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At World-Famous Venice Beach in LA, California, a Lightning Strike Turns " a Day of Carefree Fun into One of Terror:" a Young Man Is Killed, 9 People Are Injured, One of Them Is Critical(a Witness Says, " All of a Sudden, There Was a Huge Explosion...The Sky Got Black and Then It Started Downpouring")

More All-in-the-Family Multiple Homicide-Suicide, This Time in Saco, ME: a Man Shoots Dead His Wife, Their 3 Young Kids and Then-What Else Is New in Madhouse USA?-Shoots Himself Dead(the Wife/Mother Had "an Addiction," Specifically, Drug Addiction, or "Substance Abuse")

Patriot Notice, Sunday, July 27th, 1105 Hours: I hope all you patriots are having a safe and pleasant Summer. This site hasn't been as active as usual for many reasons, and I haven't blogged on A Patriot's Diary all year. However, I haven't been AWOL from the patriot cause; just a bit more R & R and other chores and other patriot activities. The Patriots Unite Now! radio broadcast on shortwave frequency 5.050 and on has been discontinued until further notice. However, the broadcast is scheduled to be moved to shortwave frequency 9.350 on Wednesday evening, 1900-2000 hours, EST, beginning August 6th. It also may be heard at Keep fighting and praying for America, patriots! The times are getting more evil in our land with each passing day!

Terrific Patriot Activism from Congressman Kerry Bentivolio from Michigan: He Rejects an Award from Anti-Patriot US Chamber of Commerce-an Organization That Strongly Supports Amnesty for Millions of Illegal Immigrants and Serves Its Anti-Patriot Big-Business Clients

The Hideous Crime of a Carjack Leads to the Tragic Deaths of 3 Innocent Kids Selling Fruit for Their Church, and 2 Women Are Critically Injured, When the Carjacked SUV Crashes

Savagery in Albuquerque: 3 Teenage Males Are in Custody for Allegedly Beating 2 Bums to Death

Some Good News for America, Specifically New Jersey: By Mid-September, 4 of Atlantic City's 12 Gambling Casinos Will Be Closed or Auctioned Off

Sell-Outs: the Current and Previous CEOs of US-Based, Spanish-Language TV Network Univision(One Vision)Are Italian-Americans Who Don't Speak Spanish, and the Previous Owner of Univision Is Italian-American and the Current Owner Is an Egyptian-Born Jew! What a Riot This Is as La Conquista Keeps Marching on American Soil!

More Bad News for the Once-Golden State: Record-Drought in Downtown Los Angeles, and 80% of California Suffers from Extreme or Exceptional Drought

The Sordid "Upscale" Culture in USA 2014: a Neurotic 26-Years'-Old Femme Fatale Allegedly Uses Heroin to Kill 2 Men-One the Owner of a Music Club in Atlanta, GA Called "Masquerade," and the Other a Google Executive in CA Who Was Married with 5 Kids Who Died on His 50-Feet Yacht(and If the Photo of the Femme Fatale Accompanying This Article Doesn't Show the Face of a Demon-Possessed Woman, I Don't Know What Does)

Near Houston, TX, a Man Shoots Dead 4 of His Kids, Along with 2 Adults, in a "Domestic Dispute"

While the Anti-Working-Class/Anti-Patriot Establishment Media Crows Over the June Report on Jobs, They Omit the Dirty Secret: The US Economy Lost About Half-a-Million Full-Time Jobs in June While Adding 800,000 Part-Time Jobs! To the Wretched Ruling Class, It's Only the Quantity of Jobs That Matters, Not the Quality

President Destroyer's Liberal-Fascist "Equal Employment Opportunity Commission"(EEOC)Sues a Company for Simply Requiring English Be Spoken on the Job

9 Are Shot in the Big Easy(2 Are Critical, 3 Are Stable and 4 Are Lucky Enough to Be Released from Hospital)

There's Not Much Liberty in the Liberty City Neighborhood of Miami, FL: 2 Are Shot Dead and About a Dozen Are Wounded in a Late-Night/Early-Morning Shooting(One Resident Claims "...Gun Violence Is an Almost Daily Occurrence in the Area")

Liberal Fascist Harry Reid-Majority Leader in US Senate-Warns the Owner of the Washington Redskins Football Team That If He Doesn't Change the Team's Name, "...It Is Just a Matter of Time Until He Is Forced to Do the Right Thing"(If Those Aren't the Words and the Threats of a Demented Liberal Fascist, Then Nothing Is)

In a Rare Defeat of the Anti-Patriot Republican Party Establishment, Patriots in Virginia Defeat Eric Cantor-Majority Leader in US House of Representatives-in a Republican Primary(This Is What This Patriot Site Is All About!)

