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The Thugs and Murderers Running US " Foreign Policy " Kill 62 Syrian Soldiers in an Airstrike in Yet Just Another " Mistake " (Patriots: This Was No Mistake! The Thugs and Murderers Will Do to Syria What They've Done to Iraq Unless They're Stopped!)

While One Feminist Witch Seeks the Throne of the US Presidency, Another One Has Lost Her Throne and Is Now a Convicted Felon: Pennsylvania Attorney-General Kathleen Kane Wanted to Fight the "Old-Boys' Network" of the Previous Administration, But Fortunately for Patriots in PA and USA, She Hopefully Will Go to Prison

In the Span of One Week on the New York City Borough of Staten Island, NY-the Only City Borough That's Still Mostly White-a 38-Years-Old Woman, a 27-Years-Old Man(Who Served in US Navy)and a 13-Years-Old Boy Who Went to Catholic School, They All Committed Suicide

Donald Trump Cites Evidence That President Destroyer and His Secretary of State Hillary the Witch Founded Terrorist Group ISIS, and Alex Newman at Claims This Fiendish Duo May Have Violated US Anti-Terrorism Laws in Founding, Funding, Arming and Training ISIS

Trump the Chump: in His First Real Act of Betrayal of the Grassroots Patriots and Conservatives Who Worked to Get Him the Republican Presidential Nomination, He Endorses Coward Paul Lyin' Ryan and John Insane McCain for Re-Election as the Republican Nominees to Congress, Despite Both of Them Having Patriotic Opponents

For the First Time Ever, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Issues a Travel Warning to an American City(But It's Miami! Which Is Really No Longer an American City, But a Caribbean-Latino Ghetto!)

After 3 Young Adults Are Shot Dead at a "House Party" Near Seattle, WA, the Number of Mass Shootings in Madhouse USA Jumps to 216 in 2016

"Racial-Discipline Quotas"-the Latest Act of War on America from the Liberal Fascists Ruling Over Us-Creates Chaos and Mayhem in St. Paul, MN Public Schools(and That's Just What Neo-Marxist Revolutionaries Like President Destroyer and Hillary the Witch Want)

Patriot Notice, Friday, 7/29/2016, 0151 Hours: Patriots, I'm a sorrowful, bitter and an angry man since my mom's death earlier this month. I thank those of you who've supported us these last several weeks in what was the worst time of my life and my mom's. I feel like Christ on the cross when He asked the Father,  "Why have You forsaken Me?." Regardless, the patriot cause goes on. And I'll keep doing my part as long as I can. And please do what you can.

The Ghost of Chandra Levy Returns to Washington, DC-District of Criminals: Her Fall-Guy Killer Is Released from Jail, and the Real Killer Remains at-Large

Patriot Notice, Independence Day, 2016, 1410 Hrs.: A safe and joyous Independence Day to all American patriots. While our country began to free itself from King George's shackles with Tommy Jefferson's Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, America today is under a different tyranny: a liberal-fascist/feminist fascist revolutionary establishment of power that seeks the destruction of America's identity as a European, Christian, English-speaking nation. The people in power over us who are part of this stronghold of power are anti-American, anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian, anti-moral. They are full of revolutionary passion and power and lust. And one example of these wicked people are homosexual fascists in California suing the Christian dating-website and getting a Christian-hating fascist judge to rule in their favor and force the website to pay a fine and offer dating services to homos. This is part of the liberal-fascist tyranny in power over us, and it means we aren't really free in USA as I type this patriot commentary. As far as my mom is concerned, I'm leaving soon to visit her in hospital. She improved over the weekend, but her main obstacle to overcome is weak lungs. I ask you praying patriots to ask the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to strengthen and heal her lungs and respiratory system. If she's thusly blessed, she has a much better chance to survive and come home. I should record the Patriots Unite Now! broadcast on Tuesday morning. Thanks to you all.


