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All in the Family Savage Slaughter in Suburban New York: a Retired Policeman Shoots Dead 2 of His Teenage Daughters in Their Sleep and Then-What Else Is New in Madhouse USA?-Kills Himself(and All This Happened While His Wife and Their Oldest Daughter Were on an Overnight Stay at a Gambling Casino)

Another High-Ranking Demoncratic Politician Has Fallen from His Throne: Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber Resigns Over Corruption Allegations(But His Successor Is a Female Bi-Sexual! Get a Load of That!)

President Destroyer's Administration Sets Up a Hotline for Illegal Aliens to Report When They've Been Apprehended in Violation of Destroyer's Amnesty Edict

New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver("Shelly" to His Many Admirers)Steps Down as Speaker After His Arrest By FBI on Corruption Charges

"The Fed [US Federal Reserve Board-America's Unconstitutional Central Bank] to Savers:'Drop Dead'"(Claims Finance Writer Doug Kass)

John Boy Boehner-Speaker of US House of Representatives and a Big Supporter of Israel Lobby and the "War on Terror!"-Wasn't Impressed with President Destroyer's State of the Union Address Because He Was "Barely Discussing Terrorism," Invites His Good Friend-Israeli Prime Minister "Bibi" Netanyahu-to Give a Speech Before a Joint Session of Congress in March

Alex Newman at Exposes Jewish Billionaire and Revolutionary George Soros and His Allies in President Destroyer's White House and Justice Department for Funding Violent Revolutionaries, Including a "Community Group" in Bronx, NY That Produced a Rap Video Supporting the Killing of Police Officers

Patriot Notice, Sunday, 1/11/2015, 1245 hours EST: Hi, patriots. I hope you all had a safe, blessed Christmas season. I've been mostly off this post at PUN!.com for about the past 4 months. Much of the inner pain I've had over that time has subsided and I hope to return to full-time duty when circumstances permit. A few hours ago, I cleaned up and organized this Current News page and the Patriot Resources page. The Patriots Unite Now! radio broadcast is still up and running at World-Wide Christian Radio(WWCR)on Wednesday, 1900-2000 hrs. EST on frequency 5.070 and on the station's website I hope to keep the broadcast up as long as circumstances permit. Since the costs for operating and maintaining this site and its affilate broadcast total about $6,000 annually, of which this semi-retired, middle-class patriot is responsible for, I'd appreciate if any of you patriots can kick in whatever you can to support these patriot services. Checks/money orders/cashier's checks/cash can be sent to World-Wide Christian Radio, 1300 WWCR Ave., Nashville, TN 37218, with the checks made out to WWCR in care of "Patriots Unite Now!" or "Ken from the Bronx."  This patriot has decided to try and make some much-needed personal changes in his life, and I'll inform you all immediately if this results in any changes to this site or the broadcast. This year isn't getting off to a good start for the patriot cause. Recently elected Republicans to US Senate-Tommy Cotton from AR, Mikey Rounds from SD and Cory the Gardner from CO-decided to visit a Jewish-zealot outfit known as Republican Jewish Coalition, even though South Dakota has the lowest percentage of Jews compared to any other state and Arkansas has few Jews too. I could just imagine the anti-patriot ass-kissing towards Israel and America's Jewish population which occurred there, with Jews as a group almost always voting overwhelmingly for Demoncratic Party. And we lost a great patriot broadcaster in Jim Cedarstrom with his Money Talks broadcast, who died in his sleep at 61 just a few days ago; there's a moving tribute to him on President Destroyer has nothing to fear now politically, with the end of the recent elections resulting in a GOP-majority Congress and 2 years left of his wicked rule. The neo-con madmen and their Jewish-zealot allies are engaging America in one bloody revolutionary conflict and war after another, from Syria and Iraq to Ukraine. And the Destroyer president will try to grant amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens as he continues to aid, abet and empower La Conquista and act dictatorially. For brevity's sake, I'll stop there. Patriots, our work is cut out for us this year. And only the Almighty knows the outcome. I know I've shirked some of my duties the past few months, but it wasn't due to laziness, cowardice or threats, just too much personal pain and sorrow and heartache. I hope this lengthy patriot notice signals a possible full return to this post. For America's patriot cause. May He be with us. Amen. 


