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It Looks Like More Racist Murder by Blacks Against Whites, This Time in Mississippi

Some Hopeful News for America's Patriot Cause: About 1/4 of Registered Voters in US Believe the Federal Government Is an Enemy

 Patriot Notice, 11/18/2015, 1835 Hrs. : Patriots, the Patriots Unite Now! broadcast on WWCR has been moved back on Wednesday to frequency 9.350. I don't know why this was done, but I smell a rat. Fortunately, headquarters is rebroadcasting Patriots Unite Now! on Saturday, one hour later than Wednesday's broadcast, 2000-2100 hours, on frequency 4.840. So wherever you're listening, try both frequencies for the most optimal reception. Patriots, let's stick together and pray together. The times are getting more and more perilous.

The Attacks on Whites By the Forces of Liberal Fascism and Feminist Fascism Over the Past 40 Years or So Are Getting Results: the Death Rate for Whites Aged 45-54, from 1999 to 2013, Skyrocketed, Apparently Due Mainly to Abuse of Alcohol and Drugs, and Suicide

And Here's More Racism Against Whites, This Time Overt Discrimination: a White Woman Is Fired By a Black Woman Named "Latisha"(Nice Name!)at a University in Missouri, But She Takes Patriot Action and Wins a Lawsuit Awarding Her Millions of Dollars in Damages(and the Lawsuit Finds Blatant Racism Against Other White Faculty at the University)

A Rifleman in Colorado Springs Shoots 3 People Dead Before Being Shot Dead By Lawmen, as Witnesses Describe It as "...a Terrifying Scene")

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Retiring Republican House Speaker John Boy Boehner Kisses Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Wicked Witch from the West Pelosi on the Cheek While New Republican Speaker Paul Eddie Munster Ryan Rests His Hand on John Boy's Back, as If to Say, "That a Boy, John"

Patriots, if there's anything to make me break my long drought of not commenting on news items on this site, it's this very sickening but very telling photo of the sleazy creeps ruling America. Their masks are off, as John Boy smooches his "good friend" Nancy the Witch and Eddie Munster Ryan warmly approves by placing his hand on John Boy's back. It almost looks like a political ménage a trois! This great photo epitomizes the Republicrat establishment to a tee! Establishmentarian Boehner made sure that another anti-patriot establishmentarian like Ryan would succeed him. And all but 11 Republicon members in the House voted for him! And the Demoncratic leaders all love Pauley Ryan: an objectivist(meaning he's a follower of Jewish atheist, radical libertarian Alicia Rosenberg, known by her fake name of Ayn Rand-author of the novel Atlas Shrugged),  a worshipper of big business, a big spender who has never produced a balanced-budget plan as chairman of the budget committee, a supporter of amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens living on our soil and a friend of radical Puerto Rican congressman Luis Gutierrez, a "free trader," a bootlicker of US Chamber of Commerce, a former staffer for liberal Republicon congressman Jack Kemp and who volunteered for Boehner when he first ran for Congress from Ohio; in other words, patriots, Pauley Ryan is an anti-patriot piece of human garbage. The anti-patriot, anti-American Republicrat establishment has closed ranks and kept one of their own as Speaker of the House, although this is no surprise. They know how much the vast majority of Americans hate their rulership over us, and making Ryan the House Speaker is them returning their hate towards patriots, conservatives, tea partiers, government reformers, anti-war activists, counter-revolutionaries. What do we do about it? We get out of their establishment as much as possible, we get out and stay out of Republicon Party or Demoncratic Party and we urge our countrymen to get out and stay out too; we run for office ourselves or support independent candidates for office who'll seek to  get into office and bring the criminals and lawbreakers in the federal government to justice and run our country properly and humbly; and we ask Almighty God to help us and bring His judgment down upon this wicked stronghold of power in Washington, DC. In Christ's name. Amen.

John Boy Boehner-the Republican Speaker of US House of Representatives-Will Resign His Speakership and House Seat at the End of October, i.e., Around the Devil's Day of Halloween(Is This a Trick or Treat for Patriots? Time Will Tell)

Americans Keep Making Themselves More Dependent on the Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Financial Establishment: Consumer Borrowing Is at a Record-High

Par for the Wicked Course in Madhouse USA, the "Oregon Gunman" Shot Himself Dead After Slaughtering 8 Students and an English Teacher at Umpqua Community College in the Oregon Heartland

In a Nation Becoming More Anti-Christ Each Passing Day, a Man Who Looks Like He Was of White-Black Background(Like President Destroyer)Shoots 9 People Dead at a Community College in Oregon, Wounds 7 More, and Then Is Shot Dead By Lawmen, and, Like the Columbine Massacre, He Shot Some Victims Dead After They Identified Themselves as Christian

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ: With a Bunch of Morons Running the US Public-School Establishment, Schoolkids Aren't Getting Enough Sleep Because They Start School Way Too Early in the Morning!

Updated 5/28/09

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