At the Florida "Gay Nightclub" Called "Pulse"-"Orlando's Latin Hotspot"-50 People Are Shot Dead and 53 Are Wounded, While "...Loud, Thumping Dance Music" Played the Savage Sounds of Salsa and Meringue-the Popular Music of Puerto Rican and Dominican Culture, Respectively

Torrential Rain Keeps Pounding Texas:9 Soldiers Drown When Their Truck Overturns from Floodwaters at Fort Hood

A Man from India Shoots Dead His "Estranged" Wife in MN, and Then Travels to UCLA to Shoot Dead a Professor(He Claims He Stole Software Ideas from Him)and Then Shoots Himself Dead

Donald Trump's Son-in-Law Jared Kushner-an Orthodox Jew Who Converted Trump's Daughter to the Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Religion of Judaism-Is "Advising" Trump on Important Issues and Will Even Sit on a Transition Team If Trump Becomes President

Kenneth Starr-the "Independent Counsel" Who Investigated Billy & Hillary Clinton During Their Co-Presidency and Recently Fired as President of Baylor University -Now Has Nothing But Praise for Billy-and for Fellow Demonratic Presidents Lyndon Johnson and James Carter

Maria Elena Salinas-a US-Born Mexican News Announcer for Spanish-Language TV Network Univison-Is Invited to Give the Commencement Address at College of Communications at California State University at Fullerton, But Encounters Patriot Resistance When She Speaks in Mexican-Spanish, Speaks Only to Her Fellow Latinos in the Audience, and, Of Course, Attacks Donald Trump(Bravo to California Patriots at Cal State at Fullerton!)

Lake Mead Drops to Its Lowest Level Ever

More Evidence That " ISIS " Is Controlled or at Least Assisted By the Criminal Government in Israel

President Destroyer Uses His Government Agency US Aid for International Development to Shove Sexual Depravity Down the Throats of People in Predominantly Muslim Bangladesh! And It Has Resulted in Murder

And Back Home In the Formerly Good Ol' USA, the Anti-Christ, Homo-Loving, Liberal-Fascist Legislators, Judges and Bureaucrats in Colorado Terrorize a Christian Baker for Refusing to Bake a Cake for a Homo Couple from Massachusetts

Patriot Notice, 4/25/2016, 0950 Hours: I've removed from the Patriot Resources page of this site. Judging by the titles of their links to news and columns, it's obvious that the editors want their readers to be potheads and cop haters. I've replaced that site with The Real Truth magazine, published by Restored Church of God. Please see my description of TRT at the Patriot Resources page, Patriot Resource # 19. 

Citing " Suffering Among White Americans," The New York Times(What a Surprise!)Reports the Results of a Federal Study That Finds a Skyrocketing Suicide Rate in America, with the Rate for Middle-Aged White Women Rising 80%

8 Members of the Same Family-7 Adults and 1 Teenager-Are Found Dead-All Shot in Their Heads-in Houses About 70 Miles from Cincinnati, OH

More Proof of Americans Having Very Little Discretionary Income: Sears Holdings-Owner of Sears and Kmart Department Stores-Will Close 78 Stores

Bad News for Patriots on the Newspaper Front: Liberal-Fascist/Feminist-Fascist Gannett Co.- Owners of Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Newspaper USA Today-Buy Journal Media Group, Giving Them Ownership of Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Memphis Commercial Appeal, and 13 Other Daily Newspapers, Thus Increasing Their Newspaper Ownership in Our Country to 107

Patriots, Add PayPal to Patriot Boycott List: Its Jewish CEO Decides to Cancel Plans to Open a Center Providing 400 Jobs in the Patriot State of North Carolina Because They Passed a Law Banning the "LGBT" Community from Using Opposite-Sex Bathrooms-i.e., Boys Wanting to Use Girl Bathrooms and Girls Wanting to Use Boy Bathrooms

As I Suspected, Patriots, on a Recent Broadcast of Patriots Unite Now!, Donald Trump's Jewish Son-in-Law Jared Kushner-Owner of Liberal Newspaper The New York Observer-Is Advising Trump on His Presidential Campaign, Is a Friend of Rupert the Red Murdoch, and Even Converted Trump's Daughter Ivanka to Judaism Before They Got Married

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Makes a Deal-with the Spirit of Anti-Christ: in the Latest Example of a Betrayal and Sellout By a High-Ranking Member of the Republicon Establishment, He Vetoes a Bill That Would've Protected Those Who Refuse to Submit to the Aggression of the Radical "LGBT" Population

Patriot Notice, 3/21/2016, 2015 Hrs.: The Patriots Unite Now! broadcast on shortwave radio station WWCR is now heard on Tuesday, 1900-2000 hours, EST, on frequency 9.350. It should stay right there until sometime next October, LORD willing. The re-broadcast remains on Saturday, 2000-2100 hours, EST, on frequency 4.840. Please tune in if you can and spread the word about the broadcast. Thanks, patriots.

