studio

Jew-Owned The New York Times Laments the State of New Hampshire Being 94% White, While Celebrating Latinos Becoming 78% of the Population of Santa Ana, Mexifornia(Formerly California)

Due to What Pat Buchanan Has Described as " an Historic Invasion from the South, " About One-Quarter of People Living in United States Don't Speak English at Home; and Because Anti-Patriot Establishment Republicans Like Eddie Munster Ryan and Mitch Miller McConnell Are the Main Leaders in the Republican-Majority Congress, No Official-English Bills Have Been Brought Up for Votes

This Young Woman from Sodom By the Bay Failed to Learn of or Heed a Warning from This Patriot to Not Vacation in Mexico, and Now She's Dead

Calling All American Patriots! Stay Out of Mexico!: a Family of 4 from Iowa Dies from Gas Inhalation at a Resort in Yucatan Peninsula

NBC News and The Los Angeles Times Employ Anti-American Conquistador Gustavo Arellano to Attack and Threaten English-Speaking Americans

" Affirmative Action, " i.e., Race Favoritism for Latinos and Blacks and Sexual Favoritism for Females, May Be the Reason for the Bridge Collapse in Florida That Killed Mostly Latinos

The Reconquistadors in Mexifornia, No Surprise, Are Now Declaring War on Other States, as Its Reconquistador Attorney-General Bans State-Funded Travel to Oklahoma Because of Its Law Allowing Adoption Agencies to Refuse Placing Kids in Homo/Lesbian Households

Once Again, Mexifornia(Formerly California)Leads the Way to America's Future: It Has the Country's Highest Rate of Unsheltered Homeless People(Most of Whom Used to Be Called " Bums "

Mexifornia(Formerly California)-Ruled By Anti-Patriot, Radical Demonrats-Has America's Highest Poverty Rate

Warren Mass at Reports on Kevin de Leon-President of California(Actually, Mexifornia)Senate-Admitting to a Senate Committee That Half His Family Are Illegal Aliens, While Mr. Mass Provides Many Laws and Tools for Patriots to Combat La Reconquista and the Invasion of America Primarily from South of the Border

The Danger to America from the Illegal Alien State-Formerly the Golden State, or California: Political Scientist James Campbell Points Out That President-Elect Donald Chump Would've Won the Popular Vote By About 2 Million Votes If California, or Mexifornia, Didn't Vote(Patriots Beware: Almost All of America Will Resemble the Illegal Alien State of California If the US Government Doesn't Bring Immigration Under Control

Now I Know Why NBC News Is the Worst Anti-Chump/Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ News Network: Its Chairman Is Andrew Lack-a Typical Revolutionary Jew Who Looks Like a 4-Legged Rat with the Big Schnozole

No Surprise, Patriots: Demoncratic Party Comes Out on Twitter and Admits They Don't Want White-Christian Women to Get Elected to Office

No Surprise, Patriots: Neo-Con American Enterprise Institute(AEI), Which President Chump and Vice-President Pence Have Consulted with, Join Forces with Anti-Patriot Center for American Progress-a Pro-Clinton/Pro-Demonrat Activist Group-to Fight " Populism "(Meaning Patriotism and Putting America First!)

Another Mad-Dog Trump Hater Verbally Attacks a Man Just for Having a Pro-Trump Bumper Stick on His Car, and Then Uses Her Car as a Weapon to Attack Him

White Pro-Baseball Players Are Attacked for " Racist, Homophobic " Tweets, and One of Them Will Be " Required " to Undergo " Sensitivity Training " and Participate in " Diversity " and " Inclusion " Rituals(And the MLB VP in Charge of All This " Inclusion " Is a Homo!)