American Servicemen Keep Dying in the "Graveyard of Empire," This Time via "Friendly Fire"

A Man and a Woman Gun Down 2 Cops in Las Vegas, State at the Crime Scene to Witnesses That "The Revolution Has Begun," Kill Another Person and Then, of Course, Shoot Themselves Dead

Another Record Gets Broken Under President Destroyer's Rule: for the First Time Ever, Most Members of the US Congress Are Millionaires

Sheer Proof That 50 of the 53 Democrats in US Senate Are a Bunch of Liberal-Fascist Morons: They Send a Letter to the Commissioner of National Football League, Urging Him to Force the Owner of Washington Redskins to Change the Team's Name, Alleging It's "Racist"

The Madhouse That Is California: Elliot Rodger-a 22-Years'-Old College Student and a Son of a Director of the Film The Hunger Games-Stabs 3 Roommates to Death, Shoots Dead 2 Young Women and a Young Man, Wounds 13 Other People By Gunshots and His Car and Then-What Else Is New in Madhouse USA, and Especially Madhouse California?-Shoots Himself Dead After Getting Wounded By Sheriff's Deputies

The Glories of the "Global Economy:" the Unemployment Rate in USA for Recent College Graduates in Their 20s is Almost 11%, and of Those Who Are Working, 40% Are Under-Employed, 20% Are Part-Time and 20% are in Low-Wage Jobs

A 19-Years'-Old Male Shoots 6 People at a FedEx Sort Facility Near Atlanta, GA and Then-What Else Is New in Madhouse USA?-Kills Himself

Another Anti-Patriot/Anti-American Federal Judge "Strikes Down" a State Voter-Identification Law, This Time in WI

In a Rare Victory for Patriots from US Supreme Court, It Rules That Voters in Michigan Can Ban Racial Preferences in College Admissions(Even Liberal Justice Stephen Breyer Votes for the Patriot Cause!)

Some Good News for Patriots, Bad News for Feminists, Careerists and Social Revolutionaries: the Percentage of Stay-at-Home Moms Rises in USA

More Savage Violence in American Schools: a 16-Years-Old Student Stabs 21 Students and a Security Guard at a High School Near Pittsburgh, PA

Another Gift to USA from the "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico: a Cocaine-Smuggling Ring, Using "Day Care" Facilities as a Front

The Madhouse That's California: an All-Day "Spring Break" Party of 15,000 Revelers Turns into a Savage Riot, Resulting in 6 Cops Injured, Dozens of People Hospitalized and 100 Arrested

"Something's Not Working:" That's What US Defense Secretary Charles Hagel Says in Response to the Latest Multiple-Homicide at a US Military Base, This One Committed By Soldier Ivan Lopez-from the "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico-Who Shot 3 Fellow Soldiers Dead and Wounded 16 Others at Fort Hood in Texas Before Killing Himself(Hagel Is Wrong: The Destruction of the US Armed Forces Is Working Very Well, Thanks Largely to President Destroyer!)

Slaughter in Indianapolis: 2 Men, 1 Woman Are Shot Dead at an Apartment Building

Another Pro-Baseball Team Sticks It in the Faces of the Working Class: Detroit Tigers Sign Miguel Cabrera-a Foreigner from Venezuela Who Has Probably Been on Venezuelan Juice Since He First Picked Up a Bat-to a 10-Years' Contract That'll Pay Him Almost $30 Million a Year, While Playing Home Games in the Bankrupt, Crime-Ridden City of Detroit!

And Since We're on the Topic of Sleazy, Degenerate, Anti-American Pro-Baseball, Jewish-Owned Radio Station WFAN-an All-Sports Station in New York City-Signs a Contract to Broadcast New York Yankees' Games in Spanish with Spanish-Language Radio Station WADO, Which Is Owned By Univision-a Spanish-Language, Also Jewish-Owned Network- in Another Attempt to Empower America's Latino Population and Force an Official Spanish-Language Nation on US Soil

Only in Crazy, Chaotic California: So Far This Year, a CA State Senator Has Been Convicted of Voter Fraud and Perjury; Another One Has Been Indicted on Charges of Bribery and Money Laundering; and Now FBI Has Arrested Another One for-Get This!-Gun Trafficking!(BTW, the First One Is Black, the Second One Is Mexican, and the Third One Is Chinese! Yippee! Diversity Rules the "Golden State!")