Jack Kenny at Exposes Phony Conservative Rafael "Ted" Cruz-a US Senator from Texas But Also an Obvious Anti-Patriot Israel Worshipper

Well, patriots, Bravo to Jack Kenny! It takes guts to publicly take on Israel Lobby and high-powered Jewish zealotry, but that's what Jack has done. Patriots, please pass this link on to as many patriots and Christian soldiers as possible. Get a load of the super-rich "Zionists" and globalists and rogues and other anti-patriot trash at this Zionist Organization of America(ZOA)dinner: ugly puss Sheldon Adelson-the billionaire casino mogul; Bernard Marcus-co-founder of Home Depot(Patriots: Boycott Home Depot!); retiring Israel-worshipping congresswoman Michelle Bachmann; loudmouth televangelist John Hagee; leftist ACLU lawyer Alan Dershowitz; a globalist Jewish moneychanger, inter alia. What a wild bunch of anti-patriot Zionists, Jewish zealots and Israel worshippers! And there's Teddy Bear Cruz yukking it up with them, even sitting next to ugly creep Shelly Adelson. Remember, patriots, Teddy flew to Israel twice after his election and personally met with Israeli prime minister "Bibi" Netanyahu. Cruz is obviously in power in US Senate from Texas to make sure that the Bible Belt state always unconditionally supports Israel's government and extreme Zionism. May more patriots expose the likes of phony conservatives like Teddy Bear Cruz.

Rafael "Ted" Cruz-a US Senator from TX and an Ardent Israel Worshipper-Tells an Audience Gathered for the Purpose of Defending Christians in the Middle East:"If You Will Not Stand with Israel and the Jews, Then I Will Not Stand with You"

Patriot Notice, October 12th, 2014, 1735 Hours: Some of you patriots may be wondering why there have been few links posted on this page over the last few weeks. To be as brief as possible, I've been in much inner pain and sorrow over this time, which has made reading my usual amount of Internet news almost unbearable. This pain which I've effectively repressed for many years was brought out by a chance or maybe not-by-chance meeting and conversation with an attractive, a young and a bright woman who I'll probably never see again. My sorrow can be summed up well with the verse from Book of Genesis, 2:18, where the LORD said after He made Adam: "It is not good that the man is alone." So, until or if the Man Upstairs delivers me from this dark, lonely valley, I'm taking my first extended furlough from this patriot site. I still may add some links or commentary, but it'll probably be limited. The Patriots Unite Now! broadcast on WWCR on frequency 9.350(switching to 5.070 beginning the last week of October), I'm still hoping to keep up the rest of the year, but that may change also. I'm also adding a new resource to the Patriot Resources page: Prophecy News Fellowship is a shortwave broadcast heard on frequency 5.050 on Saturday evening, 1930-2100 hours, radio station WWRB, and also can be heard on, and the PUN! broadcast can be heard also on The PNF broadcast is a good combination of news, analysis and commentary from a Christian, Bible-prophecy perspective.

Patriots, I wish you all well. I don't know when I'll be communicating with you again, if it all. LORD knows. Keep fighting the patriot cause as I take a big retreat. Fight to remove the anti-patriots from their thrones of power and influence. And to you praying patriots, pray for America, and pray for me too. Thanks.

Patriot Notice, 9/12/2014, 0845 Hours: Hi, patriots. The election primaries are finished, and the results for patriots aren't that good. All 435 seats in US House of Representatives were up for re-election or re-nomination for their respective parties-and a grand total of 4 of them lost their bids for re-election: scandal-tainted Democrat John Tierney from MA; Kerry Bentivolio from MI-a patriot Republican who stood up to anti-patriot US Chamber of Commerce and Amnesty Lobby, but was taken down by a Chamber-supported establishment Republican; 91-years'-old former Democrat turned Republican Ralph Hall from TX; and the best for last, anti-patriot GOP majority leader Eric Cantor was taken down in VA. And all Senate incumbents were re-elected. Despite the great patriot victory in Cantor's defeat, that only 4 incumbent congressmen out of about 460 up for re-election in their primaries, despite the dismally low congressional approval ratings, is another example that too many Americans are just too confused and complacent about the great danger our country is in. However, there was progress in the right direction, as anti-patriot, establishment-Republican senators like Lindsey Graham and Lamar Alexander had to fight hard to keep their seats of power; and Chris McDaniel almost took down establishment Republican Thad Cochran in MS. So, patriots, let's keep plugging away in trying to remove anti-patriots from ruling over us.

Another Record Gets Broken Under President Destroyer as He's Doing His Best to "Transform America:" Thanks Primarily to the Anti-Patriot US Government Aiding and Abetting La Conquista via Immigration Policy, White Students for the First Time Will Be a Minority in US Public Schools When They Enter School Come September

A Perfect Marriage for the Corrupt Political and Christian Establishments: "Christian Conservative" Salem Communications Buys Up 4 Republican- Establishment Propaganda Outfits

Investigative Reporter Robert Parry Declares the Resurgence of Neo-Con Warmongers and Revolutionaries in the Washington, D.C. Government(and We See a Photo of the Ugly Face of Robert Kagan-One Infamous Member of This Wicked Cabal Called the Neo-Cons)

Updated 5/28/09

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