And at a Spring Break "House Party" in Plantation, FL, a "Hip-Hop" Performer Is Shot Dead and 4 Other Partygoers Are Wounded(Judging By the Names, It Looks Like It Was a Mostly Black Party, Attended By 400 People-Yes, 400)

At a "Backyard Cookout" in a Pittsburgh, PA Suburb, 4 Women(One 8-Months' Pregnant)and a Man Are Shot Dead in Their Heads and 2 Other Victims Are in Critical Condition(Judging By the Names, the Victims Appear to Be Black and It's Probably Over Drugs)

Oh What Has Happened to California: Klansmen Peacefully Protesting About Immigration in Anaheim("My Home" in German)Are Savagely Attacked, Resulting in 3 Stabbing Victims and Other Injuries and Multiple Arrests

Near Seattle, It Appears a Man Has Shot Dead His 2 Stepchildren, His Wife, Another Person, and Then Himself(This Carnage Was One Day after a Man Shot 3 Dead and Wounded 15 More at a Factory in Kansas Before Being Taken Down By a Lawman)

The Ol' Switcheroo Trick: 3 Black Students at University of Albany in New York Cry "Racism!" Was Committed Against Them on a City Bus, But They Faked the Whole Thing, and They've Been Arrested

The Savage Madhouse of USA 2016: Alex Buckner-a Half-White/Half-Asian 26 Years Old in Phoenix, AZ-Shoots Dead His Parents, His 2 Sisters(One of Whom Was Only 6),Sets Their House on Fire, and Is Shot Dead By Lawmen and, of Course, He Had "Drug Problems," Including a Previous Arrest for Public Intoxication via "Skunk Weed"(Synthetic Marijuana)

A Uber Driver Shoots 6 People Dead in Kalamazoo, MI(He Looks Like He's on Drugs)

In America, Overdoses from Anti-Anxiety Drugs Have Quadrupled Over the Last 2 Decades

Patrons and a Performer at an Eatery with "Nazareth" in Its Name(as in Jesus of Nazareth)in Columbus, OH Are Attacked By a Man from West Africa with a Machete and on a FBI Watch List for "Expressing Extreme Islamic Views"(the Suspect Was Later Shot Dead By Lawmen)

Thank You Very Much, NAFTA: 2 HVAC Plants in Indiana Will Close Down and Relocate to Mexico, Costing 2,100 American Jobs

In Orlando, FL at Glitz Ultra Lounge, 2 Partiers Are Shot Dead, 10 Are Wounded, During a "Reggaeton" Event of "Latin/Caribbean" Music

After a Mardi Gras Parade in Pass Christian, MS(Near New Orleans), 2 People Are Shot Dead and 4 Are Wounded(Patriots, Note That This Shooting Was in a Town Partly Named "Christian")

Liberal-Fascist USA Today Gets a Black-Female "Social Justice" Liberal Fascist to Crow About All the DIVERSITY Commercials During Stupid Bowl(Not Super Bowl)

4 Men, 1 Woman and 1 Child Are Found Dead Inside a House in the South Side of Chicago, IL in What Authorities Believe Is a Multiple Homicide-Suicide

Kurt Nimmo at Does a Great Job Exposing Rafael Teddy Bear Cruz for the Neo-Con, Israel Lobby, Phony Conservative That He Is

The Anti-Patriot, Anti-American, Anti-White Morons on the Faculty at Brown University in Liberal-Fascist Rhode Island Change the Name of "Columbus Day" to "Indigenous People's Day"