Once Again, an Anti-American, Anti-Christ Federal Judge, With One Opinion, "Strikes Down" Michigan's Constitutional Amendment to Ban Homosexual Marriage That Was Passed By 59% of the Voters in 2004(Federal Judges Have Now Done the Same Thing in 5 Other States, Showing Their Contempt for the Voters of Those States and Their Contempt for Christian Marriage)

Patriots, there is an effective patriot response to these bastard, lawless judges: Impeach them! The US Constitution grants Congress the authority to remove judges from their thrones. And there's no better time for these judges to be removed than now for their hatred of the wishes of the majority of the voters in their respective states; their obvious contempt for Christian, traditional morality and the sanctity of marriage; their presumptuousness and outright lies that denying homos and lesbians the right to marry somehow violates the US Constitution. Removing these evil, arrogant judges via impeachment, like voters in Iowa did to several state judges after they "legalized" sodomite marriage, would be a much-needed victory in America's culture war.

A Middle-School Principal Near Houston, TX Gets Fired for Instructing Her Students Not to Speak Spanish in School(Another Victory for La Conquista, Even in the State Where Texas Patriots Fought and Died at the Alamo)

A Perfect Marriage of the Corrupt Christian Establishment(the Protestant Wing in This Case)and the Corrupt Political Establishment(the Republican Wing in This Case): Salem Communications Buys Up 4 GOP-Establishment Propaganda Outfits

A California Drought Is "Swallowing the West"(May the Almighty Swallow Pinko California First!)

In Cobb County, GA, a 14-Years'-Old Boy Shoots Dead 2 Young-Adult Males During a Drug Deal

Jeffrey Corzine-the 31-Years'-Old Son of Former NJ Governor/Former MF Global Tycoon Jonathan Corzine(Who, of Course, Escaped All Criminal Charges Re the $2 Billion Stolen from MF Global Investors)-Is Found Dead from an Apparent Suicide in a Mexico City Hotel(Another Child of America's Corrupt Political/"Christian" Establishment to Die via Suicide, This Victim Apparently Due to "Substance Abuse")

Investigative Reporter Robert Parry Declares the Resurgence of Neo-Con Warmongers and Revolutionaries in the Washington, D.C. Government(and We See a Photo of the Ugly Face of Robert Kagan-One Infamous Member of This Wicked Cabal Called the Neo-Cons)

In Syracuse, UT, a Woman Shoots Dead Her Two Young Daughters and Then-What Else Is New in the American Madhouse?-Shoots Herself Dead

A 5-Years-Old Boy, a 9-Years-Old Girl and Their 35-Years-Old Mom Are Slain Near Denver, CO, and a "Family Friend" Is in Custody

And Life Is Cheap in the Streets of Baltimore: a Man Is Shot Dead for Reporting to Police a Neighbor Playing Loud Music Late at Night

In Detroit, a Dad, His Son and Another Man Are Tortured and Savagely Stabbed to Death, Their House Gets Set Afire, and 4 Suspects Are in Custody

Blogger Michael Snyder Cites Much Evidence in Claiming That America's Middle Class Is Dying

President Destroyer Keeps Serving Israel Lobby: He Nominates Stanley Fischer-an African-Born Jew with US and Israeli Citizenship and Having Just Finished an 8-Years' Reign as Governor at Bank of Israel-to Be Number-2 Man at the Counterfeiting Operation Known as Federal Reserve Board

In Spanish Fork, UT, a Policeman Shoots Dead His Wife, Their 2 Young Kids, His Mother-in-Law and Then-of Course-Shoots Himself Dead as Multiple Homicide-Suicide Madness Continues to Terrorize Our Nation

More Slaughter at Fort Hood: a Man-Married to Presumably a Soldieress Who Had Just Returned from Deployment Overseas-Allegedly Shoots Dead His 2 Young Daughters and Then-What Else Is New in the American Madhouse?-Shoots Himself Dead

In Anti-White, Liberal-Fascist Contemporary USA, White Cops Are Sentenced to Federal Prison for Several Years......for "Harassing" Latinos(in This Case, in Filthy Rich, Democratic-Dominated Connecticut-the NUTmeg State)

