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With Revolutionary Jew Jeffrey the Rat Bezos-Founder and President of Amazon.Com and Owner of The Washington Post-Taking Over Grocery Train Whole Foods for Almost $14 Billion, Activist Stacy Mitchell Declares That the Revolutionary Bezos Is Trying to Take Over and Control the Infrastructure of America's Economy

This Thursday, June 8th, 2017, Is the 50th Anniversary of the Savage Attack By Israeli Military Forces on USS Liberty, Which Killed 34 American Sailors and Wounded 170 More

" A Mountain of Cocaine " Is Heading to the Lower Half of Florida, as Cocaine Production Hits Record-Highs in Columbia(Patriots: President Chump Should Bring Our Military Home from the Middle East and Put Them on Our Southern Border!)

Independent Blogger Michael Krieger Claims a Coup d' Etat Is Occurring in Washington, DC to Remove President Chump, and Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich-a Maverick Democrat from Ohio-Warns America That the " Deep State " Is an Immediate Danger to America

The Bitch Is Back! Hillary the Witch Starts Up Revolutionary Group " Onward Together"

More Problems with " African-Americans:" About 200 Young " African-Americans" Gather for a Loud Outdoor Party in an Apartment Complex in North Fort Lauderdale, FL, and One of Them Throws a 68-Years-Old White Woman into a Pool Who Ostensibly Tried to Restore Order

In the Madhouse Known Formally as California(the Illegal-Alien State), an 86-Years'-Old Japanese-American Woman, Walking with a Female Friend on a Walking Track at a High School at 0600 Hours, Is Beaten to Death-and No Surprise, the Suspect Is an " African-American"

A Great Victory for the Patriot Cause May Be on the Horizon: the Death of Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Sports Network ESPN, Which Is Owned By Disney Corporation, Whose President/CEO Is Revolutionary Jew Robert Iger

As President Chump Appears to Prepare America for Another Mideast War, Ron Paul-the Man Who Should Be President of USA-States the Obvious: the Chemical Attack in Syria Is a Typical False-Flag Black Operation, Likely Planned and Executed By Neocons, Warmongers, Israel Lobby Operatives, Revolutionaries

The Patriot State of Mississippi Now Prohibits "Sanctuary Policies " That Protect Illegal Aliens

Portrait of a Revolutionary: When It Comes to the Son of Tiny Tim Kaine-US Senator from VA and Running Mate of Hillary the Witch in 2016-the Apple Hasn't Fallen Far from the Tree, as He's Arrested on Riot Charges at a Rally for President Chump in Minnesota

An IT(Information Technology)Engineer at The Washington Post(Owned By Jewish Billionaire Jeffrey Bezos-Founder and Owner of Arrested for Impersonating an Agent for Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE)and Possessing 10 Weapons....And Is Released on Bond!

Thanks to President Chump, AT & T Will " Re-Source " About 3,000 Jobs

Is CIA(Criminals in Action)Murdering Russian Diplomats and Other Officials in Their Attempt, Along with the Deep State, to Start a Major War Between America and Russia?

" The Deep State " Has Become " A Prime Enemy of America "

More Warnings for Patriots on " The Deep State, " This Time from Pat Buchanan

Muchas Gracias to the US " Commonwealth " of Puerto Rico: Lawmen Bust Up a Major Operation Bringing Cocaine and Heroin from Puerto Rico into New York City and Then Some of the Drugs Sold to Dealers in Boston, MA and Maryland

Warren Mass at Reports on Kevin de Leon-President of California(Actually, Mexifornia)Senate-Admitting to a Senate Committee That Half His Family Are Illegal Aliens, While Mr. Mass Provides Many Laws and Tools for Patriots to Combat La Reconquista and the Invasion of America Primarily from South of the Border

The Anti-Patriots, Leftist Radicals, Globalists and Revolutionaries at 10 " News " Magazines Use Their Covers to Incite Their Readers and Followers to Revolt Against President Chump

Another Nail in the Coffin of the Bush/Clinton Dynasty? Clinton Global Initiative-an Operation within Clinton Foundation-Will Be Shutting Down in April 2017

President Chump Meets with Drug-Company Executives and Informs Them That Drug Prices Are Too High and More Drug Production Should Be on US Soil. Bravo to the Chump!

Peter Brimelow-Author of the Book " Alien Nation " and Founder and Editor of Patriot Website American Patriots After Attending President Trump's Inaugural: " It Will Come to Blood "

Is This Evidence of What President-Elect Chump Refers to as the "False Economy?:" Almost All the Jobs Created in America Under the Rule of President Destroyer Have Been Part-Time, Temporary, or Contracted Out

The Danger to America from the Illegal Alien State-Formerly the Golden State, or California: Political Scientist James Campbell Points Out That President-Elect Donald Chump Would've Won the Popular Vote By About 2 Million Votes If California, or Mexifornia, Didn't Vote(Patriots Beware: Almost All of America Will Resemble the Illegal Alien State of California If the US Government Doesn't Bring Immigration Under Control

Updated 5/28/09

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