A Man Who Looks Demon-Possessed in His Mugshot, Is a Suspect in the Deaths of 3 People in the Sunshine State: His "Common Law" Wife, Her 16-Years-Old Daughter from "Another Relationship", and Their 3-Years-Old Daughter

The Filthy Scum US Senate Kills Rand Paul's "Audit the Fed" Bill, Continuing to Protect and Empower the Jewish Counterfeiters and Moneychangers Running the Federal Reserve Board

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Has Some Great Ideas to Fight Back Against the Anti-Patriot, Anti-American Federal Government, Especially Its "Supreme" Court

Another Savage Murder By Blacks(This Time By Teenagers)on Whites: a White Bicyclist Gets Stabbed to Death on the Streets of Baltimore(But Unlike Heroin Dealer Freddie Gray, Hardly Anyone Knows of Robert Ponsi)

More Savage Murder By Blacks Against Whites, This Time Near Philadelphia, PA-and of Course, the News of the Obviously Racist Savagery Doesn't "Go National"

A Mixed-Race Male Teenager, Who Resembles President Destroyer, Is Convicted of an Incredibly Savage Murder of a White-Female Math Teacher in Massachusetts When He Was Only 14-Years-Old(a Psychiatrist Testified That Phillip Chism "Heard Voices" Before His Savage Murder)

It Looks Like More Racist Murder by Blacks Against Whites, This Time in Mississippi

The Race War on Whites in USA Has Gotten More Savage and Psychotic: a White Woman in Jacksonville, FL May Get 5 Years in Federal Prison for Lying to Federal Agents About Placing an Image of a Rebel Flag on the Desk of a Black Co-Worker About a Week After the Charleston, SC Church Killings

The Attacks on Whites By the Forces of Liberal Fascism and Feminist Fascism Over the Past 40 Years or So Are Getting Results: the Death Rate for Whites Aged 45-54, from 1999 to 2013, Skyrocketed, Apparently Due Mainly to Abuse of Alcohol and Drugs, and Suicide

And Here's More Racism Against Whites, This Time Overt Discrimination: a White Woman Is Fired By a Black Woman Named "Latisha"(Nice Name!)at a University in Missouri, But She Takes Patriot Action and Wins a Lawsuit Awarding Her Millions of Dollars in Damages(and the Lawsuit Finds Blatant Racism Against Other White Faculty at the University)

Patriot Report, 12/26/2015, 0925 Hours: the following stats are taken from a recent report by blogger Michael Snyder on the collapsing US economy.

1: In 1970, the middle class took home 62% of their income; today they take home 43%.

2: There are now about a million less middle-class jobs than when the recession started about 2006.

3: About 1/2 of US workers make less than $30,000 a year.

4: In the past 6 years, more businesses have closed than have opened.

5: About 1/2 of those 25-years'-old are living with their parents.

6: About 1/2 of public-school students are so poor that they qualify for school-lunch subsidies. 

7: 40% of kids raised by a single parent live in poverty.

8: In 1950, 80% of men had jobs; today, only 65% of men have jobs.


Patriots, it's obvious that the Republicrat establishment is waging economic warfare against the American working class, especially the white working class, with it's anti-white/anti-male practices of "affirmative action," quota systems, "Diversity," illegal immigration, most of it from Latin America,inter alia. I recommend we save as much money as we can, shop around and spend wisely, keep channels of communication and networking with co-patriots going as long as we can, don't quit jobs unless it's indispensable, don't get into or get out of debt; and of course, work hard to push the filthy scum ruling us in Washington, DC off their thrones of power and replace them with patriots and statesmen. May the LORD be with us.











Now Isn't This Just Ducky: About 2/3 of Americans Have Less Than $1,000 in Their Savings Accounts and About 1/4 Don't Even Have a Savings Account!

The Self-Worship of the Republicrat Ruling Class in Washington, DC Gets More Sickening: a Bust Is Made in the Image of Snarling Nazi Richard Cheney and Is Placed in "Emancipation Hall"

Some Hopeful News for America's Patriot Cause: About 1/4 of Registered Voters in US Believe the Federal Government Is an Enemy

Americans Keep Making Themselves More Dependent on the Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Financial Establishment: Consumer Borrowing Is at a Record-High

Updated 5/28/09

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