In the Naked City, a Daddy Allegedly Stabs to Death His 2 Daughters(Ages 2 and 1)and Their 21-Years-Old Mommy(Named Deisy)

A Female "Reporter," Presumably Mexican, at The San Francisco Chronicle, Celebrates Latinos Surpassing Whites in California, Even Citing an Activist, Presumably Jewish, Who "Advocates for Communities of Color"

Another Record Gets Broken Under President Destroyer's Rule: Communist China-Red China-Now Owns a Record Amount of US Treasuries

Terry McAuliffe-a Hillary Clinton Operative-Is Sworn in as Virginia's New Governor, While It Rains and Thunders with Billy & Hillary Clinton in Attendance(and 10 Days Before, Billy the Red Nose Spoke at the Inauguration of New York City's New Mayor Billy de Blasio-Yet Another Hillary Operative)

US Military Officials Now Admit That a Helicopter Crash That Killed 6 US Servicemen in Afghanistan-the Graveyard of Empire- Was Brought Down By "Enemy Action"(And After 2 Days Passed After This Admission, 2 More US Helicopters "Crashed," One Off the VA Coast and One Off the English Coast, Killing 6 More US Servicemen)

Another Record Gets Broken Under President Destroyer, But This Is Pro-Patriot News: a Record Number of Americans(42%)Say They're Independent-i.e., They're Neither Democrat nor Republican

Stephen Legomsky-an Appointee of President Destroyer-Hires a Platoon of Anti-Patriot, Leftist Female Lawyers at US Dept. of Homeland Security to Aid and Abet La Conquista and Work for Amnesty for 12 Million Illegal Immigrants

45 Miles from the Big Easy, a Man Shoots Dead His Ex-Mother-in-Law, a Former Employer, Wounds 3 Others, Strangles and Drowns His Wife to Death, and Then-What Else Is New in Contemporary US Society?-Shoots Himself Dead(He Was in a "Bitter Custody Dispute")

Jeffrey Bezos-the Billionaire Jewish Founder and Owner of and Recent Owner of The Washington Post-Lands a $600 Million Contract to Perform Cloud Computing Services for CIA(Patriots, This Case Is Related to Marky Zuckerberg-Another Jewish Billionaire and Co-Founder of Facebook, Which I Believe Is Primarily a CIA Front, Like The Washington Post Under Jeffrey Bezos May Soon Become or Maybe Already Is)

Isaac Hunter-the Pastor-Son of President Destroyer's "Spiritual Adviser" Joel Hunter-Commits Suicide(the Son of Rick Warren-the "Purpose-Driven" Pastor Who Gave the Benediction at President Abomination's First Inaugural-Also Committed Suicide)

President Destroyer Orders US Flags to Be Flown at Half-Staff-Even for an Entire Weekend-to Memorialize the Death of South African Revolutionary Nelson Mandela-a Demi-God of the Anti-White, Liberal-Fascist Political and Media Establishments in USA(Fortunately, Alex Newman at Exposes Mandela for What He Really Was)

Another Record Gets Broken Under President Destroyer: Due Mainly to Much Regulation, a Struggling Economy and Historically Low Interest Rates That Punish Savers, the Number of Banks in America Drops to a Record-Low

Washington National Cathedral-Mother Church of Episcopal Diocese of Washington, DC and the Unofficial National Home of the US Episcopal Church-Will Now Charge Visitors an Admission Fee, Trying to Raise Money to Repair Damage from the August 2011 Earthquake

President Destroyer Awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to JAP-Feminist Pioneer Gloria Steinem, in Addition to Homosexual Socialist Bayard Rustin, Race-Baiting Gorgon Oprah Winfrey, and Fortunately Former US GOP Senator Tricky Dick Lugar(There's Only One Dick Left in the Senate: Tricky Dick Durbin from IL)

Washed-Up Windbag Oprah Winfrey Reveals More Anti-White Hatred, Telling a BBC Reporter That "Older People" Who She Accuses of Racism "...Just Have to Die"

Patriot Notice, 11/5/2013, 2000 Hours: Finally, after being AWOL for about 7 months, a post-a lengthy one-has been added to this site's blog A Patriot's Diary. I've missed a few days of news to do this, but it was long overdue. I'm also cleaning up this Current News & Patriot Commentary page. Thanks.

Updated 5/28/09

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