As I Have Feared, and Stated Such on a Recent Patriots Unite Now! Broadcast, the Revolutionaries Are Now Using Children to Incite the Masses, in This Case, It's Revolutionary Negroes

The Anti-American/Anti-White Revolutionaries at Starbucks Will Be Brainwashing Their Employees with a " Full-Scale Racial Equity Overhaul, " Reported on Here By Revolutionary Jewess Rachel Siegel at The Washington Post-a " Newspaper " Owned By Revolutionary Jew Jeffrey Bezos(Founder/Owner of Amazon Corp.)and Edited By Revolutionary Jew Martin Baron-with This Brainwashing Begun By Revolutionary Jew Howie Schultz, Who Recently Stepped Down as Head of Starbucks

And More Anti-American/Anti-White Propaganda from the Revolutionary Jew-Owned The Washington Post: a Propagandist-Reporter Who's a Member of Racial-Empowerment Group National Association of Hispanic Journalists(NAHJ), Excoriates a Patriot in a Chicago Park Who Harassed a Puerto Rican Woman for Wearing a Shirt Displaying the Flag of Puerto Rico, and the Female Propagandist Writes as If a Murder Has Been Committed

In Another Case of the Revolutionary Establishment Media Downplaying a Savage Crime, Presumably Jewish Blake Leibel-Son of a Wealthy Developer in Canada-Tortures, Scalps, and Drains the Blood of His Girlfriend Who Recently Gave Birth to Their Child

Robert Reiner-"Meathead" in the TV Comedy All in the Family-Using Words of a Typical Revolutionary Jew, Warns Americans That Republican Party Is "...Frightened to Death of the Browning of America. They Will Lose This Last Big Battle of the Civil War "

Meathead Is at It Again: Rob Reiner-a Revolutionary Jew Harking Back to His Polish Character in the TV Series All in the Family-Incites the Audience at a Black Film-Critics' Association, Claiming That Fighting President Trump Is " the Last Battle of the Civil War "

Here's the Latest " Exhibit " at Jewish-Run Brooklyn Museum in New York City: " We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965-1985 " (and US Taxpayers Fund This " Museum ")

America Is Dying, Literally: the Suicide Rate Skyrockets, Especially for Middle-Aged Whites

Due to About 60 Million Babies Murdered via Infanticide("Abortion")and White Americans Not Having Enough Babies Over About the Last 40 Years, America Now Has a Shortage of Skilled Manufacturing Workers

America Now Has a Dangerous Shortage of Guards at Federal Prisons

Here's a Living Example of the Typical New York City-Suburban, College-Educated, Feminist Freak, Filthy-Mouth Hillary the Witch Supporter, Berating and Threatening Lawmen for Simply Doing Their Jobs in the Garbage State

Gov. " Phyliss " Murphy-the Filthy Rat Goldman Sachs Millionaire and Current Governor of the Garbage State-Signs into Law an Obamacare Penalty for All Garbage Staters Who Don't Purchase Health Insurance(" Murphycare ")

Nebraska State Troopers Probably Save Thousands of American Lives, as They Seize 118 Lbs. of Fentanyl and Cocaine on a Truck with 2 Passengers with Spanish Surnames, Who Reside in the Garbage State

Lawmen Take Down a Drug Ring That Brought Drugs from the South Bronx to South Baltimore

Patriots, heed the last paragraph of this well-written article. The extremely dangerous drug fentanyl is made in labs in Red China, shipped to narco-state Mexico, and then brought into America to kill our kids and young adults(mostly). And why do the police and prosecutors in this case refuse to say what motivated the arrested dealer in this ring to sell drugs in Baltimore? What are they hiding? Why won't they reveal his motive(s)?

Muchas Gracias to the US " Commonwealth " of Puerto Rico: Lawmen Bust Up a Major Operation Bringing Cocaine and Heroin from Puerto Rico into New York City and Then Some of the Drugs Sold to Dealers in Boston, MA and Maryland

" A Mountain of Cocaine " Is Heading to the Lower Half of Florida, as Cocaine Production Hits Record-Highs in Columbia(Patriots: President Chump Should Bring Our Military Home from the Middle East and Put Them on Our Southern Border!)

