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In the City of Angels, a Man Is Attacked with a Machete for Resisting an Attempted Robbery of His Bicycle, Getting His Thumb Severed in the Process(Patriots: La Conquista Is Getting More Aggressive! Be Prepared! Load and Lock!)

It's a Block Party in the Motor City!: a 19-Years'-Old Male Is Shot Dead, 11 Other People Are Shot and Wounded, and the Chief of Police Warns About "Urban Terrorists" Taking Over the City

A White Man Enters a Church in South Carolina and Shoots 9 Black People Dead(Including the Black-Female Pastor and State Senator)Attending a Bible Study and a Suspect Is in Custody(Patriots: Let's See How the Anti-White Establishment in Politics and Media Use This Multiple Homicide to Incite Hatred Against Whites and Look for Scapegoats)

Patriot Commentary, Wednesday, 5/27/2015, 0035 Hours: Patriots, it has been a difficult time these past 9 months or so for this patriot: great emotional sorrow leading probably to a mid-life crisis, topped off with a physical affliction that lasted for 6 weeks which started with the worst sore throat of my life, then a respiratory infection, then a severe allergic reaction to the made-in-India anti-biotic I was prescribed to take(the first time I've had an allergic reaction to an anti-biotic),then the worst suffering ever from Spring allergies, due mainly to a very high pollen count, poor air quality, and a Spring thus far with very high winds and very little rain. Praise, the LORD, the physical affliction has finally ended, for now anyway. Thanks to any of you patriots and Christian soldiers who listen to Patriots Unite Now! on WWCR on Wednesday, frequency 9.350, 1900-2000 EST if you've prayed for my healing and deliverance. I've devoted my remaining patriot energies to that broadcast over this worst time of trial in my life.  I can't remember the last time I've worked on this patriot site, but I hope to stay at it. I've cleaned this page up but have kept some older links and commentaries because of their importance to the patriot cause. Please listen to the PUN! broadcast as often as you can and spread the word about it too. The number of true-patriot broadcasts is few and far between. And for you praying patriots, please keep praying for this patriot and his service to the patriot cause and to the Christian moral order. More importantly, for you Christian prayer warriors, please pray for the Almighty's help in delivering us from the wicked in power over us, mainly those in the US government headquartered in Washington, District of Crime, Corruption and Carnality. I intend to soon join you in imprecating-i.e., asking the Almighty to bring His judgment and wrath upon the wicked Republicrat establishment of power headquartered in DC. Thanks.

14 Dead in Texas and Oklahoma from Flooding("I've Never Seen This Before," Says a Government Official in Flood-Ravaged Houston-America's Fourth-Largest City, with a Lesbian Mayor)

Investigative Reporter Robert Parry Exposes 2 Husband-and-Wife Couples Who Have Helped Turn US Foreign Policy into a Machine of Jewish Revolution, Savage Violence and Mass Murder, All to Benefit the Jewish Revolutionary Movement Known as Neo-Conservatism

Investigative Reporter Robert Parry Declares the Resurgence of Neo-Con Warmongers and Revolutionaries in the Washington, D.C. Government(and We See a Photo of the Ugly Face of Robert Kagan-One Infamous Member of This Wicked Cabal Called the Neo-Cons)

Alex Newman at Exposes Jewish Billionaire and Revolutionary George Soros and His Allies in President Destroyer's White House and Justice Department for Funding Violent Revolutionaries, Including a "Community Group" in Bronx, NY That Produced a Rap Video Supporting the Killing of Police Officers

"The Fed [US Federal Reserve Board-America's Unconstitutional Central Bank] to Savers:'Drop Dead'"(Claims Finance Writer Doug Kass)

Updated 5/28/09

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