On the US " Commonwealth " of Puerto Rico, Murder Is Skyrocketing, and All the Murderers Can Simply Come to America with No Need for Visas or Passports Because the US Government Hasn't Done What's Right for America: Cut That Devil's Island Loose and Grant It Independence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patriot Notice, 4/9/2018, 2230 Hours: Patriots, this site's blog A Patriot's Diary is now accessible. You can read all my previous posts(albeit, the last post was published on New Year's Eve 2013). I'm trying to find out how to write posts again, for the Internet platform I used before is obsolete.

The Revolutionary Diversity Gang in " Higher Education, " Now Formally Add " Christian Privilege " Workshops to " White Privilege " Workshops, This Time at George Washington University, with the " Workshop " Taught By a Homo Theologian

Patriot Notice, 3/25/2018, 1725 Hours: Patriots, I'm once again holding the front desk at an inn on Long Island. I haven't posted many links to the current news page of this patriot site for the last 10 days because something unprecedented has occurred: the RSS feeds for all the news sources on my homepage haven't loaded for 10 straight days. And it appears they're not coming back! Yahoo! has provided these feeds for me for about the last 7 years. And I can't even contact them about this! When feminist Marissa Mayer became CEO of Yahoo! several years ago, she started destroying the company, like candidate Trump stated that Carly Fiorina destroyed Hewlett Packard when she became CEO. I don't know why this has occurred,and it has occurred to other Yahoo! users from my searching the Internet. Verizon bought Yahoo! fairly recently, and AOL. I've spoken with their tech support and customer service, and was told it's Yahoo!'s problem to fix. So, my searching for and reading of news on the Internet has become much more difficult and time-consuming. I have feeds for 8 newspapers that cover almost all of USA, and now they're unavailable. Going on each individual site requires much more effort and time than using the RSS feeds. I'm doing the best I  can to inform my co-patriots considering the circumstances and the very dangerous times we're living in. I firmly believe that 2018 is going to be a very dangerous and violent year for America, especially her patriots. Please pray daily, in Christ's name, for protection and strength. Please stay united with co-patriots, keep strengthening each other, and keep listening to the Patriots Unite Now! broadcast on World-Wide Christian Radio. We're in deep trouble, patriots. May the Almighty God help us all. Amen.












Since Obamacare Became Law in 2010, Deaths from Drug Overdoses Have Skyrocketed in USA. Patriots, Is This a Co-Incidence or Was It Planned to Happen By the Revolutionary Previous President and Some Drug Companies?

A Reign of Terror in America: Death from Drug Overdoses

And Now It's Nancy's Turn! Nancy Pelosi-the Wicked Witch from the West and a Militant Feminist from Sodom By the Bay-Claims That President Trump's Pro-Patriot/Pro-American Immigration Proposals Want to " Make America White Again"(How's That, Patriots, from the Demonratic Minority Leader in US House of Representatives?!)

Hillary the Witch, in Her Chairman Mao Outfit, Gleefully Urges Her Fellow Male-Hating, Christ-Hating Feminists: " This Is Directed to the Activist Bitches Supporting Bitches; So Let's Go "

The Bitch Is Back! Hillary the Witch Starts Up Revolutionary Group " Onward Together"

Thanks to the Last Year in Office of Obama the Revolutionary, the " Section 8 " Ghetto Will Soon Be Moving into Middle-Class/Upper-Class Neighborhoods in South Florida, and Also in 23 Metropolitan Areas in America

Independent Blogger Michael Krieger Claims a Coup d' Etat Is Occurring in Washington, DC to Remove President Chump, and Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich-a Maverick Democrat from Ohio-Warns America That the " Deep State " Is an Immediate Danger to America

More Warnings for Patriots on " The Deep State, " This Time from Pat Buchanan

The US Government Agrees to a Confidential Settlement with Victims of Two Psychologists Working for the Torture Department of the Deep State

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